Well would you Adam and Eve it?

Due to someone I have referred t as a Wide Mouthed Troll, thought was a leftist .. then realised he was neither left-wing or right-wing and something very sinister who wont stop hounding or reporting me .. I discovered something.

This person just wont leave it alone and always .. always guaranteed to open his big gate, or trap if you prefer, and lets some tidbit .. loose.

Now he joked that an account that had the entire Pole Shift series from this blog pinned in a very long thread had been suspended. Of course he laughed like a Hyena the way that he always does and I am sure he will lay claim to this victory.

Well it turned out he was wrong .. well he should really be used to that as he has tried with me hundreds if not thousands of time since August 2017 and has not gotten anywhere. Outside of three suspensions, one for speaking metaphorically, one he claims for .. the backup to this blog and one for calling him an idiot and a moron. Seems certain truths are not allowed, eh?

Well this time he was wrong but for once you could not blame him because it does indeed come up that this account looks to not exist .. bu I can assure you that it does and nor does or has it ever received a suspension nor does it have any current shadow bans .. because I checked.

Now another account used that did receive suspensions still sits there with its offending tweets. Which are pinned.

HOWEVER .. this one with its Pole Shift series pinned in a very long thread is secretly hidden from view ..

Not found from outside Twitter
Not found from inside Twitter
Has no Shadow Bans
Yet here it is with its Pole Shift Pinned Thread!

Now the odd thing is this .. this so-called troll .. I have suspected for many weeks now is not a toll at all but something far more .. sinister.

He is not left-wing or right-wing, has attacked people from both sides .. only goes after Brexit people and does not like being proved wrong. He has lied about his career four times, lied about his nationality, lied about his skin colour, lied about his faith.

But the one thing that has everyone’s attention is his is absolutely obsessed with me and in fact they called him a super’stalker where I was concerned back in September or October 2018.

I cottoned on it was because I was getting popular and either he saw this as a threat to something he cared about or he wanted to ride on the back of my coat-tails? Well when he suspended me and boasted about it that latter option went out the window.

Privately he would not react to insults to the faith I thought he belonged to either.

He rowed with both right-wing and left-wing people and seemed like he was trying to stoke trouble too? He tried getting friendly with leftist group Resisting Hate but they told him to feck off in no uncertain terms.

Of course I know my sciences and had he been across my blogs would have realised that I have spoken about theories of global events .. though at the time I did not think any of them were about to to take place.

HOWEVER .. I did started blogging posts that I was seeing .. SIGNS!

Its entirely plausible that they might have realised I was one that would cotton on, so to speak, and reveal all.

I have since cottoned on, revealed all and now the posts are being hidden, at least by Twitter and in ways the public are obviously not aware of.

Now let me get something clear as I have done on Facebook now ..

Those that are now talking about poles shifting and global cooling ..

  • Conspiracy Theorists and all attaching their own conspiracies to this
  • Spiritual Groups and Healers
  • Groups of Farmers
  • Scientists

Now let me tell you who is NOT talking about it ..

  • Your Mainstream Fake News Media
  • Your Politicians
  • Being told some pretty crazy shit though, are you not?
  • Why its almost like its a cover-up or something?

Because they have insisted on a system for decades they have done fuck all too that in the event that a global event is widely know .. collapses and so money is more important that preparing people for

  • Years without summers
  • Shortened or non -existent growing seasons
  • Mini Ice Age
  • Full on Ice Age
  • Allowing people to prepare or inventors to invent things and ways to survive any possible freezing temperatures



Unless I am riding them I do not like cycles.

This is mainly because humans tend to put fixed times on them in a universe where there are very few rules.

Very often and for the longest time I have heard that the Sun works on cycles that last for 11 years and along with everything else they state about the Sun, and other things for that matter. You cannot apply constants to many things.

Well as it turns out and now that I am looking into it the cycles that the Sun goes through are not strictly 11 years .. fancy that?

So now I have discovered the actual RANGE of the cycles going from the shortest to longest durations I can think once again about this and make more confident statements instead of pie in the sky estimates.

So going aover a new chart I found that runs from 1604 to 1810 the range seems to run from 9 years to 12.8 years and even is you add in the 200 missing years I very much doubt it would change a great deal fro this range?

Doubt it would be as short as 8.5 years or more than 13.

There was one other thing I need to figure out too .. because I know what people are going to say and think .. as soon as there hear news of an increase in Sunspot activity, if there ever is one, they will state that everything is back to normal. Again no prior knowledge in any of this.

Except everyone seems to know that a kettle boils in minutes because of the amount of power and a tropical aquarium that is setup takes a long time to reach the thermostatically controlled temperature and that if the wattage is too low .. the water temperature will rise to a point but never actually reach that temperature.

The point is that it takes time.

The fact is that the climate has become warmer during periods because of a successive number of Sunspots over a given amount.

Alternatively below a given amount of a number of cycles it cools.

With each cycle the thermostat is switched on but set at different levels .. and then switched off for a given period of time.

Not at the start of cycle 23 around 1997 this switching off was not even off completely and lasted only about 6 months going by the charts available.

Now the peak of Cycle 23 ended up lower than they expected it to be t a average lower than 150 whereas the peak of Cycle 22 was closer to 200 and Cycle 21 higher than that. Three peaks over an average period of 33 years .. continuously dropping. Because Cycle 24 ended up at well under 100 Sunspots average.

The last time you have three consecutive drops in the peak average Sunspots was at the start of a very cool period called the Dalton Minimum. This was a little after the industrial revolution started and around 100 years after another even colder period that lasted over 100 years they called the Little Ice Age, or Maunder Minimum.

Now also judging from charts and what people are saying is this ..that the trough or low point at the start of Cycle 24 .. lingered .. like 6 months or more. In the Maunder Minimum that was the Little Ice Age it never came out of that for trough for at least three decades .. or rather the peaks had less than 50 Sunspots on average.

I finally had someone talk about the time span using the thermostatic theory I mentioned too which was what I was waiting to hear. That is the estimate people have for the effects upon the temperature in relation to when the Sun is over acting or not at all. Think heater in a fish tank as I mentioned earlier. When I also said thet hearing that there are Sunspots does NOT equate to danger averted. It is time and quantity dependent. Not ‘might be’ dependent or ‘possibly’ dependent .. as in this instance ‘dependent’ means what it says and I am not a pro climate change socialist.

Now the very .. very .. very shortest time span I have heard from those studying this is two years .. while a someone they know sates they think its three years and others say a decade or more.

David Dubyne talks about this with someone here ..

Now lets take a mid range of that 2 to 10 years and say 5. There are likely theories that say more but you want to pray that is not the case due to how the maths works out.

Now as of right now and as far as they are talking in conversations the Sun has had bugger all Sunspots for most of 2018 .. so far this year we have also had very few and that upward trend has not started. I will repeat that .. this upward trend as NOT .. started.

So that means that the temps will continue to fall .. based on it taking 5 years, remember? How fast it falls depends on activity in Sunspots rising. Not warming up .. how fast it will COOL DOWN!

Cycle 24 was very small. That is it. That is what everyone is saying looking into this and it was already bad news. Now were in an inactive period that is lasting longer than anything for a long time and it matters not if the Sunspot activity increases BECAUSE ..

  • We are already in a very long inactive period, 6 months is longest on recent times
  • It needs to raise sooner rather than later ..
  • It needs to get back up to over 200 Sunspots and
  • Has not been above 200 since 1950
  • Around 200 between 1980 and 1990
  • Yeah it will take 5 years for that heating effect to take place
  • It is now half expected that Cycle 25 Peak will be between 40 and 60 Sunspots
  • This PEAK (not RISE) should be reached in 2025
    • It should have been reached in 2022
    • Last trough to peak took 6 years
    • One before took 4 years
  • If Sunspots remain non existent for next 9 months ..
    • Wont be until around 2026 and will be pushed back a year for every year we have no Sunspots
  • So we have to wait until, in theory, 2030 before the planet stops cooling down and starts warming up again ..
  • Only provided that the Sunspot activity hits well over 120 average Sunspots at its next peak and might need to be above 200?
  • Around 1960 Sunspots averaged around 300 for comparison
  • Last time much of this happened prior to Maunder Minimum of the ..
  • Little Ice Age along with ..
    • Increased seismic and volcanic activity thought this time ..
    • The numbers are higher for last few years than they was at the onset of the Maunder Minimum
    • Meaning that there is a lot more particulates in the atmosphere and that ..
    • This is increasing several volcanoes are erupting according to ..
    • The Watchers
    • The Smithsonian Institute
  • Now here is what did not happen at the onset of the Maunder Minimum
    • Pole Reversal!
  • What I have not figured out did not occur ..
    • Magnetosphere Weakening
  • Other things might or are impossible to know
    • 24 Volcanic eruptions around 1650 could be higher
    • 2018 had 36 Volcanic Eruptions
    • Volcanic Outpouring has to be a factor in cooling air temperature
    • Volcanic eruptions under water may be significant in snow production too?
    • Higher then sea temperature the more evaporation .. right?

Ohh boiling and heating up of seawater via submerged volcanoes we know so very little about and cannot monitor. Well you would need proof of this? And that it occurred in the time frames set out that this has been going on now for a few decades. Oh but that would then have to be .. say .. the last decade at least? Since the unusually low peak of Cycle 23. Which was followed by an even lower peak?

Does it matter if its from a fake news site and that they spotted a giant sized piece of rock floating in the ocean?

I am afraid that the NBC webpage is going to point out something that should be obviously mathematically. Given how much water covers this planet .. is it not reasonable to assume that most of the volcanoes erupting are underwater? So if those 36 erupting volcanoes reported for 2018 are all on land .. does this therefore mean that another 72 or more were erupting underwater?

A Few Points ..

  • This is hard to know even today
  • Impossible to know how many back at the start of the Maunder Minimum
  • Using the same maths .. could it have been 48 around the year 1650?
  • Sun decreasing cools the are temperature
  • Volcanoes erupting increases the water temperature
  • Much warmer water and .. much colder air ..
  • Hmm I wonder what that could mean, eh?

Now to me .. its all so bloody damned obvious the mechanics and the processes involved and it has only become obvious because of a number of datasets of number in various sciences that normally remain within given sets of parameters which are now straying beyond them for unusual amounts of time.

I have stated it and I have stated t and I have stated it .. but the next 12 months are so very key .. and not just because this trough in Cycle 25 may persist longer than the last three .. but that this could very well continue the volcanic activity.

This could be half of that of 2018, which result in 18 eruptions and way, way, way above the norm.

Or this could be half as much again to double that of 2018 .. so 54.

The remained at less than 5 for several years until 2017 when it leapt to 8. Then it leapt to 36 for 2018 and a continued rise at that rate would mean over 150 eruptions. Now that .. I just cannot see happening. This would also be globally catastrophic and would leave to many Extinction Level Events.

That which has already been put into the atmosphere is already having affects .. in the form or crazy orange skies, seen in Britain and America in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Added to this is this strange phenomena they call Sun Dogs.

Looking towards the Sun people are seeing a ring .. with what appears to be the appearance of two smaller suns on either side.

Think a mirage in a desert or gravitational lensing in astrophysics to get an idea of what this might look like though they are in a video I will proved below. Just ignored the cosmic-human links to what is going on and just look at the weather disasters and phenomena alone.

As mentioned earlier with the Sun Dog phenomena .. here is a video by Sign Of The Times .. or SOTT . Seen their videos before and have been interesting. Do not know much about them and I certainly don’t buy some human-cosmic connection .. human magnetosphere connection .. then yes. I have theorised about this myself. Cosmic? No.

So ignore that, which is only at the end anyway. This is twenty minutes of weird events from snowfall, record cold temperatures, animal behaviour going nuts, Metre of snow in Italian Dolomites. Oh crap .. missed this one .. Atacama Desert effing flooding?! That is now Death Valley and the Atacama the two driest places on Earth?!

Monster storm floods in California .. cows die from heat in Argentina, Dam breaks in Brazil, Lake Tahoe frozen. Heavy snow and blackout in Czech Republic. Winds in Pyrenees in France. Landslide in kills 11 Bolivia. 9 feet of snow in California. Unexplained sounds in Austin, Texas. Heavy rain and melting snow in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Weird sounds also heard in the Netherlands. Odd increase in fireballs in Mediterranean Sea and USA. Flash floods Saudi Arabia. Rising flood waters in Queensland, Australia. Powerful storm kills 5 in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Heavy snow in Kashmir in India.

Pakistan gets record snowfall and heaviest in 48 years. Volcano in Indonesia erupts at Siau Island. Tornado in India. Record negative 24,4C in Hokkaido, Japan. Rare snow in Seattle. Deadly mudslide in Peru. Fireball in Venezuela in weird increase in these, magnetosphere? Sinkhole in Indonesia. Flash floods Peru. Wildfires in Chile. New Zealand worst forest fires in sixty years. Snow in Hawaii for first time ever. Record snowfall in Moscow, Russia. Blanket of snow across Greece. Thousands cows die in Queensland, Australia from massive floods. Dozens fishing boats stranded in Northern China .. in ice. Fireball Florida and another in Texas which makes three countries or more just in this one video. Unusually long winter in Pakistan (America too). The Three Suns or Sun Dogs phenomena in Russia. Mud slide San Francisco. Thousands Cuttlefish wash up on beach in Chile. Australian river swells until it is 37 miles wide. Black Snow in Siberia.

Ooh breather .. before umm ..

Dustnado in Guatemala. Landslides in India. Large sinkholes appearing in Turkey. Or 18 trillion gallons of rain in California. Odd one with Measles outbreak in Madagascar killing nearly 1,000 children. NASA image satellite images on two winters comparing vat difference in snowfall. Locust swarms of Red Sea sparks UN warning. The beach recedes by 100 metres in Yucatan, Mexico. Snowstorm halts town in Russia. Mount Etna in Italy erupts yet again. Eruption at Reunion Island in Indian Ocean. Two inches of snow in Las Vegas. Massive hailstorm in India. Dead Whale washed up in North Carolina (was one in Amazon too). Record snow in Quebec, Canada. Winter storm in Kansas City. A 100ft sinkhole appears in Montenegro. Thundersnow in Dublin Ohio and not Ireland.

Then you have had a Dustnado and now a Snownado in New Mexico, USA. Three feet, yes 36 inches, of snow in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pakistan flash flood leave 36 dead. A 5.5 magnitude earthquake triggers huge landslides in Hakkaido, Japan. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits Peru and El Salvador border. Heavy snow leads to roofs needing to be cleared in Colorado. Very bizarre Pink Fog in Devon in the UK. Three sinkholes in Anatolia. Malta Marathon cancelled due to cold weather in 2019. Humpback Whale found in the mouth of Amazon river. Snow and gale force winds across Greece. Bomb cyclone in US. Saskatchewan in the US coldest February in 80 years. Record breaking winds batter coast of Croatia. Record rainfall in Crete. Ice Tsunami in Great Lakes. Over 20 inches of rain in 48 hours in Northern California. Powerful winds in Maine bend a radio tower in half. Snowfall record for Squaw Valley California as it gets over 500 inches .. yup that is what it states. That is over 40 feet of snow in a month .. or close to 15 metres. Flooding in Ammam, Jordan.

Do not believe all of that? You know if I could list a dozen things that I know about not listed about, right?

Many volcanoes of significance missing. Russia, South America, Japan, Kilauea and Antarctica. Hoodwinker Sunfish off course washed up on a beach in California. Those orange skies. Rift opening up in Africa.

Then there are other things like technology failing of which my own I have seen nothing quite like it, transformers exploding and planes either crashing or entire fleets being grounded by President Trump.

Oh yeah watch a video if you did not believe al of the former listed .. the LATTER I have already covered ..

I stated many times it is hard to imagine things going on for much more than 12 to 24 months without the proverbial cat getting well and truly out of the bag.

Then I see videos like this and it is hard to imagine it going for much more than 6 months if the data is anything to go by?

A series or bigger than average volcano eruptions or one very big one can literally shorten all of this and bring dates rapidly forwards. Like flowers frozen in the belly of Mammoths type speed.

It is not question of ‘IF’ .. for me .. it is a question of ‘HOW LONG?’

At first I thought this was hundreds of years. Seeing the first data I thought this was maybe over a decade .. then looking at the rate of movements I realised it was going to be way sooner than even these people were stating. They changed their estimates to around 2028 to 2030 while I started to think more like 2024 at the latest and with a significant or indeed many volcanic eruptions .. way sooner.

If the magnetic pole numbers continue on for the next year as they have for the past four or five then .. hoo boy! The following year of 2021 will be bad and I cannot see how you can go beyond 2021 with a very big volcanic eruption along with a large San Andreas fault earthquake, possibly mega-earthquake?

You will here people advise you to go to higher ground .. or even underground? Yeah .. do not do that ..

Half the picture means you still have half the puzzle pieces.

Yeah as they are worried about mega-quakes .. and they do not even have to be quite mega-quakes for this little thing to become a serious problem and this is not a way I would want to go ..

Liquefaction ..

Is the process whereby the ground shakes so much that the earth, soil and sand becomes like water and anything on the surface would effectively become like a lead weight. You would sink like a stone.

So yeah .. make sure you on VERY solid ground.

Now .. the maximum number of previous consecutive drops in peak solar Sunspot activity numbers in the records available to all publicly?

Now that number would be 3 .. so three consecutive drops and this has happened only twice in 400 years .. 400 years and only happened twice .. think about that ..

  • 1800’s known as the Dalton Minimum and ..
    • 260 to 80 odd Sunspots resulted in cold period
  • 1850 only the peaks were way higher starting at around 220 and dropping to around 180
    • So this does not count
  • Now present day ..
      • Are we THERE yet?!
      • Going from 220 average to 80
      • Few years for the temps to be affected do not forget ..
    • If the next peak is LOWER than 80 Sunspots that would be FIVE CONSECUTIVE DROPS!

Now you have read all that .. what about the things that will make it an absolute certainty?

  • 10 YEARS ..
    • The Sunspot activity does increase and it peaks at lower than 60
    • Slow Speed Descent into Ice-Age that might see it officially arrive in 2030
  • 5 YARS ..
    • 2021 comes round and there is no rise in the Sunspot numbers and it will already be bloody cold by then ..
    • Medium Speed Descent into Ice-Age if there is such a thing? Arrival around 2025
  • 2 Years or less
    • Series or large volcanoes go off ..
    • Could be months to a year or two
    • Super-volcano erupts ..
    • Could be days or even hours
  • Even stating all of the above ..
  • If Sunspot Activity does reach levels of over 200 between 2022 to 2026 ..
  • It will take anywhere between 2 and 10 years for that to take effect ..
  • Thermostat in a fish tank, remember?!

Now here is my own graph from my own spreadsheet though I will state the following ..

Many of the graphs are factual but they are dreadful in both their design and they way they plot things .. leaves a lot to be desired. There the ranges are more or less accurate there does, at times, appear to be slight discrepancies from one chart or graph to the next.

What also made this frustratingly difficult is that once I learnt how to read a chart or graph I then realised it was not complete. I did not find a single chart that was easy to read, gave enough details and ran from way prior to the Maunder Minimum around 1640 to present day.

One example of issues is that I could not discover just how many consecutive drops in Sunspot peaks prior to the Little Ice-Age. Could not tell you if it was just two or ten.

Other charts only seem to run up to around the year 2000, which seemed somewhat odd to me to even include in your lists. Though I may have done this too? So have a laugh if I did.

So based on all of these annoying little pains I jotted some numbers into a spreadsheet and made a bar graph.

Just did this today despite the fact I have typed this out, answered the phone three times and my fingers and hands are in a lot of pain. It gave me a simply bar graph though that represents the points I have made.

It does, however, requires more work and will probably be added to and altered over the coming months as the data emerges.

  • Number 33 is the estimate for the peak of Solar Cycle 25 not due to arrive until 2023 to 2025
    • It is seriously looking to be late, should be by 2024
    • Once it starts to rise takes 5.5 years approx ..
    • Close to mid 2019 .. puts that peak at 2025, one year late
  • Number 32 is the one we had in late 2013
  • Solar Cycle 24
    • Now into 5th year .. the Sunspots should be rising by now
    • 11 Year Cycle .. 5.5 years dropping .. 5.5 years rising
    • Another year with no rise means over 6.5 years drop , two years flat-lining
      • Both unprecedented
      • 13 plus year long cycle also unprecedented
      • Just three more things among others that are unprecedented
  • Remember .. 33 Cycles .. above .. averaging 11 years each
  • That is 360 years of records

Been thinking of these acts by the Sun of it moving all that junk? I mean its fusion, right? Turning one elements into another, right? God only knows how that works in that massive furnace? Possibly when quantities reach a point there is an exchange that goes on between the layers?

Also please be advised that there have been people talking about this for between 5 and 10 years and that everything that a great many things that they predicted has come to light and shows no signs of changing.

Some have been predicting these things for 5 years while others have done this for closer to 10 years which is wildly impressive considering their lack of resources and budgets.

Unfortunately this also brings absolute shame onto those with big budgets and major resources and especially those that have peddled the official climate change crap with carbon and man being to blame.

THE EVENTS (Pole Shift Part 18)

In the previous parts I have spoken about this possible coming event that we have been distracted from wit the current madness we are experiencing there is one I have not looked into.

It has cropped up and I intended to include a part on this but I kept forgetting to do this, one of the pitfalls of having a disability whereby one of the symptoms is short term memory failure.

Today I was reminded of this by way of a comment on my Pole Shift series from a published author, David Montaigne and thank you for that, and the a video by the Leak Project that had Diamond from the Oppenheimer Ranch Project channel on YouTube.

They were out in a desert and checking some very interesting ancient artwork on some very old boulders with the most unusual symbols, designs and glyphs with the most interesting theories behind them.

The Carrington Event which I had heard previously and was pretty certain this was a solar event so I went ad did some research after they mentioned it in the video.

I am surrounded by people that refuse to listen to the scientific data, without hearing something dismissing something is both stupid and annoying. Currently there is dataset after dataset and they wont listen to any of it. What is annoying is when you state this this will happen or that might happen they simply, naively and annoyingly disagree with you saying “Oh I don’t think so” when not only does all of the data state we are in a process that has not happened for tens of thousands of years but that it has happened before, hence it has not happened for tens of thousands of years.

Well .. actually .. what it is is a number of things with one not happening for 380 odd years, others not happening for thousands of years and other events that have not happened for hundreds of thousands of years.

Taken in combination we have a combined event that has not happened for hundreds of thousands of years. That is provided that when we last went though a magnetic flip all of these other things occurred at the same time too?

Climate scientists have told you about this method and that method and one of the things they have promoted and likely you have heard about over and over and over again is the study of ice cores and the gas percentages in Earth’s atmosphere going back a long time.

Now I have always maintained that this was both not enough and that people were placing far too much stock into this. Either that or it was an intended lie?

Here is en example of a claim that they later start to doubt, or someone else starts to doubt and they fail to see a link ..

Ice cores containing thin nitrate-rich layers have been analysed to reconstruct a history of past solar storms predating reliable observations. Some researchers have stated that data from Greenland ice cores show evidence of individual solar-proton events, including the Carrington event.[23] More recent work by the ice core community casts significant doubt on this interpretation, and shows that nitrate spikes are not a result of solar energetic particle events. Indeed, no consistency is found in cores from Greenland and Antarctica, and nitrate events can be due to terrestrial events such as burnings, so use of this technique is now in doubt.” –

I do not know much about Diamond of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project but I do like his videos and he really does seem to have a knowledge and a passion for these subjects.

Discovering the truth is not about finding someone that says what you want to hear .. or someone that fits a narrative .. or someone that states things closest to that you have stated for a period of time. It is a process .. a very long puzzle in thins instance.

You listen to those, and lets me honest mainstream has proved to be incompetent and disingenuous, who have knowledge and passion and pick apart where you think they may be right or indeed may be wrong.

It is also not about finding someone that gets absolutely everything right .. but this is put to me so many times with people with very narrow views or adamantly sticking to narratives which is both damaging and stupid.

Speaking of odd events there is yet another little known event that has gone on .. and it has gone on twice ..

The is to do with the ..

Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the Earth which some refer to as its heartbeat.

Its been reported that even the military has used this as a reliable reference though it what capacity I have no idea. It is a frequency for the Earth’s magnetic field and seems to be focused on by many spiritual groups.

For years this has been at 7.83 cycles per second. Is is in effect a pulse except that since 1980, a little after the first announced the oncoming Ice Age and a little before they started building the Svalbard Seed Vault .. it started to speed up. Another coincidence in what is now becoming a long list of coincidences occurring since the 1970’s.

Then this year happened and it went off the scale .. TWICE!

Now this disturbance does happen but in very short spurts .. until February this year and there is normally some tapering to this. It is a frequency after all but the graphs I viewed look like a complete switch off and then a complete switch back on. What was also weird was that not only did it last way longer than anything previously recorded, which was like minutes to an hour .. this one went on for 24 hours. Almost exactly 24 hours.

Is that freaky? Well hold on to your butts ..

Almost exactly one month later .. it went and did the exact same thing .. again?

Also of note is that in the spiritual community, who have done more videos on this than anyone else, there is a lot of talk about reports of Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), insomnia and headaches.

So lets look at who has noticed all these things and are trying to .. make sense of it ..

  • Scientists are baffled
  • Religious people are putting a biblical slant on it
  • Spiritual People are putting an Earth Energy spin on it
  • Heard people state that man, guessing the military, are behind it wanting me to roll my eyes over it.
  • CERN being one
  • Have always found it odd that with the expense of CERN that there was not a lot more behind it than merely detecting new particles
  • No matter how powerful you are no one wants to set fire to their own house while they are still standing in it and anyone that nuts would not be allowed to get to a position to do this to an entire planet
  • Bizarrely along with people reporting health issues .. my own have increased the last coupe of years and I did wonder .. my own insomnia and sleep issues and I have been typing this out since 5am as I woke up unexpectedly
  • My nausea has been playing up
  • Some nights I do not get to sleep until somewhere between 3am and 5am
  • I have had issues previously with not sleeping almost every night until 5am to 7am before I sleep IF I sleep and then only asleep for a couple hours
  • Heart has been playing up last couple years .. real bad the last year
  • Blackouts
  • Memory Issues increased
  • Do have bad Fibromyalgia
    • Affects pains in feet, calf muscles, shoulder, back
    • Pains in extremities, finger tips, toe tips (so my slave labour to everyone is also painful beyond belief)
    • Nausea
    • Memory Issues
    • Sleep Issues
    • Hypomagnesemia
      • Tachycardia
      • Arrhythmia
      • Muscles Spasms
    • Anxiety

So scientists have noticed all these things occurring while both religious and spiritual people have too.

Whether there is something in all this I do not know and I am not even sure is it would currently be possible to prove and test this. It does seem to be a bit of a coincidence and just a couple of years ago I developed three new symptoms and two to do my with my heart and one with my head .. or an argument can be had that this is my ears.

I get racing heart beats and skipped beats which is the oddest feeling when it happens and I have also had chest pains along with this but they stopped checking what this was .. when I was basically railroaded for the good of the country which is to benefit Islam. Hey ho!

Added to this I get nausea that is ridiculous and this can be far worse than even drinking way too much alcohol. You feel like your both dizzy and falling at the same time .. its very .. surreal and very .. VERY unpleasant.

Now if I could hospitalise myself for several days until they sorted this out then I would but I cannot because they wont let me. The NHS that is.

O access to a GP and yup with all that and more on my medical records .. like a buggered knee and three hernias, one repaired.

And while trying to help my daughter my .. government stabbed me in the back, pulled agreements made with me and signed, because even signed documents they can screw you over for if you cannot get a lawyer. They then took everything from me .. and I mean everything and now stuck with a bully that thinks their mild epilepsy and feelings are far more important than their own grandhchildren and friends having fatal illnesses. One of these died and even tried telling this women from he death bed in hospital. Was still trying to make her health more relevant bringing up a condition that is not even listed on her medical record to which the dying woman said

Is that another one on your checklist?!”

This was from a woman dying of cancer to a woman she has listened to for 30 years plus talk about their own health as if they are going to die .. for well over 30 years.

The woman died and her son and I were school friends .. actually its been over 40 years this Irish lady called Eileen listen to this woman’s health problems even from her death bed.

They have driven everyone nuts for 35 to 50 years and its nothing short of abuse. It very literally is abuse and you say this and the start screaming. I have literally been told that its a family trait .. then point out to them that it is not they then scream that she’s right .. everyone else is wrong .. then reverts back to it being family and how everyone says those with the particular family name .. everyone says they think they know everything and wont be told.

In the exact same argument she also says this about her own mother .. who is not part of the family she says everyone states that think they know everything. So I am standing there just laughing and giving them a stern look .. but if I was to just state that they actually proved it is HER and not her HUSBANDS family that are like this she will just scream louder.

Then yo get the lies. They will alter the facts and things said in a conversation from two years previous and they do this even if it is YOU they had the conversation with. So you know what the facts are and that shes twisting it around, she has a very ,, VERY long history of doing this and getting caught out .. she then goes into a screaming fit.

Then everyone is a liar .. she the only one telling the truth, no really, ad has no family and friends but this is the one that gets annoyed because she wants to get the family together and point out everyone faults. She has the most and she certainly has the worse faults but anyone will tell you that you could never accuse them of having faults .. oh God, no.

The worst part about is is that they know damn well that on certain things no one agrees with her so you could think that they would leave it alone, right? WRONG! But she is sneaky.

She mentions something to do with someone else .. they are worried about .. happens to be something you have experience in and they do not. You start explaining .. because they are worried, right? Except she knows nothing .. interrupts you because its IMPORTANT that she talks. Then you find out why because suddenly your talking about the subject you do not agree on because you wants to ram your head against the wall to convince you of her bullshit.

  • This is a MOTHER ..
  • Towards he own parents, though she conveniently forgets about that when she wants to blame those linked to her ex ..and dead ..
  • Husband and family name
  • Her Children ..
  • Her Grandchildren
  • All her children’s friends think she is nuts .. including professionals like a social worker who goes to the same boot sales and he and his girlfriend literally RUN if they see her coming ..
  • Two women in a local park were talking one day and someone I know was sitting nearby .. one woman spot this mother .. says to he friend we better go .. of that woman over their gets talking .. she will complain about her children nit giving her attention for hours and we will NEVER get away .. they then legged it .. when the person looked at who was walking in the park .. it was the woman above
  • Social Worker stated that her children were evil to describe their other like that ..
  • Later apologises after he has met her a couple of times and he, the social worker, and his girlfriend, a teacher, stated that not only is she as bad as they were told .. her children were bing kind because he is far, far, far worse than described!
  • Socialist
  • Ex Member of the Socialist Worker Party
  • Calls everyone else Hitler
  • Narcissistic
  • Amoral ..
  • Feigns Sympathy
  • Now you know why I am so good with arguing with them .. HOWEVER ..
  • It has an extremely negative effect with the one described above and I and up paying with several symptoms and they KNOW this but it does not stop them because THEY want attention!
  • What is annoying is the fucking lying and twisting things .. they have been caught for 20 years and there are no ‘IFS ‘ and ‘BUTS’ about it and you don’t lie to the person who was witness to the effing event or part of the conversation
  • Told them .. a country run by people like you?!
  • Nope .. I would take up the gun .. or just shoot myself in the head as I would not be able to bear it .. the fucking bare-faced lies to get your own way?
  • Mankind is finished if it cannot stop behaviour like this

Many sense there is something wrong in the world and we are living in insane times and the number of unprecedented things going on is off the chain.

Yet I have people that love to bitch and complain about things and when you try to help them make sense of it they do one of the following ..

  • Tell you your wrong with no knowledge in any of the sciences
  • State nothing is going to change
  • Do not want to hear you explain it
  • Tell you scientists get it wrong and then do not want to listen and walk out when you try to explain the difference between theory and fact
  • All of which refuse to watch the news .. but then do not believe you and state that it has not been in the news so not true, yup I kid you not

Along with all these other things there are some curious things being heard .. long periods of rumblings for instance, odd shaped clouds, missing pieces (for want of a better term) of clouds in the skies missing and long stretches of clouds with straight lines, like the were carved out with a 30 mile long ruler.

There are a lot of little things I have seen pop up but despite the fact there have been peculiar things like this over the years .. there has been a sharp increase in the frequency which all of those that report this have also noticed.

Now for one that will make you stop and think .. how about ..

A Ten Mile Long Lake Popping up in Death Valley, yes the one in California!

Surviving ..

Is it possible to survive? Yup .. through construction I believe so which made me realise while I was out for a walk and I hppen to walk past a construction site for now affordable homes sanctioned, it would appear, by Sadiq Khant. This misspelling is intentional I assure you.

I realised that if construction companies and property developers knew what was coming then construction would either slow down or stop altogether.

I do not know how long it will be before the flats I looked at will be finished but they look to have been at it about three years already. It looks to me like it is at least two or three years away.

Now I realise this ..

If it emerges what is going to happen before those flats are all sold off they are .. NEVER going to sell them. Not that this would matter much because money will be worthless within hours or days of any possible future event ever taking place.

Now this would put people off .. initially building else but ..

It should not. Yes the thought of taking out massive loans to fund projects such as this might make people think twice but .. if money will become worthless and the banks all vanish .. then what does it matter? It is not like you will have to pay anyone back, right?

But then of course if this gets out and money does not become worthless immediately then .. the very first thing banks will do is stop giving out loans anyway as they will fear they will never get the money back anyway.


This got me thinking .. and I kept asking myself after dealing with the living problem in my head .. but .. what do you do about food? You cannot get around the food problem .. not with that amount of snow and ice ..

Oh crap .. hmm I just realised something that I need to look into with all these tall buildings going up that has everyone confused. No one understands who is funding it and where all the people are coming from to but these properties? Does not matter if they are left-wing or right-wing they ask me and it is one of those rare times when I have no answers. No one has any money right now and it does not look like it is going to change either, does it?

Well maybe what I am about to suggest has already secretly been in the planning?

Ice can be used as a construction material .. just ask Pluto. In Norway or Sweden they have a hotel built out of ice. The same principal can be applied to building that already exist, right? But what if the snow and ice ends many tens of hundreds or metres deep? Well you just do this with tall buildings.

Now fro this you can thin have an underground network of tunnels. This is way better then being subterranean as you have no earth slippage. But that leaves food production, right?

Well what I would suggest, unless of course it has already been thought about, is that the tall buildings are built with a completely glass roof to allow light in and the top floors converted into farms to grow food plants?

Over the years many methods have popped up to grow food or in effect farm vertically and this could also be applied.

The other option of course and provided it remains viable is the use of solar panels with the power running through cables to the buildings. This was if the ice and snow ever gets too deep for even the tallest buildings .. you can swap over to solar .. but will have to make sure that the panels stay above the snow and keep being raised.

Food for thought. Oh .. honestly .. no pun was intended.


‘I know I’ve been mad, I’ve always been mad ..’ but right now it appears to be the rest of the world that is mad.

I believe I have almost seen it all.

My daughter and I were victims .. repeatedly so. Once this had happened we thought we would get help. We did not. I started to realise that those tasked to protect us could not be trusted and this got worse. My daughter started to believe too but every now and the would once again fall for what was said and the promises.

Last years and after over ten years of this I though she had finally learned but a couple of months back she gave in a little and started to believe.

Now she has told those with the latest promises to ‘fuck off’, literally.

Before long I started to realise there were alternatives to the official help along with alternatives to the official news.

Now I have spoken many times about the amount of shit out there, false information and the utter wankers peedling false information and it matters not to me be it science, politics, escapism or crime .. those that spread it or peddle it are sum of the Earth.

This is normally only done for one of two reasons .. money and/or fame or a narrative to pursue something they want which is normally some form if dystopia though in their desperate minds this is painted as a utopia.

I cannot even begin to describe the hell that my daughter and I am in right now, though fortunately my daughter does not appear to sound too bad but .. this never lasts.

Prior to trying Twitter to try and get help, as I as sure I was being screwed on other platforms by others .. like Google, I came across a few. Even approached a few too. Remember I approached every single mainstream news media and TV too and with a selection of evidence and they never even acknowledged me. That was back in 2012 and I had waited until September because some of the evidence I had could have proved to be quite .. disruptive to a certain event being held that year.

Here are two .. there is likely around 200GB ..

Part One:!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZkeJ2VAF9yX_Vk7zg

Part Two:!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoBeCz1N3flON9Dtw

So I heard about UK Coloumn, Brian Gerrish, Jon Gaunt .. a few others .. and I approached various people but to no avail. By this time I had been blogging for three or four years because despite all the claims, all the charities, all the self-proclaimed heros and all the money flying around there appeared to be no one out there.

Anyone I have approached most likely got a post or two within the almost 7 years of this blog and we had already been through this shite for three years or more before I started it.

Then a load more shit came our way and my daughter went through more hell and I lost another load of money, home, car and business and stabbed in the back by the public services. Before all this my claims to friends and family that I was being targeted were met with raised eyebrows and knowing me not to be dishonest they merely thought I was mad.

Fast forward 7 years and one of those people has reconnected with my by pure chance on Twitter and his name is Mr Burns, on Twitter. He thinks me mad no longer and has told many thousands of followers thatI foresaw all this years ago and that I woke up way too soon. He even apologised to me and said that it must have been so hard not beig believed, not getting help and going through all that we did.

Well .. it still is.

So yeah I went and sued my dormant Twitter account in the hope of ..

  • Getting the message out
  • Getting help
  • Getting traffic to my suspicious non-paying blog so that I may help myself and my daughter
  • Thought that I might get a job offer doing exactly what I already am
  • Interest in books I had written about all this
  • As we both have nasty disabilities that can be potentially fatal, my heart, feet, memory and anxiety among many others affected
  • Got more notice in one month on Twitter than I did in 6 years on Blogger
  • Despite the fact that my blog comes up quite high .. and ..
    • I have the blog mirrored!

By the time I had heard of more names an it was becoming a bloody relief that people were talking about these things ..

I had heard about a guy that used to sit outside my flat in Brookscroft Road in Walthamstow, London, Brian Harvey. I also heard about Jon Wedger and I had also heard about Tommy Robinson by then and Katie Hopkins was beginning to get mentioned.

I had already been watching Sargon of Akkad, Tim Pool, Lauren Southern and several others on YouTube because I had know not to trust the national Press in the UK for well over a decade. Them ignoring me seven years ago was half expected and hence why I sent discs to everyone from the Boring Star (Morning Star) to the Daily Fail (Daily Mail). All the way from right .. to LEFT! And absolutely NOTHING.

Wrote a summarised version of what happened to us, still long, and it got noticed by many people and the next thiing I knew is that many were trying to get the attention of Katie Hopkins, Ezra Levant and Tommy Robinson all linked to Rebel Media. Seems many people trusted them and I was guilty of feeling a little bit of relief as I thought the horror would end? Nope .. nothing happened.

Then I was told about Jon Gaunt being on Twitter and so I went to talk to him and I had seen some of his videos on YouTube and had left links and comments. Oops?! I was .. BLOCKED?!

Someone told me the guy was a liar and he must have heard of me and see me as too much of a challenge? Not the first time this had been suggested.

The viewers to the blog post with the recordings, however, just kept climbing .. though I started to realise before I had even been back on Twitter a month that just like with the Bogger numbers things were not .. quite .. right.

Along with being attacked left right and centre with people that lied, cheated, reported, swore and bullied to suppress me telling the truth .. while claiming to be of very high morals but which were most definitely not .. my Twitter numbers were being messed with too. People were vanishing off my followers .. sometimes in lumps of anywhere between 10 and 100?! It got worse as the number of retweets of my blog post ‘Country of the Damned’ which had shot up to 50 in two weeks .. then took another four weeks on top of that to get to 100 .. but then this dropped down to 95?!

A retweet is a retweet .. you cannot unretweet!

It gets worse as I was noticing sometimes that my pinned blog post simply was not there and I passed this up as a glitch. Until people started asking me where it had gone.

With that being said .. it managed to get viewed 4,000 times in around 14 to 16 weeks .. with 6 shadow bans and three suspensions. So yeah up until I lost that account completely.

For telling the truth about own story of being victims .. on repeated occasions over a decade and therefore repeated failures. Which had also cost us money (£150,000+) and homes .. cars (TWO) and businesses (TWO).

While I was on Twitter I had heard of the organisations called NAGAH and Shatter Boy and though I loved hearing about these groups .. boy if I am honest a great many do a lot of things wrong.

I thought with this new wave of people, organisations and names something would surely work out this time? I could also help others by way of paying them back and would have been prepared to help whoever helped us until my dying day.

Yet despite the fact that I finally met someone .. yeah .. nothing came of that either.

Lost count of the number of times my daughter and I talked about the sheer numbers of people out there paid or tasked to do things or help people and yet we have had fucking nothing for what is one of the worst stories out there, as I am often told by viewers .. so what the fuck is going on?!

Had to ask myself if I was faced with a sea of people running around claiming to do good and using this to con money out of people willig to donate to them because they thought they were such heroes? I really did not want to think this was the case .. that I lived in a world with people like that?

Great Britain?

  • BBC getting away with Paedophile ring and Jimmy Savile
  • BBC getting away with deliberately lying about people like Tommy Robinson
  • Madness going on
  • Rumours of cover ups and dog whistles
  • Rumours of paedophile rings in Politics
  • Charities climbing to fight this stuff don’t do anything
  • Leeches making money from others
  • Alternative media claiming to want to expose the truth appear to be behaving the same way as the Mainstream Media, so more Fake News?
  • Most democratic vote in modern history being ignored
  • Areas being invaded by the very worst of humanity while also talking about building the largest or armies .. from nations that speak around two dozen languages .. to fight Russia and the USA?!
  • #ProjectDistraction os what I call it

However in the meantime there are also crimes being performed on humanity and these not not any less worthy because they are not ..

  • Royalty
  • Politicians
  • Rich People
  • Famous Celebrities

And not worth bothering about because they are ..

  • Homeless
  • Unemployed
  • Poor
  • Disabled

Because if I am honest this is how its looked for a very, very long time and this is how it has FELT .. for a very .. very long time.

What is even more scary and disappointing and if there WAS a God and I was he .. I would very very .. VERY disappointed because .. honesty, decency and even heroism makes not a blind jot of difference to the above groups.

We are supposed to be heavily influenced by morals, laws and community and yet I see absolutely no evidence of this while at the same time I see a lot of people receiving money for this.

In a decade of doing this I have never ONCE received money for doing any of the things I have done to advise and help others and expose things.

Though it was never set up for this when Google started hammering me with emails telling me I could make money .. I branched out and thought it would be a great way to become self sufficient.

Instead I was lied to and became a slave to a load of slave drivers pretending to be socialists and which the socialists all started to believe, because they want to believe so very much, that they were.

The same morons thin kthe exact same of Hillary Clinton and I find it staggering just how blind people are. And yet there are those that would rule out anything that even smells a little lie a conspiracy theory which is a term that is in effect a dog whistle for censorship.

When I started this blog we had not heard much in the way of whistle-blowers for awhile and yet today they seem to come out of the woodwork, no?

If I m honest when I first saw John Wedger .. I really do not know what it was but I did not trust him and did not think he was either genuine .. or sincere. Contacted him anyway and I never heard anything back.

Funny how you are donating to all these people and supporting them and yet there is precious little that have ever done to prove anything or help anyone.

I produce 250GB of evidence and it appears all the whit knights have turned out to be snowmen that lived n the far side of the Sahara Desert and had to get here on foot. Still awaiting the first to arrive.

It also turns out that others have cottoned on to this too .. and I really should loo into this furhter but its .. really so very hard to do anything right now.

If I was a V8 engine I assure you I have only been firing on 3 cylinders for the last two years and would very much like to get back onto firing on all 8.

I came across Flo Destroyer on Twitter and he seems to be fighting the good fight .. which is to expose the truth. On this occasion it is regarding John Wedger.

Part One ..

Part Two ..

It is just a crying shame that some who claim to have the moral high ground also want to be selective about what truths can be told and no .. just .. NO!

You tried to do that with me .. I had two accounts and went down to ONE.

You seriously .. seriously .. pissed me off and now I have EIGHT ACCOUNTS!


You have complained for years that the rich and powerful have lied to you and treated you like robots and non-entities and ..



Such a shame what people have allowed others to do to them. Make them so narrow minded that they cannot see the wood for the trees.

In all the months I was on Twitter I had a single socialist spot a single tweet and actually say that he had suggested this to another socialist .. that we were being used and turned against each other.

Unfortunately he was linked to a group that thought it perfectly OK to assassinate people’s character’s using lies, dox people’s personal information and even drive them to suicide to shut them up. Nope .. the truth does not matter to them because in their eyes some truths are wrong and some lies are OK.

But only when leftists do it because is the righties that are all evil and do and say bad things, right?


Every now and then something unexpected comes my way. Sometime these are things I should be looking into to give me some idea, inspiration or drive to write something.

This came from someone who was a carer who my daughter had met for the first time who seemed to have a deep understanding of things with a thirst for more knowledge. We spoke briefly on the phone. She told me to look up this old documentary type film.

Zeitgeist ‘The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the beliefs at the time’

Guess this could be applied to the 1940’s or the 1960’s one for each country of the former for Germany or Britain of the USA for the latter.

In the world today there is a new one .. or to be precise there are two and this sweeps across the western world that has had me astounded for a number of years. A divide the likes of which has never been witnessed to either this degree nor this widespread.

For 18 months plus now this has been extremely hard to find and that drive and the ability to be creative and inspirational has been clearly lacking.

Of late I have been privy to some information and data that has lead me on a path. The deeper I dived the more of the madness I have witnessed started to make sense.

This left me with a series of problems and some I did not foresee, first this very surreal feeling and wondering now what I am supposed to do or even what to do and now find myself without the ability to do very much.

Once again surrounded by people that never want to talk about anything else other than what they want to talk, bitch and moan about .. except .. mine involved the future and so when anyone wants to talk about .. anything involving the future and nearly everything does this conflicts with that I know of said future which I am not allowed to mention.

The other thing people love to talk about is bitch about the past, often for hours and hours and stories and anecdotes I have hard dozens or even hundreds of times before. Always OK when they do it, eh?

Except my attitude is this .. why obsess about the past that you cannot do anything about?

No one wants to hear the same old anecdotes even when not bitching and whining and talking about the present almost always involved the future.

Talk about a camera, computer, laptop, gaming, movies, TV, Music or anything else and people always talk about what will come down the line from next year to five years time.

Yeah that is a bit hard when the scientific and analytical part of your brain keeps banging the human side with the data you have seen. The data no one wants to talk about.

Lets make something clear ..

  • There is currently a growing feeling that something is wrong .. which is now being joined by unrest in a very large number of places
  • I have myself felt for a very long time, likely two decades or more, that something is wrong
  • One friend on Twitter knew me 7 years or more ago when was well into all this and despite how much we were mates .. thought I was off on all this
  • Today this is a different story and he has told thousands of followers that ..
    • I woke up far too early
    • He apologised to me and stated that it must have been a living hell to know all that I did and have no one believe me .. no friends .. no family
  • Many idiot leftists seem to think I am all about ego when the truth is my life has been a long series of living hells and still is .. but hey ho .. leftists narrative following morons will

Annoying from governments and/or public organisations of which I have lost count of how many times I had ripped them up for their patronising attitudes and for the following ..

  • Government or Public Service action takes a bloody lifetime and complaints regarding this are met with surprised looks and lines of “These things take time” and words like ‘Protocol’ and ‘Legislation’ like it has been written in stone since the beginning of time
  • Government or Public Service demands are expected to take place on hours, days or you get a month at the very most .. of your lucky ..
  • The latter attitude takes place even when your waiting on another public service who are themselves giving you the crap from the first bullet point

Yes this is quite specific but I am sure many today would agree that it matters not where you look or what it is you look at this seems to be everywhere. Everywhere something seems off and now probably seems like it has been off for a fair old while, no? If you see or feel this have you not asked yourself how you have not noticed this before?

Many have noticed this over the years and there have been issues and no doubt attempts to muddy the waters too.

Some idiots in power no doubt with a strong feeling of self-entitlement t the point they almost have the attitude they are of a different species to the rest of society, more of that and the ‘theory’ that sprung up shortly.

Unfortunately what these morons either failed to take into account or did not care is the one thing that has been obvious to everyone for a millenia.

We are a species that delight from puzzles because deep within our psyche we do not actually like them so so need to solve them so that me might understand.

What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? It is NOT .. 42.

Some in power have been of the belief since the 1940’s, which is where is started, even a famous name linked here, and grew from there. Thank you Germany!

These naïve fools were under the misconception that it was better for mankind and yet mankind thought very differently.

The attitude of secrecy and cover-ups along with false information did not stop with a few clandestine organisations and others started to think they had the right to do this too.

So adopting this attitude would have been the biggest and/or the most profitable organisations that thought they had the God given right to do this to. To protect their own interests and personal empires. When they got it wrong they then had this self-entitled feeling that when they gambled and got it wrong that everyone else should pay for this. By way of manipulating and lying to their customer base or tax handouts.

Of course it was inevitable that this would spread to smaller and smaller companies with the attitudes that “Well they are allowed to do this, so why not us?!”

Over time it was slowly adopted by the masses that business meant being dishonest. No .. it did not now should it ever have been. But no one wanted to listen. I said that in time this would not end well.

Life was given to us a billion years ago and we have spent all of this time figuring out what to do with it and we have got a lot of those decisions wrong.

So for a long time more and more people have senses things. In this instance people tend to fill in the blanks.

Now what happens is psychologically people need something or someone to fill in the blanks with and if they have suffered .. and blame something or someone many will fill in the blanks with those people.

I apply this logic to leftists .. they seem to hurt over everything or have big hang ups .. make it their moral duty to protect Earth and animals and therefore blame oil companies and rich people for everything. If they are directly responsible this is great. But they will just find a way to attribute blame and this actually does more harm than good.

This is exactly the same for tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.

I mentioned earlier that the powerful have this feeling of self-entitled almost as if they are a different species? I stated that I would get to this shortly? Well there is one that does talks around the world that lizard people live among us. That would be David Icke. I dare say that there are several that state that aliens live among us too?

In the end you have a very large number of groups with a very narrow field of view none of which can see the wood for the trees.

Anyone else who starts looking for their own answers are then swamped with data overload and end up not knowing if they are coming or going.

Of course it could be argued that governments wanting to hide things could add their own conspiracy theories to the mix to muddy the waters further still?

The more companies, organisations and governments lie and the more lies they tell the more blanks there are for people to fill in. In the end it becomes a mess .. were all treated is fools and used as pawns.

Scores of people so desperate to make sense of the chaos and full of hatred along with the despite to have something to focus that anger on and the accusations and the theories fly.

Eventually even the wildest theories become claims and before long you can watch these people online getting angry with others for not taking the random texts in the form of posts, tweets and such as gospel.

No random text and powerful beliefs behind something does not make this fact and I do not care what webpage says what and links what to which. They are just links and compelling they might be but until it is a proven fact it will always remain a theory.

What also amazes me and they just do not see it are the opportunists that think that because of the chaos they can go after everyone they blame at once .. no and the only thing yu are doing is serving those that you dislike. Those in power that are guilty probably sit in their gentleman’s laughing at how you just simply cannot get focused. How you fail to understand simple facts in any given war. That a war is always won by a series of smaller battles and never by one big one.

But a large number of naïve people believe that it is just has the hard-left are naïve enough to be convinced that socialism will work this time where it has failed almost all, if not all, times before.

One thing that comes up a lot is this plan to .. mix things up a bit in western countries but this theory is not thought through ..

Yeah numbers people. If you create a large mixed race base to control and it outnumbers yours ten to one your .. fecked! Do not be naïve.

There are lot of theories and plans and I do not put paid to any of them because .. it is very easy to state why this cannot be the case or even work.

Yes I know there is a lot wrong in the world and there are both reasons for this and people to blame for this too.

In fact I would go as far as stating that the United Nations are letting mass migration go on not to help people but to lead them into areas where they will inevitably die by one of two means.

I had initially thought, as I am sure many still do, that this was some wayward and stupid attempt to save people. Or create some new world order, yeah that may be a plan but this is not what you think it is.

Oh my God I forgot. They have all got names. They all have phrases and their all all manner of terms. You need to list and publish the conspiracy theorists dictionary?!

Over the many months I have been on Twitter and other social media sites I have had all kinds of labels and names thrown at me and every single one of them has been wrong.

The hilarious thing is that with many of them .. and they thought they were making me angry by tossing them at me .. which they as not because .. I did not even bloody know what they meant!

I still do not.

People that do generally belong to these groups and conspiracy beliefs tend to ..

  • ONE: Know all the bloody terms and ..
  • TWO: Are proud to be seen as part of said groups, movements or leanings and ..
  • THREE: Leftists wont care .. they want you to be or want it to appear that you are in which case ..
  • Just like the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists they laugh at they help keep the worst and dangerous ones hidden in the mix
  • FOUR: Yeah .. I kept tell them, or you, to their, or your, IRE .. your being fecking idiots and .. this is why!
  • Well .. one of the reasons

Language brought mankind many great things .. the ability to work collectively to solve problems which helped brig about mechanics, engineering and science.

Unfortunately it also brought about lying deceit, religion and war.

As for conspiracy theories .. even years back you could not really blame people for coming up with them and conspiracies are going on. But if you look at everything that has gone on for the last decade it has been nuts. And become even more nuts as time has gone on.

The last three to five has been crazy and it just gets worse with every few months that goes by.

You also have to take into consideration that this is not an isolated event and not specifice to a town, city or even an area. In fact this would be totally insane of this was isolated to a whole country which in itself would be rare. Two countries at once? Nope. Not far off from each other and you could say Libya and Syria.

Lets take a mass influx of migrants to the point where many countries could not cope, went well beyond a tipping point and then the United Nations and Germany decided to make a UN Migration Pact so that people could go wherever they want?! After .. it was way past the tipping point?!

Why the hell would anyone single country do this? But the United Nations did this?!

This resulted in the birth of the Gilets Jaunes in France, known as the Yellow Vests movement which become movements and this spread to some very unlikely countries .. here is a short list of the ones currently listed on WikiPencil ..

Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Tunisia and the UK.

That is twenty two countries and Americans I speak to are aching to start something similar there so it is only a matter of time, no?

Now I cannot see this occurring in China, except maybe Hong Kong, or North Korea but I do wonder if South Korea and Japan might get in on the act .. pardon the pun.

What makes me curious is what the reactions are going to be when the populations of the world realise how big the lie is, what that lie is and how long it has gone on for?

I certainly would NOT want to be associated with any government when the obvious facts get out which is itself inevitable.

Hooo boy. And if there has been some secret plans for those that conspired in a mass lie because of things they implemented they should never have done and all for money and power? Hooo boy!

Now I would imagine that if they all secretly scurried off .. it wont be like scenes from some disaster movie. You would have small armies form over time with a hatred for the lives that they and there families have been put through and worked their arse off for years knowing that what they thought they was working for was all a lie.

No I do not think for a second that the ones perpetrating the lies will be allowed to be the ones the ones to continue mankind.

Think about it for a moment? The biggest liars, the most heartless, the most self-entitled and probably no idea which end of a shovel is the business end, never done any labour .. only ever controlled currency which would no longer exist as such.

Will they have a plan to take the best of society? And if they do will it be as their equals? Or their slaves?

If what I have been researching and keeping an eye on does turn out to be the big lie and it does explain all of the madness .. there will be two to three things occur ..

  • It will look more and more obvious
  • Something big will occur that catches the attention of the world
  • Bizarre things will start happening and things will start breaking down

As entertaining as the less crazy conspiracy theories might be I do tend to like sticking to ones that are both realistic and has some history to it as regards scientific data.

And no hack scientists!

All that has been required is for one coming global event that makes all the current global events make perfect sense. One that explains them all.

So what do you have? A long term global story that states that the planet is warming up and that the western world and its people is behind it. So those not far from anywhere near the regions of the tropics of cancer and capricorn have been panicking that they will produce a lot less food. Not being very responsible many of these, because of totally amoral reasons, have bred like proverbial rabbits and overpopulated their regions.

Then tales come thick and fast of lands where the streets are paved with gold and much in the way of free stuff awaits and several exoduses begin. The first waves are let into these northern cooler climates and so repeated tsunamis of people flow.

Except .. as it turns out what appeared to be an attempt to save people .. was quite the opposite as in 2013 the scientists actually admitted that an ice-age was heading our way. This matched up with things that they stated back in the 1970’s. Except somewhere around the mid 80s to mid 90’s this switched to global warming. Then at some point it changed to climate change.

Coming Ice-Age to Global Warming to Climate Change and .. now?

Well not it is going through yet another change only this one seems to be coming out in spits and spurts and over the last 5 years plus and yet .. everyone is still mostly oblivious to this provable fact that anyone only has to check the last two winters for the only sign you need.

Global cooling that at first was predicted to be a mini ice-age, BBC and its Scientists in 2013, and now they are stating it might be worse .. at least worse than the Maunder Minimum and one I am still trying to estimate myself.

I should have a much better idea in 6 to 12 months time. With any luck as I have a theory or two and if certain activities increase as they have it might become obvious that certain things may well be inevitable.

There are, aren’t there always, other possible events linked that may not be obvious early on and these may take another 12 to 24 months on before we can start worrying about something else.

It will be interesting to see if I am right about the science and then right about the psychology and I think that the Internet will go into a viral state and then everyone will go into meltdown when the truth is realised.

After this point you will get talk about retributions towards a large number of people and groups and at that point I will simply state to those in the reticules “well that did you expect?!”

Very sorry but when you tell lies bad enough ad long enough to adversely affect people’s lives you wont get any sympathy from me because I have already been one of your victims. Sitting their in your ivory towers presiding over all others and tasked with upholding the law which itself is intended to make things fair .. it most certainly has not felt anything close to fair.

Quite the opposite in fact and treated in a cold, heartless and patronising way and of this I have one particular hour long recording and I bet there are several others too?

Was noticed again tonight on Twitter. Yup .. Twitter.

As my daughter knows only too well and ow remarks on often, as this has happened to her too several times. We get noticed. We get a lot of talk come our way. This is sometimes followed with a lot of promises coming our way. This always comes to nothing.

Even having people state that JF Kennedy was shot over it which sounds fantastical but then here I the UK it was a bit weird when something real occurred, Jimmy Savile and BBC which was linked to death of Lady Diana.

I must try and make a list of the conspiracy theories I have either stumbled across or have been put to me directly or the names I have had thrown at me .. which I may or may not know ..

  • Bircher
  • Bildeberg
  • Rothschild
  • Kalergi
  • Moon landings faked
  • Earth is flat
  • Lizard People run the planet
  • Hitler and Nazis in underground city in Antarctica

Probably many missing.

People tell ne about these things and then get frustrated when I do not totally believe upon their explanations. Proof requires more than that.

Oddly socialists that do not like what I say have tried to call me all manner of things or look into where I get my data or facts from .. except ..

It matters not who passed the truth on of from where it was sourced .. all that matter is whether or not it is the truth.

Show me the people who will claim that a truth is a lie based purely on the dislike of the person that stated it or indeed its source and I will show you the fools that will lead you or a nation to its doom.

I have done this, I have done this for a very long time .. I still do this and as I have long predicted they will blame everyone else but themselves. Until finally they will blame others for not doing as their told. Or in reality be allowed to be led to their doom.

That is the errand that many fools are now on.

Socialists do very good impressions of Marxists because they fully believe they have the moral high ground to suppress the truths they do not want out while propagating pure lies to get what they want.

Now I really cannot speak for anyone else here and call me old fashioned but I cannot accept or live in a society or even agree or sympathise with groups or people that think for a single moment that it is morally acceptable to either lie or suppress these truths.

Like I said .. call me old fashioned.

Start lying and falsifying I science and you will not only kill people but put us back into the stone-age and its a course of action only the most incompetent of fools or people with serious mental health or psychological problems would be happy with.

Some .. sensible people have simplified the term ‘conspiracy theory’ into what they have turned it into today but does not mean. Romanian Vee on YouTube said its a ‘dog whistle’ for censorship.

Just wondering ..

  • If Civil Wars break out in the western countries of the northern hemisphere ..
    • Between stupid, evil, lying leftists and normies how many get killed
    • Then between everyone else and Islam how many get killed?
  • If an Ice-Age the scientific data states could arrive suddenly in 5 to 10 years
    • How many people get killed?
  • Should sort out the overpopulated planet and the evil shall inherit the Earth?

I mean look at the sheer madness going on in the world right now?

Has it ever been this mad where you are?

Have you ever seen it quite this mad in so many places in the world at once?

Have you ever seen such a large movement of people in the world at once as you have in recent years?

Have you ever heard quite so many crazy things being said in the world by political parties and governments?

All the other shite too?

  • So .. you have to make a decision ..
  • Is it all just some utterly crazy coincidence that all this is going on?
  • Is it a means to cause civil wars to get the population down?
  • Is it that a global event is coming and they are trying to save everyone in an overpopulated planet that wont be able to produce enough food in 10 years or ..
  • Is it that a global event is coming and they see the mass movement of people as a way of getting the population of Earth down to a manageable level?
  • Or ..
  • A) Is it just one big giant, crazy and highly unlikely coincidence
  • B) Is it a WAR they want ..
  • C) Or a DISTRACTION to a coming GLOBAL (or mostly) EVENT
  • If the latter what be their intentions?

It first appeared to be option ‘A’ but in reality I knew this was not in any way a realistic option.

Then some data started to emerge .. and emerge .. and .. emerge. It them started to look like option ‘B’ and .. yeah a better .. fit .. but did not feel quite .. right?

Then I thought a bout the processes involved if what the scientific data suggests was happening and .. then option ‘C’ popped into view and THAT .. was a perfect fit that explained everything.

Scenes like these will help more people flood into the danger zones ..

US is on alert with Yellowstone, Russia on alert and just had an eruption .. magma on the move in places prevously dormant, Japan concerned with Mount Fuji and looking into it, scientists lying about increases in seismic and volcanic activity, lying about coloured skies .. the list goes on ..

In China 66,000 people were affected by natural disasters in January of this year of 2019 .. which is an incredible amount of people .. and the the following month of February, and it is only mid March now, 630,000 people were affected ..

This is how it works .. and from 2011 and I as someone deeply interested in the science did not know about this .. Pole Shift concerns .. please not from the quoted page that the are concerned and that the climate is to do with the POLES and not MAN .. about the time things really started to go nuts and we felt an earthquake in the UK ..

A growing number of scientists are starting to worry the magnetic pole shift, that seems to be underway, is the real culprit behind climate change. Not man made air pollution, not the Sun, not the underground volcanic activity heating up the oceans, but the slow beginning of a pole shift that has been thought to destroy entire civilizations in the past and be one major factor in mass extinctions. NASA recently discovered and released information about a major breach in the Earth’s magnetic field.

The speed of this shift has grown exponentially and is tugging on the Earth’s crust with greater intensity .. leading to seismic activity increases ..

Now before we go onto volcanic activity we have already had one very long eruption in Hawaii with Kilauea .. and now they have had an earthquake there ..

This in turn has the inevitable effect of increasing volcanic activity ..

Some we heard about, like Kilauea, and some we have not in South America and Russia .. and here is a sudden sinking of ground somewhere putting everyone on alert ..

And recording breaking Geyser Activity, seismic activity and ground level rise at Yellowstone ..

And riddle me this .. concerned comment on the following page concerning the release of Helium 4 and the fact that no one is talking about Yellowstone’s increased activity in the news. Also talks about a hoax claim that Yellowstone was going to erupt in two weeks which was not true.

HOWEVER .. the article highlights how the increase in seismic and geyser activity along with temperatures is not a big issue .. and how any dangers will happen but years away .. there they go yet again .. being human ..

Yeah except see that graph? By all account the activity has continued to increase on the whole and the temperatures have continued to rise on the whole and just recently the water temperature of a river flowing though the park rose by 10 Celsius in a single day! This article is from 2014 too!

Except it is still not being talked about and we are all distracted by other .. things .. no?

Four and a half years of this article being published and I stumble across something and I realise I am right on top of the point of no return!

Everything I look at suggests to me that the next 24 months are absolutely critical and if things continue on for the next 24 months as they have for the past 72 to 96 we are buggered.

The crazy thing is that this point can be brought rapidly forwards to as little as two weeks time, proved the scientists are not hacks and full of it again.

One volcano or a series of volcanos to match only half of Yellowstone’s potential maximum levels as far as eruption is concerned and its well and truly over.

And for 20 years I have complained to deaf ears that this world has relied upon something that cannot even cope with the announcement of a coming event. The Stock Market!

Well the rich, the powerful and the politicians have liked to gamble and may well have gambled away billions of lives.

But of course they will deem themselves the ones worthy of surviving any possible coming catastrophes and responsible for the continuation of mankind, right?


OK so this one went on longer than planned ..

Noticed there is something going on with our food .. in fact noticed it a year ago .. noticed this many more times and with pickles and preserves.

A few weeks back I saw a video from a channel called MaverickStar Reloaded and what he claimed to be going on with the Earths magnetic field blew me away. Increased speed and a split and I simply did not believe it. Then a Forbes article on moving magma, with inaccuracies, cause me to actually research. Channels like Oppenheimer Ranch Project, Adapt 2030 and Mary Greeley were then watched.

I discovered the Sun activity had vastly decreased and this started back in 2013 and technically further back then even that. Seismic activity and volcanic activity was looked at and also found to be increasing. The magnetosphere was also dropping too and somewhere around a 20% to 25% drop has already been reported.

Oddly I have a health condition that makes me notice things like temperature and humidity and in the summers I suffer .. except I had not the last three summers.

Remembered the orange skies in the UK and did not buy the official story. They had them in New York in July 2018 too. NASA suddenly wanting to build 6 space-ports in the UK, a space station orbiting the Moon and .. a base on its surface. All crazy stories out of the blue.

Oh and the Svalbard Seed Bank had me telling friends when they first announced it that I thought something was coming and they knew it.

So then .. know this .. I do not shop .. at all in fact but not for food and have not for well over a year now.

But about a year ago someone in this building complained that they had now found another jar of jam that had gone mouldy. On hearing this I said “What? But Jam does not go mouldy that is why they call it a preserve. At least not that quick!”

I might have made a joke about pickles being next.

Umm .. except .. not quite next as the next thing to be get noticed was jars of Olives .. several jams and jars of Olives went the same way.

Then to my shock a jar of pickled Gherkins. Than another. Then .. another.

What annoys me is that many videos I have watched that talk about pole reversal and ice-ages also talk about food production and even I realised that one of the first thing that might make people stop and take notice is a rocket in food prices.

Except that they have tried very hard to hide what has been going on and they have most certainly been doing this for at least five years and there is an argument, I have made on this very blog, that they have hidden this for 40 years. In one post I link in a documentary narrated by none other than Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek that has scientists that state that we are heading for an ice-age. That was listed as a ‘Lost Documentary; and filmed around 1976 .. give or take a year or two. Svalbard was built in the 1980s but we did not know about it for well over a decade later.

Then one day I realised that the food had already been affected! Now sure the precise reasons why but .. saving money? Obviously the vinegar in the pickles is not all vinegar as the contents should not go off for way past the use by date. This latest jar of Gherkins has gone off and it is April 2019 and the use by date is September 2020 so this is 18 months earlier! I would expect a jar of pickled Gherkins to be edible is September 2021!

Obviously something is happening to the Jam too .. but what I know not.

So I wanted to do a post about this. I have also wanted to do talk videos on my YouTube channel for a few years now .. never got around to it thanks to a concerted effort to destroy my life and stop me and as of right now .. real bad situation. Not the right environment .. not the right mind .. do not feel comfortable. Wrong equipment. Not good.

Then I found another jar of Gherkins that had gone off .. had dug out and managed to charge my little Nikon compact camera, one of three, and thought I would do a video just on the food.

Yeah that is not how it went and Twitter, GAB, Minds, Yellow Vests, Ice Ages, Continental Drift, Pole Reversal, Seismic Activity, Volcanic eruptions and even Macron crept in their among others ..

The Food Not Quite So Glorious ..


If you was to list events at the levels of that of the military then I am sure it is safe to say that the Yellowstone Caldera just went to Defcon 2. 

There may be an argument for Defcon 1 .. but I would need to look at a very long history of the activity to occur within the location.

However for the short term .. it is good to go by the people that do live there and are familiar with the site and even keep tracks on the readings. Well that is once you have sorted out the ones with the crazy claims that it.

When you also get a great many people that are suddenly alarmed at the readings going on as well as alarmed that the mainstream media are not mentioning it and even talking it down despite the unprecedented things that may be going on .. you start to take notice.

Now I watched a video by ‘Green Gregs’ on YouTube who I have not watched before. He stated his alarm at the sudden rises in temperature of the water at Yellowstone Park despite the fact that the area is covered in snow.

He mentions another YouTuber who I just so happen to have watched many videos of lately, ‘Mary Greeley’, who shows a lot of the readings for seismic activity in the region as well as the movement of magma and temps.

Now I am paying attention to this because I believe now that this is all linked to the magnetic poles moving and the north pole has increased its speed. It split too but with one being both weaker and dissipating over time.

Now if I am correct .. the data shows that the 32 miles the magnetic pole moved in 2018 could be anywhere between 50 to 100 miles in 2019.

This speed increase must and appears to be having an effect on the magma flow and seismic activity so if it increase over the nest two years, and it has for the past three or four, what can we expect for the rest of this year and that of the next year of 2020?

Only found out about this data a couple of weeks ago .. known about the subjects and possibilities for years. Never expected to ever witness anything like that I am now hearing about .. not in my lifetime and is all feeling very surreal right now.

Nothing in my life has ever reached this level of surreal.

Seismic and volcanic activity is increasing and not just in America .. in Europe too and they are on alert in Japan and likely other places. We already know about Kilauea and Mount Etna.

This now part 18, 16 are listed as parts, in what I now believe is the process by which an ice-age starts and trying to figure out if this is indeed something that will occur very soon? Many people believe that it is and many of these scientists too. The data certainly suggests it but the surreal feeling comes from the fact that I just cannot get my head around it .. but the data suggests that it will.

First Green Gregs ..

Now a few from Mary Greeley ..

THE AGE OF THE BIG FREEZE (Pole Shift Part 17)

Forenote: There are sixteen previous parts to this subject with graphs, charts, links and videos with my own theories and predictions as to what is going on.

I am going to summarize things as simply as I can as to what is going on .. there are one or two people that, not having read or listened to what I have discovered and pieced together, have not listened.

Sounding like an FBPE or Leftist they seem to think that opinions with no basis in facts .. matter and science does not.

Now what I will summarize briefly in each case has graphs and maths provided in various posts that total 16 in all. YouTube videos and links to various news articles, NASA, the Smithsonian Institute and various others.

It is literally like they look out their window for a couple of decades and decide that things will never change .. historical data and science just do not seem to .. dare I say it, register?


  • Magnetic Poles are moving faster than they ever have before
  • Magnetic Poles have split that has never happened before
  • There strongly suggests a Pole Excursion but looks more like a Pole Reversal
  • There is a disaster movie based on this
  • The strong field lines have traveled 1000 miles over a few years
  • The speed has literally increase exponentially
    • Many years ago this was a few feet a year and built up to a few metre
    • Judging fro graphs this has moved faster over around 4 to 5 years or more
    • Judging fro the graphs
    • In 2016 this moved by around 7 miles
    • In 2017 this moved by around 15 miles
    • In 2018 this moved by 32 miles plus
    • In 2019 this could be 50 to 100 miles
    • If it get 200 miles from its current location .. the field goes haywire and we are in a pole reversal with no return

Now when this movie was made there were a few things that are linked to a Pole Reversal that they were not aware of and therefore not feature in the movie.

Firstly .. Sun Activity

  • Sun works on an 11 year cycle .. maximum to maximum or low to low
  • A peak is measured by the amount of Sunspots
  • A low is measure by lack if Sunspots and size of Coronal Holes
  • The peak of cycle 23 surprised scientists by being lower than the one before
    • 120 Sunspots compared to 200 for Cycle 22
  • That is 11 years do not forget .. and then ..
  • The peak of Cycle 24 stunned scientists by being way lower than Cycle 23
    • 80 Sunspots compared to 120
    • This had never happened in modern times and not for hundreds of years
    • So things are NOT going to remain the same!
    • Added to this .. it dropped to its minimum way faster than it has before .. to ZERO Sunspots
    • It has remained at this very low activity for longer than it has before
    • This continues to this day
  • Do not forget this is an 11 year cycle
  • It will take years to get back to a peak .. and even longer for the heat to warm Earth up
  • Judging by previous trends if and when it does get to a peak .. it might only produce 50 Sunspots? Give or take ten?
  • This now appears to be the process that affects a pole excursion or reversal
  • Again never happened like this in hundreds of years

Secondly Seismic & Volcanic Activity ..

  • As the Earth’s core is being tugged and moving faster it stands to reason .. now that ..
  • Seismic Activity will increase and it is
  • Depending on what speed the core gets to ..
    • This could cause continental shift
  • But before that occurs .. if it occurs ..
  • Volcanic Activity will increase and it has
  • Over 5 years it has gone from 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 and then hit 34 eruptions in 2018
    • Take a wild guess on whether this has happened before
  • In 1648 a similar thing happened with the Sun going into a grand solar minimum
  • As the Sun decreased its activity .. 24 eruptions are recorded to have occurred that they know about, though there could have been a lot more
    • Earthquakes have increased in frequency
    • Most notable around the Yellowstone Caldera Super-Volcano
    • The ground has been rising for a number of years
    • Worrying scientists
    • The temperature has been slowly rising
    • Geysers have increase in their activity
    • Including some that had been dormant for years
    • In recent days the rising temperature suddenly shot up in a river by 10 degrees
    • It cannot keep rising without going off
    • They have no idea how far it rises before it goes off and could be tomorrow or in two years time, do not forget it has risen continuously for several years
    • If linked to Sun Activity well the Sun has stayed in a very low state and will take years to get back up with it does start to increase
  • Japan has ordered a full investigation into Mount Fuji
  • Anak Krakatau went off
  • Kilauea went off and for a very long time too
  • Mount Etna has been more active
  • I am convinced that there will be one or two big eruptions and this is what places the Earth into an ice-age and always has done.
  • A volcano has been erupting at Antarctica

Thirdly Atmosphere and Weather

  • The Magnetosphere is decreasing and this has not occurred like this before
  • More particles, cosmic rays and UV Rays are reaching the surface with UVC for the first time .. no one has mentioned the effect of UV
  • Gamma Rays and X-Rays might be becoming more abundant
  • Reports that particles may be seeding clouds
  • Though this could be particles from volcanoes or both
  • We have had doomsday like orange skies and dim looking suns
  • Coffee Bean farmers have stated in Myanmar that for 5 years that they produce 10 to 12 % less beans each year because it is slowly getting colder
  • Last winter broke record of the one previous which broke previous records and I have not gone back further than two years
  • Typhoons have formed in the northern hemisphere and this has never occurred before
  • Jet-streams are getting weaker

My Yardstick .. Animals

  • A very rare Sunfish was found on a beach in California thousands of miles away from where it should be and in the north hemisphere for the very first time
  • A whale was found in the mouth of the Amazon river for the first time
  • Species of Seals have used beaches in the Carolinas where they have never been seen before
  • Birds have been turning up where they have not before and even I see a Little Bunting not seen in the UK for like 150 years or so
  • Flocks of birds have been found dead

Mankind ..

  • The Savlbard Seed Bank was built
    • Was out of the blue
  • There has been a big push in recent years for private space flight
    • Never been considered before
  • NASA announces 6 space-ports in the UK, a space station orbiting the Moon and a base on the Moon’s surface
    • Out of the blue and to be completed in 10 years
  • A great many government in the western world start behaving in strange ways and doing some strange things
    • Never occurred before
  • Mass Migration starts occurring in Africa, Europe and the Middle-East
    • Not happened before for a very long time
  • Mass Migration starts occurring in South America
    • Not happened before for a very long time
  • Mass Protests break out in Europe
    • Not happened on this scale for a very long time

ME …

  • Noticed things ..
  • Svalbard Seed Bank set alarms off
  • Orange Skies Set Alarms Off
  • Have Several Health Conditions ..
    • Difficulty in warmer months
      • Body Temp Regulation off
      • Have difficulties upwards of 23 Celsius especially if humid
      • Or if temperature rises suddenly from say 10 to 20 Celsius
      • Takes several days or couple weeks for body to adapt
      • Feet Ache when it is cold
      • Noticed last three years not nearly as much issues in summer
      • In last couple weeks I have had both aching feet and issues with sweating due to three or ore sharp rises and falls in temperature
      • That has never .. EVER .. occurred before
  • Predictions by many about food being affected has already occurred as ..
    • Family complained Jams were going mouldy in no time at all .. yeah PRESERVES
      • Never occurred before
    • Olives in Oils been going mouldy in jars in no time at all and the best one ..
    • Pickled Gherkins have been going off along with the vinegar in jars?!


  • If the Sun continues to stay dormant or decrease and it is looking that way and ..
  • The Poles continue to speed up and stay moving in the same direction they have for the past few years and looking that way ..
  • Seismic and Volcanic Activity will increase further
  • Magnetosphere will weaken further ..
  • More rays reach the surface
  • Each winter will get colder and longer than the year before just as it has done for at least two years .. maybe longer
  • There is NO REALITY where this does not have an affect
  • In fact it already is just about everywhere in a major except parts of Europe thus far outside of mountain regions
  • Now look at articles from the news, some Fake News, then another Arctic Blast to hit UK .. in MID-MARCH and third that I know of, other two record breaking
  • There then follows articles rubbishing previous claims about Sun Activity and Ice Age even though ..
  • I list a BBC YouTube video from January 2014 where they state a possible mini ice-age and the predictions have got worse since then ..
  • And a ‘Lost Documentary’ narrated by Leonard Nimoy circa 1976 stating an Ice Age is coming


  • It is and will become obvious climate change was a hoax
  • Only one reason it could be a hoax
    • To get money
    • To get people to move away from equatorial regions as in an ice-age it cannot hold the world’s population
    • To use the money to build ways to survive the coming ice-age
      • Was predicted in the 70’s
      • Svalbard Seed Bank built in early 80’s but used to help convince people there was global warming .. that would help people flee warmer zones to the ones that will be hit by an ice-age and cull people off because there want be the space or areaas to produce enough food


  • Other than building rockets and space-ports .. the rest of it ..
  • Occam’s Razor comes into effect here as well as ..
  • “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

NASA states after saying it was a myth beforehand ..

NASA reported by New American ..

Zero Hedge .. NASA again ..

Express ..

IKON .. Ice Age to begin in two years? I stated that unless the Sun picks up in 12 months we are basically FECKED!!

Arctic Blast to Hit the UK ..

But look and you will find an endless list debunking those scientists that hard warned them for years ..

The Guardian telling everyone they are idiots of course ..(Guaranteed that as Tim Pool has showed them doing many times .. they will alter this article before 2020 arrives .. just you watch!) says Study Suggests Sun’s Lull, admitting it, will end soon, has never occurred before so how the fuck would they know and how would they study this on something unprecedented?



I should add that this subject contains several I have been well aware of for a very ling time and I pretty much knew that there were inevitable.

But I had thought these might be hundreds of years off and I certainly never expected them to happen in my grandchildren’s lifetime, let alone mine.

Upon looking into this I can assure you that it has all become very .. surreal. I have also tried very hard to think that this is just some sort of freak occurrence and will come to nothing .. but .. despite the human side of me, I come up against with others, the .. data and understanding of the graphs, charts and numbers involved .. I always realise that I cannot ignore it.

There is some hope that the Sun might suddenly start building back up again but this is a lengthy process and it has been basically dormant for a fair old while now. It really does not look to eve begin doing this any time soon.

If it remains in its current state and the pole keeps going in the direction that it is with the increasing speed in just a year things wont look good.

If the volcanic eruptions in 2019 beat that of 2018, at a jump of 34 from just 2 or 3 a few years earlier, this also wont be good. Especially if we get just one or two big ones.

You see I believe now it is not just the Sun’s decrease in temperature .. but the eruptions it cause while the Sun is on a lull. The longer the lull the more eruptions there are likely to be and it is these eruptions I believe is behind how bad an ice-age is going to be.

We have had to lows in the last 350 years .. the mini ice-age known as the Maunder Minimum that started in and around 1648. That lasted for 50 years. Not quite so low was the Dalton Minimum.

Consider that in January 2014 scientists quoted on BBC News that a mini ice-age was possible based on the Sun’s low activity. This was based on the figure of only around 80 Sunspots and the Sun dropping quickly to a dormant state.

Dropping .. to a dormant state .. in 2014. In a cycle that lasts 11 years.

Looking at this logically .. 5 years to go from a peak to a trough and another 5 to go back. 6 months at a peak and 6 months at a low. 11 years.

The Sunspots being at 80 and then its sudden drop must have occurred in 2013 at the latest. Maybe 2012? But let us take the former ..

Based on that 5 year drop, from a peak that had only 80 Sunspots where the previous had 120 and he one before that 200 ..

The Sunspots should have risen in 2018. If it was 2012 then they should have risen in 2017.

It is 2019 and this still has not started, we do not know when it will start and even when it does .. based on the last three peaks of 200, 120 and then 80 Sunspots .. we might only reach .. 60 or less?

If this pattern is followed and face facts .. this patter has gone on for 25 years .. then in just 6 to 8 years its going to be a hell of a lot cooler.

And then there is this increase in volcanic eruptions that fill the atmosphere and will cool things further still.

Oh and do not think for a moment that the sudden appearence of Sunspots means this wont then occur. As I have tried to state .. its about the average number over a decade or two .. and .. yeah the Little Ice Age? Yup that was NOT devoid of Sunspots over those 50 years .. take a look ..

You see here? I just dug this one out and I think it best demonstrates what I am trying to state .. in the 1950 Sunspots were over 200 .. 25 year ago hey were around 200. The peak before last was low at 120 and then the last was around 80, maybe a little under.

They had not seen this in modern time and states it has not been seen for hundreds of years and the Maunder minimum was 350 plus years ago and ended 300 plus years ago. The Dalton minimum was 200 plus years ago.

Now that chart is the whole of the Maunder Minimum .. it was ALREADY cold and as you can see less than 40 Sunspots at the start.

200 to 120 is a drop of 80. 120 to 80 (think its closer to around 75 to 78) is a drop of 40. Going by that a drop of 20 to 30 at the next peak .. if we have one .. means 50 to 60.

Thats more or less into mini-ice age era and that is in 5 years .. 6 at the most .. except for my volcanic eruption eruption theory, that is.

This is, of course, if we ever hit a peak again .. look at the chart!


Darn it .. I forgot .. in 2024 the Earth is going to be 13% further away from the Sun that it normally is due to a rare line up of the planets ..

Before anyone says this is stupid .. yeah don’t s they use this very thing to detect planets around other stars .. WOBBLE!


Well I have done the long series to what I now believe to be behind all the madness which is all, for want of sounding like I should don a tinfoil hat, a distraction to stop people discovering the truth so the world’s markets and currencies do not crash and everyone carries on working.

I know there were a few mad things coming out .. I used to see people like Sargon Of Akkad, Tim Pool, Heather Southern and Dave Cullen among others talking about them.

Though I had no idea how mad or just how often they were coming until I went back onto Twitter back in August 2018 and it has just gotten far worse since then.

Many thousands have followed me from the UK and across Europe in the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Canada and the US and likely other places besides.

I had had says where 35,000 people have read my tweets .. in a day .. after only a few months being back on Twitter. Imagine what I could have reached had a been back on a year or two?!

Except the powers that be did not want that. As it turns out the very thing that was being kept hidden was science based and not only do I have a deep interest in all these subjects I have posted about them and the possibilities.

So when I was suspended . the one behind it did something odd .. he chased me to another website and actually showed me the notification and clearly stated it was over ‘hate speech’?

Now .. maybe .. it was not the hate speech on my blog? Which was only ever the truth and I never talked about violence or killing anyone. Maybe they saw the science things? The actual subject they were hiding? Maybe they spotted the interest from GCHQ, that Detectives called me a genius, that MI5 called me a genius, that the MoD was interested in me and I was offered a PhD? Now at the rate I was building followers maybe they realised that I was likely to stumble across the truth, piece everything together and by that time might be connected to enough people to leak out all the data, all the graphs, all the links, all the news articles, all the scientists as well as placing my own theories and predictions on the whole shebang?

Oddly I had this .. helicopter buzz me back i the summer that had a few hundred people .. watching it wondering what in the world it was doing so low in the park.

I also thought that if I tried to register my location I might actually get .. well .. arrested and is one of around four of five serious issues I would have if my location was known.

Oh yeah they tried to dox me on Twitter a few times too .. take a wild guess why they .. got the right addresses .. but just the .. wrong period of time? There is a post about that with the screen-shots.

I will be honest after awhile I thought this pursuit of me by quite so many was a little bit .. much and I was not the only one to think this either.

So a few odd stories have come up and I have placed these on Facebook now and I shall also now place them on here. Mad stores that just have you scratching your head ..

In time of universal deceit .. you need to find a universal reason – I said that

Donald Trump wants to issue an executive order on free speech at colleges and universities? We also all wait for the same to happen with social media .. do we not?

Still waiting ..

As Tweeted by Paul Joseph Watson ..

According to a Professor, NoDeal may turn out to be the best Brexit deal of all .. unless we are run by vastly overpaid morons .. of .. course … … oh wait?! LMAO! Oh wait .. the EU is run by vastly overpaid un-elected dictators so yeah its cool!

So Lord Nazir Ahmed the first Muslim to be a Lord is charged with Child Sex Offences also killed somebody by Texting and driving. Also other men to be charged too at Sheffield Magistrates Court ..

OK .. the question with this one is whether you will LAUGH at the very thought of this .. or reel in shock at my theory looking to be true? Now WHY would the British Police go to Africa to .. Police?! Clearing out what is left before an ice-age forces the rich, powerful and famous to move near the equator?

First Transgender Hate Crime I take it over Hurty Words and feelings sound like the Tortoise at the start of Kung Fu Panda .. hate crime, no hate crime .. which is the case according to the judge who says there never was one .. Meanwhile disabled people cannot get a decent lawyer for love nor money .. OK maybe only love? LMAO

Man in London arrested for Hate Crime .. Preaching Christianity and coming to a town near you .. Muslims can preach whatever the hell they want though .. Christians up in arms before very long A lot is going to occur in 2019 and 2020 is just going to go insane

Following on regarding John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn who are tyrants and will remove your vote .. they also promote violence towards those that do not agree with their fake socialism.. Centre-Left to far-right it does not matter to them .. So will you be allowed to ever vote in future? Think about it .. if this is their attitude towards anyone who is not a socialist .. what will they do to the General Election?

Late Addition ..

OK don’t know this channel but .. a Sunfish turning up in the northern hemisphere for the first time and a Typhoon forming in the northern hemisphere for the first time too. And a Whale in the Amazon?

THE MOVEMENTS OF MAN (Pole Shift Part 16)

Upon hearing of increasingly colder or suddenly cold winters showing an Ice-Age is upon us people will start to leave en masse.

These will go in order of their races I believe depending on where they are in the world.

Dare say that possibly the Sahara Desert will get wet and therefore able to grow food .. and this may be true of all desert regions? Middle-East, Gobi and even the Atacama?

Since I put down a few pointers and started this I realised it was going to take a while before I got around to finishing it and posting it.

During this time two things have come to my attention that are inevitable facts and that is the following ..

  • Short of announcing an ice-age to the world one of two things will give it away
  • First one I realised would be a bigger than average volcanic eruption or ..
  • An unusually high number of decent sized eruptions
  • This will thicken the atmosphere and of this year or after another record breaking winter between 2019 and 2020 people will put 2 & 2 together
  • Governments of the world having knowledge of this can have two effects ..
    • Constant bizarre and unusual behaviour that involves flip-flopping
    • More noticeable is WAR

The war aspect never even occurred to me until I saw a report pop up about India firing on Pakistan and then a second one whereby there was an explosion so loud that .. some thought it was a nuclear attack.

I dare say anyone located near aggressive and nasty groups hearing that a global event was ging to take place might suddenly get twitchy with their neighbours, no? I know I would .. and I will.

I will wager that if there is a war it will be over in the middle-east somewhere, right?

The bizarre thing is that if this pole reversal and movement of magma is strong it may cause continental drift. All that holy and and sacred sites they fought wars over for so very long?


After en event like continental drift these places could end up a thousand metres under water or at a height close to that of Mount Everest you can barely spend any time at.

If this was to occur and I survived, which I very much doubt due to my health. I will laugh at those that wasted so much time, effort, money and blood on these things I spent two decades saying were a waste of time and cost millions of lives. If its bad could be in the billions.

Animals that will go extinct that you could have saved by banned breeding programmes from all but the clickiest of groups?


Not all will be lost .. but much will. Hmm .. crap!! I just had a thought?!

As an animal expert I always thought it was odd that in the temperate zones of the world they were way less I the numbers of species of plants and animals as there are I the tropical zones. I had always out this down to warmer climates allowing evolution to take place faster.

But no .. if we have ice-ages every 10,000 years or so then animals in these areas normally get wiped out before they can evolve to the same extent as those in the tropics.

Of course when it comes to the temperate zones in the southern hemisphere there are none due to the lack of land mass in the Southern Sea. A small part of Southern Chile maybe? But this could all change too.

After continental drift Antarctica may and up in a temperate or even a tropical zone leaving the geographic poles with any land mass? Alternatively some present land could end up at the north pole?

Many scientists have told interviewers off the record and off camera when asked “In a Ice Age where are going to be the zones where you will find it tolerable to live?”

There answer is “200 to 300 miles north and south of the equator”. Personally I think that is over stretching it a bit. I would probably state it will be 1,000 miles either side?

Also if there is any continental drift .. we could end up the less land mass in this zone, not a great deal now, or a lot more? We simply do not know. Well .. I think we don’t at any rate.

That being said, should the rich and powerful start disappearing .. and start being spotted in particular places you can bet they know something is about to happen, right?

In fact I posted a list .. of odd things to occur previously and I just realised that in the list with the orange skies, space-ports and Kiluea vocano among other things I forgot something ..

The story going around that the Royal Family were going to fly out of the country after Brexit ..

  • Insinuated it was Brexit
  • Could be they expect a civil war, many populations of the west are talking about having their own war .. UK, France, Italy, USA, Canada and even Sweden.
  • Could be that they planned to get them out because of an ice-age .. did not want that leaking out about an ice-age so used Brexit as a cover?

So it will be cooling and before long it will be realised this is a trend that is not going to stop and in do doing some things are going to sink in .. that are inevitable ..

  • Food will be harder to grow and prices rising
  • Snow will pile up which may speed up rapidly if there is a big or series of big enough volcanic eruptions
  • Thought of lack of food in the UK and the cold .. many from topical areas will leave
  • We have a tunnel so that is a route to take if the ferries are not running, because who is going to work, right?
  • Money will be worthless and any work or help will be from moral good Samaritans
  • African and Arab communities will leave en masse in various groups
  • In large cities and with no major transport you will be cut off and chances of survival extremely minimal

So it will go in steps of those less tolerant of the cold .. the very idea of it will see people fleeing from it before it arrives.

As it gets colder Europeans and others will leave .. realising that food will eventually disappear and even having it air-dropped in? In a city? With very few places to land? You would need to be near an open space, like a public park. And pray that there are air-drops! And if you decide to stay you need to pray that they continue to come.

Of course you have the issues of communication .. and possibly without any supply of electricity .. at all or very little.

Communications will go back to hand-held, CB and HAM and then there will the the power issues .. which by some being forewarned will power these using solar panels. Maybe.

So then over time the snow will gradually .. or maybe even rapidly get deeper. They had like three feet of snow in parts of North America from one storm .. so a few days or a week or two?

Imagine heavier and bigger snow storms in a year where summer never arrives? Three feet in a few days and then .. worse and over a year .. or two?

So it could get unbearable in a short space of time.

Once things are obviously changing the one thing that wont be a problem .. will be water .. because there will be a lot of it. You will just have to melt it first.

But you will need heat to do that, heat to stop freeing to death and .. heat to produce food because u will get harder and herder until impossible to find it.

Water availability is difficult to judge but warm areas at the foot of mountains .. though the raised rates of skin cancer may be a problem

Of those I have looked at ..

Oppenheimer Ranch Project is Diamond or Dave Mauriello BS and Masters in Geology, Mason (read Palaeontologist), Leah Sharper BS in Philosophy,

Adapt 2030 is David DuByne .. Coffee Importer in Myanmar the local were stating that they were losing crops each year around 10-12% every year from 2012 to present. He believed in the whole Global Warming and Climate Change being CO2 until he realised that these farmers predictions were accurate.

Then there was the damn YouTube suggested video that started it all off.

Now I was aware of all the possible catastrophic events coming from space with asteroids, comets, GRB and others.

All the Earth bound catastrophes too even down to a global epidemic.

Have had dozens of conversations over the past 20 years but with almost all of these I never expected anything to have even a cat’s chance in hell of occurring I my own lifetime.

Even when I watched this video explaining that the magnetic poles were moving at an ever increasing speed and had spit into two .. it still did not quite hit me.

Inside of 12 hours and on Twitter, of all places, a Forbes story about magma moving beneath a dormant volcano in Germany. Now I started to pay attention . Remember the video from a guy called Gene that night before and though .. yup OK there’s a connection.

The Forbes author was the one that posted it and once again as is so often the case .. do not get it or knowingly lying.

My own experiences that gave clues to the fact something had been building up a few years did not start coming back to me .. until, that is, I started seeing videos that stated that they had spotted something was going on at least last 2013.

Dave DuBuyne states that he was being told things in 2012 and that was by the local farmers.

Gene .. at ..

Who also does videos on his YouTube channel MaverickStar Reloaded. A suggested video from him I did not initially trust and that started the whole things off, boosted by a Forbes article.


I forgot to add Grand Solar Minimum News who interviewed Professor Valentina Zharkova ..

They do not want to make mistakes and strive to get things right and they keep tracks of many of the graphs from temperatures, snow and rain fall, UV levels, Cosmic Rays and many others linked to all this like solar cycles and sunspot number.


Very, very last .. is a video on YouTube I watched about a week or so ago but I was not aware of the people quoted. So I help back on this video until I could be more sure ..

I have now watched it again and realise this was the video I first heard of Professor Valentina Zharkova and she had been interviewed years before by the anchorman in this news piece called Rick Wyles.

This is TruNews .. and if you listen to the first ten minutes you will hear that Rick Wyles is quite alarmed at what he has to say .. but please note what I put below that he says first ..

  • I have been talking about an Ice Age coming for ten years
  • I have talked about it so much that viewers asked him to drop it
  • Two years ago some scientists conformed we was heading for a mini ice-age
  • This was going go last for 50 years, even according to Professor Zharkova
  • But Sunspots disappeared far faster than they expected
  • Their prediction has changed
  • First it was a ..
    • Solar Minimum and then a ..
    • Grand Solar Minimum and in this video they state its now a ..
    • Super Grand Solar Minimum
  • Now they state that the Ice-Age will last 400 years
  • And it will happen quickly .. like switching off a thermostat on your house
  • Talk about Mammoths frozen with food still in them
  • America has become belligerent towards China and Russia and wonder if the real reason over the Atmosphere and the ice-age?

Now here is the key one I have actually wondered about myself in in a previous part ..

  • They ponder the idea that the reason why they are letting migrants into the north is to thin out the central areas .. for the rich and powerful and that they would be left to die in the sudden freeze
    • Many have stated to me online and offline that it is like there is a major cull going on and I have wondered that myself
  • A civil war in each country they can cause one would thin out the population and then by the time that was over the freeze will come and thin out a lot more
  • Meanwhile the evil, greedy manipulative liars that did not govern correctly, introduced systems that would not allow us to prepare in the event of a global event
    • While ignoring all warnings from scientists in relation to dangers from each field
    • Or perhaps they did not and they lied to us all along
    • They have complained about too many people in the planet for years ..
    • Made worse by religions and faiths and obsessed people that just want to reproduce regardless of the dangers
    • Maybe this is a way of getting it down to a manageable size that wont affect the planet?
  • As I stated all along .. be it a civil war or leading people into areas to their deaths ..
  • A culling without actually doing the culling
  • Mammoth were frozen with flowers in their stomachs
    • However, that being said, this might have occurred in a winter like period
    • If a drop starts in the summer there might be more time to escape it ..
    • After all .. going down from zero to minus 100 Celsius in winter gives you less time before you realise what is happening
    • Going down from 30 Degrees to 10 Degrees in Summer buys you more time
  • Lets us hope that in the event that something occurs and we survive it ..
    • Mankind will not waste money and resources any more on unproductive things and impossible pipe-dreams?

Here is a Metro Newspaper report from the UK quoting Martin Mlynczak of NASA talking bout the upper atmosphere cooling because of the reduced activity from the Sun.

  • 16th November 2018
  • If current trends continue it could soon set a Space Age record for cold”
  • It could happen in a matter of months”
  • There have been very few Sunspots for most of the year
  • Interestingly Prof Zharkova’s prediction was challenged by Michael Brown of Australia who said that an eruption coould have caused the Maunder Minimum
  • Except as I demonstrated these two things did both occur at the onset of the Maunder Minimum and therefore linked
  • I predicted that another big eruption or two could have a very rapid and drastic effect on placing the planet into a big freeze

So it will run something like this ..

  • A War or Wars will make people realise it is something big and realise the Ice-Age story is actually real and is soon
    • Borders that had tensions already will be the first and because of the murderous God complex and Superiority Complex of one faith it is likely to be there first
    • Ergo the Middle-East
    • Except by then .. 50% or more of their people would have migrated to the north to die, especially men .. which may have been the grand plan anyway?
  • Big eruptions will make people realise as above
  • Sudden migrations of rich and powerful people to an area within a thousand miles of the equator
  • Communications going down will make people realise something
  • A record breaking winter in 2019 to 2020 with more snow that the last while being colder and longer
  • Food prices going up
  • An official announcement which I really cannot see until sometime after almost all sane people realise what is going on
  • Society starts to collapse and not sure if this will be rapid or slow
  • People stop getting paid as banks cease operations because currency has become worthless
  • Transport Infrastructure starts to fail
    • 80% of Buses cease to run
    • 80% of Trains cease to run
    • 90% or even all aircraft cease flying
    • People raid stores and steal things like petrol to warmth and fuel for cars
    • In the UK people head to the south coast because even if there are no ferries there is a tunnel
    • Kent will eventually become a giant car park as cars are abandoned before they are completely buried in snow
  • Smaller groups would have left in ships or boats .. either their own or with people they know that own them .. fishing boats and the like
    • Anyone from equatorial regions will go first I would imagine .. so Africans, people fro the Middle-East and followed by East Asians like Chinese, Koreans, Thai and Japanese
    • Because they DO have somewhere they can go back to
    • Caucasians across Europe will wonder where in the world they can go
    • Probably learn the hard way that when it comes to opening our borders and welcoming others with open arms that ‘reciprocation’ is not in their vocabulary
    • That only happens in the movies
  • Not all stores would have been emptied because you can only take so much with you
  • There will be groups that refused to leave
  • Because they believe in a God and that he controls everything
  • Or it wont be that bad because their 30 years of experience is better than scientific data of millions to billions of years
  • People will band together in groups .. and obtain arms
  • Surviving Groups will be bitter and angry
    • As they will realise they were lied to for years
    • As they realise they were worked to the bone for years
    • With all the stresses, worries and heartache that comes with it
    • That those they worked for knew that everything they forced them to work for was in actual fact .. going to be worthless .. and still fined, taxed, imprisoned, taken to court and had things taken away
    • There will be the desire to stop those that did this from being the ones to continue mankind who they will view as wanting to carry on just as they left off .. making the same mistakes .. and treating life as meaningless to those that have not deserved to be treated like this
    • Retributions will occur sporadically .. probably over several years

The Surreal Effect

Trust me when I tell you that not only have I been aware of all the possibilities for years .. I have talked about them in depth and have had whole groups of people, women included, sat mesmerised by my theories.

A shame I can not bear to be on TV or stand up in stage as I would have made a fortune years ago.

A friend of my sister’s, girl called Donna, told her years ago “Your brother is quite smart and has some amazing theories .. I could listen to him for hours”

My family and real life friends will all state this to you and that is has been this way for over three decades.

In the hundreds of conversations I have had in three decades there is something that I am experiencing right now which I did for a few hours back in 2017.

Everything is feeling very .. very .. surreal.

My business and nearly five years of work had the rug pulled from under it and my health has taken a nose dive. I did not build the new PC I planned, in a tiny room where my pains are driving me nuts, I am being oppressed by someone that is narcissistic, have someone hat thinks it funny to switch off one router at night and clog u the bandwidth on the other. I am somewhere that has me want to walk in front of a lorry every single morning .. that I wake up.

I went on platforms like Twitter to try and repair that which was caused by many others .. Google, public services and governments. To try and get traffic up to my blogs.

  • Thought I would get attention over my evidence that would drive people to my blogs
    • That would allow me to dig myself out of this hell
  • Thought I might get someone offer a figure for my evidence
    • That would allow me to dig myself out of this hell
  • Thought I would get someone come along and offer me a job and somewhere better I could do that which I am doing, as I could do so much more if not for my handicaps ..
    • That would allow me to get myself out of this hell
  • That I might someone who is a publisher or literary agent who realised I had written books and approach me about them
    • That would allow me to dig myself out of this hell
  • That I could drive up interest in my photography and that I might start selling pictures
    • That would allow me to dig myself out of this hell
  • With all this I had hoped the same would be true for my daughter or that helping me would allow me to help my daughter and grandchildren

I like to watch videos about things coming out in the future ..

  • PC Hardware
  • PC Games
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Cameras
  • Software

I have mostly done what I have to help and warn others .. to save lives, to help ease suffering, to show people they are not alone and that someone strives against all the odds and with all the handicaps to try and get justice and failing that death.

Justice or Death really seems to have become my motto of late.

As well as looking at all the above I am not looking at political videos and have been a few years and now science videos are back on the agenda. In 2016 I went through a rough time and I can tell you now I could not sleep and went through a lot of videos on astrophysics.

Never did I see anything regarding the changes with the Sun, magnetic poles or the weather and I went through hundreds.

Maybe through my reluctance to watch the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories I missed them? I always stated that these idiots will muddy the waters and make the truth harder to spot. And so they have as it turns out.

So I have still been watching videos to the things that interest me but even they have become crazy to the point that everyone is scratching their heads over the madness.

Movie fans say that what is going on with movies and Hollywood is madness and there are thousands of videos about it.

Same with TV.

Same with computer games.

Same with education.

Political correctness and identity politics have invaded and destroyed everything while ideologies seen as invasive, aggressive, murderous and dishonest have been allowed to proliferate.

And now this new data is been emerging sporadically and suspiciously in bits and pieces here and there without notice and with the reports not seeing the bigger picture.

I now see that bigger picture and now as I look at things being planned that are full or crazy rumours anyway .. and every single time I ask myself ..

Am I going to see this happen?!

I have sat there wondering ..

  • Am I going to see the next Superman movie I have waited so long for?
  • Am I going to see a decent and excellent Justice League movie?
  • Will there be another Radiohead album?
  • Will we see the next generation of video games?
  • Will I ever see any lenses released for my bloody camera I now cannot afford any longer?!

Surreal I tell yah!

I will just leave this here ..