Just in case you missed it I have had something else going on as well as smart Policeman who can both recognise me and find me, if this was meant to convey some sort of message I would have missed it. Because I simply do not care. Lol.

Before I explain, or rather remind … err most likely in case I forgot, what is also on my agenda in the coming week I will tell you I just spoke to both landlord and landlady today.

As I was leaving on my bike I bumped into my landlady and said “Oh! I have your rent” where I then returned to my house and explained what had happened with the court case.

She was stunned.

Except just now as I returned from a 9 mile cycle ride I bumped into my landlord and asked how the other house was coming along. The previous tennants had left and he has been doing it up for the last few weeks and putting it back up for rent next week. Rather snazzy job he did to the house I was meant to rent in the beginning. He then asked about the legal case and I said “Didn’t Mrs C tell you?”. “No” he replied and then discovered she also had the rent too. Pursuit in progress?! Lol.

As I explained what had happened his jaw dropped open and he leant back against the wall and said what I expected to hear earlier in the day “WHAT?! Solicitors NEVER go bust!”

He immediately suspected something was awry exactly what had occurred as a possibility to both me and my ‘partner in crime’.

His wife remarked about things wrong with this country too once she was told of what had happened and was dumbstruck with the timing of this event.

“Nah! Something’s wrong!” was what he exclaimed at one point.

It is currently 6.13pm and I have not had anything yet. My landlord said I would not hear now and I explained that while I was on the phone to my ‘partner in crime’ the secretary to the solicitor tried to call her at 9.30pm approximately.

However I did point out that it was a bank holiday weekend and it was looking to be a very long one to endure and there is nothing to say we will get told anything this coming Tuesday either. Also next week is a short working week so it will be nail-biting to say the least!

This is their idea of stepping to to protect the client’s interest?

Make no mistake, just in case the naysayers I know visit here, it states very clearly on the Solicitors Regulatory Authority’s website that they act in the best interests of both clients and the British public. I think they even used the word ‘protect’?

I have not seen evidence of this thus far and this will be extended by some very awkward few days especially for the recipient of the damages meant to be awarded.

“It is like winning the lottery and then told you haven’t!” my landlady said. I said “Or rather like having the cheque for the lottery presented to you and then pulled away at the last minute!”

Anyway that was that on that particular matter.

I shall only add at this point that as far as my back-up plans go, of which I stated there were two, well I suddenly remembered one other one and I have put that one in motion.

This is one particular back up plan guaranteed to make the headlines … if my guess is right but I cannot say when as the carrying out of said plan is out of my hands. I will tell them this … when it comes to IT and computers in general trust me when I say that the Law Industry is utterly clueless in these matters and do not know their arses from their elbows. ‘A walk in the park’ springs to mind and all this was explained to me by the solicitors practice I acted as PA to in the hour of need.

That’s it and that’s all.


I have had something … occur. I am not sure if I mentioned this previously but travelling anyway and without a walking stick is impossible for me for a whole range of reasons.

Now I might have mentioned I collapsed a couple of times recently?

Well at my GP surgery I mentioned this to him as I have mentioned it to various GP’s over the last 20 years. He then did something no one else had ever done anywhere and the results totally conflicted with what they had been treating me for!

Now I had recently been diagnosed with hypertension? My blood pressure was very high and the highest reading I got to see, several I had not as well, was 179. I was then placed on Ramipril that had no effect, placed on Amitriptyline which did but I had been feeling very sleepy around 3am each day and had a few blackouts and was put back on Ramipril, which oddly did have some effect?! Yes, weird.

So I had ended up on the floor of a car park as well as the floor of a friend’s garden while he was on holiday?

So the GP then took my blood pressure and was shocked to see this had come down and I then remembered I had been doing a few exercises and told him. He then said he wanted me to stand up and take my blood pressure again to see if it drops by much.

It dropped by a lot apparently.

I was then told I would have to have my blood pressure monitored over 24 hours!

I was surprised and said “Really?” He was surprised that I had gone from dealing with a blood pressure of 179, to which he said I would be on the medication for life, to one dropping really low and was causing my blacxk outs and collapsing.

He called this Postural Hypertension and gave me a printout of several pages to read and I said “oh, Patient.co.uk? Yes, I am familiar with their site”

I then explained that I was now very close to booking my tickets way, way out of town. Well he knows my intended destination and has done for a while now. He said they might do it quickly and he was quite correct!

It turns out to be the same day that the solicitors meeting was supposed to happen which was the final one telling us what damages there will be and when, either the same day or 7 to 10 days later.

However I am not stating exactly what this date is or indeed where it is because I do not like to advertise my whereabouts or my movements or routes.

Of course I will do a short post about it when it is over and then again when the GP gets the results.

I remembered making this appointment today after cycling a little over 5 miles and then thought about the readings that will be recorded.

Now the GP picked up on this steep drop in my blood pressure but standing up at the time had zero effect on me. None whatsoever.

But there are times, many times in fact, when I can become anywhere from being light headed and slightly dizzy to a full blown black out with legs starting to buckle! Or indeed on the deck entirely has has happened twice recently. Normally I just crash against magazine racks gripping them tightly with my hands so I don’t end up on the floor.

Because it would be embarrassing more so than anything else. Magazine racks? So I am in a store with other members of the public milling about!

This is one of a long list of reasons I carry a walking stick permanently, unless I am cycling that is because nothing ever occurs when I am on a bike.

The other reasons for the stick or not being able to walk properly on the way home sometimes from 6 different areas of pain in my feet, one that occurs in either ankle, right knee can cripple me and then there are the two areas of my back that often are painful.

So a long list then? LMAO!

It’s just things I have learned to live with but in recent times often felt I was on a very precarious knife edge with the possibility of something going very wrong?!

I wont go into the several symptoms that would be extremely embarrassing where you would want to die rather than have any of them occur in a public place! LOL!

So I was working out what to do and where to go while I was being monitored? To actually force these black outs so that the monitor records a good drop in my blood pressure so they can gauge how serious it is and what may be causing it.

If I can cause this mass effect blackout while being monitored then hopefully they can get rid of it in some way, something ticked off the list that is constantly on my mind throughout every move I make of every hour of each and every day.

I have been off the blood pressure pills for awhile and cannot recall the last episode I had but then I have not been perusing the magazine racks lately but one magazine is due to come out. The GP stated that the blood pressure pills may cause it but I said …

“No … they may amplify it but I have had this on and off for twenty years. If you look in my records I had a complete blackout I described as a grand mal seizure because when I came to I could feel my arms and legs convulsing. I had also been unconscious for 25 minutes or more but thought I was only out a few seconds.”

This took place in an old friends lavatory. I would have talked about this in the past on here but would have been way, way back. I certainly would have mentioned this in the first year of blogging on here. I only had the blood pressure pills for a few months and those were the last few months.

So I will try to trigger one of these … episodes. I am rather intrigued to see that if I can I am dying to know what the drop in the blood pressure is. Especially when he was surprised at the drop that registered when he tested me and me feeling nothing at all.

I am not sure I will be able to tell myself from the contraption they will fit too me or indeed if they will state anything when it is over 24 hours later and when I give the contraption back?

In which case it will be at least a week later and if I am still here when the results come through I will probably be at my wit’s end if I do not possess a travel ticket of some kind?!


Oh what joys British Society and its public services have for you to edure. What an absolute blast it is to deal with these things that are not … err well dealt with appropriately nor efficiently?!

Wait a minute? Was not the sole purpose of this blog to explain to the British public, and anyone else interested, how the money is wasted in this country and what amount of taxpayers money is wasted and how?



Here is a scan of the letter requesting that they will try and call me for an appointment … except they had the wrong number for me! I phoned them instead …

BP Monitor 280815



If anything untoward was going on regarding the legal case then those involved would have to be complete idiots if they did not think I had several back up plans, just in case.

I always have back up plans and often my back up plans have themselves … back up plans.

Now I never heard any more last night and was told there would be a phone call today, but as the solicitors secretary phoned my ‘partner in crime’ around 9.30pm last night, God only knows when this will come?

I hope it does because for the last 20 years they put us both through was not enough a very uncomfortable and very long weekend is about to hit and that is provided they ring next Tuesday?

Also I have been giving things more thought, due to the owner of the law firm being the exact same man in the exact case from 20 years earlier involving the same individual. Yeah I am still getting over that as is the person directly involved in the case.

Oddly two people I mentioned it too failed to bat so much of an eyelid over this. But then if my suspicions on thought processes are correct, and they normally are, this only lends towards proving my theory correct anyway. Still. No matter.

I have given out some instructions today to get the ball rolling on my back up plans.

The fact that they forced a change in the legal case also means it opens up doors to what I can say and what I can do. Never a good idea, that one.

Provided nothing goes wrong then nothing will happen … but if it is to go wrong and when it goes wrong then at least two plans will be put into motion.

I say two because … well there is another option I am betting will come to present itself to us over the next week. Good God, to think I was now convinced I would finally be able to make my travel plans this coming week?! These people are infuriating and are now proving my previous theories on them, long since posted on here, to be correct. An example … or a clue …

I am very interested in finding out about the money regarding the entire case. You see there are five courts, I am now told over 30 court appearances in total, the law firm or its creditors and the Supreme Court that need to be paid. So my question?

The exact dates and amounts when each of these gets paid.

Then compare them to what has happened to us.

If there is a difference in either I am willing to bet here and now which way it will lean in both regards. This leaning will prove yet again the attitudes and slanted and twisted views of these people. I will inevitably ask them why these discrepancies exist?

After all the lives of two people have been destroyed by all this and they were in the process of destroying the lives of children too. They are there to uphold and represent the law which exists to make sure things are both moral and fair.

In the years of the every increasing attitudes of holier than thou I believe this has become lost. I also am angry that this does not even occur to these people even when you point it out. Well either it does not occur, which means they are the wrong people to work in and represent the law, or they do not care. Hm. In which case the same thing applies as regards being capable of representing the law.

This also has another detrimental affect that I cannot help but wonder if the actions of closing the law firm down has something very big to do with?

The law firm also wanted to speak to me.


Now in the case that nothing is going on, no cover up is now in place and things get transferred to another solicitor, in which case cheques and paperwork get handed over by a new law firm to my ‘partner in crime’ … they will not be familiar with the case and not even think about speaking to me … possibly?

This is what I am currently convinced of.

Unless of course another route has been taken and there is always other routes on offer to reach the same destination. At least one but the possibility of a second one is the one, one would hope for.

So today I am about on my bike to get some much needed exercise in and wondering along with waiting about the phone-call that should come today. With any luck.

Even my ‘partner in crime’ told me they had wondered whether or not this was some sort of cover up that I was worried about and could not believe the timing of this occuring. Though a lot earlier could have been disastrous.

It will also be interesting to see that if they mention the fact to the law firms ex staff that I not only know the owner of the firm but he was directly involved, via me directly last time around, twenty years ago when this all went wrong the first time around?

Of course it could also turn out that he recognised both our names and this is why they offered to take the case on and pay all the legal bills?

Or it could have been that the case could have saved the law firm from going under?

Or the Supreme Court recognised his name from the very early files within the local council files and discovered he had done something wrong?

Or he knew the firm was going under and fled with clients money and sunning himself on a beach in Brazil?

As you can see there are many possibilities and even the phone-call today might not explain fully what has transpired. Hopefully it will and the worst that will happen is an extension of a few days to receiving the damages? Fingers crossed.

Or this could end up being the one thing I feared? That despite hoping everything goes according to plan and justice is finally done but instead turns out that I had set off a number of things in motion that will reveal that everything in the UK is corrupt along with the legal and British Justice system right up to the very top of the pack? This would of course turn out to be the biggest coup I uncovered but which is the one thing I hoped and mentioned that I would not uncover!

It would also be the sixth time, I remembered one today regarding The Accident Group, I was involved with a case that started off looking fantastic but fell flat on its face. Over a twenty hear period too!

All this remains to be seen and we are told we were to be informed today, I presume that they are expecting to tell us which firm will now ask us in for the final time to tell us the Supreme Court’s decisions? This is the part that is most bizarre in all this! One single and final meeting telling us what the Supreme Court decided and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority step in and close the practice down with literally 8 days left in a case that has lasted 3 years or more?!

What are the chances?

This happening on the exact same day that a Police Officer walks into a friends store and knows both my name, face and the fact that I would be there. Even today my two friends asked me if they asked my name or just said my name. They asked … but asked me and no one else in the store of which there were three other people.

This is the thing I find highly suspicious. Cannot it be merely coincidence that these two very bizarre things happen out of the blue and on the exact same day?!

I simply cannot remember the last time I posted about something as bizarre as either of these two things. Well over a year I am sure of it. So two on the exact same day? Bearing in mind it is the Police Force that have also been found guilty on our court case along with a local council. These public services have all been found guilty of and reported on many a time to have been helping each other out. The Police and organisations like the NHS and local councils and of course the DWP are all in there too. The NHS help out the DWP and local councils, what I refer to as the evil trinity, and when anything goes wrong along come the Police to knowingly falsely accuse members of the public who realise they are breaking the law and are helped out. Of course NO Legal Aid helps loads with this too.

Summing up?

No legal rights for over half the populace at the very least and added to this an massive abuse of human rights too!

I cannot even tell many people I know of this yet because the non-believers and those hugely envious/jealous will only say “Oh I told you neither of you will get anything!” to which I will reply “Oh you know how it all works and how the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, The Law Society and the Supreme Court all works and you KNEW the law firm would go bust, did fucking you!”

Of course they would become hostile over this without even thinking that first off that has not been said yet, secondly that this is true they do not know how any of this works and thirdly … I am the only one with EXPERIENCE in all this in a lot more ways than just working as a PA to a solicitor!

No they would not consider that they would be ‘asking for it’ nor how annoying their comments would be. So I wont tell them.

Well I did say I have no one anymore that I can confide in and talk to!


Sod it … they cannot and are not allowed to act as legal representatives any longer so I may as well mention the closure of the practice by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, provide the webpage for it as it is in the public domain anyway and allow anyone who visits here to check the name on the SRA article about their decision and compare that to documents that have resided on here for many years I have kept since 1995.

The practice is, or at least was, called 174 Law, terrible name I know, and the owner is listed as Mark Cottrill.

As I stated those that are more inquisitive can search back in my archives and will find several documents under the law firm name of Bell, Lamb & Joynson and find documents signed by this solicitor.

Both my ‘partner in crime’ and I are both in shock at this link. For three years 174 Law was used and yet this name that links the two cases twenty years apart escaped my attention … and that of the law firm.

The question is … did something get discovered by the Supreme Court, as those original case documents would be in the 1500 page council file, who spotted something and acted to close down the law firm?

Very, very weird coincidence.



As if the last post about clever Police remarks regarding impossible things they never bothered to check on was not enough ..

Tonight had something far, far more bizarre in store!

Now I’m not sure if I want to refresh too much detail but ..

I have said all along that I don’t trust anyone. I have also stated this to my young ‘partner in crime’ on many occasions. I lost count of the number of people that promised then everything to the point we disagreed only for them to prove me correct in the end.

However, at the end is the one area I wanted to be proved wrong and when it was most important somebody would do what they were meant to do.

Well tonight I got a phonecall and was told …

“You will never believe what has just happened! I got the unluckiest news I could get tonight you could imagine!”

I was asked to guess but I have three incorrect guesses and when I was told it blew my mind. Then I did some checking and found out a little detail that blew my mind and then my ‘partner in crime’s’ mind when I told them.

We are awaiting news from the Supreme Court regarding the punishments to be handed out and the damages awarded. I have mentioned this a lot. First we were given two lots of one week before a decision. Then we were given two months time for a decision. Just recently an hour long meeting was held to tell us the very final date, which is this coming week, and its all over. Finally.

I have told my ‘partner in crime’ that even at the stage we are at I still don’t trust anyone until it’s all done and the money is in their bank account.

The damages are very, very high. The solicitors felt safe giving us a predicted minimum of £750,000. They think it will be significantly more just as I have done for years before the case started.

I was convinced that by the end of next week I would book my ticket out of town. Very, very far out of town at well over 200 miles. This distance needs to be kept in mind when I explain the second thing of two very, very bizarre things.

We are at the 11 and a half hour point so what could possibly go wrong at this point? You would think that nothing could go wrong? Nope.

Remember … we have won…

Firstly we get a call today to tell us the solicitors practice had gone bust, into liquidation, or whatever, except no one seemed to know including the solicitor handling the case!

I explained that this was not something to worry about … but then wondered that the money might have been received by the solicitors and the owner might have … stolen the money and done a moonlight flit? I explained that there would first be an insurance policy held by the solicitors practice. I also explained about the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and that the client’s money is in a separate account to that if the practice and that either The Law Society or more likely the Solicitors Regulatory Authority would make sure the client’s money was forwarded OK.

I also explained that if the money had not been received, as we had been led to believe, that the case and files would be given to another solicitor and they would forward any damages.

I came off the phone while the solicitors secretary tried to call.

Now the second thing …

I visited the law firm’s website and there was nothing about the firm going bust.

I checked the website of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and there they were. It stated that they had been forced to stop operating just as they explained. It just happen a few days back. Only as I kept reading I first confirmed what I had already stated about the client’s money then spotted something else …

This something else really did stop me in my tracks. Stop me dead!

The name of the owner of the firm was listed and I could not believe what I was seeing and reading. It contained three names, for one person, and I read it three times to be sure as I thought I was imagining things!

I then phones my ‘partner in crime’ and told them “Umm … this is going to shock you but … this law firm you have been going to for 3 years … I k
KNOW the owner!!”

The reply was as expected with a shocked “WHAT?!?!”

Remember … this is 240 miles away?!

On this very blog are some letters from a law firm from 20 years ago. On these letters are the name and the signature of the man that owns this law firm!

I bloody well kid you not!

It gets worse. The case currently ongoing, but won, is directly linked to the legal letters from 20 years ago. In fact the case shows without a doubt that the legal firm, those who have to pay out and the court at the time completely failed us both!!

I bloody well kid you NOT!

The very essence of this case is about failures that took place twenty years ago along with a cover up of the last ten years of some extremely awful things taking place. There is no case against the public services and so many industries that show not just the most disgusting things the British public will have ever heard but a while long list of them. Each one more shocking than the last.

I have so very much wanted to give details but just not wise to do so, even now.

So we are back in limbo.

I have sent the link to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority’s page with the law firm and the name to my ‘partner in crime’ so they can see for themselves.

Bizarrely if this was to cost us dearly not only was I prepared for it but the documents naming the owner from twenty years ago have been … published on here for the last three years!

Of course and as I stated to my friend that this was exactly the sort of thing that pisses me off about the absolutely shit legal system we have in the UK. It’s utterly, utterly diabolical! You just cannot make this shit up!

Tomorrow there will be another phone call and it had better be good! I was expecting a phone call that ended everything and would immediately book my ticket away. It’s also a bank holiday weekend and would be completely unacceptable to be left panicking and up in the air for three days! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

The funny thing is that I had a case years ago against a public service and the law firm said they had never seen a case as good as mine. I was to receive money in damages that would be substantial and linked to my health problems.

Health problems, I might add, that took me another 13 years to diagnosed, had to do it myself and then realised that the NHS had known what I had for at least a year before I discovered it and kept it from me. Proved because of two unrelated drugs that were prescribed because they knew I was getting close to it.

I also was unable to get legal representation for this either! Thirteen years of all the wrong drugs which have negative affects on my kidneys and left in pain and no justice for it.

Another case years ago that went south fur the winter because the legal firm, called The Accident Group, went bust.

Case regarding the person who has now won damages in a case that proved I was right twenty years ago and everyone was wrong and now we don’t know what is going to happen with this one! Everyone failed twenty years ago including my legal representation. Yet they command all this money and am these large fees?!

The Legal Aid system being gradually eroded which was completely inhuman in this action and renders a civilised society to be no longer civilised and nothing close to fair.

In my experience in every single situation where I contacted solicitors and had cases with them, 200 and 4 or 5 respectively, not a single one was successful.

Now you might just start to understand why I started to record everyone I can’t into contact with and why I never have a shit about whether it was legal or not?

Because I do not accept laws in a legal system that is totally unfair and an understatement at that and extremely lopsided.

As it turned out I was not breaking the law but I didn’t know this when I started recording everyone.

Instead I didn’t get so much of an invite to have a solicitor meet me and not even ask to hear and see the evidence I had. So I have up!

Instead I concentrated on helping, advising and pushing my ‘partner in crime’ to get justice instead. The idea being that while this was ongoing I would back up this ongoing case with my blog while also explaining the other injustices that never got heard over the last twenty years.

So a double edged sword, so to speak.

I trust that everything is in order and that at worst there will only be a couple of days, *groan* more, delay?!

I want to rip into the legal system and do this with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. But I know I will get that holier than thou attitude an the public services have in recent years and the usual protocol crap about client confidentiality. When I’m only looking to be able to assure this person that all is well, which no one fucking has in the last 4 days since this was announced and right on top of a back holiday weekend!

So let us see, shall we?

They are now all on trial and I may have to publish the names, dates and places anyway before I intended to?!

I said from the start, did I not? I’m told the solicitor or secretary out both had no idea this was coming. In fact my ‘partner in crime’ said she was confused because she said to the solicitor at the last meeting “oh you have had new carpets fitted? I could smell them as soon as I walked in!”

I said that either that maybe there was a rumour and the owner heard and thought having new carpets fitted would lay the rumour to rest?

There is one other outside possibility … maybe the Supreme Court realised that the case was handled badly twenty years ago and when they checked to see who the solicitor was it turned out to be the owner of the firm handling the case?!

This last point I am sure could be very … tricky with the very tight and draconian rules and punishments for solicitors.

I did work as a Personal Assistant to one!


Something bizarre has happened today.

More than this, this took place right in front of two friends who were taken aback a little from after they left.

See if you can work this out?

I enter a friends store for the first time in four days. Around ten minutes later two people walked in and one I recognised as one of those Community Officer types everyone calls the plastic Police. I was considering a joke and asking “You have not come in here for me, have you?”

I decided against this when the one I have never met before says “Are YOU Martin?”

Now I am all confused at this point and simply say “Err … YES.”

Then I asked “Umm HOW did you know I would be in here?”

He replies “I’m a Police Officer that is what I do.”


Except only a handful of people know that I spend time in there, one of those was local and he did several years back. The other moved to the North East of England several years ago.

I only know one person locally and they would not approach them and would not know we were … acquainted anyway.

Now I am thinking what in the world did they search me out for when I then realise that the bald one is in fact a fully fledge Policeman. As opposed to those Community Enforcement Officer type thingamajigs. He then states what he was there for …

It was regarding that fracas in Ordnance Road in involving people getting knocked out cold on a level crossing by a overweight guy looking eastern European or possibly Russian.

Now let us get a few things straight before I mention two classic lines this Policeman came out with to add to the “I’m a Policeman, that is what I do”, when really this is DETECTIVES and not many capable of finding me.

First off this was the first time I was in this store since last Saturday. Yet he had not been in asking about me. Secondly, and as I had to point out to the shop owners, I did not tell them or anyone for that matter where you can find me. This had the owners very confused. In fact the only local man was in and said nothing about the Police looking for me, but they do not know we are acquainted anyway. The point of pointing out the four days was that when I explained the fracas to the owner of the store it was not last Saturday. In fact in was a bloody lot longer ago than that! The store owner said “But you told me about that a couple of weeks ago?!” to which I replied “Yes … and due to my memory problems I kept forgetting to tell you about it and was about a week before I remembered!”

Shocking? My daughter also heard about this that day and she was on the phone to me when it was all happening. She said “God, its taken them that long?”

It gets better.

The Policeman asked me “Did the Police turn up?”

Did … the … Police … turn … UP?!

Is he serious? Not only had I emailed them but like I stated to them in the email I was one of at the very least THREE people that contacted the Police. I spoke to two women both on their mobile phones and asked them if they were on the phone to the Police? They both said “yes”.

He also stated he “..could not make head nor tail of my email”… what the same email I posted on my blog?! LMAO!

Now we are onto he subject of this blog …

Right here is where they likely discovered my hanging around the local pet store. That is to say that they must have gleaned it from here and with the only other possibility being my YouTube videos.


Well think about this then …

That would have taken some rifling through a great many posts to discover this and I have not mentioned the pet shop in recent months, that I recall anyway.

I had to ask myself if there was a list available with some very key details about me? If so then why was it created? Same reason they rifled through the blog in the first place I guess?

As I stated to the owners of the store who were still confused and intrigued as to how he knew I would be in their store … I said “I told you didn’t I? I have pissed off a great many people and organisations due to this blog! It is the only way they found out where I sometimes hang out and somehow timed it perfectly” I was in their about ten minutes before they arrived and left 5 minutes after the Police Officer did.

Is that YOUR mind I hear boggling?

Interesting too that he did not give me a straight answer … or so he thought. To me and on most occasions an evasive answer is a straight answer.

He did not want to admit how he found out, ofr the Police found out, therefore something I did not want to know and the one single solitary reason would be that they knew about my blog and had been rifling through it.

When all else has been ruled out whatever remains has to be the truth, no matter how unlikely or fantastical it may sound.

Maybe … just, maybe they did not react to the incident in question, had some backlash from the public over it, went through the witness details again and saw my name and something flagged up like Homer Simpson trying to buy an RV van? Where his name is placed into a computer and an alarm starts to ring and a red light starts flashing and Homer says “Is that a GOOD sound?” and the salesman says “No, Mr Simpson, that is NOT a good sound!”

upon realising who I am, what I do and am about to do and the fact that I posted on here about what I saw … with the date of course, they panicked?

Possibly a file that states ‘Police Enemy Number 1: Hard to beat, posts everything, knows about corruption in everything and how we treat the general public like a lower form of life, will cane our arses from here to eternity’?!

If this is true, Mr Policeman, you simply have no idea … or at least I do not think you do. That caning is coming real soon!

And now I have to repeat my favourite word of 2015. It is INEVITABLE.

If you check my blog far enough back it would not be the first time that the Police have failed to respond to a violent act taking place. One even claiming to me that they had to drop an old lady home, at midnight?!



I have had my phone call.

I have been given a date and that date is the end of things. The finality of it all. This is where the judgement calls come to light and with a date of receiving … damages.

This date is September 4th … err or 5th? I was given a number of days actually as opposed to an actual date. So many days to go, so to speak.

This information was bizarrely provided face to face in a meeting. A little odd as this was all that was said about the case that was relevant. After this was provided the next hour was spent with the solicitor speaking at just how large a legal case this turned out to be. They mentioned once again that despite the fact they knew it was big from the outset, which is why they ejected to pay for everything, it grew way bigger than they could ever imagine.

“We had no idea how big this was going to be?”

I asked if they then told them that I knew how big this was going to be?

They said “Yes”.

In a matter of days after the phone call I get next the flood gates will open at some point. As I stated previously this is dead certain, I just do not know how big the flood is and what form of liquid it will contain. Or in what way it will go nuts.

There are over a dozen possibilities and of course these could all be immediate or some will definitely be immediate while others take a month or two longer?

There will certainly be a big fast spinning fan and some muck will be flying about in all directions. The fan will certainly get hit. There is simply no way it cannot get hit.

Well … I have tried to explain this to people but they simply do not get it no matter how simply I explain things.

There will be falls … they will take place in September and I’m not speaking of falling leaves either.

It often seems very strange to me … the number of things that have been exposed, the types of things that have been exposed … that they have all been exposed recently and still are right alongside my own endeavours. Almost like a planned convergence? Outside of this blog I am not responsible for anything that has occurred that’s not something I provided evidence to or exposed.

It will merely be coincidence.

The date, by the way, was what the Supreme Court told our solicitor which has not happened previously. So from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Not the solicitors guessing and not the barristers guessing either.

On that date, or just after it, I will be booking my seats to leave town and that’s it and that’s all.

Oddly the extra time has allowed the weather to cool down and fur me to get some other plans in place and certain things … done before I leave town.

Once away it will be a matter of days to a month that things will become … aired. Though I will post stuff likely before it hits the headlines in other places. Well, I think so anyway?! Lol!

Strangely I started to get the dates of the 4th to the 7th September in my head. I did state to the attendee of the meeting that it’s highly likely we will get another date … a final date. Punishments, damages amounts and the … actual damages arrive a few days later. Could be on that date but I expect it to be 3 to 7 days after the 4th September.

Or, we are told when those that have to post are told. Then the cheques get issued and sent along their merry journey. Must be 3 to 7 days later, cannot see how it is not.

Makes no difference to me … as long as I have a date and I can book my tickets and get prepared I am happy.

That limbo I’ve been stuck in does not last very much longer, thank God because I’m getting bored out of my mind and the crap weather is not helping!


I was not aware of this particular child sex abuse case involving ex MP Harvey Proctor.

The thing I find both strange and disturbing with these cases is the amount of people who have come forward.

Let’s get something perfectly clear from the outset…

I know just how difficult it is to know when big names and organisations are up to very bad things. You mention one or two things and it becomes apparent very soon that if you tell them all that you know the labels will come thick and fast.

In other words it’s not easy.

I would fully appreciate that not many would want to come forward with these types of claims. Many of them worse than some of mine.

But then I also understand something that many if these powerful and celebrity types do not. When you get addicted to something while more and mute join the … dark society the number of victims ultimately rises. They may well have had some clever … if I should call it that, ideas about his to keep people quiet.

Eventually and because they kept getting away with it the numbers of victims became unmanageable. At this stage panic would start to bubble to the surface and to my mind inevitable that the ultimate form of silencing would have taken place.

When it started to emerge just how many there were accused it was obvious that the number of victims would be staggering.

It seems that there were, or are, two groups of child sex abuse within the UK. Those that belong to the higher echelons of British society and the Muslim sex rings.

The other thing that is truly heart sinking about all this is the fact that the British public were clueless to all this for many, many years. I am not sure I want to see if they, the British public, are capable of reacting accordingly? Or the successive governments have got what there were after and just had everyone rushing around for so long they take no notice unless it personally affects them or their families?

So yet another one hits the news and one that I was not familiar with and a name I have not seen punished anywhere.

So Harvey Proctor offers for witnesses to come forward and demands police chiefs lose their jobs? Woah, son! Let’s not jump the gun here, you have to be found innocent before demanding the rolling of heads. He claims a witch hunt is going on? Witch hunts are only ever good for actually finding witches. Good God I hate that term, it’s so ludicrous, pointless and use of it conveys no message or meaning. Or are they suggesting that paedophiles, like witches, do not exist or have never done anything to anyone? Oh … maybe they are insinuating that some witches were burned or drowned that were not witches? Umm but … well there aren’t any witches, or at least they have no power. Well other than the power of suggestion at times. Ooh, maybe they are trying to suggest the others are innocent too? Lol!

This is also a good place to mention the other problem with these things being false … I don’t think Police, or their chiefs, are going to want to chase anyone who is a celebrity or powerful without evidence.

Yes, before you say so, I absolutely agree that this is a typical response of someone of his ilk and he is almost saying ‘How dare you come after me! Do you know who I am? I have my whole life (joke) and career ahead of me and could acres this up’.

Yes they still sound like they are saying they should be treated differently than anyone else. Of all of those who have made statements to the media I have read, they all have sounded like this!

What is needed here is a comparison.

Not just any comparison either.

We need something of an extreme contrast here like nothing that had ever been seen or heard of before. From another long period of time when the exact opposite has happened, or more correctly someone who is not famous, powerful or a celebrity.

I am that person!

I also will provide this stark contrast that will place ask of the failings and the lengths of time they have been failing for into focus.

This will also take place this year despite the fact that there are only four months left of 2015.

My next post will give some insight into dates…

MP Harvey Proctor calls abuse inquiry ‘homosexual witch hunt’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34054955


Despite the title I’m not note going to day the things you might think.

During my years blogging and my many years researching I have made it no secret that I am averse to money wasting. Let that be perfectly clear to you if it’s not already.

Now I am just going to firstly point out that those that bang on about wasting tax payers money usually point towards two things, the welfare state and space exploration.

Now I’m going to first shock some people and then possibly piss off a percentage of those people. But then they belong to a barmy group I don’t like anyway.

What is it I will state? Well that the two industries I don’t have a problem with or very small problems with to do with the running of them, are the welfare state and space exploration! Shocked much?

Those that complain about the money spent on these things are either idiots (large wager they are religious) or amoral and idiots.

Common quoted fact in recent years I’d that there are too many people and not enough space/land/food. So what do you do? You only have two options … reduce the populace, meaning death, war or executions, or find more land. Oh but that’s been totally fucked! By religious morons mostly. When I was a kid at school I sat hypnotised as teachers in science explained we would set foot on Mars around 2004. That came and went and will over 12 years had passed and after a long pause of nothing some experiments have been done regarding people spending long periods in space. A little more than talking about it basically with nothing on the horizon.

Bizarrely I think the costs to space exploration have two ways of being reduced. I for one and would not be alone by any stretch of the imagination to state that the military of a number of countries not only possess the technology to do things better and faster but keep it given away.

Quite how governments allow such narrow minded war mongering chiefs to do this God only knows? Oddly I am sure that ‘God’ would figure in these claims in one particularly large country? Lol!

I would agree however that the costs to some things done, by NASA only, have been a bit silly in their costs.

If the secret tech, religious idiots and naïve people not stood in the easy of human progress and advancement I might be living on Mars right now? But I don’t! Mores the pity.

What I have done for years though is highlight every single other areas that there is and the waste of money going on for thousands upon thousands for sitting on their arses!

As for the welfare state, well that’s all to do with our claims of being both human, out humane, and a civilised society. You cannot claim one without having the other. It don’t matter which government or which country your from. It’s a simple fact that cannot be argued with, the end!

Want to talk about how it’s run out how it’s abused and I will not only talk but give some good ideas. Granted many will scream not PC while I will state it’s that way or you carry on both drowning and sinking, with very little time left to do this last two, too.

When I see people state in comments about wasting money on money exploration, will I literally see red! The first words that flit through my mind are ‘naïve’, ‘fantatically religious’ or banks that think that they are entitled to more free money! Ooh there is another wastage I cover a great deal on here!

You cannot create more land for people on Earth, unless you have some innovative scheme to build underwater cities which would be a lot more expensive than going to Mars! The only land is off planet….hmm or run a lot of heater cable under the ground in Antarctica?! Lol! Russians could do that with Siberia?! Lol. Well you see my point?

Only the idea of living in space is now far to far away to help in all honesty and idiots are still allowed to voice opinions they should have no right to.

That might sound strong and thoughts of anti democracy might come to mind but I’m sorry, I don’t and never have liked the idea of someone having power of opinion and even voting that affects my life but made on the basis they believe in some non existent deity.

A deity that on the one hand is so loving and powerful that he allows some awful and horrific things in both nature and suffering of people and children to go on.

More on that next month!

A deity in another faction that is so powerful, the most powerful and pissed off to the maximum amount that he sits around and waits for years and years watching his personal dog soldiers fail to kill all of those that seriously piss of this deity to the maximum?!

More on that next month asking with the former group and several others in a way that no one will EVER FORGET.

Therefore based on these obvious facts starting everyone in the face these should not have any opinion when it comes to anything to do with science. None!

But, hey? Don’t take my word for it. Well, not yet anyway but after next month … well something tells me that you just might and everyone else that ever visits here. In fact these ‘visitors’ are likely to suddenly increase exponentially.

As far as space exploration is concerned my arguments do not even factor in the most obvious piece of evidence at all. In fact this goes hand in hand with the story of the man who died in the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre of 9/11 who had predicted and warned of an attack from the air using aircraft for years.

Yes, as bloody strange as it sounds someone spent several years of warning them that run the buildings and they ignored him and he died. Probably the same ones that hung up on people phoning from inside the buildings and told then to remain where they are? Who then subsequently died? Yes, those halfwits.

I see red because of people that want to make urgent decisions and then insist upon both those decisions and their own interject when they have none or experience nor understanding of events unfolding. They do bit even have relevant alternatives either! That’s the worst part for me. I know if I then asked them ‘Well what do you suggest then?’ or ‘Well of we do that and then (this) happens, what do I/we do then?’ you would be met with a blank stare.

Don’t be insistent on things you have no knowledge of nor experience of or you will just look like a twat or worse have to live with the costs of human lives for the rest of your life.

When I listened to those attitudes of people receiving phonecalls from terrified workers in the twin towers I could not help but think how similar things are here in the UK now. It never used to be. But with so many British firms owned by Americans and of course many American companies I cannot help but think we have adopted some very bad attitudes? I am certain of it in many cases.

Now this post came about due to a NASA mission I’ve waited to launch for years I was sure was due to go up a couple of years back.

Not only was this mentioned in the report below, I bloody knew it, but also something else about the Americans, yet again and I’ve mentioned before, that was worrying.

They really, really don’t get it and just keep further alienating the rest of the world from them, pissing of the test of the world and making everyone suspicious about dealing with them …

Then they go and moan about other countries, ask them to change things in their own country to stop the US losing money then wonder why they get told to piss off and never stop to realise that if the tables were turned they would not do the same thing.

Reciprocation is not a word midst of the top in the US are familiar with and I wait for the day that someone honest appears among their politicians. Like an American Nigel Farage or Jeremy Corbyn?

So the James Webb Telescope which is the successor to Hubble was supposed to launch a couple years back but not launching for another couple of years?! So four years late then. Billions over budget too, four out five times it’s original cost. Stupid, well too late now but they sinking have to stop that happening.

Still … it’s a telescope that can look way farther than Hubble but more importantly and must importantly to me I’d the fact it will be detecting many more Earth like planets more rapidly than they currently are.


I think there is a telescope on Earth being created to improve and increase spotting them … only improving the spotting from Earth, that is. You simply cannot get close to being in space to do many things.

So I have to wait until 2018?! Let’s hope that I live long enough, to 2020 at least, to witness all of the unfolding?!

My only other wish is that Patrick Moore was still here to witness the James Webb Telescope and would love to have heard his views on discoveries.

I rather think he would have dropped his monacle?! Lol!

Lost in space? Nasa under pressure – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-33777350


These BBC reports completely confused me.

They also left me dumbfounded because for the umpteenth time journalists completely missed the stunningly obvious!

I am speaking about the migrants once again and this time those found at the border of Macedonia.

I saw some videos and pictures of what looked like a sea of people that looked impressively, or correctly worryingly, large heading towards the border from where one journalist stood. When he turned the other way though the faces spread right across the road and stretched as far AF the eye could see! The journalist even said as much.

These were amounts that equalled the scenes of a hundred thousand strong protest in central London. Yet the many tens of thousands were quoted in a later BBC report to be hundreds and possibly thousands? Err … NO! I have no idea why the BBC did this. Perhaps that lefty side the BBC were accused of revealing itself in the most obvious way?

I dunno. Very weird.

Yet once again they failed to notice that every single person they spoke to spoke damn good English!

Bearing in mind also that they fully intended and openly admitted that they were heading for northern Europe! How far north so you think?

I spoke to someone I know who is furious about all this and convinced they are all just heading to the UK and turned out he had not seen the scenes in Macedonia.

I showed him a BBC News app report with the pictures. In the report they included a map that showed the movement and numbers of migrants in different parts of Europe. All heading the same way. Except the numbers on the graph looked way off for this year. Way, way off!

It stated that through the Balkans there had been around 80 to 90 thousand and yet in that single scene there appeared to be at least that many. Also the Macedonians had stated that they shut the border because the numbers had risen beyond 3,500 each day! That’s 24,500 per week. Close to 100,000 per month. This is ONE border … hell, it’s one bloody road! Remember the graph stated 80,000 for 6 months for the whole of the Balkans?!

What was also a surprise was that the graph stated what I had previously thought and that the majority of the migrants were heading to Italy. Well it did look like this before hand. Not after I saw the Macedonia problems it didn’t! I had no idea there was these issues anywhere else and I kept asking myself how in the hell they got there in the first place? Were they not all supposed to be rounded up and kept in asylum campus, islands and other things?

I had wondered for awhile how many slipped through and probably larger than those rounded up. Perhaps I had my first evidence of yet another of my predictions being proved correct?

I certainly wish my predictions were way, way off in each and every instance. Unfortunately the opposite is mostly true and when I’m wrong that’s even usually only the timing, being late to very late and even … well, early on occasions.

I then told my friend I was wondering just how many there are across the whole of Europe? We thought that based on the Macedonia scenes and that there were other routes through the Balkans, Turkey through Russia and into Europe and Iberia that we must be looking at millions. I even said “How can there be anyone left in these Arab countries?” I joked about the tyrants and there next in lines being the only ones left and wondering why they had no money, sorry taxes, coming in. The idiots.

I then pointed out that in one of two posts on here I had demanded to know what the fuck the United Nations were doing in all of this and what the point of them existing was. I had not seen hair nor hide of them and not were they even mentioned by journalists! Then when I read a report out to him they were finally mentioned!

The United Nations expressed concern!

My friend burst out laughing. You really do not know who is now incompetent and more inept, the news media and the journalists or the United Nations themselves.

For those that have been visiting and reading this blog for a long time, or just long enough, they might not be surprised at what I state next. In fact some might even predict it.

Everywhere I have looked, researched and investigated for a long time had been very, very wrong! I looked for corruption and/or failings I already knew to exist in every industry I came into contact with. Before long I realised it was 100% of the time and many things I uncovered and acquired evidence for shocked even me. Remember I was expecting to find things. Not how big these things would turn out to be.

Everywhere I look. I have long since given up ever finding something, somewhere that is honest and decent and does not year the public/customers with utter contempt.

Also it should be obvious to all, except the most incompetent and the blind or naïve on the farthest left of politics, that things cannot continue the east they are. Greece, Macedonia and Italy are all the countries we know about who have had clashes with the migrants. It will only get worse and it will only spread further afield.

If they all get to England and with the country already on its knees will collapse within six months to a year.

Plus some… groups will turn from being outspoken to groups of action instead. Simply because you cannot ignore larger numbers credit the fact you have used political correctness to do this and advance your careers or lengthened your stay as a MP or heading to be a Lord, something now considered something of a joke.

I dread to think how things will be in 2016 and 2017 within the UK and especially in the biggest cities and London especially.

I stated that the attraction is that of not just the free handouts but also the communities they can disappear into.

I also stated that they made it illegal to rent out properties to non UK residents, illegal aliens but they needed to do this with local councils too, otherwise it’s simply not fair and pointless, and change the law so any ethnics or those granted asylum have this revoked and they deported with those that they hide.

They also need a raft of other things. I’m afraid when it comes to deterrents the UK authorities simply do not have the first clue while sitting with their thumbs shoved you their arses while on their arses with salaries cascading into their personal bank accounts.

I am going to give a whole series and a hell of a lot of incontrovertible evidence of the must shocking kind, along with other deeply disturbing horrors, of evidence of what I say.

Think it might be a difficult read?

Not even close!

It will be an effing long list of difficult reads that will not only shock and disgust but you will doubt the validity of each and every one.

Except what I will provide in the way of validity and evidence is dining the highest form that there is that you can get in the UK. You can get no higher, it is as simple as that.

Don’t believe that and your quite simply living in that land of cloud cuckoos, dangerously naïve, an Osterich or have your politics on the furthest left you can get which normally means you have your fingers in your ears going “LALALALALALALA” whenever anyone tries to give you facts to show your politics are wrong or at fault.

I also have three things coming up in the next few days in these posts…

A quick one about that reveal I mention and hearing from the Supreme Court on the matter and the date given.

I also have yet another health issue. It turns out they are worried about me hitting the ground several times, did a year on blood pressure, noticed couple things and I was then asked of I was doing anything different lately. “Oh yes!” I said before explaining why my pressure had gone down. It also dropped the other way in a test showing I had postural hypertension. They are trying to rush, it states why in recent posts, getting me into the hospital to monitor my blogs pressure for at least 24 hours. Marvellous!

Hmm … something … else?

Umm … oh some mention about crappy attitudes from people but … that was not it … there is something what I have … forgotten!

I’ve sent letters off to CISAS and the Financial Ombudsman Service regarding Direct Debits and Virgin Media and … ahh that’s it!!

As it turns out I have not only been ripped off by Virgin Media for being charged three times the quoted fee for broadband and a phone line but also the £3,000 I have paid out to one particular person has had £50 per week taken out of their benefits despite having the children!!

Yes let’s forget fit the moment this is both illegal and immoral. No they did not state they was going to do this, also illegal, and no money was owed to them either!

Except … when I spoke to them the following day I pointed out that I think this was something to do with someone we both know? When I explained I was met with a long and surprising sounding “oooooooooh yes!”

Now this had turned out to be …. the best kind of gravy! Because not only had this person appeared in a particular court case but I was the one that told them and they acted on my… information.  Proving that yet another idiot public service that proves once again they are MORONS and incompetent. This is HMRC.

A strong letter has gone off regarding this hinting at how bad it looks and demanding a payment of £3,000.

I have a second letter to be posted at just the right time to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, of how I am going to rip right through their … organisations. Though ‘organisation’ is the wrong word for these people because it suggests they are well run and … well organised.

Macedonia migrants: Thousands break through at Greek border – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34026114


Well so I have been showing for years now that what you buy is not new, despite them telling you it is.

I have shown that everything else that cannot be faked, rehashed and refurbished costs more, like energy and the like.

Recently I have shown you what companies and public services do when there is little in the way of governing … governing, what a joke. I find it hilarious that in recent times we seem to pay more for everything and takes and yet the actual governing has been dwindling away to nothing.

One of these examples has been Virgin Media, one I did not expect to add to the ever growing list that is easier to make lists of those not on them than those that are. Take electrical goods for example…the only company I cannot state sell you refurbished and faulty returned goods as new are Maplin. The only one I do not know about.

Now if you recall along with my atrocies broadband connection most of the three months I have been with them I have had each bill way, WAY over the £27.99 monthly fee?

So factoring in that I paid £40 for 6 phone-calls to one Sky landline (previous Virgin customer) and 5 to a Virgin Media mobile phone then figure out how I have paid over £220 in those three months?

According to my own calculations £27.99 multiplied by 3 is £83.97 and then add the £40 comes to £122.97 approx.

Also I on having my Internet cut I was told I owed nothing, next bill the 3rd August. Then I owed £30.13 (paid at the time on the phone) then told next bill was the 9th and the following day on the phone was told I owed another £15 and next bill due on the 12th August?! I also paid £50 so that the next bill was only £40.

But then I started wondering why my next bill was £70 and immediately my Internet became intermittent, behaving worse than my Three Mobile Broadband I used previously!

So I decided I had had enough.

I had already written to Ofcom about them and got nothing, so I sent a letter off to Virgin Media requesting, for the second time, to close my account and report all their errors, incompetence and what is quite obviously a failing computer system.

Oddly I have now heard of another failed computer system that the company of which knew had a fault and yet either sent it’s own staff to prison or conned them out of tens of thousands of pounds!

The Post Office!

Yeah I could not believe these reports and it is absolutely scandalous. Bizarrely this was on a Panorama programme and yet I have not heard anything about this in the news!!

WHAT?! With half the crap they report on they never give this a mention?! Unbelievable!

Well I am afraid it gets better and the Post Office fiasco I am highly likely to come back to before very long …

I recieved two letters today which was bizarre because one was the answer of my complaint to Ofcom and the other one … umm … well … another Virgin Media bill … except this one has a higher figure that the £93 of the last one?

Now how many of you immediately smiled and thought ‘It’s £103. Because of the late fee charge.’?


Try a fraction under £140!!

Oh and Ofcom … well they do not do com any more, apparently. Giving me some borlacks about CICAS. So I will email them all the letters immediately after posting this.

The bill and the Ofcom letter …

Virgin BILL 3 200815 Ofcom 200815


As previous stated something is coming. The wait is into the single figures going on the information we have had for the last ten weeks. It could be double figures?

However I’m told the process I am waiting to come to it’s ultimate conclusion takes 3 months.

Ten weeks with the two lots of one week prediction and a single two week prediction amounts to fourteen weeks. A little over three months.

So it’s half past the eleventh hour right now.

I recently got the excuse to drag the NHS and PHSO into the spotlight of this blog.

I also dragged Virgin Media onto this blog fit some very drastic things and have sent letters to then and a report, a stern one at that, to Ofcom therefore dragging then into the spotlight.

I have written two more letters to two more enemies I have previously challenged and exposed of corruption even if only to the point of payments for salaries for tasks not done. Never intending to do either!
So just a preview to what is coming up.

The two further organisations to be dragged kicking and screaming into this blog are my two of my favourites and joyous over the opportunity of the DWP and ICE.

I received a phone call a couple of nights ago.

For a few years I have been digitally sending money to someone else’s account whenever they requested it.

In January and as I stated on here I tricked the DWP into proving they were receiving falsified documentation from GP’s and manipulated them to price this by forcing them to … lose them.

They reacted by performing an about turn a refusal of Personal Independent Payments to awarding it at £50 less than it was 5 years so before they illegally stopped it.

I will also add that on challenging this two differing tribunals of three cane down on the suffer of the DWP and forced me to pay back an overpayment of £750! They started this by deciding to take £25 each week without asking which was illegal. Minimum amount required fit a person to live/survive on and all that.

This is important due to what I have now found out.

I had £1,100 in my account which dwindled down since February along with my benefits during the last 7 months. Not counting the previous payments.

Well despite having several children the person was asked by a friend why they kept asking me for money.

It turned out that £50 was missing each week. This is the second time in the space of a couple of days that £50 turned out to be a strangely magical number. Because Virgin Media conjured this figure out of nowhere!

On investigating it turned out that the DWP had started removing £50 per week without asking or even warning for monies owed that were not owed!

I was awarded £50 per week short of that I was paid previous.

I had £50 per week taken off my fortnightly payments without asking.

Virgin conjured an extra £50 owed in just a couple of days.

Now £50 is being illegally taken and I have been using my PIPs payments to supplement this and sine of my Incapacity Benefit too!

There must be some mindless twat in government who thinks far too highly of himself that all these public services and private companies go to fur a plan to get extra money out if the public or customers? He hands out details of plans that Shays have the figure of £50 probably only intended â an example and all these idiots leave it at that figure?
The letter to the DWP absolutely scorning them while warning them by hinting at what is about to happen if typed up.

As in the one to their Independent Case Examiners who I proved wrong by both getting my Fibromyalgia Syndrome and physical right knee problem correctly diagnosed at Guy’s Hospital. Also having my PIPs awarded over trickery also proves that ICE were not only wrong but they lied.

The Independent Case Examiners lied because they took twice the normal time to come to their conclusion and claimed they had been over my entire file which around the same time I manipulated three DWP into destroying. There was no existing medical evidence or letters in any department of the Department of Work and Pensions!

So how had the DWP managed to refuse several applications over several years fur both PIPs and DLA?

In the case of ICE they claimed to have gone through medical files and found nothing wrong that did not exist?!

Also staggeringly contradictory if their claim to be ‘Independent’ and yet their email addresses are all in the DWP’s server?! Incompetent much?

So the DWP and ICE have letters typed up. I will have posted them by then end of this week. I am not kind and nor do I pull any punches.

I lay the inevitable on the line.

These will be posted up when I physically post them off.

I also need, yes still, to edit the Virgin Media recordings which will go very nicely with their latest trick and bill. The paper bill came through the door today! If you fail to notice this is 5 days after the due date of the 12th August which seems to have two other dates of the 9th August and the 3rd August!

My connection has also not been cut off this time!

Now then?

The half past the eleventh hour?

Soon … well I expect it to happen between this Friday 21st to the following Friday 28th August, I will give a short post on here giving some dates of further posts. These dates will be when I post about the outcome of the landmark court case and my action I will take because of some further date.

Confused? Yeah, me too.

This could all happen in one date which is what I expected and still do expect to happen.

Or out could take place over two or the dates. The first correspondence giving a date with the conclusion and decisions and a further date for days decision to be carried out or received to to speak.

I had realised that it was possible this could happen earlier but it has not. This made mute sense to me when someone studying this profession informed me of the period of the months. Yet this seen to be unknown to the legal team and court clerks when we had initially won. Oh well.

Still, we are finally approaching this juncture and the countdown is now in days of single digits.

So within a week to ten days I expect to post up a short announcement that includes a date of when the second post reveals the outcome.

Within a week or two of this second date I will, or should, post some legal documents, edited as always of course. There will be some … interesting posts leading up to the legal beagles stuff too.

Won’t be completely silent. Far from it.

A return to some philosophical murmurings and possibly poetic ones too. 😉