Been awhile since I did a post on this as I battled on Twitter over AGW and focused oh a human for of malware I have long now ignored.

Cannot trust the numbers, nothing makes sense. Looks like a lot of it is lies, nothing occurring I expected it to and without the number or seeing anything I can not work anything out. Do not trust the reasons given for deaths any more. Guy’s Hospital along with many others are like a ghost town.

Back to the man-made global warming nonsense.

So some may have already seen articles in the national tabloids, one example being the Daily Mail about global cooling and an ice-age? Yeah they embellished that a little.

Anyone that tells you we are going into an ice-age is lying.

Anyone that tells you we are not or it wont even cool because of AGW and CO2 is also lying.

That is it and that is all for the short version.

Now for the long version ..

All last year I was attacked by people that were scientists, claiming to be scientists or just claiming to know about the science.

They did not ..

  • Solar Cycles
  • Volcanoes
  • Seismic Activity
  • Pole Reversal
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Meteorology
  • Meteors
  • Human Malware
  • Psychology
  • Astrophysics
  • Thermodynamics

None of the above did they show they knew anything about and very often got things wrong and then some and this I will get into at the end.

Now then even members of my own side thought I had this wrong all through 2019 and that was this ..

‘That the deep solar minimum will continue well into late Spring 2020 and maybe even October and that this will drop the predicted solar maximum of 110 (by NASA and NOAA) down and down and down. Eventually it will be a low not seen until the Little Ice-Age and may now even arrive in the next decade at all’

Now then here is how it works .. as a solar minimum continues the next solar maximum prediction gets lowered. Here is a gif of NASA doing exactly that as I have spent months trying to work out what they got wrong ..


Now as I did I have to say that I owed to to Dave Burton ( @ncdave4life) for this one as I was provided with a 2006 article from NASA where they predicted that the solar maximum of cycle 24 would be a record high.

Yeah that ended up a record low.

Then they predicted the solar minimum going on now would not be that low nor last long.

The deep solar minimum of 2008-9 was a record for 80 years that shocked them and they still did not see the low solar maximum of 2014 coming nor the minimum we have now.

The one in 2008-9 lasted around 20 to 22 months.

The one we are in now is running at 30 months, we have, as of today the 30th May 2020, run up to 28 consecutive days without any sunspots. As stated and as I predicted and against NASA’s last prediction that a rise would occur around late November 2019. Which had already been pushed back. Yeah that did not happen.


Yeah .. they got this minimum wrong .. and as a result they also got two things wrong about the cycle for the next 6 years or so.

You see as the solar minimum continues what happens is the next solar maximum not only gets lowered but it also gets pushed back. When I first come across the magnetic field data and north pole movement this led me to seismic, volcanic and other activities. The solar maximum for cycle 25 was predicted for 2024.

Before cycle 24 I am fairly sure it was predicted for around 2022. But that last cycle itself become extended and what normally lasts 11 years, give or take a year, ended up close to 14 years.

Even there your adding years to the cooling periods. So as this one is even longer I have watched it get pushed from 2024 to 2025 and if things continue as they are for the next .. say three months they will be pushing it to 2026.

Only .. currently and quietly in a PDF document in April 2020 NASA have now moved their prediction for the solar maximum of cycle 25 from the 110 plus they originally predicted to around the same as cycle 24, at around 90, and now?

Well this graph I believe created between February 2020 and April 2020 as the solar maximum sunspot number for cycle 25 at 30 spots.

Now here is for the obvious and inescapable bits, remembering that all 20260 one of the hard-left scientists told everyone (see bottom) that there will be ..

‘No Grand Solar Minimum now but will be in 2060-70’

Spent over a year asking him where he got his maths from. He ignored this for a year and then stated that he cited a paper.

Umm .. no. I searched his timeline. Four tweets of him claiming this and no paper in sight.

These people lie and they lie a hell of a lot and about things they cannot even lie about (see bottom of the page for screen-shots and links to tweets)

Yeah so .. here is the rub ..

The solar minimum is still flat-lining and therefore the predictions get lowered so either from February 2020 or April 2020. So this has gone on another two to four months and now we are at 28 consecutive days.

Only a rise, exact opposite for a fall, goes like this ..

  • Say 30 days
  • Next one will be around 22 days
  • Next one will be around 14 days
  • Next one will be around 8 days
  • Eventually you are in a rise
  • How many more weeks or months is that?

Yeah .. here is another rub and this HAS occurred

  • It might go down to 14 days
  • Then start rising again
  • Late 2014 we have 40 consecutive days many had not witnessed before
  • Current one might end up 35 days
  • Then it might be 20 days
  • Then it might be 30 days

But the predicted solar maximum is 25 to 30?

Not seen since the Little Ice-Age or Maunder Minimum period that ran from around 1640 to 1700.

We had a Dalton Minimum a little after 1800 but these was 22 years and two low solar maximums, not solar maximums going absent without leave.

I am afraid it gets worse.

The climate alarmists will tall you that a Grand Solar Minimum will not cool or affect temperatures and we we still warm.

This is complete and utter nonsense like everything else they tell you. I proved this by asking them for the specific definition of a Grand Solar Minimum.

No answer like with all other science questions.

Leftists think we know everything about everything and have the power to control it all .. we do not.

Currently a Grand Solar Minimum is a term given to when the Sun goes into an inactive period and the sunspots never rise much above 20. And this continues, in theory, from two cycles, so 22 years, to two centuries.

But they will tell you this will make no difference as they push hard for their power grab for socialism, communism and whatever else they fight for.

But also associated with Grand Solar Minimums is the rise in frequency and size of volcanic eruptions. Once again leftists say now while volcanologists will tell you we know virtually nothing about the field. But leftists know all the answers.

Any climate scientist will tell you, if they are good ones like Joanna Haigh, that the main tow drivers of the climate are the Sun and Volcanoes.

Warned them and predicted this would happen and I told them that their entire argument for AGW global warming is over in 2020 and not even my own side agreed with me.

I always answer the same “Well .. we will see. If I am wrong in this you are welcome to come back and tell me and I will happily hold my hands up and admit I got it wrong”

Over 18 months later after working on this little by little and 30 odd posts about it we are now staring into the face of the inevitable. Oh leftists do not know what words mean, see ‘published’ below, when they have clearly lost and try to redefine them.

They tell you they beat you and you lost when you did not.

Prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that have been beaten and they claim it was a ‘draw’ and I have lost count of the number of times sceptics on my side have roared with laughter.

On the then there was the whole Nature website deleting three articles and one to do with this and complete bullshit being made up about it .. so that the general wider public do not find out.

Two teams predicted this and told NASA and NOAA and they both said no.

One of these was the American Astronomical Society who I linked a video to from 2011 in part 6 of this series.

The other was Professor Valentina Zharkova. Who then had her paper removed over the calculations being wrong. The hard-left take the absolute pish out of her for this.

She was published 250 times or something? They was not, not once. But they attack her and she has been surprised by these attacks. She even said it was political.

The hard-left do not care about you, animals or anyone else.

Here is how I understand the situation with Professor Zharkova ..

  • Accused of stating we are going into an ice-age which was false
  • Ridiculed for her maths of Earth’;s orbit being wrong with it was a model created by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Professor Zharkova said their claims made no sense and left her shaking her head
  • Earth’s orbit was not the core of her work was the inner workings of the Sun itself
  • But doing anything new in science now has to be politically correct with the far-left
  • Nature also removed two other things, and so three over around 6 weeks the other two do with with the Human Malware problem
  • In so doing they totally ignored the Replication Crisis issues and have not yet removed half of all scientific papers that are wrong
  • Nor have they said anything about re-submitting the papers if presented with maths they approve of
  • Maths has to be politically correct now?

I quite literally just got reminded of this as a non-scientist posted about the removal of the paper and took the pish out if it. Yeah non-scientist taking the pish out of a scientist because the paper that suggests the planet will enter a Grand Solar Minimum and cool got removed.

They are also all completely insane and ignore everything you say to them.

Told them repeatedly I was the original sceptic and found my own evidence that the Industrial Revolution started nothing at all back in the year 2000.

Yet they have spent 18 months on an almost daily basis claiming that I was convinced by Adapt 2030, Ice Age Farmer, Donald Trump, President Putin or someone else.

Despite the fact that I have shown plenty of my own images with annotations of my own and my predictions and notes.

Oh yes, how could I forget? I got accused of altering graphs and told I could not use them and I had to show the definitions for the word ‘graph’ but they still lied about it.

You might have been told that the global warming has been predicted for 50 years or more? This is not true, the creator of the first model knew Freeman Dyson and both said you cannot use it to predict climate. Has not stopped the hard-left using it.

They will also tell you this has been predicted since the 1950′ by both NASA and NOAA and this is also another lie and even when presented with a NOAA journal from 1974 that states not only was there a cooling trend but an ice-age was coming and you get DROUGHTS with cooling trends ..


These people do not have an honest bone in their body and will lie about absolutely anything. They are the same people behind the inciting of the riots now taking place in America. Antifa.

So to recap here .. the absolute two main drivers of the climate are the Sun and volcanoes, the latter to do with particles that seed clouds and volcanoes are just one.

But NASA and NOAA have got one wrong for over 20 years despite being warned by many and they bare-faced lied about volcanoes.

But they are telling everyone that 0.04% of the atmosphere which is very low and needed by plants to breathe is this terrible demonic thing warming the atmosphere? Which we are responsible for which is not true either as we are responsible for 3% of that.

Or does it seem more like they might have actually known and got a load of obsessed people that refuse to listen when they see a chance of realising a world dream that wont let go and managed to hide the reality form everyone?

Been a bit of a break since I started typing this out. Various things have occurred most of which have been pain plus I have had to contact the Home Office for not doing their jobs again.

Three days after emailing them I now hear they are going to do half their job. We will see?

Pain has been bad and I was affected by three at the same time, two of which were unbearable and such a nice country I live in with such caring public services that do not give a crap about us.

In fact this popped up .. former worker for the Home Office that says they are clueless, always been clueless and seem unwilling to do their job.

He even goes as far as stating that he would like to leave the UK.

This was not the only thing that occurred during the break .. a solar cycle 24 sunspot popped up out of nowhere. Not a good sign for solar cycle 25 starting any time soon.

A village in Siberia beat its heat record by 0.9C, how far do records really go back, which had the climate alarmist Marxists claiming proof of AGW. Except that far north and with a weaker Sun how can this be? Also it then flip-flopped back to cold.


Notcilucent Clouds were see way further south and even here where I currently reside with photos appearing on taken from a park near me.

As I have stated before I think these are a sign of what is to come and will be taken much more notice of in the future.

I also stated there would be a lot more studies into the areas I have linked together like the magnetosphere ..

And one scientist of my own side disagreed with me on this one and a study pops up on submarine volcanoes ..

“Most volcanic eruptions occur at the bottom of the oceans”

“So even under layers of water kilometres thick, which exert great pressure and thus prevent effective degassing, there must be mechanisms that lead to an ‘explosive’ disintegration of magma”

“The water then expands explosively. Finally, particles and water are ejected explosively. We lead them through a U-shaped tube into a water basin to simulate the cooling situation underwater,”

One of those blobs of warm water went past tropical South Africa which for some reason, along with much of Africa, has had below average temps reported that have affected food.

** (WordPress wont allow these links but everyone else does)

This had previous reports regarding the cold along with snowfall too and they have more forecast in the coming days. New Zealand is cold too. Now remember climate alarmists like to ignore all these reports and keep on about global temperature.



And they just had reports of historical snowfall in South America from Argentina to Chile ..


Now what the Marxist climate alarmists are doing is claiming that cold and snow is down to AGW and CO2 and therefore still man-made.

So according them them now both up, down and sideways is all proof of the AGW they have never been able to prove or have any solutions to.

Convenient, no?

They have not been able to provide upon request any links at all ever that more snow and cold was predicted by their climate scientists.

To give you an idea of how crazy these people are in the UK we had a heatwave lasting two weeks predicted. The warm days arrived three days or so late and lasted three or so days. This was in June where the reality was it was below average most of the month. They insisted it was way above average. One leftist from Australia and one from the US telling a Londoner this?

They tried to prove it .. with links .. I disproved their claims.

One week into July its been cold and either grey or raining. They then lied yet again and tried to say it was very hot and above average in the UK. I disproved this too.

I even showed them that the Met Office stated that by Sunday 12th of July the UK would get some much needed sun. It did not state anything about it being hot but did state that they were doubtful that a heatwave forecast for the end of July would arrive.

Maybe because the last two heat-waves forecast did not materialise?

I had doubted the last two forecasts would come to much or last for long and just as I thought, they did not.

They will try and tell you that TSI has little effect, in effect treating the plant as flat for starters and forgetting that it is a globe and that each watt dropped gets multiplied due to the angle between the Sun and the higher latitudes.

Than factor in that this is amplified by clouds and particles from things like cosmic rays, possibly, and volcanoes.

Meteors also leave dust and these have increased in recent years and I can only put the Sun’s magnetic field acting up to this. A Solar Cycle is the sun going through a magnetic flip .. it just does this way, way more often than the Earth does.

One of the best things that these Marxists do is try and say anything you say is a lie. Even that of a joke. This following tweet is from someone that is called Let’s Logic, claims to be a science teacher, dread the thought, and thought that without an atmosphere the Earth would bet down to Absolute Zero?!

This was a joke they later tried three times to tell people I was lying but not by linking the actual tweet and only their own reply that I was lying. Which seemed an odd response at the time. Until, that is, when they started retweeting their reply to make it appear to others I have previously been caught lying.

Here is the science teacher having it explained that absolute zero cannot be reached and a fraction above it is extremely hard and not at our location in the solar system.

They would not have it and I had to go on and state that even at its coldest Pluto only gets to -233C and they STILL ARGUED.

Then their logic told them that in proving it is not getting warmer I must not ‘cherry-pick’ the hundreds if not thousands of reports or record cold, snow and ice.

Yes I kid you not .. this is something they tell me often. But they can pick a single village in Siberia and link it .. which was 0.9C over their record for a single day and this proves that global warming is real and man-made.

At the end of the day they treat people like complete idiots.

At one point they tried to say that -273C was easy because NASA achieved cold temperatures on the International Space Station.

I then pointed out that this would have cost NASA millions to get it up there and was obviously a waste of time as all they had to do to achieve these temperatures is leave the space station .. AT NIGHT!

Remember this is a science teacher that might be teaching, more like indoctrinating, your children?

Also a little weird is there are around six or so accounts that have all claimed that they are science teachers at some point or another, sounded just as moronic and also have a having of retweeting things, and I do mean literally, well over 100 times.

Yes because repeating this 100 times makes you correct in your claims. Einstein, Newton, Feynman, Dyson and all the others were obviously doing things wrong, no?

Oh and now Tim Pool uploads a video where it is emerged that Noam Chomsky and Vox have come out against the hard-left, Antifa, their attack on free speech and cancel culture, which they use against people who disagree with AGW, and the hard-left have turned on them?!

You simply cannot make this stuff up at this point.

I have bee noticing for a year that as soon as I mention particular subjects or people they get brought up by a big YouTuber or someone else with a few weeks to a month or two.

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum” – Noam Chomsky

He who controls the media controls the minds of the public” – Noam Chomsky

The world is a very puzzling place. If you’re not willing to be puzzled, you just become a replica of someone else’s mind” – Noam Chomsky

To live a life of honesty and integrity is a responsibility of every decent person” – Noam Chomsky and Antifa and the hard-left should take note.

If something is repeated over and over as obvious, the chances are that it is obviously false”- Noam Chomsky

That last one I use all the time against Antifa and the hard-left who can very easily repeat things over 100 or even a few hundred times, I kid you not.

The way I see it and my first suspicions arose a long time ago, but often have difficulties how I can make people look at this themselves, is that this has all been a distraction.

My money is on this inevitable cooling that is coming and maybe they know how bad it will be or maybe they do not but just aware of the possibilities.

They talk about global temperature going up and reaching 2.0C above a baseline. Now it should be pointed out that in the Maunder Minimum period they called the Little Ice Age this was 0.8C below this baseline.

They claimed it was the warmest Spring ever but between March and April we had consecutive drops according to the UAH graphs. This was the second largest two month drop in history. I had stated it looked likely to get a third. This was lied about and claimed by Antifa that I had predicted a third drop. It went up a little in May. But in June it dropped again and certainly from what I have seen it looks like it will drop again.

There has been anomalous cold and snow even in what is supposed to be ‘tropical’ South Africa. The cold has killed livestock in China. Canada has had some cold temperatures too. Here in the UK we have had a below average June and thus far a below average July. The Met Office previously stated that they now doubt a heat-wave occurring towards the end of July.

At the time of writing this part it is July 10th 2020, we have had four consecutive days without sunspots and the spot we did have belonged to solar cycle 24. This suggests that a rise in sunspots for solar cycle 25 is at least several weeks or even months away yet?

The Antifa hoard have been recently challenging me while exposing yet more of their incompetence in that the announcement I stated will be made later in the year has not been made and therefore it wont.

Here is what I said ..

As the solar minimum continues the prediction for sunspots for solar maximum for cycle 25 gets lowered and is currently at 25 spots. In a few months time between August and September they will have no choice but to go public that we are in a Grand Solar Minimum.

At this point and likely has already there will be no more talk or papers about AGW and all the talk will be about how long this will last and how cold things will go. No one can say, in my opinion, for sure at this point in time. But cooler it will get over 20 years.

I said this a couple of weeks ago and they came at me a few days ago that because an announcement has not been made it is not going to happen.

You see the problem here?

First off they predict the following solar maximum based on the length of the solar minimum and we are still in one. I can guarantee you there are scientists looking at this, hard-left say no its all about AGW, and shitting themselves and wondering when or even IF solar cycle 25 will start at all.

It has been like 31 or 32 months this minimum has lasted and the last record breaking one that ended a decade ago only lasted around 20 months.

Now if we go say another 6 weeks and have around 35 days or more without spots then I believe, if they have not already, that the sunspot number for solar cycle 25 will be lowered below 20 or even 15. At some point you are going to have a solar maximum so low that there may well have been solar minimums with more spots.

So they are sitting their crapping their pants and for two reasons ..

  • They have never seen anything like this previously
  • Anyone that was encouraged to write papers promoting AGW will know damn well that in a very short time they are going to look very stupid

If your reading this and tempted to think, well if you are British, ‘Oh the Daily Mail says something like this every few years and nothing ever happens’ then I will say this ..

Something has happened. Something is happening. And what is happening we have not seen since the 17th century. In the second half of the 17th century the Thames was frozen over and they had market stalls on it as depicted in paintings.

Now a change like this, and for all we know it could be worse and we just have no way of knowing, will change the world.

There are a lot more people than there was back then and a lot more food production is required.

As stated earlier in my 30 part plus series farming areas to the north will gradually be lost over time and you will need to farm further south. So any countries at higher latitudes will be in trouble.

If it gets really bad it may well turn out that all the world’s deserts may become suitable for crop production, that would be my guess.

But it is my estimation that rather than telling the people of the world this the leaders decided to play a stupid game to disguise what was occurring? Maybe they thought they were doing the right thing? They was not. Maybe they were doing it just to protect themselves?

Maybe they were waiting because, like myself, they realised that how long this solar minimum would be would tell them how bad it was going to be?

Make no mistake, leftists are morons. They are sup stupid it is unreal and one minute governments are all liars and the next minute you are a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to suggest there is some global plan despite the fact that the majority believe that there is.

These terms exist for a reason ..

  • New World Order
  • Elite
  • Elitists
  • Globalists
  • Globalism

If this is what they did .. it was pathetic and moronic and there was and is a better way.

Can you imagine the backlash if this was discovered to be the case? Well this could well be the case within 6 months to a year.

And they used the narrow-minded, obsessed and nasty amoral hard-left to hide it who very literally try to shut me down on a daily basis.

This is so much so that I have wondered if they are hired by governments and the big organisations to do just that?

They think I am lying when I spend every day wondering if it is worth doing or even planning anything at all? As does my daughter who now see these things also.

As for the hard-left? Yes they are incompetent and naïve at best. They claim what we do and do not know and what we can and cannot do.

They seem to be under the impression that is such things were known .. about a Little Ice-Age, deeper Ice-Age, comet or asteroid strike or some such other event that they would just tell us all.

Come on, now? How utterly stupid and naïve is that?

And when I see NASA, NOAA, USGS and others say ..

  • Oh it turns out we are in a period of increased meteor activity we previous did not know about
  • We built the Svalbard Seed Vault .. just in case
  • Predicted Solar Activity wrong for 21 years between 2006 and 2027 and counting
  • Oh those Volcano Graphs are not for increased activity its just how well we spot them, which is shite
  • Seismic Activity is not increasing around the world
  • None of that means anything but we are planning space-ports, stations orbiting the Moon and a Moonbase out of the blue
  • Oh its just like a run-up to the Maunder Minimum but the CO2 we never proved did anything is going to stop cooling
  • Look at our fake OneGraphs

.. I think to myself that you have to be some kind of special moron or a totally obsessed individual seeking power to not realise something is well and truly not right.

When you add in that we have this minimum sprinting towards lasting three whole years when the last record breaking one was less than two .. then you have to be some kind of special to not realise something is happening.

The closer we get to it become more obvious, undeniable and inevitable the crazier things get in the world. Well that is .. convenient, no?

Ergo and to me the whole shindig has been a distraction I have suspected for a fair old while now and it is the only thing that, to me, makes sense.

Even if you look at this push for globalism.

If you consider for a moment that in 5 or 10 years from now we have no idea of knowing what we will be able to grow or where we will be able to grow it .. stands to reason that a grand plan would have been concocted, no?

The only thing is this ‘grand plan’ ended up making things unbearable and bring many countries down so far that they are talking about civil war, wars between nations and even world war.

In recent times all three types of wars are being openly talked about regularly. I cannot think of a time when this occurred.

Crazy times and crazy events require crazy reasons and the one I suggest is not only plausible but is, in fact, occurring as I type.

Another thing that the Antifa Hard-Left who are behind the biggest pushers of the AGW narrative will tell you is that all scientists and weather experts along with governments are in agreement that AGW is real ..

Except maybe for these weather experts in Cyprus where they just had a low-pressure winter storm in July ..

Or the people of Norway where they just had their record snowfall in July at 10 metres, yes that is metres and not feet, deep ..

Here is .. well .. someone pulling someone who has changed their tune, Antifa from Australia who previously stated a year ago that ..

  • No way a GSM happening now
  • But GSM will occur in 2060 he later said he linked a paper to but lied
  • That CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases will continue to warm the Troposphere (this link)
  • But had changed his tune to something else, SOMEONE pulling him about it and getting applauded
  • This person kept jumping on my posts saying I was wrong and mad, probably paid by Donald Trump and/or Oil Companies as they have all done that

Now then .. a little more concerning Pole Reversal as just like I stated from the outset, I find it more than a coincidence that things that occur every few hundred, few thousand, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years all seem to be occurring at the same time.

There has been much talk about a pole reversal taking place.

Many people say it is imminent while others state that it will not happen for thousands of years and in all honesty neither can lay claim to this. Not even the expert without it being pure speculation.

In fact I would go as far to say that what with the data of the last 20 years the ones speculating it is not far away seem to have the data slowly emerging in over the last decade that they are more likely to be correct.

The experts will talk about this happening every few million years and that the last completed flip took place 780,000 years ago. Which would naturally lead anyone to think that its thousands of years away. And maybe it is?

However .. the truth is the following ..

While it has remained at a certain polarity over hundreds of thousands as well as millions of years the truth is it is also been way way shorter than this.

Between 120 and 140 millions of years ago in the Cretaceous period it flipped two dozen times or more.

This then followed a period between 125 million and 85 million years ago of a period where it remained at the same polarity, normal. The way it is today. There have been no periods since where it remained the same for even close to half this time.

In the last 5 million years it has flipped around 20 times. There was one period longer than the current one in that time just beyond a million years ago where the polarity was reversed and seem to last around 900,000 years plus.

To put this in some perspective and according to an official chart, shown below, by the Geological Society of America the previous period to this one with normal polarity it looks as if it lasted a lot less than 100,000 years.

So again .. the last period prior to this one where your compass would point north lasted less than 100,000 years, maybe less then 50,000 years? The one today has lasted 730,000 to 780,000, depending on who you listen to. The latter number is the one I am familiar with.

The very last period where your compass would point south, Reversed Polarity, looks like it lasted about 200,000 to 400,000 years.

For even more perspective you have to go back in time to find a period where the polarity remained stable for one million years. This would be between 16 million and 15 million years ago.

So yes going by their lengths and regularity we do seem to be pushing our luck somewhat.

Now considering all the data emerging with seismic activity, pole movements, volcanic activity over the last 300 years plus along with the pole reversal records we have I find it difficult to believe that no one thought something was on its merry way.

Of course I have these climate alarmists that are on social media daily trying to turn attention away from both these records along with the emerging data and telling everyone they are idiots, Pseudoscientists, morons and others and should focus on CO2 we have nothing on whatsoever.

Everything with CO2 is contested and the charts of temps and CO2 even going back a few thousand years completely contradict what they claim. Like the two charts lined side by side here.

The YouTube channel ‘Philosophical Investigations’ was where I grabbed the comparison and you should check out his videos.

Now you can only draw two conclusions from this as even their own idols quotes are ignored in that you should always strive to be honest, question everything and seek answers.

These are the names of those they totally ignore ..

  • Noam Chomsky
  • Karl Popper
  • Richard Feynman
  • Freeman Dyson
  • Albert Einstein
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Mark Twain

When you are ignoring the wisest quotes of the above and running around social media telling scientists to ignore the science while accepting their assumptions in science, therefore pseudoscience, AS science .. you are either ..

  • Completely and utterly insane
  • A nasty political movement intend on dominion over others and abusing science to achieve this
  • Working as part of a group to divert attention away form the truth

All these are completely plausible possibilities.

I have been centred around the second one but I have been moving further and further towards the third one.

That being said ..

There have been a lot of changes with the Earth and all its little quirky things from the magnetic field to the Schumann Resonance.

I do not think many would disagree if I turned around and stated that the world, well the western world at least, had gone completely and utterly insane?

Nobody can figure out why.

But as I have stated previously animals are acting up. Maybe there is some connection we have where out thought patterns get affected or our feelings do which drives out thought processes that means that maybe the first one is true?

We still do not know how animals detect the magnetic field to be able to navigate. Spiritual people believe that we are connected to the Schumann’s Resonance which was used by the military and is now out of whack too. Maybe there is something in that, who knows?

Cray things and crazy times require crazy or just very complex theories.

Over a great many years if I see something there is no scientific explanation to then I ask myself why this is.

If I am provided a scientific explanation I go over it and at times I think that this is it or in the ballpark and other times I am like ‘nope’ and then I start going over what is wrong with it.

Sometimes this can be concluded in an evening or a few days and at other times it takes years of me going over it in my mind. Never had the luxury of time and resources as some have sooo .. sometimes it takes a little longer. Especially with the endless upheavals I have had to endure.

I suppose in a way this whole series has been a combination of all those things coming together and I might be a little out on the odd detail.

All in all its been difficult to say the least because if you post anything on Twitter you are inundated with people that know nothing about science, claim that they do, get caught out over and over and will tell you that scientists know everything. About everything.

They will tell you what will or wont happen. What things will have an affect, bizarrely only CO2, and what wont, which tends to be everything else with these people.

Without any prior knowledge they immediately throw doubt on anything that might distract people away fro the AGW issues they have never proven on four decades. And these people refer to themselves as scientists.

If they find a body, or a university or anything, for that matter, that fits their narrative it is the absolute truth.

If it is one they do not they will say they are right-wing nut-jobs, kinda gives themselves away the morons, and paid by ‘big oil’ or Donald Trump and even Vladamir Putin gets used.

Very often you end up seeing a tweet where it states ‘science is my job’ or ‘I am a science teacher’ which is kinda scary. Maybe they are the ones at NASA that come up with the ideas of drilling holes into the Yellowstone Caldera or pouring water on it to prevent a volcanic eruption? Or the ones that have got the Sun’s activity wrong for 21 years? Or the ones that got Pluto wrong? Or any of the other blunders they have made of which there are many?

But they say what these alarmists want to hear and as they are NASA, or whoever, then you have to take it as gospel. Science is done by consensus, dontcha know?

Now in recent months and a few weeks back now I found a buried prediction by NASA for solar cycle 25 which was at 25 sunspots which was revised down somewhere between, though could be earlier, February and April 2020.

Now towards the end of 2019 they still had this at 90, similar to the last solar maximum in 2014 which was low and shocked scientists. So if the 88 odd sunspots in 2014 shocked then what do you think 25 will do?

But that is the CURRENT .. prediction .. or I should say the last prediction they made. Because NASA adjusts this depending on how long and deep the solar minimum is.

Now solar maximum for cycle 24 was revised way down from a record high they predicted in 2006, thanks to Dave Burton for that one, to a record low. Because of the 20 month odd long deep solar minimum from 2008-9. An animated graph, if it works, shows NASA doing this below.

The current solar minimum has run from 2018 .. it is now 2020 .. it has run for around 31 months or more and is still going. With a solar cycle 24 sunspot appearing it tends to suggest a while yet.

So if we are 3 to 5 months on from the last revision and it is currently at 25 for solar maximum 25 then how long before NASA revises this down again? One clever alarmist waited two weeks and then said that an announcement has not come like I said?!

Funny as I stated ‘later in the year’ and between August and October they will make an announcement. Also pointed out to these co-called science enthusiasts that seem to know nothing in any field, including AGW, that NASA do this. So if the solar minimum is still running and they will still be revising they can hardly make any statements now, can they?

Opportunistic idiots that do not listen nor understand anything about science or graphs, quite obviously.

In fact I would go as far as stating that they seem to want the planet to be burning as they show no signs of relief that it is not and are more focused on keeping support in their claims than anything else.

Now remember that the past revision has sunspots at 25 for the next solar maximum but this is unknown territory. The only thing we can go on are the graphs we have and the rates of falls, climbs and lengths of the solar minimums.

There has to be a point when they realise, if the minimum continues long enough, when the solar maximum in 2025-6 could barely be called a maximum. Or even that there wont actually be one at all?

If the minimum continues as it is now for say six months more, until 2021, we might not see a rise of much at all for the next ten to twenty years?

We just do not know. We can work out some things and this applies to all fields. But out knowledge is limited.

Unless of course you speak to a hard-left who seem to think we have all the answers to everything and everything is down to CO2. Like the moronic claims that AGW can cause volcanic eruptions and even ice-ages.

What have they done to science?!#

I have maintained my same theories since I started this particular series on this since January 2019 and along with my predictions for the flip-flopping weather between January 2019 and January and January 2022.

Thus far things are panning out as I predicted they would. In the UK my daughter cannot believe it is July and they forecast 4C to 6C for the night temps a couple of days back. I stated that my fear and prediction was that this will get later into the year for the next couple of years. What if in 2021 or 2022 we are saying this in August? As things have to continue to remain low as far as solar cycles are concerned for at least four years .. in 2023 or 2024 will the UK go without a summer?

I wonder how many countries in the world will face the same issue by that time?

Food for thought.


Was getting tired of posting about the outbreak and was thinking of turning my next post into a piece regarding the evil Hitler like hard-left that has been destroying everything and have continued to do so. When the whole world is super depressed or pissed off over this outbreak.

Then .. something popped up.

I was impressed when I saw the first trailer to the video game by Naughty Dog titled ‘The Last of Us Part II’. So much so I was tempted to buy my first ever game console to play the first one.

Though I have gamed for decades I am primarily a PC Gamer .. or am wean I am able to do so and my degree is BSc Applied Computing. Should also add that I was already highly knowledgeable in animal science and was while I did my degree and included this in my dissertation I received a distinction for. They also asked me to go a PhD which involved working in simulation software to teach Keyhole Surgery.

When I try to explain my knowledge levels to the hard-left I am going to dive into they literally accuse me of lying, out of pure white fear.

On a daily basis there is a large focus from a group of, stupid, people that claim I am anti-science and a ‘denier’ to catch me out lying. Not only has this never worked but I have shown my prowess in over a dozen areas of science.

Now there latest trick as been to claim that I am not the author of this blog .. well now that they decided to look at it after 11 months and shocked at what they saw.

Yes I kid you not their tactic has been to claim that I am not who I claim that I am.

Make no mistake these people are somewhere between deep seated psychological issues to clinically insane. Strangely enough this is what I am also accused of on a daily basis, or whenever I show my proverbial face.

They also love swear words and labels that I will get into and at the end I am going to include a flurry of more screen-shots to show these people for who and what they are.

Remember these are the people that want to gain power and tell you that they are doing this for you and they are not. Like in the thirties they claim they are for the workers and the oppressed, in their views, people.

Ultimately these being in power will see everything go to shit and they will then strictly control everything you think, say, do, believe and own. And when I say own I mean to say you wont own anything outside the clothing that you wear.

If you are an inventor and require tools and equipment? Forget it as you will need permission.

Believe in democracy, despite it being screwed beyond recognition? Yeah you can forget that too because they do not tolerate other people’s views. Will get into this shortly. I have other posts regarding what a socialist system will look like ‘A Socialist’s Dream’ being one.

Oh and I am related to one and have been a long time so I know how they think. They declare themselves not a socialist these days but make no mistake .. they agree they have become authoritarian with no tolerance but still come out with the usual crap. “They have gone way too far” is one statement made to me and even state that open borders was wrong now the outbreak has happened and none of her family get help of any kind. Nor did their family get any help for other a decade prior to the outbreak being passed over in favour of ‘friends’ or to people can virtue signal to look good or avoid the usual labels.

Trust me when I say this the entire story is .. horrific. One part of one story can be found and with recordings with Police Detectives under the post ‘Country of the Damned’. Just one part of one story and there are many stories.

But back to the big hoo-ha going on.

So Naughty Dog is full of evil little Hitlers who treat their workers, the ones they say they are for, like crap and refuse to pay them. Over work them and have a turnover of like 70% of staff.

Yeah well one decided that he was not going to take it lying down, told stories of how bad it is to work for them and how Christians there were not happy and then leaked the game online.

  • Focus on lesbian relationship for the story
  • Loved character gets killed by transgender
  • Bad guys are Christians
  • Second half of game you play as the transgender and kill the other beloved character from the game
  • Not even played the game and even I know this is fucking insane!

You are also going to have to get it through your skull that as well as being intolerant these people think that the rules and morals do not apply to them.

You might be part of the hoard but the moment you step out of line the sheep around you turn into proverbial wolves and devour you.

This why the socialist I am related to that still considers themselves a socialist left their party and that was the Socialist Worker’s Party and not as extreme as the others. I believe they still wanted Brexit?

Well at first when I first heard these ‘rumours’ I thought it was nuts and some idiot faking it but in a very bad way. It was too stupid and too crazy to be true.

Despite me telling everyone from centre-left to moderate right-wing people how crazy these people are and a few, fortunately only a few, not realizing it .. they end up proving themselves far worse than even my claims.

The game has polls running on it. Anywhere from 56% to 65% of fans are point blank refusing to buy this game. Yeah the number would be higher and here is why ..

Some whiny babies, including one YouTube creator I will get into shortly, are furious abut the leaks and the backlash and are refusing to look at them. Saying people are over-reacting.

Except they have not seen the leaks and not considered to ask themselves why this is about the biggest backlash ever going on right now.

Now one thing I have noted is how prices have soared in recent times and once upon a time a serious high-end graphs card to build a PC with would cost around £500. Around £300 would get you a very good one. Not today as these have crept up to £1,200 or more and and £500 gets you mid-range?

Then you have had the ‘pay monthly’ greed. Then the micro-transactions greed. Breaking a full game up into parts with endless ‘Downloadable Content’.

Now consider this ..

  • Building a Gaming PC is close to a £1,000
  • XBox Series X and the PS5 are said to be more expensive than previous generations at £500 plus
  • Who exactly will want to spend that money to be screwed over while being preached to at the same time?

Tell me, who?

They have taken away or ruined everything and they think that is they just keep at it they will brain-wash everyone to think like they do while you also pay them for this privilege?

It is sinister, amoral, preachy, dictatorial, greedy and above all else .. WRONG!

It will also .. NEVER .. EVER .. be accepted and has now gone on for enough years that people are at their breaking points.

Also these megabucks companies have adopted this ‘Woke’ attitude and think that as they pander to the hard-leftists that the rules do not apply to them either and I will get to this.

We get abused on social media for speaking our minds or telling truths that are not acceptable and this can be mostly over political correctness or over money.

Progressives have the rules bent for them even by YouTube who are now possibly going to be sued over the Suzy Lu fiasco. She and boyfriend, Steejo, abused the copyright flagging system on those that said anything about them actually screening whole movies in reaction videos.

At the same time and while the Suzy Lu fiasco is unfolding now Naughty Dog and Sony are doing the same thing because they want people to have over money for a game they do not want to buy.

The sheer levels of self-entitlement at both ends of the spectrum is mind-bogglingly bad and in all honesty and pardon my French but .. fucking amoral.

For those of us Centrists be us centre-left to centre-right are bloody well fed up to the high teeth being in the middle and screwed from both sides. Though if the truth be told 80% of being flocked over comes from the hard-left. No shadow of a doubt.

There has also been attacks on innocent people and a very large and repeated attempt to silence people as well as go after their income from the likes of Google, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and likely others like Apple and maybe even Microsoft?

All this shite and right in the middle or the worst pandemic in a very long time? Yes because that was always going to be a genius plan, no?

Yes in the middle of this global outbreak caused by leftists and spread by leftists while the same leftists lied their flocking asses off over it and running around bullying, swearing, threatening people, doxing people and even causing others to take their own lives.

But they think themselves highly moral, only ones (false claims) that tell the truth and all about the workers, people, planet and including the environment and all species on it?

Tell me, does it at all sound like that to you?

If you keep these things in mind as you go about your day to day surfing of the web and speak to others on social media, does it seem like this to you?

Surely in the longest times of troubles the blindfolds of men must slip off if but for a single moment of time?

One can only hope.

In one year of Twitter I picked up 7,500 followers and this is despite many being knocked off, many being suspended for telling un-PC truths (always will be a mistake).

Have been hugely popular whichever threads I speak on and am on five growing platforms and this is just in a year.

Every one of these simply do not understand how my blog has not been ten times, at least, more poplar than it has been. Well .. censorship.

They called me crazy but many of the things I have talked about and suppressed over are now coming to light. They cannot get rid of me because they cannot show that I have lied, some mad conspiracy theorist or paid to do this, as I am not. I have bobbed and weaved for long enough now that many of my predictions, all in actual fact, have turned out to be accurate. This now makes it even harder for them to get rid of me.

Oh they try to destroy my character by lying and you get posts like “Oh we have proved him/you to be a liar countless times” in which case they then get attacked. They are told in no uncertain terms that I have never been defeated by any one of the ‘legions of losers’ or some similar comment, that have tried. My defenders hail from the UK, Germany, the US, Canada and even as far away as Australia.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure these people are interested in the truth, facts and science. No, the fact of the matter is they have an agenda and they will do and say anything they can to protect it and rid themselves of the obstacles in their way.

Despite the trials and tribulations I am an unstoppable force as well as an immovable object.

In the last few posts I have started to actually show screen-shots of some of the exchanges and in this one I will continue to do so and will from here on out. Believe me if you have seen the dozens I have posted recently it is a very tiny fraction of what I have and due to my short term memory issues do not always remember to screen-shot everything.

That YouTuber I mentioned that whined? Well he was angry because he was banking on the popularity of the game to increase his viewers and subscribers.

Mate? YOU are the content creator and not the game.

Want viewers and subscribers? Then do not be a crybaby ass-wipe, look at the blasted leaks and do a video talking about them!

As I will get to further down many YouTubers I know and watch and do not like being spoilt ended up realizing this was bad and looked into the leaks.

Tyrone Magnus said “If these rumours are true, Naughty Dog can kiss my ass!”

Poor Tyrone, he has been stating on his videos for a few years how he did not want to get into the political side of things when reviewing films.

That all ended either with Captain Marvel or the film prior to this. This is the same with many others who, like me some years ago. Have now been dragged into these pile of horse shit that the hard-left are forcing down your throat every chance they get.

I do call these people stupid or deeply troubled but I am aghast to think that they will be successful wit their tactics when there is absolutely no way on Earth and especially in these modern times they will even get close to what they want.

When I tell them this directly they literally laugh and tell my side that “you fear the change that is coming”

Tiny in numbers, crazy and flawed ideas and authoritarian other thought processes of others this will only result in scenes of large angry mobs with pitch-forks and burning torches that will literally round these people up and tie them to wooden stakes. Or worse?

It does not take a genius to look at the pain and suffering they have caused and over a very long period of time. Their politics helped the virus spread. They change their stances on things more than they change their underpants too. The boredom they have caused during the worst time in history. The extremist friends they have made and covered up for while turning against all others.

Do not even get me started on their racism and sexism.

Their rules do not apply to everyone, they are selective, they are biased, they are bigoted and above all else they are sexist.

Now was it Goebell’s in World War 2 they stated thought that the best way to hide your own crimes was to accuse all others of it?

Trust when I tell you this that despite the problems with the world today, which is down to greed as well as leftists, the Dystopia they want to force upon you is not only hard to live with the thought of but which the reality would be a living hell.

My sole goal is revenge for what they have done to my daughter and my family and to expose them for what they are and completely destroy their dreams and causes while saving the world and the environment at the same time.

  • The lengths one should go to prevent a world one would not be prepared to live in should know no bounds.
  • A society installed and built upon deceit will quickly fill with people not willing to comply and will eventually push back with their full force.
  • Do not expect acts and sacrifices from others you have not performed nor willing to do yourself.
  • Constant antagonising of a much larger and wiser group will only result in the demise of the smaller one.
  • History is awash with authorities that become too authoritarian to the messes only to be taken down in the worst ways imaginable.

Let is take a look at their favourite buzzwords ..

You cannot bend nature nor evolution to your will.

It is highly dangerous as well as irresponsible to draw conclusions from partial data.

I stated for awhile that these hard-left morons have infected everything from entertainment to politics and these are the same people that lecture you on global warming that has paused and dropped and dropping now but in three decades cannot prove is man or CO2.

Well that humongous backlash over the PlaysStation game The Last Of Us Part II is revealing exactly that and even those influencing these things, like lying grifter and con-artist Anita Sarkeesian, then bare-face lies about it.

She tweeted she had no influence and yet here is Jeremy from The Quartering on YouTube that shows you a video where Naughty Dog head Neil Druckmann, claiming that she did ..


The Amazing Lucas on The Last of Us Part II leaks ..

Jody’s Corner is not impressed with Naught Dog either

Tyrone Magnus says if The Last of Us Part II rumours are true ‘Naughty Dog can kiss my ass’

Robinoyo warned of something like this with The Last of Us Part Two and the evil leftists called him a bigot and racist and here he talks about that

DreamCast Guy on rumour of Naught Dog leaker being one of several employees who were overworked, bullied and not paid

Anita Sarkeesian gets accused of ruining The Last of Us Part 2, she says she has no involvment and Memology 101 shows video that states she is lying .. what a surprise ..

A blow up of epic proportions over the identity polictics and leftism in The Last of Us Part II results in Naughty Dog taking down videos of anyone even speaking about it. Abusing YouTube’s copyright claims.

Jeremy Prime of Geeks & Gamers along with many others being attacked and here Jeremy, no not that one, from The Quartering talks about it ..

HeelvsBabyface has Sony and Naught Dog try to take his channel down and a number of YouTubers start talking of a legal case (Class Action?) against Naughty Dog and/or Sony.

Tyrone Magnus on Sony stating they have the leaker and that its not am employee of Naughty Dog and absoluetly everyone cries “bullshit”

Well this video seems to have already gone

Yellowflash on how Sony and Naught Dog are proverbially torching everything The Last of Us Part II

Upper Echolon Games on how the gaming industry is going to get damaged, well even more so than it already was, by the Naughty Dog scandal

Mr H Reviews on Naughty Dog striking people, who has been struck and more talk of legal action against Naughty Dog. From so high to so low and in record time too ..

YouTube could be heading for a lot of hot water over the heavy handed censorship as along with the Naughty Dog Shite they have a couple of others occurring at the same time.

Tim Pool on Journalist that went after YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad and I believe Count Dankule getting caught doing some very bad things ..

Anyone remember Suzy Lu too? Well it seems after playing the victim and striking out at other for not doing the very thing she has been herself she has had a lot of videos taken down.

Vindicating Tipster ..

Remember the other half of the progressive couple of double-standards? Well John Swan here explains that Steejo has had things taken down too ..

On another note ..

Ed Davey is a condescending idiot as Sargon of Akkad explains leftist, vomit inducing, pandering ..


Now then .. one thing that leftists love is AGW and Green or Renewable Energy. So let me explain a thing about wind-turbines and solar ..

    • Are very expensive to build, run, repair and produce little
    • Kill millions of birds, many bats and untold insects but this is a necessary sacrifice according the the hard-left
    • You need high grade coal
    • You need high-grade quartz
    • These need to be melted which produces a lot of CO2
    • That along with mining the environment three times more than just coal to burn
    • Companies claiming to be 100% green energy have lied
    • Event with eco-warriors and music band ‘Johnny & the Eco-Twits’ (joke) was said to be solar run but plugged into the grid
    • Apparently this is also OK to the hard-left

Now I know nothing about Michael Moore but if yu watch just the first half of his movie ‘Planet of the Humans’ you will see just how stupid, dishonest and dangerous these leftists are.

Even I had underestimated how bad, amoral and utterly dangerous as well as how widespread these people had got. They know I know and they are worried abut that ..

On Dr Roy Spencer’s site, former NASA Climatologist and Author, he is reported on a second drop in consecutive months on annual temperatures and second highest drop in satellite history.

Let me tell you this .. any Marxist climate alarmists that have more than two grey cells working as a team are going to making brown bricks from their small round holes for the next four weeks.

If yet another drop occurs next month or even the month after the floodgates are going to open against anyone that promoted AGW especially those in a very insulting way.

Hold on to your butts!

Bit of serious fun .. Joe Rogan and Tim Pool .. it was aliens!


Now some wise quotes from some rather brilliant individuals .. again .. as I have done the last few posts.

Rationality of thought imposes a limit in a person’s concept of his relation to the cosmos” – John Forbes Nash

In a dream it is typical not to be rational” – John Forbes Nash

Scepticism is as important for a good journalist as it is a good scientist” – Freeman Dyson

The glory of science is to imagine more than we can prove” – Freeman Dyson

If you have any talent or occupation that delights you, do it and do it to the hilt. Don’t ask why or what difficulties you may get into” – Richard Feynman

Facts are stubborn things but statistics are pliable” – Mark Twain

Always do what it right, it will gratify half of mankind and astound the other” – Mark Twain

There are heroisms all around us waiting to be done” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Skill is fine and genius is splendid but the right contacts are more valuable than either” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

That last one has been the bug-bear of my endeavours not helped by the combined efforts to suppress me and my goal to reaching enough people to make a difference.

Cannot think of what it is that would instil so much fear into so many agenda driven people just from the things that I state publicly?


One trying to be crafty and as delusions to the levels on their own levels of knowledge .. in this tweet they make a huge mistake. They ae trying to argue that CO2 warms the planet but also ignoring that not just CO2 gets warm. They also used the temperature of -273C and this was a mistake.

I answered after a few tweets at them asking what the issue was with absolute zero they failed to answer, which was a clue to them to their mistake.

My answer was ‘everything’ stops the temps from hitting -273C and they then took the piss and declared I know nothing.

This is the sort of people you are dealing with, they claim they know about science and that actual scientists do not if you disagree with them.

Except absolute zero is -273.15C and cannot be achieved. For this temperature to occur naturally you would have to be well out of the solar system and as they have detected heat beyond the Sun’s influence, likely outside the Milky Way entirely.

In fact you may have to be in a large star-less area of the universe known as the Bootes Void?

So empty space cannot influence temperature in which case its all matter .. or everything. AT least within the solar system as everything radiates heat and keeping things well above absolute zero is not hard.

They posted a meme, told me I was cute when I was wrong, sounding a lot like another troll of mine who lies through her teeth and called ZombiePiano.

They said they would keep me in suspense until tomorrow morning. My answer?

No .. you really wont”


They all cherry pick philosophers badly ..

Now then a common thing among idiots is as well as not being scientists and calling those that speak science or claim to be scientists liars, they also rule out whole continents being below average as just weather but every single one of them will  at some point say ‘Well AGW is real as its hot in my garden’ or cannot be cold as it has not snowed in their garden etc etc ..

Blog they have never read at all but trash because they know it does not state what they want to hear?

Yeah that is called being prejudiced and is as far removed from science as you can possibly be while they call me a ‘science denier’

Get caught out lying all the time but continue to insist they never do this. Insist you have been caught out lying all the time to put off followers yet never able to prove it.

Claim they never ever report people and yet they have me many a time, around 30 on this one thread, and here they are more or less admitting they reported someone else.

Will twist anything to silence the truth and/or opposing arguments as these are simply not allowed and not allowed for me, centre-left, means not allowed for anyone. If you are hard-right, or at least think you are? You had better not step out of line as they will end you, your career and your personal life.

Here is a good one .. after more than 10 months of refusing to look at this blog someone does, there is a meltdown I may have covered in a previous post?

Well it must have scared them as this hard-left Antifa foot soldier pushing AGW then decides to go for the tactic of insinuating that I am not who I say I am? Umm yeah .. really.

Oh and then after realising I had recording of the Police, many and two on ‘Country of the Damned’, they then decide that what I did was illegal. No care whatsoever as to what I exposed or how bad the crime was .. actually rape against a minor. Nope then harps on abut me breaking the law.

Then when I explain they are lying yet again and explain the law, how it works and that I used to work for a solicitors practice they run off with their tails between their legs.

Of course they return with the claim the next day, or sometimes a week or two later, that they were not proven to be a liar yet provide no proof or links to that effect. They then insist that I am the liar and have been caught out many times.

Nasty, evil, lying scum of human beings is what these people are.

So next time your listening to someone preach to you about global warming, socialism or any other far-left agenda like identity politics ask yourself what this person is REALLY LIKE?


So then moving on to yet another part and they seem to be kind of merging into one.

But then the Covid19 outbreak has affected so many things and sometimes it reveals the failings and/or corruption to big names involved in other things.

Like Anthropogenic Global Warming for one.

Just as a few of us knew the Covid-19 was from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was airborne when said it was and for our troubles we were censored by Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook who have literally been responsible for not only killing a lot of people but maybe family or friends of those, including me, of those trying to warn others.

The World Health Organization lied.

“Big shout out to YouTube who are too dumb to let the people do a good job on your platform to report the news” and “We get suppressed, we get de-ranked and we get demonetized” – Tim Pool

Paraphrasing here but ‘Nature editorialized an old article about the Coronavirus’ and ”going back and editing is suspect”- Tim Pool

Nature also recently removed a paper looking into the Grand Solar Minimum and the internal mechanics of the Sun we know very little about it and she and another team have had three of four predictions come true.

This paper was by, and I have covered several times, Professor Valentina Zharkova.

Think I have known, but been reluctant to say, for over a year now what is going on and it is utter stupidity by the powers that be. I have referred to this as #ProjectDistraction.

So this is two recent acts concerning Nature which now taints their reputation that has to have many asking the question .. finally .. ‘what the fuck is going on?’

If you thought it could not get worse along with it emerging that the CDC and NOAA are publishing very different numbers under causes of deaths you now have the Competitive Enterprise Institute launching a campaign to remove the ‘97% Consensus on AGW’ claim from NASA’s website.

The authorities that leftists appeal to when lying to keep the AGW debate alive so keep their socialist take over alive are falling like proverbial dominoes.

Those that are in trouble and will have more revealing scandals over the next year or two are

  • WHO – COVID19 & the CCP
  • NATURE – Deleting Professor Valentina Zharkova & COVID Information
  • NASA – Long list but AGW & the 97% Consensus
  • NOAA – Three months into biggest lock-down CO2 rising as normal
  • USGS – Missing the obvious with volcanoes
  • United Nations – All the above
  • IPCC – AGW and the rising CO2
  • GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK et all deleting or suppressing people with the actual FACTS regarding
    • COVID19
    • AGW Climate Change
    • Immigration
    • Rape Gangs
    • For attempting to divide nations resulting in descending towards civil war

Dictatorial, controlling, manipulative, condescending and guilt of misinformation, theft and in some cases .. manslaughter.

Authoritarianism at pretty awful levels and seemingly getting worse.

No doubt many are going to end up on that list and I from what I am seeing the Police on both sides of the pond will likely be added foe their over-handed and pointless not to mention their careless and incompetent tactics.

Personally I would not want to be associated with any of the above by the time 2021 comes around and I not only pointed this out to the USGS but I did tell then that people can count.

A few weeks later they made a public announcement based on something I said t them .. ‘We are not monitoring enough volcanoes’.

Also in the coming months and likely between June and December more and more scientists that were badgered into silence will not remain so any longer.

Added to this is the reality that while people struggle without money and start to starve it might occur to them that for decades trillions upon trillions has been pumped into researching AGW and celebrities have lectured us about it.

If there was ever a recipe for the greatest disaster this is it.

I would hate to think of what would go through people’s minds if millions or billions were pumped into large companies during this time? This will just amplify things that will result in civil wars.

I dare say there will be a long list of others located in other nations and I have been suspect of a fair few in Britain for a very long time. Government and public services too which was how this blog got started in the first place. Well once I had a collection of evidence to feel confident of not sounding like a mad level of conspiracy theorist and knowing I would gather more along the way.

Also feel confident in my ability to accurately predict things too and over time this would help.

Unfortunately I did not know that along with government departments that all social media giants would come after me too. Am 100% certain of government departments and am now certain about Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

It gets worse I am afraid as in China Wuhan itself is going back into lock-down and that is now three areas doing this. I have actually seen five ore more reports so could be five or more areas going into lock-down? But I may have seen more than one report of the same area?

An area near the Russian border, Sichuan and now Wuhan are the areas I am aware of for certain. Tim Pool talks about this in this segment and also talks about how it is reported that the CCP knew for six whole days before they admitted anything.

But what about the report by British Scientists stating that the outbreak may have started as early as September 2019 that even the South China Morning Post is reporting on?

Now since my last post several things have come out and I am in no doubt many more will before I even post this.

One report was a United Nations leak that they are estimating that 2 million could die from the outbreak in Bangladesh alone?

At 164.5 million people Bangladesh is the 8th largest population on Earth. If they did get these sorts of numbers will Nigeria and Brazil get 3 million each? India 6 to 10 million?

Not sure how they came up with that number as China lied abut the numbers. Or have they found out by some method that 10 million have died in China? Or perhaps would have died because they knew a second wave will occur?

Now look at the Populations of Countries

  • CHINA 1,439,323,776
  • INDIA 1,380,004,385
  • UNITED STATES 331,002,651
  • INDONESIA 273,523,615
  • PAKISTAN 220,892,340
  • BRAZIL 212,559,417
  • NIGERIA 206,139,589
  • BANGLADESH 164,689,383
  • RUSSIA 145,934,462
  • MEXICO 128,932,753
  • JAPAN 126,476,461
  • ETHIOPIA 114,963,588
  • PHILIPINNES 109,581,078
  • Now three key Nations
  • UNITED KINGDOM 67,886,011
  • ITALY 60,461,826
  • SPAIN 46,754,778
  • IRAN 83,771,985
  • AUSTRALIA 25,439,161
  • TURKEY 84,512,995
  • SAUDI ARABIA 34,702,077
  • YEMEN 29,689,474
  • SYRIA 17,412,083
  • ARGENTINA 45,110,905
  • COLUMBIA 50,771,714
  • PERU 32,877,340

Now then a look at the rates today on Worldometer and I was surprised to see a sharp incline in deaths?

Now then here is the scary part. Nations like India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Russia, among others, have barely started to see the catastrophic effects of the first wave which will sadly ramp up in the coming days.

At the same time there has been some rises in China and a couple of others is a second wave.

After declaring no cases for awhile China has now admitted to 351 in a day that I am not even sure is an entire day? Thought I heard of rises in Japan and Singapore too? People expect Sweden to rise sharply.

Now if China gets back into thousands in a single day over the next week just as India and other start to ramp up can you imagine what the graphs for cases and deaths will look like in as little as a month’s time?


Now then China has now been reported, to the disappointment of climate alarmists who insisted otherwise, to have factories open but are not actually producing anything.

Leftists got this wrong as well as the outbreak being temporary. This is because all the pro AGW websites revealed their bias in stating early on in January and February that it would be ‘temporary’ because the idiots in the media insisted it was like the flu.

The flu does not spread this fast, we have treatments for it and the death rate is 0.1% and in the beginning they insisted that the death rate for Covid19 was less than a percent. I stated that they were calculating it wrong from the get go and said this would rise. I also said that it would likely be between 10% and 30%.

Well those rate rises have continued. Italy and the UK have now both gone up above 13% and Belgium is above 14%.. There are higher percentages but these are from far too small numbers of people to consider.

There are still unknowns, like how many were infected and did not realise and later on how many people lived alone, stayed at home as were told or ignored and passed away in their homes? It could be a very long time before we find out these numbers, I would estimate 3 months for some countries and up to a year globally?

During a moment in between hashing out his latest piece I thought I had mentioned the second wave outbreaks in China being three but possibly five and discovered I had actually underestimated even this. NTD’s China in Focus reports that there are indeed 6 areas of China where the people travelling or being syphoned off away from everyone else.

They have also raised the death toll for Wuhan by 50% but they could have raised the total for the entire country by 300% and no one would believe them. After screw ups we are still to believe that the death toll, of raised by 300% nationally, is under 10,000? While the US with one fifth the population is at 37,150 and still rising?

Not a snowman’s chance of crossing the Sahara, that one.

A Wuhan resident has started legal proceedings against the government which was followed by a Police visit warning him not to talk about the case? Well duh!

Lets make no mistake about it.

It has been all over the place the handling of this and a complete fuck-up or gargantuan proportions after years of heading down hill fast.

The EU? Well if I have any doubts about them being finished in my predictions, of by 2026, there are absolutely no doubts abut this now.

So much for the fookin army, eh?

When all has calmed back down and the sheer mountainous amount of losses are reflected upon by the sheer number of masses out there many are gong to get more than a little angry, in my estimation.

This is how I have felt for the vast majority of the past 30 years. Lies and bullshit from those that take money away from the people for things they do not provide.

Groups of amoral fooking sheep that bleat on year after year ignoring all science for one with the attitude they are all morally superior that results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people to date I have no doubt will become millions by the end of My or June 2020.

Do not even get me started on morons like Iran that want to blame those they hate the most instead of the people that actually caused it. Maybe that is why the CCP decided to blame America and Trump? Because they knew that certain areas were so stupid they would believe it? Stop any retaliation or payback and send it in the direction of innocent people?

Well I wonder where the got THAT idea from?!

Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity stated in a video he had received a death rate figure of a little over 20% for the Covid-19 Disease?

They thought that 40% to 80% of the world would contract this thing. Now we have a second wave starting up in China and we have not reached the half way point of 2020 yet.

If half the world’s population get this what is twenty percent of 3.5 to 4 billion again?

AS it turns out things are not looking good for the leftists on the AGW climate change front either as the updated CO2 graph for April 2020 shows no changes in the rise.

I took the graph and asked a large thread of Antifa AGW leftists where the CO2 was coming from and all scattered, one fucking moron answered with ‘How long does it take for the CO2 to drop?’ but missed the point, did not look at the graph and then lied their asses off while trying to accuse me of lying for the umpteenth time and after barraging her with the question and pasting my own tweets in to show they were lying ..

They merely posted a bullshit Bot Sentinel score of 97%, well that’s cool. Laughed like a drain, did not answer the original question, acknowledge they were lying and scampered off.


One of an small evil and fringe group that unlike over 100 others on the same thread cannot bring themselves to even so much as mute me.

Now I am told I have super-stalkers and I get more attention than David Dubyne, Tony Heller, Frolly, Ned Nikolov, Kenneth Richards and a few others. Still that is cool and if the case then I am taking focus away form them. At least t some degree.

None of these people greet each other. Oh I get defended quite a bit and with some gusto too, which is nice but surprising. Have a few screenshots of that in the last post and will likely add a fair few to the end of this one.

Nor do these people even talk about the deaths from the virus but then I guess as they know damn well that their politics, political correctness and attitudes are responsible for it spreading I dare say they do not want to?

Leftists get angry when I bring up Covid on threads to do with AGW and say the two are not related ..

  • AGW
    • Supposed to kill millions
    • Uses models that have failed
    • Based on numbers we do not know
    • Its the atmosphere
    • Not even close to have 20% of the data but leftists say they know it all
    • But leftists claim they know
    • Is on its way to killing millions
    • Uses well established models
    • Based on numbers we do know
    • Travels in the atmosphere
    • Based on data we do know but was ignored by leftists
    • Leftists did not know and their PC ways helped it spread

Look at the two above. Both have been a miserable failure to different extremes and all because of political correctness.

Western nations have had a massive influx of people they could not cater for, afford nor house now ask yourself how this has helped the spread of the novel coronavirus? Do you think it helped or hindered?

How do you think people will feel, or even you, in the aftermath of all this? Do you think there will be a large amount of people angrier than they ever have been before and there will be a collapse the likes of which would not have been seen before?

If so what nations do you think this will happen to? What nations do you think this could happen to?

I titled a previous post ‘The Day of the Paradigm Shift’ because that is what is happening or will happen. It is inevitable.

The odd thing about the leftists complaining about bring up Covid and not being connected is because it is connected. What is really going on with the planet has the effect of very high cosmic rays and these cause more mutations. Did that make you think?

When I started my series on climate change back in January 2019, though I have stated for years its nonsense, I predicted an outbreak that would spread and kill many people. However I had thought it would be around the 2023 to 2025 time-frame.

But it is not connected, the cult state. But then these are the pole that think in a linear fashion and think that ‘A’ causes ‘Z’ though there have been plenty of times the two diverged. Happening right now.

For some bizarre reason they do not see combinations of things and even today, as has occurred in the past, they think that ice-ages are caused by Milankovitch Cycles alone?

They never once stop to think about the different depths of these cold periods and why there are different depths. But they are all about the science. Apparently.

Oddly a study has come out reported by the Daily Caller and talked about by Tim Pool that states, well GUESSES actually, that the death rate is lower as they think many people have contracted the novel coronavirus and been asymptomatic only so death rate like the flu?

Not a Bat’s chance in hell.

  • Never known anyone to die from the flu
  • In the space of a week I may now have heard of three people I do know die from COVID-19
  • Doctors in Italy were under the impression it was like the flu .. and then were inundated with sick people, dead bodies before saying “This is nothing like the flu, we were not warned about this?!”
  • Graphs still have a steep incline and the deaths graph is weeks if not months away from slowing down and as it is almost at 160,000 already and many countries are only having their ramping up now and the real figures we already know to be way higher?

Situation is ridiculous and I fully admit impossible.

Situation is teetering on explosive and this comes down to one single thing I am afraid and is being made worse all of the time because of this one thing.

Lying and not admitting the truth behind why real decisions are made and this has made much of the public in many nations suspicious for many years.

Because people want to hold on to power, because of egos, because of tribal political leanings and political correctness along with the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Sorry but science and facts as well as psychology just does not work this way and it has been a recipe for disaster that is currently on a simmer and heading to boiling point at various degrees in each nation currently affected.

Will they really be that surprised if it all breaks down?

Due to stomach pains and now a returning headache this piece is taking its sweet time.

One of my arguments in the current events unfolding that includes the increasing snowfall and harsher longer winters and also linked to the outbreak is volcanic activity.

Now I normally produce two graphs, one from the Smithsonian that only runs to 2000 and states that the graph should not be used out of context, what the ‘F’ that means. The other runs to 2010 and I have found several record breaking years since that one ended.

Curiously you cannot find volcanic eruption frequency graphs beyond 2010, or at least I could not locate any.

Now what the leftist Antifa AGW Cult do is state the graphs do not show the clear rise in numbers of volcanic eruptions that have occurred since 1950. They try to scare and embarrass me in pointing out what the Smithsonian stated on theirs about context.

Lastly these so-called self-proclaimed scientists that swear their heads off and call anyone that disagrees with AGW ‘Pseudoscientists’ still answer with things like ‘bullshit’ and ‘moron’ when I explain something.

That cloud seeding is caused by particles from meteors, cosmic rays and volcanoes and all three have been increasing. Added to this ice clouds in the highest layers of the atmosphere that are extremely rare have become regular and breaking records each year.

These are, and you can look the on on sites like, Noctilucent Clouds in the Mesosphere and Polar Stratospheric Clouds in the Stratosphere.

These co-called scientists rubbish this and so seem clueless in how the atmosphere works and rubbish all data presented to the while claiming to be scientists and all others that disagree ‘pseudoscientists’.

And they say we are the ones in denial. And they always refuse to look at what you present to them.

Now it has been very much noticed by many that they are focused on me and while the core ensemble will happily block others, no matter how many times I tear them to pieces they just wont block me like over 53 others have.

It has long gone beyond a point where it appears, at least to me, like they know the truth and are on Twitter to muddy the waters.

Like they know I am right and they came at me in waves of three to six each one just sending waves of tweets and accusations at me.

Now to me this is odd. Even the USGS admitted things to me that these people wont give in to and to deny that these different areas of scientific data mean anything or are irrelevant is mind-bogglingly stupid/

So either you have a bunch of really thick hard-leftists that know bugger all about science while trying to convince people that they do .. or they know the truth and are key people on sock accounts looking for people like me and trying to put people off the scent. So to speak.

But like I told the USGS a year ago .. people CAN COUNT ..

I find it quite bizarre as we have had all these documentaries for decades, TV series and since the Internet science websites not forgetting PBS and Discovery channel telling us everything about everything that we know about so far. Even if a little wrong taking into account the replication crisis in science.

But in recent years, I would say at least a decade, its been bullcrap after bullcrap and in very recent years a new craze of deleting webpages has become a semi-regular thing.

Because storing text has suddenly become just so expensive, no?

They want us to unlearn everything we have and think everyone is stupid and easily duped and thought it a good idea to spread shite around thinking that there was no one out there to sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

As I was typing this out a new set of reports came out that stated that ..

  • An are of Beijing has been listed as high risk for the Coronavirus and worse than the first wave and is in lock-down
  • Other previously reported areas are getting worse
  • This is an areas where lock-downs were lifted
  • More countries and news media, like Bilt in Germany, as calling China out over their covering up of the disease
  • Bilt also pointed out that China has grown by stealing the ideas of others and this comes about by now allowing people freedom to think for themselves
    • Something the hard-left and Antifa of the western world seriously need to take on board

I have also noted a growing number of reports that the Novel Coronavirus was man-made and though this is something that is impossible for someone like me to claim one way or the other I had stated early on it was an entirely plausible theory.

According to the idiots on the hard-left it was a ‘tinfoil-hat theory’.

A curious but non-applicable accusation and tactic as the term applies to those that are affected with an irrational fear.

Before you can even be classed as irrational you first ned to have fear.

Despite the fact that I have been trough periods of ‘fear’ it is intense anger and revenge that I feel far, far more than anything else. Above this is the desire to end my current situation that has dogged me for years.

Unfortunately my own endeavours to that regard have been stifled by social media and highly likely government too.

If you refuse to pay-up and cut off all available escape routes you will create an enemy and in my own case a resourceful and a formidable one.

Evidence of just how crazy it is and why oh why do people have to jump onto the truth they prefer and then doggedly stick to it?

Tim Pool on ‘hot mic’ moment with journalists saying coronavirus not that bad and they have been vaccinated when no vaccine exists ..

Same night I then see this about rumours that a big hack has taken place of the Centre for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the (Bill) Gates Foundation ..

Tim Pool’s take on the data grabbed, which apparently was accessed, as now reported, by people using old account data and man of the has ‘password’ as their password. Yup, no kidding.

There was some report I may have mentioned, by Stanford? About the virus not being that bad and many more people have had the virus than thought. Meaning that the death rate is lower?

Only as it turns out their numbers were wrong and the kits they used for the study were manufactured in China and reports from many countries have emerged of faulty test kits from China.

Here is Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity who states its nonsense and disappointed this was published on Nature’s website.

Oh dear I wonder if he is aware that Nature removed an entire paper on Professor Valentina Zharkova not long ago and other Coronavirus, Covid19 statements recently?

I am afraid to say that in as little as a month or two, maybe as many weeks, that is now three strikes for Nature and it certainly seems like someone .. somewhere .. who seems to be manipulating everything is also manipulating Nature and .. panicking?

PhD and worked in a nuclear plant and good analytical mind if not so good at Brexit, Thunderf00t who looks at number, says new China numbers are still lies, Russia is worse than they are saying as are many places ..

The proverbial is very seriously about to hit the fan in al manner of ways but will the fake news tell you about it?

Adam on Timcast with interesting chap talking about World War 3, Starlink, Moonbases and other things ..


Over past few weeks my daughter’s grandmother has become ill and I want to explain now what has occurred ..

  • Had stomach pains for ten days along with diarrhoea
  • This is never happened before
  • This has now died down for 3 days since I started taking Vitamin C and Zinc tablets after staring at a bottle someone gave me that was bought from Holland & Barrett
  • Should be noted that, when I actually remember to I also take Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin B pills due to my Fibromyalgia which causes Hypomagnesaemia
  • Friend on Twitter tells me to be careful seems to have heard of COVID-19 sufferers going through this just prior to being admitted to hospital .. cannot tell me own daughter as ..
  • Taken into Arrowe Park Hospital in the Wirral
  • Same hospital I was admitted to where I was told one thing by 5 people and then an ass-hole contradicted them all, claimed to be an expert on Fibromyalgia and the got everything wrong about it, Toby Tobin
  • Family was told she had COVID-19
  • Before quarantine time ended family was told she did not have COVID-19 and family picked her up
  • They took her home and was hugged and kissed by several people, figure not known
  • Two days later she was back in hospital and told she had COVID-19
  • Two days later the family was called and told she was fine and she did not have COVID-19 and could someone whose experienced a horrific life due to public services and has breathing and kidney problems can they pick her up
  • Daughter a single mother with heath issues not good for COVID and ‘special needs children’ she has had little help with
  • Scared ex tells my daughter to speak to me as I am the genius, which causes my daughter’s jaw to drop
  • Tell her not to do it
  • Two days later my daughter calls me sobbing .. grandmother in hospital, very bad and family told she wont make it through the night and she has COVID-19
  • Few days have past since I started this and no word thus far


There are heroisms all around waiting to be done” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

The ‘paradox’ is only a conflict between reality and your feelings of what ‘reality’ ought to be” – Richard Feynman

Scepticism is as important for a good journalist as it is a good scientist” – Freeman Dyson

Oddly the most popular thing among the hard-left I have thrown at me and repeated ad nauseum in the hope of planting the seed of doubt among followers is that ..

I am mad and therefore all my claims must be discounted?

Bizarre tactic as not only are they being bigoted and disrespectful to yet another vulnerable group they are actually not correct and seem to be forgetting a number of notable and brilliant people throughout history.

John Nash of Princeton University being just one.

Lastly here is a video by Anton Petrov about a scientific paper that shows yet another theory of mine being accurate which is likely to show several other theories of mine being accurate.

Spacetime does not expand at the same rate everywhere and does in fact vary in different parts of the universe.

Finally ..

In the posts of this blog I have explained and proven that the NHS have lied to patients for years and on doctor, Dr Huq, quit the NHS over this after admitting this to me.

  • Do not refer people for diagnosis
  • Do not refer people for expensive scans
  • Do not refer people for expensive treatments
  • Do not prescribe expensive drugs
  • Do not tell patients we told you not to do any of this
  • Going on for more than 15 years
  • How many have health conditions they know nothing about?
  • Now we have a nasty pandemic
  • They tell people they have lied to for 15 years with health conditions no one knows about and likely due to the lies will never find out about so ..
  • Stay at home and help the NHS save lives
  • Is actually killing way more people than they have already
  • But they get applauded for saving the people they asked to stay at home
  • And on Tik-Tok apparently many of them are doing dances while people die?!

In case you do not know that is Climatologist Dr Paul Williams who used to appear on the BBC, whose models have utterly failed and irreparable and suffering depression over it. Well because he was wrong. hey were all wrong.


This one is going to reveal a bit more about me and who I have come up against, who I debate along side with and who I have been compared to with screenshots at the end.

While I am still able to after very recent revelations.

Anger, disbelief and a return of deep concern after thinking I had gotten through a risky period is my state of play at this moment in time.

After a number of family members with symptoms seem to have them dissipate leading me to believe that there had been another virus going around I got into a chat with a friend.

He used to work at Cambridge University, had previously spoken to me regarding the Covid-19 outbreak and now told me his family at had symptoms which had now passed. So he though he had been infected with a mild form some had talked about. I was not so sure.

What we both thought was that something about this virus did not add up and this is likely because of the official numbers reported and the estimate numbers banded about.

I explained that despite hearing many sirens of late that these had all been Police sirens and that I had not seen so much as a single ambulance racing around or anyone looking ill being taken away.

Also I explained how I had indeed seen a single ambulance but in a way I had not seen an ambulance previously. Parked in a quiet side street that when I first noticed n in the distance thought it was only a matter of time before I see someone being taken away.

However, when I eventually passed it on the opposite side of the road it was just sitting there with the two paramedics sitting in it, no engine running .. just .. there.

My fiend had not seen anything either and now had we heard anything from anyone else seeing anything. Seeing all the videos out of China you kind of expected the same thing to be either seen or filmed by others and posted online? This is kind of hard to predict due to the fact that there are several different expert opinions on when Covid-19 appeared. October to December in China.

So could be three months from first cases before you see those sorts of scenes? First reported case n the UK was around the 9th of February so possibly middle of May?

That was over a week ago. Yesterday was a different story entirely. That was when everything changed.

My daughter’s grandmother had been in hospital and I was informed she had Covid and I had not heard from my daughter for three days. Sent her a message asking if she was OK. She called and said ‘bad news’ and I feared the worst.

She called me and was not crying like I expected and was confused until she explained what had happened and it went fro confusion to anger.

As it turned out her grandmother had recovered. Long before the quarantine time Arrowe Park Hospital had declared her free of the virus and she was picked up by her daughter and granddaughter. They took her home, they hugged and kissed. No idea how many people see her and greeted her.

Then she tells me that two days later she went downhill, ended up back in hospital from Covid and was put on a ventilator?!

  • Let out of Quarantine before her time
  • Told she did not have it any longer
  • Allowed to come into contact with an entire family that had just got over something we were worried might be Covid
  • Does have it and ends up back in hospital on a ventilator

How does that work?

I had warned for years that the NHS and many that work in it, other than some seriously courageous people who deserve medals, are seriously lacking. Putting it mildly and Doctors lie consistently completely breaking their Hippocratic Oaths. This is also not a rare occurrence and has happened with at least five GP’s I have been registered with, with the odd exception. Even one that admitted to be the constraints placed upon them by the NHS, who then quite because of it a few weeks later called Dr Huq, did lie to me once. Other than that she and Dr Pelosi who acted as locum in the same practice were the best General Practitioners I was ever registered with and by a country mile.

I had taken a rare bit of exercise and had been walking around outside while on the phone and other than sparse traffic the number of people had built up to look normal.

To my shock the number of people that did not have a mask at all had gone from like 20% of everyone I see to over 80% of everyone I see. It was bizarre.

Then I got back to the house where I was then informed someone close by had died. It was believed that the person was not known to us but turned out to be a Turkish man and store owner we had known for a couple of decades.

He died of Covid-19 .. and so did his father!

This was within the space of an hour.

Suddenly in a mere moment it became very real once more. Not that it had ever stopped, you understand.

Its also odd that the longest running predictions people thought I had lost my mind on I am now being vindicated over. Yes despite getting a lot of things right others that know me are staggered that despite my track record I was also doubted each time.

Maybe each time I did they thought that this time I have to get one wrong? It has been this way for 15 years now.

My process does not include making an immediate hypothesis and running with it. I do not like being wrong and I have to go over and over and over things in my mind and look at it fro every possible angle.

Then if all ruled out that which remains has to be the case, Or if there are more than one I examine which is the more likely scenario.

Have done better than I expected I would do if I am honest.

So over on Twitter the leftists go nuts whenever talk about an investigation into the World Health Organization is talked about and they literally go into meltdown. Quite bizarre.

Now the leftists state that only the Chinese Communist Party is to blame, so throwing them under the bus.

You are a conspiracy theorist now to think that the WHO is responsible, despite the obvious facts, or even call for an investigation and that they are innocent.

So remember this ..

  • The leftists decided that the WHO are innocent prior to investigation or anyone being privy to facts, documents, emails or witnesses
  • If the WHO did nothing wrong why so averse to said investigation?

So as I stated before there are all kinds of very odd things with Covid-19 that make no sense and of course this will have you come up with answers.

The difficulty comes when answering questions is the fact there are more than one possibility.

It is healthy to ask questions and think of the possible answers but the danger comes from hanging all that you have on the first answer you come up with or the one that you prefer. Worse still are the answers your told are true by some head of a group.

Here are some questions and some possible answers that apply in this outbreak.

  • Trump or the Deep State started it?
  • Yes, that is why it started in Wuhan.
  • Its fake because if it was real why are the hospitals are all empty?
  • But they asked everyone to stay at home and save the health services.
  • In China and the US they have yet to get all bodies out of houses.
  • So why in some countries the death rates are vastly different?
  • There are at least three different strains and I have been told there are over 200 in total and these do not all exist in every country
  • But My Government Said..
  • Governments are on the whole incompetent and without grounding the aircraft from day one, which leftists, stupidity/feelings/PC, and airline companies, money, did not want to do and if you do not do that there is little more you can do
  • But why does it look like they want it to spread?
  • Well it does, after all what utter stupidity was it to let hundreds of thousands or millions of people into already overpopulated areas like Europe and the UK? The EU will be destroyed over this
  • Leaders egos despite varying levels of incompetence
  • Not doing enough testing which could be down to manpower, enough test kits, faulty test kits and time. Or that the virus just spreads too fast
  • But the official numbers tell us ..
  • In reality, absolutely nothing
  • Death rates are calculated the wrong way, you can only go by time and therefore recovered and deaths
  • Then there are the unknowns like how many people had it without incident and detection and how many bodies are there in homes that are undetected?
  • China, Russia, Iran are lying and many are under-reporting or not being open
  • Various models and estimations have not been reported enough on, if at all, or being discussed and its more important to show videos from people’s homes or groups in the street clapping for nurses when groups in the street have been banned
  • But I think its overblown ad not that dangerous so I am going to defy the advice ..
  • Do not blame you for thinking that, but ignoring the rules and not taking precautions and wearing masks and your wrong and you could get yourself killed, a loved one killed or anyone you meet killed

Scientists have annoyed me for years wit their naivety and incompetence.

Everything in nature is wonderful, a miracle and beautiful. No.

Why do viruses even exist and how is it that after knowing about these things for a millennia this has still been able to happen? Its not looking quite so beautiful and miraculous right now to anyone is t?

Then you have the ECO-FUCKING-IDIOTS and leftists, Marxists the likes of Extinction Rebellion who are celebrating the deaths and say the planet is healing itself.

  • Earth is not alive, it is just a pace where LIFE was able to exist
  • How do you know viruses did not originate in space?
  • Or life, for that matter?
  • Plant Earth that does not last forever where everything could be wiped out at any point or will one day cease to exist because the Sun does NOT have a limitless source of energy?
  • As for healing itself what of the theory that Viruses originate from Space? The Panspermia question?

Or how about my linking virus outbreaks to cosmic rays and solar cycles in January 2019 in my climate change and Grand Solar Minimum series?

Anton Petrov is good, makes mistakes though rare and thought that Covid-19 would come to nothing and then found himself quarantined in South Korea.

“It is at the point when we think we know enough about nature to become complacent that something we did not know materialises to teach us in the worst way possible”

“When ones life has been entirely destroyed but for a few moments many of which later became a nightmare, what level of revenge upon those responsible is acceptable?”

“Despite all the lives you may have seen, mine is unlike any other”

“Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only the amoral and those challenged would choose to ignore this fact”

“Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always seem to have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be”

Now lets get into another aspect or rather evil in all this and that is the nasty and amoral censorship regarding the social media giants and the deaths they have caused.

Google are burying things as are Twitter and added to this they are still hitting you with advertising to sell things, which will dry up.

YouTube has limited everyone and fucked off home and no one can mention Covid-19 without getting caned by them when there is nothing going on in the world, in movies, TV limited, games limited, sports all cancelled and the virus affecting absolutely everyone.

Mention the virus in a YouTube video and you can get demonetized or worse, de-platformed. Yes that will end well and their naivety while acting superior to everyone and showing what dictators they are will destroy them.

Yeah yeah GAB is so evil despite the fact I have only seen 6 fringe far-right people on it in 3 years or more.

And then there is Facebook. Started to give out warnings and informing me that my post links were ‘fake news’ with no reason, evidence and were wrong.

Everyone on Twitter is anonymous due to the behaviour, bullying and trolling of the far-left trying to silence people and the truth over political correctness. Many I know even centre-left people will not even open Twitter accounts due to the hard-left and their poisonous personalities. So I have thousands of friends but no one knows each other names, for the most part.

So what family and friends from real life I am connected with online are on Facebook of which there are a few dozen. These will all have their own family and friends.

So the best way to get advice to them, because anyone that knows me personally know to trust every word I say, is on that platform.

So I have been posting between a couple to a few dozen times every day safe in the knowledge that the info I discovered and the answers I came up with would get to them and help everyone.

Well so I thought.

Each post I get a notification to say its been posted and if I look at my wall its all there. SO Facebook is telling me there are no problems with my posts.

But I was not getting a lot of likes nor comments and people were asking me questions to which the answers had already been posted?!

My daughter did this several times and I said that I had been putting all this on my Facebook wall and she sends me a screen-shot of my wall and says “Dad? This is all I see when I look at your wall”

Today is the 13th of April 2020 and as stated I have posted between 3 and a few dozen posts every single day and the posts can be found because they are the exact same on Twitter, GAB, Minds and Parler and can easily be compared by anyone. So in the space of a few months you can see that this is hundreds if not thousands?

June 21st 2018.

That is the last post of mine to appear on my Facebook wall to my daughter where I had been leaving links to webpages and videos I had thoroughly scrutinized in politics, global warming, the Grand Solar Minimum possibility and the Covid-19 outbreak.

The last post was a link to a blog but other links to said blog have also been removed when linking the blog to Facebook does me no favours at all but does help people I know personally.


Meanwhile YouTube that wont allow anyone centre-left to right-wing to get away with anything at all is protecting a progressive YouTuber called Suzy Lu who has been stealing entire videos to react to and posting them on YouTube and now her own webpage and allowed to get away with it.

To make things worse those that have criticised her she has reported for online bullying or pointing out what she did and had videos taken down, stopping their income, and YouTube have reported here.

I have had videos demonetised for 30 seconds of a song playing in the background from a radio or my PC while filming a mountain bike or a salamander.

She plays a 90 minute, give or take, a full video and nothing. Others react to things and do not play the whole episode or film and they get strikes.

Now what I am going to do now is show you some lists of names and at the end of the post and where I can I will show you some screen-shots to these lists.

And please remember that the Social Media Giants have promoted pure bullshit to mislead people but have done their very utmost to brilliant people that either know and post the truth or those asking questions regarding the ‘official lines’ which have been CONSISTENTLY WRONG!


  • Kenneth Richards (No Tricks Zone)
  • David Montagne (Author)
  • Geraint Hughes (Author)
  • Ned Nikolov (Scientist)
  • Patrick Moore (Co-Funder Greenpeace)
  • Don Smith (Radio Host of the Don Smith Show)
  • GSM News (on Youtube and
  • David Dubyne (Adapt 2030 on YouTube)
  • Ice Age Farmer (YouTuber)


  • Ned Nikolov
  • Karl Zeller
  • Antony Watts (Watts Up With That)
  • Geraint Hughes
  • Don Smith


  • Professor Brian Cox (Blocked by)
  • Michael Mann of Hockey Stick Fame (Blocked)
  • Dr Paul Williams (ran away)
  • Climatologist (whose name I cannot recall – ran away)
  • Gerald Kutney (uses fake assed app that just declares you a BOT so he does not have to engage in debates, Bot Sentinel I scored 93% in that many cheered about))
  • Professor Katherine Hayhoe (blocked me but do not recall ever engaging with her)
  • Gavin Schmidt (is a name I seem to recall but do not recall what happened)

These lists are only in regard to Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Consider its likely incomplete, only recently realised who Kenneth Richard is after many months, those I do not know as most everyone is anonymous and those I am not recalling.

Then look at my subjects covered on my blog, like Brexit, immigration and many others and ask yourself this ..

How many people have I beaten, never lost, and how many others have I spoken to and debated alongside?

Robert J. O’Neil (Shot Osama Bin Laden), Kris Paranto (Benghazi and the Michael Bay film 13 Hours about the incident), David Vance are some I have spoken to .. and Sarah Champion who was or is a Member of Parliament in the UK. Very likely many others.

And in crazy times you might see and hear some crazy things but often the truth is just plan crazy.

“When all has been discounted, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

So I predicted in this from the beginning, numbers in China are lies and its far from over and due to the scientific data the virus is likely to mutate many times

Here is NTD’s China In Focus uploaded on the 12th April 2020 explaining that the Sichuan area are setting up 52,000 quarantine rooms. A city that borders Russia is having issues while the Russian Army are sending infected Chinese back to the country. There are know three known mutations.

So only intended as a rough guide and looking at the graph in a previous post ..

If we say for arguments sake the first cases appeared in China in November 2019 it is now April 2020 and that is five months. If it takes a month to peak that is May and then this second wave not likely to drop down until September? Just for these areas. There may be more areas emerge? Never believed the numbers or the maps it was just obvious nonsense.

So if we take February as a rough date for the US, UK and Europe? Could a second rise therefore occur around July or August? Peak around October or November? Not go back to low levels until into early 2021?

But the World Health Organization are not to to blame according to Marxists, Socialists, Trotskyists, communists and leftists in general who can decide this without an investigation.

Oddly that a growing number of people, governments and nations are saying the exact opposite and calling for the WHO to be abolished? Here is Taiwan who claimed to have alerted the WHO but were ignored? So they lied when they told the world China told them before going on to lick their boots?

Courtesy of follower, ‘Voice of the Insane’.

The one thing to remember is this .. people are worried and openly talk about how governments was t introduce more authoritarian powers over us using the fear of Covid-19 to do it?

Well do not let the fear allow you to relinquish the freedoms you have.

Why would you? Exactly what countries handled the outbreak well? Also what authoritarian powers did they have?

That would be South Korea and no authoritarianism.

If anyone allows their government to increase their power over you then you are not only doing this for the wrong reasons but it wont improve anything and in a short space of time you will regret it.

I get shown all kinds of things too. One that Bill Gates has his name on some document, I did see, to do with Coronavirus ownership or the drugs ownership or something?

Then there is this one which was recent ..

Worse in South Africa than they are telling you and from an Epidemiologist so gets added to the list of Russia, Iran, China, Turkey and others ..

Reported in 2012 it was not going up ..–chart-prove-it.html

Also a Met Office report recently showed that the UK, which has seen nothing like the severe cold and snow seen in a long list of countries yet, has been cooling in recent years ..

How about this to show you how you have been manipulated for a political cause?

Elevated atmospheric [CO2 ] can dramatically increase wheat yields in semi-arid environments and buffer against heat waves” ..

Now then this video is the first documentary I have seen that runs through the history thus far of the Novel Coronavirus that came to be named Covid-19. When things occurred as far as we know at the present time. What happened when. Who said what. Again as far as we know thus far.

Am absolutely certain that six months from now there is going to be way more revelations right now that are going to lead to so many things.

I do not care about political leanings. I do not care about deities. Science is my thing. It is just the facts Ma’am and nothing else.

It is for this reason that despite thousands of leftists attacking me, possibly tens of thousands, they have not gotten rid of me nor silenced me and it is why they are shit scared.

My popularity, praise and the names that those that like me, call me is yet another reason they live in terror of me.

Webs of lies do not last very long when I am around. Nor will I allow them to wherever I may find them.

Here is Tim Pool on how everything they tell us is lies and how its nuts in the US, Police are stupid for grabbing people in what is supposed to be a pandemic while also breaking the law

Lastly is a video about how China thinks it is the new ‘Master Race’? That they have now tried to blame African countries while said African countries state that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and started to kick the Chinese out of Africa?

I really do, do the things I say I do and have done the things I say I have done as these lying hard-left scoundrels discovered and these are just a tony fraction of what I have. Have threatened, or promised, to publish them for awhile but always put it off. Maybe more if they prove popular?



Well that has not gone well.

There are times when you hope that you are wrong, Pray that you are wrong.

This must be the hardest thing I have ever research and argued about and I did not even think a few years ago I could come across anything harder than many things I have already covered.

In fact as I posted about the Coronavirus Covid-19 on social media I became very work out from it all and slowed my posts. But to help people and, now this time around, save people I simply had to post as much as I could find, after sifting through the wheat and the chaff.

Quite unfortunately it appeared the the governments, fake news and social media who have got it wrong continuously decided to start censoring people that had got it right.

With the absolutely incredible blunders they have all made that have already led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people and the way that Virology models work will inevitably be hundreds of thousands of people. To actually censor those on this is ..

The greatest crime to mankind in modern times.

Your talking about a period now where actual wars have killed less people. The way it is looking right now World War 2 might end up being over-taken for deaths?

And in their infinite wisdom they have decided to censor people in an automated fashion while they all slither off to their war bunkers?

I had warned people about the failings of the public services and governments, warned then for years this was coming and I warned the about a growing censorship that I called Project Distraction like they were building up to something coming. They called me mad .. well some.

I had warned that wars, a great cooling period that would greatly affect food production, huge volcanic eruption and deadly pandemic were all possibilities.

After seeing some data in January 2019 I realised that my statement after seeing signs myself for around 5 years up to that period was looking absolutely certain. As I always do once I have been over everything enough times I post about it.

Two days ago my daughter contacted me and she did not seem to know certain things about the Coronavirus and the numbers. I told her she had missed a few thing but I had posted hundreds of things to my Facebook wall so she, family and friends would be aware and could protect themselves.

Now I had posted these on 8 different platforms and according to Facebook and the sounds and visually they were there.

She sent me a screenshot of my wall and told me this was the latest thing coming up to me and I ashed if she was joking? It was a post from this blog I posted well over a year ago!

I simply could not believe it!! All the posting I had done now looked to have not been seen by anyone?! AT ALL?!

Twitter has been hiding my tweets as well as tweets from others that talk about the virus and a number of other things.

Yeah sorry this cannot even be passed off as mere incompetence.

This is wilful murder of hundreds of thousands if not ending with millions of people and can only be viewed as actions they knew full well would help SPREAD the virus and kill more people.

At the very minimum the top tier controllers of these social media sites, long since proving how evil they are, should be not just removed entirely but PUNISHED!!

I cannot emphasize enough how things will rapidly break down and how quickly now this will happen. Even Tim Pool is now talking about the wars I have predicted for so very long now.

Now I will get into this in greater detail later in the post but you have to keep in mind some very basic things right here and right now

  • Now past one million cases
  • The total cases of a given nation will be twice the given number and potentially up to one hundred times the given number
  • As of today, 4th March, the rise of cases is still exponential
  • This has to go through a period of dropping off before it hits is peak
  • This peak could last for days or weeks
  • When the peak is reached you have the same amount of time before the cases reported get to zero
  • There is a lag time to the numbers dying
  • Therefore as the cases start to drop the deaths will continue to rise
  • When this occurs the death rates will rise further
  • Because they are incorrectly calculating death rates from those that have died to the number of cases and it is commonly states that there is a two week period AFTER symptoms occur that people succumb

So cases still rising sharply.

Time from peak to end is roughly same time from start to peak.

Time from start to peak is getting longer with each day.

After the peak when new cases drop deaths will still rise at whatever rate they are for a minimum of two weeks. In theory.

Considering that the deaths rates are rising right not you have to understand that the way they calculate them means that the rate will rise faster for two weeks or more after the peak has been reached.

These are not my rules but the rules that the powers that be and the World Health Organization decided upon in their infinite wisdom.

As this gets realised by more and more people and that fact is inevitable, there will be a rising anger among more and more people because everyone everywhere has been affected by this outbreak in varying degrees. It might even reach a point where its directly? That everyone will have lost someone they cared about. A friend or a family member?

Now that I have explained this, arguably twice, the best ways I can I can then go into some numbers, graphs and an established simple SIR Model used to virus outbreaks.

Also remember that peaks will be reached at different times and some countries are sill a long way from this. Sweden is ramping up now. Africa and South America has just got started and that claim that it wont spread in the warm weather looks like its about to be blow out of the water.

So before I get into the nitty-gritty and ugly of this lets recaps a few things.

  • You were given fake numbers
  • You was told the CCP were wonderful and being open
  • You was told the flu was worse
  • You was told the death rate was 1%
  • You was told it would not affect everywhere
  • You was told it was not airborne
  • You was told that warm weather would stop it or slow it down
  • You was told masks were dangerous and not to buy them or wear them
  • Italian Doctors and Nurse have stated “This is NOTHING like we were told!!”
  • It did not take very long, 5 to 10 days, for the ‘official’ cases to go from 500,000 to one million
  • Thus is the nature of exponential rises
  • In theory and providing ability to count and ‘officially’ two million should be reached in 5o to 10 days
  • Not so sure the ability to count can last much longer
  • Italian health professionals stated they stopped counting the deceased in some places
  • There will be other nations that stop long before the Italians did

You see the dangers of calling all this data and using it t extrapolate things to tell you, the public, about?

There are so man things being done wrong, the numbers are not right at best and at worse are an utter lie and out by a large magnitude.

We cannot know exactly but with the lies and incompetence you cannot even get anywhere near close. And you cannot take precautions if you do not know the facts.

Many around me that hate the fact I know things and all doubted me among family and friends are all telling each other “well .. he was right”

The issue is this time you did not have years to whinge and state that I was wrong and you literally had mere weeks and I knew this and I warned them.

I told a nephew in early February who had previously been a germophobe “Remember everything you was like and did and get everyone to do it because this thing is coming”

Was trying, and failed, to relocate to North Wales at the time.

Now 10 people in my family, direct and indirect, has symptoms and two of those are in their 90’s and 300 miles apart. One has been hospitalized and given a preliminary diagnosis of Covid19 and one has been looked at by NHS Paramedics with their usual X-Ray Vision I talked about for years and told she does not have it.

I have developed some new symptoms that has me wondering is I have switched from a lingering cold to the virus and one other person in the building has a fever.

Going on the official UK numbers I never expected us in central London to be in close proximity to Covid19 let alone people in the Wirral, Anglesey, Enfield Waltham Abbey and Islington in London.

Personally I had to slow down on posting thins regarding deaths on my various social media platforms and tried to restrict it to things that can actually help. I became weary of it and it was depressing. Not only at the deaths but also at the absolutely appalling way it was being treated or ignored by most of the world.

They have hundred of years to prepare for this and wit organisations like FEMA and COBRA and no doubt others.

And despite my warnings and massive claims that the are into science the Global Warming Cult made up of hard-left idiots that know jack-shit about any area of science as I prove on a daily basis got everyone to focus on CO2 and evil white man the last few decades.

A stunning level or arrogance and ignorance that both Richard Feynman and Freeman Dyson would be shaking their heads over today

These two brilliant men made a large number of quotes over the years that when put to the AGW Cult that declare in a daily basis that they are either high up on science of even scientists and PhD’s, that the cult either ignore or try to say back them up.

They did this most of the time with Richard Feynman. Freeman Dyson not used s he declared openly that more CO2 is not a bad thing, that it had been demonized, lowering it was stupid. He also said in interviews that he knew the scientist that came up with the first climate model, often used by the hard-left, and that they both stated that these were only good for understanding things about the climate. You could not use it to predict the climate.

Later in the post I will place a number of quotes from both men on this and you can work it out for yourselves. You cannot make big decisions on something that, despite what they claim, has not in any way come close to being proven. Correlation, and you do not even have that because of temp drops and pauses, does not mean causation.

It is never straightforward in science. Yes the answer are quite simply once discovered but its normally a series if things. In the case of the climate its the Sun, Volcanoes, Cosmic Rays, Meteor dust and possibly magnetic fields, Gravity, Milankovitch Cycles and barycentre are all contributing factors.

How deep it goes when in a cooling phase depends largely on how many of the above factors come into play at the same time. As well as to what degree. Large enough asteroid strikes will have had effects in very ancient times. As the dinosaurs found out to their cost.

Also below will be the usual series of links and videos, which according to the hard-left AGW Cult made up of Antifa you cannot use YouTube either. Just a lame excuse for ruling out anything that proves them wrong.

What is most bizarre is despite the work I have done and the research they seem to be clueless to what is going on. Stated that the drop in emissions and will only be temporary and despite their uses on graphs and models fail to see the inevitable.

They know I am working on this and keep calling me names and taking the pish but they are worried about it, that is for certain.

What is staggering and telling about them claiming to be abut fairness and lives is that what with coronavirus cases going over one million globally, will hit two million in a week and what with the mainstream media now talking about the real cases in China, Iran and Russia alone being large factors higher than they are telling us they still say nothing has changed.

Like I stated .. STAGGERING!

They are online saying that absolutely nothing has changed even after I post this list ..

  • They are losing support
  • The celebrities that said what they wanted to hear are being laughed at or ripped apart over the Coronavirus and their bleating
  • No mainstream media is talking about AGW or Woke Culture any more
  • Leftist Fake News Media was already in financial troubles
  • Will get worse when no one wants to advertise because profits are down
  • No Politicians are talking about AGW or Woke Culture any more
  • They have lost the fear factor they used of adults and children
  • Now everyone has a very REAL threat to deal with
  • No factories are not back to normal or will they do for the foreseeable future because you cannot manufacture what you cannot sell
  • Unfortunately there are likely to be many less people across the world when this is over
  • This could take a year or two
  • After that you have the psychological aspect
    • Fewer people in the world and ..
    • People scared to get on a plane, ship or even train
  • Still in a deep solar minimum meaning it has to get cooler
  • Temps and weather flip-flopping which could bring about a second wave
  • Cosmic Ray record highs might bring about more mutations and not just in the Coronavirus but Influenza too?
  • Global Depression the likes of which we have never seen
  • Funding for World Health Organisation, the IPCC, the United Nations and Climate Scientists gone in a puff of smoke
  • After three years of this we would have had three longer and colder winters
  • Worst part about it for the is Donald Trump’s popularity was already growing but now growing faster due to his daily virus updates
  • Backlash to come from leftist social media who censored people over virus and other things without telling them
  • I had over a year of Facebook posts go missing meaning that I thought I was proving life saving info to friends and family but now Facebook, Google and Twitter may have murdered people I know?

And yet despite all this and everything I include from here on out with numbers, graphs and models the AGW Climate Alarmists are still on Twitter every day, thought they seem to appear in waves now, claiming all this is nonsense.

This is their idea of rebuttal to everything above and bear in mind these are self-declared scientists.

  • Emissions drop temporary
  • Will go back to normal
  • Liar
  • Wrong
  • Bullshit
  • Moron
  • Funding will keep growing. Idiotic lie.
  • It will continue to get warmer
    • No mention of inactive Sun
    • No mention that this will prove that they had no control if it did get warmer and
    • Ignored the fact, and failed to realise what I meant when I stated they were in a
    • Lose-Lose Scenario
    • CO2 goes down Earth continues to warm then they could not prevent it
    • CO2 goes up and Earth gets cooler the former is not man and does not heat up the Earth
    • CO2 goes down and Earth gets cooler their argument is over, but they INSIST because of SCIENCE that this will not happen
  • Mainstream Media talking about AGW more than ever. Lie.
  • Everyone’s a conspiracy theorist
  • If Richard Feynman was alive today he would agree with them. Totally false and proven to be. But they insist so its now lying.
  • Volcanoes increasing not ding anything
  • Lack of Sunspots not doing anything
  • Seas are rising and acidifying and when told this is submarine volcanoes they insist this is bullshit and I am a moron
  • I am far-right is repeated and despite being sown I am centre-left they are now lying in the hope of stopping people from listening to me
  • Got reported hundreds of times, restricted around 15 times on the same thread because that is how leftists do scientific rebuttal these days

Yes these are scientists .. a few so-called experts, a few that claim to have several degrees, one a Professor and a couple of PhD’s.

Yes they have and yes I have destroyed them all. But they insist that they have defeated me and proven me to be a liar many time. Normally you just get tweets from many on my side that just laugh their heads off over those claims.

Now then lets start dealing with some numbers before moving onto the rates of rises and then falls and a model as to how this is likely to go.

Death Rates of Key Diseases

  • SARS 9.6%
  • MERS 34%
  • Swine Flu 0.02%
  • Influenza <1%

Here are numbers for the most deadly in history

  • THE BLACK DEATH (1346-1353) Death Toll: 75 – 200 million
  • FLU PANDEMIC (1889-1890) Death Toll: 1 million
  • SIXTH CHOLERA PANDEMIC (1910-1911) Death Toll: 800,000+
  • SPANISH FLU PANDEMIC (1918) Death Toll: 20 -50 million
  • ASIAN FLU (1956-1958) Death Toll: 2 million
  • FLU PANDEMIC (1968) Death Toll: 1 million
  • HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC (AT ITS PEAK, 2005-2012) Death Toll: 36 million

You must remember when comparing the Covid-19 outbreak with the above or any others to not make the same mistake all news outlets have done. You have to factor in time.

For example HIV/AIDS is over decades and Influenza is over a season.

What is alarming to many experts is not just the rate of increase without all the numbers but that there could be a second wave. Spanish Flu had a second wave that was deadlier than the first.

You also have to remember that with that in 1918 there were far fewer people in the world and it was far less connected globally than it is today.

Now it would be interesting to note at this point that the Influenza rate I had to go to the Washington Post for, so disappointing to me in recent years,

So in their article from March 10th they quite the World Health Organization and are STILL using data from China and as a result are quoting the death rate for Covid19 as 3% to 4% and that had crept up and I stated it would continue to do so.

In as little as a month this would have crept up even further.

Because once again the seem to totally lack the understanding of both time and exponential growth to a level that is astounding. Make claims on this and it changes so fast so can shown to be incompetent or a liar with a few days to a few weeks.

Now as I stated early on the death rates being given out were wrong and everyone seems to have either forgotten the concept of time or were deliberately misleading.

Really matters not which but both are a very serious issue that will have huge ramifications as far as the public is concerned. Many government agencies that receive a lot of money from the public exist to prepare for things like this. Things we have been aware of for hundreds of years.

If I recall correctly the death rate was being given out as 1%, maybe even less?

Now then lets move on to these graphs.

Below you have three graphs. The first one is the rate of new cases and the second is the death rate rises.

Please be aware that the numbers of actual cases have been lied about, down to manpower and available test kits and lying. The numbers of each country will be anywhere between twice as many listed to possibly more by a factor of up to 100. The larger factors more likely to be the case with China, Russia and Iran. More might get added to that list.

Cases closer to reality more likely to be South Korea, Taiwan and possibly Germany.

Now the exact same thing applies with the number of deaths, I am sad to say. Only I watched a video where an Italian Nurse or Doctor stated that in Italy they actually gave up counting the bodies in at least one hospital and the army was removing them.

It also should be pointed out that despite numbers from hospitals in built up areas with have zero idea of the state of things in remote areas like villages country houses and farms.

How many of these are their in the world?

Even in larger towns and cities how many large building of apartments are there? How long will it take to check them all?

That wit the dishonesty and cover ups over money, power or egos we are not likely to get real figures for 6 months, just to get close, or any accuracy for over a year.

Annotated in Red from
Annotated in Red from
Annotated in Red from
Annotated in Red Brown and from the CDC

Now look at the Populations of Countries

  • CHINA 1,439,323,776
  • INDIA 1,380,004,385
  • UNITED STATES 331,002,651
  • INDONESIA 273,523,615
  • PAKISTAN 220,892,340
  • BRAZIL 212,559,417
  • NIGERIA 206,139,589
  • BANGLADESH 164,689,383
  • RUSSIA 145,934,462
  • MEXICO 128,932,753
  • JAPAN 126,476,461
  • ETHIOPIA 114,963,588
  • PHILIPINNES 109,581,078
  • Now three key Nations
  • UNITED KINGDOM 67,886,011
  • ITALY 60,461,826
  • SPAIN 46,754,778

Where would the line be on the graph for their limits in health care?

How is it that on the 4th April 2020 the US, with less than 25% of China’s population and a head start, has 2.5x the deaths?

Gets worse when you compare to Italy. China has 20x the people and yet Italy has close to 5x the number of deaths and just rose by over 680 in a day. What is 13% of 1.4 Billion? It is well over 140 million, I will tell you that much.

If China did not have enough hospitals and many relied on Chinese Medicine its entirely plausible the death rate could have ended much higher than Italy’s?

Hard-left Antifa climate alarmists called me a liar and an idiot when I stated awhile ago that China’s numbers are in the hundreds of thousands in my estimation.

But these people just make shit up in their heads or go on feelings and political correctness and this post shows that not only does this get hundreds of thousands killed but they have not even batted an eyelid over these victims.

I keep asking myself what numbers do the deaths get to before they start to care?

But then in a previous post, my last I think, I linked a video where Extinction Rebellion were rejoicing in the deaths and saying planet Earth is healing itself.

Planet Earth has a finite life you moronic, cold, callous evil bastards. Sorry just cannot help it these people nit to be locked up in an asylum.

Now the SARS death rate is 9.6%m MERS 34% while currently Italy is at 12,26% and rising and in may places it is rising. Will it end up somewhere close to SARS? Between SARS and MERS? Higher than MERS?

As stated when the cases slow down the death rates, providing they are counting the bodies, will rise faster and as the new cases drops will rise even faster for a few weeks.

Hopefully it will stay down but the way viruses works and the models suggest there is no way around this without a cure, vaccine or very effective treatments being involved. This has to take place before each of the world’s health care systems become overwhelmed.

So you see from the graphs you can say, well yes if the peak is reached May then you could expect things to get back down to localized individual cases, worldwide or most places, by October.

However the scary part comes with not only this coming later but the rates of rise we are currently seeing which of course will not be all people infected but only those counted.

If it rises continually as it is as of today, the 4th April 2020, then if what they says is accurate the one million becomes 2 million in less than a week, 4 million infected the week after. Third week in April could be 8 million and by the middle of May it could potentially be 64 million infected?

So what would it be by the middle of June or July?

Then as you can also see from the model listed, the SIR Model, it does not stop abruptly either and the curves has to take time to come down without any intervention or miracle.

Many stated initially that 30% of the world would be affected but this itself as raised up and you have had a figure of 80% used.

That would range from 800,000 to 5 Billion becoming infected.

Recent estimations of China’s numbers being 40 times higher than we are being told means that their figure alone could be 3.2 million.

Now I would not be surprised at all if it was in the hundreds of millions. Sound insane? Well what is 80% of 1.4 Billion? Consider they first stated 40% and that 50% of 1.4 Billion is 700 million.

If many other nations end up with 40% to 80% becoming infected and despite it already being bad enough it will look for worse for the CCP.

Now people are reporting in 5,000 urns being delivered to a single crematorium in two days, yet the figure for the whole of China is 3,000 odd deaths, they told the world?

How many crematoriums in Wuhan? How many in the whole of China?

Yes there are videos of unrest and people over-turning cars in Wuhan and though expected this was surprisingly early. Though this does seem to happen a lot lately with me. It keeps occurring way earlier than I predict things.

This is also not a time, as I have stated to others, where people can say ‘oh I think your talking nonsense’ for many months or even years.

Due to the exponential rise this is something I can be shown to be right from a matter of days to a month.

The climate alarmists are telling me I am wrong but doing so with aplomb, name calling and the usual insults and swearing.

Whereas I look at them and wonder what in the world what drugs they are on to be stating that global warming, a non-existent threat, is the greatest threat to the world today.

Yeah official cases over a million. Any idiot knowing that even if these were close to the truth your look at 16 million on as little as 20 days.

It is almost as if they are gambling that the virus outbreak will magically cease suddenly over night?

Yet these are the people that crow on about failed climate models and climate prediction graphs that do not prove anything and cannot be used for anything. But models used for virus outbreaks such as the SIR Model I use here that have been used and well established for decades can be ignored?

These people claim to be scientists at best and highly knowledgeable and yet they somehow fail to see what is staring them in the face?

Also of note is they just show no compassion for the people that have died already along with those that will inevitably die.

But their whole cause as they put it to the public is about lives? Whose loves exactly because I have seen zero evidence of this in daily battles that have lasted over 10 months.

Now the I mentioned both Richard Feynman and Freeman Dyson in this post and the quotes they made? I have watched many video interviews and I have posted their quotes and they state that Feynman would agree with then and that Dyson is ruled out as he has no proof, but they tell you science is not about proving and have none themselves, and does not have a PhD.

Yes I kid you not.

Now they literally have a few weeks to watch everything they love come crashing down around them and then some.


On the Nobel Peace Prize leftists thought Greta Thunberg would get and like ‘peer-reviewed’ means it turns something into a fact.

“I was born not knowing and have had little time to change that here and there”

“I do not believe in honours”

“I do not know anything about the Nobel Prize, I do not understand it”

“The prize is in the pleasure of finding a thing out, the kick is in the discovery”

On guessing that the AGW Climate Alarmists do a hell of a lot

“It does not make a difference how beautiful your guess is, what your name is or how smart you are .. if it disagrees with experiment? It’s wrong!”

“You cannot prove a vague theory wrong”

“Don’t pay attention to authorities, think for yourself”

“There is no learning without having to pose a question and a question requires doubt”

His remarks regarding those that are sure the ‘science is settled’

“If you thought science was settled, well that is just an error on your part”


“I am hoping that the scientists and politicians that have been blindly demonizing carbon dioxide for 37 years will one day open their eyes and look at the evidence”

“It makes very little sense to believe the output of climate models”

“The average ground temperature of the Earth is impossible to measure as most of it is ocean. So this average ground temperature is fiction”

“Just because you see pictures of glaciers falling into the ocean does not mean something bad is happening. This is something that happens all the time. It is just the natural cycle of things”

There may well be some, or indeed many, hard-left Antifa climate alarmists will visit here looking for cherries.

Sorry but within a week of this being posted it will look like I am right and the reports are already coming out regarding my list of fading leftist causes.

Now as I was about to post this I came across a YouTube channel I am unfamiliar with called Richard & Greg. Never expected much of it but gave it a listen as it was Covid-19 predictions.

They made a lot of sense and one gave a prediction for deaths he thought would occur in the US and the UK. Despite it being lower than my own estimations I was still a shock to hear. Now one was stating that the models being used t predict a peak are not accurate.

They also state that its so utterly obvious that the CCP official figures are total fabrication and that there is no way around that now and I must point out it gets far worse with each passing day at this point.

One to two million deaths in Britain and six to ten million deaths in the Unites States is what one predicts.

If I know look at a worse case scenario quickly to finish this off taking into account that 80% infected and Italy’s death rate climbing towards 13% and could end up at 20%.

So 80% of 67 million is 53.6 million and 20% of that is 11.26 million.

Now I cannot believe, but may be the human part of me, it would be anything like this number in the UK. But that is what those figures give out. If we drop the death rate to 10% for the UK, it is currently 10.29% but I believe this is lower, you are still left with 5 million.

If you drop the figure to 40% infected from 80% then you halve that to 2.5 million. Probably how he did it?

It also must be stressed that our ability to treat the disease may well improve, fingers crossed, in time and that this will lower the death rate?

But these are in trial mode at a stage where everything is rising so rapidly now and then once something is found that works you need enough to treat billions of people. This will take a lot of time and may well no be possible in many places.

Now even if you take the lower end of the estimate from this video of 7 million in the US and UK alone, what will the global number end up being?

Also he ponders the thought of how many of the 21 million missing mobile accounts in China and the possibility of how many of these have died. It sounded as if he believed most of them. For sure this is entirely possible. Everyone loves their phones non more so that East Asia.

But I do believe its highly likely to be in the millions.

I do believe that since I made the images last night the official cases went up by over 60,000 and this is already mind boggling to me. I simply cannot imagine a stage where it is going up by a million or even 500,000 each day. Let us hope it does not reach this stage. But I think it is around 100,000 in 24 hours now. In as little as a couple of weeks it really could be shockingly high, such is the rate it is currently moving.

No one I know of the ten with symptoms has succumbed yet but one has been hospitalized in the north west of England.

My fear from around the middle of January to early February and because of far more people and the interconnectivity that this could the one that beats the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918.

I am not sure how it will go in Africa or how bad the HIV/AIDS problem is or whether any issues there could make things worse but I fear taking off there might end up putting us in the region of the Black Death?

As scary as that may sound and I certainly hope this is not the case in as little as a month people could be talking about this level of numbers?

Let us hope not.

But Africa has, reportedly, over 1.3 billion people on the continent. Mostly below average health care systems, some believing in the ‘old ways’. Lord knows how many underlying health issues added to that.

If China has had millions of deaths with the measures they took, what could Africa end up with within the next 6 months?

A thought far beyond sobering.

Richard & Greg on Covid, Modelling, Predictions and Fake China Numbers

Tim Pool on Greta Thunberg’s Ignorance and Hypocrisy .. wont look too good for New Scientist Magazine a month from now I once held in High Regard

Tim Pool on World War 3

Woke Culture Ending & AGW Silent

Here is laowhy86 on where the Coronavirus really came from

Italian Virologist says Political Correctness Killed People?

Cats and Dogs carrying Covid-19?

Putin dishing out fines for speaking abut Covid-19

Scientists in Antarctica once being warm

China locking down an entire county .. again ..

Japan worried about Mount Fuji Volcanic Eruption

Tim Pool on Feminists in Spain looking very bad right now and careless over Covid-19

Social Media killing people by removing posts with Twitter guilty and here is Facebook


Never have complied to anyone else’s beliefs.

Never did vote either way in a General Election.

Twenty years of a torturous life, being attacked from all sides and horrors of which would cause a permanent mental collapse or suicide in most. Collectively all.

Despite what I know and what I predicted coming .. I could never have seen this.

Many asked me previously how I was still alive. This was without knowing it all and not even half of the tale. Country of the Damned was only a small part of it.

Then I watched my daughter on video conferencing .. scared out her mind, shown symptoms of Covid-19 for a few days. Four grandchildren with her and another placed with a Muslim paedophile father by the government.

Having heard her want to take her own life because the fucking leftists wanted things their way in their bitter twisted and deranged minds.

Crying from 300 miles away because she does not think she will ever see me again.

After twenty six years of hell they managed to somehow go beyond all possible boundaries.

If the disease takes any one of them the government and leader had better pray it tale me along with them.

Because if it does not there will only be one motivation left. To make sure the evil ones are punished for the crimes they have committed the moment they craw out fro under their rocks to take their seats on their imaginary thrones.

Have informed the hard-left who have used lies, trickery and indoctrination while hogging the industry of science along with world focus that brought all these about ..

  • Every lie you can think of
  • Every excuse you think you can make
  • Every trick you can pull
  • I will destroy them all
  • You ave been used to get into your heads and see how you think
  • My skills are far more than I let on and those were more than formidable
  • My motivation will be to do one last thing for mankind
  • And no one or nothing will stop me
  • However to those that know me and where this is going ..
  • I made need one or two things .. and a team
  • Eventually

Did not think it was humanly possible to feel as I now do.

Nor be in the position I find myself in.

Some that know say its unimaginable the circumstances I am in and how I got here. Like everything else I suspected there is no other explanation than by design.

The thought of what mankind has become via a combination of stubborn, stupid, greedy, naïve and manipulative people leaves me with such bitter disappointment in the moments where I have both anger and fear entwined like some strands of the finest silk.

‘Why do you want to know the numbers?’

Because the numbers allow me t assess the danger and the numbers were lies.

Spent most of 2019 and earlier and years on these blogs warning about putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket.

Called a pseudoscientist I was attacked, reported, goaded and lied to to protect their cause for some evil Marxist global empire while I warned that there are a great many areas of science.

In each of these areas lies a very real threat to both Earth and mankind.

But they decided to latch onto a natural swing that has continued for billions of years and twist it to achieve some Dystopia.

I warned.

And I warned and I warned. For the longest time.

But they suppressed while others did not get the word around enough. Promises were continuously broken to the point that both of us just ignored them.

Oh they tell you it is not the end of the world.

But looking at the numbers and the ever increase incline we are as little as mere days or weeks away from realising that is is the end of the world as we know it.

There will be no way they come back from this but they will try and they will try to enslave us as they did previously. Like undeserving queen ants will claim all lands as their own, all buildings too.

There is a world of difference between a ruler and a leader and the latter I have not seen for a very long time.

Mankind cannot continue as it has and certainly not in the western world.

For this one mind pleads to know how a heart can endure this much.

Wonder how many are aware that not only did I predict very high numbers of cases and dead in China that China Mobile alone seems to e missing over 8 million customers?

Seen reports that state it could be 16 million missing.

Dr John Campbell I stopped watching the videos of as the last video he stated the numbers in China are right and everyone is in agreement?

Odd as he is the only one stating this and everyone else says the opposite.

Tell me Dr John Campbell after asking people to stay at home and self-isolate or welding neighbours into their homes how long does it take to check every home of 1.6 billion people for bodies?

Ergo, no one can state this.

He was also fashionably late on the facts and chose to ignore and not research what people told him that was very easy to find. I did it back in January.

Annoyingly he he also mentioned a few times abut how the World Health Organisation had lost all credibility.

I could, in all honesty, no longer recommend his videos. Late and wrong numbers passed off as fact is why I listened listen to my own daughter crying.

Running down others while ding the exact same thing.

Mankind just never learns and the Dunning-Kruger Effect seems to be more widespread than the coronavirus?!

Google and YouTube have outdone themselves.

  • Yeah we are going to piss off to protect ourselves
  • Meanwhile clamp down on free speech is automated
  • Now we make billions while
  • We demonetize, de-platform and bury for censorship
  • Cannot talk about Coronavirus
  • Or mention Covid-19
  • Or talk about Trump
  • Except everyone now cannot do their own content
  • So all they have to talk about is the Coronavirus and Trump

So come back from under their rocks with more money than God and take over the world as leaders will they?

My socialist now seriously regrets being a socialist and says they are all mad.

Even stated to me that there will be trouble when this is over and stated I knew and have known for awhile whee this goes.

“What if Pakistan decides to nuke China over this?” and I replied “Yes I thought of this possibility too and it is a real one.”

Sound insane?

Yes. For 15 years now they all sound insane until they come true ..

In the height of the Covid-19 pandemic Pakistan testing missiles and China helping them and also up to things. China after dominance in the Indian Ocean?

Yeah India has noticed ..

Yeah war is inevitable in my mind. Has been for awhile and thought it might come by 2027 or so but could be a lot sooner as is often the case when a make my predictions. Get the event right but very rarely the timing. One or twice I was proven right within 2 to 48 hours.

Thousands dead in each country?

What if its hundreds of thousands of dead in each country?

Dread the thought but what if its millions in many of the larger populations? US, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East?

You are talking tens of millions to billions of very angry people. Not rocket science that one. There will be hell to pay after this is over and in so many ways.

Many reporting asking whether the Coronavirus might mutate more? Well yeah cosmic rays are at record levels and might go higher and might even spike in ways we are unaware of?

Yet still no one mentions these particles in their talks regarding the Coronavirus mutating. Somewhat bizarre, do you not think?

Now then these cosmic rays being high which cause mutations are still not being talked about in the fake news or among scientists. Come on, man?! Carl Sagan talked abut these things years ago!

You cannot release documentary after documentary and movie after movie abut the possibility of disasters and then bury the science when something comes out!

Dr Nils Morner stated that an unimaginable amount of damage was being done to the scientific community and they simply is not let up in them, whoever ‘them’ are, in doing this.

Here is the kicker. Stated all last year about AGW never being real, getting involved in debates and explaining to the cult that wont let it go that you do not have all the data. CO2 is not causing warming, at least not to any level that it is even close to a threat. That would be hundreds of years away.

I also wrote 30 posts and stated that submarine volcanoes number from one million t ten million and these are not monitored or known. I have also explained that it was only discovered recently that CO2 is emitted prior to eruption and they started t build sensor alarm systems for volcanoes in 2017.

Meaning that the AGW climate change promoters not only lied when they stated that we know about all the volcanoes and monitor them all but they lied by a God damn long way.

I also stated that with the outbreak of the Coronavirus that this would not only drop emission by a larger margin than they could ever achieve but that any talk about AGW Climate Change would cease. They they would lose support for their fabricated horror predictions and this would continue for two years.

They rubbished all of that and stated that the Earth would still get warmer?! Levels of incompetence from climate scientists,which some claimed they were, was stunning. Because they failed t see two things. Bearing in mind that they could NEVER hope to influence China, the emissions from the country dropped to stunningly low levels. This wont return to what it was. Untold people have died, a second wave of the coronavirus is now ramping up, see ADV China below, and the supply chain is broken and demand dropped through the floor. You cannot make what you cannot sell. But these hard-left people do not get economics either.

Now they also stated emissions crashing and Coronavirus wont change anything to which I then said, well you lied then?

  • CO2 Levels dropped off a cliff in China
  • Then they did in Italy
  • This spread across Europe and to UK
  • This is happening in the US
  • This will keep spreading and last for months
  • Populations will decrease sadly and considerably
  • Fear will stop people travelling and spending for years
  • If the CO2 goes down its game over
  • If the temperature goes down as the result of CO2 then its game over
  • If the temperature rises, it wont, even after massive emission drops then its GAME OVER
  • Both will show they were wrong and lied

Now then here is something else I stated now being talked abut in mainstream media where Sky News Australia and Rita Panahi (?), who I follow, and three others also contradict the AGW Climate Change Cult and state that which I have done ..

  • CO2 comes from until number of submarine volcanoes
  • No one wants to know about AGW Climate Change with the Coronavirus Pandemic running riot
  • How stupid Marxists are still insisting AGW is the greater threat to life

Now here is the kicker. Everyone talks about the super-volcano in Yellowstone and whether this is a threat or not as if it is the only one?

Well no there are 6 or 7 of these .. THAT ARE KNOWN!

Between the one million and ten million estimate submarine volcanos we have zero idea how many of these are also super-volcanos.

Now oddly I argued with a scientist on my own side about this. Dave Burton claimed that you could not put down CO2 to these volcanos and that you could calculate them all and water pressure would prevent CO2 dissolving.

Utter hogwash. In the end I just ignored him. He sounded as loony as some of the AGW cult member. Talking about water pressure and doing calculations on things we have no numbers for and would not apply to a super-volcano going off.

If you look into it yourself you will see that these climate scientists and their models are missing a hell of a lot of data and then some. Some 80% or more is guess and there are entire numbers missing. Volcanoes and the Sun are often missing and considering they are predicting the climate of the distant future when we cannot get the weather right for the following day half of the time.

Have you ever trusted weather reports 10 days ahead of time? Or do you wait or even go back closer to the time to see if the forecast has changed?

The two bikers, one South African and one American, with strong links to China and their latest on how the Chinese Communist Party on how they are lying and twisting things

Romanian Vee on the censorship over the Coronavirus and the hypocrisy of fake news regarding the Coronavirus and Donald Trump

Styxhexenhammer also now stating that which I have done and that you can only get the death rate from the Coronavirus from those ‘recovered’ and the ‘deaths’ and that it is wrong to give the rate that based on confirmed cases.

This, to me, was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public of every country and as the panic has already set in can only mean they are doing it to keep you working a little bit longer? Or in case they want you go to back to work? So just like the CCP then?

The Amazing Lucas has some concerns about government growing during this Coronavirus pandemic. Wondering now if people are thinking along the lines of my Project Distraction theory?

Now these two videos are important, providing I can find the other one as it was a live stream news coverage of Donald Trump speech by Steve Lookner of Agenda Free TV.

Now I did not watch or listen to the address. As I understand it Doctor Fauci, I think his name was, was missing and Donald Trump decided everyone would g back to work in two weeks, altering what was previously stated.

Now this lead to an absolute meltdown of swearing by Steve Lookner. This shows you how scared everyone is getting. He feared for his parents in Massachusetts and claimed that Donald Trump made his decision and did not base it on science.

Now as I also understand it a bill they voted on was voted against by that bunch of complete idiotic morons that are the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi at the forefront of this who tried to add some identity politics into the bill.

But like everyone said in the backlash and myriad of videos, what the flock has this got t do with a global pandemic?!

Maybe the leader are going to play Russian roulette with their people? Worried that whoever works the longest time loses out in some race to make money or look good economically?

Well as I have long stated and especially about the stock markets, all the more reason to have come up with a GLOBAL plan in the last 100 years.

At a time like this everyone has to suffer equally, including the fucking banks, and all needs to be shut down at the same time and for the same period of time. Not anybody capitalising on it.

Rewards should come later and naturally will to anyone that does the right thing DURING a pandemic. Actions speak louder than words and go a lot further with me.

Capitalising on suffering, does not.

Here is Tucker Carlson of Fox News talking about this

Now I am posting the time stamped part where I think its for actually around 45 minutes that Steve Lookner goes into one hell of a rant on his Agenda Free TV channel.

Bearing in mind he is not happy with Donald Trump’s address and says it the most frightening thing he has ever heard while not being happy with Google and their censorship as they are burying his live streams because he covers the Coronavirus.

I know how it feels to be screwed fro both sides as I have been for many years now and he might be naïve to the censorship going on?

Now as always and with his sensible take on things here is Tim Pool as the Relief Bill has been blocked twice by evil Democrats who have nore or less just murdered people and Tim states correctly that ‘this is DISGUSTING!’

After this do you really think that you can trust the left on anything?

Was it it oly the far-left that harp on about AGW Global Warming?

Want to destroy the left and climate change hoax? Then yu have to get it out that not only are they evil and do nt care on the far-left and the biggest liars going but now is the best time to make people realise it is indeed the left pushing the AGW agenda.

Do this ad the only ones that will be pushing AGW is the hard-left and even then ONLY the dishonest, loony woke ones.

The honest ones will rapidly distance themselves and this will dwindle their numbers further. And at a time when ..

  • Coronavirus Outbreak going on for to years
  • Emissions going down
  • Sun Cycles still doings its thing
  • Volcanoes doing their thing for 3 years

Now you have the perfect time and opportunity to end the biggest con in modern times.

Yo know what to do. Even Tim Pool is begging viewers to share all his video!

Due to a selfish moron and complete and utter weirdo that no one likes and totally ignorant who has refused t listen to anything regarding the Coronavirus and me telling his partner that he will be the one to bring it into the home .. well he now has.

Eight weeks of talking to deaf people and now three family homes look like they might have the virus?


My situation got better but only momentarily.

Found myself sitting in a park with someone that does not like talking abut disasters who refuses to watch the news who was talking about this Coronavirus, Covid-19, spread.

This was a shock and he kept saying he could not believe what was happening and it was like a movie.

I had explained that I simply could not believe that the virus was appearing close to my daughter who was in a fairly remote part of North Wales. He did not understand this and said ‘but you said it is spreading fast?’

I explained that there are patterns to these thing, That it spread around the built up metropolitan areas first to quite a degree before it even reaches places like that. And for this to happen it must be far worse in the cities and large towns then they are telling us.

I had just been through a scare where my daughter had a friend staying with her who woke up in the morning with three symptoms of the disease.

But the next day it turned out she was the type of person that makes things up to get attention.

So while we were sitting on this old wooden bench where we had been looking for a rare bird called a Firecrest I was relieved but I wondered and talked about how long this would last.

Around two days.

Right now I am in shock and I am quite scared now and at a loss. I had been taking out my frustrations on very nest, evil, lying leftists whose idiocy has caused this situation. I have also been posting links to do with the virus so that people could find out of the virus was getting close to them and not get a nasty surprise as I had done.

Its frustrating too as because of fuck ups by other people I was supposed to be in North Wales and if that had not been screwed up I would have prevented things.

Now I have had three siblings who think they know everything with partners that think they know everything who kept telling another worried member of my family crap that just was not true probably because of fake news ..

  • This virus is nothing
  • Nobody at work is talking about it
  • Its just lie the flu
  • Its impossible for a virus to last more than a few hours on a surface
  • It will burn itself out

One of those I spent two days with while trying to relocate to Wales and I told them this was going to be bad and why I was moving, which went wrong and a found myself back in hell. Though chatty about it there were two remarks they made that had me realise he thought this would not come to anything. I said it was and it was coming. Told him that sports events would get cancelled like the Tokyo Olympics and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

Had been warning them about the news for 15 years and bearing in mind my father died because of the BBC you would think they paid more attention.

Others had realised my predictions were correct, though still expressed doubts. But relatives never believed me no matter how many times I got it right.

Never predicted anything until recently that would change forever the world we live and this started when I saw the data that strongly suggested we would enter another Grand Solar Minimum like we did in 1648 for a period of 50 plus years we call the Maunder Minimum or Little Ice-Age.

In that data I also realised that leading up to it there would be several possibilities not helped one bit by the actions of humans and the mental decisions by politicians acting like loony hard-left.

  • Cool period being reached around 2024how cold yet to be determined
  • Solar Cycles are one thing but magnetic fields and volcanoes among others play a part
  • Cosmic Rays getting to record highs will cause all kinds of health problems cancer, mutations and cloud seeding are three of those
  • Mass Migration and Governments acting hugely irresponsibly also leading to issues ..
  • Stated that this would spread diseases and so it did here and there, prior to seeing cosmic ray data
  • Civil War
  • War
  • World War
  • Food Supply disruptions
  • Virus Outbreak that would result in a Pandemic

Yes those were the things I stated.

The Gilets Jaunes protests started and spread and continued on for over a year.

We had to period with many record cold temperatures in January to February 2019 and September onwards later in the year. I also predicted that the weather patterns would change dramatically and flip-flop, people seeing weather around the world that had they never had before or was extremely rare. Stated this would continue for two to three years and by the end it would be obvious where this was leading.

In 2024 after a continuous cooling and low or non existent solar maximum and due to gravity and barycentre the Earth would be 13% further away from the Sun.

The unknown factor was that we do not know what volcanic eruptions we were going to get. These increase cooling and the number and frequency has been increasing for decades.

It took me a couple of weeks to a couple of months to work all this out and I had been getting this feeling for about 5 years that something was .. coming.

So would it be food supply or disease?

Had expected smaller outbreaks of things but a real pandemic I thought was likely to occur around 2023 to 2024. Cosmic Rays cause mutations and this was on my mind a lot.

Had thought that maybe the rays needed to be higher than what they are now? Maybe not.

So then now a virus has spread around and though I knew where this was going it got there a damn site faster than I had anticipated.

For a moment I thought I had avoided the demise of my own world, not that it had been very good to begin with thanks to the lying and corrupt government, NHS, DWP, Police, Social Workers, Help Agencies that do not do anything than tell you the obvious and others.

So my daughter was in the clear. Or so I thought.

Get a call to tell me a second friend who was pregnant was in hospital due to a fuck up by the NHS again with a second your woman pregnant. This had resulted in some real complications and internal bleeding.

Her father is my daughter’s boyfriend who was at the hospital and my daughter was on the way there to be with them.

Seems my warning to stay away from hospital was not listened to by anyone and she got on a train too.

Next day I get a call. Daughter’s boyfriend, whose own daughter is in hospital from a screw up by the NHS, is ill. High fever, cough and cannot get out of bed.

Daughter is walking the streets from supermarket to supermarket looking for food as she has very little and cannot find any.

Get a call in the evening and she is crying.

She has gene down very ill as has one of my young grandchildren who has breathing problems anyway!

My daughter is crying and blaming herself.

Authorities have been informed in both cases.

So then .. this LOW RISK the authorities, government and fake news have been fucking lying about like they have everything else?

  • Daughter, granddaughter symptomatic North Wales
  • Grandson coughing in Birkenhead, Merseyside
  • Boyfriend asymptomatic South Wales
  • Sister’s boyfriend and niece coughing in Enfield
  • Very old grandmother coughing in Brighton Sussex
  • Seven people I know of fell ill

So yeah I have been taking chunks out of leftist AGW cult members as despite all that I predicted coming to pass they are sill on social media being protected by the likes of evil companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest trying to say a these predictions they never fucking made are all proof of AGW.

People so dishonest, amoral and evil that I think nature has decided to have a good clear out? Had a few comments like this put to me now from many followers.

Well now people have realised too late that the virus really is a threat. Not even sure if people I know have realised that there jobs are over yet?

My resident socialist ripped into two people from the middle-east in Sainsburys who were clearing an entire shelf and asked them what about old people who needed to buy food, while they just stood there staring at her.

She said she had spent decades trying to help these people as a socialist and that now she regretted being one.

I said that I had tried to tell her for years just like I tried to tell everyone about the public services and how bad they are,like the NHS and news media and that now unfortunately it is too late.

Stated that I just hoped that when it was over and when these people crawled back from under their rocks t take over where they left off or when the evil leftists who sound like Hitler in his early years try to get control that those who have survived let them ‘have it’?!

Spent years and years and years trying to warn of these things and as I have stated so many times they have tried to stop me every step of the way.

It may well sound crazy and insane but not just one or two actions but the actions of those in power for many, MANY years look as if they want this to happen?

If I could work all this out in a few weeks to a few months how could it be that they missed it for decades?!

I do not believe that they did and whatever it was that was coming I thought that all the shite and identity politics was intended solely to distract us.

So much so I called this #ProjectDistraction.

What I believed scared them and why I was suppressed for years is my high level knowledge across the board and my ability to crash course many things, though not everything, in a few days or weeks. Posting even about identity politics and the others would lead people to the bigger picture.

I went on social media platforms like Twitter, Parler, GAB and Minds to get around this suppression and needed the people to spread a number of my posts around to stop them.

Despite the increase in viewers going up ten fold it really needed to go up by a factor of about fifty and now its clear this idea also failed.

This post I did not want to write for a list of reasons.

But I am scared, fed up wit life and angry and the mere thought that these people will get away with that they have done makes me so angry that, that which I am more than capable of doing I could not possibly put here.

Massive failures by the lying leftist fake news helped bring about this by talking the threat DOWN and praising and believe the Chinese Communist Party and had lied so may times over 15 years or more that when they did tell the truth many still did not believe them.

No they were not over-blowing it to stop Donald Trump and trust me when I state this that going around saying that actually hurts Donald Trump.

The virus is real, focus on that. Do not focus on who caused it right now as this is irrelevant and when the time comes THEN you deal with those who are to blame.

So lastly to be left here is a bunch of screenshots of the news media getting it wrong and talking down this pandemic when I was screaming at people to take notice.

This can sit there while I spend the coming days and weeks going out of my mind wondering what will happen to those I care about anyhow I will survive if it is anything bad?

I will not survive this.

Some links about emissions dropping which now includes China and Italy and within the space of a single week will have a host of other countries included.

But the AGW people will still tell you its not making a difference. Oh but it is and is inevitable just as I have stated for two months now.

Hole of Europe locked down as are many states in the United States and will be all states within a week. Before long Russia will follow and there is no stopping it now.

Italy ..

Daily Mail article about London and the globe ..

Australia predicting drops in emissions of millions of tonnes

Even in the Lebanon ..

Planes. Trains & Auto-mobiles? And ships ..

In case I never got on here again..

The things the news said abut the virus ..


As I was finishing this off I received a phone-call from my daughter who simply asked if stomach pains were a symptom.

Turned out in her home in a remote part of North Wales she had a friend who had these pains as well as a dry cough, fever and diarrhoea.

All my world crumbled. Everything had tried t stop fro happening for years has been for nought. Because people did not listen, did not help and the social media giants kept shutting me down.

Years and years I have been warning about this and now its actually affected me personally and I am going to spend several days, as it is so infectious my daughter must have it, wondering what in the world is going to happen and what I am going t do.

Nothing but shite from this world for decades and now been lead blindfolded towards death by the powers that be.

Had been informed of the real numbers in the UK I would have been able to act way earlier. I did try to move to my daughter’s a few weeks ago because I knew what was coming. No one believed me. Same old same old and I just am at a loss to know what is wrong with mankind. It lives in a dream world of tribalism where people ignore what is happening right in front of them.

Would give anything for the situation to have been reversed.

Once again the resident socialist has been told but they are more important because they have things to worry about. DO you think I will want to be here if anything happens to my daughter with that heartless and selfish attitude?

I have spent two hours asking myself how this has happened and how I am trapped in the worst place and most oppressive place possible to deal with this.

This has happened so much faster than I expected and people were telling me I was wrong about this but when I am confident and post it on my blog I never end up being wrong.

This was the one time I had hoped they were right and I was wrong.

Now on with the post ..

Hoo boy! What a difference a few days make and as I start typing this out I dread to think where we will be by the next time I type something out. IF I type something out.

I was forced to go places I did not want to by my government over something they did they should not have done on the first place.

Two help agencies not that helpful and sending me to do the things I already knew I how to do, a Doctor surgery that was laughable and dreadful.

Now I have some concerning symptoms. Yup my government might have screwed me over one last time but, hey? AT least they might finally get to silence me?

Now here is the rub .. dot do this but do do that over Coronavirus . .basically guess whether you have it or not and then don’t go anywhere and if you do there will be trouble.

Yeah .. trouble they caused.

Now I thought that I had just had a cold .. and maybe I do?

Did not have a cough and the numbers of infected in the UK was was in the 200 to 300 range. So the odds of me having it and going out very little were astronomical.

Then something changed.

I have spent weeks studying and researching this subject and am good with numbers and pattern recognition.

Watch a live News Service several times a day and wade through thousands of videos and webpages throwing things to the side until I find that one I get something from.

Now I spotted early on that nations were lying. Maybe it was for money, to appear to be stronger coming out the other side? Maybe it was to save face and not look weak? I do not know and I do not care and its a disease that has infected our world I have been harping on about for a long time.


Stated to tens of thousands of deaf socialists that their attitudes will get tens of thousands of people killed and now it is. Only it looks to be hundreds of thousands to millions.

We knew China was lying. Covered this is detail. It was soon obvious Russia was lying. The numbers out of Iran were iffy and like China did not match video evidence. We all know Turkey has got many cases too. Was hearing from Americans that they were convinced they had more cases than the official figures. Now its blow up over there and everything is shutting down. Sports to cinema and beyond and will all Disneyland parks closed.

Canadian Frank Vaughn was saying similar things and the got a hold of a recording. Yeah after hearing that shortly after learning Justin Trudeau’s wife tested positive, but he can carry on as he has no symptoms (?!), it now sounds like they have tens of thousands of cases. Not the 142 listed by their government.

This has been total incompetence and failure to such an extreme it is like they actually want this deadly virus to spread. A growing number of angry people are beginning to think this too.

Now here in the UK I have complained about every government service who do not mind being paid but are incompetent and uncaring and no .. not the Tory Party but all of them!

I have also bleated on for years abut the lies, corruption and incompetence of the NHS for many, many years.

Then watching a live stream to a news channel in America a viewer stated something. The UK figures are too low.

So I went and took a look and spotted something immediately and that was it was now ten deaths and of course I had also just discovered that after dying they were discovering people had died because of the Coronavirus when it was unknown that they had it.

This meant two things.

  • It was spreading in places and hospitals without detection
  • The number of deaths and the death rate is higher

Oh dear. With ten deaths and 450 odd cases this was way, way out and a quick look around and I posted that this cannot be right.

With ten cases and probably more we should have had confirmed cases, confirmed remember, of between 5,500 and as much as 10,000 people.

That is infected.

Now as I have now drummed into everyone because now everyone actually WANTS to listen .. the number of confirmed cases is the tip of the ice-berg and depending on how good the experts are there could be between 5 times and 10 times as many people walking around that are infected. China and Iran its higher.

Then literally like an hour or so later an article by the Independent, I tend to loather these days, pops up on my phone. Experts say as many as 10,000 infected in the UK. No .. as I have now shown .. its more!

So there is likely 10,000 to 50,000 walking around with the virus in the UK?

Then this morning after finding out Chelsea football players are showing symptoms and Everton players and after the UK being the only idiots not to shut down events and schools .. my daughter discovers something while speaking to her.

In North Wales not far from Snowdonia I was at least comforted in the knowledge that these will be the last places a virus would reach. It is how it is .. the big cities is where it goes nuts first.

A week ago I am hearing a conversation with her and a teacher at a local school about doing things later on, non-virus related. I told her it was a waste of time as within two weeks the schools will be closed. DO not think she believed me.

But TODAY? Head teacher tells her not to bring the kids to school and they might close it and ignoring the British government. Then a friend of hers has a mother that works in a care home or health centre. A town called Ysbty. Someone there has the Coronavirus?!

My daughter was crying. I told her that I have warned everyone for years that the public services were lying.

I have been in three building in the last week, was supposed to be in one today and supposed to be in three more over the next week, one a Doctors.

Yeah only instead of 91 people walking around London Infected it now is an absolute minimum of 500 and likely to be several thousand.

Well explains why I heard to days ago it was in my area?


Now a tiny risk of contracting the virus has turned into a very high risk. And they are sending me all over the place with pains, a dodgy memory and heart?!

I have lived in a country run by demons and with fooking morons working in public services that have screwed my life up for decades and now THIS?!

It also changed one more thing ..

.. yeah this cold I have? Now might not be a cold and I may have the coronavirus in which case I have been walking into government buildings and help agencies giving it to people?

The irony of it all?

Yeah I contacted them so that I did not have to do all this running around as they are supposed to be help agencies and the government should not have kicked me off disability benefits and cause me to become homeless and lose all my savings.

And now the idiots that never listened to me now all might have become infected .. because they did not listen when they should have done.

I am in a building with two pensioners too. So not only could three of us die but my daughter, if they have not fucked it up for her as they have so many lives, might lose the one family relative she has.

Yeah this was North Wales I tried to move to a month ago before the shit hit the fan and it all went wrong. Because someone else who wanted to help me rushed and my daughter was not there and get the week wrong. So I had to come back with all my stuff. Two days driving in a van with two other people.

And now I cannot go at all. IN case I take an infection with me that they will refuse to test me for?!

You imply cannot make this shit up of the calamitous errors that governments made of people of the grandest sense of self-entitlements, have made.

Yeah and what are the left-wing amoral morons doing? Politicising it and blaming this on the right?!

  • Silent in January
  • Silent in February
  • Silent about countries that are left-wing run that also have outbreaks
  • Evil virtue signalling self loathing bastards that want to take their self loathing out on their fellow and innocent men and women

These people will end up being tied to wooden stakes.

But deem themselves the ones to carry on humanity while leaving all others to die a horrible death because they acted to protect the money despite the fact in no time at all there would be nothing to spend this money on?

And for a virus outbreak they have had over 100 years to come up with a contingency plan on for a stock market I always said was cause collapse and tens of thousands of deaths?

Cannot spend cold currency in hell!

More and more YouTubers are talking about nothing else too. Except everyone knows that another evil corporation, Google, demonetize you if you talk about the Coronavirus, Trump, Grooming Gangs are against socialism.

Yup freedom of speech folks.

Yeah except how are you making money. Google?!

Seen YouTuber talk about delays of cinema movies and went twenty minutes without mentioning the word ‘Coronavirus’ as Grace Randolph was obviously aware she would get demonetized.

How many people losing their income because of evil Google?

Now we are starting to see the knock on effects I have been trying t tell oh so many deaf people about for many weeks. To catastrophes have been warning deaf people about for years To corrupt public services I have warned about for over a decade.

Same old thing with mankind over and over and over again they just do not listen when they should and then talk it down and ignore when they should listen.

Then the shit hits the proverbial fan and we are all out of toilet paper and its not even a God damn joke!

Things move so fast with this things as while typing this Italy had 2,547 cases announced in a single day while the Italian Serie A football team have stated they have had 5 players as well as the club Doctor test positive for Coronavirus.

Also both Denmark and Poland have closed their borders and the London Marathon has been postponed.

The next morning almost playing into my grand plan and #ProjectDistraction hashtag an article in the Independent tabloid states that the British government, now admitting there are up to 10,000 cases, actually wanted the virus to spread to 60% of the population so that a herd immunity can occur. If it does occur.

Only you cannot really control something like that and its as if we are being used as test dummies .. only nobody blindfolds the dummy when it is used in testing!

This is totally incompetent.

There is this division over closing schools .. even within the same country. The naïve have asked me what would the benefit be while I answered we do not end up with hundreds of thousands of parent-less children.

Another and I think Andrew Cuomo in New York stated this .. they need all the health care workers in work.

Not sure he thought that one through as nowhere near enough health care workers because too many people are infected at once is worse than not quite enough health care workers because the number infected at the same time is a little too much?

One scenario will cause more deaths than the other.

Also interesting was a report that stated that in Iran, where many of us think its way out of control, a Reuters report stated that they have called upon their security forces to clear the streets.

‘Clear the streets’? Would have expected a ‘Keep the streets clear’ and wonder if people keep amassing in maybe a protest or fear or maybe some religious ritual where they call for protection from up on high?

So has it gone into some sort of biblical like breakdown out there where a large group are ignoring the requests and think that they have some immunity in some way? This would be somewhat devastating if this is the case.

When you consider that thousands gather to some holy shrine where it was believed that if you licked the temple it would protect your health and make you immune then this on top of that would be potentially catastrophic.

Then one has to wonder if there are other things going on as well as these two?

Quite what this country will look like in a few months is anyone’s guess but if anyone thinks Italy is bad and with that daily number of new cases being 2,547 is anyone’s guess.

Than you have to factor in the lag time of symptoms appearing and if and when anyone infected succumbs and this is about 4 weeks. In a months time the deaths could be like nothing seen in a long time. AS could that of others like Italy, Germany, America and others.

Now the chilling prospect of this horror story unfolding is if we reach that stage and the new cases have continued to rise from now until then, then what would we expect after yet another month?

If we call the figure in Italy as 17,00 and say it doubles in 5 days, when it has been stated as 25. to 6.5 days then ..

By the 18th March it is 34,000 and 23rd March it could be 68,000 and 28th March 136,000, 2nd April 272,000, 7th April 544,00, 12th April 1,088,000.

That is one country and one month from now. If it continues like this, it cannot forever due to people thinning out, and is still rising one month from now then what stage will we get to?

China’s total cases as of today and remembering they have a population of well over 1.4 Billion people .. is at 80,813. This is after 8 weeks.

Now think for a moment as by the 28th of March which is 12 days away Italy’s case numbers with a far smaller population could have surpassed China’s by over 50,000 cases. In far less time too. Also remember Italy expected this. China did not.

So how could this be possible?

Now consider Iran and probably never get a time frame but they sound far worse than Italy, which I did not even think possible, and I wonder of their cases have already surpassed China’s totals? I also wonder if the deaths in Iran have surpassed China’s 3,176?

They might not have done .. yet but I suspect they might surpass China in as little as a week? On line there was a picture circulating of 360 foot trenches and several of them claimed to be used as mass graves? One or two of these were claimed to have been filed and this was one site.

Once again how can this be possible?

The obvious answer is the one that many of us have known. Because the numbers are the numbers and you cannot escape them.

Note it is not as the CCP in China claimed because they made lots of mistakes, many details changed along the way. They were sending people home as recovered who were still infected. Then there were the recording regarding crematoriums burning bodies 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for many weeks. But we do not know ow many of these were doing this.

Yeah in reality you could probably add two digits t the official number of deaths in China and be a damn site closer to the truth.

Now I think that the CCP must have realised this because after spending a couple of weeks boasting how good they were and everyone else was shit at handling the virus they sent a team to Italy to help?

Yeah sitting at home watching the numbers on TV, just as I said would happen, they must have shat themselves at the recent daily figures and realised that with the exponential rises the world see they lied within days?

That ship sailed many weeks ago. Think my last two of three parts or possibly all five parts n this Coronavirus series I stated that?

Will never forget one night when a flurry of news reports came in that was about to put into foccus with everyone this threat and why I gave the last post its title. Because I knew it was coming. But not like this!

Donald Trump announces he is cancelling flights from EU countries into America and Tim Pool, who had originally thought this would come to nothing, put out a tweet I will never forget.

‘Sitting in the studio we just had collective ‘Holy Fuck’ moment’

He had been starting to realise this was big. His last few videos he had states as much and admitted he was wrong and thought we should pay more attention now.

So that tweet was a key moment. Only it was not the only moment.

Because also immediately Tom Hanks tweets out while I am watching and declares that his actress wife, Rita Wilson, and himself have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Many thought the timing was odd as it was just as Trump’s address had finished.

Yeah that was not the only moment because then it emerged there was something going on at a basketball game in Oklahoma City and it had not got started. Then the players started heading back to their locker rooms.

For a few minutes everyone wondered and speculated what was going on. Then it was announce that a French player Gobert, had been ill recently and tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Then the NBA announced they was suspending the whole season!

Then the other sports started following and I recall the NFL and Hockey and PGA Tour with Golf and seem to think there was one other?

Concerning is just seeing what looked like a Chinese journalist ask Trump about working with the CCP over the virus and he praised them?

Yeah I felt like that was a plant, over the top, unnecessary and will not go down well with many people.

You want to be concerned with the Chinese people and not the CCP and be concerned that nothing has been coming out of China of late. Not even leaks and only unreliable videos from CCP controlled sources would not give the time of day to.

I simply refuse point blank to even watch anything controlled by the CCP and not too happy if I do this with any other news channel anywhere.

Seems to be a lot of government control with the news media and probably most if not all of them in the world today?

Another odd thing about the coronavirus is how we kept being told when it was going to peak and the date kept getting moved forward. It was early February then it was mid February before it was the end of February then sometime in March and then it was eventually April.

Literally as I was typing this and after Trump gave a speech a Doctor was asked when it was going to peak?

“We don’t know” was the first honest answer I have seen about the virus.

I would have estimated when it got to around 5 million without measure to slow it down, which as are now in place has been pushed back?

There are so many acts as well as so many reactions by the public that can and will effect the speed of the spread.

So yeah now its been declared a National Emergency in he US.

Oh and someone has to have a dig about Trump taking his time which has to be made about Trump .. and of course with the hard-left who do not care other than to use this to attack him and said nothing about the deaths in China until now ..

As I stated previously to others.. almost all countries have been late to respond, unfortunate but true. Added to this left-wing politicians said nothing about the virus until recently.

It is also worth nothing that trying to put a right-wing spin on this is a bit rich because the last time I checked .. there are left-wing countries aplenty. What about them?

This originated in a communist country and it came out of a lab and they may or may not have created it. But they hid it, then lied about it, then they lied about the numbers and continued to do so throughout. All along left-wing idiots around the world among politicians and the news media were then praising the CCP while at the same time talking down the virus and this went on for 6 weeks or more.

Suddenly its all become a Trump and right-wing thing?

Jesus I have never known such a large group of people that have come across as so thoroughly inhuman while attempting desperately to appear human because they see an opportunity to attack someone.

Can you believe that with reports that China shutting down dropping emissions by

This article states ‘temporary’ drop in carbon emissions in China and yeah .. about that?

Pro AGW always make assumptions. It was a massive drop and this was 19th February around the time everyone was saying the outbreak would peak in a few weeks . Then it was another few weeks .. a month later Italy is shutting down and they do not know when it is going peak.

America is slowing down as is Europe as will every other country on Earth over the next few months. Slower and slower, with unfortunate deaths building in numbers.

After this people will be scared to get on planes, ships or trains.

So NO .. it is not in anyway temporary and is in fact permanent as I stated from the outset .. but they have jobs lying or making plicks of themselves. So bizarre.

Not good to censor WORDPRESS!!

Since I have pointed this out I have noticed that the GWPF is now on this case and you can bet your life that in as little as 30 days many countries emissions would have also dropped off a cliff.

The numbers are soaring in virus cases so the lock-downs and slow downs along with the inevitable reductions in emissions will come.

And so the sole argument of AGW Alarmists will evaporate and has been evaporating for 10 weeks but the alarmists are still solely focused on pushing it. Still talking abut people dying ignoring that cold, ice and snow kill more which has now been surpassed by the Coronavirus Covid-19 but they do not care about that.

The numbers just keep on climbing everywhere and the scary part of this is that many countries have barely started rising.

The one country everyone is looking at is Africa and many Africans are hoping and praying that their warmer climate will not be agreeable to the virus. But some countries that are warm it has still spread quite rapidly.

And South Africa I knew had cases days before they announced any and are now at 16. Senegal has 10. Nigeria has 2. Cameroon has 2 That is sub-Saharan Africa and they are now rising faster. Many also believe the numbers are higher as many Chinese are building infrastructure on the continent.

Egypt has 80. Algeria has 24. Tunisia has 13. Morocco has 6. These numbers are believed to be under reported too.

The really does have the potential to be world changing and a few news reporters are realising this and even stating it.

Now with these alarmist types still trying to get everyone to focus on AGW and ignoring everything else I normally tell them the following .. I have altered the time frame a couple of times now ..

  • You have 30 days left
  • No one will want to hear about AGW
  • No News Media will mention AGW
  • Scientists will be focusing on other things
  • The resulting emissions drop will be massive and clearly be continuing
  • Virus fallout will last two years
  • People will be scared to get on aircraft
  • People will be scared to get on ships
  • People will be scared to get on trains
  • Within a year or two the true driver of the climate, Sun and Volcanoes along with Ocean and other things will be proven

So I tell them it is over but they simply wont have it.

As I was typing this out and that calculation I have been talking about since I started in January? You can only use the same periods of time and so ‘recovered’ divided by the ‘deaths’ for the percentage?

Literally within the last hour I watched a video by Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity on YouTube and he has literally just quoted the same thing.

Also has states that advisers over the coronavirus in the UK should be fired and is idiotic while also states that what they have seen of Iran strongly suggests they might have a couple of million cases on infected?

Have to say I was stunned when I watched this. Finally hearing someone back up what I have been telling people for months now and those possible numbers in Iran. I felt sure it was in the hundreds thousands by now and very likely a lot more.

Just as added the last to this post I see the number of cases go from around 140,000 to nearly 156,000 which do not even think is a single day?

Italy just reported they had 3,497 cases and 175 deaths in a single day?! Now wondering of this will slow down or hit five figures in a single day for cases?

Imagine for a moment that we reached a point where you have over 100 countries, smaller populations would not reach this, reporting five figures minimum each day?

Not going to be long before I decide to just walkabout and head off into the country .. never to return.

Have two horrors to endure and I am not sure I want to actually witness either one?! At all!

Just remember ..

  • More than 15 feet
  • Beware being downwind
  • Enclose spaces not good
  • Planes, Buses, Trains all bad
  • Wash hands before you re-enter home for 20 seconds or preferably using alcohol based sanitizer with higher than 70%
  • Colloidal Silver might help
  • Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass, Lavender Oil but high concentrations like alcohol
  • Be wary of your shoes re-entering house, treat it like Foot and Mouth Disease

Some other interesting facts and reports about the Coronavirus ..

The alarmists lie and insist it has not cooled.

Spending time debating them and then batting to one side they childish below the belt attacks you soon realise a few things. They do no research. They ignore the facts or do everything they claim to say they are not facts. Some even insist they are not hard-left or Antifa members but end up dropping themselves in it

They are not interested in the facts at all they like to give people the impression that they are so that they appear level headed and win people over to their side.

Yeah problem with that is every time they argue with me they shed followers like there is no tomorrow and this ends up being anywhere between 50 and 500. Upon realising they then back away.

Meanwhile my followers actually rise. My total in around 14 months, it did slow for awhile as I debated too many and got blocked by 46 of them, went over 10,000 awhile back.

Now back to getting these to rise and back on Parler where these are now rising faster though wonder why what with this Coronavirus banging on my door?

Meanwhile NASA has a few problems of its own and the alarmists had better hope that this does not affect NOAA and a few others. Like the IPCC.


Before I get into this .. yet again .. I want to point out a couple of things about China, the Coronavirus and the name Covid-19.

Are you ready?

  • Their numbers are way higher, recently saw a news video I will link below, where its claimed they are 52 ties higher in places
  • China went to extreme measures to prevent the spread and no western countries will go to he extremes that China did

Now if you can accept these as facts as many of us stated for over 6 weeks and keeping this in mind.

Two weeks ago I attempted to relocate to Wales and it went wrong.

During the two day trip I talked abut the virus with a family member that thought it would come to nothing. Several did this. It seems after years of proving fake news and corruption people still want to believe the media over me. Go figure.

Stated previously it wont be long before I am proven right .. yet again .. and today the Associated Press stated in an article that the number of coronavirus cases outside China now has exceeded that of China.

At the time of this journey there were somewhere between 21 and 24 countries with cases, I believe it was?

At the time of writing the number of countries is now 48 and I have no doubt that by the time I post this it would have gone up.

Since then a massive surge has occurred in South Korea and very surprising to me is Italy that has had hundreds of cases and a dozen deaths.

Worse still is Iran who have had way more deaths than Italy and yet way less cases declared which must be wrong as it would make the death rate higher than 33%! So it is generally thought that they have maybe thousands of cases and not 50 0dd with 19 deaths as was listed at one point?

The wife of the person I have since found out told someone I know now panicking about this that it would burn out and come to nothing.

I stated that its already way more than 3 times worse than SARS and is absolutely showing no signs of slowing down and that the person that told her had zero knowledge or understanding of anything in science at all.

Me? Among many things Herpetologist, Batrachologist, Ichthyologist, computer scientist who was offered a PhD by Peter Passmore of Middlesex University working in all of those as well as medicine creating software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform surgery.

Then there is my high level of knowledge, certainly higher than average, in astronomy and astrophysics, volcanology, seismology, meteorology, orchidaceae and others.

Called a genius by Police Detectives, Secret Services, Doctors, lecturers, solicitors, social workers and others. But to the non-educated I am constantly told I am wrong and called an idiot. Not all, fortunately as one friend’s wife told her friends that her husband has a mate who is a genius.

Might be funny to hear I always get embarrassed when I am told these things.

As I am the various labels I have been given like a Modern Day Robin Hood, Warrior of God and The Messenger and the last two were fro Christian groups and I told them they are barking up the wrong tree as I am not religious. One said ..

“God does not work that way. He chooses those that are worthy”

Would have been a lot more humbling if I had been religious. Have a lot of morals that align with Christians. I am just very scientific and have an analytical mind.

Now despite people still calling me mad for my claims .. this is puzzling as six of those people have long found out in their own experiences that I was right. NHS, Police, Social Services and many others besides.

One I lost contact with for 5 years was unknowingly following me on Twitter and upon realising apologised for me for thinking I was mad and then told his 3,000 odd followers, who were stunned, that I was the guy he had been telling them about for a couple of years. The one that predicted everything that is now happening that people thought I was mad for claiming.

Picked up a few followers for a few days after that tweet of his, I can tell you.

So according to some and I have had to love with this for years .. I am an idiot and wrong, despite my 8 years and 100% prediction success rate .. oh they do not bother to look. But it seems despite all this uneducated people know better?!

Told one friend about this virus and gave him predictions a month ago and he did not think it would get to the stage it is at now. Other than some slight surprises, case rises in places I did not expect and low in others I thought would rise fast, it has continued as I expected.

But they still doubt. It beggars belief, it truly does!

You can imagine my relocation falling through and not hearing anything about it and not being contacted is quite frustrating and then some?

Since then I have had emergency meetings .. one that was fecked up by idiots and a second that was a waste of time and now a third I am waiting for.

This s being done because I do not know what is happening with my move and I cannot stay here when the coronavirus arrives as walking in front of a bus is far more appealing!

Well not its a matter of weeks and the one thing I have in my favour is that here in the UK it has been slow .. but this might turn out to be a bad thing?

After seeing Italy you wonder if this will suddenly occur everywhere? It did the same in South Korea.

The other issues is with 48 countries you now have potential carriers if this virus flying from country to country. More waves.

Also heard today that the Centre for Disease Control in America they have a tele-briefing service where they are stating in no uncertain terms this is coming and everything is going to change.

Like the flu?

Yeah .. on the social media platforms YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and Minds and likely others people have noticed an extreme effort to stop people telling the truth and certainly do not want you making money.

But they evil bar stewards will happily promote fake news who have been wrong one very single thing on every single day since the news broke on January 1st 2020. That is 8 weeks.

It is OK to parrot the World Health Organisation and the United Nations both of which have now lost credibility with a humongous amount of people including some very good Doctors.

The best one was ‘Oh we do not use the word ‘pandemic’ any more’ despite their website having pages dedicated to how they would deal with a flu pandemic?!

What pandemics only apply to the flu now .. or what?

Yes they can lie and bullshit and make money from lies and bullshit like they did with Anthropogenic Global Warming which was never a thing in a million years with an army of useful leftist idiots, that also helped cause this outbreak, who kept parroting shite while ignoring scientific data.

It beggars belief.

I have been scratching my head for two decades or more and as they years have gone on I have just scratched my head more and more and more.

Flocking tools in power and tools voted them in time after time after time while sticking their heads in the sand with lines like ‘oh well .. that is just the way it is’

An what you have now is what you end up with when you stick your heads in buckets with idiotic statements like that.

There are a few as mad as I am about this and with both the right and the left and one of those, I discovered tonight, is Canadian Frank Vaughn on YouTube I have been watching.

The part that makes you furious is all those morons have forced you to sleep-walk into this horror story along with them.

Like someone I have to deal with who is a narcissistic socialist who cannot stand anyone else getting attention .. its like the old man in the second Poltergeist movie where he leads people to their deaths in a cave of whatever it was and wont let them leave. Either while they was alive or their spirits.

This is what it has felt like for me for the longest time now.

Absolutely years of my life in torture, pain or just plain wasted thanks to the evil people behind the social media giants who think they can play God and lies are OK and the truth is not. Effectively becoming slave drivers in the process. You could not make this stuff up, you really can not.

I should receive the fist money I have had for many months in about 6 weeks but I do not even know if there will be banks or a welfare system by this time?! It is that bad from my point of view and I hope I get lucky at least for a few weeks or even a couple of months and am able to escape .. to somewhere .. anywhere .. but here?!

Worst [art abut it is those in power that will be complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands, millions or tens of millions or, God forbid, more will disappear under their rocks.

Then when the dust has settled they will crawl out from under those rocks and reclaim their power, land and make people work for them like the Kings, Queens and the deities I am certain they see themselves as.

Yeah I have a message for them as I assure you it wont go as they planned. Not even close.

Did you know that in Indonesia they frown upon people that wash their hands? How do you think the coronavirus will do there?

We have had a health minister in Iran telling people on TV twice its not big deal and they have control over it, while coughing and sweating and a day or two later posting a film of himself from a hospital bed stating ‘Oh I have tested positive for the coronavirus’?!

Yes its that insane and I a matter of days 11 or 12 countries in the Middle-East declared cases of the virus .. in a week or so?!

  • Leftists possibly created disease
  • Leftists let out disease
  • Leftists concealed outbreak
  • Leftists then lied about numbers
  • Other leftists helped spread the disease with the sheer leftist idiocy
  • Leftists then lied to protect leftism
  • Leftist News Media talked down the disease
  • WHO and UN praised CCP the whole way
  • Naive idiots did not research putting those around them at risk
  • Other idiots lied and said they did not have it
  • Along with the above those that did got on planes to go home, flock knows what for
  • Thereby infecting everyone on the aircraft
  • Meanwhile because of lying leftists and there fake AGW and as I warned them so many times had everyone and all scientists concentrating on global warming which was pure bullshit
  • Ergo leftists once again have killed a very large number of people

They argues, bitched, called names and reported me when I told them over and over again IF they keep getting everyone focused on AGW was is not real and NOT a threat something will come along and bite them in the arse.

Consider their arse having a few small lumps taken out of it before it has giant size pieces removed over the next few weeks.

And I cannot wait for the excuses .. and oddly the usual suspects have all been absent today and I wonder of they have realised, all wonkers from Antifa, and have crawled back under their rocks?

Have been dropping hints for a couple of weeks now and if they have now realised I can assure you they know full well, as I have done this many times, there is going to be a backlash from me.

Only this time I will pain the walls with them and then some.

Well as I was typing this out something I predicted has already happened. I stated that in time what would happen is that the CCP would get shown up to be false. That the numbers of cases outside China would show the numbers being given out would reveal what many of us already knew. That the CCP were lying. They could have covered it up better and could have easily explained themselves away. But that ship sailed some time ago.

Now what JUST happened occurred twice.

Earlier in the day the Associated Press ran an article that stated that for the first time the numbers of new cases exceeded that of China.

Then today and after South Korea announced 334 cases in their morning announcement they then announced 171 others later in the day. This meant that South Korea alone had more cases announced than the whole of China.

Should be pointed out that China has 28 times more people than China.

Yes it is entirely feasible that China slowed the spread but nowhere near the extent of that they have been announcing. It was inconceivable.

You have yet another one coming up that will further show that the CCP have been lying, which they have also done to their own people. This is time and specifically the time since the outbreak began in China and the point the numbers started to fall.

Now this might have taken eight weeks but if this was possible and with South Korea’s population being way smaller it should, in theory, occur sooner? But if that same point goes by and the numbers are still rising in South Korea then the CCP has nowhere to run.

Two things I want to point out and that is the AGW cult which are all Antifa leftists I argue with over their attitudes, lies, agenda and climate change were nowhere to be seen. This has not happened for a single day for eight whole months. Yeah I think they realised. There was one guy called Joe, I called LessThanAverage .. Joe, but on a different thread. But that was it.

I also want to touch on something else that has come up at a great deal and that is these accusations of racism.

Now personally I have not seen this myself so when it comes up in the fake news I have no idea what they are talking about. Well other than leftists that seem to suggest that if you say anything at all about the CCP y are racist?

Yeah that is very helpful to the people in China who are suffering and just another example of their utter idiocy among the modern day left. Idiots pure and simple.

Have had a lot of friends from the orient and several of them were while at university. Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. They can be really nice people and can make the greatest friends.

I also love China and had planned to spend a lot of time there but it did not work out. But I have always disliked the CCP and think they treat their own people like garbage and this has gone beyond ridiculous since the outbreak started.

Governments are lying too. Was saying to someone recently that there will be so much trouble from this even after it is all over.

Iran health minister claims they have it under control on TV at least twice while coughing and sweating then appears in hospital testing positive?

In am matter of a few days they have 26 deaths and only 245 cases and the disease has spread to three or more other countries from Iran and experts saying that there must be thousands of cases or even 10,000 cases for this to occur?

Bearing in mind they stated something along the lines that it was fabricated to disrupt elections they had going on. I bet they are feeling very embarrassed right about now?

Make no mistake I live in a life of hell, I an area of hell, in a building fro hell in a room from hell with a health condition from hell and have a daughter with a life from hell. We have been absolutely battered about by our own country for years and neither of us trust anyone.

Then in the last year I saw the scientific data that leftists ignore and knew immediately what it meant for the world.

Made my predictions and while many have since been talked about one is unfolding as I type this out and when its over it will be obvious the world is cooling.

What rate this will occur is impossible to nail down and depends on other factors. But it will cool and for many years and would estimate 7 and maybe, if some predictions on solar cycle 25 are correct, up to 20.

A low activity sun and extended solar minimums are causing cooling but leftists ignore that, the reports of up to 7 metres of snow and insist it is still warming.

They cannot explain where the extra heart is coming from, mind you.

Volcanoes are increasing in VEI and frequency which will speed up cooling but they ignore that too and state they have no effect. They are all about the science though.

Now then let us deal with the Elephant in the Room scenarios no one else seems to have touched upon ,. the lying by governments. Why?

Well the easy place to start is China and they have a lot of people to cater for and have spent many decades building themselves up as the manufacturer for the world.

Because other companies wanted to save on costs and make larger profits. Apple, Nikon, Sony, various companies making bicycles and the list goes on.

Now I had a very goof friend years ago who was from Newcastle, so a Geordie. We were both into similar things and one was mountain bikes. I told him several times that this urge to make all the affordable stuff in China was a mistake waiting to happen. That down the line this would go wrong, as I also predicted with the stock markets.

But like so many things I never thought I would live to see my predictions actually unfold.

Now here is how it works ..

  • Country A outbreak occurs
  • They announce because they have to and think they might get help from the world
  • Outbreak gets out of control
  • Money people start thinking abut money and markets
  • They realise that this will spread fast
  • They then realise other nations will be pre-occupied with their own countries
  • Therefore help will not occur or disappear after a short while
  • They lie
  • Other countries, A-B-C etc, now realise this already
  • They then realise that if they appear the least affected they not only look good but ..
  • They may be able to capitalise and take things from Country A

Country A is obviously China in this instance.

A potential Country B? Well say maybe a large country where they had 2 cases only for several weeks despite the fact that several weeks ago they were asking embarrassingly bad errors. Saw a video where they quarantined a bunch of people and at least one escaped.

Now hold on to your butts for this one ..

In the video they had arrested this woman and took her to court .. a small courtroom in a building that was crammed with people and they was surrounded by journalists and photographers more up close and personal than normal.

It was a facepalm moment for me and I expected that within a week there would be up to 20 cases declared from this country. A few weeks later, maybe 3 and no one has mentioned this, there has not been a single case?

Other countries that border it have now had dozens of deaths and they estimate there must be thousands of cases? Yet this large country still remains at two cases?

If it already seems like they are lying I am afraid it is about to get worse .. because, you see, this country shares a very .. VERY large border with China.

It is also the country that China based its whole social system on.

Why yes that would be RUSSIA!!

In the space of two to four weeks and while Russia remained at2 cases we have had dozens of countries added to the list .. DOZENS. Countries like Italy, I did not expect at all, raced up into the hundreds of cases. South Korea now in the thousands of cases and they do not eve HAVE a border with China. Only North Korea and we all know how that one works.

So do you think that Russia might have hoped to gain all the manufacturing from China?

Lets be honest here. China might never be able to do again what it did previously?

Chances are China will collapse and I have said this for over a month. They might not have the workforce available when this is over? My betting is there will be a revolution in China and something like that has bee sparked for reasons for less serious than what is going on right now.

Watched a video from Shanghai where Chinese are all sitting on the floor in a public square and officials are walking around telling them to go back to work. This is a week after the CCP is giving the impression to the world that they have the coronavirus under control.

Everyone knows this is complete bullshit. As do the Chinese.

The people remained sitting on the floor. No one responded to the repeated requests and I was even wondering if they were going to start arresting people?

Because China are losing vast amounts of money and due to the population size a complete collapse would not take long.

They are more or less treating their people like slaves only in this instance the is a very good chance they will contract the virus and die. They have welded people into their homes. There was a video of a tower block on fire with residents reportedly still in it. They have dragged people off the streets and arrested them. They have arrested Doctors and others for speaking out. Anyone talking on social media gets a visit from Police within 30 minutes, even videos of that happening.

Yeah, yeah the CCP have been honest to the world, right?

Well in the public square the Chinese woman taking the video on her phone eventually speaks and says that the control over the coronavirus is a sham and a lie and no one wants to return to work.

In another video a canteen that caters for 100 companies in an Industrial area has very few customers after re-opening. The video was from the South China Morning Post and they talked to several factories .. many had been told to re-open which they did. Only most of the had no workers returning so were doing nothing. Some had anything up to 50% so where not operating at anything like their usual full capacity.

Of course I was waiting for these videos as this announcement that China was going back to work? Never gonna happen.

It is like other people that think this is just the flu, fabricated to get control, released intentionally by the elite and all other manner of theories.

Maybe when the Tokyo Olympics are not held or cancelled they might take this seriously and not just another tool to push their narratives because they have obsessions for those they want to blame everything on?

So far more than 50 countries, thousands upon thousands of videos, a case, death and spread rate that’s 4 times worse than SARS with no signs of slowing down, top tier football matched being cancelled, people fighting in supermarkets over food and by a long way the largest lock-downs in human history that is occurring in a growing number of countries is not enough.

One, trying t prove their point, wanting to tell me it was blown out of proportion by these elite t gain control actually used the line ‘think about it logically’?

Logically ..

  • Ignore the fact a serious virus is out
  • Spreading way faster and wider than anything before
  • Killing at a scary rate
  • hundreds Millions locked down
  • Logical thing to do is run around on social media blaming ..
  • Elite/China/Trump/Bats/Pangolins/Soros

Reality ..

  • Ignoring it wont change anything
  • Ignorance wont stop it
  • It wont care what colour, culture, religion you are
  • Knowing where it came fro wont change a damn thing
  • Wanting everyone to echo you wont change a damn thing
  • You wont get everyone or even enough to listen to your claims anyway
  • Data data data .. you cannot make on omelette without eggs anyway

Timing ..

  • Focus on what is important right now
  • The truth will come out as people will find a way after this
  • If this results in the end of civilisation as we know it then ..
  • The evil ones in power will retreat under their rocks until the dust settles
  • Once over they will re-emerge
  • They will then try to regain power, lay claim to entire swathes of land and the people to do their bidding and work
  • And THEN the people will have their culprits and can deal with them accordingly
  • THIS is ..
  • How you deal with t and make sure they do not get away with their evil plans
  • It is THIS you need to make enough people aware of to stop them ..
  • Because NOW it is the only way to stop them AFTER .. this event is over and like I said to this person ..
  • I would very much like to be around to see that but ..
  • If I contract this virus I am dead for sure

I held back until there as a right time to state these things but they have been in my head for a very long time now.

I have stated previously that I have been limited in various ways by a lot of social media platforms and some of these will surprise you and they have surprised me too.

Now maybe .. just maybe .. looking at the above LOGIC I have provided might make people realise just WHY I have been targeted?

It is not my numbers because despite everything my followers are not exactly big. But what they were doing was growing quickly and I went up to 4,000 followers in the space of a few months.

Imagine what this works out to be over a few years?

I have got through to people on the hard-left and the hard-right. Not every time admittedly but I have achieved this many thought impossible.

Have talked many times and used the hashtag #ProjectDistraction and it seems to me that the divide was almost as if t was created. People going very far to the left to start with, infiltrated news, politics, entertainment and industries. As a result other started oat then venture to the right.

It has been like watching pawns on a proverbial chess board over the past few years.

AS Tim Pool recently did a video about there has been this really annoying habit, by the leftists, to label everything they do not like as a ‘conspiracy theory’ as people have been conditioned for years to retreat in embarrassment from such things.

Quite how saying that someone has a theory about a conspiracy now means your a raving lunatic and best avoided is beyond me. But someone .. somewhere .. came up with the idea to do this.

Have to admit though .. many with the crazier sounding stuff have only helped them do this and therefore hide the truth that for the past couple of years they complain has been hidden from them.

Probably the worst of these is Flat-Earth and Bigfoot? Arguably.

Stories are stories and proof is proof.

It takes someone with some unique insight to separate the wheat fro the chaff and this is something I am very good at. This blog is full of it. Used to have a friend send me YouTube videos on Bigfoot and thought the Earth was flat.

On the latter I ended up listening to a video on Flat-Earth about some map. Two American women on a podcast talk to a British guy who was telling them about some old map and that the font on the map was Times New Roman. Something to do with the dates?

Now I thought he has sent me the wrong link?

But next time I see him I told him and he said “No that is the right link” and 20 years I had no idea he believed the world was flat. And I said ..

“Yeah .. that map does not prove anything”

He replied that it did because this font was not supposed to be around until the time that The Times created it. Times New Roman.

I simply said “No. All it sows is that The Times did not create the font .. they just copied it from some old map”

After a moments silence and thought he replied “Oh [BLLEP]! I never thought of that!”

I cannot emphasize enough that which many that knew me in real life know. I am not perfect but I am big on facts and do not go on faith.

Nor am I a sensationalist and these things would hardly benefit me now.

Never lied and you need a good memory to be a liar and I have a health condition and one of many, many dozens of symptoms is short-term memory loss so I would make a bloody awful liar at any rate.

As for the genius label so many people and organisations have given me and others fear?

My theory is as close a dammit in that my condition increases my brainwave activity and I can analyse super-fast but I do have the issue that sometimes I can shut down .. like a writers block only worse. Even has a name. Fibrofog.

Other than this I deal with anxiety, not over the virus, and many areas of pain and living a life of pure hell.

After watching me tear through dozens of people on Twitter, shhh, and getting blocked by over 40 Antifa climate alarmists on a single thread, muted by a dozen on the same thread. Blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann (must do a post about this with screenshots) you might start to realise, I thin I mentioned earlier, WHY I was saluted?

That event literally brought tears to my eyes. Literally. Had to break off and go and make a coffee.

If you compare what has been said by so many people and that they have stated that I am one of the best people they have seen online for my ability to debate, my widespread knowledge, my ability to tear down scientific papers with aplomb you might realise something?

Everything I have said about being limited by all these social media giants is true.

I am good at spotting patterns and numbers and even the virus has spread just as predicted it would and an outbreak I predicted on this blog where I have had tags deleted.

Yeah I should have at least hundreds of thousands of followers .. and tens of thousands of viewers each month. But I do not. Also not being paid, mores the pity and to my daughter’s disappointment who tells people and her boyfriend she has a genius as a father.

Speaking t someone she knows on the phone he said to her “I have just GOT to meet your Dad! He is a genius!”

She replied in the background not knowing I heard her “Oh you have NO IDEA”.

There is indeed a blog post with a recording that will give you this idea and that is ‘Country of the Damned’.

Yeah the powers that be do not like me.

Unfortunately I have waited for help to promote me to get beyond their suppression and I have had a lot of help when people realised what was happening and see for themselves.

But thus far it has really never quite happened. Not sure if I have just had help from people with not enough followers or they are doing a good job at focusing on me?

People have tried for years to bring me to the attention of various famous people and if named you would know each one. One I will mention is Rebel Media and Ezra Levant. There have been four or so that I am aware of?

Some told me I was going in the right direction, keep going it wont last much longer but I was not so sure and yet again I was right.

One even told me they would take away my financial woes and horrific life and once again that never happened.

Both my daughter and I have had 9 years of this .. promises that are broken so much so that today if anything like that is said to either of us we just totally ignore it.

Yes she has had them too .. massive book, TV and film deals for her story and got reduced to local paper article, Take A Break Monthly article and Love It!

At one point she waited for a Limousine to take her to London to appear on Good Morning Britain, or one of those, and Panorama. That never came.

It is like almost the prefect timing that just as I am about 6 months away from actually achieving something by finding various ways around their suppression, am sure they are well aware of, that this damn virus outbreak occurs.

In fact this reminds me of people from my past .. sometimes distant that said two peculiar things and no not the Robin Hood, Warrior of God or The Messenger people that called me those things.

  • You have a highly unusual amount of bad luck?
  • The worse your life get the worse the world seems to get?
  • You have been through so many things it is almost like you have been put here for a test?

These things have continued and it so often feels like this is in fact hell and have been put here for things I did in a previous life?

Yet so many people see me as a hero and anyone knew that comes across me starts thinking that within a couple of weeks.

But still unstable idiots in entertainment seem to get masses of followers and it like a delusional disease affects a large percentage of the population.

Or Ike I said they are just doing a very good job at suppressing me or preventing what I say to spread too far?

So I sit around watching the numbers of the coronavirus hoping I get out of where I am in time before it spreads too fay in the UK. We have been lucky thus far as fully expected to spread much further and faster than it has here.

Unfortunately that has occurred in Italy which has been a humongous shock to me. Now spreading in France and Germany.

Now I did in fact find myself in North Wales in a van with two other people and what is left, that I did not lose no thanks to my own government, of my belongings.

I was within two miles of the house I was to move into. Only the person was not there and there was a mix-up on the dates a week apart.

In all fairness and agreed with by others, it was rushed.

So we ended up in a hotel in Bangor, went and spotted our first Chough, a rare bird, while fighting strong winds there is a video of. Then went to Snowdon and took pictures before coming back again and placing all my belongings back in my room just before midnight.

Due to my condition and just as I knew would happen I then suffered for a couple of days. Annoying there is often a delayed reaction with this condition, it is very weird. It is called Fibromyalgia and even affects my heart.

No medication nor access to Doctors .. because the NHS are evil morons for the most part as is every public service in the UK. Or just part of the concerted effort to stop me.

One friend I know who doubted me has now been lied to by the NHS, DWP, Police and Social Services and had belongings confiscated, been made to work in pain for years before finding out he needs a new hip and still made to work. Not lazy he has always worked, should point that out.

Since heard he was suicidal and speaking to him he said this “I wanted t smash my GP’s face in!” which was a real shock to hear! But these evil flucking morons push you and push you and push you beyond human limit and then have a meltdown and okay the victim when YOU REACT.

The NHS and government’s official line in the UK for the coronavirus?

We are well prepared for an outbreak of the coronavirus” or something to that extent?

What did I hear from Canadian YouTuber and all round sensible guy Frank Vaughn on YouTube?

We will not be treating those that are weak (and/or old and shite)”

Oh yeah sounds well prepared as the institution that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths over the past few years wants t now speed up the process and save money and resources?

Fucking evil.

Had this myself its on this blog and you really could not make this stuff up about these evil asswipes and I am talking about Doctors here too. In it fr the MONEY. Not the people. THE END.

Yeah feel pretty sure they would prefer it if I was not .. ‘around’ any longer.

As of right now I am getting help from Age UK to get an income I have to wait 6 weeks for and I am even wondering if there will even be a welfare system in 6 weeks time or it will last much longer?

If I did manage to relocate to Wales then sorting this out prior to leaving would be a massive help but that is IF I relocate as I have not heard anything in two weeks regarding this.

In my head an am watching an hour glass and the sands of time slowly running out.

One of the worst health condition in the worst room in the worst building with the worst people while in the worst area while hammering away online to actually try and reach many different goals.

Oh I might add that it was all agreed with the British government for me to start my own business and go self-employed. Now let me just explain this to show you that something is going on ..

  • Government said I could not go on Business Scheme called Enterprise as it would take too long to build up numbers
  • Than I explained I had been at it for four years and showed them the current number
  • Business adviser almost fell off his chair and said ..
  • I can tell you now I do not even have to speak to my bosses, you WILL get accepted”
  • Did a course I did not need to do, admitted by the advisor when he realised what I was, what I did and what I know
  • Two days after going self-employed the government pulled the plug
  • At the exact same time I found out my daughter had been attacked by her husband who had gone to prison
  • Disabled Daughter and Father .. they did all this? Nice people.
  • At the time I was a couple months away from getting my first payment via Adsense and Google
  • That was Spring 2017
  • At the time I was not using Twitter, GAB, Minds, Parler or anything like that
  • In 2020 I have 12,000 followers, despite then knocking off 7,000 followers, on the above
  • So as you can imagine the number of viewers has rocketed in the last couple of years from the point I was about to be paid?
  • In 24 hours I was lucky if I got as high as 20 viewers in 24 hours, 50 after a week
  • Today I often get 50 in the first 24 hours
  • In 6 months that will be way higher
  • So where is the money?

Had a friend who thought I was mad when I stated they were subduing me back in 2015 and 2016 as did others.

A Type 1 Diabetic I know was in a hospital waiting room a year back and got talking to a YouTuber and he told the guy he had this mate who had this made idea he was being subdued and money being held back.

My friend got asked what it was I talked about and after telling him it was rapists, Trump, against climate change and others they guy then told my friend with his jaw open ..

“Oh yeah, he is right. I have lost over £1,000 per month and have friends that have lost several hundreds each month in income”

After a few years of thinking I was batshit crazy my friend apologized.

He later started that everything I had said for years n one believed turned out to be true and including the NHS because after thinking for years he was untouchable because of his illness they started to mess him around and lie to him.

‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.’

If the virus spreads fast in the UK I fully expect public services like the NHS, Police and Councils to collapse within 6 months to a year.

When started typing this post and as mentioned there were 48 countries affected by the coronavirus and now that I have finished there are now 56. This does not include the fact that South African YouTuber and nice guy with the channel Loving Life stated yesterday that he received an email alert to state there are two cases in the country and hospitals have been put on emergency measures.

So that is 57 countries .. likely more by the end of today and Russia is still only on two and I have checked .. it has been 16 days now without hearing of a single case.

Now remembering the massive border and the fact that the virus looks to not do well in warmer climates what do you think the chances are that Russia only has two?

I fully expect in a few days that someone somewhere will look at these new numbers and accuse Russia are lying their asses off?

Wil leave you with one to cook your noodle that is taken staright out of my Grand Solar Minimum posts ..

It has been widely known and Carl Sagan stated it in his series Cosmos, I have a copy of, that Cosmic Rays can mutate things like DNA.

We had a record high of cosmic rays in 2008 to 2009 and we are very close to hat yet again right at this moment in time. Now I have heard that according to a nurse or Doctor they are seeing their worst flu outbreak in 13 years.

We have has Aussie Flu and Swine Flu and I have cold symptoms right now that have persisted for weeks, I kid you not.

Now if this new strand of Coronavirus has mutated a few times like some experts fear it has, like in Iran .. are cosmic rays behind it?

Now also consider that for a decade some very weird things and behaviours have occurred and over time it has only become worse.

Did they know?

Or is the behavioural thing brought about by something going on?

Animals show behaviours prior to events and might suddenly leave an area altogether. In recent times and as an animal expert and going from insects all the way up to birds and mammals I have seen some VERY unusual behaviour. Have spoken about this with various experts and enthusiasts and everyone has seen the same thing. A search on YouTube will bring up plenty of videos including birds dropping dead out of the sky. Even my daughter has witnessed this in Wales.

Food for thought.

When all else has been ruled out, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Don’t pay attention to authorities, think for yourself” – Richard Feynman

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You cannot make bricks without clay ..

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Don’t you just love disaster movies? I do.

For years we have had these things based on all kinds of things from asteroid strikes to Tsunamis earthquakes the Earth’s cure stopping, continental drift and right down the a pandemic.

Of late, well where I am, they seem to have played a lot of them almost as if you were watching a series of training videos.

There are always parts that are unbelievable though right down to the politics and actions of governments actions. They always are portrayed as human .. well sometimes. Like Danny Glover in ‘2012’ where he stays behind with the people in a sort of pointless sacrifice breaking his daughter’s heart in the process.

Bizarrely that last one has been something I have thought about daily as despite not being afraid of dying, even with this outbreak, I think about how my own daughter would cope and being without her only family. She has even stated that to others.

The news media in these movies are also not even close to the way they are in reality now are the big organisations like the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. Not even close. There was a time when I thought they were like this. But by 2012, no pun intended, I had already realised a number of organisations were corrupt and, dare I say, evil?

Likely down to the very things I have pointed out ad complained abut for years and have done exactly that for 8 years give or take on my blogs and going back way longer. Like greed, things getting out of control, rush to protect money, property and their positions of power. Power is the one thing those at the top fear.

Someone once said to me a long time ago that hitting those in power in the pocket has zero effect but threaten their power and that s a whole different story.

Now moving on to the science and yes these were based in things that could and have happened but were all possible. Obviously these were educated guesses in most part as we do not fully understand everything in science but do not tell the hard-left climate alarmists that as they think we know and can control everything and that changes are always down to a single thing. Like CO2. Nothing could be further fro the truth.

Also and despite them all being possibilities these were things that as someone whose deeply into various sciences. Have a BSc Single Honours Degree, got a distinction for my thesis and was asked to do a PhD, I stupidly turned down, that would have had me working in the entire animal kingdom, computing and medicine with keyhole surgery simulation software, I never thought I would see any of these things happen in my lifetime.

Not long ago I was walking around an area I grew p in as a child and near a school and even a nursery I attended. As I wandered around I thought about me and my friends jumping on buses, running around, playing football and something kept springing up in my mind.

How would we have reacted if someone came up to us and told us that while we were still alive scientific data would start to emerge that pointed to the possibilities of

  • Pole Reversal
  • Ice Age
  • Asteroid Strike
  • Weakening Magnetic Field
  • Super Volcano eruption
  • Or a series of VEI6 or VEI7 volcano eruption
  • Magnitude 9 or greater Earthquake
  • Global Pandemic

Any one of the above would have knocked me for six, blown my mind so to speak.

Yet here I am in 2020 well aware that a shed load of unprecedented data, we have not seen before so we do not know, has emerged that suggest all or any combination of the above could happen.

As I have looked back at data it turns out many of these things have been building up for a very long time. The magnetic poles have looked suspicious for a decade and volcanoes have been increasing for several decades. Just to give two examples.

Does an ice-age sound mad? Well there are different depths, they are all not the same, and bought about by a combination of things.

The most recent one, a little one, brought about by a stalling of the solar cycles where sunspots went missing for 50 years as recent as 1648 that lasted until about 1700. This lull happens briefly every 11years, give or take. Except in 2007 it lasted for a couple of years and we had a low solar maximum in 2014 and now in another deep minimum that has lasted longer than the last one and everyone is waiting for the sunspots to build up.

I was concerned we would get well into 2020 and the rise of solar cycle 25 would not be occurring and that if this had not happened by the summer scientists would all be talking about it.

It is the 18t February at the time of writing and we have had 17 consecutive days without sunspots and 66% of 2020 without them. Years close to a solar maximum you would not get spotless days.

Solar cycles last 11 years and many climate alarmists have not even realised these have been extending, when they are ruling out the Sun as driving the climate to keep up their political gains. The cycles have been getting longer and the last around 13 years or so.

So the next solar maximum just keeps getting pushed further back and has crept fro around 2022 to now July 2025 the last time I looked. If this solar minimum continues throughout 2020 t will be truly bizarre.

Back in January 2019 and on this blog when I started to realise this data had been emerging and after wondering why to begin with no one was talking about it in the media and the realising they were telling lies about it, I predicted a number of things.

After I realised that the world’s weather would flip-flop it occurred to me this could bring about many things and many catastrophes and one of these was disease. That would be the last one on the list above.

Though to be fair many things I predicted I had down for being much further away. It had been my estimation that many things would occur and start around 2021 onwards. Predicted the UK would have its worst winter record broken by 2024, for example. The real possibility of a little ice-age period by 2022 or 2023. Be more or less in it by 2026 or 2027. Just my estimations based on the data I had looked at.

In the meantime and as I had to fight various personal battles, like my debilitating condition, I had also been watching the world turning even more crazy. People turning on each others, health organizations lying and refusing people even children. Fake news telling even bigger lies, Divisions on social media. Talks and arguments over many things.

Mass influxes of people when the and infrastructure and services could not cope already or has nowhere near enough housing.

But this I had been watching for a large number of years and I had also predicted well over a decade ago.

Even had an old friend turn out to be following me on Twitter I lost contact with that heard me predict all this and thought I was mad. Then told many followers I was the one he had been telling everyone about and had predicted everything that was going on today. That was .. bizarre.

  • Collapse of Society
  • Corruption of world organisation
  • Governments turning on their own
  • Health Authorities breaking Hippocratic Oaths
  • Court Judges lying and not interested n justice and truth
  • Loss of Freedom of Speech
  • Fake News
  • Bias over groups of people that is backwards in cases
  • Sinister political agendas that somehow had a very far reach that affected western nations that left me scratching my head as to how it was even possible
  • Widespread talk in western nations of civil war
  • Widespread talk globally of world wars

Remember when I said that I was in an area where I grew up as a child which was 40 years ago and stating that if someone had come up to us and told us all the above would occur in our lifetimes you would have passed them off as insane.

Yet decades after here we are and me seeing data and reports I did not even think my daughter would ever see.

While writing this Storm Dennis has an even bigger storm to hit the UK. With 150 mph winds possible. Sure that will be a record?

Volcano in Ecuador has undergone massive land deformation so possibility of eruption?

After record snow fall in parts of North America I now see a report that about now and on the 25th February two polar blasts are going to hit and a very large number of records will be broken.

After the Taal Volcano I am now waiting for a big VEI6 eruption or even a VEI7? A super-volcano? Who knows but Yellowstone has been restless in recent years.

Feel absolutely sure that something will emerge that links everything concerning submarine volcanoes over the next year or three too.

But popping up out of the shadows is this coronavirus outbreak. Also expected but not this early and now this has become the primary focus.

Trust me the numbers are pure bullshite. Going down and got a handle on it everywhere? Like flock do they as ..

  • It it peaked they would say
  • If it burn out they would say
  • Because the economy
  • If there was any kind of miracle hey would say
  • If they had a drug they would say
  • If the used a pre-existing drug that worked they would say
  • For cases to fall or stall in so many countries at once?
  • Yeah I have a bridge to sell you! Its mobile, foldable, light-weight and comes with wheels!

The world and society has become a sham.

A hot bed of lies and misinformation that has got worse and just about everyone seems to be involved with in societies where everyone else want to stick their heads in their proverbial buckets.

It is hugely dislikeable and thoroughly unbearable.

Horrible, evil, amoral and dishonest people have most of the power or seem to be the only ones that seem to get on in life. And only see this getting worse.

Feel something coming. Feel it in my bones.

And starting at the year of around 2029 ish it just feels to be getting closer and closer and it keep bring the year closer and closer. 2027, 2026, 2025, 2024, 2023 and now only 6 weeks into 2020 I think it might be this year?

Supposed to relocate and I have been panicking abut getting out in time!

Think I am easily panicked?

  • Nope
  • Had Aussie Flu
  • Also had Swine Flu
  • Thought I had brain cancer at one point, ad t have an MRI

None of these phased me.

Heard al the scare stories and the prophecies of doom.

Today? Well for the first time ever .. today is very different from every other day.

So to finish up .. as well as deleting tags on certain platforms my alarm bells went off when the numbers froze I the US, UK and Europe. After four days of not a single case I knew .. and then the rumours came. From someone whose wife works in health care.

They are lying.

While writing this and according to the Chinese government the number of new cases of infection for Wuhan, the epicentre, went down from day t day from 1660 to 615, a drop of over 1,000.

For the rest of the entire province where Wuhan is located, Hubei, it has dropped from day to day from an already ridiculous lie of 54 to 13. That is thirteen and not a typo.

This is the province of the epicentre and remember that just three or four days ago they banned all use of private cars. For less than 200 cases. And China is supposed to be going back to work. But cars are banned across a large province?

It gets worse as China announced that they REDUCED the number of cases by around 279 but they did not state why.

Since I started typing the numbers of cases on the ship called the Diamond Princess that were up to over 400 and remember they have not tested everyone yet and many have left that might have been negative but might test positive when back on their home countries?

The number of cases on the ship that tested positive is 621. In a few days and with only around 3,200 aboard, I think it is? So 621 is not the final figure but it s about 30%.

The population of Wuhan is a little under 12 million people and very likely tightly packed as I understand it.

The population of the Hubei province in its entirety, including Wuhan, is a little under 58 million.

It is generally reported now that the coronavirus, now known as Covid-19, first appeared around the 1st December 2019.

There is no way on Earth these numbers have been correct and they have falsified them so badly that it will literally be discovered to be false by thw weekend, possibly by tomorrow?

There is also the issue that there are now 28 countries that have the virus and though many could be hiding things, as Americans, Canadians and other countries do, if numbers in other countries surpass China’s or even get close without slowing down? Well there will be a great deal of anger towards China’s CCP. There is already growing anger among the Chinese citizens towards their government.

Even the World Health Organisation, who have a team in China now, have stated they are sceptical of the numbers.

It is like Chinese government want their own people and the world to know they are either lyning through ther teeth or are incompetent?

If it was a manpower problem well they have been getting them wrong long enough now. They have had many weeks to come out and state that they know there are a great many more cases out there but did not have the ability to confirm them.

Now this would technically true but allow them to cover up the numbers and get away with it. Well if they produced better and more convincing numbers to leave people unsure.

But this has been beyond ridiculous for around fur days and one guy that streams live on YouTube, AgendaFree TV, was absolutely dumbstruck ad kept repeating “Thirteen, its thirteen! China are trying o tell us that the the whole of Hubei outside of Wuhan has only had thirteen cases?! Thirteen guys .. THIRTEEN?!” He did this for 30 minutes straight.

And this is someone that does not like talking abut reports of anything unless it comes from more than two sources. If there are many ad it only comes from one he wont post about it or talk about it.

Here is the official page in China where they report it and you might want to watch the video from Frank Vaughn. After watching that and reading the comments you will start to question the official line from everyone.

This wont and well and if lies and cover ups it wont last long either. They failed to consider the reactions from their own people when it is realised they allowed people to get themselves infected and die.

Nope this certainly is not going to end well.

Watch this video, watch his other videos and look at the comments section as rumours abound of people being tested or having the virus.

They handled it badly from day one and they are only succeeding it making it worse.

Additional ..

  • Was to get a call yesterday for emergency appointment with famous help agency
  • Did not get it fell asleep suddenly while watching YouTube video
  • Morning battery was dead, charged it at 9.20
  • Get a text message from help agency telling me I have appointment 20 minutes away for 9.15am .. at 9.25am
  • Call the number but does not seem to exist
  • Get call wanting to book me into a branch even further away
  • Tell them about closer one bur refuses to do this because of jurisdiction and my post code
  • Tell her I do not have a post-code
  • She said I do because I gave them one
  • I said NO .. I was asked for the nearest post-code I was aware of
  • Still refuses to book me and asks me to ring the branch
  • I ring the branch but this acts like it does not exist, try the two again from a land-line same thing occurs
  • I get an alternative number but that one says telephone services not available in my area
  • Except I am calling from a mobile and they do not have ‘areas’
  • Same thing occurs with land-line
  • AT this point the anxiety and heart are now playing up as this was to help me with my situation because of my health
  • Finally get another number and I have been in a queue for 20 minutes
  • And for the love of God and this slays me but these people just do not like using emails and when you have memory issues emails are the best thing in the world as you can take your time
  • Oh dear now they are all confused and asking why I have rung and telling me to ring the people that just rung them and giving me numbers I have been unable to get through on
  • Oh and now I have been told that there are no jurisdictions and they wanted to set me up with the nearest one again
  • Told them ‘no’ as this too stressful as these organisations, Age UK included, have huge issues with people near borders
  • And now I have another 3 day wait as this is what I was told two days ago
  • Was also told to go to Mind for the form filling which Age UK and CAB said that CAB would do?!
  • This is the level of help for disabled people I pain and memory problems in the UK and is utterly stressful to do anything at all

Well you see have not explained everything on social media, maybe I should have done? I do not know. But getting hammered but the tech giants for telling the truth is not the only thing I have to deal with.

It is also a pretty horrid health condition that affects my memory, and pans in feet, calf muscles, thigh muscles, shoulder back, fingers and skin. My heart is also affected.

Pain in my right knee is a separate thing and in a failed relocation to North Wales I found myself near a cliff in some pretty strong winds. Had a nephew trying to catch me a few times as I fell.

When I did fall I fell on my camera. Got fed up .. sat on the grass and lit a cigarette. Was alone at that point, probably why I git the ground.

So trying to get out of an oppressive atmosphere where a narcissist and a nut-job were doing thing and attacking me and blaming me for it .. while away they forgot I was 250 miles away and pulled the trick while I was gone. This led to someone else noticing, realising this was done to set me up and the two got pulled over it.

So the .. appointment was set up before these two force me to lose my mind.

They want to re-establish my disability which I got screwed over by the NHS and the DWP who both lied .. along with the help of a court who also lied.

Not a shred of proof or reason but they know there is no access to solicitors.

I do not expect to have my disability status reinstated .. I am just looking for a form of income so that I can maybe escape?

The building is a living hell and many that are aware know this and the nut-jobs involved. Unlike climate alarmists that ignore the truth to push political agendas that refuse what I post .. there are things coming. Many things.

I am prepared for that I just do not want to be here where I am when these things come.

There are mental things going on and all over milk, bread, toilet rolls and other stupid thing and if the weather seriously cools towards a mini ice-age or the virus outbreak starts to look bad ..

.. life will not be worth living here and not because of cold or viruses but because of the two in the building.

Now whether or not I get help with getting out somewhere or whether or not my relocation to North Wales takes place, I do not know.

Because this is all out of my hands and I am powerless to do anything about it.

Feeling helpless while being trapped with these people is really the worse and with my condition to deal with along with no access to funds, money and even pills like magnesium, as I have hypomagnesaemia, its quite unbearable.

And that is each and every day of the last two years and it s getting worse.

So the above was an act of desperation and some pressure from two help groups .. one being Age UK and the other, above, being the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

But I have many, many years as has others even more daughter, or promises of help and hearing ‘we will do this and we will do that’ and yet nothing has ever come from any of it.

Broken promises each time. One can only wait and hope.

Hammered from all sides with no respite. And then I am attacked on social media too.

Talk about rape gangs, Trump, global warming not being real and now the coronavirus but apparently they do not want me talking abut these things despite my education, being factual and my 100% prediction record.

But if you are fake news and told lies or got it wrong time after time after time this is OK and there is no accountability plus your allowed to make an income.

Mine was frozen back in 2016, my posts buried, my followers knocked off in the many thousands and now even tags are being deleted on platforms.

Cannot get rid of me via proper means as I do not lie, cannot prove I misinform nor am I scaremongering. Do not cheat or abuse in an way either.

If anyone should not be allowed to make money who do you think it is? People like me or these tech and social media giants with way too much money and power?

My Project Distraction hashtag causes them sleepless nights, no doubt? The reality is I am way too close to the truth on so many things and with my prediction record I struggle so hard to get right I think they very much fear me.

Even my daughter realises this now.