I saw and read about what happened with that aircraft going down and fixed to do so by someone with mental game issues.

Such a terrible tragedy.

There is not much I can say about it that has not ahead said.

Instead, however, I am going to state something I have said before on here and several times to and this sad tragedy has outside that which I have stated.

Also I am referring to here in the UK and not Germany but it matters not because the tragedy proves something I have stated before and nails it home.

I’m referring to both the way the mental health sufferers were both cute loose and also has their money cut down by mitre than half. It also is to the idiots, like an old man I heard the other day, that thinks all the troubles are caused by the welfare system. Your both stupid and extremely bad at maths if you think this, sorry but it’s the truth.

Now I stated that when cut loose these people can and will both steal, thieve and possibly injure or even kill.

Now take away all the money and support and what do you think we’ll happen with the figures of all the above?

I also stated that if you ignored this and one of these incident or even the trouble tragedies occurred to with you personally or someone you cared about, who would you have to blame? The idiots you listened to, believed and voted for like the mindless sheep you are?

No, YOU!

If you don’t realise our take the time to fact check then your to blame, nit the person you voted for… thigh admittedly they have plenty of other things to be guilty about that’s for sure.

Rising crimes, murders, burglary, muggings and God only know what else which you were responsible for all because you right you would get a few quid in your pocket each week?

Well no, that’s not selfish nor is it draconian much.

Face up to reality as well as your responsibilities and don’t just decide on what’s wrong or what’s to blame on a WHIM!

After all, I spent years working my fecking butt off in pain, into the darkest and depraved places in the human mind and at my own cost and for free bit just to help those who gave been victims like me but to also teach others to wake the fuck up!

Be responsible for one and maybe you won’t spend five years being…living in denial or possibly even with a secret guilty complex for the next five years?

Just maybe.

Alps crash: Lubitz ‘had treatment for suicidal tendencies’ –



Oh well, this BBC report is something of a surprise. It shouldn’t be but desire predicting these behaviors, backlashes and corruption long before they occur still situated me each time.

Surprising too is the fact that along with two guys dressed as women ramming a Police car blocking an entrance to the NSA, National Security Agency in America, someone fired bullets at an FBI building not that long ago?!

I feared that there would be repercussions. As previously stated on here.

Oddly I wonder if the idiots at these agencies realise that in the event of different groups planning and plotting revenge or vengeance, their own pissed of people they claim to do all this for, the first ones from smaller groups always are the worst implemented?!

What do you think the odds are on this bet?!

I wonder if anything else will occur over the next twelve to twenty four months and what else this turns out to be?

I also wonder in all this whether it will come out that this is over their lies and bullshit and whether they will try to bury that?

Also interesting is that I could find no mention of the two cross dressers during any weapons or even possessing any.

I will mention something on another subject and one of a few things that I previously mentioned was in the pipeline. Oh you thought that the Investigatory Powers Tribunal was it and the only one?! Oh no…

I posted several letters off several weeks ago. Very late in replying I have had a reply. Oddly one linked to the other one has not replied.

This is exactly what I was counting on, the details in one letter have added some real gorgeous detailing, figuratively speaking, to my already polished plan, they also lied and feel for the bait!


Now, no details but I want to be able to refer back to exactly what I stated… err here, and prove some of my… trickery at a later date and how it… err or this particular one… works.

So none of them claiming later on that I did not and just got lucky! Lol!

NSA shooting: One dead after car rams security gate –


Well the election campaigns are off… to a bloody lump start I must say.

I saw the highlights of the TV debate which was hosted by Jeremy Pacman and heard since quite bizarre things.

I heard something quite incredible too.

Now I don’t like either or the two parties because they have both been responsible for some bloody terrible things that have led this country into a shit hole. No one else is responsible and yet what should be uncovered from a few than more than code with the responsibility and it’s theirs anyway is instead put upon those at the bottom of which there ate a great many most of which cannot afford it while others cannot survive on it.

Yep, I him that about sums it up.

Now what I witnessed was a shocking display of David Cameron looking like a complete idiot as well as avoiding questions out to him while repeating himself so much a drunken parrot would laugh.

However, and remember I am impartial here or in other words not a demented moron that always via the same way, was that Ed Milliband did surprisingly well! Surprised how that turned out if not the word.

However when back in the studio at the BBC I heard someone say that David Cameron came off better?! I turned on a sixpence, umm or dime, and aghast at hearing this a moment if stunned silence before I uttered ‘WHAT?!’. Quite which planet in the galaxy that idiot was living on God only know?! Then a while later they cut to asking people on the street what they thought and it seemed like most, if not all as I did bit here anyone say Cameron was better, thought the same thing as I did? I then wondered if the moron that stated Cameron came off better was watching these and cringing in his seat wishing he has not taken that back hander?!

It got better. Someone on Dateline London on the BBC who I had not seen before stated that he had liked the fact that Ed Milliband sounded genuine, he had not sounds like it was scripted and was better for it and that everyone preferred this to Cameron’s debacle. A woman who could not possibly know the truth then insisted this was more to do with Labour being a mess?! Well that did bit sound biased much did it?!

I noticed also in the aftermath that all the talk about the election involved everyone except UKIP?! I thought this was very odd.

Considering that Dateline London mentioned about how many abstained from voting in the last election, how embarrassingly big the number was and the difference it would make if they all decided to vote and vote UKIP would be very dramatic indeed. At least someone asking these political loons can do simple math?! What makes this worse is that this was noted and pointed out by a French lady I assume was a French journalist? As apposed to a French lady but a journalist in the UK?

Today they were talking again about the election campaign and one again I heard ‘Tories’, ‘Labour’ and even SNP but nothing on UKIP or anyone else. After awhile they finally mentioned UKIP and a woman said he was off touring and had a lot of journalists in tow. All of a sudden they started saying that previous votes for UKIP were only protest votes and that now they were switching back to the Tories and Labour!?!

Errrrrr, how fecking arrogant is it to state that and where in the fecking hell did this come from?!

This is the complete opposite to what most voters said after they guess in each of the recent elections!

That does not sounds biased much! I suddenly realised why they’re exists a website called or whatever the address was!

Good God you have no idea how I want people in large numbers too vote UKIP so I can rip the fecking shit out of the BBC of arrogance, bias and accusing them off pandering, for whatever perks/money/promises on licence fee, to the big two and demanding to know why they did that?!

Never seen any biased behavior so blatantly obvious as theirs in the last few days, let me tell you! Absolutely crap at hiding this sudden swing in behaviour. I mean…stating what voters are going to do five weeks plus before the general election?! And these were the people accusing Cameron of being arrogant who I have to admit… was NOT when he stated he would not serve a third term. This was surprisingly pointed out by the same lady on Dateline London who also stated that Ed Milliband came across like nothing was scripted and genuine perky because the Labour Party was in a mess?! No definitely no bias there then, either?!

The first official day for election campaigning and boy, oh boy had it for off to a series of false starts for both politicians and media alike. I also should state here, before someone leaks something out to accuse me of bias as a defense strategy, that I have an email from the Labour Party asking me to be included in a task force that will consist of just 2,000 people in the whole of the UK’s 60,000,000!

I am not saying yes, just sos you know!

I had a go at them in an email for asking me for money, did the same with the Tories, a month ago and in anger have them the address of this blog! Lol! I guess they thought I would be a good asset to have? They have no bloody idea how right they are, but the Tony Blair years and the other revelations I have discovered about him since he decked off chafing the train… ooh you’re wondering why I did train and what train he was chasing? Well the gravy train of course! LMAO! Nope, when a party and it’s members have been caught out lying and the infighting that occurs because they are more interested in themselves instead of the British public and do not have the gonads to make the guilty ones pay and I’m out!

If other morons wasn’t to keep ignoring the truth and facts, view for the same old morons and then spend five years moaning about things and then what the process all over again acting like half witted morons that is up to them.

Well if someone was caught breaking into your house and stealing your belongings you would not invite them round for tea and biscuits but when it comes to general elections that’s exactly what many people do. Or are just amoral and only care about numero uno in which case I feel sorry for anyone closely related to them! :mrgreen:

Yes this promises to be one hell of an interesting general election and no matter what way it goes it will be good. Even if it’s just me on here stating how many stupid idiots there are asking the general public who cannot do simple maths or totally amoral?! Lol!

Hmm, what was it? Thirty eight days of this to go? Jesus!

Be interesting to see if Nigel Garage noted anything I did and days anything about it?


Very recently I stated that I had something in the pipeline, if you recall and read recent posts?

I stated that I cannot post about it at all and certainly no details right now but that I would post something in late April or early May. Due to the upcoming general election. The truth is I was still undecided on whether to do this or not as I did not want to alert certain…parties of what I had done.

Now I also did not expect the full completion until around September time, maybe even later. This is because of the sheer volume, complexity, seriousness and added in that the people I was corresponding with did not have everything. They knew this and were told this.

Now to highlight what I say in further I will state and later show in this post that this was not dealing with just ONE organisation I gave them evidence on but…err four I think it was.

Just investigating the evidence to just one would have taken very months and maybe if I now listed what it was and who was involved this might hit home immediately? It bloody well should unless you have lived extremely sheltered lives.

The List of Offenders …

  • MI5
  • GCHQ
  • Merseyside Police
  • HMRC

Now I also have stuff regarding the Metropolitan Police and did not focus on trying to locate all of that.

You might well be wondering who this is I am in contact with and … well … I have sneakily referred to them but not directly and they are already mentioned in posts … deliberately but not the fact that I had contacted them … see? Lol.

They had previously been in the news, albeit suspiciously briefly, for finding both MI5 & GCHQ to have been acting illegally in regards to snooping on everyone on everything we type or say and handing it to the nation of world Police that is the USA’s NSA. Or was it CIA? Cannot recall and really does not matter.

Ooh yeah…big pointer in all this is that I cannot … RECALL!! LOL.

Amazing how everyone misses this humongous great clue that is always put forward knowing that those I contact will use it when it is there as an intended trap for them to use.

In this instance this should now be glaringly obvious but in other instances it is as simple as that they all have working memories, are trained in their respective professions and of course have desktop PC’s, laptops and these days tablets and smart phones. Comprendez?

Well they did not, why should you? Lol.

As I was getting around to trying to say this body investigated MI5 and GCHQ and found them to be acting illegally in both the snooping on the British Public and handing it all to the Americans. As I said this was worryingly brief and I have not read anything else on the matter since they dound them to be acting illegally.

This body is the Investigatory Powers Tribunal and basically investigate anyone that operates as a Police or peace keeping force, ergo they investigate the armed forces too.

So would it be OK to assume that you realise that considering the four organisations I sent them evidence on and reports that it would take an absolute age to investigate? Would it be safe to assume that you would expect what I did and that they would ask for me information? Yeah? OK, then.

Now unlike you and though I have posted all the evidence on here I also expect everyone I contact to do nothing. Because that is what they have done and not even asked for the evidence so that they could look over it. As stated it has become clear that these big organisations with their professional sounding acronyms and letters are only there for eye candy.

I thought this one would be the one and only chance to be different.

Until I received a letter this morning, mere weeks after contacting them and not giving them everything, and they stated that there was nothing to investigate and best of all there was no option of appeal?! I did not even know there would be an option to appeal?! LMFAO!

Remember this was that thing I was only referring to that I would post up in May (2015) but did not expect a conclusion until around the end of the year and maybe even 2016?

But it is over. Already.

Now there were two reasons I contacted them. One is that the secret services lied about what they did and how they did it. The other is … ?

When I started this blog I explained in detail and I also posted up the audio and the documentation to my involvement with a Radical Muslim group that led me to realise that their were terror cells in both Manchester and Birmingham. When I started and the dates go back way, way, way before I started this blog. It involved a threat against the London Olympics and to prevent the work I had done from being scuppered and to help protect them I did not start my blog until AFTER the London Olympics in 2012, would you like to go back and check the dates of the first posts? Lol!

This subject never came up, sometimes may have been referred to, in recent years because once the London Olympics were finally over without incident, thought there was at least one incident covered up, then it was all over. I had no reason to contact either MI5 or GCHQ, the latter requesting I work for them or apply to a couple of times, for anything. I pretty much knew I would not get recognition for it, though some I know did even professionals I knew, or a reward. A previous dentist thought I would get a reward and a title?! LOL! No, no, no and after what I have been learning lately I am not sure I would have wanted it…or would have later asked for it to be taken away. Why this would have happened will probably hit you one day when certain stories, based on facts, come to light. It wont be from me and I am not involved in it in anyway shape or form.

I contacted the Investigatory Powers Tribunal because I thought they genuinely were interested in what they were doing and if they were doing in the interests of Britain, which is the nation not a powerful few who have committed heinous crimes they have spent decades covering up and getting into good causes to help cast a shroud of deception over their depraved acts.

Unfortunately I am now bitterly disappointed as in my search to actually find some governmental body or legal body to be interested in morals even on these scales I thought I had finally found one only to be … cast aside as if it were all nothing.

Except I am smart and a mathematician and there is no way on Earth they could have investigated everything I gave them and added to this they did not request the rest of it!

Oh dear. That is…disappointing.

Also there is the added bonus of contacting to both bring the subject back to the foreground as well as back up what I said took place…

Well after all…I would have to be an extreme idiot to manufacture these stories and then go to an official body capable of both investigating and passing judgement upon any and all Police forces, HMRC and the secret services of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ!

I am, however, capable of concocting a long term plan to be able top release such material to the public and then gradually and over a period of years backing up my claims and evidence. My great grandfather being responsible for the existence of the iconic world war 2 bomber the Avro Lancaster does not do this any harm either and added to this makes the injustice look far worse than it does.

Notice how in the letter there is nothing in the way of thanks for what I achieved previously and what I have been doing? Lol!

I have reached a crossroads I genuinely did not expect to! One by one delving into each organisation be it public or private and searching and then exposing humongous great crimes looks a bit of a waste of time when the greatest one of all falls fail.

I expected to be gathering more evidence over the next six months to a year before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal came to any conclusion…even a false one…well if they had anny intelligence and worked out that disregarding both the evidence I sent and that I still hold out of hand in a mere few weeks!

This begs the inevitable question I really did not expect to be asking myself …

What the hell do I do now?

Answers on a postcard and in the meantime here is some music…I mean some screenots and scanned letters …




Dear Sirs

I have receieved your correspondence and have sent in the filled out forms and a couple of DVDs.

At first I thought you only dealt with the Secret Services and then realised you covered more, like the Police, so sent you more DVDs with evidence on.

However since I sent in my last DVD, which states 3 of 6, I have realised that you do not actually cover all public services. Therefore it is uneccesary to send you any more, though as regards the bailiffs details …

They sold five items with one fetching £2,800 at auction alone, minus an Omega Watch worth £700 and three others worth over £1,000. Now despite this being outside your jurisdiction …

I reported the invoice to HMRC because if they are issuing fraudulent invoices then no only is this fraud it is also tax fraud as the items are being reported as sold at 10% their value. Therefore how I see it is that this is tax fraud.

I never receieved a single response from HMRC and nor did I regarding another instance of fraudulent claims via them a couple of years later.

I have battled these organisations all together and single handedly too, many at the same time I was dealing with the radical terrosist cells come paedophile rings in the Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham areas!

Four local councils, two Police Forces (each one more than once), the NHS, the DWP along with many others as well as all of their associated ombudsman, each one as totally lazy as the last and full of deceipt and obvious lies. Also I have been in contact with the media and legal people too.

The situation that the UK is in is a combination of ludicrous, laughable and grossly biased and unfair towards the common man that is quite simply shameful.

I have also been embroiled with useless solicitors and The Law Society and Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Along with tieing up a few loose ends that will result in the ultimate embarrassment for those involved I will also be doping so with the British Legal System and showing them all up for being both greedy, lazy and worst of all no good at thier jobs and put into focus within the public gaze as to why such high prices are charged.

This is very easy to do because I have dozens upon dozens of correspondences that state that I do not have a case or do not stand a chance when to date I have three wins out of three and will have double or treble that amount by the end of 2015.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc



Dear Sirs

I have receieved your correspondence and have sent in the filled out forms and a couple of DVDs.

At first I thought you only dealt with the Secret Services and then realised you covered more, like the Police, so sent you more DVDs with evidence on.

However since I sent in my last DVD, which states 3 of 6, I have realised that you do not actually cover all public services. Therefore it is uneccesary to send you any more, though as regards the bailiffs details …

They sold five items with one fetching £2,800 at auction alone, minus an Omega Watch worth £700 and three others worth over £1,000. Now despite this being outside your jurisdiction …

I reported the invoice to HMRC because if they are issuing fraudulent invoices then no only is this fraud it is also tax fraud as the items are being reported as sold at 10% their value. Therefore how I see it is that this is tax fraud.

I never receieved a single response from HMRC and nor did I regarding another instance of fraudulent claims via them a couple of years later.

I have battled these organisations all together and single handedly too, many at the same time I was dealing with the radical terrosist cells come paedophile rings in the Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham areas!

Four local councils, two Police Forces (each one more than once), the NHS, the DWP along with many others as well as all of their associated ombudsman, each one as totally lazy as the last and full of deceipt and obvious lies. Also I have been in contact with the media and legal people too.

The situation that the UK is in is a combination of ludicrous, laughable and grossly biased and unfair towards the common man that is quite simply shameful.

I have also been embroiled with useless solicitors and The Law Society and Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Along with tieing up a few loose ends that will result in the ultimate embarrassment for those involved I will also be doping so with the British Legal System and showing them all up for being both greedy, lazy and worst of all no good at thier jobs and put into focus within the public gaze as to why such high prices are charged.

This is very easy to do because I have dozens upon dozens of correspondences that state that I do not have a case or do not stand a chance when to date I have three wins out of three and will have double or treble that amount by the end of 2015.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc



Dear Sirs



Umm well…thank you for your letter dated the 13th February 2015 and for the enclosed form.

First off I have to remark regarding a number of points…

I was offering to help, not make a complaint or claim.

I have lost count of the number of public services, bodies who simply want to shirk at doing any work whatsoever, investigatory or otherwise, and by this I am referring to your use of the word “piecemeal”.

If you took the time to read the entirety of what I sent as well as looked at my details as well as my ailments on my blog then making comments towards someone trying to help you about how I have to do all the work, despite everything I have done already, was not the wisest thing to do.

Maybe one day there might exist an organisation funded by the taxpayer that does not expect those paying them to then do all their work for them.

It is a little like BBC News or Sky News actually asking the public to send in pictures of events they then show on TV. Do they pay these people that send them in? Are they doing it so that they then do not have to pay reporters or professional photographers to do it? Despite the fact that everyone that works for said news corporations make a fortune.

Now…as you are wildly averse to typing out a few words in the search function of my blog, like ‘secretly recorded audio’ and ‘GCHQ’, ‘MI5’ and ‘Radicalised Muslims’ along with other possibilities you may think up I am providing you with a DVD. Might be more than one DVD or might be a Blu-Ray yet.

Oddly you are the Investigatory Powers Tribunal who I admit was unaware of and yet all of my recordings are to do with corruption, telling lies and falsification or alteration of documents within public services. Like the NHS, DWP, two Police Forces, four Local Councils of different departments within each and more besides. I even have all the ombudsman too and currently am wondering if there exists a body that actually does something and prevents or even just takes action against the lies and corruption.

I ponder this question on my blog and ask of my readers if they know of the answer. Along with this as I explain in great detail with documentation and secretly recorded audio I ask if the service my readers have received is accurate and if information provided was honest. Of all those I have come into contact with.

I knew when I started that just one of the many things I would achieve is setting off many others doing exactly what I have spent years doing with either what they already own or specifically buying the right tools for the job?

I heard and read evidence of this a few times even though I do not actively seek out these reports because I believe in what I do and that eventually it will have the desired effect. My mind would implode if I was to even attempt a guess at how many of these…soldiers, for want of a better term, I have created to date and how many more I will achieve this year.

My intention is for the most part removing the possibilities of any excuses as well as plausible denial because everything I see and come into contact with is clearly corrupt as well as being abused for purely selfish reasons and self promotion. At the expense of the taxpayer every single time.

Now I am explaining quite simply that I cannot emphasize enough how large this is and how it will not remain hidden. It is not and my blog exists for this very purpose. Because I know that the United Kingdom now heads for a very dark place. There exists a real danger that we will sleepwalk into a period of evil and sorrow purely because everyone everywhere within government thought it was OK to cheat a bit, lie a bit, evade a bit and keep edging ever closer to the limit.

Collectively this was a time bomb just waiting to reach a certain pressure limit before it exploded.

Now I have stated that I have included a DVD…or Blu-Ray and I want to explain that on this optical disc is all that you need. There are conversations with my daughter about how I realise … err to steal your term ‘piecemeal’ that the Muslims holding her captive and stealing her benefits while her evil mother steals her children were radicalised Muslims, as well as rapists, and had a very keen interest of Stratford. I knew being radicals and with the London Olympics fast approaching it was a full gone conclusion what they would be planning.

As I stated previously the mad one of them used to travel to Manchester and Birmingham which I guessed were terror cells and that the secret services were clueless as to their existence. Too busy gathering corporate data to feed to power mad yanks who want to own the world no doubt?! On one recording the man known as Star Jamal Gafhur is videoing Limes Farm Station in Liverpool and a nearby university, probably John Moore’s, during a peak period. This while laughing in Arabic and he had no interest to work here so it was obvious as to why he was filming the people at peak times. To impress a group of people IO later worked out were in both Manchester and Birmingham.

Star Jamal Gafhur’s Home Office document for asylum is contained and provided you have more intelligence than anyone else involved you would find the questions…interesting to say the least and I thought there was some…leading going on.

But then that was a few years back and nothing exploded and I got my daughter away from them…no thanks to Wirral Council now currently appearing in court over this affair.

Oh and I should mention that your the only one of the government funded or run authorities that know I have this Home Office document. That means that all my readers know that this is the first time I have ever revealed its existence and it being in my possession to anyone.

The secret services breaking the law was never an issue for me. However, why they were doing it and who they were doing it for is an issue for me as is not only not acknowledging the fact that someone did all my legwork for them regarding the terror cells but then later claimed it was them and then claimed it was this illegal snooping on everyone that discovered the terror cells.

If they did all this then how is it that they manage to allow three Muslim girls to walk out of the country despite the fact two were under age and them having been on someone’s watch list somewhere? Answer me and my readers that?

Now I hope I have your attention now?

After I have finished this letter and sorted out what files go onto your optical disc I will have to take a look at the form you sent me. I am at a loss both what to do with it or if it is even relevant to what I offered you. Which was help in showing you a bit more as to what has been going on with them which I thought you would be interested in hearing.

Now I do not have to explain how this…behaviour of the secret services had on me do I now? I mean would I really have to explain it? The effects this had on my own life and to those things I was endeavouring to do as well as the effects it had with friends and family? Do I? I most certainly hope not!

Despite the extremely negative effects their behavoir, or lack thereof, had I managed, I always manage, to get around it. Both with family and friends as well as the blog but this took a great deal of heard work. The crowning glory is the fact that I managed to lay my hands on this 60 page Home Office document. Published of course as it exists it is the only thing that stopped me looking like a complete nutter! Alienation was a major thing in all this…luckily for the secret services and everyone that attended the main stadium for the London Olympics at the Olympic Park as well as the White Water Rafting Centre near me I kept plugging away at what I was doing while I was still able to do it. Why?

Because despite getting no help, no thanks and no acknowledgement had anyone died as a result of an explosive device from these murderous and deluded mental cases I would never have been able to live with myself.

It is shocking at how many people I have come across that could quite easily sleep at night despite causing or contributing to the death of another human being or group of human beings.

Well I truly hope that you now have enough information to do that which is right and I hope that down the line somewhere someone gives a shit about what used to be Great Britain and reverses the rot that has become widespread in this country while making us the laughing stock of the world. This is not a figure of speech and nor is it completely made up, I simply do not do this. It is what I have been told by members of the public of foreign nations around the world over several years. There really is a meaning to being ‘cut off’ or not living in the real world. One leader of one country simply cannot find out what he or she looks like or the country to another by simply speaking to that leader. All of which is a bloody waste of time anyway.

Oh unless its to perform an overseas trade agreement were we get sent all the faulty and refurbished crap were our own retailers then sell it to us as brand new items just as PC World, B&Q, Littlewoods Catalogue, Very Catalogue, Isme Catalogue and Argos are all doing among many others.

Shaking your head? Tsk-tsk-tsk! You really should read my blog. Do read it, don’t read it it will make not one iota of difference to me. Or my blog.

Now I am going to thank you for your time…funny as it should be the other way around, and I look forward to any correspondence.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Sirs


I am sorry but I am going to cause you one hell of a headache and if you do not like it I suggest you take it up with the dozens of enemies and advice agencies contained within.

Also I would like to add at this point, as I do not trust any of the services any longer, that the DVD contained within is the second. I sent went already containing evidence all linked between MI5, GCHQ, my daughter, Merseyside Police and Wirral Council.

I have now realised that you are an across the board investigatory tribunal and…well I have a huge amount of stuff involving just about every format evidence can come on you can think of and then some. I have previously mentioned this in the two forms you mentioned and planned to send you each one with key points regarding linked groups of organisations.

Included within is disc number two.

There will be four more containing details on all that I have previously mentioned and some that I have not.

I did warn you that I had been both at this a long time and very good, despite my long list of ailments, memory issues and lack of funds?

Knock yourselves out.


Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Sirs


This is letter and DVD number 3 of at least 6.

As with previous editions of these discs it is not all and not necessarily all of the most important points either. I would like to reiterate, provided I remembered to do so initially, in reminding everyone that my readers already know…I have short term memory losses that are extremely frequent. This on top of the various pains caused by the same condition as the memory with the Fibromyalgia.

A buggered right knee I only have a recording of a Doctor telling me but no official diagnosis as yet along with badly clicking painful ankles I do not think are down to Fibromyalgia I have not had diagnosed in twenty years, Oesophagitis grade C that causes me to vomit without warning and very sever heartburn.

I would also like to point out at this stage, now let us see if this gets traction, that in January 2013 I was asked by email of backbench Labour MP Michael Meacher if he could use data from my blog to attack Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons. He also wanted to be able to send it to the News Media and I stated that he could. My blogs subject matter, that which is exclusive to me that is, had appeared sporadically in the media before this was requested and increased a great deal after I was asked.

In the last couple of years even friends who doubted what I was doing started to notice that hardly a day went by without hearing or reading things I was…wrapped up in at some stage.

Of particular note among others ..

1 Neurologist Dominic Mort at Chase Farm admitting he spotted me in the main building not far from the main reception despite being in a total different part of the hospital to his surgery and us having not met before. The NHS have never taken a picture of me for their records to my knowledge and I am not aware of pictures of patients being kept with medical records.

2 Specialist Darren Francis on audio telling me my groin ultrasound was “completely clear” before then being pulled by me about it and admitting there was a hernia on the scan on my left side and the right side where I was experiencing pain had a black lump he did not mention but does not deny or correct me on this.

3 Catherine Johnson of Barnet Hospital denying in a meeting that they were looking for an excuse NOT to accept me at an appointment despite a letter stating exactly that already in the post to me?! Yeah…figure that one out why don’t you and then consider it happening once again when …

4 Dr Gubbay being recorded in a calm conversation between the two of us face to face at an appointment that despite this a letter was on its way to my home address, NHS De Javu, kicking me off the register on claims of violence, that is after being mad fails.

5 Moving onto the DWP who claimed to have medical files on me that vanished when I asked for them. A big mistake because I not only know they had them but sent them my own copies too so that when they burned them I could then prove that they did burn them.

6 DWP claimed to Fibromyalgia Association UK that they fully accept the condition as a disability and a very debilitating illness, then immediately messed around with my claim for over a year.

7 Atos arranged a Home Visit to me three times, failed to turn up on each occasion but claimed that they did. On one occasion stating that I was not in which was a lie but then a few weeks later failed again and stated that a large steel bin blocked my street door. Except my door is nowhere near a street, a long garden path leads to another garden path which is too narrow for the communal bins we use which are 70 yards from my front gate at the end of this second path. It is never, EVER blocked and is one of 3 paths to my house. A video exists of this walk from the bins to my door online.

8 Atos were tricked into contradicting themselves many times but the best ones are them stating in documents to me they gave experts on Fibromyalgia (affects muscles, memory and sleep) and kept arranging appointments at their centres for first Upper Holloway (6 miles away or so), Ilford (over 8 miles and several public transport switches to get there) and then WANDSWORTH (around 20 miles away) and all for between 9AM and 9.30AM in the morning on a weekday! When one symptom is reverse Plantar fasciitis which means that despite walking being painful for my feet, standing still in even worse. They knew this because I told them for over 12 years.

9 Money being paid now along with a Freedom Pass being refused for nearly 8 years is bizarre when I used to receive this help previously despite my progressive illness being ten times worse than it was when my money was first cancelled 6 years ago?! In the case of Personal Independent Payments this is £50 per week less than it was when it was cancelled 6 years ago?!

Now these are just a few things I have jotted out off the top of my often very empty head. There are a lot more along these lines and with the proof and some, or many as the case may be, could well be worse. I simply do have a problem with memory recall.

Oddly this is currently for information purposes and please do not do anything that may scupper my daughter’s legal case against Wirral Council and Merseyside Police. Also despite the DWP currently reviewing their decision at my request and displeasure most of my processes are academic almost but wholly necessary and if your a genuine organisation about things being run correctly and about why this country is in the state it is in and stopping it then I am sure I do not have to explain this to you in detail.

It does tend to stand out and advertise itself, rather!

I will also let you into a little tip…my endeavours are right across the spectrum. Because I strongly believe in bigger pictures when the corruption is all piecemeal. So I looked into just about everything humanly possible across the board.

The very last two discs to arrive at your door from me will cover something that helped prevent my own endeavours into getting my findings commonly known amongst the British public. Despite this being fairly worry-some it was not that big a deal, so to speak, because I had long since suspected and was pretty much convinced when I went through the motions.

Well I say ‘motions’ but it was a whole list of motions and this was to show that the ignorance or avoidance was not simply localised. Making it look obvious in other words. Unfortunately for these…industries I was not only aware of them being corrupt these too had a plan to expose them.

Unfortunately I had to just work on these only now and then and they would have to wait until the very end. Because as is so often the case and especially true of these last two industries the longer it takes the deeper they dig themselves in. No matter how much money or power they have, or think they have.

My process has been from day one to shatter illusions.

My processes were to become obvious over time that these were done in the most honest way that I can. My writings were to appeal to the different sections of society and most of all to make think and make them talk, no matter what it took. Or in other words just how pissed off I made them over some subjects.

Freedom of speech with a show of what is a natural human reaction to reading shocking headlines whereby many sections of society would then like to gag you over being politically correct were very deliberate targets. Because forcing silence on any area of society is bad news and only fuelled and put into place with those people with Nazi like tendencies. They did start somewhere after all! It also is designed to show those secretly grinning to themselves about everyone being forced to shut up who use this ‘thing’ to get what they want that this is also not good for them.

When you boil a kettle the pressure of the steam upon reaching boiling point always interacts with the immediate cooler air outside and always violently so.

Continually forcing things to be ignored only adds to this ever growing pressure and it cannot hold out for ever and the longer it takes for the release of the pressure the far worse it will be when it does.

You simply cannot deny nor ignore human nature.

Now this process of reaching enough people of these ideas and getting them to talk is also something else I was well aware would take an inordinate amount of time. But someone had to do it and no one was, or was not doing a very good job of it.

For me mankind and especially the United Kingdom, I simply cannot call it ‘Great’ Britain anymore, has stagnated the last couple of decades. I am also ashamed of my own country and the things it has put in place the last couple of decades.

In fact what is taking place right now, has been for several years and will do so for several years to come is exactly that I stated for over a decade but no authorities wanted to listen. But then I had no idea how corrupt everything was back then. I do now.

I am also giving very hard lessons in both communication, work ethics and digital media management. Something else I moaned about for over a decade and even with other students in my Single Honours Degree in Applied Computing.

Oh and I have witnesses that will tell you I got into a big argument 4 years before the recession started over the sale of my late fathers house because I insisted in the argument that a very big and bad recession will hit and WITHIN FIVE YEARS!

At some point the authorities would have all realised that my blog is not just a collection of idle waffle?!

Some are just now beginning to and the DWP have been the first to realise this…I think? It could have been Enfield Council though being first, it is hard to say.

Well an old dentist thought I was going to get both a title and a medal and that was 4 years ago, had me burst out laughing and I explained that in the UK you have to either be famous and especially rich celebrity or musician, done something in the battlefield or saved someone in front of a lot of witnesses.

In fact since what I have been finding out about those that hand out the knighthoods the whole thing for me has kind of lost its….lustre! No pun intended.

Once again knock yourselves out and if DVD number one or two have not arrived please let me know and I will re-send it or them. Nothing would surprise me.

Thank you for your time, though I think this should be the other way around.

Yours sincerely for now

Martin Haswell BSc

Sorry. I have been offline.

Yes I have had several things going on and one of those is being ripped off yuet again and several times just to get one fucking services to work!

This is…*SIGH*…still ongoing for the time being.

Right now it is supposed to be sunny all day…according to BBC Weather last night and I was having in interior battle about whether to go out on my bike as I have not done so for a fair few days, or go out back the the Virgin Media store as I forgot I changed my mobile phone number temporarily, to thir service strangely enough, for the interim period until they actually install my landline and broadband service.

Yes I have had enough of mobile phones what with Android and the UK mobile providers!

They fail to realise that some people are not willing to pay twice, let alone four effing times, for what is in effect the same service! I also have to put up with the fact that we are in a reverse situation today to which also in itself shows the greed whereby landlines are now more expensive than mobile contracts!!

My father had one of the first mobile phones and the battery on standby only lasted a few hours and you can imagine the talk time?! Not very long and about 30 minutes for something the size of a brick. Yet despite the fact the phone was dead most of the day the monthly bill still amounted to around £1000! Madness! As this price started to drop there was a point when landlines…FINALLY…started to drop. Only today its turned on its head as my mobile bill was £15 per month and my landline is going to cost about £28 per month. Stupid.

But then as long as it works and even at half the damn speed advertised it will be fantastic and all very dreamy for me…what with my mobile connection only achieving 0.97mb/s at the best time of the day forst thin in the morning! Whatever happened to this law that they were supposed to provide 2mb/s?!

I wanted to go with BT but while ordering a 17mb/s service and spending hallf an hour doing so they hit me with small pront that stated I would only get 2.0mb/s to 8mb/s speeds?! Funny as they did not drop the price to one fifth of what they wanted each month! The cheeky bastards even said “Oh dont click away from this screen!” with the only other option being the ‘PAY’ button!!

Anyhoo since the trouble with Three mobile I was then lied to by an idiot in the store who first said I can have tethering and then sat me down and pulled out a contract?! I asked what that was and they said it was a contract and I said I did not want that! Pay As You Go only as their service was shit anyway! A black American guy who had weorked in their for years then interrupted, yet again, and then said they cannot provide that on Pay As You Go?! I said that they could because I had, had the serrvice for two years and that it was ‘all you can eat’ data and until I updated my phone with Android 5.0, or Lollipop, everything was fine. They had no right to alter Lollipop and do this. He said I was wrong and that …

“You cannot do it and your not right because mobiler phones use a lot more data than other devices because the data is compressed”?!

Yes, I kid you not! That was what he said!

He then looked annoyed as I belittled him in front of a female colleague by pointing out that he was wrong and that data is data and a limit is a limit and it is no longer “All you can eat data”.

Anyhoo I went online with Virgin Media after picking up a sim in Sainsburys that said if I topped up £15 I get 4GB and some other stuff. Sounds automated, right? I thought ‘Oh how cool, saves a lot of hassle!” only within 24 hours I had no connection and did not know why and had no messages about it. Imagine how annoyed I was that I had to go a mile to an ATM because standing at the foot of a transmitter where I live, now only one as one has vansihed from a rooftop behind me, I could not log on to digital banking to move money around?!

Yes, pissed off ain’t the word!

Anyway I had not had a phonecall from Virgin Media about the landline si thought this be the best bet until that was installed and then later found out I had used up the credit and had not phoned 789, or whatever the damn number was, to set up the ‘Big Data’ tarrif. Well not that big as Three was unlimited…well was!

It gets better as what I decide to do is get another £15 and do it correctly, yes so thats now £30 in 24 hours. While heading for the shop I remember I have my old busted up and fault Moto Atrix indoors and decide to get £10 for the Three sim and put it in that phone. Also some might not have my new number…umm like Virgin Media?! Confused…read again about waiting for my landline and broadband to be installed and with who?! Lol!

I get back and late at night when the phone is charged, the Atrix, I place the sim in it.

The next morning I switch it on and go downstairs to put on my PC as the only reason I did all that was because of a game I just got back into on my PC, Dragon Age Inquisition.

Only along with all the annoying updates that they charge YOU for, for your mobile that helps THEM and not you by screwing you even more my game refuses to run unless its updated! Twenty minutes and the allowance I got on my Three Mobile is now GONE!

Confused? Yeah well you should be …

Because what I did was TEST the wireless tethering on my Three sim now that its in an old phone and no longer linked to the altered Lollipop, Android 5.0 which you would have paid to download…or may have. Guess what?! Err you WERE reading weren’t you? IT WORKED!!

Meaning they lied in the store and lied on their webpage? Ohh you dont recall that?

Well take a look … after I also get an email from Ofcom and email them bacvk with all this shit too!!! Pasted that after screenshot …

I have others coming to and one on Eon Energy but I need to email them again…ripping shit out of their cocky attitude and telling them they have shown they dont give a crap about complaints or customers despite lying to me telling me otherwise and telling them I am going to make them wait two further weeks for their cash!! LOL!

Three Tether 240315



Dear Sirs


Hmm, as I expected.

What exactly IS your role and how is it justified exactly?

To continue on with this complaint, just for your information, it for a great deal worse…

After my Moto G phone update to Lollipop, or Android 5.0 which has had no notified changes other than cosmetic and the issues that seriously screwed up the last 8 versions are still present so WTF, Three Mobile have done some very, very bad things.

Two hours before my All In One 15 credit was about to run out my Internet stopped working completely on my desktop. Upon looking at my phone, which was upstairs bring used for mobile wireless tethering, I noticed that with two hours to go I had two dozen text messages from Three Mobile. In it they stated that my phone was being used for wireless tethering and was not allowed on Pay As You Go?!

1 Technically it is not Pay As You Go as I buy a PRE-PURCHASE package already mentioned. Not a pay monthly bill where I pay AFTER I have used the service.

2 Secondly they advertise ‘All In One 15’ is ‘All you can eat data’, which now it is bit no longer but the service still stands.

3 Thirdly and as a software engineer and nearly forty years excursiveness with computers this pay for each device is robbery. This is NOT a figure of speech and is robbery. In fact my ever more popular blog delves into both fine detail as well as a while heap of evidence of how large corporations get away with the greatest and most evil of crimes yet if a single individual was caught doing so much as the slightest thing then the proverbial weight in masonry congress hurtling from the sky.

4 On then trying to go online again on my desktop I run Google Chrome and yet a Three webpage comes up on there informing me about the wireless tethering rule?! Funny as I do not recall giving them permission to store their bloody data on my PC!! Another example of how large corporations bit only do add they damn week please but know that no one checks them, actually taking the piss out of the chumps that were tasked to by making their positions look more untenable all the time! Since then I have switched to Virgin (funny Android don’t Luke ‘Virgin and that goes on the huge list of faults) Media mobile for a brief time until they install my first ever landline (never ever using a mobile service ever, ever again) where I lost ten pounds because they were not clear on the cover and reception still dreadful and yet the Three webpage came up on my desktop computer desire not being connected the Three at all?! I how they have not blocked my PC from browsing for if they have and after the unnecessary run around, then breaking the law and me in pain and with the lies I am going to walk in their sure and knock that American spark out!

Oddly this is something I have expected the general public to do more and more because it’s the only way you get noticed or listened to in the UK and the priorities when it cobra to morals is ask back to front within the UK.

No one in business should be asking themselves why the UK is in such a dire way and it still is, despite the inaccurate crap the government tell you in the TV News and they also themselves seen clueless to, because the public are not idiots… OK so most of them are not idiots and more and more are getting wiser all the time.

Added to this is the fact that a hell of a lot of goods you buy are faulty/returns/returns too and I’m talking of PC World, Argos, Littlewoods/Very/Is me Catalogues, B@Q and likely others too! Don’t even respond negatively about that as I have not only proved this with video and audio with 80% of what I’ve bought but put it online and also won a court case over it without even leaving my house!

5 On visiting my local Three store to ask about this, which despite my anger I kept calm about, I asked for another Pay As You Go sim I can do wireless tethering on and then was day down only to have a contract pulled out from a drawer?! On asking why she pulled it out as I only wanted a pay as you go sim she looked at the black American guy, who had previously stuck his nose in and worked there for years, and he stated that I can only have wireless tethering on contact. This then renders pay as you go as bout pay as you go any longer! On asking why and despite previously mentioning my knowledge in the hardware and rerouting it’s ask the same data…

“No it’s not the same because mobile phones use a lot more data than other devices and that is because the data is compressed”?!

Oh but it’s not your remit, is it not?

Well what did it matter if we do a little less than last time and a little less than the time before that or lie a little more or cheat a little more. It’s what everyone does, is it not? How long had the saying ‘You don’t get anywhere in this world by being honest’ been accepted by all?

Well that’s why this country is in a terrible state and will be, as I predicted so yen years ago, foretold on my blog nearly three years ago, that we still are and will continue to be.

Because a whole effing long list of people paid to do something they either don’t our weighed out of think they deserve salaries to do nothing other than issuing the is letter to with the media or government.

Takes a large building and ask that staff to type the odd letter does it?!

I certainly got your not using Android tablets to do any typing?! Because it’s a nightmare and it can’t spell in English, changes words typed out rendering the sentence ineligible and you have to change at least two words every sentence!

Oh well what dues it matter if it don’t work quite right?

Well it does when everyone does this and everything you have don’t work quite right and yet everyone seems extremely good and impeccable at both asking for the full amount of money or TAKING THE FULL AMOUNT OF MONEY… along with taking a few other things besides.

If you think that any part of this makes either an interesting or a good argument… well believe me it does not come close to over a thousand, at least, of my posts. These actually must be close to over 2,500 and the reason why I am growing in popularity?!

Because I make sense when no one else does, am honest, to the point and see ask this coming ten years ago while I still talk to idiots with excuses.

I presume you might now do the simple thing of forwarding this on to the email address associated with this kind of complaint? Or is that not in your remit either?!

Oh and a tip for all the idiots that son organisations like yours… loose the pre-written and prescripted crap that talks to people like they are morons seriously lacking in grey matter.


Martin Haswell BSc

Are you effing kidding me?!

I pointed out that this was clearly wrong and I got a funny look as I had just embarrassed him in front of the lady I was speaking to but then if you don’t bullshit you won’t get embarrassed.

Sent from myMail app for Android

Thursday, 19 March 2015, 04:22pm +00:00 from OCCtelecoms <>:

Ofcom reference: 1-282315014
19 March 2015
Dear Mr Haswell
Thank you for your email dated 13 March 2015, in which you raised your concerns about the quality of broadband across North London, amongst other issues. Whilst Ofcom’s role does not include dealing with
individual complaints, I can supply some information on the issues that fall within Ofcom’s remit.
In terms of the speed problems you are having, I can understand the frustration this may be causing. It may be of interest to know that we have in place a Voluntary Code of Practice specifically for broadband speeds. Under this, providers should do everything they can to make sure consumers achieve the speed they signed up for.
Although the obligation to release customers experiencing poor speeds from their contract only applies if they have joined within the last 3 months, we would still
expect providers to help all consumers, even if they have been with them for longer. If you would like to see the Code in detail, this can be found on our website at: .
In view of the above, you may wish to raise your individual complaint about the broadband speed with your provider. In the event that you remain unhappy, you might
want to follow your provider’s complaints process which should be shown on their website or can be obtained by contacting their customer services department directly.
You will see from reading the process that the final stage involves taking the matter to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. An ADR scheme deals with individual complaints and is an important piece of consumer protection, as they are free and independent for consumers like you. Your provider must abide
by the ADR scheme’s decision, but if you remain unhappy you are free to consider legal action. Details of which ADR scheme your provider has joined will be shown in their complaints
In terms of the availability of broadband in general, there is currently no obligation on a provider to supply this service. However, the Governments Digital Britain report sets out ways to provide access
to standard broadband (2Mbps) for all provide by 2016 and superfast broadband coverage to 95% of premises by 2017. This is confirmed at: .
Turning to you asking for details of Ofcom’s running costs, this, plus information on our role is available on our website at: .
I hope the above proves useful and would like to thank you for taking the time to let us know about your complaint. I can confirm this has been registered here at Ofcom for monitoring purposes. Where we see a rise in similar complaints, we may take further action.
Yours sincerely
Sandra Sutton
Consumer Contact Team






Jesus effing Christ!!!

Google and Blogger has once again lost an entire post I typed out!!

It’s just effing text for Christ sake! Alan Sugar has been wealthy for an absolute age and he did it selling computers that handled text. A bloody age ago!

But Google are having a few problems getting it right and over a year since I had the App and they STILL CAN’T HANDLE TEXT peculiarly after buying companies that were handling text rather well?!

I am not quite sure how you do that?!

Start again then?

Bad, bad morning. Ugh! I really don’t want to do this… Tomorrow …

Retyped and spent thirty minutes trying to copy this from Google’s shite QuickOffice as I can no longer do this from any other device… according to the text messes that is. MAN LIVE IT’S FECKING TEXT!! Go and speak to Alan Sugar… he may be able to recall thirty years ago when he made his Word Processors and teach you got to handle text. Microsoft can teach you how to copy and paste! Lol.

yping this section out AGAIN as Google and their crappy Blogger App lost a shed load of text again! Week it is extremely tricky and technical having to desk with cutting edge stuff like te than 18 months ago made an alarming return.

Now some people, many have, call this cramp but that would not be describing it properly and not entirely sure it’s accurate.

Four family members have witnessed it the first being my grandfather and grandmother, the latter passing away some fifteen years ago. Desperately asking me what was wrong my grandfather was frustrated when I did  not respond. After around twenty seconds I managed to utter ‘leg’ between screams. After grabbing the wrong one he then held the offending leg before looking up at my grandmother and saying “Christ, it’s like holding a rock!”

You can’t speak when it strikes. No matter how much you may not want to scream…you scream. Nothing else ever has achieved that but this does.

If a Doctor told me I would get this once a week I would demand morphine otherwise it would be a bullet to my own head! Without batting an eyelid!

Despite the length of time since it last struck, I really thought it had gone for good, I was already holding my calf muscle and squeezing it tight when I came to and realised what was going on. The muscle expands when it flexes and this must be to extremes when this pain hits? Squeezing the muscle tightly keeps the pain at bay but the muscle spasms and you get the pain rise and dip down again.

You still yell.

One time and on this house my mother and one brother was here and they and to witnessing it. Well hearing it first as this thing only ever occurs when I’m asleep?! Yep it’s a bit weird. Around 3am my brother burst into my bedroom and I was thrashing about atop my bed. Once again I was  to get a single solitary word out which is very weird. Your brain is going over words in your head but no sound is emanating from you.

I have no idea of this is related from Fibromyalgia but I have my own doubts that it does. Not in regards to manifesting phantom pain, that is. Maybe some house cleaning job is not doing maybe. But why only one leg?

Oddly it’s the calf where I have both varicose veins, not on other leg, and the dodgy knee. One to ask three Doctor next time I see him.

Then tonight after months of crap internet Three Mobile  text me REPEATEDLY and tell me I can’t use tethering on Pay As You Go. So now snooping into my phone are they?!

Little so they know I already contacted Ofcom. I went mad, especially as they suggested I go and BUY a second device, err that’s the only reason I bought this phone! So they are back to wanting TWO LOTS OF MONTHLY CASH FOR THE EXACT SAME THING!

Hmm think I have the rest on the blog post already?

Ooh except the part where I went onto British Telecom’s website and silent thirty minutes going through an order for their Infinity and chose the 17GB unlimited downloads and was right near the effing end when it told me not to close the webpage and that my connection was estimated to be between 3MB and 8MB?!

Err NOO 17GB, SEVENTEEN GIGABIT, THAT IS WHAT IT SAID… NOT 3 OR 8MB!  For fuck sake! All these people do is act as a portal to something that’s free. They can’t giving fucking do that without doing it badly and being greedy about it?!

£30 per month for just a broadband connection that barely classes as such. The term broadband implied broader than the average. 3MB is NOT the average!! It’s the BARE MINIMUM and is what my effing mobile is supposed to be but has not been hitting 1MB for several months…maybe never?!

Still hold their hands out for piles of wonga and Ombuds[UMM ANDROID JUST PASTED MY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER RIGHT HERE?!?!]man still sit around with their thumbs to their arse taking tens of millions of pounds a year out of the public purse for wages, perks, cars and god knows how many other things?!

But the Tories will take even now money from those without any and who were not to blame but many soon going into their wooden boxes for the long sleep goodnight, though.

That was one weird budget that did not make sense, other than pandering to people’s greed and thinks everyone is greedy?

In fact one idiot I don’t like left another so called money expert I don’t like, Martin (?) Lewis, who was on the BBC studio who said the words ‘I don’t know’ so many times it made my head spin, while laughing!

Right now that email…

Dear Sirs

Bloody hell?!

Ofcom and YOU?!

How many of you does it take to do nothing and take taxpayers money for it?!

Don’t ever reply to that comment. You will only start a war that ends up being posted on my blog that has tens of gigabytes of secretly recorded audio of meetings, appointments, phone calls and ask manner of things regarding corruption in the UK, who is at it and how along with Ombudsman that don’t do anything about it or even ask to see the evidence?!


I have already emailed Ofcom about the fact that I and others on Three, Vodafone, Orange, EE and O2 right across North London have had very slow or no Internet for MONTHS!!

Also… before you read the letter pasted below…digital data is considered in law to be a commodity. It’s treated as physical just like a Blu-Ray player or Television…

You therefore cannot charge twice for it!

Yet they have, did and still do and my own mother bought a tablet PC she thought she was posing monthly for and argued with me that it did not have a son card in the tablet, she has a Samsung S5 already. I then simply rang her tablet!! To a very confused face!

Without going over one again what I am complaining about, no it’s neither of those as I am sure you have had many you have done nothing about.

No out is the flowing…


Dear Sirs

Right before I rip you a new one, because I deal in corruption and corporate bullshit and have a website with 100gb secretly recorded audio and get such stupid lies it’s not true and everyone underestimates me by a country mile, I want to ask you ax question…

Now I am going to state right here and RIGHT NOW I have a BSc Single Honours Degree in Applied Computing. So I an trying to ward you off peeving me off before hand.

You have been warned.

Now what the telecoms companies have been trying to do with data… is a rip off…pure and simple.

If a member of the public did this with anything owned by large greedy corporate twats they would give down on them like a ton of bricks and even prosecute them. Corporations, however, seem to think that the rules and laws are different for them.

Secondly… data is data. It does not matter if it’s a phone, dongle, hard-line or blowing it out your arse…

I have had no Internet connection via tethering for a  couple of months.. you owe me £15 by the way.

As well as me I have been told by mobile phone users right across North London on all networks that they have had no Internet or has been very slow for several months now.

Bearing this in mind why the feck are you texting me now telling me that I can’t use tethering anymore?! No warning or anything… cheers for that awfully considerate of you.

Why have you doing this bearing on mind I emailed you with a complaint recently?! Which you did feck all about by the way!!

It gets better because in the same message you bloody well tell me to go and give you even more money for another device I don’t fecking need for a service your not effing providing?!

I am so glad I have Of com a fecking roasting recently because they do feck all to keep you in check while taking taxpayers money!!

It is criminal and fraud and I am sending a copy of this to Of com and publishing it on my blog.

I WON’T BE buying ANOTHER device, thank you very much and nor will I be buying anymore credit from you each month… AT ALL!!

I will be going the hard-line route and as Android is also effing crap, something tech journalists seen to miss but something else I hear more and more from people you can place your mobile phones where the sun don’t shine!!

Martin Haswell BSc


I get bombarded with emails.

In fact I get so bombarded with emails that if I stated that each of the major two political parties send me so many emails that you could consider each of these alone is being bombarded with emails then you might get an idea of how bombarded I get.

I never get anything nice though…or helpful or anything that states that I am going to be better off, or get help or that I have achieved some really important milestone in all my endeavours…oh no!

I get bombarded with emails from companies regarding my blog that want me to pay them money so that they can work on my blog and put me onto page one in Google?! Except many of my blogs are hosted on Blogger which is Google. So how can they do anything that Google is not doing?!

Added to this if there are 20 places, for arguments sake, on page one of a Google search and their are dozens of companies offereing this service for a fee and each one aquires to blog/website owers to pay them money, how in the hell can they guarantee you get placed on the first page on any bloody search engine?!

They are called SEO specialists which stands for Search Engine Optimisation and something I could learn myself in a couple of days if I needed to. Sometimes I get annoyed and I reply and put it to them what I stated in the previous paragraph and ask them how  they can manage this as it is mathematically impossible. All they do is re-send the same email they already sent. Sometimes I say ‘tell you what, you do the service and I will pay you when I get paid or you can earn a percentage of what I make?!’

They never take me up on the offer and fail to realise that I just quite simply caught them out! Jesus! Lol!

I will tell you something else about these SEO companies…they all are based in India?! So far I have had around 8 or more companies email me and I am sure that will grow quite a lot during 2015 and I wonder if I will ever get a company based in another country other than India?

They are either really stupid chancers or really bad at what they do if they are a genuine SEO company.

One email I just received asked me if I could put a question to Ed Milliband…so I did!

I told him what I had been doing and that I had uncovered corruption in almost all the public services, a number of large retail outlets and witnessed what the other big organisations were up to, like Energy Companies and in a round about way asked if he had the gonads to stand up tho these people to make Britain the proud nation it once was?

Or something like that … I wonder what he will respond with and how?

Some screen shots of me asking …

Milliband Question Milliband Question 2 Milliband Question 3


This is one campaign/petition I was involved with some time ago.

Stephen has autism and is being carde for a long, long way from his mother who has been unable to get anyone to move him much closer to where she lives. If I remember correctly there is a matter of a few hundred miles between them. With current transport, all of it and even with a damned fast car, the time required along with the finances are pretty great to see poor little Stephen even on a semi regular basis.

Now I thought this petition would get the signatures required pretty quickly if I am honest?! However it has not and it is currently on… 10,371 out of 15,000. I honestly thought that with such a youg child and such a horrible condition as autism that the votes would flood in and go way above the 15,000 needed?! But no.

I guess many people are still worrying about their own taxes or lives and not that of others and that the present and unchanging situation is causing people to become more and more amoral. The EXACT problem that landed this country where it is in the first place. And where it now keeps it!

So once again and now with a bigger monthly audience coming into my blogs on the truth  about corruption within the UK I am going to post about little Stephen once again …

It is just a vote and just a button and takes five minutes. Five minutes to listen, read and make a decision and one of many decisions that will help change this country for the better. A decision that will make you feel batter for taking the time to make a difference.

All it needs is enough people to want to make a difference.

I am but one guy without the recources, finaaqnces and nor did I have the tools. Yet despite my diabling ailments I strived and saved and wrangled to do all that I have done. For the benefit of others…so I am disappointed in people that cannot spend five minutes to change the one cruel stance of one hearltess authority.

If this is the world that you want to live in, then do nothing. Only if it comes to you remember the time you could have done something yet decided to do nothing.


It is funny how big companies are. At times its mildly amusing and at others a rip roaring laugh at their stupidity while trying to act like the all knowing overlords.

At other times they can be so effing annoying that you want to just throttle one of them. Unfortunately even though these organisations act like they do the ones worthy of the throttling are no the ones they send knocking on your door. In fact when I got into a rage with them previously they sent out two women to call at my house and speak with me, apologising in the process?!

I may have mentioned it at the time but I found this quite deplorable of this overly large company if I am completely honest and had I been the watchdog that was involved I would have hot them with everything I got. The large sum of the fine would read like the proverbial telephone number!

I mean I could have been a mad crazy person with serious mental illness with a leaning towards violent behaviour towards others? I am not but that is beside the point.

Oh but make no mistake I could quite happily throttle someone that is responsible for something heinous and knowing that the authorities will not act on it when I am about to do some throttling…err…up will not help.

More on this at a much later date.

Now this particular organisation is Eon Energy who decided that it is OK to be rude in their billing which, I might add, has been non-existent for a few years. After explaining about my latest victory battle and that the electric bills will soon cease to be a major problem for me they decided to do something they had not done in ages and send me a paper bill through the post.

Only when I removed it from its envelope is had a line of text whose size was bigger than the rest be a factor of 5 to 10. It was also rude…and demanding sort of way and I flicked it through the air to land on a chair. I then decided to not make the payment I was about to for a couple of weeks and see if they get the hint?!

A letter came through about a week ago and I guessed it would be more of the same and I did not get around to opening it, partly I did not want to as it was piss me off. Yesterday I had a text requesting I call them. I know how that goes too.

So I went online and after about fifteen minutes of waiting, as that is how long it takes to load a web page at certain points of the day and something I have used to tear Ofcom a new one as it is North London wide at least, I paid them £100.

Of course finally being in my account, no thanks to the greedy, lazy and one of the other Gestapo groups being the mobile telecoms companies…hmm well I call them that but of late 80% of the time they are not actually mobile telecoms companies. Well OK, that is not strictly true as they are not mobile broadband providers about 60% to 80% of the time in any 24 hour period! PERIOD!

Still manage to take your cash from your bank with no problems though don’t they? Funny how that technical side never breaks down but the services they are paid to provide work only half the time if your lucky.

So I got very sarcastic and cocky with Eon Energy and told them that until the answer a little riddle I am going to keep them in the dark as to when they will get the rest of the money! LOL!

I mean it will be in credit inside of four weeks but I am not going to tell them that…because they refuse to listen, refuse to take things on board and refuse to be fucking polite with their own customers at a time when they totally need to be.

Ooh and I forgot that I totally asked them about the fact that the phoned me and asked me to change my errr tariff and that they were recently burnt by Ofgen about it and was supposed to refund money?! Yeeah…they never answered that query!

It is funny how all these organisations are aloud to get away with murder, figuratively speaking of course, and that they always contact when its money going in their direction buy turn into little mice when the correspondence creeps over to them paying people back?!

Thought those of you that have had dealings with the energy companies….err ‘WARS’ no doubt at times would like to see what I sent them?


Dear Sirs

I have not yet opened your latest letter and I am aware that you text me.

Firstly I forgot, it is part of my condition, and then I got my first BILL from YOU through my door for the first time in ages.

However you do not seem to have listened to a word I said and I am sorry but no amount of emails or ladies knocking on my door is going to change anything.

Your acting like the Gestapo…AGAIN!!

Go and read my effing emails and then take a look at the bill you sent me and let us see if you can work it out…if you can I will then tall you how and when your going to get paid. Until you do I will leave you in the dark over it!!


Martin Haswell BSc


When someone dies because of some greedy change by morons with no clues, insight or intelligence (fuck knows what they teach at Eton for the money they charge?!) it disturbs me.

When nothing is mentioned about this in the media, though we got to hear about how fat people want to be classed as disabled which…well is wrong for a list of reasons (sorry but its flawed), I get extremely worried. Worried because the…prioritising by tabloids and media is sorry obvious corrupt and supect. Worried because it is this attitude that has helped destroy the UK and once down in the dumps keeping it down. Because …

In May people are going to be voting to elect someone as Prime Minister and yet many of thw worst things that have occured as a direct result of their decisions claiming we all equally in it and no one hears about it.

What we do get in the media is gossip about brain dead celebrities and the slagging off the politicians give each other. But how strange the media talks about the consequences of choices ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’ running the country and yet we have not heard of much of the most dire consequences of those that have been running the country for the last five years. Or the five years before that!

Now if you cannot deduce from that, that the media is also equally responsible for the situation this country is in then I am not sure what will.

I am fed up and have also lost count of hearing that we are ‘definately now on the road to recovery!’ Yes siree we was deifinately on the road to recovery 6 months before they said that, and six months before that…aaand six months before that…and so on and so forth for the past four years.

There have also been many protests and still these happen in the usual piecemeal fashion. I am alwaqys behind anyone that wishes to protest provided the cause is a right, true and worthy one but your still falling victim to their divide and conquer techniques. You pop up in small groups and get beaten off or ignored. Or promised things and told to be patient and they never materialise while you have kept quiet for another year.

Enough of the waiting, already!

These groups need a hub. These groups need a…force, if you will, that can communicate between all and arrange a mix up, a melding of all the groups which then come together and work together.


Numbers are everything.

It will not just be the government that take notice either as the media will have no choice to take notice and cover the event.

I also see they have a new…umm outfit…or organisation, cannot recall the name, to take over assessment duties from Atos? I wonder how long it will be before they turn their attention to me and just glimpse my sharpened horns just prior to me gauging out their internals for all to see?!


I guarantee that within a year or two it will be the exact same situation with this new outfit as it was with Atos because they are simply following orders and hopefully this time around those that wasted their energy chasing Atos ghosts will realise it is either the DWP or Government, i.e. Iain Duncan-Smith or whoever is in charge of the Welfare System after May this year?!

The words are here…NOW MARK THEM!! LOL!!

However and in the meantime before a few bright sparks wake up and smell coffee here is a protest taking place over the welfare system screw up …—contact/

The initial web page for the petition ishere ..