Scientists in paper published on on January 4th 2019 they stated that the deep water of the Pacific Ocean was cooling and possibly as a result of the Little Ice Age.

Tried to explain lag times to the promoters of AGW who have been waiting 4 decades for their burning Earth who now expect a change in the Sun from 2010 to put us in an immediate ice-age or a Grand Solar Minimum has no effect.

Not long after this I absolutely insisted that oceans must be heating up due to all the graphs for volcanoes saying they have been on the rise for 60 years.

From December 2019 or a little earlier I realised the missing link I had wondered about with ice-ages that was never really explained and harped on about it.

However I had used something in error because someone else was using it in error. The nullschool model. Had to apologize for this and will do so here.

The maps were of ocean waves and not war water blobs but in my defence the person I discovered the model from, biggish YouTuber I will not name, also used it wrong.

Also I clicked on ‘Ocean’ and did not click on ‘Waves’. Climate alarmists have been all over this like I am an idiot and should not be listened to. Except in nearly a year or more that I have been posting the images not only did these science experts not spot it either they were unaware of the nullschool model.

So take from that what you will.

Fast forward to October 2020 and 21 months later another scientific paper, that I predicted was inevitable, gets published again on Phys.Org only this time is claimed that the deep ocean water is not only warming but faster than they expected.

Make no mistake of what I think is coming and I risk my health trying to undo the deliberate damage done to my daughter and me by lying authorities, British Government and the pushers and puppeteers of The Great Reset and the obsessed leftists they have used to hide this with their pandering and false promises.

I ask myself daily why I am bothering to do anything at all?

Known for years we were heading for something and along with the leftists, authorities, social media I have had to endure long lists of symptoms involving pain and ignored by friends and family.

At first they thought I was mad whereas now they just want to walk around with their heads in a bucket as if one day they can take them off and all will be rosy.

I feel as if I am punished for saying anything and yet if I saw one was about to cross the road without looking and did not mention the truck coming I would be given the same treatment.

And I am living in a house where, despite telling them repeatedly not to do it and not to give me certain foods as it sparks off a lot of pain ..

This person STIL insists on doing it, so they can get their victim cards out to others and yes this is an extremely narcissistic socialist no one wants to spend any time with, and complains my health is an inconvenience.

Imagine what a friend said after each time I told them I had asked the socialist not to provide certain foods and they still did it anyway and has happened five times?

Now what if I stated that I had told them about these foods for six years or more?

Well if your thinking that they are doing this deliberately so they can cause me pain or even kill me you would not be the only one.

This socialists own cousin, a woman, refuses to talk to this person and his horrified of what they are doing and has been in a constant state of shock for the way I have been treated by absolutely everyone.

Imagine a world in the not too distant future where they powerful and elite, who will remain n power because the fascist hard-left are not only helping them but have actually talked for a few years it is inevitable.

Think about this for a moment. Election after election has gone against them in greater numbers and yet they still state changes are coming and everyone will have to accept it and get a shock.

Make no mistake they tweet with utter glee over this as if they will get pleasure from angering or scaring the bejesus out of the masses.

So if everyone is voting against this and it comes in anyway how did these groups on Twitter know when they got everything else wrong?

Will leave you to work that one out.

Now imagine a world wide change where you do not own your property or land or indeed anything right down to a screw-driver? Said to someone on the phone and he recalled me telling him years ago there is the push to put everything on subscription. The mobile phone model has gone over to TV services, computer software like gaming and Photoshop among others.

Now he states I was right on this too .. I just knew we were heading in a very weird direction and I spent years trying to tell others getting the same issues I do with friends and family. Want to moan but not know the reasons and too obsessed with their own things to listen.

For me its like I said .. screaming at someone a truck is coming but they refuse to listen or look and cross the road anyway. Eventually the proverbial hits the fan and I have spent years shaking my head over situations like this.

In fact an old friend followed me on Twitter I lost contact with several years ago but did not realise who I was. We chatting on DM one night when suddenly he blurted out “You are not gonna believe this but we know each other, pal!”

Turns out it was an old real life friend and we had a mutual friend who considered himself a socialist, but not a lying crazy one, who died of kidney cancer. No authority looked after him and the NHS and nurses acted like this dying man was an inconvenience.

This friend also thought I was nuts years back and this is what he said ..

I am sooo sorry, we though you was mad with your predictions and yet 4 years later everything you said was not only true but it is way worse than even you predicted!”

He also said ..

How have you survived all these years with people not believing you with all your health issues and what happened with your daughter?”

Told him I was still dealing with this.

Literally spent years saving the lives of both people and animals and yet I have not had anything back from anyone .. any where. Something that does also get pointed out to me by different people.

I literally have no idea why this is and why I cannot escape my hell. It seems the powers at be are intent on my living hell continuing?

And now more of my fears are being confirmed and the western world is literally going to be turned into a living hell based on fascism and lies.

The one and ONLY hope I have is that most of the left realise that it is cooling and that along with other things like Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, Anthropogenic Global Warming and Covid has been used to control people.

  1. Filling people with fear and are you aware Hermann Goring at the Nuremberg Trials stated that not only did they use this to control their own but it works in any government?
  2. Promises of free things and power or anything your heart desires
  3. Division and segregation which goes back to my Project Distraction Theory

Let us be honest here about a few things to do with world leaders, shall we?

  1. They are idiots
  2. They do not want to lose power
  3. Now think about it and think about it again after viewing everything, does this sound like a smart plan that will work?
  4. Do you really think the people trying to find a way of styaying in power really give a crap about anyone they are promising things to?
  5. Do you think it might be a trick?
  6. Do you think you will fall victim because of Dunning-Kruger Effect and fall into a trap that you cannot dig your way out of?

It is simply the act of a naïve fool that insists a one way door leads to utopian and runs through it without pause for thought.

It is always forgotten that poor people are either rich people or powerful people that simply have neither. Except we live in an age where the latter two have a view of themselves of a higher form of species altogether.

It is fascinating that people can lecture you on how to do better without any success of their own but then hope for you when everything fails.

I have long thought that today’s politics appear as an appeasement by way of fooling the people that if they do not like a particular path there is a day to wait for when they can change it. Except nothing ever changes. And the charade goes on

Have disliked politics for years. The way I saw it was the powers that be used politics to control the masses be this via herding or dividing. Never have I seen more proof of this than the decade leading up to 2021. Its is not money that the powerful are scared of but the thought of losing said power. Right now it appears that despite thinking we live in a democracy they are intent on bringing in a system the majority do not want in attempt to still be the ones in power despite being the ones that caused the woes of the world. Luckily they have a number of salivating naïve fools helping them achieve this goal.

If you want society to work together to deal with a problem it would be wise to not disguise said problem with another problem which only succeeds in dividing the people you need to work together.

Unless your great plan is to have way less people? Just saying.

People are easily confused. My job is not to appease people or massage delusions. My role is merely to expose the truth. Whether they choose to accept or deny it is up to them.

Fear, hatred and anger are the biggest enemies on mankind that the people of the western world have had thrust upon them year after year of late. The remaining one of boredom is now in the planning stages with introduction planned in the next couple of years.

Imagine them coming for you and your belongings at some point?

Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be.

XR and the left are all about animals and the environment but do not like connections and links being pointed out the show AGW is wrong.

Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only those challenged that are amoral would choose to ignore this fact.

Dave Cullen on a document, possibly real, that was allegedly leaked from the Canadian Government that details plans regarding The Great Reset. Listen if you dare.

Think it was in the last post but in case you missed it here is the World Economic Forum who I have since been hearing are talking about giving the groups they are trying to trick their hearts greatest desires.

Time Magazine on how to build a better world many called this ‘New World Order’ claimed a crank conspiracy talk by leftists that seem to know it was coming while real life friends are not actually talking TO ME about it.

The left say they are all about anger but .. I would ask of them this ..

When ones life has been entirely destroyed but for a few moments many of which later became a nightmare, what level of revenge upon those responsible is acceptable?

If you think the world at large is going to accept your extreme bias after being victimized and lied to for many years you are seriously deluded and will only realise when you find yourself in the middle of a civil war you have no chance of winning.

But at least you will be out of the proverbial hair of those in power that tricked you onto being on the front-line.

Maybe the naïve should stop for a moment and ask what was really talked about at all those G20 meetings?

Maybe those not invited might want to start asking themselves this also?

Sacrificial lambs, anyone?

Tim Pool on The Great Reset

This has not been stopped because nto enough people realised the tricks and bullshit I have sp[ent years trying to tell people and it just did not get to the right people.

I had two chances while the social media was burying me ..

  1. Reach enough people
  2. Go viral at some point on key posts
  3. Get the right influential people to help key posts get to more people
  4. Get some offers of help, which I kind of did many times but nothing came of it and if it had maybe I could have done a way better job than the one that I have?

Sadly despite many thinking for years I could single-handedly change things and stop things it was not meant to be.

So Covid-19 was invented or exaggerated, it matters not which, to install fear in those already irate and distracted to be used as an excuse for The Great Reset.

Remember according to the big guns in the hard-left I do not admit or like admitting when I am wrong. Who does? But I had to admit I was wrong on Covid as I thought it would be a way bigger pandemic than it was. I was using the model wrong I have pointed out in this very post.

The fascists are now trying to use the second thing I was wrong about, they have to say Covid-19 is real for control, to state that I must be wrong on everything.

While they have been shown to be wrong on everything .. but they claim they are right about AGW and Covid-19.

They did an about-face on Covid. For no other reason than once imported they could use it.

The lock-downs are to install more fear, anger, boredom and unrest.

Mankind, from the top to the bottom, seems intent on continuing on its path of self-destruction.

Mankind lacks the ability to stand back, take a few breaths and actually identify the individual trees in said wood.

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force” – George Orwell

The people will believe what the media tell them to believe” – George Orwell

In a time of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

He wears a mark and his face grows to fit it” – George Orwell

So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people that do not even realise that fire is hot” – George Orwell



A long time ago now I sensed many things were coming. A great many things.

Predicted many things from politics to scientific events and during being involved in other events that sounded fantastical.

During this time many friends and family were confused. They thought I was wrong, did not think that I lied and thought I had lost my mind. Literally.

As well as being treated like garbage and left with pain and severe stress by public authorities whos are paid to help people like me, along with others that get donations to do fuck all like Age UK, I had to put up with this extra stress for years.

One of the worst lives combined with one of the worst health conditions combined with successive evil governments and a series of tragedies as more and more symptoms cropped up they missed. Twp potentially fatal.

Years and years and years.

In recent years many have come to me from the past and stated that “you was right all along, you was spot on about everything!”

Others decided to put buckets on their heads not want to talk about it and pretend it was not happening.

Over the years I saw many theories form others some of which were close to the truth while others were far out there.

One of these which caught my attention was mentions of the New World Order and things like Agenda 21. Still do not know much about the latter and though I did come across it my short-term memory has caused me to forget what it was all about.

Also as time went on it appeared more and more as if even my craziest theories were bang on the money.

In fact one friend and an ex social worker I spoke to replies ‘yes’ when I asked him “Does it now now appear to be even worse than I had predicted?”

Two people he is in contact with that I used to be and were friends, one very old, of mine told him that Covi19 was, one, used to cover up the Jeffrey Epstein and paedophilia scandal and, two, used to bring in the New World Order.

I was stunned to hear this and pointed out that this is exactly what I had been hearing about for years that I had tried to tell everyone about 6 years ago and everyone thought I was mad over. Had also told them the rumblings about the paedophilia too.

I always see patterns emerge and am fairly good at linking things together. Just like in my series on climate change where I linked all the data and even little things they put in place.

Like the Svalbard Seed Vault. Turned to another friend and asked “why now?”.

Two decades later and we are in a record length solar minimum a decade after the last record breaking solar minimum and a grand solar minimum which have always coincided with rapidly cooling periods, are in effect.

Now I had predicted against everyone else, NASA and NOAA, that the solar minimum would last until late June 2020 to October 2020 and maybe even longer.

I had stated that if it reached October this would be very bad news indeed and that if it continued beyond this bad news only gets worse. In January 2021 it would be about 3 years since it started.

The last was 20 months and that was a record for 80 years or more.

Yet I came across promoters of AGW who insisted they knew science and yet somehow missed the significance of the difference between a record 20 months and 34 months is an inactive Sun.

In fact they ignored data and reports in every area of science so many times I stated to think they were all government or NWO shepherds herding their naïve leftist foot soldiers to keeping the waters muddied.

Any time you suggested something was wrong or suspect you would get cries that basically stated that peer-reviewed papers were confirmed facts, which they are not, and ‘conspiracy theorist’ along with appeals to authorities who have a long list of mistakes running back many decades.

This was nothing other than shaking my head bizarre.

Not only were these people not into the science like they claimed they repeatedly showed without fail and countless times they did not even understand the basics in each field.

In fact despite support in each area they created dropping like the proverbial lead balloon they were still insistent that massive changes were coming. Like they had inside knowledge of some plan and that they were what I claimed they was. Shepherds.

They talked to each other with glee about this while I called the stupid morons.

They were shedding supporters like they were going out of fashion.

They were caught lying.

They have been caught bullying.

They have been caught time after time cheating, being hypocritical, promoting hate, promoting violence, causing riots, bringing about destruction and a long list of other things.

To everyone else looking at this language and behaviour from the outside seeing it for the first time and then considering what their area, country or world would be like being run by people like this?

Like I told them it was stupid and moronic.

And this is without considering a plan that is suddenly mentioned that would have to be on a scale that would take years of planning, that people would realise along with the fact that they had indeed been lied to for a decade or more.

The, of course, there will be the reason for said plan to be brought in.

Now then a worldwide change requires a worldwide problem and there are of course many, from an expected super-volcano altering the world’s climate or an asteroid strike, the list goes on.

Personally I have been shocked over several years that the vast majority have suspected something, whether they was right on wrong on their reasons why they .. knew. Knew there was .. something.

Now I had witnessed some natural events, directly or around the world, some years ago that had my alarm bells going off.

Then in late 2018 I stated seeing data I thought must be a mistake. This lead me to look at something else then onto another and another and another.

‘Oh shit’ was my reaction to the obvious conclusion.

I tried and tried to some up with something else but it was no use and in the end I had to fact up to the facts though I still question it to this day. Or to put it another words ‘I still cannot believe it’.

These sets of data made perfect sense to everything that was going on but I thought ‘oh forrrrrk .. I have been through all this before and people that I was crazy. No matter how many times I am proven correct the very next theory they just for for ‘crazy”.

This was bad enough for years with friends and family and some family still have their heads up their own backsides. How would I do this on social media?

Boom .. and I reported it at the time at first on every platform my followers rocketed and I was one of the fastest growing people on the platforms, that was not famous. Guess idiots still idolise other idiots.

Then one day it all changed and right across all platforms and I reported this too.

Now Google had already been hammering me on two platforms so I knew it went on and another thing they thought I was nuts about and since have acknowledged.

Someone did not want me talking and they certainly did not want this blog going viral.

They have done pretty well and I do not know how it has not, considering how fast my social media was growing. This has been frustrating as I am literally in a living hell and a ‘quadruple’ hell I wanted to desperately get out of before the shit hit the fan.

Getting frustrated countless times as has my daughter I sometimes blame my own side for not helping or focusing or idolising their own heroes or the powers that be who have just done a very good but very sinister job of it.

These shepherds have also done a good job at herding the sheep lefties with their tunnel vision and obsessions into helping them to fool everyone and keep things quiet.

Yes any talk of some plan .. where what they intend to do is bring about The Great Reset would have to have been something worked on for decades that requires a global problem big ernough problem like say .. an ice-age.

Now what would be utterly stupid would be to reveal a plan to the world that everyone knew would require decades in the planning and blame it on something recent .. say like Covid-19. A pandemic that I thought at first was real and wrote 6 parts for then realised reality, numbers and observations did not align with models and had to stop and admit I was wrong.


Time Magazine

The World Economic Forum

Tim Pool talking about it and civil war is all but guaranteed at this point and not just one but likely a whole raft of them. Not to mention war between nations and maybe even a world war?