I need to .. explain something.

I have been on Twitter for just ten weeks or so, ignoring the years I left the account stagnant with the automated post tweet from my blog without hashtags.

When I decided to give Twitter a go to see if I could make a difference my followers were in single figures.

Ten weeks or so later it is heading for 1,300 followers and I have had six bans and .. 600 or so followers knocked off.

This has been annoying because without this censorship .. I would likely have 3,000 followers by now and might have long since achieved what I have wanted to .. or needed to?

I think I may have posted about this previously but I started to get .. targeted. It started to feel like this might be happening but then .. others started to ask me why I was being targeted. At that point I decided I must be.

If I have posted about this on here previously let me state here and now that it has happened a lot more since then. I have also had around five accounts banned.

Now recently I got into .. something. While this was going down I got yet another .. warning .. more accurately begging from someone to stay away form people. This has happened a few times now and I started to think I needed to stay of Twitter just to stop getting these warnings.

You do not know who people are and many people use several accounts or just start another one and you could have argued with the same person several times and not even realise it. There just is no way of knowing.

So the only way to avoid people is to avoid Twitter altogether.

There was also something else .. as I have told people I am really good at recognising patterns though I do not always trust my first gut instinct. But several patterns started to appear to me while on Twitter fighting off this barrage of attacks. Sometimes individual attacks and sometimes group attacks. They always seem to sound the same, slight differences but always the same as if they were all singing from the same song sheet?

I would catch them out and they would always ,, try to turn things around .. always in the same way which I thought was very .. weird and unnatural. The lies were also very similar too.

Like I said .. the same song sheet.

Several times people thought I would get banned .. but this did not happen and in some cases I knew what they were up to and their plan .. backfired on them. Some I got banned.

Then the other night there was a panic yet again and I will not go into detail about the conversation but .. I was told something that sounded mad. Really .. really .. really .. mad. Asked for details and was just told that someone told the and someone else told them and I thought how the fuck can I go by this? But I was given a little .. shocking .. detail that .. let us say caught my attention.

I needed to check this and despite deciding to use Google I was pretty sure I was not going to find what I was looking for and what do you know? Zero!

So I turned to .. somewhere else for a search and BOOM! Third or fourth link and there it was and I visited this webpage and .. well .. oh .. my .. God. Not only could I not believe what I was reading .. I could not believe that these people were allowed to .. proliferate on social media.

Believe me when I state that if your normal or anywhere right of that cliff edge over on the left you will think it is all fuck all compared to what I was reading.

No one knows this yet on my Twitter followers and in all honesty I have no God damn idea how I am going to tell them. I may not tell them at all?!

But as I was reading I realised something and that is this ..

Yup once again I should have trusted my first instinct as I have most certainly been targeted and it has been going on from within a few days of breaking my silence.

Of course they have been crafty about this and done their utmost to disguise this fact and who they are and .. well I did not even know they were not only a collective but that this collective had a name!

This has .. changed .. everything. And I do mean everything!

Someone was quite worried about it by the end of the night and I had to tell them not to worry and that I was now aware of everything. The fact is I am aware of more things than they could ever realise.

This also places me in a precarious .. position and now .. prevents me from doing a number of things ad this is something else I am not going to be able to explain.

Jesus this .. is such a major, major problem for me now you would not believe it and I very simply do not know what to do or how to get around it.

Now if I stated previously that I needed help? Oooh boy you had better believe that without a shadow of a doubt I am going to require help now.

But for those that I am going to direct to this post trust me on this ..

I got into a .. group battle early on with people that were .. not a challenge and to my mind not specifically challenging to any degree. Oh they tried and they failed.

This could well have been within the first week I was tweeting and in all honesty .. the fact that they were onto me that quick is nothing short of staggering. In fact to think that these people could be onto people that quick is kinda scary when I think about others.

Now at the time I did not really see them as a threat ..

But now I know that someone actually died and that is without even looking very hard. What will I find if I looked harder? IN fact let me check a date .. OK ..

This was dated January 2018 .. and I do not know when the listed .. events took place and .. I have yet to find details of other events made aware to me. The person informing me did not know a great deal and only things he heard from someone else.

There could be a lot more out there in all honesty.

Reading what I have done no one in their right mid would allow their children and even their partners anywhere near fucking Twitter!

It is more or less a lynch and murder squad!

I was honestly completely unaware of any of this and like I stated .. they really did not seem in any way a threat when I first come across them. In fact I found them amusing more than anything else and one was even kinda nice to me. But then this now looks to have been a ploy?

Despite being intellectually challenged .. they seem well .. well, organised and there seems to be a reason behind this too.

It really was just one God damn eye opening shock after another!

They are of no real threat to my in any way, intellectually or physically .. it simply is not even possible right now.

But it is entirely possible they have been looking for .. lets call them chinks in my armour and these chinks are not there to be found. In fact it is the seeking of these chinks which is now the problem.

This is most certainly happening and they are most certainly have a history of seeking these .. weaknesses.

I have also vastly embarrassed a large number of them and had many of them banned, not realising they were all part of this .. collective.

People and groups like this think themselves above the law and quite untouchable and that their views are correct and .. well .. I have repeatedly shown them and proved to them that this is not the case at all.

I have also had several banned and I was told early on that this was not possible.

So yeah .. early on I mad the hopping mad buy showing them that they cannot beat me in either a debate or intellectually. Cannot say how without .. giving myself away which, as of right now, I cannot do.

But there have been many, many dozens and might even be a few hundred attacks on me in ten weeks now and this has all stemmed from the very beginning.

As I stated I spotted weeks ago there were patterns .. noticed I was being targetted and many others noticed I was being targetted and asked me why. Well now I know.

Now I have to figure out which of my current contacts I will speak to over this and as many of the ones that can help do not allow direct messaging I am going to have to look elsewhere.

A good job then I have evidence, eh?

But until today .. Saturday 11th November 2018 I had no idea regarding this group actually being a group or who or what they are.

But rest assured that I do as of this moment on!

Part Two ..

OK I have avoided posting this for a few days and much has happened on the Twittersphere ..

I shall now reveal that I have pissed off these hit groups, turned out another one was also a hit group .. and these are ..

  • Resisting Hate (A Con and not who they claim)

  • TellMamaUK (as above)

  • Hope Not Hate

Curiously they all promote it and I know of at least one person that was doxed and a family destroyed and the husband died. Yup .. DIED!

A war broke out between me and one of the doxers .. called Joker who has several accounts and stated some pretty awful things to people .. talking about beheading and killing families and children.

Yeah we had this war that went on for hours and he had forgotten details about me. I got accused of having no friends to back me up .. except the moron kept retweeting to make himself look good to his mates and I kept replying across he retweets.

He had completely failed to spot the half a dozen people calling him a fucking moron and fruit loop!

Still this went on from around 4pm onwards and around 7pm more people started to notice the war going on. People started weighing in and he was threatening to dox me and I told him he was a dipshit and that I could not be doxed. I did warn him.

Next thing he started docing pictures of me .. one of me and my expensive £4,400 Litespeed Ocoee mountain bike and even one shirtless. God knows where he got that one. I had also had a parody account made of me .. yup .. got the picture of that avatar from Linked In. I know they used Facebook too and God knows how many others.

I laughed it off, said I looked a little fat in my shirtless photo and carried on the war and while he was trying furiously to break into my Twitter account I was diving down the timelines of him and his friends. Ooh I found some beauties and see that many followers had been victims as had Piers Morgan of all people. Piers had blocked the blithering buffoon.

All the while I was doing this I was keeping him busy winding him up .. as he had blocked me once before calling me ‘Too Mycrofty’ has was about to spend the next 12 hours finding out just how .. Mycrofty I was .. despite my .. handicaps.

Once all the pictures of me has been posted things went … well nuts .. and my Direct Messages lit up like a Christmas Tree.

Three or four friends of his had finally turned up .. one had spoken to me a few days before when I spotted a pattern in the way they talked and realise she was someone else I had spoken to with a different account. She tried to slow Joker down, telling him she had already spoken to me a few days before.

The two others piped up with a tweet or two .. but then curiously vanished in a puff of smoke.

That very likely got attention as the whole group is widely known and hence we I had 11 people DM’ing me and God knows how many in the stream ..

Then he did it .. BOOM and my address appeared!

I had long term followers watching this, several real friends watching all of this and even a number of people that I had only know for a short time watching this. Friends of friends watching this .. it was .. quite mad.

Now I told him I could not be doxed .. it just is not actually possible .. unless your GCHQ, MI5 or MI6.

The address he doxed was three addresses back! Shame. Shame too is the fact it is still illegal ..

BOOM!! Joker is no more!

Once everyone got over the shock his account was suspended, and I was not the only one reporting him and I tagged in the Metropolitan Police as we are both in London, I went to sleep .. knackered.

Woke the next morning and some were waiting to talk to me about the night before and one told me that he was at it again on one of his accounts with the name TeflonJoker .. Teflon? Yeah right .. a screenshot and an email to Twitter Support ripping them a new one about his other accounts and asking where they intentionally incompetent at their jobs, or words to that effect. Fifteen minutes later my informant sends me a screenshot .. seems Joker is not made of Teflon after all?

That was only around four days back and .. today I was blocked by the fifth one!

Hmm or is it sixth? There was one yesterday morning, one last night and I am sure there was one the day before? Good God I cannot keep track!

There was an #FBPE remainiac today, an anarchist communist who does not want anyone working but also wants guns?! Not quite sure he is going to make them for him with no one working? He thought he was smart .. picking on a woman and accusing her and myself of being antisemites with my avatar having an against antisemitism logo. Great grandfather was also Jewish but I did not even get that far when his sudden cocky attitiude went quiet when I repeatedly announced I was busy with something and would be back .. momentarily.

He guessed eventually but was too late and after around eight hints to the self-proclaimed genius who was going to win because he was good and had done this a long time .. he blocked me.

Why was we antisemites? Because we claimed that George Soros was funding a lot of the troubles in the western world. Yup if you blame a black person for a crime your racist towards all blacks? Blame a Chinese person your racist towards all Chinese?

Funny part is I have no idea if George Soros is a practising Jew and I kept telling him this but he was doing the usual leftist crap or repeat-rinse-repeat to which I kept lobbing memes at him!

At this rate I am going to require a trophy cabinet bigger than Liverpool FC’s in a year or two?!

Going to war with a Grandmaster without doing your homework is never a wise decision!

Oh yeah then the following day I saw Joker on GAB bullying someone else .. soon disappeared when I lid into him after a bit of bitching and moaning ..

Yeah .. I am now King Arturius on both GAB @allnights and Twitter @saintallnights

EDIT: I stated 1,300 followers which is what it was when I typed this out in a word processor but it is 1,831 now and 464 on GAB

Now have growing number of dedicated and bulging folders .. for scalps ..



Quotes .. Nothing More and Nothing Less .. You Do The Math ..

“Believers, do not make friends with any but your own people…They desire nothing but your ruin….You believe in the entire Book…When they meet you they say: ‘We, too, are believers.’ But when alone, they bite their finger-tips with rage.” (Surah 3:118, 119)

Their wives ..

“If you wish to replace a wife with another, do not take from her the dowry you have given her…” (Surah 4:20)

“Forbidden to you are…married women, except those you own as slaves.” (Surah 4:20-, 24-)

Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34, “Women,

A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.” Quran 4:11

Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act as witnesses…” Quran 2:282

When they do not rape they are blessed ..

“Blessed are the believers…who restrain their carnal desires (except with their wives and slave-girls, for these are lawful to them)…These are the heirs of Paradise…” (Surah 23:1-5-)

“You shall not force your slave-girls into prostitution in order that you make money, if they wish to preserve their chastity.” (Surah 24:33-)

“Seek out your enemies relentlessly.” (Surah 4:103-)

Why they do anything they want?

“The Jews and Christians say: ‘We are the children of God and His loved ones.’ Say: ‘Why then does He punish you for your sins?” (Surah 5:18)

Friends and integration?

“Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

War ..

“Believers, when you encounter the infidels on the march, do not turn your backs to them in flight. If anyone on that day turns his back to them, except it be for tactical reasons…he shall incur the wrath of God and Hell shall be his home…” (Surah 8:12-)

“…make war on the leaders of unbelief…Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them…” (Surah 9:12-)

“Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.” (Surah 48:29)

2:191-“Kill them (unbelievers) wherever you find them. Drive them out of the places from which they drove you, for persecution is worse than slaughter…. Such is the reward of those who reject faith.”

2:193-“Fight against them (unbelievers) until there is no dissension, and the religion is for Allah.”
Fight until no other religion exists but Islam.

3:28-“The believers should not take the unbelievers as friends or helpers in preference to the believers. He who does this does not belong to Allah in anything, unless you have a fear of them.”

Allah is shite at fighting ..

9:30-“The Jews say Ezra is the son of Allah, while the Christians (who follow Paul) say the messiah is the son of Allah. such are their assertions, by which they imitate those who disbelieved before. Allah fights them! How perverted are they!”

Superior Beings and New Nazis I what I have called the for years ..

9:33-“It is he who has sent forth his messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to uplift it above every religion, no matter how much the idolaters hate it.”
Islam does not seek equality with other religions. Islam must be above all others.

All want #Jihad ..

9:38-“Believers, why is it that when it is said to you: ‘march in the way of Allah, ‘ you linger with heaviness in the land? Are you content with this life rather than the everlasting life? Yet the enjoyment of this life in (comparison to) the everlasting life is little. If you do not go forth, he will punish you with a painful punishment and replace you by another nation.”
Those who refuse to wage jihad will face terrible punishment.





Well this has been a bumper day or even week for social workers and the one I have now hold responsible for the child rape cover ups ..

Jeremy Corbyn!

First off let us just run through promises made by social services and those linked to them they did not keep ..

Two autistic children off the scale and one with ADHD and another given to his paedophile Muslim father. Do not forget Fibromyalgia and Cervical Cancer ..

Promised but never delivered ..

  • House with not enough bedrooms
  • New beds .. TWICE
  • Help with moving
  • Proper Diagnosis
  • Support for children
  • Services for Children
  • Benefits for her and children
  • Help with moving house
Now then .. the father ..
  • Imprisoned for domestic violence
  • Social Services ow trying to cast DOUBT over incident .. despite him pleading GUILTY!
  • Told he would never have contact with children .. SEVERAL TIMES .. LIED!!
  • Forced contact with children .. just had THIRD CONTACT
  • Check my daughter’s kitchen for pork
  • Two supervised visits of three hours only and yet while supervised ..
  • School says the so refuses to eat school dinners because he is cared of pork
  • Social Services while providing nothing for my daughter ..
  • Using contact that was forced to stop Muslim father being deported!
A socialist disease has infected the UK’s pubic services while a Tory government is scared to appear racist and so picks on its own to save money .. fucked from both sides for decades.
Except these socialists also turn on their own and even the children to support these foreign invaders and even those proved to be racist, rapist killers of children.
I recently discovered after many years that the one solely responsible for this is none other than fake socialist, Jeremy Corbyn. Proved by someone on Twitter by sending me an article of him protecting paedophile back in the 1980’s.
Never heard of Jeremy Corbyn until he became leader and to think I actually liked him .. for all of 5 minutes .. then I started to find out more.
I have now realised that my daughter was already screwed from the moment she was born in 1993 because the year before he was already attending meeting with the group PIE to do with paedophiles and had been told of sexual abuse in his area he did nothing about?!
I know of a list of 75 areas in the UK with Muslim grooming gangs and I know or more than a dozen missing off that list. I expect it to be close to double that figure.
Along with many others we wait to see if the council workers complicit in the cover ups will be named?
Just today my daughter met with someone, ordered by the council, who ended up .. revealing something neither of us were aware of but matches EXACTLY what is stated in the report below.
Upon deciding to reveal all to this woman .. she states that she believes every single word and says that the way we have been treated is totally disgusting. She reveals that she used to be a foster carer and that many years ago the social services of local councils decided on the quiet that unless a girl is under 12 years old they do not class it as rape. She had argued with councils about this for years, it turned out.
She admitted that it was obvious that the council had called her in and was obviously trying to set her up because of the sheer volume of injustice in my daughter’s case alone. She told my daughter that she herself was being used to build a case against my daughter and was going to report to the council that my daughter does not require her help!

Surely, they thought, Corbyn would therefore stop at nothing to protect Islington’s vulnerable children, and to bring rapists, pornographers and possible murderers to justice

Or so they hoped. But, in the event, Davies and her fellow social workers would be sorely disappointed. – Guy Adams for The Daily Mail .. (link follows)


What has become very popular and a bit of a shock on Twitter, great many people and rising going to my blog, is the grooming gang business, my daughter .. the way we have been treated and the lies and being ignored my mainstream news media. Or Fake News as they call them.

Not sure if I mentioned it previously but there has been something going on for a few weeks now and we have spoken to people. I cannot say any more than that and I just hope, like my daughter stated, that this is just another one of those times where they promise things and then back away at the eleventh hour? I have now had three conversations and I have been told a lot more about it all and it does sound .. promising?

Due to these conversations I had to try and get my wifi printer/scanner linked up as I would probably have to prove a few things about my medical history. Possibly?

After a false start or three and having to dive into the Wifi settings using a command prompt, shell, I linked them together .. finally!

So I stared to flick through my medical records which, for some reason known only to them, they only sent me the last two years?

I believe this is because they know they LIED on my medical records and that at this stage the NHS knew that I would spot it. They already pick up the phone and warn GP Surgeries about me and I have not been able to get either treatment or my prescription medication for months and that is on the things thy HAVE diagnosed!

Heart issues as I stated and chest pain and this lack of energy thing.

I also believe now they deliberately omitted from my records the Hypomagnesemia .. something they can do to all patients and probably do .. if they asked to you to privately to buy anything. Vitamins, in my case, or pain killers. Not prescribed and they do not have to record it do they and you would be hard pressed later, or if you died and family members tried to, prove it.

Yeah so I was flicking .. scanning .. flicking .. scanning and then all of a sudden .. BOOM!

I saw a letter that came from a hospital while in Birkenhead when I was having something of a breakdown and when I read the reasons I simply could not believe this! It was a bunch of outright lies and the odd thing was NOT about me?!

Think about that for a moment .. how can lies on someone’s medical records not be about the person names on the file?

In Josephs had already told me not to trust the NHS and your GP and I wrote on here that the second GP I saw at Devaney Medical Centre in Balls Road Birkenhead was very .. silent. Barely uttered a word.

NHS bosses had already long since picked up the phone to previous GP’s about me and I have recordings to this effect. Sorry NHS but you lie you get caught.

What the NHS lied about was what I actually said about my daughter! She is gonna flip when I tell her what it states about her in my medical records.

  • According to my records I told them that my daughter was in a domestic abuse refuge?

    • Yeah .. umm no she was not and I would not have said that because she was not!

  • I then paid for her to go into private accommodation?

    • Umm NO! She already WAS in private accommodation but I did help her get into very unsuitable social housing!

  • My daughter took advantage of my memory problems to get money out of me?

    • NOOOO .. I spent my money because the authorities did not do a fucking thing to help her at all ..

Now here is just one other thing and why I was doing the scanning ..

  • Diagnosed in 2014-15 with Hypomagnesemia

    • Told to buy Vit ABC+ which I did for next four years

    • But think it is missing from medical records

      • Handy as now I can say to patients .. if they asked you to buy stuff privately they can leave it off your records

      • They did exact same thing with my daughter

    • Test for Magnesium was normal .. except it was NOT

      • Missed I was taking pills

      • Missed that I had Hypomagnesemia

      • Failed to link other symptoms to the condition

      • Did not tell me about all these other .. effects

      • Nor did they tell me about the dangers

      • Also failed to link Osteopenic bones in my neck to this condition?!

Right now still looking for the part that mentioned my knee pain ..

Thus far ..

  • Fibromyalgia

    • High Anxiety

    • Back Pain and a few others

  • Osteopenia

  • Heart Issues

  • Chest Pain

  • High Blood Pressure, Hypertension

  • Postural Hypertension .. I grey out and pass out sometimes

  • Oesophogitis

  • Hiatus Hernia

  • Hyperlipdaemia

Cannot find the letter that states the right knee pain .. which is odd as I was so sure I had seen it in that segment of the medical records .. but .. I then realised that the letter I was looking for I think is from somewhere around 2012-13?

This is because the GP that did the letter was Dr Huq of Dr Rooban’s Surgery of Carterhatch Lane in Enfield and the date will be easy to check .. beccause the ONLY reason I left that surgery is because she told me and staff that she had, had enough of the NHS and the lies and announced retirement affective immediately.

After that I was registered with Abernethy House Surgery in Enfield who lied to me and lied about me and falsified documents .. so I left. Have recordings too .. shame .. shame then that I could not get anyone interested I these either .. along with the grooming gang evidence. Was under them around 18 months.

I left there and I registered with Dr Kumar of Willow House Surgery and I was there about 6 months and guess what they did and guess what happened and take a guess at what I have from that too?

From there I ended up registering with Dr Andrew Thievendra at The Town Surgery in Enfield and I got in with him. He was there for two years before he left and his brother, who had just got his Doctorate, took over from him. It was Alex, the brother who took over, who told me that it is not the place for a GP any longer to state whether people were fit enough to work and was that of the DWP and Atos?! Think I was under Alex around 6 months or more?

So over a year ago I was under The Town Surgery and three years before that Willow House for aroud 7 months .. Abernethy House before that at around 18 months and Dr Rooban’s Surgery before that for a couple of years.

So at a wild estimation here the knee pain letter was around 5 years or more ago? At a wild guess .. I will know if I decide to switch the desktop on and dig it out?

So scans ..


Take note of this one as this was at North Middlesex Hospital .. he said the following ..

  • Country has gone mad!

  • No way with your medical records that should take you OFF disability

    • This was before my heart started playing up and before I passed out in local wood

  • Looked at my blog and stated it was popular .. came up in the first four results on Google

    • Nobody seemed to have told Google as my revenue was frozen at some point for for the following two years



Nice chap .. Andrew DeStempel

Seemed quite concerned too .. a shame as no one else gave a Rat’s arse ..

20th March 2017 .. had been before .. was there again .. then moved to Birkenhead in October 2017 .. despite my medical history because and once again .. no ..


What I call ‘The Evil Trinity’ ..









  • Never said my business fell through!

  • Never said my daughter was in a domestic violence refuge!

  • Never said I paid for her to go into private rented accommodation .. I moved into her private rented accommodation and had to rent my own a mile away!

  • Never said my daughter was taking advantage of my kindness

  • First time NHS EVERY ADMITS I have memory problems only to state that my daughter took advantage of it .. I NEVER SAID THIS!!



This was when I was tested positive for this and really did not see this one coming. January 2016 and I had ALREADY been diagnosed with Hypomagnesemia and .. they STILL did not make the link to this result?!

Mentions my digestion issues as possible Diverticulitis and .. suggests NSAIDs are a problem with something else, greying out. Told them it was NOT .. as always they know better and I have long since proved it is NONE of the pills they laid claim that it was .. INCOMPETENCE AND ARROGANCE!




The Town Surgery Letter missing a whole bunch of stuff and costing £25 for a lying letter of omissions ..

Follow ups intended for inguinal hernia, Osteopenia and others .. never .. EVER happened!

Was warned by Ian Josephs not to trust social workers, local councils, local solicitors (legal aid ones) and your local GPs as they all work together. Posted copy of the email in a previous post .. think it was titled ‘The Frightening Truth’?

I stated this for years and always called the Local Council along with the NHS and the DWP as ‘The Evil Trinity’ and there is some pretty dark things going on within all three.


Jesus I have had some oddballs that think they are the be all and end all of all things and worse still is they think they are achieving something? Jesus!

Now this has happened in a big way on GAB .. I have tried to veer away from half-wits that are on the far-left and traded them for the same on the hard-right?!

Had a number of oddballs come along and complain about my posts and harp on about being anti-Jews?!

Make snide comments without reading my profile, involvement or links and therefore also not my proof either!

But they come along make some statements .. some random people on the Internet and expect me to just believe their claims .. because they said so?!

They are the mirror image of the fucking left!

Yeah dudes .. I am just going to believe you because you fucking said so! Because you showed a screenshot or had some random web-page?! Fuck all in the way of followers but thin they are winning in some misplaced cause? NO .. YOU ARE NOT!

Rule one ..

Do not fight all your battles at once or you will never win!

Now let us get onto another little one in all this .. came along told me to forget about Muslims, oh y fucking God are you insane? Then said that Jews were the biggest problem and that if you dealt with the Jews the Muslims will be easy to deal with?!

No .. just no!

Better still to convince me of this they wanted my .. Facebook profile which I gave them and I got some random message that was obviously just a copy and paste and their profile?

NOTHING! Worst and most empty profile I have seen on Facebook in a decade! Not even a picture and no details whatsoever.

SORRY .. was that supposed to convince me?!

Straight away I thought ‘government agent’ or shill or some kind!

Jesus .. if your going to go around convincing people or muddying the waters at least put some fucking effort into it!

They had spoken to me previously, claimed to be a victim and yet somehow totally forgot who I was and about my daughter’s story.

I get Muslims like this too .. one guy arguing with me about Tommy Robinson and the EDL and claimed they were all paedophiles .. I proved him with links to facts and recording he takes no notice. But he shows me some cropped screenshots and expects me to fucking believe it?!

Like dozens and dozens of others I ripped him a new one and eventually and to a small audience he bailed. Tried to make himself sound highly intelligent and it blew up in his face!

How in God’s name can you even claim that Jews are the biggest problem? Even if they are it is not all Jews and you should not generalize and .. there are far fewer of them than there are Muslims and 80% of Muslims think child rape is OK!!

So get with fucking reality and stop going around making snide comments thinking yourselves intelligent and others not when you can be pulled to pieces over your idiocy or exposed if your a fucking obvious shill!

I do not know if leftists and Antifa have infiltrated GAB or not but I have had several people basically appear to be exactly that!

Either that or they are working for someone just going around muddying the waters of trying to dumb things down, cool things down and using really stupid methods to do so?

Either way it is a mess out there .. though this tends to be somewhat less of a problem within the UK .. and if they are paid shills or government agents then maybe not even so much of a problem?

Still a mess nevertheless.

Still each day I wonder if people will just stop firing salvoes all over the place thinking that this is the best way to win war?

Your worst enemy in any war or political argument is generalizing over something you do not like as this will not win you any plaudits. You leave yourself open up to defeat .. based on morals and humanity and your done for before you leave the stables.

Yeah I do not trust GP’s because I have five surgeries in a row lie to me, not think they lied to me but KNOW they lied to me. That is 100% but does not mean to say that the next one will.

So if you run down a race or a group of people based on a small percentage your a naïve fool with no possibility of winning your debate.

If the problem is say in excess of 50% of a large group then you have half an argument. If it is beyond 70% of the group then yeah you make a point but why make innocent ones suffer because of the rest.

In Muslims however we can all see that this attitude is rampant and as I have stated for years many of them have kept it secret .. either by being silent or using tactics like ‘kitman’. When your talking abut 3% of the UK population committing 80% of child rapes alone .. it looks bad does it not?

Think about that and then consider that we have not even taken into consideration of other crimes being committed here.

Yet you get gunned down by morons for pointing that out who then insist that all white people and men mostly are evil.

Yeah .. never been in prison, never mugged anyone, never raped anyone, never even cheated on a partner, single for 15 years, never stolen, never even insulted anyone with name calling or insults. Not overweight people, had friends in the gay community years ago, not on race, colour or faith.

One relgious man I met years ago called me a “Warrior of God! And I stated he was barking up the wrong tree, was not religious but do have morals and that God would not pick me. He simply said “That is not how God works, he picks the people he knows will do a good job!” Has never felt like I have done a good job.

Always visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses too and they ended up referring to me in their local Kingdom Hall as ‘The Messenger’ whatever the he that meant.

Both was for what me and my daughter had been through and what I was trying to achieve in helping others and fighting the injustice, evil and insanity that has affected the UK for years now.

I have been told this morning that Esther McVey has got herself into hot water with Frank Field .. oddly two MP’s that are within a stones throw of my daughter and who I have spoken to. The former makes sense on Twitter but then goes and puts her size ten boots in it. The latter held in high regard but .. has not really done anything to help us.

Thought with Frank Field this might have changed with him leaving the Labour Party and thought that he was losing the restraints in helping victims buried under the carpet?

Maybe it needs more people leaving?

As it was explained to me is that it was reported that women in The Wirral were turning to prostitution over Universal Credit and she said there was plenty of jobs and they should just go and get one? Oops! Not a good response .. denial only gets you so far I am afraid to say.

There are still naïve people that think that life on benefits is really rosy and I keep telling them .. NO! It is not .. UNLESS your a Muslim with several wives and ten kids!

No benefit caps at all for any of them and I even know one personally that lives in a £2 Million house right in this borough. Plenty of stories coming up about them too all over the place.

See? FOCUS! Don’t generalise.


Not done anything like this in awhile and neither my location, conditions, equpiment or frame of mind are ideal. Could do so much more if they was ideal.

Maybe in time .. someone may help the situation and I can use my time to repay those who genuinely help us? ‘Country of the Damned’ for details on how, what, when, where and why .. https://asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.com/2018/08/country-of-damned.html

So this is going to be big .. and .. revealing.

Plus it is going to prove several things I have stated and maintained on my blog for a very, very long time.

Just hope I remember to put the screenshots in and I the right places and in the right order too?!

Earlier today I spotted some people on Twitter complaining about someone and some figures and this was to do with .. Muslim Grooming Gangs. I asked what the problem was and I was told that this individual behind a website called Victim Focus had some figures wrong regarding the numbers or victims. They did mention she was a little .. condescending. Red rag to a bull that one.

So I found her and I asked her for a report. She did not respond straight away until I mentioned tha she had Sarah Champion MP down as a follower. She replied.

By then I had already discovered she had a WordPress blog and was reading comments and I see the words ‘feminism’, ‘patriarchy’ and ‘misogynist’ despite previously seeing some claim about having a centre for men? Oh .. dear. Not a good start.

Anyway I was eventually provided with a link to a report .. which I really did not want to wade through just to get some figures. I just wanted to know the figures and figure out how much they were .. out. Then ask about the figure and see if she defends them and then ask her why she was so vigorously defending figures easily proven wrong?

I then discovered a website, while trying to find the real figures plus what area I am dealing with, that had a few surprises in store. It is called ‘Medium’.

Had a nice quite from Mark Twain; “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies and statistics” which made me laugh while raising an eyebrow.

Also mentioned a bit more detail about Sarah Champion MP’s endeavours, who I have spoken with briefly on Twitter. Yeah I am a real person and everything on this blog is most certainly real and not a Russian Bot or anything!

I also discover a .. group of sorts known as Quilliam. A group set to issue a report, seemingly as you will see from their pictures on the link, made up of many Asians and likely Muslims?

Who is the chairman? Well if it not none other than Maajid Nawaz and radio host who I ticked off for being rude and unprofessional on Twitter. I have a timeline and delete nothing .. everything I say is there to be read @saintallnights.

Now I have had hundreds of arguments with leftists, socialists and defenders of the Muslim faith using their ‘kitman’ tactic and then when losing start calling you names, admit only Muslim lives matter and accusing you of being in need of a psychiatrist or an alcoholic. Widely used and known tactics when they are losing.

I have had three, I think it is now, banned. Something that my 650 plus followers and my daughter’s 1,200 followers, yes in less than two months, thought impossible. Yeah? No!

I get the odd question on how I do that.

It has also been noted by many and pointed out to me that I seem to be attracting these combatants or soldiers like bees to a honey pot.

After getting one banned I was descended upon by four leftist friends .. FOUR?! Others watched as one by one they went quiet, ran or just muted me.

Was not the first time and sure as hell wont be the last.

Except if they found me impossible before .. I am afraid it is about to get a whole lot worse for them in the future as the stupid morons keep asking me for proof. Without proof it has not taken place is the logic they use .. never mind the people being killed, raped or suffering.

Anyway .. I could get into all the stupid things they said and their justifications of it, like the rapists are getting their own back for the drones and their people killed? But I am not.

What I am interested in is the figures.

Ow what I always maintained and leftists and defenders of the faith argued with was that it was only a tiny fraction of their Muslim men that were committing these devil like crimes. No .. and I argued sometimes for days over this one. Because I have been there and not once but three times and I know the attitudes. You might get the odd one that is OK and I sure have met one .. unless of course he was lying? But the majority think they are superior beings, everyone else is not, seen as slaves and of lower life forms than dogs and think it is perfectly fine. MOST .. OF .. THEM!

Not 1% .. not 10% .. not 20% .. MOST OF THEM!

So on this Medium site is states that the Quilliam report by Pakistani Muslims, apparently, was going to state that there is a problem as Muslims are supposed t make up just 6% of the UK population but that they make up offenders in 46% of child sex abuse crimes.

Notes about this and upon reading this ..

  • Did not believe either figure

  • Does not include rapes of adult women

  • Knew for a fact that the 46% is a lot higher and I am not even Muslim!

  • Over a decade of being involved

Well what do you know?

Almost immediately the site quotes an article by The Sunday Times that states that 80% of the child sex abuse cases are Muslims! Sorry .. ‘Asians’.

Bet the Chinese, Koreans, Burmese and Koreans get pissed when they read they are being lumped in with the rest of these barbarians? Generalising and including innocent people in their statements so as to avoid not offending those that are actually guilty?

Welcome to the sheer hypocrisy and lunacy that has infected the western world like a God damned plague!

Anyway .. I retweeted some report a few weeks back that stated the number of victims and I cannot recall correctly nor able to find it. It could have been 14,000 in an area but I think it was 1,400 linked to a single .. Mosque?

Anyway at the time I had then figured that the number of victims could be anywhere between 500,000 and 1,500,000?!

This is without knowing all the areas and from what he has thus far I had estimated it could be as many as 400,000. I was not aware of either how many communities exited in the UK nor how many Mosques.

Literally within a day or two someone showed me a screenshot of a report in The Mirror that stated that there could be in excess of one million victims. Knowing full well, us being ignored by them for 7 or 8 years, that the mainstream media all lie .. I figured that would likely be closer to 1.5 million to 2 million?

People tend to attack me because of what I know out of some sort of jealously or envy as if I am gifted? Little do they know that seeing things the way that I do has been nothing more than a curse!

Well as of today I now know that there are 1,700 Mosques in the UK and probably a large number in the process of being built.

Not all Mosques will be linked to child grooming gangs and not all gangs linked to Mosques, no doubt. But .. as it states below that 84% of child abusers are … Asian .. chances are that will be high.

So 1,700 gangs, for argument’s sake, and 1,400 victims to one gang and your talking about a possible 2,380,000 or 2.38 million victims?

I hope nor do I expect it to be that high but just one would be one too many!

But this Child Abuse report of the Office of the Child Commissioner seems to suggest that there are 2,765 victims across a wide area? Seems to be from Rochdale to Manchester and possibly even Wigan?

Now then that figure of 2,165 victims across Rochdale, Manchester and Wigan?

Rochdale has 18 Mosques.

Manchester has 66 Mosques;

Wigan has 2 Mosques.

Let us just take Manchester’s total of 66 and multiply by 1,400 and you have a possible 92,000 victims. Rochdale ha 18 and I know not if these numbers include all Mosques in the surrounding areas? Even at half the amount being linked and dropping the average of 1,400 victims down your not going to get close to the 2,165 in the report!

Also recall that Quilliam stated 46% are by Muslims and The Sunday Times quotes a figure of 80% as being down to .. ‘Asians’.

Commissioned by Wigan, Manchester and Rochdale do not forget?

Map showing Mosques here ..


Now I am told that in this PDF Office of the Child Commissioner’s report is a list of the numbers and nationalities of the abusers and girls. Not found these yet and I about 66 pages, or two thirds into it thus far. Driving me insane!

No! No obvious table or list of numbers and I am not going through a report loaded with fluff and nonsense to get to the significant parts.

Quite why there is 100 pages in this I do not know. You have victims and a pattern that is obvious with the abusers.

I can only come to the conclusion that this is an over the top concerted effort to avoid the obvious issues at hand or just fill the waters with mud so that people do not look into it?

Too Long Didn’t Read tactic?

Medium Link ..


Child Abuse Report for the Office of the Child Commissioner ..


Mosques in UK stated to be around 1,700?


Screenshots Medium (Link Above)

Sarah Champion MP mention ..

Quilliam numbers ..

The Sunday Times numbers ..

Some Concerns over Victim Focus .. LINK ..



And just plain .. weird ..


Wondered whether I was running into the age-old problems on Twitter as I had wondered about this blog? Admittedly I had not republished any of my evidence in a number of years so I did that recently with the blog titles ‘Country of the Damned’ and ‘The Files of Truth’.

The issues are that there is just so much that two things are possible as a reaction .. the first is that it is all so fantastical that people doubt the story. The other problem is due to the severity and clandestine nature of some of it it may well be fear?

I do what I do to make a difference and do not see much point in picking fights with brain-dead socialists, the far left ones at any rate, to just whinge. That is NOT what I want to achieve.

Primarily I want my daughter to get help and obviously myself because I am not much use to her right now and I feel helpless and guilty over that!

But I also want to help others .. as many as I can so I find it a little bizarre that out of 1,700 followers all doing their nut about the same thing that the very revealing ‘Country of the Damned’ post pinned to my daughter’s stream now as well as my own .. has only been retweeted on Twitter 63 times.

Frustrating is that even though it has only been retweeted 63 times .. in just 7 weeks the post has been viewed over 1,600 times. The frustrating part is, as I explained the numbers to my daughter, imagine it had been retweeted by just half of our followers? Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands seeing just some of the truth?!

I have done everything I am able to do over a decade and it has cost me beyond belief, almost my sanity countless times and added to this probably around £30,000 to £40,000 .. my home, my car and even my business plans!

Received help in that time? Next to ZERO!

I would like to return north and get out of the hell hole I am in .. except it is not easy for the following reasons and why we need help ..

  • Getting about

  • Knees, feet, heart, energy, thighs

  • Supposed to cycle as this helps the condition

    • Cannot do this currently and ..

    • Nowhere to keep a bike in Birkenhead

    • Children will hurt themselves or damage the bike

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Memory Loss

  • Confidence

    • I can return if I regain my confidence

  • Standing

  • Walking

  • New Places .. except countryside settings

    • Needed around two years to get used to the area and feel like it was home

    • Never made it four months due to lack of help

  • Daughter

  • 4 Children WITH her .. two autistic .. three destructive

  • 3 Bedroom House

  • Not even paying half the rent

  • Messing around over Autism

  • Would not let her work, social services

    • Threatened to sue her for neglect if she worked ..

    • Had happened to many others around England and Wales

  • You cannot own anything like

    • Computers

    • Expensive Cameras

    • Tablets

    • Phones are regularly broken

    • House just not suitable

  • Locks placed on all doors .. got broken off

  • Food wasted on a daily basis

  • Lives in Birkenhead which makes me .. uncomfortable

  • Confusing to get around ..

    • Very complicated in some places, straightforward in others

    • My short term memory loss

  • Bought her a car

    • Car was confiscated by Police

    • As a insurance payment was missed we failed to realise

  • Paid Road Tax

  • Paid few months Insurance

  • Paid food

  • Run people around, picked kids up from school

  • Tyres on car were punctured twice, Pirellis

  • Paid for decorating materials

  • Paid deposit on current house

  • Bought things for grandchildren, many broken within days

    • Neither house was suitable for children

  • Nothing from local council at all in support, money or even right housing

  • Only 15% of rent being paid

  • Benefit cap on two children

  • Council Tax now expected to be paid .. despite getting nothing

  • Not allowed to work or will be sued for neglect

  • My Business ..

  • Blogging x12

  • Photography

    • Flickr

    • Alamy

    • Photofolio

    • Art of the Deviants

  • Screwed by ..

  • DWP & Stopping PIP

    • Stopped DLA years ago

    • Stopped Housing Benefit

  • Universal Credit

    • Jumping through unfair hoops and sanctions

  • Working Tax Credits

    • Cancelled at the 13th hour

  • NHS

    • Refusing to diagnose me for years

    • I had to self diagnose one condition after 13 years of asking!

    • Missing symptoms to things already diagnosed

  • Google

    • Lost TAGS for 6 years

      • Android App did not work

    • Screwed advertising for over a year

      • Google Chrome and Blogger was not displaying ads in ‘DESIGN’

    • Suspicious viewer numbers

    • Google Adsense Revenue frozen 23 months currently

  • Previous to blogging I spent 3 years chasing Radical Muslims

  • Went into business twice

    • Own Aquarium Store with partnership ‘CF’ but ..

    • No Help to do this and ..

    • Partner was an idiot

    • eBay Orchid Store

    • Partner was an idiot and crazy ‘AM’

  • Currently no income whatsoever

    • Not even benefits

    • No GP

    • No Dentist

That is the level of help in the UK if your white and disabled and this fact is totally ignored and even denied by help and advice agencies that I now know are run by socialists.

As are the local councils.

Want to save money?Yeah take everything away from white people on all levels .. no comeback for that. Better still let us grab the by the scruff of the neck and bury their noses in the shit while we do all this to them.

Funny they harp on about racism when it is performed on a daily basis and has done every single day for at least a decade. I am living proof of this as is y daughter!

Not a gambling man. Need the right place, assurances and money coming in to be able to fight my health issues and achieve what I want to do .. to be of help to my daughter and grandchildren.

Yet I am constantly being hammered in the face on TV and online about how fuckking privileged we are because we are white.

Yes this is what white privilege does to you from time to time ..


Just a few files for the people of Twitter ..

How about the Home Office File on the radical Muslim?

And a fer recordings form his friends and .. some more of the Police at the time? A few of the 60 plus pages .. was visiting cells in Manchester and Birmingham .. so SCANS ..













Recording, sound file, of Muslim Abuser telling me hw they an kill women in their culture ..


When trying to escape the Muslim men switch the phone numbers of the girls they capture over to them! Recording ..


Detective Lying .. think this was when they told me they had visited my daughter and she was OK but turned out they had not visited her ONCE! Recording ..


Me diverting attention away from both my daughter and a particular .. location at the time .. RECORDING ..


Evil Woman tried to have my daughter SECTIONED .. nothing wrong with her .. was doing this for money .. RECORDING ..


Cannot recall most of these recordings, memory issues, but this one is a ROW I had with the Police on a ‘999’ Call .. RECORDING


Recording of the EVIL & CRAZY WOMAN .. that you would think would help and instead hindered ..

Part One ..


Part Two ..



Police, NHS, Local Councils, Ombudsman and many, many others and this is by no means all that I have just on this subject.


For a long time now I have been let down time after time after time.

I had for a very long time now trashed to high heaven .. help agencies and certain .. websites and it started with the former and the latter a while later.

Unfortunately for them I have catalogued this on here over the last six years and it has gone on a hell of a lot longer.

Now picture this ..

No one believed me and I have catalogued this also.

Since I started tweeting on Twitter I have also catalogued the obstacles that have been thrown down before me and those that have destroyed the life of my family have gotten a helping hand an then some.

Then in the last 24 hours several things happened.

One of those that did not believe me I lost contact with some five years ago turned out to be someone that follows me on Twitter and he discovered me. He got quite a shock when he decided yu look at my profile when in a twitter stream he suddenly exclaimed ..

Your not gonna believe this .. but we know each other pal!”

Someone else with inside knowledge of the NHS and links to the same clandestine organisation I have had links to .. TWICE told me ..

Things going on the the NHS worse than you knows as they are up to [THIS CRAP]!”

Yesterday I saw TalkRADIO host and Conservative Julia-Hartley Brewer report on a safe-space room and tonight she tweeted that the Disability News Service ..


A second disabled member also told Disability Labour that he believed the room was no longer a “safe space” because of Hartley-Brewer’s actions.

Now pay attention .. I suffer from a great deal of things ..

  • No room with a sign saying ‘Safe Space’ on it will make it a safe space.

  • Someone mocking a room designated a safe-space would also not be insulting

  • If your that serious that you require a safe-space you ..



It is bullshit.

You know how I know?

  • Because I have wanted to die so many .. many .. times

  • Because I have been unable to get out of my house and even a room for days on end

  • Because no one can feel as low as I am without taking their own life

  • Because I cannot even take my own life for fear of breaking my daughter’s heart

  • Because I also do not want those that caused all this to win and the real kicker here ..


There .. was that last one a bit of a shocker?!

Yeah he has been a lithering fucking snake in the grass but I know that most of my ills have been down to this socialist attitude.

My daughter’s been asking me for awhile now .. she was a stickler in the mud for hating the Tories and loving Labour .. except as of right now ..

  • She hates the Tories still but ..

  • She hates the left of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn even more tha she previously hated Theresa May

  • We both feel betrayed



Anyone actually interested in the proof of the weight of my convictions need only delve down into my Twitter stream .. something I have been building up frantically for weeks .. to act as a catalogue of proof

  • I have argued and accused and laid facts and questions to

  • Famous MPs

  • Famously Powerful and ..

  • Celebrities

  • Have argued with groups of Leftists and Corbynistas

  • Argued with professional journalists

  • Been Accused of being ..

    • Racist

    • Bigoted

    • Wrong

    • Given me cases for Jeremy Corbyn

    • Socialism

    • Arguments against the alt-right

    • Discovered Muslims with multiple accounts inciting violence or

    • Provoking violence so they can get people banned

    • Exposed Leftists doing the same thing

    • Exposed Twitter doing this in four or five different ways

Yeah and each and every day this gets longer ..

Now I have divulged in a stream that I know of disabled groups that had sat idly by and done fuck all for disabled people and yet the disabled people in this group have all been white .. funny that.

That is DPAC’s Facebook site. Members have been ripped for saying anything about Muslims, there have been several rows because they have suffered for years and members have .. well for want of a better term, fucked off.

It is all to give the British public the false impression that there is help out there for the British people. But there is not or is very little.

My daughter and I have the worst horror stories to tell, the worst suffering to tell and for the longest time too! This has been over a decade but I could argue it has been twenty years for me .. in fact I am not even remembering correctly. Actually 25 years and really my entire life.

If I really wanted to split hairs I could point out that my own health problems go to a location that is precisely half a mile form my current location and took place ..

Thirty six years .. ago.


So there you go .. this blog has existed as a place to explain and a place truth in the way of documents, videos and sound recordings much of which I still have not posted and STILL possess.

Finally and after six years of blogging .. blogging that started because I got frustrated in the lack of help from these organisations and years of being fucked over and screwed every way but sideways.

Smiling at me and telling me they can help and tried to put some pathetic crap on me and insulted my intelligence by using tricks I would only expect to work on a naïve child. Patronising tricks on other words.

It is not just the fault of the Labour Party and the traitor Jeremy Corbyn and his followers .. it took me a lot longer to figure that one out.

They were responsible for the social and support side of things and not only was there none at all we, as fucking actual victims, got treated like criminals by local councils.

I have not divulged this up to now but let me tell you that they mist certainly discovered that at least one of us was talking on Twitter and two social workers have been assigned .. shot round to my daughter’s home asked what she wanted and the persecution from the Police stopped ..


What they have failed to realise since that day is that my daughter’s followers have gone from 12 to over 700. Oops!

They also did not mention anything about me .. yeah and I have over 500 .. double WHOOPS!

What they also do not know is that I can provide irrefutable proof of this at any time of my choosing too and no amount of Police or Court Judges will stop me!!

Which is why I have no income and at an undisclosed location .. once I register for any benefits, even disability benefits I had cancelled TWICE I can be arrested.


I am afraid that to assure that I win I will do anything to make sure I am uninterrupted and I will die if necessary.

I have insinuated plenty of times that I mate my life but unfortunately no one has picked up on that or my undisclosed location.

Yup I have hated this country for years and it has tken me years to locate those responsible .. a bunch of evil and mostly fat overweight idiots that babble utter tripe to the British people some of which are foolish to eat it up for breakfast.

Sorry but I am going to smash your cereal bowls into a million pieces.

So it is now coming to everyone’s attention that the country is just as fucked up as I have stated for well over six years and blogged about to get people’s attention.

Now you see why I have been confused for so long that my blog did not go viral as I now seem to have millions on Twitter that seem to not only know all this is going on but screaming it form the proverbial rafters.

Hence .. I have stated for a long time that my numbers were .. cookey!

Since being on Twitter they have risen .. not risen as fast as they should be .. should be rising all the time because of my pinned tweet but started off fast and then slowed down.

Sorry but I know computers, I know social media and I know networks and the numbers simply do not behave this way.

Then there is the earnings that have not moved at all and that they most certainly do not do unless someone physically freezes them. They never .. EVER remain FLAT AND MOTIONLESS!

Yeah the Conservatives screwed people over money and they sit in their safe-spaces at the Labour Party conference not knowing that they were responsible also ..

  • From complete inaction

    • I waited for fucking ages waiting for Jeremy Corbyn so stop making himself look like a hero and going after sound bites and actually mentioning what the Tories were doing

    • Too little too fucking late My Corbyn

  • To neglecting people over services in favour of those of a particular faith so much so it was noticeable ..

    • Created hatred

    • Created division to the point the country was divided in two but with the angry side growing in number and ..

    • Split so called HELP GROUPS in two over it

    • Homeless became even more ineffective by refusing to use facts

    • Disabled Groups became the same way

    • Name it .. GO ON! Name me a single group one single help group

    • INEFFECTVE!! Tried them all same old fucking shite!

    • Ask my daughter too .. go back and read the Country of the Damned which is not even the whole fucking horror story! Not by a long shot!

But fucking naïve morons will go on voting for fucking Labour and Conservatives and both have shown that NEITHER give a flying fuck about the British people.

Neither does a single person claiming to be a socialist which makes them not only fakes but liar as well as traitors.

People on Twitter that follow me have failed to realise I am not after an echo chamber for centrists or right-wing .. no-no-no I am out for revenge .. which is why I sit and wait for the social justice warriors .. pantifa, socialists, Labour Party MPs and the Muslims using the situation and Twitter to their advantage.

Six bans and counting and unlike many others loving to whine .. my endeavours have increased in number and intensity.

If you pay attention you will notice that my daughter is now doing the same and she, despite my requests, does not hold back.

Meet her and she is very friendly and very bright .. despite the repeated crap that has affected her life since she was 12 and technically all of her life .. by a Court and Barrister in Liverpool and Wirral Council that insisted in court 23 years ago that they knew better and this was the best for my daughter’s childhood. I said it was not.

I also said that they would ruin her life and that I would be back!

But I never expected any of this!

I link my blogs to Tumblr now and I link the to both GAB and Twitter and the numbers seemingly have gone back to normal and yet ..

  • Have 506 followers and rising on Twitter and had probably 250 to 300 knocked off

  • Daughter has 797 currently and rising and some knocked off

  • Have 60 Followers and rising on GAB

  • These are just follower and retweets reaches an exponential number in each case

  • No idea how many I reach on Tumblr