Well what do you know?

It is Atos again in a story that is told right here in the North West and in the Liverpool Echo.

Atos found that a councillor, or two, were standing outside their offices giving out advice and leaflets, I think, to disabled people going in to be assessed.

Now one of these people asked the unusual helper if they would accompany them to their assessment and that is when Atos .. well basically lost it and refused .. coming out with bullshit and lies in the process.

Huh? That is funny as they are normally quick to accuse others of that .. despite it being peanuts they receive when compared to the money that Atos and its staff receive.

I guess being a little dishonest when your poor or disabled is a capital crime but being totally full of shit dishonest while making people’s lives a misery or abruptly ending their lives altogether is perfectly OK when your a company worth billions?

They had the fucking audacity to claim later on that they were investigating!

What is interesting about this particular news article is that it actually states that Atos was appointed under Labour. Or Tony Blair to be specific which is one of many reasons I went from really liking the man to utterly despising him.

So many people and victims seem to be under the impression that Atos is a Tory thing when this is simply not true as pointed out in this article.

I thought I had managed to get the kicked out of their contract, though to be perfectly honest I never expected anything to improve for anyone and that things would carry on as before but with a different name and a different company. Then Maxima .. Maximus .. Maxi Priest, or whatever it is called, popped up and then Capita started to do stuff along these lines too.

Yeah well when you want absolutely everyone off disability benefits and incapacity benefits of all kinds just one or two companies cheating and lying to get everyone they see off benefits is simply not enough.

I am interested to see what they say when someone puts it to them eventually that it is actually impossible to have nobody with disabilities, other than the plainly obvious, or nobody with incapacitating illnesses? Because mathematically it simply does not work.

But I am sure that the powers that be will come up with some bullshit .. obviously forgetting that they have that with the introduction of the Internet more and more people communicate with each other and immediately at times not just all around Liverpool, in this instance, but around the coutry and around the globe.

I bet they have not stopped to think about what lying, cheating, heartless dumb-fucks they actually look like to a great many people and that this number of people is increasing all the time.

Christ even TV celebrities are tarting to state that everyone is treated like shit and they do not just mean people out of work or on benefits but people working too.

Take a look for yourself ..

What are the odds that another statement about getting rid of Atos will come out eventually and that nothing will ever come of it or people will realise it is not just Atos but is systemic to the entire system. Indeed to the entire government and on both sides.



I cannot believe I’m going to quote the person that I’m about to!

Russell Brand!

“Society is collapsing” is one thing he is reported to have said!

“And people are starting to recognize that the reason they feel like they’re mentally ill is that they’re living in a system that’s not designed to suit the human spirit” is another thing.

Not sure I’d use that last word but .. yeah. I’d agree with that .. sounds like what I’ve been saying and wondering if he had read my blog?

He also states “what’s really changing is that people are starting to notice that the system is not working for them”.

Yah think?!

What I find strange is that I didn’t think that a celebrity would actually be in touch with the sort of people he could learn that from? Maybe some do? I dunno.

So is this a sign that the tide is about to turn? Or perhaps that the tide has already turned?

Who knows?

Hopefully we will find out soon enough?

In the meantime .. yeah I am sure the government knows bout this widespread grief and depression and I am sure also that they have done their utmost to conceal this fact and will continue to do so.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Russell Brand: Society is collapsing –


OK .. I am still fucking ill. It just refuses to go. I am up and down with the intensity and I simply cannot believe that I have this illness now of all times.

I still have not spent a night in my new flat and after three days of trying .. I am here right now .. only my inflatable bed is supposed to have come with a pump and it does not. Probably because the one I wanted was not in the store when I got there.

Here is where it gets annoying as .. I have a bloody good floor pump .. except .. there appears to be no way t fit it and what does look like an adaptor .. is not. It could be that there is something on the bed itself, i.e. a valve, that my floor pump can attach to. I will check before I leave here.

Also and after weeks of waiting .. we finally get told something about the children regarding the Autism. It seems that things are .. bad and they now state they going to rush for the appointment .. well one of them and we have another appointment coming up next Tuesday.

So here is how it played out and remember I know nothing about this affliction or how it is judged and rated.

So I am told they do this Q&A session and involves both parent and child.

Hey stated something about it being a safety scale .. whereby if you score up to 70 your safe but anything over this results in the danger posed to the child, or level thereof.

So above 70 is bad ..

The child scored 90.

Except .. that is not the child that we have been told is Autistic.

The child that we were told is Autistic scored 225!

Yeah .. you did read that as two hundred and twenty five. Even I raised an eyebrow over that score and was relieved to then be told that an appointment would be rushed.

These are two of my four grandchildren. Who only have a 24 year old mother, inadequate housing and rooms and absolutely no one else they can rely on.

It has been a few days of revelations as I also had my chest pain occur last night and in a big way and I managed to get a bona fide reading regarding its cause that now cannot be refuted nor ignored.

This is the same issue I have been to Accident & Emergency over several times over around 18 months that, just as I was about to make some big sacrifices and relocate 250 miles north to help out my daaughter and grandchildren, they then decide they want me to see a cardiologist. Something I had completely forgotten about since I have been here. Until last night when everything went haywire while I was looking after vulnerable children that have been 0ut in this state due a short list of incompetent public services that seem intent on destroying the UK, or England at least, and wanting to ignore people so that they die with the intention of them saving the money they screw out of taxpayers on a daily basis.

The absolute in your face attitudes of ‘self-entitlement’ have long since ventured over the boundary of ridiculous and has long since just kept on going.

I have spoken to and visited an advice centre but they now seem to be thinking that they can actually learn a great deal from me than me getting help from them.

Basically they did not seem to know much, did not get some of the answers I wanted or the answer to what to do first and .. asked me to let them know how it goes and provide as much feedback as possible. It seems I have to claim for Universal Credit which is kind of ironic because by the time their unfair 8 week wait for payment is up I will be on something else .. due to the inevitable diagnosis that is coming for at least one little girl. Maybe two?

My nose is burning, my eyes are streaming and I have this annoying cough and I woke up early this morning soaked in sweat and feverish. Oddly I started to fall asleep in my daughter’s living room round 9.30pm to 10pm and those that know me or have been on here long enough know that I simply do not do that.

I do not know if it is the stress, the chest pin incident, the cold virus I am currently afflicted with or a whole combination of these things but .. it is a killer and very, very disruptive.

What I am kinda getting at is that just about everything has gone wrong and every attempt I have made to correct things, because of the fucking idiots in central and local government and other public organisations, but I just seemed destined to have run-ins with everyone.

I have tried to do everything the right way and I have since tried to correct things that have gne wrong and it is all either being forgotten about, taking too long or other responsibilities get I the way and I am back to forgetting again. It is like someone up above is trying to force confrontations and court cases my way?!

Did I mention the chest pains that led to my ending up in Accident & Emergency several times previous? You must know? The times they got concerned and insisted against my wishes and took me to hospital? The times that they took me and then found nothing?

Well turns out there is something! Though to be fair they did state that they wanted me to see a cardiologist .. just mere weeks before I am relocating 250 miles away and in the middle of the process of actually storing my belongings and throwing stuff away. Yeah .. despite all that I have now discovered that which several pairs, and the odd lone warrior, or paramedics and hospital staff and all their equipment failed to do ..

I experience irregular heart beats or Arrhythmia!

It gets better still ..

As it turns out my daughter has not only had the exact same symptoms .. along with a shed load, but not all, others I do plus some that I do not but she also has Arrhythmia and she has missed appointments that her Doctor’s surgery has gotten a tincy bit anxious about .. and more than once too.

I not only possess the proof but it is also irrefutable ..

They should NEVER have asked me to buy that blood pressure monitor.

So let us recap ..

  • Two people with disabilities that the NHS has avoided diagnosing as if it were the proverbial plague and then later lied about repeatedly to keep it hidden ..

  • Cessation of all benefits of one of these disabled people while ..

    • Support to start own business was started .. approved twice and then withdrawn without any good reason whatsoever, instead using a fact that they were gully aware of for 14 weeks

    • Forced out of their home

    • Fucked the business idea after £20,000 of spending and with £6,000 worth of stuff still to acquire

    • Then disabled person discovers domestic abuse towards his daughter and grandchildren

    • Then discovers one serious case of Autism and one strong possibility among grandchildren

    • Discovers Wirral Council’s regret only extends as far as saying ‘sorry’

    • House not suitable for two youngest grandchildren

    • House soon not suitable for two oldest grandchildren

    • Domestic abuser still abusing from prison via mobile phone

    • Discover daughter has many of the same symptoms and blood pressure monitor readings as he does .. including Hypertension Stage 2 and Hypertensive Crisis though NHS has never reacted as if it is a crisis

    • Discover that both have irregular heart beats

    • DWP website refuses to work unless you LIE

    • Drivers Licence wankers changed the fucking rules yet again .. changing the licence and insisting on a fine but have yet to fine themselves for inadequate, previous forms of drivers licence .. funny .. that

    • Everyone wants fucking Photo ID but treats out of date ones as if they are fake ..

    • No RBS and everyone else .. just NO! It is still a real and official document with what is clearly a photo of me .. using to exit the country is one thing .. proving who you are is something else .. a pile of documents, court letters and birth certificates is not fucking enough .. all because of one lame and pathetic group of people

    • No mention of the inadequacy of the current home for four children and one young mother

    • Totally missing from the equation is the fact that my daughter has the same condition as me and many of the serious to health or attention symptoms are also experienced and possibly more besides

    • The process has been going on for weeks .. we now get this ‘off the chart’

I have realised a great many things that just had not occurred to me previously when it comes to children and what I state next not only affects my own daughter but also a friend that lives in the next street.

In our case there are three problematic children, the youngest of which we think may well be just mimicking but is also suffering from a division in the attention from her parent ..

There is only one parent .. well at least until recently, and her older sister both gets and demands much more attention and this will only result in a rise in those statistics as time goes by.

The autistic child is flanked on the other side by one that simply does not sit still. I had sadly predicted several years ago that he will be demanding. He often fights with both younger girls and biting each other is common, started and mostly instigated by the autistic child.

So the youngest is feeling neglected and is acting up to the point of being spiteful to other children and animals to get attention.

We wonder is she too suffers with Autism and she did score 20 points over a safety score on an Autistic Q&A test. SO we simply do not know currently.

The second youngest displays a long list of giveaway signs of classic Autism, trouble with speech, having to repeat yourself several times to the repeated answer of “What?” and arm flapping among others.

As I may have stated previously when I was first told of this possible diagnosis I immediately thought “What? Austism? No! Oh wait a minute?! There was THAT time in Sainsburys when she performed beyond belief that had every single customer and member of staff in there stop what they are doing and simply stare?!”

Boy that lies, wants his own way all of the time .. wants what everyone else has and refuses to go to bed at the proper time or stay in bed when he does get there. He hides important items like remote controls to the TV. Has taken money and hidden it. Sneaks around when no one is looking and takes food, sweets or toys that do not belong to him. On reprimanding he will reel off a series of excuses and why he should get preferential treatment.

My own guess is that when I last saw him two years ago he would cling to his mother like the proverbial glue. He would also do this the whole time while staring at me. The fact that there were three other related children I the home that were glued to me most of the time made no difference. It was my prediction at the time that he was competing with others over his mother’s attention and time and that in time this would become a problem.

Today you have this 5 year old boy that does not sit still, constantly demands what other people have then demands special or preferential treatment even expecting to go to bed later than his brother who, at 10, is twice his age.

Most interesting is the methods employed at times in insisting on staying up .. which are even humorous to watch ..

  • Late at night the boys mother and older brother would decide to watch some spooky horror film ..

  • This child would them demand that we DO NOT watch it ..

  • He would demand that pizza be ordered and repeatedly force cry when told ‘no’

  • After spending 30 minutes repeating his demands that we “don’t watch a scary movie” he would be told if he does not like it to go to bed, always flatly refused with excuses

  • Upon playing of the scary movie he would then hide under the covers ..

  • Only ever appearing when the dramatic music died down and only then to demand that we switch it off

  • Repeated requests for him to go to bed would be followed by progressively more lame excuses to stay up

  • Hiding under the covers would resume and to the point he would literally fall asleep where he was hidden under the covers in a seated position

  • Picking him up and asking him to go to bed resulted in two odd responses ..

  • The more rarer of the two was him sleep-walking in a zombie like trance, with arms up in a zombie like posture, and him almost sleep-walking to bed

  • The other would be for him to go limp .. dig his heels into the ground and refuse to go to bed or even upstairs while crying very loudly, though still not a match for the autistic child who takes that crown

  • Giving in to him results in problems that can not only manifest in the future but also become more complicated over time ..

  • Occasions when the youngest boy haa stayed u longer than his older brother results in taunting that only seems to give out the message that he has special treatment ..

  • I even managed to arrange good behaviour by telling him he had a new and special glass to have his drinks in .. just a glass I used that I bought with me ..

  • That was until the Autistic child went into overdrive and smashed the glass on the floor I had, had for seven years

Things get broken .. a lot.

An iPod Touch was even purchased for the autistic child but in times of bad mood swings she would throw the iPod Touch out of the letterbox and somehow almost reaching the front gate 15 feet away!

But on other occasions .. get caught with this child’s iPod touch in your hands and your in deep trouble. Either incessant screaming ensues or your going to get either bitten or have the heaviest thing she can lift up throw at your head.

Yeah .. things are going to get a lot worse and real quick too!

Shall I tell you what else is real quick? I am!

In the weeks since I found out about the domestic abuse and the autism I have somehow moved here into the Wirral. Before I had even discovered that my daughter had not only the same disability as me but with some symptoms that I possess that I considered symptoms that only appeared after a long time suffering with this illness.

I already know the first forms of disruption I am going to cause while I am up here. There is already a list.

Wirral Council want and need to be really careful. I am here and I have purpose. Many purposes.

I am already and once again showing them up for their ineffectiveness and this is likely t get a lot worse over the next few weeks. God only knows what they will look like the country come the new year of 2018?!

Despite any false impressions that may have been thought .. or deliberately spread about me ..

I am professional

I am polite

I am helpful

I am courteous .. but ..

Do something or indeed do nothing that puts the public and especially children at risk when yur paid well by the public to do this will result in another side of me that ..

Takes no prisoners ..

Exposes the truth

Can be ruthless to a fashion

Takes no fucking notice of chair persons at meetings to make themselves feel important or justify their existence or purpose that states that what is said I the meetings cannot be published .. well publicly?!

Yeah this was actually stated at a meeting .. I think from my daughter’s face she think they were referring to me and my blog .. but ..

I don’t really give a fuck!

Oh .. and as I am here now and I do have a bit more settling in, repairs and retrieval to do but .. yeah .. as one guy knew only too well .. I have probably anywhere between 50GB and over 100GB of recorded data to publish!

Oops! Did I fail to mention that? Did I fail to mention that in the last two and a half years I still recorded absolutely everything just as I had been doing previously?


I was repeatedly asked very early I the year when it was I would publish it. Now I thought it would likely be April but I also knew that sometimes things just go wrong because ..

.. everyone takes too fucking long! Well when your only getting £35k a year instead of £50k a year it must be so hard?

Yeah .. I live here now .. have a couple of things to set up and I have a lot of feathers to .. ruffle.

I did not publish anything nor did I state that I was recording anything for the last two years because .. well they were onto me and .. I had to get the to believe that I had stopped doing it. This way they would get comfortable again and the lies would flow as would the group appointments to people complaining about pain where they patronise you at the hospital and state that they do not have the money to fit us with ‘Titanium spines’.

Yeah that is literally what the woman stated that had a woman in the group stand up and leave within seconds. I would have done too .. were it not for the fact I was recording it all, lol!


OK then .. I m typing this while sitting on a sofa in the new home.

Due to the craziness that is life up here as well as my Fibromyalgia, or Fibrofog part of it, I have yet to spend a single night here.

Around 20% of my stuff is here though .. no desktop computer but I do have this laptop I picked up around a week ago, of course it had to go back for several days so I have only had use of it for around three days.

Now my attention is diverted from .. the photographic side of things to renewing a couple of ID’s and this is .. annoying. I have a bag full of ID’s which even contains my birth certificate .. but .. things are not the way that they were a couple of decades ago. OK .. maybe a bit longer ago than that?! Lol.

Well what do you know? After some shit weather .. well bout the shittiest I have known for a very long time the sun is shining through the patio doors?! More of that please!

Hmm .. it is midday and the sun is to my right .. meaning that my patio doors and garden face .. umm .. south .. again .. lol!!

Yeah I have held onto a few orchids .. south is OK for now but I guess I can out them off to one side to avoid too much sun in the warmer months. If I am still here by then. If I am still alive by then.

There are a couple of other things I want to set up .. but more on that over the next couple of weeks .. or maybe sooner?

It has been hard to do any work and even writing because I had three pairs of small hands wanting to grab everything and press every button. I also had two sets of paws to deal with. Plus there was only one door key so on many occasions it was impossible to go out and do things. Plus I have been ill and it has been up and down like the proverbial yoyo!

I have to sort out my Internet connection too .. I am not even sure what the signal is like for my mobile network but I seem to use my phone OK when I was here previously with my new landlord.

Oh yeah .. I forgot I also have two pairs of horns to deal with who have disturbed the status quo when all other hands and paws were not causing problems.

In fact just last night another phone-call from a prison inmate in Liverpool just as it was reported on the news that drones and phones were confiscated. Indeed not only do we get this disturbance from within a prison but this was one pair of horns .. lying about another pair of horns ..

.. and the receiver of the phone-call said sternly “Everyone seems to know just when it is I get in the bath because things kick off”. Oh .. I just remembered .. I think that was the night before? Last night was trouble with friends. I think? Gaahhhh, this damned memory issue. When it allows you to remember things it gets the time wrong. It is like the concept of time has been slung out of the proverbial window!

So I have to register with a General Practitioner on Monday, see an advisor about my current situation with my identification along with what to do about the damned DWP.

It will be interesting to see how they react when I tell them what the DWP have done to me over the last few years but more importantly what they did just prior to relocating here and .. why I am here and what the bloody hell benefit support I should apply for. I was supposed to have my own business if you recall but that got cut just a couple of weeks before I moved.

I had a million things to do to and a bunch of stuff to throw out or place into storage .. stuff that needs to be retrieved before very long. Might be a tincey-wincey little problem with that .. though I am probably going to end up ignoring it completely .. as it is daft .. stupid and morally wrong. I will do my utmost to adhere to it but .. they need to learn that life is just not like that .. especially when the fucking pubic services are involved.

As I explained to my daughter several times since I have been up here .. each pubic service has done less and less and less while placing more and more responsibility onto the public. Probably because they have not been allowed to raise their budgets and salaries as they would like? During this process they have also laid out more and more in the way of fines on top of the unfair amounts of council tax, in the case of the councils that is, they charge everyone.

They all have been doing this and none of them have stopped to realise, or more likely do not fucking care, of the pressure they are putting on the public or indeed that many other public services are doing the exact same things?! You bet your bloody life they don’t.

Here in this place things should be .. easier .. except they are not. Bin men knock and hold their bloody hands out for money, I know I saw this first hand! “Yeah?” says I. “Binman” says the binman. “Ah, so you are!” I reply to that. “I need paying” he says. “What? I am from London and have never heard of bin men being paid!”. I have, however, seen them getting up to all sorts of other things.

The best part about it is that I do remember her paying him previously but now been told that this was to clean the bin out back when the weather was warmer and she does not even want it done now it has turned cold! I kid you not!

The horror stories about children being abused is also off the scale and I have heard a few stories already that rank among the worst I have ever heard. In each case there is zero involvement from the social services though I bet somewhere a child is being taken by social services unnecessarily.

I should offer my services as a private investigator while I am here?

Well .. I wanted to at least sit down today on the sofa of this new flat without any .. interruptions and write my first piece for posting. Kind of an initiation of sorts. It was dragging on getting in here and getting started and still is. I was very eager to do this despite the furore and the dreaded flu like illness I now have. After producing vivid yellow mucous and even yellow water running form my nose it started to develop into a cough and a bit of a sneeze. I have felt nauseous a few times too and even avoided driving while like that. Fortunately I have come across my cough syrups and did not even know I still had them! So that was kinda cool!

Now that I am here though I might get some early tips to things kicking off and going down so that I might get there with a camera?

I also want to concentrate on a whole raft of other photographic things in time and I, no doubt, will have lots of brand new places to choose from?!

Added to this I will have three seasons to go through with each one being more productive than the last.

I keep repeating it in my head that I simply must be productive while I am here and I must capitalise on all the new locations that are available to me.

Fingers crossed!

Hmm .. I wonder if there is much in the way of demand for freelance photography?


So then it has long become apparent to may and slowly becoming apparent to many more is that the public services are rotten.

Over the years I have been posting on this blog I have explained how I have ran into a fair number of local authorities. Five or six in fact.

As with most others, except the Police, I discovered very late in the day that there was an ombudsman for local government called the Local Government Ombudsman, or LGO.

I approached the LGO and genuinely believed what they told me.

I was to end up regretting this and my own daughter would be placed in danger several times in the process.

Once again this concerned Wirral Council but also involved Merseyside Police, who also repeatedly lied, and their associated ombudsman, the Independent Police Complaints Commissions. Guess what the latter did? Fuck all.

That is five or six local councils and with two of them I am still involved in and the LGO which covers all councils. All lie and all cheat. Oddly that is what they try to imply that 99.9% of the public does.

99.9% of the public in the Wirral

99.9% of the public in Enfield

99.9% of the public in Waltham Forest

99.9% of the public in Epping

99.9% of the public in Hackney

Of course this includes the LGO

So then .. safe to say that this applies across the board? Yup.

Your taxes pay for all of the above.

So then .. anyone else reporting what I have been saying for well over five years? Yup ..

With less than 2% of submitted complaints declared by the LGO as maladministration, there is a certain weight to the claims that the tax-funded service is not wholly committed to securing justice for the public.

Currently the DWP have gotten some well overdue attention over this. Though nowhere near enough, only a vote that is not constitutionally binding and even then it was only for a fucking pause. Cannot help but think that was all how for our benefit, or at least the more naïve of us?

The DWP are going to get more attention and once I get the ball rolling on that one and wont take place for another four days at least. Once a little meeting has taken place between an organisation and myself. Maybe it will be after a second meeting?

On a quick note I just recalled .. did you see the recent mainstream news report about how they found a drone that was getting items like mobile phones into a prison in Liverpool?

Did you think that they had caught them and now that is not happening any longer? Yeeeaah .. no.

Tonight we received a phone-call from a prison inmate of that exact same prison and oddly enough .. the person on the phone was full of his usual shit and lied .. badly.

Yeah .. prisons have now added themselves onto my list of .. adversaries. A shame .. for them.

So then .. been discovering or simply suspecting stuff?

Did you think things were just isolated to the ones mentioned? Umm .. no.

I stated that I would predict accurately that with each public service I would deal with in turn that .. they would turn out to be liars and cheats .. not fit for purpose but would quickly go on TV or to the tabloids to complain they do not get paid enough.

So it is 95% of the public services at best and 100% at worst.

It has been 100% for me but that does not equate to 100% of all public services as I simply cannot cover them or gather evidence on them all.

Still .. you can wait around and do nothing for another year only to finally discover I was right and maybe .. then you can do something? Except .. it will be far too late for many.



The apocalypse has ended!

The Telegraph and The Sun tabloids, no doubt many more, are making a bloody big fuss about this story. Except it’s ..


First things first. The bloody talk of pausing .. yeah, you need to do a wee bit more than just bloody pausing.

Secondly .. umm .. well .. the big news is that they are going to change the waiting time from six weeks to four weeks.

Big .. fucking .. deal!

Though to be fair it might be a big deal to some people but ..  in the big scheme of things it’s literally fuck all.

Are these tabloids reports on drugs are part of the plan that if they sound like something is about to happen everyone stops protesting and complaining?

Thirdly ..

Well .. if you look at the link below you will note that it states ‘concessions’.

That’s plural .. if you don’t know. I say that because everyone in the tabloids seen to be unaware of it.

So we have one ..


Following on from my previous post regarding one of the, if not the, most embarrassing thing a Tory government has ever done with the welfare system reform which is nothing more nor less than a gigantic fuck up .. it is in the news yet again.

I was surprised to hear in Prime Minister’s questions that the main topic of the day was the utterly useless and unfair Universal Credit benefit.

Do these people smoke weed when they come up with these plans .. even though they are dastardly plans they have revealed themselves to be much worse than that. Maybe they only come up with these plans after the consumption of several beers, bottle of Chardonnay or Chianti or several Malt Whiskeys?

It is the lamest thing I can think of to come out of a British government for a very, very long time.

When these plans were first announced by David Cameron he insisted they would be fair and I was all in support of that at the time .. PROVIDED that he was sincere. I doubted that he was but hoped he meant what he said.

Where is David Cameron now?

Theresa May had worked her way to the bottom of my page for her competence and somehow managed to go off the end of it today. This has not happened before and I believe her to now be the most despicable Prime Minister since the 1970’s. Beating even Margaret Thatcher!

Because Theresa May actually more or less stated that Universal Credit was a success. A success? Hmm I think the use of weed has spread into the House of Commons? A .. SUCCESS?

In no crazy parallel dimension could it ever be considered a success of any kind .. unless killing tens of thousands of innocent people quietly to save rich people money is considered a success somewhere?

Later I learned there was some vote regarding pausing it and it was a ridiculous loss for the Prime Minister.

I wonder if members of the public get excited when they hear of possible leadership battles among the Tories? Probably secretly hoping that a new Prime Minister might change things? That is until I remind everyone yet again that it was David Cameron getting into power was when these plans were bought in.

Added to this little House of Commons fiasco was yet another report by the BBC. Jesus, have they actually been popping honesty pills?!

In the report, albeit somewhat late to the effect it is measured in years, they state that an estimated 4.1 million people are in financial difficulty. Four point one MILLION people! Jobless benefit claimants could not even make up half that number even if every single one was in difficulty. A portion of them wont be so it is far fewer than half that figure.

Slave labour anyone? I thought there were laws over slave labour?

Maybe there are so many rules and regulations around today that save labour can actually be concealed to the point that the idiot mainstream news groups do not see it? Hidden in plain site unless your a blind idiot? Or perhaps they have just reached a point where they cannot ignore these things anymore as was commanded of them? I always knew that the latter would be a problem in due course when I started this blog over five years ago.

The same report goes on to state that 25.6 million could be vulnerable and so that figure of 4.1 million could grow rapidly over the next couple of years.

This was based on surveys carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority.

As for the vote about pausing, (giggles) ‘pausing’, of Universal Credit, yeah because that will lead to the cease of debt and financial hardship for hundreds of thousands of people, it was a landslide of epic proportions ..

299 In favour of pausing the Universal Credit Roll-Out

0     Against pausing the Universal Credit Roll-Out

Yeah that was indeed a big .. fat .. ZERO!

Umm .. has that ever happened before?

I was both amazed and relieved that it got so much attention in the House of Commons.

But I would like to ask of Jeremy Corbyn what the fuck is the point of a fucking ‘paaaauuuse’?!

Ohhh .. boy. Politicians. Cannot detect the smell of their own excrement .. despite shovelling it out to the British public for so very long now.

I have had business men admit to me recently that the way that these public services are treating people is absolutely and ridiculously inhumane.

One said to me just several days back ‘Do not go to that office .. you will be kept waiting for hours and spoken to like shit .. go to this other office’.

He went on to say how unfair things are and that he had workers where if they worked an extra couple of hours they ended up with less money?! I was literally scratching my head in trying to understand why the fuck they would do this. Punishing you even when our working?!

Yeah .. they do that. They make out they are all for people and supportive of them to if they actually work but that is an outright lie I have proven twice..

  • Not interested nor do they want you working as a volunteer
  • Not interested when you want to work for yourself
  • Support you with your plans and then pull out when you reach certain .. milestones
SO yeah? No!
Yeah .. they watch me and .. they try to second guess me and they cannot ..
  • They cut me loose after stabbing me in the back .. most honest person they ever had
  • They think they got away with it
  • They have not .. I have just taken my time due to other things going on ..
  • These things will come into play when it comes to their stabbing the pubic in the back
  • They will also be revisited and the whole process gone through again ..
  • Except several serious factors come into play ..
  • A huge sacrifice out of a sens of duty come into play
  • Over a child and their children
  • They will try and do this again .. but wont learn about the latter until later on .. so ..
  • They have the option to either run me through or back down .. which will include another one of my long term targets
  • It will all be published on here over the two months it will take to go through
  • If there exists anyone that is unsure of the lies and lack of concern for human life they wont exist for much longer
  • OOPS!
I cannot even go into detail about this yet .. because for one we have not had official confirmation .. despite this involving several very young children and one in particular. One that suffers from .. something. Something not very nice and has you scared for the future .. or more specifically .. ‘their future’.
Double oops.
Oddly enough I heard of this area being mentioned .. Birkenhead and they stated about something about Food Banks.
Hmm wasn’t there a report somewhere about Wirral Council being investigated or something? It was something to do with social services and/or children.
I have just had a thought ..
Theresa May claimed in the House of Commons that Universal Credit encourage people into work? I know that is crap because there are not that many jobs out there.
What I did not consider is that these claims may be based on numbers of the number of people that are on benefits or out of work?
Umm .. have not many disabled people been coming to me with the name of a list, Calum’s List, of over one hundred thousand disabled people that have taken their own lives?
Errr? Yeah maybe the numbers have gone down because of them quite deliberately murdering as many as they can and seem to be hell-bent on continuing on this murderous path.
But now the doubt regarding Universal Credit is widespread.
Hopefully and with the help of this pride of placement in the House of Commons it will become a widely known truth for the majority of the sleeping giants that are the British public?


Well everything is just going wrong one thing after another.

Even the things I am trying to correct are going wrong.

I have tried to change and update my stuff only to find that the dates on the documents are now defunct, do not match up with other documents provided at the same time, those that made the changes failed to mention this at all and best of all they want to disregard dates they used on the documents and fine you £1,000?!

I finally have my laptop back and to my surprise they fixed it..

Only tonight when I attempted to watch a YouTube video I realised that there is now another problem with the sound. There isn’t any!

That is my Drivers Licence and I have absolutely no doubt I am going to have a war with the DVLA who are just yet another public service that make changes to suggest that there shit was .. well shit and not worth the paper it was written on but they will find you unless you have the latest piece of their crap that is not worth the paper it is written on!

Jesus H Christ .. this fucking country and its incompetent and yet self-entitled pratts with delusions of grandeur?!

So the ‘walls are closing in’?

Well yeah .. except not for me!

After a twenty year battle with my oldest enemy that is a particular pubic service it would appear that time and tide wait for no man .. sorry, I mean woman.

There was a couple of things occur that I simply could not believe. Pretty serious things to boot and these, along with two other very serious things, seem to coincide within the two month period whereby I visited this area and then .. relocated here.

One occurred prior to putting forward the idea of relocating, one during and now two a little after doing it and I have not even spent a single night in my new home!

Yup after an extended period of time I have a new home.

It is a little .. weird .. the feeling and spending the first days in the place is no doubt going to be weird .. very .. weird.

However my health issues have surfaced left, right and centre. I have also been struck down with a cold to boot.

It would seem that my memory issues have allowed me to overlook some important things .. though the morons involved going back on what they say in typical incompetent self-entitled political crap made it very easy to do.

This waas not even all of the things that have occurred in the last few days either and three separate news stories did not escape my attention ..

  • 84% of Universal Credit claimants in rent arrears as I previously mentioned
  • Disabled people have finally decided to record their disability assessments and the DWP have been trying to stop them
  • This council, Wirral, are under some kind of investigation due to them being crap and their social services department being crap too
If all that was not enough ..
  • One other little nugget of councils buying homeless people one way train tickets to get rid of them .. ooh boy how I could use that to do a travel photography piece?!
  • Travel photography as each council area I end up with will no doubt buy me a ticket to the next place
  • Cannotbe too long now before public services start pointing their fingers and accusing each other in a big mud slinging bar fight?
I have only been here a couple of weeks!
I have some meetings arranged .. not sure how it is all going to pan out but could be pretty good .. in fact could be quite a show in all honesty.
Hmm .. looking at the above and thinking through them again .. it really could be a long list of huge disclosures and some evidence to make most of those I have fought previously look as guilty as dammit but adding in a very big new one to boot.
Currently my new home is almost ready to move into .. save for the fact that using any, and only, electrical sockets trips the system.
So using my mute laptop will be impossible which will be a pain. But it could be fixed tomorrow so that could be cool.
The overall big take from everything I will disclose will be the humongous amount of things that we are now expected to remember and with unfair and very big fines waiting for us for not recalling things and not doing their jobs for them!
Others individual things will all be things that simply stating would vindicate me would be something of an understatement and on one subject .. twenty five years late!!
Yeah .. the walls are closing in alright but not on me .. on someone else!
Now my concern next week will be finding the time to finally go out and take some photographs of different areas that in each and every case for several months will be new.
I might have missed the autumn and some stormy weather with deep orange suns that had people thinking the end of the world is nigh .. but .. it will be the Spring when I will be most productive.
I only hope the weather is on my side enough times for me to get a fair few photos onto FlickR and I simply must set up another photo sharing account .. with maybe Instagram?
Also, not only getting back to posting as regular as I was previously but also increasing the frequency of my posting for all my subjects?
Fingers crossed.