THE EVENTS (Pole Shift Part 18)

In the previous parts I have spoken about this possible coming event that we have been distracted from wit the current madness we are experiencing there is one I have not looked into.

It has cropped up and I intended to include a part on this but I kept forgetting to do this, one of the pitfalls of having a disability whereby one of the symptoms is short term memory failure.

Today I was reminded of this by way of a comment on my Pole Shift series from a published author, David Montaigne and thank you for that, and the a video by the Leak Project that had Diamond from the Oppenheimer Ranch Project channel on YouTube.

They were out in a desert and checking some very interesting ancient artwork on some very old boulders with the most unusual symbols, designs and glyphs with the most interesting theories behind them.

The Carrington Event which I had heard previously and was pretty certain this was a solar event so I went ad did some research after they mentioned it in the video.

I am surrounded by people that refuse to listen to the scientific data, without hearing something dismissing something is both stupid and annoying. Currently there is dataset after dataset and they wont listen to any of it. What is annoying is when you state this this will happen or that might happen they simply, naively and annoyingly disagree with you saying “Oh I don’t think so” when not only does all of the data state we are in a process that has not happened for tens of thousands of years but that it has happened before, hence it has not happened for tens of thousands of years.

Well .. actually .. what it is is a number of things with one not happening for 380 odd years, others not happening for thousands of years and other events that have not happened for hundreds of thousands of years.

Taken in combination we have a combined event that has not happened for hundreds of thousands of years. That is provided that when we last went though a magnetic flip all of these other things occurred at the same time too?

Climate scientists have told you about this method and that method and one of the things they have promoted and likely you have heard about over and over and over again is the study of ice cores and the gas percentages in Earth’s atmosphere going back a long time.

Now I have always maintained that this was both not enough and that people were placing far too much stock into this. Either that or it was an intended lie?

Here is en example of a claim that they later start to doubt, or someone else starts to doubt and they fail to see a link ..

Ice cores containing thin nitrate-rich layers have been analysed to reconstruct a history of past solar storms predating reliable observations. Some researchers have stated that data from Greenland ice cores show evidence of individual solar-proton events, including the Carrington event.[23] More recent work by the ice core community casts significant doubt on this interpretation, and shows that nitrate spikes are not a result of solar energetic particle events. Indeed, no consistency is found in cores from Greenland and Antarctica, and nitrate events can be due to terrestrial events such as burnings, so use of this technique is now in doubt.” –

I do not know much about Diamond of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project but I do like his videos and he really does seem to have a knowledge and a passion for these subjects.

Discovering the truth is not about finding someone that says what you want to hear .. or someone that fits a narrative .. or someone that states things closest to that you have stated for a period of time. It is a process .. a very long puzzle in thins instance.

You listen to those, and lets me honest mainstream has proved to be incompetent and disingenuous, who have knowledge and passion and pick apart where you think they may be right or indeed may be wrong.

It is also not about finding someone that gets absolutely everything right .. but this is put to me so many times with people with very narrow views or adamantly sticking to narratives which is both damaging and stupid.

Speaking of odd events there is yet another little known event that has gone on .. and it has gone on twice ..

The is to do with the ..

Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the Earth which some refer to as its heartbeat.

Its been reported that even the military has used this as a reliable reference though it what capacity I have no idea. It is a frequency for the Earth’s magnetic field and seems to be focused on by many spiritual groups.

For years this has been at 7.83 cycles per second. Is is in effect a pulse except that since 1980, a little after the first announced the oncoming Ice Age and a little before they started building the Svalbard Seed Vault .. it started to speed up. Another coincidence in what is now becoming a long list of coincidences occurring since the 1970’s.

Then this year happened and it went off the scale .. TWICE!

Now this disturbance does happen but in very short spurts .. until February this year and there is normally some tapering to this. It is a frequency after all but the graphs I viewed look like a complete switch off and then a complete switch back on. What was also weird was that not only did it last way longer than anything previously recorded, which was like minutes to an hour .. this one went on for 24 hours. Almost exactly 24 hours.

Is that freaky? Well hold on to your butts ..

Almost exactly one month later .. it went and did the exact same thing .. again?

Also of note is that in the spiritual community, who have done more videos on this than anyone else, there is a lot of talk about reports of Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), insomnia and headaches.

So lets look at who has noticed all these things and are trying to .. make sense of it ..

  • Scientists are baffled
  • Religious people are putting a biblical slant on it
  • Spiritual People are putting an Earth Energy spin on it
  • Heard people state that man, guessing the military, are behind it wanting me to roll my eyes over it.
  • CERN being one
  • Have always found it odd that with the expense of CERN that there was not a lot more behind it than merely detecting new particles
  • No matter how powerful you are no one wants to set fire to their own house while they are still standing in it and anyone that nuts would not be allowed to get to a position to do this to an entire planet
  • Bizarrely along with people reporting health issues .. my own have increased the last coupe of years and I did wonder .. my own insomnia and sleep issues and I have been typing this out since 5am as I woke up unexpectedly
  • My nausea has been playing up
  • Some nights I do not get to sleep until somewhere between 3am and 5am
  • I have had issues previously with not sleeping almost every night until 5am to 7am before I sleep IF I sleep and then only asleep for a couple hours
  • Heart has been playing up last couple years .. real bad the last year
  • Blackouts
  • Memory Issues increased
  • Do have bad Fibromyalgia
    • Affects pains in feet, calf muscles, shoulder, back
    • Pains in extremities, finger tips, toe tips (so my slave labour to everyone is also painful beyond belief)
    • Nausea
    • Memory Issues
    • Sleep Issues
    • Hypomagnesemia
      • Tachycardia
      • Arrhythmia
      • Muscles Spasms
    • Anxiety

So scientists have noticed all these things occurring while both religious and spiritual people have too.

Whether there is something in all this I do not know and I am not even sure is it would currently be possible to prove and test this. It does seem to be a bit of a coincidence and just a couple of years ago I developed three new symptoms and two to do my with my heart and one with my head .. or an argument can be had that this is my ears.

I get racing heart beats and skipped beats which is the oddest feeling when it happens and I have also had chest pains along with this but they stopped checking what this was .. when I was basically railroaded for the good of the country which is to benefit Islam. Hey ho!

Added to this I get nausea that is ridiculous and this can be far worse than even drinking way too much alcohol. You feel like your both dizzy and falling at the same time .. its very .. surreal and very .. VERY unpleasant.

Now if I could hospitalise myself for several days until they sorted this out then I would but I cannot because they wont let me. The NHS that is.

O access to a GP and yup with all that and more on my medical records .. like a buggered knee and three hernias, one repaired.

And while trying to help my daughter my .. government stabbed me in the back, pulled agreements made with me and signed, because even signed documents they can screw you over for if you cannot get a lawyer. They then took everything from me .. and I mean everything and now stuck with a bully that thinks their mild epilepsy and feelings are far more important than their own grandhchildren and friends having fatal illnesses. One of these died and even tried telling this women from he death bed in hospital. Was still trying to make her health more relevant bringing up a condition that is not even listed on her medical record to which the dying woman said

Is that another one on your checklist?!”

This was from a woman dying of cancer to a woman she has listened to for 30 years plus talk about their own health as if they are going to die .. for well over 30 years.

The woman died and her son and I were school friends .. actually its been over 40 years this Irish lady called Eileen listen to this woman’s health problems even from her death bed.

They have driven everyone nuts for 35 to 50 years and its nothing short of abuse. It very literally is abuse and you say this and the start screaming. I have literally been told that its a family trait .. then point out to them that it is not they then scream that she’s right .. everyone else is wrong .. then reverts back to it being family and how everyone says those with the particular family name .. everyone says they think they know everything and wont be told.

In the exact same argument she also says this about her own mother .. who is not part of the family she says everyone states that think they know everything. So I am standing there just laughing and giving them a stern look .. but if I was to just state that they actually proved it is HER and not her HUSBANDS family that are like this she will just scream louder.

Then yo get the lies. They will alter the facts and things said in a conversation from two years previous and they do this even if it is YOU they had the conversation with. So you know what the facts are and that shes twisting it around, she has a very ,, VERY long history of doing this and getting caught out .. she then goes into a screaming fit.

Then everyone is a liar .. she the only one telling the truth, no really, ad has no family and friends but this is the one that gets annoyed because she wants to get the family together and point out everyone faults. She has the most and she certainly has the worse faults but anyone will tell you that you could never accuse them of having faults .. oh God, no.

The worst part about is is that they know damn well that on certain things no one agrees with her so you could think that they would leave it alone, right? WRONG! But she is sneaky.

She mentions something to do with someone else .. they are worried about .. happens to be something you have experience in and they do not. You start explaining .. because they are worried, right? Except she knows nothing .. interrupts you because its IMPORTANT that she talks. Then you find out why because suddenly your talking about the subject you do not agree on because you wants to ram your head against the wall to convince you of her bullshit.

  • This is a MOTHER ..
  • Towards he own parents, though she conveniently forgets about that when she wants to blame those linked to her ex ..and dead ..
  • Husband and family name
  • Her Children ..
  • Her Grandchildren
  • All her children’s friends think she is nuts .. including professionals like a social worker who goes to the same boot sales and he and his girlfriend literally RUN if they see her coming ..
  • Two women in a local park were talking one day and someone I know was sitting nearby .. one woman spot this mother .. says to he friend we better go .. of that woman over their gets talking .. she will complain about her children nit giving her attention for hours and we will NEVER get away .. they then legged it .. when the person looked at who was walking in the park .. it was the woman above
  • Social Worker stated that her children were evil to describe their other like that ..
  • Later apologises after he has met her a couple of times and he, the social worker, and his girlfriend, a teacher, stated that not only is she as bad as they were told .. her children were bing kind because he is far, far, far worse than described!
  • Socialist
  • Ex Member of the Socialist Worker Party
  • Calls everyone else Hitler
  • Narcissistic
  • Amoral ..
  • Feigns Sympathy
  • Now you know why I am so good with arguing with them .. HOWEVER ..
  • It has an extremely negative effect with the one described above and I and up paying with several symptoms and they KNOW this but it does not stop them because THEY want attention!
  • What is annoying is the fucking lying and twisting things .. they have been caught for 20 years and there are no ‘IFS ‘ and ‘BUTS’ about it and you don’t lie to the person who was witness to the effing event or part of the conversation
  • Told them .. a country run by people like you?!
  • Nope .. I would take up the gun .. or just shoot myself in the head as I would not be able to bear it .. the fucking bare-faced lies to get your own way?
  • Mankind is finished if it cannot stop behaviour like this

Many sense there is something wrong in the world and we are living in insane times and the number of unprecedented things going on is off the chain.

Yet I have people that love to bitch and complain about things and when you try to help them make sense of it they do one of the following ..

  • Tell you your wrong with no knowledge in any of the sciences
  • State nothing is going to change
  • Do not want to hear you explain it
  • Tell you scientists get it wrong and then do not want to listen and walk out when you try to explain the difference between theory and fact
  • All of which refuse to watch the news .. but then do not believe you and state that it has not been in the news so not true, yup I kid you not

Along with all these other things there are some curious things being heard .. long periods of rumblings for instance, odd shaped clouds, missing pieces (for want of a better term) of clouds in the skies missing and long stretches of clouds with straight lines, like the were carved out with a 30 mile long ruler.

There are a lot of little things I have seen pop up but despite the fact there have been peculiar things like this over the years .. there has been a sharp increase in the frequency which all of those that report this have also noticed.

Now for one that will make you stop and think .. how about ..

A Ten Mile Long Lake Popping up in Death Valley, yes the one in California!

Surviving ..

Is it possible to survive? Yup .. through construction I believe so which made me realise while I was out for a walk and I hppen to walk past a construction site for now affordable homes sanctioned, it would appear, by Sadiq Khant. This misspelling is intentional I assure you.

I realised that if construction companies and property developers knew what was coming then construction would either slow down or stop altogether.

I do not know how long it will be before the flats I looked at will be finished but they look to have been at it about three years already. It looks to me like it is at least two or three years away.

Now I realise this ..

If it emerges what is going to happen before those flats are all sold off they are .. NEVER going to sell them. Not that this would matter much because money will be worthless within hours or days of any possible future event ever taking place.

Now this would put people off .. initially building else but ..

It should not. Yes the thought of taking out massive loans to fund projects such as this might make people think twice but .. if money will become worthless and the banks all vanish .. then what does it matter? It is not like you will have to pay anyone back, right?

But then of course if this gets out and money does not become worthless immediately then .. the very first thing banks will do is stop giving out loans anyway as they will fear they will never get the money back anyway.


This got me thinking .. and I kept asking myself after dealing with the living problem in my head .. but .. what do you do about food? You cannot get around the food problem .. not with that amount of snow and ice ..

Oh crap .. hmm I just realised something that I need to look into with all these tall buildings going up that has everyone confused. No one understands who is funding it and where all the people are coming from to but these properties? Does not matter if they are left-wing or right-wing they ask me and it is one of those rare times when I have no answers. No one has any money right now and it does not look like it is going to change either, does it?

Well maybe what I am about to suggest has already secretly been in the planning?

Ice can be used as a construction material .. just ask Pluto. In Norway or Sweden they have a hotel built out of ice. The same principal can be applied to building that already exist, right? But what if the snow and ice ends many tens of hundreds or metres deep? Well you just do this with tall buildings.

Now fro this you can thin have an underground network of tunnels. This is way better then being subterranean as you have no earth slippage. But that leaves food production, right?

Well what I would suggest, unless of course it has already been thought about, is that the tall buildings are built with a completely glass roof to allow light in and the top floors converted into farms to grow food plants?

Over the years many methods have popped up to grow food or in effect farm vertically and this could also be applied.

The other option of course and provided it remains viable is the use of solar panels with the power running through cables to the buildings. This was if the ice and snow ever gets too deep for even the tallest buildings .. you can swap over to solar .. but will have to make sure that the panels stay above the snow and keep being raised.

Food for thought. Oh .. honestly .. no pun was intended.


4 thoughts on “THE EVENTS (Pole Shift Part 18)

  1. Sorry to hear your relative gets you down. Try not to let other people affect you so much. I also wanted to thank you for acknowledging my work and point out that the evidence I accumulated while writing my pole shift book points to a periodic cycle of pole shifts every 12-13,000 years – I think the mainstream lies about the last pole shift (and even then just a magnetic one they’ll admit to) being 780,000 years ago is BS propaganda because they want people calm and working, not causing chaos and undermining their preparations.

    • It is strange actually as, as you may have noticed, as you read the series of posts it all falls into places and explains everything. The discovery that the poles did reverse was very recent and now looks as if they were actively looking for it and likely because they realise these global events are linked .. pole reversal, weather via ice-ages, continental drift .. and yet three disaster movies came out for separate events that failed to link them together .. The Core, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow.

      I also now cannot shake the feeling that this sudden flood of disaster movies was followed ten years later by the real possibility of these events occurring, Secret training videos for known upcoming events?

    • Oh yes and I totally agree that they have to keep everyone calm and I told friends this years ago. Our whole system folds as soon as a global event is announced. Money, banks, stock market .. it all collapses.

      Of course as you said the preparations which is what I believe the carbon tax has gone towards.

      Just write another post on the three or four possible time-scales involved. This is nigh on impossible to predict and because I believe it is down to the speed the molten core shifts and no one knows what this speed might be or even have a way to measure the speed. Could be down to direction and could also be dependent of the structural shape of the inside of the Earth’s mantle .. something else we have no way of knowing.

    • Oh it turns out that this very blog and the Pole Shift , there is another, is now being censored on Twitter .. no suspensions and no shadow bans and the account looks fine but does not come up for anyone else or searches .. I will post screen shots

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