The apocalypse has ended!

The Telegraph and The Sun tabloids, no doubt many more, are making a bloody big fuss about this story. Except it’s ..


First things first. The bloody talk of pausing .. yeah, you need to do a wee bit more than just bloody pausing.

Secondly .. umm .. well .. the big news is that they are going to change the waiting time from six weeks to four weeks.

Big .. fucking .. deal!

Though to be fair it might be a big deal to some people but ..  in the big scheme of things it’s literally fuck all.

Are these tabloids reports on drugs are part of the plan that if they sound like something is about to happen everyone stops protesting and complaining?

Thirdly ..

Well .. if you look at the link below you will note that it states ‘concessions’.

That’s plural .. if you don’t know. I say that because everyone in the tabloids seen to be unaware of it.

So we have one ..


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