This is becoming kind of obvious, kind of worrying and kind of fucking annoying.

I now read another story of the UK deporting someone, or planned to previously, who is married to Brit.

I’ve heard this of EU citizens previously and now I find my first story involving someone from outside the EU, Singapore on this occasion.

My early remarks about thoughts and feelings is due to the fact that they seem to be dealing with everyone except those the British public wanted dealing with. In other words those for which they voted to leave the EU for!

So what in the hell is going on here?!

It was steering off like they would deal with the easy cases they can’t be labeled as racist over, white EU citizens just like they are going after white disabled people.

Oh yeah … it’s really weird how no disabled groups have noticed this, though many of their members have. I asked one member of DPAC if they was aware of any disabled individuals posting about how the DWP had literally shafted them that was non white. There was one, one I had forgotten about. That was it, one and I’m not even sure they, the DWP, had ‘gone after’ her.

I’ve been stating for years that it was obvious that only white people were being picked on and that this was because we are easy targets.

Though I might be wrong but the very nature of being racist is picking on those of a particular skin colour?

Just in the case of the UK it is happening because they simply cannot pick on anyone else. Or at least that was the case but now this lady from Singapore is being picked on.

I’m willing to bet that you will hear of dozens or even hundreds of cases like this? But none will involve the area of the world where many and most immigrants have come from in recent years everyone wants sent back?

I also wonder how pissed off the mainstream, fake, liberal, leftist, SJW, media is willing to let Brits get before they realise they cannot ignore these facts anymore?

Maybe I should gauge this in years?

One year before the mainstream media realises the British are pissed off they are either ignoring it out covering it up?

Maybe even two years?

Imagine it being five years or more and then asking yourself how many innocent people like those women from Holland and Singapore were preyed upon?

I’ve heard of several people married to Brits being targeted but where are the deportations of the arrivals, not married to British people and who have lied to get here? Especially the bloody obvious ones who stated they were children,  clearly we not and got in the country anyway!

Still … at least they are not trying to state that a British born woman is not British anymore when it comes to responsibility and care …

Oh wait? They have!!

How do I know this? Because I know them, speak to them on the phone and have seen the paperwork. Court paperwork, no less.

Sound really, really bad? Sound unbelievable?

Well it’s true and I’ve covered the case on this blog … but …

Perhaps I should mention that they are disabled too? Perhaps I should also state that their condition is one of the most painful conditions there is?!

This is called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Back to front? Topsy-turvy? Upside down? All over the place? A right royal mess? Oh no wait? That last one is a completely different story entirely and guaranteed to take longer than the one I’m referring to in this blog.

I’m a stickler for being fair and calling them out when it is clearly not, exposing, naming and shaming them when they know they are not and go to great lengths to hide it.

But the longer it takes them the worse it will get for them. Of that I can assure you.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Woman deported to Singapore despite 27-year marriage – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39099574



Oh … My … Good … God.

Tony Blair is back again, he is at it again and so are his adoring fans … the news media and mainly the BBC.

Now he is being extremely patronising by height is we didn’t really know what we were doing by voting for the UK to leave the EU and that we should do it again so that we get it right.

Sorry Tony, I knew you was an arsehole when you were still Prime Minister, desire the fact I got it wrong and thought you would change the UK for the better when you first got the job.

Now I know your an extremely patronising twat as well as an arsehole.

But you just keep on singing like the proverbial Canary. Just keep tweeting your little heart away. Wait? Does he even have a heart? I’m sure some would state that is a big negatory?

Anyhoo … yes, yes that’s it. Start getting into the public eye and limelight again with your patronising blurbs. Just keep on doing that.

Outside of his lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction, another thing I got wrong, he sends to be becoming more and more vocal lately. It’s like a new trend for him. Normally I would be going nuts about him doing this and ripping him a proverbial new one.

But this time I’m not.

In just a couple of months a number of large changes are going to take place. It’s going to be a mad, mad year.

One of those due to happen did actually happen, not like I expected it to at all and turns out it will… give me a full on boner of what one … government organisation has stated …

This may sound completely insane? Lol. But I assure you it’s kinda cryptic without being cryptic yet does not sound cryptic when I state …

One government organisation had had a series of meetings about taking another government organisation to court. Each one does not want to look bad and I feel pretty sure that the news media will be not only very interested but Ajay talking about it.

The funny thing is they I pointed out very clearly that one particular tabloid would be most interested in this story. That’s now been uttered by someone within a certain news airing organisation.

That was the Daily Mail.

The funny thing is if I’m right it may turn out that the Daily Mail will have no alternative but to run the story. Because one of the players happens to be belonging to something the Daily Mail really don’t like.

Trust me when I state that a lot of face saving is going to be going on and it’s going to be a wild ride and for some it already has been.

Added to this …

One of my personal enemies are wrapped up in this and despite not being one of the two they are directly involved, will be directly quoted and directly demanded answers of and be a prime focus on the media publications.

I … am … fucking … loving … it!!

Or at least I was when some conversations between one of the two players and some working in the news media were explained to me.

In fact I stated that this was now more like what I expected to be hearing and that now the dogs have left the traps.

To make things sound even more intriguing when I state that even the news media will form two groups over this. Lol, but not in the way you think that they will.

I’d tell you it all but I’m afraid I’m protecting someone’s interests … again. And, no it’s not my daughter. Not this time.

I was positively giddy at the thought of proving the one remaining prediction of corruption and on the most shocking areas. This one will open to eyes like never before on here and is the biggest shock I’ll post about.

It’s different to that which my daughter was involved in but just as shocking.

It’s the one … industry I wasn’t sure about when I started blogging, got something on so far but not published yet. I was due to get more when suddenly I find out they are involved in this other … disagreement going on.

In fact the piece I initially wrote but then shelved had all the in depth details. Worrying the person involved read my piece before I published it and was … worried about a couple of revelations. 

So I shelved it.

Then I got a phonecall the following day to day someone had, had a discussion with another party. Similar to one very guilty party already involved and they are not happy … not happy at all! Hence the discussions and meetings and have even sent a letter demanding explanations from this … sister organisation. They have been ignored and will continue to get ignored.

So then, why do I think it’s about to kick off?

Well I’m told that they stated that they dinky won’t let this go and have only just got started. I can tell you that latter statement can be explained by a simple fact I’ve actually already published on here. Lol.

So this government organisation had two options of they refuse to let it go because they look bad …

Firstly they can take the other government body to court.

Secondly … if they decide taking the other government organisation to court is too expensive then the onto other option is to go to a news media source that’s in your favour.

Umm … or both of the above?!

Well … I know for a fact that not one but two news media organisations are already aware of the now evolving situation from the victim in all this. In fact if the Daily Mail are contacted this will be a third.

One government organisation will welcome the news media with open arms while the other will react akin to a vampire on a clear June day.

In fact after the surprising result I typed up a post for the blogs but I decided to shelve it due to a few points that we wrong, points that worried the person in the middle of all this plus it now seems to be fast evolving into something else entirely.

I positively dribble every time I think about the possibilities and was roaring with laughter on the phone …

One of my oldest enemies I’ve lost to on every single occasion is wrapped up in all this and I didn’t even know it!! In fact had I known I did have told everyone involved exactly how it would turn out, which is the polar opposite of what I actually initially predicted.
In other words I was wrong, admittedly I was not aware of all the facts. But now that I was wrong it is looking like it will turn into something way, way better. Added to that it could well be in the news too?!

A court case immediately proves me correct on this from my pre-blogging days. This will make a world of difference to me, my plight and my blogs over night.

A number of news media stories will have an ever greater effect than any court case could do.

Both? Well that’s the stratosphere I’ll be bobbing around in. Well when it comes to viewers that is she then finally I would have assist gotten close to that I was aiming for, for so very, very long now. Which means I will be fairly close to achieving my long term goal.

Everything is a cheap parlour trick, a magicians illusionary tricks and slight of hand.

Once you learn how the trick is done it no longer works and is ready to spot. Like all puzzles once they have all been taught or learned many similar puzzles are also easily spotted.

Or on other words and very, very soon they simply won’t be able to do these things any more.

When that time comes everything changes and things start to get better. How long this takes in full I’m not really sure.

But we have been living in an age of secret deception, deceit, manipulation and control. Powerful people who get away with the grandest of crimes while punishing the poor for the most trivial crimes and preaching to us and the world about it.

Hmm yeeah … I have my own solicitors and their thing going on. The recent result led me to realise that I wasn’t going to win.

I also may have to hire a second solicitor too which is ridiculous. I’ve been after a solicitor for many, many years now. Note that I do finally have one I very much doubt they will do anything …

Mainly because they not only play by the rules but think that my enemy had when they have been reported on many times ignoring their own rules and the law.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Reality Check: Four claims in Tony Blair’s speech – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39007019


Hmm it is funny how it seems to take three separate governments before they admit to something I have been harping on about for over ten years.

In fact it is actually about to effect me in a major way that will feature as a part on my ‘Revelation’ series of posts. More on that in around a week to ten days time. Hopefully. It is a period that normally has a … loosely pre set time period. Thought this time period is not in any way fixed it is usually the norm. Except and typically in this instance because of course it involves me.

I dare say that many readers are going to state that something that I am involved in has gone awry, out of bounds and off the ranch entirely and always seems to happen with me. Well … there are some explanations, some possible theories and … some mysteries.

The plot also seems to thicken every couple of days too.

So what is it this time that has caught my attention? Well a few things actually but must significant and notable and linked to the above is the housing market and rent prices. Now we have already had a very peculiar statement about rents being too high from none other than Theresa May, along with … umm planning to do something about it? Yeah I would not hold you breath on that one.

However what is now being admitted is that of what I have stated for well over ten years, along with rents being too high, the housing market is broken. Their words, not mine. Broken. The housing market is … broken.

They also stated that 250,000 new homes were needed every year?

Umm no they did not. They do NOW because I have been stating the housing market has been fucked for well over ten years and will screw the British people up eventually. No, that number is in fact needed because by their own admission ‘we are behind schedule’. Yeah over ten years behind schedule and along with the British population growing you have been letting in a countless number of people that should not be here.

Oh my God. How that is going to be a factor in a big way on my posts in around ten days … you do not even KNOW!!

Now when this post in the ‘Revelations’ series comes in the smartest visitors, the most regular and even the semi regular visitors that have seen most of what I have done already are going to realise a few things.

  • That despite what I have done the last 18 months or so there is far more stuff and evidence that was posted prior to this period

  • That over the next 8 months not only is it inevitable that a shed load of stuff is going to be posted but that I am going to be working triple time on posts and content including photos, videos and animations

  • That towards the end of the year there is going to be an absolute boat load of revelations and that this too is inevitable … my friends know this but there is the odd naïve or even stupid individual and I hear the word ‘hearsay’ a lot when it is in no way classed as ‘hearsay’

  • Something has occurred which has inevitable consequences, not ‘something might occur’ it has occurred and in mankind’s history these inevitable things have never failed to happen

This will lead into a bunch of stuff, part of what I was referring to above, with the NHS that will be something of an eye-opener for many Indeed many that may have had doubts and even claimed I was wrong are going to look … foolish. Just how foolish is all down to how many in this sea of know-it-alls, who have very little in the way of intelligence and/or wisdom, crowed they are right. Whenever I look at the comments sections of YouTubers I watch that does tend to be around 80% of people that make wild claims and argue the toss when they are clearly lacking the intellect to even make an argument. Which generally reduces down to shouting, name calling and even violent threats. Because, well yeah, that is how you prove that you are right and intelligent by name calling and making violent threats so that the other person submits into silence so you are the only one talking.

No .. dogs do that.

Speaking of the NHS I spotted a hilarious report that stated that our ten minutes with a General Practitioner is the shortest in the world. That is the world. That means the entire world. That means not just the modern western rich, lol, countries but third world countries too.

Funny then that I particularly remember how David Cameron came in and said that patients ned not worry, he was aware that we were only getting 5 to 7 minutes with a GP and that he was going to increase this to ten minutes! LMAO.

You really cannot make this shit up but the British government seem to not be able to go a month without coming out with something that makes themselves look moronic. Though with some people this seems to take a bit longer … like several years when it eventually affects them by which time its too late and too much damage has been done.

For instance … the DWP, ergo the government, are changing the rules in benefits in a way that many people, I know because some have told me, think it is a good idea. Now admittedly one of the people that thinks this I a good idea also turned around and said that old people and seriously ill should be allowed to die to take the pressure of society. Yeah well obviously that statement, without him realising this point, is made towards people that have no or not much money. Technically this guy kinda works for himself but he really does make fuck all in the way of money and I am asked by many how he survives. “I do not know!” is always my answer to that one. I have seen him make as little as just over £50 on a Saturday.

The next time he makes that statement I have a reply waiting for him …

You do know, right, that once those old and sick people with no money all die your the next on the list to go? Right?!

The reality of it all is that people are so desperate for things to change and people to suddenly disappear because they think it will improve things for them.

The other stupid thing that exists about his statement is that, they might not spend very much, but half his footfall are pensioners. Of course some will be sick and disabled people too.

Therefore he will be the next in line for an indirect extermination.

Now as to the governments and the DWP’s plans … they are trying to change things so they pay out less money. Less money to those without work, regardless of reason, with both living benefits and housing benefits. You know how many people are relying on benefits, right? That means all those people are spending less money and that has a negative impact on the economy. No getting around it, it does, the end.

Only they now do not intend to stop there and as I explain, albeit loosely for now, what they want to do you simply must remember what I said in the last paragraph about the British economy.

What they now intend to do is watch what you earn … so that in the event that you lost your job suddenly they would then look at what you earned within the last year or perhaps even more and class all your money as capital as if you had it all. If you say you bought things with the money you earn they will simply state that you should have saved it all up in case you lost your job and refuse you any benefits for a whole year.

Right now you obviously know that this affects anyone on benefits that gets a job? But do you realise that this also affects everyone who has been without a job, hovering on the borderline of keeping a job and that has done for the last 5 to 10 years right?

Think about that for a moment … everyone that has ever been without a job, regardless of the amount of time, for the last 5 to 10 years. Even if the number of unemployed is around 1.5 million your talking about a number that will be affected as being between 4 to 10 times that size.

Or that is now 6 to 15 million now being told, one by one, that they now cannot spend their earnings on anything close to luxury items.

That is a potential 6 to 15 million, maybe even more and who knows, scared to spend any money on anything. Are we there yet?!

Has this not already been the problem since the financial crisis started?

Have they not been trying to encourage people to spend money and take out loans for the last 7 years?!

Realising the deliberate mistake now? Sorry but if you make rapid and humongous changes to things then you have rapid and humongous consequences that will occur and no fucking spreadsheet in the world on any software will factor in that one for you.

Fucking … dumb … arses. How do they get these jobs and how do they get paid so fucking much to come up with this crap?!

Are we there yet? Yeah? Umm …. no, you are not.

Read the bit in a very recent post about Westminster Council planning, or are, rounding up all of the homeless and carting them out to the home counties? Did you realise that this will be the first of many and likely a factor in their long term plans of the ‘ring of steel’? Yeah well they had better buy a fleet of coaches, or tipper trucks most likely, for the future.

With the above plans being bought in what you are going to see is a vast and literally exponential rise in the number of homeless people in London and maybe even other major cities in time?

Yeaaaah no ones going to work if they are homeless.

Every building needs a foundation and we as humans are no different.

I have a home and it is the basis and very centre ow what I do. A bigger and better one willll have me do triple what I have been doing and likely up to ten times as much. No home would have me doing very little and possibly even nothing at all.

It ain’t rocket science.

Hmm … maybe they are expecting this as I keep reading reports about how 35% of jobs is going to be taken over by robots or androids over the next few years. Yeah … they are getting that fucking wrong too and of course without breaking the habits of a lifetime, well at least fifteen years anyway, so are all the big news media outlets.

Yeah but then when you have to falsify your facts that must take a toll on time coming up with things that are believable?

Yeah … humans being replaced in the job market? Worried about it? Do not be.

You see the really funny things about robots and Androids is that … yeeeah they do not spend money. At the end of the day if you replace humans in the workplace the number of jobless goes up and all that I have previously mentioned about housing, homelessness and the British Economy rises exponentially faster than it has been or even will be in just three years time.

Spreadsheets anyone? Anyone?!

Oh but then they could always be relying on the fact that you would die so therefore cease to be a problem or expense, like that person I know stated?

Oh wait? Dying? The DWP saving money by people dying? Well they would need help with that one really … to really kill people off in any numbers that would seriously save them money.

Oh wait? I forgot, they could get help with that one! The NHS.

Oh wait? Did I also read recently that the number of people, with mental health problems, dying had risen by 50% in only three years?!

Are you familiar with my use of the term ‘the evil trinity’? Had you been formerly aware of my use of the term, the links and proof that I published and thought me wrong or even mad? Well for starters I would have said something you can think someone’s wrong all you like and you have a right to do so .. BUT that does not mean you are right.

Homeless people being carted out of town is down to Councils.

Not enough affordable housing has been down to central government for at least 15 years.

People with illnesses dying is down to the NHS.

People dying of starvation, suicide and being homeless in the first instance is down to the DWP.

The DWP, the NHS and Local Councils are the evil trinity with every single member being vastly overpaid to do these evil things out of the British Public’s taxes!

Are you still sitting there thinking that the small amounts of money paid to people through benefits that is so small is leading to their deaths, you still think this is the right way to go?

Well you would or still do if either you a mathematical idiot or completely amoral, despite what you might say on TV, do for charities, act like in front of journalists or tweet/post about on social media.

Also I will tell you this …

That is the first time I have seen stuff planned that they really do not see the consequences of as you can absolutely forget every consequence I have already mentioned. This .. is .. a recipe for disaster that cannot be avoided and they do not see.

All I will state for now on this that I will come back to and prove at a later date and point back to this very post, yet again another of my predictions, are these few points …

  • Football

  • Acting

  • Music

  • Politicians

Yeah as I typed this out I realised that this effect will happen in not one but two stages and that this one I have expected for a number of years now will be the first stage. Yeah … obviously it will be two stages and that will be obvious after it happens, lol.

I guess that I will have to be around to explain stage 2 on that one so that they can get going?

I can see Jasper Carrots explanation about the banks in my mind yet again as he ran through all the things they did that led up to the crisis that was obvious when you heard them and put his hands up in the end and said “How the hell did that happen?!” that had his audience and my roaring with laughter.

Yeah … take 2 and take 3 will be coming in the next couple of years on or slightly before 2020 would be my estimation?

So … for those that have followed my blog and been somewhat … disappointed at my lack of content and … well, revelations of the last 18 months. That is going to change. It and all of my subjects matters are going to change.

According to the law and the rules something is going to change and it could be in two weeks time and six weeks time at the longest. In theory it could change tomorrow but I do not have access to any of the details just yet. There in itself lies more problems because by law I am supposed to be and am not. There are also others involved in this and it is happening to all of us and none of us, bar one, know these details yet. There are just two details, mmm there is kind of a third, and I believe that after more than four weeks of waiting we are getting one detail today.

That detail could come from someone who was present at an event in person? Though I doubt this too as will be explained in my next ‘Revelations’ post.

When this whole debacle is over my work rate and acquiring of videos, photos and evidence too is going to rapidly … I mean rapidly increase in speed and continue on for at least a year to 18 months and get more frequent all the time.

That is for everything I do and cover from corruption, computing and gaming to reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchids, astronomy, science and beyond. RAP..ID…LY.

I am a little dizzy with excitement in all honesty but at the same time a little apprehensive as some of these changes are going to be a major, major change.

You can forget everything you have seen before. You can forget the past two years as I believe I will have more content over the next year to eighteen months than I have produced in possibly three years and maybe even going right back to the start?! Well I think I would probably need 18 months to actually get close to doubling my content. Hard to say how much I can regularly do and how long I can keep it up for?

I will certainly have more content than I have had for the past two years. How much more than that really depends on the second of the two details we are all waiting to hear about. I should find out when the first detail is finalised at the very latest. It could come before and should have come four weeks ago but … there is a largely unknown force in all this that thinks it has more powers and secrets that it actually … well, has.

Though this force has indeed been given food for thought .By none other than I.

I am also asked, well other than by those that simply just want to talk about themselves and their situations 100% of the time, very regularly about this … matter.

I will also state that it is in the hands of a public service I have never covered and a court. Yes another one and I have a second bloody solicitor on alert for this one. Not one of these free and useless solicitors, either. A full on, £180 per hour solicitor who already asked me to come in and meet him. But I have to first work out if it is worthwhile and secondly speak to eight other people about it first.

Watch this … ‘Revelations’ space.

Mental Heath Death Toll Rise ..


The ‘I Told You So Years Ago’ of deaths up casued BY Mental Health Patients ..


Time With GP in UK Shortest in the World


Londoners Re-Housed Outside London and very OLD NEWS …




Seems it is so bad in Birmingham you have to go back to the 1930’s before it is worse than today …


OH .. MY .. DOG!!

There was I lately thinking that only the loony far left were sitting themselves up to be the mindless two faced idiots that they are?

They want freedom of speech for themselves while wanting to physically attack others that say things they don’t like.

They want to do away with democracy but despite this open showing of violence towards those they don’t agree with are themselves willing to pay down like submissive ducklings when those that want to kill them land on their shores.

Yes plenty of people have covered that as have I and will continue to cover that.

They simply fail to see that they hurt their own cause as well as those on the left that are not complete and utter loons.

I didn’t expect to stumble across another group that would sound just as loony but that those they harm are those they are tasked to protect.

Who are they supposed to protect?

The accurate wording of the question is … What are they tasked to protect?



Still confused? I hope not as otherwise this may not make much sense to you and that means animals will suffer.

If you cannot work that one out then stay away from animal protection affairs! You will do more harm than good!

Actually this also seems to apply to PETA which is why I was sparked into writing this post.

PETA have contacted some gaming store, called Game Workshop, and a store I’ve never set foot in and told them to stop putting fur, or selling, on their figurines. Figurines from something I know if a computer game called Warhammer.

Yeeeaahh there is just a tiny-winy, incy-wincy problem with this demand. It’s not fur it’s plastic!

Huh? Problem solved? Just a little embarrassing but now all over? Well I can forgive you if you thought that but there is another little problem…

…PETA KNEW it was plastic!


Yeeeeah apparently they want it banned because it looks like fur?!

Umm … errrr … they do know that the very first clothing was ALL ANIMAL SKIN, RIGHT?! So are they going to ban ALL CLOTHING next?!



No I need another one …


Banning plastic because it looks like fur! I don’t fucking believe it!

It gets even better than this … on the report page on the BBC News app there was a photo too of a bunch of semi naked or almost naked women. Each one building a banner about how they would rather go naked, well you do check my history of clothing above, than wear particular materials of clothing.

Go on, give it some thought. I think there were five of them. I reckon you will probably get one of them … hang on let me just check …

No, OK you would get two of them but only because I’ve already mentioned one. Well … sort of mentioned one by word only. Fur.

So I reckon the other one that’s obvious you would let get is of course leather.

How about the other three?

Thought of any yet?

Oh crap …

Ah OK …

Down. Well that would be feathers if you don’t happen to know. The Quilt & Pillow Police will be knocking in 3 .. 2 ..


Wool. Yes I kid you not. Wool. The Sheep Police will be knocking very soon. Think it can’t get any more ridiculous than that? You would be wrong …

Silk. Do you know where Silk comes from? Caterpillars. Lmao.


Well when I was a child it used to be about NOT KILLING ANIMALS.

Today it seems to be to not mildly inconvenience animals?!

Oh, oh, oh and don’t forget? Each one of these women would rather go naked than wear any of those 5 things.

Jesus I need to get out down the high street more with my high powered zoom Nikon?!

Oh wait, I forgot. Exposure in a public place is illegal so they are all locked up and obviously why we have no spaces in prisons?!

Hmm what’s the quickest way I can get myself locked up?! Lol.

Yup … Sheep with cold viruses aplenty and caterpillars without warm beds? Christ, how will we stem the mass extinction?!


Well PETA goes on my very, very long list of public officers, public services, private companies knowingly selling you shite, ombudsman and organisations receiving donations from with naive people, tax dodgers who receive money for doing fuck all.

Just that in PETA’s case they are just as obviously loony as the far left in politics.

How the FUCK have these people got jobs?!


Wait a minute, I just had a thought! These morons aren’t the reason why there are vegetarian dog foods on the shelves that are killing dogs who don’t have that long a life anyway?

If that’s you PETA … well I’d like to think of what people should use a fun for on you. It’s cruelty through incompetence that’s far worse than the far left.

They should change their name from PETA to FAAI, the Fight Against Animal Inconvenience! They should shut them down and put the money/donations into stopping parts of the world that are still eating Dogs and stop that.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Animal rights group PETA calls for Warhammer ‘fur’ ban – http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/articles/38802938


Hmm let us see what is afoot?

It seems that while the news media are absolutely entrenched in reporting anything silly, stupid or embarrassing about Donald Trump along with the fact that a woman has given birth for the first time … oh no silly me … I got a little lost there.

Beyonce has made the front page because she is pregnant and my short term memory loss kicked in and I had forgotten that women have actually given birth before!

Yeah and while we are being teaspoon fed the usual unimportant garbage by the media the British government is getting up to some real dirty tricks once again. Hidden by the shroud of anti-Trumpism that ems to be spreading like the proverbial plague!

So let us take a look at what is not being reported or focused on that is most certainly abuses of human rights and worse than that … downright cruel? Oh how I would not want to be a young person in the UK today.

Well first up it is none other than the DWP and the Tories again, though admittedly Tony Blair got up to his own shit for several years before he fucked off to write books to make more millions, do a job that did not exist to be paid more millions and sit stop his altar while leftist news reporters swooned while kneeling at his feet, whenever he appeared that is.

Ministers seem to think that if the state just stopped showering the disabled people with sweeties they’d get off their backsides and get jobs. Employ a few ex-military (Niiice) PT instructors as ‘work coaches’ at the Job Centre Plus, allow them to impose sanctions on the real lazybones, and it won’t be long before no one will need ESA! – The Independent’s James Moore


Umm yeeeeaah … I am not sure about the ex-military thing but then I have not met anyone under ESA yet and are not likely to but as for the rest? Too fucking late yet a fucking gain!

Once again reported by me ON HERE almost a year ago and likely long before that too … as I stated here and have stated several times previously Tony Blair got the ball rolling on this one. The Tories are just grabbing it with both hands and are running with it.

I am currently right in the middle of something, as posted on here, with a … lets say disability specialist legal team. That sounds utterly confusing to me and … very recently and at least twice basically just quoted the rules and protocols to me, said I had no reason and have only provided me with stuff I can fucking find online!

Well they are doing one thing that has now or soon will be rendered a fucking moot point. The other thing they are refusing to do is basically a carbon copy of the first and far more important. Plus I have for more valid reasons than the first one but … the computers say no!

Oddly I am asked many things by disabled people and one notable questions is …

How have the DWP gotten way with so much for soo long when there are all these organisations claiming to be for disabled people who get money from God knows where who have appeared to do very little or nothing at all?

A fucking good point!

I do actually see a problem … sometimes legal people want to play by the rules and they absolutely point blank refuse to be told or see that the organisations they are tasked to fight do not in any way play by the rules.

You have lost before you have even started.

This is even more annoying and frustrating for any one with a disability when these breaking of the rules are not only reported in the media and so in the public domain but have been reported over and over again and fir different things too!

So what in the hell is going on? You can tell them and you can show them over and over again and yet they do not only refuse to change their approach they resolutely refuse to even make remarks on these reported crimes. In fact they do not even register them as crimes, which they should do considering who they are.

So what will the end result be?

Well not just the disabled community but the wider public will see these disability organisations as first off suspicious and eventually they will be exposed as being scams of some kind. The donations will either dry up, through fear or benefactors and patrons being exposed, or they will be found out to be some tax dodging crap.

Think about it … who would think of investigating an organisation that helps the sick and disabled for free?

What happens when time after time they refuse to do much and someone notices they have done little or nothing.

Now … this is what I have told many, many people for many, many years and that is that some of these solicitors, albeit the crap ones, want cases that are so easy a Chimpanzee would win. IN these instances I always, ALWAYS state the following …

If the case was THAT fucking easy … tell me, why would I need YOU? To take thousands of pounds just because your a solicitor even though your a crap one?!”

I have contacted the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority several times over the years and I have pointed out these issues but I either get the usual patronizing government bullshit, as only they are the individuals with any form of intelligence, or I get no response whatsoever. Oh Lord, please do grace us with your communiques for thou art aware that courteous acts are not required by such angelic and benevolent beings!

Ahem, stop taking the piss, Martin!

Another good one is something called Operation Temperer which is quite obviously thought up by someone with a seriously tempered IQ that will put 5,000 soldiers on the streets in the WAKE (their words, not mine) of a major terror attack. Tke a guess which location this would be then look at the next thing on my list!!

Hmm have I mentioned previously about how the billions spent on nuclear weapons and millitary is not to protect the average people but protect the powerful and the wealthy.

You know this guy … he was rambling on about how London will only be for the rich and that they would kick everyone else out. Went on and on and fucking on about it. You reading this Oliver? No that was not you, mate! Lol. You were the second person to mention this idea to me.

Sounds crazy. But then if there is one thing that history has taught us over and over again for time in memorial and even long before that is that people in power and those with large amounts of wealth often do, do some very batshit crazy things.

Nahh … I cannot see that hap….

Westminster Council in plan to move homeless people out of London?!

What is this I spy by Chloe Chapman in the Evening Standard? Kindly forwarded to me by the previously mentioned Oliver after he quoted some outlandish and ambitious plans to me. He said he had some links. I told him that I would like to see these links!

Moving them to another city like the London Councils stupid and moronic LAWN Scheme they have had for years under different names? No they are going to cart them out and drop them off in the home counties. Well that will be nice and warm for them in the winter? Oh no wait a minute … it is concrete that stores and gives off heat at night, not damp mud, ice and snow … what was I THINKING?! Lol.

What? You think they will house them?! Yeah … fucking right!

Is this a new level of homeless people called Citiless? Cityless? City-Less … ooh that got boring real quick!

But hey, we can all have a dig in the news about Donald Trump and his Mexican wall, right? Right?! RIGHT?!

Well it is better than a wall of steel some in London might end up arguing?!

Have you not heard? Well the BBC did when they reported something regarding a ‘ring of steel’ to be erected around London’s ‘Square Mile’ from terrorist attacks.


You just know it is going to be bigger! Anyone think it will eventually stretch as far as Victoria and Belgravia? Anyone? St John’s Wood? Regents Park? Hampstead? Lol.

Is it not funny how fucking contradictory they are? Reminds me of this meme I saw going around with an American building a wall being watched by a Mexican before he turns around and catches a Canadian building a wall who then freezes and says “It’s … not what it looks like!”

Well that is now no rules for them and thousands for everyone else and with no legal right to challenge any more and no right to food. Why you little

Jesus H Christ! There low levels of evil know no bounds. Think about these things in contrast and simply standing behind disabled with a whip, kicking homeless out of London and then putting up a steel wall behind them as they are dragged off kicking and screaming.

What, pray tell, other dastardly plans float about the halls of Westminster and those of Whitehall and other … umm, halls?

A long time ago in the life of these blogs of mine I had a woman who knew the things I did and thought as I did and she even opened my eyes up to a few things I was unaware of, like Serco for one and I suggest a thorough perusing of their ‘About Us’ page. But eventually she thought I was a government shill, had to look that one up, and accused me of trying to incite a civil war within the UK?! I laughed at this and stated that I did not need to incite a civil war, the MP’s and ministers will do this all on their own and without any help.

Good God if I am ever forced to return back to life in the body of someone else please, please, please do not let it be in England and certainly London. Or any middle-east or North African countries! Lol.

Kicking the Disabled ..


Operation Temperer putting 5,000 Soldiers on streets in wake, that is WAKE, of major terror attacks … HORSE … GONE … STABLE … THE DOOR!


Moving Homeless to Home Counties …



How the hell do I write this piece? I should name it after a YouTube channel I like to gravitate to now and then called ‘Late to the Party’. Things are inevitable but mostly out of my hands … for now.


I plan on posting this second piece up on my blog as, in fact, the first piece due to a hold up on another matter and data not presented that would allow me to finish it and publish what was intended as part one of the ‘Revelations’ series.

First off I should say that back around 2003 there was a family bereavement and it destroyed my family and hundreds believed it was brought about by the lying of the BBC to get ratings. It destroyed my family and then some. We thought we would get some money from the house he owned but it turned out that was … a dodgy mortgage they somehow allowed to be sold in the UK. Then we was promised half of another house by another family member, who is heavily featured later in this series, but he backed out on that, which I told my siblings he would do anyway. So we were going to get nothing. Until I did a deal over the sale of my father’s house where we would get £15,000 out of it from an Estate Agent owned by Muslims. I did not know much about Muslims back then but I always tried to trust everyone. Except after some lying I only ended up with the initial £10,000 I was paid which I split among my siblings. The other £5,000 was supposed to come later from a Muslim that drove a Bentley Continental GT. It never came.

I was fated to run into a number of extreme Muslims in the most extreme and most horrifying way a few years down the road. That … was destined to show me just how bad these people can be and how they are abusing our country in ways I could not even dream up but also show how bad large public and even secretive organisations were in this country too. Like a large bust up of operations they claimed credit to that had nothing to do with them when it came to the discovery, names photos, locations, cars driven and, more importantly, movements from Liverpool to both Manchester and Birmingham.

In the aftermath I tried hard to get someone to take some legal action but they shied away from it and it was really frustrating. Eventually the court case was forced upon them because she was taken to court.

For three or four years I was involved in this court case I wrote a lot about and published on my blogs with some prediction dates that kept changing. Then out of the blue these dates went up into the air and … never, ever came back down.

During this time everything seemed to go just as I predicted and I started out with £1,300 at the start of 2016 and by the end that and a most of my PIP for 2016 went in helping that case along.

Getting the person to court and the solicitors practice.

Paying for bills, electric and food among other things because of the expense of the legal case as well as the fact that £50, it turned out later, was being docked from their money by the DWP without warning or reason being provided.

This case court hopped through Family, Civil, Crown, Magistrates, High and Supreme Court during this time. Or at least so I was told. An Anonymous type group even appeared and my being … behind it was mentioned.

Well when you have had half a million people nearly someone important or of significance somewhere notices.

At the end I expected just three things to take place …

  • I would get back some of the £2,000 to £5,000 odd I paid out (didn’t really keep track)

  • I would get a hold of the court paperwork to expose public services in a way many would simply not believe

  • I would spend a lot of time with this person and their children doing a great many things

That was it and that was all.

But … there were a couple of times when there was some really bizarre behaviour being witnessed and something crossed my mind that I ignored. But turned out to be the case.

There was a man.

Turns out and now looks like he is the very worst kind of man.

Oh a great man things might be said about that statement but I am afraid that I do not have to do anything because these points have been proved for me for well over a year now.

The court case?

Well that was supposed to involve the Merseyside Police I have a fantastic report from in duplicate except these duplicates were two months apart and full of shit.

It also involved Wirral Council and their Social Services department in particular and they were warned by me twenty years ago not to act as they did. I told the court’s barrister this too.

It also involved both CAFCAS and the CPS to lesser degrees.

What happened at the end?

Well as far as I was told we won and the person I was helping was awarded over £750,000.

Yeah that really does have six figures in it.

During the run up to the final court date some waxing and waning or negativity among people I know took place and many said it was down to jealousy or envy.

Christmas 2015 was expected to be spent a long, long way from here. It wasn’t and the line of communication fell silent and an FB profile vanished into thin air.

The negativity and the ‘I told you so’s’ went into overdrive despite the fact it was only silence. God knows what piss taking went on behind my back but I was told straight I was lied to and there was no court case and no money awarded. Except I KNEW the former to be true but had zero evidence of the latter. No money back and no court paperwork. Not even one of the gifts they stated they would buy me, a Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 watch being one.

By the end of January 2016 I had to stop bringing the subject up with one person and eventually everyone. By April I was not talking about it at all with anyone and I was occasionally asked by one if I had heard anything on a monthly basis and simply answered ‘no’.

Month after month went by and I did not hear a single thing. Until mid October last year, 2016, when a message via Facebook popped up and stated ‘Sorry, I have just been really busy. I will call you tomorrow and come down next month’. That month being November 2016.

The following day came and went and the following week came and went and no phone-call was received. The following month came and went as did December and a second Christmas and no visit.

Something did … present itself to me though in a uniquely bizarre way.

The following day after I was contacted Facebook suggested some friends to me and right there at the top of the list was this person with a different profile but with a picture that was her.

My suspicions that a guy was involved were raised when the person in question turned up in Euston in London of all places in the middle of the night. I never managed to find her and could not call her as her mobile phone had famously ran out as it always seems to do.

Then another time she came down and spent an hour here before going home.

Plus I heard someone in the background and when I asked if there was another guy involved she denied it.

The annoying thing is that every single naysayer I had, had to deal with each had their own theory and were absolutely insistent about their validity Despite not knowing any of the three people involved. At all. But it looked really bad and they took the silence and lack of proof or contact was proof of their theories.

I tried very hard to tell them that there was a guy and that I feared it was the worst type of guy, especially where both security and money are concerned. They did not listen. So I eventually clammed up about the whole subject because of the snide remarks, the cocky attitudes despite no proof of their varying theories and the funny looks between people.

So there I was staring at this profile and with her three children among the photos.

Then there it was. A quite unmistakable and new surname. It was not a good one.

A pull up of the relationship tab and it stated that she got married in May, 2016!!

The raging urge to go to every single naysayer and tell them of what I had discovered and remind them of what it was I had both predicted and feared back in late 2015 was .. almost uncontrollable.

I said nothing.

Except around 6 weeks later I mentioned it to one and the first thing he had to say was “Did she ask for any money?!” I told him that was exactly why I had not told anyone for two months.

I then told another one and the very first thing that he said was “That is not proof she has had that money!” If I am honest those two along with another two I would early love to turn up with proof that I was right.

That is not going to happen.

I cannot hep wondering if people reading this or those that followed this story during 2015 have reached the conclusion or already have that I am and was back then speaking about an ex-girlfriend?

Umm .. no.

Yeah you would be right thinking that it was someone close to me but not in the ballpark with that one, I am afraid.

What was wrong with the married man?

Well he is a Muslim at a guess and she has a middle eastern Arabic sounding surname. Problem with that? Well, yeah there are to in fact. One is she was involved with a group of them that contained radical Muslims and I fought tooth and nail to get her way from that and fought with the local council over it to the point they were almost literally shitting themselves. Second problem is that like the previous Muslims women are not allowed their own money and some cannot even drive. So does the three quarters of a million pounds I worked so hard to get and waited twenty years to win now reside in the bank account of a Muslim man?

Bearing in mind I handed over likely over £3,000 in over a year in the run up to the end of the court case and I now have to wonder if this woman used that cash to buy what she believes to be love from a man only interested in the money she was going to receive?

A haunting tune from Hans Zimmer called Where We Are Going is filling the room where I now sit and contemplate the many questions that haunted me on this subject throughout the whole of 2016.

Sound cruel? Yeah it was.

Still thinking that this sounded so close it had to be a girlfriend or ex? Still, no.

The person I blogged so much about and the court case like that of which no one has seen before in the whole of the UK with the biggest public services scandals that led to the Muslim paedophile ring and two terrorist cells in Manchester and Birmingham that MI5 were quite happy to claim was their hard work when it most certainly was not?

Who was this person that had their children stolen from them by their own mother and four public services teaming up against to see her fall and lose the children completely?

Who was the woman also made homeless and had her cash cards taken from her that helped themselves to her benefits and asking a lot of questions about Stratford in London prior to the London Olympics?!

Think all that is bad and even bad ass? You ain’t heard half of it and I suggest if you want the whole story and some police reports and a receipt to a registered parcel to MI5 you use the search function to peruse my archives.

The lady and children in question are both my only daughter and my only three grandchildren that two of which I have not seen now for three years and the youngest I have not seen at all.

There do exist metaphorical but almost real wounds in my back and they have festered for a long, long time.

Oddly and would you believe that many of the naysayers actually now see the light in the fact that if there was indeed a large amount of money to the tune of three quarters of a million and that it now resides in the bank account of a Muslim man … that this knowledge and even as a possible theory would for them be … something that would send them beyond breaking point.

Well bugger me the light shines on the arses of the blind!

You might only be asking yourselves why the Supreme Court was involved? I will save you the trouble of the search and tell you that there was no precedent in this case. To decide on a case they refer to previous cases as a guide. They cannot if there aren’t any and only the Supreme Court can introduce new laws and punishments.

Would you believe that I am also in contact with another woman who has had a court case going on for a couple of years and this one is also said to have no precedent?

What do you think the odds are that within the next year or two I might be involved in another that has no precedent?

Well … there is on court case I have going on which … might turn into two and with another legal battle being talked about with others that would have to involve me.

So the shit I had with the DWP and the NHS throughout all of 2016 that nearly left me homeless and had me visiting counsellors at Mind? Yeah … as I told the counsellor I had this picture of how 2016 was going to be throughout the entire year of 2015 and it could not have worked out worse of you tried. In fact I had several people, some who were non believers in the beginning, actually turn around and state that they were in no doubts whatsoever that the government had thrown several spanners into the works! Yup, I kid you not and I did say that the thought had crossed my mind.

I had begs while obviously on my knees to stand up and fight.

I do not know what it was with some. Maybe the hero they had held me up to be ha been faltering in their eyes and they could not face that fact? I was battered, beaten and torn to shreds, make absolutely no mistake about that.

I simply could not believe the situation I was in and how low I had gotten and then in everyone’s eyes it got worse when I started to black out more often and even woke up in a large clump of stinging nettles wondering what in the world had just taken place?

My will escaped me completely and I was not eating for a couple days at a time and even then was not very much. .Oddly when the weight fell away many of the symptoms I had been experiencing vanished along with the weight Even the backing out. Not before I had an emergency MRI arranged as they thought I might have had a tumour in my head. I was so battered and beaten down from the DWP and Enfield Council that I did not even care if I had a tumour and actually wished that I had on several occasions. All of that stuff from last year, even conversation with a shocked A&E Doctor who was surprised IU did not care about MRI results.

Do you know what I have about all that stuff from last year and the year before? What have I stated recently I have not done much of for a couple of years? What did I mean when I said that sometimes some things just take a lot of time? Well … I have recording of fucking course. Oops.

Everyone is aware of how much in the way of recordings I have. I can tell you with absolute certainty and this will be sweet music to the ears of many that have been disappointed I have not posted much for two years …. oh hell, do I have some recordings?!

What, really? Did you really think I would ever stop? Not on your life.

Battered, beaten and torn asunder the one thing I will absolutely do is record and on the more important occasions have something a bit special to record with.

Battered, beaten, torn asunder and reduced to a quivering wreck on my knees … I still have a job to do and a mission goal to reach. While there exists living cells in my body I will do whatever I can to acquire whatever I must to achieve my goals.

So I have done very little for at least 18 months and yet I am approaching 500,000 views?

Well mark my words on this. It has taken a great deal of time to reach the period I wanted to and that is, at most, a year away. Or at least it was…

By the time this now five piece, with the prequel piece I posted up, series called ‘Revelations’ is finished it will be clear that a fair amount is going to be both acquired in film, photos, documents and other things during 2017 alone and 2018 too!

That light I see before me has grown and is about to grow exponentially larger!

Hold on to your butts. Don’t forget to squeeze real hard. Oops, you pooped a little!

Forget WMD’s, what you need are WRM’s Weapons that Reach the Masses. Lots and lots of weapons to reach more and more of the groups within the masses. So all the masses. After a that is the goal … at least in part.

Though when you read through just what I have here alone you would forgive me for wondering at times why I do the things I do and why I will still achieve and acquire things when I am reduced to a wreck on my knees?

Because there is nothing more than this.

Sometimes they come at me from the fore. Sometimes they come at me from the rear. Sometimes they appear as flanking manoeuvres from each side and even all at once. Their labels to careers spouting words like ‘law’ and ‘protocol’. I stand. I guard. I release devastating punches and kicks while all surround me. The figures of my enemies move silently in the dark. Each seeking out my week points in which to attack. Sometimes the punches know not their target, that many can there be. But labels and careers matter not one jot to me. What is right and what is truth are what drive me. Come by all sides and I will still fight with every ounce of energy that remains. Be still in the dark and I will strike thy darkest of hearts. Walk away and underestimate and I will force thee to rue. Freely think nothing of the small battles when the war itself contains many. Beware the tools of your destruction as they come in many forms. Guard thy dark heart for it will be vulnerable. Be warned of the coming catastrophe for thy will not be granted another.

I come ever closer. A movement here and another there. A vicinity to reach to make my strikes sh I shall not miss. Be ready mine enemy for I am coming.

Oh for the being that may watch over us, do I do good? For the way, way down we go before the return inspires our fight. Oh how I wished there had been another way.

What must be done, must be done.

For thanks to the powers that be the single most important thing in my life has turned into nothing less than a nightmare of epic proportions.

As I had stated in the prequel to this series this was intended as post number three … and I had thought about waiting until after my birthday in two weeks time to see if I would have gone through two Christmases and two Birthdays without hearing anything?

Also as regards the next part … well let me just say that it has become more and more bizarre with every day that has passed by because nothing is being divulged.

Something has occurred that has … let us say inevitable follow ups, one of these being an unavoidable date. It is something that happens to everyone and is followed by a second date that occurs seven to ten days after the first. Except … umm we, not I, are three days short of that seven to ten day period being four weeks, yup that is 28 days. Twenty eight days, just in case you guessed what it might be and think that has to be a typo and I meant only 8 days. This is a date for something that is booked so even if we are informed today or tomorrow that date is still going to be a week or so away. I have told others involved in this that at this rate that 7 to 10 day period is going to end up being 35 to 40 days?!

If you have not guessed what this period is for then trust me … this is quite … unorthodox.

But that is not all either … as there are two other things that we are supposed to be informed about and we have not been told of these things either … again after nearly twenty eight days.

Currently I have had to make several contacts over this and am being urged to take action and have the backing of three of the five I require to move forwards.

So the next part of this Revelations series was supposed to be published two weeks ago after a particular date went by so that it did not … hmm lets say complicate things when a number of people get together. That get together is inevitable but it has just taken a far, far longer time than I have ever come across without Christmas taking place within that period. This is why part two has been bumped to part three.

Added to all this … well it seems Revelations looks likely to get a fifth part as something else I am, indirectly this time, involved in looks to be coming to an end. This is to do with someone I know that I have covered previously on here. But if the latest I am hearing is correct the end is nigh on that one and it looks set to be a win. Which I always knew it would.

As I said this fifth part, or will that end up taking that spot from what is now part two, does not directly involve me but is some … oops, disturbed by my regular Jehovah’s Witnesses callers who got told about part 2 … or 3, lol .. to wide eyed shock. Yes this fifth part is not only not directly connected to me but is such a revelation in its own right it will deserve a part and likely be reported on in the newspapers or perhaps TV. Though the person involved is … reluctant to deal with TV and already turned down one offer by ITN News.

I am assuming, and hoping, that one of these two other situations are resolved in a couple of weeks time and with my one, if it has not … well I dread to think about the implications and hidden meanings that might result in.

After a Christmas break I met up with my Mind councillor and I ad not covered the people involved in what is now part two … or was that three?

As I sat there and explained I could see the look on her face and even the realisation hit when she suddenly realised that this was going on last year. Last year when this posts subject was taking place, or rather not taking place, and all that crap with the DWP cancelling my benefits I would rather not bloody claim anyway. She looked at me at one point and said that I was the most exciting, or something to that affect, person she had ever dealt with.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses even stated I should write a book and were astonished when I said I had already written two but did not get much interest! Well … other than single literary agents that stated the book was far too big for them and big agencies seeming to behave like I was full of crap … yeah should have asked me to prove it .. still too late now, lol.

Stay tuned.