Well what do you know?

It is Atos again in a story that is told right here in the North West and in the Liverpool Echo.

Atos found that a councillor, or two, were standing outside their offices giving out advice and leaflets, I think, to disabled people going in to be assessed.

Now one of these people asked the unusual helper if they would accompany them to their assessment and that is when Atos .. well basically lost it and refused .. coming out with bullshit and lies in the process.

Huh? That is funny as they are normally quick to accuse others of that .. despite it being peanuts they receive when compared to the money that Atos and its staff receive.

I guess being a little dishonest when your poor or disabled is a capital crime but being totally full of shit dishonest while making people’s lives a misery or abruptly ending their lives altogether is perfectly OK when your a company worth billions?

They had the fucking audacity to claim later on that they were investigating!

What is interesting about this particular news article is that it actually states that Atos was appointed under Labour. Or Tony Blair to be specific which is one of many reasons I went from really liking the man to utterly despising him.

So many people and victims seem to be under the impression that Atos is a Tory thing when this is simply not true as pointed out in this article.

I thought I had managed to get the kicked out of their contract, though to be perfectly honest I never expected anything to improve for anyone and that things would carry on as before but with a different name and a different company. Then Maxima .. Maximus .. Maxi Priest, or whatever it is called, popped up and then Capita started to do stuff along these lines too.

Yeah well when you want absolutely everyone off disability benefits and incapacity benefits of all kinds just one or two companies cheating and lying to get everyone they see off benefits is simply not enough.

I am interested to see what they say when someone puts it to them eventually that it is actually impossible to have nobody with disabilities, other than the plainly obvious, or nobody with incapacitating illnesses? Because mathematically it simply does not work.

But I am sure that the powers that be will come up with some bullshit .. obviously forgetting that they have that with the introduction of the Internet more and more people communicate with each other and immediately at times not just all around Liverpool, in this instance, but around the coutry and around the globe.

I bet they have not stopped to think about what lying, cheating, heartless dumb-fucks they actually look like to a great many people and that this number of people is increasing all the time.

Christ even TV celebrities are tarting to state that everyone is treated like shit and they do not just mean people out of work or on benefits but people working too.

Take a look for yourself ..

What are the odds that another statement about getting rid of Atos will come out eventually and that nothing will ever come of it or people will realise it is not just Atos but is systemic to the entire system. Indeed to the entire government and on both sides.


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