Ooh dear .. this is not going to end well.

Twatter just blocked a guy with a warning .. in the warning it states you get blocked and gives the reasons you get blocked.

So reasonable to assume he broke one of the rules they stated in the message?


He didn’t break any of the rules and it gets better as ..

He told the truth in his opinion and I have nothing that doubts this ..

He responded to someone else, a young black guy, stating that the Police, in America, are responsible for the deaths of many black people.

This other guy stated that black guys between 18 and 30 are responsible for 90% of black people’s deaths.

I don’t know if that’s true .. he says it is and told rid young black guy to do his research.

Ahh so reasonable to assume that the Twatter Twits saw it, it was likely reported by the young moron, thought it was racist and blocked him?!

Yeeeah .. about that? Maybe they should have checked his profile first?

The guy with three statistics was none other than popular YouTuber David Harris Jnr!

Ooh yeah .. he’s black!

Ooh dear. Well he has already done a YouTube video about this and you can find that below.

Now I wonder if the Twatter Twits will do an about face on this? Too late now.

Or is it a case that the left are losing the ability to use their favourite buzzwords? This can be their own like racist, misogynist, patriarchy, Nazis and alt-right fit anything not extreme left. Or ride they like to steal from anyone not far left, like ‘fake news’ and ‘snowflakes’?

They tried to state that white men are evil and should all die as they are privileged .. fuck .. off. Now they are moving onto white women, guess they didn’t see that one coming?

They try to lie about figures ..

Yeah second UK referendum because more prior want to stay .. yeah one or two that regretted it does not equate to one or two million. They also fail to realise that although some of them are rejecting democracy because it didn’t work in their favour .. many remainers respect we have a democratic society and don’t want a totalitarian state. Morons.

I imagine that as they are now realising that #metoo has spawned #walkaway and also #mgtow is a growing thing and many of those they thought they had in the corner are not .. they must be getting more than a little nervous right now?!

Ooh how I hope I watch this one unfold.



I’ve been hearing a lot of interesting things.

I’m hearing many more things in particular subject areas with an increase in frequency.

It’s quite astounding as well as weird how quickly things have turned around. People are leaving the left in politics in ever increasing numbers. They are even winding up somewhere near the centre or completely over to the right.

It’s also occurring in nations I thought would take a while to catch up.

Of these I heard of Sweden recently and now Germany with their AfD party now the second largest party.

Upon hearing this I got to thinking about all the elections coming up in each country.

Then I started to wonder if people that might be tempted to vote this way too, hesitate and if they would think things through beforehand?

Would they wonder if their leftist/socialist/communist/SJW politics will succeed like they were told it would or would it fold? What would be the consequences?

I wonder if they would wonder could they take that chance this time round?

Might be too late if you get it wrong?!

I also heard that Donald Trump didn’t have very good things to say about Brexit. Well let’s be honest, it’s not Brexit is it? I mean, it’s called Brexit but it’s not really Brexit.

Many on the left are now walking away and thinking it’s time to do this before it is too late, seeing lately what damage it has been doing and realising that their core is made up of complete nut-jobs.

People that don’t know what they are but think that’s normal.

People that don’t know who they are and think that’s normal.

People with big hang ups or grievances over any of the above. Axes to grind.

Then the weirdos that think they will get what they want legalised.

The worst part of all that despite being self declared social people they hate certain groups.

They are happy to leave people to suffer, starve and even die. There’s absolutely nothing social about that. Unless ‘social’ now means ‘evil’ because that’s what they are.


I’ve also heard that Theresa May is going to be gone soon too. My daughter will celebrate that news! Fucking idiot and cold hearted biatch that she is. Angela Leadsom, it seems, was dead right.

There seems to be a barrage of videos coming out regarding leaving the left and walking away, mainstream media being seen for what they are and looking like dear in headlights, Theresa May being torn down over and over again on Twitter, everyone saying she is finished and that at the nexxt general election the Tories are finished.

Even a few actors have come out and voiced there concerns and fears for themselves, though bizarrely Henry Cavill was torn down by these complete fecking nutters over this .. oh your supposed to do what you always do and if you get it wrong? Tough shit? Labelled? In prison? Wrongfully? Nice.

I know and I have been waiting for a split in the celebrity community like nothing that has ever been seen before in history. Because many of them that think themselves intelligent with a God complex having them believe they are an authoritative mouthpiece are sooo .. not. A rude awakening coming that will have them skulking in the corners of a room in their overly expensive houses, no doubt? A deliberate attempt to hide away out of sight once it has become obvious there secret is out.

Yeeeaaaah .. not everyone in the world is a star struck giddy fan without two brain cells capable as working as a fecking team!

Could you imagine another three to five years of things steadily getting worse?

Could you imagine civil wars breaking out?


Anxious beyond belief. About to lose almost everything and potentially .. everything. But after an unexpected talk I felt a little easier and decided to try and post-process some photographs I was supposed to do Monday afternoon and evening, just gone, but did not because it was obvious I had been stabbed in the back by the British government yet again.

So it took a bit of drive but I did get some done ..

















It seems that, at long last and I hope it comes to something, a new movement is gaining numbers in America where people on the left are leaving the left!

I have not only watched two videos of this guy, Brandon Straka, who is gay and openly stated in interviews that the left is full of shit and lies and so is the media.

Oddly I watched these two videos after watching a couple of videos on YouTube of John Cleese who stated on Newsnight that he is leaving the UK because of how the UK is run and because the UK media is the most dishonest and least trusted in Europe.

They are calling this movement in America #walkaway and Brandon Straka has been getting grief over it.

You see just like I have always stated and just as Brandon Straka claims he stands for .. I am all about being fair and have always seen the left as being fair. Except not only are they a little too fair and allowed groups to take advantage but they also hate certain groups of certain demographics. Oh who am I kidding? They just hate one demographic.

Mr Straka has been refused service due to this movement and even accused of intending to use things for the ‘alt-right’. An answer that had his interviewer, a black guy called David Harris, roaring with laughter. He got a “Wow” answer when he realised that he was being refused this service by another gay guy. Another guy agreed to serve him but then had to clear it with the first gay guy that refused him and he said ‘Nope’. What was it he wanted to buy that they accused him of intneding to use for the alt-right? A microphone! You could not make this shit up!

I told you they would eventually turn on each other. Well .. yeah that is not going on in this case .. just turning on someone that decided he did not want to be a part of this hate group that was splitting America down the middle. I guess maybe the talk of a civil war in America of late has made a few people wake up?!

His movement seems to have gotten so much traction that it was claimed that he was getting around 80,000 plus a day? Whoa!

It is high time that a movement like this started in the UK .. I use to know this Russian guy ..

i24 News ..

David Harris ..

John Cleese with Bill Maher over political correctness ..

Might be Rebel Media but they talk about and show the Newsnight Interview ..


I just wanted to get this out there quickly as something may happen to me ..

  • Heart Feels likes it is n a constant grinder
  • Anxiety is through the roof
  • I have to do stuff when ..
  • I have had zero offers of help
  • Got moaned at though
  • But that is how the British are these days it seems?

A couple of weeks ago I did not do a post on it but I noticed something .. with a toe nail.

On the large toe of my right foot I see these deep ridges running horizontally across my toe that just looked .. weird. I wondered whether or not this might be a sign of deficiency and might be a sign of how serious it had become? So I looked it up at the time and what I discovered was a bit of a surprise .. to say the least.

One of the possibilities was something called Coronary Occlusion which is an obstruction of the blood flow in a coronary artery. This can cause a heart attack. Mild pain, tightness and vague discomfort is what is listed on Wikipedia but the events, which I believe cause the two line .. yeah .. two, were somewhat stronger than these described. It also states that the muscle tissue of the heart may get damaged?

Now I .. have trouble believing it but I have been wondering now if I had a mild heart attack and this is why the symptoms were worse than that described?

Yes I have tried to get help, remember I have no GP right now and they wont register me? I was supposed to register at a GP that was a mile and a half away but I had an event .. or series of them and pretty horrifying, on my return. I was then supposed to go back just to register, yup .. SECOND visit, and I freaked out and got off the bus in three stops and then .. collapsed against a wall.
Yet I have emailed organisations like HealthWatch and all they say is get to that Doctors and register?!
Yeah .. an NHS Surgery where in my experience ..
  • They do nothing
  • They take forever when they actually do, do something .. normally for cancer
  • They fob off
  • They .. lie
I seem to have something in common with the subject of a documentary I saw years ago regarding Oetzi the Iceman..





Something very weird is going on.

I said previously that myself and my daughter are being targeted?

I could have posted something a few days back, because my daughter was in court. Afterwards she called me and told me that she thought that the court and/or the Police were trying to set her up and tried to make out he was a liar. I told her to be careful.

One of the things she was asked was whether or not the domestic abuser husband had been in contact and my daughter said no and that she moved house so that he did not know where she was. It was the one single reason for moving and I know this because I was there and it was where a large portion of my money went.

Today she rings me to tell me that a single envelope came through the door with three cards inside of it that look curiously like Anya and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen and Spiderman .. who all three the child recipients are obsessed with. As they state the word ‘Daddy’ on them one can only assume that they are from their father. Except he is in prison still, it turns out, and the envelope had a stamped but was not franked. Or stamped by the Post Office making it look like they were put through the door by hand?!

Except there are a few other problems with this ..

  • Police would not know what characters the kids were obsessed with
  • Only five people knew about these characters ..
    • My evil ex
    • Social Worker
    • Myself
    • My Daughter
    • My Daughter’s best friend .. ‘L’
  • Also he cannot read English or write English
Now when I saw the pictures below I simply could not believe it, despite stating to my daughter to be very careful.
After recent events .. it was obvious they were going to try and destroy my daughter’s character and this was first attempted by the social services and now seems to be a few other people. The Police could not have picked those characters. Unless informed about them by someone else, as what with the very recent question about whether she had been in contact with her abuser husband they have asked if he has contacted her. Obviously and within a week these three cards turn up and it looks highly suspicious.
Of course after having my benefits cut without any sanctions beforehand then it now looks to us that we are being specifically targeted. Because we know too much.
I have tried to get others involved in this in recent times but no joy yet.



Is this how far social justice in the UK public services goes now?

Destroy someone’s character to make themselves look correct?

Because they have to let someone out of prison 9 years earlier than they stated?

It feels as if they want us both dead and in all honesty after all the treatment we have have had in ten years we sometimes feel like that, much more so me than her. But I hang on and put up with the torture and pain because I do not want to do this to her.

I would be there now if it were not for the fact that my own health would be a terrible burden .. part of the reason I came back.


I am in a bad way right now.

I have had all my remaining benefits stopped and therefore getting nothing and this has set off many symptoms. I am emailing yet again to try and get help but I do not hold out much hope.

So I get anxiety which sets off phobias which both drop my already low magnesium levels and set off heart palpitations and that makes me even more fearful because I know if I try to get anywhere I am most definitely going to have a horrific time!

Not to mention just being fed up with this, wanting it to end and taking the ultimate solution over all this. Except my daughter has serious issues, being treated abysmally by the UK authorities and I would not want to be responsible for breaking her heart.

But she also has cancer and we do not know what is going to happen there either, yup .. treated like shit, threatened with court action over nothing, threatening to take her children away and threatening her with homelessness .. while she has cancer. Did not want to cover that in the stories ..

Now as yourself why? Two magazine articles .. one about sexual abuse as a child, one about domestic abuse recently .. missing being held by a grooming gang and that the social services et her down for 12 years and are now threatening to take children away from her and make her homeless while she has four serious health conditions, one of them cancer.

By now .. or long before now in some cases I should be making my own money, via advertising but as I have mentioned previously this mysteriously froze around December 2016. It is now July 2018 and .. well some will already be aware that this cannot freeze on its own.

I have figured in recent months that this is because I tell the truth, speak my mind and predict what I think is coming down the road?

Also we was promised help from both a media agents and a magazine but after five months we sit here wondering when all this is even going to be talked about ever again? We are beginning to think it is not. Why it went from all this talk and promises to nothing at all other then the two published stories out of two dozen we do not know.

Google moved the goalposts on making money on YouTube and one photography guy and camera reviewer lost $2,000 per month. So no, not even political content. Mundane Matt and many others have talked about this. All state that even with their popularity you do not get to talk to Google or YouTube so what chance do I have? So I have not been so keen on getting video, especially in 4K, to upload to my YouTube channel.

This is pure evil and should even be illegal .. you go to your users and tell them that if they spend several years working their arses off that they can make money. Then after doing this and being committed for several years you go and repeatedly move the goalposts?!

Slave labour with a twist is what it is.

Huh, and they claim they are a company that lean to the left? Fuck .. off!

Also and as agreed by the DWP and Job Centre I am still trying to take photographs of professional quality to build up several thousand in which to sell.

Yeah I got stabbed in the back over that and had the rug pulled put from under me at the thirteenth hour, no not the eleventh.

I would have more photos had the DWP not cancelled all my benefits in 2016 .. only realised the other day there are only like a dozen photos, if that, on my Flickr account for the whole of 2016 was because of them. I had previously been scratching my head. Yeah .. that is how bad my memory problems can be.

So there are a few hundred photos missing, though these would have all been jpegs, fro 2016.

Then there is 2017 when they pulled the rug, cancelled all my benefits .. again and then did not help my daughter when I moved 250 miles to help her.

Not only did I lose thousands of pounds of my inheritance helping her and y grandchildren when no one else did but I was also missing at least a 1,000 photos.

Go through the dates on my Flickr account and you can see that I have taken pictures this year but there are periods of many weeks when I have not taken any.

Hell I even managed to get a few photos up recently that I had taken back in April!

Health issues.

I was supposed to be out taking photos yesterday, that was the plan after initially planning to do this Sunday.

But Monday I had no benefits come through and I just had this feeling and spent the day panicking as I have so much shit needing to be sorted out and am not able to do it and have not had one ounce of the help I was promised from so-called friends.

So I just want to curl up and die which I probably will because I have no money at all and am in a room way smaller than the legal limit to be classed as a bedroom and in a house of people that drive me absolutely nuts so stay in this tiny room all the time.

I had previously lost a lot of weight but did start eating again recently, due to the magnesium problem and the pains I get from that, plus trying to get photographs. Though I have been severely limited in my range for these photographs and only on a bike and not on foot or on a bus at all.

So now I have no idea if or when I am ever going to be in a good enough state to start the photography up again?

So you can imagine I am angry with a lot of people and I have spent six years blogging and knowing we are getting screwed, knowing that even the mainstream media are lying and manipulating us and do not know why. Blatant lies are told and facts are twisted about to suit narratives of people that claim to want to be in a better world. Yeah? Bullshit judging on the way that they themselves treat people. Utter bullshit.

It has become ever more widely known that the mainstream media are in on some big conspiracy and one that would normally require your head to be wrapped in tinfoil. But this is in your face and everyone is showing this and proving it on the Internet. It is nothing short of crazy and affects all industries from films to gaming and, in the UK at least, all public services too. Arresting one guy for one thing, locking him up for 13 months in a matter of hours for something else is one example of many.

So I have been waiting for the mainstream media to die a horrible death. There have no doubt been drops in numbers .. people trust them less and less. CNN in America is at such a low that if it was a small company it would have long since gone out of business.

Because they all lie, twist things and are disingenuous at best.

So small people doing videos or blogs about the news for Google have been getting excuses after excuses for not getting paid. They have even had their money stopped altogether. I do not know whether Mundane Matt came up with the phrase, as I have heard others call it the same thing, but it is being referred to as ‘Adpokolips’. Mundane Matt even tries to push his Patreon donations as a result of what Google have done.

Yeah .. a company for the people?

Funny as it looks to be that it is slave labour and the fact that no one has done anything about it is quite concerning. Well other than a woman going in an shooting up the place and I did think that people might start raising questions after that? Nothing as yet though.

Just for the idiots out there as far as my situation is concerned ..

  • I have no registered address currently ..

    • Which means that technically no bank account, no benefits can be claimed ..

    • Cannot find a new home

    • Not allowed to use the address I am staying at and this is not my decision .. unfortunately

    • Even if I was able, maybe on a part time basis close to here currently, I could not do a job without a registered address

Yeah you might want to ask yourself how certain demographics do it when it is this hard for someone born here? I do not know.

My daughter says they are making everything hard and bloody unbearable and we often talk about it getting too much and in all honesty .. we talk about how we would like it to end!!

Yeah another part to our story that they did not get to put in the magazines and yes .. the offer of crowd funding which has been brought up by two different people and then never been brought up again is .. evil.

So I literally do not know what to do.

But when I saw that video about Google giving mainstream media $25 Million it is obvious that Google want a left totalitarianism society and it is odd that they are against certain people talking about their political beliefs while they are allowed to control and manipulate with the money they make they obtain out of slave labour.

Bearing in mind that I am being harassed and accused of not fucking working .. by my government, despite my several serious health conditions, and morons that have a thing about freeloading and feel the need to come on, leave an idiotic comment and then disappear back under the rock they stuck their nose out from. Yeah no one informed us that the public’s taxes were coming out of his personal wallet or that he thinks that everyone should agree with him. Of course it is also OK that billions upon billions are being wasted or that the public services have not only not being doing their jobs for years but also complicit in protecting criminals of the worst kinds.

I wonder why they are talking about civil war at an ever growing pace on YouTube? Yeah because this is all so in your face that it is almost like the people are being deliberately provoked into doing this?

Personally if something did kick off I hope it would be directed at the real guilty parties and that people do not allow themselves to be manipulated to fight someone else’s war that do not have the balls to do so themselves?

Makes me think of a Roger Waters track from his album Amused to Death that is quite apt in this case ..

The Bravery of Being Out of Range

Yeah so I am sorry but posts and photography are liable to be nigh on non existent for the time being and unless I figure out some way through this ..

.. which in all honesty is going to require some help .. except I do not hold out much hope though I have already had an email reply from one.

The trouble is getting there and back again and if it is far ..

.. unless alcohol might help?

I have to quell the anxiety and phobias .. with these and the low magnesium problem I simply do not stand a chance! Oh crap .. that takes money!

My life is just a whole series of Catch 22s!

Max Yuryev talking about getting screwed by Google ..

The Quartering talking about Google giving $25 Million to mainstream media ..

Woman worried there is a push for Paedophile acceptance ..

Video worried about push by LBGTLMNOP paedophile acceptance ..


Ooh dear.

A soft Brexit?!

I suppose I should not have expected anything less really. I suspected this would happen just as I thought that once she had done this .. democracy was well and truly over and will been seen as nothing less than that but all those that voted to leave and many that voted to remain.

If your a remainer and think everyone that voted for way agrees with this then your deluded.

I know what people voting to leave wanted and I know what many that voted to remain believe ..

  • No immigration and no paying the EU
  • This is a democracy and you lost
  • Ooh boy this is really going to open a
  • Can of slow release worms!

The one and only time we’ve had something truly democratic. The one time we get to vote on something and any movement on it works be seen as a stab in the back.

It’s one thing to be promised shit they have no intention of delivering on in a general election.

It’s quite another to vote for just two things and not get those two things in some twisted bullshit.

But I get to watch over time as I get proved correct yet again and almost all politicians and those remoaners that don’t believe in democracy any more.

This is a destruction of what it means to be democratic and it’s going to have far and wide negative effects. Of course it is.

I’ll also be here when it happens to remind them of what I stated and point out it was obvious and their own fault.

Yeah they will try to twist it but I’ll be here calling them out.

Like the socialist left claiming to be left when in my book ‘fair’ means ‘fair’ and not fair to some demographics and not others.

Ooh and their reasons for this are absolute bullshit and not only easily disproved but have been over and over and over again by many savvy and highly popular YouTubers.

The difference between the two sides?

One accepts debate, arguments and comments .. the other does not which says it all really.

On the rare occasions when you do get to argue with them they start screeching and yelling in some demented tactic that this wins an argument and gets then supporters.

No .. you only get the most dense of people with that tactic. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence is not going to look at them seriously.

They might be left but they won’t agree to their bullshit.

In fact it’s going to be interesting as more and more people realise the media had this tactic and that they have lied to us and misled us.

What both groups have done is treat us like we are idiots, have not the intelligence or wisdom to make up our own minds. That they know what’s best for us.

Grand scale patronisation if ever I’ve witnessed it and I honestly did not think I ever would.

But I knew from my own dealings with the mainstream media that something was very, very wrong.

Upon realising I never thought I would live long enough to see everyone realise what was going on?

I very almost have.

Oddly .. the mainstream media realised that people were onto them .. but they had no idea how widespread this is until very, very recently.

Or at least I think they have unless that idiot journalist from the Guardian had not bothered to check the videos of someone that called him out to be a liar. Ooh sorry .. you have to say disingenuous today, lol. If he checked the videos and looked at the ratio of likes and dislikes they might realise the cat has not got out of the bag .. it’s sunning itself on a beach very far away and had been there for years.

The problem is getting rid of this infectious rot of not going to be easy ..

.. but I’m willing to bet a very large contingent will not be happy until the culprits have been found and are .. dealt with accordingly.

If you do the crime you have to do the time.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Brexit: Cabinet agrees ‘collective’ stance on future EU deal –