For a very long time, over twenty years, I felt like something was .. wrong.

To begin with it was just things that did not quite add up within my own country of the UK.

Oddly as I wet through my education where I was asked to do a PhD I actually turned down I was having odd things occurring about me that had people saying the most bizarre things.

One was that things were occurring that made them think of James Bond.

Had a phone-number with ‘007’ in it. Had a friend at university was was Russian, called Edward, or Edvard as I used to call him. Later I had GCHQ show an interest in me, happened some years later too, after it was suggested by many to approach them.

Had people call me heroic over many things I did. Compared to some very known names from scientists to top YouTube personalities and placed very high on lists.

For years I started to realise how widespread the trouble existed as I started to search for the ones responsible for what my daughter and I had been through and it was becoming very obvious that someone or something was trying to stop me. They still are.

Fast forward to today and it turns out the one I was looking for not only looks like a James Bond villain but in recent years is literally being likened to Blofeld. Even dresses like Ming from Flash Gordon.

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

That would be the Switzerland that James Bond, being played by Pierce Brosnan, sniped to a Swiss Banker that they got rich on Nazi gold in one of the films. Think it as The World Is Not Enough?

Not used a video with Carl Benjamin in, in awhile but here he is with his Lotus Eaters podcast talking about the video that is going around on how Klaus Schwab is boasting about having people in the governments of the world.

Interestingly we already heard about Tony Blair, Vladamir Putin, Justin Trudeau and Angele Merkel while Argentina was also mentioned. They also mention Boris Johnson in the video, Emanuel Macron and others.

I remembered my previous exposing of Serco and how many pies within the British Public Services they have their fingers in which is a humongous and long list of conflicts of interests.

What I needed as my last play was a way that I could connect everything together. It was a case of waiting until some of the cracks started to show and all of a sudden and early in 2022 I had several cracks.

Then I just had to link them all to the same .. agenda .. driven organisation and I never dreamed it would come in the form of their own words and their website.

So lets just take a look at the things that they have claimed, caused trouble, that not only have never been shown to be the case but also the evidence, in some case observational evidence, has gone against them ..

  • Covid19
    • Hid source attacked and censored others, intended to instil fear to make people controllable
  • Vaccines
    • There are various possibilities none of which I can yet show evidence of
  • AGW Global Warming
    • Intended to instil fear to make people pliable and easy to control
  • Racism
    • BLM was seen as intended to divide even by Black people
  • Feminism
    • Feminists ended u0p becoming divided
  • Woke
    • Hated and caused Division
    • Intention to Divide, used to censor and cancel people
  • Green Energy
    • People went bankrupt, energy prices skyrocketed

How many of the above do you now know to be false or are 90% sure of it?

How many of the above list were pushed in your face by a mainstream news media you now now to have misinformed you and/or lied?

Do you still think what you think is true or want or even need to be true from sources now known to have misinformed you, intended or not?

What if I asked you that if you know some organisation, government, ombudsman or news lied to you as this made you question everything you have been told the last decade or so?

What if I told you that all the above can be found in the same place?

Well you would find them all on Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum website and the very same people that have been pushing The Great Reset and the Build Back Better slogan.

How about Kim Iversen, ignore everything Ryan Grim ever says. Talking about the Klaus Schwab and WEF video and how all the leaders they groomed to get to the top are now the most authoritarian and called ‘fascists’.

This is Jennifer Marohasy and is one of two climate scientists I have used, the other being Joanna Haigh and of course I use Sabine Hossenfelder too.

I had previously used her in MSM news interview and an article where she discovered, in Australia her native country, they had been deleting very old heat records like in Bourke. Done just a few times this will make the graphs look as if its been warming for 100 years when it has not.

Here she talks about how climate change, ocean acidification and even Covid19 were exaggerated.


Fun forum I came across of people talking about Klaus Schwab and George Soros and the size of their egos ..


What could cause people to perish?

  • A pandemic
  • Divisions of various groups causing fighting and death
  • Also cramming cultures together that do not mix into a finite space
  • Censoring information because being forewarned is to be forearmed
  • A rushed medical solution without proper testing
  • Having human rights violated to the point it causes suicides
  • A War or Wars
  • Supply disruption causing starvation

I told many that after people started to realise covid was lied about they would ask questions regarding climate change.

The is after years of people

  • Seeing record snow
  • Seeing record cold
  • Pr3edictions failed
  • Bullying over it
  • Global drops in temperatures
  • A pandemic
  • Volcanoes increasing
  • Unprecedented solar activity
  • War

The numbers of believers has gone down over three years and the ‘fanatics’ even lie about that and report me every chance I get.

The majority of Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion groups stopped posting worldwide between one and two years ago.

Here is someone asking two scientists that now we know they got it wrong and lied about covid, can we trust the consensus on climate change and the answer is ‘NO’.

Now then lets get into the world of theory and in so doing you have to think about two things and to see the possibilities you have to make note of the first and then imagine you do not know anything about it ..

  • That the world has been told its warming and will burn
  • But in actual fact it is cooling and will happen faster

The world is currently in the process of realising it has been lied to and about many things, including those potentially dangerous.

People have been censored worldwide on important subjects which could have a detrimental effect on people, including being fatal.

This has all been done because they say it was for our own benefit.

Yet before the pandemic the message has been that the world is going to burn and in the map below it shows the movement of people that I know about.

It came as a shock as a sea of migrants headed for countries that were unable to handle those they already had, from the middle-east and Africa into the UK and Europe.

It came as en even bigger shock to me when this happened in North America with people flooding in from South America.

On the map below this is shown by the red arrows.

Now to me, being 99% convinced we are going to get a cooling period but not knowing how cold or for how long, this was akin to pressing the self-destruct button. Britain is an island that for years had no choice but to rely on food from overseas. In the even it was cut off we would not be able to produce enough food for everyone. And we let a sea of people in over a number of years.

Before Brexit there were these alleged leaked plans for the Royal Family to flee the country and on this very blog I claimed that if such plans existed this was to take them somewhere where there is food. Still.

Also remember when looking at the map that the red arrows are reversed if you think about aid and money as we have been bombarded with TV adverts about aiding the same countries people have fled. So to the people .. well .. still living there powerful westerners look like friends because they encouraged working people to donate money.

So it might look very easier if all the desert areas on the map below coloured yellow all suddenly turned green in a cooling world and become the new ‘bread baskets’, no?

This, of course, means that much of the green areas will turn white.

A few years back and long before the pandemic and something I had forgotten but recently recalled and had a friend go into shock when I reminded him was that ..

I predicted that Russia would start pushing into Europe once they realised and had a few warning signs. Record cold and snow and added to that 170 dead Caspian Seals among dead fish and whales.

People have been focused on taking sides, predicting Putin would not invade Ukraine or that if he was to he would only invade sections of the country to the east.

In the first week of the invasion that took place every single YouTube channel I watch from Tim Pool to Breaking Points and even Nigel Farage and beyond, they have all got it wrong and admitted they was wrong.

When I explained this to a professional friend I know on the phone he went .. silent.

I said that the only theory that fits at the moment is my own. Now there may have been others that realised and predicted this one. My bet would be that David Dubyne of Adapt 2030 and some he knows might have gotten that one.

Now recall and you can check and I have said this over and over on social media .. the one thing that is wrong with the world is that there are too many people. You could view it another way and say there is not enough land.

Now consider that another thing I point out to people and alarmists did not seem to get, is that when talking about rising seal levels and ocean acidification that is not possible is ..

‘Where does the water come from?’

In a cooling period the glaciers will eventually grow, they think there is a lag time of 30 years for this and scientific papers regarding San Rafael in Chile state that lag time.

The ice-caps will grow and in three dimensions, do not forget. Thicker and larger.

Permafrost will grow.

The oceans will behave like that of a puddle after heavy rain when it slowly evaporates and shrinks only this will be on a global scale and take decades and not hours or days.

If the sea goes down then the land will grow.

I understand these scenarios might be difficult to imagine but these are geological time-scales we are talking about and Earth has gone through countless changes like these over million of years.

The only time it was stable for a very long time was during the period that the dinosaurs evolved, obvious when you think about it, is it not?

During this period it was also the most stable time for the Earth’s magnetic field which lasted for millions of years and something I have covered in the past, with charts.

You might get a shock when you look at those charts as there are other periods where the magnetic field flipped very rapidly over way shorter periods of time.

No one can tell you why.

I believe I know why though I am not entirely sure I am the only one that has come up with these things but certainly the only one openly talking about it. I believe that those in power know and have hidden this.

If it is like the Earth has been going through a repair process that if I hypothesised had lasted 65 million years might give a clue? Have gone into this previously.

This would also explain many things in evolution, like how there are no more huge animals like the dinosaurs any more on land.

Now I said there are too many people?

  • A man-made pandemic started that killed people, just not as many as they claimed
  • Oppression started that led to a lot of people suffering
  • Health Services were blown into orbit and many others died, I know several
  • While this occurred so-called vaccines were rushed I warned about and many more died
  • A series of divisions were created and unrest took place where people have died
  • I could die at any point, left in unimaginable pain and no one gives a shit while they all tell others what humanitarians they are and feel like people have been waiting for me to die
  • A war has started no one expected in Ukraine and people are dying
  • China are looking at Taiwan and they also laser attacked an Australian vessel
  • And of a series of wars or a world war breaks out how will Britain get enough food?
  • The same also applies if the temperatures suddenly nose dive, which can also happen suddenly if we get a bigger eruption than the one that occurred in Tonga, though this is location dependent for the pace of cooling

Earth is on a knife’s edge in more ways than one.

The most annoying aspect for me is that I am sure and have stated all along that I suspect that the powers playing global Chess have know and know for a couple of decades.

Maybe the claims of an ice-age back in the 70’s still exist and got buried in the fantasy of global warming they cooked up?

But if this were the case there would be other huge clues .. like suddenly creating a Doomsday Vault out of the blue but having a false excuse in place for the reason they created it.

OH WAIT?! Svalbard!

There might be other tell-take signs they have been lying for a long time like an earthquake in a country that does not get them and in a stupid way where half the people that were asleep did not believe those that were awake.

OH WAIT?! The United Kingdom!

But this would involve years or planning and lying and how could you do this, I mean you would have to have an organisation that would get into most, if not all the government of the world to spread lies and deceive the people, the working classes they claimed to be all about but had actually been lying to for decades?

OH WAIT?! The World Economic Forum!

But how could they shield all this?

Well they could spend years manufacturing sketchy evidence with a series of insane ideas that could draw many people in who were beginning to sense something was wrong. Ideas so bizarre that they could list everyone as mad and then use a term where the definitions do not apply to label them and have others shy away from these ideas. In time they could then apply these to the people realising the truth to keep the charade going as long as possible.

OH WAIT?! Conspiracy Theorists!

In recent times they literally apply one thing or label to scientists .. well they did until I turned it around on them. ‘Flat-Earthers’.

I wonder if that was something they started so that down the line they could literally destroy those that got too close to the truth?

For more than two decades it has felt like something is wrong and many others have too but as soon as you try to answer their questions they shy away from the facts.

It is like the want to have a beyatch and whinge about it, but only want to go so far leaving me wonde4ring whey they would moan at all?

So you want to moan but not go too far and just hoping that someone else makes the sacrifices and does it for you? It does not work that way and those that have done all this were well aware of this.

What has eaten away at me is that those evil bar stewards responsible for this and all the deception so that they could not only save themselves but remain on their thrones, get away with it.

I have personally been through decades of hell while listening to how moral everyone else is that seem to forget that words mean nothing while actions do.

So I spent many years writing as I edged my way towards the answers.

I made many predictions I was very confident about and then went onto various social media platforms to make those predictions in real time.

Then while getting into debates on this and waiting to be proven right I was shattering their illusions and destroying their methodologies.

Little by little trying to figure out their mindset, the patterns and where their psychological tricks came from, George Soros and Karl Popper for the most part.

Little by little piecing it all together in such a way and at just the right time, everyone will know and therefore ‘they’ will not get away with it.

During all this my own government and all the big names such as Google, Twitter and Facebook have done everything that can stop me or slow me down, in so doing just making things ever more hellish for me as my health deteriorated.

There remains but one thing while the last of the connections are made and the last of my theories start to look very obviously the case.

For them to fail you need enough people to see an easy linking together of the facts that in turn, shatters the illusion. Because numbers are key to stopping them.

That is where this blog comes in and the sole reason for me starting it in the first instance.

If you want this, then this is what needs to be done.

Its not that you or some group knows, it purely comes down to the fact that enough people need to know and this is done via .. actually I will let someone else explain ..

“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not simple ideas complex” – Albert Einstein

Would like to end by stating that I typed this out on the 28th February. I am supposed to be relocating to Wales but this has been slower than everyone said. My mobility is extremely restricted and I cannot do the things I enjoy and been driving me insane for month now.

I have very bad head and chest pains and have been concerned I might need a heart bypass operation and an emergency appointment that was supposed to take place in November is not happening until March 23rd.

Am actually concerned that either my laptop will fail before I finish what I started or might die, something that has been a concern for around four years.

Have also requested several times .. no .. begged for help with the pain and I have had nothing and also I have had my financial situation affected again, just as my health has deteriorated further.

I have issues travelling in vehicles too, with coaches and buses being the worst and that’s not when I am not frozen to the spot as my pain levels are often 11 on a scale of one to ten.

I was asked several times by the GPs and Pharmacist to call for an ambulance if I get the chest pains and bad headaches and have not done this dozens of times.

Because today and despite what I do while asking myself why I do it, I do not trust anyone.

Often when I do come across people that I eventually start learning to trust they disappoint me at some point.

The odd thing is I am not one to ask for help.

But there have been many times when I was promised help and each and every time I was left .. disappointed.

So there are often times when it all gets too much, like the realisation I have been screwed financially again just when I thought that my disability status MIGHT .. be reinstated, when I feel like I cannot take much more of it.

Most of the time, when my health allows and not in too much pain, I am taking on people on social media in humongous battles because it takes my mind off things and I cannot do the things I want to do.

Oddly enough the people I go up against who claim to be into the science but never produce any also complain about how much I am on social media as part of their argument.

More or less arguing and complaining I have too many facts.

These ‘humanitarians’ I referred to as leftists the whole time, even on the blog and this was done to keep up the charade until I could work out who they were.

They are not leftists or woke and nor are they LBGTQ. Oddly the one group none of them ever claimed to be but brought up a lot as another defence tactic, was Black Lives Matter.

A core number of them had odd English and I failed to pick up early on that the location of one of them, who also claimed to not be a socialist but a capitalist, which turned out to be key.

Never in my entire life did I ever come across anyone claiming to be a capitalist that was deep into a group of people claiming to be woke socialists and communists. These people even quoted Karl Marx.

I often warned this person, who claimed to be woke but like others lost several accounts being bigoted, racist or downright disregardful to abused children, that he would prove to be their downfall. Well his group at any rate.

I also warned them that they should keep me blocked, them having blocked me previously then becoming obsessed and hearing stories, being stricken with fear and coming after me again.

Now here is a few points ..

  • Woke Leftist Capitalist is in Switzerland
  • They all claimed the New World Order was Conspiracy Theory
  • News of The Great Reset had them defending it immediately when people were still trying to figure out what it was
  • The Great Reset was cooked up by someone who is an idiot called Klaus Schwab
  • Klaus Schwab is head of the World Economic Forum
  • The WEF is in Switzerland
  • Return to the beginning, read through and see if anything stands out?

Here is Tim Pool speaking about a Member of Parliament in Ukraine who posted on social media that they are fighting for the New World Order, something those that argued with me claimed was ‘conspiracy theory’ and then immediately defended it without reading about it when it was outed as ‘The Great Reset’.

These are evil, lying, fascist dictators that cannot be trusted ..

In other words the reason why I have been on threads over-populated with people on climate change, covid, vaccines, black lives matter, critical race theory, woke, anti-Trump and yet all over the place and hypocritical and dishonest is that they are the World Economic Forum representatives in one form or another.

Either direct members or just on a part-time payroll basis, it matters not.

One after another they have been repeatedly exposed by us, I myself have exposed hundreds, of not being the things they claim but are the things they accuse others of being.

The Swiss capitalist among them was the key that, had he not unblocked me and then went through five accounts attacking me, I just might have missed?

Stated previously and you have to go back on this blog to 2019 that along with me stating the mad weather and the cooling .. and the volcanoes .. and the pandemic that will come .. and as I reminded a shocked friend who went silent .. I predicted Russia would push into Europe.

Did not expect it quite so soon.

Upon hearing this my friend recalled me saying this and was momentarily silent especially when I said that the reasons they will use wont be the one I told him about.

Here is a tweet about snow in Spring for the Ukraine in March 2022 ..

It would be nice to at least see evidence finally that people see this for what it is and that this one post gets about to enough people but in the event that I do not and am not here .. I just hope it may become my .. legacy at some point?

That one thing I always wanted to do for mankind?

Maybe my daughter and grandchildren will see this occur?

Here is a member of WEF under a sock account, they have many, where under a sustained attack of lies using nothing more than suggestion and implying things .. it was repeatedly hinted out over several days that there were some very bad things on the Internet.

The alluding is intended for the minds of others to invent the worst horrors they can imagine.

Also they stated that these were very easy to find and then gave the threat by asking me if I wanted them to link them all?

This is a gamble, the idea being that if you threaten anyone with something like that most people would have some sort of bad history or just embarrassing things at some point.

I replied with “Yeah, known yourself out. Let’s see them”

Their reply was “Nope.”

Another from the same WEF group who had previously used Dr John Campbell over Covid19 and Vaccines who himself has millions of subscribers. Then he started pointing out the lies and facts being withheld, the fake news and George Orwell.

After saying ‘listen to Doctors’ the WEF group then set out on destroying their reputations as a number of them did as this one attempted it ..

Here is a tweet where one of them is asked if they were the son of Klaus Schwab, as he lived in Switzerland.

Oddly the one we called Swissy was the only one among them that championed and claimed to be a capitalist while he claimed that The Great Reset was a good idea as soon as it was out. Something he had insisted was ‘conspiracy theory’ a year before.

Fast learner ..

Occasion where after a WEF member they told us was a journalist was pushing for a No Fly Zone the WEF group on Twitter were asked directly why they was trying to start World War 3?

Would it be reasonable to assume that these powerful people, the elite and the rich of the world would have places to escape to? Ever here of these underground bunkers made into luxurious apartments the rich can buy?

Land is the most precious commodity and everyone gets a slice of the pie.


Every single one of this WEF Group lied for three plus years about volcanic activity increasing. Here is one claiming to be brand new, a sock, and a student, a fraud, who claimed it was not increasing.

This is after a period of 18 months of eruptions being 300% plus above average levels, four eruptions I predicted to occur, several submarine volcano eruptions I predicted including the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption.

An eruption that was reported at 17.6km I said was wrong and way higher, was attacked by the WEF and told I am a moron calling experts wrong .. and the height went up .. and up, and I still said it was higher .. and up .. until it was 86km and not 17.6km.

These all claim to be scientists, be science students, science teachers or just ‘follow the science’ and claim to understand it. But get confused when you ask them specific questions. Calls himself Brandon ..

So let’s go Brandon, what answers do you have?

They accused someone of coming out with posts of different facts, science reports and weather reports of ‘spamming’.

Same group of WEF people.

Now while accusing others of spamming, too many facts, reports and papers, they were replying with images or gifs of tins of spam which would number between 20 and over 100 times on occasions.

Several of them did this while having a complete meltdown and rage while also projecting those things onto others, onto me very often when I had answered the phone to a friend or family member and had left the house for a walk while I was talking.

So I would come back, see a barrage of tweets about me being in a meltdown and a rage.

It got the the point I would answer someone on my side of the debate, most of which had blocked the more insane one, and then tweet again saying ‘Hold on, just got back in the house and see I am supped to be in a rage? GRRRR..’

Here is me showing them for definitions for ‘spamming’ from dictionaries proving, as I have for so many words, that the word is not applicable.

I had done this several times over several weeks after a year of being accused of being a spammer, because nothing else and being reported cannot silence me.

They STILL continue to falsely claim I am a spammer despite repeatedly being proved they were wrong and lying. Several of them did this.

One tells me he cannot be a fascist or a Nazi because he is gay, he is not gay. They lie about themselves online and put it in their profiles as a shield so there is less chance they will get suspended. Gets hard to do that when your being reported for being against the very people you claim to be. Something I have done many times to their utter shock.

One I published a link to a member of the Nazi Party in WW2 being gay, this gay woke progressive (claimed) answers it was because he was Jewish and heavily implied that all fascist gays were Jewish.

He stated that you cannot be gay and a Nazi fascist .. and then answers that the man was Jewish (in the Nazi Party?), so what else could be mean?

He got restricted for that .. by Twitter .. for claiming that a gay member of the Nazis was Jewish.

The one that runs around Twitter calling everyone that disagrees ‘Nazis’, no matter what it is you disagree on.

Here is one of the WEF group saying one thing about mental health and medial advice and what a humanitarian they are long with screenshots of them doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.

WEF members, do not forget. More like the new Master Race with a whole new toolbox.

Dr John Campbell near the point when it went from, ‘listen to this Doctor’ to ‘he is not a Doctor he is just a YouTuber’

Here is Kenneth Richard from No Tricks Zone on the same thread trying to explain to a fake ‘scientist’ I call ‘JimJimPing’ who repeatedly lies, repeatedly ignores and always posts the same clearly fraudulent graphs.

In the video below someone that wrote a book on Marxism accurately describes the way the WEF people operate and teach others and is what I have and defeated every single day for several years.

Remember this is their ‘grand plan’, or at least a major part of it. Thousands have used every single thing described here against me and all have failed.

“We are better people than you, we are smarter than you, we are more moral people than you and we are saner than you”

They literally think they have every right to be evil to others because they think they are superior.

I have been accused of being a great many things but right in there at the core I have been called ..

  • Inferior
  • Moron
  • Stupid
  • Thick
  • Idiot
  • Nazi
  • Fascist
  • Paid by Putin
  • Paid by Trump
  • Insane
  • Crazy
  • Mad
  • Off my meds

As shown in previous parts .. none of the above are true, all have been disproved, have shown screenshots of them talking about their medications and doing some utterly insane things, wanting to use children for harassment and others.

This has been repeated in loops with some other things thrown in and has continued like this every hour, literally, of very almost every day of every week of every month of every year for the past four.

They were wrong to test my resolve and not matter how many of them there are, who they are nor what their names are .. I know kung fu and it is better than theirs.

To those that do not know, not bad for someone with no resources, a laptop I have expected to give out every day for the last two years, constant pain, in the house of horrors in socialist central and with serious short-term memory problems.

So along with redefining words and ignoring being caught out to be lying and ignoring screenshots of many definitions for many words I have also shown evidence that I have been in contact with a great many Doctors.

This was done because when I told them that the Doctor did not agree with them they start attacking a Doctor they knew nothing about. Suddenly this group were superior to my Doctor, only there were three Doctors at the same surgery.

Knowing full well that even explaining there were three they would continue insisting all of them were wrong and this WEF group were superior, despite being low IQ idiots on mental health medications, I showed them that I had been across six GPP Surgeries, six hospitals and about to go to a seventh.

What I am very good at doing is knowing that they are going to do or say before they do it and they are often surprised and enraged further when I immediately hot them with a meme.

Its really like watching the film The Matrix when they system breaks down when it loses and they start glitching because the foolproof plan does not work on this particular fool.

They still claim I am insane and insist that despite speaking to more than one GP from each surgery across 12, 3 from my current one, and six hospitals of more than one .. every single one, according to these non-Doctors .. are wrong.

They do this with scientists that do not state what they want to hear .. scientific papers.

When they use all kinds of excuses, lies and petty stupid shit to rule out experts and repeatedly do this .. take it from me they belong to some organisation where the WEF training filters down.

Now despite years of work and leaving nuggets about the tricks, thought processes and psychological nonsense across ten platforms, I added several months ago, it has now become apparent due to Tim Pool, Jimmy Dore and now the brilliant Chris Chappel, who appeared on Tim Pool’s IRL podcast, its out.

It is out a little earlier than I had anticipated and anyone that has read enough of my posts know that despite occasionally things happening later than I thought or predicted .. very often it occurs earlier.

Still I have a few treats still to include in this piece, like who they are on Twitter and where they hang out, for one.

Here on his America Uncovered channel, he also has China Uncensored, he runs through ..

  • Start of WEF
  • Like climate change from original name, some kicked out after they asked awkward questions
  • Changed name again to WEF
  • Who they recruited
  • Them boasting that they did it
  • Chappell covers that question in the Canadian parliament where they bullshitted and states exactly the same as I did .. another case where its as if people are pulling my claims and statements?
  • Also asks what I have in what went wrong with Russia and Ukraine as Putin was one he boosted he recruited

I sent this to three people I know that had doubted me for stating this was going on around 8 and more years ago and now saying they think I am right and simply said “This is the only 12 minute video you will ever need to see” ..

Here is someone covering a Joe Rogan podcast talking to Maajid Nawaz who plays a clip where Nawaz explains the WEF as well as how Twitter is flooded with these people and The Great Reset.

These are the same people I have been battling with .. they are not LGBTQ, BLM, AGW or Green Energy people or any of the other things. They used fear, anger, promises and various other things to gain control and in various ways.

I was well aware that especially working alone that it was going to take a very long time to work out who it was, find their groups and get in among them and then destroy and expose them from the inside out and from the outside in.

Over many years with dropping breadcrumbs in the right places across ten or more platforms that eventually others way bigger then me would eventually connect enough dots together that it would eventually go, not ‘mainstream’ as they are involved, but far and wide.

This is because I have been watched likely since 2011 and was warned I would be watched when I started blogging around 2012 then was heavily suppressed from around 2015-2016 which has just got worse and worse and worse.

So I had to turn to ten platforms when just two would have sufficed and then work my ass off hour by hour for year after year until the point that I had sent out enough clues for the picture to come together so that someone way bigger than me might start talking about these things.

It has been a huge relief to have Joe Rogan, Tim Pool Chris Chappell, Jimmy Dore, Dr John Campbell and dare I say it, Russell Brand, Luke Rudkowski, now Maajid Nawaz, GB News, Officer Tatum, Andrew Leroy Brown, Gothix, Decoy Voice and many many others talk about these various issues.

We have been at the point now where all the pieces are falling into place and its been a very, very long time coming.

  • Get people in governments over many years.
  • Teach them the tricks.
  • Appeal to various groups, religions, identities, races, genders (yours?) obsessed with gaining .. various things.
  • Censorship
  • Sensationalizing.
  • Control the media to control the minds of the people.
  • Twisted philosophy.
  • Get people within science.
  • Smoke and mirrors.
  • Distractions.
  • False claims regarding impending doom over and over again.
  • Create division which for some time now has been occurring among the BLM, AGW group, Green Energy Group and now it has started in the LGBTQ group and the first signs within the Antifa group
  • Spent a long time explaining little that you cannot make an argument when you have been conditioned to not look at the opposing argument
  • ‘Data, data, data, you cannot build bricks without clay’

The WEF, whose ideas and plans were so great they had to plan them over several decades, lure people in and conceal most of them. While constantly telling you what a humanitarian organisation they are. While they want a socialist style system so they can stay in control. The very people that wrecked the world and then had a secret plan to wreck it further. Once wrecked those that created the mess in the first instance suddenly have the knowledge and know-how to ‘Build Back Better’?

Yet they have ‘economic’ right there in their name?

Her is a Channel 4 News article from years ago when they needed you to believe that Ukraine was run by ‘far-right extremists’ but fast forward a few years they need you to support Ukraine, labelling everyone as a Russian collaborator who refuses and claim there are no ‘far-right extremists’.


I do not know, I am not been there nor never have and I know some Ukrainians who are fantastic people but I am fairly sure they do not live in Ukraine. I have used their videos many times on a particular scientific subject. They are not far-right.

Here is my favourite Romanian, Vee. Talking about how the creator of Tesla and the original big push for electric vehicles and green energy, Elon Musk on him tweeting out that we need to produce more gas and oil and how the activists had a complete freak-out.

Most of these people live in some kind of dreamland and think everything is magic and not capable at all of critical thinking.

A large portion of which and I have seen this myself, seriously suffer from Dunning-Kruger Effect which was likely something that the WEF knew they could use along with fear, anger and emotions in general.

Here is someone else going over the World Economic Forum video, who are members and how it states on the WEF’s own website that they program people. How Princes, Queens and CEO’s are included along with politicians.

Also pointed out is just how many nations in trouble are the ones the WEF have influence over and that Vladimir Putin was one and asks what I have, if the Russia Ukraine war is part of their plan for The Great Reset?

How about a video from a year ago with Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum talking to Vladamir Putin speaking about Covid19 and the global tensions in the world that could lead to the end of civilization?

Schwab has been revealed to run the western world that Putin has now started moves against after years or broken promises?

Or you could view this as them setting the scene so that people will expect something in time but I am sure that the fact they are now viewed to be on either side of the fence will not cause ‘wrong-think’?

They really should be more careful about what they say, film and leave online.

On Reddit they are looking at Klaus Schwab, George Soros along with the Freedom Convoy actions, lies as well as the Russia war with Ukraine and the mainstream news.


Seems many not the fake news are reporting of dodgy dealings in Ukraine with the World Economic Forum and George Soros so who else?

Is that why the Ukrainian MP stated she is fighting for the New World Order? Was it a call to these people saying they had better find ways to force the masses into pushing for World War 3?


Here is a writer and journalist who seems to have a bit of a history and experience, ZeroHedge being one, who seems to be trying to connect the dots.

WEF, Boris Johnson (pantomime with another WEF member?), Sajid Javid, Dr Peter Daszack, Chris Witty, Peter Hancock, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Rockefeller, EcoHealth Alliance, WHO, AstroZeneca .. it goes on ..


Somebody else and from Wales, of all places, looking into the history and rumours behind Klaus Schwab and oddly Ravensburg comes up, an area known for weaving products. ‘Oh what a web we weave’. He wonders to Schwab’s intentions and from what I have seen and the absolute lies being told by all while all the same lies .. no chance at all they are good.


Now then .. we know they have lied about Covid19 and Vaccines and have cost lives and here is a video by Dr John Campbell about the Pfizer documents were he feels as if he has helped to harm people.

He is also aghast at how many side-effects have occurred, over 1,000, and that both this report as well as the previous two Ivermectin studies have not been covered by the news.

Most notable is at the end where he states that the little trust there was left in politicians, the mainstream news and health organisations have now been, or about to be as people find out, destroyed completely.

Now remember of they have lied about that, willingly and repeatedly, while telling you they are about saving lives and at the same time refusing to report on new scientific evidence, then they can lie about anything, right?

Well for some reason after odd reports left, tight and centre as well as reporting what are obviously completely wrong numbers several times .. Volcano Discovery went political and putting up a banner for helping Ukraine and donating money.

Scientists should not be telling the public what their politics should be and what side of a conflict they should be on and helping when they do not know anything about it.

They also should me have a page talking about the horrific scenes, reports and pictures when around 90% of them are completely fake. So-called scientists are literally telling people all the reports everyone knows are fake, are real.

Now then as stated and I previously reported and was told it would not happen, even more are now openly asking questions regarding AGW Climate Change. Japan has 700 inches of snow in the winter of 2021-22.

Now after the crap Volcano Discovery pulled and recalling all the errors and the number of times their website just went down I went looking for another site.

The Smithsonian Institute I had already dumped because they have also lied on their webpage and shockingly so. Another institution that has disappointed me.

So I have a quick look at their tables and sure enough .. they are being selective and convenient with the facts.

The volcanic eruption in Tonga was listed wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and WRONG by Volcano Discovery and the Smithsonian has it blank?

I see experts classing it as a VEI4 before they have even worked out how ‘wrong’ they were and a few were classing it as a VEI5.

Its Volcanic Explosivity Index has not been classified and on another screenshot neither has the submarine volcano near Japan that reached 65,000 feet that only had a photo of taken from a distance. The one that caused a sea of pumice washing up on shores.

I would imagine that should I challenge them on leaving it blank they would use the excuse that they only list it when ‘they’ are sure the activity period is over. No.

They should include whatever VEI number it registers are and then up it as necessary.

It has been my belief the last few years that everything you have seen has been a distraction from this and I am not by any means stating that they know exactly what is going to happen and when, though they could. What I am saying is that they know that it is going to happen at some point.

In fact their panic of late seems to suggest things are occurring earlier than they thought.

I thought they would happen sooner than they ‘thought’ and they are happening sooner than ‘I’ thought.

Currently I think my relocation to Wales is not going to go through and it is seriously getting me down, while at the same time I am wondering who bad things will be by the end of 2022?

The Manam Volcano has erupted to 50,000 feet and that’s the 5th larger eruption of that height or larger since 2018.

We have had two consecutive drops in global temperature and its at 0.0C on the UAH graph, after these big eruptions and I am wondering if we will get our first three consecutive drops?

Forecasts for a cold Spring in the northern hemisphere they put down to a Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event while the La Nina is extended and might be the first third consecutive La Nina next winter?

You think the Russian government has been wondering if they will get regular 700 inches of snowfall in winter, like Japan just had? How about 1,000 inches? Would this not possibly start earlier, take longer to thaw and shorten growing seasons? Food for thought.

For me its been like a culmination of several disaster movies that encompass WW2, Contagion, ‘1984’, The Core, The Day After Tomorrow, The Stand, Spectre and The Omen.

The only ones missing are ‘2012’, Independence Day and Armageddon.

Even with my own story its like Hitchcock’s ‘The Lady Vanishes’ parts 1 through 50, that many times they have tried to make me disappear. Well let’s be honest, it is a lot more than that.

Stated long ago that this was planned all along and that the WEF’s claim that their great plan came about was because of covid when it was around several years before.

So you can only conclude that the only possible link between the plan would be that covid was part of said plan.

Here is Russell Brand talking about it and ‘they planned it all along’.

Here is a documentary done by the BBC 8 years or so ago on Nazism and Communism in Ukraine that, judging from what I am hearing out of them through people stupid enough to still listen to them, they seem to have forgot they made ..

Not my words .. theirs. Not been there so I do not know.

Known some very nice Ukrainians but none of them live there and I never asked about their country.

While this was written and during a suspension for speaking about covid and Ivermectin which was me basically quoting Doctor John Campbell who was quoting from three science papers ..

Had already previously reminded a friend that along with me predicting that Russia would move into Europe two years ago that 18 months ago I had told him that I already started to suspect I might have already had Covid.

I also told him, a social worker for 25 years, that I know think I had this prior to the official arrival in the UK and that my heart, chest and headache issues might be down to me having covid already and that had I had a vaccine that was reported to have similar effects to greater degree I could have ended up in an even worse way.

Well .. something changed,

My daughter is a senior healthcare worker and on the 12th March 2022 she started telling me she was feeling bad. As I asked her symptoms she started to describe every symptom I had and as there were many this was .. more than uncanny.

She was shocked as I ran through my symptoms after telling her that he headaches were hypertension headaches.

I suggested various things in the meantime while she was waiting to be seen, which she was reluctant to do. A lot of Omega 3 for one. I stated that they will discover that her blood pressure was high and will likely be given medication to lower it and might even be given blood thinners.

Well that is exactly what happened and interesting was that the hospital asked if she had, had covid, the answer being ‘yes’ and I had already warned her I now believe there was a link.

Which now means that with these very specific set of symptoms that matched my own along with the fact that I had suspected for awhile and only got stronger that I indeed had, had covid, that I look to be accurate on this.

It also vindicates me on previous points that there were more interested in jabbing people with vaccines than they were answers regarding the vaccines, like testing people to make sure they had not already had it.

My concern and my refusal to have it was not that the NHS lied their azz off about my conditions and did not treat it accurately and consistently broke the Hippocratic Oaths .. but also their actions and rushed to inject people made no sense.

My reasoning was that it was possible as well as plausible, thought I thought it was unlikely, that the vaccines could compound problems that covid had already caused.

Never did I imagine that covid caused heart issues but that the vaccines, at least some of them, would be reported to do the exact same.

To me it was a risk and that was all anyone needed to know but never could I have imagined that this might start looking to be the case, which just goes to show and people will realise that you just cannot force people into things you know nothing about.

I have now been without blood pressure pills, YET AGAIN, for several days as the GP Surgery, YET AGAIN, have not set up my repeat prescriptions and this has gone on since November or early December.

Three times they have told me they will set this up.

Also in the first six weeks up until mid-January I got a lot of phone-calls about my condition and pills as they gave me a concoction.

The emergency hospital appoint they thought I already had on December 24th will not take place until very late March and the concerned phone-calls just ceased suddenly.

Hell, I have emailed my GP Surgery twice about my missing blood pressure pills and other medication and have still had no contact when before Christmas they would call my mobile within 5 minutes to an hour.

You can make of all that what you will but this alone is likely to cause a huge stir on social media once my unfair 7 day suspension, appeal went nowhere, is over.

Deaths only matter to the powers that be when they are useful.

Now remember and as explained throughout my blog the NHS and the DWP have lied along with local councils and I previously had my DLA and then my Personal Independent Payments taken away based on those lies

This entirely screwed up my life again on the second one and why I am stuck where I am and no single body I approached did anything and reneged on their promises. Mary Ward Legal being just one, Citizen’s Advice Bureau being another.

Well one of my longest running symptoms has been Achilles Tendinitis which is bad joint pain that has caused me to fall.

I might also add that with the huge increase risk of me having a heart attack and stroke that I was, curiously, asked to fill in a PIP form.

Never been asked before.

Now as I am supposed to be relocation its been quite a concern of how I am going to do this and I have mentioned this many times. Well I do not always explain the whole story and I just explained a little more as to why.

This is to be with a daughter that has not had much of me in her life for 30 years and grandchildren that keep asking if I am coming to live near them.

Now I find out all this.

For decades we have wanted to reverse the damage that the government, NHS, DWP, local councils and courts have done to us.

Now we keep trying it they just keep destroying these plans and we always seem to be told after being kicked in the nether regions that our lives being destroyed is for our benefit and ‘the greater good’.

Now I required two things before I decided to post about this and told people this on social media, I needed to go over every detail and I needed to get every detail.

Here is one ..

I suffer from a very bad case of Fibromyalgia and it is not the only one.

This was missed for many, many years and then was diagnosed by myself, conformed by Guy’s Hospital after the NHS lied and then tried to state there were no specialists in this. There are recordings of these things being said.

They then kept ignoring it and each time I nagged them to see me at whatever hospital I would them be discharged after the first appointment or two. Prior to diagnosing myself and along with Fibromyalgia being missed I was wrongly diagnosed more than six times.

Tenosynovitis, Bursitis, Pes Cavus, “a neurological problem”, Plantar Fasciitis and probably a few others over the years and that was just for a single symptom for my foot pain. Considering I have had 273, at least, symptoms though not all explained to Doctors due to memory issues, you would think they might have actually got it right and not prescribed all the wrong medication.

That was the point when I started complaining and the PHSO, GMC and others started lying their asses off too and at some point I had started recording everything.

I was being lied to, I was told by organisation I was being lied to by the NHS, the Fibromyalgia Association UK even told me that and they later got lied to by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Then my daughter went through a traumatic experience who had been without her father all her life because of the same public services full of idiots lying their asses off which had long since started to look like it was by design.

She was being lied to by many public services including the Police. A Police Force who later ‘effed up’ a murder investigation my daughter was witness too and right in front of me. Another Police Force act incompetent. Twice for this one.

I witness this because I am now living there .. or supposed to be.

Only along with the Merseyside Police flocking things up so was local council .. again and the DWP .. again .. and the NHS who were already screwing things up with me who then proceeded to screw them up for my daughter and my grandchildren.

If you go back far enough you will note that I stated there is a setup between the DWP, Councils and NHS and call them ‘The Evil Trinity’. NHS lies and not only do they keep the money they deceived people out of so do the DWP and all the local councils. Simple but effective.

Of course back them I suspected it was way bigger and was determined to find out but had no idea about any of it and had not heard about any of the big names or players.

So I was pressurising my daughter about pressurising the Doctors about Fibromyalgia because it can be far worse then you can imagine. Only Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome is worse and I have suspected its the same thing for many years.

Fast forward a few years and my daughter is living in Wales, my grandson nearly died due to inaction of the NHS, other grandchildren still being ignored and my daughter nearly dies.

Would you believe my daughter is now a senior healthcare worker and still being messed around by the NHS?

She also tells me she has come across a large number of people in her village with Fibromyalgia which I tell her backs up my hypothesis that my condition has worsened in line with changes going on for 15 years with the Earth.

Magnetic Field, Schumann Resonance, solar activity and others have all been changing right along the timeline that my symptoms have built up in frequencies and number.

I had a nerve wrecking few moments which was rather odd as I was drunk when I was told them which shocked my daughter as she started to think I had picked up on something.

They gave her something in a hospital in Shrewsbury and her heart stopped.

I posted this story on Twitter about a group of mother’s that exposed this hospital and had the maternity ward shut down and was attacked over it and my story.

This group of woke, socialist, hard-left alarmists attacked the story by the BBC and a bunch of mothers over terrible conditions in the MATERNITY WARD in a hospital.

Think about that for a moment and spend a few days coming back to that last line ..


Now to run over a few things ..

In late 2019 I had a very weird illness that had lingered a while and continued over Christmas into January 2020.

Then details started to come in about a mystery illness in China that later turned out to be Covid19 and I recall at one point I was forced unfairly by the NHS and government to go to a GP Surgery that was far away.

Nearby there was a series of stores owned by people from East Asia and as I passed them they were all wearing face-masks before they became a thing. I told people about this and wondered if they knew something we did not. During a period when the politicians and leftists were telling all it was just like the flu.

As time went on I had another four illnesses with cold like symptoms, two of those times I tested myself twice each time and tested negative.

But I had started to suspect that there was a possibility I had already had Covid19 and the most likely period was prior to it arriving in the UK which was around the 10th February 2020. This seemed unlikely despite the fact that there were reports the CCP lied about it.

After awhile I had a friend who is Diabetic Type 1, had been fully vaccinated and thought everyone should who now believes he was wrong and proud of those like me that stood up to the lies and vaccine mandates. He was an adult social worker of 25 years and even studied Karl Popper in his further education.

He caught a virus two or three times, despite the precautions and lock-downs, and told me how he was confused that he had not contracted Covid19. Because its supposed to spread fast and had realised that the vaccines, in his words, did not work.

Guessing that by this time he had many he knows along with the reports of people contracting the virus despite being vaccinated, face-masks and lock-downs?

Doctors told him he had not contracted covid. So they must have done an anti-body test?

Only today and he also knows we have seen reports that the virus was spreading around in China as early as October and then there was a report of September that the Wef Wombles claimed was conspiracy theory.

Then I posted a video by a Dr Been on YouTube who seemed to be talking about a study in Italy where they tested blood they had from September 2019 onwards just to see. I imagine it was because of all the reports that it had been spreading way earlier than claimed?

The Doctor was somewhat surprised that they found that it was in Italy even as early as September 2019 and as he stated, if they tested blood for August or even July they might also find it was present? Maybe they will?

If you recall the CPP was claiming at one point that covid was not from China, but from Italy?

Well my daughter called me after she had, had covid twice and she had the exact same weird symptoms and pains that I had been having for around 18 months or more. Symptoms, plural.

I now am sure as I was before that this is because of a condition I have, that she also had that was intentionally ignored and lied about by the NHS and Doctors for many years. I have informed by Doctors of this and sure enough I have had a phone-call from a nervous Doctor just as I stated on social media I would.

They tried to say that one mistake they was not to blame for, my missing blood pressure pills, until I pointed out how maths and counting work. Then they apologised again realising their mistake.

So then .. the two cases show that the virus has had an effect on our hearts and chest BECAUSE of a condition we already had that the NHS had ignored and not diagnosed or dealt with for years.

Same period of time after having a virus when we have the same condition that led to a series of odd conditions.

Which is strong evidence that I had covid prior to 2020 and around October or November 2019.

Now here is the rub .. this will prove key in the coming months that I now believe will leave to a humongous backlash ..

I kept asking everyone I know on both sides of the proverbial fence why they was more interested in forcing a rushed vaccine than they were testing people for antibodies?

Why force a vaccine on people when you do not know if they already have antibodies?

I have serious issues getting anywhere .. and it drives me insane while I have public services standing behind me with proverbial WHIPS trying to force me to do things.

Still might turn out cold is my enemy I have tried to do short trips to build up my strength and stamina.

One thing I have not done is go out with my professional camera in quite awhile, more than six months which has shocked many people.

So I decided to go out two days ago to take my mind off what was going on with my daughter and I took my camera but left two lenses behind.

The closest location to me of interest and it was wiping me out but I still persevered and got there but only took around ten photographs.

Getting back I had realised due to the tiny space I am limited to and my memory issues that I had left my door keys behind, luckily someone was in the building and I was slumped against a wall in pain. Struggling to remain upright.

This alone which has been getting worse is enough to make me want to end it all and I am attacked and buried and have had my payments frozen with the NHS refusing to deal with things and lying and other public services not doing as they are supposed to.

Meanwhile on Twitter a bunch of self-declared humanitarians who start wishing death upon those that continually reject their lies.

Governments, big tech, public services .. groups of people on Twitter all of which are the group I have been searching for, for a decade and was for nearly three decades, 1993, without even realising it.

The World Economic Forum ..

Now consider the following ..

As I stated to angry people that did not agree from the outset, I was not going to have a vaccine and nor should anyone else with heart or chest issues when the reports are coming in, Wef Wombles claimed was lies and conspiracy theory, that the vaccines was causing heart issues and Myocarditis.

My claim was that people were walking around with conditions they did not know they had because the NHS had for years as I have shown, been refusing to diagnose patients.

One of my GP’s, a Doctor Huq of Dr Rooban’s Surgery QUIT over this and the surgery was closed, PERIOD. Long before any pandemic and several YEARS before.

Now consider giving a vaccine to people that already had covid that had already affected their heart because of a condition they already had?

So you should ask yourself, has this push and those lying and forcing vaccines led to deaths and what will the outcome be and the reaction from Doctors around the world if this turns out to be the case in a few months time?

This is just one of the many things in science I warned about, predicted and was attacked for and now turns out that its starting to appear that those that accused me of being a murderer caused a very large number of deaths?

I can tell you that there has not been a single person thus far whose jaws have not dropped to the floor over this link and I have not even aired this on social media and wont until this post goes ‘live’.

Now them let us move on to what has been said when I was back from a seven day suspension for quoting a Doctor quoting a study that these following people used to use but now attack.

These are WEF people and the closer to WEF they are, I call the ‘sheep herders’, the more they are protected by big tech.

I have waited a very .. VERY long time to link this entire web together and despite my claims and reports along the way it was always a changing ‘thing’ and I had to be very careful about throwing around names until the bigger picture emerged and I could show evidence and proof.

They were convinced that I was convinced that THEY were something else entirely.

THEY .. only believed what I wanted and needed them to believe as I worked my way closer to the truth and dug up evidence.

One thing I told them for several years is ‘Do not worry about the journey, only concern yourself with the destination’ and something they continually failed to pick up on.

These people think they are the ‘master race’? Quite how, is beyond me.

Featured him before, told people that when I return there would be a concerted effort to get me fully suspended to silence me, that is how much they are into free speech.

Now watch closely .. here is a retweet of him protecting the NHS on a scandal over the maternity ward ..

Same one I have featured before and this time he is claiming that not taking the side he orders you to in a war is in fact taking a side against him ..

While using the racial slur of ‘Gammon’ for several months here he is claiming it is not racist in one of 200 tweets telling me I love Putin .. a shame he has not read more of this blog, despite them all claiming they have, eh?

So then after lying about what ‘gammon’ means he is shown four screenshots including one from the guy that first used it, stating that it IS a racial slur and hate speech and once again the Wef Womble lies his azz off again. According to HIM .. they say four different things in the screenshots?

Spam = Gammon.

Think about this .. when ‘gammon’ was used for several years to bully white people and used as a racial slur and the only other definition is for pork, why would someone who is an extremist be using it?

Is it usual to go around attacking people based on their meat preference? Would it seem sane, normal or even close to rational calling people ‘beefy’?

Here he is trying to shift away from being exposed as being racist after I produced several reports about the term ‘gammon’ being racist, that is why he uses ‘spam’ a lot where it does not apply and he is ‘spamming’ spam. It is a slant on ‘gammon’.

Now he claims he uses ‘gammon’ because ‘you like spam’ dropping himself right in it ..

So here he is claiming that the Ukraine he is supporting has no Nazis in its government .. first off there is absolutely no way he can prove this. Secondly it has been well documents and even the BBC did a documentary about it just a few years ago.

In response to this tweet he was provided a link about Nazis in the government .. and then he started twisting in the wind ..

After denying Ukraine has Nazis he then shifts his argument to get me to do as he orders by stating that the US had white supremacists and would I back Putin in invading the US ..

Do you see how evil and manipulative they are?

This person has been spamming his brains out, never produces any science or links, is racist towards several races, bigoted beyond belief, lies his ass off and bullies women (we have all seen him do this) and lies about science.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked how he has not been suspended, though I got him restricted for spamming a few times.

Among my side he is the most despised because he is viewed as the nastiest and most evil of his group and no doubt has been reported countless times.

Its also worth pointing out that several in his group have been fully suspended several times over and yet he escapes it.

Well it helps you when you are a lot closer to the WEF than the others and higher up the payroll, no?

Here he is trying to twist what I was suspended for, quoting Dr John Campbell who was quoting a science paper the video of which is still up. Do you think I should tell him before he starts lying about it as I have a screenshot of the Twitter message and tweet I was suspended for?


Here is one of his friends who tried many times and more bullying and psychological tactics to get me to post the science study I was previously suspended for.

Which is listed on the video I had posted prior to my suspension and in the video description of Dr John Campbell I had posted again on my return.

But they did not want to do that, they wanted me to post it. A science paper that was retracted? Yeah, geniuses they are not and what they thought and was hoping for was that if I posted the link, to the retracted paper, that they could report me en masse and get me life suspended.

Yeah they are into free speech, alright ..

In one group talk about half way through my week suspension I told people that they would try many tricks to abuse the Twitter rules which Twitter themselves love to abuse. They did as I predicted because they are just so predictable.

Thinking now WEF have people within social media giants as well as governments?

Here is the other one claiming that war, being poke din the eye repeatedly for years, how no justification .. to someone who wont take sides and wondering if it is all theatre and I am not the only one.

The last time I checked many governments keep secrets and are not always open about everything but for some odd reason the WEF have been trying to convince naïve people on Twitter that the governments and leaders of the world, like their militaries, are open and honest about everything?

I do not know what is worse, that they actually thought this utter bullshit will work or that there are people naïve and stupid enough to fall for this shit?

Here is another one and one of Glenn’s friends to which Glenn replies and agrees and laughs, language disguised as this is one on a sock account and had several others fully suspended ..


One thing they liked to do and have done several times is claim I am a secret leftist or communist .. which a socialist laughed at ..

Now here is tweet claiming I am Russian communist ..

One who pretended he was gay and then stated you cannot be a gay and a Nazi and when showed one he said it was because he was a Jew .. which had me report him .. now seems a little too familiar with what the Nazis did long after I called him out for being one ..

Not sure if I posted his tweet in the last piece .. so when shown his claim to be wrong his reply was ‘but he is gay, Jewish and selfish’?

Here he tries to get out of being suspended for saying something antisemitic by claiming I reported him for being pro Putin and in tweeting this is claiming that Twitter is pro-Putin?

This was the reaction from one on my side to the claim they got suspended from Twitter for being pro-Putin ..

Another suggesting I have things in the bio or profiles elsewhere on the Internet but of course they see them but was somehow unable to get a link to post on Twitter?

One being asked if they was the offspring of Klaus Schwab

I would ask this one only rarely just to watch them go quiet for thirty minutes and then never mention it again, with them thinking it was just a joke.

I played so many games with this lot and they danced to so many of my fiddles it was cringey and embarrassing to even watch them fall for it all.

After telling lies and insisting they are right fore three years .. here is the antisemite now saying they got me wrong and that my notices the entire time are Putin .. umm oil .. or both .. or something?

No, it was revenge over my daughter and myself and for mu family and to repair the damage you all did to science and to expose you all for the WEF paid members that you all clearly are ..

More hidden racist attacks .. remove the ‘p’ from one word in this tweet and what do you have?

Here is a good one as I have shown over several years that NASA, NOAA and Climate Scientists along with this WEF Group vastly change their minds, speak with hindsight and claim they predicted things but never can find any evidence .. here they are joking that I cannot change my mind?

So what this shows you if you do as they order you to you get to change your mind and move the goal-posts .. but if you stand up to them, they hate and despise you, attack and threaten you and then state that you cannot change your mind?

Now why would I want to change my mind? To hide something when I get it wrong? Now why would I want to do that?

Oh and what they are saying I have got wrong does not stop a grand solar minimum and nor can they prove it until 2025 when the actual number they claim I have wrong is a real number and not when they are foretelling it to be.

What else could I throw in that can make people think about this ‘great plan’ of a ‘great reset’ or a ‘new world order’ that could make people think?

Touched upon it some time ago now but lets look at a few things first and first remind that I stated before that this plan is not recent but long time. You do not plan to re-engineer societies of thee world in a few years. It is a plan you have going on for decades.

A very slow moving plan, so that no one notices much and the things they do are forgotten in the sands of time.

  • In the 70’s it was ice-ages
  • In the 90’s it switched to warming
  • In the 00’s they declared a Doomsday Seed Vault
  • In the 10’s they stored all food plant seeds

I recall watching a documentary on this and possibly another program with Professor Brian Cox, who has blocked me on Twitter.

Was watching this once with a friend from Newcastle who was also into animals and I turned to him and said “Why this and why now? Do they know or suspect something they are not telling us about?”

That was in the late noughties when everyone heard about it.

I mean it was a good idea I just thought it was odd that after almost two decades of this who;le global warming idea building up that they suddenly announced this. There was hardly any concrete proof and even now in 2022 there still is not and we still have record cold and snow each year.

So each decades is covered above bar the 80’s, did you notice?

So global warming only got whispered about in the 90’s while the global cooling to an ice was the 70’s. Even a documentary exists with NOAA and narrated by Leonard Nimoy talking about a coming ice-age exists and featured in a post of mine two years back.

What if I told you that they started storing seeds in Svalbard in 1984?

What if I told you that well over a decade ago I was explaining to people that everything was cycles and that despite the fact it was warming for a few years, it did in the UK, they sometimes you might have a big rise followed by a big fall?

Now I never dreamed when I was telling people that in the 00’s and early 10’s that I would actually live to see this actually taking place.

But here we are.

So insert them starting to store food plant seeds several years AFTER talking about ice-ages and several years PRIOR to talking about global warming.

Now I would think that the cost of converting this ‘mine’, despite it being in the millions, would be a tiny fraction of a percentage of all the money they have got in carbon taxes.

If you consider that this was a ‘doomsday vault’ then it would be reasonable to wonder what they did with the rest of the money and whether this had anything to do with ‘mines’?

I said the plan had gone on for a long time?

Several years back I told people, friends and family that I had spotted a pattern and that within government organisations, public services and academia that people were becoming more stupid. Or more amoral.

I have seen people that literally think themselves as morally superior and superior in all kinds of ways, as described above and in real life do and say some forking awful things to people. Even with the NHS. Along with social workers.

Accused of being a Nazi and attacking these leftists in these positions they are Nazis defending Nazis.

Have witnessed many times them willingly placing children in mortal and mental danger and do not bat an eyelid. There morals are only oral in nature.

Some social workers years ago, this is one I tell now and then on social media, told my daughter whose life they had spent a decade destroying “Your father? He is some sort of genius, isn’t he?”

She just laughed.

They failed to pick up that a close friend of mine was also a social worker and with Camden Council for 25 years but had left the job over a decade ago. They had tried to pin their mistakes and neglect onto him at at least one stage he told me about.

Now he admitted that there were issues and that council’s lie their asses off to save money and place people in danger but he was still ‘institutionalized’.

He would defend his ‘industry’ and in my dealings with social workers far away and rip apart their actions and words he would defend them, what they do and claim that I was being fed lies.

A decade after this is what he told me two days before typing this ..

They left a woman with a mental age of 6 and after she had a child, dumped her in a flat, declared she is an adult now and stopped all support”

I stopped him mid sentence and said ..

Tell me you are forking joking?! So a woman with a history of mental health issues is left in a flat .. alone .. with a child .. unable to come and go as she pleases like she used to .. and with no thought as to the effect this will have on her or the safety of a baby, they just .. CUT HER OFF?!”

I reminded him of the disagreements we had and his defending of his ‘services’ and of the things I told him, he refused to believe. I said to him ..

You now see the industry you were once in for what it is, the public are paying their wages .. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THEM?!”

He said ..

Yes, yes I agree. You are right, everything you have ever said or predicted has been right. You were right and I would not have it”

There was even a few things he seemed to have not thought about as we talked and this had created a huge division in his family, something I had always told him was part of this grand plan. He was running around doing things to help and he is Type 1 Diabetic, no spring chicken and being messed around himself.

In fact he told me that for around two years his pharmacist keeps making mistakes with his prescriptions and was reminding me and I told him that I recalled him complaining about it the last two years. He even was on the phone to me returning to the pharmacist to pick up things they had left out, or claim they did not have at the time.

He actually told me that an NHS GP had told him that the GP Surgeries had arrangements with the pharmacists to actually do this.

This is a coattail worker that did not believe me the NHS were lying their asses off and around 2014 to 2015 stood next to me in pharmacists I used in Enfield that I knew well.

I said to the pharmacist

This is my friend who was a social worker who does not believe me when I tell him things that are going on .. tell him what you told me”

The pharmacist told him, 8 years ago do not forget, that the NHS had stopped prescribing medicines overnight. He stated that he was getting only half the prescriptions he was a few days before. He explained that nobody had informed him this was going to happen, just as they did not inform mental health clinics of cutting mental health people loose. He stated that he had to dispose of, which also costs money, tens of thousands of pounds of drugs. He explained that this had nearly put many out of business throughout the UK. He also stated that these sinister acts would be a huge mistake. He stated that it is a time-bomb waiting to go off. Because he stated that in a decades time you will have people walking around with health conditions that they do not know they have, will get progressively worse over time and the NHS would sink trying to cope.

I turned to my friend and his eyes were wide and his jaw dropped.

Bearing in mind this was many years before the covid pandemic.

Also bearing in mind that was after a GP called Dr Huq had not only admitted to me that the NHS and Primary Care Trusts ere lying but quit over it and my next two GP Surgeries kicked me off their register for lies they used when I caught them out lying to my face.

Abernathy House Surgery and Willow House Surgery, both in Enfield. I had previously left Carlton House Surgery for being ‘messed around’. Was happy with Dr Rooban’s Surgery and gutted when Dr Huq quit, liked he and her locum Dr Palani. Was happy to begin with at the Enfield Town Surgery but then Dr Andrew Thievendra left and his brother had only just got his medical licence and they started messing me around.

In all honesty every single one of them were dishonest at some stage or another. The only time I recall Dr Huq was when she told me that the maximum daily dose of Tramadol was 100mg and I found out long after she quit from people that take it that it is actually higher. I was very much surprised to discover this.

Would it boggle your mind that along with the deaths many reported covid, we know they lied about in some cases, that many genuine deaths were because of a co-morbidity that you would never find out about because it is not listed on a medial report?

Food for thought.

Here are the things he used to debate on with me and doubt me over which has ALL .. now changed and only took me a decade to achieve .. when the things I was trying very hard to prevent started taking place.

  • Mainstream News
  • Social Workers
  • The NHS
  • Global Warming
  • Covid19
  • Vaccines

Every now and then there would be the odd prediction I made out of the blue and one that shocked everyone was that I said that Donald Trump would win the election and become President.

I also predicted that the UK would vote to come out of the EU.

I thought Marine LePen would get very close in France.

You know for people that think they are superior to all others that thought that they could employ nothing but idiots who would say the wrong things and never think about time, they sure are idiots.

I had friends and family confused for a long time because they knew I was not mad and I did not seem like I had gone insane .. but these things I was seeing I was stitching together they thought was insane.

There are two people I have not spoken to in awhile but everyone else I have spoken to now see it and they see enough of it to know that I was right about many things. Maybe more than I realise as people do admit things to me they had known for a while.

Well it has always been hard, impossible in some instances, for humans to admit they were wrong.

As for more about me?

Well I sued to talk to this fascinating gentleman ..


And I used to talk to this, also fascinating, gentleman who I blew the mind of when I told him what he said in his dissertation regarding Bombina pachypus I had been stating for 30 years and he wanted to take me on a pub crawl from Genoa to Reggio Di Calabria ..


Here is a documentary about the wildlife of the future and one large gentleman with an even bigger and impressive beard came up with the Taratodon. A kind of tortoise of the future.

Cameraman for Survival Special years ago and owner of Hairy Frog Productions, Mike Linley .. and yeah .. I knew him and met him when I was 21. He did not realise who I was at the time.

He is on my friends list with some mutual friends, one of which was blown away at me soling the climate puzzle in Calabria Italy that alarmists claim is lies.

I have been linked for a few years to people from No Tricks Zone and Watts Up With That along with GSM News and likely others as because of censorship many remain anonymous.

Many of the things I claimed or predicted have ended up being talked about weeks, months of years later.

Many people I have promoted have been featured by others, like on Tim Pool’s podcast.

I have also tried to influence, slowly and over a long time, other scientists to look at latest reports, record cold and snow and see how these Wef Wombles mislead on the science.

I have also impressed upon many things that may help influential people and scientists see or even lead them to new things or come up with new theories.

In my posts from day one I have insisted upon volcanoes not being known about and being more influential in history over geological time-scales and that it is not just solar activity alone.

Watts Up With That now has article talking about how there have been many large volcanic eruptions showing up in the ice-cores.


Lastly .. this is how the people in the WEF work and how they get varying groups to manipulate you .. On Twitter if you block them they claim this is a win .. when you catch them lying or expose them and they block YOU .. they also claim this is a win.

No matter what you do or say, show evidence of or prove these people will insist lies are truth, up is down, left is right and repeat it so often you feel you need to make a call to the men in white coats.

If you want a thread and a typical and good, but not best, example of a Wef Womble being completely obliterated and exposed, this ones part of a large group, then look no further than here ..

Here is a good one .. they have called me a liar over many things I told them for three years and I have often told them that there is a recording with Police Detectives and it proves saving lives, stopping terrorists, my science, stopping a terrorist attack, helping catch paedophile rape gangs and my involvement with MI5 and GCHQ and nearly working for the latter.

They have consistently refused to listen to it and continue lying. One or two claimed inside of ten minutes to 30 minutes it did not state what I claimed. These people are the worst liars as recording is not an advert for TV and is around 300 minutes long. THREE HUNDRED MINUTES .. not 10, 20 or 30.

Now apparently I am a paedophile ..

When it comes to doing any research even to lie that are utter shit and in over four years I have never seen any of these people that openly talk like they are the master race, showing any signs they are capable of learning.

Said it before and I will say it again .. I have been watched for a very long time and people I use or promote either end up on Tim Pool’s podcast after awhile or targeted.

Here is Jimmy Dore, himself targeted, who covered Dr John Campbell I used, who also got targeted, on a hit-piece by The Independent on Russell Brand who I have been using for months now.

Now the weird thing is was as enjoyable and hilariously funny and true as I found this I heard a line from these so-called journalists that had my blood freeze and my jaw drop.

Its exactly the line I get from a particular Wef Womble in a WEF group that have grown to get very angry, despise me and sound like their synapses have become disconnected.

Here is one tweet I had missed earlier and out of the blue and see it because someone liked it. Now he had just lectured me on being unable to write or put together a report .. on Twitter, I might add.

He also claimed that he did not bring politics into it and then he accused me of using Russian oligarch run news sources. Except he does not know what sources they are and none have been in favour of either side.

These people might as well put a sign on their head stating they are dishonest WEF members following orders to fulfil agendas.

And as Jimmy shows you, they are both absolutely laughable hit-pieces, sound both desperate and disconnected.

With two years of levels of volcanic eruptions being up by 300% much of which into the troposphere, how long before the temps and colds unfolding or the drops in temperatures have scientists talking.

About the exchange between the troposphere and stratosphere by large cyclones?


Now here is a study I predicted would pop up and be the case and yet another one that the people linked above claiming to know about the science, called me a moron over.

Turns out that studying ice-cares from Greenland and Antarctica there have been more huge volcanic eruptions than they previous thought, by a long way I would imagine?

Now here is what they found ..

In 60,000 years there have been 85 eruptions that affected the entire world and of these 69 of them where bigger than the Tambora eruption of 1815. This led to ‘the year without summer’ and came at a time when you had two low solar maximums. Now if I recall, covered before, this low period ran from around 1800 to 1820. So 15 years into this low period.

We are 13 years into a low period and the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano erupted not long ago.

Now then if you averaged out the eruptions even bigger than Tonga then that would mean a little more than one per 1,000 years.

Yet we have had not had an eruption of this magnitude not only not in modern times but for the last 2,500 years.

Considering that we seem somewhat overdue and with the solar activity being very similar thus far and with he graphs for volcanoes showing a rise the last 100 years some keep saying ‘is not a rise’, this makes you wonder.

Then think back to the fact that in recent times there has been nothing but distractions which only now people seem to be thinking are distractions or suspecting they are.


I told many left-wing people that they were sooo obsessed that they did not even realise they were bing used.

For more years than I can recall I have told people that there is no democracy and I have mentioned this for the whole time my blogs existed I have always stated that I never ever voted in a general election.

As I have shown here with images the World Economic Forum have been behind a very large number of things and these democracies we were led to believe we were living in has turned out, just as I told everyone .. is an illusion.

I have often stated over and over how I hate these G7 and G20 meetings as they always seem like a club when many were supposed to be against each other.

I have also questioned all along that Brexit has not taken place because these people are all in a club and that there is no democracy as they repeatedly prove.

Well a few days before I posted this a video appeared on Russell Brand’s channel where he talks to Nick Corbishley who explains that this indeed all true.

It is now coming out and it is shocking and the world is weeks away from being in total shock, provided one of the distractions keep people from realising?

Now I have stated that this plan must have started prior to 1984, as this was the year they started storing the seeds of food plants, as mentioned, in Svalbard, Norway.

According to the interview by Russell Brand on Nick Corbishley they started up in the 1970’s which not only lines up with what I thought.

Also happened only a few years after NOAA was talking about an approaching ice-age which they were in 1974 in one of their journals.

It might just raise an eyebrow that I have pointed out several times that it could very well turn out that there is a big rise before a fall.

If I am correct and this is or turns out to be the case and they knew this, would you not think that it bizarre then that for 23 years they have harped on about warming and taken large sums of money but now we have record cold and snow?

Plus they are also now panicking and we have distraction after distraction?

Well that might be because as I have stated, they do not know everything and what I was sure that they did not know and that which I did is that this drop would happen sooner and faster than they thought.

I was also convinced that while they kept on pushing the same graphs with such increases in CO2 and temps that this sharp and unexpected decrease in global temperatures that in time it would look obvious to everyone they were fraudulent.

I find it staggeringly arrogant to go beyond incompetent that they thought they were superior enough that they would ever carry out this plan without detection.

Looks like they was wrong.

What they fear most is their years of dividing people collapsing and the people uniting against them.

While they were focused on the wrong things I was focused for over ten years on the lies in public services and exposing the news as being fake. Some even joke Trump got it from me. Would be very cool of this turned out to be true.

So I was severing people form the news little by little and in recent years every single day, week in and week out.

I also spent a long time in every thread that was important to them, especially on Twitter, they made it so easy to find them with their emotional obsessions and use of hashtags.

I could literally run down the time-lines to and I used to strafe the threads of news organisations of the western world, both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

I would drop comments elsewhere too and not to tell others how to think but give them breadcrumbs, giving up any chance of having a successful YouTube channel I instead used the platform to do this instead. This was I would be far less noticeable.

On Twitter I used five different accounts at different points in time to just drop links and in the case that they were mine, never stated this. Wary of stating something I would be hidden for I would simply leave a quote from a famous scientist or philosopher or some other jut to evade detection.

The WEF people knew I was doing it and I was showing screenshots showing that many groups have given up posting on AGW. A number were frantically running around trying to figure it out.

Well over 18 months later they thought they had found me doing this on one account.

They never quite took it onboard when I repeatedly told them that they think what I want them to think and find what I want them to find.

I stated from the outset, that the WEF also failed to pick up on, that its not always sheer numbers but WHO actually pays attention that counts. While the numbers were good but not great it was not what I was focusing on, though the WEF were.

If I found anyone I thought was very smart, wise, honest and fair than I would go through a series of posting their videos.

One thing I do know and have often been told is that I am and have been for awhile, watched by some very significant people.

Now these might follow me, or they might follow me on sock accounts or they may just make a point of not following me and just keep my time-line open in a tab. I do that last one myself at times and often have several time-lines open in tabs.

AS well as my science and martial arts I am into a great many things and fine art of different eras is also a love of mine, in fact I was at the Tate Modern the day my father died.

Like Michaelangelo I thought the best approach to this without much resources and kind of easily affected would be to stay below the radar long enough and little by little chipping away at my plan.

Little by little I have been eroding away support in many of the areas or groups they tried to capitalise on.

It was simple really, make enough people aware of the manipulation, lies and duplicity prior to them executing their plan.

They are still a long way from achieving this and with very few left those deserting them has been speeding up and is in the process of increasing further.

This post should speed up this process provided it gets to enough people.

With people confused and in disarray at the revelations unfolding around them they would need to find focus, to make sense of what is going on.

This is the only way to defeat an organisation like the WEF and not only do they know it, you should to by watching the panic emanating from those that are members.

My old friends from the Gilets Jaunes look like they are about to mobilise once more and there are still things the majority of the public have yet to realise they have been mislead on.

Barring a conflict in Ukraine that is surrounded in fabricated reports I am not yet sure is all pantomime or not, it wont be long before the wider public know.

A populace no longer divided but united is what they fear more than anything else because this is the only way they lose ultimate control, which is what they fear the most.

In the end losing this control can only be blamed on their own incompetence and their handling and planning. Inducing panic so that their actions can become more obvious was child’s play and I never dreamed I would achieve quite as much success at this than I did.

It does feel and has felt for a few weeks now that the whole thing is running on its own energy, like perpetual motion. I still have my doubts enough has been done but I am always like that, it is just me. I have had a rule that I am never 100% sure of anything.

It became clear around four years ago I was never going to do this on my own as ‘they’ were getting to me in more ways than I had anticipated. So I had to change tactics.

Ces’t la vie.

I mean what more could I possibly say? Or could anyone say? It is not like .. oh wait?!


Yeah OK so maybe they are as dumb as a rock?

They made another one, so that is four in total and two in a day, that must be some kind of record?

Meanwhile here is another Wef Womble who reacted when I asked someone to back up their claim with evidence. When they do this to you it is OK but if you ask them to back up their complete bullshit .. you are a fascist?

This is classic projection and just shows you how dishonest and evil these people are.

Now then literally a few days before I finished this a perfect opportunity came my way when Breaking Points, Sagaar and Crystal that used to be on The Hill, posted a video.

In it they reported that President Zelensky of Ukraine suspended all socialist and communist parties but not Neo-Nazi parties and nationalised the news.

Effectively becoming a dictatorship.

Now remember this group of people that I have now exposed as members of the World Economic Forum on Twitter, who just suspended The Babylon Bee who post satirical news, claim to be woke, leftist communists and socialists.

So how did they react to the above video of them being shut down in Ukraine and supporting Neo-Nazis like this?

Annnnnd I started yet another fight wrong the Wef Wombles .. over Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler ..

Well the war went on between those two with one trying to back-pedal .. and then I threw in this video by Tim Pool covering reports that seems to be saying that Vladamir Putin was paying alarmists, activists and green energy groups.

Or you could say I threw petrol, gasoline, on that fire .. and I dare say that my side are now watching all that and it escalates and saying ..

‘Boy, did the King come back with a vengeance or what?!’

In this large group of people, when I say large I have been blocked by around 140 or more of them, muted by many more and sill have many attack me, they have claimed to be scientists or highly knowledgeable.

One of the most odd things they claimed when putting down volcanoes no matter what you claimed about them. They would talk about them as f they were stable, constant and the numbers flat, a but like how they treat the atmosphere.

They would rule out volcanoes for everything and totally deny they were increasing when every single graph out there was showing a rise for 100 years. Conversely if you told them the global temperatures were not rising they would fizz, pop and then explode.

A few years back when I touched on the topic they also told me that ‘we know all about volcanoes, we know what and how much they all emit and we can detect every single one erupting on Earth’.

They got quite annoyed when I started laughing at this and was actually quite shocked at such obviously moronic statements.

I then reminded told them that not only is this not in the least but true about volcanoes on land but that 70% of Earth is covered in water and that only between 10% of the ocean floors have been explored. I went on to say, providing links as I went, that not only are all volcanoes on land not monitored, even in the United States, but that you cannot monitor them in the oceans.

I know this because not only did I have a little confrontation with the USGS, who thought I was just some random idiot but quickly realised I was not, but after explaining a few things to them they announced publicly they needed to monitor more volcanoes in the US.

That was something that was picked up by GSM News and in one of their episodes they were shocked that they had stated this.

One other thing I had done sometime earlier was actually predict that there would be a sudden focus on volcanic activity and eruptions, despite these people claiming on social media that ‘there’s nothing to see here’.

How would you first detect evidence of this?

Why you look at a region where there are quite a few volcanoes and see what the authorities are saying and doing, like Japan who started looking at Mount Fuji.

Of course my predictions an increase in the eruptions of submarine eruptions including a large one had both occur off the coast of Japan with a ‘sea of pumice’ also floating around.

In this paper they talk about Nishinoshima Volcano and how, since its detection in 1703, it erupted between 1973-1974 but was erupting from 2013 to 2020.


Almost perfect timing as at the last minute I watch a video by two very nice people that have a channel looking at Grand Solar Minimum, solar activity and climate. They are very level headed and very polite and should really get more people than they do.

They know David Birch and have interviewed Professor Valentina Zharkova and I think David Dubyne.

From the point the video plays he explains a run in with Gerald Kutney and his followers and they are part of the group that attack me. Mr Kutney and his ‘gang’ really do not like me.

Now if you want to see a perfect example of unprovoked personal attacks from ‘gangs’ of hard-left people obsessed with fringe-left politics and not science like they claim, you just watch this ..

For years now the WEF group have been intentionally conflating different numbers on Twitter to mislead people.

They have done this, as I have reported, with sunspot spikes with daily numbers and tried to claim that the smoothed number over many months will be raised to that number, when that is not how it works.

They also used to rule out whole continents being cold as if cold is not factored in to global average temperature. But the last two years they have started pointing to localised temperatures more and more along with brief spikes in temps.

Like at the poles after polar air has been pushed away. I do not know what goes on on their heads but what idiot argues that when a massive polar air mass pushes away from the poles that the air at said poles is replaced by air of the same temperatures?

They literally think these air masses appear out of ‘thin air’.

Well obviously the displacement is not going to remain the same temperatures and they also leave it that this ‘warmer air’ they bleat on about is now being cooled.

Here is an article about The Guardian and the Washington Post now doing what the WEF people on Twitter have the last couple of years. Because they are getting that desperate.


When given a link to a blog post of a shed load of audio recordings and documents from 2016 that had been collected over several years up until that point ..

One of the WEF people claiming to be one of these woke, Antifa alarmists worried about the planet and people, refused to go to the link to see what injustices had been performed on working class people and posted a Disney gif of a Dalmatian yawning?

But but but they are all against corruption and all for working class people, right?

When you are a lone wolf involved in all out war you have to learn how to battle on every front ..



OK now this is going to be the ‘revealing’ parts to tie everything together and the follow up is already being worked on but has been held back and will be held back until April.

This will later be explained.

However the next part will be quite some work and very revealing with a collection of links and videos as it appears that once again things are occurring earlier and spreading faster than I expected, though I still have a few things as it all needs to be tied together with a bow on the top.

Part of the reason its held back is tactical and I have some ‘tests’ coming up I am somewhat .. concerned about and then, unless the current mess does not wreck even more of what I have left of a life, I have to move to another country.

The tests are to see if I have a fair chance of doing this without the move being fatal, leaving me having been wondering for awhile now if I will ever get out the ‘revealing’ piece? As I wanted to post it after I had moved.

Also telling the truth and exposing things regarding very powerful people has had a long history of these powers screwing with my life, but when you are left with nothing to lose and a strong desire for vengeance, what is one supposed to do?

A GP called Dr Debbie Dressler once told me many years ago that all the money and power goes to all the wring people. It is something I have never forgotten.

She is likely one of many Doctors, Surgeons and other professionals that have recalled me while watching the world collapse. I have said a great many things over the past three decades to a great many people.

Turns out I have been far more accurate in my hypotheses and theories than even I thought I would be.

When I came back to this from the second part to put this intro in, as I wanted to hold back until the follow up was mostly done, I looked and thought ‘what the hell is ‘M’ an ‘I’? My short term memory-loss is a pain and often occurs when I least expect it.

Now I recall. I think people can work them out.

Let us focus on two groups and let us refer to them as the ‘M’ and the ‘I’.

There have been a lot of conspiracy theories and a lot of names thrown around. Three in particular and in order of frequency are the following ..

  • George Soros of the Open Society
  • Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum
    • Now being mapped out in the next piece (late March to late April)
    • This piece should make it easy for people to see and you just need enough people to see it and realise to defeat them
  • Rothschild
    • Here a lot of talk but know very little and if I recall normally linked to the Banks?
    • Despise banks but this can be something for others to link into the corruption web after the next post that will be quite revealing but just leave a few gaps

So there are three and one wonders if they are all in one of the two groups, both groups or there are more groups?

So why is this happening ..

Why are Canadians getting suspicious about United Nations aircraft turning up in Canada at an airport and no one mentions anything?

Seems many get deleted in mass censorship these days?

How come when someone asks in Canadian Parliament who Klaus Schwab and the WEF has influenced so they tell an obvious lie and say the question cannot be heard when another jumps up and claims without foundation that this is misinformation when it was only a question?

Why do these people consider themselves intelligent when their actions show that they are not because they are moronic enough to make the situation worse or leaving the only other possibility that ‘making it worse’ is their intention?

Now then the two groups .. ‘M’ and ‘I’

  • ‘M’ is real and I know it and I have known members
    • Said to be honest and do not lie or cover up crimes (see below)
  • ‘I’ is talked more about these days
    • Said to me mad conspiracy theory by many and a little too much for my liking
    • I cannot talk about the latter as I simply cannot prove anything and know nothing at all
  • In a recent conversation by someone that believed neither to exist, not in the present day, I was told that they met someone from ‘M’ who told them that ‘I’ not only existed but that they work together
    • Now what would make them do this?
    • Many have stated what is happening is a war at the top, this suggests it is all pantomime and theatricals?
    • This would fit with the number of things the public was told was going to happen but never did?
  • In light of the above it should be noted that ‘the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown’
    • In light of this what greater fear that something you cannot see .. like a virus?

Now as mentioned someone I know called me and came out with the most bizarre things ..

  • One person mentioned some crazy theory that famous people are dead and wearing facemasks and imposters
  • Another talked about the group I refer to as ‘I’, he has never mentioned this before and told this other person it was mad and conspiracy theory
  • He meets up and befriends a guy who tells him he is part of ‘M’
  • He goes on to say he cannot say too much but they are honest and do not cover up crimes and not only does ‘M’ exist but so does ‘I’ and they work together
  • He is actually stunned by this and stunned when I tell him I knew someone years ago who became a member of ‘M while I knew him
  • Honestly? I hated everything I heard about ‘M’.

Let us now think about the occurring things in recent years and the non-recurring things ..

Non-Occurring ..

  • Global Warming
  • Pandemic along the lines of Spanish Flu
  • Election Results everyone expected

Let us look at what we have been distracted by ..

  • Global Warming
  • Donald Trump
  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Pandemic
  • Fending off various labels
  • Our escapism become infested
  • Dictated to by idiots
  • Culture War
  • World War 3

Here are the problems with any ‘plans’ concerning ‘The Greater Good’

  • Anti-Religious people expect others to go on faith?
  • Altering and coercing the masses using the worst lies I have ever seen?
  • Will not get support by anyone nor amoral that possesses a working brain?
  • Belief that when it is over you can get away with it and expect the people to follow you without the use of force?
  • If the last one is the case you think you can succeed where the Nazis and Russia failed?
  • For the entire world?

Many level headed people have been trying to figure out the truth and all most of us have bene hit by is censorship and financial ruin.

These people think that they will be obeyed when everything is revealed or plainly obvious by the time 2023 comes around?

Providing, of course, it has not collapsed partly or entirely during 2022 and providing this was not their intention?

Decoy Voice looking at the Russia and Ukraine situation ..

I once before talked about a sudden drop in temperatures after everyone was let into the northern hemisphere .. and the possibility of the rich and powerful moving to area you could not farm in the past but suddenly can?

Should be pointed out that you can look up and find that China spent many years planting a billion trees in a desert too.

‘The Greater Good’?

What I want to know is whose greater good and why does it look evil, sinister, based upon lies and highly self-serving?

You cannot have blatant double-standards towards the masses on things that you not only you cannot prove and have failed to do in years but others obviously exaggerated to produce fear by people totally guilty of double-standards.

Like a teacher who shouted at a mother for not wearing a mask who was then torn aaprt in a panel when she reacted to photos of herself in crowds on Facebook not wearing one.

You cannot do this.

There is no way on Earth that these ‘greater good’ plans would ever work and were executed by morons trying to get other morons to carry them out.

Unless the effects were entirely intentional and that is the part the public needs to figure out ..

  • Was they morons and if so why do they have power?
  • Was they intentional to divide the masses and if so, to what end?
  • WHO .. is behind these things?

George Soros stated that he got so much fun from manipulating the economies of entire nations, so could this be a giant Chess Game?

Or are they trying to hide something that is coming beyond our control and are just ..

‘Kicking the can down the road’ for as long as they can manage’?

Something I have always referred to as ‘Project Distraction’ and have four around 4 to 8 years.

You expect people of all nations to live in a society based on a sham or mirage and a pile of lies?

Not going to happen ..

You have got people from all kinds of nations throughout the world who had experience, lived under and fled authoritarian communism speaking out against these plans.

No one had the foresight to realise things like this would take place? Like these Chinese people in Canada pointing out that what they see are the exact same things they saw from the Chinese Communist Party in China?

That it is going the exact same way everywhere ..

I ask myself what these people from these nations now living in countries like Canada, the US, UK, European countries and Australia who try to warn the natives of their new homes who say ..

  • Oh I do nto think anything will happen”
  • Oh someone told me that was all ‘conspiracy theory’”
  • But there was nothing on the [FAKE] news about this?”


The powers behind much of what is going on know this and they may have even fuelled this thought and they know the ‘horses’ can be led to water but you cannot make them drink.

As for the reasons and if a distraction what it is they are hiding?

Yeah I think I know. There are of course as there always is a number of possibilities but I have for several years now heavily leaned towards one.

In this theory which heavily involves science and patterns I have made a number of claims and predictions and also my own theories and a great many of these have turned out to be the case.

I have to have a very high level of confidence to make the claims that I do and I am NEVER, it is a rule, 100% confident. If it gets to 95% levels of confidence then I will start making ‘noises’.

I am not going to get into it here is it will be in the follow up but I had totally forgotten, what with pandemics, vaccines, climate change pushes, fascism and China, that I had actually predicted Russia pushing into Europe.

All I will say here is that I reminded someone that asked me about this war, a professional friend, and I told him something that I had told him around 3 years ago, before there was ever any mention of covid.

He went silent as he recalled what I told him.

He was also shocked when I pointed out that those I listen to, those that said he would nto do it and those that predicted what Put$in would and would not do, all had stated they got it wrong. Every last one of them and all had admitted it. That is how choosy I am over the people I pick.

My friend realised that the only theory that fitted with what was going on was my own theory from three years ago.

I wont get into debates about this, which I will cover in the next part where I kind of reveal all and hope that this is done in such a simplistic way that this one post might finally spread to enough people that ‘they’ are finally defeated.

This is one time when it takes numbers of people to win a war and not just the fact that a few know, because their power is too far and wide over too long a period of time and have too many fingers in too many proverbial pies.

Told my friend that of all my predictions and theories that this one theory turning out to be accurate and at just the right time and just as I had linked everything together (next post) including the large number of people in the Twitter threads I was debating with .. that I finally should achieve what I set out to do.

I also told him that I felt that my time might be limited, things are deteriorating in all kinds if ways and I hope I am able to see it through. To the end and long enough that I might see it succeed.

He admitted that as crazy as my predictions from a decade ago were, not only have they all been accurate but its far, far worse then even I said it would be.

We are now beyond a point were even the most stubborn naysayers now cannot ignore me or my claims, predictions and theories any longer.

Here are some screenshots about how you are mislead on science which is to to with consistently wrong information regarding the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcano eruption they are still getting the numbers wrong on and the known basics being altered to mislead.

The eruption went from 17.6km and I kept saying it was way higher and getting attacked for this as it was gradually shifted all the way up to the current 56km. I got now acknowledgements nor apologies over this. I was told I ‘got lucky’ though.

Only its been noticed that the Noctilucent Cloud outbreak I also predicted would occur might be just a coincidence. That is astronomical units beyond ‘stretching it’.

NLCs are at 86km which is why they are ‘stretching it’.

Which would mean even their latest figure of 56km is wrong despite people stating that the cloud got into the Mesosphere.

Since the eruption there has been an unusual push by many to talk down this eruption we have never seen before regarding volcanoes we know very little about. Red flag.

Another red flag as the feeding of information which ended up in this report about how the ‘cooling’ and particles could last a year,

Now look up any site you want in yoru search and every single one, including one I pasted into an image from NASA themselves, states that if particles get into the stratosphere they can last a very long time and the higher they go the longer the linger and up to three or four years.

The stratosphere, remember.

Now remember that Mount Pinatubo erupting in 1991 was nowhere near as high and this lasted around a year.

Now remember that they are saying that the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcanic eruption punched a hole through the Mesosphere and some say ‘into space’.

Now consider that not only does this look like they are tying to talk this eruption down so much they are contradicting themselves in the articles that if this lingers for three or more years what if you get another eruption in the next four years that just tops up what is already there?

What if one occurs in the next year and double what is already there?

What if .. this occurs when it has become obvious that the Tonga Islands eruption is cooling?

The fact is the month immediately following Tonga the global temps dropped and to a point that I was not expecting. I have been doing this month in and month out for a few years now. Sometimes I get the drop I was expecting and a few times it goes up a little when I thought it would go down.

Eventually I realised that the volcanic eruptions were 300% above normal and put it down to all the lower level eruptions pumping out huge volumes of hot gas. Wildfires adding to this.

When you consider everyone is talking about just how many volcanoes have been erupting, breaking records, rare eruptions and add in the wildfires that alarmist types want to blame on CO2 ..

It makes the current global temps being around +0.03C above a baseline look pretty suspicious, does it not?

Last month of February see some pretty cold and snowy conditions in many places and there is talk of a Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event creating cold temperatures for the first half of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

This might suggest that there might be two or even three drops in temperatures over the next four months?

On the UAH chart the red line now shows a drop over a period of time I was told, while attacked, would not take place. It is already being reported that there has been no warming for 7 years.

With the line now dropping for awhile any continuous drop over the next 6 months will have anyone looking at this graph realise that they were lied to and have been for a very long time.

I was also told I was wrong and an idiot when I said people that realised they were lied to by poiticians, the media and even Doctors over covid and vaccines will question global warming.

I have now provided them proof that this has been occurring and pointed out that not everyone actually needs to ask. I just get called names whenever this occurs which happens to be rather a lot.

  • 17.6km
  • 20km
  • 32km
  • 36km
  • 56km

These are the figures I recall being reported and there may well have been more in-between I may have missed?

Here are the screenshots ..

All from spaceweather.com

Framed, lied about, numbers changed, algorithms altered, censored, graphs re-adjusted, old records deleted and more and all to intentionally mislead all the people of the world.

Over and over and over again its been spotted and by more and more people.

I had started to notice the odd thing in the 1990’s and thought they were just making mistakes until a decade later and I started to get suspicious.

I had no idea just how widespread this was until another decade later when I realised it was all of the UK.

Not knowing much about what went on in other nations I then started to approach people across Europe and started to realise it was Europe wide, at least.

Ten years on and into the 2020’s and I know its across Canada and the USA too as well as Australia and New Zealand.

I can recall back in 2007 I watched a documentary on Svalbard and the Doomsday Vault and asked the friend I was visiting who watched it with me .. “Why now? Seems a bit strange and I am asking myself if there is something coming they are not telling us about?”. My friend did not believe me that they would keep things from us and I simply replied “Umm, your the one that thinks we never landed on the Moon?” and he laughed and said “OK, point taken”.

Oddly when I get accused of being a conspiracy theorist I get told I am a flat-Earther and they demand to know if I know we landed on the Moon, or not?

My answer throws them off when I say “I do not know, I was no there. If you are asking me if I think we did, then yes. But no I cannot claim it factual that we did because I simply cannot prove it either way”.

By doing this not only am I shutting them down but at the exact same time I am also proving to them that neither can they claim that we did because they also cannot prove it.

It is odd how, when it comes right down to it, go on faith when claiming to be about the science.

Also with the amount of equipment today any missions to the Moon could likely be watched by Amateur Astronomers, with the quality and power of scopes available.

Here is one in a group of nobodies and a taster for what is coming in the big part that will be posted in a few weeks.

This is a nobody in a group, tells constant lies, uses fact-checkers that knowingly lie. Claim they are gay socialists and are neither and have one in their group claim he is a capitalist with a very interesting location I will use in the next part to explain who they REALLY .. are.

Here this nobody is running down Dr John Campbell who was used on various TV News channels, held dozens if not hundreds of interviews .. got everything right. Was fact-checked and lied about by various fact-checkers including the BBC, Facebook and in American when he and Jimmy Dore both got fact-checked.

When the British Medical Journal got fact-checked and he exposed it as lies he then started talking about George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and was later interviews by Russell Brand.

Here they call Dr John Campbell an ‘anti-vaxxer’, only a YouTuber and not a scientist.

Again ..

And a different one ..

There is more to come in the next part as well as who they are and how I linked them together.

I wll also start revealing details of the ‘how’ and what I have been kinda doing for a long time and its not .. exactly easy. When you are wathced as heavily as I am and with the powerful people you are dealing with you have to be very careful what you say and everywhere you say it.

I always tell people that claimed I was wrong about something only for me to later expose the truth, the following ‘Its not the journey that matters, but the destination’.

I really do not mind making small mistake on the way and I am not impervious to making errors, I just like to drive them up the proverbial wall and tell them that.

All I care about is that I find out in the end but in the meantime have to throw them off the scent that I am on their scent.

They are not the only ones that can play games the difference being is that I do not use lies and deception to do it.

I will, however, lean heavily on labels and hashtags despite thinking its a small possibility these are accurate because I want to force them into posting things that act as clues for me to home in on the facts.

Which I can then expose at a later date once I can link it all together to make it look very obvious, irrefutable or prove outright.

Sadly this has come at great cost and then some and not just to me but to many around me but this pales in comparison to what these people have already done, have been doing a very long time and would have done had someone not stepped in to stop them.

My burning desire for revenge was also combined with the fact I had little choice along with my desire to undo the damage they had done to science.

What else could I do?

I started out stating that something was coming, that many things had been lied about, that planes were in place and that civil wars, World War 3, That global warming was not real, that animals in south Italy showed me the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming and then realised it was going to cool, stated so and now we have 700 inches of snow in Japan and a global temperature after 30 years of being hammered it is going to burn, at zero. That the news was all lies, that I have never trusted politicians and if not insane hypocritical socialists the rest all sounded and acted as if they was in the same club.

How is it looking now?

You can approach anyone among my friends and family and even a few Doctors of my past and they will all tell you the same thing ..

‘Yeah, he did indeed state all that shit!’

I have had Christian groups believe I was sent by God, whereas to me its been more like a living hell with a curse on top with a neat bow just for good measure.

For the longest time politicians and those in power have been ‘kicking the can down the road’ and now in present day everyone is wondering if, before long, they will be relying heavily on ..