Never have complied to anyone else’s beliefs.

Never did vote either way in a General Election.

Twenty years of a torturous life, being attacked from all sides and horrors of which would cause a permanent mental collapse or suicide in most. Collectively all.

Despite what I know and what I predicted coming .. I could never have seen this.

Many asked me previously how I was still alive. This was without knowing it all and not even half of the tale. Country of the Damned was only a small part of it.

Then I watched my daughter on video conferencing .. scared out her mind, shown symptoms of Covid-19 for a few days. Four grandchildren with her and another placed with a Muslim paedophile father by the government.

Having heard her want to take her own life because the fucking leftists wanted things their way in their bitter twisted and deranged minds.

Crying from 300 miles away because she does not think she will ever see me again.

After twenty six years of hell they managed to somehow go beyond all possible boundaries.

If the disease takes any one of them the government and leader had better pray it tale me along with them.

Because if it does not there will only be one motivation left. To make sure the evil ones are punished for the crimes they have committed the moment they craw out fro under their rocks to take their seats on their imaginary thrones.

Have informed the hard-left who have used lies, trickery and indoctrination while hogging the industry of science along with world focus that brought all these about ..

  • Every lie you can think of
  • Every excuse you think you can make
  • Every trick you can pull
  • I will destroy them all
  • You ave been used to get into your heads and see how you think
  • My skills are far more than I let on and those were more than formidable
  • My motivation will be to do one last thing for mankind
  • And no one or nothing will stop me
  • However to those that know me and where this is going ..
  • I made need one or two things .. and a team
  • Eventually

Did not think it was humanly possible to feel as I now do.

Nor be in the position I find myself in.

Some that know say its unimaginable the circumstances I am in and how I got here. Like everything else I suspected there is no other explanation than by design.

The thought of what mankind has become via a combination of stubborn, stupid, greedy, naïve and manipulative people leaves me with such bitter disappointment in the moments where I have both anger and fear entwined like some strands of the finest silk.

‘Why do you want to know the numbers?’

Because the numbers allow me t assess the danger and the numbers were lies.

Spent most of 2019 and earlier and years on these blogs warning about putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket.

Called a pseudoscientist I was attacked, reported, goaded and lied to to protect their cause for some evil Marxist global empire while I warned that there are a great many areas of science.

In each of these areas lies a very real threat to both Earth and mankind.

But they decided to latch onto a natural swing that has continued for billions of years and twist it to achieve some Dystopia.

I warned.

And I warned and I warned. For the longest time.

But they suppressed while others did not get the word around enough. Promises were continuously broken to the point that both of us just ignored them.

Oh they tell you it is not the end of the world.

But looking at the numbers and the ever increase incline we are as little as mere days or weeks away from realising that is is the end of the world as we know it.

There will be no way they come back from this but they will try and they will try to enslave us as they did previously. Like undeserving queen ants will claim all lands as their own, all buildings too.

There is a world of difference between a ruler and a leader and the latter I have not seen for a very long time.

Mankind cannot continue as it has and certainly not in the western world.

For this one mind pleads to know how a heart can endure this much.

Wonder how many are aware that not only did I predict very high numbers of cases and dead in China that China Mobile alone seems to e missing over 8 million customers?

Seen reports that state it could be 16 million missing.

Dr John Campbell I stopped watching the videos of as the last video he stated the numbers in China are right and everyone is in agreement?

Odd as he is the only one stating this and everyone else says the opposite.

Tell me Dr John Campbell after asking people to stay at home and self-isolate or welding neighbours into their homes how long does it take to check every home of 1.6 billion people for bodies?

Ergo, no one can state this.

He was also fashionably late on the facts and chose to ignore and not research what people told him that was very easy to find. I did it back in January.

Annoyingly he he also mentioned a few times abut how the World Health Organisation had lost all credibility.

I could, in all honesty, no longer recommend his videos. Late and wrong numbers passed off as fact is why I listened listen to my own daughter crying.

Running down others while ding the exact same thing.

Mankind just never learns and the Dunning-Kruger Effect seems to be more widespread than the coronavirus?!

Google and YouTube have outdone themselves.

  • Yeah we are going to piss off to protect ourselves
  • Meanwhile clamp down on free speech is automated
  • Now we make billions while
  • We demonetize, de-platform and bury for censorship
  • Cannot talk about Coronavirus
  • Or mention Covid-19
  • Or talk about Trump
  • Except everyone now cannot do their own content
  • So all they have to talk about is the Coronavirus and Trump

So come back from under their rocks with more money than God and take over the world as leaders will they?

My socialist now seriously regrets being a socialist and says they are all mad.

Even stated to me that there will be trouble when this is over and stated I knew and have known for awhile whee this goes.

“What if Pakistan decides to nuke China over this?” and I replied “Yes I thought of this possibility too and it is a real one.”

Sound insane?

Yes. For 15 years now they all sound insane until they come true ..

In the height of the Covid-19 pandemic Pakistan testing missiles and China helping them and also up to things. China after dominance in the Indian Ocean?

Yeah India has noticed ..

Yeah war is inevitable in my mind. Has been for awhile and thought it might come by 2027 or so but could be a lot sooner as is often the case when a make my predictions. Get the event right but very rarely the timing. One or twice I was proven right within 2 to 48 hours.

Thousands dead in each country?

What if its hundreds of thousands of dead in each country?

Dread the thought but what if its millions in many of the larger populations? US, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East?

You are talking tens of millions to billions of very angry people. Not rocket science that one. There will be hell to pay after this is over and in so many ways.

Many reporting asking whether the Coronavirus might mutate more? Well yeah cosmic rays are at record levels and might go higher and might even spike in ways we are unaware of?

Yet still no one mentions these particles in their talks regarding the Coronavirus mutating. Somewhat bizarre, do you not think?

Now then these cosmic rays being high which cause mutations are still not being talked about in the fake news or among scientists. Come on, man?! Carl Sagan talked abut these things years ago!

You cannot release documentary after documentary and movie after movie abut the possibility of disasters and then bury the science when something comes out!

Dr Nils Morner stated that an unimaginable amount of damage was being done to the scientific community and they simply is not let up in them, whoever ‘them’ are, in doing this.

Here is the kicker. Stated all last year about AGW never being real, getting involved in debates and explaining to the cult that wont let it go that you do not have all the data. CO2 is not causing warming, at least not to any level that it is even close to a threat. That would be hundreds of years away.

I also wrote 30 posts and stated that submarine volcanoes number from one million t ten million and these are not monitored or known. I have also explained that it was only discovered recently that CO2 is emitted prior to eruption and they started t build sensor alarm systems for volcanoes in 2017.

Meaning that the AGW climate change promoters not only lied when they stated that we know about all the volcanoes and monitor them all but they lied by a God damn long way.

I also stated that with the outbreak of the Coronavirus that this would not only drop emission by a larger margin than they could ever achieve but that any talk about AGW Climate Change would cease. They they would lose support for their fabricated horror predictions and this would continue for two years.

They rubbished all of that and stated that the Earth would still get warmer?! Levels of incompetence from climate scientists,which some claimed they were, was stunning. Because they failed t see two things. Bearing in mind that they could NEVER hope to influence China, the emissions from the country dropped to stunningly low levels. This wont return to what it was. Untold people have died, a second wave of the coronavirus is now ramping up, see ADV China below, and the supply chain is broken and demand dropped through the floor. You cannot make what you cannot sell. But these hard-left people do not get economics either.

Now they also stated emissions crashing and Coronavirus wont change anything to which I then said, well you lied then?

  • CO2 Levels dropped off a cliff in China
  • Then they did in Italy
  • This spread across Europe and to UK
  • This is happening in the US
  • This will keep spreading and last for months
  • Populations will decrease sadly and considerably
  • Fear will stop people travelling and spending for years
  • If the CO2 goes down its game over
  • If the temperature goes down as the result of CO2 then its game over
  • If the temperature rises, it wont, even after massive emission drops then its GAME OVER
  • Both will show they were wrong and lied

Now then here is something else I stated now being talked abut in mainstream media where Sky News Australia and Rita Panahi (?), who I follow, and three others also contradict the AGW Climate Change Cult and state that which I have done ..

  • CO2 comes from until number of submarine volcanoes
  • No one wants to know about AGW Climate Change with the Coronavirus Pandemic running riot
  • How stupid Marxists are still insisting AGW is the greater threat to life

Now here is the kicker. Everyone talks about the super-volcano in Yellowstone and whether this is a threat or not as if it is the only one?

Well no there are 6 or 7 of these .. THAT ARE KNOWN!

Between the one million and ten million estimate submarine volcanos we have zero idea how many of these are also super-volcanos.

Now oddly I argued with a scientist on my own side about this. Dave Burton claimed that you could not put down CO2 to these volcanos and that you could calculate them all and water pressure would prevent CO2 dissolving.

Utter hogwash. In the end I just ignored him. He sounded as loony as some of the AGW cult member. Talking about water pressure and doing calculations on things we have no numbers for and would not apply to a super-volcano going off.

If you look into it yourself you will see that these climate scientists and their models are missing a hell of a lot of data and then some. Some 80% or more is guess and there are entire numbers missing. Volcanoes and the Sun are often missing and considering they are predicting the climate of the distant future when we cannot get the weather right for the following day half of the time.

Have you ever trusted weather reports 10 days ahead of time? Or do you wait or even go back closer to the time to see if the forecast has changed?

The two bikers, one South African and one American, with strong links to China and their latest on how the Chinese Communist Party on how they are lying and twisting things

Romanian Vee on the censorship over the Coronavirus and the hypocrisy of fake news regarding the Coronavirus and Donald Trump

Styxhexenhammer also now stating that which I have done and that you can only get the death rate from the Coronavirus from those ‘recovered’ and the ‘deaths’ and that it is wrong to give the rate that based on confirmed cases.

This, to me, was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public of every country and as the panic has already set in can only mean they are doing it to keep you working a little bit longer? Or in case they want you go to back to work? So just like the CCP then?

The Amazing Lucas has some concerns about government growing during this Coronavirus pandemic. Wondering now if people are thinking along the lines of my Project Distraction theory?

Now these two videos are important, providing I can find the other one as it was a live stream news coverage of Donald Trump speech by Steve Lookner of Agenda Free TV.

Now I did not watch or listen to the address. As I understand it Doctor Fauci, I think his name was, was missing and Donald Trump decided everyone would g back to work in two weeks, altering what was previously stated.

Now this lead to an absolute meltdown of swearing by Steve Lookner. This shows you how scared everyone is getting. He feared for his parents in Massachusetts and claimed that Donald Trump made his decision and did not base it on science.

Now as I also understand it a bill they voted on was voted against by that bunch of complete idiotic morons that are the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi at the forefront of this who tried to add some identity politics into the bill.

But like everyone said in the backlash and myriad of videos, what the flock has this got t do with a global pandemic?!

Maybe the leader are going to play Russian roulette with their people? Worried that whoever works the longest time loses out in some race to make money or look good economically?

Well as I have long stated and especially about the stock markets, all the more reason to have come up with a GLOBAL plan in the last 100 years.

At a time like this everyone has to suffer equally, including the fucking banks, and all needs to be shut down at the same time and for the same period of time. Not anybody capitalising on it.

Rewards should come later and naturally will to anyone that does the right thing DURING a pandemic. Actions speak louder than words and go a lot further with me.

Capitalising on suffering, does not.

Here is Tucker Carlson of Fox News talking about this

Now I am posting the time stamped part where I think its for actually around 45 minutes that Steve Lookner goes into one hell of a rant on his Agenda Free TV channel.

Bearing in mind he is not happy with Donald Trump’s address and says it the most frightening thing he has ever heard while not being happy with Google and their censorship as they are burying his live streams because he covers the Coronavirus.

I know how it feels to be screwed fro both sides as I have been for many years now and he might be naïve to the censorship going on?

Now as always and with his sensible take on things here is Tim Pool as the Relief Bill has been blocked twice by evil Democrats who have nore or less just murdered people and Tim states correctly that ‘this is DISGUSTING!’

After this do you really think that you can trust the left on anything?

Was it it oly the far-left that harp on about AGW Global Warming?

Want to destroy the left and climate change hoax? Then yu have to get it out that not only are they evil and do nt care on the far-left and the biggest liars going but now is the best time to make people realise it is indeed the left pushing the AGW agenda.

Do this ad the only ones that will be pushing AGW is the hard-left and even then ONLY the dishonest, loony woke ones.

The honest ones will rapidly distance themselves and this will dwindle their numbers further. And at a time when ..

  • Coronavirus Outbreak going on for to years
  • Emissions going down
  • Sun Cycles still doings its thing
  • Volcanoes doing their thing for 3 years

Now you have the perfect time and opportunity to end the biggest con in modern times.

Yo know what to do. Even Tim Pool is begging viewers to share all his video!

Due to a selfish moron and complete and utter weirdo that no one likes and totally ignorant who has refused t listen to anything regarding the Coronavirus and me telling his partner that he will be the one to bring it into the home .. well he now has.

Eight weeks of talking to deaf people and now three family homes look like they might have the virus?



My situation got better but only momentarily.

Found myself sitting in a park with someone that does not like talking abut disasters who refuses to watch the news who was talking about this Coronavirus, Covid-19, spread.

This was a shock and he kept saying he could not believe what was happening and it was like a movie.

I had explained that I simply could not believe that the virus was appearing close to my daughter who was in a fairly remote part of North Wales. He did not understand this and said ‘but you said it is spreading fast?’

I explained that there are patterns to these thing, That it spread around the built up metropolitan areas first to quite a degree before it even reaches places like that. And for this to happen it must be far worse in the cities and large towns then they are telling us.

I had just been through a scare where my daughter had a friend staying with her who woke up in the morning with three symptoms of the disease.

But the next day it turned out she was the type of person that makes things up to get attention.

So while we were sitting on this old wooden bench where we had been looking for a rare bird called a Firecrest I was relieved but I wondered and talked about how long this would last.

Around two days.

Right now I am in shock and I am quite scared now and at a loss. I had been taking out my frustrations on very nest, evil, lying leftists whose idiocy has caused this situation. I have also been posting links to do with the virus so that people could find out of the virus was getting close to them and not get a nasty surprise as I had done.

Its frustrating too as because of fuck ups by other people I was supposed to be in North Wales and if that had not been screwed up I would have prevented things.

Now I have had three siblings who think they know everything with partners that think they know everything who kept telling another worried member of my family crap that just was not true probably because of fake news ..

  • This virus is nothing
  • Nobody at work is talking about it
  • Its just lie the flu
  • Its impossible for a virus to last more than a few hours on a surface
  • It will burn itself out

One of those I spent two days with while trying to relocate to Wales and I told them this was going to be bad and why I was moving, which went wrong and a found myself back in hell. Though chatty about it there were two remarks they made that had me realise he thought this would not come to anything. I said it was and it was coming. Told him that sports events would get cancelled like the Tokyo Olympics and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

Had been warning them about the news for 15 years and bearing in mind my father died because of the BBC you would think they paid more attention.

Others had realised my predictions were correct, though still expressed doubts. But relatives never believed me no matter how many times I got it right.

Never predicted anything until recently that would change forever the world we live and this started when I saw the data that strongly suggested we would enter another Grand Solar Minimum like we did in 1648 for a period of 50 plus years we call the Maunder Minimum or Little Ice-Age.

In that data I also realised that leading up to it there would be several possibilities not helped one bit by the actions of humans and the mental decisions by politicians acting like loony hard-left.

  • Cool period being reached around 2024how cold yet to be determined
  • Solar Cycles are one thing but magnetic fields and volcanoes among others play a part
  • Cosmic Rays getting to record highs will cause all kinds of health problems cancer, mutations and cloud seeding are three of those
  • Mass Migration and Governments acting hugely irresponsibly also leading to issues ..
  • Stated that this would spread diseases and so it did here and there, prior to seeing cosmic ray data
  • Civil War
  • War
  • World War
  • Food Supply disruptions
  • Virus Outbreak that would result in a Pandemic

Yes those were the things I stated.

The Gilets Jaunes protests started and spread and continued on for over a year.

We had to period with many record cold temperatures in January to February 2019 and September onwards later in the year. I also predicted that the weather patterns would change dramatically and flip-flop, people seeing weather around the world that had they never had before or was extremely rare. Stated this would continue for two to three years and by the end it would be obvious where this was leading.

In 2024 after a continuous cooling and low or non existent solar maximum and due to gravity and barycentre the Earth would be 13% further away from the Sun.

The unknown factor was that we do not know what volcanic eruptions we were going to get. These increase cooling and the number and frequency has been increasing for decades.

It took me a couple of weeks to a couple of months to work all this out and I had been getting this feeling for about 5 years that something was .. coming.

So would it be food supply or disease?

Had expected smaller outbreaks of things but a real pandemic I thought was likely to occur around 2023 to 2024. Cosmic Rays cause mutations and this was on my mind a lot.

Had thought that maybe the rays needed to be higher than what they are now? Maybe not.

So then now a virus has spread around and though I knew where this was going it got there a damn site faster than I had anticipated.

For a moment I thought I had avoided the demise of my own world, not that it had been very good to begin with thanks to the lying and corrupt government, NHS, DWP, Police, Social Workers, Help Agencies that do not do anything than tell you the obvious and others.

So my daughter was in the clear. Or so I thought.

Get a call to tell me a second friend who was pregnant was in hospital due to a fuck up by the NHS again with a second your woman pregnant. This had resulted in some real complications and internal bleeding.

Her father is my daughter’s boyfriend who was at the hospital and my daughter was on the way there to be with them.

Seems my warning to stay away from hospital was not listened to by anyone and she got on a train too.

Next day I get a call. Daughter’s boyfriend, whose own daughter is in hospital from a screw up by the NHS, is ill. High fever, cough and cannot get out of bed.

Daughter is walking the streets from supermarket to supermarket looking for food as she has very little and cannot find any.

Get a call in the evening and she is crying.

She has gene down very ill as has one of my young grandchildren who has breathing problems anyway!

My daughter is crying and blaming herself.

Authorities have been informed in both cases.

So then .. this LOW RISK the authorities, government and fake news have been fucking lying about like they have everything else?

  • Daughter, granddaughter symptomatic North Wales
  • Grandson coughing in Birkenhead, Merseyside
  • Boyfriend asymptomatic South Wales
  • Sister’s boyfriend and niece coughing in Enfield
  • Very old grandmother coughing in Brighton Sussex
  • Seven people I know of fell ill

So yeah I have been taking chunks out of leftist AGW cult members as despite all that I predicted coming to pass they are sill on social media being protected by the likes of evil companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest trying to say a these predictions they never fucking made are all proof of AGW.

People so dishonest, amoral and evil that I think nature has decided to have a good clear out? Had a few comments like this put to me now from many followers.

Well now people have realised too late that the virus really is a threat. Not even sure if people I know have realised that there jobs are over yet?

My resident socialist ripped into two people from the middle-east in Sainsburys who were clearing an entire shelf and asked them what about old people who needed to buy food, while they just stood there staring at her.

She said she had spent decades trying to help these people as a socialist and that now she regretted being one.

I said that I had tried to tell her for years just like I tried to tell everyone about the public services and how bad they are,like the NHS and news media and that now unfortunately it is too late.

Stated that I just hoped that when it was over and when these people crawled back from under their rocks t take over where they left off or when the evil leftists who sound like Hitler in his early years try to get control that those who have survived let them ‘have it’?!

Spent years and years and years trying to warn of these things and as I have stated so many times they have tried to stop me every step of the way.

It may well sound crazy and insane but not just one or two actions but the actions of those in power for many, MANY years look as if they want this to happen?

If I could work all this out in a few weeks to a few months how could it be that they missed it for decades?!

I do not believe that they did and whatever it was that was coming I thought that all the shite and identity politics was intended solely to distract us.

So much so I called this #ProjectDistraction.

What I believed scared them and why I was suppressed for years is my high level knowledge across the board and my ability to crash course many things, though not everything, in a few days or weeks. Posting even about identity politics and the others would lead people to the bigger picture.

I went on social media platforms like Twitter, Parler, GAB and Minds to get around this suppression and needed the people to spread a number of my posts around to stop them.

Despite the increase in viewers going up ten fold it really needed to go up by a factor of about fifty and now its clear this idea also failed.

This post I did not want to write for a list of reasons.

But I am scared, fed up wit life and angry and the mere thought that these people will get away with that they have done makes me so angry that, that which I am more than capable of doing I could not possibly put here.

Massive failures by the lying leftist fake news helped bring about this by talking the threat DOWN and praising and believe the Chinese Communist Party and had lied so may times over 15 years or more that when they did tell the truth many still did not believe them.

No they were not over-blowing it to stop Donald Trump and trust me when I state this that going around saying that actually hurts Donald Trump.

The virus is real, focus on that. Do not focus on who caused it right now as this is irrelevant and when the time comes THEN you deal with those who are to blame.

So lastly to be left here is a bunch of screenshots of the news media getting it wrong and talking down this pandemic when I was screaming at people to take notice.

This can sit there while I spend the coming days and weeks going out of my mind wondering what will happen to those I care about anyhow I will survive if it is anything bad?

I will not survive this.

Some links about emissions dropping which now includes China and Italy and within the space of a single week will have a host of other countries included.

But the AGW people will still tell you its not making a difference. Oh but it is and is inevitable just as I have stated for two months now.

Hole of Europe locked down as are many states in the United States and will be all states within a week. Before long Russia will follow and there is no stopping it now.

Italy ..

Daily Mail article about London and the globe ..

Australia predicting drops in emissions of millions of tonnes

Even in the Lebanon ..

Planes. Trains & Auto-mobiles? And ships ..

In case I never got on here again..

The things the news said abut the virus ..


As I was finishing this off I received a phone-call from my daughter who simply asked if stomach pains were a symptom.

Turned out in her home in a remote part of North Wales she had a friend who had these pains as well as a dry cough, fever and diarrhoea.

All my world crumbled. Everything had tried t stop fro happening for years has been for nought. Because people did not listen, did not help and the social media giants kept shutting me down.

Years and years I have been warning about this and now its actually affected me personally and I am going to spend several days, as it is so infectious my daughter must have it, wondering what in the world is going to happen and what I am going t do.

Nothing but shite from this world for decades and now been lead blindfolded towards death by the powers that be.

Had been informed of the real numbers in the UK I would have been able to act way earlier. I did try to move to my daughter’s a few weeks ago because I knew what was coming. No one believed me. Same old same old and I just am at a loss to know what is wrong with mankind. It lives in a dream world of tribalism where people ignore what is happening right in front of them.

Would give anything for the situation to have been reversed.

Once again the resident socialist has been told but they are more important because they have things to worry about. DO you think I will want to be here if anything happens to my daughter with that heartless and selfish attitude?

I have spent two hours asking myself how this has happened and how I am trapped in the worst place and most oppressive place possible to deal with this.

This has happened so much faster than I expected and people were telling me I was wrong about this but when I am confident and post it on my blog I never end up being wrong.

This was the one time I had hoped they were right and I was wrong.

Now on with the post ..

Hoo boy! What a difference a few days make and as I start typing this out I dread to think where we will be by the next time I type something out. IF I type something out.

I was forced to go places I did not want to by my government over something they did they should not have done on the first place.

Two help agencies not that helpful and sending me to do the things I already knew I how to do, a Doctor surgery that was laughable and dreadful.

Now I have some concerning symptoms. Yup my government might have screwed me over one last time but, hey? AT least they might finally get to silence me?

Now here is the rub .. dot do this but do do that over Coronavirus . .basically guess whether you have it or not and then don’t go anywhere and if you do there will be trouble.

Yeah .. trouble they caused.

Now I thought that I had just had a cold .. and maybe I do?

Did not have a cough and the numbers of infected in the UK was was in the 200 to 300 range. So the odds of me having it and going out very little were astronomical.

Then something changed.

I have spent weeks studying and researching this subject and am good with numbers and pattern recognition.

Watch a live News Service several times a day and wade through thousands of videos and webpages throwing things to the side until I find that one I get something from.

Now I spotted early on that nations were lying. Maybe it was for money, to appear to be stronger coming out the other side? Maybe it was to save face and not look weak? I do not know and I do not care and its a disease that has infected our world I have been harping on about for a long time.


Stated to tens of thousands of deaf socialists that their attitudes will get tens of thousands of people killed and now it is. Only it looks to be hundreds of thousands to millions.

We knew China was lying. Covered this is detail. It was soon obvious Russia was lying. The numbers out of Iran were iffy and like China did not match video evidence. We all know Turkey has got many cases too. Was hearing from Americans that they were convinced they had more cases than the official figures. Now its blow up over there and everything is shutting down. Sports to cinema and beyond and will all Disneyland parks closed.

Canadian Frank Vaughn was saying similar things and the got a hold of a recording. Yeah after hearing that shortly after learning Justin Trudeau’s wife tested positive, but he can carry on as he has no symptoms (?!), it now sounds like they have tens of thousands of cases. Not the 142 listed by their government.

This has been total incompetence and failure to such an extreme it is like they actually want this deadly virus to spread. A growing number of angry people are beginning to think this too.

Now here in the UK I have complained about every government service who do not mind being paid but are incompetent and uncaring and no .. not the Tory Party but all of them!

I have also bleated on for years abut the lies, corruption and incompetence of the NHS for many, many years.

Then watching a live stream to a news channel in America a viewer stated something. The UK figures are too low.

So I went and took a look and spotted something immediately and that was it was now ten deaths and of course I had also just discovered that after dying they were discovering people had died because of the Coronavirus when it was unknown that they had it.

This meant two things.

  • It was spreading in places and hospitals without detection
  • The number of deaths and the death rate is higher

Oh dear. With ten deaths and 450 odd cases this was way, way out and a quick look around and I posted that this cannot be right.

With ten cases and probably more we should have had confirmed cases, confirmed remember, of between 5,500 and as much as 10,000 people.

That is infected.

Now as I have now drummed into everyone because now everyone actually WANTS to listen .. the number of confirmed cases is the tip of the ice-berg and depending on how good the experts are there could be between 5 times and 10 times as many people walking around that are infected. China and Iran its higher.

Then literally like an hour or so later an article by the Independent, I tend to loather these days, pops up on my phone. Experts say as many as 10,000 infected in the UK. No .. as I have now shown .. its more!

So there is likely 10,000 to 50,000 walking around with the virus in the UK?

Then this morning after finding out Chelsea football players are showing symptoms and Everton players and after the UK being the only idiots not to shut down events and schools .. my daughter discovers something while speaking to her.

In North Wales not far from Snowdonia I was at least comforted in the knowledge that these will be the last places a virus would reach. It is how it is .. the big cities is where it goes nuts first.

A week ago I am hearing a conversation with her and a teacher at a local school about doing things later on, non-virus related. I told her it was a waste of time as within two weeks the schools will be closed. DO not think she believed me.

But TODAY? Head teacher tells her not to bring the kids to school and they might close it and ignoring the British government. Then a friend of hers has a mother that works in a care home or health centre. A town called Ysbty. Someone there has the Coronavirus?!

My daughter was crying. I told her that I have warned everyone for years that the public services were lying.

I have been in three building in the last week, was supposed to be in one today and supposed to be in three more over the next week, one a Doctors.

Yeah only instead of 91 people walking around London Infected it now is an absolute minimum of 500 and likely to be several thousand.

Well explains why I heard to days ago it was in my area?


Now a tiny risk of contracting the virus has turned into a very high risk. And they are sending me all over the place with pains, a dodgy memory and heart?!

I have lived in a country run by demons and with fooking morons working in public services that have screwed my life up for decades and now THIS?!

It also changed one more thing ..

.. yeah this cold I have? Now might not be a cold and I may have the coronavirus in which case I have been walking into government buildings and help agencies giving it to people?

The irony of it all?

Yeah I contacted them so that I did not have to do all this running around as they are supposed to be help agencies and the government should not have kicked me off disability benefits and cause me to become homeless and lose all my savings.

And now the idiots that never listened to me now all might have become infected .. because they did not listen when they should have done.

I am in a building with two pensioners too. So not only could three of us die but my daughter, if they have not fucked it up for her as they have so many lives, might lose the one family relative she has.

Yeah this was North Wales I tried to move to a month ago before the shit hit the fan and it all went wrong. Because someone else who wanted to help me rushed and my daughter was not there and get the week wrong. So I had to come back with all my stuff. Two days driving in a van with two other people.

And now I cannot go at all. IN case I take an infection with me that they will refuse to test me for?!

You imply cannot make this shit up of the calamitous errors that governments made of people of the grandest sense of self-entitlements, have made.

Yeah and what are the left-wing amoral morons doing? Politicising it and blaming this on the right?!

  • Silent in January
  • Silent in February
  • Silent about countries that are left-wing run that also have outbreaks
  • Evil virtue signalling self loathing bastards that want to take their self loathing out on their fellow and innocent men and women

These people will end up being tied to wooden stakes.

But deem themselves the ones to carry on humanity while leaving all others to die a horrible death because they acted to protect the money despite the fact in no time at all there would be nothing to spend this money on?

And for a virus outbreak they have had over 100 years to come up with a contingency plan on for a stock market I always said was cause collapse and tens of thousands of deaths?

Cannot spend cold currency in hell!

More and more YouTubers are talking about nothing else too. Except everyone knows that another evil corporation, Google, demonetize you if you talk about the Coronavirus, Trump, Grooming Gangs are against socialism.

Yup freedom of speech folks.

Yeah except how are you making money. Google?!

Seen YouTuber talk about delays of cinema movies and went twenty minutes without mentioning the word ‘Coronavirus’ as Grace Randolph was obviously aware she would get demonetized.

How many people losing their income because of evil Google?

Now we are starting to see the knock on effects I have been trying t tell oh so many deaf people about for many weeks. To catastrophes have been warning deaf people about for years To corrupt public services I have warned about for over a decade.

Same old thing with mankind over and over and over again they just do not listen when they should and then talk it down and ignore when they should listen.

Then the shit hits the proverbial fan and we are all out of toilet paper and its not even a God damn joke!

Things move so fast with this things as while typing this Italy had 2,547 cases announced in a single day while the Italian Serie A football team have stated they have had 5 players as well as the club Doctor test positive for Coronavirus.

Also both Denmark and Poland have closed their borders and the London Marathon has been postponed.

The next morning almost playing into my grand plan and #ProjectDistraction hashtag an article in the Independent tabloid states that the British government, now admitting there are up to 10,000 cases, actually wanted the virus to spread to 60% of the population so that a herd immunity can occur. If it does occur.

Only you cannot really control something like that and its as if we are being used as test dummies .. only nobody blindfolds the dummy when it is used in testing!

This is totally incompetent.

There is this division over closing schools .. even within the same country. The naïve have asked me what would the benefit be while I answered we do not end up with hundreds of thousands of parent-less children.

Another and I think Andrew Cuomo in New York stated this .. they need all the health care workers in work.

Not sure he thought that one through as nowhere near enough health care workers because too many people are infected at once is worse than not quite enough health care workers because the number infected at the same time is a little too much?

One scenario will cause more deaths than the other.

Also interesting was a report that stated that in Iran, where many of us think its way out of control, a Reuters report stated that they have called upon their security forces to clear the streets.

‘Clear the streets’? Would have expected a ‘Keep the streets clear’ and wonder if people keep amassing in maybe a protest or fear or maybe some religious ritual where they call for protection from up on high?

So has it gone into some sort of biblical like breakdown out there where a large group are ignoring the requests and think that they have some immunity in some way? This would be somewhat devastating if this is the case.

When you consider that thousands gather to some holy shrine where it was believed that if you licked the temple it would protect your health and make you immune then this on top of that would be potentially catastrophic.

Then one has to wonder if there are other things going on as well as these two?

Quite what this country will look like in a few months is anyone’s guess but if anyone thinks Italy is bad and with that daily number of new cases being 2,547 is anyone’s guess.

Than you have to factor in the lag time of symptoms appearing and if and when anyone infected succumbs and this is about 4 weeks. In a months time the deaths could be like nothing seen in a long time. AS could that of others like Italy, Germany, America and others.

Now the chilling prospect of this horror story unfolding is if we reach that stage and the new cases have continued to rise from now until then, then what would we expect after yet another month?

If we call the figure in Italy as 17,00 and say it doubles in 5 days, when it has been stated as 25. to 6.5 days then ..

By the 18th March it is 34,000 and 23rd March it could be 68,000 and 28th March 136,000, 2nd April 272,000, 7th April 544,00, 12th April 1,088,000.

That is one country and one month from now. If it continues like this, it cannot forever due to people thinning out, and is still rising one month from now then what stage will we get to?

China’s total cases as of today and remembering they have a population of well over 1.4 Billion people .. is at 80,813. This is after 8 weeks.

Now think for a moment as by the 28th of March which is 12 days away Italy’s case numbers with a far smaller population could have surpassed China’s by over 50,000 cases. In far less time too. Also remember Italy expected this. China did not.

So how could this be possible?

Now consider Iran and probably never get a time frame but they sound far worse than Italy, which I did not even think possible, and I wonder of their cases have already surpassed China’s totals? I also wonder if the deaths in Iran have surpassed China’s 3,176?

They might not have done .. yet but I suspect they might surpass China in as little as a week? On line there was a picture circulating of 360 foot trenches and several of them claimed to be used as mass graves? One or two of these were claimed to have been filed and this was one site.

Once again how can this be possible?

The obvious answer is the one that many of us have known. Because the numbers are the numbers and you cannot escape them.

Note it is not as the CCP in China claimed because they made lots of mistakes, many details changed along the way. They were sending people home as recovered who were still infected. Then there were the recording regarding crematoriums burning bodies 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for many weeks. But we do not know ow many of these were doing this.

Yeah in reality you could probably add two digits t the official number of deaths in China and be a damn site closer to the truth.

Now I think that the CCP must have realised this because after spending a couple of weeks boasting how good they were and everyone else was shit at handling the virus they sent a team to Italy to help?

Yeah sitting at home watching the numbers on TV, just as I said would happen, they must have shat themselves at the recent daily figures and realised that with the exponential rises the world see they lied within days?

That ship sailed many weeks ago. Think my last two of three parts or possibly all five parts n this Coronavirus series I stated that?

Will never forget one night when a flurry of news reports came in that was about to put into foccus with everyone this threat and why I gave the last post its title. Because I knew it was coming. But not like this!

Donald Trump announces he is cancelling flights from EU countries into America and Tim Pool, who had originally thought this would come to nothing, put out a tweet I will never forget.

‘Sitting in the studio we just had collective ‘Holy Fuck’ moment’

He had been starting to realise this was big. His last few videos he had states as much and admitted he was wrong and thought we should pay more attention now.

So that tweet was a key moment. Only it was not the only moment.

Because also immediately Tom Hanks tweets out while I am watching and declares that his actress wife, Rita Wilson, and himself have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Many thought the timing was odd as it was just as Trump’s address had finished.

Yeah that was not the only moment because then it emerged there was something going on at a basketball game in Oklahoma City and it had not got started. Then the players started heading back to their locker rooms.

For a few minutes everyone wondered and speculated what was going on. Then it was announce that a French player Gobert, had been ill recently and tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Then the NBA announced they was suspending the whole season!

Then the other sports started following and I recall the NFL and Hockey and PGA Tour with Golf and seem to think there was one other?

Concerning is just seeing what looked like a Chinese journalist ask Trump about working with the CCP over the virus and he praised them?

Yeah I felt like that was a plant, over the top, unnecessary and will not go down well with many people.

You want to be concerned with the Chinese people and not the CCP and be concerned that nothing has been coming out of China of late. Not even leaks and only unreliable videos from CCP controlled sources would not give the time of day to.

I simply refuse point blank to even watch anything controlled by the CCP and not too happy if I do this with any other news channel anywhere.

Seems to be a lot of government control with the news media and probably most if not all of them in the world today?

Another odd thing about the coronavirus is how we kept being told when it was going to peak and the date kept getting moved forward. It was early February then it was mid February before it was the end of February then sometime in March and then it was eventually April.

Literally as I was typing this and after Trump gave a speech a Doctor was asked when it was going to peak?

“We don’t know” was the first honest answer I have seen about the virus.

I would have estimated when it got to around 5 million without measure to slow it down, which as are now in place has been pushed back?

There are so many acts as well as so many reactions by the public that can and will effect the speed of the spread.

So yeah now its been declared a National Emergency in he US.

Oh and someone has to have a dig about Trump taking his time which has to be made about Trump .. and of course with the hard-left who do not care other than to use this to attack him and said nothing about the deaths in China until now ..

As I stated previously to others.. almost all countries have been late to respond, unfortunate but true. Added to this left-wing politicians said nothing about the virus until recently.

It is also worth nothing that trying to put a right-wing spin on this is a bit rich because the last time I checked .. there are left-wing countries aplenty. What about them?

This originated in a communist country and it came out of a lab and they may or may not have created it. But they hid it, then lied about it, then they lied about the numbers and continued to do so throughout. All along left-wing idiots around the world among politicians and the news media were then praising the CCP while at the same time talking down the virus and this went on for 6 weeks or more.

Suddenly its all become a Trump and right-wing thing?

Jesus I have never known such a large group of people that have come across as so thoroughly inhuman while attempting desperately to appear human because they see an opportunity to attack someone.

Can you believe that with reports that China shutting down dropping emissions by

This article states ‘temporary’ drop in carbon emissions in China and yeah .. about that?

Pro AGW always make assumptions. It was a massive drop and this was 19th February around the time everyone was saying the outbreak would peak in a few weeks . Then it was another few weeks .. a month later Italy is shutting down and they do not know when it is going peak.

America is slowing down as is Europe as will every other country on Earth over the next few months. Slower and slower, with unfortunate deaths building in numbers.

After this people will be scared to get on planes, ships or trains.

So NO .. it is not in anyway temporary and is in fact permanent as I stated from the outset .. but they have jobs lying or making plicks of themselves. So bizarre.

Not good to censor WORDPRESS!!

Since I have pointed this out I have noticed that the GWPF is now on this case and you can bet your life that in as little as 30 days many countries emissions would have also dropped off a cliff.

The numbers are soaring in virus cases so the lock-downs and slow downs along with the inevitable reductions in emissions will come.

And so the sole argument of AGW Alarmists will evaporate and has been evaporating for 10 weeks but the alarmists are still solely focused on pushing it. Still talking abut people dying ignoring that cold, ice and snow kill more which has now been surpassed by the Coronavirus Covid-19 but they do not care about that.

The numbers just keep on climbing everywhere and the scary part of this is that many countries have barely started rising.

The one country everyone is looking at is Africa and many Africans are hoping and praying that their warmer climate will not be agreeable to the virus. But some countries that are warm it has still spread quite rapidly.

And South Africa I knew had cases days before they announced any and are now at 16. Senegal has 10. Nigeria has 2. Cameroon has 2 That is sub-Saharan Africa and they are now rising faster. Many also believe the numbers are higher as many Chinese are building infrastructure on the continent.

Egypt has 80. Algeria has 24. Tunisia has 13. Morocco has 6. These numbers are believed to be under reported too.

The really does have the potential to be world changing and a few news reporters are realising this and even stating it.

Now with these alarmist types still trying to get everyone to focus on AGW and ignoring everything else I normally tell them the following .. I have altered the time frame a couple of times now ..

  • You have 30 days left
  • No one will want to hear about AGW
  • No News Media will mention AGW
  • Scientists will be focusing on other things
  • The resulting emissions drop will be massive and clearly be continuing
  • Virus fallout will last two years
  • People will be scared to get on aircraft
  • People will be scared to get on ships
  • People will be scared to get on trains
  • Within a year or two the true driver of the climate, Sun and Volcanoes along with Ocean and other things will be proven

So I tell them it is over but they simply wont have it.

As I was typing this out and that calculation I have been talking about since I started in January? You can only use the same periods of time and so ‘recovered’ divided by the ‘deaths’ for the percentage?

Literally within the last hour I watched a video by Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity on YouTube and he has literally just quoted the same thing.

Also has states that advisers over the coronavirus in the UK should be fired and is idiotic while also states that what they have seen of Iran strongly suggests they might have a couple of million cases on infected?

Have to say I was stunned when I watched this. Finally hearing someone back up what I have been telling people for months now and those possible numbers in Iran. I felt sure it was in the hundreds thousands by now and very likely a lot more.

Just as added the last to this post I see the number of cases go from around 140,000 to nearly 156,000 which do not even think is a single day?

Italy just reported they had 3,497 cases and 175 deaths in a single day?! Now wondering of this will slow down or hit five figures in a single day for cases?

Imagine for a moment that we reached a point where you have over 100 countries, smaller populations would not reach this, reporting five figures minimum each day?

Not going to be long before I decide to just walkabout and head off into the country .. never to return.

Have two horrors to endure and I am not sure I want to actually witness either one?! At all!

Just remember ..

  • More than 15 feet
  • Beware being downwind
  • Enclose spaces not good
  • Planes, Buses, Trains all bad
  • Wash hands before you re-enter home for 20 seconds or preferably using alcohol based sanitizer with higher than 70%
  • Colloidal Silver might help
  • Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass, Lavender Oil but high concentrations like alcohol
  • Be wary of your shoes re-entering house, treat it like Foot and Mouth Disease

Some other interesting facts and reports about the Coronavirus ..

The alarmists lie and insist it has not cooled.

Spending time debating them and then batting to one side they childish below the belt attacks you soon realise a few things. They do no research. They ignore the facts or do everything they claim to say they are not facts. Some even insist they are not hard-left or Antifa members but end up dropping themselves in it

They are not interested in the facts at all they like to give people the impression that they are so that they appear level headed and win people over to their side.

Yeah problem with that is every time they argue with me they shed followers like there is no tomorrow and this ends up being anywhere between 50 and 500. Upon realising they then back away.

Meanwhile my followers actually rise. My total in around 14 months, it did slow for awhile as I debated too many and got blocked by 46 of them, went over 10,000 awhile back.

Now back to getting these to rise and back on Parler where these are now rising faster though wonder why what with this Coronavirus banging on my door?

Meanwhile NASA has a few problems of its own and the alarmists had better hope that this does not affect NOAA and a few others. Like the IPCC.