Was getting tired of posting about the outbreak and was thinking of turning my next post into a piece regarding the evil Hitler like hard-left that has been destroying everything and have continued to do so. When the whole world is super depressed or pissed off over this outbreak.

Then .. something popped up.

I was impressed when I saw the first trailer to the video game by Naughty Dog titled ‘The Last of Us Part II’. So much so I was tempted to buy my first ever game console to play the first one.

Though I have gamed for decades I am primarily a PC Gamer .. or am wean I am able to do so and my degree is BSc Applied Computing. Should also add that I was already highly knowledgeable in animal science and was while I did my degree and included this in my dissertation I received a distinction for. They also asked me to go a PhD which involved working in simulation software to teach Keyhole Surgery.

When I try to explain my knowledge levels to the hard-left I am going to dive into they literally accuse me of lying, out of pure white fear.

On a daily basis there is a large focus from a group of, stupid, people that claim I am anti-science and a ‘denier’ to catch me out lying. Not only has this never worked but I have shown my prowess in over a dozen areas of science.

Now there latest trick as been to claim that I am not the author of this blog .. well now that they decided to look at it after 11 months and shocked at what they saw.

Yes I kid you not their tactic has been to claim that I am not who I claim that I am.

Make no mistake these people are somewhere between deep seated psychological issues to clinically insane. Strangely enough this is what I am also accused of on a daily basis, or whenever I show my proverbial face.

They also love swear words and labels that I will get into and at the end I am going to include a flurry of more screen-shots to show these people for who and what they are.

Remember these are the people that want to gain power and tell you that they are doing this for you and they are not. Like in the thirties they claim they are for the workers and the oppressed, in their views, people.

Ultimately these being in power will see everything go to shit and they will then strictly control everything you think, say, do, believe and own. And when I say own I mean to say you wont own anything outside the clothing that you wear.

If you are an inventor and require tools and equipment? Forget it as you will need permission.

Believe in democracy, despite it being screwed beyond recognition? Yeah you can forget that too because they do not tolerate other people’s views. Will get into this shortly. I have other posts regarding what a socialist system will look like ‘A Socialist’s Dream’ being one.

Oh and I am related to one and have been a long time so I know how they think. They declare themselves not a socialist these days but make no mistake .. they agree they have become authoritarian with no tolerance but still come out with the usual crap. “They have gone way too far” is one statement made to me and even state that open borders was wrong now the outbreak has happened and none of her family get help of any kind. Nor did their family get any help for other a decade prior to the outbreak being passed over in favour of ‘friends’ or to people can virtue signal to look good or avoid the usual labels.

Trust me when I say this the entire story is .. horrific. One part of one story can be found and with recordings with Police Detectives under the post ‘Country of the Damned’. Just one part of one story and there are many stories.

But back to the big hoo-ha going on.

So Naughty Dog is full of evil little Hitlers who treat their workers, the ones they say they are for, like crap and refuse to pay them. Over work them and have a turnover of like 70% of staff.

Yeah well one decided that he was not going to take it lying down, told stories of how bad it is to work for them and how Christians there were not happy and then leaked the game online.

  • Focus on lesbian relationship for the story
  • Loved character gets killed by transgender
  • Bad guys are Christians
  • Second half of game you play as the transgender and kill the other beloved character from the game
  • Not even played the game and even I know this is fucking insane!

You are also going to have to get it through your skull that as well as being intolerant these people think that the rules and morals do not apply to them.

You might be part of the hoard but the moment you step out of line the sheep around you turn into proverbial wolves and devour you.

This why the socialist I am related to that still considers themselves a socialist left their party and that was the Socialist Worker’s Party and not as extreme as the others. I believe they still wanted Brexit?

Well at first when I first heard these ‘rumours’ I thought it was nuts and some idiot faking it but in a very bad way. It was too stupid and too crazy to be true.

Despite me telling everyone from centre-left to moderate right-wing people how crazy these people are and a few, fortunately only a few, not realizing it .. they end up proving themselves far worse than even my claims.

The game has polls running on it. Anywhere from 56% to 65% of fans are point blank refusing to buy this game. Yeah the number would be higher and here is why ..

Some whiny babies, including one YouTube creator I will get into shortly, are furious abut the leaks and the backlash and are refusing to look at them. Saying people are over-reacting.

Except they have not seen the leaks and not considered to ask themselves why this is about the biggest backlash ever going on right now.

Now one thing I have noted is how prices have soared in recent times and once upon a time a serious high-end graphs card to build a PC with would cost around £500. Around £300 would get you a very good one. Not today as these have crept up to £1,200 or more and and £500 gets you mid-range?

Then you have had the ‘pay monthly’ greed. Then the micro-transactions greed. Breaking a full game up into parts with endless ‘Downloadable Content’.

Now consider this ..

  • Building a Gaming PC is close to a £1,000
  • XBox Series X and the PS5 are said to be more expensive than previous generations at £500 plus
  • Who exactly will want to spend that money to be screwed over while being preached to at the same time?

Tell me, who?

They have taken away or ruined everything and they think that is they just keep at it they will brain-wash everyone to think like they do while you also pay them for this privilege?

It is sinister, amoral, preachy, dictatorial, greedy and above all else .. WRONG!

It will also .. NEVER .. EVER .. be accepted and has now gone on for enough years that people are at their breaking points.

Also these megabucks companies have adopted this ‘Woke’ attitude and think that as they pander to the hard-leftists that the rules do not apply to them either and I will get to this.

We get abused on social media for speaking our minds or telling truths that are not acceptable and this can be mostly over political correctness or over money.

Progressives have the rules bent for them even by YouTube who are now possibly going to be sued over the Suzy Lu fiasco. She and boyfriend, Steejo, abused the copyright flagging system on those that said anything about them actually screening whole movies in reaction videos.

At the same time and while the Suzy Lu fiasco is unfolding now Naughty Dog and Sony are doing the same thing because they want people to have over money for a game they do not want to buy.

The sheer levels of self-entitlement at both ends of the spectrum is mind-bogglingly bad and in all honesty and pardon my French but .. fucking amoral.

For those of us Centrists be us centre-left to centre-right are bloody well fed up to the high teeth being in the middle and screwed from both sides. Though if the truth be told 80% of being flocked over comes from the hard-left. No shadow of a doubt.

There has also been attacks on innocent people and a very large and repeated attempt to silence people as well as go after their income from the likes of Google, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and likely others like Apple and maybe even Microsoft?

All this shite and right in the middle or the worst pandemic in a very long time? Yes because that was always going to be a genius plan, no?

Yes in the middle of this global outbreak caused by leftists and spread by leftists while the same leftists lied their flocking asses off over it and running around bullying, swearing, threatening people, doxing people and even causing others to take their own lives.

But they think themselves highly moral, only ones (false claims) that tell the truth and all about the workers, people, planet and including the environment and all species on it?

Tell me, does it at all sound like that to you?

If you keep these things in mind as you go about your day to day surfing of the web and speak to others on social media, does it seem like this to you?

Surely in the longest times of troubles the blindfolds of men must slip off if but for a single moment of time?

One can only hope.

In one year of Twitter I picked up 7,500 followers and this is despite many being knocked off, many being suspended for telling un-PC truths (always will be a mistake).

Have been hugely popular whichever threads I speak on and am on five growing platforms and this is just in a year.

Every one of these simply do not understand how my blog has not been ten times, at least, more poplar than it has been. Well .. censorship.

They called me crazy but many of the things I have talked about and suppressed over are now coming to light. They cannot get rid of me because they cannot show that I have lied, some mad conspiracy theorist or paid to do this, as I am not. I have bobbed and weaved for long enough now that many of my predictions, all in actual fact, have turned out to be accurate. This now makes it even harder for them to get rid of me.

Oh they try to destroy my character by lying and you get posts like “Oh we have proved him/you to be a liar countless times” in which case they then get attacked. They are told in no uncertain terms that I have never been defeated by any one of the ‘legions of losers’ or some similar comment, that have tried. My defenders hail from the UK, Germany, the US, Canada and even as far away as Australia.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure these people are interested in the truth, facts and science. No, the fact of the matter is they have an agenda and they will do and say anything they can to protect it and rid themselves of the obstacles in their way.

Despite the trials and tribulations I am an unstoppable force as well as an immovable object.

In the last few posts I have started to actually show screen-shots of some of the exchanges and in this one I will continue to do so and will from here on out. Believe me if you have seen the dozens I have posted recently it is a very tiny fraction of what I have and due to my short term memory issues do not always remember to screen-shot everything.

That YouTuber I mentioned that whined? Well he was angry because he was banking on the popularity of the game to increase his viewers and subscribers.

Mate? YOU are the content creator and not the game.

Want viewers and subscribers? Then do not be a crybaby ass-wipe, look at the blasted leaks and do a video talking about them!

As I will get to further down many YouTubers I know and watch and do not like being spoilt ended up realizing this was bad and looked into the leaks.

Tyrone Magnus said “If these rumours are true, Naughty Dog can kiss my ass!”

Poor Tyrone, he has been stating on his videos for a few years how he did not want to get into the political side of things when reviewing films.

That all ended either with Captain Marvel or the film prior to this. This is the same with many others who, like me some years ago. Have now been dragged into these pile of horse shit that the hard-left are forcing down your throat every chance they get.

I do call these people stupid or deeply troubled but I am aghast to think that they will be successful wit their tactics when there is absolutely no way on Earth and especially in these modern times they will even get close to what they want.

When I tell them this directly they literally laugh and tell my side that “you fear the change that is coming”

Tiny in numbers, crazy and flawed ideas and authoritarian other thought processes of others this will only result in scenes of large angry mobs with pitch-forks and burning torches that will literally round these people up and tie them to wooden stakes. Or worse?

It does not take a genius to look at the pain and suffering they have caused and over a very long period of time. Their politics helped the virus spread. They change their stances on things more than they change their underpants too. The boredom they have caused during the worst time in history. The extremist friends they have made and covered up for while turning against all others.

Do not even get me started on their racism and sexism.

Their rules do not apply to everyone, they are selective, they are biased, they are bigoted and above all else they are sexist.

Now was it Goebell’s in World War 2 they stated thought that the best way to hide your own crimes was to accuse all others of it?

Trust when I tell you this that despite the problems with the world today, which is down to greed as well as leftists, the Dystopia they want to force upon you is not only hard to live with the thought of but which the reality would be a living hell.

My sole goal is revenge for what they have done to my daughter and my family and to expose them for what they are and completely destroy their dreams and causes while saving the world and the environment at the same time.

  • The lengths one should go to prevent a world one would not be prepared to live in should know no bounds.
  • A society installed and built upon deceit will quickly fill with people not willing to comply and will eventually push back with their full force.
  • Do not expect acts and sacrifices from others you have not performed nor willing to do yourself.
  • Constant antagonising of a much larger and wiser group will only result in the demise of the smaller one.
  • History is awash with authorities that become too authoritarian to the messes only to be taken down in the worst ways imaginable.

Let is take a look at their favourite buzzwords ..

You cannot bend nature nor evolution to your will.

It is highly dangerous as well as irresponsible to draw conclusions from partial data.

I stated for awhile that these hard-left morons have infected everything from entertainment to politics and these are the same people that lecture you on global warming that has paused and dropped and dropping now but in three decades cannot prove is man or CO2.

Well that humongous backlash over the PlaysStation game The Last Of Us Part II is revealing exactly that and even those influencing these things, like lying grifter and con-artist Anita Sarkeesian, then bare-face lies about it.

She tweeted she had no influence and yet here is Jeremy from The Quartering on YouTube that shows you a video where Naughty Dog head Neil Druckmann, claiming that she did ..


The Amazing Lucas on The Last of Us Part II leaks ..

Jody’s Corner is not impressed with Naught Dog either

Tyrone Magnus says if The Last of Us Part II rumours are true ‘Naughty Dog can kiss my ass’

Robinoyo warned of something like this with The Last of Us Part Two and the evil leftists called him a bigot and racist and here he talks about that

DreamCast Guy on rumour of Naught Dog leaker being one of several employees who were overworked, bullied and not paid

Anita Sarkeesian gets accused of ruining The Last of Us Part 2, she says she has no involvment and Memology 101 shows video that states she is lying .. what a surprise ..

A blow up of epic proportions over the identity polictics and leftism in The Last of Us Part II results in Naughty Dog taking down videos of anyone even speaking about it. Abusing YouTube’s copyright claims.

Jeremy Prime of Geeks & Gamers along with many others being attacked and here Jeremy, no not that one, from The Quartering talks about it ..

HeelvsBabyface has Sony and Naught Dog try to take his channel down and a number of YouTubers start talking of a legal case (Class Action?) against Naughty Dog and/or Sony.

Tyrone Magnus on Sony stating they have the leaker and that its not am employee of Naughty Dog and absoluetly everyone cries “bullshit”

Well this video seems to have already gone

Yellowflash on how Sony and Naught Dog are proverbially torching everything The Last of Us Part II

Upper Echolon Games on how the gaming industry is going to get damaged, well even more so than it already was, by the Naughty Dog scandal

Mr H Reviews on Naughty Dog striking people, who has been struck and more talk of legal action against Naughty Dog. From so high to so low and in record time too ..

YouTube could be heading for a lot of hot water over the heavy handed censorship as along with the Naughty Dog Shite they have a couple of others occurring at the same time.

Tim Pool on Journalist that went after YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad and I believe Count Dankule getting caught doing some very bad things ..

Anyone remember Suzy Lu too? Well it seems after playing the victim and striking out at other for not doing the very thing she has been herself she has had a lot of videos taken down.

Vindicating Tipster ..

Remember the other half of the progressive couple of double-standards? Well John Swan here explains that Steejo has had things taken down too ..

On another note ..

Ed Davey is a condescending idiot as Sargon of Akkad explains leftist, vomit inducing, pandering ..


Now then .. one thing that leftists love is AGW and Green or Renewable Energy. So let me explain a thing about wind-turbines and solar ..

    • Are very expensive to build, run, repair and produce little
    • Kill millions of birds, many bats and untold insects but this is a necessary sacrifice according the the hard-left
    • You need high grade coal
    • You need high-grade quartz
    • These need to be melted which produces a lot of CO2
    • That along with mining the environment three times more than just coal to burn
    • Companies claiming to be 100% green energy have lied
    • Event with eco-warriors and music band ‘Johnny & the Eco-Twits’ (joke) was said to be solar run but plugged into the grid
    • Apparently this is also OK to the hard-left

Now I know nothing about Michael Moore but if yu watch just the first half of his movie ‘Planet of the Humans’ you will see just how stupid, dishonest and dangerous these leftists are.

Even I had underestimated how bad, amoral and utterly dangerous as well as how widespread these people had got. They know I know and they are worried abut that ..

On Dr Roy Spencer’s site, former NASA Climatologist and Author, he is reported on a second drop in consecutive months on annual temperatures and second highest drop in satellite history.

Let me tell you this .. any Marxist climate alarmists that have more than two grey cells working as a team are going to making brown bricks from their small round holes for the next four weeks.

If yet another drop occurs next month or even the month after the floodgates are going to open against anyone that promoted AGW especially those in a very insulting way.

Hold on to your butts!

Bit of serious fun .. Joe Rogan and Tim Pool .. it was aliens!


Now some wise quotes from some rather brilliant individuals .. again .. as I have done the last few posts.

Rationality of thought imposes a limit in a person’s concept of his relation to the cosmos” – John Forbes Nash

In a dream it is typical not to be rational” – John Forbes Nash

Scepticism is as important for a good journalist as it is a good scientist” – Freeman Dyson

The glory of science is to imagine more than we can prove” – Freeman Dyson

If you have any talent or occupation that delights you, do it and do it to the hilt. Don’t ask why or what difficulties you may get into” – Richard Feynman

Facts are stubborn things but statistics are pliable” – Mark Twain

Always do what it right, it will gratify half of mankind and astound the other” – Mark Twain

There are heroisms all around us waiting to be done” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Skill is fine and genius is splendid but the right contacts are more valuable than either” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

That last one has been the bug-bear of my endeavours not helped by the combined efforts to suppress me and my goal to reaching enough people to make a difference.

Cannot think of what it is that would instil so much fear into so many agenda driven people just from the things that I state publicly?


One trying to be crafty and as delusions to the levels on their own levels of knowledge .. in this tweet they make a huge mistake. They ae trying to argue that CO2 warms the planet but also ignoring that not just CO2 gets warm. They also used the temperature of -273C and this was a mistake.

I answered after a few tweets at them asking what the issue was with absolute zero they failed to answer, which was a clue to them to their mistake.

My answer was ‘everything’ stops the temps from hitting -273C and they then took the piss and declared I know nothing.

This is the sort of people you are dealing with, they claim they know about science and that actual scientists do not if you disagree with them.

Except absolute zero is -273.15C and cannot be achieved. For this temperature to occur naturally you would have to be well out of the solar system and as they have detected heat beyond the Sun’s influence, likely outside the Milky Way entirely.

In fact you may have to be in a large star-less area of the universe known as the Bootes Void?

So empty space cannot influence temperature in which case its all matter .. or everything. AT least within the solar system as everything radiates heat and keeping things well above absolute zero is not hard.

They posted a meme, told me I was cute when I was wrong, sounding a lot like another troll of mine who lies through her teeth and called ZombiePiano.

They said they would keep me in suspense until tomorrow morning. My answer?

No .. you really wont”


They all cherry pick philosophers badly ..

Now then a common thing among idiots is as well as not being scientists and calling those that speak science or claim to be scientists liars, they also rule out whole continents being below average as just weather but every single one of them will  at some point say ‘Well AGW is real as its hot in my garden’ or cannot be cold as it has not snowed in their garden etc etc ..

Blog they have never read at all but trash because they know it does not state what they want to hear?

Yeah that is called being prejudiced and is as far removed from science as you can possibly be while they call me a ‘science denier’

Get caught out lying all the time but continue to insist they never do this. Insist you have been caught out lying all the time to put off followers yet never able to prove it.

Claim they never ever report people and yet they have me many a time, around 30 on this one thread, and here they are more or less admitting they reported someone else.

Will twist anything to silence the truth and/or opposing arguments as these are simply not allowed and not allowed for me, centre-left, means not allowed for anyone. If you are hard-right, or at least think you are? You had better not step out of line as they will end you, your career and your personal life.

Here is a good one .. after more than 10 months of refusing to look at this blog someone does, there is a meltdown I may have covered in a previous post?

Well it must have scared them as this hard-left Antifa foot soldier pushing AGW then decides to go for the tactic of insinuating that I am not who I say I am? Umm yeah .. really.

Oh and then after realising I had recording of the Police, many and two on ‘Country of the Damned’, they then decide that what I did was illegal. No care whatsoever as to what I exposed or how bad the crime was .. actually rape against a minor. Nope then harps on abut me breaking the law.

Then when I explain they are lying yet again and explain the law, how it works and that I used to work for a solicitors practice they run off with their tails between their legs.

Of course they return with the claim the next day, or sometimes a week or two later, that they were not proven to be a liar yet provide no proof or links to that effect. They then insist that I am the liar and have been caught out many times.

Nasty, evil, lying scum of human beings is what these people are.

So next time your listening to someone preach to you about global warming, socialism or any other far-left agenda like identity politics ask yourself what this person is REALLY LIKE?