Oh … My … Good … God.

Tony Blair is back again, he is at it again and so are his adoring fans … the news media and mainly the BBC.

Now he is being extremely patronising by height is we didn’t really know what we were doing by voting for the UK to leave the EU and that we should do it again so that we get it right.

Sorry Tony, I knew you was an arsehole when you were still Prime Minister, desire the fact I got it wrong and thought you would change the UK for the better when you first got the job.

Now I know your an extremely patronising twat as well as an arsehole.

But you just keep on singing like the proverbial Canary. Just keep tweeting your little heart away. Wait? Does he even have a heart? I’m sure some would state that is a big negatory?

Anyhoo … yes, yes that’s it. Start getting into the public eye and limelight again with your patronising blurbs. Just keep on doing that.

Outside of his lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction, another thing I got wrong, he sends to be becoming more and more vocal lately. It’s like a new trend for him. Normally I would be going nuts about him doing this and ripping him a proverbial new one.

But this time I’m not.

In just a couple of months a number of large changes are going to take place. It’s going to be a mad, mad year.

One of those due to happen did actually happen, not like I expected it to at all and turns out it will… give me a full on boner of what one … government organisation has stated …

This may sound completely insane? Lol. But I assure you it’s kinda cryptic without being cryptic yet does not sound cryptic when I state …

One government organisation had had a series of meetings about taking another government organisation to court. Each one does not want to look bad and I feel pretty sure that the news media will be not only very interested but Ajay talking about it.

The funny thing is they I pointed out very clearly that one particular tabloid would be most interested in this story. That’s now been uttered by someone within a certain news airing organisation.

That was the Daily Mail.

The funny thing is if I’m right it may turn out that the Daily Mail will have no alternative but to run the story. Because one of the players happens to be belonging to something the Daily Mail really don’t like.

Trust me when I state that a lot of face saving is going to be going on and it’s going to be a wild ride and for some it already has been.

Added to this …

One of my personal enemies are wrapped up in this and despite not being one of the two they are directly involved, will be directly quoted and directly demanded answers of and be a prime focus on the media publications.

I … am … fucking … loving … it!!

Or at least I was when some conversations between one of the two players and some working in the news media were explained to me.

In fact I stated that this was now more like what I expected to be hearing and that now the dogs have left the traps.

To make things sound even more intriguing when I state that even the news media will form two groups over this. Lol, but not in the way you think that they will.

I’d tell you it all but I’m afraid I’m protecting someone’s interests … again. And, no it’s not my daughter. Not this time.

I was positively giddy at the thought of proving the one remaining prediction of corruption and on the most shocking areas. This one will open to eyes like never before on here and is the biggest shock I’ll post about.

It’s different to that which my daughter was involved in but just as shocking.

It’s the one … industry I wasn’t sure about when I started blogging, got something on so far but not published yet. I was due to get more when suddenly I find out they are involved in this other … disagreement going on.

In fact the piece I initially wrote but then shelved had all the in depth details. Worrying the person involved read my piece before I published it and was … worried about a couple of revelations. 

So I shelved it.

Then I got a phonecall the following day to day someone had, had a discussion with another party. Similar to one very guilty party already involved and they are not happy … not happy at all! Hence the discussions and meetings and have even sent a letter demanding explanations from this … sister organisation. They have been ignored and will continue to get ignored.

So then, why do I think it’s about to kick off?

Well I’m told that they stated that they dinky won’t let this go and have only just got started. I can tell you that latter statement can be explained by a simple fact I’ve actually already published on here. Lol.

So this government organisation had two options of they refuse to let it go because they look bad …

Firstly they can take the other government body to court.

Secondly … if they decide taking the other government organisation to court is too expensive then the onto other option is to go to a news media source that’s in your favour.

Umm … or both of the above?!

Well … I know for a fact that not one but two news media organisations are already aware of the now evolving situation from the victim in all this. In fact if the Daily Mail are contacted this will be a third.

One government organisation will welcome the news media with open arms while the other will react akin to a vampire on a clear June day.

In fact after the surprising result I typed up a post for the blogs but I decided to shelve it due to a few points that we wrong, points that worried the person in the middle of all this plus it now seems to be fast evolving into something else entirely.

I positively dribble every time I think about the possibilities and was roaring with laughter on the phone …

One of my oldest enemies I’ve lost to on every single occasion is wrapped up in all this and I didn’t even know it!! In fact had I known I did have told everyone involved exactly how it would turn out, which is the polar opposite of what I actually initially predicted.
In other words I was wrong, admittedly I was not aware of all the facts. But now that I was wrong it is looking like it will turn into something way, way better. Added to that it could well be in the news too?!

A court case immediately proves me correct on this from my pre-blogging days. This will make a world of difference to me, my plight and my blogs over night.

A number of news media stories will have an ever greater effect than any court case could do.

Both? Well that’s the stratosphere I’ll be bobbing around in. Well when it comes to viewers that is she then finally I would have assist gotten close to that I was aiming for, for so very, very long now. Which means I will be fairly close to achieving my long term goal.

Everything is a cheap parlour trick, a magicians illusionary tricks and slight of hand.

Once you learn how the trick is done it no longer works and is ready to spot. Like all puzzles once they have all been taught or learned many similar puzzles are also easily spotted.

Or on other words and very, very soon they simply won’t be able to do these things any more.

When that time comes everything changes and things start to get better. How long this takes in full I’m not really sure.

But we have been living in an age of secret deception, deceit, manipulation and control. Powerful people who get away with the grandest of crimes while punishing the poor for the most trivial crimes and preaching to us and the world about it.

Hmm yeeah … I have my own solicitors and their thing going on. The recent result led me to realise that I wasn’t going to win.

I also may have to hire a second solicitor too which is ridiculous. I’ve been after a solicitor for many, many years now. Note that I do finally have one I very much doubt they will do anything …

Mainly because they not only play by the rules but think that my enemy had when they have been reported on many times ignoring their own rules and the law.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Reality Check: Four claims in Tony Blair’s speech – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39007019


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