As if the last post about clever Police remarks regarding impossible things they never bothered to check on was not enough ..

Tonight had something far, far more bizarre in store!

Now I’m not sure if I want to refresh too much detail but ..

I have said all along that I don’t trust anyone. I have also stated this to my young ‘partner in crime’ on many occasions. I lost count of the number of people that promised then everything to the point we disagreed only for them to prove me correct in the end.

However, at the end is the one area I wanted to be proved wrong and when it was most important somebody would do what they were meant to do.

Well tonight I got a phonecall and was told …

“You will never believe what has just happened! I got the unluckiest news I could get tonight you could imagine!”

I was asked to guess but I have three incorrect guesses and when I was told it blew my mind. Then I did some checking and found out a little detail that blew my mind and then my ‘partner in crime’s’ mind when I told them.

We are awaiting news from the Supreme Court regarding the punishments to be handed out and the damages awarded. I have mentioned this a lot. First we were given two lots of one week before a decision. Then we were given two months time for a decision. Just recently an hour long meeting was held to tell us the very final date, which is this coming week, and its all over. Finally.

I have told my ‘partner in crime’ that even at the stage we are at I still don’t trust anyone until it’s all done and the money is in their bank account.

The damages are very, very high. The solicitors felt safe giving us a predicted minimum of £750,000. They think it will be significantly more just as I have done for years before the case started.

I was convinced that by the end of next week I would book my ticket out of town. Very, very far out of town at well over 200 miles. This distance needs to be kept in mind when I explain the second thing of two very, very bizarre things.

We are at the 11 and a half hour point so what could possibly go wrong at this point? You would think that nothing could go wrong? Nope.

Remember … we have won…

Firstly we get a call today to tell us the solicitors practice had gone bust, into liquidation, or whatever, except no one seemed to know including the solicitor handling the case!

I explained that this was not something to worry about … but then wondered that the money might have been received by the solicitors and the owner might have … stolen the money and done a moonlight flit? I explained that there would first be an insurance policy held by the solicitors practice. I also explained about the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and that the client’s money is in a separate account to that if the practice and that either The Law Society or more likely the Solicitors Regulatory Authority would make sure the client’s money was forwarded OK.

I also explained that if the money had not been received, as we had been led to believe, that the case and files would be given to another solicitor and they would forward any damages.

I came off the phone while the solicitors secretary tried to call.

Now the second thing …

I visited the law firm’s website and there was nothing about the firm going bust.

I checked the website of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and there they were. It stated that they had been forced to stop operating just as they explained. It just happen a few days back. Only as I kept reading I first confirmed what I had already stated about the client’s money then spotted something else …

This something else really did stop me in my tracks. Stop me dead!

The name of the owner of the firm was listed and I could not believe what I was seeing and reading. It contained three names, for one person, and I read it three times to be sure as I thought I was imagining things!

I then phones my ‘partner in crime’ and told them “Umm … this is going to shock you but … this law firm you have been going to for 3 years … I k
KNOW the owner!!”

The reply was as expected with a shocked “WHAT?!?!”

Remember … this is 240 miles away?!

On this very blog are some letters from a law firm from 20 years ago. On these letters are the name and the signature of the man that owns this law firm!

I bloody well kid you not!

It gets worse. The case currently ongoing, but won, is directly linked to the legal letters from 20 years ago. In fact the case shows without a doubt that the legal firm, those who have to pay out and the court at the time completely failed us both!!

I bloody well kid you NOT!

The very essence of this case is about failures that took place twenty years ago along with a cover up of the last ten years of some extremely awful things taking place. There is no case against the public services and so many industries that show not just the most disgusting things the British public will have ever heard but a while long list of them. Each one more shocking than the last.

I have so very much wanted to give details but just not wise to do so, even now.

So we are back in limbo.

I have sent the link to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority’s page with the law firm and the name to my ‘partner in crime’ so they can see for themselves.

Bizarrely if this was to cost us dearly not only was I prepared for it but the documents naming the owner from twenty years ago have been … published on here for the last three years!

Of course and as I stated to my friend that this was exactly the sort of thing that pisses me off about the absolutely shit legal system we have in the UK. It’s utterly, utterly diabolical! You just cannot make this shit up!

Tomorrow there will be another phone call and it had better be good! I was expecting a phone call that ended everything and would immediately book my ticket away. It’s also a bank holiday weekend and would be completely unacceptable to be left panicking and up in the air for three days! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

The funny thing is that I had a case years ago against a public service and the law firm said they had never seen a case as good as mine. I was to receive money in damages that would be substantial and linked to my health problems.

Health problems, I might add, that took me another 13 years to diagnosed, had to do it myself and then realised that the NHS had known what I had for at least a year before I discovered it and kept it from me. Proved because of two unrelated drugs that were prescribed because they knew I was getting close to it.

I also was unable to get legal representation for this either! Thirteen years of all the wrong drugs which have negative affects on my kidneys and left in pain and no justice for it.

Another case years ago that went south fur the winter because the legal firm, called The Accident Group, went bust.

Case regarding the person who has now won damages in a case that proved I was right twenty years ago and everyone was wrong and now we don’t know what is going to happen with this one! Everyone failed twenty years ago including my legal representation. Yet they command all this money and am these large fees?!

The Legal Aid system being gradually eroded which was completely inhuman in this action and renders a civilised society to be no longer civilised and nothing close to fair.

In my experience in every single situation where I contacted solicitors and had cases with them, 200 and 4 or 5 respectively, not a single one was successful.

Now you might just start to understand why I started to record everyone I can’t into contact with and why I never have a shit about whether it was legal or not?

Because I do not accept laws in a legal system that is totally unfair and an understatement at that and extremely lopsided.

As it turned out I was not breaking the law but I didn’t know this when I started recording everyone.

Instead I didn’t get so much of an invite to have a solicitor meet me and not even ask to hear and see the evidence I had. So I have up!

Instead I concentrated on helping, advising and pushing my ‘partner in crime’ to get justice instead. The idea being that while this was ongoing I would back up this ongoing case with my blog while also explaining the other injustices that never got heard over the last twenty years.

So a double edged sword, so to speak.

I trust that everything is in order and that at worst there will only be a couple of days, *groan* more, delay?!

I want to rip into the legal system and do this with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. But I know I will get that holier than thou attitude an the public services have in recent years and the usual protocol crap about client confidentiality. When I’m only looking to be able to assure this person that all is well, which no one fucking has in the last 4 days since this was announced and right on top of a back holiday weekend!

So let us see, shall we?

They are now all on trial and I may have to publish the names, dates and places anyway before I intended to?!

I said from the start, did I not? I’m told the solicitor or secretary out both had no idea this was coming. In fact my ‘partner in crime’ said she was confused because she said to the solicitor at the last meeting “oh you have had new carpets fitted? I could smell them as soon as I walked in!”

I said that either that maybe there was a rumour and the owner heard and thought having new carpets fitted would lay the rumour to rest?

There is one other outside possibility … maybe the Supreme Court realised that the case was handled badly twenty years ago and when they checked to see who the solicitor was it turned out to be the owner of the firm handling the case?!

This last point I am sure could be very … tricky with the very tight and draconian rules and punishments for solicitors.

I did work as a Personal Assistant to one!

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