As previous stated something is coming. The wait is into the single figures going on the information we have had for the last ten weeks. It could be double figures?

However I’m told the process I am waiting to come to it’s ultimate conclusion takes 3 months.

Ten weeks with the two lots of one week prediction and a single two week prediction amounts to fourteen weeks. A little over three months.

So it’s half past the eleventh hour right now.

I recently got the excuse to drag the NHS and PHSO into the spotlight of this blog.

I also dragged Virgin Media onto this blog fit some very drastic things and have sent letters to then and a report, a stern one at that, to Ofcom therefore dragging then into the spotlight.

I have written two more letters to two more enemies I have previously challenged and exposed of corruption even if only to the point of payments for salaries for tasks not done. Never intending to do either!
So just a preview to what is coming up.

The two further organisations to be dragged kicking and screaming into this blog are my two of my favourites and joyous over the opportunity of the DWP and ICE.

I received a phone call a couple of nights ago.

For a few years I have been digitally sending money to someone else’s account whenever they requested it.

In January and as I stated on here I tricked the DWP into proving they were receiving falsified documentation from GP’s and manipulated them to price this by forcing them to … lose them.

They reacted by performing an about turn a refusal of Personal Independent Payments to awarding it at £50 less than it was 5 years so before they illegally stopped it.

I will also add that on challenging this two differing tribunals of three cane down on the suffer of the DWP and forced me to pay back an overpayment of £750! They started this by deciding to take £25 each week without asking which was illegal. Minimum amount required fit a person to live/survive on and all that.

This is important due to what I have now found out.

I had £1,100 in my account which dwindled down since February along with my benefits during the last 7 months. Not counting the previous payments.

Well despite having several children the person was asked by a friend why they kept asking me for money.

It turned out that £50 was missing each week. This is the second time in the space of a couple of days that £50 turned out to be a strangely magical number. Because Virgin Media conjured this figure out of nowhere!

On investigating it turned out that the DWP had started removing £50 per week without asking or even warning for monies owed that were not owed!

I was awarded £50 per week short of that I was paid previous.

I had £50 per week taken off my fortnightly payments without asking.

Virgin conjured an extra £50 owed in just a couple of days.

Now £50 is being illegally taken and I have been using my PIPs payments to supplement this and sine of my Incapacity Benefit too!

There must be some mindless twat in government who thinks far too highly of himself that all these public services and private companies go to fur a plan to get extra money out if the public or customers? He hands out details of plans that Shays have the figure of £50 probably only intended â an example and all these idiots leave it at that figure?
The letter to the DWP absolutely scorning them while warning them by hinting at what is about to happen if typed up.

As in the one to their Independent Case Examiners who I proved wrong by both getting my Fibromyalgia Syndrome and physical right knee problem correctly diagnosed at Guy’s Hospital. Also having my PIPs awarded over trickery also proves that ICE were not only wrong but they lied.

The Independent Case Examiners lied because they took twice the normal time to come to their conclusion and claimed they had been over my entire file which around the same time I manipulated three DWP into destroying. There was no existing medical evidence or letters in any department of the Department of Work and Pensions!

So how had the DWP managed to refuse several applications over several years fur both PIPs and DLA?

In the case of ICE they claimed to have gone through medical files and found nothing wrong that did not exist?!

Also staggeringly contradictory if their claim to be ‘Independent’ and yet their email addresses are all in the DWP’s server?! Incompetent much?

So the DWP and ICE have letters typed up. I will have posted them by then end of this week. I am not kind and nor do I pull any punches.

I lay the inevitable on the line.

These will be posted up when I physically post them off.

I also need, yes still, to edit the Virgin Media recordings which will go very nicely with their latest trick and bill. The paper bill came through the door today! If you fail to notice this is 5 days after the due date of the 12th August which seems to have two other dates of the 9th August and the 3rd August!

My connection has also not been cut off this time!

Now then?

The half past the eleventh hour?

Soon … well I expect it to happen between this Friday 21st to the following Friday 28th August, I will give a short post on here giving some dates of further posts. These dates will be when I post about the outcome of the landmark court case and my action I will take because of some further date.

Confused? Yeah, me too.

This could all happen in one date which is what I expected and still do expect to happen.

Or out could take place over two or the dates. The first correspondence giving a date with the conclusion and decisions and a further date for days decision to be carried out or received to to speak.

I had realised that it was possible this could happen earlier but it has not. This made mute sense to me when someone studying this profession informed me of the period of the months. Yet this seen to be unknown to the legal team and court clerks when we had initially won. Oh well.

Still, we are finally approaching this juncture and the countdown is now in days of single digits.

So within a week to ten days I expect to post up a short announcement that includes a date of when the second post reveals the outcome.

Within a week or two of this second date I will, or should, post some legal documents, edited as always of course. There will be some … interesting posts leading up to the legal beagles stuff too.

Won’t be completely silent. Far from it.

A return to some philosophical murmurings and possibly poetic ones too. 😉


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