OH .. MY .. DOG!!

There was I lately thinking that only the loony far left were sitting themselves up to be the mindless two faced idiots that they are?

They want freedom of speech for themselves while wanting to physically attack others that say things they don’t like.

They want to do away with democracy but despite this open showing of violence towards those they don’t agree with are themselves willing to pay down like submissive ducklings when those that want to kill them land on their shores.

Yes plenty of people have covered that as have I and will continue to cover that.

They simply fail to see that they hurt their own cause as well as those on the left that are not complete and utter loons.

I didn’t expect to stumble across another group that would sound just as loony but that those they harm are those they are tasked to protect.

Who are they supposed to protect?

The accurate wording of the question is … What are they tasked to protect?



Still confused? I hope not as otherwise this may not make much sense to you and that means animals will suffer.

If you cannot work that one out then stay away from animal protection affairs! You will do more harm than good!

Actually this also seems to apply to PETA which is why I was sparked into writing this post.

PETA have contacted some gaming store, called Game Workshop, and a store I’ve never set foot in and told them to stop putting fur, or selling, on their figurines. Figurines from something I know if a computer game called Warhammer.

Yeeeaahh there is just a tiny-winy, incy-wincy problem with this demand. It’s not fur it’s plastic!

Huh? Problem solved? Just a little embarrassing but now all over? Well I can forgive you if you thought that but there is another little problem…

…PETA KNEW it was plastic!


Yeeeeah apparently they want it banned because it looks like fur?!

Umm … errrr … they do know that the very first clothing was ALL ANIMAL SKIN, RIGHT?! So are they going to ban ALL CLOTHING next?!



No I need another one …


Banning plastic because it looks like fur! I don’t fucking believe it!

It gets even better than this … on the report page on the BBC News app there was a photo too of a bunch of semi naked or almost naked women. Each one building a banner about how they would rather go naked, well you do check my history of clothing above, than wear particular materials of clothing.

Go on, give it some thought. I think there were five of them. I reckon you will probably get one of them … hang on let me just check …

No, OK you would get two of them but only because I’ve already mentioned one. Well … sort of mentioned one by word only. Fur.

So I reckon the other one that’s obvious you would let get is of course leather.

How about the other three?

Thought of any yet?

Oh crap …

Ah OK …

Down. Well that would be feathers if you don’t happen to know. The Quilt & Pillow Police will be knocking in 3 .. 2 ..


Wool. Yes I kid you not. Wool. The Sheep Police will be knocking very soon. Think it can’t get any more ridiculous than that? You would be wrong …

Silk. Do you know where Silk comes from? Caterpillars. Lmao.


Well when I was a child it used to be about NOT KILLING ANIMALS.

Today it seems to be to not mildly inconvenience animals?!

Oh, oh, oh and don’t forget? Each one of these women would rather go naked than wear any of those 5 things.

Jesus I need to get out down the high street more with my high powered zoom Nikon?!

Oh wait, I forgot. Exposure in a public place is illegal so they are all locked up and obviously why we have no spaces in prisons?!

Hmm what’s the quickest way I can get myself locked up?! Lol.

Yup … Sheep with cold viruses aplenty and caterpillars without warm beds? Christ, how will we stem the mass extinction?!


Well PETA goes on my very, very long list of public officers, public services, private companies knowingly selling you shite, ombudsman and organisations receiving donations from with naive people, tax dodgers who receive money for doing fuck all.

Just that in PETA’s case they are just as obviously loony as the far left in politics.

How the FUCK have these people got jobs?!


Wait a minute, I just had a thought! These morons aren’t the reason why there are vegetarian dog foods on the shelves that are killing dogs who don’t have that long a life anyway?

If that’s you PETA … well I’d like to think of what people should use a fun for on you. It’s cruelty through incompetence that’s far worse than the far left.

They should change their name from PETA to FAAI, the Fight Against Animal Inconvenience! They should shut them down and put the money/donations into stopping parts of the world that are still eating Dogs and stop that.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Animal rights group PETA calls for Warhammer ‘fur’ ban – http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/articles/38802938


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