Boy this will be a hard one and rough.

Not posted for awhile and I did have something I was working on. But due to pain, issues, memory, garnering rather a lot of attention on social media and the battles while trying to build up my photography collection .. something rather big came up.

This is by far the hardest and most important post I have ever done and it has been exactly that on social media and I have and am doing this with absolutely no sleep whatsoever.

I warned and I warned and I warned the leftists and climate alarmists out there. They chose not to listen. They decied in their infinite wisdom they knew better than everyone else. Einstein, Feynman, Dyson and even the likes of Karl Popper and their own Noam Chomksy.

I have been using quotes from all the above and others to show how they have totally ignored the greatest advice of all of them.

They have been against truth, honesty and among a load of other things science also.

Last night I watched a video by GSM News and Jake and Mari who had previously interviewed Professor Valentina Zharkova and who I admire for being level headed in all this.

What they stated in the video I did not believe. I mean I have predicted it since January 2019 and despite now 15 predictions for 2020 coming true inclusing that we are still in a solar minimum this one shocked me.

It is also about two months ahead of time. Thought this would come between October and December and I have been telling the leftists all 2020 that their AGW wont make it to 2021. Because I believed this was coming. Many of their causes have crashed to the ground.

Others I predicted are ..

Science paper linking solar activity to seismic activity

Science paper about volcanic activity in southern ocean

Science paper on magnetic field linked to solar activity

That they would link certain activity in the atmosphere to the Sun’s activity and they found glowing purple spiral on Mars that has them puzzled

That Record Cold would occur in unusual places

That snowfall would occur in unusual places

That they would discover gas being emitted from the ground, stench detected in Japan experts said they thought was precursor to earthquake and large red blob of warm water appears of their coast

That warm water blobs would increase in size and frequency around the Southern Ocean

That the world’s biggest lock-down would have zero effect on rise of CO2

There are others.

They discovered that despite them telling the whole planet that reaching +2.0C would be catastrophic they now realise that in the Roman period it was a whole 2C warmer than today.

There have bee more drops in temperatures than rises in 2020.

And now?

Well now it appears that predicted data on NOAA’s site is predicting a Grand Solar Minimum?

Now here is how they work it ..

Solar Cycle 25 Solar Maximum to occur 2025 and be 110

Next Solar Maximum for Cycle 26 should be 2037 to 2038 but from 2034 to 2040 they have 10 sunspots

Except I posted a graph from NASA that predicted the Solar Maximum for 25 at 25 Sunspots

I myself predicted that the Sunspots would be 30 to 48. Initially I did think no higher than 60 but by the time I was near the end of 2019 I realised the soalr minimum would continue to June to October 2020 and the solar max would be lower.

You want to see the way I was attacked for that?!

Been diving down my LinkedIn account.

Reporting the bejesus out of me.

Calling me names

Lying about me

They found an unusual detail about me and posted it online to let e know they knew

Was told people know where I live

I told them I do not give a flock.

Yu want to see the way I have been defended too.

I am now followed by many, David Dubyne, GSM News, Ned Nikolov, Don Smith, Geraint Hughes and now Professor Willie Soon.

Been blocked y Michael Mann, Professor Katherine Hayhoe though do not know how .. by reputation only and Professor Brian Cox.

Been blocked by over 60 AGW Cult members on a single thread.

Now then .. this means it going to get colder and even at 110 Sunspots this will have little effect.

The speed of the fall is unknown .. and this will be amplified by any volcanoes that erupt and the higher they get above 32,000 feet the greater and longer the effect will be.

We simply cannot predict this and I cannot tell you. All I can tell you is that the frequency has been rising on and off for years. Might level off or drop a few years and then we get a year where there has bee more than ever before.

For years and years and years I tried to warn people about this.

Even when I started this thread, and likely why my revenue has been frozen for years and I have lst over £20,000 and much more besides, I stated AGW was real with my own findings. I warned about putting all your eggs in one basket. I never denied a warming and stated that this could be a precursor to a fall.

Have a friend from Newcastle I have not see in years and I told my daughter that if he sees this he will contact me likely on Facebook.

You see when we had that earthquake I had zero idea about this other data and yet I said to him .. “I am telling you something is coming. I do not know what but there is something”

A couple of years back in the North West when we had those orange skies I had the feeling the too.

I just was not aware of all this other data as I had bee too preoccupied with other things despite my interest in astrophysics and various Earth sciences like volcanology, seismology and the magnetosphere since I was a child.

Now I should point out that a science paper recently came out mentioning Grand Solar Minimum too but this was misleading as it compared what is happening to the Dalton Minimum?

No. This is nothing like the Dalton Minimum at all. The rates of drops, number of drops and the two consecutive and deep solar minimums, current one still going at record 32 months, is nothing like it either.

Guessing the 110 Sunspot prediction for cycle 25 and the recent paper are designed to talk it all down?

This is like a Maunder Minimum.

Now let e explain one of many things in science that the claiming to be pro-science AGW cult fif not know ..

The definition of a Grand Solar Minimum is give as when two cycles, so 22 years, to 200 years go without high solar maximums.

An ice-age? Hard to say. Could be just one cycle goes astray? Could be many. No sense in panicking .. well unless you live with three other dreadful people the way I do and want to be anywhere but here if the proverbial hits the fan.

But a Little Ice Age is entirely possible, yeah. The trouble with ice-ages is everyone has this fixed idea about what they are when they are very variable and have many factors in play.

Feel certain that not enough factors are in play to get anything worse than a Maunder Minimum and not something like the Younger Dryas or worse. There were two events but over millions of years where the entire Earth was frozen and these are referred to as Snowball Earth. yeah its not that or anything remotely close to it.

So here we go some screenshots and a link ..


Watch GSM News and their surprise at what they see