Someone I listen to a lot on YouTube and is very popular has had his entire channel taken down.

I was surprised to hear this and heard it when I spotted the headline to a Sargon Of Akkad video and he talked about it, stated what he thought it was over and I agree and linked in a petition.

What seems to be an official story is that his cartoon Bear apparently appeared for a few seconds or a few minutes in an old TV programme.

I think I saw something about someone finding out where the cartoon Bear came from and contacted them about it.

Several people are quite furious about it and I dare say there will be videos about it from the likes of MundaneMatt, maybe even Thunderf00t, Charmingman and many others?

I have no doubt this will turn out to be one of the Social Justice Warriors and one with a well known name too? The list is long …

  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • LaughingWitch
  • Jenny McDermott
  • Kristi Winters
  • Zarna Jooshi
 There are a couple of others whose names escape me.
Either that or it will be one of the followers of the above or someone that swoons over one of the above and do anything to get their attention and impress them?

However in the meantime I thought I would put up the link to the petition as others may well be interested in signing?

Many of the sensible YouTubers and normally you can tell them by their long list of subscribers, likes and followers, like me that has  not subscribed to any of them, have been talking about this happening on YouTube for a very long time. Some of those have created there own YouTube videos about this and even state that they all expected crap like this to start and now it has. Though technically speaking it first happened to the man with the loud feet, Thunderf00t. On that occasion it was unsuccessful.

But this doughnuts really do not give up and do not allow comments on their own channels a majority of the time, say what they like in the name of free speech but want to preach to others about what they can and cannot say.

If that sounds bad already you want to see some of the things they demand.

I predict a hug backlash against YouTube unless the infamous Bear is back quickly and many people have been gradually moving over to other hosting sites with Vimeo, and GAB being some I have seen people mention.


I also am now hearing that it has also happened to someone else known as Edgy Sphinx


It is rather odd … I have been seeing reports about a drive to prevent fake news on the Internet that involves the biggest names in social media.


Think about this for a moment …

… why now and why all of a sudden?

Because someone won the US presidential election? Because Donald Trump won?! REALLY?!

If this is not a knee jerk reaction to the fact that people did not vote how they were told, manipulated, lied to and expected to vote then I do not know what is. I really don’t.

On its own this is nothing short of shocking not to mention patronising and condescending to the entire populations of the western world, if not the whole world.

On its own.

But what if there is something else behind it? Something far more dark and sinister then anything you could ever have possibly imagined? Might this make more sense?


This has the potential to destroy a great many people in the western world and the most prominent of figures most likely in governments, the movie industry and even perhaps monarchies? If of course it turns out to be true.

Now the fact that they would take this action in the wake of the fact that the biggest names in the news industry have been discovered to be bullshitting unimaginable numbers of their viewers is nothing short off a really bad joke.

If someone I met on the street a few years back had given me a lecture about Pizzagate I would have run away for fear of their level of insanity. Not today I would not.

An American guy in America who is both a lawyer and has his YouTube channel called Lionel Nation sums a few things up very well. Has has digs at those accusing others of being of the tinfoil hat brigade for looking into this story and putting any credibility at all to it. Personally I find it most bizarre that people would dismiss something out of hand the way that they do and someone … disturbing too due to the possibility that children could have all manner of unspeakable horrors forced upon them and even murdered. Ignorance is not bliss in this instance … it is a crime and shows just how amoral you are.

As for the accusations over fake news? Umm well does that therefore mean you are going to shut down CNN? Because they have been found out to be lying so many times it is not true both prior and post Donald Trump winning the US presidential elections.

In fact this has been so bad that there has been a boycott in America of CNN that has seen them drop down to third place and I am going to guess that this will keep on going? There is video after video of on CNN news anchor stating that they did not endorse or report on a particular story that flashed back to them doing exactly what they claimed on air that they did not do. That was without actively looking and as always these videos are recommended to me by YouTube themselves.

Lionel Nation is a very sensible seeming person and has a lot to say about Pizzagate, Donald Trump winning (which like me he predicted) and other things here …

If your interested in the CNN lying barefaced on air and the boycotting of the Clinton News Network you might want to look at this one …

Seen that last one?

If so then please explain to me how all these reports, even in the UK news media, seem to be focusing on everyone else, in other words a lot smaller, and not themselves?

Or how about the US Intelligence wanting to talk to one and spend several days with him …

Another YouTuber was contacted by the BBC which to e honest and due to the links and the names involved in Pizzagate I fully expected to happen anyway … just not quite as soon as it did and … well probably expected a UK YouTuber to be contacted. Well one talking about Pizzagate at any rate.

Someone I know went and looked at pictures of John Podesta and Tony Podesta and then the e-fit photos of two people seen by witnesses when Madeleine McCann went missing and then had it explained to them that John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and that they were in Portugal when little Maddy went missing and that they stayed with someone who is a known paedophile and grandson of Sigmund Freud they were … stunned.

To be safe, at least I think,, and to stop censorship people have been taking to using other video hosting websites other than YouTube like Vimeo. Reality Calls …

So they are going to censor what they claim to be fake news? Without good reason and this is patronizing and states that everyone is as thick as shit as they will just believe anything they are told. Funny that as I saw it as believing in something we were very clearly NOT being told.

They will censor these news reporters for fake news despite their audience being tiny in comparison to the mainstream media that has not only proved to be telling fake news but also getting things very, very wrong time after bloody time that has audiences running in the millions or tens of millions. Maybe even hundreds of millions? So WHEN exactly are they going to be shut down and then investigated for helping to cover up the biggest and most heinous stories in modern times and for trying to manipulate, or control, their audience. Which is invariably a whole nation.

Oh and CNN is not the only one … just the one I most recently saw a video about and it is in no way confined to the United States either.

Yes I fully imagine now that a great deal is going to come out, it is just so widespread and being talked about by so many people, even those wanting to point fingers and accuse everyone of wearing tinfoil hats. They might not agree with it at all but they are at least aware of it and maybe something will come out that might convince them? Who knows but a great many people are like Ostriches and simply do not want to believe that such terrible things are going on but the very people tasked to govern them, protect them and those that they actually pay for out of their taxes.

What I find hilarious about this in a funny kind of way is that these most heinous of crimes may be being committed by a government whose laws include the death penalty?! Madness.

I am still listening to Lionel Nation as I type this and lo and behold he has just touched up on the subject of the fake news bullshit and stating that they do not have the right morally or otherwise to shut people down. He even goes as far as saying he might have news and the fact that you do not like it neither means it is fake news nor gives you the right to have it shut down.

Now that I think about it I am kinda glad that these reports about shutting people down have come out. Because this can be further proof if reported on in the right way that the corruption runs right through everything?!

This was something I first started to see and eventually link together a long, long time ago. I then spent years trying to figure out how someone might prove it before the task fell neatly onto my own lap.

I stated form the outset that I am involved in a great many things and I might suggest that you look in the archives of this blog or do a search for ‘The Four DVDs’ which I sent to every national UK tabloid 6 months before I started up this blog and then started to publish the very same data.

You might get a really big shock ate just how close I came to many subjects spoken about and whispered about in the online news in recent years.

You may well discover that I had in excess of half a dozen stories each of which were worthy of front page news and yet I did not even get a thank you.

Except I half expected this … I did not quite believe it would go that far, that the corruption was that widespread or that I was even close to being right. But it turned out that I was and I always knew that I could turn to the Internet as a last resort.

The only downside is that this would take a very long time and I would have to come up with a multifaceted way of doing things that made my disappearance off the Internet bloody obvious and not merely suspicious.

Those four DVDs were crammed full of data, recordings, documents and evidence in a while range of different areas in almost al public services. That was close to 20GB at the time and I carried on gathering more and much I published online and the vast majority I have not.

That initial 20GB prior to starting my blog tipped over 100GB quite some time ago now and would not surprise me if it was 150GB and I still have 2 months or so of collecting to do!

I used to think once upon a time that there needed to be humongous changes to public services, politicians and attitudes but not any longer. Now a long list of people need to go to jail for a very long time and there needs to be nothing short of a major upheaval.

Still at least now the truth is starting to come out at long last.

The genie is out of the bottle and he refuses to go back in.

Try listening to another sensible chap quite well known on YouTube and rightfully so talking about this fake news crap … Sargon of Akkad …

I might be an atheist and scientist but that does not mean that I do not have morals and these Satan worshippers, like those I am reading about, are still evil fucks that need to be punished or worse.

Even the FBI are being accused and … well what this lady says does make sense …

Firestarter Media …

That sensible Irish fellow, channel name Computing Forever, talking about the real fake news, manipulation of the general public by mainstream media and all manner of things …


I have come by more information regarding the Department of Work and Pensions and yet not found anything out just yet about a programme that was on TV about this.

There was a major feck up by my Job Centre. Last week after leaving the JSA lady and exiting the building an unknown number rang my phone. When I answered it was the lady I had just met on the third floor, she told me the system had double booked an appointment and could they move it forward several hours.

When I got in their this week someone went and sat down with the woman I thought I was seeing and I started to get confused and then wondered if they had booked me with someone else and did not tell me?

Eventually I was called by a lady I met once before and who I got chatting with about orchids. At first she did not remember me but when I mentioned the orchids she did. We got chatting and she told me that no one there agrees with what the DWP are doing or their attitudes towards benefit claimants. She even told me that she was told at times that she herself was too soft with claimants?!

She went on to say that the Job Centre was run really badly and that it never used to be like that and I explained what happened with the mess up with the appointment. I also even told her about my disagreement with the DWP and that I should not be going there and have been told as much and that there is a legal battle about to go on. She raised an eyebrow and said “Really?” and I told her that being shunted onto JSA did not mean a great deal to me when it happened as I had long wanted to find something to do part-time anyway.

I was surprised for the second time about someone being so candid with me and I told her that I had already been told this by a chap in the floor beneath her in Universal Credit and she was surprised to hear this despite knowing who I was talking about.

I asked her about the programme on TV and told her my landlord had mentioned it but she knew nothing about it either.

I am starting to wonder whether it was some brief TV news report somewhere but I am sure the word ‘documentary’ was mentioned?

It was admitted to me that the whole thing was a screw up on just about every level and that many of the staff did not know whether they were coming or going half the time.

I pointed out how there are now 6 departments where there were only three and that they now intend to make these six departments into just one and she glared at me and said “I knooow!” lol.

There is one thing I did not mention at the Job Centre and regarding my health conditions, that of the pills they have refused me for years. The drugs. Now that I have mentioned this I cannot even remember if I have mentioned this on my blog. The drugs … or at least what has happened recently over these drugs.

Best three drugs for Fibromyalgia Syndrome in order of effectiveness …

  • Sodium Oxybate – Xyrem and the only one to deal with the source problem of non-restorative sleep

  • Milnacipran – Seems to be specific to the pain receptor fired off in Fibromyalgia so sounding like an accidental discovery?

  • Pregabalin

Which of these do I get?


Yup you read that right … none of them.

But wait a minute? Are they not now trying to force me into full time work? Yup. But they refuse to give me the drugs that could, with two, ,and WOULD, with one, ,make almost all my symptoms disappear overnight. Except my back problem that they had also lied about and despite having nmy own x-rays of that are on this blog!


Except … as it turned out several people I know actually take Pregabalin, a better version of my Gabapentin, and were so shocked to hear my stories of refusal and being kicked off surgeries and falsifying documents that someone … donated some of theirs for me to try. Lol.

Now just last night I was asked if I was going to try them straight away and I said I did not know and they got annoyed with me, stating that I said I had wanted them for so long.

I then pointed out two things … that they may force me into full time work before long and if I take them and they do work there is absolutely no guarantee that my GP will give me them and that his brother, my previous GP, and my two previous GP’s at two previous practices had ALSO both refused me Pregabalin over a five year period.

In other words these pills are precious to me, which is really odd as I have no idea if they will work or not, and that they may be the only ones I get in a long while, as getting them is likely to lead to me … changing to my sixth GP practice in Enfield. Do not doubt that last statement … I have already been through five in the same catchment area without moving home and I know how this always goes. An argument too start with and then all hell breaks loose, lol. Plus there is no guarantee I will get the prescription from the NEXXT GP either!

BUT … going though all that will be worth if for one reason and one reason only … the gloves will be off, a heap of stuff winds up on my blog and I guarantee that this time around the blogs will actually make some money for the first time ever and become regular before long. So there is that! Lol.

Sooo what I will do is try them for a week but check how I have to come off Gabapentin first before going on the infamous Pregabalin.

Then there is Christmas … this time it is going to be an even more lonely one than it normally is but I am used to that … mostly.

Had a bust up with the one I normally am at, at Christmas time and so I have gotten out of hearing a load of crap but not being preoccupied by others.

Yes it seems to be always happening and al happening of late and there is plenty of signs it will stay like this until the Spring?

Oddly enough the one thing I thought would happen in November which was potentially the biggest of al the things that could happen did not happen. But yeah I have kind of gotten used to that too the only thing is that this failed a year ago and the trouble it caused me could well have happened all over again. Well it kinda did as this was what I got into an argument about after finally divulging to someone I told a couple of others to keep in the dark about. Yeeah … that did not go well land I got the usual narcissistic attitude with flailing arms and a brick wall. Despite the fact that you are NOT ALLOWED under ANY CIRCUSMTANCES to EVER DO THAT TO THEM! Otherwise everyone gets to hear about it for 5 to 10 years.

Their reasons are always valid while yours are not … she fits the profile of an Social Justice Warrior to a ‘T’ and even thinks of themselves as a socialist, lol.

Oh yup I did not know that Social Justice Warriors were a thing until recently but that does not mean I have not heard some of the bat-shit crazy ideas beforehand and I have from right within my own family! They have changed their minds on some things bat-shit crazy but not on others and still even on the things they changed their minds about still goes into that whole socialism lecture based on half-truths and bullshit! Now THAT I and we have had for around 20 years plus.

What they do not know is that my counsellor blames them for several of my … let us say limitations? I do not but I could see why she said them and there may well be a contribution but … no.

My condition of Fibromyalgia Syndrome is the cause of the actual problems but there may well be an argument that this family member has contributed in some way? Oh yeah they certainly make it worse and no one stops and says to them, when they are crying to everyone else for sympathy, well you should not DO that with him. What they do is downright bloody rude to any normal person and the fact that they do it with someone with a known memory problem just makes it ten times worse than it otherwise would be.

They will think of something they want to talk about when your telling your anecdotes and feel it is so important they will interrupt you, which is rude before anything else is considered.

You will try to stop them and point out their story is not relevant to what you were just talking about and to win the argument and gain control of the floor they will say “Because you have not let me finish!” What should take five minutes then takes 30 minutes or more and when finished guess what? It still bears no relevance to what I was just talking about and she insists that it does. Well maybe in your warped world it does but to everyone else and that is what matters, it DOES NOT!

But despite that looking ad it is never that simple as when they talk they then meander off moist of the time to another subject and then another. So you have been interrupted and with a really bad memory problem forced to wait for like an hour or even more until they have told you several stories, none of which are relevant.

In my recent row they turned to their partner and some point and said “What was I saying just now?” and to show you as I told my counsellor that they just do not get it … their partner answered “I don’t know, first you was talking about one thing ,then you started talking about something else and then moved onto something else!”

Did this person even show a face that she had just been shown up and proved to be in the wrong by their own partner? Umm NO!

What really gets my goat up is afterwords … I am the villain!

But let us recount points and summarise?

  • You interrupted … which is rude so in the wrong immediately

  • You spoke about something not relevant to that you subject you interrupted so wrong number TWO (example interrupt explanation on CRPS because this most painful condition has the word ‘complex’ in it and their unproven epilepsy is … umm … complex!)

  • I get annoyed because it is rude and I suffer from memory loss, both well known facts but I am the villain, LMAO!

Does that sound like a Social Justice Warrior much?

The truth is ignored because what they think and feel is more important and relevant.

I have had friends meet them and apologise to me because they thought my description is unfair when the truth is both they and other people run when they see her coming. I have known this to occur with one man and two separate women. Reason? “If that woman seems me she will come straight over, complain bout her kids and how they cause her terrible stress for two or three hour straight!” Yeah … literally run!”

I forgot … there is one other person that fell out with them … their own cousin and over the exact same thing.

This is the bit I tell other family members I simply do not get … they fall out with everyone but it is NEVER EVER their fault. In fact when it was their cousin she lied about it for a couple of years,, in an argument I told them I knew the truth. They leave it for a year like you have a memory like a sieve and then go back to telling the story, how stressful it was and back to telling the same lies about it.

I caught my Mind counsellor with her mouth open a little in shock and she went on to say that this must have been a dreadful thing to bear for such a long time and I simply smiled and said “Yeah, it has been”.

And it was over someone else who has let me down yet again … promising two things and failing to deliver on either promise. Go figure?

So my counsellor figured out why I have trust issues while she wondered why I even started bothering blogging to help others? I told her that I had asked myself that on many, many occasions. But at the end of the day it was still the right and honourable thing to do and I keep telling myself that there must be people out there WORTH helping even if I never see any evidence of that or very rarely do.

It is also all that I have.

After all I am only five years away from being on top of the ages that both my father and Uncle died and did not want to leave this life leaving nothing in the way of a legacy behind.

The faint hope that I could make people see and point them in the right directions and thought patterns that may change a country and maybe … just maybe … in time a world?

A first video on YouTube in awhile … the Pregabalin tablets and a recap of what I experienced with three separate GP Surgeries in Enfield and how and why I was not given these pills …


It is a crazy time in an ever more crazy world.

Anyone that watches the mainstream media knows this … they just do not know how bad it really is out there. I didn’t … that is until I started getting videos on YouTube recommended to me after using it for films, PC games and science.

The craziest and tinfoil hat sounding of all simply has to be PizzaGate, avoiding all the plainly obvious tinfoil hat conspiracies like there is a date every couple of weeks when the world is supposed to end in a hundred different ways. One day someone will get it right … or close to it and it will be down to pure luck because mathematically with the number and rate of predictions … well someone has to.

But Pizzagate does sound like one of those but far less extreme and the problem is that the story is not really fantastical. Fantastical normally means far out there and the odds being astronomical while Pizzagate does not fall into either of these two categories.

I have tried to watch the odd video which normally means people I do not know and have not watched before so have had no chance to size up these people.

What is really more important to me, or at least equally important, most of the time are the comments. I was reading the comments section of one where one lot of people were claiming this was tinfoil hat territory and an even large number of people ripping them a new one. This was the largest number of people rubbishing the story. Oddly enough there was the one thing that crossed my own mind when I first read about Pizzagate that I have not seen a single person put to those that5 rubbish the theory and expect everyone to just walk away as if it were nothing …

But WHAT IF it is true?

If you happen to be a naysayer about this subject … do not be an arse!

We are talking about paedophilia here so we are talking about children that includes both torture and murder.

If you have had the crap ripped out of you on any comments section on YouTube or anywhere else … that is highly likely the reason why and … well someone should have had the intelligence to simply put it to you in that way.


What if it comes out two years from now and that it turns out that several hundred children were affected in the most horrid ways? How would you feel then? Would you come back onto the YouTube channels and submit your apologies to all those you claimed were wrong and all the victims? Would you start to wonder how many children you could have saved if you were not part of the ‘tinfoil label brigade’?

I see and read of thousands of people making statements to back up their arguments using big words to mke themselves sound intelligent when the whole thing does not stand up, is often stupid and in times like these makes those that throw the tinfoil label around sound cold and uncaring. And THAT is very likely why you end up getting attacked verbally.

One guy from the UK actually weighed in at one point at those that said it is crazy and does not happen and they called them naïve and stupid in a roundabout way and pointed out that we in the UK have the Jimmy Savile saga, now includes football and included the CHURCH in the past, and even mentioned the link between this in America and that high up family I referred to previously in the UK. Even the name of that man that bridged the gap (Epstein was it?) between a VERY REAL paedophile ring in the UK and the one in America that still seems to have some people putting their index fingers in their ears and saying ‘LALALALALALALA!’.

Yes and if you spotted the deliberate mistake .. after previously staa5ting that no one made the link between the USA and UK over this recently I have seen it mentioned several times in comments, including that family, and in a couple of YouTube videos on Pizzagate too!

I can tell you that someone in the UK is worried about it via one American YouTuber called David Seaman who claimed that he got a very very odd request. Someone that he knew had contacted him via email that had been contacted by someone that they knew that was contacted by a reporter for my least favourite UK institution responsible for lying about and killing my own father, the BBC.

A request was made to interview David Seaman by the BBC. A request that he dutifully and quite categorically turned down IN THE VIDEO. With reasons and good ones at that as he thought it highly suspicious. The one thing that I would put to him that along with the fact that it was done in a very, very weird way and extremely indirectly the fact that they SAY they are a reporter for the BBC does not mean to say that they are. They could be in one of those positions I nearly ended up in where you think you are going to protect one thing and you end up protecting something else entirely … something … evil?

As for others that see this … and those that give the reason that YouTube is full of videos full of shit and people with tinfoil hates I would state the following things …

  • Then why do you go on YouTube?

  • Why do you insist on going onto a channels you do not like?

  • Why do you have to argue with no evidence of and arguing the exact opposite?

  • If you believe everything in the mainstream media alone then your fucking naïve beyond belief and obviously the ones that need the tinfoil hats to protect you from things you very obviously find very scary i.e fingers in ears going ‘lalalalalalala’.

If you think I am in no position to comment on these things … you are very, very wrong! If you thought that by this stage then I am afraid you are making the same mistakes that wound up with you being ripped a new one … you did not RESEARCH ENOUGH!

I mentioned the BBC killing my father and as bad as that sounds there are things on this blog that are worse! If tyour now confused then I am afraid you simply have not read enough.

Archives exist for a reason, just because something is old does not mean that it did not happen and the UK equivalent of umm that damn show … JERRY SPRINGER, yes the UK version of that told both me and someone close to me that our story was far too graphic and terrible for their show!

Yes … it is on this very subject and yes I was involved with just about every law enforcement body you can think of, including MI5 and GCHQ, the latter of which I almost attended an interview for and if things had gone differently back in 2001 would probably be working for them. Though how long for is up in the air. A card from GCHQ stating they would like to talk to me is on my Facebook page.

But I bet the ‘can’t be true’ brigade are probably made up of those naïve fools that have idols and probably Hillary or Bill Clinton and cannot accept that someone they idolised could be so evil and that they themselves could have gotten it so wrong? This would certainly be the case with many of the naysayers.

What the sensible people are saying and I have even had this from a technophobe that barely knows how to operate his windows phone is that with the Internet, Social Media and YouTube … that today it is harder for these heinous crimes to be kept quiet. It is harder for really evil acts to be kept under wraps and despite the bad things that go on on the Internet this is at least one good thing.

But this inevitably only works if there are enough good, honest and genuine people in the world.

Because the mainstream media in the western world is obviously going out of its way to not report on a great many things and obviously has an agenda to control their respective populaces.

What I have also stated to people is that there is such a vigorous fight to hide this because if it gets out and in America in particular … America is made up of a lot of religious people … a … lot. If they suddenly discovered that their country was being run by Satan worshippers who were doing these unspeakable things to children their would be an uprising and just about everyone else would join them. That is a lot of people.

But would options would have been open to the government of the US? Well they could contact the Police and the US Army … except that in any evidence that had come to light that was enough to cause an uprising … the control of the army and the police would evaporate. I would imagine that around 80% of each of the police and army would point blank refuse to act against the American people.

Of course this is a worst case scenario but people like this would consider all the possible scenarios that exist.

Any government of powerful family would do exactly the same thing.

As far as social media goes the only one that I have known to take action is that of Twitter and what transpires from this? Well it only turns out that the head/owner of Twitter is linked to all this by some people making videos on YouTube?!

My technophobe friend went wide eyed when I explained to him about these weird symbols that some companies have been using. The triangle within a triangle and heart within a heart stuff and that as SOON as this came out on the Internet a bunch of companies removed these symbols in a flash.

So yeah … as noted by some no one is actually coming out and saying anything, playing like they have no idea what is going on I guess? But they are certainly DOING something and in so doing proving that they do know damn well what is going on and what is being said.

Acting and not speaking is something I would have thought of as being certain of some level of guilt?

I normally get a feeling for things … a feeling for change if you like? These normally play out at some point but what I am getting from al this business and on top of other actions that have been taken is something else entirely. It is something I myself have not only ever felt before but is literally something I never thought I would ever feel or even live to see!

I often get a feel for the under-current in society, normally British society but lately I have had this about America. It is like were are heading to a precipice before we tip over into some large scale change? That is what it kinda feels like and that is what I have been telling people for a number of weeks now.

Yesterday I kind of got evidence of that when I noticed a video of someone I have liked listening to of late called Mundane Matt and have mentioned him previously. To my surprise he was the first of the established names that had a video about Pizzagate. So I went and watched and he kinda claimed it was a tinfoil hat conspiracy and even laughed it off.

What I expected was something along the lines of what I had put here ,but that was not what I got.

I then decided to look down at Mundane Matt’s comments section and I was somewhat surprised as their was a bit of a backlash going on with some arguing here and there. Hey Matt, remember all that stuff about governments dividing people? Lol.

Anyway as I read down to see what people had to say, stupid with big words or sensible, I got to a remark that caught my eye. It stated something about the number of down votes he got and I thought ‘WTF?!’ I scrolled back to the top and I noticed that around 70 or 80 percent of people disliked his video!

Now let me explain … videos normally draw those people that like the author/vlogger or the subject matter or both. As a result those that speak positively about something normally get far more likes and than dislikes and this normally works when they speak negatively about something too. Maybe because they like or even idolise the vlogger and go with the flow or perhaps because they put out a good case either for or against and it makes sense to them? Everywhere I normally look among the more popular YouTubers this is how it goes. Except for this one. Certainly the first time I have seen voting go against the rain like that .. though now I am remembering Angry Joe ranting at Donald Trump supporters and defending Social Justice Warriors and now thinking that, that video may well have turned out like this one too? I forgot to look or I have forgotten what it said … well I do have short term memory issues you know?! It is called Fibrofog.

I was actually shocked at the down votes that Mundane Matt got for that and not for what he got it for but what this told me. That many Americans believe there to be something untoward going on within government and this Pizzagate thing.

David Seaman had stated in one of his videos that there was some claim made somewhere that 90% odd of the American public, asked in a survey of some 20,000 people, believed that there was either something going on with Pizzagate or that they thought it was a paedophile ring, I cannot remember which of the two.

So how about the mainstream news media? Nothing.

The funny thing is that a few weeks after Wikileaks and Julian Assange first hit their headlines it was Wikileaks this and Wikileaks that and then one day the guns fell silent.

Indeed Julian Assange still gets mentioned but it is always to do with a crime he allegedly committed and him hiding in an embassy. Even the emails regarding Hillary Clinton I kept asking myself, and why is everyone asking for her top be locked up? Being an idiot with a computer is not a crime in my book. Any truth to Pizzagate and her alleged involvement … now that is a different matter and something I am behind the ‘death penalty’ for! For EVERYONE involved!

Also Europe got mentioned in one video and I heard somewhere that there are EU countries where they suspect their own paedophile rings within government? Jesus H. Christ!

It does not seem to matter whether it is extreme left or extreme right … death, torture and suffering always comes into it at the end of the day.

The only thing that seems to be in question is quite why and how you check out?

My only hope is that everyone comes out of this learning something.

Here are the few videos I mentioned …

David Seaman and that weird offer from the BBC, last half of the video …

The MundaneMatt one with the large percentage of dislikes …

Another one I added in several hours late of a few more issues involving disturbing images linked to what I now realise is called Comet Ping Pong Pizza … sorry but these images deserve some slack for extremely foul taste alone, without the allegations.

The videos on YouTube alone just go on and on as do the comments which I estimate are in the hundreds of thousands?

And a fellow Brit that sounds very sensible and even requests that the usual foul mouthed dummies and idiots do not go around threatening violence, I am sure some seem to have some sense of self-entitlement do so,, maybe given how sick the allegations are?

She is Reality Calls and I came across her in an interview with Red Ice TV and she has many sensible videos.

Johnny Rotten speaking about Jimmy Savile and disturbing links to Madeleine McCannn and those mentioned in Pizzagate?!


While watching different videos, which are recommended to me by YouTube 90% of the time, I came across the meaning to another acronym I had seen popping up from time to time.

MGTOW which stands for Men Going Their Own Way and when I did I was somewhat surprised that not only did this apply to me but that I may well have been the first, one of the first and the longest affected?!

As it turns out this phrase applies to men that have become disillusioned and fearful of the dating scene due to the fact that so many things are against them.

More disturbing than this is the fact that there are people that ridicule mean for doing this and even laugh at them as well as push for even more … power, for want of a better term, over men.

It is quite literally like one species or race ripping the crap out of, verbally abusing or bullying a different species or race and I wonder if they even realise they are the same race? Maybe when they look in the mirror they are afflicted by a colour blindness that literally leaves them seeing in black and white only?! Of course and to my knowledge no such level of colour blindness exists.

I was first affected by this MGTOW affect and one sided society a long, long time ago and I could see many, many problems with it and I thought at the time it would soon be spotted for the one sided problem it was and change?

Except it did not.

There were even groups and organisations springing up over it and quite literally because the legal system failed to see it.

The legal system and judges seem to think they do the right thing and have the attitude they are all seeing, all knowing and do the right thing. Even some naïve … lay people even think they do the right thing.

I do not nor have not for a very long time.

People have long disagreed with me from professionals and laymen but at the end of the day and for twenty years day in, day out, week in, week out, ,month in, ,month out and year in and year out you only need watch the news to see me proved correct over and over and over again. Of course I am talking about many things and across the board and almost all of them I have spent 4.5 years covering on my blogs and twice that length of time gathering evidence and data on.

I seem to have trouble committing … and this was pointed out by a counsellor I am seeing and of course I have my own reasons that I have told myself for years that fall on both sides of any given fence.

For example on the one hand due to my financial predicament that is current along with me health issues I would feel like a burden on anyone I met now.

On the other hand I could be a published author and making a good income a year or two from now and that I might meet the wrong person who divorces me, if I ever actually get married at all which I doubt, a couple of years later because she only got involved due to any money I had.

Of course there are many variations and reasons that fall down on both sides.

But the truth is I have been single, and I truly have, for around 13 years plus. Since my father died of a burst aneurysm.

Even during this time my counsellor wanted to explore how I felt as I have a long history of helping others in their hour of need from serious to casual and yet when the tables are turned there is not a great deal of evidence that I have been helped. In fact we explored the idea that despite having a solicitor helping me this complete lack of help coming my way may be why I am not exactly brimming with confidence over finally getting representation in a legal aspect?

In other words in situations where I require help I am used to always being let down because I always have been. By seemingly everyone. Even close to me.

As I watched from video to video I came across some startling things.

I should explain that when I do watch these videos and link them in it is because I have seen or heard something that has intrigued me. It does not mean that I agree with everything they say in their videos or indeed put them here as something or someone that is a reliable source for the facts and the truth.

A perfect example of this is Info Wars and Alex Jones and I often think that they come across a little leaning in one direction when they are accusing mainstream media of leaning in another. The mainstream media has been leaning in certain directions for a very long time, this much is true. So I tell myself that listening or watching something that leans in a different direction is absolutely no different. Especially when this leaning is not as severe as the mainstream news media.

I am simply trying to get another perspective.

In these other videos there was one where in America they were talking about ‘alimony’ and what I saw was quite a surprise. Women in high paid careers that had divorced from their husbands that had lost in court and faced to pay their ex-husbands. I was hearing of figures from USD of $1,500 to $4,000 or more a month! Jesus Christ, I wish I could force the UK government and the Department of Work and Pensions to watch this and ask them what the fuck they think they are doing to disabled people?! Oh and one or two UK judges!

Each and every woman they spoke to did not like it and a lot were obviously angry about it all and what was interesting was that what was being put to these women was that ‘well this is how it has been for men for years and you have all wanted equality and this is it!’

I .. was .. stunned!

In another video in a studio somewhere to men and two women were being talked to in what seemed like a chat show scenario. One guy turned around and said that if women want equality then they should be doing the same jobs as men like in coal mines or construction work like in skyscrapers but that what they actually want to do is pick and choose the jobs they want which were mostly of those of power, higher tiers in corporations and ignore the rest. He was right in stating that is not equality.

It has always been like this and not just a gendre thing and there is always something that someone wants that they then want to emphasize is down to some aspect about them which comes down to sin colour or gendre.

When I head phrases like ‘white male privilege and patriarchy’ I always want to demand to these people that they visit their nearest inner cities and put that argument over the the dozens, hundreds or more of the homeless people living in cardboard boxes. Oddly enough a majority of these will be men.

Tunnel vision based in personal and selfish wants and desires.

Sorry but when your argument is very easily defeated by pointing out obvious things that you have conveniently forgot it just shows you up to being amoral.

The fact that these conversations take place at all when they are people dying from exposure or starving to death blows these arguments out of the water before they have even started. Because on each occasion all I ever hear is how hard done by they are and that they are not being chosen because of this reason or that reason.

Yeah winning an Oscar and who is winning Oscars is so much more important than human life and suffering. Jesus H. Christ do these people even hear themselves? Oh yeah, no because they are too busy crying and screaming about what they want or what they have not got. Umm sometimes and in some videos I have seen this is literally!

Throw in the fact that most of the world is and has been in financial meltdown for a number of years now and their arguments look even more amoral.

Not so very long ago I was being tipped for a knighthood and a medal and I burst out laughing at the very thought of it. One guy that said this to me was my Dentist at the time and he said he wanted to give up being a Dentist and come and work for me. I told him …

  1. Do not make me laugh while I am in your dentists chair and have a drill in your hand

  2. You do not get recognition or acknowledgement for doing the right and moral thing

  3. Those that get medals are mostly to do with how much fame or money they have

  4. A few of the obvious good deeds thrown in as tokenism

I guarantee that the first dozen names he thought up with knighthoods wee all household names and he gave me a confused look and then a wry smile.

But what does this say about any given society?

‘Oh look … here is your favourite person you idolise above human life and suffering and we will make you happy because we have given your [insert actor/musician/whatever] idol a medal’

I was also asked if I would accept an offer of becoming a spy and I said that if it DID happen it would have been the second time, almost, and that unlike the first time when I regretted not becoming one … TODAY and with everything I have seen and heard first hand … I would not.

In fact it was likely not me that had a lucky escape but them … because I would have beaten Edward Snowdon to the punch. In fact now that I think about that again … no I probably would have bailed out at the first evidence of corrupt and amoral activity and discovering both who and what I was REALLY serving. So no I probably would not have beaten Edward Snowdon to the punch.

In fact they may have realised in any interview I would have attended that I am a bit too moral for their tastes?

I have no quarrels over very bad people dying … but I will NOT serve to protect other people just as bad. No matter HOW globally famous they are.

I have always done what I thought to be morally right, or at least have striven to.

So when I am seeing and hearing things putting things in perspective is something I am very good at doing and have been for a very long time.

After all I am seeing today things I spotted and predicted 15 to 20 years ago or more.

I hear made up words like ‘Racist’, ‘Mailomony’ and ‘Mansplaining’ among others and in the context and arguments to which they are being used and I just … burst out laughing while internally I am torn between reeling in shock or crying at our lack of progression. In fact this lack of progression in recent years has been picked up on by many who are using the words ‘regression’ and ‘regressives’.

I always knew that these attitudes and the lack of foresight by countless courts and endless judges would come home to roost. I also knew that as and when they did they would cause chaos, confusion, bitterness and hatred right across the spectrum. I was also well aware of the fact that once each one did this would linger and list a long time and be overlapped by something else … then something else and so on and so forth.

In the end it would end up a steaming pile of mess and that any progression as a species woulld be very little, if any at all.

There goes that internal crying again.

Do not like the world you live in? Ask yourself the important question of yourself before you do of others. Is it you? Have you got a vision or want that is not possible or fair? Are you trying to make things equal that are not equal or over can be? Do you realise that not everyone can be catered for as this in itself would be a big steaming pile of mess? Have you thought about what happens when there is a legal conflict between two people with two different sets of laws applicable in a single society? Is what is happening to you now something that has happened to others for several decades?

When you point a finger do you realise that several of your own fingers are pointing back at you?

Here are some of those videos I mentioned … and like everything I post in the way of YouTube videos … there are always many, many more on any given subject…


It has been a tough as well as a mostly confusing time.

I have seen and heard more misery than ever before. I have been trying to help or be a help at least to a couple of people and I have been hearing of suicidal thoughts with people that I know.

I am secretly and internally in a constant panic mode that during my legal proceedings I will either do something wrong, not remember something or be unable to find something that will lose me my case.

The JSA are seemingly contradicting their early on understanding of my health conditions and have put two jobs in my JobSearch file that they have requested I apply for. Neither of these I can do as they are full-time employment and recalling I have pains, memory problems and over heating problems and do not own a car, one job is in Stanstead Airport for 12 hour shifts.

When I told an ex social worker I know he literally roared in uncontrollable laughter for a couple of minutes. I was amazed he found it that hilarious.

I was contacted by an old friend I have not seen in years and he got told about me knowing what condition I have. When I told him it was Fibromyalgia he looked shocked, made a call on his mobile and the next thing I know I am talking to his girlfriend as she has it. We were comparing pains and she referred to Fibrofog as ‘Foggy Brain’. I told her I was having difficulty getting this message across to my Mind Counsellor he just keeps saying ”Oh I do that’ every time I explain a frustrating and angry situation I was in recently. She understood as she has had this herself for years. Then she said something that stopped me in my tracks and I interrupted her to say “Wait a minute? Did you say you have taken Pregabalin!” She had and had stopped and claimed that every time she took it she gained weight.

I explained how I have tried to get this drug for several years and as a complete understanding I now have with three or four people in that ‘normies’ with no disability do not listen and do not understand as well as not caring. Even telling someone else how I was explaining to this fellow Fibromyalgia sufferer I got the often said throw away line by an idiot that simply wont accept that Doctors lie “I told you! Change your Doctor!” A bit pointless telling ME that when I am explaining what I said to someone else with the exact same condition. Bearing in mind these people know exactly everything I have done I replied in a sarcastic tone “I HAVE. FIVE TIMES!”

If you do not want to be treated like an idiot then do not make statements without thinking them through, remembering everything the person you are going to throw your lines at has done and … bet still … when you insisting on something to the point of arguing? Yeaah est NOT to do that when the exact same thing you have predicted wrong 100% of the time on three previous occasions.

If you got it wrong three fucking times then your not best placed to insist how the next thing is going to go, are you?

I could make this sound far worse than I have in stating that they are wrong in many other subjects 95% of the time, give or take a few percent.

The fact is they have failed to realise that my success rate as just ass high as their failure rate and yet time after time I will be told in no uncertain terms how it is and how it is going to go.

The one and single time that they ended up looking correct was not even my own fault but that of someone else I know making me look like I was wrong.

Speaking of which … November is almost over. In fact six weeks have now passed and things are … tiring. There has been some really bad treatment going on and I did think about 5 weeks or so back that this treatment would finally end? It seems not. More broken promises and lies. Well by December that will be the case at any rate.

So then something of a juggling act?

Well a suicidal young person, a fearful friend, a solicitor and documents to find and keep track of and there is a lot of documents, the JSA and damnable Job Centre, looking for work 35 hours a week (it is in the contract don’tcha know?!) and eleventy million pounds electric bill, a bike that needs repairing and another that needs replacing, a Doctor that is … let us just say awkward, nowhere to go and nothing to do and being bored and depressed out of my mind, hence the looking for voluntary work!

Did I forget about anything? Oh yeah a humongous row with a narcissistic person that thinks the world revolves around them and everyone else’s lives and feelings are unimportant.

At least at Christmas I wont have to hear about a long list of molehills as they are turned into mountains and get into arguments about how to pick out fucking electronic equipment as it is fucking sacrilegious to take an average score from 200 people and should listen to those in What Hifi Magazine who are paid to say shit. Even when I am fucking holding the proof in my fecking hand!!

All said and done … pretty quiet really. Lol.

In fact I have only listed the main things going on at the moment and of course each of those could be broken down into subdivisions.

Right at this very moment my life is the complete opposite to what I thought it would be and there is this ever constant nagging at the back of my mind … that I may have just helped one of my most hated enemy types to become somewhat … wealthy?

So while all of the former is driving me insane the latter is eating away at me internally.

So yeah I have not really felt like typing anything out or posting very much. I am back in contact with two people I have not seen for well over a year. Possibly well over two. In contact with another who is not going through a good time right now and the things they are talking about they should not be at their age.

People have a tendency to look to me when things are tough. Yeah they might go and ant off and say things about me but as soon as things get complicated, intellectual or just plain difficult I am the one they talk to. As if I possessed a magic wand and can make it all go away. Lol, if only!

Also I have finally gotten my first two JSA payments, though the first one at £10 was not only hardly worth mentioning but went in my account without me even noticing for ten days. Also I am sure the second payment I only noticed today? Well I am sure that was not due in for another week or so? I am sure it was December 10th it was to e paid?

Anyway … no mention at all of the back-pay going back to mid July. Go figure. I guarantee that the first time the subject is brought up it will be by my solicitor?!

Oh and how could I forget?

I received a letter from Enfield Council who have only paid my full rent for about 18 to 24 months over 9.5 years and in it was a bill for over-payment of rent?!

Well my solicitor was interested in seeing hat bill and the letter, which I cannot for the life of me find an explanation about the over-payment on. She was also interested in the JSA’s recent pressure and asked me to inform them as soon as I get a letter mentioning any sanctions.

Oh and I see a load of videos about rouble with Sweden from no go areas for Police because of Muslims and gangs of them at main railways stations attacking and mugging women.

Also occurring in Sweden is that completely fucking barrmy leftist attitudes like that of the now infamous Social justice Warriors that actually insisted that their snow-ploughs actually not bother with the main routes and clear the areas were women normally frequent. Stockholm, I think it was, came to an abrupt halt … and I DO MEAN HALT!

Of course a search on YouTube will reward you with many a people ripping crap out of these two things!

Added to this Nigel Farage has been ripping Tony Blair a new one, get in there my son, and explaining that some countries, or country, that had one referendum over Europe had another one. I guess they did not like the first one and decided to keep on going until they got the result they wanted or was able to rig the result they way they wanted it?

Today and finally someone linked that awful PizzaGate story to people in the UK!! Europe was not mentioned but the UK certainly was and by an American. SOMEONE has been doing their homework?!

A Jehovah’s Witness who regularly knocks at my door did so recently. After breaking the news to me that I am know in the local kingdom hall as ‘The Mission Man’ he talked about the things happening in the word and shook his head, looked at me and said … “This … is … biblical … thie things happening right now!” Yeah I could see why they would think that. In fact I could fully understand that anyone that is religious … the Christian religions not the barbaric, murderous and paedophile lot, might think this. I remember thinking it was a good job he was only looking, most likely, at the mainstream media and not what I had looked at!

Well after all … Satan worshippers in levels of power in government and becoming President of the United States of America? Umm was that not the story behind that famous old horror movie about the son of Satan called The Omen?! LMAO!


In the four years I have been posting blogs I have come across and heard the most disturbing stories and I am not the only one.

Even with the immediate disgust and disbelief felt by most they have failed to realise that there is a much large piece of the puzzle that extends beyond that many could imagine.

Here in the UK there was and is a story going around and only half of it has been covered by the news media. That was the Jimmy Savile and BBC paedophile ring. That … actually … happened and I am still rocked by the today but slowly I realised more and more things about all of that which many others did not realise. How it was not uncovered and not just by the UK media for one. I have touched upon it briefly but many things and names that I myself have heard I have not divulged because I simply do not know if they are the truth. Plus the names are pretty big and would, without question, draw attention.

Over the past few weeks I have been hearing more and more about a similar situation unfolding in America and if I am completely and utterly honest? At some point a few weeks after our own shocking revelations and that second highest name in the UK being flung about I fully expected that something would come out in America.

As of couple of weeks ago it did break in America and indeed was its second wave of paedophile rings accusation with the first one being Hollywood.

Almost immediately the UK then hd its second paedophile ring come out and this was a shock when I first head this as it was in the beloved world of football. At first I had thought this was someone young and in training going public and did not realise they were historical. Until, that is, I heard someone in the media utter a name while I was not focusing, that caused me to turn and pay attention. The name was Paul Stewart and I was immediately surprised as I only knew one footballer by that name and I had actually met him, along with Paul Gascoigne, many yeas ago in Hoddesdon and managed to get their autographs.

Oddly enough someone I know that often gets things completely wrong nine times out of ten does not believe this actually happened and believes these footballers are coming out with this because of either money or they failed at being a footballer … umm which is again money. I was surpirsied at this and said “But you did not doubt the Jimmy Savile stuff and the accusations regarding other ig names?” I was somewhat surprised. They said “But why after all this time?” where at the point I thought it senseless to really continue as this could be said for any historical case including Jimmy Savile which they had no doubts about.

I have told them about what it is I have been reading and hearing about in America and said that there is most definitely SOMETHING going on but what this is I do not know. But from reactions and even a statement made by an American called David Seaman, no not the ex Arsenal goalkeeper, somewhere around 90% of Americans believe there is a scandal. Cannot remember if the figure was for believing that there was indeed a paedophile ring involved but that is the figure I saw.

This is being called PizzaGate. I had seen the term for awhile and wondered what in the world it was.

It also has something to do with Wikileaks.

It would appear that in Wikileaks there was a series of emails about pizzas that was most bizarre and very clear to everyone who has seen them, including many of the more reputable YouTube news channels that something is going on.

As I stated to my friends … this is all centred around a single pizza store in Washington DC and that despite being a single store the owner is somehow in the top 50 or 60 of the most powerful men in Washington?! Yeah … Theresa May quakes in her boots regarding any thought of the man that owns our local chip shop!

Some of these emails regarding pizzas were read out by an Info Wars news channel and they admitted they could not comment on any paedophilia aspect as they had no truth but that the emails were clearly NOT talking about pizzas.

I also pointed out that there is a name in this that links it all in America right back to here in the UK and to that name that is never mentioned in the mainstream media. They are, however, mentioned on YouTube and this was not where I first heard it. It went round people’s mobile phones like the virus from hell. THEN I looked it up to see if there was anything in it and found a video to a channel called The Coleman Experience or something like that.

Then there was the video on YouTube I linked in below where I heard something that someone had been pointed out by others in that if this has been going on in the USA then how come the secret services like the NSA and CIA not discovered this and exposed it?

Well the answer is obvious in that as I found out through first hand experience, look it up, the secret services are not what they appear or make themselves out to be. Since I did I was thankful I never ended up working for GCHQ! But ten I realised something else.

They knew!

Umm it was not that long ago that the revelations broke that even President Putin still brings up today that the Americans were listening in on everyone! Therefore they knew about the chatter.


Yeah we managed to break the Nazis codes back in World War 2 so I am sure these vague requests using pizza references could be broken.

So then what has that caused me to ask myself, you may be wondering?

Well I was under the single impression that the fact that these all do shady things and the fact that government refuse to change things in the west drastically while continue to mug the most vulnerable in their societies that they were under the delusion that the way we do things is the only way that works and why they have done the things they have done?

Unfortunately this proves otherwise.

That was the only thing I had left that had any footing in common sense that did not result in the fact that evil satanic worshipping people were running western societies.

If there is anything in the PizzaGate fiasco then it is all dead and buried. It will also only be a matter of time before someone links the name to the Clintons back to a family in the UK.

Yeeah that leads me to a line I often hear from people when talking about all the crap that is either proved to be going on or only alleged to be going on.. “You can’t do anything about it!”

Yeah, you think you can’t, or can’t be bothered s it does not affect you or your kids, so you don’t and therefore nothing gets done,, no one gets done and they continue on s before.

Until it happens to you or someone close to you and then your screaming at the top of your lungs “Why didn’t anyone do ANYTHING about this?!”

Because your attitudes fulfilled the prophecy.

If this were not all bad enough there are some wild claims, many claims and not just one single one, that there is some odd artwork being used at the pizza parlour, known as Comet Pizza, and at someone’s house.

Now this … this … you simply cannot get any worse than this!

If this turns out to be something and the, what I think are, inevitable links are made its going to change things and maybe, just maybe, overnight.

Way to go elites for doing the Muslims job for them! I am sure that they and likely North Korea are going to have a field day with all this? Especially if they go getting their hands on anything themselves.

In fact I think I can so with the the utmost certainty that everyone that dislikes the west or America in particular are already beavering away trying to get their hands on something. It is a full gone conclusion and … probably only a matter of time. It might just be the reason why Russia had hacked America recently? Maybe they had received information regarding this and was looking for something concrete?

The behaviours, patterns and actions of others matches up extremely well to something being found out and then searched for. Something damaging enough to risk damaging relations in a big way, I am thinking of Russia here.

Just like I noticed with Brexit, where it was everyone I knew face to face on a few on the Internet, and with Donald Trump, where almost every American slated Hillary Clinton, and now once again with PizzaGate I feel something is bubbling under the surface.

To me there is simply far, far too much for this to be nothing and in every other time that has been just like this there has always turned out to be something.

I know little about David Seaman and he could be someone that touts wild conspiracy type claims that require tin-foil hats but does not sound like that in this video and there are many, many other videos on this subject.


A little while after I posted this … umm post I had a little thought. Yeah it does take place form time to time.

That little news story a while back I already mentioned in this post … the Americans being found to e snooping on everyone and as President Putin puts it, ‘even on those they claim to be friends’.

Now I had talked about this previously and the one and only thing I put the snooping down to was getting a heads up on companies perhaps about to lose value so that they could sneak in before anyone else and buy them up?

What if the snooping has something more self serving as that? Or what if there is something as well as the hostile take over of businesses that is even more self-serving than that?

Now I would imagine that if I were wrapped up in some disgusting paedophile, Satan worshipping and murderous cult while being such a high level name known around the world I would get a little panicky of being found out. If it were me! What would I do if I was one of these depraved individuals? Well I would cause all the power I had at my command and keep an ear out … literally!

Now I would keep an ear out in those countries where I might have links to people also involved in my little depraved cult. Links to the UK had already been made if not being talked about by those Americans talking about PizzaGate.

Now in aa recent interview with Nigel Farage he attacked my least favourite person and ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair because Blair called for a second UK Referendum over Europe. In his scathing attack I found out two things. First that there are others that despise Tony Blair as much as I do, even more so would be hilariously funny. Secondly that there had been other referendums over Europe where people voted to leave and they had a second one, I think he mentioned Belgium as one?

Nigel Farage said exactly the right thing in that the attitude is that you give the people a choice and when they do not say what they want you to they keep giving you the choice until you agree with them?

He even told them “What part of the word ‘NO’ do you not understand?!” I had never heard of this before and totally amazed that with all the coverage in the mainstream UK media of the UK Referendum that this never came up in reports?!

It also caused me to think of how surprised I was at the time that Barack Obama showed so much interest in the UK staying in Europe. Buy these American celebrities must be feeling pretty rejected by now? Or are they all Canadian celebrities? LOL.

As time as gone on in recent year I have thought less and less about those running the European Union to the point that I started to see them as an evil dictatorship. I just was not aware of the details of this and not quite sure of they were extreme left or right.

Maybe in time some news reports in countries like Germany, France, Spain or Italy or some other smaller country will break some story shedding more light on the realities?

So … yeah, snooping on Europe by the Americans? If there is some corrupt snooping involved to protect those in high power from being exposed and with links between the USA and UK in this already out their in the wilds maybe there are people in power in Europe also involved?

Food for thought.