Anything I talk about you will find at the foot of the post .. screen-shots of things said, me catching people out and couple links.

So .. I had something happen .. kind of half unexpected. Someone I thought would have made an account on GAB previously has now made an account. To gloat. Because the hard left are obsessed with me and once again, as I proved once already in part one, obsessed with this very blog.

Now it is time to get a few things down about GAB as I now explain this but first ..

Edmund Burke famously said

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’

Well good people did start doing something .. but now it appears not enough to defeat the evil ones and prevent the pain and anguish that evil brings.

Ever since I started this blog .. I have been called all kinds of things by others .. a Christian man called me a ‘Warrior of God’. Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘The Messenger’ and ‘Man with a Mission’ but never explain why. ‘Modern day Robin Hood’ was another a lady called me who had gotten a hold of my phone number form the leader of a group who work against corruption.

Months ago people noticed there was on obsession with me and they blocked someone .. unfortunately I tried to explain that they was obsessed with not just me but my blog .. concerning the true story and Police recordings with proof over grooming gangs and the Police.

Unfortunately these good people for some of the time fighting the fight seem to be more concerned with bitching and moaning about things than actually fighting the fight.

I got seriously fed up with Twitter in the last couple of months, not helped by watching the pinned post disappear and reappear and the retweet numbers not match up with the blog numbers and keep going down. Followers being knocked off .. must have been around 1,500 by the time I was suspended. I had around 2,500 at the time of suspension but I must have had over 4,000 follow me in 14 to 16 weeks? Man of us would wake up some mornings to find out we had lost 100 or more followers while asleep. I was always being knocked off from following others and having to re-follow them .. when I was lucky enough to discover this, that is.

It is nasty, underhanded, evil, brings pain and suffering to people and .. tyrannical. Evil.

Somehow they think themselves so morally superior that lying and evil is allowed and yet they do not possess an ounce of compassion and their moral compass is so fucked up I am amazed they can find their way to their own fucking lavatories.

In the first few weeks I was in Twitter I thought this was going to be easy .. I built up followers at a rate of knots. People were retweeting like crazy and before I knew where I was even at it went to ten .. then it was 25 and then it went to 50. By this time I had 300 followers.

But then and just as it has done on my blog with Google and Blogger .. it all then started changing and the numbers behaved erratically. First I discovered that I had been shadow banned which happened not less than 6 times in two weeks. Then the retweets started to slow down and no one seems to understand how ‘exponentially’ is supposed to work?

Soo .. for the mathematicians among readers .. if I had 50 retweets at 300 followers can anyone explain how it was only at 100 retweets at 2,500 followers?

I had been blogging my facts, theories (sometimes wrong about as despite opinions .. and opinions of myself according to leftists I am not perfect) and evidence on my blog for 6.5 years and had been preparing for it for a few years prior to this.

While being targeted and in pain with a lot of suffering. A decade .. though the suffering has gone on for 25 years. I just did not realise in the first decade I was being screwed over. Started to suspect it and this continued for five years before I realised for certain that I was. Then I had to prove it.

On Twitter I would get tired and want to give up .. but if I ever said that I would be told not to do that .. ‘keep on going’, ‘your going in the right direction’, ‘it wont last much longer’ and ‘you have made such a difference on here in such a short space of time’.

Unfortunately it was not making the difference I needed it to for my daughter and me.

So yeah .. this resulted in me being confined to GAB.

One friend I think was Jewish thought GAB was anti Jewish .. but it is not .. yeah you get stuff on their but you also get ..

Laura Loomer .. now banned from Twitter ..

In fact I came across no less then three journalists yesterday alone with at least two of the stating that they had been permanently banned from Twitter.

I guess people still believe the mainstream media .. they say it is all far-right, alt-right and white supremacists so it must be true?

Or maybe just like with TV, films, Hollywood, champagne socialists, radio and gaming they want to feed you and brain wash you with shite on social media too?

My most famous troll followed me to GAB .. yup .. he or she is THAT obsessed and it is funny in a way because other than calling me ‘Mr Big Bollocks’ he loves saying ‘CUCKOO CUCKOO’ which is a bit weird as 2,500 followers I had on Twitter thought he was so fucking insane 80% of them blocked him. He nicked 300 to 400 followers and within a few weeks not only lost most of them but also around 50 others he collected.

He was under the names @NathanInGermany, @MyBritishHelper and now @TheAntiPopulis1 .. and in each case .. I spotted him immediately .. and so I did when he directly messaged me on GAB with a brand new account. That set him off.

Then this continued on through a thread on GAB .. and the same accusations from Twitter continued right where they left off.

Riddle me this .. it never worked on Twitter, right? Started when I was at a few hundred followers and continued on until I had 2,500 followers .. while he went from 173 .. to 550 or more and then down to 153 sooo ..

What in the name of all that is holy makes him thin he will convince anyone on GAB? Ask yourself that?

  • More right-wing people

  • No strict rules, shadow bans and as for suspensions .. yeah you would very literally have to threaten to kill someone I imagine ..

  • Got him banned four times for saying the word ‘c*nt’ ,, four times in 48 hours because he kept insisting I reported him for hate speech

  • So infamous were the battles that those that had not blocked him, in the hundreds if not thousands, would watch and the fourth time I did it .. a friend called BigR made tea to drink while he sat back to enjoy the show and nearly spat it out with laughter as he realised he had already gone .. for the fourth time in 48 hours .. with the same trap

Because he went around telling my followers it was not Muslims that abused my daughter sexually while under age .. it was me?!

So the moment that he said that my stance on reporting people changed.

Leftists created what I am today and they are still pushing me all the way from the centre-left to the right because no fucking way on Earth would I associate myself with a bunch or amoral twats that think themselves so superior that lying to the enemy is their God given right along with bullying and violence.

Like the leader of the AfD that recently had his head cracked open. Done and seen as O because he is a Nazi because they SAY he is a fucking Nazi .. by the real Nazis.

As I stated these hard left Pantifa, Antifa fuckwits have a moral compass that fucking broken I am surprised that going to Tescos, oh no wait is that not Jewish owned? On their way to .. umm .. wherever .. Aldi they do not wind up at Olympus Mons?!

Oh God .. that is done ..

Yes cupcake troll ended last night insisting he was getting to me, as you will see from the link and the screen-shots .. he might have picked up his friends tricks, Jammony Cricket James O’Brien, by deleting tweets and threads ..

.. or he may just do that when he sees this?

But cupcake leftist trolls have still not worked out something about me .. what it is I am trying to do and more specifically .. how I am doing it.

Methodologies are not something I divulge .. as that would only serve my enemies and not me .. until said goals are achieved.

Or I die .. whoever comes first.

But what I am is a tickler for the truth and I do so love getting evidence so very, very much that it positively makes my mouth water at the very idea.

So as stated in the beginning and that quote from Edmund Burke .. I need to find good people to do good and I did not find that on Twitter.

I know not what the reasons were and bizarrely I had more on there that I have on GAB .. umm .. or I think .. let me check .. yup

As it stood upon suspension my Retweets of my pinned tweet .. stood at 110 and that was due to a recent push to prove something about Twitter deleting retweets. The real retweets were more likely to be 200 to 300?

The reposts on GAB are only at 32 as of the time of typing .. and yet the number of viewers to this blog post are 3,597.

Numbers do not add up do they?

Added to this .. the good people, of which they appear to be a lot more of, do not see it as being the evidence required to put it about enough.

Except the leftists do see it as dangerous enough to send hundreds of leftist trolls and a few organisations after me to have me shadow banned six time and suspended three times and follow me to GAB from Twitter.

Many good people seem to think that bitching about things seems to be the most important aspect in this fight? No .. it is not.

Many have gotten suspended because they cannot keep their cool and fire off that is not going to make the blind bit of difference. Not to the person they are arguing with, the individual battles or the war.

Look at it this way .. one of the very first things this troll did .. after accusing me of lying about our story n the beginning .. then apologising and trying to make friends with me .. as he has now done for the third time now .. is accuse me of being the abuser of my own daughter sexually.

Yup he did that.

He also thinks that everyone who is not a leftist .. or a Muslim .. maybe even both is a complete idiot and easily led by the nose. Some rants and false accusations are enough to turn people away and he does this knowing I can counter with blog posts, links, screen-shots and recordings but he does not care. He has never produced anything .. none of them ever have.

They make rash claims, throw false accusations and rant and scream and shout and expect all that to be taken as gospel because they said so.

But as I have shown thousands of times on Twitter .. hot them with screen-shots, magazine articles, links, reports and even recordings and they will refute every .. single .. one.

  • Not interested in the facts

  • Not interested in the truth

  • Will in fact twist the truth around for their agendas

  • Lie through their fucking backsides

  • Ergo not interested in debate

  • Makes debating fucking hard work and achieved nothing

But I tell you what all that does achieve?

This is why the thread below exists .. they are trying very, very hard to slow me down getting followers and therefore trying very hard to slow down the spread of my blog. With both Google and Twitter on their side too. Disappointing then as it is hosted by Google!

Now if only the pinned tweet/post had, had as much attention from the good people as it has done form the bad, evil, lying leftist bastards.

Literally hundreds have come at me on Twitter .. the tweets have been in the high thousands if not even tens of thousands in just 3 to 4 months.

If the retweets had hit those numbers my daughter and I would have been out of our living hells by now.

If the various people and groups had helped the way they said they would we would have been out of our living hells by now.

I could have been hired for my skills and/or as an adviser and I seriously thought that was coming, I truly did.

If any of those with the larger audiences had gotten on contact and many people claimed that they tried to get their attention like Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and Ezra Levant among others we would have been out of our living hells by now.

Then there was a list of others I tried to get the attention of myself .. namely from either YouTube or websites. Jon Gaunt, Sargon, Dave Cullen, The Iconoclast, Brian Gerrish of the UK Column and various others. Cannot recall who else I contacted or left comments with and who I did not.

Did not ask .. had a few promises made to me .. and to my daughter but as is always the way nothing ever came of it. Had thought my daughter might get her third offer .. no actually fourth offer to set up a Go Fund Me page .. but that never came either.

Approached a number of what they call ‘Truthers’ too .. smaller audiences but I thought combined they may be able to do something? Nothing came of that.

Going on for a decade .. got intense from 7 years ago .. got really intense from July 2018 .. all the pain, anguish, anxiety, heart problems and memory issues to contend with. £50,000 .. just gone.

Recommendations made?

‘Just keep going, your going in the right direction.’

Meanwhile the bad guys are way better at this than the good guys and I only thank God above that they are so few in number or we would truly be fucked.

That GAB Thread .. with the Commie, Leftist, Lying Pantifa Antifa scum ..

The Post they are obsessed with ..

Little do they realise there are many other posts on the subject.

You will note from below that they try to get friendly? Yeah they have tried that three or four times .. others on his side have tried too .. want to take a guess why that is?

Yeah only the reason by I seem so good is because I stick to the facts .. to be a liar you need a good memory and luckily for me I was a stickler for the facts and the truth because I discovered some years ago my bad memory was down to my condition.


Twitter Retweets ..


Who suspended me .. and WHY in the following screen-shot ..


Trying to be friends ..

THREAD .. as they do like to delete things .. and block ..



Well and I honestly have no idea how this happened .. but I got suspended from Twitter.

The timing was extremely convenient and I know who did it .. LBC Presenter James O’Brien who I had been arguing with for weeks. Last night he tried a few sneaky tricks .. watched once again by others .. tried to lead me into a trap and fell into a trap of my own making.

He and other leftists had argued for weeks that I cannot debate .. so I did .. lasted all of three tweets and he lost. He then started posting really bad memes .. I then told him I knew he tried to lure me into a trap . except I had one waiting for him. Said that he waited for me to finish arguing with several people over several hours and he, of course, denied it.

Then I published the screenshots proving he lied and he ran. Then someone was arguing with this liar on his sock account on another thread. He saw our earlier argument and laid into O’Brien telling him how I had handed his arse to him. He started furiously posted bad memes again which is what he does when he he lost and gets mad.

Petition for James O’Brien and this was not me lol ..

I had also been hearing he was getting mad on air .. snapping at people calling in. I teased him about this because he is a disingenuous liar of the most extreme and does not have an ounce of empathy, lies about his political stance and lies about you. Not a leftist but pulls every leftist trick in the book and then moaned at me for arguing with the hard left and social justice warriors.

If it is not Twitter screwing me up the arse it is you .. go figure.

Do not bother telling people you are going to screw the over over left-wing agendas will you? No just let them waste their fucking years away before they spend a year or two suspecting being screwed before normal and honest people on Twitter actually go and confirm your suspicions .. yeah left-wing agendas ..

Such lovely and charming not forgetting caring people the left-wing. Nasty, evil pieces of lying scum that think that decency and honesty does not apply to them because they see themselves as morally superior. Quite how that means lying is OK is beyond any normal person’s comprehension.

I have now noticed, because I still have access to my notifications even though my followers are all gone, that four people I defeated have heard the news. Only been ten minutes.

Unfortunately .. what I went on Twitter for has now gone down the drain .. so I am not sure what to do .. other than feeling like taking a walk .. a long walk.

I have the data I was asked to find out about but now lost contact with those that wanted it .. so . .not quite sure how I am going to get that to them?

Make that five enemies.

Good God I had really hated Twitter in the last couple of months ,, it really is a toxic place but unfortunately it was way, way easier to build up followers than it is on say .. GAB.

GAB has its own toxicity but not one that would directly affect me but it is clunky and very slow and does not work well. No idea if they have a phone app back up and running?

Oddly enough .. I was begged by some not to post on GAB but I thought this was daft because with Twitter suspending people for fuck all .. it would be stupid to delete my GAB account.

@alnights on GAB but it is too much hard work .. and no one on there I really know .. most Twitter followers that opened accounts I never see post anything.

Twitter was supposed to get me out of something and I estimated I was about two to three months away from that.

I can divulge now that there were offers of help and promises from various sources but like everything else .. it came to nothing.


  • First 12 hour lock-out providing facts and links about Islam which you are apparently not allowed to do .. any other religion, yeah. Antisemitism, yeah. Islam .. no and I did not know this .. never explained
  • Second 7 Day lock out for speaking metaphorically (first screen shot appeal refused)
  • Third Full Suspension I have absolutely no idea
  • Never swore at anyone
  • Never referred to any .. personal shortcomings like features, weight, challenges of any kind or health


In these screen shots .. he says he does not know what I was doing i the first and was not watching me but in the second .. well he just happened to have followed several people I hard argued with for the previous fours or so .. well GO FIGURE?!


James O’Brien getting suspended ..

Word gets around ..



One thing he did and it got noticed by many was he had this habit I had never seen before .. gave him away as being someone in the public eye .. he would delete tweets .. and I missed a great many insults from him, previous account too. He would even delete whole threads ..

And hence why I called him #JammonyCricket ..

Now I just want to take a very long walk .. Twitter was undoing the damage that Google had been doing .. fast .. but then it all started to change .. shadow bans I had to work around, all six of them ..

Then the suspensions .. then followers being knocked off.

At first I thought I needed to get somewhere around the 1,500 followers mark to have things happen .. but I got there and figured it would probably need to be around the 3,000 mark?

There were so many .. possibilities and as always it seemed like some would work but but just like all previous times .. it evaporated.

The only thing I had was I was driving up interest in my blog .. due to my Twitter antics .. but now they have taken that away from me too. Damage being undone by Google and various others has been thwarted once again.

Over £80,000 has been lost in total .. not to mention the sheer pain I have had to endure working my arse off to do this over the years.

In the end I tried to do this to help my daughter, that as how I lost so much money but this country and the people .. I just think what the fuck is the point?

So much pain ad so much anguish all because of a bunch of self obsessed and amoral people striving towards something they will never achieve and protecting barbaric people who do not deserve it.

Once again the betrayal is off the charts.

Personally I would know like to see the headquarters of Google and Twitter bulldozed to the ground, not that I am ever likely to see that .. unfortunately.


Two other new Trolls .. there were literally hundreds all left-wing, were spotted by another .. may have been the ones reporting me .. and someone pointed out they were bullying me .. I had put them on block .. only so many people you can handle at once ..


Government must be getting more than a little embarrassed by now?

A petition for a No Deal Hard Brexit because that was what many of us wanted, started up and is now over 297,000 thousand votes strong. Surely making it one of the most voted for, if not the most, voted for, petition in the UK?

Government are supposed to talk about petitions that reach 100,000 and this will very soon hit 3 times that and not a so much of a whisper as far as I am aware?

Meanwhile Yellow Vests Protests have been reported to have started up in different parts of the UK and those planned were ..

  • London
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Bristol

What I spotted reported on Twitter was

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Sheffield (not mentioned previously)
  • Cardiff (Not mentioned previously)

I am currently trying to find out about more.

Also the Yellow Vests protests in France still continue, known as the Gilets Jaunes.

I also long stated that if the governments along with leftists do not shut the fuck up there will be outbreaks of civil wars and that if and when it does they would shirk blame and that I would be here t remind them of what I predicted ..

Now experts are predicting civil wars for the following ..

  • Sweden
  • France
  • Germany

While many speak about it happening here in the UK too.

This will likely go into overdrive as the UK outlaws being critical of Islam and two court hearings in February and I have to ask myself if all other religious leaders feel left out of this new law?

  • Various Christian Religions
  • Buddhists
  • Hinduism
  • Judaism
  • Jedi Knights

Sorry I had to get that last one in .. I recall it being listed or attempted to be listed as a bonafide religion years ago.


Well I refused to watch it because I knew it would be painful .. all these years of never missing an episode but I predicted they would destroy it and they did a better job of that than even I predicted they would.

During the run of this series 11 I have left countless comments on YouTube channels of El Patron, Bowlestrek and SC Reviews among others.

Left one on MrTardisReviews who was being a butt licker but the comment went over his head. He was harping on about the UK views being good but I am afriad that is naive and narrow minded. Yes but it has to sell globally and like I knew from before it even screened .. you was going to lose sales.

So the BBC decided it was big enough and cocky enough to preach .. to the world, did it? No you blithering morons.

After the initial curiosity was over with the viewers continuously dropped in the UK and everywhere else too. Reviewers ClownfishTV bailed at episode 5 or 6.

Then the New Year’s Day special came that everyone was worried about.

Many of us were laughing at the Rotten Tomatoes scores during the wait for the first day of the year with a Critics score of 94% baffling everyone and the User Score dropping down into the 40’s .. then laughter continued as it dropped to the mid 30’s with people wondering if it was going to get as low as 30%? Yeeeaaah .. it beat that and is currently on 24% with many people roaring.

While the Resolution episode was on I was speaking to people watching it via Twitter .. everyone in the stream talked about hos shit it was and the person I was speaking to bailed around the 30 minute mark.

How did sticks and stone defeat the Dalek? Many asking that one. Why did the Timelord require her diverse mates to beat a single Dalek? Many asking that one.

Whay are all the Timelord characters in Doctor Who now all women?

Romana, Rani Doctor’s Daughter, Doctor Donna, River Song, Missy and The Doctor and that is without bringing up his granddaughter, Susan? Is this not actually sexist?

Then it emerged that it lost 1.5 Million viewers and only managed 5.15 Million .. oh dear.

Then I listened to a surprise review of Resolution by ClownfishTV who explained that the Rotten Tomatoes Critic’s score was at 100%?!?! What the actual?! But the users score was at 18%?!

I gets worse as when I then went and checked it had dropped to a User Score of 16%?!

Oooh cringe!

What is it they have just kept on saying for about three or four years now? This SJW and NPC overly noisy whiny morons just keep ruining everything?

Going on in so many things for so long now that you have to wonder if it is deliberate? Why so much escapism is being ruined? All intellectually properties are being systematically destroyed.


I have .. let us say several jobs .. well I had quite a few before various public services that started out claiming they was going to help then completely screwed it up.

So let us say that I was .. going to get another job .. to bring in some much needed cash .. and for y current location ..

Remember you are now often checked out online .. I know as I have had it done to me ..

  • White British

    • Rules me out of any shops within a half mile

  • Centrist

    • Rules me out of another lot of jobs because I am Alt-Right

    • Whatever the hell Alt-Right means

    • Help Agencies riddled with leftists wont take me

  • Honest and hate Lying

    • Rules out sales

  • Heart Issues

    • Rules me out of a series of jobs

  • Bad Motion Sickness Issue and ..

  • Blackouts

  • Overheating Body Issue (Summer) ..

  • Feet, Back and Shoulder Pain

    • Makes travelling bloody hard without heart issues

  • Short-Term Memory Loss

    • Think that might put people off?

  • Unregistered address

    • Cannot register here at all ..

    • Just do not get me started as to why .. would be a long one

Except with my health being worse than it ever has been previously and with the government twice previously and 5 or more Doctors previously stating I am unfit for work .. I did the following ..

  • Written Books

  • Asked for help starting my own business three times

  • Bought Equipment

  • Taken thousands photographs

  • Thousands videos

  • Written 12 Blogs over 6 years

  • Went into bad business partnerships twice

  • Lured in and lied to by Google

  • Screwed over by Google

  • Applied for shed load of jobs full and part time

  • Applied for volunteering work but would not even take me?!

One person I know, Mario the social worker, stated to me recently ..

“Martin, your in a catch 22 with no way out and I feel so sorry for you”

Same person that cannot believe how shit I have been treated and would happily stand up in court and swear under oath I am not a liar. Now says all the things he though I was wrong or mad about that

You were right, you were right about everything!” by which he meant the councils, social services of which he worked for over 20 years, the Police and at the time he mentioned it, was because of the NHS. Oh and the DVLA!

His last job was working for an antique watch shop in Farringdon Road, selling watches to Hollywood actors and musicians, and he always said that ..

If I lost my job tomorrow I would have one the day after even sweeping the roads!”

That was two or maybe three years ago .. no job for this professional with a disability either!

EDIT: After being ruled unfit twice by the DWP and my government, prior to heart issues and blackouts, I am now ruled completely fit which is simply a lie and .. well as you see I have tried various ways.

Edit 2 .. Aww poor tiny troll I’ve beaten senseless continuously, had everyone now stating “He is a wrong ‘un” among others things, suspended four times, caught out dozens of times he simply cannot accept tried to leave a comment.

Apparently he’s staying they Twitter advised him to report my blogs as Hate Speech, I kid you not.

Yup wide mouth troll I need to approve comments and spiteful lies don’t make the cut!


Oh yeah and after being stalked for four months and beaten to a pulp continuously he’s now blocked and he hates it.

Wants to get at me, his duty, despite my daughter having serious operations and my heart attack or event yesterday.

He is a prime example of his ilk.


Well .. it is official now among many and I am still getting shocked on more or less a daily basis on Twitter.

The levels of dishonesty and selfishness is beyond imagination.

I watched a Sargon of Akkad video and I the still I thought ‘Is that Lord Pearson?’ I had heard him mentioned to me by a few people, that he was backing certain groups working against these grooming gangs. So I listened in on this one.

Sure enough he not only talked about the big issues they have shame most into not talking about and he made a great deal of sense.

They basically stated what I did in a round about way .. about the leftists protecting Islam but at the end of the day they are being used, these idiot leftists, as pawns or foot soldiers. Akin to human shields they use in war and aggression in the middle-east.

He even stated that the grooming gang problem had been covered up for years, yup .. discovered that one for myself..

Had friends and family basically become alienated because my daughter was so far away they did not see it up close and .. as it was ignored by the fake news media, and I do mean every single one of them, they thought it cannot be happening.

So I was a naïve fool and an idiot and my daughter was a liar and you have absolutely no idea how years of that affected us.

Still we are living lives of hell .. still we are both fed up with our lives, still my grandson lives with his paedophile father, but hey? As long as no one of a bonkers faith is offended and you cannot be labelled as racist right? Except it was NEVER racism. Faith and ideology was never a faith and racism includes all differing skin colours, as much as the leftists like to bullshit and twist it to mean what they want it to.

Sargon did another video on the Police and a diversity recruitment drive and in the comments someone pointed out that there were not only no white people among the eight in the poster .. but that they have taught all these races that white people are evil .. and now recruiting the to protect us?!

Looking at the poster it is clear that from the look of them there will no doubt be videos of this lot getting their arses kicked by criminals circulating around Twitter followed by news reports that they did not go to work just to be attacked. Want to get paid though? Then there will be an expectation that the white member of the public should stand in to protect them against these violent criminals .. all for free of course.

Also turns out that there is no hate speech in reality .. not in law at least.

Lord Pearson also had some interesting things to say about Marxists and education along with the Quran and Burkas.

They do not go as far as saying it but it is clear that they are using their laws and our own laws against us while at the same time trying to alter existing British laws to help in their conquering of the UK. I always joked that there are two sets of laws when really there are three .. and the one to protect the native British people is being altered to take away our human rights as well as free speech.

It is a complete betrayal of the British people, it truly is and the fact that this is going on and coming out at the same time we are being betrayed over Brexit and leaving the EU is a betrayal of monumental proportions the likes have which have never been seen before.

One hundred years ago you would have been facing a firing squad of your own people for doing way, way .. way less than what they have done to us in recent years. Hmm does that make it four sets of rules? I cannot keep track!

As I stated in previous posts I had someone on me for months .. a Muslim who originally lied and the continued to do so. Whinged and cried like a bitch that he was moral and honest .. yet got caught out so many times and got so angry about it he got himself suspended permanently .. TWICE! You have to go some way to get suspended once, let alone twice. Especially from Twitter who are seen and admit are socialist. So he was so bad he got suspended twice. Oh but not according to him because he can fall back on his own set of rules and laws when he cannot use the real rules and laws to achieve what he wants, right?

Just came back and when I say he did this hundreds of times I am not even exaggerating and he thought himself so superior, well they do, and so smart he used to lose it when I spotted him again .. sometimes with two tweets. He would also forget what he previously said on a previous account he swore vehemently was not him and state things he did under the accounts he swore was not him. This would be either a fact he could not possibly have known or even a particular name he called me .. like ‘Mr Big Bollocks’ or start ranting about my PhD offer and taking the piss out of it and claiming it did not happen.

The complete fucking nutter used to try and tell other people I was an insane conspiracy theorist?!

Oh boy they simply could not believe how stupid he was or some would get offended that he thought everyone else was an idiot, that was not a Muslim, and easily fooled and lied to.

No .. we are not all leftists you fucking moron.

The craziest part about it all as at the end he claimed to be a Gay Muslim and had a link to a Gay Muslim Community with LGBTQ labels?! What the actual?

So even the gay Muslims lie through their teeth too? That part of the Quran hey stick to on infidels but ignore the parts that claim how they should be treated? Well this one did like to cherry-pick, especially for this blog. Fully intending to be disingenuous at every .. single .. opportunity.

Of course as I was ignored over and the very last thing I got this superior and smarter being to admit .. is that he was trying to get my previous post pinned to my tweet seen by the Police as ‘hate speech’. The true story about my daughter being a victim .. repeatedly raped, given children she had no choice in, beaten, held as prisoner, one child given to paedophile father, first child the wife of the Muslim paedophile tried to buy from my daughter and lets not forget the cervical cancer she got from it? Or the zero support from public authorities? Or threats to take her other children away?

There was a media agent at one point, Focus Features Independent Media, and a guy called Joe that got in contact and he went mad. Promises our hell would be over, this year of 2018, magazines, books, TV and even films and mentioned Panorama (BBC? Yeah, right), This Morning, The Wright Stuff and many others ..

We got two small magazine stories published and then everyone just disappeared?! News media must have found a way to manufacture a Timelord’s Tardis?!

Lots of help offered on Twitter .. other than the post I wrote about my daughter’s situation getting close to 3,000 views in just 10 of 12 weeks .. no other help has materialised .. other than one guy turning up somewhere he was not supposed to and even then in the wrong place, nothing else has really occurred.

Unless it is for my daughter I do not really like asking for help personally .. hell, I do not even like phoning ‘999’ although there has now been two occasions when I should have done.

But I do not have any faith or even trust the NHS any more .. and will be kicked out of a hospital in the middle of the night in an area of a high amount of knife-crime.

I do not have a GP and therefore cannot get access to medication anyway!

The government have been saving a lot of money with me of late .. put me in a position where they do not have to give me a single penny while simultaneously screwing up every single chance to make any money via other means.

If your here reading this moron .. as I keep telling you .. facts remain .. FACTS! You will never … EVER be able to disprove any of this and repeat-repeat-repeat does not make it fact .. EVER! Dumb-arse!

I have now blocked and muted two of his new accounts .. after the heart thing yesterday, not him or anyone else online caused it. It was another lying cheating narcissistic leftist I have the misfortune of being related to who has been given plenty of warning about it.

But like every other leftist I have met on Twitter .. they lie, cheat, scream, make everything about them and claim to be caring to others but prove over and over and over again that they do not. They had this pointed out to them.

My daughter has had two major operations and yet this person cries to everyone about how she cares about everyone except .. she never asked. Two operations have gone by and she never once asked about them.

One brother wont answer the phone because she never asks about hs children either .. talks for an hour or two about herself being the victim. This is the biggest manufacturer of victim cards you could ever meet. Must know it to because unless someone is left wing she labels them as right-wing and they are not allowed here.

People say to me that leftists have a mental disorder and they are bang on the money.

My daughter’s story alone should create a media storm. Mine should create a bit if a whirlwind too and this leftist? Ooh boy .. talk to anyone that knows them and you would be provided with every single argument to destroy any leftist you ever come across.

Because all the leftists, not the Muslims using them, all sound liker her and this one here is the worst possible one.

She has made the lives of every member of her family a fucking misery for over two decades and still insists she is right, sulks for days when she is caught out. Then finds way to either twist it or waits for a period of time when she think everyone has forgotten about it and carries on as before.

On Twitter they have already or indeed create accounts so they can pretend you have not answered all their questions previously.

EDIT: I forgot .. they even mention and rightly praise Sarah Champion MP for her work on the grooming gang subject.

Who are the number one leftists everyone knows lies? Owned Jones and Jeremy Corbyn of course!


Yeah so as you know .. still getting offers of help that do not go anywhere at all .. while watching everyone in the media and on social media stating they are doing stuff about it ..

.. no .. you are not!

Oddly despite the fact that the post that should have gone around like wildfire has been picked up by those that want to bury it.

I have had a barrage of attacks on Twitter and I have not even reported on all of them. Had I done a post on my blogs for each attack it would certainly be in excess of 100 and very possibly 200 posts?

There were several times when people would ask me why there were so many attacks and I said because they are frightened of this blog .. and the truth .. and the evidence.

Here are a couple of groups of daft things said to me

  • Paid by Trump
  • Paid by some right wing group
  • Russian Bot
  • Tommy Robinson’s right hand man, more or less
  • Nazi, Bigot, Racist Xenophobe
None of which are true, and ..
  • Just block the Trolls
    • Yeah they have multiple accounts and set up new ones all the time
  • Do not go on on other social media sites .. but-but-but I cannot afford not to ..
    • It is about getting help and if not that getting the ball rolling on my blogs to we can get out of this mess
Unfortunately I have had offers of help which have not materialised and been bullied, harassed and insulted by the enemies .. to the level of super-stalkers and why you get is ..
  • Just keep going as your going in the right direction
  • Will not be long now, it will get better
Explaining that I was being attacked over the pinned tweet, post on GAB, on my Twitter stream I was basically met with the reaction .. ‘Well what is important about you?’
Did you even read the fucking post? The enemy did and just as I stated 1 weeks ago now at the end of August 2018 .. it is because of my God damn blog!
Nope .. as you can see with this Muslim guy who told everyone he was white British and a lawyer .. then a social worker .. and then a web developer before stating he was a medical school drop out ..
.. after hounding me for 14 weeks under 5 to 7 different accounts ..
It has absolutely nothing to do with my blog or that blog post of my evidence .. what is so special about me?!
On Twitter I am @saintallnights
On GAB I am .. @allnights


Was just set upon by the resident leftist in the building and as always over something stupid .. trivial .. meaningless.

But they have a skill like no that has people running for cover when they see them coming.

Barged into the room, without knocking as usual because they think it is there automatic right to do so that drives everyone nuts. Including one other who was walked in on naked one day.

Stated she need to get to the radiator .. because there are issues with an airlock when I had already explained weeks ago it cannot be an airlock in my radiator because it is switched off. For it to be an airlock within this specific radiator the water needs to be flowing through it, which it is not nor ever has been.

But I don’t care check it if you want .. if it makes them happy, because they can ever .. ever accept that they are wrong.

No announcing .. no warning .. just barge in .. in the morning. No chance to get my shoes on or charge my phone just a bull in a china shop as usual.

So I decide to make a tea instead but I know it wont be a simple checking the radiator .. it is going to turn into something else like it always does. The very thing that has driven the rest of us nuts for years.

Bearing in mind that everyone knows about my health issues, my disabilities and namely my heart issues which cannot and are not affected by any arguing on Twitter, I might add. Nope but this person can set it off single handed.

I have warned them .. I have warned others .. but it matters not when she suddenly decides she wants to create wounds she can then go cray bout to others. Have a dig to force someone to attack them and they are by definition the centre of attention.

My room is untidy .. that was what it switched to. The some stern lecturing about me doing things that will set my heart off, which I do anyway and did some this pat Sunday. But it is not about tidiness as all that know her are well aware.

Yelling match ensues and like a true leftist she lies to make herself look correct .. telling me that a brother does not visit the house because of me. Well no .. it is because of her and I pointed that out .. sternly and told her in no uncertain terms she was a fucking liar and has driven us all nuts for years.

This brother does not answer the phone to her .. remember that for after I explain this ..

She fucks off downstairs .. I sit in my bed, bedroom turned upside down, all 6 feet by 8.5 feet of it, when suddenly I get this absolutely massive pain across my chest and back and I roll back screaming. It subsides for a few seconds but then comes rushing back again. This happens several times and eventually I roll off the bed and am wedged between a cupboard and the bed face-down.

At this point another brother comes in the room, wrongly assumes it is a back pain, yup I did state that I warned them about this, and tells me I am in the wrong position. Well no because after it occurring one more time it is now subsiding in intensity and I am frozen to the spot now. A sign that this intense pain is now subsiding I do not want to move so much as a muscle.

It stops.

Then the brother that refuses to answer the phone to her rings me after a few minutes ad I have not spoken to him for several weeks. Uh-oh!

She rang him .. he answered the phone to her and admitted he made a mistake.

He knew she was in the wrong as she always is, throws a hissy-fit about that on every occasion as we are supposed to agree with her even when she is wrong.

I tell him that I just had these pains, could have been a heart attack but I do not think so. Actually seemed too intense but I do not know .. maybe it was? He is shocked.

As he is telling me how this woman is completely batty and has been driving us nuts for years the door flies open. I think it is another brother .. but no .. it is her.

Listening outside the door .. realising I have been called and this is a sign that no one agrees with her she storms in with a stern look on her face and shouts “YOUR A LIAR!” to which I answer “No, YOUR the liar!” Tell her who I am on the phone to, she says she knows .. yeah she cannot stand that. Keeps on .. while on the phone to my brother who has now guessed she has walked in the room I say ..

“Will you leave?! I may have had a heart attack that you brought on and I did warn you about .. and I DO NOT want another one thank you! All because you have to be right and want all the attention!”

She fucks off!

My brother says “There has got to be some way of you getting out of there? She is losing it and this is like a fucking slow death, a slow and painful death for you!”

They have screwed everything up from the moment I got here by making a mountain out of a molehill for everything and then turning that drama into a crisis to draw attention to herself.

Two children born, one operation .. appendicitis and a death (not present) and someone dying of cancer (not family) and on every single occasion they have crated a massive problem in each case that had hospital staff shocked when they realised.

She is oppressive like you would not believe .. and .. family and friends and others run from her and I am constantly asked my my social worker friend, Mario “How have you not gone insane stuck there?!”

Along with his disbelief at no one offering to help me .. or us for that matter.

Heart condition that the NHS new about for two years and the decided to look into just before my life got turned upside down and now do not loo at, at all. Great.



  • Would not allow me my car outside so I lost £4,000 on it
  • Kept telling me I was doing everything wrong
  • Always told me I was right-wing
  • Alienated friends, family and even grandchildren who refuse to see her
  • Keeps telling me I do everything wrong
  • Everything is about her
  • Side Effects from low dosage epilepsy drugs for epilepsy she does not have is worse then two operations my daughter juts had, cervical cancer and strangulated hernia
  • Its our fault because of our father .. unless it is the whole world’s fault
  • Keeps telling me I am doing everything wrong
  • Tells me how the Internet works, used it on phone for 5 minutes I am BSc and was offered a PhD in Applied Computing back in 1999 
  • GCHQ were interested in me ..
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Insists she is right on politics because of things form 20 years ago and groups that have not existed for years
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Tell her video evidence exists on YouTube she laughs and shakes her head
  • Still tells me I am wrong
  • Sister tells her I know my shit ..
  • She repeats “No-no-no-n-no!”
  • Sends messages that are 1,500 words or more long
  • Runs out full battery on your phone in one phone-call
  • Tell you she is caring but has never asked me nor my brother about her grandchildren ..
  • But the tells everyone how hard things are for her because she has all these grandchildren to think about
  • Friend and one granddaughter and two sons think she needs serious psychiatric help
  • Lies when you prove her wrong
  • Bare-face lies and twists it when you tell her we all think the same “NO! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU!” Crap
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Roots round other people’s stuff and blows up being pulled about it, one of only two relatives fell out with her years ago for that one
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • You get to talk for 60 seconds only and never hears any news through to the end
  • Normally followed by changing the subject to be about her .. then talks for four hours .. you insist on talking to finish what your saying at the end and she tell others later “I was not allowed to get a word in!” and I am being literal
  • Mario says she is evil and there is something very, very seriously wrong with her
  • Does not knock on your door .. just waltzes in .. courtesy does not apply when it is her house
  • Did I mention she keeps telling me I am wrong?


Do you know why I dislike the far-left and Muslims so much?

Forgetting all else I could list .. is the outright dishonesty. It is not a simple case of exaggerating it is a balls to the wall attempt to outright lie. Before they have even opened their mouths they intend to lie. When you catch them out they lie some more. Too many times and out of some misguided sense of duty they came back with an alternate account and start the same lies and accusations all over again.

It is their tactic and it became obvious in a very short while but continued to be realised upon just how twisted these people are even up to yesterday.

What they do is come back with the most outlandish and awful accusations, incest and also me advising people not to report rape of children was just two. They hope to cast a shadow of doubt into one or more of your followers and hope that from there it will spread. So that no one pays attention to you any longer.

Six days ago I go served with my first ever full seven day ban on Twitter and I woke up to discover this and was in some shock. There were three Tweets .. one I had asked, genuinely, someone having a split personality. See above! Except I asked. I figured they thought I was being derogatory so I just deleted it. One I just deleted and forgot about and another I appealed against. Because all I said was

‘Is it eating you away having tried for 3 months or more to get me banned and not achieving that?’

Yes I kid you not I spent that first 48 hours not quite believing that teasing someone had not succeeded in banning me for 3 months actually got me banned!

But then it took a turn.

While I was banned the one that banned me started to tweet about me and at the same time tag me so was deliberately antagonising me.

Then he started to tag in Twitter and state that I have threatened him with violence and that I should be permanently banned?!

I figured he was that obsessed with me he probably watched my account on GAB so I started to take screenshots and post them over there. Sure enough he then started screen-shotting those and they went back to GAB .. with me tagged in of course to antagonise me.

Eventually I got him to post the tweet with the violent threats and I kid you not .. this is what the tweet more or less said

‘I am going to kick your arse and then I am going to file a Police report about you!’

Now first off I have disabilities and secondly this was a guy that was a white lawyer living in Germany (NathanInGermany) until he was not white any more. Then a British Adviser (MyBritishHelper) then a social worker living in Bradford (Anti-Populist) now suddenly he has gone from white lawyer in Germany to Gay Muslim Social Worker in Bradford. Except last night while arguing with a friend on Twitter he was suddenly a web developer and Medical School drop-out?! DO not even ask me about the other three account he has and what he portrays himself to be on those. I know he has stated he is a Brexiteer and he is actually pro-EU. He goes after anyone that says anything at all about Muslims .. no matter if it is true or not.

Now you have read all that can you believe he tells my followers that I am the crazy one?

Got a bit weird when my friend discovered I was on GAB and told me to stay away it was racist .. except .. so is Twitter. Think it is the anti-Semitism and yeah it is on there .. but so are Jewish people defending it.

Just like Twitter I stay away form that sort of stuff. What should be important is what I say .. not where I say it, no?

As much as a pain it is to use GAB .. I have also not received any bans and I have not been suspended for seven days either. I have had no followers knocked off or had followers disappear for a week here and there.

Also and with over 700 followers on GAB I did not want to close the account down, I only have two ways of promoting my blog that have worked to any degree of success, why would I do that?

If you own your own business and sell cars for a living you would not refuse to sell a car to someone for reasons ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ and you would not stay in business long if you did.

Personally and as I told y friend last night if I had my way I would rather not be on either of them at all.

I have seen things said that disgust me and the funny thing is the absolute worst of these have been from the left and the Muslims. The absolute worst and most lies have come from Muslims too. It started to appear that this duty to lie to protect the Quran to infidels was indeed a very real thing.

Once I had been on a few weeks and got the hang of things I ended up taking down around a dozen accounts of the worst offenders. They told me it was not possible to do this and I proved that it was bit takes a lot of focus and patience.

That suspending of accounts on leftist Twitter .. this blog .. my evidence and maybe even my GAB account seemed to get my a lot of attention. Next they were coming at me from all over. Before very long it was teams that then became groups that just got ever larger. Nine was the largest group I recall though there could have been a bigger group. Was in a stream with 50 people and had a dozen remoaners block me but that is not really the same thing. Was over a few days too that one.

So I found myself having to explain my GAB account I thought everyone knew about as I posted the name on Twitter every few weeks. Have the same name on GAB as I do on Twitter and have other followers from Twitter also on GAB. I was asked not to post on GAB any more as it was .. beneath me. Well so is Twitter and they are both full of a lot of shit. Yes there are good people to be found but there is also a lot of other crap. They are like two opposing wars going on. I said it was a shame that that one is for the hard left and the other the hard right. Not seen anyone on the hard-right threatening to kill anyone, mind you.

By this time it was late and I had become drained .. I have been screen-shotting the Gay Muslim lying through his teeth and having meltdowns.

  • Claimed no one gave a shit about my online wars and posted meme of a Tumbleweed

    • Obviously failed to notice dozens of likes on GAB and zero activity on his, that were not from his other accounts or his own (egomaniac .. which he bizarrely called me)

  • Called me Mr Big Bollocks which was what he called me when he was NathanInGermany who he denied all along was him .. so lied again

  • Started calling me a bad father again .. but he knew nothing about my daughter .. and he also called me that when he was the NathanInGermany he claimed he was not

  • Told my followers I was a loon and I was obsessed with him .. except ..

    • I have never followed any of his accounts .. yet every one of his has followed me and go through stages of blocking me then unblocking me

  • Just like his previous alter-egomaniac he also believes the one that blocks is the winner

  • He is a Brexiteer except in his previous avatar he is standing next to an EU flag

  • Drops himself in it again by stating that he was not chatting up my followers .. he was only talking to them ..

    • Except that occasion it was as NathanInGermany which this Anti-Populist had sworn was not him .. except he knows what was said between NathanInGermany and my follower?

  • Lawyer, social worker, web developer, medical school drop-out that lives in Germany, Bradford and Leeds all at the same time

The bullshit just goes on and on and on and the number of times I catch him out just goes on and on and on.

What does he get his only won against me on? Speaking fucking metaphorically!

Why did I say I was going to kick his arse and report him to the Police?

Because I had just gotten off the phone to a concerning conversation with my daughter and .. I found him tweeting to my followers that I had told people to not report children being raped to the social services.

I had been waiting for this argument because he had tried this one under his previous alter-egomania account. He had called me mad and insane for suggesting that the Police and the cosial services lie and do not to do their jobs. Oops. I have proof by way of a tape that has yet to be published. But I have one on the Police that has not only been published but .. he knew damn well about .. but under his previous alter-egomaniac account.

This is why they switch accounts .. they can be disingenuous with the excuse that they did not know and everyone believes the lie.

Except there is one thing he also never got thrown at him .. one of my best friends is Mario who was a social worker for Camden Council for over 20 years and is a follower on my Facebook account!


I have warned him before .. he can throw these false accusations at me for a full 5 years and I can bat them to one side with the evidence and experience I have. I have proven this well over 50 times in his vain attempts to discredit me. But still he comes at me.

That is devotion. Man on a mission?

I have screenshots from a couple of months back of a follower telling others that this man is super obsessed with me. But yesterday he tries to tell everyone I am obsessed with him. He now has three folders of screenshots .. ooh wait? I have folders within folders .. make that five .. or maybe six?

If he does not come directly for me I find him in a stream of my followers talking utter shite .. he likes to retweet you and then run you down on his own stream. Where he gets fuck all in the way of likes and retweets.

I think acquiring over 2,000 followers in three months and him struggling to get over 200 also grinds his gears?

If this is the case the simple answer to this is don’t lie. Also .. yeah you stand out like a sore thumb and your not the superior being that you think that you are. You treat everyone like they are idiots and they may not see it straight away but they soon do. I have watched my followers climb in the week I have been banned and actually watched his drop.

There seemed to be a rise in his at some point and I noticed that he was following 800 plus people while his followers were on 200 plus. No surprises there then. Think he noticed this and like absolutely everything else about me it drove him nuts.

Oddly enough while trying to claim I was nuts and obsessed with him another follower that knows me to chat to, Victor Maledrew, called him the nut and told him to block me.

Yeah he failed to mention Victor that along with blocking me well over two dozen times he has also unblocked me and followed me more than half a dozen times.

I have never .. EVER followed any of the trolls that have become obsessed with me .. and run away from me .. NEVER! I go looking for nasty ones, though I am now giving up on that, to shut them down if they have come back under another account ..

  • Most Notorious

  • NathanInGermany (gone)

  • Anti-Populist (going if I can be arsed)

  • MyBritishHelper (gone)

  • VeryBritishRevolution

  • Laird Midelton

  • TREX

  • Joker

  • Moon

  • Baby Monkey

These are just the worst and the first group are all the same person .. there is one other account I also believe to be his too.

Yah .. I am the obsessed one!

There are many other names linked to the second group but not of any significance. Well none of them are .. but what they all are is relentless and it becomes tiring. It I also distracting when your just trying to do other things.

Yeah I probably got a little too focused on some of them but that is what they want. They wind you up to get you obsessed and then they wait for your mistake. Except I do not make them.

First off my shadow bans were for telling the truth. This just stopped occurring ten weeks ago.

This ban happened because I was not aware that speaking metaphorically can be taken literally even when the whole damn tweet makes it blatantly obvious I was speaking metaphorically.

Well either that or proving someone is a disingenuous and obsessed super stalker and liar is now classified as abuse or hate speech now by Twitter?

When I have had people shut down, and it is not easy it has been over genuine threats, abusive language or derogatory talk towards vulnerable groups .. and NO .. it is NOT OK when you do it and there are NOT two sets of rules you utter half-wits.

Well despite the fact he told as many as possible and tweeted it out several times that I was going to come straight back on and threaten him .. yeeeeah .. no.

Now I know you cannot speak metaphorically guess what I will not do on Twitter ever again?

Of course he has bee flapping his lips in Tweets and just laying himself wide open to screen-shots and this does not include the digging around that I have done. He would tell you it is because I am obsessed. Yup! He is right .. I am now obsessed with his long term and unhealthy obsession he has had with me.

He also hates the fact that people see through him, hence all the accounts he has. He can come right back and start it all up again from scratch .. same accusations .. same .. lies. All in the hope that at some point something will stick.

He decided to go Cherry picking at one point with yet another newly created account.

He pulled up a letter I published .. do not forget this ‘I published’ and on this very blog. It was a letter where I was kicked off a GP practice towards violent conduct.

Totally ignored the parts where I was not actually violent.

#FACEPALM .. now this is all already on here ..

  • Hospital specialist falsifies an ultrasound scan

  • I catch him out and I am recording him and he admits this, Darren Francis

  • When I mention it to GP, they continued with the falsification, the GP calls me MAD ..

    • Like this Muslim lunatic ..

  • Only .. umm I have a recording?!

  • Offer for him to hear and he refuses to listen to it!!

  • I tell the GMC I want to complain about the GP, Dr John Gubbay and I tell the General Medical Council this .. now recall I have a recording everyone refuses to listen to and its also on here ..

  • I refuse to go back to that GP practice as if he lies to me and falsely accuses me again I will want knock out his teeth!

  • The GMC, me never going to the GP again, then goes and informs the practice of what I stated and THEN they kick me off for violent conduct ..

  • There WAS NO violent conduct

  • The mere fact that I am being labelled as violent by a Muslim and Leftists is just utterly hilarious


That was it in a nutshell and yeah I would have to be a god damned idiot to have been violent to a GP and actually post the letter of it on a blog, would I not?

Common sense is either just not part of Muslims on a mission or the hard-left or they are being their disingenuous normal selves?

You choose.

Now .. speaking metaphorically and telling someone you was gong to kick their arse? I had stated I had just got off the phone? That this white, dark, straight, gay Muslim non-Muslin Pro-EU Brexiteer livig in three places at the same time with three different professions .. was telling someone a lie about me that I was advising parents not to report children for rape? Fuck knows how he brought rape into it as I never even went near the subject. Well .. yeah so he was saying that ..

Except I had just gotten off the phone and I had just seen a picture and two videos that my daughter sent me .. you know the daughter that I was accused by the same man as having incestuous relations with? The one he claims he cares about while attacking he disabled father? The victim daughter raped and abused by five Muslims which I have evidence of which is his real mission? To shut me up while he does his duty to the Quran?

Yeah .. TWO OPERATIONS AT HOSPITAL .. by things previously screwed up by the NHS ..

This was what I had just walked away form when I found the Muslim lying about me yet again to followers which I could not do anything about because I was on a ban for speaking metaphorically.

So are we up to speed? Just in case before I expose the last part of this with some screenshots ..

  • He chases me and loses for around 14 weeks under various different accounts ..

  • Two account get both locked-out and permanently suspended .. so how bad do you have to be? The four suspensions take place over around 24 hours or more ..

  • He is a lawyer, social worker, web developer and medical school drop out

  • He lies about everything ..

  • He is in Germany, he is in Bradford, he is in Leeds and probably other places ..

  • He is pro-EU but lies and says he is a Brexiteer to get friendly with groups in streams

  • He claimed he was white when I claimed he was Muslim and working to an agenda

  • He later admits he lied about a number of things and is a Muslim

  • He gets me suspended for something I said metaphorically claiming threats of violence ..

  • Except in the same tweet where I state I will kick his arse I also state that I will go to the Police to file a report .. yeah .. after literally kicking his arse? I don’t think so.

  • Twitter did not care either

  • While banned he then keeps posting and tagging me in ..

  • Lies to followers about me

  • Then he posts a letter from my blog claiming I was violent towards a GP?

  • Yeah .. I posted a letter to my own blog incriminating myself by exposing my own violence towards a GP?

  • No .. he ignores the explanation on the blog which explains that there was no violence towards as GP at all.

Now how did this all get started?

My daughter had just had her second operation .. MAJOR operation in the space of a little over a week.

The first was for cervical cancer thanks to Muslims and her being a child rape victim, something that the moron that banned me knew .. but nothing stands in the way of shutting up anyone with any truth to say about how bad Muslim attitudes towards women and young girls are.

This was missed by the NHS.

The NHS also failed to tell my daughter that the abdominal hernia can get strangulated, I was pretty sure was strangulated and I had to explain to her that this can kill her. The NHS had not.

She then got this looked at and she suddenly found herself faced with not one but three operations leading up to Christmas, not sure about the other.

Now on the night I was reported after I spoke metaphorically in anger after catching this twisted and mentally disturbed person trying to assassinate my character yet again and alienate my followers I was speaking to my daughter.

My daughter, the one and only reason I am even on Twitter and GAB .. because no one else us helped us and our situation is pretty dire and out lives a living hell. People keep saying they will help and then do nothing or take forever and life does not wait around for people to help.

I am angry I am down here and not up with my daughter and here is why ..

This is the picture I got of my daughter’s wound ..

I asked her why she had taken the dressing off the wound, which was way, way bigger than I expected it to be. She answered ..

I didn’t. They sent me home lie this!”

I was gobsmacked .. she then sent me these videos and said she was worried as the wound was open .. she could see a yellow colour. I assured her it was nothing to worry about .. there o no bleeding or excessive off colour of the surrounding flesh but she should get it looked at.

The following afternoon after spending the day trying to figure out why Twitter ha fucked me and my daughter for the umpteenth time about me teasing someone that he could not get me banned, did not realise about the ‘kicking your arse’ think until later, I get a call ..

Dad! Guess what they put on the wound?!” to which I said I do not know before she says ..

Manuka Honey?!” to which after I get over my shock I tell her why they used honey.

This time they actually put a dressing on the wound.

Oh and it was four days after the first operation with four children and three quite distracting before Jenny of Wirral Council social services called my daughter to ask if he was OK?!

Four days late, no help as per usual and there has been no call since this last bout of surgery thus far.

As stated this is not even all but the Gay, white to brown Muslim lawyer slash social worker whose a web developer and a medical school drop-out knew all this. He changed his account so that he could attack me and attempt a character assassination on me while claiming to others he did nt know about how difficulties. One did and rapped him for it .. but she did not know about what had just occurred.

So thanks Twitter .. way to go to punish innocent victims for things they did not do because you have to protect those you deem worthy. My daughter is now truly disgusted with you.

You then handed the golden chance on a plate for someone to kick two victims he knew damn well were two victims while using your own idiocy and rules to do this.

Unfortunately and despite Naquib’s claim that he gives better then he gets, yeah that is why I beat your arse over 50 times over 14 weeks and fully suspended two accounts and beat you while muted and still beat you while suspended.

Did you ever wonder what all my disabilities are dumb-arse? Yeah .. that is the problem with cherry picking .. you see what you need, grab it and run.

If you think this is the most embarrassing thing I have ever done to you .. hooo boy wait until you find out what one of my disabilities is?!

You will look ten times more incompetent than I have already made you look.

I told you months ago that I have enough in my arsenal that I have not used that I could just make a fool out of you for years if you persist in this character assassination attempt.

I also had to hold off on this post thanks to the ban because of this lying moron see it and gets enough time he will put his usual twist on it. It has become a pattern .. he blocks and then come back twisting everything around. So much that if he had to actually physically twist he would not have a complete bone left in his body!

I will tell you this .. there is not a day goes by when I do not want to walk out of here and straight in front of the first bus or lorry that comes along. Some days are worse than others.

Because despie everything I am being oppressed by someoe I cannot escape from that my social worker friend, Mario, calls evil. He calls me two to three times each week to see if I have not gone insane yet. He also always apologises for my situation. I will tell you what else he does ..

Just as the leftists have attempted to do with the character assassination attempts and now trying to use this blog? Yeeeah he has experienced it .. he and others thought I was mad for the last 6 years and he often apologises, though he knows I do not knowingly lie as he would testify to ..

Martin. I am sorry but you were right .. you were right about everything!”

I was right about Donald Trump.

I was right about Jeremy Corbyn.

I was right about the Brexit.

I was probably right about the Scottish referendum though I did state it was hard to call it at the time.

I was right about Fake News.

I was right about the terror attack.

I was right about the EU.

I was right about the financial crisis.

I was right about austerity.

I was right about them screwing over disabled people.

I was right about other things .. I correctly guessed but was laughed at when I said that the house prices in London would drop .. and a mate would not sell his house. It was re-possessed.

But despite all that being correct they thought I was wrong about the ..


Local Councils (Social Worker friend had shit from them)

Social Services (He worked for them)

DWP (Social Worker friend Type 1 Diabetic)

NHS (Social Worker friend recently fucked over like my daughter and I have been)

The last three I always refer to as ‘The Evil Trinity’.

Sorry leftist hit squads and Muslim defenders of the faith but I did tell you I had evidence .. umm did I not mention I have witnesses? Character references? Did I mention I worked for JC Cleverdon’s solicitors in Enfield on and off who were friends?

Soo .. videos .. daughter .. wound ..

Late Addition ..

Oh OK things just got a little .. weird. I mean .. fecking .. weird.

Anti-Populist has .. unblocked me which he normally does when he has finished cooking something up. Only .. when a notification came in and it was just one .. well at first I thought he was just answering a follower of mine. But no .. I clicked to go onto the stream ..

And what do I find?

The second group of trolls from above? Yeah .. I find him in a stream with at least two of them and them seemingly going at each other, well the infamous Joker, and .. no visible reason for it?

Now they managed to ban me for 7 days and I have been insinuating so hard it looks like an sandpit after an Elephant has been through it. Bloody big craters with no view as to what may lay inside.

Now interestingly and on this very blog .. I have absolutely claimed a load of things that have all since come out and they have probably realised that they went and blurted out a few other things I laid claim to and I must have noticed? Yeah .. I noticed.

What have I claimed in the past?

That I have got a fuck load of big predictions right .. how convenient I typed most of them out on here. I got him right all along and there was one little iddy-biddy thing I mentioned ..

That my super-stalker is linked to Resisting Hate and Joker, Baby Monkey and Moon.

So to state again .. that Anti-Populist is linked to the infamous trio from Resisting Hate .. Joker, Baby Monkey and Moon.

Now a recap ..

Anti-Populist is a Muslim as is Joker. Both have been after me.

Now if they had not met before and considering my history with Joker what would I expect to happen? Anti-Populist to show off that he had gotten me a seven day suspension and for them to all become best buds. Yeeeeaaaah except that did not happen and they are arguing ..

I cannot figure out why they are arguing and ask yourself this .. why would Anti-Populist tag me into the stream?

If he did not know them .. does he think he will impress me by taking them apart? Yeah good luck with that one!

Does he think they are really my friends and this will wind me up? Yeah .. good luck with that one too!

Or .. are they worried I have made a load of links between them and about to out them as being the same group of people and are faking a row between them all?

Perhaps .. but I have been trying to figure out for a very, very long time on how to tie this Muslim, Anti-Populist, in with the one that threatens people kids, Joker .. and his comrades .. or should I say pawns?

So yeah thanks for that! Did not really expect this to draw them out and link to each other so well but love it when a plan comes together.

There is the possibility that he was trying to break into the pack? Trying to do something that impressed them and that getting me suspended might get him into the group?

My brain hurts ..

My brain hurts .. Remember .. he told people he did not report me .. this person simply could not tell the truth if their life depended on it ..


Well yes I have to admit that I have been neglecting much of my blogs of late .. most of these are currently beyond my control .. my corruption ones have been because of Twitter and trying to find help for my daughter and I.

As ever we have people come forward and either state help or suggest help is coming and back away or does not.

No word of lie if I so much as show I am tired, weary or giving up on Twitter I am inundated with messages encouraging me to keep going.

Now lately I have managed to do couple of posts, mainly about the Troll Wars .. and now I stumble across something I should have realised was right under my nose days ago. Though to be fair it was probably for the best that I missed it .. as the numbers had a chance to build up. And I just realised I do not have the page up to copy the link?!


Now I have been tweeting, retweeting and talking about a news article that has been popping up to do with the United Nations and this Global Migration Pact subject that is one of many recent new revelations that has Twitter in a mass meltdown.

Just like previous things people were passionate about it .. a petition started up to stop the UK and Theresa May from signing it. It seems to be going from country to country presently and reports popping up of who signed it and who did not.

I forgot .. these petitions come with .. MAPS!!

So when I checked the numbers at the 34,000 odd mark I took a look at the map when suddenly something stood out to me. It then hit me and suddenly I was scanning the next place where the next odd ratio should pop out. Boom. Next. Boom.

A petition to stop migrants coming to the UK and a map that starts of white then turns a light tan when people in an area sign that gradually gets darker when each area reaches a certain number. There are several shades going right down to almost black or possibly black?

So which areas should have the darkest colours? Well all the highly populated areas of course with only the areas without much in the way of densely populated areas remaining light. Right? Wrong!

A glance at the map and as it turns out one densely populated area was several shades lighter than surrounding areas. Moving on to the next obvious choice once I realised immediately what I was looking at and it was the same. And on and on t went.

These areas are ..

  • London

  • Birmingham

  • Manchester

  • Sheffield

  • Leeds

  • Bradford

  • Leicester

  • Cardiff

  • Bristol

  • Bedford

Do you know what every single one of these areas, that should have been nigh on black, have in common? A humongous Muslim community.

I have stated on here for years that the problem you have with democracy in this country is that it is going to get destroyed. More or less has with Brexit.

They are not voting for the best interests of Britain they are voting for the best interests of both themselves and their faith.

They are NOT signing this petition to stop this migration project.

I guarantee they voted against Brexit, which is the only way my area of Enfield could have possibly been reported as remain as none of 36 odd people I know voted remain.

I also guarantee they will very almost all vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

All to help them and their faith so how are the indiginous people of Britain being represented? The simple and short answers is that they are not and this is only going to get far, far worse and quickly at that.

Benefit caps on white families with children when there is not only no benefit caps on Muslims with hoards of children but not even on the number of wives they have either?!

Yeah .. that is a level of stupidity of our politicians that the only other possible existing reason could be to annoy the natives to incite a civil war to get the over-crowding down?

One or the other? You pays your money you makes your choice.

So as you view the screen-shots below and visit the link I have provided remember that the highly densely populated areas should garner the most signatures. Except in ever major city where the Muslim population is high the areas show up lighter than those around them. Only one reason for this.

The other thin to note is that just like where I am currently there is a high population of leftists living here too and guess which was those complete idiots will vote? Take a guess at whether or not they will sign this position? No.

Some years down the road when there are no TV or radio stations left because everything pre 2017 is offensive ad racist and you cannot own or walk your dog any more or get a hold of pork or anything that is no Halal meat any more they will wonder what has happened? You did.

I am related to the most annoying leftist socialist you could ever wish to meet and even SHE has now turned around and stated it has gone too far. She has a loo kin her eyes that shows that her politics now might have screwed it up, and it has, for even her own family.

OOPS! Leftists and in the words of Nigel Farage who was told by Nick Clegg on TV that he needed a tinfoil hat to suggest there was an EU Army being planned .. “What can you do? What CAN you do?”

Sometimes .. it comes too late to realise you were wrong.

But they will probably remain as remainiacs are now who are fighting with leave voters and actually blaming them, and me, for the fact we are not .. actually .. leaving?! Yeah those of us that voted for leave are now being blamed for the current deal and the fact we are not really leaving?

That is the fucking logic of leftists and remainers .. utterly stupid while claiming to all just how intelligent they are. Yeah .. an Amoeba springs to mind.

Was told my a few bullies just yesterday because I had dangerous holes in my knowledge?

Right, wait? Soooo .. there politicians allowed a referendum that is highly dangerous to the UK because very few of our population will be voting without any ‘holes’ in their knowledge and they are having a go at me? And rowing with others that think like me?

Yeah .. no. You remainers created this and you remainers need to go and have a go at your remain MP’s and PM, David Cameron, for allowing a referendum that you .. INSIST .. to others is so dangerous.

Do these people even HEAR themselves?

North and Central Scotland is exactly how I would expect it to be because it simply has very few densely populated areas and vast amounts of gorgeous open space.