Some people have me laughing while scratching my head at the exact same time.

I have this video on YouTube of no less than three PC tablets on screen at the same time which were all purchased from PC World. This video has been on there for some time now.

All three tablets ended up producing faults between two and six times each. Yes you had better believe it. It would have been bad enough had all three produces one fault each. But one had two, one had four and one had six. At least that’s what I remember as I kind of lost count.

This was over the course of 14 months to which after that instead of fixing them yet again I was given refunds on all three and they didn’t even ask for them back. That alone tells you something.

But this morning I had this absolute loser watch this video, felt compelled to watch it all the way to the end and then felt compelled to bitch and moan like a .. bitch about said video.

As far as I could tell there was only one reason he had in there for the bitching, moaning and the name calling. He wasted thirty minutes.

Oddly it didn’t end there because he apparently was standing next to me each of the half a dozen times I was in there because he seemed to state that I had treated PC World staff poorly.

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.

Not only was this complete blithering, cocky, self righteous, know-it-all bafoon completely WRONG but I also happen to know one of the staff in this store.

You know what they say about people who assume? They make an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. No, he or she just made a complete ass out of themselves.

He or she went even further .. not only fucking assuming how I had purchased these three tablets but then lecturing me on how I should have been refunded?!

Umm .. twat? I picked them up for two other people as well as myself!!

Yeah .. they said I should have claimed the money back on a credit card. Fuck me does this blithering fool like to assume?! Yeah well next time I’m in there using my friends credit card to buy stuff for him I’ll remember to borrow it again when I have to get refunds!

Oh wait? He gave me cash to buy them as Christmas presents for his two daughters. Oh wait? He does not and refuses to use credit cards and does not even have a debit card. Oh wait? I don’t use credit cards either. That’s it God given fucking right you brain-dead moron.

It gets better. I replied, ripped him a new one and pointed out that credit cards weren’t used but he replied to my reply, showed he did not read that by repeating the credit card crap and then folded like the pussy they are in the most lame way possible by stating he won’t bother reading my reply. A fucking sad way of not only trying to get the last word in but sealing the deal by trying to stop me bothering to reply to his reply to my reply.

Yeah mate, I’m the one whose supposed to be the idiot or of the two of us?! LMAO! How fucking hilarious.

It gets better still..

He calls me a ‘drama queen’. LMFAO!!

Once again they assumed and they got this wrong in the most hilariously bad way possible.

Drama Queen?!

I just put my forehead in my hands and recalling that one. A fucking drama queen?

Once again had they done their research, everyone’s a fucking computer/social media/internet expert, they would have realised that selling crap, used and faulty goods as new in PC World is ABSOLUTELY NOT required for me to create drama.

Yeah .. I’ve been hinting at being up to several other things recently.

Yeah .. I’ve recently revealed one that’s still ongoing that involves getting my hands on a hell of a lot of nice tools?

Yeah .. I had a much bigger and very serious drama from two years ago they never got concluded?

Yeah that non-concluding and very serious drama involved me being very far away from home but I didn’t go?

Well take a guess exactly where I’ve been fit the last three days? Three days? Hmm let me see? 

It’s Friday .. well Saturday and I’ve been here since .. umm Tuesday?!

I never mentioned this before and only hinted at it because instead of going down a dead end as I did two years back .. I wanted to be sure.

This time I had to actually .. BE THERE! Or here.

Well I am here and .. well .. it’s far worse than I could ever have imagined .. AGAIN. 

This also involves my old friends the New Nazis, the Police Detectives and another public service along with another prison.

A drama queen over a few faulty PC World tablets?

Yeah how does eight to ten years and prison grab you? How about a threat to kill children?!

I left my last comment as a question to this self righteous prick .. 

“You obviously made your mind up before even watching the video so that begs the question .. why did you even bother watching it? Also what was you even hoping to achieve by commenting?!”

If the prick decides to even reply once again I will simply describe in detail what in fact they actually are ..


All those wondering why I’ve been against the new Nazis, multiculturalism and would break the fucking nose of Jeremy Corbyn is he turned up on my doorstep and tells me ‘love conquers all’ like these half wits with banners after scores of people have been murdered?

Yeah well if you thought, like this other prick, that I was a twat with no fucking counter argument and absolutely no background research ..

Your going to find out before long and just like some people physically closer to me are going to feel very, very soon, exactly why. You will then feel and look like a complete fucking twat.

You have been warned! Lol.


Well now?

It seems that some claims that a civil war has either started or already started. In America.

I had heard of the terrible events in Charlottesville in America where extremists from both ends of the political spectrum fought each other and someone ploughed into one side of this spectrum in a car and someone died.

I did not see any videos of any of this and nor did I go looking for them. I did see the odd clip in someone else’s report on the events.

Civil war? It certainly has felt like it has been heading for this extreme and has done for a number of years.

Still not sure it is even imminent hough to be fair I could not really cast judgement for America as I have never even visited, mores the pity.

I was watching Sargon of Akkad’s latest .. weekly video called ‘This Week in Stupid’ and I do not always get to watch these but I did this last one.

The part that got me was at some event in America, I was not paying much attention, there was someone kind of doing a speech? What caught my attention was when I thought I heard them say that they had to stand up and tell any white people trying to speak to shut up. Or words to that effect. Just when you think you cannot hear anything stated that was even more stupid than the last one .. someone .. somewhere .. always manages to go and surprise you.

So now white people, well they really mean men, are not allowed to have a say?!

Right .. let me get this straight .. at a point where white men have been pushed and forced into a darkk corner to the point that they are on the verge of behaving like the animals you are forcing them too .. you go and turn the thumbscrews even tighter?

Fucking hell .. the western world is run by fucking idiots and who in the hell lets morons like his woman speak?!

It gets better .. as when I looked at the video clip where this person seems to have appointed herself as the one to go around telling white men to shut up before they have even opened there mouths .. is fucking white themselves?!

I .. I .. I just do not fucking believe the crap that is going on in the world?!

I would … NEVER .. EVER .. dare say anything even half that fucking ridiculous in any place where even a single person might hear me. Especially not on a podium or soap box where you have an audience of dozens or hundreds or even thousands.

How do they get to say this shit and get away with it and worse still get a fucking applause?!

Jesus Christ .. I think the average I.Q. Has been heading south for a fair amount of time now.

I also find it fucking funny that they do not mind using all the stuff, technology, cars and energy that the white men have created over the years? Funny that. Such fucking hypocrites as well as being liars, inciting violence and .. did I mention fucking stupid?

Hmm yes I said ‘inciting’. The funny thing is as I heard several people talk about what had happened in Charlottesville I remember thinking that as these stupid morons have become louder of late, more on that being really fucking bad in a minute, the far right have also become louder. Or .. the correct term to be used in that last sentence should be ‘appeared’.

Now for the ‘why’. Because when you get loud about something politically you will get others that do not like this. The more extreme it gets in one direction the more you will get people pop up or lean in the opposite direction and of equal extreme.

Do none of these fucking idiots know a damn thing about psychology? As well as not realising you cannot make people feel as you do they also fail to realise they are the one creating more of these people in the first instance!

My fucking God, the history books of the future are not going to be kind to any of you lot and next to the meaning of moron in dictionaries they might just feature your faces.

If something is wrong you cannot make it right no matter how loud you are or how many people you get to agree with you. It wont make it RIGHT! Jesus!!

Now here is for the really nasty part of all this where these leftist idiots are concerned..

Do you not think it is odd that since the western world has fallen on hard times that suddenly there is the uprising of morons that have been getting ever more proactive and ever more noisier? Now to me and each time I have thought this it comes across as ‘opportunism’.

Unfortunately history will prove that this was the worst possible move in the world because the large majority of people are both unhappy and scared and this number is growing all the time. So when people already unhappy and/or scared hear this stupid bullshit being uttered by what appear to be large groups shouting out loud that they want to pound them into the ground even harder?

Yeah, you have got a civil war on your hands and I could not blame the far right for this, despite not agreeing with their views, and it was you, the hard left, that brought it about. Remember that.

In fact let us go back to Charlottesville for a moment ..

So some far right, well I am assuming they were far right, collected together to protest about the plans of a statue of General Lee of the Confederacy being taken down.

Yeah .. hmm .. first time I am hearing about this and someone is dead. Does that tell you fucking morons anything? Probably not, what with your tunnel vision and all?

A statue that has been there a long time. Start taking down statues of people that had wrong ideas or immoral acts and there may not be many statues left in the western world.

Wait a minute? Is there not another group that goes around doing that? Oh yeah .. another set of radicals only these are Muslims. Makes me wonder if these white people that only seem to hate other white people secretly cheered whenever innocent people .. sorry innocent WHITE people were murdered by these radical Muslims?

These anti-white .. umm whites should be forced to get psychiatric evaluations because … well to be honest and I would put a lot of money on this .. not all the cylinders are firing if you know what I mean?

Fortunately I am not the only one that has realised these things .. well some of them and I was relieved to see Sargon state very clearly that these far left morons are actually creating the far right morons. Well I am saying morons but .. I might be wrong. Maybe just one moron in a car? But then these far left are so fucking stupid it would not surprise me to find out that it was a extreme leftist that drove the car and into the wrong group of people. Yeah .. that is how low my opinion is of their intellect and .. yeah knowing big words and using or creating buzzwords does not make you neither intelligent nor wise. Sorry. It just means you have a good memory is all. Having a good memory often does not equate to intelligence or wisdom. Sorry about that.

Also and I suspect this may be the case but ..

If you have had some .. really bad past experiences that you think give you the right to say or demand things a certain way .. yeah well sorry once again they do not. You could have the worst back story in the world, ooh I have one of those too, but the only thing it is proving you with is bad judgement.

If someone did something to you or a loved one that was a white person it does not mean that they are then all the same.

Cannibals were black people .. but not all black people are cannibals for God sake.

Oh and as for the trouble in Charlottesville?

Yes so we have nailed down why these far right groups were there and to protest about the taking down of this statue. Except ..

Well these regressive far left were there too. Umm .. why were you there? Were you there to protest about the stature being taken down too? Ooh how did you end up fighting? Someone spill you beer or your can of Tab?

No of course they were not .. they were there because the far right groups were there so there is no other reason that to incite violence. Mistake numero uno.

Mistake numero duo .. the far left apparently started the whole thing because they were throwing bottles or bottles manufactured into bombs at others.

Well done, far left, well done. You managed to get one of your own murdered.

No-no-no. Because someone else’s fear of your crazy fucking ideologies went and got in a car and murdered someone does not make all your wrongs .. well, right. You were not right.

You were not there to protest about the statue being taken down and therefore only there because the far right groups were there and you simply cannot be that fucking stupid and naïve not to realise that you were NOT going to get them to change their minds so you were their for violence.

When you incite violence people inevitably get hurt and if that snowballs into a small war because your using bombs .. well someone else will end up fashioning a weapon that in this instance just so happened to be a car.

What can you take from this? Well I will tell you ..

The far left came prepared and with the necessary tools to create and use weapons and I know of at least bottles fashioned into some kind of bomb was being used.

In a fit of extreme fear and anger the far right, or at least one of them, did not come prepared in the case of the other side already being prepared with their own weapons or bombs so they made their own one. Either their car or someone else’s.

If a bunch of people were throwing petrol bombs at me I would run them over in my car and I say that with absolute certainty. Yeah .. you can think what you like but ..

Check enough of my posts going back years and you will note that I HAVE BEEN in that situation and I DID USE my car!

Luckily the drug fueled morons, that just kicked three of my car doors in after trying to rob a fried chicken store’s till, were saved by some quick thinking, drug induced speed and several lamp posts and no .. I did not let the pavement, walkway if your American, stop me.

Call the Police, did you say?

Yeeeahh .. we did .. that. They turned up an hour later and were late because they were dropping an old lady home, around midnight, and then shouted at us becase they did not want to walk around the corner to see the direction the perpetrators went in because .. “We do not want to be attacked!”

Only tie I EVER heard anything like that from a Policeman .. well I still haven’t to be honest! Lol, confused? Yeah it was a Policewoman that said those words, lol. All things not being equal and all that!

My reaction? Anger and “Are you fucking joking?! You have already aware that you are FASHIONABLY late and those guys are probably lying in their beds half a sleep and half way across London!! Now fuck off you useless pair of twats!”

No word of a lie. Yes I am serious. No it was not the only time in my life were the Police showed me just how fucking lazy and fucking stupid they are.

Lied to two lesbian friends of mine sating that they could not get a fingerprint after a break in and a burglary despite the fact there were over two thousand fingerprints obvious to everyone. That was just in one of two flats that they robbed.

I had a disagreement with one of the two, the one that knew me far less than the other, and after being told this by the forensics she went mad. She said, and I quote ..

See that gentleman sitting their?” gestures at me with a nod “Well yesterday I had a go at him because he told me every single word you would say and every single thing that you would do when you turned up and even stated what I would be able to see and that at the end of it you would state to the word ‘Sorry, I could not lift a print’”

This forensics guy turned and said “You have been watching too much CSI!” to which the one of the two that knew me better burst out laughing when her friend continued “Yeah .. he said you would say that too!!”

The forensics guy’s mouth only then dropped open as he turned to look at me and I was just grinning. I did not say at the time but I think he knew that I knew what the game was.

There were plenty of prints .. to any fucking idiot you could see that. But the Police treat working class people like they are idiots and they lie. They do not want you to think that they will do fuck all as your understandably upset and angry.

But it is a damn site cheaper to send someone round with a bad of fucking pixie dust and a eyeliner brush and attempt to paint your home than it is to then actually process the fingerprints.

Scanning millions of prints over a big database takes a lot of computing power and time and therefore a lot of money. What makes it worse if that the thieves and burglars know this.

I also deduced who the burglars were and I made another prediction .. that in fact when the word had got out and if I was right the suspects, or more accurately the ones I knew were involved, would shoot around to the property within a hour of finding. Yup .. more open mouthed gazes came my way when that prediction took place exactly how I said it would. Now they wanted to know how I had deduced this.

I took them into the hallway and as they folloowed me up the stairs I pointed out the groups of fingerprints as we went and up to the first floor were another flat had been burgled. I nudged the door open to show just as many prints inside this flat as was in their own. I then walked up the stairs towards the flat on the top floor and asked them to note how there were now no fingerprints at all.

“Yeah but the top flat is empty” one of them said.

“But how did the burglars know that?” I asked before once again her jaw hit the floor and her ex-partner I worked with just smiled at her and said “I told you about him! Like I tried to tell you last night, you should listen to him!” She has seen me looking at things closely and then I walked through the flat and asked if I could go upstairs and check out a few things. One woman that had never met me before looked at me all confused and said, yes. My friend knew I was .. looking for something. Lol.

Sometimes the clues stand out to me like a cherry on a proverbial Bakewell tart. Sometimes .. they might need a few hours or a couple of days before realisation sets in.

But in recent years the one thing I am thankful for is discovering people like Sargon of Akkad and Dave Cullen and others that think like them. With more than an ounce of fucking common sense and wisdom when the rest of the world seems devoid of it!

What also drives me to distraction and makes me very, very, very angry is when public instiututions like to masquerade as a leftist organisation but their actions are anything but. Leftists, socialists and most over on that side of crazy seem to be for the people. Google do not mind buying all the companies, making billions upon billions while paying YouTubers and Bloggers fuck all for good numbers of traffic, charging those wanting the advertising through the nose and keeping the vast majority of the money?

I think all these organisations are actually run by far right people that like to pretend to everyone in their own company they are far left. Because they would not hold that position for long or think they would not stay a big organisation for long if people knew the truth?

Yeah .. mmost people at the top of power or politics haven’t a fucking clue what the majority think and feel.

You would think that Brexit and Donald Trump taught them that if nothing else other than you do not always get your own way?

Maybe not?

Or maybe they think that by being loud, telling the masses of white males that they want them wiped off the face of the Earth and inciting violence is they way to get things the way that they want?

If you thought you were wrong over Brexit and or Donald Trump? Well your not even close to how wrong you are in this instance.

Do you know why I can post the things that I do?

If you have been popping back here and having your doubts then prepare to be surprised ..

.. because I am sure that in the largest majority of cases I will be proved spot on correct down the line and I certainly will about this one.


So if your a bunch of haters reading this .. ask yourself a question …

Are you absolutely sure you are right?

Ask yourself another one ..

Are you absolutely sure your actions will achieve the change you so desire?

You had better answer ‘yes’ to both for if you did not I can tell you this .. whatever anger and hurt that you keep locked away inside you that has crept out of late? Yeah .. your going to go to a whole new level of heartbreak and depression and if this is even an outside possibility in your own mind .. as yourself one last question ..

Who will you blame then?

A little reverse psychology by simply moving forward to said events and questioning the outcomes and reasoning.

I like to think that if all extreme leftists read that it would make them pause and re-evaluate things .. before any other people have to die.

But .. lol, I do not think I get anywhere near enough people for that to go around to all the corners it needs to reach?

Mores the pity.

Sargon of Akkad ..

Vee ..


So there are going to be thousands .. tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions in a protest march against Brexit?

I find it hilarious that people always use the words “It’s a democracy” or “We live in a democratic country!” that goes right out the window when it’s something they don’t want it agree with.

What I love about this is how the UK Referendum has proved as well as highlighted this.

At the exact same time I’ve been having this awful feeling that the Brexit we get is not the one that everyone, I do mean everyone, voted for and on two subjects that 25% to 75% of the remainers would want too?

Unless both desires are met there is absolutely no point to leaving Europe at all.

Of course there is the argument that Brexit could be avoided and I only see that being one way. Well the only way that works.

That is if Europe changes its attitudes on both these areas!

Failing that I’ve still had this uncanny feeling that Brexit won’t go through. Not with either of the conditions I outlined and those most everybody agrees with.

That would be a catastrophe. In the worst possible way and things are bad enough as it is! They just aren’t showing you. Well according to some people that keep sending me links to stories on the Internet or on the tabloids.

The thing with controlling the news media or the news media avoiding showing us the truth?

Well .. they that control this obviously have absolutely no faith in their plans and ideologies. Because if they did they would not control the media.

Why they control it is they secretly fear and probably know that everyone is pissed off. But that the majority are still concealing the fact. I think that what they fear is that once everyone knows that everyone else is pissed off it might spark something off? Like a civil war or even a revolution? Maybe both? First the civil war and then a revolution? Maybe the other ..

.. oops overseas phone call..

So yeah .. funny how everyone loves democracy when it suits them and then protest when it does not and you could never find a better example in recent history of this.

I also fear that along with this mass scale hypocrisy that giving a referendum to thee people to decide when it is just one way or the other and that the people may choose that which the government and powerful do not want .. now wont ever happen again.

Yeah so back to the old “Well we can do what we want even if NONE of you like it because you voted for us!”


Pro-EU activists to stage ‘stop Brexit’ march during Tory conference


Hmm ..

I see the mainstream media, or at least the BBC, are still reporting on anything that occurs with this inevitably ill fated hyperloop vacuum, magnetised .. pod … train?

When I first heard about this I thought it was completely bonkers. No that’s not changed nor will it ever change. It’s bonkers.

It couldn’t possibly work the way they described it. I was completely overjoyed when I discovered someone detailing the science and debunking the idea.

I mean the first thing I thought was, well let’s leave aside the huge and obviously problem of a vacuum tube with the pressures involved and God knows how many miles long. Yeah let’s leave that aside and consider just two things. I could not help but wonder about the issue of heat. Also the issue of Earthquakes.

A sun beating down on mile upon mile of metal tubes will have an effect. Even if it’s a very small one .. with the speeds involved and close proximity the the tube walls to that of the pod? Yup .. no. An Earthquake had the same affect but just amplified in movement of the tubes and happening very, very quickly.

Also creating a vacuum in a very large pipe that is hundreds of miles long? That must take a monumental amount of energy? How would they get around that?

Then there were these daft claims about being solar powered as well as the 650mph speeds.

But every daft little test that they do and the speed years they perform get reported on.

The letters test run reached the speed of 192mph and they are celebrating that? Sorry but there have been cars around that can beat that speed and are in physical contact with the ground. But floating on magnets and nor do they have a vacuum tube.

Huh .. I fell asleep two maybe three nights ago when I typed this out and due to the number o things going on, house move, being .. umm investigated, three sets of tools to buy for .. and starting a business, going self-employed in the process, my health conditions, pain and memory problems and .. umm .. oh yeah still going out filming and photographing things with a new and professional camera I am trying to familiarise myself with. Do not know whether I will move my belongings directly to a new home or into storage temporarily .. and .. umm .. ooh yeah going away for a week or two during all this!

Probably forgotten some stuff? Lol.

Yeah the hyperloop?

I love new technology and new gadgets, I really do.

But sometimes I see things that are either just impossible to achieve even on first thoughts, prove to be impossible to create. Yet whenever I read about anything there is always some dastardly plan that involves receiving billions of pounds or dollars.

There are so many chancers out there and so many fake (news), I have a more derogatory word for them, scientists just trying and wanting so hard to be on TV that it is scary.

I also see the powerful and/or world leaders taking forever to meet up and then making decisions based upon bad, unproven or flatly wrong data.

Oddly and during the few days this did not get finished and published .. I see a strange video by an American photographer called Jason Lanier. He showed a video where in a couple of places he was doing a shoot and he was told he had to leave unless he paid $500 for permits on what basically, wll would be in the UK, public land anyway.

In the comments section there was someone called Dana, I think it was, that resolutely answered several times in a very lengthy way to everyone that complained about this and defended the laws. Yes there were indeed laws .. but they seemed to miss the point that they were stupid laws.

I think that what they and a couple others were actually thinking is that Jason Lanier made a lot of money as a photographer and that he was being tight, had a bit of envy if you ask me, and that Mr Lanier was making it worse for the rest of us. They actually made that last statement which I thought was weird.

Who exactly is ‘the rest of us’? Because it is abundantly clear that anyone just shooting with a camera, say like a tourist, is OK and will not be bothered. If your not a tourist then you are a photographer, even if it is just a hobby there is always a point that if you stick to it long enough and have a good eye for a picture .. you become a professional or at least semi-professional photographer.

In one place in the video the guy asking him questions was actually polite, unlike the previous guy who was a fucking selfish and rude half-wit. Yeah? Disagree? Yeah well after saying that he did not have thirty minutes to hang around to prove to himself that the shoot was not a commercial one and after Mr Lanier not answering the question of when he will leave this dumb-arse then said “Right, well I will stay here until you do!”

Now if it were me .. I would have sat in my car for thirty minutes, got out and gone over to him and then said “Right, you said on camera, dumb-arse, that you did not have thirty minutes to watch and check us over thirty minutes ago? YOUR STILL HERE?! I am now going to sue your arse!”

Now this is something I never would have thought would occur in the UK and indeed some UK based comments stated that it did not. Until someone that lives near the River Thames commented that him and a bunch of other people with cameras and tripods down by the river from 1am to 3am taking pictures of an eclipse of the moon, I think it was, were told to leave. Because they had tripods. You cannot take those types of pictures without tripods. Worse still is they were taking pictures o the fucking moon!

It gets worse .. one chap was actually from California and had flown all the way to London just to take a picture of this eclipse with Big Ben as part of the scene! Yeah he was a little pissed .. understandably. Lol, poor chap!

The number of comments about this ongoing thing in America that included the line “The Land of The Fee” was hilarious. It also seems that if your brave just a little bit you get charged? Lol.

Personally and if it were me I would have told each of these arseholes to fuck right off and that is after belittling them and giving them a lecture about common sense and that the government do not own everything and therefore charge a fee for everything. Nor do they own a moon or any of the scenery.

I am going to pause this here but .. I am going to try to think of some very obvious problems with this charge for everything attitude. I did think of some the other night but have forgotten them! Lol.

Where so you draw the line? Also like a great many people said .. if they are now doing this, what will be next? Yeah the comments of charging for air were a bit over the top but it is creeping ever closer to that kind of thing. I mean as far as being ridiculous is being concerned it is not that far off.

As an argument someone said “So when a big multi-million dollar movie is being filmed and my house is in it, technically they owe me money?!” and this .. defenders argument was to say “Well most people would say “Hell Yeah” to their house being in a movie”. What? That’s your argument? I really could not stop laughing when I read it or their repeated postings of the law to prove their point.

Just because it is the LAW does not make it right as their are a lot of idiotic laws and neither does it not make it ridiculous.

Before I pause and go off somewhere consider this .. each time, as it appears to have been for time in memorial, a law is passed this law has to bee enforced. That means more people, more courts and more lawyers and look where that has gotten us?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Hyperloop One: Passenger pod tested successfully –


Wanted to work on this one for some time now and not sure I’ll get it all done tonight? No I am sure I won’t get it all done tonight.

Hmm are you working, being paid but not buying, planning to buy or already bought your own house?

Paying your wages/salary to someone else who already owns more than one house? So your paying someone who is already way wealthier than you even more money. Making them ever more richer?

Guess what, your a slave. It’s just very well disguised.

It’s not only gone unnoticed it’s got far, far worse as unless you spend a significant amount of money, around 80% of the goods sold (electrical) is faulty and has been used by someone else. How long for in each case is anyone’s guess.

Maybe the original purchaser dropped the item or knocked it and damaged it and then returned it? But they would normally state it was already damaged and faulty and that’s why they are returning it.

In which case you would think it would be tested? Well I hear they are supposed to and someone told me this was by a company that Theo twat owns.

Wow. That trait of the public services employing idiots really is catching?!

So it’s used. For how long we don’t know. What we do know is ..

Hmm .. let’s use some reverse psychology?

Everyone says you should never buy a brand new car. What reason do they give you when you ask why?

‘Because it loses 50% of the value a soon as you drive out the showroom!’ is what you are invariably told.

Funny then that this reselling of used goods had been reported on even in one instance by The Guardian tabloid way back in 2003-5?!

So why in 2017 is still going on?!

Why hasn’t anyone done anything about it after more than 12 years?

Why have the tabloids and TV mainstream news stayed away from this story all this time?

It’s like all the other stories they seem to ignore while shovelling shit and wireless news stories for the most part at us?

You see they all acted like they read in shock on the House of Commons when the recession was announced to be incoming. But .. I couldn’t shake this feeling that the shock was.. manufactured. Or fake, on other words.

“We will never be allowed to get away with halving everyone’s wages. Fuck me they can’t afford houses as it is. I know .. let’s buy everyone’s turned and faulty crap and sell them that at full price. Better still, through mail order catalogues we make even more on the monthly payments and interest. Yeah-yeah .. we will call it an overseas desk and get a holiday in Japan, China or some other country and my naive public will fucking pay for that too! Yeah, let’s fucking do that!”

So you can’t afford to buy your own home, so what’s the fucking point in a career, and tour buying faulty crap?

What was your salary again?

Would you now like to go away and recalculate that salary?

As I said .. slavery. Just very cleverly hidden form of slavery.

I call it the second tier of slavery.


I am in confusion at times.

I think that all politicians do not plan to be living in any European country, including Britain, in a few years.

Yeah now that I think about it .. they must all plan to live overseas. Except .. the reason for leaving is because of what they have done. Or are in the process of doing.

Destroying their own countries.

They are still doing it .. fuck the news media reports. What they are showing us is not half way near enough. What they are also not doing is showing us everything.

What we get is their truth.

The truth the suits them.

Bizarrely many of those that they have told you about were stolen from this very blog!

This used to be very often and I would get people point out they had stolen another story!

However though it still occurs it has slowed down a hell of a lot.

Any thoughts as to why this might be?

Umm .. hmm now let me fink?!

Oh-oh-oh! Maybe it’s because I haven’t published anything in the last two years plus?! Lmao!

Well .. that might just change?! *Wink Wink*

I have the odd person both online and off it state to me that the country is about to collapse.

I get shown a few links that has a story of something going down somewhere in the UK and I can understand them. Yeah .. out looks pretty bad as it is and then there is this other crap going on you don’t see in the mainstream media.

They often think it’s imminent.

I do not.

I do, however, think that’s it’s inevitable. Just not .. imminent.

Then I think of the other bad things. That a bunch of people with too much money, power and influence took away the basic human and legal rights from a large majority of the UK. So they can look good to naive fools for saving money when it was all achieved at the cost of many innocent lives.

Not forgetting years of absolute torture, fear and pain.

Funny that, is it not? They can torture you and turn your life to hell but .. no euthanasia though?

Fucking blind, arrogant and ignorant fools who will no doubt consider themselves to possess higher intellects. Yeah .. that’s not how intellect works you bloody fools!

I digress.

I’ve gone around the houses here to make a point.

That point is what fucking fools knowingly destroy their own country that their families and descendents have to live in. I mean they works have to be the biggest, dumb-arse idiots of all time. All those names of all those politicians and civil servants and such like. All of them and an ever growing list of famous fools. All of them with their pictures bound for the pages of future history books .. fools? See here!

Ergo .. everyone must be planning to move their entire families out of the UK to maybe Australia?

Or the most selfish and amoral people have been allowed into jobs and careers of power they should never .. have held?

Simple .. deductive .. logic.

Well? Only two remain. Which of those two remaining possibilities is the right answer?


My answer to the worst crimes of paedophile rings and slavery?

Death .. by any means necessary.

I for one do have a fair few means.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Migrant crisis: Spain could overtake Greece in sea arrivals –


Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

Straight after posting about the fecking incompetence, naivety and stupidity of the government and public services someone mentions this in the news?!


Well it’s a start.

A start that’s twenty five years too late no matter how you look at it.

They had better be able to lay their hands on some bloody big shovels.

Although this inbuilt fear is referred to as ‘cultural sensitivities’. Cultural sensitivities?

That’s the fucking understatement of the fucking millennia!

I wonder if the revelation of the slavery report when they are still unraveling the paedophile rings, plural though they have both been quiet for many months, made someone come out and say it?!

But then maybe the not so blind, naive and stupid see this as a way of getting their careers to leap several tiers at once?

I would.

So I imagine others works too?

A chance to propel themselves into the limelight and doing something positive for the British people for a change?

Nahh. We could never be that lucky.

But then .. my luck of changing and along with being right in the middle of a shed load of restructuring .. I’m also weeks away from starting a long string or reveals.

Yeaaah I’ve not been stating too much about what I’ve been doing. Other than the .. big purchases I’ve been making, I’ve been to to other things for a very long time. Also something was spring upon me that I’m going to turn into a weapon.

Let’s just say that a very, very major public service consisting of two household names and linked to a third has tried to fuck me over.

They are right in the middle of fucking me over and we are taking hours away instead of days.

Unfortunately for them there is a whole bunch of paperwork that’s going to expose them if they insist on continuing along their present path. I can say that the documentation will be the least of their concerns.

The one thing you do not do is allow me to ask some very awkward and some trick questions.

The awkward and the tricky are never, ever obvious and quite the opposite in fact.

It was annoying but weird when it happened. I was not only led into a trap but I was also blatantly lied to. Twice. By two different people and within twenty minutes of each other?!

I pulled both of them in turn and explained the truth to them.

One looked away and shrugged her shoulders.

The other said “Oh I’m just giving you an example” to which I answered “Well try a correct one!”

To add to the mystery .. she was talking on the very thing she lied about.

Hmm funny how I was lied to twice in twenty minutes by two women?

Huh, do you think that they thought it would be a good idea to hire women because they are good liars? Lol.

Hmm .. come to think of it .. they are all women there. Oops .. no, there is one guy I can think of. I have never spoken to him though.

Huh? Now that I think about it and never have before .. much of the public services staff seem to be women??

That’s funny I thought there was supposed to be some problem with women getting cushy jobs?!

I bet all the staff working in the sewers are women too? Oh .. no .. wait?


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Child sex abuse an ‘affront’ to all groups, says Rudd –


Well then?

Absolutely no problems to controlling the housing market, not modernising and ancient and outdated system and taking away the welfare state.

Placing both disabled and poor people on the street .. according to their own words over the years there are no fears to sleeping on the street.

Coming from organisations that think themselves as being very left, politically. Yeah, no problems whatsoever.

Oh wait ..

There is slavery and not only does it exist, as just one threat of many to everyone, but they bite claim is in every major town and city?!

Huh?! I wonder if any parallels will be drawn with the paedophile ring problem?!

This is what you get when a far left attitude, which largely consists of blindness, naivety and stupidity, affects and infiltrates the government and public service sector.

Someone has to make the sacrifice and it’s not those in the public service sector our government. It can’t be those where the government or public services can be given that ‘R’ word label they fear so much.

Well .. that only leaves one, doesn’t it?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Modern slavery and trafficking ‘in every UK town and city’ –


Well I am now up to a total of two, though technically three, lenses for my new Sony A99 II DSLT camera!

After purchasing the camera and a 70-200mm f28 lens and after what was a screw up for the second time in this order process .. and after racing down to Sussex with one brother, one niece and one very young nephew I ended up picking up the stuff I had ordered that their web page screwed up. Lol.

I noticed the problem with the order immediately and emailed the store and they ssaid that it was OK and that the order had gone through.

The following day I was told it was held back due to an item being out of stock. This was frustrating as the main part of the order was the lens and a very expensive one at that, though to be fair there are others out there a lot more expensive than this one and on my wanted list too! Annoying as the item out of stock was a 8ml bottle of sensor cleaner that I did not actually need straight away. Just ordered it just in case there was a mishap.

They offered to split the order but the next day when it was originally due to turn up I had another email to say that there was an error when I ordered it .. the same error they said was OK!

So at 3pm in the afternoon I text my brother about it who had been enjoying a day off and he said “Why don’t WE go down there now?!” So we did.

It got worse as after getting the order together their computer said “Do not take payment” lol and they did not know what it meant. Turned out it was for them upstairs because for all they knew I did not have the funds to pay for the items.

So .. the store was Park Cameras, in Burgess Hill in Sussex, and if you want to order from them online .. do NOT do it using Google’s Chrome ass I realised that this was where the problem lies .. when a phone number of theirs did not display properly.

Nice store. Very nice store and plenty on display, though if your into Sony gear apparently Sony are revamping their Sony cabinets.

Saw the new Fuji medium format camera in there, GFX-50 is it?

Got talking to an older and friendly chap about Nikon and Leica and a bit about camera history. Yeah I might technically be new, like one idiot comment seem to insinuate, but my first SLR was a Minolta X-300 and that was a current camera when I owned it.

My first digital SLR was a Canon D350. But I never used it to its full potential and a friend’s wife bought all my gear off me. Oooh yeah I was building a mountain bike that ended up in What Mountain Bike Magazine. Based on a Litespeed Ocoee Titanium frame. Sorry . could not remember why I sold it at the time. Taking a camera out with me on a bike had not occurred to me at the time but then I did not reckon on cycling so far I was actually getting to some neat nature spots and would find orchids too?!

Anyway .. after leaving Park Cameras we decided to go to Ditchling Common which was an old haunt of ours when we were kids. I used to live in Brighton for a bit to when a teenager and used to cycle to Ditchling Common. Vera Lynn used to live not far from there.

Of course as is the norm for me and has been this way since I bought my car . the weather was utter crap and it actually started to rain as soon as we got out the car at Ditchling.

Oh and I had one of my funny .. turns.  I have mentioned this to my GP and for so long now I have now mentioned it to two GP’s. I also mentioned it very recently because it is sparked off by being in a vehicle but only trains thus far. I do not travel very far on my own due to my health conditions anyway, or at least didn’t before buying a car. But I did catch a train once a week to go just two stops and sometimes I was OK and other times it would suddenly feel like the train was falling through a hole in the ground and I would grab a hold of a bar in a knee jerk lie reaction.

I had been OK on the journey but had forgotten to take the pills for it. He missed a roundabout exit and he then nearly took a wrong one and jerked the car to the right and WHAM! No we did not hit George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Their was like a slow motion feeling it kinda felt like .. or like there was a tiny delay in my ight or something and boom. I grabbed a hold of the door handle and was uttering “Oh shit! No-no-no!”

Now for an examplee of my short term memory issue..

I would have given anything to not have felt like that or to make it go, it did but took about 20 minutes and once we were back on the M25..

Except after I got home I remembered that I had the effing pills in my bum bag the whole effing time and is what the damned bag was bought for!! Go figure!

As for the person that commented on my mistake and was probably the on that gave me my first vote .. aa down vote! Feck you!

I fucking hate instant experts and fanboys. The funny thing is when I looked into how I made the error .. it looks like that the only fucking difference between the model lens I called mine originally and the real thing only had one, or technically two, differences. One has a ‘M’ after the ‘G’ and a gold ‘G’ label?! Yesss technically one is an E-Mount and one is an A-Mount lens.

But I kept thinking to myself “Jesus Christ, has fanboyism gotten so bad that they are even turning against products produced by the same company that produced theirs?!”

And just when I thought things could not get any sadder than they already were?!

Sorry but your not tech people at all. I see this everywhere and in computing it is AMD v nVidia or AMD vs Intel and in cameras it is Nikon vs Sony or Canon vs Sony or Fuji vs Sony, one moron likes to do all three. Then there is gaming and it its XBox against PS4 or both of them against PC gaming. Even in the game titles you get it. It is fecking madness.

What makes it worse is the morons that do it fail to see that they are morons and not tech enthusiasts are experts of any kind! Lol.

What with all that and the Social Justice Warriors, the left versus the right and all the fake news crap and the convenient mainstream news reporting and I cannot help but wonder where the world is heading to?

Anyway here is an unboxing video of my latest lens ..


It is a .. strange, strange time for me.

I have been buying things that have all been planned and agreed upon with several people .. official people .. so to speak.

Only .. right in the middle of all this and with an extremely large upheaval of my personal life mere weeks away and a trip away for a time being only days away .. something has changed.

Someone .. or I should say one of the agreed parties has thrown a spanner in the works!

This is an organisation that anyone with a brain dies not trust and they have .. changed their stance somewhat and this will be .. eye opening to many. I cannot say much more about it right now because even this is in flux.

Now I will tell you this ..

In the space of thirty minutes I had two separate people speak to me. One was face to face and the other was over the phone. Yup .. within ten minutes or so of speaking to one person a different one calls me on the phone.

I will also tell you this ..

The one that I spoke to face to face lied to me.

The one that I spoke to on the phone also lied to me.

I am also going to be self-employed from the 1st September and that is only a few weeks away.

I also have to go away and that is mere days away.

I have a mountain of things to buy and a mountain of things to do.

Now this would otherwise be a nightmare because of the health conditions I have but as far as the pain is concerned this has gotten a lot easier.

As far as the getting too hot is concerned this has gotten a lot easier and it has cooled down at night due to it being late in the year so that has become easier.

This is because I have now owned a car for the last week or so.

Unfortunately it does not help with my memory problems. Nor any one of the other dozens of things it causes. Luckily most are not constant. Thank the stars for that.

Plus I am having some .. psychological issues over everything I have to do .. kind of a mental block combined with .. a little trepidation, or nervous. It does not make sense and I do not know why this is but then the brain is a much complex thing. Plus my Fibromyalgia seems to mess with it as it does so many others.

Yeah so what is going to make things worse for an organisation well reported to lie and cheat is thee fact that I suffer from a registered disability. On top of that is my right knee issue and along with the pain and memory issues there is also the high blood pressure issue.

I was not even sure I was OK to drive again but when I last asked my GP he said it was OK. But then as I know that the NHS have tried to lie on patients medical notes and certainly have mine so surely have others .. this answer might just be part of that?

This is something I did not consider in the past and every now and then I have wondered how many people have had car accident because of health conditions that the NHS have lied about? It must be a significant number and I dread to think it I could be really big.

Also a wrong readout on the car’s computer did not seem to be much initially but then I went and read something on a forum about one owner of my Land Rover having to change an engine because of ignoring this warning?! Did not make sense and no one backed it up because it is to do with the coolant level. I went and bought coolant because I naturally thought it was low due to the computer warning. Opened the bonnet and I was surprised to discover it was full. No problem then. Faulty sensor that can get fixed when I service the car next. Then I read this owner writing that he lost an engine because of it and I did think maybe it did get low and he did not watch the engines temperature gauge?

Then I read something in the same forum about some kind of ball being inside the top up bottle, tank, and someone said something about it sometimes blocking a pipe. That .. would bee problematic! But even so if a blockage occurred it would raise the engine temperature! It is an engine coolant system, nothing rocket sciencey about it. Water goes round, if it does not then things get hot. Lol.

Still .. as I have not driven for a very long time it did get me worried about both breaking down and buying a new engine!

I came into some money .. I did not win the jackpot n the lottery and the money is not endless. It would not buy me a house anywhere, nor a flat in case your wondering. Not even far, far away from London. Unfortunately. Or I would have done that!

Being homeless is my biggest fear and I have had this fear six or seven times in my life and people with Fibromyalgia feeling fear? Or at least some of them? It is not good and is most certainly not nice, trust me on that. Look up ‘Rubber Legs Syndrome’ and a detailed explanation on that and how it comes about will make many realise how effing horrid it is. That is just one .. thing out of dozens.

So I am awaiting emails to find out how much it would cost, how long it would take and if I can ge it done before I go away.

Since being asked to go to a certain building TWICE in a week .. I have had two days of deliveries turning up and have a third on Tuesday.

I am also out practising and familiarising myself with the tools I have had delivered, see below.

So this is what I have now acquired since the car was purchased ..

  • Sony A99 II DSLT Camera

  • Sony G Master 70-200mm f2.8 Lens

  • LowePro Toploader Holster

  • LowePro Whistler Backpack

  • Carbon Fibre Tripod (instead of the usual expensive ones I went for Amazon one at £75)

  • Benro GH2 Gimbal Head (Basically a swing like contraption goes on tripod)

That is not quite all and all I can think of right now.

That also only includes one, damned heavy, lens. You cannot do everything with one lens even if you specifically only photograph in one subject area. Most people have more than two lenses and professionals normally have dozens. Though dozens are not needed but at least five are .. though two of these are out of reach. At least for now and the immediate future because the combined total of just these two is £17,500! Yeah .. I know. Lol. Unfortunately there are cheaper alternatives but these have recently been discontinued and I only found out last night. You also cannot buy them in the UK, at least not for my cameras mount design. Though a very top store in New York was selling them, B&H Photo, but last night only had used ones and suddenly the discontinued notice was up I had never seen before. Bah humbug!

The combined cost of the two lenses new? Knock £10,000 off the combined total of the two Sony lenses above and you would get both! Those above are the Sony G Master 300mm f2.8 and the Sony G Master 500mm f4. The other company is Sigma, same focal lengths and apertures and looks like same objective lens size too. They look almost identical .. except the Sonys are white and the Sigmas are black.

I also had not considered all the other things too and I have had to buy two very large SanDisk memory cards as well as a lot of cleaning tools, like for sensor cleaning as well as lens cleaning. I would not want to buy anything cheap in the way of cleaning stuff with stuff this expensive. Even so I did not expect the little bottles holding 8ml of fluid to cost between £20 and £40 when you get cheap crap for a couple of quid on Amazon. Again .. you do not take the chances.

This also does not include the fact that I have to buy new computing gear too and I need to build a new PC and I will need a laptop.

This will need to be able to deal with photo editing on very large files, the cameras is 42 Mega Pixels, as well as 4K video. These things take as much power as you can throw at them, especially video editing and especially so in 4K resolutions.

I have not oredered a single thing yet for the PC build because .. well .. I also have to move house and this was also all part of the plan. A plan that I was completely open with to all people.

Except one organisation who had been nagging me for months have now gone and thrown this spanner in the works. Right in the middle of everything and they have lied twice already. In two ten minute conversations.

Everyone told me to lie to them, even a right wing guy that curiously does not agree with having a welfare system! I did not want to do that. Except .. well .. I would tell by the body language that they already knew anyway. Or at least it had been flagged.

I spoke to thee right wing guy saying that they had already been told, I had forgotten about them myself. This was because they already knew! He said, yawn .. once again second guessing wrongly but insisting upon his views, that I must hav told them or they found out from this blog. Umm .. I never said anything about receiving anything on my blog and .. well like I told him dozens of times, they already effing KNEW! I had been on a course to start my own business. REMEMBER! Lol.

Also if you recall I also applied for a loan with Newable through this NEA course thing which I was turned down for? Yeah that was for £25,000 that I intended to pay back within a month or two .. exccpt they turned me down and so starting my own business and gong self-employed got delayed once again.

The funny thing is I only started it because of two things .. one was they were unfairly pressurising me at the Job Centre under Job Seekers Allowance they WRONGLY forced me onto and I was not getting anywhere looking for a job 35 hours a week. Yeah .. do not lose your job because they insist that you carry on doing a full time job looking for another full time job. You have to put the things you have done on their website using an account. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but .. you have to put loads of things .. more than the number of jobs for what you want to do you can possibly find advertised. You better believe it.

No they do not want to HELP you get a job .. they just want to stand behind you with something that ends up feeling more or less like the proverbial whip! I kid you not.

I was on Universal Credit, again WRONGLY, for 5 weeks or so before being transferred over to JSA and within two weeks they were pressurising me about starting my own business. As soon as they realised just how many areas I am knowledgable in. Plus I would like to try my hand at some manufacturing too. More tools and these were included in my plans as a completely different facet to everything else.

  • Blogging on a dozen subjects (could add more)

  • Photography

  • YouTube

  • Manufacturing .. Cases

There might be others but the camera gear would help with most, if not all, the blogs and the YouTube channel.

Oh .. did I mention that I only received half the money I was supposed to because someone stole over £300,000 of the estate and that their siblings and mine want me to be the one to take them to court?

Remember that even without the pains and psychological stuff I do have those short term memory issues and as you can see I have a mountain of things that I have to do!

But the spanner throwers do not give a shit .. government basically and government doing as government does. Fucking people over. Jesus what a shit country this has become and it is getting worse. I am still receiving messages that the UK is going to collapse any day now. Still waiting. Lol.

However .. there is a very important question I have to ask if they decide to put any force on turning the spanner. They had better think about their answers very, very carefully. Because to different answers simply wont qualify. In act it will look so bad .. I would not want too be them!

Why do these public services lie and cheat? Do they not know they they always get found out in the end? Even if the government try and tie up the news media it often grows so huge that the news media cannot ignore it any longer. Because if they do it will look obvious .. though most people with even half a brain have long since realised that the mainstream media either lie or are ignoring stories at the request of certain .. parties.

Ooh .. I just remembered I am supposed to talk to an SEO company about my blogging?! Damn it!


Now what else could I have forgotten?!