Not very often I do a .. short post but something came up that was worthy of getting something .. out there.

Well in fact there have been a number .. one to do with someone stating something to Talk Radio who was part of a Child Abuse Inquiry who stated she was hushed up to allow Theresa May to become Prime Minister. I shall place a link at the bottom.

The other was to do with one of the major reasons, if not the main reason, I started this blog.

I started this blog because I had long since known the the British mainstream media .. lied .. I had known for several years, suspected for many years prior to this and I contacted every single one with evidence and was IGNORED by every single .. one.

I theorised that, despite the careers and so-called professionals out there, if they continued along this path in politics and the media they will bring about a civil war. I made no bones about it.

Since I have been on Twitter I have been hounded, attacked, lied to, lied about and there have been attempts to recruit me and I have been suspended. All for one reason and one reason only .. this ..


The details regarding who are now slowly becoming clear to me but I still have a few things I need to research before I reveal all of that. They have already featured on this blog in a very long running game of cat and mouse. They have always been the mouse and a very elusive one at that. Seems I was on the right lines after a few false starts and a phone-call ad something said to me I did not expect and the dots were clear to see.

Oddly the moron said a few things that should have given the game away much earlier .. but I simply did not believe anyone could be that utterly stupid.

So then how about how the western media loves to report on the collapses and uprising or revolutions going on in other countries? Like the Arab Spring?

Do you not think it then strange that countries in Europe are collapsing and yet there is nothing about it on British media?

If your totally unaware of what I am speaking about I strongly urge you go to YouTube though it might be better to go to other video hosting sites and search for ‘Gilets Jaunes’ or ‘Yellow Vests’?

Battles are raging right across France and it is also occurring in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Belgium that I know about.

Italy, Austria, Poland and other countries are not happy either.

What? This is news to you? But this has been going on for three months now! Nothing on the news or much in the tabloids?

Well we knew the news were liars and its nice to see people have finally caught up with this blog .. but a rumour was going around that a D-Notice had been issued because they did not want a European Spring starting up.

Forgive me for pointing out there shite like utter hypocrisy but when other countries try to control this type of information from spreading the western media and governments go nuts and even lecture others about this .. like China or North Korea for example.

These two things now doing the rounds might answer a question many of us have asked on Twitter ..

  • Has been a Tsunami of suspensions on Twitter in the UK and USA at least
  • Has suddenly slowed down for days on end .. notifications for 3 days been a crawl
  • Shadow Bans have been issued out for no reasons at all
I had a friend suspended who stayed away from trolls, would ban them completely as soon as he realised, and avoided confrontation. Knew this man in real life and everyone on Twitter saw him as this. Yet he got a full suspension and when I told people that followed him they very simply could not believe it!
Both these things popped up today a few hours apart. With each one I posted out that this could be the proverbial touch paper that sparks off a civil war in the UK and now we have had two.
Bizarrely a third bloody post published  story where a French Politician was said to want or did issue a ‘Shoot To Kill’ order against the Gilets Jaunes protesters in France.
I commented that this was an act of cowardice because it was more or less stating without saying it that they was now treating these three months of protests as an uprising, revolution or civil war.
So it would appear that after years of poiting the finger at the rest of the world for baicall enslaving or treating their population as mindless slaves after all this time they have treated us with the same contempt.
What happens over the next 6 to 12 months is anyone’s guess but I would not rule out absolutely anything at all!
Sorry but I have stated it before many times and I will state it yet again .. how they could not see what their actions would bring about is not jut beyond me but ludicrous.
A group of people somewhere wanted these events to happen.

TWEET (D-Notice)

#GiletsJaunes #YellowVests and #YellowVestsUK not being reported by #FakeNews #MSM? As I said before rumour has it that a #DNotice was issued .. this email screen-shot says it was seen as a security threat and to prevent an uprising or ‘spring’ ..


Talk Radio piece about hushing up child abuse inquiry to allow Theresa May to become Prime Minister ..



So I have been posting about magnetic flip posts on Earth’s magnetic poles splitting in to two, though technically four. 

What does it mean? Well we do not know for sure but will not be good. At the minimum electronics will play up for an unspecified period of time. Depending on who you talk to and where you read reports they say decades to a thousand years. The latter I am sure will not be the case. Could be a year to two decades at the most. We do not know how much the magnetic field will be affected. It could be weakened in this time .. switch on and off or be completely gone altogether. The latter will certainly not be good. I would strongly advise against #sunbathing. Worst case scenario we might not be able to go out into the sun at all .. or at lest not for very long? It all depends really and we have no records .. and despite it happening previously it was so long ago as to make the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks look like they was around up until a few weeks ago. If I recall correctly I think they used some very old rocks in or around Hawaii to prove years ago that the magnetic flip had occurred previously? We also do not know when these affects will come into place but across the UK people have had issues with their mobile phones, the network and broadband repeatedly. Even providers like Sky that had proved a trouble free service for years to many customers. Three mobile phones in the building started switching themselves off before the batteries were exhausted .. which set alarm bells off for me. Never experienced this and three people in the same building was having this issues at the same time? As was my daughter 250 miles away? The poles might spring back to where they were? It then might be the first of several splits over several years before it does the full flip? No rulebook!

I first heard about this when an video popped up in my YouTube suggestions I was not familiar with. No way I could react to this information last night and I had to try to remember today and see if I can confirm what he was stating. 

I was then on .. line .. when an author from Forbes, I was following without realising who he was, posted a story that set my alarm bells ringing. That scientists had discovered magma moving about below an ancient volcano. In Germany, of all places!

The magnetic poles change when the flow at the Earth’s core changes. In an event like this we know not what will occur and at best it is purely educated guesses. Even with this splitting up of the poles they could spring back and fourth many times before go through a full pole shift? But I do know that the flow of magma will change.

Their has been odd occurrences to look a rift appearing in Africa and an increase in volcanic activity and likely seismic events too?

Once I see a number of reports had recently been published I sent out a few posts and messages regarding the links.

A few minutes after I posted someone I knew replied and stated that her some had told her something about this and she had originally dismissed it.

So mobile phones, Internet and GPS could become .. troublesome .. or worse? Time will tell on this one. Being a computer enthusiast too I only hope it causes very few issues with these devices as I am sure other nerds will start doing to, praying to the digital deity for mercy?

Makes me wonder two things .. firstly have all my battles been for nought? Secondly .. is this the reason foe the strange behaviour of the western world and why this mass migration has been going on?

The chap in the video certainly stated, if I recall, that he tried to warn people but that his warning fell on deaf ears, more or less. Normally I find that when warning such as this fail to get a response it is because they already know.

I myself warned the mainstream media, all of them, of things contained within this very blog and they all ignored me, not getting to much as a reply. I learnt in the last year alone that it is because they had know for a decade and had been ignoring stories like mine.

Where I first heard it but I had to check as I was not familiar with this particular YouTube channel and it just popped up in my suggestions ..


Anything I talk about you will find at the foot of the post .. screen-shots of things said, me catching people out and couple links.

So .. I had something happen .. kind of half unexpected. Someone I thought would have made an account on GAB previously has now made an account. To gloat. Because the hard left are obsessed with me and once again, as I proved once already in part one, obsessed with this very blog.

Now it is time to get a few things down about GAB as I now explain this but first ..

Edmund Burke famously said

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’

Well good people did start doing something .. but now it appears not enough to defeat the evil ones and prevent the pain and anguish that evil brings.

Ever since I started this blog .. I have been called all kinds of things by others .. a Christian man called me a ‘Warrior of God’. Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘The Messenger’ and ‘Man with a Mission’ but never explain why. ‘Modern day Robin Hood’ was another a lady called me who had gotten a hold of my phone number form the leader of a group who work against corruption.

Months ago people noticed there was on obsession with me and they blocked someone .. unfortunately I tried to explain that they was obsessed with not just me but my blog .. concerning the true story and Police recordings with proof over grooming gangs and the Police.

Unfortunately these good people for some of the time fighting the fight seem to be more concerned with bitching and moaning about things than actually fighting the fight.

I got seriously fed up with Twitter in the last couple of months, not helped by watching the pinned post disappear and reappear and the retweet numbers not match up with the blog numbers and keep going down. Followers being knocked off .. must have been around 1,500 by the time I was suspended. I had around 2,500 at the time of suspension but I must have had over 4,000 follow me in 14 to 16 weeks? Man of us would wake up some mornings to find out we had lost 100 or more followers while asleep. I was always being knocked off from following others and having to re-follow them .. when I was lucky enough to discover this, that is.

It is nasty, underhanded, evil, brings pain and suffering to people and .. tyrannical. Evil.

Somehow they think themselves so morally superior that lying and evil is allowed and yet they do not possess an ounce of compassion and their moral compass is so fucked up I am amazed they can find their way to their own fucking lavatories.

In the first few weeks I was in Twitter I thought this was going to be easy .. I built up followers at a rate of knots. People were retweeting like crazy and before I knew where I was even at it went to ten .. then it was 25 and then it went to 50. By this time I had 300 followers.

But then and just as it has done on my blog with Google and Blogger .. it all then started changing and the numbers behaved erratically. First I discovered that I had been shadow banned which happened not less than 6 times in two weeks. Then the retweets started to slow down and no one seems to understand how ‘exponentially’ is supposed to work?

Soo .. for the mathematicians among readers .. if I had 50 retweets at 300 followers can anyone explain how it was only at 100 retweets at 2,500 followers?

I had been blogging my facts, theories (sometimes wrong about as despite opinions .. and opinions of myself according to leftists I am not perfect) and evidence on my blog for 6.5 years and had been preparing for it for a few years prior to this.

While being targeted and in pain with a lot of suffering. A decade .. though the suffering has gone on for 25 years. I just did not realise in the first decade I was being screwed over. Started to suspect it and this continued for five years before I realised for certain that I was. Then I had to prove it.

On Twitter I would get tired and want to give up .. but if I ever said that I would be told not to do that .. ‘keep on going’, ‘your going in the right direction’, ‘it wont last much longer’ and ‘you have made such a difference on here in such a short space of time’.

Unfortunately it was not making the difference I needed it to for my daughter and me.

So yeah .. this resulted in me being confined to GAB.

One friend I think was Jewish thought GAB was anti Jewish .. but it is not .. yeah you get stuff on their but you also get ..

Laura Loomer .. now banned from Twitter ..

In fact I came across no less then three journalists yesterday alone with at least two of the stating that they had been permanently banned from Twitter.

I guess people still believe the mainstream media .. they say it is all far-right, alt-right and white supremacists so it must be true?

Or maybe just like with TV, films, Hollywood, champagne socialists, radio and gaming they want to feed you and brain wash you with shite on social media too?

My most famous troll followed me to GAB .. yup .. he or she is THAT obsessed and it is funny in a way because other than calling me ‘Mr Big Bollocks’ he loves saying ‘CUCKOO CUCKOO’ which is a bit weird as 2,500 followers I had on Twitter thought he was so fucking insane 80% of them blocked him. He nicked 300 to 400 followers and within a few weeks not only lost most of them but also around 50 others he collected.

He was under the names @NathanInGermany, @MyBritishHelper and now @TheAntiPopulis1 .. and in each case .. I spotted him immediately .. and so I did when he directly messaged me on GAB with a brand new account. That set him off.

Then this continued on through a thread on GAB .. and the same accusations from Twitter continued right where they left off.

Riddle me this .. it never worked on Twitter, right? Started when I was at a few hundred followers and continued on until I had 2,500 followers .. while he went from 173 .. to 550 or more and then down to 153 sooo ..

What in the name of all that is holy makes him thin he will convince anyone on GAB? Ask yourself that?

  • More right-wing people

  • No strict rules, shadow bans and as for suspensions .. yeah you would very literally have to threaten to kill someone I imagine ..

  • Got him banned four times for saying the word ‘c*nt’ ,, four times in 48 hours because he kept insisting I reported him for hate speech

  • So infamous were the battles that those that had not blocked him, in the hundreds if not thousands, would watch and the fourth time I did it .. a friend called BigR made tea to drink while he sat back to enjoy the show and nearly spat it out with laughter as he realised he had already gone .. for the fourth time in 48 hours .. with the same trap

Because he went around telling my followers it was not Muslims that abused my daughter sexually while under age .. it was me?!

So the moment that he said that my stance on reporting people changed.

Leftists created what I am today and they are still pushing me all the way from the centre-left to the right because no fucking way on Earth would I associate myself with a bunch or amoral twats that think themselves so superior that lying to the enemy is their God given right along with bullying and violence.

Like the leader of the AfD that recently had his head cracked open. Done and seen as O because he is a Nazi because they SAY he is a fucking Nazi .. by the real Nazis.

As I stated these hard left Pantifa, Antifa fuckwits have a moral compass that fucking broken I am surprised that going to Tescos, oh no wait is that not Jewish owned? On their way to .. umm .. wherever .. Aldi they do not wind up at Olympus Mons?!

Oh God .. that is done ..

Yes cupcake troll ended last night insisting he was getting to me, as you will see from the link and the screen-shots .. he might have picked up his friends tricks, Jammony Cricket James O’Brien, by deleting tweets and threads ..

.. or he may just do that when he sees this?

But cupcake leftist trolls have still not worked out something about me .. what it is I am trying to do and more specifically .. how I am doing it.

Methodologies are not something I divulge .. as that would only serve my enemies and not me .. until said goals are achieved.

Or I die .. whoever comes first.

But what I am is a tickler for the truth and I do so love getting evidence so very, very much that it positively makes my mouth water at the very idea.

So as stated in the beginning and that quote from Edmund Burke .. I need to find good people to do good and I did not find that on Twitter.

I know not what the reasons were and bizarrely I had more on there that I have on GAB .. umm .. or I think .. let me check .. yup

As it stood upon suspension my Retweets of my pinned tweet .. stood at 110 and that was due to a recent push to prove something about Twitter deleting retweets. The real retweets were more likely to be 200 to 300?

The reposts on GAB are only at 32 as of the time of typing .. and yet the number of viewers to this blog post are 3,597.

Numbers do not add up do they?

Added to this .. the good people, of which they appear to be a lot more of, do not see it as being the evidence required to put it about enough.

Except the leftists do see it as dangerous enough to send hundreds of leftist trolls and a few organisations after me to have me shadow banned six time and suspended three times and follow me to GAB from Twitter.

Many good people seem to think that bitching about things seems to be the most important aspect in this fight? No .. it is not.

Many have gotten suspended because they cannot keep their cool and fire off that is not going to make the blind bit of difference. Not to the person they are arguing with, the individual battles or the war.

Look at it this way .. one of the very first things this troll did .. after accusing me of lying about our story n the beginning .. then apologising and trying to make friends with me .. as he has now done for the third time now .. is accuse me of being the abuser of my own daughter sexually.

Yup he did that.

He also thinks that everyone who is not a leftist .. or a Muslim .. maybe even both is a complete idiot and easily led by the nose. Some rants and false accusations are enough to turn people away and he does this knowing I can counter with blog posts, links, screen-shots and recordings but he does not care. He has never produced anything .. none of them ever have.

They make rash claims, throw false accusations and rant and scream and shout and expect all that to be taken as gospel because they said so.

But as I have shown thousands of times on Twitter .. hot them with screen-shots, magazine articles, links, reports and even recordings and they will refute every .. single .. one.

  • Not interested in the facts

  • Not interested in the truth

  • Will in fact twist the truth around for their agendas

  • Lie through their fucking backsides

  • Ergo not interested in debate

  • Makes debating fucking hard work and achieved nothing

But I tell you what all that does achieve?

This is why the thread below exists .. they are trying very, very hard to slow me down getting followers and therefore trying very hard to slow down the spread of my blog. With both Google and Twitter on their side too. Disappointing then as it is hosted by Google!

Now if only the pinned tweet/post had, had as much attention from the good people as it has done form the bad, evil, lying leftist bastards.

Literally hundreds have come at me on Twitter .. the tweets have been in the high thousands if not even tens of thousands in just 3 to 4 months.

If the retweets had hit those numbers my daughter and I would have been out of our living hells by now.

If the various people and groups had helped the way they said they would we would have been out of our living hells by now.

I could have been hired for my skills and/or as an adviser and I seriously thought that was coming, I truly did.

If any of those with the larger audiences had gotten on contact and many people claimed that they tried to get their attention like Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and Ezra Levant among others we would have been out of our living hells by now.

Then there was a list of others I tried to get the attention of myself .. namely from either YouTube or websites. Jon Gaunt, Sargon, Dave Cullen, The Iconoclast, Brian Gerrish of the UK Column and various others. Cannot recall who else I contacted or left comments with and who I did not.

Did not ask .. had a few promises made to me .. and to my daughter but as is always the way nothing ever came of it. Had thought my daughter might get her third offer .. no actually fourth offer to set up a Go Fund Me page .. but that never came either.

Approached a number of what they call ‘Truthers’ too .. smaller audiences but I thought combined they may be able to do something? Nothing came of that.

Going on for a decade .. got intense from 7 years ago .. got really intense from July 2018 .. all the pain, anguish, anxiety, heart problems and memory issues to contend with. £50,000 .. just gone.

Recommendations made?

‘Just keep going, your going in the right direction.’

Meanwhile the bad guys are way better at this than the good guys and I only thank God above that they are so few in number or we would truly be fucked.

That GAB Thread .. with the Commie, Leftist, Lying Pantifa Antifa scum ..

The Post they are obsessed with ..

Little do they realise there are many other posts on the subject.

You will note from below that they try to get friendly? Yeah they have tried that three or four times .. others on his side have tried too .. want to take a guess why that is?

Yeah only the reason by I seem so good is because I stick to the facts .. to be a liar you need a good memory and luckily for me I was a stickler for the facts and the truth because I discovered some years ago my bad memory was down to my condition.


Twitter Retweets ..


Who suspended me .. and WHY in the following screen-shot ..


Trying to be friends ..

THREAD .. as they do like to delete things .. and block ..


Well and I honestly have no idea how this happened .. but I got suspended from Twitter.

The timing was extremely convenient and I know who did it .. LBC Presenter James O’Brien who I had been arguing with for weeks. Last night he tried a few sneaky tricks .. watched once again by others .. tried to lead me into a trap and fell into a trap of my own making.

He and other leftists had argued for weeks that I cannot debate .. so I did .. lasted all of three tweets and he lost. He then started posting really bad memes .. I then told him I knew he tried to lure me into a trap . except I had one waiting for him. Said that he waited for me to finish arguing with several people over several hours and he, of course, denied it.

Then I published the screenshots proving he lied and he ran. Then someone was arguing with this liar on his sock account on another thread. He saw our earlier argument and laid into O’Brien telling him how I had handed his arse to him. He started furiously posted bad memes again which is what he does when he he lost and gets mad.

Petition for James O’Brien and this was not me lol ..

I had also been hearing he was getting mad on air .. snapping at people calling in. I teased him about this because he is a disingenuous liar of the most extreme and does not have an ounce of empathy, lies about his political stance and lies about you. Not a leftist but pulls every leftist trick in the book and then moaned at me for arguing with the hard left and social justice warriors.

If it is not Twitter screwing me up the arse it is you .. go figure.

Do not bother telling people you are going to screw the over over left-wing agendas will you? No just let them waste their fucking years away before they spend a year or two suspecting being screwed before normal and honest people on Twitter actually go and confirm your suspicions .. yeah left-wing agendas ..

Such lovely and charming not forgetting caring people the left-wing. Nasty, evil pieces of lying scum that think that decency and honesty does not apply to them because they see themselves as morally superior. Quite how that means lying is OK is beyond any normal person’s comprehension.

I have now noticed, because I still have access to my notifications even though my followers are all gone, that four people I defeated have heard the news. Only been ten minutes.

Unfortunately .. what I went on Twitter for has now gone down the drain .. so I am not sure what to do .. other than feeling like taking a walk .. a long walk.

I have the data I was asked to find out about but now lost contact with those that wanted it .. so . .not quite sure how I am going to get that to them?

Make that five enemies.

Good God I had really hated Twitter in the last couple of months ,, it really is a toxic place but unfortunately it was way, way easier to build up followers than it is on say .. GAB.

GAB has its own toxicity but not one that would directly affect me but it is clunky and very slow and does not work well. No idea if they have a phone app back up and running?

Oddly enough .. I was begged by some not to post on GAB but I thought this was daft because with Twitter suspending people for fuck all .. it would be stupid to delete my GAB account.

@alnights on GAB but it is too much hard work .. and no one on there I really know .. most Twitter followers that opened accounts I never see post anything.

Twitter was supposed to get me out of something and I estimated I was about two to three months away from that.

I can divulge now that there were offers of help and promises from various sources but like everything else .. it came to nothing.


  • First 12 hour lock-out providing facts and links about Islam which you are apparently not allowed to do .. any other religion, yeah. Antisemitism, yeah. Islam .. no and I did not know this .. never explained
  • Second 7 Day lock out for speaking metaphorically (first screen shot appeal refused)
  • Third Full Suspension I have absolutely no idea
  • Never swore at anyone
  • Never referred to any .. personal shortcomings like features, weight, challenges of any kind or health


In these screen shots .. he says he does not know what I was doing i the first and was not watching me but in the second .. well he just happened to have followed several people I hard argued with for the previous fours or so .. well GO FIGURE?!


James O’Brien getting suspended ..

Word gets around ..



One thing he did and it got noticed by many was he had this habit I had never seen before .. gave him away as being someone in the public eye .. he would delete tweets .. and I missed a great many insults from him, previous account too. He would even delete whole threads ..

And hence why I called him #JammonyCricket ..

Now I just want to take a very long walk .. Twitter was undoing the damage that Google had been doing .. fast .. but then it all started to change .. shadow bans I had to work around, all six of them ..

Then the suspensions .. then followers being knocked off.

At first I thought I needed to get somewhere around the 1,500 followers mark to have things happen .. but I got there and figured it would probably need to be around the 3,000 mark?

There were so many .. possibilities and as always it seemed like some would work but but just like all previous times .. it evaporated.

The only thing I had was I was driving up interest in my blog .. due to my Twitter antics .. but now they have taken that away from me too. Damage being undone by Google and various others has been thwarted once again.

Over £80,000 has been lost in total .. not to mention the sheer pain I have had to endure working my arse off to do this over the years.

In the end I tried to do this to help my daughter, that as how I lost so much money but this country and the people .. I just think what the fuck is the point?

So much pain ad so much anguish all because of a bunch of self obsessed and amoral people striving towards something they will never achieve and protecting barbaric people who do not deserve it.

Once again the betrayal is off the charts.

Personally I would know like to see the headquarters of Google and Twitter bulldozed to the ground, not that I am ever likely to see that .. unfortunately.


Two other new Trolls .. there were literally hundreds all left-wing, were spotted by another .. may have been the ones reporting me .. and someone pointed out they were bullying me .. I had put them on block .. only so many people you can handle at once ..


Government must be getting more than a little embarrassed by now?

A petition for a No Deal Hard Brexit because that was what many of us wanted, started up and is now over 297,000 thousand votes strong. Surely making it one of the most voted for, if not the most, voted for, petition in the UK?

Government are supposed to talk about petitions that reach 100,000 and this will very soon hit 3 times that and not a so much of a whisper as far as I am aware?

Meanwhile Yellow Vests Protests have been reported to have started up in different parts of the UK and those planned were ..

  • London
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Bristol

What I spotted reported on Twitter was

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Sheffield (not mentioned previously)
  • Cardiff (Not mentioned previously)

I am currently trying to find out about more.

Also the Yellow Vests protests in France still continue, known as the Gilets Jaunes.

I also long stated that if the governments along with leftists do not shut the fuck up there will be outbreaks of civil wars and that if and when it does they would shirk blame and that I would be here t remind them of what I predicted ..

Now experts are predicting civil wars for the following ..

  • Sweden
  • France
  • Germany

While many speak about it happening here in the UK too.

This will likely go into overdrive as the UK outlaws being critical of Islam and two court hearings in February and I have to ask myself if all other religious leaders feel left out of this new law?

  • Various Christian Religions
  • Buddhists
  • Hinduism
  • Judaism
  • Jedi Knights

Sorry I had to get that last one in .. I recall it being listed or attempted to be listed as a bonafide religion years ago.


Well I refused to watch it because I knew it would be painful .. all these years of never missing an episode but I predicted they would destroy it and they did a better job of that than even I predicted they would.

During the run of this series 11 I have left countless comments on YouTube channels of El Patron, Bowlestrek and SC Reviews among others.

Left one on MrTardisReviews who was being a butt licker but the comment went over his head. He was harping on about the UK views being good but I am afriad that is naive and narrow minded. Yes but it has to sell globally and like I knew from before it even screened .. you was going to lose sales.

So the BBC decided it was big enough and cocky enough to preach .. to the world, did it? No you blithering morons.

After the initial curiosity was over with the viewers continuously dropped in the UK and everywhere else too. Reviewers ClownfishTV bailed at episode 5 or 6.

Then the New Year’s Day special came that everyone was worried about.

Many of us were laughing at the Rotten Tomatoes scores during the wait for the first day of the year with a Critics score of 94% baffling everyone and the User Score dropping down into the 40’s .. then laughter continued as it dropped to the mid 30’s with people wondering if it was going to get as low as 30%? Yeeeaaah .. it beat that and is currently on 24% with many people roaring.

While the Resolution episode was on I was speaking to people watching it via Twitter .. everyone in the stream talked about hos shit it was and the person I was speaking to bailed around the 30 minute mark.

How did sticks and stone defeat the Dalek? Many asking that one. Why did the Timelord require her diverse mates to beat a single Dalek? Many asking that one.

Whay are all the Timelord characters in Doctor Who now all women?

Romana, Rani Doctor’s Daughter, Doctor Donna, River Song, Missy and The Doctor and that is without bringing up his granddaughter, Susan? Is this not actually sexist?

Then it emerged that it lost 1.5 Million viewers and only managed 5.15 Million .. oh dear.

Then I listened to a surprise review of Resolution by ClownfishTV who explained that the Rotten Tomatoes Critic’s score was at 100%?!?! What the actual?! But the users score was at 18%?!

I gets worse as when I then went and checked it had dropped to a User Score of 16%?!

Oooh cringe!

What is it they have just kept on saying for about three or four years now? This SJW and NPC overly noisy whiny morons just keep ruining everything?

Going on in so many things for so long now that you have to wonder if it is deliberate? Why so much escapism is being ruined? All intellectually properties are being systematically destroyed.