Well I had to cancel an appointment today about my Groin Pain where I had an Inguinal Hernia Repair and re-book it.

I saw a button stating ‘View All Referrals’ and clicked it. I saw a Foot Specialst Appointment was still to be made that I never heard or even KNEW about so booked it.

I then went to PRINT it out when I realise it had listed a GP Surgery that I walked away from about 4 years ago?!

The normal opinions, edits and ususal humour, if any as per normal, lol.




Well it just gets stranger and stranger…

Here we are with the latest screen shot of my Blogs, or most of them, from Blogger…

7 Followers on Corruption blog since 22nd August 2012 and yet over 15,000 visitors.

Here on WordPress I have had…

18 Followers since 22nd April 2013 out of only 272 visitors?!

But the visitors over in Blogger are like 1,000 per week and rising?!

Total bonkers madness and I think that these organisations have been messing and manipulating the numbers so much and thinking about the money that they now have no idea what they are doing and making it look damn obvious they are up to no good, lol.

\it simply is quite stunning in my opinion how this has gone on and so many organisations have become so obssessed with money and power they never look over their shoulders or indeed clean up after themselves.

To me it is arrogance and ignorance towards the global general public, no wonder they try to ‘get in’ with countries who like to control their people, lol?!

Hmm his name IS Schmidt?! LMAO! Or as I like to refer to him as Shidt!

Oddly it is this treating everyone as stupid I find most amusing, but not perplexing, as it always turns out it is THEY who are stupid on a collosal scale too!

What also makes me laugh is that these tools are used by writers to try and make money because of another industry, publishing and literature, which to my mind has been screwed up by nad Literary Agents and Lazy Publishing Houses. I mean I am sitting on three books I have written and it has been a year since I have last approached any Literary Agents as regards to signing a contract. Two are on THIS very subject.

Despite me having had 23,000 visitors and rising at over 1,000 per week I have no thoughts nor plans to approach any anytime soon either!

I DO KNOW, however, that there is ONE agent that follows my corruption blog and has doe for 6 months now and follows me on Twitter, lol.

A series of court cases anyone?!




Right well here you are a screen shot of four clicks I have had!!

Now it took me awhile to figure out the whos who but this was the first program I joined about two weeks ago. But I did not hook up an ad straight away!

I took a few days to look through the various merchants and in parrticular the industries they cater for. To see who I would be best partnered with as it is a mutally benefiting arrangement. Also the ones I also know and trust too.

So somewhat interesting that I expected to go in this morning and see no clicks but actually see four registered?!

In theory if I had attributed all available space to these people, Affiliate Window, I could have amassed 16 clicks in a week?!?!

While Adsense has managed 37 in nine months?!?!

Even with just the one advert block its my estimation that Affiliate Window will pass Google Adsense in about a months time as thought his might appear to be 16 clicks they rise faster over time as you draw in ever more visitors.

So 4 one week might be 5 or even 10 the next week and the third week might be 6 or 15.

Diffilcult to say right now but the average weekly visitors climb with each month so should the number of clicks and ther number of eventual purchases.

Funny thing is I have just realised that when someone goes to a site from you and if they then buy something then from then on they are a member.

So in effect you only are going to get paid from the ones that only click over to their site from yours so the vast majority will be new customers.




Well as you can see from the text on the picture the Adsense clicks have dropped off since I took all their ads off they placed on their and broke several of their own rules!

Now the number of clicks is not moving at all and I will keep a watch on this.

However I do have something interesting to tell about this and that this is that a single and SOLITARY advert linking to one affiliate program has registered FOUR CLICKS in less than a week.

Now bare in mind that Google’s Adsense could not produce this with SIX adverts in TWO WEEKS?!?!

I would also go as far as stating that Erik Shidt and friends are now looking to have wasted a whole year of my time!

Ooh Mr Shidt, not good…not good at all!!



I dunno….maybe it is just me but it does seem like blog writers are and probably have been for sometime…ripped off?!

It seems the rewards do not come from any particular content but rather only down to the frequency of input. I have fourteen blogs and it was inevitable that from time to time some would get…neglected. Though with one this continued for a great deal longer than I had anticipated.

When I stopped putting input in the blog I had just 8 viewers and a period exceeding 12 weeks has passed since that day and it still reads 8 visitors?! In 12 weeks not a single visitor stumbles across that blog?!

This can only mean that, despite your long list of acronyms, including things like SEO, there is more going on here than they tell you. Which really renders all that reading, research and book purchases pretty much a waste of money if all these authors have failed to tell you about the most important factor for a blog writer.

So you would think that if you did ten posts in one day would therefore be the polar opposite of neglect?! Well NO!

So it seems You only reap the rewards of your own workload up to a certain point. If you get higher placed in search engines, which should NOT be how they work by the way, due to the fact that you post three times a week you do not get any higher by posting ten times a week, well whatever the cut off figure is, but you do get a penalty for not posting.

Hmm that seems somewhat hypocritical of them! So to me it looks like…

It appears to bloggers that the more work they do the better or faster it will be before they reap the rewards but its not true and its only Google that get the rewards!

If anyone else who hosts does something similar I cannot say with certainty. But consider that Google get money as part of your work and if you work a great deal there is a point beyond that which Google get 100% of your rewards.

Whether this changes over time, like when they realise you might cotton on and change something, I do not know. But when I went into my LAYOUTS to place HTML from my new Affiliate Programs I found something like SIX GOOGLE ADSENSE adverts on each of my blogs and there were only three that I placed on there?!

Weird. What do you say to that Erik Schidt?!

I roared with laughter when he said he was perplexed at the public’s and governments opinions of him not paying corporation taxes?!

Is this guy for REAL?! Perplexed?! LMAO!!! What a complete MORON! Huh, yes I wonder why Erik Shidt?! But hey, he made his money from a blank page, one search field and a stupid name so I should not expect too much, lol.

Ooh typos….ummm NO!





Meaning to look at doing this for sometime but needed enough data to be able to do it and I lost some early figures I had.

I MAY be able to access these early figures and extend the charts but in all honesty I did not expect to see what I did?!

I did this for 7 blogs in all of which four are displayed here and in all honesty the lines make no sense.

Now if you take the corruption one alone there are a great many subjects and some will be inevitable more popular than others but there is NO evidence of this on the corruption blog chart and nor indeed are there any of the other line charts?!

I thought I had done something wrong?!?!

These are just too uniform and I know thre have been several times when I have posted about a topic that was hot news at the time just to see this spike.

I think that Google are picking and choosing how your blog is discovered in searches lol.

Peculiar at any rate.

The line should gradually become steeper as it moves from left to right….mm just had a thought I might know what it is I will need to go and look.



Well, well, well.

It seems that this drug I have been prescribed is like nothing I have ever taken before!

I have spent to days feeling quite euphoric and somewhat high as a kite with the added feeling of being very tired and shying to nod off?!

A fair contrast to but being able to get to sleep a few days back!

This has occurred due to taking 200Mg of the drug over a few hours. Originally I was taking 100Mg at night and the only difference I noticed was not bring able to get to sleep. As the letter stated to up the fuse after 4 days and I was on day 6 I upped it myself!

This is the drug Gabapentin.

So for two days or more I have felt this increasingly if feeling and growing euphoria. Yesterday I took one around 9am and another about midday and from about 1pm.

Today I was up really as I feel asleep early last night. So I took one around 7pm then again around 10pm.

If I had taken 300Mg as I was first told to I have no idea how this would have effected me. The effects, or rather side effects may be the same across the board no matter what the disagrees is our the heavier the dose the worse they would be?!

Just have no idea, lol. Just hope that this current feeling dies down and I do seem to be convinced that for the first time every I have s drug that did something,  lol.

Very weird this feeling as I am so used to pain.

I have nodded off several times while typing this and my molar tooth is killing me every time I try to drink any liquids?!

So tomorrow I am going to have to tear strips off dentist as this is getting too much and I am not able to enjoy doing anything at all lol.

Surely soon I will finally be PAIN FREE?!

I do seen to be finally getting somewhere at coming last?! That roll be a very strange day if I ever reach it and referring to this event as a milestone just would not do the dirty justice! Lol.

Soldiering On.



Well this one speaks for itself….

On recording was told starting dose of 300 and would be raised to 900mg.

Starting dose of eithe epilepsy or neuropathic pain IS 300 to 900mg.

After stating I was going to shout at the GP for CHANGING what the pain management guy stated I open an unmarked envelope that had been sitting around for several days to find yet ANOTHEr two page letter stapled back to front and inaccuracies and things stated differently to what they were stated on the day?!

So someone is INTERCEPTING the letters before reaching me then?!