It was probably less.

It felt like a lot more.

I had a day of anxiety attacks that ebbed and flowed. A certain phone number was always in the forefront of my mind. I had eaten nothing and nothing to eat. I thought about leaving the house to retrieve some food but I simply did not care enough.

After many videos on super heavy elements and quantum mechanics I got the phone-call.

It was one of my brothers with a serious voice and telling me he needed me to be ready. The phone-call ended.

I had spent the day fighting off anxiety attacks and trying to remain focused and interested in the videos before me. Suddenly everything just .. changed.

I had received a message a couple of days before telling me one brothers mother-in-law who has bad Multiple Sclerosis had been taken into hospital as had my sister, due to give birth for her first time ever.

I sat … anxious and silent.

I thought about that I was anxious about and then the serious tone of my brother’s voice.

Something … somewhere … had gone horribly wrong.

It was not that long ago there was another birth in the family and that one ended up with a stillborn child. Surely this could not have happened again?!

Then I wondered that it might not be the baby but my sister instead? Then I thought about both of them?!

I paced around my messy home.

My anxiety switched its reasons but remained just the same.

I realised I might be out all night … if the worst had indeed happened. Instead of pacing I watered some orchids and my amphibians. That would keep me busy until my brother arrived.

Finishing I then sat down on my sofa to roll yet another cigarette. I took a lung full and thought before actually producing a single tear. Surely my family cannot be this unlucky?!

The phone rang to let me know he was outside.

I walked the path to his car with some heightened fear of what I was about to hear.

It turned out that his girlfriend’s mother had taken a turn for the worse a couple of times and the pressure on his girlfriend and him had lead them both to breaking point. They had also just had abuse thrown at them by a new neighbour whose family seem to think they own a parking space outside their flats. The Police were involved. He had my nephew with him and had to pick up his daughter from school so I came went with him as someone to talk to and some support. I hope that I was.

I was relieved not to be told that someone had died!

My sister is still in hospital and I can only hope and pray that all goes well with them and my brother’s mother-in-law.

I stated at some point inn the evening that I just could not believe the trouble we had been having and it was like there was some shady government plan carried out to release something into the air or water supply. So many things going on or wrong at once.

We ended up at McDonalds and I had an attack of pain in my digestive system. I should have seen that one common and make the mistake I always make. Had no food yesterday and had not eaten today and ended up at McDonalds. A very big mistake I should have learned from long before now, but with everything going on I simply did not think.

If that was an hour it was surely one of my darkest ones.



Often seeing that word brings that of preposterous claims of wild accusations of actions seemingly ridiculous plans. But conspiracies do happen.

Sometimes they sort of hit the headlines, like that of the faked and infamous ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq being the reason to go to war against Saddam Hussein. Other times they can sort of not hit the headlines  or somehow pass you by entirely or come out many years later.

Among these conspiracies are the powerful companies and their often shady secretive ways along with over the top actions or reactions to given situations.

I often start to become suspect of companies that get way too large or rich.

Just recently I have been watching a great deal of things on YouTube and one channel I keep going back to is one that does the top 7 to 10 rundown on various mysteries. Well that is when I am not watching videos on quantum mechanics.

This morning I watched two of these with one regarding powerful and secretive companies and one on real conspiracies that took place.

I was surprised to discover many things I did not know about.

Tony Blair made number one on one of the lists with his Iraq war fiasco. The fact that these lists are created on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean makes you realise just how many people see it for what it is.

Others include a couple of accounts of people being deliberately poisoned by governments and another one regarding the war involving Kuwait. This one involving a girl from Kuwait giving account of the Iraqis throwing living babies out on incubators onto the streets to die? It turned out to be a false account and that the girl in question was the daughter of a member of a prince or something or other.

I had not heard of this account nor that it was falsified and I had to wonder as to how many people did hear of this account and still believes it to be true to this day?

In the other video of mysterious and secretive companies is the fact that Google, yes of course they are on there along with Apple, had a motto on their wall at one point saying ‘Don’t be evil’. Apparently this has since been changed to ‘Do the right thing’ or something.

Watching videos such as these can be a bit of fun but can also be eye-opening and make you think. Sometimes with some of the things that went on makes you realise that absolutely anything is possible. Hard to say something not that shocking is untrue with some of the things that were done in the past.

Google’s artificial intelligence ‘Deep Mind’ also gets a mention along with the claim that they had to install a ‘kill switch’!!

Hedge fund company Renaissance makes the list along with a company that was claimed to have been poisoning people, Monsanto who are claimed to be guilty of a number of things Founded in 1901 they certainly have had plenty of time to build up a list of questionable practices.

Another interesting inclusion is Cellebrite, ,who I had not hear of but discovered they are thought to be the one behind America’s FBI cracking that Apple iPhone that Apple themselves refused to do.

Probably seeming the most scary for Americans is an outfit called Blackwater that they liken to that of a super-villain organisation straight out of DC Comics! An army for hire when you want that army to carry out actions your …. regular army is not allowed to? How is that even allowed by the Americans or even the Geneva Convention?

Here are the videos …

7 Real Government Conspiracies

7 Mysterious Companies


I am dying…again.

The only way I can describe anxiety attacks like I experience briefly is that it feels like I am literally dying. Except it takes a long time, sometimes seemingly forever and … well, you don’t die.

Thought to be honest I half expect a heart attack or something else pretty major each time I experience one of these attacks.

I am sure that actually dying would be far less cruel?

It is Sunday and for some reason the anxiety has decided to go onto overdrive yet again. It has more or less stayed at lower levels for a few days but now has suddenly decided to go nuts?

Oddly I just remembered I have now had an email from the Citizen’s Advice that states that they can have someone with me at court but seemed to think I was asking for someone for a DWP assessment?! Except as I have pointed out it clearly states in the subject line ‘representation to court’!

I cannot believe the mess I have going on with both the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and HM Court & Tribunal Service. They have both made such awful and amateurish errors.

I am the one with the anxiety attacks and the memory problems and despite that I can still read and I cannot help but think that they are working together to deliberately play against my two weaknesses of anxiety and memory loss?

How can you make these many errors? Also the court date was many weeks sooner than I expected it to be.

So with mere days to go I have to send two more letters to the court, with hardly any time for them to process them, and try to get the representation from the Citizen’s Advice, keep my rising anxiety at bay and I have just found out my sister has gone into hospital so may be about to give birth?!

Plus the mother of one brother’s girlfriend has been taken into hospital too.

While I sit here feeling like I am dying … except I just wont .. frustratingly. Leaving me always asking how a human can feel this much pain and still be alive?

I have a letter in my backpack to the court already with their own pre-paid second class stamp on I forgot to post on Friday. Then yesterday I realised my Visa card was missing and that took up a day and I thought it must be in Sainsburys I went there as asked and they had nothing handed in.

A friend that morning had insisted that the banks are open to 4pm and that I should go in there and tell them I lost it. So after Sainsburys I went there … but no as I thought it was not open and according to the times on the door does not open at all on Saturday.

Of course I forgot about my pre-paid second class envelope to go to HM Court & Tribunal Service which is now barely going to have time to be read.

This is the idea and way that justice is handled in the UK today? My God.

Do not forget I have some pretty bad memory problems and bad things happening spark of my anxiety which itself can cause other .. effects. The fact that I have to try and keep on top of all this also helps drive my anxiety over the top.

This week is not going to go well and I just hope everything goes OK for my sister.


How could I forget quantum entanglement?!

Oh yeah … I forgot … I have memory issues and many times each day my mind goes blank and I cannot think of the things I need to do throughout the day.

I can walk along in my supermarket within a metre or two of the bottles of milk I went to the store for and it simply does not register. But I might return home with toilet tissue instead?

When it works the brain works extremely well. I mathematical puzzle in the form of a ven diagram at college needed algibra to solve it. At least that was what the lecturer stated. I was good at algebra at school but now ass a mature student trying to get into university to acquire a degree I could not recall any of it. So I sat back in my chair while others scribbled out equations to reach the answer.

“Umm, Steve?” I enquired five minutes into the scribbling…”Is the answer 17?”

Steve Lockett, the lecturer who gave us the problem, turned his back on my quickly while pulling a face,, sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth which was a tick that gave his answers away at times.

He paused for a moment before stating “Let us wait and see what the others get from their equations”

After several more minutes a voice broke the silence “I have 17” I heard before looking towards the student to see him staring back at me with shock on his face. The silence was broken again “I have 17 too?!” I heard as another student now stared at e with a quizzed look upon his face. And again “I have got 17 as well” and one by one before more than half a dozen students all now sat looking at me, now feeling sheepish, with a look like they wanted to ask me something.

Before they got the chance to the lecturer spoke “OK, now how in the hell did you do that?!”

I might have forgotten my algebra from my school days many years before, I was 27 at the time, I was always good at seeing patterns. Again when my brain was relaxed and decided it wanted to come out to play.

I explained how I did it, it was not particularly complicated and gasps went around the room as the lecturer rubbed is forehead while smiling.

One of the students went on to Middlesex University with me and we had already become friends and he stuck to me. Even admitting at college he was going to stick close by me due to my understanding of things and the way I could see the answer to a complicated problem.

When my brain decides it wants to work.

But there I am passing within a few metres of the pure white bottles of milk I need and y mind is just blank!

There are the times I have been watching a documentary about life and hearing scientists and pseudoscientists waxing lyrical about how perfect the human body is and what a miracle it is and I just want to call them up and give them a right ticking off.

The amount of our brain that we use is tiny and the few health conditions I have cause over 100 symptoms and no cures are available and the drugs not allowed and I just want to tell him or her how bloody wrong they are.

The human body and brain is a wonderful thing but as for being perfect it is very, very far away.

As I learn more about the quantum world I learn we are getting closer than ever before in understanding things we never have before, like how our brain works and even our consciousness. But linked into our brain and body they are held back. We are tied to animal like habits too that have proved over and over again to far to many we fall prey to. At a high cost to others and themselves.

These actions can be found to take place in all levels of society in probably most countries of the world.

We are only human. Though in all honesty some actions whispered about but dare not reported actually puts some substance into how some refer to them as a reptile race. The R-complex of the brain being the likely culprit.

Absolutely no one is immune to the basic human feelings that lie deep inside us. Though in my own experience some seem to act and behave as if these basic feelings to not apply to them. No. They apply to one and all in varying degrees.

I often wonder at what point in time and how many generations it will take us to shake off some of these things. How long before they are buried deep down inside so far that they never surface?

Maybe by understanding quantum mechanics we can learn how the brain works and that will lead us to ways of changing these feelings, controlling these feelings or subduing them altogether until such a time that they simply dissipate entirely? Or rather that part of the brain simply shrinks away and becomes redundant.

Yes so I forgot about quantum entanglement.

Two particles are sometimes linked to each other in such a way that they can instantly send finite data to each other and do this instantly.

Faster than the speed of light!

Let me explain ..

They have found that this entanglement exists between particles and that if you, say, measure one particle to see which state it is in, spinning up or down, when they do so the other particle is always the opposite. Measure the other particle instead and every time whatever state it is in the other will always be the opposite.

This occurs even if one particle is on the moon and the other here on Earth!

Based in these peculiar actions and properties you could transport an object from one place to another and … this is no longer theory. The particles might be small but they have achieved this already. I believe one experiment was done on the Canary Islands?

Amazon might have been a bit too quick talking about using drones to deliver items?!

There must be a sub-atomic level of spacetime or contact between the fabrics of alternate dimensions that allow these peculiar actions to take place? Once again if asked any theoretical theorist will tell you they simply do not know. Unless I have missed a documentary or lecture? But there will be many theories.

The next decade will be extremely interesting and I cannot wait to see what is discovered, unless I am told soon I have an inoperable cancerous tumour in my head from a recent MRI scan or a public office succeeds in leading me to an early grave?!

As I have stated in the past I never really thought that death was the end and there had to be something more? It … dare I say, felt like there was something more?

Now due to quantum mechanics they are now looking back into people with near death experiences and children that talk about having previous lives. Maybe our consciousness is part of the energies that exist in a sub-atomic world and we find a way to attach ourselves to a brain of a living thing? I wonder if that is why life evolved? Maybe it is all designed so that we evolve into a state that our consciousness can live in to full effect?

Maybe we are destined to create androids with quantum computers as a brain that we can upload our consciousness into?

After all if we live in another form and strive to live in this three dimensional reality what does it matter what form it is in?

Have you eer looked into a mirror and seen a physical part of yourself you do not like? Ever thought about how strange your nose or ears might look? Is it not strange that we think of parts of our bodies as if we just purchased parts in a shop but now having second thoughts about it? AS if it was not really … well, ours?

Maybe it is because it was not what we expected?

Think of it like an episode of the classic science fiction series Doctor Who when he goes through a regeneration. When he was played by David Tennant one thing he said when he first appeared and attempted to talk was “”Oh … teeth” … if I remember correctly, which I sometimes do not. Well think of it like that … we sometimes seem detached from parts of our own anatomy and … well, judge that part.

I always thought how weird this was when I did this, as if the part is not really mine?

I remember watching a programme about children that recalled previous lives, called The Ghost In My Child, or something similar. One episode had a particularly amazing story about a young boy called James who shocked his mother once when she pointed out aircraft in TV as dropping bombs when he corrected her and said they were empty fuel tanks. He started to tell stories about how he used to be a pilot and started to recall much finer detail in things. His police officer father tried to play it all down and constantly tried to disprove it. But the boys mother paid closer attention and used to ask her son about things he recalled. Eventually they got the name he used to be known by and even the name of someone who was a friend of his in this previous life.

Now at one point he mentioned that he was a pilot of an aircraft called the Corsair that was based on an Aircraft Carrier. On researching this the father found information he fiorst thought to be correct and stated that it was all nonsense as Corsairs were not stationed on Aircraft Carriers or this particular Aircraft Carrier. Digging some more the boy’s mother discovered to her shock that there was indeed a pilot with the name her son had told her about.

She tracked down the pilots family and discovered he had a sister that was still alive. She acquired the ladies contact details and asked her if she had anything about her brother she could send over, too scared to admit the real reason she was phoning her. The lady sent over some things for the mother to look at.

Upon receiving and opening the package she phoned her husband and told him he had to come home at once. Upon entering the house the boy’s mother presented her husband with a picture of the pilot their son claimed to be standing next to a Corsair that was standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier! The father was stunned.

They contacted the sister of the dead pilot’s sister again and revealed their story and the lady invited them over. Upon entering the house James, the young boy, ran over to the old lady and through his arms around her and said “Hello, Annie!” and the old lady looked at the boy’s parents and said “Only my brother ever called me Annie!” and explained she was convinced that the boy was her long dead brother.

There was likely more details to the story I am failing to recall? Very recently I watched a lecture about consciousness and to my surprise this boy and his story was bought up in the lecture as an example and evidence that our consciousness lives in. Possibly in some quantum state that I imagine we are still a few years away from understanding. That is if we ever understand it at all?

The lecture by that medical Doctor I spoke of can be found below and the story he tells briefly of the young boy called James can be found in the lecture at around the hour mark…

Maybe we exist as a completely different life form in the quantum world and are able to entangle ourselves to the human brain so that we might exist?

Maybe we are intending to shape the universe so that we might exist within it?

I wonder too if this is why we are always thinking up of realities where we ravel through space, and time, and across both interstellar as well as intergalactic space? Because of our desires to see new things? To explore, discover and shape things to our will?

There are the answers out there to be discovered and I now think that at least in most they are not as far out of our reach as I once thought?

I just doubt about the abilities of evolution for us to catch up?


I have been in some disbelief for the past 24 hours.

If you are not aware I have stated over and over again that I have walked into everything and approached absolutely everyone as if the organisation was corrupt and will tell lies and cheat. In every situation thus far I have been proved correct in my suspicions and even acquired evidence to these facts, you will have to do a search for these items.

I have also often stated that the only industry I have not run into and therefore never acquired any evidence on is that of the courts. There have been a few attempts but in each case I won before getting there, or it was too far away, like Nottingham for example, and I still won.

Now I have one that is located 500 yards or so from my home and is imminent.

This is HM Courts & Tribunal Service.

During my few correspondences with them there has been some … confusion. Despite my suspicions being aroused I told myself that this was just some clerical error, though courts are not supposed to make these. Friends said the same thing, just too quick to do so, and I pointed out that courts … don’t make mistakes.

I got another letter that sounded confused and spoke like I had not been in contact with them, though I had done so twice?!

The confusion seems to be that they seemed to think that my appeal was against a decision to stop my Personal Independence Payments (Or disability) except it was not. They also mentionned about the fact that I mentioned that my Employment Allowance was being stopped. Except I did not because it was not and because I have never received this benefit.

It was Incapacity Benefit being stopped BY the Employment Support Allowance but while this was going on, along with my housing being cancelled, they asked me for an assessment for my Personal Independence Payments. That assessment date only just passed by and means that this will now follow the exact same path as the last one and therefore also get cancelled. Meaning they would have cancelled all three in just two months. Harassment right there. Triggered off several things to do with my condition even preventing me from walking at all at one point. Self harming due to the strength of the anxiety attacks for another.

So for the third time I sent them a letter explaining what exactly had happened and assumed I probably did not need to as they would have received the same humongous pack from the DWP that I did with all the correspondence that I did.

So both I and the DWP would have informed them via the correspondences we each received what the facts are?

So how come yesterday morning I got my fourth letter from HM Courts & Tribunal Service listed below?



So you see … they umm … are still stating … INSISTING this is an appeal against the cancellation of PIP and not IB?!

I … I … I really do not know at this stage what more I have to do to convince them?

I am sending a letter today and ooh I just had a thought. I have some copies of bank statements here I will send them! Maybe then they will get it through their thick skulls they have somehow got things arse about face?!

This will be the fourth time I have contacted them, no really!

I sent them the very first letter .. hmm or was it the second, via recorded post so have the receipt for that here somewhere.

Quite how anyone is supposed to think they stand a chance against crime and corruption withinn the UK anymore is simply beyond me.


Dear Sirs


I am in receipt of your letter dated 13/09/2016 regarding my benefits appeal.

However and despite this being the fourth letter I have sent I am somewhat confused and bewildered that I am still confused.

Under point one of your letter it states that your appeal file contains papers regarding my PIP claim and this should be impossible. As they have not cancelled this yet.

I have stated this previously that they have requested I attend an assessment which was 21 miles away in Brentwood. I found in both astounding as well as classifying as harassment that they would do this and I have pointed this out to them but the response shown lack of care that they are harassing me.

I expect to be told in a matter of weeks and by post that they will proceed to cancel my PIP too even though a hearing is to tae place about them cancelling my IB. Therein lies the other problem … it was not ESA being cancelled but is IB being cancelled by the ESA.

So I am at a loss to understand how you have it on your file that it is a PIP appeal which has not been cancelled yet.

In the second point he date you state of July of 2016 is linked to my IB claim and not an ESA claim and neither PIP but that which was cancelled by the ESA.

This is also confusing as you should have received the pack from the ESA containing my file and the correspondence therein should be explained.

As for what I want you to do … I am not sure of the procedures in an event like this whereby there are two or even three things going on at the same time.

Of course I want to appeal the ESA decisions to cancel my IB, or refuse me ESA, as IB is intended to be phased out anyway.

As the cancellation of my PIP, which they told me they would not touch only a month before asking me for a assessment and so lied, is more or less the same thing as the cancellation of my IB, refusal of ESA it seems senseless and a waste of the taxpayers money to have two separate and consecutive appeals.

I have also wondered whether this confusion has something to do with me?

My condition of Fibromyalgia, as I would have stated, has short term memory issues that plague me every single day anywhere up to a dozen times.

I blog about corruption and have done for four years. I always knew that eventually others that have collected evidence that is incontrovertible would … gravitate to me. Last month I had one and this month I have had a second.

The second one read about what was happening with me currently and he pointed out a number of laws.

One of my problems is that I annoyingly have trouble focusing and relaxing enough to do something as simple as reading.

Currently and to help me through the anxiety attacks I have been experiencing over this and the court date, which have surprised me as I have done this previously without issue, I am learning about quantum mechanics and quantum computing. To do this I have to watch documentaries on YouTube due to the fact I cannot focus enough to read.

So yes I do want to appeal the ESA decision.

I now enclose bank statements showing that payments for PIP have not been cancelled.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


I am suddenly questioning reality. No, really I mean literally.

Soon after pulling out of watching a sickening conspiracy video that left me sick to my stomach I got back to the subject I have focused on of late. That of quantum mechanics.

This was a subject I wanted to get into for some time now. I worked with a solicitor who was a friend and he got into it, purchased a book and once finished gave it to me. I never got around to reading it. I did get a quick description from him of how it works down the level of an atom which … was close but not quite right.

It was explained that there was up spin, down spin and spinning both ways at once and this stuck in my mind for several years.

I took two things from this description …

  • That a transistor would now shrink be several factors down to that of an atom (which was a big deal in itself)

  • That instead of just two states, 1 and 0, you now had a third

If that has made you say “Wow, what?!” well you read that right. Except the truth is weirder than that. Sub-atomic particles like that of electrons can exist in several places at once. That is until you measure them. They are a wave until they are measured and then become a particle. The first proof of this was a simple test that anyone could do known as the double slit experiment.

You wanna know what is really going on? Well though because no one knows, lol. They just know that it does.

So the spinning both ways at the same time was not … precisely correct.

One theory is that the particles that behave this way are leaping from one dimension to another and back again in a different place to that they were in when they blinked out of existence on our plane of reality.

It is one theory.

String theory works on the basis that there are different realities that exist on membranes or branes for short. I used to think that these might have something to do with the frequency that all particles vibrate.

We also now know that the vacuum of space is not … exactly right either but this I am not that surprised about.

I have wondered that in spacetime as we know it particles have to be of a certain size or mass to … well, exist in it. Maybe that strings, of energy, themselves exist outside of it. That which exists, or indeed does not exist, outside of spacetime. That the process that may have started the big bang actually started several and that is how the different membranes came into existence. If they exist. Separated by vibration frequencies or another something else?

That is just me at times in the past when my mind has wandered.

Now that I have watched enough documentaries I am starting to think that the three values to be stored by a single atom was … underestimated a little.

This known fact of these sub-atomic particles existing in multiple places at once, or at least as we currently understand it, is known as a superposition, which is a pretty good description really.

What I saw tonight though and learnt was something that is going to blow the minds of every single person I know.

Oh and one other one I have to look into in more depth.

This one is straight out of one of the most favourite and famous sci-fi movies of all time.

The Matrix.

The theory?

That we are living in a simulation?!

In all honesty I had mixed feelings when I heard that one as if true … they could at least fix my fecking Fibromyalgia, or I mean to say the kink in the central nervous system in the base of my neck that causes the damned condition and its 100 plus symptoms.

You see where I am coming from?

However this speaker, cannot recall his name, speaking at a university in Manchester, stated something that was very true … several things in fact.

  • Not that long ago we was playing Pong video games

  • Today we play in worlds that look remarkably like a 3D world

  • Virtual Reality is about to take off

  • Now imagine what the reality of video game simulations will be lie in ust twenty or thirty years?

In other words it will not be long before … you will not be able to tell a simulated world from the real world.

Sooo … maybe we are already in one?

How about we get a little weirder while your heads is still spinning?

Maybe … the ones controlling us are themselves in a simulation controlled by others?

Noodle cooked yet?

You might well be wondering what in the hell else I heard I need to look into a greater depth?

Oh just a little detail about a scientist who was looming at the maths behind the smaller details of reality, string theory, that noticed computer code created ages ago that is used in web browsers. Dr James Gates Jr, that was his name. Still trying to remember new names in all this, Brian Greene is pretty easy to remember.

I think I can smell something burning? Yup, your noodles definitely over cooked now! Lol.

What with quantum computers being fully functioning now and many working on them all over the globe with more no doubt following things are going to get very strange before very long.

What these new powerful computers will lead is to is anyone’s guess.

Strange then that we live in a world where some very bizarre people are in power and we treat each other the way that we do?

Another thing that was mentioned was transhumanism were we upload our minds into a computer, though he spoke as if we would not actually be mobile in these computers. I have a sneaky suspicion that robotics and androids will be in a surprisingly advanced state in ten or twenty years too.

We also have Graphene too and all the things that will lead to in the following ten years and the search for unusual properties that other elements might by hiding if forced into single atoms slices or other shapes or thicknesses? I mean carbon turns into Graphene when one atom thick and others may do two or at two or three atoms thick or arranged in particular shapes?

It is thinking about these things that keeps me going at times and puts my other .. currently ongoing issues into perspective. Yeaah does sound a bit like an understatement that.

Ooh yeah, I forgot about that other study going on about the human consciousness, or soul if you prefer and the fact that they think they have an answer to that, or on the verge of a breakthrough.

I also wonder about the timing of all this?

When the financial crisis going on globally started one of the things I stated to a friend of mine, I will have to remember to remind him of what I said and this posts subjects, is that we would need a … push. A eureka moment. Something … new to get everyone motivated again. A breakthrough and wow product, or set of products or new horizon to aim for. Until this happens things might remain .. well, stuck in the mud so to speak.

We are primates and need to be entertained and don’t I know it?! Things have become somewhat miserable and a little bit boring. Added to this people are feeling threatened to due to changes handled badly and you have a pressure cooker about to go off.

These few things might be it … just that they are at least ten years off is all. Lol. Maybe five for one or two but they certainly all will not come together for at least ten years.

I will likely read, listen and learn all this and then get that letter that tells me it was all a waste?

Confusing times indeed.


I .. I .. I just do not know what to say.

Looking at something entirely different on YouTube I saw this video … it was long .. like just under three hours long.

I was always into the more sensible conspiracy theories many years ago, some I still am You always get these absolute wild ones that are obviously by nutters and you get annoyed because you think it screws it up for others genuinely exposing the truth and then wonder if it is all planted by governments to confuse everything?

Yeah there are plenty of conspiracy theories on the latter I have no doubts.

But I decided to watch this video and see how it went from the beginning. Now when it comes to conspiracies there is one that recently spread around like wildfire after something hit the news a year or two back. Personally and initially it sounded completely mad.

Well that was what was spreading around. In fact what was going around was doing so via text and picture messaging and though it was linked to what was hitting the news headlines … it did not mirror the story. Not precisely.

There were names going around in text messages that were not being named by the news media and I checked online and noted that the names were widespread … even on YouTube.

Before long I realised that there were far, far too many links and pictures for this to only be green smoke. There was obviously much more to it and it rocked me to my core.

I have mentioned this albeit briefly in the past.

People are always asking questions about whether we are alone in the universe and when told no they always ask “Where is everyone?” which is what a famous scientist first asked many years ago.

One of my theories was that they do not answer or contact because they purely think us too animal like and primitive. They probably have the technology to know everything that everyone on Earth is up to. Np question mark needed.

This … video might be long but I challenge you to get thirty to forty minutes into it, that is all that is required, without feeling absolutely sick to your stomach. just the possibility that any of it is true will make you sick to your stomach.

It will also prove my theory as to why people still think we are alone in the universe … because no intelligent self-respecting alien species would have anything at all to do with us.

It is backed up with a few videos, explanations, interviews and other stuff. I am not stating that it is true and a statement made in the sub-heading of the channel does not help But the video is not theirs and was sourced from somewhere else.

I am also not stating that this is true either … just that watching it was stomach churning and I felt quite sick .. as well as very concerned.

Yeesh! I gotta stop watching crap on YouTube!