Well they are forms of life found under rocks? Lol. Well sometimes.

I have had an email from….oh dammit! From the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Health Correspondents.

So their so called health experts then? Well no, it seems not.

Now it rather surprising now had the excuse that I was not specific about what I requested? Hmm….so “Send me everything you have” is not specific?

To back off this round of complete bullshit that had taken them a whole year they state they sent me a form asking me to be specific?

Well no they did not send me a form abort being specified when I already asked them to send me everything they have in me as regards the NHS documents!

What, was there too many pages to send? Yeah there may be a couple of dozen…maybe even three?! Oh wait a minute? They just sent me a pointless mountain of A4 pages numbering over 60 sending me emails printed out I already sent to them?!

Why? Why would you even do that?

Fucking idiots, they can’t even be corrupt without looking like brain dead twats! No wonder they do not put names on the end of the correspondence. It just started something “…Team” manning they are all brain dead, lying, wiggling idiots. Lol.

Here is the…correspondence…well if you can call it that? Use of the word ‘correspondence’ tends to insinuate their exists a conversation.

No conversation between us exists nor has it ever in years and they have the greatest difficulty with the English language.

On occasions when I am chest deep in the bullshit I think about the staggering amount of fraud that has been going on within these public services and even worse the middle men and the bureaucrats who drain the taxes while not doing the service they are expected to perform?!

How does that even work?!

It is completely mental, completely mental that this occurs and there had been no backlash from the nation? It is simply staggering behind words at what they have woven in the last decade. Simply staggering and now staring tens of thousands of new faces directly in the face each month now. It has previously founded this with close to two hundred thousand people.

Oh wait?! Yes it’s the UKIP thing? Of course! Lmao! Dingbats! Muppets and like an old Scottish friend liked to say is numpties.

I would like them well discharged, dishonorably and a website with a wall of shame created with their names on and crimes.


Dear Sirs

First Problem

” “1 Can you forward me all documents you possess on me please!!?”
In our response (reference SAR 388) we enclosed all information that Atos Healthcare hold about you as requested. We also sent your request to the DWP Data Protection Officer (DPO) within the benefit centre for the additional information you required. ”

My response; No you did not.

Second Problem

“We have been informed by the DWP DPO that you were issued a SANTA 1 dated 12 November 2014 asking you for further information. If you require specific information, please complete this form and return to the DPO within the SAR Team Wales.”

My response; once again no they did not and I do not possess such a form at all.

I am afraid once again your organisation just cannot help itself and lying. Probably doing this repeatedly hoping to catch me out because Fibromyalgia causes memory loss and does with me several times each day. In fact you nearly got away with it because I only just saw this email you sent me and realised I had not read it or replied and it had been…bloody hell all of nine days! It’s the 26th November today and your email dated 17th November.

This is now roughly a year since I applied and yet you have repeatedly failed to do anything correctly. As well as exposing Atos for corruption in my blog I have also been focusing on both you and ICE.

Trust me I do a great many things simultaneously and the blog helps keep me reminded of what I have done and need to do.

In fact it is truly astounding that I have deliberately been waving several facts under all your noses to let you know your falling into traps and yet you consistently fail to see this!

Once again your persistence to lying just gets posted on my blog and I find it somewhat surprising that my posts regarding you three get the most visitors by far. I guess a fair portion of the British public are furious and went to know just how much of their taxes are being washing away down a proverbial drain while awarding yourselves salaries with their cash.

I often wonder if a single person within the public services I have dealt with within the UK or the idiots that manipulate their native staff to lie have EVER stopped and considered the eventual reaction will be when enough of the British public have seen the truth for themselves? What that outcome turns out to be is off no concern of mine as I only wanted to show the truth about what had been going on.

It might interest you to know that one Michael Meacher MP emailed me and requested of he could use my data and blog in the House Of Commons while battling Iain Duncan-Smith MP add long ago as January 2013.

I have had so much more visitors since that request its mind boggling and of all the comments and emails of thanks I get some stand out. Like one recently I remember being a Pastor, of all things.

While I am having to email for the umpteenth time I will now be direct and state the following; How come you have not contacted my GP in a whole year? What’s your lame excuse for this? Why had it taken a year anyway?

Hooray for emails, eh? Otherwise there would be nothing left of the Amazon forest, your that intent on wriggling out of this as much as you can.

Also whatever happens by mid 2015 you and the bureaucrats can forget about finger pointing, especially at me. Whatever happens this was bought on by idiots in positions they are neither capable of nor worthy of.

These emails are vastly increasing in number and left orbit of planet absurd a very long time ago. Your way beyond the Kuiper Belt now in the frozen wastes.

Once again, look forward you getting from you!

Martin Haswell BSc

Sent from myMail app for Android

Monday, 17 November 2014, 01:39pm +00:00 from DWP Health Services Correspondence :

Dear Mr Haswell,
Thank you for your email dated 16 November 2014 where you have raised concerns about the information you received in
relation to your Subject Access Request (SAR).
It maybe useful to explain that personal information about you is treated as a SAR under the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. By handling your request under the provisions
of the DPA, Department for Works and Pensions are protecting your rights over your own personal information.
Within your email dated 4 November 2014 you asked for the following:
“1 Can you forward me all documents you possess on me please!!?”
In our response (reference SAR 388) we enclosed all information that Atos Healthcare hold about you as requested. We also sent your request to the DWP Data Protection Officer (DPO) within
the benefit centre for the additional information you required.
We have been informed by the DWP DPO that you were issued a SANTA 1 dated 12 November 2014 asking you for further information. If you require specific information, please complete this
form and return to the DPO within the SAR Team Wales.
Kind regards
Correspondence Team | Health Services Directorate | Finance Group | Department for Work and Pensions
| Green Zone | 2nd Floor | West Wing | Peel Park | Brunel Way | Blackpool | FY4 5ES  
From: Martin Haswell [mailto:saintallnights@hotmail.com]
Sent: 16 November 2014 20:46
To: DWP Health Services Correspondence
Subject: Freedom Of Information Request
Dear Sirs
I was going to just write ‘umm latter dated [blah,blah]’ and then be sarcastic about it because it is not what I asked for.
However it is what I wanted and what I expected.
Mind you your going to have to go to the incompetent idiot and moron that sanctioned this letter probably by way of interception. Because I had already had a conversation
with someone on the phone and already pointed out several…aspects of what I did and what I do.
I requested all medical evidence held upon me be sent to me.
This is not what I receieved.
You sent me my own emails to you and Atos and nothing else.
But they are my emails and hence I already posses both them and the replies.
I stated in the phone conversation that I not only had all these but have published them on my blog and so so as and when i get them!
So why would anyone in their right mind gather up all the emails I sent and them print them out and send them to me when my Freedom Of Information request specifically
asked for medical EVIDENCE held on me?!
Also the deliberate mistake of the fact I was previously in receipt of Disability Living Allowance? Did you throw that out along with the rest of the self-damning
evidence I requested just as I hoped you would do?!
So yes, thank you for your pointless package of crap, it is just what I wanted and have been waiting for since I put the request in.
You can tell those that think themelves intelligent that I know who they are and that they are not intelligent and I just shgowed them ho bloody dunce they truly
are. The ones really costing Britain stack loads of cash and think themselves some birthroight to being paid vast salaries while being as fit as a fiddle, despite being half-witted, and yet think people with dreaful afflictions have no rights for money to
just fecking survive?!
Thank you for giving me this finaql nail. Well that is not strictly true as there are a great many in motion, most like this one I have forgotten about…ahhh yes,
forgotten. That is something else I wanted to explain now we are in the subject of dying a screaming death, forgotten. Yes, I do that a lot. But then the bosses at the DWP and at Atos know this just like they also know that Fibromyalgia is linked to a sleeping
disorder and we have a p[roblem with mobility…
Which is also why along with losing all the medical evidence conveniently which is not because you threw out all the releveant stuff you did have which now provers
to the British public that you did indeed throw it all out ti get rid of said evidence….oooh I digress, where was I?
Oooh yeah your so called assessments, arranged by YOU and not Atos, though they are as guilty as you are, were deliberately arranged for 9AM or similar in the
morning while getting futher and further way from Enfield in North London the last one being Lambeth in South London!!
I simplay cannot believe that both the DWP and Atos were so easily manipulated and beaten time after time after time?! Amazing, truly amazing which begs the question
how you got away with it for so long and how no one caught you?! Yes I know how long you have been lying to the British public.
So is your excuse going to be that you used to give out disability like confetti? Or maybe that I made out I was a foreigner and not born here and that you ususally
just hand out everything they ask for to them and not British people? If so I would like to know the reason why?
Soi then this will be interesting as I am dying to know how you and Atos now attempt to get out of this corner while continuing to screw me and the British Public
over a barrel?!
To state once again…
My Freedom Of Information request was for medical evidence you have on me for thirteen years.
I have a letter here from yousrelves stating that you turned me down on one application for Disabiklity Living Allowance because, and I QUOTE, “Your GP filled
in the form wrong.” which was Dr Huq at Dr Rooban’s Surgery who stated that you were liars and that she had and that even had she not its standard procedure and has been for over three decades that forms filled in wrong by GP’s are automatically sent back
to the surgery and requested this is corrected.
So tell the person who intercepted that letter I recieved or indeed the one that requested you send me that pointless crap and tell them that I now have them by
the balls and there is no no way to escape it from here on in.
Oh I am so looking forward to see what you say next?!
This email will be going off to all the others departments that get paid for screwing the British public and disabkled people over while comitting fraud by receving
taxpayers money for services they have no intention to performing.
Excuses and quoting scripture will be pointless and if your the so called Independent Case Examiners….don’t. I will  use foul language and call you a bunch of degrading names albeit quite accurate ones.
Look forward to grovelling from you.
Martin Haswell BSc



No sooner have I posted about this subject and I get this one in my inbox folder! I was just having a conversation the other day with someone and I stated that the stupid part about landlords is that when everyone else is suffereing they put their rents up purely because they are able to, not because they have to. Unfortunately the problem here is that landlords often think that they have a right to do this because they worked to bnuy these properties.

The sad reality is they fail to reliase that work is work, regardless of what is involved. Sure you have to be highly educated and highly skilled to do some jobs but even here I have seen evidence of possessers of certain….degrees as thinking themselves as having some higher right to more cash than those possessing other degrees.

But you do not need a degree to be lucky and to earn money renting properties. None at all. This a sad fact. Now what these landlords should be thinking is that they should theink themselves lucky to own even a single property when there are decent people out there never been able to own their own. Also those that have lost their own properties they had mortgages on because they foolishly went about their lives foolishly thinking that the governments, both Labour and now Conservatives, both knew what they were doing?! Err, NO!

Yes I feel sorry for them as at the end of the day there was no reasonable way that they could have been expected to know what would happen. Very few did! I know I did and I do not know of anyone else outside of one I read about in the media that knew it was coming and so the vast majority did not.

Here then is an example of someone who works but is having difficulty because they want to triple the rents?! Rather bizarrely the area mentioned is Hoxton and as a young boy I spent a great deal of time in a hospital there called St. Leonard’s Hospital. My grandmother lived in Whiston Road too which is an extension of, for all intents and purposes, of Nutall Street, which I think is the name of the road where St. Leonard’s Hospital is? I very much doubt I would recognise this area today as so many have been forced out while the cuckoos moved in. I have some family that do not live far from there but it is far too far to visit, get to on public transport or cycle to and not much reason to do this either.

So below is a link and a campaign regarding the nurse and the rents I mentioned…



Close to my heart and my head this one.

I don’t believe that homes should be down to a lottery or luck.

Now homes for British people dropped down to another lottery league on regarding whether you had a job or not. Like the homes lottery this is down to things other than that which it should be.

Whether or not your a ‘yes man’, not more brain dead than your interviewer, ability to flow commands no matter how questionable or immortal and ability to lie convincingly in your interview.

This had been that way for the longest time and I have never agreed with this and knew it would come to no good.

So strange then that a series of adverts sponsored by Barclays Bank teach you how to not be stupid and put on a false persona.

You could be forgiven for laughing like a drain if you had caught yourself watching done science fiction episode or film, like Star Trek, where the setting of the future has one where everyone is a lot more honest than they are today and work well together. Of course those posting closer attention would have noticed that there is no monetary wealth as such and this is not the primary pursuit of humans. Well not those in Starfleet. Lol.

Yanking anyone now dreaming of Eutopia with a quite understandable feeling of euphoria back into present day and dies it not then raise an eyebrow that presently we seem to go out of our way not to do this?!

I am looking into gathering some media at the present time that will rock the proverbials for some time to come. Call it a classic example of that which I have referred to here and have done several times lately.

For now though here is someone, or several people, campaigning to get new homes built. This will be prevented, I have other doubt, by a consortium of landlords because they property makes then richer each month and to stupid to realise that if the economy hits the breaks once again a vast majority of them simply won’t have anyone out there to afford the rents charged.

They say they needed 40,000 signatures and are a little short by couple of hundred. I don’t think 40,000 is a lot at all and there won’t take notice of this small number in my opinion. Add a zero and your likely to get noticed add they don’t like to think everyone thinks badly of them. They slay have an idea of that what with the UKIP results of late and are showing their nerves.

So here in is a link and let us try and get these campaigners noticed by showing what moral fibres we possess and giving them a voice that is equal to a Banshee’s scream?



Well now, I am surprised.

I thought I was going to have to wait five years for this particular subject to come out and I did not expect quite a large number of I am honest, despite the ‘other’ number ‘they’ previously gave out?

I am speaking of the secret services and terrorist cells and their plans of course.

Now a little while back and long since over was period when I crossed… paths, albeit indirectly, with some radicals that had some very suspicious behaviors, money, movements, statements and other altogether weird goings on.

They were also running things from homes to cars and businesses paid for by the British taxpayer while selling drugs and fake cigarettes and no doubt many other things besides. At 250 miles at with just four phones and a laptop there was only do much I could get. I could also only do this for so long too.

Now for that have both delved back into my archives by using the search function I can tell you that no less than four DVD disks crammed full of researching, reports and recordings were sent to MI5 and GCHQ. Not the police, no. Not until much later and I told then this particular aspect was not their jurisdiction.

At a point later on I received a phone call from them thanking me for my efforts, asking me questions about the… suspects. This was the first and only call, or indeed correspondence are all, I had from them Abbas would you believe that I was only a couple of miles at from that distant address when they called me? Yeah right! In other words I had traveled up there but at the very last minute changes my… destination on the coach and therefore my route, booked ONLINE. Uh-huh, Jeff asking me questions, eh?

Those that delved back or have been reading this blog for that one would also know that as well as the few in Liverpool one of them was traveling to both Manchester and Birmingham while leaving house phone behind. I also knew they had filmed John Moore’s University in Liverpool, not far from where they lived. I also told there’s secret services that with London 2012 being only a year away this was far too tempting an opportunity for them. However due to some trickery in their part, one had my daughter’s mobile number on O2 switched to his sim-card, but did they feel fecking stupid, we ended up having several… umm odd conversations. Due to this they found out that I had known all along who and what they were.

Now due to this I suggested to the secret services that my precious thought to their target may change from being the Olympic Park in Stratford, London and that as they knew I lived in Enfield they may want to concentrate on the White Water Rapids Centre in Waltham Abbey?

I never had any acknowledgement for this before or after but it was over a year after the Olympics a local and old man who knew a security guard told me that some guys were arrested with a dinghy full of explosives. A very old friend of mine is a long term resident of Waltham Abbey and his parents were too had not heard of this incident. Being over a year later I thought the man maybe just full of it or some kind of conspiracy theorist but then a few weeks later my friends wife found an article about it on a website she used for local news. So it seemed something had occurred? The story did seem unlikely to be when I first told my friend and he explained that the River Lea was cordoned off and no boats were allowed on the river within like a two mile distance of the centre. Hence why a dinghy was used.

A whole year and a half had passed since bumping into the senior citizen with the story to tell that was more key than he realised and I have never been contacted other than that one time.

You can imagine that I got a great deal of piss taking from those with deflated egos and the most naive that think movies are make believe until you tell then what you have done and suddenly they think the reality is like a James Bond movie and therefore I could not have possibly done the things I did.

Lol, it might be interesting to know that I had not even made a big deal out of it…will other than the piss taking against all involved for taking it for granted that I would be easy out-thought and easily outgunned.

I was called “a genius” by both the secret services and the Detective Constables I came until contact with. I’m not ‘bigging it up’ a term since might use and why I used speech parenthesis. Thought I would point that out just in case there is a return to the lard arsed previous….

You get the idea.

Any hoo, today I heard a report that stated that since the bus bombings of 7/7 it now emerges that they claim to have solved 40 terror attacks. A strange figure and a lot less than the number of cells they previously claimed is out there in the UK?!

What with my own investigations covering three areas, so could be three cells and they could be linked to more, and suddenly 40 does not sound like a great deal. Considering that my own data could have lead to anywhere in the region of two minimum and god knows how many maximum then yes, 40 seems small. Then remember that they claimed a couple of years back that there think there are 300 cells in existence in the UK they are following up on?!

Might be why I was never acknowledged in any way?

However what the number ’40’ will do is make the naysayers realise that there were a great deal of groups, or cells, caught and suddenly my own endeavors do not seem quite so ludicrous.

No thanks to the secret services of course!

Would be extremely interesting if location details and correct names ever get published?! Lol.

So I thought that down the line a few years this would emerge but had come far earlier than I expected.

‘Time is right’ for new terror powers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30173238


Hmm despite forgetting about this one initially I was waiting a long time for more of third particular revelation to come out.

This is the problem with the damn memory lapses I have. Well one of them. I do worry about whether the Fibrofog gets progressively worse or just reaches a level?

In all honesty I can understand the anger and frustration expressed by those with conditions that deteriorate the memory. I already get very frustrated… I was going to say ‘at times’ but it’s really a daily basis. Well several times each day is not unusual. It instills me with terror the thought that my memory will get a great deal worse. Whenever you get about Fibrofog the levels it can get to are never mentioned. But I know that, or at least Dr Kirkham stated at Guy’s Hospital, Fibromyalgia sufferers cab get to the stage where they can barely move! As yet I don’t know the mechanics begins this but quite possibly no one does. Some might continue progressing quite others halt early on.

Mine does not seem like halting but at least it progresses very slowly. That reminds me that when I started this blog I did not know what my addiction was but I did state that…

My symptoms have increased in number, frequency and intensity for around ten years.

I stated that I use to think I would be wheelchair bound in my sixties. Then I thought this might be mid fifties. I then started to think it might be by fifty?

Now I know what it is I am only marginally more enlightened than If previously.

One of the things that could have helped me at times would have been a loan from my bank I was certain I could pay back. As opposed to getting one I knew I could and then getting shafted by a complete twat I left an OK job for and then hampered by worsening symptoms. My bank is RBS.

Not the link below is regards a story about banks deliberately closing businesses down?! I did see a documentary about this but was a while back. I expected a great deal more to come out but until now heard nothing. I did not know my bank would be the one to be named?!

Barclays Bank? Hell, yeah!

I remember the journalist covering the documentary was with a man who stood on the edge of his own property and not allowed to set foot on the land because the bank had taken it back! He felt he was manipulated by the bank so they could get their hands on his property?! Charming!

If I remember correctly I think the business had been in the family, or the land had been, for a few generations? He had a few lorries they much I remember but the bank for these as well!

I recall hearing that this seemed to be becoming a fashion as more and more were coming forward to say they had been hoodwinked. I remember thinking that the banks were obviously idiots and not very good at that they deal with day in and day out and that is simple maths. If all the banks are grabbing businesses and property up and down the country which is heading for a recession there won’t be anyone left to sell the properties and businesses too!

Oh unless they just thought they would sell them off to foreign investors that is?

Many a soul sold in modern times and without regret because they are without compassion.

They can do what they want and ask the powerful and rich need to do is say sorry and that makes it all OK. Apparently.

Still here the subject finally pops back up into my radar and I am very interested to see what occurs with this one.

RBS sorry for ‘incorrect’ evidence http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30172326


Not my title or words.

I heard this story just this morning and despite expecting something like this happening, as I explained one of my GPs already quit over this. In fact I tried to warn the differing two GPs who took no notice, one of which said “what do I want to know what for?” which was one of the times the naive moron said this love to me.

I bet Dr Gubbay feels like a right pratt now?

Yes so it was announced in the news that there is an exodus going on as General Practitioners are quitting the NHS. I always am blunt and to the point and state plenty of predictions that come to pass. I never cease to be amazed, however.

There are two things abut this report I picked up in immediately and these are…

1 If true this now cannot stop and will snowball, unless the government stop showing themselves to be the brain dead, naive and completely unrealistic moronic boys club in the history of the human race that they are.

2 Those with a conscience will be the ones that quit first! I can think of three local General Practitioners that won’t quit anytime soon, lol leaving those behind the most self-centred, amoral and oath ignorant Doctors you can find.

You would think that at Eton they would teach the very notion of what it is to be historical both good and bad? Oh dear where do they find their teachers?

You would also think that these very simple questions would occur to the mainstream news media? Apparently not! How long will this take I wonder? I have just heard the news of this exodus for the first time. I have now posted about it.

How long before these two things and others I have missed occur to the news media?

Or will this be yet another thing buried for an age only to be forced out due to widespread knowledge to attempt to hide the fact they seemingly buried the story?

There’s no new like old news? The TV and Radio news media, likely national tabloids too, have certainly made old news a fashionable thing in recent years. Or would it be more accurate to state they are fashionably late and constantly so?

Add to the reasons why this is so will that weighs be too to others to decide. They all have a truly terrible use and understanding of computers and digital communication, despite giving the exact opposite impression within the media.

That evidence is of course on here and likely to be found in the first six months in the archives of this blog. There is no getting around the different lengths I went to, to highlight not just one or two but over a dozen stories. There simply is no excuse.

OK yes there is only one excuse…

They did not want to appear like amateurs next to what I did and secretly went off and researched their own stories asking similar lines to make them appear to be their own?

Unfortunately for them I notice things like this a great deal without even consciously thinking about it. I also do not go out of my way to look for things like this, so there may be more than even I have realised?

The little things that occur to me even right now is that how many other things are in the pipeline and how nearby more reports are going to mirror, mimic or don’t sounds similar to things I have posted about on here? Or not even just here because this is not my only blog.

There are around 2,500 posts in here, Blogger Corruption, give or take a hundred or so. So a fair old chunk of posts with a fair old portion having my own discoveries contained within. I am also still at this all the time and every now and then add more. This has slowed down but will pick up in the coming months and whether up or down over the next year it matters not. A mountain of claims, reports, data and evidence is gradually being added to.

You could argue that the blog itself had become the last in a series of traps? Well I was both posting my own news and discoveries while also posting about those in the media in other news organisations and asking questions within mine that huge news organisations somehow did bit think of? All their staff, money, researchers and resources and yet manage to report extremely late and abysmally so while but asking the right questions. Oh dear.

This blog might only have a year’s life left in it but the ripples from it will become larger and more numerous for a few years afterwards.

This report is about GP’s quitting after all, right? I pointed this factor out a long time ago and it happened long before I started this blog too!  To remind readers this blog is two and a half years old and I’m on my third GP since that previous GP quit in such dramatic fashion. The following GP I was with about a year, give or take a month or two, before the booted me off under false allegations. The next one I was with about 7 or 8 months before they booted me off over false allegations. Allegations that the former had with madness then violence and the latter breaking the law. All laughably untrue and easily proved though they never thought of this. My current GP I have been with over 6 months I am sure? We meet once a month which will end once I have seen him regarding my recent illness and hospital visit, likely because I will need another internal exploratory investigation, endoscopy, and this had occurred at least 6 times been there longer than this, I think? Lol.

Put simply that GP quit maybe 3 years ago now? Probably no more than 4? Yet the news report about GP’s quitting over the NHS only comes out now?! I certainly don’t think my GP was the first, lol?!

So yes fashionably late, lol.


Vauxhall, Renault and Nissan. The van mafioso?!

They all designed a van that had a very major design fault that we’d unbelievably stupid. A rubber seal on all three vans caused wetter to collect around the fuel injection housing that then allowed water in and the injectors would then rust into the cylinder heads?!

Umm… so three design faults then? A seal that collected water and then like an irrigation system feed it into a housing without drainage for water (what the feck?) despite it being keen to the elements and motorway driving and then the heads of the fuel injectors who also did not have a seal protecting them from the elements? What the feck?!?! Lol. Seems like skill the rubber was in all the wrong places?

What caught my attention is that Vauxhall, who I loved years ago, replied by saying that there was no problem reported and were not responsible for the problem and damaged engine?!

Vauxhall, sorry but a class of ten year olds could have longed at that engine and told you about the design fault. Why would you make a metal block in such a eddy that they could collect? Hmm now let us see here…metal, water and air with a few other thrown in of an acidic nature? Yeeaah not a good mix on any occasion especially where water is being thrown about by tyres!

Forget about the rubber seal channeling the water into it or the lack of a rubber housing on the heads on the injectors, no this is care engine design doing dos 101 right there! This alone would have given these vans a reputation at over 50 thousands miles make no mistake.

Over the years there are plenty of duds get designed so much so that Pixar made then a feature on the animation and sequel to their Cars hit, Cars 2. Cannot remember what they called them, lemons or something like that? One I always remember in the UK was the SDI Rover 2600. Even after years of hearing people telling is to avoid them a neighbor bought one years ago and lii and behold it was in the mechanics more than it was outside his house. He accused me of putting a on him, lol.

I’ll be honest in thinking that I had wrongly believed for many years that design mistakes like this were a thing of the past?! Err I mean… well aren’t they shook signed by computers today? Have they not been design this way for a couple of decades?

What someone forgot to add water to the design process for a moving object that spends its entire life outside? In BRITAIN? Lol.

I have to admit to once again showing a bit of surprise and then getting asked with myself because it’s not like I have not seen this before, seen repeatedly before, planned and then recorded using audio and video before with a ton of paperwork before… now.

The sad thing is I’ve been among this crap long enough to know that I even though that at the end of the day no mate who you bought a van or car from you would be treated the same. That’s the truth and why I still buy items from the stores, though not all like Littlewoods and Very Catalogues which now reminds me I need to do a post on Mylene Klass lol, I know are selling refurbished and second hand items as new ones. Like PC world and Argos and is annoying because with no real alternatives, other than Maplin, you cannot shun them and they’re punish them for their underhanded nature.

I also just had a thought too…follow me with this? I wonder if any of these retailers doing underhanded things that if no one had noticed their under handed and disgustingly dishonest nature would they have give to their respective governments asking for hand outs of the taxes of the very people they have been ripping off for years?!

Hmm I wonder if that’s actually been the case?

Could you imagine that? Could you imagine the controversy if a company or organisation that was a big and long standing household name that had received handouts from the people and their taxes had already been rolling then off for years?

Bailing companies out in this way is wrong because if they faded away another company would come along learning that you simply cannot go sudden the sane path as you get found out.

Today the governments teach that if your corrupt and amoral as the devil himself its OK because they are too and they will give you money that’s not theirs too gives to bail you out.

This leads to the same thing happening again and to a greater scale too. A bunch on greedy adults are basically behaving like spoiled children in so many places and in so many ways it is not true. The very bottom of thinking ‘ooh I got away with that, maybe I can get away with this?’ is childish and child like. So yeah your behaving like children and despite the shenanigans being hundreds of thousands of times greater than that of children it still is ‘of children’.

Said but very true.

Funny how money seems to do that, allow people to revert to being children but with the toys and tools of adults and with tens of thousands, of thousands and even millions standing in line and blindsided by being blindfolded with lies to take the flak if it goes wrong.

‘Yes, if you get caught the punishment will be EXTREMELY SEVERE…for your neighbour if your wealthy! We have warned you!’

Yeeeahhh that’s not going to be productive at all and in fact once the feeling of escaping jail, err literally, had passed they move onto bigger and better things! Umm I think the neighbour should start making notes of suppliers of Prosthetics limbs?! Lol.

Back you the subject in question and here you have not one, not two but three companies that are all household names in all the countries of the company’s in question; Peugeot of France, Vauxhall once of Britain then Germany and now America and Nissan of Japan. All manufacture the exact same van. Making the lying by Vauxhall look as incompetent as it does dishonest. Not good.

Oh wait? Vauxhall is owned by General Motors these days I think? Did they not get bail outs from the American government? Oh dear.

It is a very fine and again unfortunately example of what I’ve been trying to emphasize for so very long.

Hmm on a last note that reminds me that I had a surprising email I noticed this morning… or during last night as I never slept at all. The email was from YouTube and I just assumed it would be a comment but it was from Google telling me that just one of my 1,100 plus videos had hit 10,000 views, that’s VIEWS not HITS?! I was stunned and I thought this was a video I had only just uploaded of me showing the Department of Work and Pensions and British movement at their must dishonest with the parcel I just received?! No, it was from an old video, well a year ago, of me fixing, using that loosely here lol, a friend’s daughter’s phone!

Now this just goes to show that a video, audio recording or post can be sitting online for a few days to 6 months to a year or even two and then surprises you with a sudden interest in it? That was one post, let’s call it that for now because in essence that’s what they all are here…. posts.

On one blog, on corruption wink-wink, there are over 2,300 posts and I had anywhere between half a dozen and double that each week,  thigh sometimes it can drop lower. My YouTube account has  1,100 plus posts. That’s over 3,400 posts and despite them being much smaller numbers, very much smaller with some but I’ve baht neglected them, I have a dozen other blogs.

Now when I think of that email regarding one single solitary post of me solving an issue with someone’s smartphone, that I filmed as it might help others, is mind boggling. One video? I wonder if over the next 12 months, the maths and the laws of averages in particular would back this up, that I get more and more emails like this? Oddly one of the blogs, on corruption, had been heading to a milestone for awhile now and it had been awhile and will take awhile because the milestone is ten times that of one video. Or a hundred thousand visitors… well according to Google’s often figures and I am skeptical at best on those figures.

Also the mathematics become more interesting as because as time goes on the number of posts gets ever larger. What were numbered in The tens of thousands just several months ago will number in the hundreds of thousands several months from now, if not already add I just don’t keep track like I used to. Well I did say that the YouTube email came as a surprise! The last time I looked my entire YouTube viewers numbered 18,000 in total. That video also certainly did not gain much attention in its first few months.

However, what I did tell a friend who laughed like a drain as I explained the possibility is that someone came on who was first rude and also showed himself up to be completely brain dead in an attempt to make me look like that and used food language if I remember correctly? I was…not kind in my response. I can do that and still remain within the rules and guidelines. Lol. I did something in a sarcastic tone that I did not upload a video that could help dozens or hundreds of people just to please him because I wasted 5 minutes of his time?

Suffice to say there was no comeback. But then on the occasions those happens there never is. Ripping into someone with a big mouth not attached you their grey matter will result in it being very clear that if your going to do battle with me and regardless of form you had better do your homework first! Argos and PC World had their own over confident and arrogant twats find this out the hard way and I dare dry they were extremely relieved that this was over the phone and not face to face?

So I told my friend who has a link to the phone I fixed that maybe this was being looked up? I said maybe there is some bonkers fan group scouring the Internet for evidence of me ripping crap out of someone? Would have to be a very big group and all postings were I ripped crap out of someone would have to hit the she figures too.

I said it was none of the above and obviously a very major problem with that particular LG phone. Not my phone and never had an LG phone. Mind you I am completely fed up with crap smartphones for several reasons but if I got another phone I have you confess to liking both the LG G2 and the new G3. Only them not being water-proof, doubt you dare leave comments saying there are I need a landline, prevents them from being perfect in my eyes in every way.

Still, nice to know I was of help to plenty of people with this video. Now I just need half a dozen posts on here and a post or two from my other blogs and the ship will be at full sail.

Not to mention the warm glow I would feel from being able to help and influence so many people. 🙂


The speed of the revelations is simply stating at times and this moment is no exception.

A brave woman who works for FIFA has described in detail the corruption that had been going on in FIFA and explained she is worried about her own safety.

I must say that she shows some excessive levels of morality which I was already beginning you think before I read that she was a single mother with one autistic child and one disabled?! The poor woman and there is someone who deserves a medal!

The lady in question has been offered protection by the FBI and it turns out she made claims previously but later retracted the claims after receiving threats! I completely failed somehow to see, hear or read of this. Quite how I do not know but this does lead me onto the journalists involved…. and believe me when I state that a lot of journalists are involved and are the aim of what I will say next. Including a few others.

Are they all fecking idiots?!

This woman made these claims a few years back but because she d retracted them everyone leaves it alone?

I am sorry but no one in their right state of mind would actually come out and make accusations that involve a rich Arab country and… Russia?! Seriously?

I think Putin is an idiot and jumped up pip-squeak that thinks he is He-Man and wants to be the Master Of The Universe! Lol.

This was the old way of thinking and he obviously wants a return to those times, feck knows why he is going to drag his country and the Russian people through all that?! The only people he will have behind him of the Russian public are those craving the old ways too, obsessed with power and of the others the most naive.

Especially as he seems to be flexing his muscles to look hard but it’s not you in those submarines, ships and planes going around floating around territory that is not yours in an attempt to make other leaders look weak.

You’re an idiot.

No matter how much an idiot I think he is you would have to be a bigger idiot, no a far bigger idiot to make up stories about both Russia and Qatar and their World Cup bid! Making it up and then detracting it is even worse as it makes you look like someone looking for fame but in the worst possible way that would highly likely put your life at risk.

This is a very rare example of someone with high moral standards being in a very powerful organisation where they are torn between being truthful and honest or just going with these corrupt people.

The levels of greed that are on display are astounding which might only be equalled by the depths they might you to for revenge?

Yes I always find this a little stupid when people that commit some of the first crimes want revenge for being imprisoned for breaking the law or being greedy despite not actually starving to death anytime soon.

This story only just followed another I saw where the mafia were being filmed in some kind of indoctrination process?

I simply could not believe that the mafia were still in existence, that they allowed themselves to be filmed and recorded and that with that level of naivety that… erm will going full circle, cannot believe they still exist?! Lol.

I have remarked about books before when it comes to humor but I think now that two books should be provided to all these idiots for Christmas. One on gadgets explaining what they’re used to be,  what there is now and what comes next and when. The other one should be purely on The Internet which showed in detail how the world is linked together and there is nothing you can do to prevent this now. Well, lmao, not without setting off dozens of civil wars across the globe in one fell swoop?! Lol. I do mean that literally too. No it’s not a figure of speech not is it metaphorical.

Just shows that technology did and now current is again progressing at a pace that some simply cannot keep up with. They probably did not foresee skill these things combining to become such a headache.

For example…

A digital camera can now take a photograph of beer to distant thin things and microphones record things at great distances that can be uploaded to the Internet immediately from the device that tens of thousands have downloaded to their phones and all sent links out to to ten friends each all within ten minutes of a crime or indiscretion being made.

This will only get worse and more and more smart alecs are learning to do these things all the time all over the world.

For governments, super rich and famous to think that they could ever do anything to slow this down or stop it shows extreme levels of naivety and desperation. The poetic justice is that this all raced ahead because of the cash they were making.

It shows a sharp divide between the old, outdated and draconian ways of doing things and how first off they don’t work with the technological future we have and secondly how the more they fight it the more exposed they become.

This is exactly how it has been of late and this will only get worse over the next two to three years.

Oh would I not like to be one of these naive idiots.

At least if I ever have money that meant not worrying about the dreaded stuff anymore I would have acquired it by legal and moral means. More importantly by honourable means. Hmm yes honourable means?

Yes I suppose it could be another puzzle to think about for the readers but another ‘facet’of all this is to try and make my intentions clear along with my morals. I think three years of blogging and paperwork going back over a decade nails this home?

So it has been shown throughout the existence of this blog that I have a unique… and extensive skill-set. I am not even entirely sure that this has all been revealed on here? But it has all mostly been revealed on the Internet. I do have other blogs and a YouTube account and almost all have been shown. It is likely that some have only been mentioned and not shown but it matters not.

My endeavors should have impressed a great many but and though I have covered this before must reemphasise that my…resources are severely limited and then some. I am always striving to acquire….tools and gadgets all the time and even now, yes. The are several things I am currently tying to do and I need the tools to do them. I am working on a few things right now that involve audio and video that will,  when completed, or the Police to shame in such a way they will never get over. Added to this I will expose their greatest lie and this is a big one that will have them being screamed at from hundreds of thousands of angry members of the public for the next decade.

If I can achieve what I want to.

I often think what I could achieve with a set of the tools and gadgets I want and with the right resources and much greater mobility?

Mirroring this is the fact that this blog reads like one giant resumé?

The possibilities that could arise in the foreseeable future is beyond the confines of the atmosphere… literally at times too?

Targeting and acquiring for the greater good is my philosophy. The greater good would be to assure a better future where people and technology are not deliberately hindered to make piles more cash than they otherwise would do.

It’s not too much to ask?

More importantly it’s not too much to achieve.

Fifa whistleblower in safety fear http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/30122601


Well that was a real shock…well before I started laughing like a possessed man that is.

I am not sure what it was all about but there was a news report in America via ABC News everyone someone who worked for the US government that referred to the US public as ‘stupid’?!

All one hundred and fifty thousand plus of them?! I think someone needs to explain the definition of ‘stupid’ to him?! Lol! I mean,… REALLY?! LOL.

However what I found interesting, but not enough to post it without that… word being used, is that I have often stated that a great many in the UK government, big business owners and even the news media think of the British public as stupid/fickle/unimportant/sheep/slaves/tax generators and no doubt others and you can delete where you think is necessary? However now that I think about it and because of the many links that we know we have to the US and the new ones popping up all the time, like Serco in the public services as an example, I often state of things revealed her, scandal wise, will later appear in the US.

I must surely have stated it regarding its view of the public and certainly have regarding celebrities and famous people getting up to no good. Be this doing unspeakably depraved things to children, can’t type that without shuddering, or not paying tax. Like that statement from a rich lady when pressed by a journalists… ‘Tax is for the poor’ or something like that, which is an attitude that belongs in Ancient Egypt!

In fact oddly I was sent something tonight regarding the now elderly famous American comedian Bill Cosby who rather shockingly has had claims made against him of rape!?! By a couple of people apparently and once an actress. Not one from the Cosby Show?!

I replied to the link by stating that’s it must be the Internet age?

When the Internet first stated being used, well here in the UK anyway, it was not really taken notice of by most. I noticed it because anything electronic, in entertainment that is, and computing I followed from day one. Well figuratively speaking that is, well I say that?

I remember the Sinclair ZX81 and the ZX Spectrum, in fact I was always a sucker for a good keyboard and got a Commodore VIC-20 whereas all the school kids seem to have the ZX Spectrum. Years later I actually spoke to a lady on the phone who had Sir Clive Sinclair as her godfather and she stated that she she thought he would love to meet me. Second time that was meant to has happen and did not. First time was fluffing A Mensa test and walking out 30 minutes early because I thought I had… done enough when I should have given that last set of questions another look. But then I did not know I had Fibrofog back then. Nor did I even I was studying for my degree.


So then I digress yet again.

I must keep an eye out for that ABC News report about that moron calling the American voters are stupid?

I cannot help but think that many political party’s attitude is ‘well you voted us in if we do anything that pisses you off, you only have yourself to blame’?

This is one of those recurring questions that come back, back and back again into the forefront of my mind. Was this what he was saying in a roundabout way? Was he answering to some complaints about the current US government and he was a republican at heart? I do but know, quite simply.

Just as interesting was the reaction to being asked if he would ever work for the movement again?! He was under contract for whatever is was he was doing and everyone that asked never gave the answer ‘no’ and one actually said ‘Well he did make the government $’X’ Billion! Normally if it’s this account it’s a safe bet that it’s domestic decidedly dodgy, corrupt or involves lying?! Lol.

I dare say we have not heard the last of that one?!

I also would not mind betting that there will be similar… bloopers over here on this side of the proverbial pond?

Also, an it slipped my mind several times while typing this out, I heard that someone in the US has emerged as a third candidate for the presidential hot-seat?!

Now if this turned out to be true it would then make the next four general elections, with two being here on this side of the pond and the other two on the other side of the pond, the most interesting in living memory and possibly the most interesting in hundreds of years?! Quite literally, let me tell you!

Something else I have to remember to ask a friend tomorrow, or when I be next see him? It was he that mentioned it and I raised an eyebrow let me tell you?!

Roll on 2015 and 2016!


It is a tiring thought at all the ideas that I put into practise that I know will take time and effort but have trouble doing…enough.

I feel like I have been at mt blogs for half a lifetime and wonder to the day things will all fall into place?

It does not help that I have had an extrememly unproductive year and to give an idea of this my YouTube videos should number over 2,000 by now but hardly krept up from the 1,100 or so from one year ago. Considering my one YouTube account acts primarily as a back up for a dozen blogs on a dozen subjects, that…is…terrible! Lol.

I should have been in a very good position by now but due to one thing and another this has not quite reached the heady heights I wanted it to.

Now I have to admit that yes it still could have done. The factors that meddled with things could have been batted away with a simple swipe of the hand. But this would require….how do I put tthis? Help.

During 2015 this very notion of help…or really more correctly support, will become more prevalant and it is hard to explain why right now.

Much of things that I have said seem cryptic throughout the life of this blog and they were quite deliberately so. It might seem very long winded to many but this simply could not have been helped not just because of the size of the enemies I went up against but because of the people I have tried to convey all this too.

People to me seem to have a very difficult time comprehending proof put before them. Why? I simply do not know. If I did my life would have been so much simpler than it is and has been. If everything was easy and straightforawrd I would never, EVER have to have started this blog. By that I meant I simply only had to go to the news media and the job was done. I suspected, however, that they were corrupt also based purely on their respective owners so I could not rely on that.

They did as I feared they would do, nothing…nothing at all not even a letter to say I was a raving lunatic, lol. Hmm or an email as I contacted each and every one of the big names in both formats. It was merely a test to see what was what with the news media and I am afraid each and every one failed. The odd thing is I only ever had one conversation with what I had, prior to the blog of course, and that was with Max Clifford’s secretary!

So yeah you could say that the corruption was spread wider than even I thought it had and people thought I was mad, lol. No just smart, able to see things others do not and…I like to think…a visionary. True that the jury is till out on this last one. Until 2015 I would wager?

I, rather annoyingly, do not work. Or to be more accuarate I do not have a job. As I said this is most annoying. I thought that working on this for so long it would feel like I had a job, was doing something, was contributing to society (you see that?!) and helping others. It does feel half the time like I am helping others. It does not, however, feel like a job. But then I am not entirely sure what a job is and whether its somethintg that suits me. I think a career would be more apt a term in this instance.

My point is, is that I have wanted to do something for sometime and I simply cannot find anything hat fits in with everything I have going on. I mean the health, the other rubbish and … other things besides. A career is not the only thing that I cannot fit into this web of crap I call my life and many others are plainly obvious as you delved further into my older posts.

I thought now that the winter has arrived I would be planning out my next big thing knowing it was a full gone conclusion but as yet I am not. I have to hope that I have a good Spring and Summer 2015 and next year the nest things will be falling into place?

Of course next year means nearing 3.5 years and this opens up a whole new can of worms and then some. Three and a half years that all this has been made available along with anything else I have acquired in the next year. Hmm I could go after a follow up investigation to my knee? Oh, listen to me ‘a follow up’? I forgot, they left that diagnosis out of the letter from Guy’s Hospital and I have still YET to listen to the all important part of that recording?! Hmm hold up there a minute?!

Right a little work in progress here but I have am finally listening to the damned tape! Takes me soo long to get around to things …

Currently having trouble pinpointing the yelling out due to knee but found that at…

38 minutes and 14 seconds that he mentions I have the knee problem.

Its annoying the quality could be better in places but I could hardly stop and say “Ooh just a minute while I just fiddle with the audio recorder I am secretly recording you with?

The intention was to get a letter to the GP that was different to what was said on the day. If no one had realised this, sorry I did think it was obvious and sorry if it was not.

OK I think I was looking in the wrong half of the recording, it is…errr over 55 minutes long and I did think it was in the last 10 or 20 minutes? It appears not! Looking like it will be about 20 minutes in, if that and I know this because I have just been asked to get undressed at 15 minutes in. He leaves the room at this point and towards 16 minutes I am having a chat with the trainee. That starts of clearer and then dulls a little but you can still hear what is being said. In fact with the right equpiment you can here everything I think. My audio gear is pretty good, but could be a lot better and I am playing it on two old Acoustic Energy Aego speakers which are diminutive in size but produce a good quality sound.

I talk about the book Figuring Out Fibromyalgia by Ginevra Liptan around 19 minutes into the recording and am still waiting to hear me yell out in pain. I should be hearing the words, please stiffen your legs?

God, how can the loudest sound be so bloody hard to find?! LMAO!

Thirty minutes in and it must be coming up?! I am, being asked to do things with me legs I remember and I was on the hospital bed laying down. Maybe I did not yell out as loud as I remember? Lol!

Found it!!

Bloody hell at long last, now let me just double check the time to exactly when in the recording?

At 31 minutes 26 seconds he asks me to stiffen my leg.

The yell is at 31 minutes and 31 seconds, he states I have a knee cap problem at 31 minutes 45 seconds.

In there somewhere he also does the same thing to my left knee and I am very wary about doing the same thing and getting the same amount of pain. However to me surprise it does not hurt at all?!

The same could not be said for the right knee though and it bloody well hurt like hell.

And NOW for those that did not want to download and listen through 56 minutes of boring banter here is, and finally though I promised months ago the edited portion of that I speak of above.

So to add to the Fibromyalgia the dozen pains I experience the other 100 annoying irritations from it, the vomiting and heartburn from the Hiatus Hernia and Oesophagitis that now needs investigating once again is the second spot of an NHS Doctor of my right knee problem.

Remember the first was Dr Saksena at Chase Farm Hospital and I then ended up with a rather rude, thinking himself scary while still suffereing from delusions of grandeur, Dr Tai and the cancelled MRI for the right knee because they said I did not turn up, a LIE, and then when referred to Barnet Hospital they ignored it and WRONGLY looked at my feet, wrongly x-rayed me as if I was an idiot and then WRONGLY diagnosed it and disagreed with me on something that is well documented…

Here is the ‘You have a knee problem!’ I still cannot hear what he says and think now he never mentioned it so …


Now I do seem to be asble to find the test that he did which seems to be the same except it states nothing about pain in the test, no matter how many times I find and read about it.

Lachman test is the name it appears to be called but it states nothing about pain but does state that the Doctor will place his hand on your lower thigh just above your knee. Sometimes it states that the knee is bent and I could be wrong but I am pretty sure my leg was straight when this was done?



The pivot-shift testanterior drawer test and Lachman test are used during the clinical examination of suspected ACL injury. The Lachman test is recognized by most authorities as the most reliable and sensitive test, and usually superior to the anterior drawer test.[13] The ACL can also be visualized using a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI scan).

An ACL tear can present with a popping sound heard after impact, swelling after a couple of hours, severe pain when bending the knee, and buckling or locking of the knee during movement.

Though clinical examination in experienced hands can be accurate, the diagnosis is usually confirmed by MRI, which has greatly lessened the need for diagnostic arthroscopy and which has a higher accuracy than clinical examination. It may also permit visualization of other structures which may have been co-incidentally involved, such as a meniscus, or collateral ligament, or posterolateral corner of the knee joint.


The term for non-surgical treatment for ACL rupture is “conservative management”, and it often includes physical therapy and using a knee brace. Instability associated with ACL deficiency increases the risk of other knee injuries such as a torn meniscus, so sports with cutting and twisting motions are problematic and surgery is often recommended in those circumstances.