Maybe for those that might come here that have a Twitter account who might have read a few things and see what I have to say on Twitter?

Remember I have only been at this a little under six weeks and I had a shadow ban for two weeks, a double search ban for a day, one 12 hour lockout and another ban that was lifted within minutes I do not know what for.

No swearing at anyone .. no name-calling and piss taking only occurs once I have had several tweets of piss-taking and name calling at me.

  • Brexit
  • Muslims
  • Child Rape (victims and helping raise awareness)
  • NHS
  • Homelessness
  • DWP
  • Courts & Judges
  • Missing Persons
  • Animal Welfare

Who I have disagreements with ..

  • David Lammy (no answer)
  • Jeremy Corbyn (might have answered?)
  • Owen Jones (no answer)
  • Theresa May (no answer)
  • Tony Robinson (no answer)
  • JK Rowling (no answer)
  • Sky News (no answer)
  • BBC News (no answer)
  • BBC Newsnight (no answer)
  • Jon Snow (no answer)
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Montel Williams (over Rob O’Neill, Obama & Trump)

Argued with many socialists .. either they block, ignore, get abuse .. rarely I convince them but does happen and on one occasion muted me and called me ..

‘too Mycrofty!’

Why thank you!

Spoken to

  • Esther McVey
  • Sarah Champion MP

Also had brief dealings with

  • Robert J O’Neill (who shot Osama Bin Laden)
  • Kris Paronto (think part of team .. forgive me stiff arsed Brit here)

There are many others but I cannot recall names and .. well I also cannot recall if they were disagreements or agreements?

If you look for me please keep in mind that hashtags, as I have had to explain this to judgemental idiots, are ATTRACTERS and not badges of honour. It is what I say that counts.




Soo that turned out to be quite unexpected?

Well my daughter thought they were coming for my grandchildren and I assured her that this could not happen without a court appearance. But then it was clear that the Police had visited while she was out of the house. That did get me a little concerned ..

As both Merseyside Police and Wirral Council would be damned beyond belief from our story I thought that there may be a situation where if the social workers could anger my daughter with Police Officers present they could take the children away?

Now I believe this riling up started just mere weeks after I left when the grandson that was placed with his paedophile Muslim and Kurdish father, Karzan, got injured and I cannot even tell you how or why?!

Because the dunce social worker turned up late at night, asked if my daughter had been in contact with her son, which she has not for years, and explained there had been an incident and that he had been injured. But they did not say by who or how. They also did not even follow up with a “he is OK” at a later date?!

Fucking incompetent or very sinister?

Since that day it has been a barrage of bullying, lies and tricks which was odd because the social worker, called Chipo, was visiting while I was there from around September 2017 until January 2018 and other than getting no help or support at all they were nice.

My health was aggravated and I was being fed lies while I was there from a very evil and selfish person, just wait for that revelation alone will have you getting out your pitchforks.

As if right on cue just got a phone-call from a friend of mine who was a social worker for Camden Council for 20 years plus who basically just heard this story and said “what the fuck are these people doing?” regarding Wirral Council’s social workers. Go figure!

Anyway my daughter got told that this old social worker was taking over the case .. the teachers at the school where my grandchildren attend went into shock. My friend the social worker went into shock. Told my daughter it was just another thing intended to rattle her. Hence why I thought if they attended to property with the Police it might be more rattling so my daughter would react angrily or violently so that they could then take the children.

Except that is not what happened.

Within a few minutes of not one but TWO social workers arriving my daughter was told she now has two social workers. Cannot say I have ever heard that before and neither had my daughter. She picked up that there was something so she kept asking them what had happened and the first few times they just looked at each other. After the fourth, fifth or sixth time of asking one of the two blurted it out ..

We know about stuff being said on TWITTER!

Then it became obvious that they were not there in a confrontational was as they have done since I left in January, 2017.

They also said that they did not give permission for anyone to record them which made me roar with laughter and even the teacher stated they cannot say that or stop her as she does not trust them.

Oh how I have had many a conversation about this with people who watch too much TV insisting I was wrong in recording Councils, Social Workers, Doctors, Hospitals, Police Forces and many others.

What was also odd was two things .. my daughter had only started Tweeting a few days ago and had gotten 12 followers .. some of my followers I have spoken to followed her immediately. But .. they did not mention me?


Yeah .. the problem here is that either they know about me and do not want me to find out that I know they have been watching me .. or .. they are in for one bloody big shock as despite the bans and having around 200 followers knocked off .. I still have well over 400 in less than 6 weeks.

The 400 followers is not big at all but the fact I got these in less than six weeks is. Especially when you factor in that I could not be searched at all for two of those weeks because of a ban and have had around 200 knocked off by Twitter.

Yeah .. if they do not know about me and are in for a shock .. what about my blogs?!

Also .. not wanting me to know they are watching me?

Yeah I have known I have been watched since I started blogging six years ago and was called mad by my friends. Then one day a GP that had been lying to me got a call from someone within the NHS to state that I had been recording us. Yeah .. except I had been doing that for several years across several GP practices. A bit late. A GP near my current location knew my name without me even telling them and refused to register me?! Go figure!

One man with an ego and even after the GP had admitted that my blog had been looked at, and not by him so someone from the higher echelons of the NHS, still said ..

What do you mean they are looking at you? Your a nobody and not a threat .. why would they want to look at you for?!”

Guy that likes to talk and think of himself as tough and does not like it when someone else actually does something when someone else rattles the system.

Plus I had already proved that they was looking at me. I knew they had from day one and was warned by others that they would.

So I had to be extremely careful fro day one about facts and names. State anything that they could prove otherwise and I would be done for! Question marks always come in handy at all the other times I am theorising what I believe to be the case!

So my daughter was asked if she was OK .. she was asked what she wanted?! That one was a surprise let me tell you.

My daughter told the that she has no one around she can talk to anymore ,, no one that can help her and did not like it any more and said that she wanted to move from the Wirral to London?! Asking why and pointing out about support my daughter told the she does not trust Wirral Council any more or the Police and that she can get help wherever she lives in the country.

The social worker also apologised for my grandson being placed with the paedophile dad and that the boy was saying things like “Jesus is a bastard!” to her when she still was seeing him. She stated that management at Wirral Council had taken her off the case just prior to it finishing and that she did not know the boy was placed with his paedophile father. She apologised for that. She had one excuse to put forward for this taking place ..

It was different times back then”

Three or four years ago. Yeah different times back then because no one knew what they was up to and the proverbial cat was not out of the bag!

I am split between wondering of this is just another trick as, as I told my daughter .. two social workers is worrying because they can back each other up in any intended lie.

Or is this a sign that the ten year nightmare and one year of hell is about to end?

Once they sorted my daughter out and given her what is due there is still the issue of the immense amount of money, home and items I have lost .. sacrificed to help her and my damn health where I am very literally scare to go more than 50 yards and it is driving me insane!

Fingers crossed I can get out of my hell but I have not quite heard enough to calm my anxiety, nerves or anything else.

We have been here so many times before at the edge of the light at end of the proverbial tunnel only to be dragged back to the depths at the eleventh hour ..

.. a thing so cruel that you would not believe. Once is bad enough but we are talking way more than half a dozen times here!

Then she has a head MRI, Trigeminal Neuralgia, suspected MS, and an operation on a hernia that can become strangulated ..

Even if over we still have the cancer to deal with she got from all of this!


How about a petition to kick out George Soros ..

Sounds good to me for someone who seems to have his dirty hands in so many things .. from Hollywood to TV and politics and all of journalism in the western world.

If things have been crap he looks to be the one to blame!

Well an Italian I know posted this petition on Twitter ..

Soo .. be real funny of this petition was signed by hundreds of millions.

George Soros is reported to be worth over $55 Billion!

But he thinks he is doing us all a favour by controlling us? More likely he is the head of some Satanic Church and probably the one they keep on telling me Hillary Clinton is part of?!

I cannot believe that all the evil in the world comes down to one man?! All the lying, the wars, the terrorism, socialism, lying media and a whole more besides.

DO not take my word for it, research it as they have already kicked his representatives out a a few countries.


Here is a little list of weird things since January 2018 when I got back to London thinking I would return north in 4 to 6 weeks

  • Sister Letting Me Down

  • Brother Letting Me Down

  • Health

    • Heart

    • Chest

    • Vanishing Energy

    • Fibromyalgia

      • feet, ankles, back, shoulders, skin, memory, sleep, anxiety

    • Vit B Defiency

    • Hypomagnesemia

  • Media Agent Letting My Daughter Down

  • Take A Break Monthly Letting My Daughter Down

  • Public Authority Letting Me Down

  • Public Authority Letting my Daughter Down

  • Second Public Authority Letting My Daughter Down

  • Second Public Authority Letting Me Down

  • Workmen in the Building 7 weeks plus

  • Virgin Media Temperamental

  • Virgin Media being out completely for 29 days

  • Virgin Media STILL being temperamental

  • Not realising earlier Twitter could help

  • Twitter ban for 2 weeks

  • Three more Twitter bans

    • One because argument where ..

    • Montel Williams argued with a guy over Trump and Obama and told him

    • Well Obama did kill Osama Bin Laden!”

    • Saying this to Robert J O’Neill, the man that actually shot Osama Bin Laden!

    • Popped at Montel .. tipped my hat to Robert O’Neill

    • Double ban .. Kris Paronto later states their bans lifted and so was my two bans

  • People telling me they will help .. start helping and then vanishing

  • Potential helpers blocking me before I have even spoke to them

    • Despite forgetting I had earlier commented on a video and they gave a like/heart

That is from January 2018

This whole thing has been going on for 12 years though there is an argument for 25 years.

During that time my health was not treated properly and I was lied to for 15 years plus.

During the last few years I realised I got my politics all wrong too!

Got the Conservative Party wrong but partly because they are not Conservatives.

Got the Republican Party wrong and Donald Trump has surprised me. Go figure.

My politics were centre-left and never agreed with the far left or socialism as the latter could never work, sorry Jeremy but it wont. Now I find out there are things about the far-left I did not know and I despise them.

I also find that I agree more with the right-wing but .. there is one thing I will not agree on with them and believe they need to change this attitude or they will die off.


Since being on Twitter, @saintallnights, I simply cannot believe firstly how bad things are and secondly how naïve, stupid and blind large swathes of people are.

Been maintaining for years that the public services are all rotten, incompetent and seem to have their own agendas but this is beyond lunacy.

On stating previously that at times it is like someone is deliberately trying to incite violence via the public services it was only now and then. Since being on Twitter it is not only a constant barrage but beyond any shadow of a doubt that this is what is occurring.

Seemingly led y socialists and their idiocy which is just beyond anything I could have ever imagined and then some.

If this was not obvious already and for weeks now it came into sharp focus when in Germany a father was called a Nazi for stating that his son was killed my a migrant?!

Are you people fucking for real?!

Right you really do not understand words so let me make something very clear to you .. YOUR the NAZIS ..

  • Hate Nazis who hated the Jews

  • But you hate the Jews

  • Love Labour Party who hate the Jews

  • Side with Muslims who hate the Jews

  • Changing History

  • Binning Books in US (burning them in the street too on the nose?!)

  • Hate Guns

  • Acts of Violence stem from socialists every .. single .. time!

I wont even get into the violence or how you seemingly celebrate at anything done to white people or the fact that you need psychiatric help as many of you are in fact white.

South Yorkshire Police have a hurty-feely phone line and Muslims are running around putting notices on people’s street doors telling them to keep their dogs inside and not walk them any longer as they now find dogs offensive, I kid you not!

Try doing something that socialists simply ignore each and every time .. do your research .. you likely have a laptop, PC or smartphone so check!

Another thing that has shocked me is just how leftist, except when it comes to money of course, all the big names are that control social media .. and here in lies the rub ..

Failed to mention that when they got started, didn’t they?!

Soo what they did was portaryed themselves as ‘social’ media outlets when in fact they were not and never have been. They allowed themselves to grow on a deception. They waited until collectively they all had access to everyone and then set out to manipulate everyone.

Only that did not work over Donald Trump did it?

Since then they have been scrambling around in the dirt in the dark.

A continued and unfair, not to mention hypocritical, assault increased on Donald Trump the likes of which I have never seen and unlikely to be seen again. Unless y some miracle Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister!

Then trying too hard and exposing their true nature the whole #walkaway movement got started in within a few months the leftists controlling social media went into overdrive.

During this time this ‘Q’ Anon thing popped up. Seemed to get more and more attention and dropping some cryptic clues. Still no idea what it is and if there is anything to it but it is interesting how more and more people are taking notice. Even the BBC and their Newsnight program did something on it. You do not get that attention unless there is some sort of substance to what is going on. I wait to see if anything concrete ever comes from it, along with millions of others.

I am not going to go around on Twatter stating that definitely things are going to come from this whole Q thing because I simply do not know.

Facts, science, maths and history are all ignored by the worst Leftists and they also fail to read profiles and streams along with blogs and when they do they make another assumption ..

Because of my hashtags I get wrongly labelled.

These are tags .. used to attract people and NOT badges of what you believe in or what you think you fucking arse-wipes.

These are the same people that decide to patronise me on how everything works, even on Twitter and despite only tweeting a little over four weeks I end up having to explain to them how they are wrong.

In each long and heated disagreement I have had .. there has been one thing that I always bring up when they tell me I am stupid, not British, racist a greasy Macedonian living in a basement (I kid you not) and no one is going to believe me ..

Funny as you have been on Twitter for [6 to 8] years and you have amassed [25 to 90] followers in all that time. You do realise I have amassed more than that in a single week, right?!”

Normally at that point the swearing comes in.

Obviously never heard the phrases ‘People in Glass Houses .. ‘ and ‘Asking for it’?

They are so sure of themselves with absolutely nothing to back it up in the way of evidence and think everything is just going to magically be OK when Jeremy Corbyn’s vision sees the light of day?

NO!! His vision cannot and will not be implemented and even if it did .. you have a large section that will be non-compliant. Islam for a start and then a large section of British, myself included provided I am still here, will not be compliant also.

Tell you what you will achieve?

Civil War!

With the leftist weaklings you have placed within the Police Forces I can tell you what in any civil war you will be wiped out too. Armed Forces? Never .. happen!

What is scary is that the facts are staring them in the face and refuse to believe it. Talk about claiming black is white, these people take to the extreme!

The Muslims have every intention of taking over nations and those that are in power repeatedly show they are powerless over and over again.

I have long had this theory that the reason they appease them is they know it is inevitable and are hoping that when it happens and because they helped that they wont be beheaded, raped, tortured or murdered? Think about it.

IN the meantime the insanity continues but I do see signs that it is dwindling .. just not fast enough right now.

In the UK and I have told people this .. the Conservative Party along with the Labour Party needs to be ousted by both For Britain and UKIP for the top two positions.

What concerns me is that those naïve dolts that continue to insist that it has to be one of the top two parties.

Yeah with the word ‘split’ now synonymous with both the Conservatives, who are not conservatives, and the Labour Party, now racist towards whites and Jews, then yeah fucking sensible to vote for either of these.

You have a choice at the next election .. doom Britain or save it.


Well blow me down and tell me how to cure this shiver down my spine.

My daughter is going to flip later.

She’s currently in a meeting with a school and a social worker she’s never met before. The usual social worker I now believe is not a social worker and the manager, Chipo and Eve, are apparently both on leave. A seriously understaffed social services in a case they insist is vitally important, bullying my daughter and trying to get her to sign forms because the risk to the children don’t turn up yet again.

Except they are NOT on leave and both were seen entering their offices. She then going in to speak to them the enquirer was told that they were both in leave.


Either this is intended to wind my daughter up or they lie later on over something I don’t know.

But there’s been a switch in solicitors and they have vanished since this to place.

Seems like the previous solicitor not only had links to the council but rang the new solicitor and tried get them to drop their new client by lying. Was told that my daughter had been around to five different solicitors?!

That’s how sinister things are in the UK.

I’m warned by someone in the know, Ian Josephs (link below) who has fought in court against them defending others, that your can’t trust your GP either.

But this was just confirming what I already knew and I’ve stated this corruption crap week after week in six years since I started blogging and for many years previous.

Twelve years I’ve known many, many things and going back further than that for many.

Now I have to tell her that a Mirror newspaper report has estimated that the underage girl victims to be a million?!

Now remember and my daughter will explain this to anyone that cares to ask about her story, that I stated ten years ago I wanted to get this out there in the public eye.

As it turned out and because, unlike what most socialists and leftists argue, a lot more of them see underage sex and rape as being OK then I realised.

Three different communities each having a lot of people and all were OK with it and I also learnt of the trick they used to not only rip us off for money but do it repeatedly. Sell everything off once all collected .. leave the country and come back as someone else and repeat.

What I stated to my daughter is that there must be a lot of victims out there and probably number in the thousands or even tens of thousands.

What I was not aware of back then is just how many communities there are out there! In all honesty this was Birkenhead and Liverpool and two cities it was going on in years ago that still have not appeared on any lists and I for one was surprised that there were communities there. There was a long gap but I was visiting and staying in the area frequently starting back around 1990-1.

I am born in Perivale near Greenford West London but grew up in East London and all my siblings were born here on the east side. So I am not from the north-west of England.

In recent times I have seen more and more places as having these Muslim communities and head about the sheer number of victims. AFter a few years when Rotherham broke I head there was a thousand victims. This now turns out to be more Fake News as I have heard that there were 14,000 victims in one area and might have been a single Mosque?!

I did a quick crunch of the numbers and realised what just going on the list or areas that was incomplete and the number of 14,000 that we were talking about a probably minimum of 400,000 victims that would likely be higher.

Taking into account that the list of areas where grooming gags had been exposed being around the 30 mark and with two missing and with three in my head I expect to appear on it I thought that number might double or even treble?

Going on this I estimated that the final figure could be 500000, giving them the benefit of the doubt, be closer to one million if I was right and maybe even as high as 1.5 Million or more if they are actually all the same as I feared and stated.

So now we have a figure of one million published ..

By one of the newspapers that ignored evidence I sent them in 2012.

Mirror, Sun Independent, i, Observer, Telegraph, Daily Mail (shocked they did not respond), Guardian and all others even including the Morning Star. With the last one I thought they were supposed to be caring towards suffering while the Daily Mail would love to print something about Muslims. None responded.

Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5 News and Channel 4 News were also all contacted. Once again there was zero response and it has taken me six years to figure out why this was.

So I will not be told by a bunch of fucking mad leftists with zero experience, zero understanding and zero sympathy to tell me I am wrong!

Check the 3,700 plus posts of this blog going back to 2012, I held off starting the blog due to something serious I was involved in which saved many, many lives. As well achieving that and being told by the secret services and two Merseyside Detectives, latter a four hour recording exists, that I was a genius. Secret Services stated that and two Detectives, DC Simon Broadhurst being one, who came all the way down to London stated this to my face.

I have recently had the words ‘gagging order’ stated to me and told this was mentioned by Wirral Council in an email?!

Yeah .. might have something to do with the fact they gave a child born from my under aged daughter to the paedophile father who also had previous to going up to 12 year olds in local parks and showing them a picture of his penis on his phone. The was actually on record previous to him going to court.

Muslims must think that as a nation we are an absolute joke and walk over and I can fully see why now they all want to come here. Instead of being executed or imprisoned they get handed everything, while Brits, whites and even disabled ones, get everything taken way from them.

What I predicted ..

  • Trump Winning
  • Corbyn losing last GE
  • Financial Crisis but have to ask friends/family about that who all called me mad
  • Brexit
  • NHS Scandals
  • Police Scandals
  • Mental Health Crisis
  • Austerity
  • DWP Lies
  • Universal Credit
  • Disability Benefit Crisis
  • Social Services Lies and child deaths as a result
  • Lying Disability Assessors like Atos
  • Courts being corrupt (Prior Tommy Robinson)
  • Grooming Gangs (started 2011 on Facebook)
  • Many, many others

Also I am skilled ..

  • Turned down Doctorate offered by Peter Pasmore at Middlsex University (regretted)
  • BSc Applied Computing (Have a Blog)
  • Herpetologist (Have a Blog)
  • Batrachologist (Blog as above)
  • Ichthyologist (Blog as above)
  • Orchids (Have a Blog)
  • British Wildlife (Have a bog)
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics (Have a blog)
  • Photography (Have a blog)
  • 14 Blogs in Total
Also have ..
  • Flickr Account 
  • Alamy
  • Photofolio
  • Photos have to go through QC and I have been accepted
  • This with blogs was the business that ..
  • The Job Centre and the DWP stabbed me in the back over
  • Have series of horrid disabilities
  • Worried abut my daughter and grandchildren as three, perhaps four, out of five have disabilities
  • Despite this I carry on fighting
  • Lost everything .. home, car, £20,000
  • Google froze ad revenue 
    • Which I will detail on Twitter tomorrow @saintallnights (what else?)
    • Don’t mind still displaying ads they still get money for

  • Been trying to find someone to help
  • No advice, charities or help agencies have done a damn thing
  • Either send me to someone else, say there are going to do something and then never hear fro them again or just do not hear from them
  • Tweeting on Twitter hoping that someone would at least help my daughter .. 
    • If this does not happen in the next couple of weeks then there is something definitely wrong
If you are not aware of my daughter’s story .. believe me when I say that this following post is a cut down version of the whole story .. they talked about a TV series, book series at one point, two small part published in Love It and Take A Break, latter still has not paid my daughter?!

Check out @KEK_Revolution’s Tweet:

Now found the link to the One Million Victims on The Mirror’s website..

Ian Josephs and advice on forced adoptions ..


I see a list on Twitter that came through to me. It was a list of all the areas known to have Muslim grooming gangs operating within the UK.

It was the most complete list I had seen so far with the previous one having around ten or twelve areas on it. I told those tweeting the previous one it was not complete! Not by a long shot.

This one had a lot more and looked more like 24 to 30 areas on it. Guess what I told the people tweeting it? IT WAS NOT COMPLETE!

Knew and was involved in this ten years ago and again 8 years ago an in all three times with three different groups with every group having the exact same mentality. That is 100% mentality .. not 10% like naïve fools with no experience whatsoever keep telling me.

Birkenhead and Liverpool were missing from the list!

This morning I had one come up that was breaking about Wales. About time!

I had not noticed Swansea or Cardiff being mentioned and I even expect Bangor to make that list too!

I will also tell you one other thing that came through to me on Twitter .. that one Mosque alone, Rotherham or Rochdale, they now state that 14,000 girls have been abused.

Now to some Leftists that argues their case and who I ripped to pieces, even having others beg them to go away as I was making fools of them while they had gotten nothing on me after several hours, that the abused will run into hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of girls scarred for life as is my daughter.

Also do not forget that the dead cannot speak out. Always worth remembering that!

Now let us take a figure of 30 areas that I now seem to be aware of. Maths anyone?

30 x 14,000 = 420,000!!

The only thing is that I do not expect that figure of 30 to remain anywhere near that in all honesty and I fully expect this to hit treble figures!

So are we talking about a million? Millions?!

Now imagine for a moment that this is the reality? Imagine that this comes out and you realise that this has been what has been going on right back to 2003 and possibly even earlier? How did you not know? You watch the NEWS do you not?

How about ..

  • Local Councils?

  • Police?

  • Charities?

  • Government?!

How will you feel about all these institutions you have paid money into for fucking decades?!

Quick to come around to say when you do not pay them the money to pay out to all these useless bunch of fucks, wont they?!

How do the government help the victims?

  • No Services from Social Services

  • No money and CAPS from the DWP .. lies and tricks too

  • Told to keep quiet by MP’s and Police

  • Ignored by all major tabloids and TV News Outlets other than an odd token case

  • Taking their children from them and in on case ..

  • Locking them up like Melanie Shaw?!

What do MP’s spend their time doing?

  • Virtue signalling

  • Talking about gender pay gaps

  • State it is OK to fuck white people over

    • Explains why they do not give a shit about these victims

  • Make Excuses for Muslim acts only the Devil himself would be proud of

  • Bang on about people’s rights to a second fucking referendum!

  • Lie through their fucking teeth

  • Treat the general public as if we are all idiots

  • Treat the public as if we are all Sheep to be easily led by the nose

  • Row with each other

  • Bully each other

Other times I see people that I think might be helpful but they start off small .. get big and before you know it go after the biggest names or make the most sensationalist claims and miss the little important stories.

It is amusing to watch the news media now scrambling around like fools in the dirt trying everything to direct attention and blame away from themselves.

It took me a long tie to realise that the hell that my daughter and I have lived through and endured for over ten years has been all down to socialists, with conservatives (the party) also to blame for adding to it. This political correct nonsense that I have now dedicated six years into destroying and now into my seventh year. When it comes down to blogging that is.

I have been ripping Jeremy Corbyn, his followers, fans, several MPs, Owen Jones and Labour Press .. and the man himself through one Tweet he made .. to pieces .. on Twitter. The wreaths and the associations have been nothing short of ludicrous as has the claims that this has had no effect and Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister?! LMFAO! No, he wont. Nor will he deliver what the fools think he will even if he did. I will not allow it on my watch either and in that endeavour I am in a unique position to not only know the truth but actually be a part of that truth!

I have never had a good argument back or debate from any of the big names I mentioned and what does that tell you?!

Several times I had arguments that went on for many hours and even a couple of days where I literally dismantled every single argument they had and proved their fantasies are nothing more than that.

As I said to someone the other day if my situation has been .. manufactured it was done incompetently because you do not put someone like me in a position where he has nothing left to lose!

Another fact that Leftists miss when they refuse point blank to do any research and not even bother reading your profile. Every .. single .. time!

I am also still waiting for my first leftist to show any sympathy for my daughter’s situation too. Do you know one leftist was convinced that the Red X’s on people names were swastikas?! I roared with laughter and said that this is what Twitter want to you to believe. They represent people that had been shadow banned for their political views which includes people in the centre as well as right-wing. He was astounded by that little fact.

Last night there was a BBC program about antisemitism in the Labour Party .. a socialist I know told me to put it on.

In the program there was a young girl .. no experience and little knowledge harping on about things the Palestinians did not have. An older Jewish lady told her that this was not true and where did she get this idea. FakeNews cough. The young girl repeated it again and the older Jewish lady told her again and this was done three or four times.

Socialists just do not listen, go on feeling and hate being proved wrong. Yeah this wiser Jewish lady is really going to lie to you while and be shown on national TV to be lying?! Jesus!

Do these people not realise how annoyingly rude and patronising they can be?

The socialist that told me about it agreed with her this morning and I just stood their flabbergasted and if you try and explain it she starts going into history which I keep telling her makes no fucking difference to what is going on right now!

They have a big thing about history when it suits their narratives and then want to start burning, chucking secretly away in California, books they do not agree with or do not fit their narrative.

Hitler did that, you know!

Constantly amazes me that the most Nazi like, racist and bigoted people on Earth like to go around throwing these labels around at everyone else.

Technically it could be argued that to be a racist you therefore have to hate all other skin colours, or races.

Technically to be called a bigot you have to hate everyone else that is different or has different opinions.

Bigot could be applied to me, yes. But I spent years working on this and trying to work out why it has all happened and I made a few mistakes along the way but now I know.

It is because of this rife politically correctness that has made some push their agendas while scaring others into ever saying or doing anything.

So we cannot get interest from media because of the PC crowd and Jeremy Corbyn’s mornonic followers and ..

We get screwed by Theresa May’s lot because they do not want to be lablled if they apply the rules to everyone.

Muslims havd clearly stated that out rules do not apply to them because they are such superior people ..

Yup .. when it comes to acts of evil there truly is no one on Earth that comes close. When it comes to hatred, disrespect and lying along with harm to animals there also is no one else on Earth that comes within touching distance.

I also saw a report that states that since that Mohammad prophet they have mireder 669 Million non-Mulims and that is an underestimate I am sure. It also states ‘non-Muslims’ and as everyone is well aware they have been murdering each other for years. Different factions of the Muslim religion have wiped out entire communities of others. Yazidi, Shia, Kurds and the list goes on.

So would not be unreasonable to assume that they have hit the one billion when it comes to murder so yeah they are superior at that. Whine like bitches when a few of their numbers die though claiming everyone else is evil the devil.

So just like socialists they are ignorant when it comes to science, maths and history. No wonder they use the socialists to defend them like morons while they increase their numbers and further their agendas?

A marriage forged in hell itself!

Adding to that the increasing numbers of people likening the far left as being Satanic and it makes even more sense. Heinous acts on both sides that can only be admired by Old Nick or Lucifer.

Our Story and Involvement but this is not all .. just seriously cut down ..

Warning from an expert who has fought legal cases against the social services around the UK .. or .. TAKING CHILDREN ..


Run into a bunch of these and my fucking God .. these people are .. twisted evil, selfish goons that actually like to portray themselves as caring for others?!

It was staggerring ..

To win an argument they was losing ..

  • Called me names
  • Obsessed over the spelling of words .. devices used? Keyboards working? Morons
  • Hate racism but called me a greasy Macedonian living in a basement and not British
  • Accused me of lying about my BSc Applied Computing from Middlesex University
  • Accused me of lying over turning down a Doctorate
  • Accused me of lying about my daughter .. showed no sympathy whatsoever
  • Accused me of lying about being a Herpetologist, Ichthyologist and Batrachologist
    • Did not bother with the other
  • Took the piss
  • Threw labels that did not apply
  • Called me a liar when I said I predicted
    • Trump Winning
    • Corbyn Losing
    • Financial Crisis
    • Terror Attack
    • NHS Scandals
    • Grooming Gangs
    • Police Scandals
    • Brexit
    • Mainstream News Lying
    • Many Others
  • Told him to read my profile .. did not do it even after four hourse
  • Told him to read my stream and guess what? Did not do it even after hours
  • Told him that my predictions are proved as they are on this blog and guess what?
    • Still called me a liar LMAO
  • Twisted words to mean what they wanted them to, yeah called me stupid
  • Obsessed at attacking me and after four hours of not looking at my notifications discovered a sea of them
  • But when I pointed out there obsession claimed it was me who was obsessed
  • To prove it around midnight he produced and posted a tweet I sent him .. from 5.41pm .. 
    • This was to state that within the last four hours I had tweeted him .. except .. the posted tweet was from 6 or 7 hours earlier .. and I am the stupid one who lies?
  • Bearing in mind he is a self proclaimed Doctor of Criminology .. supposedly
  • Claimed a word was not a racial slur unless it had been around long enough and linked to slavery
    • I see so people’s feelings only matter when you say so? Riiiight you fucking moron!
  • Swore profusely
  • Owned a cat
    • I was seriously concerned for this cat as the man had zero empathy or intelligence
  • Was obviously only after brownie points
  • So I eventually launched a barrage against him ..
  • Called him labels that were indeed factual to his character
  • Pointed put that in 8 years he had 194 followers
  • Then pointed out that I had acquired more than this in the last two weeks while having a QFD ban
  • Told him I feel sorry for his friends as he is an evil piece of shit
  • Told him good luck acquiring more for his cause with his language, attitude and abysmal followers after 8 years.
  • Told him I would get more followers than he has over the next couple of weeks!
  • Really he was that bad I wanted to invite him to the park I am sitting in right now and dare him to say all that to my face
  • Wanted to tell him to bring a couple of the biggest mouths friends of his
  • Because I Was sure they were Antifa members
  • They make me absolutely sick with their utter hypocrisy
  • Calling everyone else Nazi when they resemble them in every way
  • Even throwing away books somewhere in America
  • Guess they did not want to pile them up in the street and set fire to them because people would make the obvious link back through history?!
  • I have had my account for many, many years but I hated Twitter so never came on it
  • Automated blog posts with no hashtags
  • I decided to break this silence a little over three weeks ago.
  • Followers in single digits
  • Posted my daughter’s story .. seven days later at 74 followers realised I was QFD banned
  • Two weeks go by and ban is lifted and now at 234 followers
  • Not bad for three weeks and with a two week QFD ba that stops you being seen by new people
Block for the first time in twenty years of using the Internet.
Never before have I ever met such a cold, heartless, whining, lying, hypocritical bunch of people my entire life and if they think that they are going to grow their cause with that attitude?!
They are more fucking deranged than they sounded on Twitter!
They were against Brexit too .. so I took the absolute piss and went for every jugular .. wound them up by asking how their second referendum was coming along.
Accused them of being Satan Worshippers.
Told him no professional would give him the time of day.
Asked if had any bone left unbroken because he had been trying to twist everything so much.
Accused me of tweeting him and not him tweeting me when these were automated Twitter notifications because I was retweeting his most classic Tweets so my superior amount of followers could laugh at him and they were.
Told him that I it had been mentioned how I had not lost my temper with him and that others were clearly pointing out his bullshit.
Told him to go back into his echo chamber with his deranged friends.
Told him he had obviously missed his meds.
Told them to see a shrink when they got obsessed with ‘your’ and you’re’ and accused me of not knowing English. Yeah mate that is how you get these letters after your name and offered a fucking Doctorate. Told them they all needed serious psychiatric help. One being a self-proclaimed Doctor you think he might have spotted that one himself?!
This guy was basically stalking me and all it was to me was an inconvenience because it was distracting as I was trying to leave replies, retweet, say the odd thing, make the odd prediction and build followers until my daughter’s story gets picked up.
Personally? I think they were very angry individuals because they are losing and they know it?!
I think they see all this coming out and people gradually waking up to the mind control and the evil of it all and are changing sides.
I did not even get the chance to tell them that I leaned left and know four lefties and that three of these have gone to the right and one to the centre.
They might have just thrown all their toys out of the pram over that one?!


People are funny.

I had this disagreement and this .. guy .. he just kept making wrong assumption after wrong assumption and then changing the goalposts because he did not want to be wrong.

At one point he went from saying that infringement was about pissing people off, which is what the disagreement was about with religion, to stating that it was not infringement unless it broke the law?!

What the actual fuck?

This whole conversation went on like this and he actually had people liking his answers and not mine. Claiming things I said were not true when they were and were easily found with a Google search! When I pointed this out .. oooh nooo he did not want to do that .. the onus was upon me to prove to him what the truth is.

Now the fact that I did and do what I do to help my daughter, grandchildren and every other abuse victim out there .. did not matter to him.

Neither did it dawn on any of these wankers that they are not only complicit in this abuse but was complicit in them being successfully covered up because he did not want to be wrong and insisted that the onus was upon others to prove him wrong. So that he could continue being wrong, insisting that he is right and shove his head right back into the sand from whence it came. Though it was more likely to be his arse.

Now because I beat him at every turn and had to repeat what I said four times on occasion because he was just not taking on what I said .. someone defended him and told me, a professional who has spoken to professionals of many fields over 40 years, that I had a superiority complex? For using intellect to win an argument against people that refused to believe, refused to listen and insisted I was wrong. I was asked to provide proof of what I said when not a single slither of evidence was provided to back up a single thing of what they said and nor did I need it.

A little tip arse-wipes ..

When you know your right and the other person is wrong and that is an absolute fact ..

.. we do not ask for fucking proof!

When you arguing and your not absolutely sure of the utter dribble you come out with ..

.. you ask for proof!



Jesus I hope to God there are not too many people in the world like that. Google search or similar on their phone. Google search on their tablet PCs, Google search on their laptops and Google search on their computers and cannot be bothered to do a simple search.

Basically they did not see a problem with any religions ..

Only a tiny fraction of Muslims would sleep with under-age girls when thats simply proven wrong at this point.

A Satanic statue unveiled in Arkansas, oh after they claimed there wasn’t one, with little children standing at his feet was OK. The point I was making was doing things that are incitement to others .. but this is not OK if you anger Muslims but OK if you anger over 100 Million devout American Christians?!

The God damn hypocrisy was staggering. I just could not believe it.

I understood why I was seeing so many people being blocked by others in my stream. Your pointing out facts others are just ignoring because it is what they want, believe or feel.

I have said it over and over and over again until I am blue in the face..

I had a socialist relative argue stupid things which came from her socialist friends and she always used the line ..

I have a RIGHT to an opinion!”

It was a couple of years, maybe several months, before I realised what the problem was and one day when she used it I said ..

You have a right to your opinion and it does not follow that this makes that opinion RIGHT!! You have a right to a wrong opinion and nothing more!”

I have spent over twenty years dealing with this twisted socialist crap and now I am on Twitter to seems to be fucking everywhere?!

When your winning you get called the wrong things and now even that I am .. superior or just think that I am because I whipped someone arse he lied and twisted things because he could not bear the thought of himself being wrong?

Answer to that?

Do not be so sure of what you believe and certainly do not be so forceful of this on others on the Internet where someone that knows your wrong will point it out to you.

This morning I tried to figure out why this is?

Some new age knob that sat around in University with friends repeating crap they know nothing about sitting around in a echo chamber big enough for a group?

Maybe they meet up in some club and exchange anecdotes about how they shot down someone with their beliefs .. kind of like Peer Point scoring with other naïve tools? If so that is dangerous because if only encourages people to be more forceful with others that there little group of wrong’uns believe to be true which in reality are not.

At one point when he refused to go and check facts for himself, exit door to his echo chamber, I answered that when the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of abuse children all come out I will be sure to tell the that I am sorry .. I spent year after year after year of my own time and money, making myself homeless in the bargain, trying to make people aware but am afraid that these .. wankers in their echo chambers refused to do a Google or YouTube search because they did not want to be wrong.

I also know what they are doing .. point scoring on Twitter and this is why I find it hard to give in and in the space of two days I had two of these idiots and they were so far off the reservation I wondered about their real ages as well as their sanity.

Yeah sorry .. but I have known professionals in the legal industry, health industry, science, animals and probably several others and I have come into contact with people that would have noticed something about my personality and no .. no Superiority or God Complex. Sorry to disappoint.

What utter, utter .. TOOLS!

And they wonder why countries are fucked up? Yeah .. too many tools like that!

Generally when I meet other professionals and this even happens with GPs I sometimes cannot get away. They realise what I know and we get into conversations and the next thing I know thirty minutes have gone by. They even know and have to force themselves to stop because it is taking up too much time.

Kinda how I ended up doing work for a solicitors practice in Enfield. That was someone I et over working with Reptiles and Amphibians at the time .. then they chatted longer for longer and longer each time. Next thing I knew I was handling their computer systems. Couple of Power MACS and some G4’s and other devices. Access to bank account containing millions at any one time and could do direct transfers.

You do not get to do that if your of questionable personality or are not squeaky bloody clean!

But I am sure that the residents of all these echo chambers would have some sort of spin on it?!

A bit like the recent protesting in Germany about the lying press? Well yeah .. enough people are aware in the western world that their Press lies to them. But the Press spun it and stated they were far-right Nazis .. except ..

I pointed out to many and Tweeted it that the last time I checked the far-right Nazis were pretty proud of themselves being that and when I checked all of five videos of these protests?

Not a swastika in sight?! I guess tens of thousands of people must have all left theirs at home?

Wow. I guess Fibrofog from Fibromyalgia and Alzheimer’s Disease must be absolutely rife in Germany?!

What is scary right now is that enough people know they are being lied to .. by politicians, news media and many others and nothing anywhere is being done about it?! How the fuck does that work?

So. so much for the laws and courts of the western world? I guess criminality is OK as long as you are either rich or powerful, right? Poor people get sentenced for fuck all while those at the tip are committing the worst crimes imaginable on the grandest of scales and that is OK?!

And they wonder how and why the Muslims are taking over and will take control?!Well fucking DUH!

Sort your shite out before you can sort their shite out.

Either that or there are Muslims holding a hell of a lot of dirt on the powerful in the west? In which case you will need to get rid of those in power before you can deal with the other shite.

A bit of a pickle that one. But things cannot go on the way that they are and only a complete tool will think things will sort themselves out on its own.


Well been at this awhile now. Well OK fairly long on blogs but extremely short on Twitter.

I wish I had worked out how the Twitter streams linked together a long time ago now as I would not be in this mess any longer and Google and Twitter would both be in hot water. Well they are but they threw both me and my daughter into the pits of hell first.

Well it is 3.15pm and still no Internet from Virgin Media as I type and this is an area outage where they have Virgin Media working in the very next property and has been off completely for the 20th day and not long before it goes into the 21st day now. With all of five, maybe six dates missed!

Really good as broadband providers are they not?!

This is in central London!

Last conversation I was having was about two two parties and how votinf for either of them was a waste of time and will destroy Britain.

No doubt that the Puppeteers still believe most of the UK are sheep and will baaaaah away about how you have to vote for one of the big two and crap about wasted votes.

Look where that stance has fucking got us?! For the love of God and all that is holy please wake up for once in your lives?!

The world or the country is not going to end if you vote for someone other than that you carry on insisting on voting for! It has happened elsewhere and will continue to happen. We are not America!

For Britain .. or are they called Britain First? I do not know. Got into a brief conversation with them and I get really fed up when new parties copy the crap that others do and start talking about how they have got a big following so you should follow them too. Just stop!

Stick to what you stand for and do not fall into the trap of trying to lead the Sheep .. people are very fed up with being led by the nose. It will make them pull away.

So my search continues. As it turns out I have a couple of weeks before my daughter’s bank account gets closed down when I previously thought I had a couple of days. That buys me some time.

The only way that I can find someone is on Twitter. Bloody strange as that may sound.

There is a solicitor but .. legal aid solicitors have been explained to me as being, that which I already know, ‘professional losers’ while others may have links to the council and deliberately lose you your case.

We had it explained how to tell in these instances so we are prepared.

Does not help us get someone to help us though and this court case is only a small percentage of everything that is going on.

All the tie I am being linked to more and more of the names I am familiar with from YouTube. So more and more the chances of one of them reading that ‘Country of the Damned’ post. As more and more read it the more it gets retweeted and eventually someone that can geuinely help my come along. I know that there are literally hundreds on Twitter awaiting this to happen. In fact it is safe to say that the chances are this is around 600 viewers now and this number is increasing in speed now.

Now it was this sudden extra string to my bow, well I have been called a modern day Robin Hood, that allowed me to increase the speed of viewers to my blogs which I believed scared the hell out of the establishment? I have had half a dozen notifications from Twitter as I type this out. Hence all of the odd broadband failing and Internet connection issues boy my daughter, 250 miles away, and myself have.

Ask yourself this .. who has the power to do that?

But my search is not over yet.

Funny thing I am wondering is who will stop going after the big names and be the first ones to actually help?!

  • Far Right – Hmm do not think so

  • Right – Possibly

  • Right of Centre – Most likely

  • Centre – Very probably

  • Left of Centre – Very probably

  • Left – No

  • Far Left – Your fucking joking, right?!

Do not think I have spoken to anyone far right.

Right all the way to Centre I have and they have all expressed shock, sympathy and retweeted and continue to retweet.

Left to Far Left I have been called names, insulted, sworn at and blocked. That is the only area I have been blocked. Called right-wing and racist, both of which are not only untrue but I got called a Leftist by Esther McVey because I pointed out she was wrong on one thing. Sorry Esther but you were wrong. There really is no way around it and your not right because you think your right or you keep saying your right. You happen to be right when your right. You was wrong.

That is how fucked up the political parties of this country are.

They have also shown continuously that they do not give a crap about true British people ad before anyone reacts, well it has not happened yet, I am just going to ask .. do you have children?!

Not saying any more because if you do not fear happening to your children what has happened to mine and my grandchildren then you should not be parents. THE END!

God luck trying to prevent it. I am also highly experience din this but am scientific by nature, good with numbers and probabilities. Yeah .. good luck! Your going to need it unless your lucky enough to live in a very safe neighbourhood?!

Unfortunately not many have that luxury and now we are all called Nazis to add insult to injury was is also a bunch of horse shit too because you cannot be racist towards a fucking religion! Half-wits too make up the far-left in politics.

Trying very hard to make eveyone else look like they are evil and racists when the truth is when you venture over to the far-left, opposite to the strictly religious lot on the right, you get more of the heinous acts, satanic worship, animal sacrifice/sex and paedophilia going on behind closed doors and believed to be normal and strives to make it acceptable.

Yeah you might be thinking I am mad as I thought others were until I looked into it more and thought about it. Kind of makes sense if you think if it along the lines or a religious spectrum and not a political one.

The rumours are not hear and there like some mad tinfoil hat conspiracy theory they are everywhere and from top to bottom. Hollywood actors have even made claims along these lines too.

Now I refer you back to what I said above ..

From the centre to the right I have had plenty of support, sympathy, shock and retweets and telling me to remain strong.

Now to the left where I have been treated so badly I am sure that if I had been in front of them and despite the horror stories on here far, far greater than their butt-hurt feelings about words, fucking toilets, TV and cinema movies, I am sure they would have spat at me and even attacked me. Mores the pity as I would genuinely like to get my hands on the guilty ones. It would likely kill me but would make me feel a intense feeling of pleasure before I died.

No sympathy on the left and attacked by them. Evil satanic end of the spectrum suddenly does not sound quite so crazy does it?

By tweeting on Twitter this was my way of kind of putting this theory to the test and within a week of doing that what does Leftist Twitter do?

  • Block me from getting help for my daughter

  • Stops me from retweeting about missing persons

  • Stops me from retweeting about the homeless

  • Stops me from giving advice and retweeting about animals as an animal expert

  • Because of one true story?!

Starting to look evil yet?

Well when they ban wherever they ban these are the things they are stopping everyone doing and not just me.

Good causes everywhere suffer but they do not care as long as they stop you from telling others the truth. Weird, huh?!

Taken that tinfoil hat off yet and started to scratch your head?!

Have you noticed that there has been a backlash towards the news media and that the accusations in Italy, now Germany, the UK and the US all seem to be about the same thing? All the news agencies seem to act in the same way? They all seem to say the same things, often exactly the same things?!

I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that the guilty ones get punished and from what I have read this seems to be Twitter, Facebook, Google (surprise that one) and people like Apple and others.

If you have done immoral things then you have done immoral things. If you have tried to manipulate then you were wrong. If you lied then you were wrong. If you tried to prevent the truth from getting about then you were wrong. If you have gotten people to work as essentially a slave labour force then you were wrong. If you deem yourself as belonging to some higher order than everyone else? Well take a guess at what I will say next?

I have to look up the For Britain Party to see what they are all about?

Someone made a big mistake unveiling that statue in Arkansas ..

Not like a Satanic temple would do anything even remotely Satanic, right?!

Than tinfoil hat in the bin right now?!