The wider public and not just in the UK but across Europe and Canada, America and others have been slowing coming to the realisation that things are not right .. in the western world.

Public services like health (NHS), local councils, DWP, Police and many others and even the European Union .. and were talking right across Europe here .. the Armed Forces and therefore the EU Army and many .. many .. others.

The Home Office, Justice Departments and even DEFRA is included and .. the list is very .. very .. long. Whatever it is you have issues with or have been screwed over by or simply have questions about .. it may well be here on on their website somewhere.

Now all these have been accused of or found to have been corrupt or maybe just run extremely badly but what if I told you that they were all run by just one company?

Would you believe me?

Was shown this a long time ago and I posted about it previously but it never gained much traction .. not enough knew me, not enough had realised something was not right in the world and so I was probably just thought of as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist?

However today is not only very different I can drive a lot more people to my blogs .. and although forgotten about for a long, long time a story came up.

This story involves some talk from politicians about letting in far more refugees into the UK alone while on the very same day a country seem to be reported by Reuters to have won a contract for ..

Refugee Housing of close to £3 Billion?

Odd as in the UK there have been tens of thousands and very likely hundreds of thousands of suicides becaue of the lack of help, funding and housing.

This has been so bad that it has affected the following three groups just to highlight just how bad it is ..

  • Children
  • Disabled People
  • Armed Forces Veterans

So with those three in mind how could you possibly allow more people in that all need housing and why the hell would you?!

Money and power and not the resident already here is the answer. But they wont tall you that and Sajid Javid is portraying himself as the great humanitarian over this.

Well that company is Serco and that contract they run and as I stated reported by Reuters here ..

Now as I stated I was told this years ago from a lady and I literally thought she was of the conspiracy theorists that belonged in the tinfoil hat category. She urged me to read their ‘About Us’ page and I did and sure enough .. everything she said was true.

This story popped up on social media and it jogged my memory and I went back to their site .. oddly enough it has changed a little and had to click around for a fair old while before I could get everything I had read about previously.

Now bizarrely I knew about this over 5 years ago and published it and even at the time I was surprised they was boasting about it on their website. I figured someone at some point would see the pitfalls in this and take it all off.

It is still there.

Now would you need a company and a private one at that to run all these services and why the God damn hell would you get a single company to run them all?!

Many have talked about some elitist group or some New World Order and George Soros running things and there most certainly is something.

Now I knew there was something very corrupt and something or someone running everything and that our government in the UK were mere puppets and asked the question repeatedly ‘who are the puppeteers?’

I was given Serco by someone that see what I had done and what I was trying to do.

At the other end I was being given all these other theories that included Soros and others .. when all that was left to do was to find a link between your preferred theory/culprit and Serco.

Serco also claims to be British but is American now why would you do that?
In finding the truth and the culprits and exposing them I do not care who they are nor what they are and they are who they are .. I am not going to focus on this group or that group because I have no preference in who it is I wish to be responsible.

This narrows your field of view and will stop you from finding the truth.
If I can one or more of my posts regarding corruption, secret recordings, cover ups or blowing apart CO2 climate change arguments or showing the truth about pole shifts it will please my daughter.

My finances, despite my disabilities, have been frozen and likely because I speak the truth and am only interested in the truth. I have been hounded by thousands on social media and had to battle wars that drew big audiences.

My daughter wants me to move to Wales and I wish to do this but am unable to do this and have been hammering social media hoping that either they will start paying ..

Realising that the increased traffic will be obvious and someone will take up my cause to help us ..

Or someone will take up our cause to help us ..

Or I get hired because of what I can do despite my .. handicaps?

Wonder what leftists would make of this, eh?

Now are we getting closer to the Puppeteers that have string to all the politicians I, we .. YOU all believe now are puppets?

If your looking for a link in particular that is not here or you just want more trust me .. dig around on their sites as its somewhat .. disjointed these days .. conveniently enough ..

EDIT: I’m an idiot, the DPA or Data Protection Act was brought in to stop three organisations from accessing the databases on individuals on other public services taught to people in computer science Degrees .. if I recall it was ..

Police NHS and DWP now one runs them all?!



Oh dear something seems to be coming to light to confirm another suspicion I had over the years.

I was never quite happy with the official lines of distances in the universe, I touched upon recently, nor the age or the size of the universe. Once again its one of those things where they wont have it .. their egos tell them they are eight and they and their hoards would laugh at you for questioning anything.

Except it never .. I just never felt quite comfortable with it. At first glance the numbers did not quite make sense. Now a perfect example has popped up.

But first remember two things before I explain what I just heard .. just two ..

  • Universe is 13.8 billion years old
  • Sun is 4 Billion years old

Even just thinking that the Sun was the third the age of the entire universe seemed somewhat .. off?

Now they have discovered a new supermassive black hole the centre of a galaxy that is the largest, brightest and hungriest .. it has already shocked scientists, yeeaaah happening a lot, but how about these facts .. or are they ..

  • 12 Billion times the Mass of the Sun
    • How long does that take to accumulate all that mass
  • Centre of a Galaxy of Stars
    • Our Sun is 4 billion years old
  • 12.9 Billion years old meaning
    • This is what it looked like 12.9 Billion Years ago
    • 800 Million Years after the ‘Big Bang’

But wait a minute how can this be?

A supermassive black hole and the biggest and brightest we have ever seen at the centre of en entire galaxy and every single object in this galaxy is less than a quarter of the age of our humble Sun?

He says ‘we don’t really know’ but its amazing how much they do not immediately realise about their own statements too, no?


Read this ..

“All indications are that the upcoming solar minimum which is expected to begin later this year may be even quieter than the last one which was the deepest in nearly a century” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

This was 2008 .. and that year the Sun went without spots 71% of the time. This was long and alarmed scientists. 

“Solar cycle 24 has been the weakest sunspot cycle with the fewest sunspots since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

Solar Cycle 25, if it gets going at all, is predicted to be lowers still. Bearing in mind 1960 was over 250 Sunspots and 1980 had over 200. Suddenly 88 seems pretty low, right? Ergo the winters continued to get colder. We are below 10 and dropping. Next peak wont be reached until 2024 at the earliest. 

Then realise winters started to get cold again around 2012 with plenty of snow in many places.

This was followed by a low peak of 88 Sunspots in 2014. Then we had three consecutive years or record breaking winters of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Now consider we are in another deep minimum and at the point of June the 16th the Sun has been spotless for 61% of the time .. without spots currently for 28 consecutive days with no signs of any spots building up at present. 

It is commonly believed and all signs show that the Sun is still heading down and that the remaining 6.5 months of 2019 will be considerably higher than 61% without Sunspots. It is predicted by some to be higher than the 71% of 2008.

Now consider the three winters we have just had. Then recall that it takes around three years to take effect on what the Sun is doing? So if we head into 2020 without many Sunspots what will the winters of 2021 to 2023 be like?

Now consider that due to the way that the plants align we will be pulled, it is reported, further away from the Sun by 13%. This will have an effect on the cooling and will be noticeable. How much is unknown.

We will not have reached a solar cycle peak by then which will take 3 years to take effect anyway.

Now consider that every volcano erupting between now and then also has a cooling effect.

Summers further north will get shorter and colder.

We already have had snow quite far south, like Las Vegas in America for instance. This is likely to get heavier and for longer.

Meanwhile snow will start t appear further south. Mexico? Panama?

In Europe we have had rare snow in Corsica. You think that might become more common and start to appear further south? Perhaps North Africa?

They had flurries in Australia recently .. will that become more common and appear further north?

Now quite how people do not see this and government still go on about climate emergencies is beyond me.

I argued for years that you have no way of knowing what will happen and that sudden warming period could be a precursor to a drop. It might always have done this over millions of years? Just never thought I would still be alive to see myself proved to be correct all along.

The increase in clouds comes from not just the water vapor but seeding .. which they now realise can come from cosmic rays which as I have stated many times are now building up ..

Now this gets a bit tricky because the Sun activity is dropping .. and its Heliosphere is as is our magnetosphere .. but the issue comes from sources for cosmic rays other than our Sun. Or other Suns at whatever stage, including supernovas, they are at.

Also to consider is that as our Sun weakens and our magnetosphere weakens there will be a point where the Sun might .. no WILL have sudden bursts of life and therefore cosmic rays. At which point with a weakened magnetic field more of these will get through. To see clouds and to life forms on Earth.

Also as I have stated its not just the peaks or maximums in the solar cycles but the minimums too. We have several cycles in the warming period where Sunspots were well above zero and even ten.

After all it is easier to get the atmosphere warmer when that which flings heat at it never quite switch off, right?


EDIT: Of interest is the trees they keep finding as glaciers melt and the fact that grazing took place with Vikings on Greenland in 980AD. What is interesting is that the planet did not even get to that point before we are looking at another cooling.

But then we are talking about our closest star which is billions of years old .. there are no rules.


Well I tried to tell the CO2, climate change, global warming cultists but just like with other things I got laughed at, told I was an idiot and wrong.

Now remember this is their idea of sensible debate .. without any reasons and no background ad not scientists they ..

  • Dismiss what you give them, often ignoring things or refusing to click links .. 
    • Yeah the morons fail to realise time is a factor in reading so easy to spot when they do not
  • Laugh at you
  • Call you an idiot
  • Swear

This is infuriating when you know that they are out of their league and have no place to argue their points. Learning the OneGraph to rule the all is not enough
Now they did this with several things with me that I know are factors in all this .. now lets run through a little list before I get to my latest one that shows their effing loons the lot of them ..

  • Insisting the oceans are still warm ..
    • Fail to acknowledge that water takes a lot longer than air to change temperature up or down
    • Failed to acknowledge also the only other heat source than the Sun, the core of the Earth and its moving magma
  • Insisted Observational Evidence was not science and did not count
    • Creators of Climate Models are concerned why Observational Evidence does not match their models
  • Insisted Noctilucent Clouds were not a factor or had any affect on atmospheric temperature of signs of cooling
    • Tamitha Skov disagrees as do a growing number of scientists ..

Sorry fruit-loops but it was damn obvious that even a child would understand it .. that’s just three strikes that I recall and if I thought long and hard about it I would probably come up with over a dozen.

Because I have seen over a dozen sets of scientific data that all links together and all shows you that your CO2 hypothesis was as wrong as I always knew it was.

But .. hey .. you still have your OneGraphs and your rising carbon which you claim matches the rising global temperatures, except not only has the latter dipped so no correlation they are effing currently dropping like a stone.

Funny then that you totally ignore the fact that the graph for an increase in frequency of volcanic eruptions matches it far better but you did not make a single remark about that.

The way that I see it and sticking my neck out here with another of my long list of predictions I expect these clouds to get far bigger over the next couple of years. As a result I also expect that the snow and hail will increase in amounts.
I cannot now really see how they cannot .. the Sun is unusually quite and these rare ice clouds have been increasing .. longer flatlining solar minimums and lower than average peaks. A number of record breaking cold snaps, snowfalls and hail going on right now.
The Sun is still getting quieter .. a rise likely not going to start for anywhere from 6 months to a year and will take a few more years for the Sunspots to build up to slow these ice-clouds.

  • Far colder
  • Far longer
  • Far more snow and ice
  • Ice Storms only occur in one place in the world in Canada but will these become more common?
  • We still have the not entirely understood factor of volcanoes in all this
    • How many will there be?
    • How big will they be?
    • How much in the way of particles will they pump into the atmosphere?
    • How high will they pump these particles?
    • How will this speed up the cooling?

You see why  I get so annoyed with CO2 idiots going on like parrots ‘ButlookathisGraph .. ButlookatthisGraph!’

So only one scientist has claimed the solar cycle 25 will be higher .. sorry arse-wipe but that’s merely nothing more than pure guess work and there is nothing previous you can use to back that one up.

Many scientists believe this will be a Dalton Minimum event.

Many others believe that this will be a Maunder Minimum event.

Most are secretly concerned it will be deeper than that .. more of a full on ice-age or Younger Dryas event.


Far too early to say a Younger Dryas but you cannot rule it out and using the odds to stake your claim is not something you can do.

I am thinking that it appears that it will be deeper than the Dalton Minimum .. that is my gut feeling and so I am going with a Maunder Minimum.


In my previous parts I had talked about the health problems that could arise regarding an increase in the cosmic rays and UV rays as the magnetosphere decreases in intensity.

Now I do not recall if I posted it or not, short term memory issues, but I had also wondered if this could have effect on other things including a few I am suffering from as it is electrical in nature.

There are theories and possible evidence that our electrical grids could be affected .. so this suggested it was a possibility thought I did not see nor understand how it was linked. One of the few things left I need to research.

Now for several days because of the changing magnetic field and the global cooling now staring at us I had a tab open to do with the Sun’s activity, solar cycles and specifically the number of days without Sunspots. As it turned out .. there was something further down the page I had failed to notice and when I did ..

It blew my mind!

Now what I have talked about was that I also suffer from temperatures and humidity, though annoyingly idiots insist in stating ‘well everyone suffers from that’ including Doctors .. to which I reply ..

‘What at anywhere between 15 to 22 Degrees?!’

Even Doctors do not refrain from assuming and getting it wrong and I am in a world of people that think they are the most intelligent people in the planet.

The other issues I have had involve my heart and I have been in out out of hospitals and these are Tachycardia and Arrhythmia and obviously the heart is electrical but never considered any link previously. Until they talked about electrical grids. People with pacemakers I did think about .. just not normal hearts. I also have very high blood pressure and not sure if that is being caused by all this too.

Had no heart issues before about 4 years ago. Started off one or two incidents a year .. and then a dozen incidents a year. Before long it was one or two a month and then one or two each week and then it was daily. The NHS ignored it .. I scratched my head as to why it was occurring and they the NHS were ignoring it. I have four or more visits to North Middlesex Hospital and three to St Catherine’s Hospital before my health and lack of help caused me to miss an appointment over four years and I wrongly returned to London.

But according to the NHS this is my fault.

Yeah something tells me that within a year or two at the most the NHS are going to be roasted by the entire country and their incompetence and disregard for human life over money exposed. Call it a hunch.

“Furthermore, there are studies (#1, #2, #3, #4) linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in the general population. Our latest measurements show that cosmic rays are intensifying, with an increase of more than 18% since 2015” –

“We have developed a new predictive model of aviation radiation. It’s called E-RAD–short for Empirical RADiation model. We are constantly flying radiation sensors onboard airplanes over the US and and around the world, so far collecting more than 22,000 gps-tagged radiation measurements. Using this unique dataset, we can predict the dosage on any flight over the USA with an error no worse than 15%” –

Oh dear. You see what the issue is here?

Concerned enough about a link to health to both passengers of aircraft to those down at sea-level that they would fit sensors to aircraft there would be strict criteria in place for. Have to be certain that any new equipment does not interfere with the electrical systems of the aircraft or radio signals. Not something you can do over night. It also would not be cheap to implement either.

Oddly the difference is I wondered about the magnetic field while they talk about cosmic rays .. which would be more to do with mutations, good and bad, I would have thought?

With a little digging you can find that they claim they claim many human advancements, like language for instance, occurred after the Sun we awoke after a sleep .. when the shields were down and the new cosmic rays were able to reach ground level, ergo ‘us’, for a period of time before the fields went back up.

Or you think if this occurs before long we might figure out how to travel faster than the speed of light and get quantum mechanics to work for us?

Maybe we might realise that lying is not the way to do things? Perhaps become more civilised as a society?

One can only hope.

Instead today your accused of being uncivilised by pointing out that others are uncivilised!

Yup the world truly has gone mad both close to home and further afield and personally .. I truly tire of it and have done for a very long time.

I constantly fear leaving my daughter, with health issues, and grandchildren, also with health issues, on their own .. or being heart broken if anything should happen do me. Which both my daughter and I think the authorities are trying to bring about via their lying and lack of support.

I have the option presently to get out of the hell hole I am in .. which is oppressive and sets off my heart.

Yesterday two without any education asked about Ealing Studios and one said they still make films and I shook my head. I stated that one of the famous films, think it was the Lady Killers with Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom, was the last one they made there and got told I was wrong.

Now one did some research, did not look in the right place .. see a list of things filmed there and used this to tell me I was wrong. Now I stated that Ealing Studios was a company and that it could be that others too it over. I was still told no because the filming continued throughout and I ignored them. They just love, as others have tried and failed to do, to tell me I am wrong about things.

  • Do Ealing Studios still make films?

Well no ..

The building was taken over by the BBC in 1955 and from then on in they used it for series and not films .. which is what I stated might have happened. It was then taken over again by a consortium called Fragile in 2000 where it was used for some films, Bridget Jones being one.

Where did I found this information? On a site about the location on their about us page. Because the building is famous. But its NOT the company Ealing Studios .. they just keep the name because it was a famous name.

The fact remains that they stopped making films there when I aid that they did.

I really cannot be bothered to tell them they are wrong and I wont bring it up unless they are disagreeing about something else and use it to prove I have been wrong before and I will point out that that I was not.

I said that it must have been taken over and they said no .. when the fact is it was taken over twice and they did not film ‘films’ there until after 2000 after a break of over 45 years.

Now I had thought that as one of them was from the Ealing area and I was born near there too that they would know as I thought it was common knowledge that Ealing Studios stopped making films in the fifties. Apparently not.

This was followed 12 hours later when I tried to explain the link in the last 5 years between pole shifts and magnetosphere to by tachycardia and arrhythmia. This to someone that loves to interrupt, switch subjects to something totally irrelevant so they can make it about themselves and then talk for four hours straight.

How did they do it? By telling me for the thousandth time they had tachycardia back in the 1970’s and when I pointed out it was not relevant, not forgetting they had interrupted me, they pull a face and roll their eyes.

What they tell themselves in their heads and to other people .. this is someone that likes to control 90% of the conversation and complains no one allows her to talk. Which is always about them and their hard life. Which is not.

As a result no less than 5 members of her family want to talk to her .. and nor do any of their spouses either but it is everyone else who is at fault.

So I have been trapped here without support from any direction ad have most all my belongings bar a few things I am desperately hanging on to. My cameras.

Have he option to go to Wales .. which I very much want to do but this is again not without its issues and obstacles. Need to find a way.

If I can I can do far more photography then I have done in the last two years and do far more with getting the message out there.

As well s the usual problems and the health I have someone that is so petty, hated by his own three children who never speak to him, who thinks its funny to unplug an extension to the Internet each night and then clogs up the main router’s WIFI by watching videos on guns on YouTube every night. And I do mean every night. Asked by the Internet plays up and this being one of my areas of expertise I have to point it out. But I am not believed.

In the last 18 months they have gone away four times for 8 days each time.

Now the fact that the Internet has worked flawlessly for each of those 8 days and 24 hours a day it does not register to the two arguing about Ealing Studios that as soon as this prick is on his own and his partner goes to bed .. the transmitter up here stops connecting to the Internet and the other slows down. Without fail. Works without fail when he is away.

Of course this occurs in the busiest period for social media and I also try to upload videos, photos and of course blog posts. They fail to appreciate how time consuming this is, how frustrating this is and how it slows me down.

What beckons is an area where I get none of this, nor the oppression, the ear bending, the stress and with a large number of mountains, beautiful countryside, wildlife, beaches, estuaries, villages, castles, stone walls and heaven knows what else.

I would say that I have probably been operating at 20% of my capabilities for the last two years and would dearly love to get that up to 80% of them.

Were it not for all the issues and being targeted on almost all platforms .. except one where I am not so sure my other .. talents will be appreciated. I also suspect that I am not growing on it because I am not .. severe enough?

Maybe I will I am not sure?

Another platform I am on is also growing and nearly at a 1,000 followers and I just keep thinking that before very long I will have the followers where things will start to fall in place ..

So that if I do find a way to relocate .. I will be a lot more relaxed if I know that it wont be long before things take off.

That is my issue .. getting there somehow and finding a way where I can both work and know that I have no issues to stress me out and therefore start my heart off.

It is a lack of confidence issues then is closely tied into a health issue and leftists are useless because they think they can cure everything with talk. No .. you can not and I have demonstrated this repeatedly. I have two very loud autistic children to contend with too. So need my own space I can retreat to if and when I need to.

Other than that all I can think about is the mountains in Wales and all the scenery and wildlife though as I told my daughter .. knowing my luck I will get their with my camera, still missing to important lenses, ad it will rain constantly for 12 months?!


I have often remarked before about the extending solar cycles and how some are sill predicting what is to come and the time that they come based on what was an 11 year length to solar cycles.

Have stated myself that in something that is suddenly changing to everything recorded since we started observing that this has its pitfalls.

For example some have predicted that the next solar cycle, number 25, is not due to start until 2020 but this would mean a very long solar minimum. Based on what I had seen it should start during 2019 but I do not think it will.

Now I have found a website that thought that last August 2018 solar cycle 25 might be about to start ..

Are We Witnessing the Start of Solar Cycle 25? –

This was August 29th 2018 and as stated the minimums prior to 2008 have been relatively short and often without much in the way of consecutive spotless days.

Now consider today’s date of June 13th 2019 .. its still cool or cold in many places, just had another record breaking winter and third in a row and of course ..

The Sun is still dropping in activity and we have had a few stretches i days without spots and currently we are on 25 consecutive days. For 2019 we have had 99 days without spots and they think there will be relatively little for the rest of the year.

Also bear in mind two things .. one that, and as stated before, it takes 2 years or more for things to have an affect on the air and as stated before and to CO2 pundits harping on about sea temps .. it takes a hell of a lot longer for these to change.

Now look at this little fact remembering that 2008 to 2009 had a very long period without many Sunspots that alarmed scientists ..

The dramatic 50% increase in the “volume” of Arctic Ice from 2012 to 2013 revealed by the European Space Agency (ESA) CryoSat mission –

So then .. a vast increase, not an increase just a rapid one, four years after that prolonged solar minimum?

So do you think then it is reasonable to assume that if the current solar minimum continues to be quiet for say a year .. that in 2024, the year I had a gut feeling about, will see another rapid increase in ice?

Now factor in these points ..

  • Will continue to cool between now and any rapid ice growth in 2023 to 2024
  • Very possibly increase in volcanic eruptions will continue to increase in frequency
  • If Pole Shifts continue along with Magnetosphere weakening .. this will speed up cooling
  • By way of cosmic rays seeding atmosphere along with curious case of increased number of meteors

 How about something said to be form the National Geographic ..

Three independent studies of the sun’s insides, surface, and upper atmosphere all predict that the next solar cycle will be significantly delayed—if it happens at all 

‘If it happens at all’?

But a squawking Parakeet and pro CO2 runs around on social media claiming a cooing definitely is not happening now but will in 2060? Genius! 

Not many are saying that cycle 25 wont happen but they are saying it will be lower than solar cycle 24 which was very low. Not good.

Ah now here is something else I have seen before that did not make any sense .. someone stated that the peak of solar cycle 25 was due to be in 2022 and one of those turned out to be one I have linked in a great deal Professor Valentina Zharkova ..

Looking ahead to the next solar cycles, the model predicts that the pair of waves become increasingly offset during Cycle 25, which peaks in 2022 –

 Only if the Sun’s activity is still heading downwards .. and its looking well into 2020 .. well if we look at solar cycle 24 .. the Sunspot numbers started rising in 2009 (mid) and hit a peak in 2014. 2009 to 2014. Thats 4.5 years and for a low peak cycle .. higher peaks could probably be longer .. so over 5?

Its 2019 so if it started rising now your looking at 2024, right?

Yeah except the sun has been without a spot for 25 days .. and expected not to have many for the rest of 2019 as I stated as have others. So it is reasonable to say that the peak is not likely to hit until mid 2024 and that is provided the sunspots start rising very late 2019 or very early 2020. This means the cooling, proved its under 100, wont slow down for 3 or 4 years. So 2028? That is ‘slow down’ and not reverse.

This does not happen until late 2020 and your looking at around mid 2025 and another 3 to 4 years before any slowing down of cooling can occur.

You see how this works?

I do not know how I can make pro CO2 climate change people with a political agenda see that you cannot get around this? You simply cannot get around it and the fact that they laugh when their primary source of heat cannot heat things up for at least 6 years after 3 consecutive record breaking winters is staggering.

The Sun has never hit a peak in less than 4.5 years as far as I can tell and that figure is pretty rapid.

The two main predictions are that it will be lower than 88, and 88 is not enough, and it wont rise at all.

No one is predicting anything higher than 88 .. and the ignored this fact too .. still maintaining that there will be no cooling period for another 40 years, though I believe I now know where they obtained this from? Video in my last post and same idiot that said there will be no change and merely a redistribution of heat?! No pal .. just no!

Not only would I have ruled this as complete bullcrap, and did, the mere fact that Noctilucent Clouds have had two record breaking years .. proves he is forgetting about the fact that along with heat dissipating the upper atmosphere is also cooling things. He also never mentioned the increase in volcanoes.

How DO these people get paid?!

Of course the Sunspots may now have disappeared for a long period of time but lets not forget they are not a measure for temperature and there is nothing that could prevent the Sun from cooling further still.

Trust me when I state that it would not take much, likely just a watt or two?

This will also likely have a greater affect on our magnetosphere weakening it further and as it has looked of late .. an effect on seismic and volcanic activity?

At the end of the day you have a minimum of 6 years of continuous cooling with unknown variables that could occur, which cannot be predicted at all which my indeed speed up the process.

Quotes used including National Geographic taken from here ..


OK watched a video by some organisation called the South East Asia Water and Power Alliance .. so they are waking up to this which means the narrative they have insisted upon they will soon have to drop and thank God for that.

Now fire some imbeciles and employ me!!

Lucy Green on BBC recently pusher of CO2 Climate Change .. always a mistake.

‘Yeah its going to get colder but its hard because of CO2’ oh pish off for feck sake .. you was all wrong .. just own up to it! They are not sure to what extent because of CO2? No one knows this and it has feck all to do with bloody CO2 that they do not know .. Jesus H Christ these people. Either completely wrong and trying to not admit it or still stupid.

Some idiot says ‘no change just redistribution’ .. oh he talks like he knows .. yeah shame .. move forward 3 or 4 years you got that wrong imbecile. Even I could see that one was way off the mark .. where do they find these people?

‘Whatever measure you use its coming down’ yeah would have realised this myself had I been made aware of the data that I somehow missed.

‘Never seen anything quite like this’ is another line stated and you can tell he is surprised at the data .. oddly data laughed at by armchair scientists with no qualifications that are simply trying to hang on to a weapon they can use to gain power.

‘Mirrors the period leading up to the Maunder Minimum’

Think we will be in Maunder Minimum conditions by 2056? Yeah I would not have said that long and three years on I would bet a lot of money he has changed that terrible estimate?

My estimation was that we would be feeling it by 2024 and probably be without a summer or have very little of it by this time. Year round winters before 2030. NOT 2056.

In fact in a recent argument .. well not even that I was descended upon by those that took it upon themselves to decide that CO2 climate change was settled science and that anyone that opposes it was evil and deserving of personal attacks. Yeah that really did not go well for them.

In the six day argument .. there was a pause .. because one of them that had been hijacking my information tweets on global cooling as and when I found out about it and understood it. 

He was located in Australia and, despite later accusing me of doing this, stated no ice-age or cooling because it was hot where he was. I told him that looking at the mapped out data I had seen it would likely snow in South Australia within a year or two.

Now remember this chap in the first part of the video stated 2056?

Remember and easily checked that I stated that we will be feeling it by 2024?

I stated that it would snow, based on my theories, in one to two years?

Recall I said that in the six day argument there was a pause? Yeah at the time this confused me as it went very quiet .. that is until I checked a site called The Watchers and see a report that said it had just snowed in Australia.

Now provided the movement of the poles continues and that fact that it will get colder each year .. in one to two years I expect the snow to be somewhat more frequent in Australia.

Now to think that the BBC has run these pieces .. and I know of at least two .. and they know about the Sun going to sleep and it getting cooler sooo .. why have they told Nigel Farage he is a climate change denier at least twice?!

A cause that was never proved and data and developments that show it was bullshit all along so why are they still promoting CO2 and using it as a political weapon against those they do not approve of?

They do not know what goes on deep within the sun which has always made me question why they have stated things with such confidence. This is admitted in the second part of the video where they explain how they discovered more of the mechanics of the Sun which matches up with the lengths of solar cycles.

As they studied the Sun they came to some shocking conclusions after looking into this newly discovered rippling effect they call Torsional Oscillations.

There is a downward trend ..  strength by  by 50 gauss per year and by 2016 to 2020 the Sun will be too weak to produce Sunspots.

‘Might be the last Sunspot Cycle for several decades’?

This organisation obviously spliced these two pieces together .. the man in the first says redistribution of heat but no change .. yeah IDIOT! Three years later Canada, USA, Russia, China, Europe and Japan are all bloody cold even in June!

The next video states that might not by a rise in the cycle again after the peak of 2014  .. 

  • Three consecutive record breaking winters ..
  • High Chance of three more consecutive winters breaking records
  • If the cycle has not started to rise you could be looking at another 3 to 5 consecutive winters breaking records ..
  • If so .. try to imagine how things will look and feel by 2024

There has been a new storm on Saturn they have not seen before.
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is dissipating like they have never seen before.

Other bodies in the solar system have also all shown changes and the fact that these are all happening at the same time, never seen before and with changes on Earth going on just as this Sun goes into a huge sleep mode .. shows that there is a link between the Sun and weather.

Nobody knows what is causing the weather on Saturn and as he says in the video ‘Maybe the Sun has something to say about this?’

If it can do that as far out as Jupiter and Saturn and with their sizes then you have to understand that the Earth is a damn site closer than even Jupiter.

The storm that has appeared on Saturn is the width of the Earth and two dozen times longer and I will assume you know how big Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is? Affecting an area bigger than Earth that far out?

Not exactly rocket science when you look at it this way, is it now?


Make no mistake it has become obvious to me that this headline is an accurate description of what these people are.

The fact that they are doing this by sticking their fat noses into science is not only appalling but at the exact same time heart-breaking.

Climate Scientists as guests on the BBC back in 2013 and 19% of them, despit the 97% consensus claim, reject man-made climate change.

So much for the 97%

Now I posted an article from 2014 to climate change cultists leftists, trying to fashion a non existent climate change into a political weapon, and this effing IDIOT then claimed that the headline of ‘Record Maximum Ice Levels of Antarctica’ had gone to record lows in five years.

Think about that claim for a moment .. this was from people literally swearing their heads off at others for not agreeing with them. Me highly knowledgeable in well over six areas of science and can learn anything in a matter of days they called an ‘effing idiot’. Onlt they did not use ‘effing’. I was called a liar and far worse.

I simply replied that they had no idea how basic water works. Five years. Going from the record maximum and trying to rule out the thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of photos from around the world of record snow and ice this last winter .. he says that?!

So I posted this headline from 2018 ..

“Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Now At Historic HIGH Levels”

Well now that left his claim as actually taking only one single year to go from record high levels to record low levels right after global record breaking low temperatures and snowfall.

Or as those in the real word like to call it .. I proved he was LYING ..

This along with a few others .. maybe 80 to a dozen of the had spent days calling me a liar without proving it. Well .. he produced very bad graphs he claimed ruled out visual evidence from around the globe. First they stated it was localised .. then blamed the cold and snow on global warming.

Yeah I kid you not they are getting so desperate now that warm really means cold. Waiting for my opportunity to tell them that cold really means warm.

Quite bizarrely this was after he claimed that Antarctic ice had been disappearing rapidly for years and yes you can find articles that state this .. but .. now remember ..

This was a guy who was part of a group all self-proclaimed leftists also bashing Trump that stated we was idiots and did not our research and for not believing in something that had never been proven. 

Yup .. we have to believe something that has not been proven in three whole decades.

Remember we have not done our research ..

Except quite bizarrely this group of people and despite being a group and arguing on social media on a daily basis throwing insults and swear words around likt they were confetti actually did not do their own as ..

Zwally proved twice that this claim of disappearing ice in Antarctica was not only wrong but quite the opposite now try not to laugh as I explain that the scientists ..

Were measuring the reduction of ice on one edge of a very, very big piece of land and the whole time on the other side it was growing at an even faster rate than it was decreasing where they were measuring it.

Yeah when he also claimed that there were record losses in the Arctic I asked if the measurement were only taken on one side of the mass of ice?

I had better nit post the graph he did to show that the Sun had nothing to do with it as if you laugh as loud and as long as I did you could wind up having a coronary.

These climate loony leftists really are really fucking nasty and the biggest God damn liars I have ever had the misfortune to come across and like I told them when I was accused of wanting a Police state in shutting people up talking about it ..

‘You are NOT talking about it, you are claiming something as fact that has NEVER been proven and then hurling insults and bad language at anyone who disagrees .. worse than this your a bunch of idiots who are screaming your heads off because in effect you want all the keys to the largest Nuclear power-plant on the planet capable of wiping out untold numbers of people, animals and entire species’.

Oddly enough this thread of over 50 people fell silent for several hours after that.

This one from 2015 and from NASA themselves admitting that the sea ice was actually growing and not shrinking was liked by many and reposted with the line ‘Well that is awkward!’

Somebody else posted a report that stated that the ice was growing below too and no one had noticed before. It seems that I was right in mu suspicion that in the media like TV, News and science and for two decades they have quite deliberately employed idiots. And idiots that fail to think in three dimensions who do not even think inside the damn box .. let alone outside the box.

Talking to several people I said I think I know why I have never gained the interest form anyone as I think I am too smart and too intelligent?! They do not want us to know ..

A shame I could not give that answer the thousand times I was asked how I was not a millionaire with all the knowledge I possess, eh?

So here is another one from 2014 .. so that is  2014, 2015 and 2018 and yet this fecking IDIOT makes the bold claim, while accusing me of lying without actually proving it, that it went from record highs to record lows in 2019.

Now who does it sound like is lying to you?

Let me tell you this .. I have NOT come across a single believer of CO2 that has either been reasonable in their debate or even accept the facts, reports, articles, photos or reasons I have proved to them.

Did you believe in man-made CO2 climate change when you started reading this?

Do you still believe it now?

If you do may I ask does it surprise you to realise how many pushers of CO2 climate change are like those I describe here? Is it not somewhat ..embarrassing?

Well this is how it goes on a daily basis and ha done for around 5 days now ..

  • Comes online
  • Starts pushing CO2
  • Tells everyone they are idiots
  • Ignores all that was told to them before as if they did not even happen
  • Refuses to click links or just dismisses out of hand anything proved
  • Calls you an idiot for believing photos, videos, the temperature outside over his man-made graph
  • Calls you a liar, an idiot and a pyscho among others
  • Gets their arses handed to them
  • Get given a load of articles form the very people they love to quote
  • Prove I am not what they claim ..
  • Next day go back to step 1

That has been very single day for five days straight the exact same routine.
Now I was not the one to call them ‘cultists’ but now I fully see why that they do!

Oh yeah and I get called right-wing, Trumptard, alt-right, far-right and extreme-right and I let them do this for a number of days because I simply do not care.

I do this because in the case there is a group I wait for them all to join in before I then post my actual leaning taken on the Political Compass website and I am a hair’s breadth from Gandhi. 

I managed to scare the off after being accused of wanting a Police State without even having to post my political chart so that is five days I have not had to resort to using it.

What they are doing is using saving people and animals and the Earth to look like they have morals so that they can lure people in and brain-wash them so that they can get their numbers up to force their political agendas and systems.

And they see it as a way to hate on oil companies, billionaires and politicians.

What these morons fail to realise is that I do the same thing but I am NOT going to bloody well lie through my teeth and blame them for something they are not guilty of.

What annoys me is that there is plenty that they re guilty of but these loons so this as such a tool to lure people in like proverbial dogs with their proverbial bones they simply refuse to let it go and growl at anyone that tries to take it away.

There was a delay in posting this and it seems the cockroaches desperately trying to keep their cause a cause by lying have scattered. 

I got a very nice reply from someone that I had ‘valiantly defended the human race’ which was an unexpected and nice thing to say.

Meanwhile why don’t you take a look at someone reporting on the rare Noctilucent Clouds which have been building up for several years, yet another thing the pro CO2 cultists and others seem to have ignored. A sign of things to come as they are the highest clouds and made up of ice crystals ..

Another thing no one ever seems to talk about is the depths and the lengths of solar minimums in recent solar cycles which can also show you was it warmed for a couple of decades and why it has now gone cold .. I had to borrow a chart .. and took me a while to find the right one to show this ..

Now look at the points I have laid out .. oh WordPress is not letting me upload an image?!

You see some of the lows in the image above do not go all the way to the bottom? This means is not letting the Earth go to cool so when building back up to the highs it does not have too farr to go. This is often not talked about by anyone .. other thn when the minimums are really long or after the 2008 to 2009 period when there was a long time without Sunspots.

Well the times when Sunspots not not go far below 10 and you do not get spotless days for years also play a factor.

You can also go back further with this ..

Looking at the image above 1645 to round 1700 was the Little Ice Age or scientifically known as the Maunder Minimum and not on this chart and not necessary right now. What is that is sometime after the Maunder Minimum was a cool period not quite so severe .. going on what I previously pointed out do you thik you can tell when it occurred?

I have been amazed at the discussions and debates and outright brawls some turned it into that just go way deep ito the science trying to find something to win an argument.

Very often its staring you in the face and does not require ‘Rocket Science’ to solve. That is an ability I have always had.

THE CLOUDS THAT SHINE (Pole Shift Part 21)

Well now .. I got into something they called a Climate Brawl and bizarrely and without the data to back them up and tons stacked against them your an evil twat if you disagree with them.

Funny as I thought science was about progress and saving lives .. guess I got that all wrong. It is politics now and is used to destroy those they do not like .. or disagree with them.

Now I had previously talked about an increase in volcanic eruptions but seems there was more to this than it first appeared. In fact I may have found the smoking gun that proves they have known the truth for some time. And screwed us for money anyway.

I held off for awhile posting about this and had some issues going on .. health issues .. that climate brawl and my infamous bullying, lying troll that turned out to be a Labour Party MP. Some other stuff too.

Then I was posting on social media every now and then about a type of cloud that shines bluish white at night they call ‘Noctilucent Clouds’. Did this a few times and then come across some interesting details about them. Turns out I found a second smoking gun!

Now to explain .. the atmosphere is made up up layers .. the one most are familiar with is the stratosphere. Above that is the Mesosphere and this is where these clouds form and are the highest altitude clouds. Above that is a layer they call the Thermosphere and this is cooling and is ten times cooler at the moment than it is when the solar cycle is at a peak.

Do not forget the last peak of 88 Sunspots was way below the norm of recent times of over 150 and have been as high as around 300. At 120 this would be considered low.

Also remember that due to the solar minimum it is reported that the Thermosphere is cooling and I argued with climate cultists that this has to have an effect on the lower portions of the atmosphere if it continues. I also said that this has to continue for at least 5 years.

I also explained about seeding the atmosphere from cosmic rays (theorised) and volcanoes that have been increasing in frequency and long extinct volcanoes seemingly waking up.

Now as it turns out these shining clouds were only noticed after the Krakatoa Volcano erupted .. and now its understood that they increase in size due to volcanoes erupting. They also form around the polar regions too and in 2018 it was reported that the clouds were growing around the globe, link below.

Well I can state that right now they are bigger than ever.

Noctilucent Clouds

Those are Noctilucent Clouds in the picture and that information mentioned regarding how volcanoes erupting seeds them can be found here ..

And that graph about volcanic eruptions increasing but as seems to be the case I cannot find graphs that go up to 2016 to 2019 as the ability to create them seems to have been lost to mankind ..

Oh yeah and after an Australian CO2 climate change cultist accused me of being insane when I said I think it would snow in Australia in the next year or two ,.. a few days later his guns fall silent .. turned out to be the same day it ..

Snowed in Australia ..

Extinct Volcanoes waking up? Not quite so extinct then, are they now? Was never comfortable with that term for decades.

They are investigating them in Japan and I dare say a lot of other places besides and here is one that has had seismic activity and some melting going on in Russia ..

Please note that they have had satellites monitoring these clouds for 17 years and seem to already know volcanoes seed them which they also know have been on the increase for a long time soo ..

Why the hell have they been pushing this CO2 nonsense?

But are you thinking about NASA and how they stated that CO2 caused the Greenhouse Effect on Venus? Well on a thread a few what sounded like Planetary Scientists with PhD’s, the co-founder of Greenpeace and this chap in this video popped up to say .. NOPE!

Oddly despite having the clouds, solar cycle data, volcano eruption increase, cooling thermosphere, photo and videos of record breaking cold and snowfall .. they still kept pushing man-made, lol, graphs at us some of which had been proved to have been altered and still called us names.

Now at one stage I said this

‘Your like dogs with bones .. you hate rich people, oil companies and politicians so much that you simply wont let this go as it allows you to hate’

I meme was then posted that stated that ‘97% Of Scientists agreed it was CO2 Climate Change but morons listen to senators, oil companies and billionaires’ and .. well go figure?!

It was also wrong .. in fact it was 97% of climate scientists and we all know that even back in 2011 they had fired three state climatologists for refusing to say it was man-made CO2.

“It is worth bearing in mind that politics should consider scientific opinion, not shape it”


Well this one went into meltdown after my last post .. no really.

The title is me rubbing their nose in it.

After using a old tactic that has never worked and a psychological trick to make me doubt myself, with me roaring with laughter, they started to laugh at me, call me mad and suggest what I did was illegal.

Now this is someone that claims that impersonating someone else is not illegal .. or what they have done is not. Breaking the rules they jump on you for is OK too apparently.

Then telling me I was going to get a visit to my door because of what I had done and I simply roared with laughter and said .. something like ..

“What for repeating what you yourself said? Yeah good luck with that!”

I then got a load of meltdown gobbeldy-gook and then yet another threat about talking to lawyers .. tomorrow and how I would get a visit. Yeah. Don’t care. I was planning to tell them this when something out of the ordinary happened .. well for them ..

They closed down their GAB account they had opened just to troll me and then blocked me on Twitter!

Now here is another little piece of information that up until now I had not divulged. My daughter is a grooming gang victim and I was convinced that my toll was linked the the council in some way .. I had mentioned this in previous parts to this series. I had already thought this before I now explain what happened over the last 6 weeks or so.

Now REMEMBER they had a previous account where they called themselves ‘Nathan’. This was @NathanInGermany .. Nathan .. Naz .. just saying ..

Six months ago my daughter was contacted on her phone via an online app .. someone requesting repeatedly to play a game with her she eventually decided to accept. They never played the game ..

Instead someone called Nathan claimed to know all about her .. the grooming gangs, the autistic children and threatened to report her and have her children taken away.

Around this time the social services stepped up their persecution of my daughter as did the Police .. she was pulled by the Police around ten times .. giving one time some bogus reason that he had, had her drivers licence suspended. This was not true. Her house was searched several times too.
Even the school where my grandchildren attended admitted that she was being persecuted and no longer trusted Wirral Council or Merseyside Police.

A local church realised the hell my daughter was being put through and had started helping her out .. when they realised the persecution had stepped up they decided to help my daughter do something I had tried to get her to do for many years .

Move out of the Wirral!

She waited until the children had been taken off the ‘At Risk Register’ for like the third time .. being placed back on it without good reason.
Then she did one better .. she moved out of the country!

A few days after that she was in hospital with Sepsis likely as a result of the Cervical Cancer operation she had last 2018. Yup two operations and a repeated rape victim being persecuted by the Police and the Social Services and refused money and help .. as they have me despite a horrid disability that makes me tired of life I would not wish n the Devil himself!
Then .. something happened.

Now off the register this did not stop one of the lying social workers department from turning up at my daughter’s house .. going to the school with her and speaking to the headmaster about their concerns .. and he just laughed at her. Telling her things you was asking for she was not going to get.

A few days back my daughter gets a knock at her door from a local social worker and a department she had not been in contact with. As this was explained to me I replied that I was kinda worried about this and thought they might not want to let it go?

I also explained that I did not think they would go this far . breaking a number of rules and possibly laws to do this.

The social worker spoke to my daughter for a few hours and heard the whole story and she said in a round about way ..

“There are no issues here .. I do not know why the social services of Wirral Council have contacted us and stated the things that they have and requested the things that they have? You will not be hearing from us again and any requests they make will be rejected in future”

My troll, Naz Shah under the account of Anti-Populist who I claimed all along had some sort of links to Wirral Council’s social services was told this .. an hour before they had a meltdown and closed their GAB account and blocked me elsewhere.

I have a social worker friend of my own .. and I can tel you now that he insisted for many months that Anti-Populist, who previously used the name Nathan, was a woman. As did my daughter and a few people on social media. He has insisted that this person was ‘nuts’ and has one hell of an obsession with me and that there must be a good reason behind it and had gotten to the point where he was guessing and was “Dying to know what it is”.

He also said the following each time I finally thought I had beaten then and that they had gone away for good and each time he was right ..

“They are NEVER going to leave you alone .. they will be back. This is an obsession the likes of which I have never heard anything like”

Each time he was right .. one day .. two days .. three days .. it did not matter .. they came back.

I will tell you now he is going to get one hell of a shock when he hears this. I used the “I am a Grandmaster” line a lot with Naz Shah because I knew it wound her up because she always claimed I talked myself up. No .. it was others that did this and ‘Grandmaster’ was something my social worker friend calls me.

He was a social worker for Camden Council for around 25 years and dealt with adults and not children .. so he knows a thing or two.

They never understood the process of deduction in finding something out and science is way easier than people. It is like a moving target but like I told my daughter just today ..

“I am such an idiot .. for all the things that I can do sometime .. I just do not see what is right in front of me and should have made the connection to Naz Shah a lot earlier”

I should have done it within weeks of my daughter being suspended for giving Naz Shah a piece of her mind on her official account. If only I had not seen that thread where she attacked feminists, screen-shot in an earlier part, I may have realised sooner?

So the key that my social worker friend will pick up on  and would state about me is this ..

  • Bloody hate getting things wrong
  • Will work out what is going on no matter what
  • Will be shocked that she closed her account to troll me
  • Will point out that this has occurred both when ..
  • I outed that she was Naz Shah
  • My daughter was not out of the country and social workers from Wirral were given their marching orders

Perceptions and reality are two very different things, no?

Give them enough rope ..