Following on from my previous post regarding one of the, if not the, most embarrassing thing a Tory government has ever done with the welfare system reform which is nothing more nor less than a gigantic fuck up .. it is in the news yet again.

I was surprised to hear in Prime Minister’s questions that the main topic of the day was the utterly useless and unfair Universal Credit benefit.

Do these people smoke weed when they come up with these plans .. even though they are dastardly plans they have revealed themselves to be much worse than that. Maybe they only come up with these plans after the consumption of several beers, bottle of Chardonnay or Chianti or several Malt Whiskeys?

It is the lamest thing I can think of to come out of a British government for a very, very long time.

When these plans were first announced by David Cameron he insisted they would be fair and I was all in support of that at the time .. PROVIDED that he was sincere. I doubted that he was but hoped he meant what he said.

Where is David Cameron now?

Theresa May had worked her way to the bottom of my page for her competence and somehow managed to go off the end of it today. This has not happened before and I believe her to now be the most despicable Prime Minister since the 1970’s. Beating even Margaret Thatcher!

Because Theresa May actually more or less stated that Universal Credit was a success. A success? Hmm I think the use of weed has spread into the House of Commons? A .. SUCCESS?

In no crazy parallel dimension could it ever be considered a success of any kind .. unless killing tens of thousands of innocent people quietly to save rich people money is considered a success somewhere?

Later I learned there was some vote regarding pausing it and it was a ridiculous loss for the Prime Minister.

I wonder if members of the public get excited when they hear of possible leadership battles among the Tories? Probably secretly hoping that a new Prime Minister might change things? That is until I remind everyone yet again that it was David Cameron getting into power was when these plans were bought in.

Added to this little House of Commons fiasco was yet another report by the BBC. Jesus, have they actually been popping honesty pills?!

In the report, albeit somewhat late to the effect it is measured in years, they state that an estimated 4.1 million people are in financial difficulty. Four point one MILLION people! Jobless benefit claimants could not even make up half that number even if every single one was in difficulty. A portion of them wont be so it is far fewer than half that figure.

Slave labour anyone? I thought there were laws over slave labour?

Maybe there are so many rules and regulations around today that save labour can actually be concealed to the point that the idiot mainstream news groups do not see it? Hidden in plain site unless your a blind idiot? Or perhaps they have just reached a point where they cannot ignore these things anymore as was commanded of them? I always knew that the latter would be a problem in due course when I started this blog over five years ago.

The same report goes on to state that 25.6 million could be vulnerable and so that figure of 4.1 million could grow rapidly over the next couple of years.

This was based on surveys carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority.

As for the vote about pausing, (giggles) ‘pausing’, of Universal Credit, yeah because that will lead to the cease of debt and financial hardship for hundreds of thousands of people, it was a landslide of epic proportions ..

299 In favour of pausing the Universal Credit Roll-Out

0     Against pausing the Universal Credit Roll-Out

Yeah that was indeed a big .. fat .. ZERO!

Umm .. has that ever happened before?

I was both amazed and relieved that it got so much attention in the House of Commons.

But I would like to ask of Jeremy Corbyn what the fuck is the point of a fucking ‘paaaauuuse’?!

Ohhh .. boy. Politicians. Cannot detect the smell of their own excrement .. despite shovelling it out to the British public for so very long now.

I have had business men admit to me recently that the way that these public services are treating people is absolutely and ridiculously inhumane.

One said to me just several days back ‘Do not go to that office .. you will be kept waiting for hours and spoken to like shit .. go to this other office’.

He went on to say how unfair things are and that he had workers where if they worked an extra couple of hours they ended up with less money?! I was literally scratching my head in trying to understand why the fuck they would do this. Punishing you even when our working?!

Yeah .. they do that. They make out they are all for people and supportive of them to if they actually work but that is an outright lie I have proven twice..

  • Not interested nor do they want you working as a volunteer
  • Not interested when you want to work for yourself
  • Support you with your plans and then pull out when you reach certain .. milestones
SO yeah? No!
Yeah .. they watch me and .. they try to second guess me and they cannot ..
  • They cut me loose after stabbing me in the back .. most honest person they ever had
  • They think they got away with it
  • They have not .. I have just taken my time due to other things going on ..
  • These things will come into play when it comes to their stabbing the pubic in the back
  • They will also be revisited and the whole process gone through again ..
  • Except several serious factors come into play ..
  • A huge sacrifice out of a sens of duty come into play
  • Over a child and their children
  • They will try and do this again .. but wont learn about the latter until later on .. so ..
  • They have the option to either run me through or back down .. which will include another one of my long term targets
  • It will all be published on here over the two months it will take to go through
  • If there exists anyone that is unsure of the lies and lack of concern for human life they wont exist for much longer
  • OOPS!
I cannot even go into detail about this yet .. because for one we have not had official confirmation .. despite this involving several very young children and one in particular. One that suffers from .. something. Something not very nice and has you scared for the future .. or more specifically .. ‘their future’.
Double oops.
Oddly enough I heard of this area being mentioned .. Birkenhead and they stated about something about Food Banks.
Hmm wasn’t there a report somewhere about Wirral Council being investigated or something? It was something to do with social services and/or children.
I have just had a thought ..
Theresa May claimed in the House of Commons that Universal Credit encourage people into work? I know that is crap because there are not that many jobs out there.
What I did not consider is that these claims may be based on numbers of the number of people that are on benefits or out of work?
Umm .. have not many disabled people been coming to me with the name of a list, Calum’s List, of over one hundred thousand disabled people that have taken their own lives?
Errr? Yeah maybe the numbers have gone down because of them quite deliberately murdering as many as they can and seem to be hell-bent on continuing on this murderous path.
But now the doubt regarding Universal Credit is widespread.
Hopefully and with the help of this pride of placement in the House of Commons it will become a widely known truth for the majority of the sleeping giants that are the British public?

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