Well this I did not expect!

It seems that the DWP and their new PIPS Department along with Atos want to break from habit and actually outdo themselves?!

Now this is not going to be long winded for once, because I simply cannot be arsed with it and I do need to get out and get some shopping.

However I will now state that I cannot help but think that Atos actually want to be forced out of doing these things?! It was featured on the news that they announced they would be breaking the contract and getting out months ago. They are still around so one can only assume that the government and the DWP have forced them to carry on being the fall guy! Or paid a much big back hander out of the British taxes?! ‘Assume’? Listen to me, no I KNOW they are being forced/paid too and its obvious.

I can also add finally before I add some scanned shots that when I stated what they had recently said in correspondence someone I know that has nothing to do with either the DWP or Atos recently stated, “No you cant be talking to Atos, they do not do the assessments anymore the government got rid of them!” to which I pointed out that they most certainly are still there and though it is no excuse it is the government and the DWP that have been shafting the British public.

Now first up is the letter and then a couple of scans of a little document that was left here… hmm a few nights back.

I will NOT say anything except other than to go back to a very recent post with an email from Atos, them denying they made an appointment for August, only the one in October and that they are not deliberately making appointments far away and early in the morning so that patients do not reach them.

Well they kind of got caught out in the assessments by many people, so was bound to try something new.

Make a note of the times and the locations of the previous two appointments whose letters are both on here along with the three letters of apologies from them for not turning up to Home Visits they claim I never asked for and they do not do.

Those original letters informing me of the appointment times and locations are also on here, as are all other correspondence provided I have not forgotten any. Hmm ooh I have just thought of at least one and it is an audio recording!

So much data, so little time!! LMAO!

Atos NOV 14

Paramed 231014-2

Paramed 231014-1





Well after a short absence that I referred to previously I have now, today, checked my Adsense numbers and they are as expected…..DISAPPOINTING.

Of course this makes them completely contradictory to everything else I have been doing and also numbers are now beginning to act completely different to those that have gone for a whole twelve months before, lol.

Sorry I do not know WHAT is going on lately but I simply am having a great deal of trouble displaying media of any kind on WordPress?! It uploads OK and the nothing appears and this happens repeatedly for some bizarre reason I cannot fathom, lol.

Bedroom tax mum faces sending autistic son into care

Here is someone who is seeing and believing and to my mind from experience too.


Oddly and to my mind yet again, this is someone who should get recognition for what he has, or technically has NOT, done previously but like so many others now realising that there is no recognition nor reciprocation within the vocabularies of consecutive governments.

I had a brother who had a girlfriend he lived with who had a whole family who were fanatical about this too the the point that they brain washed their two daughters into it…

…do not NEVER claim benefits!!

I myself after many years with these pains and zero help or support to be able to work for myself, as BY THE WAY ONLY I know what I can and cannot DO for work and cannot trust selfish twats out there who will STILL expect you to do as much if not more than others?! I have had BOTH expectations in every job I have ever had.

Do NOT do the government ANY favours as they will not do any for you once your skint I can tell you that much for free. It probably also is not them to blame either, they are just mere finger puppets to the real masters. Who these are I cannot say for certain but not being a betting man I would put my money on a company called Serco which is American.

That reminds me I saw a an go past me on the M25 looking like a security van carrying valuables, like Group 4 type thing, and it had the Serco logo on its side.


Bedroom tax mum faces sending autistic son into care.



So all these illegal, immoral and inhumane treatment of the British Public and DISABLED people, like myself, in particular and all the recent statement regarding how people have been getting into jobs due to Atos, welfare cuts, bedroom taxes, caps and good know whatever other stealthy things that have been out into practice had been making people get jobs has it?! Yeah I think not!! If I recall correctly I heard certain MP’s stated that LEADING UP to the changes coming in loads were going out and finding jobs?! Yes I can see that mateys?! It is like the texts I get from people regarding things Ian Duncan Smith has said?! I can live on £55 per week…provided all his bills were paid, well duh! I could have survived that stroke! I could have survived that bomb blast! I have had these types of texts every time there is a catastrophe purely because people are infuriated at what he said! Best of all one of then came from someone who always votes for the TORIES?! LMAO