I was not aware of this particular child sex abuse case involving ex MP Harvey Proctor.

The thing I find both strange and disturbing with these cases is the amount of people who have come forward.

Let’s get something perfectly clear from the outset…

I know just how difficult it is to know when big names and organisations are up to very bad things. You mention one or two things and it becomes apparent very soon that if you tell them all that you know the labels will come thick and fast.

In other words it’s not easy.

I would fully appreciate that not many would want to come forward with these types of claims. Many of them worse than some of mine.

But then I also understand something that many if these powerful and celebrity types do not. When you get addicted to something while more and mute join the … dark society the number of victims ultimately rises. They may well have had some clever … if I should call it that, ideas about his to keep people quiet.

Eventually and because they kept getting away with it the numbers of victims became unmanageable. At this stage panic would start to bubble to the surface and to my mind inevitable that the ultimate form of silencing would have taken place.

When it started to emerge just how many there were accused it was obvious that the number of victims would be staggering.

It seems that there were, or are, two groups of child sex abuse within the UK. Those that belong to the higher echelons of British society and the Muslim sex rings.

The other thing that is truly heart sinking about all this is the fact that the British public were clueless to all this for many, many years. I am not sure I want to see if they, the British public, are capable of reacting accordingly? Or the successive governments have got what there were after and just had everyone rushing around for so long they take no notice unless it personally affects them or their families?

So yet another one hits the news and one that I was not familiar with and a name I have not seen punished anywhere.

So Harvey Proctor offers for witnesses to come forward and demands police chiefs lose their jobs? Woah, son! Let’s not jump the gun here, you have to be found innocent before demanding the rolling of heads. He claims a witch hunt is going on? Witch hunts are only ever good for actually finding witches. Good God I hate that term, it’s so ludicrous, pointless and use of it conveys no message or meaning. Or are they suggesting that paedophiles, like witches, do not exist or have never done anything to anyone? Oh … maybe they are insinuating that some witches were burned or drowned that were not witches? Umm but … well there aren’t any witches, or at least they have no power. Well other than the power of suggestion at times. Ooh, maybe they are trying to suggest the others are innocent too? Lol!

This is also a good place to mention the other problem with these things being false … I don’t think Police, or their chiefs, are going to want to chase anyone who is a celebrity or powerful without evidence.

Yes, before you say so, I absolutely agree that this is a typical response of someone of his ilk and he is almost saying ‘How dare you come after me! Do you know who I am? I have my whole life (joke) and career ahead of me and could acres this up’.

Yes they still sound like they are saying they should be treated differently than anyone else. Of all of those who have made statements to the media I have read, they all have sounded like this!

What is needed here is a comparison.

Not just any comparison either.

We need something of an extreme contrast here like nothing that had ever been seen or heard of before. From another long period of time when the exact opposite has happened, or more correctly someone who is not famous, powerful or a celebrity.

I am that person!

I also will provide this stark contrast that will place ask of the failings and the lengths of time they have been failing for into focus.

This will also take place this year despite the fact that there are only four months left of 2015.

My next post will give some insight into dates…

MP Harvey Proctor calls abuse inquiry ‘homosexual witch hunt’ –


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