I am an idiot.

I have often stated that sometimes I can see things very quickly and I can sometimes just visualise things with a little pattern recognition.

Impressing lecturers I did this both at college and university and could often come up with results to mathematical problems that said you could not do and need algebra to solve.

Have gone into this in the past and not going to go through it again here.

Also of note is despite the many times my opponents have tried to put words in my mouth, twisted what I have stated and even stated I never previously stated things I never said it never warmed.

Quite the opposite as I have a health condition that among many other things makes me suffer when it is warm.

What I have maintained all along from the 90’s is that it was not down to CO2 and in recent years it has been reversing and cooling and I would advise anyone to be vary wary of convincing graphs presented to you.

Another thing that has always been claimed is that I am a conspiracy theorist and got everything from conspiracy blogs and YouTube channels. Also not true.

So back in the early 90’s when no one even knew what the Internet was and smartphones had not been invented I was stating that these claims going around about warming from CO2 was nonsense.

Worked with CO2 all my life via aquatic plants for one.

In 2001 I got to go to an area of south Italy as being a Batrachologist, among many other things, and not long turning down the chance to do a PhD with Middlesex University, I was provided the location of several species of animals I have long been fascinated by.

This was in Calabria and you8 could see Sicily from the mountains I was spending time in.

These species were ..

Salamandra salamandra gigliolii

Ichthyosaura (previously Mesotriton and Triturus) apuanus and inexpectatus

Bombina (variegata) pachypus

This is one of the guys in question and the location was provided to me by an ex co-editor of the British Herpetological Society’s John Pickett.

This is how sad the hard-left are to exploit science as when I told this story one time an account with his name popped up and started disagreeing with me. Two problems with this ..

  • He hated technology and did not even own a smartphones

  • He has also actually been dead for awhile

  • Yup .. those are the lengths those that are willing to abuse science for political agendas will go to to shut anyone down

So then I get down there after we broke down when the turbo on a diesel engone went south for the winter and we stayed in a hotal in Caserte Nord just north of Naples I am finally up 2,000 metres, thereabouts, at my target location.

One of the species I was looking for we soon found only it was not what I expected and blew my mind despite being very familiar with all the others in the genus from across the world. What was supposed to be a canary yellow was a bright orange.

This was a small toad commonly called the Yellow-Bellied Toad, you see the confusion, which was odd because the Fire Salamanders, Salamandra salamandra gigliolii, I was mainly there for were also orange when the other 40 types were yellow 99.99% of the time other than odd individuals.

Does not matter what science subject we are in this is the kind of things that gets me thinking despite the fact I was not in a good way and just got through one of many bad periods in my life.

Had told the guy I went with we were also there 3 weeks too late, as we were supposed to go 3 weeks earlier but he altered the dates. We found no salamanders despite he fact that had another unique habit of being diurnal no one understood.

Now I apologize of this gets a little .. disjointed as I started to make a start on this during a slight lull in pain. I also have to email the NHS due to this and some chest pain I am having close to my heart I simply cannot bear any more.

Anyway I found these tiny sorry-assed streams of brooks and in them I was spotting Salamandra larvae and I pointed them out to the guy I was with and asked how old they looked.

He gave me a sheepish look because he knew where I was going with this. My claim about how we should have been there three weeks earlier in April was spot-on.

What I noticed was that the larvae were very thin and very spaced out in the streams and there was very little in the way of food items.

This was totally different to how you would find them in other areas of Europe and this and the orange and the diurnal habits was driving me insane.

Now the eastern side of Italy I would have loved the chance to investigate was low level. On the west side you had mountains running north-south, a valley and then another ridge of mountains where the Salamandra were located also running north-south.

At one point we was up on the western ridge of mountains and a mist was coming up even in bright sunshine, from the Mediterranean and drifting over the mountains into the valley and you could watch the clouds drifting across it.

It was a while later while back in England that it hit me as to why this type was diurnal ..


    • Mist drifted across the valley and reach the mountains on far side and at a certain time of the year around April any northerly wind cooled enough by the Alps that drifted down in the night would have any soil at its wettest around 5am to 10am in the morning

    • This was when slugs would be out, just as they do in the UK and Salamandra’s number one favourite prey


    • This was down to something in the soil or water, colours come from carotenes in the food and so from slugs, which were orange, other insects and coming from plants

    • I now know that the soil there is unique I will get to


    • I realised that these animals had been climbing the mountain to stay with their temperature range for thousands, NOT hundreds, of years and therefore the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming

    • KEY: These species would have had to be located at seal-level in the southern tip of Italy which meant a very long time ago Reggio Di Calabria at sea-level would have had a climate similar to the UK today.

The species of Ichthyosaura alpestris inexpectatus was another find and for me personally a mind blowing one as I have been into Alpine Newts from a child and had found a British colony of them in Surrey in England back in the late 1980’s before I had even passed my driving test.

Yeah I really have been an expert that long and back in 1984 had found Marsh Frogs in Kent.

But this subspecies in southern Italy had only ever been rumoured in recent years and the fact that only in the very north of Italy was the further south they were found made this highly unlikely.

But this was not all as these two subspecies were 600 to 800 miles apart, one was 3.5 inches long and very blue while the one to the south was over 5.5 inches long, more robust, grainy skin and a lot less blue. Even the patterns were vastly different.

Each species showed a division at different moments in time and as I explained to fascinated experts they all agreed. I had solved a 50 year long question.

Of course I did not have the entire picture.

Yes I have always stated that the climate of Earth swings about and if you have cold troughs, which themselves vary in ice-age depths, to hot peaks which will likely also vary.

Most animals are known with Genus/Species/Subspecies and I have stated for decades that this is not descriptive enough. As well as geology climate swings separate animals geographically at different points in time.

Therefore different subspecies would have been splintered off for hugely varying periods of time and really you need something that shows what this is. If indeed it can be worked out at all.

Yeah .. when I was asked to do a PhD it was exactly because of talk like this but was in Applied Computing but I coded a system for the animal kingdom.

Yes so this story I have told before and with my memory might have been told a couple of times previously on this blog?

Also the people that are intent on ignoring science while insisting they are all about the science and stating that we should follow the science do not like that story and they certainly wont like that many more people will get to read about it.

Yes well I am afraid it is about to get a whole lot worse.

You see .. umm this might get you thinking as I actually had another clue I detected with ..


As it is now 2021 its taken me 20 years to realise that I not only picked up on another clue form another area of science that I ACTUALLY remarked upon at the time. Yes I actually remarked about something I noticed with my bare feet that the guy I was with gave his opinion and and I said something else.

As stated I am an IDIOT!

Before I explain what I recently discovered which had be remember this remark at the time I will state that for many years I expected everyone else to catch up over the Industrial Revolution but they never did.

I simply did not understand why they were not and did not give it much thought.

Then they started to get heavier and heavier over time with the message and it seemed to be they were trying to program something into the consciousness of people and still did not know why this was.

Then I came across a bunch of people that claimed to be into the science but they dismissed every single bit of science and every single report and science paper I presented and there were hundreds.

They refused to accept each and every one of them as meaning anything at all when many were irrefutable and others unprecedented. No one does this in science. There was not even the slightest show of doubt or even relief. Nor did they bat a single eyelid as I posted stories about mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and other animals dying with my theory as to what is going on.

Its a simple matter of fact that in science if you ignore other theories and dogmatically stick to your own things go wrong which can and will end up with people and animals dying.

Now they are dying, ignoring the fact they are dying, not showing any shock or empathy and insisting on banging their drum.

Claiming they are worried about the animals and environment but show no feelings or shock whatsoever to thousands of whales and dolphins dying.

Yeah I know the science and do not need someone convincing me but others should be very wary and if you have found the same thing in these that have convinced you of one thing I would highly advise you do not take their claims on anything at all.

To me it appears they are luring people in using fear. That to me is also not only pretty manipulative but evil. Literally making out you care for people or animals when really your just hoping for some leeway. Leverage to power .. or something else? Money perhaps? Who knows?

‘Never do the right thing for the wrong reasons’

‘With record cold and snow growing around the world each years the last few years and with people now dying are you really going to tell them that you need to make it colder? If you are not what is it you are going to tell them you need to do with the solutions you do not have along with the proof you do not possess?’

Now reverse back up a little to before we got to the mountains we were aiming for and if you recall I stated that we broke down?

The turbo went wild and engine started revving like crazy and we found a mechanic and left the car there. We then managed, after a number of phone-calls and me communication with the local Italians, got a hire car and ended up in a hotel in Caserta Nord just a little north of Napoli.

It was hot there with a temperature of 38C at sea-level and despite the fact I could not handle heat and had suffered in the south of France the say before at 25C I found it surprisingly bearable.

I can have issues at 22C so this was a surprise and I realised it was because the air was very dry, a surprise what with us being so close to the Mediterranean. Did not make sense.

In the hotel I walked across the hotel room barefoot and said to my friend .. “the floor is warm?!” and he thought they must have underfloor heating.

I said “Are you serious? Its blooming warm here even at night .. you know I think its volcanic? Maybe we are not far from Pompeii?”

Now I have an interest in all sciences for the most part and did think it would have been great to actually get to see Pompeii. Because of the volcanic eruption and because my favourite rock band did a legendary and classic live piece there. Pink Floyd.

I cannot remember what I thought at the time as it was awhile ago and I was not sure at the time whether was was in close proximity to Pompeii or not.

I also was not aware of the extent of the magma chamber beneath Pompeii at the time.

Both prior and post this event despite my desire to do something in science or discover something in science that would benefit mankind and progress it there have always been huge upheavals.

Years ago people could not understand how these things always seem to happen but what with everything that is emerging today people now think that I was not mad or caused this but was all by design.

Maybe they was on to me as someone that could see and reveal things?

Many that thought me mad, knowing that I do not lie, now say that “You was right all along, you was spot-on about everything!”

I get asked how I have coped all this time and how I am coping now. Well I am in hell and might be in hospital in a few days and I wonder each time I type out an important post like this one if I will suddenly die from one of my untreated symptoms before I post it?

The point of that is to show that my desire to make a difference has been scuppered every step of the way from various directions. Even now.

“When are you going to build this PC you need to build?”

“I see now how important it is that you do what you do”

“Has no one offered to help you?”

These are things I get from one professional friend that thought it was all mad and now thinks that not only was a spot-on but that things are far worse then I had predicted they will be. And them some.

Now then volcanoes ..

I have been looking into these heavily of late along with the atmosphere, solar activity and a number of other things. Even with volcanoes alone there are so many and what with Earth being 71% water we have no idea how many there are or where they are.

Then you have super-volcanoes and despite the fact there are several known the one yu always hear about is Yellowstone. And boy have I watched a lot about that one.

And then Campi-Flegrei in Italy caught my attention.

Had seen people mention in in a little detail and sometimes only briefly but each time I would hear something that piqued my interest.

Had planned for a long time to look into this in greater depth as part of it was under the sea and I wondered what the effects would be if a super-volcano that was located under the sea would do?

I also had not realised how it was connected to Pompeii, sometimes these scientists and documentaries are really, really shit at explaining things.

Also noticed on maps they flashed up there was a bay that looked somewhat circular and wondered if, a very long time ago, there was a large volcano that was once located there and had blown completely.

I had also wondered about this with Yellowstone?

Now then it is well known that I mentioned to Michael Mann that one of his papers were he used the DVI to rule out the LIA was wrong.

Was blocked by him for pointing this out.

When I kept telling people convinced that AGW was real, or more accurately very obsessed with convincing others it is real, I would not mention what DVI was.

After telling me I was wrong for several weeks one of these promoters of AGW one day asked ..

“What is a DVI?”

And that’s why I never fully explain everything because these people are not familiar with science as they claim and are dishonest.

How can they just claim I am wrong when they do not even know what a DVI is?

The LIA is the Little Ice-Age that took place between around 1648, arguably earlier, and 1700.

The DVI os the Dust Veil Index and a layer of volcanic dust beneath the ground that shows us signs of how big an eruption was, where it was and WHEN it was.

This shows us clues about specific eruptions in specific localities.

You cannot use them to rule out the Little Ice-Age as being localized which is what Michael Mann tried to do and where he got this nonsense idea form I will never know. Disingenuous.

Its been shown to also be global in other studies.

Now then here are other reasons you cannot do this and the first one I have already mentioned ..

  • Earth is 71% water

  • We do not know about all eruptions

  • New eruptions often erase evidence of previous eruptions including the DVI

That is it Michael Mann, end of story. Recently I think someone put it to him that I was causing a lot or ripples and he unblocked me to post the tweet saying ..

“I have to admit its true. Sometimes I block people for saying stupid shit” which was posted at me by one that ignores science and when I went to reply I found I was blocked again.

Mr Mann is not going to like this.

So then a documentary popped up about Campi Flegrei and watched it.


  • Down there the volcanic eruptions produce this yellowish tuffa rock? Hmm could this be behind the animals to tend to be orange down there?

  • The ground has risen from 7 to 10 metres, I already knew years ago, but that it should have erupted but that rock has acted as a seal?

  • Campi Flegrei has erupted many more times than they realised and the traces of many eruptions were erased by the following eruption?

  • You mean this confirms my theory that the animals have been separated at several different points in time as I stated in 2001?!

  • It has cause mega-tsunamis with some previous eruptions

  • Chances are when it does it will be bigger as a result? Maybe a VEI7?

  • Crap! Where I was in Caserta Nord was slap bang in the middle but slightly to the north of this super-volcano?

Remember that Stromboli has been erupting as has Mount Etna on Sicily.

The video I watched to be one of four parts, cannot recall which par it was and think it was the fourth and then fell asleep while it was playing.

So I ended up watching it again along with all of the other three parts.

I have linked them all and its quite detailed but the narrator speaks a little fast and I gove you fair warning the last part has a large section of a worse case scenario of there is a super-volcanic eruption.

Please be advised if you watch it as its a little scary.

Also remember this is also a theory and a super-volcano erupting does not mean a super-volcanic eruption and this is true for all super-volcanoes, if you did not know.

So just on the slim chance that after reading this you hear that Campi Flegrei, Yellowstone or one of the others erupts do not think automatically that the theoretical events that follow are an absolute guarantee. It is only a theoretical prediction if Campi-Flegrei if there is a super-volcanic eruption.

I also tend to ask myself three things in science and maybe more than I just do not recall right now and these are ..

  • We might not get super-volcanic eruption as these might just got weaker over geological time-scales?

  • We might not get a asteroid strike that causes an Extinction Level Event because most of the dangerous, or bigger, ones have gone?

  • We might not get any super solar-flares or any occasions where climate of Earth has been as warm as it has been in the past because the Sun has used up a lot of fuel?

Remember, these are just questions I ask myself and not necessarily the case.

There has been a huge increas in fireballs and meteors in the last few years and when you consider that the solar system is billions of years old and that there are other planets its definitely the case that many asteroids have ceased to be for one reason or another.

I do so love it when scientists commit themselves to say something is happening when there is no proof or that something will happen when they do not know.

My best ones are the years in each subject where they have stated that things will not happen for thousands of even millions of years and yet there is a long list of data I have seen and thought “Yeesh, well so much for all those claims you made, eh?!”

And yet I live in an age where some baseless claims in science want to be taken as gospel while actual data gets completely dismissed and ignored.

Also they lied about it but two different teams of Chinese Scientists found no evidence of man-made global warming in 2014 and again in 2019 and came to the same conclusions I stated here. That it was already warming when the Industrial Revolution started.

The argument they AGW crowd used was that the were only talking about north China.

  • No they were talking about and used the term ‘global warming’

  • So their defence of AGW is that it is not global?

So then this has been mapped out and is one of 50 parts or more I posted just since January 2019 and have posted about this since 2012 on here.

It has occurred after two gauges, not reliable, for global temps have stated it has dropped.

Record cold and snow reports just for this winter have come in from right across Asia including Russia, the middle-east, Europe, North and South Africa, South America and North America and even Hawaii has reports of heavy snow as has Australia and New Zealand has had snow even in its summer.

And no its not La Nina and trust me when I state that if you put two graphs of global temps and La ENSO side by side you will find two occasions in the last three or four decades when the global temps have peaked at the time of a La Nina.

Here are the four parts regarding Italy’s Campi Flegrei super-volcano and its the last one that has the scary forecast of the worst case scenario. You have been warned.

Here is one on the super-volcano at Lake Toba

Lake Taupo super-volcano in New Zealand

Extinct super-volcano in Australia

And an extinct one in Russia they call the Siberian Traps that erupted for a million years, though I often take scientific claims with a grain of salt and this is one of those.

Interesting that one of my theories I have talked about is brought up as a possible trigger for eruptions, and the fault lines, with antipode. In that an asteroid strike large enough on the opposite side of the world triggers an eruption.

This had been considered the trigger for super-volcanic eruptions but they now know, or think, this is not the case in some. Like Camp Flegrei for one.

My next piece has to be on the events following the inauguration of Joe Biden and the stock market fiasco as ..

  • Feminists seem to have been disappointed

  • Students seem to be disappointed

  • Those with Mortgages awaiting stimulus cheques are disappointed

  • People with jobs in a certain pipeline seem to be disappointed

  • Those wanting Medicare and diabetics are disappointed

  • He was very quick to sign up with the Paris Agreement which has many wondering why he focused on that and many climate groups worrying he will barge in and take-over and saying he can get lost

  • Kamala ‘Hairy’ Harris claimed there would be no fracking so environmentalists are disappointed

  • Hard-Left groups have been targeted and suspended so they are disappointed

  • The Censorship the hard-left called for has been used to shut down them and people screwing over billionaires on Reddit .. so many more disappointed

  • Many Climate Groups have notices on their profiles trying to tell people they are not political and have no affiliations with political groups likely because of all the reports that Greta Thunberg, her family, Fridays For Future, Extinction Rebellion and even Black Lives Matter are Marxists or run by them

  • The Stock Market, Billionaires, Hedge Funds, Game Stop, Blackberry, Nokia, Wall Street Bets, Robin Hood (the imposter) and selling shorts

  • There has been a record amount of executive orders

  • They only approve of walls when they are being erected to protect them and one has to wonder of they are expecting backlash from something they INTEND to do?

  • #FoodForThought

  • My word has he even been President a month yet?

  • I can tell you this has a fact and you can check yourself that many Extinction Rebellion

  • Despite what the Hard-Left have bene telling me abo9ut greater support ..

  • Many groups around the world stopped posting on Twitter in mid to late 2019

  • Others stopped around May to November 2020

  • Even those that do, do not get many likes or retweets



Lets get something straight to a great many people that have visited my blog posts in recent weeks who likely have come up with the wrong idea about me.

Or as I am sure is happening have been convinced by others of the wrong idea about me and intentionally so. As a recent popularity spike in my blogs has alarmed and cheesed off the far-left.

If you are not far-left in politics then you are therefore far-right.

Here is the reality.

  • Scientist

  • Like to think of myself as centrist and impartial

  • My tests come out not just centre-left but close to Gandhi

  • The far-left do not like this

  • They switch between me being far or alt-right to being a socialist

  • Am against socialism, get annoyed as most that want it or have been convinced its a great thing have not been told everything. If they told you everything you would not want it

“If voting made any difference at all they would not let us do it” – Mark Twain

I am hated because they think I am a Trump. Not even American and never set foot there.

I have not voted ever because I hate politics and most politicians, they lie, they cheat, they do not give a shit and not even the ones in charge. I fight socialism because I do not need nor will I stand for my life being made even worse than it is and after a living hell going on for decades I will NOT tolerate a fascist, leftist blaming me and telling me I am wrong.

That should be told to my face, not yelled out, lied to, bullied, hounded and harassed on social media and them diving down all the accounts of me they can find because they fear me.

Oh and they do fear me.

They have seen my viewers shoot up and they are losing it over how this is happening and literally in the space of a few hours on the 6th January I went from being told I was insignificant to the capitol being stormed all being my fault and I have got people killed and might have started a civil war.

As insane as that sounds that is what took place on the 6th January.

In fact this is the mentality of the people you are dealing with that want po0wer over you. They want control of what you can and cannot say and how you think and how you vote.

I had hoped Donald Trump would change a few things that were making my life hell and towards the end of his first term not only was it frustrating that he had not done them but I seem to have two options coming up ..

  • Would I go another four years waiting for him to do what he hinted at

  • Will he lose and it will only get worse and not just for me but hundreds of millions

Oddly I did not think he would lose and everyone knows how and why he lost. Though technically ‘lost’ is the wrong word.

All previous leaders for me turned out disappointing and even Obama did not do the four things he said he would even after two terms.

What was different for me is this was something different. Trump was something different. He was real and not just a mouth piece whispering sweet nothings that people want to hear.

You knew where you stood with him.

This was the same with Nigel Farage.

But for some strange reason the hard-left became obsessed ..

  • Hated Politicians for leading us to where we are at

  • Hated Farage

  • Hated Trump

  • And now we are back with the same types of politicians that got us to this point

  • Only now we know they lies are way bigger

  • They lied and cheated to get us to where we are and the leftists have helped the same politicians we had before lying and cheating for all the world to see

I just do not understand how these people’s minds work.

The way many see it as that the leftists after power kno0w many people are naïve idiots that do not do due diligence, get into a dreamy state where they think all their prayers will be answered of they follow this particular bear.

In 2021 they are going to get a rude awakening and they and everyone else will suffer and purely they allowed themselves to be conditioned and not listen to those they were told were the enemy.

So they think I am alt-right. Because they got programmed into thinking that if you disagree with them at all over anything then far-right, alt-right must be why.

Odd that they never thought to ask that if all the answers were easy then where is the country in the world where life is perfect? Because I personally do not know of one.

‘How is history littered with groups of people that are self-righteous, believe they are superior and have all the answer and only when it is too late they realise their mistakes?’

‘How can a group that spends many a year creating greatest division in the history of mankind, blame the other side for all the problems as well as the divide?’

‘Water, when obstructed, finds an alternate path but only mankind can have one side dig its hells in and refuse to move for their fellow man’

‘Man has never been more divided than it is today while walking blindly towards the cliff of doom just as their leaders had intended’

Wise and philosophical lines aside, well one can only hope, the banning of people off Twitter and Facebook and the sinister coordinated attack on Donald Trump, Conservative and other voices is wrong.

Angela Merkel did not agree and thinks that big tech companies shutting down freedom of speech should not be their job but the governments.

Both right and wrong.

Start controlling what people can and cannot say and you bring in more political power to various groups that once power is gained get more and you cannot get them out.

People should actually look up the history behind the Nazis. Who were not the Nazis, as they are now referred to. This was just their name for short. Before Hitler took power. The bad stuff came long later.

Hitler was also put in prison and likely for saying things and I believe where he wrote his book and look how that turned out?

Many people have noticed, myself included, there is a very striking and scary similarity between the path modern day hard-left are on to that of the Nazis.

Now here is where it gets way, way worse.

They can now literally influence any country in the world that has the Internet and/or smartphones and you all paid these very companies the money to achieve that power over you.

Irony has never had a greater example than what is going on today.

Sadly I suspected it for years but never it my wildest dreams did I think they would either push it as far as they have, make it as obvious as much as they have nor get as far as they currently have got.

To the hard-left they got a victory recently, or so they think but to billions around the world was stand open mouthed at what they got away with and who is helping them.

So that banning of Donald Trump alarmed a lot of countries and I was hearing things from India, Germany, France, Poland, Mexico and Australia and of course Uganda barred Twitter and Facebook.

There as a combined loss of $51 Billion between Twitter and Facebook.

Then there was a secret video, not sure what too make of this as it was close up and how did he not notice, of Jack Dorsey saying there would be a lot more.

Also that Vijaya Gadde was also recently heard to be saying that they intend to influence things around the world.

Yeah that would be around the world. That is you.

Representatives were summoned and asked for explanations and India did this but I for one would not be interested as it is very obvious you cannot trust anything they say.

Those two lied on Joe Rogan’s show and lied to Tim Pool.

Tim Pool has become so incensed that he recently described it as Jack Dorsey punching you in the stomach while he asks you why you are making him do this to you.

Yeah I do not really think for a second that Dorsey or Gadde is in control and are doing this and are just doing as they are told.

Come on, watch them on Rogan. You think these to clowns suddenly decided to take it upon themselves to run the world?

Not everyone is on Twitter and they are either being kicked off now or leaving in droves.

In a matter of months who will be left to influence?

The Hill thought that Twitter would now vanish in 2021 and I an inclined to agree with that statement now.

And after years of supporting companies like Google and Amazon I can say today that I despise them, they are evil and have been complicit with others into making my life hell and took away my ability help help myself and others.

Twitter and the British Government are others.

Its like being caught in the middle of a war by two evil forces at odds and taking the flack from both sides.

The side I am on are the decent honest folk I meet I have respect for. Not those willing to mislead the wider public and treat them as slaves or foot soldiers to help them in their amoral endeavours to hold onto power they do not deserve.

I am fighting to stop the limitations placed upon mankind by those that have become self-appointed kings and queens. Or just kings, whatever the case may be.

Now here are some details and a few screenshots of the hard-left getting rattled.

“One of the interesting things is a lot of the work we have been doing over the last week is work we’ve built on in other places around he world, where we’ve seen violence unfold as a result of misleading information or coded rhetoric” – Gadde

The world is spinning out of control because of the bad handling of those in power who now want to limit what people see and from big tech where some lies and crimes are perfectly OK and some truths and even words from a dictionary are not.

What is more scary, the fact that established information among the masses is now looking to be false, cures being implements that are untested and worse than the disease or that a very small number of people have elected themselves as God like deities who can run the world?

There are people and families who have made money and pay their bills by way of followers on social media and I have spent years trying to do the same.

They have been suppressing me to ever greater length for 5 years after telling me I can make an income from this and giving me nothing in the way of feedback, even to what they do not ‘like’.

In the last 3 years this has rapidly increased, none of my numbers work correctly on any platform I am on. And just as I found a way around it they purged a ridiculous number off Twitter and Parler got shut down. Yeah I have likely had 50,000 followers or more blocked from me.

Like Tim Pool stated its like you are being repeatedly punched on the stomach by Jack Dorsey, and others, while has is asking you why you are making him do this to you.

Who elected these arrogant people into the positions of God?

From India on the subject and I do not blame them .. a shame I do not live in India as the way I see it it might be the one place where I wont be treated like crap.

They are getting worse as they are panicking because of the drop in solar activity, the lengthening of it we have not seen before and emerging link to seismic activity and all the record cold and snow right across the globe.

You see they have not got what they want yet.

Lets say people start to think that the AGW crowd have misled them and the fact that they targeted everyone’s children .. and the fact that they put to the forefront a child to mislead their children.

Well I think that the backlash might be severe and any chances they had of getting their way will go south for the winter and for good.

Yeah only you have all this talk of The Great Reset and professional people I was friends with who did not believe such stories now know its real and are asking me how they could possibly think this up as it simply cannot work. I said that they seem to be under the impression that they do. The infuriating thing about it all is they literally come across as if we are all slaves and will just do as those in power tell us to.

It really is all like something from the worst B-Rated Horror Movies. End of the world over burning and viruses so that a new system can be put in place where all the ones in power that scr3ewed us over ever worsening capitalism can remain in power under socialism.

And the ones that despise them the most may well have just helped them achieve this?


There really is no getting around it and I do not understand how the hard-left today do not see it and call everyone that disagrees with them that which they actually are.
If you are against free speech and silencing other and only want free speech that you approve of you are the same as Hitler and Stalin and this is fascism. Here is Jimmy Dore, further left than Tim Pool, and Noam Chomsky a Marxist lecturer stating it.
‘One you give them the power to restrict the ones that you do not like it then becomes a lot easier to restrict YOU’.

I predicted a great many things over a number of years starting from 15 years ago or further back than that and many thought I was crazy.

Today very almost all have apologized, asked how I coped and stated that it is far worse than even I said it would be.

If someone told me two years ago that their prediction was that the events of the last couple of months would occur ..

.. well I would have called THEM crazy.

Been saying it all year while many said it would be better and just a few weeks ago Tim Pool realised the same thing.

Everyone said that 2021 would be way better, that 2020 was the worst year of their lives by some margin and could not wait for it to end.

Afraid to say 2021 is only going to be worse.

For one thing I have been trying to imagine how the world is going to react to all the record killed and killer snow that has occurred. The AGW group are now, once again with hindsight while telling me my predictions were wrong, blaming the ENSO and La Nina.

Not only I this complete balderdash, how is it that when I stated all year that this winter was going to be a record breaker around the world they did not answer “Oh yeah well of course because we have a La Nina”

In all the years you were told in the media about how fast the world is going to warm did you ever once hear them say, “well every couple of years it will cool down because of La Nina”?

This is how dishonest the hard-left are. Literally a man listed as being 8 miles north of means a ‘remainer’ posted two graphs and called me an idiot and liar. One of global temps over a period of time and one of ENSO with La Nina and El Nino.

The time scaled were not only very short but completely different to each other so only covered two or three decades.

I had been laughing at this group of people for several weeks with their latest excuses.

So I looked and sure enough I posted back that there were two periods when the global temperatures were at a peak when a full on La Nina were in effect. He told several other lies too.

He then spent several hours claiming, despite the fact he proved himself wrong with his own evidence, that he was not wrong and that I was lying about him lying.

The problem with Twitter and they uses this so if you have had this done to you this is way they do it, is all the posts move down so quickly. This thread has had hundreds of people on it. Likely over 100 have blocked me because they just cannot beat me in any kind of debate.

Well .. the vast majority do not actually debate. They just lie and use tricks, double-talk, provoke and then all mass report you because they do not like some facts and science.

It is very difficult for me to want to live in a world where people such as this not only exist but spend all of their waking hours fooling the masses that they are all for them and improving their lives.

Would rather be hit by a truck or die in a war with a gun in my hands than live in w world with these hard-left fascists in power.

Income from advertising screwed up by big tech.

Disability income wrecked by lying NHS and British Government. Daughter and grand-children’s lives destroyed by the same.

Patreon account had nothing happen and would likely be closed down if it did. Tens of thousands followers gone because of despots and evil tyrannical big tech leaders.

Go Fund Me after my daughter was double-crossed by government and Police did nothing in 2017.

Minds account was supposed to earn crypto or something but the numbers there got messed with while I do not understand how tokens relate to coins with Ether and Etherium and watch a lot of videos where people waffle things where not only do they not actually say anything sound like they have zero idea what they are talking about

£35,000 got stolen by family member and despite discovering this and warning probate and authorities was not investigated.

I could go on with this list and I am also supposed to sit here and believe like some kind of dribbling crazed fool that decades of hell was caused by people they now want me to believe were doing a great job and actually making that WORSE is really making it better and for my own good?

I would really not want to see what they would do if they actually wanted to make it worse.

Spent years having things done to me and my family and long sinc3e figured out everything behind it, why it has happened and who is to blame. Though I only have one name to who is at the top and only 99% sure of him.

I hsve been way higher up the ladder with a view of almost all of the scenery long before anyone else and over the years people have eventually seen what I have seen.

Had non believers that had since realised and professional people whose politics are centre-left experience fear and anger and state that ‘these evil, fascist socialists need to be wiped off the face of the Earth” to my susprise.

Say the slightest mean thing to these evil fascist hard-left and they suddenly turn into one of those birds that when a predator is too close to their nests they get on the ground and feign having a wounded wing to lure predators away.

I tagged this #BirdWithWoundedWing Technique.

It is absolutely stunniing as these people would happily hurt you in all kinds of ways physically, financially as well as mentally. They have openly stated “so” and “I don’t care” to children being raped, dying, people dying, animals dying and number suggesting a increasing likelihood of worldwide catastrophe.

They are only interested in pushing fear, control and getting money over AGW and Covid while the latter is ironic as they were the ones that insisted it was nothing and wanted to bring all the people home and NOT refuse entry to any countries. Now they do not want you leaving your house.

They have low IQ, uneducated in any field but think they are smarter than everyone else, know everything and have the right to order other people about and make their lives a living hell.

Its like a Dystopian nightmare and I have seen people comment something even I have thought when I have been my worst moments of pain and fear that I wished an asteroid would just end it all.

They think Aliens are here or might come here? Who in their right mind would want to be associated with evil trash like these?

Could you imagine these fascist woke crowd meeting intelligent aliens trying to explain why they are dishonest and evil towards others and then explain to the aliens what they can and cannot say, think or do?

Pew-pew, ZAPP!

Here are some screenshots of a hard-left Antifa in Switzerland .. remember they are all about saving the Earth, people, children and animals and are all into the science and know more than me.

And I assure you that 100% of the time out of likely 10,000 they are all like this on the global warming front, all hard-left and all pushing for the Great Reset and they all stated for two years that change was coming and there was nothing any of us can do about it.

They are rude, arrogant, ignorant, dishonest and highly manipulative in such a way its worse than what I imagined having to deal with what the Nazi;s would be like in World War 2.

Except for the part where they murdered you which from the way they talk I am not entirely certain they would not happily do the same.

The conversation he claimed he witnessed to convince others that Rob Honeycutt of Skeptical Science and friend of Potholer ‘wiped the floor with ‘ never took place. At all.

Oh and when they are proven wrong or exposed as lying they go on a spamming spree.

Now they ask for science and if I provide 6 tweets of different things they then falsely accuse me of spamming, despite tweets running in a series. But they actually do spam but do not see it as spamming.

There was also a spate where their language and bullying was so bad they thought they was untouchable and then I noted that their tweets were coming up as warnings despite nothing being in the tweets.

Then this one got a life suspension and one of three of late and he must be sooooo confused and not as superior as he thought he was.

It appears what is going on is that they are flagging people and putting their tweets under an advisory on the hard-left and then leave it there as they go through their tweets to determine what they have been doing.

This one was soooo sure of himself and so sure he was invincible and protected. A series of screenshots I have show that they were all suddenly getting scared and many have gone quiet since this one was booted as his friends, when it comes to accusations and language, are way, way worse

  • Your an alcoholic
  • You have mental health issues, seek help
  • You are a right-wing Nazi
  • You are a secret socialist
  • You’re a paedophile
  • You’re a rapist
  • I blackmailed Boris Johnson, the Home Office and British Government for a House, is the latest

One I did because I got annoyed with his lies and name calling as well as ignorance and just did for a laugh ..

I post to Minds under @saintallnights

GAB and Parler as @allnights


So  then lets review despite being at the start of January 2021 ..

We had record cold and snow across Asia, Russia the US and Canada in December 2020 while there were still reports of snowfall in Australia and New Zealand.

No I posted these all month and the likes of the hard-left Marxists in the Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg and Climate Change, Climate, Action and lets scare children to death crowd did as they have done for 3 years. ‘Means nothing’. ‘Get triggered over weather reports because of the messenger’ and ‘just weather global temps still rising’.

Now I do not trust the UAH because I fail to see how you can take enough temperature readings globally to be accurate.

I also spent 220 posting hundreds of record cold and snow reports while they told us the temperatures were still rising and it was the second hottest year ever. Which they started foretelling in March. Spooky!

They are also always getting their science wrong and I asked them for two years what they mean when they said ‘But its the Polar Vortex!’. A term that is over used, they do not know what it means despite them claiming to know science and in actual facts means nothing is you do not know the mechanics behind it.

These mechanics, or at least one of them, is known as a Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event or SSW which is not that sort of warming and I will include links to later.

This occurs at the poles and why the temperatures suddenly rise but they eventually cool bit the weaken the vortex and push polar air out.

Now let us make something very clear about global climate and something they fail to mention when they claim its risen exponentially.

The planets temperature throughout ancient history has cooled way faster than it has risen. Until such a time as we discover some micronova or series or flares that has risen the temperatures.

In 2020 I saw UAH temperatures rise when I fully expected them to drop and while Marxists were ripping crap out of me over this I was told that Dr Roy Spencer, ex-NASA climate scientist and author, who the Marxists hate #NotMyClimateScientist, also started questioning this.

Observational evidence is key and always will be. But Marxists always want to go with graphs which do not even come close to aligning with reality.

They also ignored the fact that I had long stated I do not trust these graphs. I still don’t. But it is all we have to go on when it comes to what they claim to be the global temperature.

Well as it turns out ..

It was reported that during December 2020 there was a drop of 0.26 Celsius globally and so it went from +0.53 to +0.27 Celsius above an imaginary average.

Dr Roy Spencer and ex NASA Climatologist ..

Now lets put this into perspective before I explain how ridiculous and potentially dangerous climate activists are ..

An SSW is predicted to drop temperatures further between around the 10th January to mid February 2021 and maybe even longer.

Now if the same drop was to occur over the next month or two we would be back at zero or very close to it.

Now remember it cools faster than it rises and this depends upon the top three drivers of climate which is order are the Sun (low activity), Volcanoes (rising in frequency) and oceans.

Scientists on the BBC in a video, in an earlier post, stated in 2014 after a record solar minimum and record low solar maximum that it was just like a run up the the Grand Solar Minimum they called the Maunder Minimum. They also stated harsh winters would not happen because of all the CO2 and they have already been proven wrong as there have been countless reports of records being broken.

Now during this period between 1648 and 1700 they say that the global temp was somewhere between -1.0 Celsius and -2.0 Celsius. You will have to research the exact figure.

What if in a year we are at -0.3C to -0.5C and in two were at at -1.0C or lower?

What IF a large VEI5 or higher volcano goes off to speeds up the drop?

Solar Maximum cannot arrive before 2026 and there is a 3 year lag for effects.

Now WHAT IF .. the extinction rebellion Marxists had got to play God 4 years ago and managed to find a way to already drop the global temperatures to zero back then?

If they had we would be close to -1.0C and staring a Maunder Minimum like period in the face and a period known as the Little Ice Age. For good reason.

Watched a video on YouTube, ITV News I think it was, where she looked in her fifties and was in the south west of England and stated that the river had frozen and she had never witnessed this before.

British Columbia ..

Kashmir ..

Washington ..

Japan ..

Delhi in India ..

China ..

-32C in Japan ..

Mongolia ..

Russia ..

Scandinavia ..

Finland just set its Coldest December Temperature in a Quarter of a Century

South Korea and record cold at -32C when it should be warmer than the UK ..

There are a lot more, the Alps in Europe of hit been hit with 6 or 7 blizzards and is forecast to get worse because of that Sudden Stratospheric Event I mentioned ..

Now consider the following ..

Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events are not only rare but far more scarce at the South Pole .. except have they not just had record snow in Australia and New Zealand?

There are way, way, way more reports than I have put here and you can check graphs for freqeuncy of volcanic eruptions and look at the forecasts yourselves.

You were mislead. And I know the reason why and is scattered about in various parts on this blog and in great detail.

Will mention one last thing ..

I have been checking out various climate action groups from around the world along the lines of Extinction Rebellion and using search terms like ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Fridays for Future’.

It would appear that they get very little support, feedback and reposts and unless your name is Greta Thunberg most have none and very, very few get above 100 on anything.