If I had the videos I could have gone on for sometime with the different areas I am into or interested in.

Astronomy, Mountain Bikes and many others besides. Along with this subject I do have a dozen blogs on other things and I am STILL not covering all that I am interested in purely because I just do not know how I would find the time.

But I just wanted to show that I am not just some moaning old git and that there is more to me and also that you could get some idea as to how I can do the things I do as well as achieve the things I have done.

If you are ever on my sight might be worth doing a search on my videos using monologue as a keyword. On those I appear to be doing one thing while I go on about this country and all it’s problems and run down the political parties, lol.



Just me messing around doing a dual booted laptop with TWO Operating Systems and figuring out that Windows 7, which you PAY lots of money for, is prgrammed BY MICROSOFT to refuse to come out to play if it recognises a FREE oprating system such as LINUX?!?!

I figure out how to get around this and show you how to do it!

First dual booted linux and windows while doing my degree in Applied Computing at Middlesex University, who screwed me over, in around 1998.