By the time I started to write this after coming up with a title I was still to post part 4 of the last series I was posting.

This is something I have now posted and part 5 has been .. temporarily postponed. Oh its half done already but due to recent censorship development and wanting a little more time for more reports to come in this post took pole position. No pun intended.

So it is .. tactical.

It was something I had planned for much later in the year after the ‘The End Of Ways’ series absolutely hammered covid, vaccines and global warming into the dirt.

The idea for the timing was that things would start to emerge because of the cold weather that would make people question many things.

Then there were the videos popping up.

Nurses saying things about Covid vaccines.

Oppression before our very eyes in Australia notably Melbourne and videos of Police sounding like people after Nazi Germany fell ‘but we have no choice, its out job’.

Then there were the antibody numbers out of India.

News Media being caught red handed running stories that are lies.

I literally thought this was a piece I would be posting around February 2022 but as always things tend to start occurring earlier than I thought. Sometimes it is later.

So by the time this is posted I expect many people will be asking questions and I have already seen people that were .. to the far .. ish .. left tweeting out their confusion.

I was even followed by an NHS Nurse that seems to be in favour of the vaccines and either she did not realise or was yet another one having questions.

Nothing wrong with questioning things as that is what science is all about.

I will include a quote at the end by Richard Feynman about having questions that cannot be answered and answers that cannot be questioned. Every scientist will say the exact same thing.

So then if people have realised something else is going on or in the process of beginning to ask those questions then yes. There is.

All evidence and science point to this going on a very, very long time. I was asking questions and making predictions a decade or more ago and friends and family thought I had gone mad.

Over time they realised not only was I proved right in each and every case but it was worse than I predicted it to be.

Now back then I was pointing out that people in government positions seem to be changing and seemed to be totally clueless while talking to you as if you was an idiot. When I was pointing this out each time people would tell me that its not like that I am just getting an idiot myself. Mainly because anyone that knew me whew full well that of all the people in the world you do not talk to like an idiot, it’s me.

I replied that it is more than that is this now happens every time I speak to someone regardless of which public service I speak to now who I speak to. Every. Time.

When I saw that undercover video by Project Veritas of the FDA talking as if they were superior to others despite sounding like complete tools themselves, this was EXACTLY what I had been seeing for a decade or longer in the UK.

Back then I told people its like its being done slowly for some long term plan for something they know is coming down the line. Something major.

And here we are.

Now I have realised in looking into various scientific data that this has been going on for at least 20 years and maybe longer? My whole blog is about all these odd things and I left them all there because I knew that .. one day .. down the line .. it would all start to come out.

Before I used to refer to this as ‘Project Distraction’ and even hash-tagged it as such.

Now I decided to just keep it a short name with .. ‘The Creeper’.

Because that is how its been. Slowly putting morons that think themselves Einstein and better than everyone else in positions of power and influence like those two forkwits for the FDA.

Maybe they pick people intentionally knowing they are idiots that want to be smart and would get their rocks off at the idea of having power over others?

There are many things that look odd and many I have mentioned in the past. Like why they suddenly decided to make this Doomsday Vault in Svalbard, Norway? Saw someone mention in something .. somewhere there might be one in Greenland? When the movie called ‘Greenland’ came out I thought it was weird.

Black Lives Matter

To those that followed this do you not think it was very odd that out of nowhere you was promised everything?

Been hearing of reports of BLM marching alongside Trump supporters or conservatives? Never thought I would hear that.

It is been very hard to watch groups being incited and/or manipulated using promises along the lines of a pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

Extinction Rebellion

To those that followed this do you not think it was very odd that this appeared out of nowhere, got as big as it did and promised you a great deal?

Have you ever seen or heard anything said that might make you question that their claims that they care might not be the case? Or that they know nothing about extinction or even more interested in something else other than extinctions?

Well I have been all around the world twice on their Twitter accounts and a great many and growing have given up posting. Many have distanced themselves from politics too.

Not the distancing could be to conceal themselves or they have realised they have been used to further some hidden agenda?

This ceasing of posts has occurred just as I said it would and from around 2018 until 2021 and I suspect another list of them will have done so my April 2022?

Of those still posting there followers are lucky to be in the four digit range and most are in the two or three digit range.

The vast majority do not get very many likes or retweets either.

Fridays For Future

To those that had children that followed this and got scared over their future do you not think that maybe their plan was to divide families?

The leader is an activist as are her parents but not the activist you think she is.

These political ideologues not only do not believe in any religion and despite it but they also do not believe in families.

They also do not care about science and know very little about it and I have zero idea what it is they do believe in.

Sometimes this seemed an attempt to get children to convert their parents to help Extinction Rebellion grow which not only did not get there but reversed it course back in 2018 or perhaps even earlier?

For both a severe winter where people suffered, got ill or died would have a negative effect on these individual groups.

This is why after years of telling everyone in the world that their world is going to burn now they are telling people ‘Well of course its snowing, this is what CO2 and climate change does, you dummy’. Literally so and seem to think that being condescending and belittling to those they views as morons and inferior actually works? Except they never predicted anything to do with cold, snow and blizzards.

Ask them to show you absolutely anything previous to 2010 that predicted record cold, snow, blizzards, winters and global temperatures dropping and they wont. Because they simply cannot.


Have warned those wanting to manipulate you over and over again.

That scientists are going to change their tune and you can only buy their silence for so long until it becomes obvious.

What I have foreseen and predicted as well as theorised on they will also see and each one will get very edgy about sticking to these narratives, paid or otherwise.

Because things come at a price. Always and eventually.

You cannot control physics, time or stop the inevitable. It is that simple.


Ban you for certain speech or words without actually warning you or telling you and do this for years. Best one is them overfilling your webpage with adverts that goes beyond what they allow and then they punish you for it. Freezing your revenue for years hoping you will give up telling the truth and go away.

All the while receiving money for your work via said advertising and yet they do not pay you.

Then there is the burying, leaving you out of searches and shadow banning or removing monetization.


Suspending people even for life very often with bias and unfair reasons.

Hide tweets, remove likes often before your very eyes and a number of us have seen this. Reduced numbers even on retweet numbers. Put warnings on links to cast very large seeds of doubt to mislead the masses.


This is here I have people that know me. Known me for years. Family members too. People that know that I am scientific, know I am good, know I do not lie and well aware that I do not entertain ‘conspiracy theories’ as facts.

Its where I know I can provide important information that may help or even save the lives of people I know.

Of late several people I have not been in contact for 6 years, 20 years and 30 years have recently added me and can only have done this hearing of what I have been doing and saying.

For the last year my own daughter and close friends tell me that my posts never appear and they have missed, it would appear, everything.

If anyone has suffered or dies that missed a hidden post that may have altered this then as far as I am concerned Facebook will be guilty of manslaughter.


Anti-fascists? Just another name for fascists while trying to disguise themselves.

I have taken on many of these and they are made up of low intellect and low IQ fools that possess not a single moral fibre. They have fooled many people and encouraged them to gather together under their .. ‘banner’ if you like.

Of these include BLM previously mentioned and the LGBTQ community.

Odd as I hated politics and stayed away from it.

I got dragged in kicking and screaming because they were lying to people and using and abusing science to place fear into people.

I have been accused of being ..

  • Religious
  • Right-Wing, not that there is anything wrong with that but they think that makes you fascist .. while also claiming to be protecting democracy where your only choice is the one they want
  • Being paid by Donald Trump
  • Being paid by Putin
  • Along with many others

None of these are true.

I also used to watch many people of different skin colours on YouTube videos to do with photography, movies, PC tech and even gaming.

Now none of these talked about politics until very recently and not a single one of them agreed with the hard-left or Antifa.

However what Antifa do as well is use Twitter, because its the number one social media in town, and have between 6 and over 100 accounts each they switch between to mass report people and make it appear as if they are the majority.

Because if you ask any psychologist they will tell you that weak-minded people will just go along with the masses. There are tests that show this.

The trouble with the society they want is the following ..

  • They seem to be happy destroying democracy to get this ‘magic’ society they think is the answer to everything
  • But they are too stupid to realise that they are only helping the elite and powerful they claim to hate remain in power, switch society and make it even harder to get rid of them

If you have not worked it out basically they are pushing for something that’s always failed throughout history leaving the ones that caused the mess, the ones in power.

Where they will take away all your things and you cannot own anything while they can.

Where once you are in it you cannot then get out of it if you think you have made a mistake.

If you think things are bad enough now, and I never claimed they were not, then just you wait until they get the society they want.

Karl Popper is someone they use and his philosophy abused and George Soros was a big admirer of Popper, but they forget a few things.

Popper said that you cannot truly be free under socialism or Marxism and he also stated that anyone that promises you heaven only ever delivers a living hell.

It is very difficult to get out of hell once you are trapped in it. If it was easy they would not refer to these things as ‘living hell’.

Not only are these people of very low intellect and lie about science but they also lie about politics and even attempt to redefine words and phrases to win arguments and push their evil plans forward.

As well as lying in medicine and all science fields they also lie about politics and one of the best along with falsely accusing me of being right-wing is when they are accused of being fascists they start by roaring with laughter and then stating that fascism is a right-wing only thing.

This is a complete lie.

You can look at any webpage at a political chart ..

  • Its a SQUARE.
  • Right-Wing to the right.
  • Left-Wing to the left
  • Authoritarianism or fascism to the TOP
  • Anarchy to the BOTTOM
  • Fascists in the top-right corner
  • Fascists in the top-left corner

Except when you pull them on this and their use of words and phrases being wrong what you get is a bullying lecture on how the people that created these things are wrong and their own definitions are different.

Think about that for a moment.

Why would they do this?

Why would they need to do this?

There is but one answer. To mislead and manipulate you to do what they want because of they was totally honest with you they know full well that you would run a mile from them.

Another thing they do is lie about what they are and many not only cannot even admit it but even claim they are centre-right or centre-left and capitalists.

This has two goals.

First one is to not set off alarm bells that they are a group and you are being tricked.

Secondly its to make them appear to be honest and have a point when they do not and are lying their asses off and know it.

It really eats away at my should to know that such evil people such as this actually exist.

Just today some Antifa moron that does not know me claimed to me what a number of others have done and that is he is not communist and is a capitalist.

Now its easy to get them to drop themselves in it because these people get triggered and you can do this with relative ease while being quite calm about it.

Another thing I do is exactly that I did today .. by stating “No one rational would associate themselves with the people that you do”. That normally sets them off.

You can always get them to either defend Antifa or you can get them to talk about how they work and get lines like “they will never be caught because ..” where I would then say “Oh for someone right-wing you seem to have some in depth knowledge about a group you claim no one knows about?”

No Antifa are violent, fascist communists that seem to think they are morally superior to everyone else .. because .. they should .. be ion charge of you? Also because of this superiority complex they think this means its OK for them to be evil and bully and coerce others to do what they want you to.

Yeah totally moral people.

Here is Sky News in Australia talking to Andy Ngo and they give a brief overview of the Antifa routes and you might note from the old photo they show that their flags are almost identical.

What is interesting, I will have to try and find it, is like The Atlantic recently. After me being noticed they ran a story about how civil war will break out and who would win. I said that if it does then these socialist communist Antifa would get completely wiped out.

They neither have the skills nor the numbers and not even CLOSE.

The Atlantic, seen to be left leaning, and around 8 days after noticing me ran a story saying the same thing.

Its far from the only thing I have stated for years on my blog that has ended up in some news report while the powers that be use all kinds of tricks to prevent me getting paid.

But recently and it as a Tim Pool video .. and I have seen some of Tim’s things stated elsewhere by others too .. he turned around and stated that the US will become like The Hunger Games.

Yeah I said that too and long ago on this blog.

Now lets see if I can recall? As well as The Hunger Games I have also likely said the film Equilibrium? Funny now they want to force drugs upon you like they do in that film? I am sure there was another film too?

Its like these disaster movies like The Day After Tomorrow, ‘2012’ and The Core. Being into science and science fiction I love films like that. But I thought it was odd there were so many in a short space of time. There was even that Pompeii film too.

A decade of two later I am looking at scientific data and based on what I saw made over 90 predictions and since then I have posted reports and papers along with videos I cannot even believe I am seeing.

They like to tell me that science is not .. accurate and not about facts .. except when they are pushing AGW, Covid and vaccines and suddenly it is.

Except even this is a cheat and a con. Because I am not exact.

I stated for a few years now it will cool for a number of years, there will be record cold, snow and winters will get longer.

I never gave an exact time nor an exact depth because at the time and as of right now I do not have enough to know this.

Its going to trend downwards for 6 years at least at a speed I am not currently sure about which can be increased by large enough volcanic eruptions that get into the stratosphere.

See? I cannot be sure or exact only on certain things and of certain directions.

These Antifa used to use quotes from Richard Feynman. They do not so this any more because I have shown them a dozen quotes from Feynman and others on science that shows they have abused it.

After a year of showing them quotes from over half a dozen people they tried to say that I took the quotes out of context or they meant something else.

Would you believe that one told another, not me, that they was a lost cause and a waste of time because they are not listening to the science?

Inaccurate because ‘science’ is a process.

Its not a system of faith.

Also these people have not only NEVER acknowledge a single thing out of thousands presented to tens of thousands of them but they do not even read their own links.

When they produce links around 80% of the time, and only because I got bored, I go through their links, fake news articles and scientific papers and pull them apart.

They have never done this with an of ours because they refuse point blank to look which means they are not only indoctrinated but conditioned not to look at anything that might make them doubt their own beliefs.

So they moan about religion when they themselves go on nothing more than faith.

The lesson here is that they do not believe in ..

  • Science
  • Religion
  • Family
  • Truth
  • Politics other than their own

This is something you need to figure out carefully.

Once you have realised this you need to start asking what it is that they do believe in?

People claim that I think I know everything and this is simply not true and here in is one thing that I do not know the answer to.

These people are low intellect bullies and liars and seem to be anti-everything and they certainly are not after peace on Earth and I really do not know what it is that they are into. Other than control.

This is what I find quite disturbing.

It is something of a let-down and that itself an understatement that humans like this exist in all honesty.

No civilised alien race would have anything to do with any of that.

Oddly enough these utter clowns actually believe that alien races are just like them.

Well as these people are anti-science and get triggered by it .. they will never find out because if alien races are just like them then their science would not have reached the dizzying heights of space-travel.

It emerged on social media that there was a list of names they think, I mean its more obvious that their AGW, a left-wing extremist or extremists put together of dissidents.

It suggested that these people being ‘dead’ would be a solution to their problems.

This list included authors and celebrities along with Doctors and even a holocaust survivor among, I presume, other Jewish people?

Death threats because of their feelings and the scary stories they try so hard to claim are factual when they are not while these low IQ fools push for their need to control others should tell you all you need to know.

Their ideology is very strict on everything from owning things to talking about things to even thinking things.

Step out of line just once and you are toast.

This will include destroying your livelihood, making your home life a living hell, going after your family and/or your career.

As these fascists are a very small minority then this means they act like this to the vast majority of people because it is for your own good and they care so much about you.

The phrase ‘Build Back Better’ was not only an utterly shite one it was also a very sinister sounding phrase and was used by so many it was .. well scary as well as telling.

When the same phrases start coming out among leaders and the media around the world this was obviously something planned over a long period of time in the background.

Being convinced and telling people for 20 years that something is going on and something is coming and being called insane over it, this only got stronger every couple of years.

Today instead of calling me insane people actually either see the plan themselves or see others talking about it on social media.

They do not get it. One friend who is centre-left who has been chopping and changing on Covid and vaccines says “But they cannot do this, it will never work”. I always reply with “Well you better tell them that because it is still being pushed by leaders across the world and on social media. Some even stated that things will change and that we had better get used to it, like they knew it was inevitable and this was before we even heard about Covid19”.

One of the things I explained that no one ever thinks about is the time factor.

Gave a detailed explanation of how long a plan like this would need to be worked on, how they would have plans for everything and find ways of getting people on board to introduce it. In most countries in the world.

Then would say that they claimed they came up with it because of Covid19 and that bearing in mind we had no idea if it would become a pandemic and that even the World Health Organisation refused to call it a pandemic for months.

So I then asked “So what do you think the chances are that they came up with this plan in less than year? Do you not think it is something that would take a minimum of ten years and likely more than twenty to put together?”

People that I debate with have been a waste of time. We all know it is a waste of time and we know they will never be convinced.

They never accept a single thing and never acknowledge anything. While calling others ‘anti-science’ they literally bat away scientific data as nothing.

This has gone on for over three years and in all honesty you do not do that in science. No one does this in science. Unless something intricate and complex like quantum mechanics, dark matter and energy, you would have to acknowledge something. At most within a few months. Not three years and counting. And that is in a single debate in a single field.

But in all the following?

  • Astrophysics
  • Volcanology
  • Seismology
  • Cosmology
  • Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • History
  • Climate

These are just the ones I can recall right now.

All of the above have been presented via news reports, articles on science sites and scientific papers and they have never acknowledged anything nor ever admitted they were wrong.

They even made excuses for someone who was a serial rapist. Yeah been in prison for two attacks, found out about another and allowed to be involved with a potential fourth victim. Newspaper and magazine articles presented to them about him. Attacking, abusing and raping your girls and two short prison sentences.

This story and others like it have featured on this blog going right back to 2012.

Apparently it was someone else’s fault other than the perpetrators?

I think it was comedian George Carlin that said “Take the average person and how stupid they are and then imagine that have the people are even more stupid than that?”

Sadly this is why we live in the shit-holes that we do because time after tie after time the idiots are fed false promises and people fall for them and nothing .. ever .. changes. Well .. not for the better at any rate.

Greta Thunberg was exposed as not only wearing a fascist tee-shirt but her parents belonged to the same group and are a family of actors.

Greta herself was used to scare the living bejesus out of children world wide who would then go home and put pressure on family life and family is something these people despise along with religion.

World leaders clapped and applauded her and tried to make out they were the same leftist progressive type people out of fear because these warped people had managed to make their numbers look for bigger than they are.

They finally got their Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and all their promises.

Then one by one the promises were broken, though they did get a signature on a piece of paper and not long after the cracks started to appear. There was a snipe at the leaders that entertained her.

Now Greta has taken a snipe at Joe Biden and Jacinda Adern the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

When I started this piece I knew that data would come out around September to November and the reports, scientific papers and the cracks will get worse. In everything.

So I worked on this one little by little as I worked on parts 3 to 6 of ‘The End Of Ways’ which went back and forth over emerging data and reports on AGW, Covid and Vaccines. Because I had already predicted what would occur in Autumn and Winter over them.

Now this .. ‘plan’ everyone likes to talk about stems from not being open, transparent and honest with people .. it stems from lies, coercions, bullying and psychological tricks.

They kind of reverse engineered the greatest quotes form the greatest minds that include the fields of philosophy, science and even politicians. Though you have to go some ways back with that last one.

Took awhile but they uttered the phrase ‘Philosophy Of Science’ and this allowed me to make a connection between Karl Popper and George Soros.

Here is the latter talking about the former ..—and-back-2007-11?barrier=accesspaylog

Sadly I have been teaching people to check out people’s quotes on quote sites as the left like to quote people that are dead.

What they fail to mention is that if you check enough of these people’s quotes you will see that these so-called hard-left failed to mention that the ones they quote would disagree with the and NOT agree with them as they like to claim.

After a few years of throwing quotes at them on Twitter they really do not do this any more and one of their favourites was Richard Feynman. I even have proof that they use dead feminists too and in such a horrific way that is totally disrespectful of someone’s memories.

Her name is Mary Wollstonecraft and a number of people were not happy with what they did and I am sure if alive today she would be totally embarrassed and feel violated.

Even The Guardian had to cover the backlash about the statue they waited 200 years for being so insulting to her memory.

Knowing a socialist that lives nearby and a bit of a prude and when I asked her if she has seen the statue she pulled a look like I have never seen.

It is abhorrent” or something to that effect.

Do you think that someone who was the mother or Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and died in 1797 would be happy of a statue of her being naked for all to see?

Or do you think that she would accuse others of using her, her plight and name for their own agendas?

Now in the UK how do you think it is going when delegates of the Labour Party were told that at the Labour Party Conference too many white men were putting their hands up to speak?

Are they now telling all leftists that are white males they have no right to ask question or say anything? No opinions?

Yeah that will go down well around the world, eh? The left eating itself yet again.

Neil Oliver explains that governments are frightened of their own people, which we have seen a number of years now and one reason why you have had all the pandering.—and-theres-a-lot-of-us/132476

In Canada a university removes photo, or history, from 1907 of students because it is too white.

Jack Prosobiec discussing cancel culture from the hard-left with Tim Pool and crew.

You can always tell the people you should stay away from as they lover certain .. words ..

  • Solidarity
  • Denier
  • Anti-Science
  • Holocaust
  • Nazi
    • Though more and more are calling them that now
  • Pseudoscience
    • Always projection
  • Capitalist
    • Oddly explained as being bad by several that initially claimed they were for capitalism who turned out to be Antifa
  • Right-Wing
  • Nut-Job
  • Far-Right
  • Racist
    • Though they got caught for being that all the time and two suspended twice by me
  • Antifascist
    • These are also fascists, fascism is top to bottom and not left to right like they lie about
  • Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Theorists
    • Except they have their own and they say the difference between conspiracy theory and facts on the human side is about 6 months

Basically they are a bunch of stupid/amoral/naive/selfish [delete were appropriate] people that will abuse either the memories of dead people or the suffering of others for their own goals.

Others just follow because the pish their pants at the thought of them attacking them as I am sure numbers within their ranks are scared of the rest of the ravenous hoard turning on them and eating them alive.

Here is a link to a tweet from a Marxist, Antifa, Climate Alarmist who also pushes for forced vaccines and lock-downs who admits in a tweet how in the hard-left, that he claimed he is not a part of, how they talk about how whether they should get pleasure (‘schadenfreude’) out of people that disagree with them suffering.

He then tries to show he is nice by stating that he does not agree.

Yeah except a large number of us have seem them celebrating and poking fun even out of people dying and I am sorry but that old saying applies ..

‘Lay down with Dogs and you get up with fleas’

If these people could not give a shit if you lived, suffered or died when you do not agree with them then they are not going to do this even if you do.

This is not rocket science, it is basic common sense.

You are either caring towards others or you are not, there is no switching it on and off and this also should be applied to both children, animals and the environment.

Also if you do not have the facts or the science and insist your doing the right thing it could very easily have dire consequences when the time comes.

But I assure you they already have a list of names and things to blame all their mistakes on when it does go wrong. Suspect Donald Trump and Brexit are in the top five?

Their whole attitude comes down to that if everyone else does talks, acts, thinks and feels as they tell them then the world will be like paradise.

Except Karl Popper stated that anyone that promises you paradise only ever delivers a living hell, see below and look at the Carl Sagan quotes about being bamboozled and charlatans and promising to also question everything.

Why are we been told things that go against the greatest minds that ever lived? Who are these names and these people telling you to be this way compared to all these greats? They are no one, that’s who. Now telling us to ignore everything we have ever been taught or learned because these super-nanny and likely billionaires orchestrating this want to remain the ones in charge?

Like I said .. many, many stupid and naïve people being manipulated by paid amoral fascists being themselves controlled by Puppeteers.

I have long stated that its like The Hunger Games .. or like Equilibrium in the past and uses others and I have also used the film The Omen where in real life its almost as if the son of the Devil, called Damien, survived and was in control of the world.

Here is The Quartering talking about a Woke guy who wished Covid and death on someone in a rant and then tweeted out he had been told to take his employers name out of his profile because they had fired him.

Now that one was just an insight.

I have stated for a decade or longer that some very bizarre people are getting into positions of influence and I first spotted this in the UK but have since seen this in both the US and Australia as that last video shows.

Now I have to say something I never thought I would say. My opinion of Russell Brand has gone up, though to be honest I have not seen anything of him other than his early days.

So I never really knew what his politics were but I started hearing he had been cancelled by the left so I realised only then what his politics were. It also interested me a little and it was only when Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald covered it I decided to take a look.

So it turns out he told the truth about Russiagate, Hillary Clinton and this lawyer. That Russiagate being down to Trump was a complete lie.

So of course the fake news I have been talking about for more than 15 years who all very likely lied about Trump and Russia, attacked Brand.

What continues to amaze me and I get this and have had this with thousands I have battled with, even when the lie has been exposed they continue to push it.

I have seen so many return after exposing lies either in politics and even science they just return and start repeating the same lie you have previously exposed.

These people think they are ..

  • Moral
  • Superior
  • Forward Thinking
  • Fair
  • Honest
  • God Like quite often

These people literally think they are in the process of building a better society built upon lies, bullying and the manipulation of others.

The reality is these people are insane, off the chain mad and firkin stupid if they think for one second they are either going to achieve something or build a better society.

Its interesting of late because I knew it had to happen. You had Tim Pool, Jimmy Dore and likely Glenn Greenwald and looks like Russell Brand all know realising that something is not quite right.

Something that was also eyebrow raising is that they called Russell Brand, I think it was, the new Susan Sarandon.

You will have to look this up but Sarandon seemed like a supreme leftist who was behind organising protests or some such. Likely see herself as a progressive and in support of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

After the Democrats .. umm .. ‘won’ the election and then started double-crossing and stabbing people in the back, Sarandon and a group planned to go down and have a few things out with AOC.

What was hilarious was AOC got wind of this and closed her office and went home and I made a meme it was so bizarre. With the ‘insurrection’, we now know had FBI agents or informers in the scrum, AOC up the road famously said she hid in the bath for fear of being raped.

In my meme I suggested she went home to hide in the bath for fear of being raped by Sarandon.

My prediction for around about now and into 2022 was that not only would al large portion of the socialists, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and wotnot start to realise they were being used but that many celebrities would too?

Here is Dore and Greenwald talking about Brand being .. cancelled.

Now then here is where things get .. messy.

I was a big supporter of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and even that young woman whose name I cannot recall who got silenced by what they call ‘secret family courts’ who the website UK Column got behind.

Sadly I could not garner the interest myself from UK Column because I was involved in my own similar thing against my daughter.

The number of organisations, agencies and government public services I fought off was, even if I say so myself, staggering. But I am far from the only one that stated this.

It got to the point where ‘workers’ would say things to my daughter like “You know your father, he is some kind of genius, isn’t he?” and she would laugh.

On a recording with Police Detectives in a post titled ‘Country of the Damned’ at the end of giving a 4.5 hour statement catching two completely different types of criminal groups and literally stopping potentially hundreds or murders and hundreds of rapes of under-age girls the two Detectives say at the end “You are a genius and I wish I had you working on my team!”

Been called this by scientists, Detectives, GCHQ and MI5, court Judges, lawyers, surgeons, university lecturers and others and I am given all kinds of nicknames.

One Christian group called me ‘The Messenger’.

Another called me ‘Warrior of God’.

Non-Christian groups of people that just want the truth called me ‘Robin Hood’.

It seems when you try to do the right things and you do enough amazing things and do it long enough people like to .. call you things.

People I now believe are pharmaceutical company employees and/or socialists only have gotten very annoyed and call me a long list of very distasteful things.

I guess they want me down at their level? Stupid? Amoral?

I digress ..

Apparently I faked loads of recordings, Police documents, GCHQ documents (yes because people fake Secret Service shit with no comeback all the time) and all manner of other things.

All I want is the truth or the facts no matter who this hurts or embarrasses because I for one am sick and tired of the bullshit, lies and evil.

At his point I will explain that politically I am literally a little to the right of Gandhi.

I also had never voted for anyone in a General Election in the UK. Not the Conservatives, Labour or Liberals.

I do not agree with socialism nor Marxism and it simply does not work even in a country without any diversity, it will not work and you can NEVER get it to work. You will just cause a lot of damage to a lot of people if you try and force it.

There will also be an inevitable backlash, history shows us this is the case.

Now when both Nigel Farage and Donald Trump came along I had a little hope restored that things would change. But I had my .. reservations.

I predicted Trump would become President of the US and people thought me mad. You can imagine what people said when he did, eh? It was funny.

I also talked a lot both online and off about Farage.

But a few years in and things that were going on did not make sense. None of the things we wanted to happen actually happened.

Then I pointed out exactly what you would have to do to cheat en election. Based on the idea that in a number of ways I think they would try to cheat one.

Then there were the indictments after indictments.

Then that ‘seemingly’ impossible result even Tim Pool did not expect and nor did anyone else.

Then you got doddering, bumbling, mumbling and sleep Joe Biden. Yeah how the flying forks does that happen? It was like a joke.

Then he breaks all promises. Then the censorship gets worse. Then we find out about covid and all the shit that came with it. Then there was more talk of indictments for Biden. Then there was all that talk of Donald Trump’s return.

It has been like the pantomime I stated it was and I told people that I was putting my trust in people but how do I know they are not all in it together and just playing the people?

I want people that can act and be open and honest because the attitudes for three decades has been “Well that’s politicians for you, it is just how it is” while I would reply “Well I assure you that attitude and failing to see what’s happening before your eyes will only help them deliver us into a living hell”.

If you act more and more obedient as they slowly enslave you the process will only continue until you are a full on slave.

And here we are today. For twenty years I have been telling people that unless people wake up within twenty years we will end up in a very bad place and not just in any one nation but globally.

Well .. here is Jimmy Dore talking to Glenn Greenwald about a CIA plot to kill Julian Assange and they mention the Trump administration.

He never did pardon anyone like we all thought he would, did he?

Switching to Joe Biden here is Jimmy Dore on polls where the majority now believe Joe Biden is an idiot. Only 43% of people think that Biden is ‘mentally sharp’. So 43% of some figure are just as big an idiot as Biden?

What self respecting scientist a decade ago would have thought we would reach a point where social media giants and government would be more than happy to censor people to sensor science which includes both scientists and Doctors while fake news and bit tech are happy to lie to you?

Fast forward to 2021 and now you cannot question viruses, medications and global warming and the weather.

Who does not see this as the acts of fascist organisations at this point is either evil to the care or possesses a lower IQ than your average rabbit.

The National Geographic actually made what can only be described as a propaganda video trying to talk up absolute liar, Dr Fauci. He has been ridiculed for claiming that he has PTSD. PTSD and a victim card for being caught out consistently being wrong?

These people think that everyone is stupid.

Well the trailer on YouTube, which bare in mind many conservatives and Trump supporters refuse to use or have been banned from, at the time of typing it received 7,700 likes and 108,000 dislikes.

So Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had a few outages and around the same time a whistle-blower popped up speaking out against censorship and what Facebook get up to?

A little odd, many were suspicious of this whistle-blower, possibly thinking the fake news could use this to take attention away from Project Veritas?

Well now its started to emerge that she is a Marxist and buys Marxist related things for people she knows?

Today’s Marxists are all, not not deluded .. well yes they are .. and evil but, in major favour of censorship.

Which in all honesty in the modern age with all that history tells us, makes them morons.

Introducing a socialist or Marxist system is bad enough in of itself but they are happy for the same evil that lied to us for decades and created this mess to remain in charge, with even more power as long as they get the system they want?

Utterly and completely moronic, narrow-minded and dangerous.

What will happen is that the same people that do not give a crap about anyone’s lives will be in positions you cannot remove them from and they will care even less about anyone’s lives.

It will never be voted in so will have to be forced or cheated and will result in a civil war in each country they attempt this and many people, in my estimation, will die if this occurs.

As if enough have not died already?

At the end of the day this planet does not have a problem with global warming and there is no impending crisis. Covid is what it is. Neither of this can be controlled anyway.

But it does have one major problem that is causing a lot of problems with things like plastic in the oceans. Too many irresponsible morons.

Too many morons.

Too many people.

And for some bizarre reason they have been piling more people into countries and been doing so for years without improving anything.

I am relate to a socialist and we have disagreed for decades. In recent years we disagreed on global warming and covid vaccines.

Everyone else agrees with me and state that its ridiculous that this person would disagree with me on science subjects. The history of us is they have never won a single debate in three decades but still argue. They do this .. argue thinking one day they will get something right where they then act as if everything they previously got wrong, they actually got right.

Its baffling.

Only now in recent times instead of quoting and preaching to us about this fake news report or what Dr Fauci has stated .. they now admit they do not listen to Dr Fauci and have gone very quiet on vaccines, due to recent things coming to light.

The UK has had a crap summer and they have actually gone quiet on this too.

Now this person literally bullied everyone on AGW and Covid vaccines so a number of people constantly. Daily very often. So many are now shocked that for a few weeks they have fallen silent and not on one but both.

They have admitted that their elderly mother in their 90’s has been very ill on and off since the vaccine was given.

I reminded them that I had warned them that I do not tell people what to do, I just tell people of the science and what, to my mind, will occur. I stated that I had warned them in the beginning that if they do this and something bad or worse still, someone dies from the vaccine that they will get blamed and have to live with it.

“I am trying to protect this family” is the reply we used to get.

This drives everyone nuts because socialists and Marxists like to treat others like low IQ children and its not about protecting its about control. They are, for want of a better term, ‘control freaks’ and the worst part about it is they do not possess the knowledge nor abilities to arrange a piss up in a brewery.

I have come across tens of thousands of these people from all around the world and I would not allow them to be the boss of a hamster or a dog, let alone the boss of other people.

Fortunately the one I know has, in recent times, admitted they, socialists, have gotten things wrong.

Also fortunately is that this censorship and the leaks coming out is decimating supporters of Marxism and Socialism. That is why I knew when I went back to look at the like and dislike ratio over Fauci it would be bad.

There is yet another sensible and intelligent sounding black guy I ave listened to a few videos of on YouTube called Officer Tatum. He and others, likely Anthony Leroy Brown & The Hodge Twins, have all pointed to the craze at stadiums of chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ or the literal chant.

In one someone filmed on their phone this building up among the spectators. I guess the Marxists excuse of ‘they were not chanting that’ which later switched to ‘its only a few people’ bullshit got on people’s nerves?

So this film where they started chanting it and it sounded like hundreds and all of a sudden a lone voice of a woman who then rather moronically started screaming at everyone being racist.

Because they do not like the white dude that is President?

They all started laughing and asking them how this makes them racist and the lone woman just repeated it and in the end they just more or less said ‘Yeah OK then, we are racist’ started laughing and went back to chanting.

I presume it was some sports event? Where sports people get paid a lot of money which will not happen in a socialist or Marxist system. So why were they there?

Were they hypocrites?

Do they not know how a Marxist or socialist system works?

Did they hear about the chanting and attended the event to wait for it to happen and then lash out like an moron at the crowd?

The mind boggles.

At the end of the day the things I was stating well over a decade ago have turned out accurate in politics and society.

Idiots and ideologues have been placed little by little into higher positions of authority.

They do not care, they virtue signal that they do while constantly showing they are venomous. They do not understand what it is they are pushing. They do not understand maths but claim they do. They do not understand science but claim that they do. They claim they are for the people but this is only when the people agree with them.

They all now face a flood of reports between November 2021 and February 2022 on covid infections and weather reports and I have spent all year warning this. After accurately predicting everything for almost three years now.

I have shown them the basic underpinning of science fro Feynman, Dyson, Sagan, Einstein and many others.

I have explained how slow moving animals living at high altitudes move up and down showing the climate has swung about for a very long time.

I have shown them quotes from Marxist lecturer Noam Chomsky that they also simply ignore.

But a core number of what are now sounding like paid shills simply wont have it, continue to lie and bully and claim nothing will happen.

Second year of Covid. A La Nina, wildfire soot, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, SO2 in the atmosphere and the sun still low in activity. The weather reports are already coming on for snow early from China to Europe all the way to the US. All the nations in the northern hemisphere are coming in on covid and vaccines soon and some already in and does not look good.

On Twitter, and no doubt on Facebook, bullshit is starting to sprout wings.

Will explain something I got wrong ..

When Google first popped up as a search engine I told people it would never catch on. But it did.

Took me years to figure it out. Children. It had a catchy name that appealed to kids and from there it spread to adults.

That template has been used again, also the letter ‘G’ is key.

Greta Thunberg. Only that has not worked anything like it did with Google.

Many years ago not only did I scratch my head at how Google got so gig with a stupid name and a single search field but I also kept asking myself why they seem to have an urge to buy up every company going?

There was a point in time when I realised this was around the 100 mark and I started pointing this out to others who were shocked at the numbers.

I stressed very hard to everyone that I did not like the sound of this and seemed very sinister and was convinced that in the long run this would not be good for the average person.

Fast forward to 2021 and along with Google, Facebook has been at this and each company, including Apple have been up to some very bad things.

While repeatedly telling us how they are all bout humanity while trying to shut down how we communicate as well as what we can talk about.

Too many people.

Too many naïve people but not enough for the elite’s liking.

Too many stupid people.

It has cost me so much .. for so long. Everything, in fact.

So as I have stated before .. the things I see? They make no sense. And I have been seeing them for a very long time.

The only thing that makes sense is that everything you see and hear is false and the amount of information poured into your brain and the types of information are designed to keep people in the dark.

Because they only thing that creates a plausible scenario is that I have been right all along and that they knew too and have done everything they can to keep those they view as inferior in the dark.

I have known this for some time know, or I should say theorised this, and my plan all along was that at just the right time just when they thought they had gotten away with it I would be here to make people realise ..

.. who the real enemy is?

Well. I always did tell people ‘its like the film The Hunger Games’.

Maybe these morons at the top get their ideas fro movies?

They lied to me.

They lied about me.

They left me in pain, untreated.

They destroyed my daughter’s life.

They have done their utmost to destroy my grand-children’s lives.

They took credit for plans I exposed and saved lives and they did this twice and I never got so much as a thank you from GCHQ or MI5. Considering I almost worked for the former though I think had I intended the interview they would not have employed me. Look at what I have done. I did get “You are a GENIUS!!” many times.

So when you have taken everything from me and left me living a life of torture and pain .. what did they think was going to happen?

Recently some people .. that knew of me .. found me. Others that thought they knew me see I side to me that scared them. Did not cause any issues and I had to .. tone myself down somewhat.

Their genius grand plan had a series of flaws.

One of which is that they created me.

I am a problem and how much of a problem remains hidden from me. But due to their knee-jerk reactions every time I intended to strike fear and expected a reaction I got one.

How much of a problem I become remains to be seen.

But my intention was to not seem to much of a threat. I had .. ‘personas’ here and there which remain disconnected. For a very ling time it was my intention not to have much of a footprint on the Internet either.

After Internet Relay Chat using software called mIRC I decided that on the web I was going to remain at a minimal level.

The idea being that as I started to notice something was not quite right while not knowing what it as I would slowly increase my presence.

In the hope that eventually by the time they realised there was a problem I was known to too many people and that erasing me would alert too many people. That was the plan.

So they had a plan that was a bit of a creeper and for what they had in mind it simply had to be this way.

The best way to counter something like this was to come up with a creeper plan of my own.

I literally have no idea how much longer I will live.

The pain is one thing but sometimes, as I have this very day just prior to typing this section out, get very odd sensations in the area of my heart that I am 100% certain is the heat itself.

A daughter, grandchildren and half a village seem to have been awaiting my arrival for the last two years and more and more people seem to be hearing about me.

At a guess some see this blog, some get told predictions I have made they have then seen come true and while this is going on they realised they are being lied to more and more by the government and the news media. Many seem to be Christians and for some reason many Christians in the past see me as some .. odd saviour or something? Warrior and Messenger are two words that have been used for me and I do not know why.

Maybe they see themselves, their beliefs or ways of life coming under an ever increasing attack?

Except my attempts to get there have been three times now and each one has failed.

Not only is this frustrating due to the horrific life I live currently and because of my memory problems but it is also scary.

Do not like being a burden and despite what I do not many people have helped me and so much so that when someone does do something I find it strange.

Risked my own life without thought a number of times to do the right thing. Suffered pain as well as huge financial losses, lost homes .. lost possessions that meant a lot to be that I cannot replace. I have made plans and had others, government included, pull the proverbial rug from under me.

There are things I have missed. Things that can never be reacquired and times that can never be relived.

It is a torturous and painful hell and if there is one thing I can do while there is breath in my body it is fight back.

They have turned me into something I myself do not like and in this hell is a sense of abandonment and isolation no normal human could endure.

I do so like the word ‘reciprocate’.

To win the kind of war we are currently in you simply need to get a message pointing out the facts of the situation, describing how long it has gone on for.

There will those people who have doubts and asking themselves questions.

You merely need to show them things to ask them more questions.

They have an army which is mostly faked and using multiple accounts to make themselves appear larger than they are. Like a toad when it stands up on its legs and puffs itself up in front of a snake.

If you can get as many as those with doubts of which there will be an extremely large number right about now which will grow in the next 4 months. Then it is over.

What will remain is the core fanatics and extremists and there simply is not enough of those.

It has taken me a very long time to uncover as much as I can and then wait an inordinate amount of time publishing little by little and get to just the right time.

From November 2021 until around July 2022 is just the right time.

What remains is how many people you can get the message to. And remember with those in doubt the method must be ‘gently, gently catchee monkey’.

You cannot tell them how is it, this much I have learnt over the years. You simply need to provide them with the details that are within this post and then allow time to do its thing.

You wont get the fanatics and the amoral ones looking to gain something out of this bizarre push for oppressive societies that has left me scratching my head and wondering if humanity has a future.

You just lead that horse to water and walk away.

Horses .. do not like being forced.

Just before this was to be posted a court in Germany ruled that YouTube’s censorship be reversed and .. well .. the ‘YouTube Is No Truth Commission’? That is funny, right there!

Did you know that there is a term for describing people that believe the political narrative of the day unquestionably, laps up or believes mainstream media and is prone to submissiveness? They also have outbursts of fear and like to publicly shame free-thinkers.

‘Complicity Theorist’

It would appear that ‘complicity theorist’ is thought as being the exact opposite as ‘conspiracy theorist’.

So a complicity theorist believes in something that is mostly lies as opposed to a conspiracy theorist that believes something that may or may not be fantasy?

Now maybe it is just me but the former sounds way, way worse.

The Great Reset and any planned socialist societies are not going to be anything like what you think they are regardless of what side of the political divide you are on.

They are going to be way, way worse only if and when they arrive there will be little you can do to turn back.

You will be given another living hell by the same ones that turned the last society into a living hell the only difference being the speed involved in getting there.

How is it that ‘the greater good’ only involves serving a tiny fraction of people?

Whether you are in Australia, Europe, the UK, US or Canada if you do not see this by now then my estimation will be that you soon will.

Here is one to cook your noodles for the nest few months .. how do you know what is in those syringes?

Food for thought.


Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
George Orwell
George Orwell

Mystery Quotes



Before finishing this series and prior to posting the last part I saw a video that included a graph and two things caught my attention,

In so doing I suddenly recalled something I used to give a lot of thought and likely mentioned this a few times in the years this blog has been written.

Now in the video by Anton Petrov, What Da Math, he talks about a spike in temps and CO2 some 43 million years ago. In the video he points comments on the Chicxulub asteroid strike that was the main cause of the extinction of the Dinosaurs but then was quick to point out the two were not connected.

Yeah that is assumption I am afraid.

I have also talked about this previously and will do so here but there was one other thing that I noted in a graph he displayed. A sudden spike and drop in CO2.

He also talks about the likelihood that this was caused by a very large submarine volcano erupting.

If you study the graphs below what your looking for is a sudden spike yo and then down that appears to be very brief in relation to the rest of the chart.

Now then sometimes scientists just do not think and seem focused on the contents of scientific papers without considering the blatantly obvious.

Now when your hearing about global temperatures , CO2 and ice-ages going back 50 to 60 million years this might sound a lot? Now lets put this into some perspective.


Pretty big, were they not?

Not these guys died out, as we all know, around 65 million years ago and likely over time too, with comet doing most and the after effects doing the remainder.

Now ask yourself this ..

How long a time do you think was involved going from microbes and single celled animals to full blown Dinosaurs bigger than a house or a bus? From one to the other?

Think you will realise its a very, very long time?

Well its 4.1 Billion years minus 65 million years. Not that hard, eh?

We find their fossils everywhere. Even in the UK. Where Lions and Crocodiles have even been found.

But if we listen to scientists they say that ice-ages have occurred every 10,000 years, give or take and we know the Younger Dryas ended some 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

Also bear in mind that not all ice-ages or glaciation periods are the same. They can range fro the Little Ice Age otherwise known as the Maunder Minimum that ran from around 1650 to 1700 to Snowball Earth. Or from a frozen River Thames to all oceans frozen over.

But wait a minute, we have a problem here I used to think about but no one ever mentions anywhere at all, ever. Not that I have ever seen.

How could cold blooded creatures have evolved to the small animals to the giant sized Dinosaurs we find fossils for everywhere if we was having the glaciations to various depths every 10,000 years?

The likely and should be obvious answer here is that Earth did not have them or at least not to the extent of periods like the Younger Dryas.

So what changed?

Well a blooming big chunk of space-rock hitting near Chicxulub 65 million years ago for starters.

Would be reasonable to assume that the crust of the Earth was fractured and cracked far and wide around most of the world.

Huh, kind like the tectonic plates we have, eh?

Stated for many years and long before I started blogging that I believed that this planet we live on is going through periods of ‘re-adjustment’ that goes right back to that asteroid/comet strike.

We know geological time-scales are big but I strongly believe that in some cases they are longer than most even realise.

Its odd that people talk about a stable climate and claim we are doing all this damage when its not only been way warmer but also way colder and I firmly believe was stale for very long period before the Chicxulub event. How else would the Dinosaurs have evolved?

So below are ocean temperatures as well as CO” levels where they spike up and come back down to an equilibrium fairly quickly.

Now some might say that this was evidence that CO2 rising causes temperature rises except that the temps are oceans and the idea is that submarine volcanoes and either a very, very big one or a large number of them all over the world.

But wait a minute? Who has been theorising about this for a few years now and running reports about strange behaviour and many dead marine creatures all over the world, including hundreds of dead whales?

Who has been claiming this is down to geological activity while for over a year scientists claim they are baffled? Who was already claiming that there will be major issues from these subsea volcanoes but has been called an idiot and a moron?

Yeah mentioned last post were just getting over I have been noticed by The Atlantic, Scientific American and National Geographic

The Atlantic now run an article that they think Civil War is coming in the US and that conservatives will win .. which I have been explaining in detail for a few years now

Oops 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️The leftist alarmists have been told .. I am sure they will be fine I mean its not like I have been winding them up for over a week about being noticed by them? Oh wait?!


The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

(Image: Robert A. Rohde, Global Warming Art)

An interesting temperature graph..

Those they call alarmists insist that the oceans are warming which is somewhat bizarre because that is a lot of water and we cannot have sensors in all of it and cannot in much of it and only 15% of the sea-floor, if that, has been explored.

Oddly they are called ‘alarmists’ but there is much they could be alarmist about but do not. In fact the only two things they are alarmist about involve making money.

As for the claims regarding global warming and covid vaccines for that matter, the clock has all but run out.

Australia forecast to get a polar blast and snow will into Spring ..

Idaho and Yellowstone get early snow ..

Yet another volcano called Cumbre Vieja located on La Palma on the Canary Islands I was worried about has not erupted and at one point reached 9,000 meters according to reports ..

A town has been destroyed but I do not think the mega-tsunami is any threat just yet, if the scientists are right and it is a threat at all.

Feel certain that the seismic and volcanic activity would have to occur some distance to the north for this to have any danger of occurring. But these things are unpredictable as they are finding out here as they have on Iceland.

Speaking of Iceland and along with raising activity elsewhere and Icelanders asking each other “What next and where?” the Fagradalsfjall volcano is breaking records ..

Along with that the Mount Etna Volcano on Sicily has started up again and along with La Palma this one reached a height of 9,000 meters it has not previously ..

One local called ‘Bushcraft Bear’ has has done factual and honest videos from La Palma on the Cumbre Vieja eruption stated that there was a lot of cloud at one point and the temps on the island dropped right down and was cold.

Then they said it has stabilized .. which might have been more than once, which they stated the activity would not increase and no more fissures.

Did not last long as within a day or two of that it was being reported on Volcano Discovery that explosions with shock waves that can break glass 3 kilometres away were being heard.

Along with yet another fissure opening up.

Here is the report that earlier the same day and one of several that said that the eruptions were stable.

When I posted on social media that Fagradalsfjall could not go more than three days with erupting, two days later they stated the danger had passed and it would not erupt.

Four hours after they said this and in the evening everyone noticed the sky glowing red.

Prior to Eyja erupting in 2010 they said it would erupt but would be a small explosion and were stunned when it resulted in a way bigger explosion that they had anticipated.

They also do not know how the Sun works nor do they know much about the oceans and along with volcanoes these are the three main drivers of climate.

Up there too is water vapour in the atmosphere and things like aerosols, Criegee Biradicals, also cool the atmosphere and all of those things they know very little about.

Now considering the following. They have never proven CO2 warms the atmosphere. The Industrial Revolution never started any warming. Global Temperature has dropped in recent times and the global temperature is at +0.17C .. everyone should be questioning this narrative they have pushed on you.

Now then here is a video that was posted to YouTube that said to show the Cumbre Vieja Volcano on La Palma and its not very long but you clearly see a shock wave shoot out.

I am not sure as I type this how many of these have occurred. But as reports stated ‘powerful explosions’ it is possible and plausible there has been more than one.

As I am bout to post part three of this series as I type this I dare say the reports on La Palma will change, as will the activity

I expected it to follow that in Iceland, which everyone else failed to mention, in that it would calm down before suddenly increasing.

After many months of activity Fagradalsfjall suddenly burst back into life stronger than it ever had before.

Mount Etna on Sicily after well above 50 or even 60 eruptions also did the same thing.

Here is an example and on the 22nd September and two days prior to the explosions that produced shock waves that shatter glass 3 kilometres away ..

for weeks to come there will continue to be effusive rather than explosive eruptions”

Now remember we have had all this volcanic activity and there are three months to go before we get to 2022. There is also talk about the soot from wildfires causing cooling. The still low solar activity causing cooling and this has a lag time of a few years too. Also they forecast another La Nina which is not going to help.

Now they are talking in Iceland about the possibility of having a second volcano erupt and ask each other “Where and when?”.

This would be staggering it it were occur. But what if this were to occur twice?

While writing this an earthquake swarm was detected near the El Hierro island of the Canary Islands?!

Interestingly after spotting that last one I then noticed that along with the White Island Volcano in New Zealand having some small eruptions they also have a second volcano hat has been showing some activity.

The Ruapehu Volcano located on their North Island has been going through a heating and cooling phase. So rising and falling.

Its odd as I posted out on social media some time ago they need to be looking for waves and even stated “Everything of late seems to be a wave” or something similar.

Could you imagine the world’s reaction to having two on either erupting .. or both occurring on Iceland and the Canary Islands? Very possibly unprecedented.

My predictions on volcanoes being accurate came about from my belief that my predictions in solar activity and the cycles are accurate, which they were.

What concerns me is that even with the volcanic activity dying down, if it does, another low solar maximum followed by another long solar minimum will see a repeat of these heightened volcanic activity.

Though with any luck maybe the connection will be spotted and people can be more aware the next time around, should to occur and provided it does not get seriously bad this time around.

In my claims and predictions and despite a 100% success rate a cult group of AGW people said every one would be wrong and once past 55 predictions started to lie and claim I never made them.

They also claimed that the solar cycle was now rising just as NASA and NOAA had claimed and that a grand solar minima was now ‘debunked’. Be wary if anyone uses that word when trying to convince you of something.

They lie.

NASA stated in 2006 that we would experience a record high solar maximum for solar cycle 24 and this would arrive around 2010. What followed was a record long solar minimum through 2008-2009 and the solar maximum was a record low arriving in 2014.

Now that year it did scientists were talking GSM even on the BBC.

Solar Cycles will be described as being 11 years long on every website you check, though really it can be +/- a year on that number on rare occasions. So 11 years on from the solar maximum of cycle 24 they said would occur in 2010 to 2011 .. is 2021 to 2022.

It is currently close to 2022 and the cycle has barely started to rise and has bounced up and down like I feared and I thought this would also raise volcanic and seismic activity. This after a solar minimum that was a year longer than the last one between 2008-9.

Now with NASA, NOAA and everyone else saying a solar maximum was going to occur in 2010 this means that a solar cycle rise was expected in 2006 when they made the claim. Maybe they see a flurry of activity that had them believe it was about to happen?

Eleven years on from 2006 is 2017. That rise did not happen either.

Have myself posted various solar cycle prediction graphs that show a predicted rise from 2018, 2019, late 2019, mid 2019, late 2019 and early 2020. Even in late 2020 their was a paper that said it was about to rise like ever before. September 2021 and its rising. Well .. bouncing around and still with consecutive days without spots occurring.

According to the cult group of AGW people NASA and NOAA have been spot on. The predictions I made are now all lies and therefore Grand Solar Minimum has been ‘debunked’ and AGW is still real. A year after admitting AGW is real but it wont cause cooling because of all the CO2. Then the record cold with record snow only occurred because of both warm and cold seas at the same time.

Above you can see a rise for solar cycle 25 around the and of 2018 or state of 2019 and this was already pushed back from a predicted 2017.

Now above is a screenshot from NASA in 2006. They predict a large number for solar cycle 24 with the solar maximum to arrive around 2010-11. Cycles are 11 years, give or take, so we should be near the top of a cycle right now and we are just leaving a solar minimum.

This is NASA throughout solar cycle 24 changing the goal-posts and they have done the exact same thing with solar cycle 25. These alarmists people have been shown this and yet despite my success rate for predictions being 100% they claim now that NASA is about to be proven right. Ignoring my success of many years and all NASA and NOAA’s failures.

Here is a prediction for 25 sunspots for cycle 25, alarmists laughed and said that the ’25’ was the cycle number and did NOT look at the graph.

They have also given other predictions ranging from around 80 to 120 and apparently you can just give lots of predictions in pseudoscience and then later claim you was right. I wont do this.

The global warming people, after a solar minimum of three years, have been making a lot of noise about the sunspots spiking up and down, which is what I have stating. They seem to think these numbers of daily (YELLOW0 and monthly (BLUE) over a few weeks or few months are the same as the smoothed number (RED). But the graph above shows their claims to be false.

These cult like people have zero morals now emotions and while I was working on this piece and proving something else I claimed two activist academics were arrested in as many months and the accusation of starting a series of fires in California.

This area has a number of rare species one being found in only two valleys. This is called the Black Toad or Bufo exsul, though I suspect they may have changed the genus name over the years? The Green Salamander or Aneides aeneus is another.

So to save the planet for something they cannot prove while the global temperatures are going down and record snow and cold is occurring they want to burn plants and animals alive, possibly cause extinctions and burning people’s houses and killing people .. to .. save them?

Now here are the reports I expected to see and had predicted for some time now but many of these alarmist type people who know nothing about science other than what they get on a Google search insisted would not occur.

Mount Erciyes in Turkey gets buried in early snowfall ..

In Russia and close to Europe 5 mountain climbers are killed and 14 others needed rescuing when a mountain was buried in snowfall.

Yeah people tend to get the wrong ideas when all they hear for decades is how the planet is being burned to a cinder by us.

Be careful who you pay attention to as knowing who you can trust is everything in this world.

Now when your talking about early snow in the northern hemisphere and the fake news and alarmists are hitting you with averages and global temperatures, which are at +0.17C for August 2021, you should also pay attention to the LATE SNOW at the same time.

Like for Australia and Tasmania well into Spring and not one for getting snow even in winter .. having a polar blast and snow forecast.

Early for Idaho, Yellowstone and Mount Rainier in another report and Canada has had its fair show of early snow.

Now let me point out here what the left and alarmists forget. They seem to think that this does not matter and also seem to think these do not affect averages.

Except when they say ‘early snow’ or cold or ‘late snow’ or cold they are not talking about the last couple of years.

Also I have seen two reports already stating that its the earliest ‘snow on record’. This could mean anywhere between 50 and 200 years depending on where the snow occurs.

Early snow in The Alps has also been recorded and its been mild in the UK but we seem to be the only country in Europe above average the last few days, as of September 24th.

Whistler in Canada got heavy snow mid-September when normally its not until late October and even November in recent times.

Some early snow they listed as not official in Anchorage has now turned out to be heavy early snowfall with up to 13 inches in places.

How about India?

Finland as well as The Alps in Europe sees early snowfall ..

In Brazil they had drought, associated with global cooling and not global warming like they keep insisting, replaced by frost which destroyed coffee crops.

South Africa had several lots of snowfall many had never even seen before.

Ecuador see rare snowfall that forced the closure of roads.

In Japan Mount Fuji got snowfall around 24 days earlier than 2020 and 43 days earlier than 2019.

Early snow in India that had farmers growing Apples quite concerned and its odd how farmers are ignored by alarmists and common sense goes out the window.

Ski Resorts open way early in The Alps.

Rare snowfall in Chile in August.

In China they had August snowfall too.

Heavy snowstorm in Argentina and if you check you will find that in Cordoba it snowed for only the second time in its history.

Snow in New South Wales in Australia.

In Kemerovo in Siberia, Russia they have had heavy snow a month earlier than they are used to.

Powerful blizzards hit Iceland with mist of the country under orange or yellow alerts.

Yes and turns out they go a whole lot of snow and meteorologists have stated its unusually early .. again. I wonder how many meteorologists are aware of just how many other meteorologists have stated how they have had ‘early’ or ‘late’ snow in the world?

There are many others I have not used and South Africa had several snowstorms as did The Alps, for example.

Yet its odd how in each case these alarmists that claim they know science try to say that each one is localised and has no affect on global averages. Which, of course, is absolute nonsense.

Even more annoying is when you show them Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and Europe and the US being below average they still try to rule out each one as being localized.

They did this thought 2020 and insisted the global temps would not drop and there would be no cold or harsh winters.

There was in many places and the global temps dropped below the baseline, into negative territory, three times and is only +0.17C now.

They have been warned that the temperatures will drop further and many people are citing various things that may cause further drops. Soot from wildfires. Low solar activity. Sulphur dioxide. Another La Nina.

After each event they claimed would never happened you will then, after a couple of days when they have dug up some bullshit, get replies like “well this as predicted by AGW climate change, you moron”

Each time they said that I would reply with “Well months ago you was insisting this would not happen”.

The next 6 months will be no different.

When there is the slightest rise, like when August 2021 went up to +0.17C, they would quickly post the graph, which they would run down hen it dropped, and claim I was wrong.

I would reply with ..

Oh yes because while the Sun is actively way too low CO2 is heating up the atmosphere all on its own, its that hot. But the fact that there have been 300% more volcanoes erupting many at record levels with lava over 1,000C none of this has an affect on temperatures. But CO2 does, right?”

That is the level of idiocy or perhaps the lengths they are willing to lie you have to deal with.

If you put a serious question to these people you should get a serious answer and not something that’s obviously complete nonsense because they are ideologues or do not know what the flock they are talking about.

Two questions put to them and two answers last winter to give you an idea that you really have to be extremely careful with anyone hard-left ..

  • Why did we have record winters?
    • La Nina and cold seas”
  • Why did we have record blizzards and snow?
    • Warm seas from CO2”

Two problems. Cold and snow. Same winter season for the northern hemisphere.

The answer they gave to protect their narrative in science is that we had both cold seas and warm seas at the same time?

Except it was record cold and record snow.

So we had record cold seas and record warm seas to cause this?

Yeah how did we do that, exactly?

Also their logic is that high altitudes getting snow or even record snow or even lower down should not be included. I kid you not.

This just makes me laugh because they do not seem to realise that air is free moving and there are things like wind.

Moving air keeps away from mountain ranges so that it does not not cool down as it blows over the snow and ice just so the planet can keep warming so they can keep harping on about it. And likely get paid in my instances.

But think about volcanoes for a moment. They have been building up every few years for a long time and up until 2008 we have four solar cycles in a row with very high solar maximums and barely anything in the way of solar minimums.

Then by 2009 not only did that all change but everything that both NASA & NOAA predicted from that point forward they got wrong. Year after year after year.

Now then .. lets look at 2022 ..

  • Europe
    • Etna (records broken), Stromboli & now La Palma (likely records broken)
  • Iceland
    • Fagradalsfjall (records broken) for months on end and they think that another will erupt
  • Japan
    • Submarine Volcano to 63,000 feet
  • East Russia
    • Kamchatka
  • Indo-Pacific
    • Several gone off like Taal, Sabancaya, Merapi and many others
  • Caribbean
    • La Soufriere St. Vincent where they then warned trawlermen about ‘sub-sea volcanoes’
  • Alaska
    • Three active volcanoes at once and heightened activity from a big one with 8 satellite volcanoes
  • Mexico and Nicaragua

So as stated many have reached record for lengths of the eruptions, amount of lava, height or a combination of all three.

Temperatures of lava often over 1,000 Celsius. Iceland had what they referred to as a ‘sea of lava’.

Etna was well over 50 eruptions and likely over 60 when it hit 9,000 metres. I think its record is around 66 eruptions but this may well have been broken or may be broken shortly? Somebody falsely reported this as being broken a couple of months ago.

The one thing we have not had thus far is a volcanic eruption reaching about 100,000 feet.

So you have all this lava heating the air. But temps still cooling and I even watched a native on La Palma, Bushcraft Bear on YouTube, talk about how cold it got despite the eruption.

Lag times are vitally important and we do not know them. Some are very long and some are ridiculously long.

But if its remaining low and even drops with all that lava and hot air and gases then ask yourself this very simple question ..

What would happen to the global air temps when the volcanic eruptions go back to normal?

Now if I was to hazard a guess I would state that the temps would drop over a period of around 6 months to a year?

Now what the alarmists need to be pooping their pants over but they simply do not understand these things is this ..

They really do not want global temps going down while you have all this activity.

According to this link the summers in the Northern Hemisphere are getting shorter and it this proves to be the case then its Scientific Prediction number 92 for me ..

Now then another thing that alarmists, activist or idiot scientists and the fake news like to tell you is that the sea-ice is retreating and the oceans are acidifying.

Now lets get the easy one out of the way.

Look up the definition of either ‘acidifying’ or ‘acidification’.

Something basically has to be an acid with a pH lower than 7 (neutral) to be able to claim its acidifying.

Now the next step is understanding water. Naturally water has something called buffers in it that are minerals and are salts the alter its pH.

Things like calcium or magnesium carbonates and you have a hardness of water. Sea-water is around 8.1 to 8.2 and therefore is alkaline.

The water in London out of the tap is also around 8.2.

The water in Lake Tanganyika is very hard and closer to a pH of 9.0.

Now the next part you can check in any aquarium store no matter when in the world you live and if you have ever seen Angel Fish or Discus from South America, the Amazon then these fish like soft and acidic water. If you want to breed them its best to keep them in this type of water.

Now if your tap water is hard and a high pH you are forked.

So what people do in areas of hard and alkaline water is they purchase Reverse Osmosis water from a store or they buy one and install it in their home. My last landlord had one.

This is a series of jars with membranes or filters in that take everything out of the water so its just water. Proved the membranes are not knackered and these have to be changed as they stop working. The tiny holes gradually get bigger and start letting large molecules through.

Works the same way are Goretex except it lets water molecules through.

Now it does not stop there because this RO water is not suitable on its own and will suck nutrients out of things like fish or amphibian larvae. You then start adding the correct things to the water.

You do not get the water soft are acidic any other way. Unless ..

You already live in an area where your water is acidic and soft. In which case if you wanted to keep fish from any of the lakes in the Rift Valley in East Africa like Tropheus, Cyathopharynx, Pseudotropheus or others you then have to ADD the hardness or the salts.

So these buffers stop hard alkaline water from getting acidic and soft.

So then lets move on ..

So you know 70% of Earth is oceans, right?

Seen documentaries of Earth going through an ice-age? Like the last Younger-Dryas? So do you recall them saying things like this or that city was under a mile of ice?

Soo ice is water that is frozen, right?

Where did it come from? The sea.

So with large areas of land at different period of time being buried under a mile of ice then you must realise that the seas were way lower then today?

The UK, Europe and Scandinavia were connected by a large piece of land called Doggerland.

And you must also realise or have heard that the ice-caps have not always been ice-caps or were very minimal at times?

Therefore the seas were also higher than today?

So then over millions of years the water has gone from the sea to the land and back again ion various and very large quantities.

Except the salt, minerals and buffers did not go with the water when it did this.

What does this mean?

Well funny you should ask ..

  • Seawater has had both a higher and lower pH in the past
  • The process has occurred many times
  • Species have been around for hundreds of thousands to millions of years regardless

Yeah among other things I am a Zoologist and not only did I have to know about every country and its climate regardless of altitude on planet Earth but I had to understand water too.

Even have videos about this on YouTube to do with fish and amphibians.

Now here is an article about a study that suggests that the seawater back in the 1730’s had a lower pH than today and has been as low as 7.2 in the distant past ..

Now let me tell you that along with realising in Southern Italy that the industrial Revolution started no warming after telling everyone since 1990 that global warming due to CO2 was nonsense, I also knew these claims were utter crap, no two ways about it, too.

Some animals and plants are known as hardy. Temperate species can live in both warm and cold water. Other species are not.

You would be surprised just how fragile many species are.

I became well known and was tipped to replace Attenborough from the age of around 15 because I as fascinated why some species were so fragile. Just to keep and breeding was even harder.

I had to know why.

I was discovering species in the wild from the age of 12 and become well known for discovering many things that were not supposed to be where they was.

In the South of Italy I discovered subspecies to things I was expert on that defied all logic that they were there.

In fact I often came across activist Biologists and present them with a distribution map of Italy of high altitude species right down in Calabria and asked them one question ..

How did they get there?”

Now after two years not a single person could give me the answer or it suddenly hit them what their problem was and they ran away?

Species live at high altitude because they like it cool.

Take them down to sea-level in South Italy and release them and they would simply die in the first summer.

They did not fly there. They walked.

What I realised was when I found these things that simply should not have been there is that in the further south in Italy, and this would include Sicily, it was one the same climate or even cooler then the UK.

I also realised that it had been this way several times.

This was in 2001 and I also solved a climate puzzle in why the below subspecies, Salamandra salamandra gigliolii, had switched from being nocturnal to diurnal.

Now if you have followed these parts on climate you might have caught the two parts on high altitude snow and ice? Even in this one I mention, or perhaps the last part, I mentioned about high altitude ice cooling the air?

Well .. this salamander became diurnal in the very south of Italy because of The Alps 800 miles to the north.

Because around April a northerly wind coming across the Alps during the night and travelling down Italy between two valleys hit warm moist air from the Mediterranean that had built up in the day and the highest precipitation occurred in the early hours of the morning.

If it was not for this this amazing and unique colour form of this animal would have died out a long time ago.

Explained this to many experts and professional organisations like the British Herpetological Society and they responded with ..

Fifty years everyone has been trying to work this out and it took you just one trip!”

Few times they wanted to drop me in the Amazon Forest.

People used to joke about funding trips and say things like they should drop me in the Amazon, Himalayas, Congo, Rift Valley and I would end up finding shit loads of things never been seen before.

Came close a few times but life .. got in the way.

So you see they are being alarmist over nothing. With both the climate and the sea.

Now I predicted the process would reverse.

So that salamanders and others, like newts of Triturus and toads of Bombina among others, have survived a very, very long time. And they have been up and sown the mountain.

Now at the time what they were using for their larvae was on the verge of looking desperate. To others I stated that if there was a warming then they would be gone in 20 to 30 years. But there is not any warming at least not caused by humans.

I stated that if I used these species as a gauge we are not far away from the process reversing and the animals distribution would creep down to lower altitudes. Maybe they would reach sea-level again and maybe they wont?

At the time when I did this between 2001 and 2002 I literally assumed the rest of science would catch up.

A decade later I am having to explain it to new friends who thought global warming was a thing and I said is a yo-yo effect. I would say “Look, you know there been ice-ages and many of them so therefore we had a cold trough, right?” which they would then nod to. I would then say “Well it we have had repeated troughs then we have also had repeated peaks then?”

At this point there eyes would widen.

Then when I explained in detail to one that understood reptiles, amphibians and fish how the animals in Calabria worked their eyes would widen and their jaw drop open.

This person, it turned out later, worked as lab assistant to a scientist I knew and put him back in contact with him. As it turned out this scientist believed in AGW.

Now what happened over a period of time as this, at the time, lecturer tried to explain why AGW was real and we needed to worry about it our mutual friend would repeat theories I had told him.

In the end he refused to discuss it any more.

My friend said ..

I know Peter has lost. He was like this many years ago when I worked with him. When he was wrong about something instead of admitting he was wrong he would refuse to talk to anyone any longer on something”

We knew of each other but we were not what you would call .. friends. Many of Peter’s friends were also my friends. We had both known people years and in some cases he had known people longer than I had and me him.

But he knew people whereby if he mentioned my name they would say “Yeah, I would maybe not argue so much with him and actually think about his theories. He is very good”.

When I bred large numbers or rare tree-fros for the mutual friend he called up once, after accusing me of only knowing about fish, and hearing of 500 of their larvae dotted about and me making my own water filters out of Coke and drinking water bottles. My friend came off the phone and said ..

Peter just said is he there sorting it all out?”

Sadly peter passed away about a year ago. Oddly mu mutual friend finds out everything and we do not know what he died of.

He was Type 1 Diabetic like out mutual friend and my friend always said to me that he does not keep on top of his Diabetes and it will kill him if he is not careful.

Oddly his .. things to do with animals ended up going to someone else I know .. I will just call him .. Simon.

As for the man that went a little nuts when I solved the climate riddle in South Italy?

Well someone I knew from years ago turned up with this guy and he immediately recognised me and he used to be head cameraman for Survival Special for TV.

Now he turned up with a friend called Brian and another subspecies and cousin to one in South Italy we discovered, called Ichthyosaura alpestris inexpectaus, that is found very far to the north, Ichthyosaura alpestris apuanus, had turned up at a friends as he met a breeder.

Being a childhood favourite I raced up there and then heard this old friend was coming up.

As we walked out they were excited and asked if they were really this species and I said ..

“Oh no doubt about it, the vivid blue of the back, the zig-zag markings in the crest, the very smooth skin, smaller size and spotted throat and legs”

After they left the man that had accompanied the man I knew came back in ten minutes later.

He said “I just said to Mike, that guy .. the way he intimately knows all those little details? Who the hell is he?!”

Mike told him that he had met me years before when I visited his house with another name in the .. game who later worked for conservation groups in Australia. At the time this other name was around 17 years old while I was around 20. I had blown his mind with may familiarity with so many species from around the world.

He wanted to buy me a coffee nearby and find out more.

Turned out that many people he knew already knew me and we became friends. Lost contact but I do believe he is on my Facebook list?

Anyway .. this was the guy that introduced me to him ..

Now I have explained the science in solar activity, astrophysics, climate, biology, volcanology and seismology and explained the things that I myself have discovered that no one else has.

I have explained how these things work, explained that you simply cannot skirt around biology on these things .. it just cannot be done.

I have explained acidification and how this works and I have explained how things adapt. I ripped to activist Biologists apart on Genetics of animals when they wrongly stated that all appearances of animals were down to genetics alone.

I have even had scientists come on and back me up.

I have shown books written by authors I have known and explained various societies that know either me or my family name.

And yet the most serious pushers of global warming have ignored all that, ignored my 90 plus predictions in science over 2.8 years that turned out to be true.

While claiming to be all about the facts and the science they have been caught telling lie after lie, ignoring links I provide them they then lied and run down without looking at them.

Best of all is that every single thing I ever told them about me they claimed I lied about.

Some of these things have recorded evidence and when I presented that to them they just said I ‘faked it’.

When I explained the Replication Crisis in science they would not have it. This is where scientists state that if all science papers were to be retested, 50% or more would turn out to be wrong.

While explaining this to on activist Antifa member who was masquerading as a Biologist who had his ass handed to him on various things ..

He ran down my claim about how science works and when he ruled out a blog, they hate blogs and YouTube unless they are the ones using them, I used by saying ‘that is just a blog, sorry’ as hi sole argument .. this happened ..

Now look at the name of the man that came on and said that. I liked this Dennis Jerz so I used his blog.

Now look at the address of the blog and see if you see any similarities?

When this happened the sceptics exploded into laughter and after the idiots had one tweet saying, more or less, ‘but but but he started it!!’ he then ran way. As did all his friends.

They came back two days later denying that he ran away because of that one ‘but but but ..’ tweet.

You do not see him or his comrade lecturer from the University of Texas any more. As the Professor or lecturer or whatever he was was interested in animals .. I extended him a professional courtesy as a fellow lover of animals.

I spoke to him via Direct Message. Told him he should think about my theories long and hard.

He thanked for for the professional courtesy by passing on my private messages to the worst and most nasty and evil of the Antifa hoard who then tried and failed to twist it to destroy me.

Yeah so what happened was that this professional courtesy came to an end and I literally destroyed the whole gang of nasties.

Yeah it became kinda famous as everyone realised what went on, what they tried to do and then watched as I systematically spent a year taking apart dozens of them.

I do not care what I say in Direct Messages or publicly.

They were warned.

They thought they could take me down.

They lost.

From the University of Texas and a lecturer with very questionable behaviour and very underhand tactics. Also could not answer several questions regarding Biology, curiously. Two are how animals like amphibians get to high altitudes like y orange Fore Salamander pictured earlier and how animals get their colour. You would think a Biology Professor could answer these two easy question, no?

For the last couple of years I have argued and made my point that the planet had reversed and for the last few years was no longer warming but cooling. Many of the reports coming out of ‘hottest year ever’ and ‘that was the hottest month on record’ baffled me.

Using science and graphs I could trust I could see that it was going to cool globally up until 2027 to 2029 and if some reports, AAS and Professor Valentina Zharkova’s scientific papers, were correct, 2055.

In recent months and after a discussion with others, not alarmists, we agreed that despite the recent drop we would see another drop that would be quite significant by Spring 2022.

I was also of the belief that as the support and belief for AGW had literally dropped off a cliff the last 18 months that by Spring 2022 the majority of the world would realise they have been lied to and would continue throughout 2022.

Then after 18 months of stating it will cool for years and and several months it will cool until Spring 2022 .. this one pops up ..

“Global cooling: CFSv2 with icy La Nina until NH (Northern Hemisphere) Spring 2022”

As a result, the Earth will continue to cool into the coming year, as it has since 2016. As is for almost 7 years”

Originally saw the link on No Tricks Zone ..

Lastly and as mentioned before when it comes to oceans and something else we know nothing about, those that falsely push AGW as real like to go on about ENSO. This is the circulating current in the Pacific where you get a La Nina and an El Nino and they have been using this as excuses. When it comes to awkward weather reports.

As stated very early in 2021 they claimed that ..

A La Nina, cool water, was why global temps dropped but it cannot affect global temps this way. It nudges at best. It can produce cold weather is areas, yes.

But within a matter of hours or days they was blaming record snowfall and blizzards on warm oceans.

So it was both hot and cold at the same time.

They also rubbished my claim there was a link between solar cycles and seismic activity and the paper I predicted would emerge .. emerged.

They also fail to accept lag times in the most ridiculous ways.

Like oceans I mentioned which take a way longer time than air to change in any way including temperatures.

Now I said I had a conversation with someone and we saw the talk of soot from wildfires cooling, solar activity still low and SO2 and the forecast second La Nina? The one where we agreed that by Spring 2022 the global temps would have dropped as a result?

Well he put this together on ENSO and solar cycles and sent me this via Direct Message and calls himself himself Bubba.

He shows many graphs and is very good, at the alarmists and gets them to come up with some of the most absurd replies that shows they know either very little on science or just trying to twist everything over their politics.

Now then, lastly I want to just go over something I have mentioned many times on social media that only ever manages to encourage all the crickets to come out chirping.

I have stated many times after realising something that I was annoyed with myself for not realising before, the following ..

In the event of us entering a period where a large number of volcanoes are erupting are occurring and these eruptions also also far more frequent and far larger than normal, do we require only high-level Plinian eruptions?

Now what everyone talks about with global cooling and from volcanoes is the dust and the aerosols getting up into the stratosphere.

I got into a disagreement with someone who claimed to know what he was talking about and mentioned that the height where the stratosphere starts varies depending on latitude.

He was attempting to rule out an eruption that was around 33,000 feet early in the year as not getting into the stratosphere.

Now first off it was odd because the following months had a great deal of eruptions around the globe. This may have been one of the first of Mount Etna’s eruptions that are now over 60. Then you had La Soufriere which had 290 eruptions. Fagradalsfjall on Iceland and now La Palma along with all the others.

The stratosphere starts at roughly 32,000 feet. He was arguing that at the latitude of the volcanic eruption it was higher. Remember this. He was claiming it was around 34,000 feet. This is key to their lack of vision and understanding.

If that was not bad enough the Google Search expert, as they always are, had not taken into account two things ..

  • We was in a three year long solar minimum and in these periods the atmosphere CONTRACTS
  • Had stated myself many times that with the troposphere filling up with volcanic particles and SO2, among others, that large cyclones could get there up into the stratosphere via an ‘exchange’


Also the thing with things like SO2 and dust in the stratosphere is that it stays there a long time from like weeks to many months and I have even seen years reported.

The stratosphere starts at around 32,000 feet as I previously mentioned but it also continues on for another 35,000 feet.

It also gets warmer the higher you get, at least part of the reason why Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events occur. So the higher particles get the longer they are likely to hang around up there and no real rain to bring them down.

Well at least that is what the scientists tell you and these clots pull off Google Searches and treat as if this is gospel. Science is not gospel .. ever.

Yeah except the stratosphere can have its own clouds made of ice called Polar Stratospheric Clouds. If you see them your jaw will drop. Look them up.

Above the stratosphere is a layer called the Mesosphere which cannot be monitored and you need sounding rockets for measurements and even then only in very tiny fractions of it.

The Mesosphere can also have ice-clouds and these are called Noctilucent Clouds or Night Shining Clouds.

Both in the polar regions and these are something I have stated for a few years now are key and will likely be used as a gauge or a warning in the future.

Now after the increased volcanic activity of 2021 I am very interested to see how these NLC and PSC clouds perform over the next 18 months or so.

But .. we also have these ‘layers’ to think about and the height of volcanic eruptions and I had wondered it it had to be a high-level one. I had tried to think long and hard about how the effect would be if there was a large amount of SO2 and dust in the troposphere and not the stratosphere?

These events happen only on occasions that have hundreds if not thousands of years or more between them and we just do not have enough data.

What they have is limited data and drawing one theory everyone always hears about from said data.

Then I was looking at a map of the atmosphere of the entire globe after seeing a map of where a volcanic eruption was going and and it hit me ..

“What if a vary large cyclone went straight over an eruption volcano?”

Then I started thinking about the exchanges that might go on anyway and I started to take a closer look.

Well here is an image from a study with a quote from it with a link below at scientists looking at a cyclone named ‘Marlene’ a few years ago.

Disturbances in the tropopause above the most active cloud masses can be the origin of transfer from the high troposphere to the low stratosphere. When the cyclone is particularly strong, which was the case for cyclone Marlene, its influence can extend to the outer environment of the cyclone, where mesoscale stratosphere-troposphere transfers are possible”

The meteors or fireballs I also predicted would increase are indeed increasing and in the US and in just a single day 8 of them were sighted and reported. That was September 24th 2021.

this report here talks about signs of a possible mass extinction that has happened in the very distant past caused by algal blooms.

Except I am fascinated at the way people in power will find a way to try and blame us for things that have occurred in the past for the things we use they have forced us to rely upon?

They have an incompetent way of trying to state that we have to pay for something that is not real because of the societies they created and the things we are forced to rely upon.

Now then lets show two other things that those abusing science for political agendas have used and each is a ‘poster child’ for the AGW Global Warming people.

Great Barrier Reef which they attacked scientist Peter Ridd over has now been reported to be at record high levels.

Polar Bears were stated to be on the edge of extinction they blamed you for but this was also not true, Dr Susan Crockford reported this and was attacked for it.

I myself ran a report about 63 Polar Bears turning up in a single small village in Siberia a couple years back.

Here is GWPF on Dr Susan Crockford.

Here is another by Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That ..

Now do not forget when you see the record cold temperatures or see the record snow levels it will be cause the oceans are both warm and cold at the same time.

And everything else here is fabricated or so they say and they wont need any evidence other than saying they are paid by Trump or Putin or it is a right-wing conspiracy.

They had Polar Bears flown in from Mars and had elves rebuild the Great Barrier Reef just to make the left-wing that got everything wrong, look bad. Or something.

I do hope I am right and that this oddball human behaviour is the same thing affecting animals around the world because otherwise ..

.. mankind is certainly doomed with that many amoral morons in the world.

We have talked about people of questionable character getting positions they should not.

Here is a video of Tim Pool talking about reports of AGW alarmists who have no proof whatsoever of what they claim but lie and insist it is proven .. talking about sabotaging fuel pipelines and entertained by the New Yorker.

The mainstream news pushing this.

He also talks about an ex-‘scientist’ who is charged with starting a fire in California and claimed she started the fire accidentally because she wanted to ‘boil Bear urine’.

So Tim Pool has seen this as well as seeing things regarding Covid and Vaccines and it cannot be long now?

Tim explains that the fake news fail to report on many things and has himself pulled people running things that they are unbiased and showed them they are lying.

lastly something on wildfires and no not the ones started by activists and not the talk of meteorologists saying the bigger ones can cool the planet.

The weather patterns are shifting as I predicted they would.

This would mean that somewhere that has plants and trees that is normally wetter are not used to the droughts, no not a AGW global warming thing, therefore will dry out quicker and be more prone to fires.

Somewhere else that is normally dryer could become wetter.

In some places the storms could increase in frequency while in others they could decrease.

They try to say that the storms are increasing and therefore proof that AGW is real., Except you have to look at things globally and it does not show this.

Now in shifting weather patterns it could turn out that there could be either a slight increase or a slight decrease globally. But this means nothing as far as AGW is concerned.

But these more cult like people have a truck load of goal posts so no matter which way the wind blows, they will claim its your fault and your a bad person and that they should be given power despite having no IQ to speak of and no way of controlling either CO2 or climate.

But do not take my word for it .. I decided that this part should cover as much of all this as I could recall .. kind of an all in one place piece. As a result its got very long but it could be a whole lot longer.

So here are two teams of scientists that stated back in July 2019 that they found no evidence of AGW and that there were signs it would now cool and that humans of no way of controlling CO2 or climate.

Would you believe that this link was used by the more cult like AGW people to prove AGW was real?

This was just one of a very large number of examples where they simply only read the headline or some line from their link and no the whole thing.

Here is video of Freeman Dyson talking about the Climate Change hysteria and am sure this is the one where he states that the creator of the first climate model alarmists use along with himself that despite them being useful you cannot use them to predict climate.

So basically the cultist like people not only ignore science they have also been opportunistic with other people’s work as well as statements.

A study from 2018, he stated, now suggests that a giant solar storm in 774AD took place that was 100 times bigger than the famous Carrington Event and these happen more frequently than they thought?

I somehow had not come across this one?

That being said a large solar storm has been something I have been concerned about I hypothesised could take place after a long inactive period and when the solar activity burst into life and bounced around, rather like what it is doing now.

Fingers crossed it wont!

In the US the left like to hammer others about how its getting warmer and they say that the heat record globally outnumber the cold. They really do not understand how averages work.

Here is is a chart for US temperatures in recent times and a current global temperature chart.

Bees disappearing?

Well I dis say that I wanted this to cover everything so I better go over this again as I have before and it is two things ..

  • William Herschel, discoverer of Uranus, spotted wheat prices went up in solar minimums and down is solar maximums
  • This means more wheat, corn etc in maximums
  • Or less flowers in solar minimums
  • Less flowers means higher concentration of pesticides due to fewer flowers
  • Both reports of Been disappearing or dying occurred at the tail end of the last two solar minimums both of which were record lengths
  • VIOLA!
  • Drop pesticides in solar minimums and raise in maximums, was the solution to the Bees but sadly due to being censored and buried for years .. this never got out, maybe now?

Then there is the magnetosphere changing and the magnetic north pole moving in a straight line faster and faster that forced them to recalibrate GPS systems 18 months earlier than normal, I think it was? Back in 2019 ..

Scientists are good at telling you what will or wont happen over things they do not understand or events to which they admit do not know why it is happening.

Even in this regard they state one thing and claim they are right and later find out, like in 2019, its not what they thought .. can take longer for a magnetic flip or reversal than previously thought.

As for any pattern to these magnetic flips when it comes to time? Yes, well take a look at these charts over millions of years and you can see it can remain unchanged for millions of years or go through rapid flips.

Do you know as strange as it may sound I am sure I may have missed one or two things?

Well I do have well over 6o pieces on this subject just since January 2019 and various others going back to 2012. So they are knocking around .. somewhere.

The alarmists are a very distasteful and venomous group of people with no moral fibre throughout their own body.

They expect politicians, celebrities, ethnic minorities, Doctors and scientists to say what they say and if they do not they get very angry.

Here is one calling Freeman Dyson a ‘corpse’.

Iceland on alert as an earthquake swarm in 1,100 tremors over two days occurs near the Keilir Volcano I heard Icelanders talk about in YouTube videos a week or so ago.

Literally a few days after seeing this a report came out that surprised me. In Italy they already have two, Stromboli and Etna, volcanoes erupting and sitting on Vesuvius and the Campi Flegrei super-volcano. Well alert levels have been raised as the Vulcano Volcano that last erupted in 1890 at a VEI2, has shown heightened activity and CO2 and SO2 gases being emitted.

This caused my jaw to drop.

Well my jaw just dropped again as anyone that follows me knows that I have been running reports of many hundreds of dead whales, dolphins and other sea creatures right around the world and I have maintained this is down to submarine geological activity.

Have been called names and told I was wrong by people claiming they want to save lives and the environment which always seems to have no ideas other than socialism. Bizarre.

Some even tried to claim, in at least two reports, it was oil tankers.

Well there was a submarine volcano near Japan that erupted a couple of months ago that somehow managed to reach 63,000 feet in height well into the stratosphere.

Now I had my eye on a number of locations around the world I thought could result in a possible eruption. One of these was Mayotte in the Indian Ocean.

Well now it turns out that a submarine volcano there has been recorded erupting and the largest one ever and now 2,690 feet tall. They also ‘detected’, so may have been more, 11,000 earthquakes.

Remember this is only one we know of and may well be that because of its size and/or close vicinity to land with detectors that we spotted it.

There was a study come out about it.

First day of October Vostok registers -79.4C when the lowest temperature for October ever recorded is -80C and with 30 days to go. Polar fronts forecast to sweep across Australia again, South Africa again and South America again. Record cold occurs in Alaska. Lastly record cold in Delyankir in Siberia.

The global temperatures for October are going to be very interesting. Very interesting indeed and the alarmist lot might need some pretty serious volcanic activity to save their blushes?

Here is a project you can do yourself .. and on volcanoes and we are dealing with numbers less than 100. Mere adding up.

The averages for volcanoes are as follows ..

  • Simultaneous eruptions are 10 to 20, therefore 15
    • At last 3 times I know of its been close to 300% above this in 2021
  • Annual eruptions 40 to 60 and you hear them on old documentaries stating 50
    • See ’85’ listed ion recent years and another goal-post shift
  • Volcano graphs all show rises over last 100 years or more
    • SI one says ‘ do not use this graph out of context’. Why?
  • We do not know of all volcanoes as 70% of Earth is ocean and oceans are barely explored and the sea floor is closer to Earth’s mantle

Look up and list all eruptions for 2021 towards the end of the year, keep track and list all names, count up and compare. Its the simplest way to find out if we are being lied to.

Speaking of volcanoes .. I was surprised when I first heard that Michael Mann, after hearing about climategate and court cases he lost, produced a paper to say that the Little Ice Age was not global but localized based on the Dust Veil Index, or DVI.

The Dust Veil Index is the veil of dust a volcano leaves, its footprint, after an eruption. Buried in the ground its depth, thickness and other things can tell us about a particular eruption. But they cannot tell us everything and they can ONLY tell you about a particular eruption.

Yeah and volcanoes do not always leave footprints and also any footprints left might not last.

  • Many volcanoes are poking up out of the water as islands and said islands would have been completely destroyed in an eruption.
  • Other eruptions or even severe storms & floods can wipe out traces of eruptions
  • Also no history to any submarine volcano eruptions

Now then when you look at those three things, it is not that hard to realize, is it?

Now oddly enough I got attacked a lot for pointing out Michael Mann blocked me ‘Wah wah wah its cos you’re a liar and a troll’ is the usual.

When I point out what I did but only .. barely to see if they know as much as they say they do and the prove again they don’t, I just say ‘No. I showed that he used the DVI in the wrong way’.

Now these people claim he is right and that the paper was right, despite the fact it was shown in other studies to be wrong by people that actually got off their azzes and took samples.

Except when I ended using that line above and many, many dozens of times I would get ..

What’s a DVI?”

These are people that have argued for years that Michael Mann was right about everything, right about volcanoes in his paper and conclusion was right when it was wrong. ‘What’s a DVI?’?! The first time I saw someone ask I very almost missed it. Then I just roared out laughing for several tweets.

Now I got accused posting a fake screenshot when I used the same screenshot I posted at Mann, now think about that. They claimed .. I used .. a fake screenshot .. when I posted it .. at Michael Mann .. showing him what he did wrong. I digress. After I had this completely incompetent and utterly desperate false accusation put to me and went to get the link to his so-called scientific paper.

I could not find it and when I went to the only page I thought at the time it must have been at I got a message from the journal saying the article did not exist.

Now I had a discussion some time later about this and I told people I know that maybe they thought no one would notice and as we know for a fact that many scientists are being oppressed, I knew of more than six of them, they thought no one would point it out? Then I came along and pulled it apart and .. maybe if that page I pulled up was the right web address, they removed the paper?

A bit like they removed very old record cold temperatures to make it look like it is rising now, like Bourke in Australia which reach 52C some 100 years ago and the news media was telling you in recent years that 48C was the highest ever recorded for the nation.

Yeah that happened. It wont be the only time either.

Plus sensors read in error. Plus there were several reports from different countries about electronic reading 0.4C over mercury. Without even looking I know of three record heat temps that were later deleted as being wrong, South Africa and Greenland being two.

This is when I realised that to cheat something when the world is watching you had to do it piece-meal. You could not do anything major league, so to speak.

If you do lots of little things this makes it a lot harder to prove and if one little think or even two little things get found out you could claim that these two so-called ‘error’ or misdemeanours had no bearing on the .. ‘result’.

That is why I posted out in early 2020 that if your looking for grand-scale fraud in say an election you have got to find enough of the ‘little things’ to show that it is a bad thing and does make a difference when combined.

Then they scatter there terms around social media to try and embarrass people into compliance when bullying and threats do not work.

The whole shtick could be put down to Karl Popper, sea of fools, smarter amoral people steering the ships of fools, people with severe mental health issues, children, bullying, career threats, threats to home and family and lots and lots of these ‘little plans’.

When a scientist does not want to hear other ideas, hypothesis, theories and science any more he is not longer a scientist. Professor Brian Cox and several others did the same thing.

Lastly you will get a lot of people pushing AGW as proven that will tell you that the heavy snow and winters were part of AGW and predicted. Ask them to show you this and if they produce a link, look at it. It wont state what they claim.

I have literally just told someone using flooding as proof of AGW that back in January 2019 when I started a series that numbers over 60 parts that I predicted the global weather for 3 to 4 years.

Its almost 3 years and it has done exactly as I stated based on the theory that the energy from the sun changing and even flipping alters the weather systems on Earth which will also shift.

Also predicted that the volcanic activity would increase as the last record long solar minimum ended and thought that the solar activity would seriously bounce around. It has done this too.

This weather shifting could continue during 2022 and maybe, even longer?


So as well as my own words and theories on science I thought some time ago it might help people come to the reality of what is going on by including a few quotes from others.

Freeman Dyson

Albert Einstein

Richard Feynman

Alarmists claim typos means you are wrong

Carl Sagan

Get falsely accused of having mental health issues and apparently this means you are wrong and have no say in science. This is Jonathan Forbes Nash.

Karl Popper