Well now I have been hearing a lot from the AGW people about how storms are increasing in frequency and intensity and at how obvious it is that this is down to CO2?

Yeah it is quite funny as when you state anything they demand peer-reviewed papers and without any they completely scorn you, rule out your hypothesis and theories while using foul language while attempting to shame and belittle you.

No one is allowed to have new ideas, apparently unless they sanction them.

Yeah so I was playing around with that global live model at https://earth.nullschool.net and was looking at the lower atmosphere and winds when I noticed something.

There were two lots of intense wind in the pacific in the areas where that large blob of heated water had broken into two.

The blob that was obviously created by activity from submarine volcanoes on the ring of fire south west of New Zealand.

Now since I have posted about this the AGW assure me its ..

  • The Sun (same latitude as UK and the Sun is asleep)
  • Volcanoes cannot super-heat water and I am in idiot for suggesting it
  • Volcanoes always cause Tsunamis
  • The water at the bottom of the ocean was not heated so must be the Sun (yup I kid you not!)
  • I am a ‘moron’ and a ‘f*cking idiot’

Yeah their idiocy and desperation knows no bounds.

Anyway experts have argued with graphs that there has been no increase in storms. Well with a change of energy I kind of would have expected a change be this up or down. I tend to ignore this argument because they are loosely trying to connect something without evidence or data but have a complete meltdown with a barrage of swear words when anyone else does that even WITH evidence. Like me for instance.

Had noticed a couple of strong hurricanes but whether or not this was n increase? Not so sure.

However, that being said .. I often forget the connections I have often made myself and sometime fail to see new ones that should be obvious.

Yeah today I spotted yet another.

So right looking at these intense winds in the Pacific I realised that the locations were not far from where the blobs were previously. I then noticed one intense stream of winds blowing north to Iceland.

Flicking over to the blobs it turned out the winds were directly over the three blobs of warmer water!

I realised that storms are created by submarine volcanoes heating water and likely intensify in the increasing differences between the temperatures of seawater and the air above it.

If I am right this is likely to intensify over the next couple of years as the air cools and the water remains the same or even heats up? Not CO2!

So I thought maybe I can find more evidence of this so while I was still on seawater temps using the model I found a blob of water to the east of Madagascar.

I switched over to the wind model and boom .. a circulating mass of air and possibly even a cyclone was spinning right over the spot!


Oh dear if I post these images on social media the AGW cult of socialists will go into one hell of a meltdown .. and I cannot wait!

So then .. hurricanes and blizzards are likely to be brought about or in the very least intensified by warm patches of water along with the difference in air temperature?

Not only will this destroy an argument the AGW have but it raises the question of whether or not this was already known by the authorities and they were keeping quiet about it?

  • The air has very clearly been cooling for a few years
  • The blobs of warm water have been appearing for a few years
  • All graphs of volcanic activity have shown increases for a few decades
  • It is estimated that between one million and, NOW, ten million volcanoes exist under the oceans

Now it is not exactly rocket science so how could the authorities not know this? Or link it together?

  • Only employing idiots for years?
  • Controlling scientists for years?
  • Not sharing certain scientific data between scientific bodies for years?

The AGW cult are always very quick to make claims about what it is I am claiming. Which is weird as I only ever present the facts and many thousands of people state this is why the are scared of me and fear me.

It seems mind-reading is also a skill of these pseudoscientists and paid propagandists, no?

I do not claim to state what is going on in science and all I do know is that in recent times the amount of mistakes has increased a lot.

This is without the fact that there data is mostly guess for the climate and that is not science. Putting that into computer models runs foul of the golden rule or ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ as well as being pseudoscience. Although with the AGW and climate scientists it is true to state that it is more a case ‘Garbage In, Gospel Out’.

This is before you deal with the problem that affects all other areas of scientific papers where they had way more data to work with ..

The Replication Crisis which scientists state that if you retested all science papers 50% or more would fail.



Oh dear.

Now before I start there are a couple of reports I want to get out of the way.

First up in this hottest year ever there have been tens of thousands of reports I previously covered of record breaking cold temperatures.

Since then there was a blast of cold air in Bangladesh that has screwed up people’s lives.


Then there was a recent report of record breaking cold in the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India of -21C in this hottest year ever.

The Mercury in Skardu, Pakistan plunges to a Record-Breaking -21C (-5.8F)

A number of cold fronts have brought snow to northern Mexico too. Bearing in mind we are still a few days away from January yet too and that Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event I am still sure has not struck with its full force?


So it seems the cold records just keep on coming? We have had a 40 day run without sunspots and with one day to go at 3 consecutive days without them and 280 days, or 77%, for the whole year. This beats 2008’s 73% which itself was a record that goes back to 1913. I wonder if 2020 might now even beat it?

Remember it takes three years to see a full effect and we just had a very inactive year and a run of 40 days which may or may not get beaten in the next couple of months?

The solar maximum I predicted a year ago for being two years late and arriving in mid 2024 is now predicted to be July 2025 and therefore three years late. The solar minimum is now beating the revised predictions and therefore if we go another 6 months in this minimum the solar maximum wont arrive until 2026 and therefore be close to four years late.

Those that insist its getting warmer and will continue to do so just do not get the maths. They have no concept of time, volume or even established science and like to yell ‘settled science’ at you because they are always Marxists hoping that climate change will help them overthrow capitalism.

They even post lines at you like ‘Your just frightened of change’ as if they have not seen the last few elections and are trying to put the fear of God into you that their socialist Marxist dreams are going to be put in place and its inevitable?

There is nothing you can do that would frighten me .. this blog is living breathing proof of that.

I am also related to a socialist and ex member of the Socialist Worker Party and even she thinks these people are completely bonkers.

So then it went a bit wild this evening and I have been tracking yet another massive blog of very warm water that appeared to the south west of New Zealand which then moved north.

Now when you think about and and do some research .. there has been a flurry of volcanic activity and one you might have spotted was the sad story about the White Island Volcano in New Zealand where many people died?

This sudden and unexpected eruption not only sits on the Ring of Fire but is not far away from where the blog appeared and of course I grabbed images using the model I used and posted it on social media. Pointing out that my theory on submarine volcanoes heating large masses of water and this would cause massive amounts of snow was correct.

Of course there is the seeing process from particulates from volcanic eruptions above seal-level, the increased meteors and cosmic rays.

I had also seen reports that along with the increase Noctilucent Clouds in the Mesosphere still at record levels the also extremely rare Polar Stratospheric Clouds popped up in large volumes and spotted in Norway.

Bearing in mind your being told about global warming and CO2 that is now the ground, stratosphere and mesosphere with record levels of ice? Not to mention the snow fall of late where Iceland had 9 metres of it. No .. that is no mistake and I do not mean 9 feet of snow .. I mean 9 METRES of snow.

Talking with others I explained that these blobs will likely now tell us about how much snow we can get if we can just figure out what sizes or how many relates to how much snow?

Then a lying idiot comes online I have nicknamed LessThanAevrageJoe before I knocked the ‘Joe’ off the end.

I throw this at him because he is so much like a paid but extremely bad propagandist and like so many thousands of others .. does not like me. He is a total evil hard-left moron.

In a flash this guy tweets a Daily Mail article at me. In the article a so called scientists states the following ..

“Professor James Renwick, a weather and climate researcher at Victoria University, said the phenomenon is caused when an area becomes concentrated with sunshine and little wind”


I posted this on every account .. well every account I could get into and with the following message ..

“You wanted proof you were being lied to? Well THERE YOU GO!! A sunny spot?! An effing SUNNY SPOT?! Have you any idea of the volume of water and it is near Alaska now!!”

I simply could not believe what I had read.

This blob was south-west of New Zealand so not a million miles from Antarctica and the sun would not be that high in the sky and has just gone a record, top 10, of 40 days without sunspots and they more or less state that billions, if not trillions, of gallons of water in the southern pacific heated way above average because of a hot spot from the sun?!

No this was very clearly submarine volcanic activity. No ‘Ifs’ and no ‘Buts’.

Here are some images .. first the Pacific Ocean after the blob had drifted north


Now then .. after I stopped laughing at LessThanAverage and finished posting it about social media and went back to the model I have previously only used for atmospheric temperatures and looked around and I found more blobs.


Then a little later I had been contemplating doing a post about this when I spotted something just barely in the North Atlantic. A blob that was not a blob.

Now all others I had found form big to small were all round in shape. Little ones 100 miles across or so or the big Pacific one that looked many hundreds of miles across.

Except this one was long and elongated and as I looked at it I thought to myself ..

“You know that looks a lot like a fault line even in shape and I am fairly certain is located right about where that elongated blog is sitting?”

So I quickly scurried off and look up a map for fault lines and lo and behold almost as near as damn it .. BOOM! Despite probably drifting and going a little out of shape .. it matched up in such a way that the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end!

I shrunk and cut the fault line map and overlaid this onto the model map. Did not think about copyright .. this was far too important. It was far too big a clue that after all this time of talking about it I had finally found something else. Yet another link in my year long pursuit of this subject.

Yup only a year and believe me I have done this despite being very seriously handicapped.

Maybe .. finally I might have found something that will really get tongues wagging about me even more so then they already are and really get the numbers rocketing all over the place?

If so this could not come at a perfect time as it now turns out I have to relocate and require help, do not have the means to do it so one other is helping. Also where I am going is a little bit worrying and all my equipment is on the brink of failure. In fact my smart phone already has.

I am very nervous about doing this because of my disability and the fact I get targeted for telling the truth and no matter how many proverbial bullets I dodge I really cannot get my blogs to go into the stratosphere, no pun intended.

So feast your eyes upon this and have a think about it and decide for yourself how it looks to you and whether or not you think they have either lied to you or held back on information?

Even has the kink

Oh boy .. I really do hope this one just gives the blogs the kick they so desperately need to get people interested enough to share this about enough. It would come at the perfect time and not only shift some long and deep seated anxiety but prevent me from being anxious about relocating to Wales and I can get out taking photographs again?

Well I do no also desperately build a new PC to be able to edit my large RAW file images too not to mention 4K video.

Its been amazing the length of time I have been trying to tell the truth, had organisations say they will hep then do not. People say they are going to help and then do not. All the while beavering away fighting off censorship waiting for a break through while trying to get the numbers up.

Fingers crossed!


Well they killed my father for ratings, with the help of Nick Knowles, and several hundred at his funeral blamed them.

Then a decade later they ignored my gang rape victim daughter, the story is fully explained on this blog and some recordings with Police Detectives over this and involvement of both GCHQ, who were interested in hiring me some years ago, and MI5 are mentioned on the tape.

At the time I was helping my daughter held against her will by extremists and I prevents two attacks on the London Olympics.

Put them off as targeting the main event and got them to focus on the White Water Rafting Centre in Waltham Abbey where MI5 were waiting for them.

At the time I had a Dentist who was an Iraqi called Hadi and he thought I was going to get a knighthood, this made me laugh, and wanted to quite dentistry to work for me.

Never received even so much as acknowledgment, other than a phone-call to say I was a genius by obtaining information and recordings off their phones from 250 miles away while they was in Liverpool and I was in London.

After the Olympics it was then safe to tell people and I contacted all of the national tabloids who also completely failed to acknowledge me in any way shape or form.

We was then treated like garbage by all public services for the next 9 years.

So you can imagine how my friends and family feel about the BBC?

Took me many years to figure out why we was treated this way and there was something more than meets the eye going on. Par of this is evil liberal socialists fully willing to screw over even victims for heir evil agenda. Once realised I set out to stop them in any way that I could.

There is likely more to the story as it still makes no sense and many believe that after the last General Election this kind of shit and the cover up of our story featured in ‘Country of the Damned’ will stop but I am not so sure. Oh I hope it does. Just do not think it will. Project Distraction.

So when this story popped up I smiled, posted it around social media and sent it to friends and family ..



This is a video of an interview with a Professor of Atmospheric Physics named Joanna Haigh who states that which I have all along .. that they are looking at solar activity when it comes to changes in the global climate. 

Not only do they now think it does but she also states that there was a rise in volcanic activity along with the lull in solar activity in the latter half of the 17th century leading up to the Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum and every AGW has told me this is nonsense.

They also state none of this is occurring right now when it clearly is.

Only the occurrences we have going on right now are accompanied by other things which to my knowledge did not occur in the run up to the Maunder Minimum. Like Pole Shift for example.

Nope obviously nothing to see there then?

Also bear in mind that these graphs are likely not up to date and that anywhere between 70 and 90% of the Earth’s volcanoes are under the sea. So water remaining the same temperatures of even getting warmer while the air gets cooler.

Imagine a hot spring in frozen mountains and you get steam, right? That goes up .. hits the colder areas and that is where you get your quick build up of snow.

Now obviously there is a lot more to it, like solar storms and cosmic rays and cloud seeding from all these particulates. But it is going in the right direction as you can see?

It is also important to note that this was uploaded in July 2017 which means you have had two progressively cold winters and this year winter starting early and some bad predictions along with record cold temperatures along with record snow being recorded before even getting into January 2020.

Since watching this I cannot help but wonder what she and other think after two cold winters getting both colder and longer and with another predicted?

Also with 40 days without sunspots right at the end of 2019 in the deepest minimum for 100 years which could very well get worse?


Thought about writing this one a couple of times. Did not know very much abut what had happened and chances are there might have been, though I had hoped not, more developments over Christmas.

There were.

Once again British public services let us down only this time it could have proved fatal. In fact several services not only let us down but have continued to do so.

  • NHS
  • Police
  • British Justice (about to again today Thursday 26th December)
  • Local Council

All the above are responsible for what just happened and are responsible for the whole thing in the first place along with others that have occurred.

In fact I can tell you, and then if they are reading this that the 12,000 followers I have now built up around world both have been and will be utterly shocked to the core upon hearing only parts of our story.

Often tell them that what they heard or even the length post called ‘Country of the Damned’ they get to read and hear recordings in is only a small part of the story. It has also gone on since 2011 though technically started in late 1994. In fact you could argue it goes further back than that.

Failure after failure after failure I would not have allowed to happen had I been aware back then just what utter failures and incompetent, corrupt idiots the public services of the UK were.

Spent years with people I know thinking I was mad when I first realised though today all but one or two realise I was right all along.

Trapped with family that either I hardly hear from, none rang me yesterday and two have not rang me for months, I had a call fro my daughter.

Now with a new witness and someone close to the situation I spoke to on the phone my daughter cried and two lines I recall hearing as she sobbed.

“They have ruined my life”

“I have no family”

Could not even begin to describe what if felt like to hear that or a few hundreds other lines I have heard over the last 20 years, the vast majority of them in the last decade.

Despite people being shocked they tell me to carry on fighting as if it was a single short-lived event and are not affected by it any longer. Always told them there will be something else down the road because the authorities of the UK have become a joke and a massive waste of taxpayers money.

After domestic violence from a Muslim husband he went to jail. We were told he would be inside for 9 years. He got out in fourteen months. He got looked after by the authorities including Wirral Council, was given a home and the Liverpool Echo tabloid gave him £20,000. Yes you read that right. You can read more in the post I mentioned above.

We never got anything in the way of support and I mean anything and I have a disability the public services decided was not any longer, my daughter was later diagnosed with the same thing which is Fibromyalgia. She also had cervical cancer from her ordeals and Trigeminal Neuralgia while I have heart and memory issues along with severe back and shoulder pains that limit me getting about.

Here is an NHS list of the top 20 most painful conditions and not only are we both on it several times but my Fibromyalgia is particularly bad. Has affected my feet for around 15 years now, the memory is a pain like I could not describe too. But also its now affecting my heart and I am losing the feeling in my right foot.


My daughter also has one child placed with a paedophile. One with his evil grandmother. Two others are autistic.

I have tried to start my own business several time and was stabbed in the back over it by the authorities each time.

My daughter has tried working and going to college.

She moved away from her area and now lives in Wales.

Now what occurred was that no local NHS Dentists would let my daughter register herself or her children and she tried this for 6 months. Were issues with GP Surgeries too.

Eventually a couple of times she was forced to go all the way back to the Wirral .. which must be 90 miles away?

Only the last time she bumped into her husband who accosted her in the street demanding to know where she lived. Members of the public had to separate them.

The he started turning up at the homes of people that knew my daughter demanding to know where she lived and one was her mother’s house with my daughter present and the Police got called. His name is Lukman (though this alters) Yasin-Khalil and he is a cousin who is gay, called Adnan, that my daughter thought she could trust. I had warned her not to trust him a couple of years back.

Now I am told he attacked my daughter and left bruises on her arm. I said “told you not to trust him, didn’t I? These people really do think they are the master race and above all others” to which she said “yes”.

Accosted by a man that is still supposed to be in prison to which she relocated many miles away to get away from she is then forced to bump into because of all the authorities above.

Authorities that have consistently and repeatedly failed us for a decade.

Now I am told that not only is he in court but that as the Police are only aware of one breach he will be let off?!

Yes sir, British law, the courts and judges along with the keystone cops really know how to deter these people from recommitting the crimes they carry out.

My daughter has new friends and upon hearing the story they simply cannot believe it. Added to this she now has a new love interest that my daughter wont tell her evil mother about and her husband knows nothing about.

In fact after the first run-in she cried to me down the phone because she was scared he would turn up over Christmas, find him there and someone would get hurt. Someone would most certainly have gotten hurt. I can assure you of that.

He would ring us from Walton Prison two or three times a day. Yeah that news report about them stopping the smuggling that appeared in the news was total fabrication.

Now would you believe I got accused of having incestual relations by this animal with my own daughter? He has also had fights with other men he though were too friendly with my daughter.

So yeah I can assure you someone would end up in hospital if not killed and yes this is the man that the courts let out, public services helped get him a home and was given a cheque for £20,000 while I myself lost £20,000 while we both went without any help or support whatsoever.

Was supposed to be living with my daughter and now I am not thanks to the lack of support and for awhile now have no access to health services, believe me I have tried everything, and no income as well as losing £20,000 plus.

Trapped in London in a place I do not like very much.

All of that would also never have happened had my online incoming not been frozen since 2016, so now more than 3 years since it froze.

Lost 90% of my belongings too in storage I could not get out two years ago. No home, lost my car and business.

So went onto social media to try and see if I could get offered help while all the while attracting more followers to send to my blogs.

Except even that has been messed with by Twitter and now the others too. And yet ..

After a hiccup I have now attracted close to 12,000 follower in 11 months, so not even a year, which has caused my many blogs to get far more visits then they ever had before. They still have adverts in place too so someone is getting paid, no?

Many years ago many people thought I was insane as they just did not think my stories could be true and oddly enough I anticipated his by acquiring recordings, again on the post called ‘Country of the Damned’.

Like my daughter has stated ‘they have destroyed our lives’ and it seems destined to turn out that I cannot get enough people in my blogs until they have destroyed enough of other people’s lives too?

Unfortunately I had hoped to forewarn other people of the danger out their for their children but I have had to work my backside off because people have just not shared our stories enough.

Social media giants might be completely behind this, they certainly had meddled and I know for absolutely certain that I have lost between 5,000 and 15,000 followers. Twitter was the worst for knocking these off and its been in the many thousands. On others I have lost several hundred on each and currently I have not been able to log onto Parler for four days and I know it works as I have followers on other platforms check this.

In case they deleted the news stories I have some screen-shots to go with the links and, luckily for me, the Liverpool Echo published a photo of Lukman.



OK then .. after more battles with more fools something came to my attention courtesy of a follower.

The number of consecutive days without sunspots recently rain to around 32 and then 27 and due to this I thought the days would get shorter as solar cycle 15 built up. Only it did not do this and I was surprised to first see it reach and then surpass 32. Then it got to 36 days and I started mentioning it on social media.

To my surprise it got to either 39 or 40, which I had not seen all year, when I posted again about it and someone pointed out that according to another site the consecutive days were stated to be 51?!

Now I though this simply must have been wrong. Its spots on the Sun, for pity’s sake, how could there be a vast difference like that? But I went and looked and sure enough it did state this.

The site I was using was spaceweather.com and the new site provided t me was spaceweatherlive.com and I wondered as to what was going on and how this difference could occur? Then more happened just as I was realising a few things.

First I realised that there were one or two spots that appeared in the year that they were not sure were officially sunspots. Weird. In fact there was one time when GSM News were stating they did not think they were officially spots and I expected the ‘0’ consecutive days without sunspots to change back again but they never did.

The next day spaceweather.com was stating there was a new sunspot which ended their run of now 40 days setting the number back to zero.

While this was going on I found a table I had been looking for, for a fair old while which turned out to be on a site, SILSO, I had already looked at. Just prior to being provided the spaceweatherlive.com page and just after someone mentioned that we would soon get into the top 10 in the record books. And I found it.

The record number of consecutive days without sunspots.

Now this happened very quickly and I think within 24 hours and maybe even 12 but immediately and being at 40 days we were at 10th place. Of course I realised two things. First off its not only about the deep solar minimums but also a question of what levels the solar maximums were at around the minimums. I knew it was low around 1912 to 1914 but for a long time I had been looking for far more detailed graphs on solar cycles. Fortunately spaceweatherlive.com provided this to with some clever graphs.

It was when I remarked we was in 10th place when the link came in with the figure of 51 days and sure enough that is exactly what they stated.

This reminded me of those spots they were not sure about, after I was trying to figure out how someone could make mistakes like this. They appear as block spots how could someone not count them?

Only it got worse after I started to wonder how you would even rely on old records with viewing abilities not what they are today if they cannot get it right with far superior modern equipment?

Only as of the time of writing spaceweather.com has zero days without spots while spaceweatherlive.com has 52?!

I was one of those times to do with science that drives me nuts as someone being a stickler for the facts and not liking making mistakes.

My mind can work over time and I go over and over and over things in my mind to work out if my estimations are right. The bigger and wilder the claims the more I go over things and stress over them.

This was not the first time a website I used regularly for information did something odd and made me pause for thought as to what was going on either.

I had been using the site called The Watchers as they seemed unbiased regarding climate change and only reported on natural events. Weather, space weather and geological activity and the like and many I view use them too.

Only suddenly I noticed there were pauses going on between reports and some reports were passing me by not appearing in their main feed. A ‘WTF?’ moment!

Recently I came across Electroverse and I do like the way it is laid out but they are very heavy on the ‘Grand Solar Minimum is definitely happening’ lean, which I cannot really blame them for.

You have to understand that despite all my parts on this and seeing the data, that AGW people want to simply ignore while calling you a denier, that all the data you simply cannot ignore. Along with all the unprecedented things showing a huge hint to connections unknown to us up to this point.

Oddly enough connections I made that AGW people say are rubbish, along with calling me names when they have flick all evidence themselves, because no one else stated it.

Yes their mentality is if you discover a connection they can dismiss it because no one else has stated it. No .. they really do and some of these people claim to be scientists themselves!

So then why the discrepancies?

Well could be a massive difference in optics or maybe years ago some things when unnoticed as it would have all been manually done and not automated by computers?

Also the latest spot to appear was on the very far left of the Sun’s disc and this might have been difficult to observe years ago?

Also it would be sensible for me to remind people that sunspots are to do with heat, among other things. Lots sunspots occur in a solar maximum that number in the hundreds over a long period and these fling material at Earth. And herein lies the rub.

To have that effect of heating and affects on the atmosphere the spots have to be facing us otherwise the effects will miss us entirely.

If the latest sunspot fizzled out too early it wont have any effects on us.

Seems a reasonable observation that gravity may play a part too and that with many planets on the far side maybe the spots are occurring on the opposite side? Possibly?

If so then in 2024 there is some curious line up where the Earth is on a side of the Sun on its own and in this instance two things can come into play ..

  • Gravitational lull on Sun’s barycentre means Sun pulled away fro Earth
  • Earth could be 13% further fro the Sun than normal which will have an effect
  • Could go through a period without Sunspots if gravity does play a part?
  • As sunspots could always be facing away from us?
  • Which begs the question ..
  • Have we missed several things about solar cycles?

Bearing in mind this alone suggests sunspots could be lower than normal for the next cycle that makes the next five years concerning. The fact that two teams of predicted lower sunspots for the next cycle also hammers this home.

But unlike what the AGW claim, which is partly why I wonder why they might be government shills, it is not entirely down to sunspots alone.

Volcanoes are also increasing and pumping CO2, if you did not know, and particles into he atmosphere that will further cool things down.

The AGW deny this despite a very large number of reports from all around the globe of scientists asking why they are increasing. The AGW seem to think people have lost the ability to count? As do the USGS and I even told them this in a run-in I had with them they soon regretted.

But not only are there all these reports and with some stating they just had a record year for eruptions, seems to be every three years give or take, but the graphs show an increase too. There are also the visual effects.

Bizarrely for the climate alarmists they also seem to bang on about warming but ignore the fact that Noctilucent Clouds, which are the highest and made of ice, are at record levels as is snow and ice on the ground. So God only knows where this warming is they keep insisting is there?!

The deep minimum we are in will have its full effect in about three years and we do not even know right now how long it will go on for, its beating even the updated graph predictions.

This might be followed by missing or very low sunspots in four years and between now and then and what a large number of people ask is .. what volcanic eruptions will we have between now and then?

An increase in large eruptions that break the 32,000 feet with their ash clouds would not be good and in fact if your talking about 70,000 feet levels it would only take one or two.

It is important to remember that the higher the ash cloud gets the longer the particles remain in the atmosphere cooling us down. The upper stratosphere they can remain there for a very, very long time.

Have wondered if there have been eruptions so large they have reached the level above the stratosphere? Imagine if it was possible it would be extremely rare and take the absolutely biggest eruptions in history.

Now bear in mind the following ..

  • This is the next 7 years
  • Will already be getting colder each year
  • AGW predictions all failed
  • Only predictions were chance ‘Oh there will be flooding’ oh wow!
  • Doomsday moved from 2012 and back back back and now 2100
  • Plenty of time to adjust and prepare if it was true and it is not and they cannot predict it anyway
  • But they insist on claiming to be scientists, banging on about AGW and ignoring things that are happening right now and those which WILL occur inside of 5 years
  • In just a couple of years crop production will be awful
  • Crop production has already nose-dived
  • Meaning less food and more expensive
  • Nope .. AGW not concerned with any of these things only power, dominion over others because they say the world might end in 80 years

So I might also add that unlike the AGW who have no evidence, I can state some things while I can only estimate to others I would not bet against me. The AGW tell me that my dozen unprecedented things getting the ‘correlation does not mean causation’ line. While claiming that because temperature and CO2 was both rising together, which is easily disproved falsification using both recent and ancient history, then one must be the cause of the other.

I have asked and stated to many friends and family for years that there seems to be more people presented to us as scientists on TV and the news that seem to be idiots?

In fact even if you look at politics, even in Britain as well as the US, there are many politicians that have you scratching your head as to how the flying faark .. they got there.

  • Maths abysmal
  • History abysmal
  • Common Sense abysmal
  • Scientific claims abysmal
  • Doomsday talk
  • Controversial and even race-baiting talk
  • Antidemocratic talk
  • Betrayals to their own people
  • Investigative Journalism abysmal
  • Blatantly ignoring stories
  • Brain dead identity politics in everything
  • Mass migration without improving public services, health and homes for years

Another set of unprecedented things that include human migration and behaviours, attacks, lies and covering up of all this for years of which I was involved with.

Oddly enough back in 2011 I warned some very high level organisations after helping them, see ‘Country of the Damned’, not to fark me over as they will live to regret it.

Since around 2014 or 2015 there have been various attempts to stop me. Many, many attempts many of which have proved costly to me. Lost count of the number of times I have been asked how I have survived the onslaught. Do not like those in power, do not like the deceit and I DO NOT .. like losing.

Already well experienced in massive cover ups and corruption that has gone on for years and an ability to spot patterns it was not hard to eventually see the truth.

Already having run those high-level organisations in circles and acquiring a lot of evidence I have published on here it was, hard but, not impossible to avoid the attempts.

As some know though that speak to me it has felt impossible on many occasions.

In fact I spend most days thinking about how the world I thought I grew up in is a sham. It is quite an unsettling feeling only matched by the thought that I brought a child into this world who has already had, what is and people say, is the most horrific life you could imagine and is still ongoing. See the post I mentioned for just some of the story on that one.

So no I cannot tell you of that I am unsure of and only that which I am.

That being said .. it still remains that what is readily available suggests that there are worse things to come. The realisation on others could be ..

  • After severe winter of 2019-2020
  • Solar Minimum lasting well into the latter half of 2020
  • Colder longer winter of 2020-2021
  • Other winters 2021 to 2023
  • 2023 obvious that solar maximum for cycle 25 going to be very low
  • 2024 was the year I predicted things would either be bad or obvious it was about to get bad when I started this series back in January 2019
  • And at any point between now and 2024 a large volcanic eruption
    • A severe winter of 2019-2020 followed by a ..
    • Large volcanic eruption in 2020 might do it?
    • Especially if this solar minimum has beaten 1913 by then?

If there has been some huge cover up scheme going on the plan was thought out by idiots. Some believe that they were deliberately hiding it and it does appear this way.

This begs the question .. quite how did they allow so many people into the higher latitudes which, if a mass sharp cooling was to occur, would wipe out a large number of people?

In conversations I have had with people from different races both online and off it everyone feels something is going on and some believe a mass cull is in effect? Because as they ave stated for years there are too many people on the planet? Well yes .. there are. But who are the worst offenders of this that behave with no responsibility?

Yeah I could believe the powers that be capable of this but these are the same people I would not chose as the ones to continue on with humanity.

And it they are capable of this, which I am sure even the leftists would agree, then it would be quite convenient that if a sudden deep freeze was to occur around 2024 or so that so many people congregated into the higher latitudes, no?

Would also be quite funny that a large number of people that moved there did so for nefarious and religious, think take-over, reasons only to guarantee their own demise?

Because short of wiping everyone out, in say the UK, you have one other problem. You wont be able to produce food!

Around 980AD we know that Vikings settled in Greenland, though the AGW also ignore this and there was even an attempt to state that cooling periods were localised. While there they ..

  • Farmed
  • Produced grain
  • Kept Sheep
  • Greenland also had trees .. so warm enough for them and at least the parent trees to reach maturity
  • But within 200 years it got cold and the deserted Greenland

Oh and just so you know ..

  • CO2 has been way higher than now, by a factor of 5 to 10, in the distant past
  • At a time when it was also a hell of a lot colder too
  • Look up Palaeoclimatology

Now bearing in mind all of the predictions you have heard from those claiming ‘the end is nigh’ and how long it has gone for let me explain the following followed by a link.

I had stressed for awhile that as shown in their own graphs showing the temperatures were going down, while also pointing out that there CO2 graphs were racing ever higher, that the doomsday date was now being pushed further back. This might be why its latest dates of 2020 and 2030 now is listed by some as 2100?

Stressed that it will continue to get cooler at least for around 5 years or so so would be pushed back ever further.

This was because in January I have predicted that the solar maximum of cycle 25 would arrive in mid 2024, and counting, and needs two to three years for effect. Remember this should have arrived around 2022 but last cycle was 13 years. Stated all year the predictions for next maximum was being pushed back and now it has been reported for July 2025. Which means with the times needed for effect this is now 2027 to 2028.

Now while writing this out it has been reported that two sunspots have appeared, spaceweather, though not on the other site, spaceweatherlive.

This could mean, they state it is, that the rise is about to start or as I stated we could go another 30 to 40 days without sunspots. It is impossible to say right now but in two to four weeks it should become clearer. If we go another stretch like the last one the solar maximum prediction will be pushed to August. If the stretches continue so will the predicted arrival be pushed back.

Now rather bizarrely as the sunspot was shown on spaceweather.com and after spotting the recent discrepancy they went and stated something very odd.

  • Solar Cycle 25 now starting (heard that before)
  • First mention of Maunder Minimum and how it can affect weather
  • Then state due to these Sunspots the Grand Solar Minimum not happening

Well that was a real surprise and with discrepancies being noticed of late the alarm bells started to ring fairly loudly.

They simply cannot say that and it is both wrong and misleading and they suddenly sound biased in favour of AGW. Simply put ..

  • Those predicting Grand Solar Minimum never stated no Solar Cycle 25
  • Grand Solar Minimum does not mean no sunspots at all
  • We know nothing about the sunspots, like polarities, that appeared in the Maunder Minimum

So why make the statement?

It is almost as if they turned into shills overnight?

Since I have used the site they have never once mentioned global warming nor much, if anything, about the Maunder Minimum or Little Ice Age and the very first time they do they make false claims and state it is not happening?!

Odd as despite the fact that everyone wondered if solar cycle 25 would go missing the official line of the teams predicting a Grand Solar Minimum was that Solar Cycle 25’s maximum would only reach around 40 to 50 sunspots. It would be solar cycle 26 maximum that would go missing and not cycle 25.

One of those facepalm moments for me.

Not good when I am trying to figure out who is has been wrong on the sunspot counts and not helped by spaceweatherlive still stating 52 consecutive days when it should be either ’53’ or ‘0’.

Its reasonable to assume that if we are on the right track and the powers that be do not want the truth getting out, markets and banks, then getting those reporting these sunspots to state misleading information is not just likely but a dead certainty.

They certainly are watching many people over this, they have certainly doe this with me and Electroverse mention they get restricted across social media, so more than one.

Suddenly mentioning there wont be a grand solar minimum because of two sunspots they are reporting on is a bit weird. I wonder if others, like David Dubyne and GSM News (latter uses them I am sure) will spot this and comment on their statements? Pretty certain they will get suspicious too.

Never could I have dreamed that trying to remain factual would prove to be so difficult as well as costly and nor could I have dreamed how it can be so easy to make claims and lie and not only get away with it but be promoted by others too.

Images with my usual annotation in yellow red ..


“We’re Getting a Clearer Picture of the Climate Future — and It’s Not as Bad as It Once Looked” –


Note: There have been around 30 parts or more on this subject I have written and posted just from January 2019. I have also written about this from day one on here, 2012, and have stated from the beginning there is no CO2 AGW and described how I found my own evidence around the year 2000 using evolution and animal migration.

It is simply astounding how far this has persisted and some very nasty people wanting dominion, clearly now, over others have kept this alive.

They might tell you that they care abut lives, people, the environment and animals but they do not and in every single occasion with the ones that rubbish, deny, ignore or try to shut you down have been exposed by me every single time without fail.

We are talking about 100% with many thousands of interactions I have had with these people which is both alarming and extremely concerning.

It appears sometimes like they are paid propagandists and I wonder of these are just top-flight people from hard-left organisations or the government of somewhere or other whipping them up to help the cover up of what is really going on?

For me, at last, this is telling. Why would anyone go to these lengths to shut down conversation on science?

I have had many a conversation on this subject with people with doubts, opposing views or other but these other people there is none of this.

They dismiss everything you say without even going off and looking at what you have given them and I can assure you that in literally hundreds of links and papers the provide and even graphs not one of them has ever backed up what they claimed.

So along with me realising there are a series of things being reported in science which are all unprecedented, all concerning and all with potentially catastrophic effects .. it would seem that PEOPLE are behaving in unprecedented ways too?

Well I say that but many liken the behaviour to that of the National Socialist Party of Germany in the run up to World War 2. Or the Nazis.

As insane as this might sound the similarities are not only very real and very concerning but even the Antifa flag, as many of them are Antifa, is almost a carbon copy of that used by the followers of Hitler in his early years.

My lord was that scary when I first see some old pictures of the flags being waved.

I have even had the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ thrown at me which I hate as it does not mean what they claim and have always complained about the worst tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. Too many that are too wild which only serve to muddy the waters and make it hard for the rest of us.


This one passed me by.

I have been targeted by so many people and for a long time, people, government, fraudsters and lairs.

Many years ago now I was attacked and defrauded by bailiffs to the tune of £4,000 and was then defrauded. Long story .. have evidence but not going to go into the details.

I was on a website, forum called Consumer Action Group. From there I was put in touch with a Sheila Harding. All kinds of promises were made and I was told I would be compensated pretty well, she said it was the best case she had ever seen. I had witnesses too to their lies and corruption along with my documents.

After awhile the alarm bells started going off. Then my witness, a Tony Murray, and Sheila Harding disappeared off the face of the Earth.

She was supposed to take a company called JBW Group to court.

Later found out her name was on a book they published and she in fact worked for them. What bailiffs actually do is break the law .. a lot. They even tell each other how to do this. They produce a book and TV series to make it appear to the public that they are lawful when they are not.

This was a very traumatic period in my life as someone living with a disability and was just one in a long line of very evil crap that goes on within Britain that they have spent years covering up.

This very blog is full of that along with documents and recordings .. even to this.

Those that have done me injustices over the years using lies and trickery I have professional witnesses to, some of which have just been sent the link below, that can testify to this.

These include the British Government, Police, Secret Services, the NHS, Local Councils, the Department of Work and Pensions, HMCTS Courts and Judges and just bout every ombudsmen you can think of. Sorry to inform you but all ombudsmen are corrupt but do not mind being paid out of your taxes.

Some time ago I was left a link I had failed to notice due to my hammering of social media while dodging more proverbial bullets as big social media try to suppress me and my recordings now.

The lengths I have to go to is nothing short of a joke.

9 years ago many thought me mad, not a liar as they knew I was honest and genuine but my stories and claims were just so bizarre they thought I had to be losing my mind.

Today it is a different story as they have seen for themselves and been targeted too .. even disabled people I know with type 1 diabetes.

Yet despite all this they still refused to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as the modern day socialists are evil and biased and many realise its their scheming in the background and whining like morons as to why we are being treated like shit today. Because the socialists do not believe in being fair across the board and are very .. VERY biased.

Recently and after a general election .. they are blaming these following evil people for screwing up the country and allowing the Conservative government in. Jews, white people and Hindus.

Turns out and took me years to discover its the socialists that have slowly brought this country to its knees.

Below is a webpage by Jason Bennison and on it he provides details to that I talk about, has some recordings of Sheila Harding, oddly I believe I may have too but God knows where they are.

He also reports she has harassed and ripped off many and is a convicted fraudster.

Not surprise .. nit surprised at all.

Make no mistake .. you do not want to to involved or even associated with Sheila Harding or anyone she is associated with. So anyone on this page basically.



Interestingly while this will involve snow and ice in way likely not thought about by many, it also involves clouds, obviously.

After finishing the last post and then just as I was about to start this one an interesting story popped up. Now I love a science experiment, me. I find all areas of science interesting and fascinating and this is absolutely hated by the climate alarmist cult.

This might have something to do with the fact, and that blog post IS coming with screenshots I assure you, that they have ruled out data sets as being involved from somewhere between 8 and 12 subjects. Only I kept pushing them for reasons and .. little insight here into what is coming but ..

It turned out that they knew absolutely nothing of the science they were dismissing and made some very .. VERY stupid statements. I mean REALLY .. REALLY .. stupid.

They have no science .. just two things that were rising simultaneously and claimed one was a pollutant at 0.04% of the atmosphere that you cannot have life on earth without.

Anything is a pollutant if high enough. It would need to be a lot higher and likely by a factor of over one hundred.

So the non-scientist Marxists run around on social media attacking people that are scientists that state that CO2 is not warming the planet and nor is it a pollutant.

Because they chose CO2 because they could ..

  • Blame man
  • Blame Rich people
  • Blame the Oil Industries
  • Claim Dominion over others

The fact is that even if they gained power ..

  • They still have t use the things they despise
  • They cannot reduce the CO2 rises as we contribute far too little and its rising way too fast presently, another factor they overlook
  • Even if they could it wont change what is going on in the climate .. except for possibly cooling things a tiny bit faster we would not be able to detect
  • That last part I have often stated for years on this blog whenever I have read these stupid idiots that want to pay good and pump stuff into the atmosphere or remove CO2 when its in such a tiny fraction and essential for plants
  • Now think about this ..
  • They want us to eat less meat and more vegetables and plants ..
  • But also went to take a large portion of the absolutely tiny fraction of CO2 out of the atmosphere
  • Might I suggest looking up what levels of CO2 they use for plants and what a huge difference it makes to their growth? Massive is the short answer.
  • You might want to check to see if they have issues with rising temperatures in these environments
  • It was also bloody cold on Apollo 13 while the CO2 was high
  • To emit heat it first needs to absorb heat and the Sun has been getting steadily lower since 2007
  • Since then there have been a series of pauses and a series of sharp drops
  • But the official line is with 5 to 10 feet of now in winters in many places ..
  • Been the hottest four or five years on record ..suggesting ..
  • Calamitous Errors or ..

Now then .. I did not not need to view peer-reviewed scientific paper to support my argument because I had my own. Which involved many things and two of them being animal migration and evolution.

The Marxists need to Google everything they can to prove they are right about things they know fuck all about. Their papers NEVER state that which they claim.

I have now read and destroyed many a scientific paper, one by Michael Mann, and have looked up plenty of papers looking at other causes to climate that are not CO2 that hundreds of pro AGW Marxists lied and claimed did not exit.

Turns out this is a lie. The thing about liars is catching them out. If you know some you can put this to the test if you are unsure. They will tell you that all science papers state that it is CO2, yet somehow do not manage to prove it. They will tell you that science is not about proving. Except it kinda is. It is a method to give us answers and we want the correct answers. That is what science is, in essence. Talk to these people enough and it will start to sound like a cult like religion.

This webpage alone is talking about only papers looking into solar activity and only from 2019 and none regarding clouds, cosmic rays or even volcanoes. Though they mat play a part n the papers .. if they know what they are doing and not just number crunchers without an ounce of common sense.

So only solar activity and only 2019 .. and yet there are 55 of these science papers that if you asked the AGW people you know will very probably tell you do not exit.

No Tricks Zone ..

Oh and do not go to Sceptical Science which the owner has been photographed in an SS outfit and thy pretend top be septics but are not. Ergo more lies. It really is sinister from these people and it so reminds me of the rise of the Nazis it is scary.

More and more people are reading and hearing things and thinking the same thing, they tell me and from centre-left Labour voters too?!

Here is a good website from 2017 with 20 new ones at the time, Principia-Scientific ..

Now before I actually saw the dates of any of these websites I gave the pro-AGW Marxists trying to use natural events to gain dominion this ..

‘Now that the world has been cooling and with very harsh winters taking place I can assure you of this .. that scientists now scared the game is up and wanting to save face, or those just wanting to be the first, will be scurrying to publish peer-reviewed papers to state that global climate is driven buy the Sun. In so doing over time the number of papers will increase. Eventually exponentially!’

So did you note that there were 20 in 2017 and there has been 55 in 2019?

There have been record cold temperatures, many all-time record cold temperatures, recorded from many places in the world from September 2019 to November 2019. For all three months. Record snowfall too. Here in London I am often told how cold we have got with the odd mild day that the very cold days make seem very mild.

The very cold days have been many for all three of the months I mentioned. The mild days were very few .. one here .. two there.

So would it surprise you to hear that the AGW told me ..

  • September was the warmest or second warmest September on record?
  • October was the warmest or second warmest October on record?
  • November was the warmest or second warmest November on record?
  • Marxist Aussie living in London told me that climate in London was mild and above average for the time of year? They failed to realise I am a Londoner. Whoopsie!

Remember we are talking about tiny fractions of the atmosphere. If the 0.04% of the atmosphere that is CO2 goes up by even a factor of ten it will still only be 0.4%

Now go away look up some record and find out when it was that CO2 was at 10% of that which it is now. I have no idea when this was. Just saying that if you are at all curious you will probably come to realise something.

That any emergency is hundreds if not thousands of years away and of course there is the little question of predictions, which we are not doing too great with, with the weather predictions ..

.. how can you predict that CO2 will continue to rise for 200 or even 50 years?

You cannot. The one and only thing you can rely on in these instances are cycles .. IF .. you can detect them. They are beginning to do this but science demands repeated experiments to conform conclusions. You cannot experiment with the global climate. Sure you co do little experiments but these cannot represent the whole planet.

Chinese scientists, I hope I remembered to include in the last post, recently found evidence of a 500 year cycle and stated we were close to a cooling period and that there were signs.

Two separate teams in China discovered this ans said they not only found no evidence of China’s climate being affected by man but were now more worried about cooling than they was warming.

They also stated that people should not be running around arguing because they think they can invent and control knob for the planet’s climate. Because you cannot. They are very clear abut that and I had stated this all along.

  • CO2 is not causing warming, evidence now abounds
  • It has not warmed since the Industrial Revolution and started well before then
  • CO2 rise is not cause by man anyway, only responsible for a tiny fraction of the rise, 3% of the 0.04% of the atmosphere
  • Man cannot control the levels of CO2 or anything else

So one thing that has not only been driving the evil, lying dominion chasers crazy is the growing amounts of now, not only in range but in depth along with the very cold record breaking temperatures. But they still say ..


As I looked at the maps of the North Hemisphere by the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab showing the ever growing snow pack I stared thinking ..

.. well it got me thinking about something that had been flashing around in my mind.


These had long fascinated me and many of my favourite animals are found at higher elevations all around the world .. from the Alps in Europe to the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica to the Urals and east to the Himalayas.

I have wanted to visit many mountain ranges for several years and BBC Wildlife and a Japanese team were very interested in plonking me into the depths of the Amazon jungle to see what I would find.

Documentaries of others going there are normally disappointing as they just miss so much. Or certain branches of animals are an after-thought. Or even NOT a thought at all.

The thing is you can talk about volcanoes cooling the air .. clouds, less Sunlight and other things but what about that the cooling actually produces in ever increasing quantities?

Snow and ice?

As it gets cooler people often think of the snow and ice not only getting colder but heading south in the northern hemisphere. Remember we can really only go by this because there is not much land between Antarctica and New Zealand. So most reports come from the north.

But snow and ice in the winter do more things. First of all they last longer which means it appears earlier and disappears later.

But I wonder if many have realised it also goes up and down?

Ever seen a snow capped mountain? Even if it is just a picture of one? Well in the winter that would obviously reach further down the mountains and as each winter gets could it would reach further and further and last longer and longer.

So even as the air warms up ion the Spring in mountainous regions the air blowing across the snow must get cooled.

Not much to think about, right? But what if this happens in places you would not expect of normally think about? In the warmer regions and nearer the equator?

The obvious one is the biggest, the Himalayas but there are many other mountain ranges. Not many people mention the big one in North Africa I was supposed to visit some years back with a solicitor friend of mine. The Atlas Mountains.

The more I thought about this the closer I got to realising that ..

  • Cooling can happen very quickly globally
  • Warming us out of a deeply cold period will take exponentially longer than the cooling
  • Warming and higher CO2 means more land available to farming or longer period in Canada or Northern US, Russia higher altitudes
  • Cooling does not and means less land
    • Exceptions being that MAYBE .. deserts might become suitable for farming?

Another thing to consider is that we have been used to certain weather systems and jet-streams being in place for many years, long before we even started modelling these systems.

But these are changing and we have no way of knowing by how much they will change nor what effects they will have.

It could well be before long we just wont be able to predict the weather at all and bizarrely enough even here in the UK the conversation for around 5 years has been how the weather predictions have become more and more unreliable.

As I was planning and writing this something popped up.

For many months on end and on an almost daily basis since then I have been trying to work out what will happen and WHEN it is likely to happen. To do this I needed to know WHY it is happening.

Very early on I realised that volcanoes were a factor and as seems to be missed by many but I always tend to do I realised immediately that as 70% of Earth is covered in water then 70% of the volcanoes are too.

Or are they?

Looking at magma as a ball for a moment. Land should be further away from the magma .. and it follows that the bottoms of the oceans are closer. Of course it is not a ball but is it not reasonable to assume that it is actually closer to 90% of volcanoes?

I theorised that with jet-streams breaking down there wont be so much mixing in the atmosphere and that two things are occurring which seem to suggest, leaving all other factors aside, where all the snow comes from for ice-ages ..

  • Submarine Volcanoes Warming Water
  • More Precipitation
  • Air Getting Cooler from low Solar Activity
  • Everyone knows what happens when air or water that vary widely in temperature mix

This simply has to be the process I have wondered about for years.

It could well be that the depths of an ice-age or cooling period depend on how long this process goes on?

The Maunder Minimum or Little Ice Age we can pretty much figure this went on for about 50 years or so?

Maybe in the Younger Dryas period which was the big deep Ice Age featured in films and the animation series, it lasted for 100 to 200 years?

Yes people talk about asteroid or comet strikes and absolutely no doubt these have been factors too .. but at the end of the day these big strikes crack the crust and fling material into the atmosphere.

Think of it this way .. the largest volcanic explosion I would wager would have a more drastic effect than the smallest asteroid or comet impact large enough to alter the climate.

At the end of the day its about how much material gets into the atmosphere and how long it stays there for. The higher up it goes into the stratosphere the longer it remains there.

Would go as far as stating that I doubt any submarine volcanoes are monitored but if they do its likely only the ones close to land and built up areas.

Now when you have as many thoughts and theories as I do and you put it to people you would expect that whether they agree or whether they do not you would have some discussion?

Nope. Not with people who are pro-CO2 and you realise pretty quickly they are biased, closed minded, politically driven and therefore dangerous.

  • Concentrated everything on AGW they never proved when ..
  • Preparations for cooling have not happened at all
  • They push to take over whole societies based on LIES for a better world?

Everything I have ever bought up and areas and facts throughout the thirty parts or more to my series on it has all been dismissed. They can also read scientific papers you provide them in seconds. One dismissed 15 links I posted within five minutes. Not kidding. Did this several times before pointing it out and the ones he had been swearing at for weeks for not accepting AGW is a proven fact when it is not because he said so, well .. they went nuts. You do not see that one very much these days and he pops in for a jab and legs it again for 4 to 8 days. A scientist, I might add.

Stated before that as a child I just could not understand where all the ice and snow came from in such a short space of time. Or how it could be cold enough for long enough for a mile deep of ice?

Well sixty inches of snow can fall in a short time indeed we have all seen that.

We can see the other processes involved too. But I realised that it does not have to be cold for the snow and ice to be there a long time. Because with ice a mile thick you can pretty much realize that even if it was above freezing constantly, which it never is in places, that amount of ice would take a damned long time to melt.

Would wager its many decades at least and likely hundreds of years?

Always have an issue when they say ‘this ice-age lasted a thousand years’ or whatever figure they use. As this suggests that the whole time it was constantly sub-zero when really it just means the ice remained during that time. Ice a mile thick covering half a continent?

So volume of ice is thawed at a rate from the surface with how long it requires and how much it gets each year.

As it warmed it would start at a few inches of the surface ice thawing and in the following years a few more inches to a foot .. to a few feet. Now think about that for a moment .. we are talking a great deal of time here.

So yes it is an ice-age but that does not mean to say that at all points during this period you would freeze to death in the open air.

Always seem to think of the questions no one else seems to ask? It is a little weird even to me.

I always think someone must have thought of it but never seem to find it mentioned on websites or documentaries so end up posting about it.

The submarine volcanoes subject was put forward daily, mostly, for 11 months. Every single time I was told I was an ..

  • Wrong
  • An Idiot
  • Been ruled out (every time but never given a link to back it up)
  • Far-Right (never voted for ANY right-wing party in General Elections)
  • Fascist
  • Trump Fan
  • Misogynist
  • Paedophile and wife-beater

That was on a climate change thread?!

  • All Hard Nosed AGW are Hard-Left .. every time
  • All Hard-Left believe in AGW
  • Centre-Left are split over AGW
  • Centrists less so and more ‘doubtful mostly
  • Most right-wing, but not all, are sure no AGW

So who has made it political? Who has been unreasonable about it? Who has been the science deniers over it? Who refuses to listen to a word the other side says?

The hard-left get caught lying and being wrong 90% of the time.

Everyone else just gets caught out being wrong or slightly wrong with numbers once in a awhile. Hard left caught, even individually, on a daily basis either wrong or lying.

Because they think they are superior, think they know what is best for you better than you do, because they want control or dominion over you. To put s system in place that has never succeeded in history.

A group that has been happy to help the top take trillions of dollars and help plan for boiling to death when it now looks like we could well freeze to death instead? This could literally happen to many people in as little as two months?!

Nooo but we had to ignore this because the hard-left knew better and knew what was going on, knew how to solve it and want to dictate how we live our lives.

Extinction Rebellion? More like Death Cult.

The crazy thing about this and I have put this to them and mostly ignored .. except for two but not on the AGW thread.

My idea about Project Distraction is thus .. that they have used the narrow minded hard-left to cause a distraction to protect the banks and markets the hard-left hate so much. Irony, eh?

Let me put this another way ..

If I was in control, amoral and knew that a global catastrophe was coming I would ..

  • Plan far ahead for a misinformation project
  • Probably have decades so start helping right people to cause a fuss into politics
  • But many ignore politics so lets do that for
  • Entertainment Industry, movies/TV/radio
  • We can fuel this by using social media so lets get the right people in there too
  • Now lets insert the same narrative everywhere ..
  • This will fuel anger and divide them for years while the signs start appearing
  • Had trillions the naïve have no idea how we use
  • Employ teams and groups to run around on social media just rubbishing anyone who appears to be a credible threat?
  • Can’t do it? Too big a plan? Conspiracy?
  • Did I mention we are protecting the banks and the banks control everything and anyone that does not comply can have threats of cash flow cut off
  • What socialism might get installed?
  • Not if we put in place the biggest hypocritical leader atop their parties?
  • Hillary Clinton and Jeremy Corbyn should do it?

Just saying. It IS a possibility. It IS what I would do.

Any plan is all about leverage. Well lies too .. and leverage.

Unfortunately as smart and as superior these puppet masters think they are it was an idiot plan and ultimately doomed to failure. Whatever plan that might be, of course.

In the case of global warming .. and as I stated since the very start of this blog back in 2012 .. there was always the possibility that the warming would become cooling. Despite never actually believing now that I would actually see that in my life time, it did.

In fact if you go back and delve into this blog from couple of years back you might find me writing about how I noticed it had gotten cooler the last couple of years?

Yeeaaaah they rubbished that too. Localized .. now pay attention I am going to run through what the hard-left rule out as being localized and insist its still warming ..

  • An entire county
  • Half a country, regardless of size. Gets worse .. a lot worse ..
  • An entire country .. gets worse ..
  • An entire continent .. gets worse ..
  • Gave them temp maps of below average temperatures for whole of Russia, part Asia, whole of Australia, Canada, US and whole of Europe ..
  • They claim that localized temperatures do not affect global temperatures
  • Of course a lie
  • This is always the case on some level and the wider the area and longer it lasts the greater the effects on averages
  • Sun is lower in activity, this another one, and less heat but they insist global warming is still going on and I say “Well where is your extra heat coming from? Not the Sun. CO2 does not produce its own” NEVER .. get an answer
  • But the Hard-Left are right about all this and we are stupid Nazis for stopping or disagreeing with them

If it were up to me? I would put all these people in prison for a very long time .. until they learnt that they were basically the fascists, bigoted dictators and were nor morally superior but actually quite evil and nasty.

Well as it turns out yet another thing I was right about turns out to be correct and I can assure you that the AGW will disappear for a few days like they often do, as they are clearly abut the truth and the science. They will then return in 3 to 7 days and still promote AGW is real and falsely claim it has been proven as fact and will not remark on this link I gave them.

Around the years 536 to 555 there was little growth in trees and plants and a lot of darkness and cold. They have now linked this to a Dust Veil of submarine volcanoes.

Oddly enough was the around the time of King Arthur? Something that was declared a myth but recent researches have found was not and were declared a myth through two battles being too far apart but now turns out there were TWO King Arthur’s?

On around Glastonbury and one in North Wales.

Anyway. Just saying. King Arthur.


Guaranteed that on Twitter they well declare it shite and without reading it state it is not a scientific paper. They do this a lot. SO much it is embarrassing and I for one do not know how they can show their faces. Hard-left people.

So here is the link to the paper they will claim does not exist ..


The funny thing is and literally hours before this popped up something curious happened.

YouTube locked me out of their website on my phone for the third time in around ten days. Virgin Media then locked me out of BitChute the alternative video hosting site to YouTube for the first time ever.

One could be forgiven for thinking that I was being censored and trying to slow me down or stop me from posting the videos and links they do not like?

Now then after hammering away on this blog for years and hammering away on this subject for almost 12 months now .. this should the one thing many I know have been waiting for? This should now be the thing that sends my viewers and followers rocketing to the point I start getting an income?

As I have none and my daughter and my friends, and other family, have asked how it is that I have never been paid.

Yeah after year post after post I waited for something to make sense and catch on and hopefully go viral. It never did. So I went on Twatter and despite collecting followers in a very short space of time and despite my blogs going up. Nothing really went viral.

Got to the stage were I have 12,000 followers but in all honesty and because of censorship I have likely lost more than 7,000 followers. If I hand not and started three other accounts a year earlier I would likely have 30,000 to 50,000 followers which would be more than enough. But I did not.

Social media has been trying to stop me since at least 2016 and very possibly a lot earlier than this?

But with this many followers and this prediction of mine, in a long line in 8.5 years, maybe and finally I can get something to get reposted enough to counter the censorship meddling of the social media giants?

I mean I endeavour to get the right facts and conclusions across in what is a war. But any message, documents, secret recordings or scientific papers on here need to be spread about by those that read it on my side of said war.

Sent the link out on Twitter, GAB, Minds, Parler and friends and family I have numbers for on WhatsApp. Be interesting to see if people get excited? The socialist did not, not s surprise do not know why I bother?

Testing testing the most viewed website on climate change that stick tot he facts .. let us see if it posts?

Oops .. no it seems WordPress are blocking any site that disagrees with a theory that has not been proven in thirty years and the globe getting cooler for the last four too?

So ask yourself why would anyone go to this much trouble?


Well this censorship seems to be ramping up as I have now been locked out a few times even on a desktop from YouTube and also Blogger is refusing to work and locks up completely for ten minutes every time I click on something.

I even changed browsers but nope .. still the same.


In the space of a few weeks .. after making something of a name for myself on Twitter, details and screen-shots inbound, suddenly YouTube, Blogger and WordPress start acting up?

On two different devices and in the case of YouTube across four different browsers? Two thus far for Blogger which makes Google having issues across 6 different browsers?

Oh and 80% of the time I am getting an error .. regardless of what device or browser and it is throwing up an error, when it is not giving me the ‘oops! There was a problem’ message.


You can now add Parler to that list .. its like someone thinks I am either bang on the money with the truth or at least very close to it? Project Distraction, by any chance?


This took a couple days longer than I planned. Pain, memory issues and various battles seem to have delayed things so I have had to change the numbers a few times and they did go beyond that which I had talked about and still going.

So then .. managed to get back to the grindstone after an extended period away .. fighting wars, debating about AGW global warming and leading up to the General Elections 2019.

Yup once again I call the outcome and many followers were getting nervous Jeremy Corbyn would win and I said ‘no chance’.

That is a ..

  • Brexit Win
  • Donald Trump becoming President
  • Corbyn Loss to Theresa May
  • Corbyn Loss to Boris Johnson

.. I have called correctly. Donald Trump I am pretty sure will win again.

So I have posted a sort of latest update to my climate change research and I had planned another one when a few reports popped up I thought would make an excellent next piece to my whole climate change take down.

Now then as I have explained previous a chain of events, but not all, that now are all unprecedented and occurring at the same time. Therefore connected .. this whole mechanics to cooling and even ice-ages are abundantly clear to me now.

  • Sun’s Magnetic Field
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Shrinking with more Cosmic Rays
  • Poles Shifting
  • Seismology
  • Volcanism
  • Increased Meteors
  • Meteorology
    • Jet-streams dissipating
    • Baffling one this one as ..
    • When hot its proof of global warming and AGW (AGW Cult)
    • When it is cold and 5 feet of snow or more its just weather (AGW Cult)
    • They actually state that the harsher colder winters wont affect the global averages despite the fact several whole continents have been affected in both hemispheres
    • Noctilucent Clouds
    • Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events

So I am going to quote something regarding the Earth’s magnetic field and note that the speed has increased in recent years to the point that GPS systems had to be updated two years early.

Also note and now news to me is the mention of ‘Blackout Zones’ and they mention about compasses become unreliable.

“The model is typically updated at 5-year intervals, but in 2018, scientists found that the model exceeded its specification for declination only three years into the 5-year cycle due to a combined effect of a global geomagnetic acceleration pulse occurring in 2015-2016, and a fast-changing magnetic field in the North polar area”

“The 2020-25 model now includes ‘Blackout Zones’ around the magnetic poles, as defined by the strength of the horizontal field”

“This wandering has been generally quite slow, allowing scientists to keep track of its position fairly easily, but since the turn of the century, this speed has increased”


What is extremely difficult is that as they are mostly unprecedented they are terribly hard to make any forecasts for.

That being said its entirely incompetent to ignore the fact that any of these things are occurring, the fact they are all occurring together along with the facts there are very clear links between them.

Somehow climate alarmists do this while calling me the pseudoscientist and not scientifically literate. Weird. Projection. Anyway.

At the same time of looking at this I have also wondered to this other body in the far out reaches of the solar system.

  • A Planet 5 times mass of Earth
  • A Brown Dwarf
  • A Primordial Black Hole

These are the theories. What is its orbit? How large is its magnetic field? Will this have an influence in the solar system including that of the heliosphere?

As for the Sun? As of today the 16th December 2019 ..

  • 270 Spotless Days (2008 space age record at 268 days)
  • 77% of year thus far to 2008’s 73%
  • 32 days without sunspots where last stretch was 27?

I expected an odd sunspot a few days back and thought it would not match the previous stretch of 27 days without spots? Thought this would get shorter and shorter over next couple months until solar cycle 25 was off the ground.

Several times they thought cycle 25 was getting started this year and it has not. I am now curious as they state that there are no sunspots in sight for a couple days at least?

A previous stretch a few months back reached 32 days and I cannot help thinking it is going to go beyond this and what this would mean? (Late posting it now is on the verge of doing this)

Would have thought it was reasonable to assume that the run of spotless days would get shorter and even rapidly so?

So if the consecutive spotless days are getting longer .. how long will this continue? Will it hit 35 or more than 40 days this time around? Will it hit 45 or 50 days over the next three months?

If this goes well beyond 32 days (was 28 when I first typed this out) I feel pretty sure my estimation of 277 days is going to be beaten? Also 2020 will look like its going to start with a series of spotless days or weeks maybe well into the Spring or even Summer?!

CO2 is not magic .. it need to absorb heat before it can release it and their argument is ‘matter warms up at different rates and cools down (gives off heat) at different rates’. For 0.04% f the atmosphere that is CO2. Of which we are responsible for 3% of that. Which is not a pollutant like they claim but plant food. Its also rising but its well, well, well far away from actually making any difference. Look at the percentages and how fast they claim it is rising?

Cut a long story short? Cut all CO2 emissions to zero tomorrow and CO2 will continue to rise.

Its also well beyond the year 2100 before it would make any changes.

It is currently getting colder globally and has for four years.

That in RED, BLUE, PURPLE are my annotations

The AGW used this very graph to prove to me its gotten progressively warmer the last four years .. which the observational temps are shown by the black line. Now does this look like it is going up or down?

Also if you look for these graphs and get a collection of, say, eight together from 2008 to 2019 I can assure you they will NOT make any sense and will appear to be lying to you.

Many sharp declines and more than the inclines which are shallower and yet it always seems to stay on the bottom of the models? At the time of publication which is key here. Impossible unless they keep adding lower predictions to the graphs and do not mention it.

Without those sunspots there is no extra heat. I keep asking him how their evil CO2 is going to emit heat it is unable to absorb but I get no answer.

It now has to get colder for several years concurrently but as this cycle 25 takes longer and longer that solar maximum keeps getting further away.

Annoying and pish taking on one science site, might have been NASA, they predicted the deep solar minimum could last between another few months to a whole year. Yeah so be careful not to commit yourself too much, eh?

Another year would not only be out of this world but would scare the crap out of everyone and we could wind up with a third record solar minimum year inside a decade?

It would also mean that a solar maximum would not likely be reached until mid 2025 to 2026?

This was originally 2022 .. then the last cycle ended up longer than the 11 years it normally lasts and it got pushed back. I had figured mid 2024 earlier this year.

I did, of course, also state the other possibility which might make you think .. that cycle 25 might not get started for another 50 years?!

Sound stupid? Yeah well that happened in 1648 and is why you see so many YouTube channels and websites talking about ice-ages.

Now remember .. this is not the Met Office predicting the weather where you can respond with “Oh they do this every year and nothing happens!”

This is not the weather. This is a whole list of measurable events that are occurring simultaneously all of which are unprecedented.

I am concerned and fascinated at the exact same time. I do, however, feel like I am working my butt off now against the sands of times and I very honestly know not what amount of time I up up against? It is 6 months to four years and could wind up anywhere in-between. Its annoying.

If solar cycle 25 has not got off the ground by the latter half of 2020 I can assure you that every single scientist is going to wonder, and a few might realise they might have to soon at their words, if we are not right into a second Maunder Minimum, or Little Ice Age, period from 1648.

Well .. its a wee bit more complicated than that.

You see if by the end of 2020 they think we are in another Maunder Minimum .. well .. the Maunder Minimum went on for 50 to 60 years. We have little in the way of sunspots numbers further back than this period. We have nothing to really go on .. sooo ..

How do we know it wont last 100 or 200 years? It might only last 20? We do not know and anyone that claims that they do is either lying or an astrophysicist involved with one or two teams. Yeah I am pretty sure neither of those two teams will predict anything shorter than 50 years?

Well a solar cycle lasts 11 years so you only need a few missing cycles and you are staring at several decades.

The real deep ice-age .. the one in books that talk about London and New York being under a mile of ice? Maybe that came about from missing solar cycles that lasted 100 years or more?

In fact 950 million years ago the whole planet was frozen. They call this ‘snowball Earth’ and do not forget .. life has existed on this planet for 4.1 Billion Years. Needed a bit more than a pair of mittens!

Silly leftists .. Mark Twain once said that ‘It’s not that we do not know that gets us into trouble, its that we know for sure that just ain’t so’

What they now call the AGW Cult who have large numbers of people that claim to have degrees in science, but no one believes a lot of them, have barely any data, failing models and run around on social media attacking anyone that questions AGW.

Yet they forget several things about science and computer models. They have less than 20% or even 10% of the data in their models. And in computing there is a rule ..

‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’.

In science there is yet another term they ignore and yet they are all scientists and we are the deniers. It is known by scientists that if you was to test all science again, that set out in peer-reviewed papers and with a lot more data that climate scientists possess, more than half of them would prove to be wrong. This is called ..

‘The Replication Crisis’

Though is known under other terms too.

Here is yet another one ..

‘Extraordinary claims or hypothesis require extraordinary evidence’

Yet there is none. Someone latched onto a warming period, which has happened thousands to hundred of thousands of times in the past. During a time when the Sun’s activity was going up. Someone clearly see this as a way of gaining control and sponging money off the masses and ran with it.

We have had varying depths of cooling periods like the Maunder Minimum I mention and the deeper Younger Dryas. The former was NOT the shallowest cool period and nor was the latter the deepest cooling period either. That might come as a bit of a shock to some?

Everyone probably assumes that the deeper Younger Dryas Ice Age was caused by an asteroid strike but though there is some evidence to this fact .. it has never been conclusively shown to be the case.

Our lives are too short and these cycles span over too long a period of time and our records and knowledge are minimal at best.

Also interestingly and concerning is that while they still try to figure out if an asteroid caused, though this would only be in part, the Younger Dryas right now along with many odd things occurring simultaneously which allow you to build up a picture of the entire process .. meteors and fireballs have been increasing.

One odd this is I never see anyone else other than myself mention that if all the magnets of the solar system are linked and all acting up .. what effect will these changing magnetic fields have on the trajectories of asteroids and comets floating through the solar system laced with varying amounts of metal?

If the meteors increasing does not raise an eyebrow how about this?

Just a few years back we had out first ever interstellar visitor from another star system, called Oumuamua, and recently we had our .. second?!

The odds of one of these was astronomical. That is why they call it astronomical odds. So what were the chances of two of them within a few years? I have actually wondered when I posted about Oumuamua if we might get a second within the next few years and so we did.

This brings me around the the outer reaches of our Sun’s heliosphere which they have now realised seems to differ in its extent in different directions. It also waxes and wanes, a little term the AGW cult ignore, like everything else.

Obviously with the outer reaches being very far out cosmic rays get thwarted all long their journey into the solar system. Some will be prevented from entering the solar system altogether. But if it is both shrinking currently, yeah try keeping a constant measure on that, and weakening at what levels will cosmic rays get to?

As I have stated previously this is just another area where we are seeing numbers we have never seen previously. Even at the low solar maximum in 2014 we still had much higher than average cosmic rays.

Here is an article about that and Anton Petrov on his channel ‘What Da Math’ also does a video about this altering heliosphere.

The issues with these measurements it that once again we have no benchmarks .. noting to compare them to. If it reaches a very small size in the next year or so we have no idea of knowing whether this is the smallest in 500 years or more or it was smaller at some point in the last 100 years.

Cosmic rays are just reported once again to get ever higher and now they are claiming a space age record. A key measurement this one because as the Sun stays in its lulls longer the higher these measurements go and if they get much higher it will be an issue in more ways than one.

If the Sun remains spotless for another 6 months .. a year .. two years .. ten years .. then how high will these things go?

In the absence of all these records what you have to do is make an estimated guess and the best way to achieve this is to see if there are a series of events that could be linked together to give us an obvious answer.

There is. Quite a few in fact. But it still does not tell us what will happen in the next 50 years, though there are theories about this and I do personally believe these theories.

What we can tell is that for the next 7 years it has to get cooler overall and the weather is already doing that which I predicted it would.

Bizarrely the AGW cult did not predict any of this weather but now attributing this to man-made global warming. Its completely off the chain nonsense and just evidence in their own words over and over and over again just how desperate they are. They so desperately want AGW to be a real thing or to be able to keep people convinced it is real.

This does not help people and nor does it help animals or the environment.

My oldest statement about all this to get the point across to people was this one ..

‘If you put all your eggs in one basket and you get it wrong .. your actions will have serious and inevitable consequences’

Oddly enough causing the very damage they claim to be about preventing?!

I never dreamed in a thousand years that I could go onto social media and actually find a scary amount of people that actually dismissed all the data that I had researched.


Nor could I have ever imagined that some of these people would be so-called scientists nor so desperate to convince others of something never been proven by lying and stating it HAS been proved when it never has.

Literally while writing this one calling himself ‘Joe Davis’ has done exactly that and claimed that volcanoes are not responsible or increasing. Despite showing him various graphs that show that they are and they only monitor 20% of them. If that!

He has been shown the same graphs, reports and scientific papers over and over and over again. Go insane if you show them a tabloid article claiming its not science. Then actually show you a tabloid article because it says what they want to hear. A few minutes ago it was the Washington Post.

One of the two following posts are going to deal with something else that has been bothering me for a few months now.

Something I have been fascinated with for years and something that I was on top of when I found my own evidence that showed it was not CO2 back around the year 2000.


Here is something on that space-age record low for sunspots ..


Do not even know what country I am in any longer.

A common thought I have as I make my way around dealing with several pains and God knows what else is .. if someone had told me as a child what was awaiting me in my adulthood .. I would have thrown myself off the first bridge I found!

Been lied to for years and left to suffer over money by one major party.

Screwed over by the other over money and in favour of other people who are not very nice and mostly not deserving of anything.

Cannot even begin to explain how that feels and they have done this to my family, my daughter too as well as me.

Everyone that even gets to discover half the details are completely stunned at what they discover and many leftists have totally and utterly failed tp pick up on my motivation.


Could never side with the leftists today as this means being dishonest and pushing false information as facts and I would rather face a firing squad than do this.

Was asked by Age UK not long ago to lie to the DWP. Cannot do that.

DWP and an incompetent HMCTS Judge treated me as a liar. Oddly they have done the same to my daughter and even my grandchildren .. all to save money. No support as we are not the right .. types.

This is not been lost on a friend of mine who was a social worker for over 20 years who consistently tells me I have the life from hell and the way I have been treated is abysmal.

He never believed my harsh warning but has since realised, as so many others have, that even before starting this blog .. I was right. Him and his teacher girlfriend, African I might add, have even talked about fleeing the UK. As have others.

Never forget hearing Nigel Farage talk on the BBC’s HardTalk years back. Loved what he had to say and told everyone I know to listen to him.

I pushed and pushed about him everywhere I could.

My life for over a decade has been one catastrophe after another and each time I have planned to do something .. something .. or someone .. has come along and wrecked it.

Sometimes these come in quick successions as they did the last week I talk about in my last post.

Then just when I think that we are heading for something it all goes astray .. then astray again .. and then astray some more.

  • Nigel Farage leaves UKIP who then seem to be in a mess
  • Then he stops talking about the things that made him popular
  • Gets a job at LBC, do not even get me started on that one
  • Then starts up the Brexit Party, hated the name
  • Then lets a load of Tories in I thought was a bit odd
  • Boris Johnson becomes PM ..
  • Like I stated he starts talking about deals .. as if suddenly privy to some information
  • Information I have suspected for some time and tagged all this #ProjectDistraction
  • Then he pulls candidates out of the elections
  • This pissed me off no end and left me and others shaking our heads
  • Then at the 11th hour they all flee with a video promoting the Tories

Now the wind just left my sails of late and then I had another series of catastrophes to go along with that the last week.

Lost all interest in the General Election .. and my fears that we were being played started to look like I was right .. AGAIN?!

Its almost like they are asking themselves ..

How do we keep our jobs while at the same time scuttle the ship named Brexit?”

Then you have the Labour Party made up of fake socialists who promote violence, anitsemitism and are biased in favour of others over their own.

Those that follow Jeremy Corbyn have no farcking idea of what a socialist system is and as soon as they feel its effects most will live to regret being such naïve fools.

You know you do not get to own anything, right? ANYTHING!

Nice phones? Gone.

Nice cars? Gone!

And so on and so forth!

Heard two friends in the street earlier as I hobbled back in pain and one asked “Who are you voting for?” and her friend replied “Oh I do not know, I do not trust any of them!”

Heard a socialist on the phone to her mother state “There are now only two white families on this estate and it is not fair. Things have gone way too far.”

They have done nothing but lie, conspire, cheat and worst of all betray their own people and for me its the people that make a country. That is how I see it.

More and more people believe what I stated all along .. that they do not really run the country and are just puppets to puppet masters. Have any of them ever carried out that which they promised?

What is even more worrying is the complete and utter morons willing to betray democracy to have a referendum result overturned which will plunge Britain into a civil war. Superiority Complexes without a shred of intellect but totally amoral and utterly dense.

If I was literally stabbed by two people and the authorities came to me and said “We can let each of them go but only with your say so” my answer would be “No, do not let either of them go”

So WHY would I vote for either of them?

They think everyone is wonderful and human and let a load of people in for years but ..

  • Built no social housing
    • Meaning displacement and who ends up on the streets? Even disabled people
  • Made no improvements to the NHS
  • No improvements to transport, though a new underground line will open soon, or has, that is over a decade overdue and need more
  • No improvements to other services
  • Police seem to have gone backwards and totally incompetent
  • Then you have all the shite that comes with this, gangs, violence, rape and terror attacks
  • This is sooo beyond incompetence its almost as if ..
  • They want the country to collapse or descend into civil war?
  • But they complain they are not paid enough though, eh?

Now what is scary about this, as if this was not enough, is just how many people I have been followed by from around the world that think the same things of their countries, or very similar.

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Australia
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland

All these people are living in fear, not to mention Israelis I know that have now fled the UK, of what the future brings and they live in fear of the hard-left they feel are taking over, despite us being in the majority.

Well when you speak to them they ..

  • Lie their asses off
  • Promote lies as truth
  • Truth as lies
  • Oppress
  • Bully
  • Dox You
  • Character Assasinate
  • Report the hell out of you and lie about it
  • On a thread of 50 people only three leftists could see my posts
  • Was reported 7 or 8 times .. but none of them did it
  • They scheme and manipulate
  • They are antisemitic

As far as that last one goes I find this odd. They call everyone Nazis but they dislike the Jews and support others that also dislike the Jews and would like to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Not sure it was Goebbels that said ‘accuse others of that you are guilty’ Well these people do this all the time and many times each and every day.

They are Nazis and are vary, very scary no doubt all planned out by the likes of John McDonnell, despicable human being, Momentum and even the likes of Hope Not Hate.

Do not know who is worse, then or the EU right now?

Then there is the flip-flopping. Corbyn wants out of the EU .. then sounds unsure .. for the longest time .. then he does not.

Fires someone for being anti-Semitic who must be confused as he was recently posted about on various social media for telling Iran TV that “Israel has no right to exist”

Quite how he has followers is beyond me.

But like many say there has been a lot of indoctrination going on. The Puppeteers require their pawns for success and what better to acquire a lot of stupid, naïve and easily led ones?

Even a socialist I know is beginning to realise its all about indoctrination and she was prey to it a long time ago, standing out with the SWP tabloid in the ice and snow. Evil leftists telling her she is right all the time. Clever use of psychology.

You are encouraged into the socialist was by them putting your arm around you and telling you constantly that you are right. They rely on the Dunning-Kruger Effect to do their work for them after that.

The problem with the socialists today is in the difference they have with the Nazis from World War 2.

Because a bunch of middle-class white people blame their own for everything and want them to pay but never themselves. Innocent people, I might add.

They have this attitude that everyone is equal, when they are not and that is down to culture, and then single people out they dislike, which was mostly white men but now anyone white that is not themselves. N ice people. And it gets worse.

They have a funny idea about punishment. Was to let people off for heinous acts performed in recent time but then want to lock people up or ruin them over something they said a decade or more ago.

I have not been happy with the way this country has been run for a long, long time and it has gotten worse. Hated Labour under Blair and do not like the Conservatives because of the lies and obsession with money. They have both screwed over people with disabilities and it infuriates me no end when Corbyn idiots insist that austerity was started by the Conservatives. No it was Tony Blair and I have a conversation about this with a psychiatrist while he was in power.

They had quietly taken away disability to all those suffering with mental health problems and I was told not even the psychiatrists were told

Having a lifetime of horror knowing full well you have been screwed over by both sides is not a nice place to be. Especially when those horrors would prove to be more than unbearable for most. It is a miracle that I am still in the land of the living and am asked often how I have managed to survive. My answer is a simple ..

I do not know”

However, that being said I know my numbers, something that socialist after socialist does not who seem to think you can just make numbers up out of your ass. Or they eye a money-pot they think will still be available to them once you have your socialists system in place. Except you do not

Any manufacturing of anything decent will not make money to pay the taxes required .. mostly because you get to own very little on a socialist system. So thats money lost. So it would be sold overseas. Probably by the government.

Not only do you have sales go down but you also have ‘research & development’ goes down. Eventually you lose out to the competition overseas.

The only hard-left country that now seems to be getting grips on this, and it has taken them a very long time, is China.

China has a human right issue, a Hong Kong issue and many are not happy.

China is also a very big country with a lot of varied landscapes and a lot of people. It is not Britain and remember .. it has taken them a long, long time to get to where they are now.

Just do not see how firms in a socialist system can compete when you have almost all over countries with a capitalist system. You could count on one hand the things available out of Russia and China years ago.

The issue is not us needing to acquire more cash its the sheer waste of it in the UK from not fixing people sick or broken so they can operate to their full potential .. but also the growing number of people that get, despite not deserving, of salaries while sitting on their arse.

Its therefore been no shock to me that I have predicted a collapse for a very long time, before anyone else, and see it finally arrive. Well maybe a little.

Talk of getting rid of the Primary Care Trusts? Did not happen.

Talk of reforming the DWP and making it fairer and more efficient? Did not happen.

Talk if improving the NHS? Did not happen.

Talk lately of getting rid of the House Of Lords? Will not happen.

It is staggering to me that all these vastly overpaid people get paid to rant and whinge and do nothing but complain they are not paid that much .. for doing nothing and cannot work out the maths.

Meanwhile those that do carry out physical work and in this list are farmers and the fishing industry do things that benefit people and struggle.

In a socialist system you end up with an even larger number of people living lives of luxury for doing nothing while the workers slave away to provide this for them.

Jeremy Corbyn has come out with some bonkers ideas that you do not even crunch the numbers to realise will fail.

With no money they are going to increase everything, build loads of houses and shite and make people work less? Does not add up.

At the same time they plan to give criminals £70 per week?


This idiot leader very literally thinks that by appeasing everyone he will just get more votes and he literally thinks, as in ‘1984’, he can prevent people from being individuals and turn them into obedient robot? This has never ended well and normally at the cost of a lot of lives after long periods of suffering.

Corbyn, McDonnell and their naïve followers literally think, once again, you can undo millions of years of evolution in a few years? No .. no you cannot. Funny how they are all big on nature and then totally ignore it when it suits their agenda, no? What they are after is thousands of years away IF it arrives at all.

Then there is the issue of the wrong types of truths being told and what they do to you no matter how high up in their ranks you are. What they did to Sarah Champion MP was just totally disgusting and inhuman.

You can NEVER have any kind os system based on lies. They also need to learn that ‘charity begins at home’.


Even the likes of Tony Robinson, Maureen Lipman and Patrick Stewart have expressed their disillusion publicly, so God knows what they say behind closed doors, eh?

I spent years telling a socialist I am related to, no one she knows agrees with her and most now do not speak to her much, “It is a nice idea if it worked .. but it simply wont work. It does not add up and never has. People are just not built that way”

Even Labour MP, or ex-Labour MP, Margaret Beckett admitted she was a ‘moron’ to vote that all sides in the Labour Party deserve a chance as she regrets Corbyn being leader.

His childish stubborn attitude at refusing to step-down and fending off attempts to get rid of him not only shows the deep psychological issues he has .. but his followers that hate the Tories do not even realise he is so bad he is keeping the Tories in power.

Here was the most previous article concerning Tony Robinson, now only if someone could tell him about the Gilets Jaunes and them protesting right across France, if not most of Europe, against the EU he might shut up over Brexit?


My health has worsened and I have had everything taken away from me. People that know the story are in constant shock and disgust at the system and the way I have been treated and there were saying this to me several years ago before the worst got started. Two African women told me this, a mother and daughter .. “You are treated like a second class citizen by your own country” and they would be shocked if they knew what had gone on since then.

Do not even get me started on the completely bonkers LibDems the leader Jo Swinson sounding crazy, has a husband behind Transparency UK who failed to respond to me years ago and I now realise is linked to the EU.

Here is Reverend Simon Sideways, surprising me, by expressing that he has felt the same way I have been feeling and runs through what has gone wrong, as I have done.

He runs through the Brexit Party problems as well as the Gilets Jaunes in France along with the pensions people get in various European countries to here in the UK.

And here he is talking about how all the politicians are liars at the most crucial time in Britain’s history ..

He is right it IS all a shit show and all because people are naïve or ignorant, suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, all think they have a magic bullet and willing to risk the country they live in. All for not doing their research?

Countries will fall, and ARE falling, all because of the egos or selfish wants of people willing to ignore the facts to get what they want? Certainly seems like it?

Have stated for years that the European Union will fall and recently I have stated that it would be within 3 to 7 years, started that one about 6 months back.

Recently a shocking report came out that the United Nations are nigh on bankrupt and not paying staff?

The trouble with these governments and services that rely on the people and the flow of money and taxes is keeping it going when it all goes wrong. They have been trying to hide this for years but absolutely everyone I know personally sees it.

The Gilets Jaunes have been protesting for more than 56 weeks now, in the UK I know groups that have protested for 6 months. Never in modern history have so many protests gone unanswered or ignored.

The Gilets Jaunes have burned countless EU flags but the News Media is not allowed to report on that via something they call a ‘D Notice’, is something. You might want to consider what else the mainstream news is not telling you?

Google, as I stated since 2016, is in on the censorship and oppressing of information game but you can find videos of Gilets Jaunes burning EU flags on YouTube. Somethign that the far-left seem have totally missed and then totally ignore.

Time and time again the hard-left show not only their stupidity but also their unwillngness to accept very obvious facts and this goes from Identity Politics though evolution, weather reports, weather predictions (both for global warming), sciences from geology, astrophysics, seismology, volcanology and many others besides. It is almost like if they pretend it is not happening then it is really not happening.

Here are the Gilets Jaunes in Brussells ..

Here they are in Montpellier ..

Paris, I believe ..

Toulouse ..

The list goes on and on and on social media I have posted protests from Germany, Belgium, Holland and many others besides.

But the EU is such a wonderful instuition and obviously have run things so very well that they have had the biggest and longest running protests against them in history.

And yet the hard-left and remainers defend them as if they were God himself? It is utter lunacy or as I stated many, many people are just very naïve with a few with vested interests.

In my opinion native British people have been screwed over by their own and now I cannot see it going any other way than a civil war and I have stated this for a few years now. Only back then, was asked a lot about this, I thought it was many years away yet.

I do not think that any more .. but I did used to ask .. would Britain be the first?

So its should be strange, should it not, that France kick off with the largest and longest running protests when it is Britain that has been trying to get out?

So I sit in my house of horrors living a nightmare and I cannot see a way out as I am stopped by a large number of people and organisations at every opportunity.

My condition is even known as the ‘suicide disease’ and I can see why. Oddly I do not believe I have much more than 5 years anyway. My father and Uncle both died in their mid-fifties not knowing they had the same condition. They were scared of Doctors, my father was not even registered with one.

Only I am far worse than they were and likely because I was involved in a bad car accident back when I was just 13 years old. While blacked out rolled over a bonnet, up a windscreen and onto the roof of a Peugeot 504 Estate before ending up on the tarmac. That is what I was told when I came around.

This condition was missed, possibly, then lied about, definitely, and then ignored over 16 years and I kid you not. Five GP Surgeries and five hospitals.

Always stated this is because it is not a household name and if not they can save a great deal of money. It is not something like cancer or diabetes or even multiple sclerosis and most have not heard of it.

On this list of the most painful conditions several times with Fibromyalgia, something that feels like a heart attack, though not lately, frozen shoulder that prevents me from getting about with my own camera equipment, back pain from dodgy discs a chiropractor spotted the NHS also then ignored. Not including my anxiety, memory problems and skin conditions.

Another person I know who is a Labour voter but wont vote for them sent mt this recent article of the most painful conditions in The Sun tabloid.

Now remember by daughter has Fibromyalgia and another condition she has of Trigeminal Neuralgia is also in the list. Her cervical cancer is not.


I need help. I had three ways out of my predicament, as all others had failed.

    • Using social media to get the numbers up to my blogs and get the money moving
    • Or to show to the, by then .. or now, many followers that I was being screwed over by social media companies and have someone ake them to court
    • Or perhaps something else would arise .. but that ship has sailed
    • That ship has now sailed and within weeks of hearing this one ..
    • After the screw ups above now wont win an election or come anywhere near changing politics as they promised

So you can understand if I am not feeling to great about my prospects?

Also of interest when it comes to socialism is this link ..


More of my horror story with Police recordings in this link ..


Along with the above .. a long running series against CO2 being behind climate change they obviously do not want me talking about either along with the last one ..


The last one I did in the series, which went above 26 parts I believe .. is this one ..


Now I have to go out and do something extremely embarrassing to help me hold onto the few marbles I have left.

Not really feeling myself the last 24 hours and I wonder if people will pick up on it on social media?

Oddly I have closing in on, if not now surpassing despite the censorship stick, 12,000 followers and even the two people I talk to regularly, who know where I am at, ask me ..

“I cannot believe you are not making money yet or had any offers of help?”

I can only answer “I know but maybe I am just close? Maybe just another month and something might happen?”

Do not want to be in this building with these three people if my numbers comes up, or worse still, I become immobile!

Unable to do any of the things I enjoy .. watch movies, the ones leftists have not destroyed. Play games and that has been over a year. Listen to music which I did manage to start doing a few months back and normally always have headphones on while out. Did not yesterday and will not today.

Really do not like feeling like this.

Well back from a crap and rough journey back and along with the foreboding I had to hold my walking-stick across my back while under my elbows to stop the pain.