OK then .. I m typing this while sitting on a sofa in the new home.

Due to the craziness that is life up here as well as my Fibromyalgia, or Fibrofog part of it, I have yet to spend a single night here.

Around 20% of my stuff is here though .. no desktop computer but I do have this laptop I picked up around a week ago, of course it had to go back for several days so I have only had use of it for around three days.

Now my attention is diverted from .. the photographic side of things to renewing a couple of ID’s and this is .. annoying. I have a bag full of ID’s which even contains my birth certificate .. but .. things are not the way that they were a couple of decades ago. OK .. maybe a bit longer ago than that?! Lol.

Well what do you know? After some shit weather .. well bout the shittiest I have known for a very long time the sun is shining through the patio doors?! More of that please!

Hmm .. it is midday and the sun is to my right .. meaning that my patio doors and garden face .. umm .. south .. again .. lol!!

Yeah I have held onto a few orchids .. south is OK for now but I guess I can out them off to one side to avoid too much sun in the warmer months. If I am still here by then. If I am still alive by then.

There are a couple of other things I want to set up .. but more on that over the next couple of weeks .. or maybe sooner?

It has been hard to do any work and even writing because I had three pairs of small hands wanting to grab everything and press every button. I also had two sets of paws to deal with. Plus there was only one door key so on many occasions it was impossible to go out and do things. Plus I have been ill and it has been up and down like the proverbial yoyo!

I have to sort out my Internet connection too .. I am not even sure what the signal is like for my mobile network but I seem to use my phone OK when I was here previously with my new landlord.

Oh yeah .. I forgot I also have two pairs of horns to deal with who have disturbed the status quo when all other hands and paws were not causing problems.

In fact just last night another phone-call from a prison inmate in Liverpool just as it was reported on the news that drones and phones were confiscated. Indeed not only do we get this disturbance from within a prison but this was one pair of horns .. lying about another pair of horns ..

.. and the receiver of the phone-call said sternly “Everyone seems to know just when it is I get in the bath because things kick off”. Oh .. I just remembered .. I think that was the night before? Last night was trouble with friends. I think? Gaahhhh, this damned memory issue. When it allows you to remember things it gets the time wrong. It is like the concept of time has been slung out of the proverbial window!

So I have to register with a General Practitioner on Monday, see an advisor about my current situation with my identification along with what to do about the damned DWP.

It will be interesting to see how they react when I tell them what the DWP have done to me over the last few years but more importantly what they did just prior to relocating here and .. why I am here and what the bloody hell benefit support I should apply for. I was supposed to have my own business if you recall but that got cut just a couple of weeks before I moved.

I had a million things to do to and a bunch of stuff to throw out or place into storage .. stuff that needs to be retrieved before very long. Might be a tincey-wincey little problem with that .. though I am probably going to end up ignoring it completely .. as it is daft .. stupid and morally wrong. I will do my utmost to adhere to it but .. they need to learn that life is just not like that .. especially when the fucking pubic services are involved.

As I explained to my daughter several times since I have been up here .. each pubic service has done less and less and less while placing more and more responsibility onto the public. Probably because they have not been allowed to raise their budgets and salaries as they would like? During this process they have also laid out more and more in the way of fines on top of the unfair amounts of council tax, in the case of the councils that is, they charge everyone.

They all have been doing this and none of them have stopped to realise, or more likely do not fucking care, of the pressure they are putting on the public or indeed that many other public services are doing the exact same things?! You bet your bloody life they don’t.

Here in this place things should be .. easier .. except they are not. Bin men knock and hold their bloody hands out for money, I know I saw this first hand! “Yeah?” says I. “Binman” says the binman. “Ah, so you are!” I reply to that. “I need paying” he says. “What? I am from London and have never heard of bin men being paid!”. I have, however, seen them getting up to all sorts of other things.

The best part about it is that I do remember her paying him previously but now been told that this was to clean the bin out back when the weather was warmer and she does not even want it done now it has turned cold! I kid you not!

The horror stories about children being abused is also off the scale and I have heard a few stories already that rank among the worst I have ever heard. In each case there is zero involvement from the social services though I bet somewhere a child is being taken by social services unnecessarily.

I should offer my services as a private investigator while I am here?

Well .. I wanted to at least sit down today on the sofa of this new flat without any .. interruptions and write my first piece for posting. Kind of an initiation of sorts. It was dragging on getting in here and getting started and still is. I was very eager to do this despite the furore and the dreaded flu like illness I now have. After producing vivid yellow mucous and even yellow water running form my nose it started to develop into a cough and a bit of a sneeze. I have felt nauseous a few times too and even avoided driving while like that. Fortunately I have come across my cough syrups and did not even know I still had them! So that was kinda cool!

Now that I am here though I might get some early tips to things kicking off and going down so that I might get there with a camera?

I also want to concentrate on a whole raft of other photographic things in time and I, no doubt, will have lots of brand new places to choose from?!

Added to this I will have three seasons to go through with each one being more productive than the last.

I keep repeating it in my head that I simply must be productive while I am here and I must capitalise on all the new locations that are available to me.

Fingers crossed!

Hmm .. I wonder if there is much in the way of demand for freelance photography?


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