Heart torn asunder and still youg at heart, solace existed in long walks often staring above at the beauty of the stars and planets that grace the curtain of night.

Times long since past did this become an often practised pastime for the stresses put upon by those meant to srve or protect. Stray afar and into the wilds listening to the calls of hunting Owls on the hope of a night feast or their own loving partners. How sad the calls of the night Owl would appear as if mirroring my own feelings as I wandered.

Thoughts of many would be pondered and analyzed and the many areas would bring one back arund to the ultimate and seemingly unsolvable question, why?

A nature not one to lay down and die thoughts of many paths would be trodden in the dark recesses of ones mind. Each in turn would be severed into segments of many with each seen an obstacle. A thought of how to navigate through to where I needed to be passed through the mind many thousands of times over. If one cannot lay down and die there only remains obe single option available to anyone.

No one could know for none would understand that job at hand and the aching of ones heart and mind and the duress to the depths of darkness one could see. Like a lonlely warrior the path available was long, hard, full of dangers and pitfalls that each would advise against as mere impossible thoughts.

Ones own mind often seeks out those of simlarity to ones own but as walking in the shroud that is the curtain of night one knows the the visions of many are narrowed yet the time among the night did not reveal the whys and wherefors.

So obvious it appeared like the pinprick holes that pepper the night these narrowing walls could not be heaped upon with what one knows only too well. Looking beyond the nearest stars to our own and beyond can clear the mind like nothing else while plain to see, it was, that this endeavour best travelled alone. Even times when the water tested the reaction of those proved that there mere comprehension would be difficult to achieve, while frowning at the seven sisters I know so well. A path of much winding was still an horizon away and continue on one must while thinking of many more tricks to concoct.

One wonders way beyond midnight of how the human race can turn so narrow minded and so quick to disblieve much even that which rings true? Lost numbers of many nights pondering and analyzing this to no avail other than sounding like a mad possessed theorist to state that it is all governened this way. More likely it be that a convenience was spied by those willing to control and manipulate with no compassion and complete disregard to all but oneself.

One has wondered to an extremely high number many would not be familiar what it is that convinces themselves that this way is the best way for mankind? When piling pressure upon th many how does one know that they are being inhuman and strangling those that could be pioneers in their own right?

How much ingenuity has been stifled I have asked countless times that likely come close to the gliterring jewels of light in the night sky? How does one teach and indeed reach beyond those ill fated mortals that litter ones landscape of bodies either thown themselves or lifted by the lapels by another and thrown onto a waiting Katana?

Miles would pass by and stars would slowly turn in circles in the night sky while pondering the puzzles such as these in ones mind. Little doubt, there was, that a long time would it be amd along the way more answers and ways would come to the lonely warrior who has travelled from afar.

Only in the painting of clear and pictureque landscapes could the warrior show the people and in the processes that follow would raise an army of which possessed a combined and very loud voice.

The long trodden path now much closer to its end than its beginnings and rise in n number is ones army of those of awareness to put to en end once and for all those that would treat the world and its inhabitants as ones playthings and nothing more.

For he that exists at the peak of society possess the identicula nuts and bolts as he from the depths of society. That which separetes one man or woman from another is not colour, nor creed and nor is it intelligence and blood.

That which separates us from those that are the animals is morals, nothing less and indeed nothing more.




I really do not like Senator Kelly.

I always thought he sounded a bit false, insincere in his speeches but I never had him down as plain stupid and unrealistic.

One man left town and told the world that his country who are always telling the world they are there for them, sticking their noses in to see what they can get for themselves for it while actually snooping on everyone because they want to own the world, and they want to try him in court.

The idiocy of it is actually complaining and name calling because he won’t come back and be set up as both a scapegoat as well as an example and spend his life in prison?!

Are you fecking stupid Senator Kelly? I do not know what planet he comes from but if he thinks that people will but such utter trash then all I can say is that the American public must be very naive, easily led and a little over patriotic?!

In fact they have made much larger noises about Edward Snowden than they have apologies for getting caught with their pants down!

If a British agent had done the same thing I would applaud him and be against my own Security Services! Would not be the first time either … anyway!

Security Services are there for national security, now fur corporate espionage! As far as I am concerned there actions are that of a country at war with the rest of the world! Well that is for the lapdog that is my own country of Britain who escaped any difficulties by doing what they are told. So I have been wondering if that whole ‘Then you for coming, friend!’, which bought a tear to my eye was just bull to not make him look like a puppet on a string. Because that is not how I see my own country.

Very sad but very true and we have just been raped and pillaged in a manner of speaking, for want if a better term, from all sides.

I think that as more truth has been coming out the lapdog jokes about us to the US have started to gather some substance to them meaning we are squeezed by Europe on one side, squeezed and ordered about by the US on the other why every trashy sponger idiot and radical Mussie wants to invade our borders by land, sea, sky and belly of shark if needs be.

I had expected a backlash for many years, foresee the recession five years before it hit and knew the backlash would come after to much strain and pressure from a bad recession. For me this writing was on the wall for a very, very long time. Yes there were other factors that played a hand in the collapse but it was these things that were squeezing the public as a whole.

What was adding increased pressure was the absolute tiring wall of bricks that wanted to come down on anyone that they could attach a label to, even though they failed to understand the meaning if the word racist. This of course was the media!

However I never expected to witness them being told this to their faces on TV and live by a black guy?! Hats off to that man for starting to them that they do not have a clue what the word means! To the presenter who said ‘oh so it’s our fault, is it?’

Will in part, yes. You were paying attention to the fact that the man the media tried very hard to label as a racist wrote the floor with everyone at the ballot box and break records in the process?

This means one of two things, you were all wrong or everyone in Britain that voted are suddenly racist too?! Huh, like to see you pull that one, after all its the public that feeds you and it had just let you know that the food has been a bit sour these last few years.


But then you do not have to tell me this as like everything else I long since knew.

In fact I gave you all the opportunity to prove me wrong and you could not do it. I stated a few times on this very blog that this blog was always a part of my plan? It can all be checked along with the times and the dates. That is the beauty of the Internet and computers and this is just one of my areas of expertise.

I showed all readers on here, whether they have seen the evidence or not, that I sent an absolute mountain of data which was ask evidence to various media outlets. I made this clear by posting photocopies of both the sets of disks I burned, THE FOUR DVDs (is it dining in why I kept putting that in the subject lines yet?), as well as the recorded delivery receipts with post codes on them showing who I sent them to!

These DVDs, as stated there are pictures of them, contained my long since claims about corruption, Police, Local Councils and the NHS while stating the absolute terrible way the public is being lied to, manipulate and mistreated while forking out their own taxes to pay them to do it but also that lives of people, including children, have been quite knowingly placed in mortal danger and their lives ruined.

You can check back on here about how we got told twice on separate occasions how the research people for Jeremy Kyle stared that our story was far too serious and sensitive for their show!

As for why we were ignored by the media and why my daughter did not get a penny for the shit that Wirral Council put her through you will have to ask them yourselves by way of an email, because no one else did. Personally I expected that they would wiggle out of this and still have that over confidence that they are too big to fight by just like everyone else they simply do not possess a single ounce of common sense. When it cones to computers and the Internet Chimps have more sense. Despite the fact that they thought they had gotten away with it I did not care, because I had this blog.

So despite my anger and frustration I always knew that I could use the Internet in varies ways to show the whole country the truth. Sure done would be to stupid or just naive to the reality but I was sure that the large majority would be smart enough to work it out, whether they were if higher intellects combined with an inquisitive nature would take little time or others that disagreed but found themselves back here a few months later then agreeing with something else and paying close attention.

It was a full gone conclusion that in the end there would only be one outcome. There would always be just one outcome.

Then you get these Senators talking in interviews like everyone is a complete naive idiot stating in no uncertain terms that according the the American government everyone is to just do what they are told without question or go to prison for a long time!

Moron! Not a good advertisement for America, their government and their foreign policies and nor indeed is it a good one for anyone else to become part of the security services in America?

They can come and pay for my advice if they find that in five years tine no one in America wants to work within these services anymore?! Lol! I think that the tors of people they want would the the last people on my list that I would have doing anything for me. People like that tend to be immoral and when someone offers them six figure sums for details they week take it!

What I find astounding is that Edward Snowdon obviously cares about his country and how it would appear to the rest of the world with their actions. Of course they have this attitude that they are the smartest and the best and no one would have discovered them? Yes just like their military do not have a bad reputation for shooting friendlies while yeehawing and screaming over the radio frequencies?

What they completely fail to appreciate is that with the world finding out now, thereby preventing the US government from doing to much damage and taking over too many companies, they avoided a potentially serious and sensitive conflict later on down the road!

Now that is what I an thankful for and I am not bloody American!

They might want to not what happened in the European elections because I bloody well have. Not only had the public aired it’s disappointment later than I expected them to but they did it in a far bigger way and most surprisingly they did it in far more countries than just the UK!

That I did not expect at all!

Or maybe someone could give them each a dot to dot book and some coloring pencils? 

You know now that I think about it it belies belief as to the process in America on who gets in power along with how? Are the choices really that awful? Or is it that everyone is seen as crap and corrupt so you just vote on the one that seems the least corrupt? Our the one there have been the least rumors about? Lol!

I cannot think of an 18 month period that is more important than the next 18 months for so many reasons I cannot keep track! There are even a couple of things of a more light hearted subject but is for another blog.

“He sound cone back to the US and make his case?”

Yes and in the American Civil War I am sure they should have give themselves up for a firing squad? Numpty!

Kerry urges Snowden to return to US


This is just a reminder post for myself as I tend to forget things and this is the best way to remind myself of things I may have forgotten.

I have just heard about this conference called the Inclusive Capitalism Conference and this is because I was disturbed from my sleep after only falling asleep after the sun came up by a phone call.

Now the phone call was a follow up of a previous one I also realised I may have forgotten to mention, because I forgot about the people that phone me previously. Yet another organization binding me with them being the Student Loans Company. I spoke to them a couple of weeks back and told them in no uncertain terms would had transmitted the past ten years focusing on what I suspected.

To my surprise they stated that if I got the diagnosis I was convinced I would get that they would ‘write off’ the entire money owed. Those that know about student loans will know that if you fail to get a career earning over £1,500 per month, or that was the figure just over ten years ago, you do not have to pay it back. Of course no one expects to be in this position who acquires a degree! Also there should be a huge numbers of young people who have struggled to get careers but bring hounded by these people?

As I finished my phone call, explaining that I had indeed acquired my diagnosis (Mr Idiot paying attention?) but that I have yet to speak to the GP (end of the week) about it and that my knee is a separate thing. So they arranged to call me back on Monday! I am not certain about the letter arriving at my GP and as I stated I made my appointment in the how that the letter would have turned up by then. I did explain this but they will call Monday nevertheless. My word, you tell these people about this blog and none of these people read it! Well read it enough and until it’s too late, lol!

Now the news was rattling on about this Inclusive Capitalism Conference which seems to have done big names and big players. To my surprise and wondering if I was still asleep and dreaming all this the get together I have never heard of is to discuss a great deal of things I cover in this blog?

It is primarily a discussion about rebuilding trust, about the ever widening gap between the rich and poor and a number of other things regarding the state of the feeling if the wider public?!

Stunning and something of a huge coincidence considering the outcome of the elections both here and across a number of major European countries!

Huh, seen to have rambled on with this self reminder post, lol.


Damn it!!

I state I want to live by the bloody sea and the process of properties by seaside towns starts to rocket?!

For the love of bloody God! Just my luck me and my big mouth!

Right! I don’t want to live by the sea anymore I want to live in one of those little houses you get in a row near a coal mine! Like the ones that you see in the series Last Of The Summer Wine!

For people living on this types of houses who go on to make a huge profit and want to say thanks can donate 1% of their profit to me?!


Those in seaside towns my details are …


Man, how many could I help if I really did have that kind of influence?!

Remember me speaking about bocks in the last few posts?! Ooh that night have been my computing blog post? Well I said I hate saying I want something out why to do something, or rather intend to, had a habit of going horribly wrong!

Here is an example, Lol.

House prices ‘soar’ in seaside towns


How bizarre?

I will be having a discussion with a mate about this one tomorrow no doubt.

A little off topic for this blog is this story about the Ant Man film by Marvel whose director had pulled out of the film. Oh dear it’s a Brit!! Lol!

As a kid Is heavy into both Marvel and DC as were two of my siblings, several cousins and my dad. Unfortunately he never got to see the first Tobey Macguire Spider Man movie or Doctor Who!

Of old comic book movies have been hit and miss fur two reasons…

First off the movie studies were either too scared or just to damn tight to do the right thing.

The second problem and arguably far worse is the directors. This is because for just about every bad comic book movie out there congress down to the fact that directors get too big headed and think they at so wonderful and successful that they can change everything about and it will still succeed.

For what are accomplished people you would think that as self proclaimed artists that should know better than to take a story and radically change it! It is career suicide as well as commercial suicide.

However we find ourselves with not only the first occasion where a director disagrees with the studio but that this happens to be Marvel themselves?!

Ooh boy am I glad that I am not him right now?! How can you argue with the very company that created the comics and stories and responsive for Iron Man and The Avengers movies?! I only mentioned the first Iron Man as I suspect another form of artist stated to meddle a la Andrew Garfield from the first Amazing Spider Man movie. The second Amazing Spider Man was truly amazing and judging from the glimpses at the end of the movie the third will be out of this world!

Though I say that about Spider Man they are about to put to film the story line that I an most familiar with and loved the most so I am hoping they do not screw it up!!!

You see the lady asked her name at the conference table, for those that have seen it, she answers Felicity Jones. This was a huge love interest for Spider Man in a great fun of story lines. Also the bad guys grouped together and as Felicity was also the Black Cat and loved Spider Man they formed a duo for a fair old while.

The two of them battled the group known as The Sinister Six. At the end of the movie you can spot glimpses of the … hardware, let’s say, to several members of The Sinister Six. One on particular is famous and already done while another is  famous among fans that had yet to appear. The oddly I did read rumours that he was going to be in the first film with The Lizard? Perhaps that was a chop to save money that was grabbed from the studio bins and dusted off after The Avengers movie success?


Why is it that everywhere, not just movies, everyone thinks that once they become accomplished, successful or powerful they then think themselves undefeatable?

I think something had been lost in recent times and I cannot quite put my finger on it.

Edgar Wright pulls out of Ant-Man


Here is a little link that shows how the British tabloids are covering the humongous setting to the right, right across Europe, it now turns out.

Almost all front pages are dedicated to this shocking outcome that was described by one person as an Earthquake!

Well there are two rags intent on stool feeding tripe to the public about celebs and that bizarre shooting incident in America of that deeply disturbed young man.

Far-right surge and US revenge killings – the front pages


Well if that not strange?

After all the hubub in the media about Ed Milliband expected to or asked to resign now and twenty four hours later it turns out that two things have become obvious.

First off Labour did considerably better than the last time.

Secondly it also seems that in a number of European countries the voters have gone exactly the same way as they have here in the UK?!

I must say this is something of a surprise not because I didn’t see it because I did. I just thought it would happen a great deal earlier and thought it was one I got very wrong?! Lol!

Better late than never, eh?

I see that UKIP is up by a fair amount and they were thought to have done well last time. Labour is also up by 9%, I think it was, while the Conservatives are way down!

I find the results extremely intriguing and it shows not just in the UK, as I hoped it would, but in other European countries too which was thought beyond the reach of my predictions and far exceeded them!

I want to pay very, very close attention over the next twelve months and I wasn’t too see if they not the best only react to this but also realise that doing things that appeases the media sites not necessarily mean it will the wider public?!

This is quite simply the biggest sign I could ever hour to wish for that the people are getting the made across to their leaders. Like the words of Theresa May the public of a number of countries are saying change or what were previously the obvious choices may be shot and buried in the back yard?!

Even if they don’t change and the political rules are broken in several European countries, really I mean what is the wrist that can happen? It if only five years and they will not want to get it wrong after all?

UKIP on course to top Euro poll


Well what do you know? The shocks from the elections are still coming thick and fast and next up is the National Front Party on France of all places?!

One wonders in situations like this that this in power consider the identities of those that vote in situations like this?

I mean you have to consider the nationality I would imagine of all those that voted for a far right party. As well as that you have to consider this that simply would not vote for them. On to of all this you have to consider this that voted for postures other than the far right but not wanting to go that far despite agreeing with some of their beliefs?

Well you would think that these things are considered?

I think that if it is looked into the reality of the public’s belief of any given country would look wide than first appeared?!

The outcomes of these ejections look bad enough without factoring in these other factors.

I have only just looked and spotted this report immediately.

My word, whatever next?

Eurosceptic ‘earthquake’ rocks EU



When does one consider oneself free?

Despite the gentles caress the wind can give anyone the true feeling is but brief due to ones reality being in the opposite position.

Frredom lasts for us long and one can remain outsude the confinements of a buidling no matter of what the building materials may be. For our abode has become our prison in every sense.

We have piled upon us too many responsibilities while others require do do less in their own personal world and their chiefs wish to save money. A sharp divide there now is and obvious be it to those that are able to see.

On top of them all we are expected to be and with that maintain the other responsibilities that any one of us may acquire through decisions made in our lives. Some of these decisions may in first appearance appear to be mistakes and of this I have witnessed many. To those close is the blame laid when the reality is that the society in which we live has become selfish and unfair.

Normal people as expected to do more and more of thejobs others are paid to do or command far too much money for while living delusions that there chosen career puts them above everyone else. The divides have long been allowed to travel far wider than should reasonably be allowed and now the road back seems too far.

This command of ridiculous prices has affected all those who have fallen by the wayside bith pre and post one particular global financial crisis and still it persists and further wide it ever becomes.

One wonders to the religious beliefs of those who have allowed this or failing an christian attitudes that exist due to lack of religion one wonders as to the morals they possess which appears to be few. One wonders if they be spotted by cases of the beverage Horlicks left outside their homes if it were not for the fact that the doors were not more than a miles frm the electronic front gates?

I myself have considered my own positions once things have been achieved and what I would be doing a year from now. Myself and honestly so I could not turn my back on those that need my help and will always be there in one capacity or other.

My own presence will always be felt and heard of, this much is true and always will be if I am able to. But then there does not seem to be much else I would be doing in all honesty.

That which weighs many down does not me and I have not the responsibilities that many others do and I have truly felt for them these years gone by. Despite the fact I was warning of the mass sleepwalking that has gone on it remains that the pain suffered by the walkers will now be tortuous to many and of that I know. I also knew that over time it would grow and grow in numbers and that also many will seek help as I did only to find that none exists, despite the household names and acronyms that awash our minds for our entire lifetimes.

Despite me wanting to I have no one to look after, to make happy and to care for. The family I always wanted was never to be for me and the child I have I may as well be living on the moon….for now.

There are s0me things I may be able to help with and it is this this end that this blog exists are part thereof. Hopefuly I have managed to devise and plan while manipulating in such a way that eventually this will also reach its goals?

Outside of that I wil lalways look for things that I can do and even the cliché of saying the benefit of mankind, animals too, is never far from my thoughts. Why else would someone end up a scientist and almost every subject he was to choose from were all of one area of science or another.

My skillset I have vastly managed to increase over the years and still am despite the fact that some have managed to get neglected. I like to think it is a rther unique skillset that would be hard pressed to find no matter how far and wide one would travel?

There will be those that think their hardships far worse than mine and in these cases I can only but take them for their word and one wonders how they managed to survive unscathed?

I have been asked this very question so many times by so many people and this included health professionals and students alike throughout the years.

Dark were the places I rereated to and many a time one could not see how surviving could be possible and was convinced otherwise. Many around me only made it worse whether they knew, cared or otherwise and somewhow despite all this I came through.

Of those health professionals that asked me these questions many of which was no less than ten years ago missing events entirely that made all other pale into insignificance and then some.

One wonders of these students of times gone by have found themselves here and have scrambled through there notes to see if I am indeed the very person that faced them across a long conference table? If this was to ever occur I can only but wonder to the astonishment in their eyes and upon their face?

If the conference room was on the top floor of the Forest Road Medical Centre then indeed it is I than am feverishly typing away the deepest thoughts to post to all upon this blog.

Due to the amounts of people I am now reaching and the fact that the students must have numberer one hundred or more it is reasonable to assume that one of them will find their way here eventually.

As time gets old the changes before me will become more frequent in a shorter time than I even realize and this much will show itself over the next few months. It would be of a surprise indeed that the latter half of this year of 2014 as not replete with surprises aplenty.

Damn the sands of time as it does ell its attempts to shield things from my analytical view! Not easily does it give up its secrets unless plans are made and afoot that the outcome becomes inevitible. Even if not immediately so.

So thine eyes are always capable of wonder!



Romantic music swoops and peaks in an eveloping way.

A beautiful voice of a mystery and unknown woman sings out her heart for love and ones mind is drawn in like a moth to a flame. What I wonder that look, looks like and how does it feel to catch the fleeting glimpse that these feelings are held by another?

In a swirling land of wonders can one dare to dream of the perfection that seems so far from view despite the aching of touch that brings the tiny shudders lost for so long.

Like windmills on a hill top the wheels of time continue to turn on unabated without once slowing to allow one time to break away. Time so precious to few are granted for many and the times that tick by graduallly stealing away from one the possibilities that abounded of years gone by.

That look I loved within ones eyes seem but so lng a distant memory. Buried deep in the sands of time wy relentless winds that their view is way beyond obscured.

One wonders if it possible to find one not intent on materialism and able to see the bigger picture that hides from most of us. Many fall by the wayside but one must believe this not always to be true. For all those that intend to use and scheme only deserve the fists of steel there must be many worthy of help. While possible lovers be avoided there must be those that can make one feel again.

For those that have come to know the name for reasons all bad I hope that one comes to know it for the good one can do and the happiness one can bring, though one has ones own doubts to this being possible and lost in ths sandstorm of time.

Entertainment is his solace and undoing complicated and dastardly plans also. Is she somewhere out there and possibly be beyond the sea. Has fate forced us far apart or do we exist under each others noses? Can Old Ken be wrong and the person exists to compliment one another like no other?

Many of the sands of time been wasted away by undeserving obstacles that would leave a negatitivity not appreicated and certainly not wanted. Rendering many possibilities far beyond possibility for the longest periods known.

However this be the year that these bad vibes are cast aside themselves to be buried away in the wind blown sands along with many others.

What little time there exists left to live one fully intends to take full advantage of and do along with achieve many things long desired deep in ones heart.

Perhaps where one can change the lives of those he writes more can be accomplished by those he touches?

For the touch of affection is one he craves the most. All else is rendered just filler one calls entertainment and the occupying of ones mind due to the life others have that are lost and alien to him. What others take for granted in conversation is so alien to him and never having experienced many things that many others do in most lives unless not wanted.

Many bad things could bring down a tower of steel but one learns to box up and place within the dark recesses of ones mind and ther they stay.

Once in a while I let one out … if I really need to show anger to a large organisation and these be the weapons I keep within. At times when they are not controlled the soft and loving touch that would allow one to forget is sorely missed despite not remembering the feeling this brings.

Now the achievements begin to mount up and more heading this way a little more of the darkness is released each time and scattered to the winds to be long forgotten.

Life has a meandering nature to her and she twists and turns about in the winds of change. How this story goes from here on in and for the next five years has me wondering with a new confidence but an air of mystery abounds.

How will I feel when the time comes? Heaven only knows.