Little something on the history and the Fagradalsfjall volcano

For Several years now the data has been telling me Global Cooling will occur, volcanoes are going to increase and a Grand Solar Minimum is upon us

This morning I hear something from someone in #Iceland and Did a little research .. oddly missing from one page but not another

“Fadradalsfjall mountain is a Pleistocene table mountain in the Reykjanes Peninsula NE of Grindavik, and the remnant of a subglacial eruption during the latest glaciation”

But been trying to work out how bad, how cold, how long and the current reports from animals to science are telling me .. possibly worse than Maunder Minimum

That last glaciation is the Younger Dryas Ice-Age and now I am more concerned that I was previously

Factor in how, after years of the experts that you pay for to tell you these things lying to you and stated otherwise, volcanoes are increasing, Etna has gone off many times and La Soufriere has erupted to high-levels many times, around 10, may do for the next month and many others are too.

Now then .. I have been trying to educate people for the longest time and though I have reached people and people are appreciative of it, it has not been enough.

Look at the world .. look at your country. The same mistakes over and over again.

If you take the average person out there and agree that the average person is naïve, stupid or amoral or a combination of any of those three then consider this ..

How many more are there out there more naïve, more amoral and more stupid?

There are those that love drama and those that love to panic. There are those that love to boss others around too.

This has not been missed and this has been capitalised on.

  • Play to Power
  • Play to Greed
  • Play to Fear

If you do not want to be controlled and manipulated by others using deceit then you should not be deceitful yourself. You have to ignore those three things if you want to be immune to the manipulation.

I have one and others get annoyed with them, many refuse to have anything to do with them and they are constantly using the panic and fear of covid to draw attention to themselves.

What annoys others is that for 20 years they have always disagreed with me, me a genius scientist and they not educated at all. What annoys me is that those that get annoyed with her for always disagreeing with me end up doing it themselves and get proved wrong.

OF course the latest one is covid and the vaccines which has played out now exactly as I stated it would when I stopped posting a series on it 8 or 10 months ago because I knew the official lines on it was bullshit.

The virus appeared as I predicted, though three years earlier than I thought, and then did not play our as I thought and I realised they were lying about it.

I have an analytical mind and factual and I simply had to stop.

Since then they have gone heavy on it while I have had to point out their complete bullshit and as a result of being factual and scientific I have been hidden. A women in Israel I know I spoke to for the first time in months on Twitter and she tells me she thought I had left Twitter a year ago.

Nope .. been there every day.

My daughter informed me she could not see any posts on Facebook after my birthday. So missing around 500 posts then., She even sent me a screen-shot and after I seem to remember have had that particular conversation before?

I am sure when those in power and behind the charade get found out the excuses will be ..’Oh it was for the benefit of mankind, the greater good’?

Yes ..

  • Lying to the people
  • Getting the fake news to lie to the people
  • Screwing up our lives
  • Taking trillions because of lies
  • Screwing up our escapism
  • Allowing the far-left progressives power knowing they would screw everything up and create division because they are amoral fascists
  • Intentionally spreading fear over viruses, climate and WARS
  • While you all continued to lie and line your pockets and maybe even create survival shelters for yourself, just in case, which WE PAID FOR?
  • Yes, yes I am sure the greater good and the benefit of mankind is for a whole bunch or evil, amoral, deceitful UUanchors to survive while leaving innocent people in the dark top their fate?

I had a friend who was always a supporter of the Jews say this to me when I tried to tell him that forcing people to have injections of an untested drug is fascism and the sort of things the Nazis did on the war, experimenting on people and his answer, as a professional socialist, was this ..

“But sometimes you need a bit of fascism”?! And I could not believe my ears.

This was someone that had two nicknames for the socialist I know and used to duck, hide and run with his African girlfriend if they ever saw them while out ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and ‘Satan’s Wife’.

Someone that apologised to me because they thought we were being unkind and over the top about this socialist and then after meeting them a couple of times him and his African girlfriend turned to two of us one day and said ..

“We want to say sorry. We never said but we thought you was all being really horrible about her. But now we have met her a couple of time .. she is WAY WORSE then you described!”

Now I can tell you what this one has done for years that I see them ALL DO ..

  • Claim they are for the workers
  • Claim they are for the poor
  • Claim they are for people of colour
  • Claim they are for disabled people
  • None of the above is true ..
  • Got annoyed with friend with terminal cancer because she went to her house and her ‘friend’ was in hospital
  • Ignored people she knows with cancer and thinks he undiagnosed mild epilepsy is worse
  • Finds two hair in the bath and tells everyone she might have cancer and others say is she still going on about her hair after 30 years?
  • Upon receiving a phone-call from a son’s girlfriend that her son is in hospital she answers “oh I am in bed right now, can you ring me back in the morning”
  • Blows a gasket if it a get-together and they are not the centre of attention
  • Ignores science and goes with political correctness every time
  • Uses manipulative tricks to control people around her
  • Lies constantly
  • Repeats those lies sometime later when she thinks everyone has forgotten they were exposed as lies
  • Thinks everyone should have a say like some Communist committee
  • But when it comes down to it everyone has to agree in the committee with what she says
  • No education of any kind, no skills or training .. nothing

After explaining my debates with socialists online a friend of mine that knows the above person said to me

“My God, all these people sound just like her?!”

They think that things should be how they want them to be to the point of obsession and people in power know this and played to these obsessions.

The fear. The amoral side. The greed.

There are of course other psychological factors ..

  • Dunning-Kruger Effect and was likely massaged to think they are right, I know mine was and I know EXACTLY how they do it
  • The obsession, the commitment and the time involved only makes the above worse and they end up trapped and unable to escape and take absolute beatings over this
  • But this persists because of a group mentality and re-enforcement from each other
  • I have LITERALLY proved statements to be inaccurate and also lies and they LITERALLY continue liking tweets or in this ones case “But HE agrees with me!”
  • Constantly fuelling their confirmation biases on Google searches

I refer back to what I stated earlier .. if the average person is naïve, amoral or an idiot .. how many out there are as bad or worse?

Consider this .. how much has not been learnt, how much has been missed, how many opportunities have not been capitalised on because of this humongous distraction these people have caused and the amount of money, time and effort has been wasted?

The number of dead whales, dolphins, fish and marine life I have seen on beaches has not only been staggering the last two years but increasing.

Been warning and warning and warning about this but they did not listen but supposed to be about the environment?

Literally with one in Israel they all collectively said

“Its an oil spill and therefore we should be put in power to stop using fossil fuels”

  • They have no alternative to fossil fuels
  • You cannot make everyone stop using it across the world
  • More top the point .. I answered ..
  • So from New Zealand to Australia, to Middle-East, to Europe, to Russia, to the UK, to North America and South .. these have all been oil spills, have they?”
  • I myself had been not only telling THEM directly but on this blog and elsewhere that submarine volcanoes would increase along with those on land
  • They said I was both wrong and dumb because no one else was saying this .. because yeah, that’s how science works .., an individual cannot come up with a theory it has to be a communist committee
  • Only now it has, meaning once again I was correct when all the science organisations were wrong
  • They attacked me and falsely claimed I stated that Etna had thrown massive amounts of SO2, Sulphur Dioxide as it COOLS the planet, into the atmosphere
  • Because they HAVE to keep the warming narrative going, despite claiming to be about the science
  • After all getting angry and attacking me for predicting that the Geldingadalur volcano would erupt when experts said it would not ..
  • La Soufriere I was watching erupted and has had 10 high-level eruptions producing a big cloud of SO2 which stretches from South America to Africa
  • This was literally weeks after they were trying to talk down Etna, my predictions and still state I was wrong and nothing was happening and everyone should focus on CO2
  • What do these socialist scientists say now after 54 of my predictions in 27 months have been proven accurate when they use Galileo to complain no one listens to them?
  • Well apparently with my 54 predictions and every one of their failing I am STIIL WRONG and they are STILL RIGHT
  • No I am not joking with that last one

Think about this for a moment ..

They constantly use dead people in either science and politics and claim they would agree with them and I have to use quotes to expose they are lying.

They whine that no one listened to Galileo Galilei about this ONE THING.

Then someone comes a along with well over 50 predictions and over 27 months 54 of them have proven correct and outside of Trump not remaining as President, none have been wrong.


And these alarmists and socialist scientists do not like this and constantly attack me, ridicule me and mass report me to get me off Twitter.

They have been down four other profiles of mine too. Often leaving messages or gleaning information they can post on Twitter to scare me.

Does this sound like the actions of someone you can trust?

Does it sound like the actions of someone into science?

Does it sound like the actions of someone into the facts?

Do they sound like the actions of people trying to save the lives of people and animals?

I should point out that its these people that have pushed for more lock-downs, pushed for forced vaccinations and defended these untested drugs and lying health authorities like the NHS.

The ones that did not want to ground aircraft because it was racist and said it was just like the flu but now using to to spread fear?

Does all that not sound just a wee bit more than a little funky to you?

These people are fascists and not interested in you at all. Even Lauren Chen released a video titles something along the lines of “Dear Asians, the Left are Not Your Friends”

I never thought I would live to see evil quite like this and a group of fascist supremacists projecting those things onto others to inch their agendas forward and follow in the footsteps of the Nazi’s in Germany from the 1920’s and 1930’s but that is exactly what it is.

Called it and hash-tagged it #ProjectDistraction all along and I have always maintained that I believe they have known what I do and maybe even more than I do.

That all the craziness around the world has been a huge distraction so that we do not see the bigger picture and what is going on.

People are narrow minded as many will focus on ..

  • Hollywood Elites
  • Lying double-crossing politicians
  • Covid
  • AGW (though this has now reduced to about 10% and dropping .. FACT)
  • Vaccines
  • Wokeness
  • Supply and Food
  • Jobs
  • Money
  • Brexit that is never ending
  • Suspect Elections
  • Collapsing EU
  • the list goes on

Of course there is my other theory that the changes around the Earth, energy, atmospherics, Schumann Resonance, magnetosphere .. is making everyone crazy? It certainly is having effects on animals.

What is important is getting it right.

Lets review just a small part here to see if we can get people to think ..

I mentioned the dead whales and dolphins?

There has been far more whales than dolphins .. here as the possibilities ..

  • Magnetic Field: Navigation ..
  • Submarine Volcanoes: Toxins ..
  • Toxins will affect smaller creatures first and these wont be affected by magnetic fields
  • Whales feed on the smaller creatures while dolphins larger like fish
  • If plankton, shrimp and krill die off, and these are VERY susceptible to water quality, then it would explain why there are so many whales and no so many dolphins
  • What about sharks?
  • Well I got a shock when a dead Whale Shark washed up
  • Now go and look up what a Whale Shark feeds on

Here is a webpage where they are warning mariners in the Caribbean now to watch out for those submarine volcanoes I warned about for more than two years.

With the Smithsonian Institute and USGS (who argued and lost with me) stated was not happening while suspiciously not updating their graphs for years ..

Also I should add that along with the coldest winters in a swathe of the world and the coldest March in years and currently an April colder than March and four months with a rise in global temperatures which are now at -0.01C, it looks like another drop, no?

Remember people have been asked “How dare you” by Greta Thunberg, her parents being opportunistic communists and Antifa, who herself was going on about reaching +2.0C .. and then it seems to change to +1.5C as it was no rising as fast as they claimed?

Well first off it Roman Times it was actually around +3.5C, give or take, without any cars of Industrial Revolution and with the latter I have al;ready proven using animal movements that no rise in temperature was started by the industrial revolution. As have two teams of scientists in China.

Remember .. it was around +3.5C in Roman times and its been warmer before that too and now after 300 years of exponential warming and the fake news telling us, no they really did this, that each place in the world is heating up twice as fast as everywhere else .. it is now at -0.01C globally.

Yeah that is MINUS.

And this month it has been a record cold Spring in the northern hemisphere in most places and a record cold AUTUMN in Australia complete with snowfall. Snowfall. In Australia. In AUTUMN.

Oddly enough Greta has cancelled her attendance to COP28 in Scotland.

Not over the record cold, record snow drops in global temperatures to negative territory with it looking to drop again. No and nor is it anything to do with the solar minimum now running at over 38 months or the volcanoes popping off that mean it will cool down faster over the next couple of years.

No its to do with covid that virus everyone has known about for 15 months that the leftists all knew about and claimed that everything they had done had worked and they knew what was best for everyone ..

  • ‘Face-masks worked you idiot’
    • Scientists found dangerous chemicals on face-masks
    • Scientists said 3 feet was safe distance not 6
  • ‘Lock-downs worked you idiot’
    • People’s lives being destroyed, people committing suicide, families being torn apart but at least fascists are satisfied?
  • ‘Vaccines work, you right-wing Nazi idiot’
    • I am centre-left but they still insist I am right-wing
    • I only know one person with covid, he lived
    • I only know of one covid related death, cause by a blood-clot weeks after given the Astrozeneca jab and YES in the UK
    • Strains in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Israel and others not affected by vaccines, said to have all originated in Brazil, P1 or P2, don’t care, or something ..
    • So lock-downs worked then, EHHHHH?!
  • Was one 95 year old Asthmatic lady I know that ..
    • Had it
    • Then didn’t have it
    • Then did have it and was not going to survive the night
    • Then didn’t have it
    • Then did have it and at this point the family was in pieces
    • Then didn’t have it again, wanted the family to pick her up who had children and then when they didn’t they dumper her outside the care home after it was locked up and left their all night
    • Your sincerely the NHS and P.S. Please think about how hard and caring we are when it comes to your lives after lying to patients and refusing treatments for decades while we find the time to post videos of us doing dance routines while holding dead bodies while you stand outside lined up up and down the street clapping for us like a bunch of trained Seals from a Circus .. oh and do not come into hospital for anything to help us save money from the taxes you paid us for half a century .. TOODLES!

And people I know after not believing me for years that the NHS not only lie their asses off but do not care then realised I was right, moaned about them for the last year .. moaned about the adverts telling you to not bother them and save the NHS .. because that’s how it works ..

Then all start believing them about a vaccine they can neither see, test or have any test results too because there aren’t any or not anywhere NEAR enough.

Amoral? Stupid? Poopy pants?

These are people that watch a disaster movie and go mad at the screen at survivors acting like idiots out of fear .. now acting like idiots and saying very STUPID things out of fear.

Mankind? Well it EVER learn?

Oh oh oh but they heard it on the news ..

Here is a video for and shows La Soufriere and you can count eight high-level eruptions and there has since been another one in the day and one at NIGHT.

See what I did there? Yeah this video is in the DAY .. and 8 with another in the day being 9.

I know of one since this video at night. Have there been any others at NIGHT?

Do you own an Apple iPhone?

Have you seen they have just been fined in Chile for sabotaging phones they charge you a thousand for that costs them 100? Do you think Google are not doing shit too?

Do you think the authorities you have funded with your taxes are being honest with you?

NASA, NOAA, USGS, Smithsonian Institute, Professor Brian Cox, Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, Potholer, Rob Honeycutt and Professor Katherine Hayhoe have all been proven wrong by me. In all manner of ways.

I had a literal purge which along with a series of illnesses and pain that had people freaking out so I did a Covid test and was tested NEGATIVE .. I have been slow because there was a burst ..

After Iceland and then again over other things like La Soufriere, Etna, Global Temperatures I had a flurry of followers on Twitter.

Several came to me and said .. and remember I have science groups and science websites that are involved and talk top me now ..

“I have been hearing stories about you .. I have been told of this guy that has an absolutely shocking and flawless record in his scientific predictions”

The socialist scientist alarmists spends every single day now trying to tell everyone ..

  • He never made any predictions
  • His predictions were all wrong
  • Never produce the tweets not even ONE when I challenge them
  • His blog is full of pseudoscience
  • Insist climate science is a science

Yeah lets get something straight .. or a few things straight about science ..

  • Science is a process of discovery
  • It involves theory and testing
  • At the heart of science its LITERALL scepticism
  • Climate Scientists do not have much more than 10% of the data
  • Climate Scientists do not even have the correct climate models, keep creating new ones and you need QUANTUM COMPUTING to even do the calculations ONCE you have worked them out
  • With missing data you have it guess and hence why they have all failed
  • If you guess and claim you are correct that is the very ESSENCE of Pseudoscience, go look it up on ANY dictionary site
  • Ergo technically speaking climate science is not yet a science and likely decades away from being one

So there you have it.

You should be able to take from this and the other 50 plus parts that I get my stuff fairly accurate and that those that you listen to with the alarmists, Greta, the fake news media and socialists are completely dishonest and they have lied.

How and why is up to others to find out, despite my theories. I cannot do it all.

When they call you a ‘denier’ or anyone else they are rejecting the very core of science. When they ignore the facts, results and conclusions they are cherry-picking hacks and frauds because they want you under their control.

Will leave it with what I said to Friends Of Science and some of their followers two days before Geldingadalur in Iceland erupted after I had just told them it cannot last more than three days ..

The energy from the Sun has altered and altering down from the atmosphere including the magnetic field while the energy from the core of the Earth has also altered and heading up.

We are being squeezed in the middle, we are seeing the effects and no one knows what its going to do”

I have done a pretty good job I admit but NO ONE .. is more surprised at this than I am.

Kirk OUT!


Forgot to add this .. Dr Roy Spencer ex-NASA and climatologist and possibly behind the UAH readings? Yeah they don’t like him now and attack him .. bunch of nobodies attack him. But anyway he is what he is and here is that -0.01C negative global temperatures as the news wont tell you ..