So then it has long become apparent to may and slowly becoming apparent to many more is that the public services are rotten.

Over the years I have been posting on this blog I have explained how I have ran into a fair number of local authorities. Five or six in fact.

As with most others, except the Police, I discovered very late in the day that there was an ombudsman for local government called the Local Government Ombudsman, or LGO.

I approached the LGO and genuinely believed what they told me.

I was to end up regretting this and my own daughter would be placed in danger several times in the process.

Once again this concerned Wirral Council but also involved Merseyside Police, who also repeatedly lied, and their associated ombudsman, the Independent Police Complaints Commissions. Guess what the latter did? Fuck all.

That is five or six local councils and with two of them I am still involved in and the LGO which covers all councils. All lie and all cheat. Oddly that is what they try to imply that 99.9% of the public does.

99.9% of the public in the Wirral

99.9% of the public in Enfield

99.9% of the public in Waltham Forest

99.9% of the public in Epping

99.9% of the public in Hackney

Of course this includes the LGO

So then .. safe to say that this applies across the board? Yup.

Your taxes pay for all of the above.

So then .. anyone else reporting what I have been saying for well over five years? Yup ..

With less than 2% of submitted complaints declared by the LGO as maladministration, there is a certain weight to the claims that the tax-funded service is not wholly committed to securing justice for the public.

Currently the DWP have gotten some well overdue attention over this. Though nowhere near enough, only a vote that is not constitutionally binding and even then it was only for a fucking pause. Cannot help but think that was all how for our benefit, or at least the more naïve of us?

The DWP are going to get more attention and once I get the ball rolling on that one and wont take place for another four days at least. Once a little meeting has taken place between an organisation and myself. Maybe it will be after a second meeting?

On a quick note I just recalled .. did you see the recent mainstream news report about how they found a drone that was getting items like mobile phones into a prison in Liverpool?

Did you think that they had caught them and now that is not happening any longer? Yeeeaah .. no.

Tonight we received a phone-call from a prison inmate of that exact same prison and oddly enough .. the person on the phone was full of his usual shit and lied .. badly.

Yeah .. prisons have now added themselves onto my list of .. adversaries. A shame .. for them.

So then .. been discovering or simply suspecting stuff?

Did you think things were just isolated to the ones mentioned? Umm .. no.

I stated that I would predict accurately that with each public service I would deal with in turn that .. they would turn out to be liars and cheats .. not fit for purpose but would quickly go on TV or to the tabloids to complain they do not get paid enough.

So it is 95% of the public services at best and 100% at worst.

It has been 100% for me but that does not equate to 100% of all public services as I simply cannot cover them or gather evidence on them all.

Still .. you can wait around and do nothing for another year only to finally discover I was right and maybe .. then you can do something? Except .. it will be far too late for many.


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