You have to think of the film Hot Fuzz with that title to get where I am coming from.

But in the wake of all the data that is emerging in science it is somewhat convenient that everything and everyone is divided, angry, at each other and scared of a virus while ambulances cruise around slowly with their lights on, at least in London.

For a few years now they have been building up hope among people that seem to have lost their minds and behaving in very bizarre ways .. for another fall.

With mere weeks to go to the Presidential Elections for 2020 in November it has been obvious for awhile now that Donald Trump will win again. Except for the hard-left Marxist socialist types who have been running around telling everyone they will win.

They have taken no notice of reality. They have taken no notice to the swings across the rest of the world. They have taken no notice of the backlashes towards them.

They seem unaware of just how many black and/or independent news YouTubers have trasdhed them over recent times.

Here in the UK there is a backlash against Boris Johnson because he and Priti Patel has been full of hot air and we have reached a stage with Brexit where so much time has passed by that it has long since past that they had no intention of leaving.

Or maybve the whole Brexit thing was just the plan on this side of the proverbial pond to keep British and European people divided. Not from each other but divisions with each country.

Now I get called a fringe right, far-right, alt-right liar and nutcase all along but these people are so fucking insane I wonder if they are actually working for government departments or NASA, NOAA, USGS and the rest.

I have talked about this with many followers because these people can be only one of two things .. either so mentally disturned they should be in a mental health institution or government people intentionally muddying the waters and creating a divide.

The truth is I never voted in a General Election in the UK. Ever. I do not like politics or politicians and I have not believed any of them for decades.

In fact I have often thought they was all in it together and the whole election process is just to keep us waiting for a time when we can vote because we think that vote will change things.

When the various governments started having their G6, G7 and G20 meetings, or whatever they were called, this just made things worse.

But what I knew from the get-go even if I did not realise how deep in denial everyone is or not wanting to see the truth, while others come up with bizarre theories they cannot prove but force upon others is fact, is people do not listen.

They do not weigh everything up.

They do not look at the bigger picture.

They fail or refuse to connect the necessary dots together.

This is because they havce all fallen into their own tribes and then you have tribes within tribes not and I have witnessed this with the ‘left eating itself’ and I am afreaid to say the ‘right eating itself.

There is this guy called Dylan, possibly, who is otherwise known as ‘Educating Liberals’ and he was kicked or left Twitter and mosied on over to Parler.

A few nights back I witnessed a backlash against him because he questioned something Donald Trump did or said. I did not look to see what it was.

What was particularly stupid was that one response was ‘flock off back to Twitter’ or something to that effect.

Not only was this statement idiotic I though how hard-left like some people get in deciding that a new platform is theirs?

Or maybe that was the grand plan?

I have had a single follower rant aty me and then unfollow me because arguing against global warming with leftist pushers of AGW I used animals evolving to prove that the Industrial Revolution did nothing.  

Yeah despite anyone’s claims about where animals came from. They evolve. Ever seen a Poodle? Think that was a fierce natural predator? Ever seen albino forms of animals? Mutated plants that led to all the types of Japanese Maples?

Then there is this whole Qanon thiong I thought was very interesting and intriguing and you would see lines like ‘trust the plan’. I had hoped something would come of it.

Then there is this whole censorship thing. How is it that with a whole term in office that nothing has been done about the censorship of Google, Twitter, Facebook and the others?

Even these indictments became a joke as everyone knew that there would be yet another and it would fail like the previous one or ones.

Now I do not trust anyone and you have to earn my trust. I do not get blinded by things, wont have the wool pulled over my eyes nor manipulated. I feel like I have been at times by what is supposed to be my own side.

Despite my health and hellish situation I have had zero help but plenty of people telling me that they have never seen anything like me, see anyone destroy as many people as I have and go undefeated as long as I have and encourage me to keep going.

Yeah I did not go on Twitter to fight a war.

I went on Twitter because I realised that Google were burying me and obviously I was blogging about something they and my own government, who pulled their promises of help while stabbing my daughter in the back over rape gangs, were silencing me.

I have posted on blogs for 9 years and was supposed to start being paid back in 2016 and still have not been today as the revenue froze.

At the same time I was also working on many other things and still am and I had previously written books. Books that I was told by single agents were amazing while big connected agents did not want to know.

So I see Twitter as a way around this censorship so that Google could not bury my blogs and refuse to pay me using tricks and lies.

Another hope was that if I got enough followers I might find a similar thinking solicitor that would come to me and say what others stated .. “Flock! This is the worst story I have ever heard, let me help you!”

Oh I have had help and promises but none of them ever came to anything. No reasons involved either.

Its almost as if the front line people approach me and then as it goes higher up the chain people realise that all I am about is the truth, facts and science and would expose the plan?

Or maybe they already know I suspect some grand plan for all this division?

Who knows?

So I am supposed to be on one side but when it comes to this ‘running the show’ and both sides of the pond I feel like I am being screwed by both sides and have indeed felt this way for two decades.

I am anti-socialist and it does not work and I get and agree with a great many things, not all admittedly, with conservative voters.

But I have realised for some time now that, in the UK at least, the Conservative Party are not conservatives. They just talk like it for the masses.

I have seen at least twice that I have noticed Boris Johnson called ‘The Further’ by people that had voted for him.

And then there is the dreaded SGW Global Warming question I have posted well over 30 parts about explaining what is and is not going on.

So we have had decades of scare stories about burning and melting ice-caps and never seeing snow again and yet right now we are breaking records for snow across the globe. To say man is not in anyway the main contributor and cannot control it was heresy. As it was to say it has never been proven.

While at the same time to suggest, just as all the data does, that a Grand Solar Minimum is upon us would have you labelled as a ‘nutter’ and ‘right-wing conspiracy theorist.

But hold on a moment? GSM’s are not only cyclical but have happened hundreds to millions of times in the past. So it is science. When did science become heresy and fantasy become science fact?

Tom Pool did a chat about how people on the far-left see science as bigoted and are triggered by facts and science.

And yet during the persistence of the mainstream media and advertising programming people to think the world is burning around the world .. then we get the mass migrations.

Already having far too many the northern hemisphere suddenly opened its doors and the world see photos of a veritable sea of people flooding into Europe and the UK. Then it started happening in the US which really caught my eye. Not only did I not foresee that one but it backed up my theory I had hoped I was wrong about.

Yeah only umm ..

If people are flooding to the temperate regions because they think in a few years time they wont be able to grow food, and they get a free lunch anyway, and the western world was more than happy to stab their own in the back, let them in while NOT improving the infrastructure or increasing homes what happens if ..

The global cooling scientists who had been warning about a GSM for years which governments and MSM and the likes of NASA and NOAA ignored are right?

Know this. The Earth cools and the Earth warms in different cycles in different length due to different factors but we know for sure that it warms a lot more slowly than it cools.

Now a cooling can be rapid. Yes it depends on many factors most of which we do not fully understand. Or maybe they do and have just not told us for years? Maybe fore the Svalbard Seed Vault was built? Mammoths were found frozen with flowers in their stomachs suggesting it could be very rapid.

What happens if they are right? What happens if things over the next 5 years or so go as the data suggests? What we do state is that it is going to get colder but we are not sure how much by or how quick this will occur. AGW people seem to know everything without actually knowing the science, which is truly bizarre, and will tell you exactly how much it will get warmer by and when.

Now things are happening more rapidly than I had anticipated and seeing signs all the time.

Which has me wondering if we will get another big volcano that will speed it up again?

Now then .. lets say it speeds up? Do you think that knowing this is a possibility the rich and powerful would stop and give a thought to those they views as beneath them?

Or do you think they would make plans to save their own asses?

If you consider this a a plausible possibility and the data is certainly there to back it up .. what do you think these politicians and rich p0eople will do to save themselves?

Russia, Canada the UK, US and much of Europe are in the firing line and food production will be low to non-existent.

So there only option is to head for a country within the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn which will be awkward because its overloaded with people. Far too many people and some of them not very nice .. sooo .. umm .. wait a minute?!

By golly gosh how convenient is this?! They have been flooding out of these areas for years and hiding north into the target zone for much more ice and snow and not enough food?

1 Freeze to death

2 Starve to death

3 Kill each other in the processes above

4 After whatever diseases, real ones, do not wipe them out first

Yeah and that brings me on to Covid and something that I thought was going to do a lot more damage than it has. I had to stop and admit I was wrong on social media. Yes, it does happen.

Remember that ..

1 I predicted a pandemic in early 2019 but for 2024

2 This was because I expect cosmic rays to go through the roof

3 Then the videos started arriving

4 Then Italy

5 Cannot see the virus so I ran models

6 Made predictions

7 HEARD .. of two local deaths

8 Since then nothing has made sense, the numbers are obviously fabricated and the hospitals have been empty while I have not seen a single person being put in an ambulance anywhere but have seen them cruising around slowly at night, sirens and lights going on and off

Yeah .. this is not the pandemic they are telling you that it is. At least not hear in London it is not.

Now then here is Hillary Clinton on a tweet wiping up feelings with her followers .. and if you take a look there is one, lady I think it was, who states that she simply could not take four more years of Donald Trump.

Here is what I said about it ..

‘Does anyone else think that Hillary Clinton and others are winding up their own to set them up for heartbreak hoping they will spark something?

Sounds traitorous to their own to me? Because Donald Trump will win.

Master Plan?’

There is more.

How do you get idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez elected as a politician in the United States or Diane Abbott in the UK who has even put on odd shoes?

Its utter insanity and would have been thought of as unthinkable 40 years ago.

Forty years ago? Is that not when the whole AGW thingh started up not loing after they were talking about ice-ages from 1974 to around 1980 when everything suddenly flipped?

I am sure it means nothing?

You might want to ask yourself why the Svalbard Seed Vault was built when it was suddenly and look into WHEN?!

After a documentary about it I asked why have they done this now. I initially thought it was build ion the late 00’s but apparently not.

Cannot recall where and I have no idea if it was accurate and I have not looked since but I read somewhere they either started building the vault or planning it in the 1980’s so not long after they shut up about ice-ages and talked about warming.

SCIENTIST: ‘Yeah so there is going to be this ice-age and we will not be able to produce food and there will be a sharp rise for a few cycles before a sharp fall’

RICH/POWERFUL : ‘ Oh fucccccck?! What are we GONNA DO?! Oh wait a minute?! Did you say it would rise up first? Right now listen up ..’

Years later ..

SCIENTISTS SHILLING: ‘Yeah we have his dude ..’

POWERFUL: ‘Stop him .. stop everything .. DOX HIM .. the rabid left will do him in’

SCIENTIST: ‘Yeah about that .. we did everything and the attack hounds doxed him several times with three addresses and they kept getting it wrong and he has taken down wave after wave of people and just keeps getting around the suppression tactics’

Trust me ‘conspiracy theories’ exist on both sides, have happened many times, they are just people conspiring is all .. but the left go nuts about this unless its one of their own in their very long list.

I have no doubt their all kinds of names for these theories and one I have heard of is Agenda 21 .. but I have not read it and have zero idea what it is.

But if you think that thise we currently have as the rich and powerful would tell us about an upcoming catastophe, collapse the stock market while they required money to come up with their plans of self-preservation you are an incompetent fool. Do not be a naive fool as this is what they are banking on.

At the same time do not fly off half-cocked thinking up every crazy idea in the book and then run around insisting you are right with nothing to back it up.

As I would think that ..

1 You are a naïve idiot that is not going to get through any plan

2 You work for the government muddying the waters

Then there is the scientific side of things when it comes to the possibilities.

Among other things I am an expert on wildlife and I am related to others that are and I know a great deal of experts.

Long before I stumbled across the science data in 2019 myself and others had been noticing odd animal behaviour going on for a long time.

1 Animals appearing where they are not supposed to be often thousands of miles away

2 Beach strandings

3 Birds dropping dead out of the skies

4 Masses of dead Turtles of different species in the oceans

5 Increased attacks by animals both wild and oddly domestic from what I have seen

Now we know animals can pick up on electrical and magnetic fields and have tested this but have never pinpointed how this works. When you do not know then you do not know. You cannot make things up. You can have theories, sure. But these will be open to scrutiny and at times ridicule.

Now I have a condition that the alarmists like to pretend I have not got. And this causes many different symptoms a few of which are potentially fatal and I have to live with this every day.

Its listed in the top 20 of most painful conditions according to a list by the NHS which was published in The Sun tabloid.

It also causes short term memory issues which drive me insane every single day. Yes you read that correct, short term memory loss.

I get no help and no treatment and I am out often over doing it risking a coronary and while out have been threatened with violence twice. A group of 7 of a particular religion suggested I go for a swim in the River Thames. I just laughed and walked away.

London is filling up with rubbish and is more dangerous than I have ever known it to be.

People say that ‘the world has gone mad’ and you are likely nodding your head at this point.

But hang on? Did I not just explain the the world’s wildlife has gone mad?

Imagine this ..

What if this was known? Do you think they tell you everything? And what if they knew that creating a distraction to save their own skins would be very easy with the sort of messages like Hillary Clinton’s above?

Let us say your a leftist and you absolutely insist on lying and pushing your agenda?

What will you do when the day comes when it is obvious it is getting colder for 20 to 50 years and the possibility occurs to you that you was lied to, used, abused and more or less sacrificed?

Those causes you champion? How important will they seem to you then?

What about your friends? What about your family? Provided you have not been indoctrinated and fully separated from them?

I think about what will happen and if I am wasting my time trying to do anything at all?

I wonder if I will ever get out of this hell-hole because when it all goes down, and it all, this is the worst place to possibly be. Friends say that.

What I think about is that those we elected and paid to live like kings and queens might actually get away with this while sacrificing millions if not billions of people?

If this theory is the case I do not want evil people such as this to get away with it.

Maybe they might have some logical excuse as to why they did what they did?

This is why I have always maintained that you should not put all your eggs in one basket.

2When the impossible has been eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

And at this point I refer you back to the title and the start where I mention the film Hot Fuzz and when the people running the village murdering people get found out all they keep saying is ..


Now to finish up .. back to the science teacher that lies and thinks Earth will get down to -273C without CO2 .. 

Last post I put up a video of Sabine Hossenfelder a highly intelligent scientist so lost her temper over the mainstream news and ‘do-gooder leftists that are too dumb and conflate science with opinion’

She has a lot to learn in this department as many of it is the complete abuse of science and it is now coming out, reported by Tim Pool for one, that leftists actually get triggered by scientific facts and truths and think science is bigoted. I merely wanted to stop this by exposing it and worked years to do this.

So here they are going on the attack of Sabine Hossenfelder forcing me to yet again use the hashtag #NotMyScientist and remember this one tells all they are a science teacher in London.

Only the hard-left defend the hard-left and this push of lies regarding AGW because they were using ot to gain support to get power.

And now after the last one being on a separate climate thread here is the same liar after I retweeted them replying to the separate thread trying to claim that my ‘leftist’ terms are false and that they are not one.
Because if the wider public realised this was all being pushed and lied about by Socialists and Marxists their support would evaporate.

Now here is Sabine and I get the impression that like me she is impartial and centre-left to centre-right at most .. and from Wikipedia


Here is another one who loves spending time in the comments sections of sites on science where they still question, number one thing you should do, AGW and calling everyone liars and right-wing nut jobs and this one has been caught lying soooo many times.

Now he decides to run down the site The Watchers and states he had a warning regarding viruses/malware from it to put people off looking at it .. its propaganda. Remember their links NEVER state what they claim and are always biased towards claiming AGW is ‘settled science’ when Richard Feynman stated science is never settled.

Now these hard-left love using Media Fact Check to rubbish any links you use and here is The Watchers from one of their own favourite sources of information ..

Looks to me as if you could not score any higher, no?

It does not matter what you say, what you link or where you get your sources the levels of mental gymnastics they perform and lies they tell to keep their narrative alive is astounding. But no defibrillator could revive this particular dead horse. It only remains now that as people realise exactly what has, or indeed has not, gone on with them, their movements and the solar activity and that particular hose of cards collapses. Well even faster than it already is.

Hundreds of Birds Dead ..

Thousands Birds dead from cold and lack of insects, because of cold ..

400 Pilot Whales now reported to have died in Tasmania where they had record cold ..

Here is an Antifa Extinction Rebellion supporter who tried to tell everyone he was a centrist, got exposed as he was exposed here for his real feelings about animals ..

Late Addition:

I have stated for the longest time that Marxist Antifa Hard-Left had been placed in key roles in science, entertainment, education and others ..

Here is a story regarding a Museum Curator who was a supporter of Black Lives Matter who gave out guides and advice on how to destroy statues with household objects.

In Hertfordshire but American born and I have noticed a lot of American socialists here where I live and have mentioned this even to Americans that follow me on social media



Well what a few months it has been!

It has been pandemonium and I am not referring to the pain, headaches, two people threatening my life while on the phone to my daughter or the six middle- men suggesting I go for a swim in the Thames, the return of my chronic Insomnia or cycling around until 3am in between all that to take long exposure night-time shots of London.

Nor am I referring to the worry of the Home Office letting out a domestic violence, rapist and murderer for the send time in a little over a year and claiming they have investigated him when they have not and refusing to deport him. Or his brother listed as his cousin now involved in a stabbing incident in Bangor in North Wales.

Nope .. the solar minimum is still ongoing just as I said it would be, theorising it would last until anywhere between late June 2020 and October 2020.

This went against both NASA and NOAA and all through 2019 and the first half of 2020 I was attacked and called a ‘stupid right-wing moron’, I am centre-left and they know it, for stating what I did and going against NASA and NOAA.

Of course I have had zero apologies and am still called a ‘right-wing moron’ and ‘climate denier’ as waves of record cold and snow reports and forecasts flood in, spotless days go over 30. A consecutive day run that if hits 40 will blow into orbit NASA’s previous claim that the deepest part of the solar minimum took place in December 2019.

I had over 20 predictions of things emerging or taking place in 2020 and despite the fact that with warming in the Southern Oceans going from the sea-floor up making number 23 correct predictions. I am still called a ‘lying right=wing moron’ from the likes of Antifa types who turn out to be the main pushers of AGW and tell all kinds of lies to keep it going.

It has also come to my attention that despite their claims or knowing or expertise in science they n not only know nothing but Tim Pool uploaded a video about how the hard-left are triggered by science and facts and see science as bigoted.

Now I realised this and knew they had abused science for their own ends. You have no idea just how much of a relief it is to see these things emerge.

And oh my. It has just been one of oh so many.

I have seen some curious things being said and even switched from questioning NASA, backing NASA, questioning NASA and then back to backing NASA in the space of 72 hours.

Then spaceweather, just today, stated that this solar minimum had 825 spotless days and was now century class.

Yeah a bit odd that one as it was classed as century class much earlier in 2020.

It then stated that 1913 was the highest with 1,023 spotless days.

Yeeeaaah .. wee bit of a problem with that one and was a WTF moment for me and I started to wonder where they got this from or were instructed to state it to help ‘kick the can down the road’ a bit longer?

Lets get something clear ..

The solar minimum and the longest in centuries took place between 1912 and 1924. That is two years. I have reported many times that this one is longer. The one we are in shows no signs of ending soon and Professor Valentina Zharkova is back and she has now stated what I have done.

‘The longer the consecutive days run it shows how deep into the solar minimum we still are’.

The highest was 40 in 2019 and next was around 32. We are at 31.

Here is my other issue .. yes granted .. 1913 had 302 spotless days compared to 2019’s 281. But some spots today are not classed as Sunspots and today are optics will be vastly superior to what they were in 1912. So I am dubious about these comparisons at the best of times.

Added to this I have seen all the graphs for solar cycles running from when the Maunder Minimum began until today.

So I know that 1912 to 1914 run and as stated it was two years, a fact that failed to mention.

To be more precise it ran from around the end of 1911 to the end of 1913.

So how exactly does one get 1,023 days out of a maximum of 730?

Now you see why I was like WTAF? It was declared a century class months ago and it gets announced as this again 8 months after it initially was?

The lowest solar maximums since 1700 occurred consecutively in 1800 to 1820 .. until 2014

Sounds to me, exactly like I stated, that the powers that be a playing fast and loose with the facts which oddly enough despite the record cold and snow they have only stated 3 or 4 months have dropped in temperature and others no change when there was countless record cold and snow.

Lets have a run down in what I have seen in 2020 for record or anomalous cold that been stated as the coldest in over a decade up to 60 years, for Norway.

  • Norway coldest summer
  • Sweden Coldest summer
  • South Korea coldest summer
  • South Africa coldest winter
  • Africa anomalous cold
  • Brazil coldest winter
  • Argentina coldest winter
  • Chile coldest winter
  • China two Reports of Summer Snow
  • Tasmania Record Cold and Snow
  • South Australia Record Cold and Snow

Now lets run down some of the scientific papers that matched up with my theories ..

  • Solar Activity linked to seismic activity
  • Solar Activity linked to Magnetosphere
  • Ancient Geological Activity near New Zealand
  • Cosmic Rays predicted to break record
  • Solar super-flares will cause havoc in our lifetimes
  • Roman Period was a whole 2C warmer than TODAY (not imaginary average)
  • Dozens storms match up with my Warm Water Blob Maps, NOT CO2
  • NASA panicked and held a panel, mentioned GSM’s twice and not once CO2 or AGW (alarmists said ‘they are not climate sci9entists but happy to quote them when it suits)
  • Sub-Tropical Cyclone hitting Portugal for first when I theorised that altering patterns would cause events in odd places, the flip-flopping, and Hurricanes would hit Europe and even the UK in a few years

Make no mistake this has not been all of them. As stated I enjoyed keeping score and counting them up to the large thread of alarmists and leftist scientists. It drove them wild with rage.

I am now up to 23 for 2020 and what I kept pointing out to others is these so-called scientists not only sounded like raving lunatics but they also kept getting their science wrong and never once showed any relief that the planet was cooling down.

In fact many times they would say the line ‘This was predicted by AGW’ where I would immediately respond with ‘Show us the papers’ and of course they would never be presented.

One based in Australia and an well known liar that GSM was never going to happen, was ludicrous, all through 2019, and that one would in 2060 to 2070.

Bearing in mind its notoriously difficult to predict what is going to happen over the next two to five years and this idiot states that.

When the solar minimum did as I predicted they then stated, wrong all along, it wont make a difference because of all the CO2. This is NOT science. It is assumption and this officially classifies it as the pseudoscience they accuse myself and others of.

I then reminded this one of his claim GSM will occur in 2060 and this group, calling others liars and ‘climate deniers’, so as to make it sound like you are akin to a Holocaust Denier, claimed they had read it in a science paper somewhere and had posted it.

They are not very good with the way social media works. After challenging him to produce the post I searched myself.

Nope .. absolutely no such post anywhere. I searched scientific papers too and of course and naturally so there is no such science paper.

So then they run around shouting others down, mass report people .. but claim they are into science while getting the science wrong and never once acknowledging the ability in others to predict things.

It has been a long term plan .. upon seeing the data I n ow only knew what was going to happen, within ranges of course, but I also knew that after discovering that those pushing AGW were all very fascist like hard-left that I could blow out the foundations to their whole plans.

Had also chipped away at leftist politicians, Black Lives Matter being run my Marxists and Extinction rebellion too.

I had exposed several pretending not to be leftists and Antifa and even got them to admit on occasions they do not care about animals with one stating ‘No, I don’t care about Turtles’ after showing him that many hundreds had died in the Gulf of Mexico from cold two years running.

The whole idea behind the claims of ‘virtue signalling’ is that evil. Amoral people that just want power over you lie their asses off to make themselves sound both humanitarian and worried about the environment and animals.

Most of them lie. I cannot say all because well over 70 mow b locked me before I could uncover individual details on them. Rest assured that if you have question any and they have responded by being condescending, accusatory and insulting then these are the amoral ones as I described.

Now doubt some number have just been led by the nose by these people, which was their intention from day one.

Oddly just a few days back Tim Pool uploaded a video on how the hard-left hate science and facts and think that science is bigoted.

Make no mistake not only are these people evil they are dangerous to you and everyone you care about.

Look at it this way .. it is going top get colder and I have stated that all along and the science data backs up everything I have stated from January 2019. I cannot tell you how cold at the present times because I simply do not know but I expect the River Thames to freeze by 2024, maybe a little later.

I cannot tell you how quickly it will drop because as I have always stated this depends on the amount of volcanic eruptions.

But these people have been helping to take your money from you, scare the hell out of you and your children, tried to brain-wash your children and despite all the emerging data and reports over the last 3 or 4 years are STILL trying to tell you that CO2 is bad and it will continue warming.

These people are clinically insane and highly dangerous.

Look at everything I have put here and in the previous 30 parts .. and tell me which of us seems to be genuinely trying to tell you what is going on?

I do not tell people how it is, the hard-left do that and with lies. What I do, do is present my findings and theories and trust other people to see the truth for themselves. And hope that they do to end the charade of AGW.

In the last coup-le months I had one in Australia, yeah that one, reply to my post about a forecast for record cold and snow in two days time with “It never happened”

My reply was “What? The .. forecast for .. two days time .. never .. happened?”

Yeah it was the one that did happen and with the record cold and snow.

Had one after three out of four forecasts occurring Tropical Titbits forecast state ..

“Well this one is wrong therefore Arthur is wrong” implying I was wrong on everything and forgetting they were not my forecasts and my 21 correct predictions in science at the time.

They called every single weather report as fake based on the messenger. At first they only attacked Electroverse and eventually started on The Watchers who had posted articles on AGW. Oops!

Two days ago a follower posted about a German book against AGW and another I am famous for ripping to pieces, Robert Ingersol or IngrateBob or BobTheClod, posted an Amazon picture saying they had ..

  • Never heard of it, despite the fact it was listed
  • Did not have it in stock, forgetting Amazon is global
  • Had no plans to restock it, when he could not possibly know this
  • One other thins I cannot recall, there was FOUR
  • I posted a screenshot from within my Amazon Associates account that stated a price, availability and that they planned to restock on the 4th October 2020

Caught out many on different accounts. Its how they silence you on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They open up dozens of accounts each and they use each one to report you after saying a link. To get you suspended.

That is how much they are into facts and science they are.

Along with this behaviour, claiming to be for working people and defending the Police they are following the Nazis playbook from the 1930’s and if I dug deeper I would no doubt find others.

Ever since I discovered in the year 2001 that the Industrial Revolution had no effect, once backed up by a team of Chinese Scientists in 2014 and another in 2019, I had not been able to work out for years WHY this whole AGW nonsense was still going?

Now I know and diving headlong into this war with amoral leftists I discovered the answers to a great many things.

During all this I have been running around all platforms and have included YouTube in this and I have been dropping nuggets as well as bombs all over the place.

Just to add another ‘facet’ to my endeavours to stop the take over of the lives of innocent people by a well connected organised group of fascists.

Sadly they have not figured me out .. one said ‘I noticed that you jump in and defend your own side’ where I said ‘Top in Commie Class, was we?’

Yeah that only took them 21 months while the most important points about me as still alien to them.

Now then just in case you missed it there are a few other things to go over before I explain what is now inevitable ..

  • NOAA published Sunspot predictions and for 2037 they listed ’10’ when it should be 140 to 300
  • NASA held a panel
    • They stated the deepest part of the minimum was Dec 2019 but if it goes beyond 40 this was wrong
    • They stated the solar maximum cycle 25 was be 2025, except they said this over 6 months ago, not it will be 2026 IF we get one at all
    • Mentioned GSM twice but never CO2 or AGW
    • Talked about volcanic activity increasing from 1257 until INTO the Maunder Minimum which started in 1648
      • This not only matches what I claimed but graphs show an increase has been going on for 200 years which has sped up of late

Now what the lying alarmists did was cherry-pick one thing .. and that was to state that NASA stating that the deepest part of solar minimum passing in December 2019 meant that I, and everyone else, stating that solar minimum was still going was wrong.

Yes siree they really do get THAT desperate.

I have also had a flurry of some very humbling and nice things said to me privately .. like how they have never seen anyone like me, I am noticed by many people, that is is an honour to be considered a friend and how I am seen as some kind of hero.

Considering my other battles IRL and the fact that despite the growing numbers they are still being suppressed I do not feel like a hero or even rewarded for my efforts and have not done for several years. Only when people say such nice and surprising things do I get a sense I am getting somewhere.

I had hoped that as each of my predictions came to light that things would sky-rocket so I could escape my present .. location. My daughter is frustrated by it too.

Then I discovered that one of them had someone on their Facebook account who was a Project Manager for a so-called help organisation I had been meeting with and talking to.

A help organisation who had recently started pestering me, told me I was a liar, tried to find out my unregistered address and then told me that being over 50 and having a health condition, listed in the worst top 20 and several things that can be fatal, is not important enough for them to represent me.

Odd as two years ago I was told by one called Adam they were happy to represent me.

So while falsely accusing me of lying they exposed themselves as liars.

After four emails they are refusing to provide contact details for independent complaints.

This is Age UK.

Apparently without even allowing me to show my qualifications and explain why I was offered a PhD I was told “No one can know that much”

I tried to explain about the blogs and they interrupted with “Anyone can write a blog”

Conclusion? Well I already knew they were all socialists but it was obvious someone had passed them details about me. They suddenly sounded, after two years, of just like the Antifa people I argue with on social media.

Coincidence? What with one of them stupid enough to use his name where I can go through his Facebook friends and find someone working tor Age UK? I think not.

Its not a case of me being not as smart as I think that I am it is more a case that they are not as smart as they think that they are.

I have told them and I have told them and I have told them over and over again .. if you play games with me you will lose.

There was a reason why GCHQ were interested in me and there was a reason that they and MI5, along with Police Detectives, Scientists, Social Workers and others, all called me a genius which is on several recordings I possess.

As it turns out socialists have got it into their heads that no one is better then them in any way and think themselves some sort of Master Race? Well I do call them ‘fascists’ now that I have exposed them as such.

I am related to someone who was a member of the Socialist Worker Party and even she is uncomfortable with some things they are doing and saying.

And now, like the Angry Photographer below, and black YouTubers like YoungRippa, everyone being dragged into this is calling them ‘fascists’ also.

Who else would tell you horror stories and lies for years and decades to that you would grant them power over you based on lies?

How about who, that I can recall, has taken notice of me? I do like to think I am bout to help myself out of my own private hell but lost count of how many times I have been broken hearted.

My ‘mission’ as regards to proving AGW is false was to come up with several theories and even answers to age old questions, like where did the sudden snow and ice came from in rapid cooling that led to Mammoths being frozen with flowers on their stomachs, was to link things together. Where I could.

Now I did this a number of times that led to a a published author wanting to collaborate. Something I would very much like to do but we had the Atlantic between us, its extremely hard working from my current location, my computers are running on toothpaste and I do not have all the answers.

Though I do have enough.

Then my job was to keep posting about these links and answers somewhere were they would get more notice, as the blogs seem to be failing and being suppressed.

Branching social media platforms like Twitter (who started to suppress me and everyone noticed, Parker, GAB and Minds. Tried Facebook but it was shit for years and they have started to suppress me and actually tell me so.

The hope was that this would be picked up or get to scientists either directly or indirectly who would then look at the theories and realise they were right, or point them to the right conclusion and eventually scientific papers would emerge. This seems to have worked and hopefully it might now lead to the other long awaited event to occurring.

The next thing was that the blogs and my theories along with everything else I was involved in, criminal gangs I exposed, tragedies I stopped from taking place and corruption and lies I exposed, would be picked up by people with large amounts of followers.

At the end of the day the whole AGW nonsense stopped once enough people see sensible theories that links the whole thing in a way that makes perfect sense.

I believed, as did thousands of others including in real life, that I had the ability to do this and one social worker friend thought I had the ability to pull enough people in from the fringes.

People’s anger stems from fear and fear normally stems from the unknown especially when being attacked or you feel, as many do. That something is coming and you do not know what.

You cannot plan for something if you do not know what it is.

In the world in recent times a great many hypocrisies and untruths have occurred and people do not know what to believe.

Now I had thought that giving them the complete and real picture that makes everything make sense might .. allay those fears. There is nothing better than being able to focus after a very long period of uncertainty.

You will be in a better position than me as not on l am I afflicted with a disability that droves me insane but also I have not the ability to get myself out of it.

My blogs and my photography was the only way.

But do not even get me started on how Adobe Stock Photography, Shutterstock, GettyImages, Alamy and others are corporate rip-offs paying pennies for your images when you have spent £10,00 on camera equipment.

Quite how these corporate and greedy companies think they can expect others to use their time after spending untold amounts on equipment, petrol, the time and pay each one from less then 15C (Canadian for one I know) to 52 Pence from Adobe and this is supposed to be financially viable os anyone’s guess.

And they reject your images for the slightest thing you need top pixel peep to even detect.

\I now have around 7,000 to 10,000 images, maybe more, in RAW format that are like 80MB each and take some power editing them.

In the process of doing long exposure photography after some initial mistakes due to pain, eyesight and being tired.

Each image I can edit and create anywhere between 2 and more than 10 images out of. But I need to start doing this and need the processing power I do not currently have.

I have cycled many miles and spent a great deal of money doing this and currently due to my health I am at risk doing it what with too much cycling but do it I still do.

Really need a car, I lost, or an electric bike .. top reduce the risks, increase the range while reducing the mistakes.

Scientists, Scientific or notable people I know follow me .. (that I can recall – Fibrofog)

  • Ned Nikolov PhD
  • Geraint Hughes
  • Professor Willie Soon
  • Don Wilson (guessing astrophysics based at observatory in Chile)
  • Brad Keyes of Watts Up With That
  • Friends of Science

Now then when I stated this the consecutive spotless days was at 31 and now it is at 33 and what they thought was a spot has turned out not to be one.

Added to this there is nothing on the foreseeable horizon though one could spring up out of nowhere .. but it has to be Earth facing to count. Well except in the grand scheme of things it does not really count. It is the length of the solar minimum that counts. Alarmists that stated this would never happen are now jumping up and down every time a spot appears shouting ‘solar minimum is over and you was wrong’. That is how much they know about these things.

What it does mean is that if it gets to 40 days consecutive then NASA’s claim that the deepest part of the minimum passing in December 2019 was wrong.

Now I simply have to say it but I use and these last few months they have flipped around a lot. Questioning why there was no rise in solar cycle 25. Then questioning why NASA had to do a panel as you cannot predict what will happen next. They certainly have not since 2006. They they changed and backed up what NASA said using the world ‘official’ as if backing them up, forgetting they questioned things, suggesting they suddenly CAN predict things and forgetting they have gotten everything wrong for 14 years and for the next 17 years.

Been asking myself how long it will be before they start questioning again? If and when they days pass 35 consecutive will they start asking on their website if NASA will be shown to be wrong?

Will it b e tomorrow? Will I be after the 40 days have been reached?

In fact I have often asked myself, due to the odd flip-flopping in their statements, whether they have now been instructed to say things as the GSM crowd all use their site?

Also of note is the other site of who have often shown very different numbers to spaceweather. In fact I have even seen numbers being altered on spaceweather.

Right now, today they are stating that Sunspots may be forming.


As of the 24th September 2020 they are now stating there is a Sunspot which is already fading? So its been ‘might be’, ‘it is’, ‘it is not’ and now ‘it is but already fading’? So its a Sunspot that is barely a sunspot? What matters is how long this goes on. Many have stated and its clear to see that long runs like this do not just end. They take time to get shorter and shorter.

Now the way it works is, as far as we can tell over 300 years of graphs, is that eventually the consecutive days runs end, or supposed to. If not a Grand Solar Minimum. Eventually you will get no days without sunspots and the daily numbers build up. Three to five to ten and so on and to reverse the effects you need to have daily sunspot average numbers well above 130. Towards a solar maximum you will get years without a single day without a black sun. Three to four years without a blank sun. This should have arrived by 2019 with solar maximum for cycle 25 originally forecast for 2021 to 2022. Currently NASA are now saying it will arrive in 2025 while I am stating it cannot until 2026.

A solar cycle on average lasts 11 years, this is easily checked and what has been stated for decades so from the lowest point in minimum to the highest point in the maximum is 5.5 years.

So 5.5 years from December 2019 is mid 2025. That is how NASA are playing it.

Except the last solar minimum in 2008-9 ran for 20 months and was the longest since 1912-1914 and solar cycle 24 lasted for 14 years or a little less. So half of that is 7 years. Which takes us to 2027 going by NASA’s December 2019 date they reported recently.

Cycle 24 started rising the start of 2009, roughly, and solar maximum reached its peak in mid 2014, again roughly.

Therefore with this run of consecutive days and the only sunspot a weak one suggests now that we are likely to get close to or into 2021 before any rise is seen.

As I stated with the start of a rise for the last cycle from a trough to its peak taking 5.5 years this strongly suggests that the next peak will be mid 2026. Not 2025. So why would they not say this?

Funny as the small number of AGW alarmists keep stating that a GSM will have zero effect on warming. Which is very bizarre as CO2 does not produce its own heat, this can only come from the Sun or the Earth’s inner layers. Clouds are building up, a link below you can use to see that much of the tropical zones are having floods and even in the summer period there have been more reports of cold than heat and we now have entered Autumn and snow reports are already coming in early.

So why are they being so cagey and panicky, this will get worse, and why did NASA not mention CO2 or AGW stopping anything while mentioning GSM twice?

I asked alarmists this who quote NASA and NOAA, who have been wrong for years, all the time and as usual they move the goal-posts to suit their argument “NASA are not climate scientists”

If you thought their pushing of AGW for power was lunacy already .. just wait until we are staring 2021 in the face and still in a solar minimum.


Yesterday they said that the Sunspots that came into view everyone was expecting were no Sunspots at all.

The day before that magnetic storms were firing off the western limb so everyone assumed they were Sunspots and the line ‘This Sun is blank but not for long’ sat on their website.

As elsewhere on the Internet and as someone who was a tester for the WAP protocol before smartphones even existed I can tell you that I had never seen webpages deleted .. until some years ago.

Now in the age of fake news I see pages missing all the time but 80% of them are to do with global warming and the rest to do with Covid19.

When you have something to hide then you have something to hide and they certainly have many things to hide. Many, many things.

Now then .. now that I have highlighted the facts currently lets move onto the possibilities and then a ‘then and now’ scenario.

If it was getting colder and they already know it .. would it be reasonable to assume that the rich and powerful would desert us and head for warmer climates where you can still grow food?

Well its a good job that for years these areas have been emptying of the worst idiots, rapists, extremists and murders that even as of right now the Home Office as using every excuse not to send anyone back? Food for thought, no?

Now let us look at the late 1980’s when I stated it was complete borllacks ..


James Hansen on AGW in the New York Times ..

Globe would warm by 0.25C to 0.5C by 2000

Globe would warm by 1C to 2C by 2010

Globe would warm by 3C to 8C by 2030’s

“global temperatures would rise early in the next century to ”well above any level experienced in the past 100,000 years.” Steeper Rise in Next Century”

“would cause a rise in sea level of some 4.5 feet as polar ice melted”

1986: -0.3C
1988: +0.1C
1993: -0.33C
1999: +0.43C
2008: -0.1C

It is now 0.43C and has mostly been unchanged with more down then up and I do not trust the UAH graph.


Norway coldest summer in 60 years
Sweden coldest summer in 40 years
South Korea coldest in unknown time more than 10 years
China has summer snow and over 384 miles of Yellow River frozen
UK coldest in decades
South Africa coldest in decades
Brazil coldest winter in decades
Argentina coldest winter in decades
Chile coldest winter in decades
South Australia record cold and snow

So it is supposed to be +1.5C to +5C by now and its +0.43 which is what it was in 1999.


Piers Corbyn, yes brother of climate emergency hag Jeremy, now states that we are plunging into a ‘Deep Mini ice-age’ and that ‘there is no way out’?

Sound familiar? As he been reading my blog?

‘For the next 20 years it is going to get colder and colder’ ‘ will be more wild events like hail and earthquakes’ .. SPOOKY?!

As like I said its NOT like a Dalton Minimum like they have lied about but more like a Maunder Minimum due to solar activity over the past 12 to 30 years. Four continues drops, two longest solar minimums back to back and the lowest solar maximum in 80 years and the next will be lower still.

Here are some others of late ..

I theorised early in 2019 that along with increases in seismic and volcanic activity that weather patterns would change and hurricanes would likely and eventually hit Europe and the UK ..

NASA saying deepest solar minimum passed in December 2019 and the parrots all start squawking ..

Cosmic Rays now expected to break record as I predicted and weirdly suggesting its like a Dalton Minimum when it is nothing like that and just like a Maunder Minimum and Professor Valentina Zharkova, Piers Corbyn, I am guessing Ned Nikolov and others all saying MM?

Ancient geological activity I predicted would be discovered as I theorised that scientists would suddenly look very hard into this as the last solar cycle 25 rise missed its mark yet again ..

Take a look through The Watchers who publish anything and have no leaning towards are away from global warming, though the alarmists have now designated them ‘climate deniers’ as questioning pseudoscience is heresy and why they are called a ‘cult’ ..

Bullying of news media report from 2015 to get them to refer to all sceptics as ‘climate deniers’.

It was a whole 2C warmer than now, and not average, in Roman times ..

It was also warmer in 980AD when the Vikings farmed and kept Sheep on Greenland before they left 200 years later because it got cold ..

This is the NASA page from 2006 where they started and have consistently got solar cycles wrong ever since but someone would rather that you did not know.

According this it was supposed to be a record breaking solar maximum in 2010 to 2011. What happened was a 80 year record solar minimum followed by a 200 year low, or longer, of a solar maximum three years late in 2014.

We are now in a nearly three year long minimum beating that one they also got wrong. They have also been lowering their prediction for solar maximum 25 so they was wrong there too.

NASA’s previous prediction of only 25 sunspots for solar maximum 25 they published in April 2020 but seem to have raised this since then which is insane .. longer the lower and hot higher

Professor Valentina Zharkova came back after politically being removed and stated what I did on that the longer the consecutive days the more it hammers home a Grand Solar Minimum. Published prior to the run of the current 34 days.

Now political climate alarmists that always end up being hard-left Antifa say that Zharkova had a paper retracted in 2019 therefore she should be ignored.

Oddly here is a paper she published in 2016#5 where her modelling of the Sun was stated to be in ‘unprecedented detail’ and I guess those with political agendas claiming to be into science forgot that Richard Feynman stated “there is no authority on what is a good idea”

You have no idea the lengths I have gone to on social media to defend Zharkova and have quoted her chapter and verse regarding her response to having just one of her 261 papers removed from Nature and she states her team was shocked and said it was without good reason other than political.

A study now reported on by others including either Watts Up With That or No Tricks Zone or both along with .. hmm Curry or Nova .. about how warmth is coming from beneath our feet that suggests my theory of geological activity.

Now if you think about it if the air is getting cooler, they tell you its warmer with low solar activity getting lower, large warm blobs of sea water producing more moisture. That ends up hitting cooler air at higher latitudes?

They talked about rapid build of ice and snow in ice ages but never explained where it came from and I have wondered since a child.

Well now I am 99% certain that it is submarine volcanoes warming growing patches of sea water as the air cools.

CO2 reported to be rising even faster in late August 2020 except there were humongous lock=downs going on across the world so how could this be? All you have to do is connect the dots ..

Pssst! It is submarine volcanoes of which there are an estimated one to ten million and we only know of a few and no idea how big they are and cannot monitor them.

You know the thing about models? You really have to have all the variables and all the data and the correct models and the quantum computers to run them.

Funny how they never told the wider public this, no?

Science is about repeating things, experiments, verifying results and studying the past and yet ..

.. today a bunch of people that just so happen to be hard-left claim to be into the science .. accuse you of being pseudoscientists or ‘science illiterate’ if you question their guesses.

Guesses which have zero proof and have never occurred before while if you would even whisper ‘GSM’ or ‘Grand Solar Minimum’ which has not only occurred countless times and is repeating cycle and has all the data for a decade showing we are entering one ..

.. they collectively called you a conspiracy theorist, right-wing nut-job.

They did not even care that I was centre-left when I proved it. They just love to sling any kind of shite they can at absolutely anyone that disagrees with anything in their narratives.

How they thought this method would ever succeed against the masses is beyond me. When first become involved in this on social media I saw the term ‘useful idiots’ used a lot and after nearly two years I can certainly see why. Off the obsessed and narrow-minded a chance of getting their dream Utopia and you can get them to do anything.

During 2021 they will shed all but the most insane among them as it becomes apparent to the wider world what is going on. Solar activity, volcanoes, earthquakes, science papers and longer, colder and more snow this winter will do all the damage to the leftist AGW crowd.

To these fruit-loops it is heresy to question their guesses in science which means that if you do question them you are in the same club as Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein, Karl Popper and Freeman Dyson among many others.

Ask them who they have in their science club and they say Michael Mann, Gerald Kutney, Professor Katherine Hayhoe who got caught lying.

Do not even know what fake idiot Brian Cox states these days but I guess with the weather reports, forecasts and data coming in they are making brown bricks from their small round holes and will be able to build a full on mansion before too long.

This one just turned up as I was finishing this piece and it is author Robert Felix who has stated this for years and talks about what Professor Valentina Zharkova has stated ..

For me and for decades now it has not been about appearing to be right as you can later be shown to be wrong. It is about the science and actually getting it right.

Of course alarmists are not at all insane ..

And they are totally honest ..

“The height of stupidity is the individual who argues about something he knows nothing about”

– Albert Einstein

“Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool came along and did it! – Albert Einstein

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the former”

– Albert Einstein 

“Intelligence is not the ability to store information but the ability to know where to find it”

– Albert Einstein

“To live a life of honesty and integrity is the responsibility of every decent person” – Noam Chomsky


Lastly Sabine Hossenfelder, scientist, loses it over the Mainstream Media and ‘leftist do-gooders’ conflating ‘science with opinion’ and the first time I have seen her get angry and swear.