This one is a short one. A message.

A little odd as I was knows as ‘The Messenger’ by one Christian group.

It would appear they I have become somewhat of a celebrity in a collection of villages who have been asking about me.

Yes the rumours are true, I am literally on the verge of relocating provided, that is, that I survive the ordeal.

Be gentle with me, I have every broken heart and just about every evil act thrown at me over a very long time and I have been very alone for a very long time and had every broken heart bar one.

I also think I now know what it is that has made me popular.

So, knowing that there are some of you that read this blog, more than I was initially told as it turns out, I thought I was would just run though my history.

Yes I have been known for some time now on social media as someone that will dive in bombing a thread protecting Christian groups and I am both dismayed and disgusted at what I have seen said to them and the sarcastic comments I have seen.

Now I myself am not religious and they all know it. But my values align very much so with Christianity despite my inner demons. I am also fascinated with the story of Jesus Christ.

I watched Jesus of Nazareth played by Robert Powell and have seen films like Risen and even the Book of Eli, which was centred around the bible.

It is this combination of not being religious but having this fascination and interest along with defending Christianity which has drawn attention and made me such a threat to those working against it using nefarious and evil acts.

Now I will just run through a few things so that everyone .. kinda gets an idea of my links ..

  • School friend was a Jehovah’s Witness
  • Later a friend was Christian Fellowship many years ago with others, known for awhile as Born Again Christians
  • While living in Enfield the local Jehovah’s Witnesses who seemed to have change a great deal latched onto me and what I do and I became known to their group as ‘The Messenger’ and they seemed convinced I was sent by God. I tried to tell them they was barking up the wrong tree.
  • Andy, very nice guy, tried to convince me with ‘Do you know what the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was?’. His jaw dropped open when I answered ‘He convinced the world he did not exist?’
  • A chance meeting with a member of another Christian faith led to a lengthy discussion about religions and morals and two people I was with had to ditch me and leave me to it .. he called me ‘Warrior Of God’ and again I found myself trying to explain and he gave me the ‘he works in mysterious ways’ speech

So there you go, a little insight into my links to the Christian faiths.

Now I think that some of them, or should I say you, might have piked up on a few things as I seem to be a buzz around churches and have been told people are ‘praying for you’.

It is a little surreal and in all honest I am somewhat worried I will live up to any expectations that people might have. I will endeavour to do my upmost and never more so than a community that is deserving of it for the things, well most of them, have done already.

I am not sure I would ever repay them but I will try and there .. may be .. various ways I can do this, we will see.

Also, yes as I understand it and fro my own estimations this ‘relocation’ appears to be imminent, has been confirmed to be happening and in the next few days with have the involvement of the Member Of Parliament.

But be warned that there are evil forces, and they have even stated it publicly, that would not only very much like to stop me but would be overjoyed to see my demise.

That being said, and I do not sy the following types of statements lightly, I do think its at a stage where it now cannot be stopped.

Also I am knowledgeable in a very .. VERY long list of subjects and have various skills to and am often told how unique I am.

So I hope you are ready for me.