Hmm let us see what is afoot?

It seems that while the news media are absolutely entrenched in reporting anything silly, stupid or embarrassing about Donald Trump along with the fact that a woman has given birth for the first time … oh no silly me … I got a little lost there.

Beyonce has made the front page because she is pregnant and my short term memory loss kicked in and I had forgotten that women have actually given birth before!

Yeah and while we are being teaspoon fed the usual unimportant garbage by the media the British government is getting up to some real dirty tricks once again. Hidden by the shroud of anti-Trumpism that ems to be spreading like the proverbial plague!

So let us take a look at what is not being reported or focused on that is most certainly abuses of human rights and worse than that … downright cruel? Oh how I would not want to be a young person in the UK today.

Well first up it is none other than the DWP and the Tories again, though admittedly Tony Blair got up to his own shit for several years before he fucked off to write books to make more millions, do a job that did not exist to be paid more millions and sit stop his altar while leftist news reporters swooned while kneeling at his feet, whenever he appeared that is.

Ministers seem to think that if the state just stopped showering the disabled people with sweeties they’d get off their backsides and get jobs. Employ a few ex-military (Niiice) PT instructors as ‘work coaches’ at the Job Centre Plus, allow them to impose sanctions on the real lazybones, and it won’t be long before no one will need ESA! – The Independent’s James Moore


Umm yeeeeaah … I am not sure about the ex-military thing but then I have not met anyone under ESA yet and are not likely to but as for the rest? Too fucking late yet a fucking gain!

Once again reported by me ON HERE almost a year ago and likely long before that too … as I stated here and have stated several times previously Tony Blair got the ball rolling on this one. The Tories are just grabbing it with both hands and are running with it.

I am currently right in the middle of something, as posted on here, with a … lets say disability specialist legal team. That sounds utterly confusing to me and … very recently and at least twice basically just quoted the rules and protocols to me, said I had no reason and have only provided me with stuff I can fucking find online!

Well they are doing one thing that has now or soon will be rendered a fucking moot point. The other thing they are refusing to do is basically a carbon copy of the first and far more important. Plus I have for more valid reasons than the first one but … the computers say no!

Oddly I am asked many things by disabled people and one notable questions is …

How have the DWP gotten way with so much for soo long when there are all these organisations claiming to be for disabled people who get money from God knows where who have appeared to do very little or nothing at all?

A fucking good point!

I do actually see a problem … sometimes legal people want to play by the rules and they absolutely point blank refuse to be told or see that the organisations they are tasked to fight do not in any way play by the rules.

You have lost before you have even started.

This is even more annoying and frustrating for any one with a disability when these breaking of the rules are not only reported in the media and so in the public domain but have been reported over and over again and fir different things too!

So what in the hell is going on? You can tell them and you can show them over and over again and yet they do not only refuse to change their approach they resolutely refuse to even make remarks on these reported crimes. In fact they do not even register them as crimes, which they should do considering who they are.

So what will the end result be?

Well not just the disabled community but the wider public will see these disability organisations as first off suspicious and eventually they will be exposed as being scams of some kind. The donations will either dry up, through fear or benefactors and patrons being exposed, or they will be found out to be some tax dodging crap.

Think about it … who would think of investigating an organisation that helps the sick and disabled for free?

What happens when time after time they refuse to do much and someone notices they have done little or nothing.

Now … this is what I have told many, many people for many, many years and that is that some of these solicitors, albeit the crap ones, want cases that are so easy a Chimpanzee would win. IN these instances I always, ALWAYS state the following …

If the case was THAT fucking easy … tell me, why would I need YOU? To take thousands of pounds just because your a solicitor even though your a crap one?!”

I have contacted the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority several times over the years and I have pointed out these issues but I either get the usual patronizing government bullshit, as only they are the individuals with any form of intelligence, or I get no response whatsoever. Oh Lord, please do grace us with your communiques for thou art aware that courteous acts are not required by such angelic and benevolent beings!

Ahem, stop taking the piss, Martin!

Another good one is something called Operation Temperer which is quite obviously thought up by someone with a seriously tempered IQ that will put 5,000 soldiers on the streets in the WAKE (their words, not mine) of a major terror attack. Tke a guess which location this would be then look at the next thing on my list!!

Hmm have I mentioned previously about how the billions spent on nuclear weapons and millitary is not to protect the average people but protect the powerful and the wealthy.

You know this guy … he was rambling on about how London will only be for the rich and that they would kick everyone else out. Went on and on and fucking on about it. You reading this Oliver? No that was not you, mate! Lol. You were the second person to mention this idea to me.

Sounds crazy. But then if there is one thing that history has taught us over and over again for time in memorial and even long before that is that people in power and those with large amounts of wealth often do, do some very batshit crazy things.

Nahh … I cannot see that hap….

Westminster Council in plan to move homeless people out of London?!

What is this I spy by Chloe Chapman in the Evening Standard? Kindly forwarded to me by the previously mentioned Oliver after he quoted some outlandish and ambitious plans to me. He said he had some links. I told him that I would like to see these links!

Moving them to another city like the London Councils stupid and moronic LAWN Scheme they have had for years under different names? No they are going to cart them out and drop them off in the home counties. Well that will be nice and warm for them in the winter? Oh no wait a minute … it is concrete that stores and gives off heat at night, not damp mud, ice and snow … what was I THINKING?! Lol.

What? You think they will house them?! Yeah … fucking right!

Is this a new level of homeless people called Citiless? Cityless? City-Less … ooh that got boring real quick!

But hey, we can all have a dig in the news about Donald Trump and his Mexican wall, right? Right?! RIGHT?!

Well it is better than a wall of steel some in London might end up arguing?!

Have you not heard? Well the BBC did when they reported something regarding a ‘ring of steel’ to be erected around London’s ‘Square Mile’ from terrorist attacks.


You just know it is going to be bigger! Anyone think it will eventually stretch as far as Victoria and Belgravia? Anyone? St John’s Wood? Regents Park? Hampstead? Lol.

Is it not funny how fucking contradictory they are? Reminds me of this meme I saw going around with an American building a wall being watched by a Mexican before he turns around and catches a Canadian building a wall who then freezes and says “It’s … not what it looks like!”

Well that is now no rules for them and thousands for everyone else and with no legal right to challenge any more and no right to food. Why you little

Jesus H Christ! There low levels of evil know no bounds. Think about these things in contrast and simply standing behind disabled with a whip, kicking homeless out of London and then putting up a steel wall behind them as they are dragged off kicking and screaming.

What, pray tell, other dastardly plans float about the halls of Westminster and those of Whitehall and other … umm, halls?

A long time ago in the life of these blogs of mine I had a woman who knew the things I did and thought as I did and she even opened my eyes up to a few things I was unaware of, like Serco for one and I suggest a thorough perusing of their ‘About Us’ page. But eventually she thought I was a government shill, had to look that one up, and accused me of trying to incite a civil war within the UK?! I laughed at this and stated that I did not need to incite a civil war, the MP’s and ministers will do this all on their own and without any help.

Good God if I am ever forced to return back to life in the body of someone else please, please, please do not let it be in England and certainly London. Or any middle-east or North African countries! Lol.

Kicking the Disabled ..

Operation Temperer putting 5,000 Soldiers on streets in wake, that is WAKE, of major terror attacks … HORSE … GONE … STABLE … THE DOOR!

Moving Homeless to Home Counties …


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