As I feared and in just a couple of days the situation regarding the Novel Coronavirus has changed a great deal.

People that have brought the subject yp with me previously, while I avoided it as people are stupid, now refuse to talk about it. Ergo stupid.

Had this before and it is most bizarre while very frustrating and in each case they have no idea they are doing it. They see absolutely no issue.

It normally takes something quite serious .. involving a lot of death. They will rant on about some conspiracy theory or cover up and demand to know the truth. I mean literally rant about it for extended periods. In some cases I not only do know the truth but can prove it. So there has been occasions when I have.

One time a man on a motorised scooter just looked at me with his mouth open as I explained what happened by an event he was made aware of by a friend. Involved a group with a sinister plan a security guard friend had told him about. Just so happened I was involved and had told them where it was going to occur. Very weirdly this was a blessing for me at the time as it was the first indication I had, had that my prediction was correct. Because the secret services never bothered to tell me or acknowledge me.

His went quiet and his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped open and then without uttering a single word .. he hit the accelerator button and spun his scooter around and sped off.

I learned that people just like to bitch and whine about things that, in reality, they do not actually want to know about.

Not mentioned the coronavirus to anyone in real life because they are bucket heads and are the sort of people that do not wnt to hear it but then want all the information in the last 5 minutes when they realise they are going to be affected personally but now do not have the time to learn everything or take precautions.

Make no mistake .. personally I am of a firm belief things are inevitable and I do not want to be hear when it comes and have been trying to find a way to move and deal with the anxiety of being where I am and dealing with the people that I do.

Three separate American women on social media have told me to relocate to America.

Yeah people go into shock by the time they have heard only half the story f what has gone on with my daughter and me and the sheer number of people that have set out to stop me.

When I last posted about the Coronavirus Outbreak in China there were a reported 20 odd deaths and under 2,000 cases.

A number of us knew that when you look at the actions the Chinese government had taken and the videos of what nurses and Doctors were saying in videos this official figure was not even close to the truth.

Lets see if we can get across how things change?

Two days after originally posting the official confirmed cases are now at 4,604 with 106 fatalities.

What is that like a 125% rise in two days? I had told a friend who was due to holiday in Hong Kong in April in 6 weeks that he was not going to be able to go and China was likely in a lot of trouble before very long. Do not think he quite believed me .. back to that part where you can almost hear their thoughts ‘well there has been nothing in the [FAKE] news’.

I said that due to what I have seen he wont make it to the end of the week before finding out how bad this is.

“I know how this shit works” was my exact line. China is big, has a lot of people and things wil leak out. It was inevitable.

People are angry in China and its getting worse and spreading. Transports is banned, shops are closed and you cannot buy fuel. Roads to cities are gradually being cut off, buried or dug up.

Acts like this have not been performed previously.

This is not SARS.

In fact this is more like the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918. One can only hope that there is not a mutation that makes it worse than it already is.

It transmits easily and while in its incubation period and the latter is so insane that health professionals in Australia wont believe this until the confirm t themselves.

Will tell you this much .. will be obvious by this weekend.

Here is the issue .. they cannot detect it, forget the measures and the openness they speak of in the news as this is pure bullshite.

Incubation period said to be two weeks now. So from the moment it arrives in a new country and is detected your not going to judge how bad it is until two weeks after the first case .. maybe three? This is made worse by the fact that for the first two days the symptoms are quite mild.

So up to 17 days without realising what you have. Seventeen days infecting people.

Now the bad numbers that proved the fake news is fake news yet again.

Transmission rate is like 83% which is unusually high. Told my friend the death rate if 3% they are giving out is also fabrication. Its 15% and THAT is also high. Just ten percent would be high. I think SARS was around 10%, maybe?

Now here is the rub and me .. kinda showing my pattern spotting in practice.

  • Predicted this as one possible outcome
  • Though in all honesty my money was on a VEI6 volcano occurring first
  • We have just had two deep solar minimums
  • Last time solar minimums like this occurred was 1912-1914
  • Few years before Spanish Flu popped up
  • One has to wonder if a possible rise in cosmic rays cause mutations with viruses and bacteria?

Yeah it was a ‘Oh crap! That is quite bizarre’ and with the run-up to what has appeared to be, for 6 years plus, a grand solar minimum many things that have occurred have been for the first time in a little over 100 years.

It has gone well past the point of being kinda freaky. Now realising this it catapults this to a whole new level.

One thing I have been watching is cosmic rays which were at record high levels in 2008-2009 and are not far from that as of right now. Carl Sagan talked about cosmic rays causing mutations in his famous Cosmos I own on DVD.

But when did the virus form? Was it recently or has it been running around fro animal to animal for years?

At this point I have to point out to rumours, or possibilities, going around and one is that some Chinese think the Americans released the virus. That one a bit more out there.

The other is a bit more sinister. Due south of Wuhan at a distance I am not aware of at present is a Virology Laboratory. Some believe that the Chinese government was working on viruses and that one got out? This would rule out animals .. unless it was via an escaped animal from this lab? If it was this laboratory?

Though in reality this actually does not matter a great deal at this point. The mission is stopping it spreading and coming up with a cure. There is no cure and experts state we are a year away from that.

The worrying side of this is that Spanish Flu killed an estimated 50 million to 100 million in less than six months.

Added to this is that this Novel Coronavirus can last on surfaces for 5 days.

Without a single case in the UK and planning to relocate 300 miles away and been trying to find the means to do this for several months I wonder now have long I have before I am not able to do this?

I am of the belief that once the first case turns up in the UK I have about 4 to 6 weeks because of where I currently am?

Walked around earlier, hearing children playing in school oblivious to the dangers and events unfolding right now.

OK so there was a bit of a break as I have to go out and do things and this did not get posted last night as planned.

Well there is more and more talk about the statements about it not being able to be transmitted during its incubation period and this has been disproved time and time again for days.

But medical experts in Canada, the US and Australia have insisted on the news media channels that they are just not believing this. While there are plenty of videos from within China coming out that it is and from westerners too!

Added to this is more and more talk about this Wuhan Institute of Virology being the real source and that the reason that medical experts cannot believe its transmissible before symptoms persist is the rumour now going around that the virus would have to be genetically modified to do this.

Now I cannot state whether this is factual or not and at this stage it is just a rumour .. but it makes perfect sense why these experts would be willing to go onto national TV with the entire world watching and make absolute tits of themselves. Partly explain it. They have still made tits of themselves by ignoring the facts.

If people like me can find this information and with failing equipment, a dodgy Internet connection trapped in a highly oppressive building and in a 9ft by 5ft 10 inch prison I have been trying to escape from then why can’t they?!

Information I have known for one to four days I am still yet to hear stated in the news.

A great many organisations are going to go down during 2020 over this complete and utter balls-up that just continues to be a complete and utter balls-up after an entire month after this started.

Websites are also seriously under reporting the numbers and locations from maps keep going missing, like this one .. do NOT reply on this map which I seem to recall I found on The Sun’s website?


Also videos have started coming out again and this time several of Chinese people boarding up the houses of those that have been infected.

A bit odd as the door opens the other way and they are likely infecting themselves by going there, touching rails, handles and walls outside the property is bound to spread the coronavirus around.

As for the statement you have heard on the news media and medical experts refusing to believe it is transmitted during its incubation period?

Well here is a man in South Africa speaking to a fellow countryman who is himself in Wuhan and he makes it clear that these experts and news media around the world have it wrong.

And as for the statements made n the fake news that SARS is worse than the Novel Coronavirus and spread more easily? Once more this is more complete bullshit.

Here is a former CDC Director on Bloomberg stating that it is more infections than SARS ..

These attitudes by professionals that seem in the last decade to have attained an extremely high level of stupidity an naivety are complicit in making it worse and will cause a great deal of deaths.

A professional friend spoke on the phone with me earlier and he has started to realise pretty quick that I have been spot on once more about something else. Not entirely sure it has quite hit home yet but this may well be because a case has not emerged here in the UK.

In fact I told him this may be what might save many lives. Because if the UK medical experts realise the mistakes of others then they might not make those same mistakes.

However, that being said .. it feels very odd the way this is being reported and the things that morons in the media, like George Galloway, are coming out with.

Told my friend that you hear people flinging these conspiracy theories around and others talking about things being biblical and not only can you now see why they would say these things but that it is beginning to feel like it.

Ore of that in the next piece on this I have planned out in my head. If my failing memory does not screw that plan up?

Now you have to understand that there is some serious under reporting going on but the best website thus far I think s in the Netherlands? This one ..

Sorry but WordPress is now getting in on the act of suppressing information .. so Google BNO News, Netherlands, as they have a better updates .. blame WordPress for being evil plicks.

Now provided the South China Morning Post is based iin Hong Kong and not watched like a haw by the Chinese government it might be worth looking here for details of the spread.


Now I read reports in the South China Morning Post that despite the tiny fraction of foreigners in China three have now been infected. Two from Australia and one from Pakistan.


Guarantee that three people I know will be shocked at this one. I have repeated until I am blue in the face that many things are going to be affected.

Now consider this .. how many things are made in China? How about Apple and their supply of goods drying up?




Predicted back in January or February in my series on climate change, the real reasons, and Grand Solar Minimum that one of the major threats to come to humanity was a virus.

This was because after I had predicted the flip-flopping temperatures it occurred to me that this is when influenza spreads around the most. I rarely get affected but nine times out of ten when I do its when the temperature has changed dramatically.

When this news of a virus first broke I also realised that along with all the other things that have been building up in frequency over the years so too has the number of outbreaks.

When action started to occur and I heard of a hospital they started to build within a week and the city of Wuhan and its 13 million people in lock-down with deaths at around 20 people alarm bells started ringing.

Watched videos from several countries of their news and they was all talking it down and praising China for being open about it and passing along information.

Only I have now heard from Doctors and one in particular whose wife is Chinese, they have worked in China and have family and friends some of which are Doctors and the official lines are totally bogus. The numbers are also bogus.

What I now know is that the virus is

  • Spreading quickly
  • Spreading through the eyes meaning
  • Masks are ineffective
  • Temperature screenings ate ineffective because ..
  • Has incubation period with n symptoms of five days
  • To play down the virus and prevent panic Chinese government arranged a big street party a couple of miles away
  • Chinese New Year and EVERYONE travels to be with family and public transport gets jammed everywhere
  • They announced that they was going to lock-down Wuhan many hours before they did and many fled
  • Idiots are also escaping and treating it like a joke and boasting on social media they have got to another city or country with pictures
  • FACT: One town alone the deaths are 30 yet China is saying 15 deaths
  • Several hospitals now being built in Wuhan
  • Other major cities in lock-down including Beijing
  • Many more people move around China and 130 million more actually leave China than they did when the SARS outbreak occurred

When it was at 20 to 26 deaths and I was hearing what I was I knew immediately it was worse than they were telling us.

I was hearing idiots reporting n the fake news about how China was being praised for being open and passing along information. My thought at the time was .. ‘Something tells me your all going to regret saying that?’ I also thought the temperature screening would prove to be inadequate and did not think that the masks would be of much help.

Literally within several hours I was hearing that the information was inaccurate and one by one those things listed in the bullet points started to pop up.

Pop up at a rate that surprised me just as it seem to go from 9 deaths to 26 in o time at all. I am hearing its gone above 50 deaths.

In fact I am going to include a link to The Watchers site where someone states n the comments though they stress they have no idea if its true or not, that 112,000 odd people had died?!

That is a little much if I am honest but had this been ‘people infected’ then that I could not only totally believe but would make the locking down of several major cities and banning trains, cars and travel by plane make much more sense.

What you have to pay attention to with anything is not only the little details but also the actions and in this instance the actions seemed way over board when comparing this with other outbreaks, including SARS.

This is one of those things that I predict, do not do so lightly and hope that I a wrong.

Unfortunately and as I stated I do not make any predictions lightly and have normally gone over the data I have seen a thousands time in my mind before I am confident enough to make a prediction.

I do not know if this will become massive yet. This is because this has occurred far earlier than I thought it would. Otherwise would have dedicated a lot more posts to it and kept a closer eye on outbreaks.

Had initially thought it would occur between around 2023 to 2029.

However and as I am discovering every now and the many of the things I have predicted are occurring way earlier than I initially thought.

Several things occurring I had thought would be a major issue by the time we get to 2030. Then more things started to occur and I moved this forward to 2028 .. and then moved it again to around 2026 ish before moving it again to 2024.

Then I started thinking it might happen 2021 to 2023 and one weather expert with his own weather models told me one of my predictions would happen about now. This was that the UK would break its coldest ever winter records. These were 1947 .. ish .. and 1963. As I stated I believe that record will be broken by 2024 .. and that some models stated this year.

Like a few other things I linked to a grand solar minimum .. it seemed a bit ‘out there’ but at the end of the day I was convinced the weather would flip-flop globally and as there had been in increase in new viruses emerging it just seemed like a recipe for disaster to me.

This outbreak might not be the one. But then it might. But the fact there has been an increase in outbreaks and new viruses the last two decades I am sure will be focused on and talked about if this Corona Virus ever fizzles out, like SARS did.

Pathologist in America telling you the information is not correct and their measures are ineffective ..

Doctor who has Chinese wife telling you what he is being told by friends in China some of which are Doctors ..

Oh now the comment about the 116,000 deaths seems to be missing? But here is a report from The Watchers from 2 days ago with the deaths at 26 yet in two days I am hearing it is 54 and as I stated above .. one city China states 15 dead and in the videos above Doctors in China said it was 30.


Myself personally, have never bought into any of these scare stories over the years and I am onethat contracted Swine Flu.

But trust me when I am telling you that the data and reports I have been looking at for the last 12 months and the things that have occurred at different times in the last decade? Like the orange skies, Tsunami in Thailand, the earthquake in the UK and others?

They were all possibilities and I never EVER .. thought I would ever see any of these things occurring in my lifetime. EVER!

During 2019 the reports and the data I have seen? Well the list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer and could not tell you of a time when I will ever get over the shock.

In fact the only thing more shocking than this is the sheer number of ignorant idiot people, hard-left every single time, that are ignoring all this and scream on social media fro the top of their lungs about about how everyone is going to die from global warming.

Blogged for a year that it will be something else entirely if large numbers of deaths or extinctions occur and warned the they will be solely to blame for getting everyone to focus on one thing so that they can push their agendas.

Could have been cold, many are now dying because of that, starvation through weather pattern changes and damages to crops. Could have been volcanoes and/or Tsunamis from a volcano or earthquake causing one. Could be earthquakes and indeed people have died from both this year.

Of course it could be a virus outbreak.

Then you have the feeling that many have and that a lot of countries are on the brinks and talking about civil war, all because of evil lying leftists. Also talk of world wars.

It is now impossible for me to imagine that the world will go through the next decade, or even five years, without a very serious upheaval.

And I for one cannot believe I have actually typed that and am going to post it.

Believe this outbreak is going to be reported as far worse in a week and if I think about a month’s time?

Think about this .. its highly contagious and has an incubation period of five days and lets look at the global picture.

  • People infected getting off aircraft in countries other than China
  • Walking through the airports passing people or coming into contact with people about to get on an aircraft to another country
  • One of those people then getting off an aircraft in yet another country and go to step 2

Now imagine a country where the health care system is not that great?

Or several people walking around with it for five days in a highly built up area?

I will start to get more concerned if you end up with a doze cases in each country and the number of countries is say more than three or four.

Also you might want to keep an eye on Africa!

Because the Chinese have been showing a lot of interest in Africa and building a lot of infrastructure and as I understand it China had either sent 300 million people there or were planning to.

Now if you get an outbreak in Africa .. how do you deal with that if you have already had outbreaks in Europe, the US and other countries? How will anyone be able to spare the medical professionals?

I might also add that due to Chinese flying to Africa this is the first place I would have thought cases would have been reported from?

So I have to wonder if this is spreading so fast that it has occurred in so many places that Africa has just been overlooked?

Or perhaps the Chinese government know it has reached there but the people they have sent are keeping a lid on it?

Even when the symptoms first appear it would not seem like much to the person that has been infected. As its a dry cough at first. So after the incubation period of 5 days you get a couple more days before the symptoms get worse.

Now I cannot speak for many countries but the idiot NHS in the UK has spent several years with adverts too telling people not to go to Doctors or a hospital over anything like a cold like virus.

Instead they have told people to go to pharmacies where you stand around with members of the public as well as staff.

Quite how I can see these tragedies occurring and those that get paid vast amounts of money do not is beyond me, it really is.

I recent years the world is run by greedy idiots who now seem to be manipulating massive changes in many countries the vast majority do not want and this seems to me an attempt to usher I changes that allow the to keep their power?

And many idiot hard-left are helping them to achieve this.

If anything at all this outbreak may prove that I have stated to these people for a very long time and that is LYING and suppressing the facts, over leftist ideology, will lead to catastrophe and death and I for one am worried about my own daughter and grandchildren who are still going through shit and have been for ten years.

Where do most contagious conditions spread? Like head-lice as an example? Schools!

Remember that in the UK they have had draconian punishments in place for parents if your child does not attend school without good reason.

This has become so bad that mothers have told each other that ‘it’s like your children are not yours any more and owned by the government’.

Draconian measures that could well brig down many communities, if not societies.

I have often, as so many other people have, talked about civil war over these idiot ideologists and when I am asked when it will occur I always say you need a pretty major catalyst.

This a very serious major potential catalyst.


Oh and now the South China Morning Post is reporting that scientists have stated that the outbreak did not start in Wuhan Food Market as the first person had no contact with the place?


Second Edit

Resident in Wuhan confirming some things I stated and that there is no transport, no fuel, government spreading virus in their mismanagement of it


I know and understand a hell of a lot about a very long list of subjects and try so very hard to be as factual as I can.

These include astronomy to astrophysics and seismology to volcanism and across the animal kingdom and botany along with tech sciences and some others.

Now this drew me a lot of attention on social media both good, to start with, and then bad. It seems some facts are not allowed while some lies are perfectly OK and I shook my head with the dunce idiots playing tyrants and dictators while claiming to be human and doing the for the benefit of mankind. No .. you are not. It is not only stupid but pure evil.

In explaining my ideas and theories I attracted the attention of what they call the ‘AGW Cult’ a band of people hell bent on lying their asses off to promote AGW Climate Change.

The biggest lie they tell is that AGW is not only ‘obvious to see unless you are blind’ but is also a ‘proven fact’.

‘Obvious to see’ is only obvious in their OneGraphs while reality with observational evidence does not match up with their models and the scientists with the models seem far more concerned about this than this cult.

It is also not proven and a long list of situations where the proof was not presented is likely very long and I know of three ..

  • Could not prove it in the European Parliament in 2019 (GWPF’s ‘No Climate Emergency’)
  • Professor Brian Cox on Australian TV present only OneGraphs in 2016
  • Michael Mann did not produce it in court against Tim Ball when requested to do so and had his case against Tim Ball thrown out

For the first one the AGW claim that this does not mean that there is no proof.

Do not really recall what they said about the second line.

For the court case .. they claim that Michael Mann not providing his data is false and that he did not lose. Every single media outlet, even the far-left leaning ones, headlined the outcome of the case as ‘Michael Mann lost’, ‘losing’ and even ‘crushed’ or Tim Ball as ‘winning’, ‘victorious’ or even ‘vindicated’. The case went on for 9 years. Project Distraction?

Oh yeah and Michael Mann had to pay the legal fees while Tim Ball did not.

But this cult who claim they never lie but do so hourly, claim that Michael Mann did not lose or that it was a ‘draw’.

Now I have met a of these cult members .. the ones that push the AGW narrative the most and I am very good at going at them for months on end. What happens in each and every case is I get them to reveal who they are. Because they get angry and frustrated and eventually they bring politics into the so-called scientific debate (never ever a debate) or they use buzzwords like

  • Moron, idiot, stupid
  • Fascist
  • Nazi
  • Incel
  • Racist
  • Misogynist
  • I am also a wife-beater and paedophile because I stated two people were right with comments, they were right about, they decided were a wife-beater (Avi Yemeni) and a paedophile (Sargon Of Akkad)
  • According to these people centre-left Tim Pool who gets stick from people that are right-wing, is far-right

You also get accused of being paid by oil companies, Trump or Putin.

Therefore in each and every case, though many have denied it but always get caught out, they turn out to be Marxist, leftist Antifa members.

Daily and despite proving this over 6 months on a fairly regular basis they try to convince others that I am lying ..

  • About my education
  • PhD offer
  • Knowledge in various sciences
  • Lying about my 13 blogs
  • Lying about my correct predictions
  • Lying about my 100% success rate with my predictions

These are really .. REALLY horrible people. They want power over others, they claim to be saving the world over something that is not proven, everyone in the process of seeing is false anyway, proved they do not give a crap about animals (screenshot of ‘I don’t care about [DYING] Green Turtles) cannot tell the truth, have limited intelligence and have no clue or ideas on reaching their goals. There only drive is to shut down the dissenters trying to stick to the facts.

Claiming to be about the science that shout down new ideas or opposing ideas which is precisely NOT what science is. Even Richard Feynman stated this.

Oh this reminds me .. they even tried to claim that if Richard Feynman was alive today he would agree that AGW is real and proven.

Shows how much they know about him as he would have to break a blasted long list of his own rules to state that. No it would simply never have happened.

You have to understand what is going on right now and leaving aside that almost all their predictions have not occurred and the ones that have occurred, like flooding, was something that would have happened anyway.

Nothing I nature is really static and changes, evolves or waxes and wanes from hours to hundreds of thousands of years.

Over long periods of time these changes have gone from slight to dramatic right up to global catastrophes. The temperatures have gone from very high to very low, in our perception, and to varying degrees. Lets take cold periods .. or ice-ages

  • Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum
    • 1645 ish lasted 50 years was not the last cool period but River Thames was frozen
  • Younger Dryas
    • Closer to 10,000 years ago and way, way deeper and true ice age
  • Snowball Earth
    • 900 Million plus years ago whole planet was frozen

Want to take a guess how many ice-ages there have been? Once believed, maybe still is, that these occurred roughly every 10,000 years. The deep ones not these little ice-ages as the Maunder Minimum is not considered a full on ice-age. Enough to alter everything in our world in a very big away though, I assure you of that.

The only thing they have, when not now claiming that AGW obviously mean more snow because that is what the ‘W’ stands for, is flooding.

How about if I told you about Industrial Revolution v0.01?

What if you were told that roughly 248 million years ago it rained heavily for 2 million years? And when I say it rained I do not mean locally .. I mean GLOBALLY!

When this was first discovered scientists did not believe it.

Take note ..

  • Wrangellian Eruptions started in Alaska
  • Lasted 5 million years
  • Layer of lava 6km thick
  • Raised enough CO2 to raise the temperature by 3C to 10C worldwide (I question this)
    • NOT MAN and I am constantly told volcanoes cannot have an effect
    • Posted enough graphs to show that eruptions have been increasing a very long time
    • All good saying CO2 warms but if it does the levels would be way higher than they are today by some factor. The SUN drives climate and volcanoes which you will see in the third video
    • They do not mention ratios will pushing CO2 again .. NAUGHTY!
  • Brought about the Carnian Humid Episode

PBS Eons on When it Rained for 2 Million Years

Now lets get into the Antarctica problem.

My understanding of animals and evolution had me come up with a theory I used to talk about with other experts several decades ago.

A series called Walking with Dinosaurs showed you that they lived on Antarctica and them running around in the snow. This had me roar with laughter and I had to explain to my grandmother why I was laughing.

If dinosaurs exited on the continent then it had to be a great deal warmer and with continental shift and tectonic plates it was obviously somewhere else entirely or the Earth was a great deal warmer back then?

Now apparently it was all green. We have so much land we cannot put to good use because they lie on regions where you cannot do much. Like Greenland and even Siberia and Antarctica is huge.

Back then and because of the animals of Australia, south east Asia, Africa and South America I came up with the idea that animals evolved on Antarctica and then moved to Australia and then west.

Because as you go the species and adaptability becomes greater. From the marsupial mammals of Australia to Marsupial Frogs of South America.

Despite the diversity and numerous species of Africa and that being greater than Asia it still does not match that of the Amazon and the rest of South America. The latter not only has the most diverse species but more often than not new species are found in South America more often than not.

See there is me and patterns again.

Palm Trees and ferns once grew on Antarctica and had a winter that was about 11 Celsius.

Comparing these many events make what is happening today look ridiculous, no?

Considering we are responsible for 3% of the 0.04% of the atmosphere that is CO2 and what with volcanoes building up in frequency for over 100 years.

There are so many events and so many things we do not know and yet scientists today, like the previous video deciding it was CO2, while one of these two PBS Eons videos states ‘it MIGHT BE CO2’ we are just guessing and they are forgetting what Richard Feynman said ..

  • If you thought science was certain, well that is just an error on your part”
  • Do not read so much, look around you and think of what you see there”
  • We can never be definitely right, we can only be sure we are wrong”
  • There is not learning without asking a question and a question requires doubt”
  • There is no harm in doubt or scepticism as these are how discoveries are made”
  • There is no authority that decides what is a good idea”
  • Don’t pay attention to ‘authorities, think for yourself”
  • Science has slowed right down in the last ten years or more
  • Anyone want to take a guess as to why this is?

Except the AGW cult ignore this while claiming to be about science and shout down and mass report anyone who asks awkward questions or posts videos or links.

PBS Eons on When Antarctica was Green

Now getting back to what I stated that the climate is controlled by both solar cycles and volcanic eruptions that the AGW insist is stupid and a moron over my theories.

Well I have claimed that I believe they have known for a long time what is coming and are now falling over themselves to cover it up in what I call Project Distraction.

Well here is Joanna Haigh and climate scientist on the BBC stating what I already theorised about they AGW laughed off.

Solar Cycles and Volcanoes driving climate on BBC

Now here is a little video of someone talking about the climate change predictions for Canada made almost two decades ago in 2001. The video was uploaded in June 2019.

Since the video crops have failed or been buried by snow, record colds with many all-time records and record snowfall have occurred from October 2019 to today in mid January and they have a ways to go yet.

Oddly and laughably they predicted that Canola production would go down because of warming and yet it went up .. until a couple of months ago when 2.7 million hectares loaded with Canola crops got buried in snow and they thought that they would not be able to reach it all until Spring 2020 which they expect to be very late.

And the strange animal behaviour, birds dropping out of the skies dead and plagues of locusts?

How about a non-migratory bird called the Himalayan Griffon Vulture, Gyps himalayensis, that decided it wanted to fly a few thousand miles south and be called the Singaporean Griffon Vulture?


CDN on 6 Failed Predictions ..

Leave you with this from the great Richard Feynman ..

  • “No government has the right to decide the truth of scientific principles”