Following on from my previous post regarding one of the, if not the, most embarrassing thing a Tory government has ever done with the welfare system reform which is nothing more nor less than a gigantic fuck up .. it is in the news yet again.

I was surprised to hear in Prime Minister’s questions that the main topic of the day was the utterly useless and unfair Universal Credit benefit.

Do these people smoke weed when they come up with these plans .. even though they are dastardly plans they have revealed themselves to be much worse than that. Maybe they only come up with these plans after the consumption of several beers, bottle of Chardonnay or Chianti or several Malt Whiskeys?

It is the lamest thing I can think of to come out of a British government for a very, very long time.

When these plans were first announced by David Cameron he insisted they would be fair and I was all in support of that at the time .. PROVIDED that he was sincere. I doubted that he was but hoped he meant what he said.

Where is David Cameron now?

Theresa May had worked her way to the bottom of my page for her competence and somehow managed to go off the end of it today. This has not happened before and I believe her to now be the most despicable Prime Minister since the 1970’s. Beating even Margaret Thatcher!

Because Theresa May actually more or less stated that Universal Credit was a success. A success? Hmm I think the use of weed has spread into the House of Commons? A .. SUCCESS?

In no crazy parallel dimension could it ever be considered a success of any kind .. unless killing tens of thousands of innocent people quietly to save rich people money is considered a success somewhere?

Later I learned there was some vote regarding pausing it and it was a ridiculous loss for the Prime Minister.

I wonder if members of the public get excited when they hear of possible leadership battles among the Tories? Probably secretly hoping that a new Prime Minister might change things? That is until I remind everyone yet again that it was David Cameron getting into power was when these plans were bought in.

Added to this little House of Commons fiasco was yet another report by the BBC. Jesus, have they actually been popping honesty pills?!

In the report, albeit somewhat late to the effect it is measured in years, they state that an estimated 4.1 million people are in financial difficulty. Four point one MILLION people! Jobless benefit claimants could not even make up half that number even if every single one was in difficulty. A portion of them wont be so it is far fewer than half that figure.

Slave labour anyone? I thought there were laws over slave labour?

Maybe there are so many rules and regulations around today that save labour can actually be concealed to the point that the idiot mainstream news groups do not see it? Hidden in plain site unless your a blind idiot? Or perhaps they have just reached a point where they cannot ignore these things anymore as was commanded of them? I always knew that the latter would be a problem in due course when I started this blog over five years ago.

The same report goes on to state that 25.6 million could be vulnerable and so that figure of 4.1 million could grow rapidly over the next couple of years.

This was based on surveys carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority.

As for the vote about pausing, (giggles) ‘pausing’, of Universal Credit, yeah because that will lead to the cease of debt and financial hardship for hundreds of thousands of people, it was a landslide of epic proportions ..

299 In favour of pausing the Universal Credit Roll-Out

0     Against pausing the Universal Credit Roll-Out

Yeah that was indeed a big .. fat .. ZERO!

Umm .. has that ever happened before?

I was both amazed and relieved that it got so much attention in the House of Commons.

But I would like to ask of Jeremy Corbyn what the fuck is the point of a fucking ‘paaaauuuse’?!

Ohhh .. boy. Politicians. Cannot detect the smell of their own excrement .. despite shovelling it out to the British public for so very long now.

I have had business men admit to me recently that the way that these public services are treating people is absolutely and ridiculously inhumane.

One said to me just several days back ‘Do not go to that office .. you will be kept waiting for hours and spoken to like shit .. go to this other office’.

He went on to say how unfair things are and that he had workers where if they worked an extra couple of hours they ended up with less money?! I was literally scratching my head in trying to understand why the fuck they would do this. Punishing you even when our working?!

Yeah .. they do that. They make out they are all for people and supportive of them to if they actually work but that is an outright lie I have proven twice..

  • Not interested nor do they want you working as a volunteer
  • Not interested when you want to work for yourself
  • Support you with your plans and then pull out when you reach certain .. milestones
SO yeah? No!
Yeah .. they watch me and .. they try to second guess me and they cannot ..
  • They cut me loose after stabbing me in the back .. most honest person they ever had
  • They think they got away with it
  • They have not .. I have just taken my time due to other things going on ..
  • These things will come into play when it comes to their stabbing the pubic in the back
  • They will also be revisited and the whole process gone through again ..
  • Except several serious factors come into play ..
  • A huge sacrifice out of a sens of duty come into play
  • Over a child and their children
  • They will try and do this again .. but wont learn about the latter until later on .. so ..
  • They have the option to either run me through or back down .. which will include another one of my long term targets
  • It will all be published on here over the two months it will take to go through
  • If there exists anyone that is unsure of the lies and lack of concern for human life they wont exist for much longer
  • OOPS!
I cannot even go into detail about this yet .. because for one we have not had official confirmation .. despite this involving several very young children and one in particular. One that suffers from .. something. Something not very nice and has you scared for the future .. or more specifically .. ‘their future’.
Double oops.
Oddly enough I heard of this area being mentioned .. Birkenhead and they stated about something about Food Banks.
Hmm wasn’t there a report somewhere about Wirral Council being investigated or something? It was something to do with social services and/or children.
I have just had a thought ..
Theresa May claimed in the House of Commons that Universal Credit encourage people into work? I know that is crap because there are not that many jobs out there.
What I did not consider is that these claims may be based on numbers of the number of people that are on benefits or out of work?
Umm .. have not many disabled people been coming to me with the name of a list, Calum’s List, of over one hundred thousand disabled people that have taken their own lives?
Errr? Yeah maybe the numbers have gone down because of them quite deliberately murdering as many as they can and seem to be hell-bent on continuing on this murderous path.
But now the doubt regarding Universal Credit is widespread.
Hopefully and with the help of this pride of placement in the House of Commons it will become a widely known truth for the majority of the sleeping giants that are the British public?


Well everything is just going wrong one thing after another.

Even the things I am trying to correct are going wrong.

I have tried to change and update my stuff only to find that the dates on the documents are now defunct, do not match up with other documents provided at the same time, those that made the changes failed to mention this at all and best of all they want to disregard dates they used on the documents and fine you £1,000?!

I finally have my laptop back and to my surprise they fixed it..

Only tonight when I attempted to watch a YouTube video I realised that there is now another problem with the sound. There isn’t any!

That is my Drivers Licence and I have absolutely no doubt I am going to have a war with the DVLA who are just yet another public service that make changes to suggest that there shit was .. well shit and not worth the paper it was written on but they will find you unless you have the latest piece of their crap that is not worth the paper it is written on!

Jesus H Christ .. this fucking country and its incompetent and yet self-entitled pratts with delusions of grandeur?!

So the ‘walls are closing in’?

Well yeah .. except not for me!

After a twenty year battle with my oldest enemy that is a particular pubic service it would appear that time and tide wait for no man .. sorry, I mean woman.

There was a couple of things occur that I simply could not believe. Pretty serious things to boot and these, along with two other very serious things, seem to coincide within the two month period whereby I visited this area and then .. relocated here.

One occurred prior to putting forward the idea of relocating, one during and now two a little after doing it and I have not even spent a single night in my new home!

Yup after an extended period of time I have a new home.

It is a little .. weird .. the feeling and spending the first days in the place is no doubt going to be weird .. very .. weird.

However my health issues have surfaced left, right and centre. I have also been struck down with a cold to boot.

It would seem that my memory issues have allowed me to overlook some important things .. though the morons involved going back on what they say in typical incompetent self-entitled political crap made it very easy to do.

This waas not even all of the things that have occurred in the last few days either and three separate news stories did not escape my attention ..

  • 84% of Universal Credit claimants in rent arrears as I previously mentioned
  • Disabled people have finally decided to record their disability assessments and the DWP have been trying to stop them
  • This council, Wirral, are under some kind of investigation due to them being crap and their social services department being crap too
If all that was not enough ..
  • One other little nugget of councils buying homeless people one way train tickets to get rid of them .. ooh boy how I could use that to do a travel photography piece?!
  • Travel photography as each council area I end up with will no doubt buy me a ticket to the next place
  • Cannotbe too long now before public services start pointing their fingers and accusing each other in a big mud slinging bar fight?
I have only been here a couple of weeks!
I have some meetings arranged .. not sure how it is all going to pan out but could be pretty good .. in fact could be quite a show in all honesty.
Hmm .. looking at the above and thinking through them again .. it really could be a long list of huge disclosures and some evidence to make most of those I have fought previously look as guilty as dammit but adding in a very big new one to boot.
Currently my new home is almost ready to move into .. save for the fact that using any, and only, electrical sockets trips the system.
So using my mute laptop will be impossible which will be a pain. But it could be fixed tomorrow so that could be cool.
The overall big take from everything I will disclose will be the humongous amount of things that we are now expected to remember and with unfair and very big fines waiting for us for not recalling things and not doing their jobs for them!
Others individual things will all be things that simply stating would vindicate me would be something of an understatement and on one subject .. twenty five years late!!
Yeah .. the walls are closing in alright but not on me .. on someone else!
Now my concern next week will be finding the time to finally go out and take some photographs of different areas that in each and every case for several months will be new.
I might have missed the autumn and some stormy weather with deep orange suns that had people thinking the end of the world is nigh .. but .. it will be the Spring when I will be most productive.
I only hope the weather is on my side enough times for me to get a fair few photos onto FlickR and I simply must set up another photo sharing account .. with maybe Instagram?
Also, not only getting back to posting as regular as I was previously but also increasing the frequency of my posting for all my subjects?
Fingers crossed.


Well how about that?

Currently ill and under a duvet I see this BBC Report about soaring rent prices and it’s effect on low income tenants.

This reminded me of another report I saw on the BBC News about how 84% of people on the new and claimed to be fairer Universal Credit are in rent arrears!

I cannot think of a time when the government have been quite so stupid, made big claims regarding their plans and got it so wrong?

Bizarrely it’s just as I predicted.

In my new home I’m already hearing plenty of horror stories and one has started to unfold right before my eyes..

A woman I’ve met who has a little girl who is about 5 or 6 and is also pregnant has just received an eviction notice.

Yep you read that right .. pregnant and with a little girl and just received an eviction notice ..

.. from her local council, no less!

I’ve also been proved right about the honesty of a particular group of people and actually spoken to a man I would happily hospitalise for the rest of his life.

Fortunately he is behind bars .. yeah .. they seem to be able to phone out using mobile phones?! God knows what other fucking shit they are allowed to do, or indeed, getting away with.

Domestic violence from a Muslim man that, just as I did on a previous occasion and later proved, I’m sure is a radical.

Still I’m here to work on the latter part of that along with his community of friends .. the leader of which has stated that we English are all racist because we won’t allow Muslim men to batter white English women to a pulp, threaten the lives of a mother and four children and walk free. Yup .. you better believe that too!

He was happy I was here .. then immediately accused the person in with of lying .. that I’m not who I say I am. That was to a woman.

Funny .. he was not quite so brave with me on the phone.

He also warned me about the woman’s mother .. an odd coincidence. Odd because that’s the third Muslim man to tell me how bad this mother is.

This woman .. who was defended by a social worker friend of mine for a fair old while. That was .. annoying.

I was told by one a few years back that if this bother lived in the middle East she would be stoned to death.

The cat is half way out the bag.

Despite buying a fucking laptop I am still without one! Do not get me started.

It seems your allowed to sell untested crap whether your selling new, or at least claiming to be, or used items right there on the high street.

Also .. the council are not helping this family of four children and one mother ..

Oh they have said they are sorry for the past and .. visit every so often but .. that’s not helping and not is it making amends.

There is also something that .. looks to be obvious about one of the children .. meaning special care and support is needed. Let’s see shall we, when we have it confirmed?

I’ve also been asked if I can attend a county court hearing by a defendant.

Another example that seem to get worse with each one of the government not being fit for purpose. That’s leaving aside being both incompetent and liars.

Still .. this nation as a whole still appears to be being extremely naive. Or just amoral .. I’m not sure which just yet.

Now where the feck is my stuff?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Low-income tenants battle soaring rents – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41601455


I am not in Enfield any longer!

Apologies for the delay but things have been .. hectic!

In fact I am still between homes but I can tell you that I am around 240 miles from the nearest London borough!

I am looking and have contacted organisations in North Wales as well as Cheshire along with a few in the area I am currently in.

I have been here 9 days and had intended to purchase a laptop to continue posting on my blogs but .. I only acquired one yesterday, bought one that was used as new laptops are a total rip-off for what essentially only have two cores, is this the late 90’s?

However despite getting a hold of, surprisingly, a HP Envy laptop and this being the second used electronic device I bought from this area in a little over two months both are faulty.

This laptop seems fine except that when charging it seems to only charge slowly and at a lower rate than it discharges, even with battery savings on, and it WILL shut off, which it did yesterday evening around 7pm.

Leaving the laptop on charge while off all evening and all night I was relieved to see that it did in fact have a full charge by 9am this morning.

I had wondered if the battery was knackered, it is not an easily removable one, or whether I had been given the wrong or faulty charger?

The little light by the power socket on the side of the laptop does indeed light up when plugged in and even when the power is off. I am assuming that it is receiving some power as the light being on and when it was down to one minute remaining it still went for an hour before shutting down.

So I have to return to the cash converter store to see if the power lead is the right one and whether it is faulty or not.

I feel somewhat better knowing now I have contacted several organisations in the hope that they can assist me in what I want to do.

Oh yeah ..

This little detail about moving?

I relocated here, though I have yet to officially relocate, because my daughter and grandchildren not only need help but are also in danger and .. well .. there is not anyone else to help and do not even mention pubic services to me.

The children have many problems due to the negative affect domestic abuse has had and added to that I am now told that one of my grandchildren is autistic.

Another shows signs of this too but as that is the youngest one we are not sure if it is sure fire symptom or whether or not mimicking is going on?

Before I left and on the day I was leaving for the umpteenth time I was asked to stay, told by my landlord that if it did not work out he would happily rent to me again and there is a place if it did not work out within three weeks.

I was also told by two separate people that me leaving was the end of an era! Oddly both also called Steve but did not know each other.

When I explained why .. again I was told I was an honest and honourable man. Has to be just about one of the nicest things anyone ever said about me.

I am currently in the Wirral.

Hmm? I used to know someone in North Wales?! Unfortunately they got the wrong end of a very long stick and stopped talking to me, after accusing me of first trying to start a civil war and then a government shill.

I only hope I get a great deal of photography done over the next six months to a year? Both landscapes and wildlife.


It is funny that in all the years that I have been publishing online I have thought more and more about how regular people have been used to make certain companies .. rich .. or richer?

When I think about how you simply cannot start out from day one expecting anything it made perfect sense.

As a matter of fact I did not even think about making anything when I first started out!

But this was put to me in a matter of months by none other than Google themselves. So I thought well that is a good idea and I went into their Adsense program with the idea that there might be a wait but .. down the line if I could do this long enough I might acquire a small amount on a monthly basis. That was just from my blogs of which there are 12 .. read it .. TWELVE. Twelve subjects and I do not even cover all my knowledge bases.

In fact I had a YouTube channel that had been sitting idle for a number of years with just the odd video being uploaded, like breeding a friends Red Eyed Tree Frogs (Agalychnis callidryas).

Yeah .. I don’t only know about corruption.

In fact the subjects I cover are Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish which are all combined into one blog along with British Wildlife, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Orchids, Photography (well more experimental artistic side), Japanese Maples, Films and Music. Hmm .. on yeah Wing Chun Kung Fu though that has been neglected for a fair old while, mores the pity.

In fact as part of my business pitch to the company providing the so-called help to the DWP over their NEA, New Enterprise Allowance, program I deliberately left out the part that I had already been working on this for over 4 years in my spare time and when y health would allow. Which was not very much and not very far, if I am honest.

What I was told, without being given a reason why which was what I was interested in seeing if they could provide, is that it would take too long to build up a decent amount of viewers.

Well that lasted for about ten seconds while I puled out my folder and then explained that I had been actually been building this up for four years and had so far attracted 500,000 odd visitors. Across the board. Then it was like a scene from an old Tom & Jerry cartoon whereby the eyes looked almost as if the word ‘TILT’ had appeared in them.

“I can tell you now that I would not even need to speak to my company .. you WILL be accepted!” was what I was then told.

Well they were helpful .. for about 3 out of 8 weeks and then suddenly and after being approved TWICE the Job Centre and the DWP pulled the plug in the most dishonest way you could possibly imagine.

This was right after spending £20,000 odd, only having half of what I needed and well AFTER I had also made a very, VERY major commitment I could not back out of.

So what I am getting right now is nothing .. at all.

I do have a solicitor that I have been waiting to change the DWP’s PREVIOUS decision to cut my disability money .. oh yeah another thing that had already screwed up my plans to be self-sufficient.

That was after taking it away once before for seven whole years. Technically someone owes me in the region of £40,000 and as this blame could be attributed to either the DWP or the NHS .. it makes it, intentionally, difficult to sue anyone. Not that there is any Legal Aid for anyone .. anyway. But then I now realise that was their plan all along starting many years ago now.

Funny then that when they was first informed that I had received money that they then dragged me in for an assessment and then spoke to me as if I had been dishonest about it.

Funny .. it seems if your dishonest they then throw the proverbial book at you and then love to label you as being as such .. but .. they do it and everyone says nothing.

Just this morning I was explaining this to someone who likes giving them excuses and instead of the usual .. “Oh, you just got a moron working for them!” they must have realised this had gotten a bit tired as they thought that they had confused me with someone else? Umm .. no! “But they cannot do that!” Umm .. they just did. Three times!

When I told them they they treat money you have differently depending o where you get it they also said “they can’t do that” but I answered with “They told me that they can do this and told me over the phone!”


But as the years went on in the beginning I started to wonder if there was ever a time anyone gets paid anything .. even if it is a small amount per month. To someone that has nothing, or has never been able to mustrt together a career of any kind due to health or other issues even a small amount each month can make a world of difference. But that seems at times like something that would take ten years or work or really professional equipment that would be ludicrous to expect anyone to have and use for YouTube videos?!

Except I see time after time that on YouTube that is exactly what people expect! LMAO! Normally by morons that like to go around calling other people names and not realising how stupid and unrealistic they sound.

Fortunately not everyone is like that online but there are enough to matter.

Just the other day I was explaining to a small audience of wildlife enthusiasts in a bird hide what I have done, what I do and how I have worked through a shed load of tools. This was because I explained a bit about photography to these people and showed one guy how to switch his Canon bridge camera onto the shutter speed mode, or ‘Tv’, pumped his shutter up to a 1000th of a second and he went off to take pictures of Great Tits and Blue Tits, they are birds lol, as they were taking off and landing on a bird feeder. After a few minutes he came over to show me how he had just taken a photo and the wings of the birds were frozen in the image. He had a big smile on his face and mentioned a couple of times how he was glad to have bumped into me. I told him I was happy to oblige.

I even managed to get a few laughs from those there and then one old lady mentioned that she has met someone who used to have a store where I said I had one years ago and that he then took her and showed her the wild orchids. I then realised she was talking about me and told her so from about four years ago.

When she realised this was in fact me and everyone else thought it was a perfect example of a small world I then explained I had been through no less than five cameras in that time. This did not include using my phone to start with and nor did it include the three faulty Nikons that were returned nor the Olympus that was also returned all to Argos!

In other words an argument can be made that I have worked my way through nine cameras. Oh .. wait a minute? I forgot .. I have been through two mobile phones in that time. So possibly TEN cameras?

But let us forget about the exact amount and splitting hairs for a moment. Five cameras and it is only my latest one that comes anything close to a professional camera. In fact it sits near the top .. well depending on your point of view .. it is £3,000 for the body when top Canons and Nikons are £6,000 but it does many things better than those two companies mentioned. Well .. Nikon were about to announce the Nikon D850 and I had considered waiting for that model but .. it was an unknown and as good as it is .. there are still things about my Sony A99II that are better.

Does it make a difference? Umm .. yeah!!

Except .. I waited so long to be able to buy it that I have lost out on most of the summer and all the flowers, most if not all the insects and other things besides. Bummer!

Yet I have managed to acquire my first ever photos and video of what some consider to the the holy grail of British Wildlife, the Kingfisher!

Would I have gotten photos with my Nikon P900 of this Kingfisher? No, and that includes both occasions it appeared. It was weird as within the space of a week and for the first time EVER in that particular spot I had been visiting for almost ten years .. the first Kingfisher.

Not the first time I have seen one you understand and not the first time I have seen one while taking photographs of British Wildlife. The hots could have been better and it could have been .. well diving but not where I was at. Kingfishers do not and rarely hang round bird hides long in built up areas and certainly rarely fish in front of one. In fact I spoke to someone else about the Kingfisher’s that reside at Rye Meads which is not far away and they said that it was a waste of time because the bird hide is always full of people with cameras.

Yeah to do some real wildlife stuff and get some great and unusual photos and video you need to be .. well .. in the wild, so to speak. Lol. The funny thing is I do know of a spot but it is not easy to get to and .. I wont be able to .. go and sit there waiting as I would like. Hard to explain why right now but I will in time.

I have to find .. somewhere else.

So that is just the .. British Wildlife side of things. Some effort, planning and professional tools required.

Then there has been this long urge to be more creative and artistic with photography which I have been extremely limited to until very, very recently. Still things are too hectic, up in the air and I have far too many people and organisations to deal with .. right now.

So much for that support, eh?

So yeah I see people on YouTube trying to build up there channel while no one mentions the obvious. Why do people have to work their arses off for years, go through various amounts of expenses to buy stuff to be to start to do this and then improve things and still no money starts being paid? It is like this humongous Elephant in the Room. Maybe no one complained as they thought YouTube, or Google, might hold things against them or hold payment back or something? Oddly YouTube have been going around demonetizing videos and so much so that it has affected a long list of popular people. Now people are complaining about it. But that Elephant still lurks behind that .. very broad curtain.

My own YouTube channel was only really used to back up my blogs and by being able to add content. Up until now I could only ever upload certain photos because Blogger, also Google owned and one of over 200 companies they purchased, restricts the photo size. I did have a FlickR account and possibly others .. but as my photos were not being shot on anything even remotely professional I did not really see the point?

I have started to upload again to my FlickR account where I am known as ‘allnights1’ and said photos of Kingfisher are now there. Plus some old photos of the British Orchids I previously referred to.

One cool fact of FlickR, but I guess they all do this, is telling the viewer on what specific model of camera I took each photo on. Hmm .. those two faulty Nikon P610’s, could have been P620’s, might have some photos on their? I do know my Sony A99II is on there along with a Nikon P900 as well as the previous bridge camera, another Sony HX-300 I think it was? Just looking now I see my first camera purchase of a Nikon S8200 is on there too?

Nope neither of the short lived Nikon P610’s, there were TWO, Nikon L810 or Olympus SZ-820 made it onto my FlickR account. I guess I was either too busy replacing faulty cameras or I had decided my equipment and photos were not professional enough for me to bother? Lol.

So then .. if I spend an entire year from this moment onwards .. though I am limited for about two weeks from today onwards, do you think that recently purchasing £10,000 worth of camera equipment and the same amount on a car is enough time to expect something to happen? Oh that is £10,000 on my CURRENT camera equipment. Body £3,000, 70-200mm f2.8 lens £2,700, 24-70mm f2.8 lens £1,800+, Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens, LowePro Whistler, Battery grip, filters, Cotton Carrier chest holster, SpiderPro holster and god knows how many other things. Cleaning equipment for lenses/sensor. Do you think that would be enough? Or will I have to keep on giving away free advertising to Google and its partners for ever more? Lol.

I am actually missing a macro lens for insects and flowers though I am not really sure I need it right now, not sure on minimum focus distance of current lenses and still need to test.

I am also missing something around the 300mm size which I could use with my 1.4x Sony Teleconverter. Or a 500mm size lens. Unfortunately the former is £6,000 on its own and you think that is bad then the latter is double that! There is the option of a 100-400mm lens but not sure of the quality of the images and it is £2,000 and not sure if it would work, or even just work well, with my Sony teleconverter. Oh the teleconverter alone is around £500 to buy!

I am also interested in astrophotography which I MAY be able to achieve with the 24-70mm f2.8. May. Really you want something that is a faster aperture then this .. purely because the faster that light is transmitted then the shorter the shutter speed so you do not get star trails. It gets a bit more complicated, for those already deciding, because the aperture is not literally indicative of a lenses speed and this comes down to something else called ‘T-stops’. Bummer! But it might mean that my f2.8 wide angle zoom might be better than some f2 or even f1.8 lenses? I simply do not know as of right now and am too busy sorting out other things while trying to correct some major errors or pulling the knives out of my back of public services that are anything but public, they seem to be self-entitled morons, or a service, screw you over at every opportunity and are really reluctant to give anyone any help at all while using the feeblest excuses to hit you with a steal tax.

Lol, oh yeah I have been hit by a really surprising steal tax for something I have never done .. except I seem to have this time .. had to think about it and realised that instead of waiting in a queue of traffic that all wanted to go straight across at the lights, I crossed into the left hand lane to turn left right at the end of a bus lane. Well it seems that a camera spotted me and I got a letter of a fine this morning. Initially I was confused and thought … “I have never entered a bus lane .. EVER. How the hell ..” then when I saw the location I realised. I thought “What the fuck?! At the end of a bus lane instead of waiting in the WRONG queue of traffic .. I followed a car in front that did the exact same thing?! Your fining me for THAT?!” LMAO!

Someone said that they saw my car on the photograph and decided that as I am able to be screwed for what is in essence a load of bollocks, £550 per year car tax, I will pay for a stupid fine and have been hit with a stealth tax.

This country.

Everyone I know that is legal .. mainly British people are fed up with doing things legally and then getting caned for it with the most lame excuses imaginable.

It is funny how people do not have the brains to realise what is going on right under their noses .. or their just think that it will all magically go away one way?

Just this morning a social worker friend of mine had a couple of pedestrians have a go at him while I was on the phone to him and he was explaining that he could not go anywhere and if he had gone where they said that he should go, because it was inconvenient for them, he would have been fined. He then told me that he paid a fine once because his car was six inches over a box in a junction?!

I will be happy to see the back of that crap .. which I can honestly say only seems to happen in London. I do not know whether the local governments in London are just clueless to the fact that people they con actually go elsewhere in the UK or they are just clueless and think every local government does what they do? Umm .. NO!

At this rate it will only be a matter of years before everyone in the London area is driving illegally and unregistered .. who will they get their salaries from then? LMAO!

I have invested my own money to try and do something for myself and become self-sufficient but where is the help and where is the support?

Remember that I have a registered disability. A pretty bloody nasty one if I am completely honest and if it is not the bloody aching of my feet from standing around on concrete and tarmac, is is the memory blanks, the panic attacks, the tiredness or even the damn digestive issues .. oh and the high blood pressure .. the blacking out from postural hypotension and the rapid heart rates.

My father and Uncle, like their mother, did not like Doctors and Hospitals much. My father was never even registered with one. Both my father and Uncle died in their mid-fifties and I show worse symptoms than they did and I am 48. But because I look fit, buff at times, they think they can state that because I look fit therefore there is nothing wrong with me? Or at least they did think that .. until the high BP, high heart rates and waking up in a patch of stinging nettles and being rushed into A&E several times despite not wanting to.

Well .. lets just say I have a wee bit more than my medial records. Lol.

So yeah in the meantime I will just continue working to help make ever more money along with a load of other poor saps for what is now widely seen to be an evil company that likes to claim it is not and left leaning, get ever richer.

Is it not funny how all of these organisations and companies that claim they are left leaning, heavily left leaning, do not appear to be so when it comes down to money?

I mean they claim to be very far left but .. wait a minute? Is not the left supposed to be more to do with communities than individuals? As opposed to the extreme right? Like a communist society? Or maybe someone along the lines has moved the goalposts?

To me if your extreme right, your Hitler. If your extreme left, your Stalin.

But of late I have gotten into conversations with people where the have tried to explain different types of left leaning or even extreme left? Umm .. what?

It’s a scale .. not a bloody road map!

There is left and right and different accents along that scale, no up and down or top and bottom and nor is there a north and south. LMAO!

Just crap labels for people who want to cherry pick, that is it and that is all.

Oh and of course it is all about what is fashionable I guess? Well .. that is until everyone realises your full of shit!


What makes it worse .. do you think that working for years at great expense to yourself is bad enough? Well how about demonetizing videos?

What follow is a YouTube link about one independent journalist, called Tim Pool, talking to another independent news reporter, Luke Rudkowski, talking about YouTube demonetizing videos because they do not agree with the extreme left.

You would be forgiven for thinking that these two are extreme right, except as far as I can tell so far Tim Pool is .. centre.

Would you not think that it would be down to the companies that the ads are for to decide whether or not they can advertise with someone’s channel?

Sooner or later something has to give and someone needs to ask some serious questions. True enough some of these questions are now being asked, just as these two guys are discussing in the video.

Maybe it is my imagination but it seems to me that someone seems to be trying to control the world by controlling the Internet? Maybe one company that has been purchasing literally hundreds of other companies in the process?

Once again .. an extreme left attitude .. until of course it comes to money. Which is more or less they way that many countries claiming to be communist countries seem to act. I would love to hear of one that does not act like this .. I might even be interested in living there?!

Six hundred and sixty videos demonetised overnight!


Tim Pool speaking to Luke Rudkowski and some worrying .. trends ..

Oh and I almost forgot the one I was originally going to link in here ..

Vee speaking about the demonetising and a rather large channel being .. well hypocritical about it ..


Jesus .. H .. Christ!

As if a visit to accident and emergency .. or was it an urgent care centre? Anyway .. as if that was not enough .. last night I was in agony.

Stomach pains after eating a Doner Kebab the night before. Did not come on until the afternoon but then it gradually built up and then there was all that sulphuric gas smell. It got so bad I spent an hour or more shoving my fingers down my throat as that takes the focus away from the pain and kind of has a chance of shifting .. something.

In fact I spent so long at it that I now have a sore tongue .. or at least it appears to be sore underneath and I have a sneaky suspicion that .. it will hurt to talk? Lol. Will please a few people, lol.


I am right in the middle of .. well a whole bloody raft of things as it turns out.

I have spent a few days here and there just going through my house like a whirlwind and just throwing a hell of a lot out, re-arranging stuff into .. umm sections and trying to do the garden bit by bit.

But everyone I have been honest with has either pulled support or now expecting my to do the proverbial cart-wheels.

It is a little hard to say what all this means .. right now at any rate. But by the end of the month it will inevitably become clear. Because I cannot change things now and I will harp on about it once it is all over.

Well I say .. all over .. but it might be anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks before it is fully over and things have settled down .. to a degree?

So yeah .. having two flare ups in the space of a week, or a little over as I am having difficulty keeping track.

Also do not forget .. as I do, that I .. forget and have a hard time keeping track!

My word I do not want to see another Doner Kebab as long as I live .. which is annoying as I had one for the first time a few weeks back and I was fine that time!

I did have some serious problems over a year ago each time I had a Doner Kebab, cows milk also and normal chip shop chips. So I stopped eating all three. Had chip shop chips recently to no ill effect and also that last doner so I thought it was something that had passed on by?

I also was given this drink with this ‘clay’ in which is supposed to kill any parasites so when I was OK I thought maybe I had some internal parasite that the Doctors and Hospitals had missed?

Apparently not.

What I am heading towards right now is a make me or break me kind of crossroads.


It’s funny how odd things are said by politicians from time to time.

Sometimes they can say something positive about a member of the opposing side that is actually a negative.

Sometimes when they say this you wonder if they actually knew how the situation was?

Sometimes when they say these things you wonder if they know for the situation is?!

Sometimes .. they can then go and say something sensible .. for a Tory at any rate, but then wonder if there is some long running plan behind their words.

Some Lord of Peckham, South London, actually said that he would prefer, they did say early version, of Tony Blair than the current Theresa May?!

Hmm makes me wonder what happened to ask the finger pointing about whose fault it is we owe so much money?

I also take from his remarks that Tony Blair was not that far removed from being a Tory himself?

Well that lines up with what just about everyone I’ve ever spoken to thinks!

Then he gets even more surprising by stating that Ruth Davidson (Davison?) would make a good Tory leader and Prime Minister?! It gets better as he then says “she grew up on a council estate”?! A Tory who wants someone from a council estate .. in Scotland?!

Wonders never cease.

Now I have trouble remembering our recalling things at times and have done for several years. Of course what I didn’t know was that this forgetfulness was actually a thing. It’s a symptom of a long running disability that causes 120 symptoms. Yup, pains are included in that list along with skin conditions and other weird things.

I say that because I’m wondering if Ruth Davidson is the lady that I’ve always liked when I’ve heard her talk?

For me that’s no mean feat!

I liked Jeremy Corbyn to until he did something that doomed him with me and the wider British public. Only doing well in the last election because the Tories have done such a piss poor job.

It’s still the job of the DWP and Job Centres along with other public services to lie to the British public. A lot. In fact more so now than they used to .. just in more inventive and clever ways.

Hmm I will have to Google Ruth Davidson to see if she is the person I think she is.

Yup, yup! That’s her alright.

I would go as far as saying that she was the most impressive Tory .. for me. But then .. that would not be a difficult feat to achieve.

In fact if I think of names of Tories I’ve liked I can only think of Heseltine and Portillo. But then I could very well find out about opinions they had our have that would completely change my opinions.

I also never paid much attention to politics .. that is until recently and it’s not something I wanted to do or enjoy doing. Just kind of forced.

That’s because I realised that certain public services were lying which they had others added into a list. That just got longer and before long I realised that along with myself others were suffering.

I then wondered, along with feeling guilt, about the world my child and her children were growing up in.

So I decided to do something about and and not long after I started .. collating .. I then become thrust into something that no one believed .. even though when I told them it was over a year after the event.

They do now.

It appears now that this was only a rinse. A repeat is already currently underway.

Well actually .. to be more precise ..

It’s the fifth time. That’s right .. FIFTH.

That’s a 100% record that when all is divulged .. is going to make a hell of a lot of people squirm in their seats.

Well that’s just too bad! Lol.

It also doesn’t include the other things I’ve been working on that will make all my other targets start squirming in their seats all over again.

I wonder if they have realised and I wonder if they realise what the difference will be between this following year that I do it and the period that I did it previously?

I’ll give you a clue ..

It has everything to do with numbers and a little tiny bit too do with track record.


Theresa May is ‘hopeless and weak’, says leading Tory party donor http://flip.it/iVB5Vy



This simply has to be a first?!

I’ve been planning several things to be divided between around October 2017 and probably October 2018.

I say probably because there are just so many areas in involved with and all are current in flux .. well that is except for one.

One of these is to do with the NHS, well three in fact and all are very lengthy, Dental treatment.

Bizarrely, you will probably find, this links back to something else that’s been ongoing for many years.

Trust me when I saw this that the NHS were aware of my actions .. well up until two years ago when I then led them in a merry dance .. to get them to drop their guards. Guards, I might add, they should never have dropped.

More fool them for continuing to think they are the most intelligent people on the room and completely impervious.

Except they are not and they might think they survived my onslaught two years ago but the truth is .. I never really .. finished. Lol.

In that time I’ve still been ‘working’ while having something this whole time I’ve kept to my sleeve.

Both these things will serve to add incredible amounts of insults to incredible amounts of injury ..

Along with a breakdown of how and why it was all planned.

But I find myself actually being beaten to the punch in this occasion.

In the BBC report below is a story of how no one can get dental treatment and one guy, it couple resorted in pulling out their own teeth!!

Think that’s news and a first?

Nope .. I just kept my own story on the back burner for a later date because it links to insurmountable proof of what I have to deal with and what I have.

As does my visit to Accident and Emergency via ambulance just last night. A visit that now incudes no less than three visits over 18 months for the exact same damn thing they still don’t have an answer to.

Trust me when I thought I was never getting out of North Middlesex Hospital alive.

Yeah .. I’ve pulled out my own too .. along with an obvious link being missed despite being suspected!

Oops .. guess what I have regarding all the above and everything I’ve said over the last two years?!

Hmm if you wondered why it had gone quiet on that front? Getting the idea why now?

Sometimes things take a very long time.

Along with this I now have had two public services in the employment .. division and over more than one thing too. Also I’ve been embroiled in two local councils too and once again and all simultaneously .. the POLICE!

If you’ve ever been smart enough to go back to the first year or two and see what I’ve experienced and endured .. well it’s all been back for over a year and it’s had a long list of public services added to it very rapidly.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that a couple .. well three that have recently joined the fray I’ve been involved with previously, more than once with two of them, won’t end until well into 2018. Likely 2019 with one.

Oooh boy I cannot wait ..

One of many reasons I cannot wait is due to one complete moron calling me a drama queen over three faulty Advent PC Tablets from PC World.

Yeah that comment and label is going to look so fucking stupid that I’m willing to bet that if they ever find out what I’ve divulged between October and the following year they their comments will disappear?

Or perhaps just change their YouTube name so they can go on birding bitching and whining while no one has any idea of how stupid and obviously amoral they are?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: ‘We couldn’t see an NHS dentist so we pulled out our own teeth’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41113507


A slight .. mishap.

For the record .. don’t ever trust your local Job Centre or DWP with anything. Anything at all!

Especially the New Enterprise Allowance.

Unfortunately they screwed up .. expecting people to be dishonest the whole time.

They pulled me in and I had to be assessed .. only what they didn’t know was what they had been informed about I had already informed them of.

Then they was rude.

Then they lied three times.

Then five days into being self employed using their own scheme .. they pulled it!

Except I’ve not long come back from .. my daughters who had been attacked by her husband and my four grandchildren along with my daughter are all in danger. Even though the perpetrator is behind bars .. court case 18th January 2018 expected to get ten years then deported.

But others are piling in with witness intimidation.

So I have to move there .. to help them and protect them as there is no one else.

Plus try and get this business going I’ve been planning for years.

But the Job Centre, DWP and Local Council of Enfield just lead me into a trap ..

Except I was half expecting it anyway.

So after being surrounded with social workers and victim support and police .. I come back home start packing everything I have and then get told I’m being stabbed in the back ..

A few hours later I feel a familiar feeling .. worse than it had been before .. so I grab my BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR. After the reading above I ring 111 asking for to get my pulse down to stop the pain in my chest .. next thing I know I’m being tested and then they notice in sweating .. a lot. Hallelujah! Finally after ten years someone sees this in the world of medicine! Something is then sprayed under my tongue .. given .. gas .. see .. stuff, nitrous oxide mix I think?

Then I’m strapped into an ambulance bed in the back of an ambulance for the first time in my life. Then the ambulance moves .. and I suddenly remember .. my motion problem!! I’m now panicking and I look at the paramedic and say ‘uh-oh!’ and explain.

I’m put in a seat so I can see out the windscreen .. it helps .. a bit.

Gas-gas-gas and then REAL gas-gas-gas .. hoping one or both will take my mind off things.

Three ECG’s later I’m currently in the waiting room .. at North Middlesex Hospital. Feeling better but don’t want this recurring. I want to go, I want a cigarette, I’m dying for a drink, I’ve no money and my Land Rover feels a million miles away from where I am sitting at 12.30am.