Well it has gone proverbially ‘nuts’ since that last part was published and I put this work in progress on a hiatus, I will get into after the point it did later on.

As always its occurred earlier than I expected, worse then I expected and in ways I also did not expect and collectively calling it ‘a mess’ would be a grand understatement.

Believe me when this has caused the panic I have already seen from ‘the establishment’ to not only go into overdrive but will still be doing this for 6 to 8 weeks after this has been posted.

Literally a piece from the BBC I get into after the hiatus later on contradicted not only themselves and scientists thy had on back in 2014 but confirmed what the alarmist shills had stated I was wrong about for two years.

There already minority support has dropped of a cliff and belief in what I have been saying has gone, proverbially, through the roof.

Two level headed friends were demonetised by YouTube, a court case has destroyed what was left of support in the news media, an arctic blast to break records is coming in more than one area and the covid?

Well lets just say that other than the numbers failing them .. my senior healthcare worker daughter got covid ..

  • Healthcare worker unvaccinated
  • Gets covid from someone that was vaccinated who collapsed
  • That person caught it from their son who was visiting, had also not only been vaccinated but wore facemasks, lived in fear of the virus and complaining others do not
  • Had to self-isolate
  • Boyfriend not vaccinated also not allowed out
  • But three children allowed to school
  • But said children kept fro school
  • At end of self-isolation .. kids are tested negative and return to school
  • First day back school wants one child to go home because she coughed and do not care she tested negative
  • Which kinda sends out the message that workers in public services do not trust the tests, NHS or government? Reasonable assumption, no?
  • Healthcare firm go insane over this attitude from the school as they lose an senior healthcare worker again
  • The Healthcare firm was also asking how they had not come across any people testing positive for covid until two weeks ago and then had five in a single week?
  • All in a village in Wales

So then I was told I was wrong by a social worker friend and government employee in England and stated that the children would not be allowed to school.


I said “No, I am not wrong, please stop telling me that, Wales and Scotland have different rules and I am looking at them right now in front of me and this is correct”.

Then they complained, or one did, about how it was irresponsible of a mother to allow her children to go to school knowing they could carry covid? English government employee.

But its OK if government say so?

Yeah well what they, along with myself, did not know but I reminded everyone involved that there are FINES for keeping your children out of school, is that she did not allow them to go to school.

If there is one problem wrong with this world is that it is full of people that think they know because of their opinion and so much so that they will repeatedly argue with someone who is a scientist and moral.

Al;l because they are naïve enough to think that government are looking after them and the journalists are being honest with them.

No, they are not and I have been reporting on this and repeatedly proving it for a long time and they also forget, as government also does, not only the fundamental principles of science but also that one of my conditions causes short-term memory loss.

Here is something that are going to be told in a few public services ..

‘If you was to take me to court and accuse me of lying, you would not only lose that battle but would be forced to pay a substantial amount of damages’.

I should really put out posts to see if there are any solicitors among my tens of thousands of followers and see if they are interested in ‘pro bono’ and ’cause celebre’.

Yeah I worked in the legal industry.

Two confrontations are going to take place and likely more than twice between now and Christmas and had they been better at informing me these may well have been avoided? Well one of them at any rate.

Now then .. moving in with part five and a sixth part to come and I am sure if you have followed the previous parts, how that next part is going to look as its gotten worse with each part just as I stated it would.

Pennsylvania State University suspends 117 students for missing mandatory Covid 19 tests.

Tim Pool video on a Kaiser Chiefs, LOLz, video were people act like a cult worshipping Pfizer and Covid19 vaccines.

Project Veritas who have already shown secret video taken by a Federal employee of nurses saying the vaccines are full of shit and that they are burying VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Side Effect Reports, has a part 3.

In this one they speak to Johnson & Johnson staff, one a scientist who appear to have refused the vaccines themselves, stated people should not take it and that ‘Kids should not f*cking take it, they are kids’ and that its all about money and politics.

Many years ago I was told that Johnson & Johnson was owned or run by a Satanist and had forgotten all about that until this video.

Of course no one would abuse these stupid, blind and fascist laws and rules which is why they think that a Metropolitan Police Officer may now have used Covid19 laws to arrest a woman in Clapham South London he then murdered.

But do not worry as I am sure that this does not go on anywhere in the world or that decent and law abiding Police Officers leaving to be replaced by authoritarians lacking morals wont see these abuses of power go up, eh?

When I tried to tell people that were for these rules, laws, lockdowns and mandates that there were not thinking this through and that there were a whole lot of problems that could come from this and a load more I did not foresee .. I just got crickets.

So they are destroying livelihoods in all manner of ways. Education, financially, family, liberty, deterioration of health, injury and death from health, vaccines and now murders.

But its OK so that a bunch of pissy-pants feel safe and good about themselves?

Yeah that is not going to last and I think they are in for a shock when the backlash arrive and that is quite inevitable.

Here is Tim Pool and crew along with Jack Murphy talking about Nicky Minaj being suspended for literally tweeting out a fact about Covid19 and how it affected a friend of her cousin. Swelling in a man where you do not want it.

There were reports of what she said Tim just not many as he seem to think it was nonsense and did not think about the connections.

I did not believe it myself when I heard it and I had to check and there were indeed reports.

They also talked about how the mainstream news literally twisted what she said, lied, to make her look bad. I mean the news media are lying to people’s faces in an obvious way both sides of the Atlantic, how naïve or stupid do you have to be to not see this?

Yeah and it got worse and with the next few videos what your going to realise is a lot of people are going to die and it is not about health.

Tim Pool and guests here about 175 staff in s single hospital going to be fired for disobeying Covid19 mandates. They would be the people everyone was hailing as heroes for being on the front-line a year ago. The government who encouraged people to applaud them are not firing them.

I am afraid the insults after the months of lying over everything as in the state of New York they plan to fire over 70,000 healthcare staff for disobeying vaccine mandates.

Yeah you read that right, it is seventy thousand. They worked it out as 72,000. Just one state.

How many will this be across the entire country? Half a million? A million? In healthcare which is already understaffed and in the middle of a pandemic?

How many life-saving operations or treatments will they now not be able to perform? Even for those that have had the vaccine or those that have had Covid and have natural immunity?

Over the course of 6 months how many do you think this will be?

Jimmy Dore is a leftist and I think socialist or very close to that and I admire him for his honesty, other than one thing he did I did not agree with when I heard about it.

He calls it firkin insane!

The one thing you are hearing from everyone and it is going to build into a crescendo over the next 4 to 8 weeks, is that this is not about health.

If you think it is your a firkin moron and must enjoy it. Pool even says as much.

I had a friend that flip-flopped on this one a number of times and they now realise this is wrong, they also told me about a form they had to fill in for working as a teacher I will cover in upcoming post ‘The Creep’.

Was staying off the phone but now back on the phone a lot and they know that once again and over 8 years, I was right.

He is going to flip his pancakes when he hears about this.

I have known and felt that something was wrong in this world and not because capitalism but there has been something else. A sort of sickness .. a direction we was heading in. I was pointing out about how some people were getting jobs. Friends and family did not agree with me but I had a Doctor of mine say “all the money is going to all the wrong people”.

Do not ask I never did figure out what she meant. But she thought something was not right and that was back in 2009.

This development is not only completely shocking but also mind-numbingly stupid, I always said they were putting morons into higher positions and I thought it was deliberate, but this will finally make everyone realise.

When I say everyone I do mean right around the world too.

Project Veritas exposing what they have and then Tim Pool and Jimmy Dore saying what they are saying. This is going to run and run for weeks, this one.

I was called mad for my theories on what we was heading for and two years ago I was told not only was I spot-on yet again but it was way worse than I said it would be.

In the last 18 months it has just continued and gone into a nose-dive and has continued spiralling down and out of control.

It is the 30th September today, I have ‘The End Of Ways Part Four’ to post in two days, Part 5 to post a week later and this one a week after that.

Now my mind implodes at the thought of what will happen between now and then and will end up in this post?

I did predict something like this but thought it would be around December and maybe even February 2022? Stated many times that it so often happens the proverbial hits the fan earlier than I expected it to.

Now one wonders if this is going to follow in the UK and even across Europe?

Well saying that but we know that Norway has lifted restrictions and that resulted in the CDC putting them on the high risk list.

What will also be of interest is to see how each country reacts around the world, to this? Also if the CDC will keep adding nations to the high-risk list with Norway? Is this a kind of bullying or coercion or other nations?

Apparently they wont get unemployment either.

A year ago they were heroes and we were to all stand outside and cheer, clap and bang pots and pans to celebrate these front-line staff.

Now they are to have their own lives destroyed because they wont act as Guinea Pigs and do what they are ordered to do.

While other fascist leftist morons actually celebrated this on Twitter and the same one that told everyone last year they were heroes and had all been vaccinated. Lie .. after lie .. after lie.

During likely the worst period since world war 2 politicians and leaders are attacking their own people which cannot be seen as anything other than a plan to divide people.

Which is odd because of you consider all the world’s major problems both fake and real the only possible solution in actual fact, is to reduce the population by a large number of people.

Pandemics, vaccines, unrest, war, division and constantly being kicked while down and very obviously filling people with fear, anger or both seems to be doing the job of reducing it.

We even had people not wanting to start families over this or that.

You could argue that lots of little plans work rather like what people say about a certain .. election?

Even in North Carolina they had already fired 175 hospital staff.

I fully expected covid and vaccine numbers this Autumn and Winter from around the world that are already starting to appear.

If this continues for the next 12 weeks as it has already started then these fascistic actions by politicians are not only going to look very bad but are going to bring about a lot of anger from the public which will just grow in number.

First off you need a week or two for this to filter through to everyone and by then people will be looking, seeing more people fired, staff shortages going on. Which will lead to fears of no treatments and loved ones possibly dying.

Around the same time you are going to see more numbers of vaccines doing this along with covid not doing that.

It will be like watching a lit fuse go down and no way of knowing what the explosion will take place. But I suspect that come March 2022 it will look pretty bad if not completely collapsed already.

Once those first stories that people are dying not from covid or vaccines but actually from mandates the shit will hot the fan like nothing we have seen for many many decades.

The fact that this is inevitable and why I write about it, means that you either have complete morons as politicians who should be jailed for the rest of their natural lives, or this was their intention all along?

Its at the stage now where its ‘God help someone who tries to force me’ to ‘God I hope I get Covid and it kills me because I cannot stand watching the evil and fascism I see unfold’.

And after the Federal employee whistle-blower over the secret video of nurses running down Covid19 vaccines their employers said they would launch an investigation.

Then they put her on administrative leave.

Now I had a conversation with someone that knew their was corruption and complained about the NHS but then kept flip-flopping over covid and vaccines. He does not like socialists and Marxists at all but is centre-left and was a social worker for 25 odd years.

He was on the phone for long periods and to start with I reminded him that when I told everyone I was being suppressed several years ago everyone thought was wrong and even insane.

Little by little they started to realise I was not quite that insane.

Then two years ago in a diabetic clinic he gets talking to a YouTuber. My friends tells him about me and that I had claimed for several years that I was being suppressed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and others and laughed about it.

This guy, obviously suspecting something asks my friend what it is I talk about.

My social worker friend then explains its anti-socialist stuff, science, anti-AGW but based on science and the lies going on with fake news and even that I did not see what the problem was with Donald Trump and the lies said about him.

“Oh, I can assure you that they are suppressing your friend” this YouTuber says to my friend.

“What?!” was my friends reply.

The YouTubers then explains that he was earning on YouTube and one day over night he lost around £1,500 GBP in revenue and has several friends who lost three figure sums in revenue at the same time and that they knew this had happened to way more people. He then explained the different tricks they use to do this.

“I am SO SORRY!!” was what my friend said to me after he told me about this discussion he had with this guy he met. He said that as he sat there and listened to the various stories he could not believe that these companies could be that evil and must destroy people’s livelihoods they way that they have.

In a recent discussion I had told him that on YouTube many people were reporting that YouTube was about to wipe out whole channels, which they have done many times since my friend realised.

I asked if he recalled that conversation with the guy in the hospital and he said he did. I stated that if he was to ever bump into him again and ask him it I would bet a large sum of money that all their channels had been deleted.

So does not matter if it was £300 per month or £10,000 per month and all those years and all that work and effort .. POOPF! GONE!

“Shit” was all that he said when I told him and stated that they even go after very big channels now and do not care. So that he would realise that over the last few years many struggling people have just been wiped out.

Of course he not only realised that this was going on before and that lies were OK even when proven to be lies but that the truth and facts in science were not.

Now I haw to send this following video about how YouTube deleted not one but two Russia Today channels amongst would would no doubt be a very long list. Russia .. Today .. news channels!

I wonder what my friend will think when he realise that Vladmir Putin is pished and that Russia are now threatening to block not just YouTube part Google products in part and pointing out that this could be total.

Its believe that around 88% of the Russian market is Google and losing all that and advertising would damage them beyond belief in an action that actually make Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government actually look good, right now.

The reason given was ‘promoting vaccine hesitancy’. You could not make it up.

Will they start banning people from doing, saying or travelling because they have had the wrong vaccine?

How about children, along with others, ‘accidentally’ given the Covid19 vaccines instead of a flu shot in more than one country and children getting heart issues soon after?

On No Tricks Zone and written by Kenneth Richard, who I have argued alongside on many occasions, on the growing list of countries, I myself predicted would happen and how cases and deaths from Covid19 are growing in the fully vaccinated?

It is around a dozen countries and the UK, Russia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Laos and others are mentioned.

I had to delay this one and literally stopped working on it.

This was because that not only had the lying masters decided to start hammering people speaking about covid or vaccines, despite the fact they have been consistently wrong and/or lied in corporate news and allowed to, they were to censor people.

I also had this deep down feeling that not only was they going to censor covid and vaccine but this would quietly extend to AGW or global warming. And it did. This was to take place around November 5th (2021).

As the next piece was going to involve covid and vaccines I thought I would wait and as the date has now passed I can tell you a few things ..

  • People got censored or demonetized over covid
  • One channel I know I have had private talks to were in total shock when they got censored for reporting Earth Science, Spaceweather & weather reports as ‘hate-speech’
  • The adverts are not only still in place on my postings but I have not even had so much as a warning

The couple I know who were censored are in New York and one of the reasons I listen to them, because they have been hiding so much crap, is that they are not sensationalist, level headed and do not make any big or wild claims. They often state in videos that they are not experts but are very interested.

Bearing in mind that not only do the experts get things wrong and are not censored but in each field they would admit how precious little they know,

Richard Feynman stated that in science no government or body has the right to dictate how science works or should be reported. But the ones that want to stifle ‘science’ which literally means to question, they want to lie about it too.

In a conversation I reassured them that not only was this a sign of panic but that I did expect it.

Also what will be interesting to know is that during my battles on these large threads that involve covid and AGW is that once again everything I said that they insisted was wrong is still turning out to be the case.

Speaking of ‘case’ now we have had the lies of MSNBC, CNN and the likes of the New York Times vindicate yet another thing I stated back in 2012 and for years prior to this. The news everywhere lies and this includes here in the UK.

In the last few days several reports have come out about the support for vaccines and AGW waning, something I insisted for awhile now would occur at the end of 2021. Once again I was called all kinds with idiot, liar and moron among them.

Once again and as with each previous case I turned out to be right but this wont stop them calling me that the next half a dozen times.

Karl Popper once said that the “True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge but the refusal to acquire it”.

We live in a world where you are literally punished for seeking the truth and also punished for not accepting the lie.

The BBC ran a report shortly after another report of not just the waning support for covid, vaccines and AGW global warming but detailed this ‘conspiracy theory’ and that there has been a tenfold increase, its more, the the belief that a Grand Solar Minimum is about to occur.

Then after pushing something that has never happened before, AGW, when science is all about repeating experiments or concurrences they tried to run it down, no its an actual REAL thing, and claim it would have no effect. Yeah and they finish off with more pseudoscience.

BBC? You have been featured on here since the beginning and I warned you and I warned you what would happen. I warned all of you. My long pauses on here from posting was a result of your not so genius plans ..

  • Censoring since 2016
  • Seizure of numbers to avoid payments
  • Altering design so that I break rules when it was you
  • Focus was placed elsewhere using social media with tree-structure feeds to get the message out to as many as I could, across many corporate news threads, Extinction Rebellion Threads, Fridays For Future threads, covid threads, vaccine threads, volcano thread ..
  • AT the same time and across a longer period I stepped up comments left on influential YouTube videos
  • I watched as people I listened to that did not talk about these things started to and saying what I had stated .. admittedly sometimes after a wait of a year or two, like Tim Pool
  • Say it enough times. So that others would look. Then they would say it enough times. Then eventually it gets spotted.
  • You are unlikely to cure the stupidity of the person with whom you are debating but you never know who will be watching that will hear your truth” – Howell Woltz

So the BBC do pseudoscience on things?

They have no scientific foundation for their claim that Grand Solar Minimum will have no effect.

Here is an except from the BBC they have forgotten about from 2014 where they state, at the time, they had seen the Sun do things they had not before.

They stated that it was just like the run-up to the Maunder Minimum that happened from around 1648 to 1700.

They also tried to state that, after a record 20 month long solar minimum, there would be no harsh winters become and there have been many in many countries and records have been broken every year. South America and mainly Brazil has been below average almost consistently for 3 years.

That’s why it helps to have morons in government and journalism.

BBC – Why Has The Sun Gone To Sleep – 2014

On covid there are some worrying concerns from Doctors I am trying to keep an eye on about possible issues with DNA.

Now this is a bit of an eyebrow raiser because there were some claims early on but I had to ignore these. I am more than willing to go into the realms of speculation but I am not willing to risk being deleted because fascists are attacking freedom of speech so that they remain on their proverbial thrones.

Like Dr John Campbell here is another Doctor that seems to be level headed about these things talking about this and he seems to be keeping a close eye on the developments. As does Jimmy Dore.

Here is the scientific paper he is talking about but you have to bear in mind that when people claim something is fact using ‘peer-reviewed science paper’ they are lying.

The Replication Crisis states that if all science papers were retested half or more would be wrong and it is vitally important in science that you bear this in mind.

Like Carl Sagan said “I do not want to believe, I want to know”

Here is an article from May 2021 talking about the efficacy of vaccines and how they should be stored at very low temperatures.!:

One on fear of vaccines and their effects on DNA.

A long list of countries that had not had vaccine mandates have been fine including the likes of Sweden and as far out as Vietnam .. but also in Africa and instead of scientists just being up front, like with global warming, then spend months saying ‘we’re baffled’.

Yes because you have been acting and preaching like you know everything when you either know flock all or your lying and do not know how to cover it up.

I can also now show that the NHS and Doctors lied to me and gave me Gabapentin for a condition there has been no evidence it worked for and this was pushed by none other than Pfizer.

Here is a video about how the news media lied and believe me when I state that, in the following video, even the progressive left are asking questions .. you were duped .. if they tell you to not listen to someone that should be a sign that YOU SHOULD LISTEN ..

Here we go .. Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Michael Malice, Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski, Blair White, Ian Crossland with Lydia and others talking about how, with Rittenhouse case, no one believes the corporate news any longer and that vaccines have failed.

This is the full and roughly two and a half hour long video.

You have to realise if you do not know that these people combined have way more listeners than the western news combined and many of the viewers of the latter only watch to then go and expose their bullshit anyway.

Pool has millions of followers, Rogan likely tens of millions of followers and was paid $30 Million, if memory serves, to go from YouTube to Spotify.

Now when you have Jimmy Dore a progressive leftist but honest, defending Project Veritas, who he does not like though I do, over what the FBI just did and the New York Times getting their hands on documents between James O’Keefe and their lawyers you KNOW its over for them.

Now to me this is all things I was predicting many, many years ago to varying lengths of time and from as little as 3 to as much as 30. All of it. Predicted a pandemic and I predicted would would happen with the rushed vaccines. Showed in 2001 that the Industrial; Revolution started no warming. After seeing data and events between 2014 and 2019, early, I knew what was coming with the global temps.

Granted there were many things to still work out and link together and although I have many, like solar cycles to seismic activity and magnetic fields along volcanoes to climate and large cyclones and oceans, there is still more to go.

Both the speed of these effects and the longevity is also impossible to tell. But you can get the general direction and a time frame, or a minimum time-frame.

When it comes to cooling its a minimum of a decade. Because of the solar cycle lengths and if the next solar maximum is not enough to reverse the direct, three year lag needed too, than its going to be close to two decades.

What most forget is there is not one source of heat but two, the Sun and the Earth’s magma via Volcanoes which also act as cooling after, dependent on volume of materials and molecules in the atmosphere along with WHERE.

Yet they literally are arguing about warming currently as if CO2 can generates its own heat. That is not even classed as pseudoscience and instead complete madness. Period.

Scientific Study recently showed that 62 dynasties in China collapsed over climate change as a result of volcanoes.

People had argued with me that it needed a high level eruption only while I told them that my theory was that it did not. A previous part goes into this and that large cyclone could transfer materials up into the stratosphere to force cooling to speed up and last longer.

Bearing in mind Michael Mann produced a scientific paper that used the Dust Veil Index of Volcanoes to claim that the Little Ice Age, during the time of the Maunder Minimum, was localised.

Explaining to him how he used this wrong set off his ego and fears and he blocked me and the paper I had trouble finding again recently.

Well now we think we know of at least 62 times we went through climate change in the last 2,000 years but make sure you keep paying them for something they cannot prove.

Talked about here on Watts Up With That and I put this later because despite claims to ‘follow the science’, which is wrong by the way, some are programmed to ignore things they do not like, also wrong ..

There was a lengthy period when the climate used to change sharply which would make what is going on now appear as a gentle breeze.

Now they did not know why this was, changing sea currents by land closing up, like central America, would affect things. But recently they think that the sea-floor went through changes that made it hard or easier for Arctic Sea-Ice to form or melt.

Been telling everyone we know nothing about the sea-floor and it goes through wear via water or ice and geological changes. We just do not know anywhere near enough.

Her are snow forecasts for Europe for the 1st December 2021 and the 6th December 2021 and after you get over the shock of the UK .. then look at Spain.

They are talking temperatures down to -17C so due to the fact that January is the coldest month, should this occur its not just going to shock a lot of people but very likely break records.

Eastern Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania have all had several lots of Spring snow, even in very late Spring.

A friend who was a professional social worker for 25 years and worked when young for a scientist I know, whop sadly passed away, both of which disagreed with me and proven wrong over and over recently said ..

You are always right, why have you not been recognised and been rewarded for all the things you have done? It is criminal, you should be a millionaire!”

Forgetting for a moment that some have called me a modern day Robin Hood here is a website from Nottingham reporting temperatures could get down to -12C and heavy snowfall.

This got a bit of a delay before posting .. first I had a couple of other things I had put together and then a serious situation regarding my health.

Apparently I am lucky to be alive, my scale 10 headaches and few chest pains were down to on off the chart blood pressure that is listed as beyond Hypertensive Crisis.

To give an idea of how bad this was someone gave me the ‘qrisk3’ site the Doctors use and asked me to fill in my details including my Dystolic and Systolic readings. It would not let me enter either one.

This is because the readings were way higher than those it would allow and to give an idea the Dystolic reading limit was 210 while mine was 238. The systolic reading was 179.

This was so bad I spent more money, thanks NHS, on another blood pressure monitor by Omron because after a discussion and heavy pressure to to to hospital we decided that maybe my blood pressure monitor was faulty. Turns out it was not.

Not going to go into details but the Doctors Surgery disagreed with me, I was right yet again, also they wondered how I was familiar with the drugs they prescribed and why I already had a monitor and when I told them they said there was no record of my being Hypertension Stage 2 on my medical records.

Medical records that they have refused to give me for 8 months or more they have provided two reasons for, one of the files they cannot open, yet this contradicts what they said, without crashing the system. The other being that they need to retract names.

You can work out that last one for yourself, others already realised that they have something to hide and know full well I have caused the NHS damage. They even got someone out of retirement and put him in the practice to deal with me.

Well now they are panicking, they have put me on no less than three blood pressure pills, one beta-blocker for my heart and a spray to stop me having a stroke, angina or heart attack.

The Pharmacy section of my Superdrug store spoke to me at great lengths about the mount of medications I have been given. They have since called me three times and will a fourth.

Asked why I had not gone to hospital, I have many reasons, one I gave was that I had been to hospital many times and even different hospitals and Doctors about this and nothing was ever done. Now that me exerting myself is now dangerous they want me running around all over the place yet again?

The pharmacist answered that in recent times there has been a rapid rise in anger and distrust of the NHS. Aww and after people were standing out in the street banging pots and pans in celebration of them? Gee, I wonder why?

I also told a asocial worker friend of mine that being forced into where I am without help and that leaving me here will lead to my death, which I may well have mentioned on here? Well this now turns out to be the case and I have been asked who it is and where it is I reside.

I was told I was bullied. I am to be relocated to where my daughter lives in Wales, or so they tell me but I will believe this when it happens. They stated that I am being bullied and over utterly stupid things to and think they need to get me out. I was offered temporary accommodation locally .. twice and have said ‘no’.

Two things the authorities are about to realise .. other than the fact that I had serious issues getting to them recently and two young men were trying to steal my shoulder bag from me on the way home ..

  • The Amlodopine, Lisinopril, Ramipril, Bisoprolol, Glyceryl and statins being taken are still resulting in a BP of over 140 which is still Hypertension Stage 1 or 2
  • Despite being informed I am still being bickered at and bullied over BS reasons, one thinking that then catching covid is worse and another thinks their rhinovirus is also worse

As I write this section, 20/12/201, three organisations have had emails informing them of those above two things and that I am still getting the chest issues and headaches.

I am worried that this condition will now kill me before I get relocated to an idyllic village in Wales or that the move itself may kill me if these symptoms do not get sorted out, again, before the move.

That was the short version.

Back in the real world there has been an increase of ramming things in people’s faces with covid and omicron and this has gone just as I stated. As I also stated and was missed somehow by the NHS who seem to have removed more things than I thought from my records, a vaccine would likely have caused my death. Due to the shockingly incomplete medical records no one would have gotten any blame for this. Convenient?

Also the attack on anyone speaking out against AGW global warming, which goes against everything stands for, is ramping up.

Electroverse has had an email form the Washington Post who seem to work in conjunction with someone called ‘Center for Countering Digital Hate’, science is hate speech now, they removed adverts via Google and judging from what Watts Up With That and others are reporting, Google were bullied?

Here is Electroverse reporting it ..

Here is Watts Up With That reporting it ..

It has been noticed that not only have I had wave after wave of attack from a large and famous Twitter group that claim to be socialists but only seem interested in protecting money from vaccines an AGW but that I have also beaten them.

These people have insisted for two years that the consensus is 97%, it is light years from this, and that the support has risen.

Well here is Watts Up With That with an article about a report that this not only seems to be complete nonsense but asking how thy are claiming that the sceptics of 3% are disrupting the believers at 97%? Simply put, they are not at the figures they claim.

These people treat you as sheep .. or people that will just go along with the masses, its how they have controlled you, with help from the media, and stolen from you without you being aware of it.

Social Media Giants have also helped and I have insisted to everyone and now getting more praise for it, that by very early 2022 the masses will have realised many things.

Here is an article about the British Medical Journal calling Facebook and their fact-checkers ‘inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible’ because they even listed the BMJ as spreading misinformation.

If they are sneaking a peak over this I have told them for three years now that when it comes to scientists and doctors on covid, vaccines and global warming ..

‘No one wants to be left holding the baby’.

Chest pain after being screamed at in this building so I am going to end this one here and hope I get out of here before the resident moronic bullies cause my untimely death.