I mentioned in a previous post something about some over the top, bat shit crazy feminists … I have only now remembered I really do not like calling them feminists because what they complain about and the things they try to ram down everyone’s throats has nothing to do with real feminism and does more harm than good.

Oh yeah and if you do not agree with them they go out of their way to do more harm than good … literally.

This all started as a chain reaction to me looking for science videos. I was first watching Periodic Videos which was fun and interesting but … I could not help but think they were just playing around. Also did not agree when they called it good science as they just seemed to be playing around. Nothing was … gleaned from these … experiments that was not already known an no new questions raised.

Then one day there was this video in the recommended section that stated how Periodic Videos got it wrong. It was by this chap called Thunderfoot, or Thuderf00t. It was a simple matter of placing sodium in water and then explaining that Periodic Videos simple statement the sodium just explodes does not explain why. He stated something so simple and soo obvious that I was shocked that this was not asked in the past. It was exactly the sort of question I ask. However not being a chemist my questions involve other areas of science.

He showed very simply that a barrier of hydrogen would surround the sodium that is what is ignited and that this barrier would act as a shield to the water getting any further into the alkali metal.

I literally did a face palm and he was right that we had been doing this experiment in classrooms for what seems like an eternity and yet no one before had noticed.

I liked this guy! For all my years on YouTube I found someone that for me is up there among some of the greats forr his tenacity and vision.

I started watching more videos and was delighted to see some that were on astronomy and he even covered optical scopes for viewing the night skies.

I lost count of how many I watched until one day I started seeing the letters ‘SJW’ come up in some videos and I did not know what it stood for and because of that I ignored them. But every now and then Thunderfoot had a video with these letters in the title.

So one day I took a look at one of these videos and what I saw? What I heard? I simply could not believe! Before long I started to see these Social Justice Warriors all over the shop being talked about by many. I seem to recall a Phillip DeFranco video on it?

The name that came up first was Anita Sarkesian and this was quickly followed by someone going by the name LaughingWitch and Jenny McDermott and Kevin … someone or the other and another guy. The last four had launched attacks on people that did not agree with them. Even lying to try aand shut them up and have them closed down. Oddly enough when someone reported them they claimed they lived in a world of free speech? Wait, what?! But they just tried to close a whole bunch of people down for simply disagreeing with them?! Riiiight. Double standards at its best.

I then started to realise that the videos were a little old but that the fiasco seemed to continue on, except for one that tried to get Thunderf00t fired from his job. Oh god … do I really want to type all that out explaining it? Its reeeealy long! SIGH

Oh she wrote a letter of lies which did not work, she lost many of her own people and fans of Thudef00t retaliated, some going a bit over the top and doing things morally wrong. The lady in question boasted she had lost him his job when he had not lost it at all. Whoops! The retaiiation started and she seemed to skulk away into the darkness from whence she came? But no, the next thing I discover is that she appeared on some TV News channel in America, where she lived, where she and with the help of the TV New network tried to make a scientist, Doctor and debunker look like a Business Cyber Terrorist, or some similar crap, Nazi Sympathizer and made him look like Rommel controlling a fleet of Panzers?! Oh and a racist because he hates the Muslim religion … yeah I said racist, lol.

So the man with the loud feet has something else in common with me? Seriously this dude really is a class act. He is up there in my book with some very big names in science both alive and deceased.

Then this lady started up a fundraising campaign to help her defend herself from the man with the loud feet but as it turned out they had a $25,000 legal fee or fine or some other which just so happened to be what they were claiming they needed to defend themselves. Oh dear.

Then I kept getting flashes in videos of another of this lynch mob called Jenny McDermott. Oh my word …. she was worse than the last one! By the time I was now watching videos of sane people, including one brilliant and hilarious woman I will get to shortly.

Along with not letting it go Jenny McDermott did not fade way into the darkness like LaughingWitch but instead seemed to get spurned on, told a lot of lies, contradicted herself one hell of a lot and even made a number of false accounts on YouTube to go around trolling people on YouTube. She even sexually harassed the man with the loud feet on Twitter, I think it was? I could not believe what I was reading and hearing!

Once again it was a case of you cannot do what I do nor say what I say. And they call others fascists?!

It was and is both scary and hilarious both at the same time and bizarrely in equal measures.

Weirdly the other two of the four were actually men … though in all honesty and really quite ….. sadly these men seemed to only reveal, to me anyway, that they quite obviously had infatuations with two of the other three feminists I mentioned and obviously harboured hopes that leaping to their defence, oh and something they are against, men protecting them, would lead them to some romance down the road.

This did not help one of them that lied on the wrong side of the pond, being based right here in the UK. Oops!

They only seemed to have these two men. However the side against these over the top feminists had a large number of women. I posted one video recently but as I was intrigued to see how this panned out I found the videos of someone who was bloody brilliant and bloody hilarious.

This hilariously funny and brilliant individual that had me laughing really hard at times calls herself …


(not coming up in WordPess YouTube link, oh thats good)

As for the man with the loud feet …

You might note looking at enough videos that the man with the loud feet has exposed the media to be both corrupt and stupid?

But then I stumbled across the absolute best, scary and hilarious video yet! I ask you to look at the video and wok out for yourself what is really going and and ask yourself if this behaviour and … umm way of getting your point across actually helps anyone.

Now these are mainly reaction videos to a completely innocent situation that went absolutely bloody mental in no time at all. Also ask yourself if the person in the video ho is … let us just say the loudest is actuaally practicing what they preach?

You also might want to rifle through the videos, if you get bored or simply cannot stomach it for very long, for a lecture that is given by the … umm loud person and see what she has to say about society and its problems. Primarily their reason for climate change. It really has to be heard with your own ears to believe what they are actually trying to say.

It should become bloody obvious to any blind fool that they have an extreme bias towards a particular group of people.

I would like to think that even dumb-arses that actually even agree with them would realise that … well you just cannot do anything about it. No more than I could stop what has happened to me these last few years.

I am in agreement there are serious things wrong, probably some conspiracies going on and certainly corruption. But what these people are after is not only a full displacement, in effect, of one group for another but also that of total control including that of freedom of speech.









You might not be surprised to hear, or you may have seen on the videos, that after actually releasing the video on their Facebook page this … vict … no feck it harasser first got loads of similar demonstrably wrong similar thinkers to feel sorry for them but after that things went … downhill … fast and their profile was deleted.

Now the funny thing is that of all the video reactions I looked at I finally at the very last minute stumbled across a guy that knew EXACTLY what was going on and that was that someone wanted to appear on TV very, very badly and did not get picked!

All the things wrong with the world today and they are pulling their shit, claim they have the answers when the reality of it is they don’t have an answer to a single effing thing.

They have a sure fire way of creating some bloody big divides that could lead to civil wars though!

Take a look at a SJW PhD Lecturer that gets herself fired ..

Oh and what lows do the Social Justice Warriors go to when they are losing o you debunk them? The death of someone’s father …


I have been watching some very scary stuff on YouTube and relieved that I have watched this through the eyes of someone with a level head. Thank God for that.

It seems that over several years there has been two attempts at restricting free speech, one years ago by the Muslim community and more recently by over the top feminists sadly causing serious issues for those they claim to be working for.

Let us make this clear … it has become obvious even to me that Feminism is being plundered to make money. That is the scary thing about it, nothing else.

Both of these attempts have been to control things on YouTube.

What is even more scary about it is that the person who has obviously used the subject to … extract money out of other members of the same sex has been invited to both Google’s offices and, for the love of God, the United Nations. I was relieved to hear the man with the loud feet to state that he sees the United Nations as a toothless organisation.

Because I suspected they were toothless and some time ago I sent them a report about the blatant of abuse of human rights in the UK on different levels in different areas they had an investigation ongoing in anyway. I did it because not only was it the right thing to do but also that I thought nothing would come of it and that they can be exposed as a waste of time.

I have been shocked at the way this over the top feminist group has stated, much more that a single individual, other people should be banned from saying certain things, along with video games being banned,, but that freedom of speech comes into play when they say what they want to say?!


Wait … so others,, or I mean men, are only allowed to say certain things that you allow them to say but that you can say what you damn well want? I think you will find that the Nazis started off along similar lines as did Stalin?

You really cannot be serious?

Look … I am not one that talks or jokes about sexual things, despite being a heterosexual male, and yes, sure there are a lot of idiots that say some stupid things as well as being downright insulting and offensive on the Internet and on YouTube. I have often thought that people should be banned for this because dropping to the level or sarcasm and threats means they are not winning. But this is nigh on impossible to do and I am of the belief that if they are stupid enough to say stupid things then the only person they hurt is themselves. Well to anyone has has more than two brain cells working as a team, that is.

But this is not what this small group of women are about. They want to restrict what you can and cannot say unless it is them saying it. The lead name in this movement has also proved over and over again that she has extorted, for want of a better term, people, women mainly, out of money and a lot more than she asked for and not provided anything close to what she promised.

The funniest part about it is I have seen women post videos on YouTube where on their thumbnail they have put ‘Please Stop!’ as a message to this crusader. This is an America of course and I find it staggering that with all the problems in the world that she is trying extremely hard to shove all others world ills out of the way to promote herself and her wants. People that are sick, dying, pelted with stones until dead, not allowed to drive cars or even be out on their own. Disease, poverty, drug addictions, homelessness … none of this matters. No all that matters is people being critical of her regardless of whether they are right or just being stupid and offensive and wants to take control of all that along with banning video games.

God only knows if there is anything else in her list of things she wants to control?!

God only knows if she has anything else in her repertoire?

None of these rants affect me at all nor will ever likely to … but what sticks in my craw is that she is causing serious damage to her own gender by ranting like this. She is also taking focus away from real problems where people are dying and that the United Nations let her do it!

Hey there United Nations? Can I safely assume that the investigation you have about investigation into abuses of human rights in the UK is actually not going to go anywhere? Either because you PRETEND to give a shit or allow focus to be taken away by a bunch of people that do not like being criticised because it hurts their feelings? Here is an idea, tell them to ‘feck off and stay away from social media’?

It is literally along the lines of that stupid woman who was part of a student union here in the UK that stated that you cannot be racist towards white people?

In fact the man with the loud feet whose videos I have been watching was actually accused by one woman for being racist because he did not like Muslims? Errrr. Of course in a video of his own defence the man with the loud feet correctly pointed out that … well that you cannot be racist for not liking a religion. Something I have mentioned on here over and over and over again for the last four years or more. I do not like Jehovah’s Witnesses or Roman Catholics but until they are raping people, setting of bombs killing dozens of innocent people I will be more pissed off with Muslims than I will with them.

I am a man of science. Sorry. Just being honest.

The funny thing is I do not give this subject much thought. Only come across it as the man with the loud feet has many videos on science, chemistry and other things that I had been watching then come across the feminism videos and was like ‘WTF??!’

I also do not have a problem with feminism but I have complained about this surge to get female sports players to get the same money as men. You cannot…

In football you need the money coming in because of the big differences in wages and with tennis and to be totally fair you have to either have the men play three sets or move the women up to five sets. After all they are equals right? So in Tennis you could achieve this ‘being fair’ but in others it is not so simple.

Now an argument could be made that women footballers are not being paid because the men get far too much? Male footballers getting far too much money? You would not get any argument from me there but I bet the male footballers wives don’t complain about their husbands or boyfriends getting too much?

But you do still have the problem of the money coming in. At the end of the day you need all seats filled to be able to get the money to pay the ladies the same as the men in football. After all this is not a communist country … unless you think it should be in some aspects and not in others? I am sure that millions upon millions of people on the lowest wages would have something to say about that? Well if the women in football suddenly got paid what the men get, despite the money not coming in, the countries workers in the UK, and probably further afield (ahem), will wonder why you cannot do the same for them? I know I would, even though I know its not financially viable I would complain because it would be unfair….umm well even more unfair than it is.

The man with the loud feet has also remarked about this selfish group getting people fired, even Nobel prize winners?! Shockingly they even stated that they got no chance at all to defend themselves and were simply just fired.

The man with the loud feet also talks about how an attempt was made to get him fired and the person in question then lied about it and told everyone he was fired.

When that backfired they appeared in the news media at how they were threatened, oh here we go, and how they needed $25,000 to defend themselves against him and so started up a Kickstarter,or type, campaign. The man with the loud feet was somewhat perplexed by this and so he looked into it and guess what he discovered? Turns out there had already been a court case against this woman and her company and they had to pay … would you like to guess how much? Yup, $25,000! Now that IS a coincidence, is it not?

To make matters worse there was something else that this little group of Hell-Cats did not know and that is that this man with the loud feet was not only a man of science but was also working in research into drugs that could save lives. So getting him fired would have actually, and eventually, cost lives. That means people dying, not crying into the morning cornflakes because someone did not agree with them or they are far too over sensitive over certain things. Or they just want to use the same things the rest of us do without putting up with the same crap.

Yeah … that was smart!

But I could have taken this route. In my long battle for human rights and against corruption, misinformation and lies I could have done all that the Hell Cats have done. I could have started a Kickstarter campaign or even put a donation button on my blog. I thought about it several times but each time I decided against it and I had not thought about it for two years until very recently and only that was because I was going to be homeless, still might yet, and would seriously impede what I was trying to do.

But I didn’t.

Nor have I put in a request to the United Nations, Google or anyone else and nor has anyone invited me anywhere to say anything. Does not bother me or at least it did not … until this mindless drivel came to my attention.

All I could think is ‘I blog for four years and it feels like climbing Mount Everest and this woman gets given $160,000, God knows what else and is now asking for $250,000 and will probably get it?!’

Jesus Christ! The worlds going mad … certainly in places but the world is going mad, I tell yah! It is also obvious that the world is making people pay for mistakes they was not responsible for, other than voting for these idiots the first place. In fact the ones they are making pay have literally next to nothing while the ones that caused it and are worth many billions are not having to pay shit.

Meanwhile other wastes of space and taxes tell everyone not to worry as they have investigations ongoing top protect the people that will take many years, more of everyone’s taxes they are purporting to protect and have some lame excuse about no evidence at the end of it all?!

They STILL have not learned about the Internet, YouTube or Smartphones! SIGH

Now the levels they will sink to to entertain people and have them believe they care about us and are looking out for us are so ludicrously pointless, naïve and self-serving that only an idiot would fail to see it.

It stuns me that the ‘nodding dogs’ on the panels fail to see what a farce it is and that they are only being used by the powers that have allowed them to speak? In fact I caught site of a particularly famous feminist and I could not believe that even SHE would not see this for what it is.

You know here is a tip. When an individual has a list of problems that simply has to be dealt with the normal procedure of any sane person would be to start with the most serious and work your way to the top. That is if this group was not so full of crap.

I really feel for any woman that has real issues they think need to be dealt with who look and listen to this and ask themselves “what the crap?!” It must be soo frustrating for them?

What also amazes me is that the one that has received a great deal of money has not been investigated. After all she received thirty times what she asked for and made half the amount of videos that she said she would. That turned out to be five videos over two years … umm I think? Lol, sorry this darned memory, not going back over dozens of videos to find out what the figure was. It was half what she promised in double the amount of time for thirty times what she asked for which was $6,000.

Now if I had done that you could bet your arse there would be an investigation or at the very least people calling for an investigation! I would not expect anything less.

This has been going on even during the financial crisis? HOW?!

Sad. So very, very sad and I hope everyone comes to their senses before very long?

Otherwise we might see the end of the freedom of speech?!

Oh and here is the video asking her to please stop by another woman who she has blocked on YouTube …


Someone documenting on a YouTube video of the lady in question telling lies … but it is not me or men that she is lying to … it is to the women she claims to be fighting for and that is wrong …

Unfortunately it involves someone whose reaction and review videos I like to watch. I was genuinely shocked just now when this came up as a recommended video.

Noooo Angry Joe, noooo … ah well anyone can make mistake my friend. I wont hold it against you.

EDIT 2: Oh I just heard that she thinks its sexist for men to protect women, or want to protect women but I saw her in a video being ferried about by to MALE Police Officers because of threats made against her? Wait? WHAT?!


Well here is something I petty much knew and have stated on here since I started blogging well over four years ago now.

That the tabloids are controlled and told what they can and cannot say or report on!

Before I actually started blogging I was involved in something very, very serious that could have proved fatal to many people. When it was safe to do so, me being responsible, I burnt a whole raft of data onto a set of FOUR DVDs, all filled up and not all my data, and sent them to every national tabloid out there. I also sent them to two TV news media groups. And … NOTHING.

A friend of mine could not understand why they had not reported on my story or even got back in contact with me. So therefore the story was bogus as the media would have jumped on it. I both asked and reminded him how many years I had told him that I was sure that the news media was corrupt and that I was hearing stories that should be on the TV news but were ignored?

I do not think it made much difference.

I ALSO always believed that this control would work fine … until a couple of things changed and the first being a financial crisis and the second is when everyone had access to the Internet for a decent amount of time.

Well … we are all well into this financial crisis and long enough for it to have affected most people and everyone has had the Internet in their pocket a good few years now. And what is happening?

Almost all, if not all, the news tabloids are running into financial trouble and even the BBC have been in financial trouble. Oh the tabloid press owners like to complain it is because of the Internet and of course they would be correct. But not for the reasons they want YOU to believe.

Their reason is that while they have built up into organisations that cost a lot of money to run, their fault, they failed to see that news will be available for nothing or next to it on the Internet … umm again their fault for lack of foresight.

If this had happened to a small business, and I do hear this from small business owners, they would be told to feck off.

But I bet they get help?

Only this is not the reason they are running into trouble.

The truth of it is that shocking stories on the Internet go around people’s smartphones like the proverbial Bats out of hell.

So what takes place today is not just me wondering why a story is not featured on the news but hundreds of thousands noticing it and talking to each other about it so more and more people realise it.

Or as I like to call it a ‘nationwide waking up’!

The only thing that surprises me is I have been hearing about these financial troubles of the tabloids and yet most ae still around. Well probably all as one seems to have only stopped printing but still has a website?

So not only does the ‘establishment’ not have any compassion for human life, as they are proving little by little and will do until 2020, they have the inability to change nor possess the foresight to see things changing right before their eyes that will prove costly to them.

Someone posted something on Facebook not sure if it was Gail again, of a radio broadcast that I did catch wind of last night (I think?). Being interviewed is someone called Justin Walker, I have no idea who he is, who talks about how the news media is controlled and that he was told this some time ago. In fact his uncle was Governor of the Bank Of England in 1972 and Mr Walker was 16 years old when he was told this. I guess they did not realise what the ramification would be if this got out further down the line? Thirty four years down the line.

Justin Walker certainly sounds like someone who had the upbringing to have had access to such information, it has to be said.

Another classic quote Justin Walker makes late on in the interview is that it turns out that your money in your bank is not your money, it is the banks money?! Nice. Surprised but not that surprised.

There is also the following link to a website linked on the YouTube page and I know nothing about this website or organisation so cannot really make any comments about it …


For a number of years I have seen stories that mirror mine, are mine or just oddly similar in some ways appear in the news media after I have posted the details. Very often this is many months after I have posted them. Sometimes it is a few weeks and likely there have been times when it has been several days?

Today is … different.

A statement I made to two separate disabled groups on Facebook, DPAC & Fibromyalgia, which got me into trouble with one and … nearly got me into trouble with another has quite literally just been posted in a round about way in DPAC by Gail Ward, her blog, and it is a story that has been reported in The Telegraph no less.

I quickly read through the story when a line about the DWP stood out a mile to me and in Theresa May’s own words, as I understood it, were “benefits need to work better, firms should do more and services from different government departments need to be joined up”. Services from different government departments, or in other words UC, ESA and PIP, need to be joined up?!

This is exactly what I tried to warn people about but got into a whole heap of hot water for.

I must admit I am stunned by this news story. I never dreamt I would be proved right and vindicated for at least 12 months. At LEAST.

I suppose when I think about it and I have said before that this blog is watched by a bunch of hawks for information that me posting that story and data may have led to the story breaking so soon after I posted it. Well … after all I did state that if they were … concealing this intended change they would only prove that they are guilty of not being compassionate towards human lives and only interested in the money savings? That was what I said.

Hmm … I wonder if someone I know is still in their job next week? I hope so!

“A sixth giant – disability and ill health – must be tackled “- Theresa May – 

..benefits need to work better, firms should do more and services from different government departments need to be joined up – The Telegraph –


I am never going to get out of the house to get some cheese and pickle!

Something came through to me on Facebook that was a petition and this involved money planning to be cut to older people. Pensioners in other words.

Now after my recent revelations … well I state that if you can do this to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of old and therefore vulnerable people  you can do this to anyone.

Also before I post the link I should add that after a phone-call to my sister earlier, gobsmacked about the humongous errors the court is making, I got a phone-call form the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Yup you read that correctly … after wees of silence and ignoring emails they actually ring me! An African lady spoke to me and asked me what the problem was and I told her about the tribunal and they way I was treated and the lack of GP and solicitor. After insisting the tribunal is not done like this and there had to be both a solicitor and a GP she was then shocked. Only because I told her I can and will easily prove it.

I then told her about the letters I have had …. laughter and shock and “Your joking” or “Are you SERIOUS?” cannot remember which. Something like that. I also told her that I was seeing Mind now too. I told her that proving it mattered not as I had posted the letters on my blog. That is when she asked me for the address. She looked at the blog.

“You have to tell Mind, you HAVE to tell Mind!” she told me before explaining that Mind were better than them and had access to more powers than the Citizen’s Advice. I told her I will next week.

Of course this is all about the DWP and Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service’s lying, corruption and complete and repeated balls ups.

Which is kind of what this link is about …


Gail is also involved with Black Triangle and the Cradle to the Grave campaign …



I am supposed to be leaving the house to get some cheese and pickle because the bread I bought makes crap toast.

Except I had two letters in my door and I opened them up …

OK … this is going to get a little … bonkers. It will sound bonkers and that is because it totally IS bonkers! Just like my last few posts … speaking of which ..

Two posts back I posted up a letter that states that I am about to hear about my tribunal date for an ESA appeal and as other that are well aware of this know this has already gone!

Confused? Oh trust me it gets better …

I was receiving what appeared to be two lots of letters from Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunaal Service with one lot, ie. more than one, stating it was an ESA appeal and another lot stating it was a PIP appeal.

Except I only appealed against an ESA decision as that was the only one that had been stopped. There also could not be a second appeal as PIP had not stopped and I had not made one.

Later on according to the Job Centre and their system I was not in receipt of any benefits any longer so I applied for Universal Credit as I had sat the tribunal, was railroaded, accused and offended several times throughout and knew before I left I had lost the appeal.

I had also told them twice by post and again at the tribunal about the two sets of letters stating different appeal … right?

Right so one tribunal is OVER.

So then I get a letterr to state my appeal is going forwards for ESA, in the link above, despite the fact that it has already been sat. Despite the fact I told them twice. Right?

I then realised and stated in my post, again the one above, that maybe the evidence I sent in to show that the DWP lied had not been remarked upon by the tribunal judge Miss Mark. Yet some pathetic attempts were made to make me look like a liar and it was in fact my HONESTY that losst me the appeal. Because after being let down by someone to take me to hospital I stressed myself out by making the journey on buses.

Even a friend said that the last tribunal must have been for PIP if this one states ESA. I told him that the PIP had not actually stopped just yet and I have not appealed that decision yet. I also stated that at the tribunal the judge said “Oh so you get PIP too?” So no it was about ESA.

I fully expected that letter to state PIP APPEAL, but it didn’t.

Except … umm in one of the two envelopes I opened up it was about the appeal once again only … umm … it did not state ESA APPEAL … it states PIP APPEAL?! …



Confused? Yup, me too!

Bonkers? TOTALLY!!

I am afraid to say it gets worse …

Umm … I did state there were TWO letters? I also state that I had thought that PIP was stopped, about to be stopped as this is EACTLY  how it went down with the ESA. Did not attend assessment, errrrr NEVER HAVE, ESA cut immediately. SO stands to reason that PIP would be the same right?

Well I did not attend an asssessment for PIP in September and I told them I would not attend, asked for a Home Visit and they refused,, twisted what I said and said I was violent.

Well take a LOOK at the lette from the SECOND envelope arriving the same day as the HMCTS letter that for the 7th time contradicts the letter that came before it …


So that would be an assessment for a benefit I had thought stopped that I have an tribunal hearing coming up for I never appealed against!

Now you tell me what the FECK is going on! Because I do not have a Scooby-Do!


Ooh bad writing, forgot to mention that Miss Mark might not have received the evidence I sent her in as it may well have gone to a different judge, who might well have maade their minds up VERY DIFFERENTLY to Miss Mark?!

I guess I will find out at the second tribunal for the exact same thing ….

And as they have now done it again with a letter about an ESA appeal being contradicted by a letter for a PIP appeal I might actually have THREE TRIBUNALS for the exact same thing?!?!

Oh this is going to be fun!


Last night I totally forgot I witnessed a crime … well sort of.

There was so much hoo-har about something I posted on Facebook, see last post, that I got wrapped up in several conversations and forgot all about it.

As I was visiting my local Job Centre I spotted a couple of guys looking very suspicious. They were looking around and staring at everyone and at me locking up my bike among many other bikes at Enfield Chase Railway Station. It was immediately obvious what was about to take place.

As I entered the building I pulled to women over that worked in the Job Centre and I told them that a crime was bout to take place and that that man, now standing at the bikes while his partner skulked around back in the corner out of sight, was about to steal a bike. I even told them that the bike nearest to us was mine. I thought that this knowledge might make them keep a close eye on them. They certainly seemed to as I ventured through a door and up the stairs.

But no.

When I came back down no one was looking out the window and there was no sign of man who was investigating the bikes.

However upon leaving and approaching my bike I noticed that one bike was missing and there was a cut up lock on the floor.

Minority Report was wrong … even when you predict a crime is about to take place and eport it to people that should be responsible and have access to phones to call the Police … nothign happens and the crime goes ahead anyway.

I have reported this to the Police now with a description of the two men, two 6ft ish Somalians with scraggy beards and tracksuit tops on, one royal blue and one silver or grey.

Felt sorry for the victim who would obviously return on the train to find his or her bike had been stolen.

Even more so that I had reported it was about to be stolen and no one did anything to prevent it.

Shall we have a prediction of what the Police will do?

I think they will do …