Just in case you missed it I have had something else going on as well as smart Policeman who can both recognise me and find me, if this was meant to convey some sort of message I would have missed it. Because I simply do not care. Lol.

Before I explain, or rather remind … err most likely in case I forgot, what is also on my agenda in the coming week I will tell you I just spoke to both landlord and landlady today.

As I was leaving on my bike I bumped into my landlady and said “Oh! I have your rent” where I then returned to my house and explained what had happened with the court case.

She was stunned.

Except just now as I returned from a 9 mile cycle ride I bumped into my landlord and asked how the other house was coming along. The previous tennants had left and he has been doing it up for the last few weeks and putting it back up for rent next week. Rather snazzy job he did to the house I was meant to rent in the beginning. He then asked about the legal case and I said “Didn’t Mrs C tell you?”. “No” he replied and then discovered she also had the rent too. Pursuit in progress?! Lol.

As I explained what had happened his jaw dropped open and he leant back against the wall and said what I expected to hear earlier in the day “WHAT?! Solicitors NEVER go bust!”

He immediately suspected something was awry exactly what had occurred as a possibility to both me and my ‘partner in crime’.

His wife remarked about things wrong with this country too once she was told of what had happened and was dumbstruck with the timing of this event.

“Nah! Something’s wrong!” was what he exclaimed at one point.

It is currently 6.13pm and I have not had anything yet. My landlord said I would not hear now and I explained that while I was on the phone to my ‘partner in crime’ the secretary to the solicitor tried to call her at 9.30pm approximately.

However I did point out that it was a bank holiday weekend and it was looking to be a very long one to endure and there is nothing to say we will get told anything this coming Tuesday either. Also next week is a short working week so it will be nail-biting to say the least!

This is their idea of stepping to to protect the client’s interest?

Make no mistake, just in case the naysayers I know visit here, it states very clearly on the Solicitors Regulatory Authority’s website that they act in the best interests of both clients and the British public. I think they even used the word ‘protect’?

I have not seen evidence of this thus far and this will be extended by some very awkward few days especially for the recipient of the damages meant to be awarded.

“It is like winning the lottery and then told you haven’t!” my landlady said. I said “Or rather like having the cheque for the lottery presented to you and then pulled away at the last minute!”

Anyway that was that on that particular matter.

I shall only add at this point that as far as my back-up plans go, of which I stated there were two, well I suddenly remembered one other one and I have put that one in motion.

This is one particular back up plan guaranteed to make the headlines … if my guess is right but I cannot say when as the carrying out of said plan is out of my hands. I will tell them this … when it comes to IT and computers in general trust me when I say that the Law Industry is utterly clueless in these matters and do not know their arses from their elbows. ‘A walk in the park’ springs to mind and all this was explained to me by the solicitors practice I acted as PA to in the hour of need.

That’s it and that’s all.


I have had something … occur. I am not sure if I mentioned this previously but travelling anyway and without a walking stick is impossible for me for a whole range of reasons.

Now I might have mentioned I collapsed a couple of times recently?

Well at my GP surgery I mentioned this to him as I have mentioned it to various GP’s over the last 20 years. He then did something no one else had ever done anywhere and the results totally conflicted with what they had been treating me for!

Now I had recently been diagnosed with hypertension? My blood pressure was very high and the highest reading I got to see, several I had not as well, was 179. I was then placed on Ramipril that had no effect, placed on Amitriptyline which did but I had been feeling very sleepy around 3am each day and had a few blackouts and was put back on Ramipril, which oddly did have some effect?! Yes, weird.

So I had ended up on the floor of a car park as well as the floor of a friend’s garden while he was on holiday?

So the GP then took my blood pressure and was shocked to see this had come down and I then remembered I had been doing a few exercises and told him. He then said he wanted me to stand up and take my blood pressure again to see if it drops by much.

It dropped by a lot apparently.

I was then told I would have to have my blood pressure monitored over 24 hours!

I was surprised and said “Really?” He was surprised that I had gone from dealing with a blood pressure of 179, to which he said I would be on the medication for life, to one dropping really low and was causing my blacxk outs and collapsing.

He called this Postural Hypertension and gave me a printout of several pages to read and I said “oh, Patient.co.uk? Yes, I am familiar with their site”

I then explained that I was now very close to booking my tickets way, way out of town. Well he knows my intended destination and has done for a while now. He said they might do it quickly and he was quite correct!

It turns out to be the same day that the solicitors meeting was supposed to happen which was the final one telling us what damages there will be and when, either the same day or 7 to 10 days later.

However I am not stating exactly what this date is or indeed where it is because I do not like to advertise my whereabouts or my movements or routes.

Of course I will do a short post about it when it is over and then again when the GP gets the results.

I remembered making this appointment today after cycling a little over 5 miles and then thought about the readings that will be recorded.

Now the GP picked up on this steep drop in my blood pressure but standing up at the time had zero effect on me. None whatsoever.

But there are times, many times in fact, when I can become anywhere from being light headed and slightly dizzy to a full blown black out with legs starting to buckle! Or indeed on the deck entirely has has happened twice recently. Normally I just crash against magazine racks gripping them tightly with my hands so I don’t end up on the floor.

Because it would be embarrassing more so than anything else. Magazine racks? So I am in a store with other members of the public milling about!

This is one of a long list of reasons I carry a walking stick permanently, unless I am cycling that is because nothing ever occurs when I am on a bike.

The other reasons for the stick or not being able to walk properly on the way home sometimes from 6 different areas of pain in my feet, one that occurs in either ankle, right knee can cripple me and then there are the two areas of my back that often are painful.

So a long list then? LMAO!

It’s just things I have learned to live with but in recent times often felt I was on a very precarious knife edge with the possibility of something going very wrong?!

I wont go into the several symptoms that would be extremely embarrassing where you would want to die rather than have any of them occur in a public place! LOL!

So I was working out what to do and where to go while I was being monitored? To actually force these black outs so that the monitor records a good drop in my blood pressure so they can gauge how serious it is and what may be causing it.

If I can cause this mass effect blackout while being monitored then hopefully they can get rid of it in some way, something ticked off the list that is constantly on my mind throughout every move I make of every hour of each and every day.

I have been off the blood pressure pills for awhile and cannot recall the last episode I had but then I have not been perusing the magazine racks lately but one magazine is due to come out. The GP stated that the blood pressure pills may cause it but I said …

“No … they may amplify it but I have had this on and off for twenty years. If you look in my records I had a complete blackout I described as a grand mal seizure because when I came to I could feel my arms and legs convulsing. I had also been unconscious for 25 minutes or more but thought I was only out a few seconds.”

This took place in an old friends lavatory. I would have talked about this in the past on here but would have been way, way back. I certainly would have mentioned this in the first year of blogging on here. I only had the blood pressure pills for a few months and those were the last few months.

So I will try to trigger one of these … episodes. I am rather intrigued to see that if I can I am dying to know what the drop in the blood pressure is. Especially when he was surprised at the drop that registered when he tested me and me feeling nothing at all.

I am not sure I will be able to tell myself from the contraption they will fit too me or indeed if they will state anything when it is over 24 hours later and when I give the contraption back?

In which case it will be at least a week later and if I am still here when the results come through I will probably be at my wit’s end if I do not possess a travel ticket of some kind?!


Oh what joys British Society and its public services have for you to edure. What an absolute blast it is to deal with these things that are not … err well dealt with appropriately nor efficiently?!

Wait a minute? Was not the sole purpose of this blog to explain to the British public, and anyone else interested, how the money is wasted in this country and what amount of taxpayers money is wasted and how?



Here is a scan of the letter requesting that they will try and call me for an appointment … except they had the wrong number for me! I phoned them instead …

BP Monitor 280815


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