It seems that Graphene is about to be joined by two or three others, I am trying to remember the third, that is going to revolutionise things.

The first of these is metallic hydrogen. Something that has long puzzled me about hydrogen and its relationships, or rather place, on the periodic table.

Under extreme pressures someone now claims to have … coerced hydrogen into its shiny metal state for the first time. The rather impressive claims are that metallic hydrogen could conduct electricity over long distances without dissipation. Plus high powered magnets like those used in MRI machines would not require liquid helium to cool them down to a temperature where they become operational because they would actually operate at room temperature.

Also they could use this metallic hydrogen to produce humongous amounts of energy and it will be extremely interesting to hear just how this pans out down the road.

Though being held at these extreme pressures there exists a theory that if they release the pressure they hydrogen will remain in its metal like state? Stunning. Revolutionary if true.

Quite how they will go about trying to gain stability is something of a puzzle and one that I am keen on finding out, hopefully in the not too distant future?

Considering that this could revolutionise the way we explore space this alone stands to make very,, very big changes in what we can achieve and along with single atom thick carbon being stronger then steel … the mind truly boggles at what both of these things can do in the way of changes to science?

But how about a third?

Hmm … this ones is Berkeley?

OK so they have produced a metal with some very strange properties and, would you believe, abilities?

Anyone seen and remember Star Trek IV The Voyage Home? Do you recall what they needed to fit the Klingon ship with to take the whales into the future with them? Do you remember what Scotty provided the company with to acquire the plates? Transparent aluminium. Yeah … it kinda goes something like that … with a twist. Yes this metal is transparent and yet that is at a certain temperature otherwise it looks like … well, metal?!

What kind of alchemy and voodoo magic is this?

It gets better as this metal has the strange ability to conduct electricity without heat?! Alchemists I tell yah!

In one single day I read about metallic hydrogen that conducts electricity without dissipation and vanadium oxide that conducts electricity without heat? Just … HOW?! How in the world am I reading about two breakthroughs in the same day?!

Holy Moley!

Ahh … but there is that name again … Berkeley. Were they not the university that was behind that … Waterseer … thingey? The device that collects water that is not there to begin with that acquired many thousands in funding? Debunked very easily by the man with the loud feet?

If true my mind races with the possibilities of combining these to metals for various functions previously impossible of even combine them with Graphene for other tricks previously impossible.

Since Graphene exploded into the scientific community my mind has wondered how this could be implemented in the creation of computer chips like Central Processing Units or Graphic Processing Units.

The lithography, or width of the pipelines and, supposedly, transistors in computer chips have reached a … kind if brick wall or are not very far away from it. I have watched as they have shrunk down from sizes way bigger than 130 nanometres to now just 14 nanometres in size. It was predicted that getting below 10 nanometres would be tricky to impossible due to the impurities of silicon. The chips would just fracture with any current running through them.

I fact I have expected to start hearing of people’s chips frying through even the lightest over-cocking of the chips after a time and for this to start becoming a common thing. Time will tell on that one.

It is interesting reading about both AMD and Intel claiming to have chips with a lithography of just 7 nanometres in a little over a year from now at some point during 2018. I strongly believe now that Graphene and maybe some other newly discovered material in combination with Graphene with CPUs and GPUs at smaller than 7 nanometres in size. Or maybe they already are but I just have not read about it yet?

I think about the possibilities of creating a much more efficient way of converting the suns light into electricity and how this along with the previous three things combined would just change the very face of the scientific landscape along with what we could do and achieve in just 5 to 10 years?!

Mind blowing.

You know the more I think about these things and the more things that seem to materialise I am wondering of there is some reason behind this explosion of scientific discoveries and wonder what things will be like in the next decade?!

Exciting times ahead, me thinks.

Once the largest companies along with those that are at the cutting edge of technologies and their associated industries get their own rights to work with these things I bet there are people beavering away with theories they are putting to the test? Thinking of ways they can combine all of these three things with anything else discovered in recent times.

Huge leap forward like this leading to technologies and machines that are a huge leap forward also leads to even more discoveries.

I wonder how long it will be before companies have light weight be strong mining ships that start going out to the asteroid belt and in time even the Kuiper Belt mining for things to bring back to Earth?

Just look at each thing in turn logically …

  • You can build both much stronger along with much lighter craft

  • You now have something that produces far more energy than anything we have had previously

  • We can now conduct electricity far more efficiently and so need less energy, except we can now produce far more energy that we have before, see above bullet point

  • Go farther, faster while being stronger and not being taken down by micro meteors and such like

These are just points off the top of my head without sitting down and trying to apply these new materials and technologies to other things! I cannot wait to see what people come up with!

Independent Report I dug up on Metallic Hydrogen …


Berkeley Lab and Vanadium dioxide …




Well now it’s fucking reported so it’s now officially!

The DWP have been completely dishonest with their assessing of disabled people and it’s been obvious to me for years.

I have written blog posts about this for well over four years and knew about it long before then.

So yet another of my claims that have turned out to be true years after I posted about it …

Where the hell is my Pulitzer?! Lol.

Anyway … it seems almost by design that I see this tonight…

I have run into a little bit of an issue regarding the DWP and their assessments to do with PIP and a certain … representative I have.

It seems at the moment that a large organisation that does nothing more than help disabled people … legally seem to be saying that my disability, difficulties traveling very far, lack of my own transport and assessments arranged between ten and over twenty miles away and 100 medical symptoms is not enough to refuse to travel to an assessment.

Yup … you read that right … not being able to travel to an assessment is not a good enough reason for refusing to go.

It gets better as I’ve told these people that I’ve always known … that’s KNOWN and not I THINK,  that the DWP and there assessors lie and cheat and even have the proof that extends back in time 5 years or more.

That’s not a good enough excuse either …

If your going to ignore the simple and/or commonly known facts and stick to the DWP’s pathetic rules your not going to help anyone.

Oddly enough it’s the exact same situation I have over ESA and yet they are handling that one?! Confused?!

Added to this my … situation looks set to change very soon they will render the ESA situation a moot point and the PIP situation becomes vital. Very vital!

The one single organisation I could find to actually help me and things are getting … confusing, frustrating and may well be pointless very, very soon.

It’s very, very weird.

It’s almost by design?!

I am looking to be in a position where I get not one, two, three or even half a dozen boosts but dozens?

I was about a year from reaching my first major milestone provided I had a half decent year and plenty of activity and getting about in the Warner months? That onto incudes going to my usual spots with my usual tools.

In a matter of months or even weeks the ranges I will cover and the tools I’ll acquire will expand hugely … and then some.

But in the event that my endeavours get so far but not quite ask the way I may be dependent on help, which my PIP payments, not means tested, would be a big help with until I am at the point I’ve been aiming for, for 6 years.

ESA will probably not be paid and yet the one I currently have they would and should be paid might now be stopped and the solicitors I have, admittedly working my case for free, are refusing to accept my reasons and therefore act on my behalf.

It might turn out differently shortly as admittedly my actual solicitor has been on holiday and had now returned. With that and a detailed report containing a complete breakdown sent to them their decision might change?

I hope I don’t have to write a piece in a few months time detailing how this organisation failed me?

If they both refused flat out to help with the PIP issue and the ESA case fails it will be something of a complete and utter embarrassing failure.

They will also all be stating that in some sort of evil genius as I managed to get Disability Living Allowance for 3 years without lying and then was awarded PIP for 2 years without lying?!

It will also not reflect well on the helpers because I’m no solicitor, though I was PA to one on and off for a while, yet I’ve beaten the DWP twice. I’ve acquired the benefit twice and was not easy reach time. If a solicitor fails to get it once?

It’s going to be a very interesting and somewhat concerning couple of months.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking … into the future.



I am always taking about how some people just … get things wrong or cannot see the wood for the trees.

For quite some time now I have been hooked on movie trailer reactions on YouTube and I never thought that was possible.

In the last 6 months to a year I have been hooked on this bizarre phenomenon many things have occurred to me.

First off I seem to get a lump in my throat when I see the joy and happiness others experience and bear in mind this has only been occurring for a year despite the fact my blogs have been going for almost 4.5 years now.

Secondly I see a lot of people trying to get in on doing trailer reactions themselves, probably noticing how popular they are, ,and … doing it wrong. Sometimes very, very .. WRONG!


I started to think a couple of months ago it might be a good idea to do a little piece about this?

I have now decided to do this and point out where people go wrong and the different ways that they do. So if any are scratching there heads as to why they have amassed a lot of dislikes these are the reasons why. Though admittedly a fraction of people that dislike are moronic fanboys and think you SHOULD have got excited because they did. Obviously not taking into account that the reactors … reacting might not like movies like this.

I cannot actually type this piece out without mentioning two very recent trailers that have to be the best I have ever seen. One for a game and one for a movie..

The Last Of Us Part II

and …


Reaction Mistakes

A trailer of all highlights lasting just a couple of minutes …

Talking to someone therefore missing highlights and not reacting


Talking to camera therefore missing highlights and not reacting


Asking questions to a camera that is not going to answer and therefore missing highlights and therefore not reacting


Asking questions of someone sitting next you that cannot possibly know, therefore missing highlights and therefore not reacting


One starting to effing type half way through trailer!


Making stupid errors about telling X23, 11 year old girl in Logan trailer, it is not OK to steal then stealing when he clearly meant NOT KILLING


Stuffing your face with ice cream and/or drinking?!


Complaining about stealing crisps and a drink in a movie trailer when it is clear to many that she was X23 was created and raised in a cage like an animals and does not even know what CURRENCY is


Narration when we have already seen it and they are showing the effing trailer anyway.

Then there are the ones that simply do not react at all until the end and even then sometimes there are still no reactions?! Why? Why are you making them? Do you not watch through your videos to see that you do not react?

But when they are good they are … damned good.

I found myself shocked that as they each showed their emotions in turn I could feel it too. I could not get enough of them though mainly in the things I was interested in. Until The Last Of Us Part II game trailer appeared.

Due to my very long history with computer games going back, albeit on and off, to the Commodore VIC-20 I was always interested in games companies that got a lot of respect and praise out of people. One of the companies I was very interested in was Bethesda when I built a gaming PC a couple of years back. But it had not gone unnoticed regarding the titles of Uncharted and The Last Of Us and was disappointed to see they were Playstation exclusives and never were released for the PC platform.

Then The Last Of Us Part II reactions started to appear in my recommended videos so I thought I would take a look?

I was blown away by the trailer on a number of levels with the main ones being impressed and emotional.

It had become like a drug and I would trawl YouTube looking for as many reactions as I could even before Logan and The Last Of Us Part II.

I had initially started out being interested in what nerds and geeks thought of comic book movies as I loved these too but I had issues with some that were disappointing.

Some reactions sparked something in me.

Before long I was hooked!

As I watched video after video I would gradually realise a few things and one was how people had become emotionally invested in characters of films but with The Last Of Us I realised people had become equally invested in these characters too in certain titles.

It was extremely gratifying to realise we had gotten to this level in computer, sorry video, games.

I also found it quite odd that they, and I of course, could get so invested in fictional characters and wondered if people were more prone to investing in the world of fiction than they would in reality?

For example could a large percentage of any populace get emotionally invested in any particular individual character that had gone to great lengths and strived to do good for every person they could for many a year?

This may not be the case in any single and seemingly minor case but what if there were many and some were very serious?

What if someone had not only sacrificed so much along the way but was forced to lose so much by outside influences too?

What about risking their lives too? Their liberty? Pressures put upon them to the point they had nervous breakdowns and were suicidal? Repeatedly?

I have had emotions due to investing in characters and long, long, long before I discovered reaction videos and it is the reason why I started to help people and then start some blogs to help even more people. Watching the emotions of others in these reaction videos simply reminded me of why I did the things I did and why I do the things that I do and why I will continue to do things for the foreseeable future.

I know a lot of people are unhappy. I know there are many that are very, very sad and even ones that live in mortal fear.

I wanted to help them reach the happy emotions that I witness regularly in these reaction videos and I was merely shown what it is I want to enrich people’s lives with.

Before any of this I strived for could be achieved I simply had to reveal what was first wrong because you can only fix the wrongs in the world if you know they are there so start with.

I was also well aware that from the start of the financial crises the number of people whose lives would turn to shit and therefore so would there emotions was increasing exponentially and I pretty much figured that this would not be covered on mainstream TV or news.

There were a few people that thought I had the right combination of intelligence, wisdom, caring and foresight to first how the wrongs in society and then help put them right. I was never really sure of myself over this and therefore did not have a great deal of confidence.

This confidence has risen up as well as fallen down just like that of waves approaching a beach and it has been a rough ride.

There has been a change that will have a positive knock on effect and some might have picked up on that over the past couple of weeks. But everything is a mystery right now and a I can say is that there is something I should have been informed about two weeks ago and it has now gone almost three weeks what should have taken 48 hours to achieve.

When these changes happen, and they will as it is inevitable and it cannot possibly be stopped by outside influences as has happened with another endeavour, big things will happen.

The things that will happen could be a dozen or several dozen and these will have me busy for a year or two and all resulting in content in the way of videos and pictures for all of my blogs and YouTube channel … and then some.

I have written, or mostly written, a series I have called ‘Revelations’ because each of the five or six in the series is a revelation.

Now combined … they will blow people’s minds regarding what went on for me during 2016 and why it turned out to be a bad year. A very bad year.

As well as realising just how bad 2016 turned out to be, from the bloody good year I had predicted 2016 to be throughout 2015, something else will realised. By the end of the 5 or 6 part series that will end by the end of February to mid March it will be clear that the years of 2017 and 2018 are going to be … to quote an old friend, phenomenal.

I have a lump in my throat realising that over the next year or two I can reach and teach and therefore help so many people it will make my head spin and then some.

If and when I do help an extremely large amount of people … if I ever got … evidence of that … well I just do not know how high my emotions will run?! I do have a history of passing out due to medical complications so anything would be possible. Lol.

I guess I always wanted to be a hero deep down, in an extremely short and simple way of describing what I do, because I guess that is what someone who is being a hero does? Lifts the feelings of people to ever higher levels. To be a real hero you would have to help a hell of a lot of people in my estimation.

Many called me a saint long before I even thought of starting a blog. But to be a real saint you would first have to perform a number of miracles and I am sure this is listed somewhere? However being a true saint you would have to be religious, which I am not. So I would never really be a saint and only ever in some people’s eyes. Probably. Well yeah I have been called a saint by a reader of my blogs. I was also praised by a Pastor I helped so … lol, maybe I actually took a big step closer to being a saint when I did that?

Soo here are a few of the reactions that really gave me a large lump in my throat and once again helping people by getting those with genuine feelings some hits on their YouTube reaction videos …

Before all the YouTube video reactions are listed I will simply say this … I have never owned one of these slabs of plastic but after seeing The Last Of Us Part II I find myself very much wanting to buy a Playstation 4 Pro!!

The Last Of Us Part II …

Well no matter how hard I tried and all the different search strings possible for searching on YouTube I simply could not find the video reaction to The Last Of Us Part II that was my favourite by a ten mile stretch. A lady, looking a little Spanish, who had her hands together over her mouth and nose and cried through over 50% of the trailer. Either she removed it, likely amoral morons poking fun, or Google have forgotten what an algorithm is. Or maybe they never did? I would not mind but I had watched this video three times and it was always being bloody recommended to watch again!

Logan …

last one … “she is a murderer” yeah well when you have super strength and claws your not going to spend your time tickling your cat’s belly, lol …

I get inspiration from heightened emotions from both films and music .. which means ideas … 😉

It matters not where in the world you go the emotions are the same … trust me I have watched hundreds each of Logan and The Last Of Us Part II alone!


I have kept only one eye and ear on what has been going on with the inauguration of Donald Trump and the protests and silly but clear statements later claimed to be taken seriously out of context.

I am looking at you, Madonna.

I think I mentioned recently about a video by Heather Southern of Rebel Media pulled to pieces by the man with the loud feet.

Well rather bizarrely some people were upset about him pointing out some clear facts in that some anarchists that turned up were claimed to be the anti-trump lot which is made up by Social Justice Warriors and other less extreme lefties. I realised something I pretty much knew was being shown here too. It would this has now been pointed out regarding a tweet I did not know about.

This morning I spotted another video done on Heather Southern’s reporting by the man with the loud feet. It seems to be a reaction, or more accurately a more to the point video about what went on and how things were twisted. I wonder if he is surprised that he still had a third of his audience dislike the video … oh wait let me check … ah, no actually it is closer to one half disliking his video.

Yeaaaah I am not really surprised.

The problem I have long since realised is that people are either two faced, contradictory or just plain amoral but gets to me when they make huge claims about the truth.

You see everyone is against lying about facts, twisting of the truth and generally being honest until there comes a time when it fits their wants, desires and narratives.

You should also see that this occurs on both sides. Yeah both sides are just as bad as each other and it is not the sex of those in power and nor is it the colour of their skin. It is the simple fact of who they are and that class they belong to that is the problem, has been the problem for many, many years and will no doubt continue to be the problem.

Those that do well and hugely benefit under a scheme or party will throw their toys out of the pram because they fear it means they will lose some to all of what they have. Any claims about wanting facts or the truth is complete bollocks. In a nutshell.

What was funny was when he showed a clip from an American chat show where they showed a tweet by Donald Trump stating that people should march on the inauguration and I was thinking “HUH?!” I was trying to work out why they would fake this to make a joke out of it when they declared it really was a tweet from Donald Trump from Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Oh dear.

That was not a good start to his presidency but then I never really believed that his would be a good presidency. The fact of the matter is I thought that because of his straight talking he might be a bit better than everything that has come before. But many did not like his straight talking and tried to twist everything he said. It would appear people prefer to live as Ostriches and feel better and calmer when they are getting the usual bullshit and lies from their governments? Well that is how it looks. Lol.

I have said it over and over again that it matters not which end of the extreme leanings someone is they will both do the same thing, lie, cheat, control and twist everything to fit their agendas or put them or keep them in power.

I liked Nigel Farage’s straight taking too but there was nothing that said he wouldn’t end up like al those before him and I have long claimed that those in the premier position are not in power and it is others that really control things. .They are just puppets and are paid for target practice for the public so that the real villains get away with their crimes.

I believe in things being fair and capitalism is not fair nor has their been any version of it that I am aware of that is and a socialist or communist system is fair and the same applies. What we seem to be doing is look for a fair system, or at east the populaces of countries are looking while those in power are not.

If you are a socialist and you think for one second that voting Jeremy Corbyn into power will end up in a socialist system and a fairer one being introduced then you are very, very seriously deluded.

There will always be those with enough money and power to lose that would be more than willing to take someone else’s life to protect what they have.

Also you can joke and call others a total joke but in reality it is you that is the joke if your more than willing to take things out of context, twist and even lie on news reports or commentating of any kind. Because your all banging on about fake news but your helping them wipe you out leaving the biggest fake news organisations behind to carry on misleading the public. Not forgetting, or course, that these big news media outlets also avoid reporting on a great many important news stories too.

Luckily this blog exists to counter that with the news media as they keep on reporting on things I divulged days, weeks months and years after I have done this. Making it look like they are late and/or stealing my posts and time after time after time. I mean this is in the dozens now it truly is and people I know were noticing this long ago. There are two friends I had that were noticing this and one of them fed to Newcastle about four years ago and one died of kidney cancer five years ago and the latter was a socialist. We used to call him Red Ken and his name was indeed, Ken.

In fact it was this socialist friend that used to beg me to have a voice that can be heard and he stated for years that I should be on Talk Radio or something similar. The dumb-arse even used to get really drunk and start telling me I should be Prime Minister with my ability to see things and my ideas. Lol.

This jumping up and down and screaming when someone is twisting things and using things to fit an agenda or narrative that does not coincide with yours but silent when the same actions do is rife and everyone will claim that you are the extreme one when it does not line up with what it is they believe.

Unfortunately what these naïve people and morons fail to see is that things will just carry on as before forever and ever unless you stop this.

So do not complain about the way things are when your actions are a large contributing factor in things carrying on the same way year after year and decade after decade. It is not because there is one or two if you that do this it is because there are just so many of you.

This is why I have avoided this and have stayed straight and narrow for many years and long before I started blogging too. I was still in my teens when I saw the pitfalls of doing this and just keeping to the facts is what is important to getting to the truth or finding the best solution to something.

What I find hilarious also are the claims of being centre and everyone thinks of the systems and governments being centre … lol, they are most certainly not and neither or those that have been in power that claim to be. Tell me … do the Clinton’s appear to be centre in their political stances and if so is this because of their words or their actions?

Also I stated a long time ago now that I felt sorry for the American public because they ended up with two bad choices for President and I literally scratched my head at how that came about. I would have scratched my head way harder had Hillary Clinton won!


Right then.

Something has happened that has an inevitable outcome as well as a direct one.

But the time has … lingered on.

This would raise questions among the nine. It has raised questions among the group.

I have not posted the first part of the ‘Revelations’ series because of a unforeseen and quite bizarre … delay.

Information has also not been forthcoming and the lines of communication have stayed ever silent which has lasted for two weeks. From a particular location.

So this has caused a delay but I thought I would perhaps give a little prequel and maybe even swap the order of the first two in the series? However to achieve the latter I have to physically type that up as the first part was written many months ago now.

Much took place in 2016 … behind the scenes so to speak … though none of it very productive for me while I have been keeping other .. activities under wraps for a later date and to lead the blind just as the Pied Piper did the rats.

However to prove my point at a later date I could .. divulge numbers. Numbers that do not mean anything right now but those I could refer back to at a later point?

This blog may also play a very large role in all this at some point in the not too distant future and perhaps even in a court?

The Magic Numbers

  • 90

  • 250

  • 160

  • 100

  • 400

  • 300

  • 2

  • 9

  • 10

  • 90

  • 10

  • 20

  • 35

  • 70

  • Several Broken Laws

  • A little cheating


Want to know what all of those numbers mean?

Sorry you are going to have to wait a bit longer but if it is any consolation … I genuinely thought I would be publishing this about now.

Added to this is going to be some … reactions and some have already taken place. Some are already shocked of my … involvements but they have no idea just how much and it is not over just yet, it would appear.

Unlike my last little … endeavour which backfired on me in a rather cruel way … I am much more … involved in this one. Any upcoming court case will have my name attached to it, have no doubts about this.

Beady eyes might patrol and they will not understand the … significance of a great many things about this post. It includes a metaphorical fat bloke down the pub and a severe case of underestimation on their part of me and the things I can now do and that which I have been able to do for a very long time.

There is a metaphorical Wolverine and an X-23 involved in this one and perhaps other new characters will appear from the woodwork? Those that I know as friends have been up and down over this but are now realising that this will go … just as I predicted it would.

I am asked what I would do before some negativity spreads and infects things before switching back into enquiry modes. Same old, same old. But this time with a huge twist.

A bit of embossing of the bezel with a little bit of splice.

There are some shoes that I personally would not like to fill … not this time.

What will be will be and what had to be done was done.

A series of actions and an ever increasing wave swept through this particular land and that source did not go unnoticed.

There are many questions to what is slowly evolving into a mystery that might just evolve into all out war?

The warmongers have some fear and have been notified.

But their fear is in no way enough. What little they know of my capabilities which have been laid very bear and for all to see for many a year.

One might find themselves asking others if blindness now an infectious disease?

One might also point to the lines of communication and ask why they have remained silent?

One wonders of the heads of demons he had long since feared will actually come to pass?

Many ones might forget or be unfamiliar with the fact that I am a registered disabled person and that I publish to a great many people that may well be a million plus one year from now?

One thinks that many may well have seriously underestimated the situation and wonder why the one they fear the most as well as respect the most has stayed silent?

When someone has that much confidence in the events that will come to pass and their work within certain areas of law as a PA as well as a humongous level of common sense one does not have to worry. One does not have to shout. One does not have to point out. One does not have to personally attack. This will produce absolutely nothing but some irate people. Well … at least just one.

There is an approaching period of time and I know not what this will turn out to be. It could have been two weeks but now that it has since surpassed this period and questions have been raised the length of the period has remained … a mystery. But periods have an end.

Another few weeks, a month or could be one to three years?

If the period results in laying anywhere within the one to three year period it will be extremely messy and extremely one sided.

Prison bars might also be a factor … from a little too much … dodging.

Oh dear … me thinks this will not end well nor swiftly. Personally I would prefer the latter.

The meanings behind the numbers and any consequences of actions taken as well as all of the conclusions will come. All rather rapidly or in a piece-meal form. But that which was pre-written will be published in the coming weeks and by the end of February at the latest.

It could wind up being part two and the present part two might be that you read first?

The last is taking a bit longer than anticipated which is partly down to number one taking longer than expected.

Be interesting to see if Legal Aid, if there is anything left in the way of rights for the poor?

But the revelations most certainly are coming.


​My good God, NHS stories seem to be like buses and after one I think can’t be beaten in the world of the bizarre it gets well and truly beaten in mere minutes!

I thought I had fallen asleep and without realising it awoke in the world of The Twilight Zone when I saw this story.

A mental health chief within the NHS ends up having a nervous breakdown and needing mental health treatment from the NHS?!

Really? I mean, REALLY?!

What was strange was how she answered the so bloody obvious question of how were the services?!


Jesus Christ someone somewhere is either an idiot, thinks the majority of the population are idiots and/or naive or both?

Well surprise, surprise the answer to what the mental health services are like are they were great … or fantastic or something similar.

Is this a fucking wind up?!

First off, how in the world did this effect occur? The chief guess through her own system? What no heath insurance or money to go private?

Secondly if it just so happened that this bizarre sequence of events did take place … asking them what the services we like they were/are in charge of?

Yes I can see the possible answers right now …

“Yeah, you know what? They were really, really shit! It’s farcical and you know first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to fire myself!!”

The NHS mental health chief who had a nervous breakdown – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-38720826


​A bizarre story had appeared in the news I should not even be surprised about.

Well maybe it’s a little more extreme than what I expected to hear. Well at least this one was. There have been others and I have absolutely no doubts there will be more. A lot more.

Still it’s troubling enough to get a mention. 

A man seems to have become so upset and frustrated with his GP Surgery and the NHS that he built some explosive devices and posted then through the GP Surgery’s letter box!

Sound like someone with a mental health problem?! Well you would be correct and a perfect example of how the NHS is deliberately provoking bad treatment of failures towards patients by their GP’s.

I stated long, long ago that these failures write manifest themselves in many different ways. I stated that in the case of those suffering with metal health problems this could be extreme? Well here is one and it’s pure luck no one died or effect seriously injured.

In other extremes patients die.

But then the dead don’t talk or fight back.

This is just one story that has managed to get through the filters and blocks and make it onto the news.

But I wonder whether they’re are just so many out there, like on the internet, that the news media decided it better report on one to make it look good?

Convenient then that it is regarding someone with a mental health issue and they dint effect question what failings there were in the NHS or the GP to provoke this.

In fact they don’t seem to raise any questions at all about the NHS? Funny considering how much the NHS had featured in the news.

Feltwell man admits posting bombs through letterbox of Boughton Surgery – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-38723371


​Sooo … a missile test failed?

Big deal!

Oh wait?

Theresa May handles something not a big deal like an idiot? Ooh now it’s a big deal.


She previously was asking the house of commons to approve a new generation, I believe it stated, of Trident at £40 billion? Did I hear that right? Forty billion? I must have misheard?!

They can’t keep the poor and vulnerable alive by allowing them money for food or shelter from the cold but the rich and powerful can spend £40 billion that’s not even THEIRS because they are fucking paranoid over a nuclear attack … STILL?!

No sorry this is all bull in this day and age … complete bullshit. Someone is obviously making a lot of money and getting a lot or perks by being handed £40 Billion of the public’s money. 

Let’s get something absolutely clear … possessing nuclear missiles is not going to a damn thing. Without any at all whatever leader would be stupid and insane enough to launch missiles … first having our own won’t so then from hitting us. Secondly at least one nuclear power, America, would so much they would be next they they would launch their own. Having ours airborne would only get hot in the crossfire.

So, no. I don’t know what’s REALLY going on but it’s clearly not what they say it is.

To spend £40 Billion with the current crisis being six years plus old is nothing short of fucking inhuman and totally selfish.

First thing they would probably do is all run off to secret bunkers costing billions they built in secret. Then after spending a year or two eating the pile of food they stashed away, retrieve food plant seeds from Svalbard plant them and half won’t germinate and the half that do will die because they didn’t think of saving a small army of slaves to do the work. Because they won’t have a clue how to do the work or care for the plants. Despite labeling most others as lazy for many years, fit or not.

Some might think I’m just being cynical? Oh how bloody foolish and naive.

I’m either bang on the money or in the ballpark a very, very large majority of the time.

There are occasions I’ll get it wrong … can’t think of any but probably on here somewhere?

Speaking of getting things wrong, I saw a right wing media group cover some violent anarchists during Donald Trump’s inauguration. Someone called Heather Southern, whose name rings a bell and think I’ve covered before, stated it read the worst violence in a protest she had ever seen.

It was wrong but … if that’s the worst she can’t have been to very many. I’ve seen worse and I’ve not even witnessed a protest of that size first hand! 

They also did not appear to be what they were claimed to be either?

Lying is lying. Funny how people they claim to have morals and higher firm of life than others are OK and even DEFEND those that lie when the lies fit their agendas.

This was for a channel called Rebel Media.


​Well here we go again.

Though this could mean in one of two ways.

Firstly after reporting on something I posted about a few years back here is something I posted about a few months back.

The first one was to do with the NHS and letters being intercepted and that is for BOTH coming as well as going.

Once again it’s the NHS and this time about drugs being prescribed. As I previously stated a pharmacist mentioned this problem to me and out had previously never occurred to me. Annoyingly. To remind you he stated to me that he knew the NHS were to to no good as the drugs he stocks had dropped right off because they have not been prescribing them. As a result a large number of pills and of different drugs go past their sell by date and have to be thrown away. Drugs are expensive. That’s not good to be throwing them away. He also correctly stated that this will become a time bomb they let down the line will explode and be unmanageable.

I was shocked that this had not occurred to me at a much earlier time.

I had been point blank refused one drug for several years and another on and off for around 7 years. There will likely be others if I sat down and thought about it.

Except now in both The Sun and the BBC they are reporting on this problem. Only … they seem to appear to be reporting that this is about to happen, it insinuating that it is about to happen.

Or perhaps and more accurately it’s REPORTING on this now because it’s affecting drugs for terminal cancer and other fatal illnesses?

Maybe, just maybe this might prove that the news media have ignored this happening all along? Maybe they have ignored it because relieving pain is nothing to them but terminal illness are different?

Or maybe it shows once again the incompetence of the news media? With all their numbers as regards staff and all their money and all their resources they fail or are extremely late to the party time and time again?

Even the title below it states ‘may hit patients’ when it already has and long before now. It should correctly state ‘may now hit terminally ill patients’.

Huh, reporters and news media … where are the emails from them offering me a job? What you think out of 500,000 visitors none of them work in the news media industry? Especially when a very large percentage of what I have written about, reported on and exposed has appeared time after time after time days, weeks, months and even YEARS after I have reported it.

Someone should be asking themselves what I would be able to achieve if I had the right resources?

Oh don’t worry, something tells me that during 2017 you might just get a few dozen examples of this?

And the BBC have notifications on their website about needing an expensive TV license to watch their extremely late and incompetence on webpages and even their app.

As regards their insurance on a licence for this I’ll simply end this by stating something that a mate took a few seconds to realise. When he did his eyes went wide…

“Yeah so you need a TV licence to watch the BBC online and on their apps. Tell me, does this include the American public and that of the populaces of other nations?”

Drug cost-saving plans may hit patients – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-38669588


Is there no one within the whole of the BBC, NHS or Government combined that has an ounce of common sense, knows anything at all about logistics or even have the ability to see that which stares them clean in the face?

I have waited a very long time to se4e one of my claims from about 4 or 5 years ago get proved in the mainstream news media like so many others have. That of NHS letters being intercepted b a third party before reaching the patient. I have had this happen three times due to being re-stapled the wrong way around along with things being … omitted from said letters.

Several days back I covered a front page story from the free tabloid the Metro and I have waited for more to be mentioned form that initial story, after all it was headlined ‘National Health Scandal’ and surely the TV News media could not avoid this one? Even if it did not avoid it, as it has done so for so many other stories, I wondered if there might be a deliberate mistake?

So after giving the story an initial mention and with many other things going on to deal with I thought I would just wait and see.

Then it happened.

What had been appearing as a feature in the mainstream media was a slightly different story regarding the NHS and namely General Practitioners and this to me made no sense This was to do with GP Surgeries and the ‘opening all hours’ aspect. Seem to be getting mentioned a hell of a lot and even some threats to GP Surgeries coming from Theresa May herself?

Then it came and even had a spokesperson who only seemed to be talking down a little bit this subject of third part screening of GP’s and their referrals to hospital.

Oh my God, you could not have written this better if you tried!

You wondering what in the hell I am talking about?

Remember, LOGISTICS!

Well … in the BBC report there was a lady who had pain from varicose veins, was refused a referral to hospital for either to be looked at or an operation and who went private. Yeah I would love to go private too but you cannot get the drug I really want even going private!

Remember we have the BBC here along with the NHS (hospital bodies and GP bodies) and the Government including the Prime Minister Theresa May. ALL OF THE ABOVE …

Yeah … well do you recall me stating when I started this blog and many times since that it is NOT workable and will fall in on itself and that the trouble with liars and cheats is they do not work very well together?

Yeah well you see the way it works is this … people have ailments and when these ailments are ignored they do not go away. These people continue to go to their GP about the symptoms and eventually these get others developing new symptoms added to them. In other words you do not need a fucking abacus to see that these numbers grow faster and faster and faster over time.

Now as I also reported on which I did not think about until a pharmacist mentioned it to me is that he knew that the NHS were ignoring patients as the drug prescriptions had been dropping like a stone for some time. They and many other chemists have had to stop ordering in man drugs because they were going past there ‘sell by dates’. He also added that these health conditions will just become more complicated and that down the line you will end up having a huge cost to correct or treat them all. Probably about the time they come up with excuses for the NHS not being affordable and having to privatise it?!

So the number of people being afflicted with pain or other serious conditions that affect them in their daily lives has been growing exponentially for a few years, right?

Except that now the government and Theresa May has been threatening the GP Surgeries with opening all hours because of a problem that the government actually caused!

Oh and if you have a health issue that may cause disability at some point, hell like your going to know as they are fucking you off over referrals remember? Yeah your fucked there too I am afraid as they have been kicking conditions off the disability list and already erased the word ‘DISABILITY’ from the DWP.

Now that’s what I have been waiting for!

  • I already knew letters were screened as of about 4 years ago

  • I knew they either contained lies, omissions and even gone missing altogether, still awaiting my referral I only just remembered and forgot to mention to my GP over the hernia like popping in my right flank around my waist

  • My GP pointed out the ticking time bomb several months ago

  • GP longer hours being mentioned for a fair old while now

  • GP referral screening appears in the news media

And WHERE EXACTLY were the reporters at the BBC, the GMC, the PHSO or the bodies that have appeared in the news to point out the fucking obvious that I have mentioned here and have been waiting for for many, MANY months?! No fucking where, that is where.

That is a lesson in simple logistics and how kicking the can down the road just like the ‘borrow, borrow, borrow’ that the Tories like to throw at Labour … this is no different and could arguably be far, far worse due to this being about refusing to help people with health conditions.

Now remember these people have taken OATHS!

If your not aware .. what did you think becoming a Doctor is simply about passing tests like any other degree? No and unlike my degree with medicine you have to take an oath. A Hippocratic oath. Think of solicitors and lawyers and what they have to do for their careers. It is a pledge and a promise except in both industries they have amounted to absolutely nothing for the most part for a very, very long time now.

I have had a few people speak to me that suffer from health problems and pains regarding the NHS and the DWP and do you want to know what I am told by these people on a VERY regular basis? If it is not absolute fear and terror that they are going to die by starving to death, no food, or freezing to death, no home, they are talking about how they wished they were DEAD!!

I can tell you hear and now that a very large percentage of you have no idea what in the hell that is like to listen to.

Sure a great many people will and have stated to me about ignoring them, stating that I have enough problems of my own and that they would not personally do it..

But my problem was and is that there was no one there to turn to, no one for support and no one that does anything mainly based on lying, corruption, God complexes over sudden fame or power and largely because of egos.

I have had to explain to my own family why I did what I did as a father … I got no help and more or less stabbed in the back (post coming very soon about this under ‘Revelations …’) because I did not want to be that guy! The only way to effect a change was to be the odd one out, to act differently to most and to help others. The best way to do this was to explain what I had learned from myself and that even by doing this people simply would not get it straight away and would take a long time. So I had to keep on doing this until they not only did get it but enough of them got it. I could not even rely on people getting it then doing what I did and pass the information around.

So the fact I have not done what I set out to do already is not down to me … it is as a matter of fact down to you.

Over the next few months blog posts related to this will be read by thousands of people but if everyone that read this then told just ten people about it it would be seen by tens of thousands of people. If they passed it on via social media it could end up being hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. I have nor never have had any control over that.

But I read people bitching and complaining about the way things are and they are not interested in actual answers, or so it seems, they just want to bitch and complain. Yeaaah … that does not actually achieve anything. The only two arguments, I can think of off the top of m head, I had not because things were not getting done but because they got cocky and thought they were the most intelligent people in the room. BOTH were Genera Practitioners.

It reminds me of people that hate dealing with front line staff and they go in and they bitch and complain about the way things are. Why? They cannot do anything about it and did not make the rules and if you do that al you are doing is making a rod for your own back. This is not Chess and you do not take out half a dozen pawns to get to the king and queen.

The kings and queens are in reality faceless (not ho you think they are) and the pawns numbers are in their millions.

So why make things difficult for yourself? It is baseless as well as senseless and you are only helping them make their jobs easier and their actions justifiable.

I see it all the time too where people make claims or point fingers and are wrong on all counts because frustration and anger makes people lose focus and become affected with tunnel vision. They so much so want to have a target for their anger that they fail to see the wood for the trees. Oh it is because of this or because of that and the most famous one is because of the Tories. Yeaaah … no!


These things started a long time ago when Tony Blair was in power and all those idiots are just hired puppets and are paid as target practice for the people and you actually sit there not doing nothing because you actually think that the next time a general election comes around you will vote differently, oh yeaah right one or the other, and things will be different. When it does not, not to worry just another four or five years and you can vote again … of wait I am nearly fifty now I do not give a shit any more because I have money/its too late for me/sorted out a career/living abroad [delete where appropriate].

Luckily the way I have explained things this time around, despite stating this for several years now, you do not even need that damned abacus. Referring to it in this instance as logistics 101 would simply be overcomplicating things entirely.

Wow! This is a good start to 2017 and I have not even started my four part ‘Revelations…’ posts yet and by the time they have finished things are going to be somewhat … exciting for many for the rest of 2017 and then some.

Oh they will also be an eye-opener for many as I describe in detail what was going on behind the scenes, the things I did not talk about on my blogs, during 2016.

Hmm trying to think … there were four posts noted down here somewhere and mostly are shocks but with one little exciting detail I am still awaiting the final details about. It is all done bar the shouting, metaphorically speaking, it is just the actual … result that is not known. It is a … positive result but just how positive remains to be seen. Hugely positive or massively positive are the only two possibilities and even the latter has two levels!



EDIT: Oh crap I forgot, Fibrofog,  … did I remarked about how liars do not work well together and you would be forgiven for thinking I might need a sign that this might be about to or indeed has backfired?

Umm did I mention I had been refused Pregabalin for several years due to its expense, even though it is the third best drug now for Fibromyalgia and the top two, Sodium oxybate and Milnacipran, are not available anywhere in Europe.

Well I showed a video of some that I …. acquired. Been taking them and they have had an affect and I have been taking 100mg daily.

Only I was in my GP surgery recently and I showed them to him and asked for them and I fully expected him to say no and to lie about it …

… except he said … umm, YES?!