I do not know what it is like in countries outside the UK but here everything has been a joke for sometime now and just getting worse.

The dipping into the public’s taxes has been on criminal proportions for some time now. Only now we have been in the toughest period for what seems like bloody years… oh wait?! It fecking has been bloody years!! Lol!! Yes now all this that were doing it previously see no problem doing it again. I can imagine the conversation that goes on between there evil and evil incarnate sides of their minds?!

‘No it’s fine, we always use the cash, why would there be any problem now? No I know that no one has any money but that due not mean they have no money! I mean when I have no money it means I only have one million left! I used to have 5 and 10 even but I am down to just one!’


Now let us take British Telecom? They were once huge. Very huge! Likely the biggest and richest company in the UK once upon a time? But they were the first company to make a mistake of thinking they were to big to fail. They also left all the existing technology… well if you can call it that but twisted pair wiring which was the bare essentials you needed to carry a voice, albeit at a low quality.

Along came cable and the stated screaming foul like such pigs!! I cannot remember if they got a load of tax payers money back then for being narrow minded, lack of forward thinking, greedy, lazy twats or not I cannot recall.

I seem to recall them complaining they were taken by surprise. They were hated by most and liberty so are? In fact I spoke to someone a few months so who took then to court and successfully so who told me a young worker took his own life because of the stress of working for them?!


I simply hate hearing things like that as it makes me want to bring back burning at the stake! Especially when your told they did not bat an eyelid or give a crap?!

But here is a BBC News report starting that they have received a fair amount of monopoly money from the government! I think I will refer to the public purse as monopoly money as this is how they treat it now! Except when it comes to poor and disabled people as suddenly money is harder to find than Rocking Horse Manure!!

I mean I had a plan from day one but I would be attacked, assaulted, defrauded, money removed illegally and immorally and let without a home several times. Quite how the morons think you are suppose to go out and do as they order you too I just do not know!

Of course this is true even leaving out the fact I have Fibromyalgia, vomiting, dodgy back and groin! It is not doable and that is the end of it. No ifs or buts. To build a house you need a solid foundation, though looking at odd news bulletins of late I wonder if the solid foundations have been overlooked?! Lol!

You cannot remove help, take help away and refuse help and then day your helping our being fair! I can see the two faces of the devil no matter how hard he tried to hide!

Now along with this new story there is one other I want to post about and was looking for that when I found this one.

Delay BT broadband cash bid – MPs



Right this is a little test post if sorts, you could say.

While at the save time I am going to explain what happened today with another test, of sorts. Lol.

Yesterday I saw the Doctor and he raise the dosage of my Amitriptyline from 20mg to 30mg and as some will know I started on 10mg.

So today was the first day after the first dosage taken of 30mg. Follow? Lol.

This morning I was mellow. Fairly mellow and was surprised at this. Now pretty sure that I have not had these before which now begs the question how did I know the name?

I was also planning to do something else today and that was to finally replace my broken phone. As some of you know this has been broken, screen, for several weeks now and I have lost count. Many of you will also know that I did think I might have been earning a small monthly amount from Google, huh fat chance! You will also note that I have note been out on my bike three times now but only locally? Well the were several problems I had. One was that typing out on that faulty phone has been a headache from day one and typing blog posts a real nightmare. Well the screen was pretty much shattered and the crack reached three edges. Push the screen with your finger and you will feel the screen flex quite a lot. So I did wonder a great deal about having that screen in my pocket and having an accident on my bike?!

That could be calamitous.

So I was going to travel to Tesco on foot to test these pills on their new dosages and plus they said it would rain today.

I got down to the A10 and bought a drink and a chocolate bar then realised I did not have my damn wallet?! That was after going back once already for something else!! While back at home I then realised I spent more money than I thought!

Also I had one of two deliveries I was waiting for and decided to have Tescos. But then at my friends store I started to change my mind!!

Two friends were trying to talk me out of buying a phone to just pay my landlord as I would have needed to dip into my rent… damn it meant to text my landlord!! Lol!

Cut a long story short the Vodafone store did the 8GB Moto G for £100 so I bought it. Phones 4 U had it for £120 so I figured most of my big apps are on my tablet. I also have a Sony Walkman which has my music and use with a Fiio Portable amplifier. You also get 50GB Google Drive Cloud space for two years which should have me sorted.

I can tell you the screen is amazing. Especially for the money! Yes I am sure there are sharper screens but there is precious little in it. Very little.

It asked then automatically downloaded my apps which with hindsight I should not have done. But it did not run out of space oddly enough?!

I was also shocked to discover Android 4.4.2 KitKat on it out of the box and then it did a small update?! Mad.

As for the typing out of this blog it took awhile for me to realise it did not have swipe, which oddly enough the stick Android KitKat on my tablet did?!

Two stock Android devices with a slight difference. So the typing is different and better than the tablet PC but it so dues odd things! Like when I just typed out odd it have me ‘I’d’ which is not even a word! Lol! They really need to alter that in their coding. Only suggest alternatives that start with the same bloody letter the use started with! It’s not ticket science is it?

The thing with Android and Google is that these swipe keyboards are supposed to make it easier but it is slower than a proper keyboard. Well if you can type with a damn?!

In my degree we studied HCI which Human Computer Interaction. This involves adding together all the times it takes a user to do something. You get times for each key on a keyboard that is pressed, mouse clicks timed, reading menus and just about everything you can think of. This is so businesses can rest assured that anyone coding a before system that employs the science of HCI will come up with a sleek, fast and intuitive system. Thereby saving as much time as possible which to a business is money.

So then if you consider that they try to save themselves time you can imagine that when I an wading through pages due a hidden or non existent email address or anything wise I get annoyed…

Either the morons have been Todd nothing about HCI so have a crap system done by idiots or time saving is only important to them whereas the public or customers time is unimportant because we obviously have all the time in the world and cannot live in the UK with bills and taxes coming out your backside, e ask live in a Utopia?! Lol!

Yeah I do not always explain everything in detail straight away, lol. With anything I point out is wrong I leave clues that should make people realise but then hid a few things back. Will I have mentioned HCI on here previously but did not really go into it. HCI was merely an option in my third year and I chose it. The other option was coding games using Sony systems, called Yahtzee or something similar. I did not really see it to be easy to get a career in games programming so opted for HCI. Oddly the only interview I had was as a games company which I would have got had I done the Sony modules!! Lol!

Still what is done is done.

Well typing out this post was a lot less painful than it is on the broken phone, oddly this is now my THIRD Motorola smartphone and at least fifth overall! I should get a medal… Or a free phone?! Lol.

As for the pills… very mellow. Did seen quite nice for the first few hours. Did have a headache and feel a bit sick in the afternoon so I am hoping that these do not have the same effect as 900mg of Gabapentin?!

If the feeling was down to the pills I will be bitterly disappointed as well as completely shocked to the point of saying…. BLOODY TYPICAL!!

Oops I see Google did not get the bold and italic text sorted out with that last update?! Lol! It‘s only text Google?! Sort yourselves out for God sake!! Even 4bit computing did not have this issue!! Lol!!

Yes to have had two drugs to actually work to the point I actually noticed prescribed to be which are also the only two drugs I have EVER HAD that have given me side effects which BOTH INCLUDE feeling sick is, or will be bloody typical!! Lol!!

Anyway at least typing posts is easier, not always ideal to pull out the Tablet PC. Plus this thing is waterproof too!!

Hopefully (did not like that word!!) by the time I need another phone the manufacturers and Google would have sure themselves out?!

Or if there was a £500 phone that I simply had to have it would also be waterproof just like this £100 phone?! Lol!

Now I do not have to have visions of a hospital I have pissed off removing large bits of glass from deep within my abdomen?! Lol.

Now I just need some decent weather as I saw a butterfly today which blew me away! Think it was a Peacock. 

Need to get fit on the bike… something else that needs replacing!! God, it’s never ending!! Cheers Google!!



Well it has been….ooh I do not know how long and this is what I keep telling everyone!!

It matters not that things are listed down and it matters not that I am listed as a vulnerable person, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just simply cannot do many things nor remember things are even know how much time has past buy since I started many things!!

So I have sent feedback to Google regarding Blogger and their Adsense…THINGY!!! I have not had an answer. That is around half a dozen feedbacks and not had an answer. I have now WRITTEN to their address in Belgravia and I am not sure how long since I have done that. But would have been when money entered my account and was not done on the last payment into it. That last payment was a week ago today which means that I wrote to them via FIRST CLASS POST either three weeks ago or FIVE WEEKS AGO.

I think we can all agree that this is long enough for them to answer my postal letter?! So I will have to try a series of other things now!! This I will do in the coming days too. After this I will get even more creative with my forms of contact! No sense in ignoring me as I will keep on until such a time that ignoring me will either make things damned obvious to all or will be very public and change quite literally overnight what remainder there is that think you a good company and there for the people. I can assure you, Google, that there are fewer of these people than there are of the think your evil and the undecideds.

The one thing I can always rely on is that people simply do not read! It is that one thing older than all else that allows up to learn and better ourselves and yet many seem to becoming less knowledgeable in recent years and this is being rejected. Unyil, of course, yopu have perservered with your endeavours taking up an amount of time that you simply cannot get back and added yourselves to that long list of evil companies and organisations.

I am also and very bizarrely having all the keywords I type for Blogger posts erarsed?!?! I have had to go in and add all keywords to each of three dozen posts tonight?! That is now the second or third time I have had to do this?! 

I wonder if they will realise that this is VERY SERIOUS?!

Bizarre or what?!?! LMFAO!!

No matter what misconceptions there are over the media it really matters not, not in the end.

You need all parts to be able to claim to have the sums.




I have sent feedback and I have now written to yourselves by post to your Belgravia address!

Please stop with the God Complex attitude?!

I have a dozen blogs, give or take one or two. The Adsense earnings are not behaving as they should and there is a serious issue with this which is costing an amount of money each day which is going st start to raise exponentially very shortly.

Now instead of having a real big public spat I would just rather have some answers and things working as they should!

If I do not get an answer within 14 days, even just an acknowledgement then I see I will just have to get more…creative?


Martin Haswell BSc


Whew, Phew and spit on me shoe!

Do not even ask me where that last one come from! Popped into my head and I believe it comes from somewhere in my childhood?!

In fact it opped up at the most appropriate time as it is this very thing I am posting about.

The information means data and the singularity refers to a powerful vacuum like that caused by the collapse of a super massive start tocreate a black hole. Because that is at times how I see my own mind! Unlike the simplest forms of primates like that of monkeys that like being entertained and are seen by many as playful mine is somewhat different.

In fact I have very much now read as much and very much linked to my succesful self diagnosis that explains absolutely everything to me in a ways I could never have possibly envisioned ir dreamed of hoping for?!

My mind hungers for data. Alot of it too!

But the puzzles are mostly over and that makes me…a far greater adversary than I was previously and I was and have been one hell of an adversary already! I cannot even predict every incidence or moment that I will acquire more to kiss and ever more to tell?!

Today has proved to be several very fine examples of that even if it is to my own cost it is data nevertheless.

In fact that is what should be recognised and chiefly so by all comers to my blogs as it is so much more than can be described in a mere sentence of a few careful strong together words of the world’s finest of wordsmiths?!

‘I have done all this for the benefit of others and done it all for free’ is a line I have deliberately used semi frequently throughout the life of this blog but is such an uninspiring and not very revealing throw away line that the use of it and others like it shows just how the genius works at times.

This then leads me to today. I was looking for an excuse to cycle somewhere…ANYWHERE! It came in the form of a phonecall from a friend of mone who was and is homeless today. I asked him if all went well, it had apparently bar one tiny little detail I will approach two legal bodies over as soon as I have posted this, out if interest and curiosity and to give my friends some armaments should there be any screwing over by a solicitor. If so it will NOT end well for said solicitor and no one is beyond my reach despite removing Legal Aid from my quite curiously mere months before an avenue opens up before me to take legal action. Bah-humbug!

He wanted an aerial. Pure and simple and had visited a famous cheap store to get one bu they had none and he got told off for using that excuse for not being able to find one! Lmao! I said no worries I would leap to their aid once again and then admitted it was just an excuse to go somwhere likely further than I should right now!

I got mys act together and my bits and pieces making sure I had everything! Bridge Camera, check. Tablet PC, check. Tablets?! CHECK! Walking stick, CHECK! I moved my bike out into the front garden now complete with its now black handle bar grips that felt nice, soft and reassuringly chunky. I put on my Kata sling pack and left and got 10 yards before realising I had not umm….I have forgotten!! Anyway I came back and did, whatever it was … possibly take pills and out again! I decided to go to Poundland in Waltham Cross which is a 20 to 40 minute ride depending on how fit I am and 40 would be lucky right now! I was half way there and was feeling the strain on my thighs and calf muscles from the last two days and was three quarters of the way through a cemetary when it hit me square in the face?! No not a bus! Doughnuts and no not a dead body all you Zombie freaks! I was missing two things and I first went to look behind me to confirm but did not need to, I just KNEW they were not there!

My two bike LOCKS!!


I could now feel the strain, realised there was a bit of a head wind for the return journey and as I had just realised there was absolutely no point to my continuing on I turned about and headed home!

Now I knew already that there was no way it would be wise at all to even attempt to do it all again and go to Wlatham Cross so my brain was now calculating an alternate possibility. Bike was ruled out completely and a bus would be the order of the day and head for a different Poundland in the opposite direction to that of the first one! This is because the second one could benefit me, which it did, not. Well it did actually, but did not. It did not in the way it normally would but did something else and that is not much Blu-Rays and did not buy any but found some neoprene cases and other gadget cases in Poundland and spent £4.00 in their on stuff for me! Oh and that aerial of course, lol. I had already also acquired something else I told my old mate Tom about several years ago I need before my condition, now known to be Fibromyalgia, kills me on the bike!! A rear view mirror!! A proper bike mirrow which was in the 99p Store before going into Poundland.


I quickly scanned Asda, noted that both they and the CEX store had Thor: The Dark World for £15 on Blu-Ray but was only £12.00 or £12,99 in Sainburys?! Unusual for Asda to be dearer and taking the piss for CEX to be dearer too, especialy as I am convinced that all their new stuff is actually faulty bactches they buy up?! Well for the optical disks that is, still do not know how they get new iPhones in. Also of note is that they had no Moto G phones but then for the money they ask for scratched up junk I dare say they see no way of making any cash and still be cheaper?!

Well you just would not do it would you? Unless your re4ally naïve?! You simpoly would not go into CEX and buy new stuff at the proper retail price! So why the hell would you pay MORE FOR IT?!

I dare say that the owners of CEX must be laughing all the way to the bank?! No, all the way to the many banks they would probably need?! Oh except their store seem to be getting quieter and quieter each time I am in one! There was a time when most of the time I would queue behind a dozen people or so. I cannot remember the last time I used one and had more than two people in front of me and I am in one roughly once every fortnight!!

Though I dare say they will go running to the government for hand outs to protect lost of pointless jobs and hide the fact that it may well be that everyone has cottoned on to the owners being crafty greedy gits and exploiting kids and people with learning difficulties to make themselves rich?!


You see that there?!

You see when I see a firm or s store doing something I think of the types of people that can fall prey to it. This is what I thought than standards were for, ombudsman were for and governing bodies were for?! You see you visit here and you see what I do and of course many may say, well so what?! You should know better! I would then remind you that I have stated several times that none of this is about me and its not a personality contest. It is about right and wrong and what should and should not be allowed and how many are being paid tens of millions of punds to do nothing at all. IN fact I can go as far as saying that it is over 100 so could state 100s are being paid tens of millions of pounds each year and EACH to do nothing.

A customer, patient, victim or partner could be someone with learning difficulties. They could be disabled. They could be children?!?! They could be a combination of all these and there are many other possibilities besides!

I could be considered by many to be of a warrior class to any I battle. Whether it be intellect or whether it be physical and from my genius all the way down to my Wing Chun Kung Fu whatever the battle is I can rise to it. That is of course because I am no longer either naïve or blind to it. It was not always that way though and as a result I had some terrible things happen and I paid repeatedly in ways many could not imagine nor survive.

But is this not the point os surving? So that you can go forth and tell the tale to be told in the hope of teaching others?!

One interesting number I cannot see a way of discovering and publishing is that of the people that visit this blog who walked away thinking what utter tosh and then at some point walked stright into that I tried to forewarn about?!

Now would THAT not make an interesting list?! LOL!

But many of these people would to too obscured to be able to get the numbers up enough to show anything regarding naivety and the costs?!

But there in lies the other beautiful thing to watch out for?! Some are not so obscured! In fact some are even proved to be fully aware f the situiation and comparisons and number can be fully aplied to show results! It is really that simple!

So today I got back to my friends place and gave him the aerial and I had a cup of tea and then was off…

to my Doctors appointment!!

Interesting one this one! I had two things to ask him but then something hit me square in the face while I was sitting there!! Not not his stethoscope, nor his bloody probe!!

We were chatting and I asked him about upping my Amitriptyline and he did just that. But I needed many others besides as they were now all low so I then stated that they must have my Medical Notes by now and he looked at his monitor and said ‘No’?! @it is not cokming up as being received’?! When I stated that this was now quite unusual he stated that it takes a long time before I explained that I had done this a few times and 6 weeks was thus far the maximum. He also seemed surprised four weeks ago when they had not arrived and now did not seem that surprised and as most regular visitors to here know full well the hairs will start standing to attention on something being markedly different to last time?!

But he decided to write the prescrioption for all the other drugs anyway so not much of a drawback but I am now finding this quite odd nevertheless! December the 4th 2013 was the day I registered or may have even been the date of the first appointment?! So I may have resgistered in November 2013?! I would have to check, or you can on here which is the beauty of the blog as once it is a year old visitors can be back and check the progress, see when I asked for things, was promised things and anything else and then see for themselves. So we are roughly at the twelve week period or a few days short of it.

Where could they be?!

Then I remembered something important! Davey Boy! Went something like…

‘Hey, Doc? I just remembered I DO have a question for you….I have a friend and we were talking one day and we talked about pills we were taken because of our ailments. First of all he shocked me because he showed my Oxycodone tablets and I asked him how in the world he got them! Secondly he was on Tramadol and I showed him my pills. I asked him how many he was on and he stated he was on the maximum daily amount your allowed and I said, what 200mg?! He replied, no 400mg! Now Doc here in lies my issues with both people meant to be professional and the NHS. You DO NOT LIE, you took AN OATH! Yet the first Doctor to prescribe Tramodol stated that 100mg was the maximum daily allowance! When I changed to my LAST GP I asked to try something else and he asked me about upping the dose of Tramadol?! I stated that I was already at the maximum which I had been told was 100mg per day. He stated that this was not the maximum amount and that the REAL maximum amount was 200mg daily?! Now I find out someone I know is on 400mg a day?!”

He states in his reply that the maximum allowed daily dose is indeed 400mg daily!!

You see in my recordings I do not need to lead, I simply have to allow them to talk and they do the rest for me! Recording someone because you think they are not doing their jobs correctly is viable and is proof. That is is and that is all! I do not put words in people’s mouths and they are not I repeat NOT allowed to lie!! END OF!!!

But as you also see on here legal people have a very warped view of the law and laws were invinted to promote morals and stop selfish immoral actions.


So is everyting in it that lets this happen and all those associated with it, but hey there is always the upping and offering of over-inflated and non-sustainable salaries to keep amoral people in a moral industry happy and their traps very much SHUT?!


What we have here is a failure to communicate that would have Stephen Hawkings blush!

What we also have here is yet another lie by that last GP!! COOLIOS!!

With any endeavour it can be different and in some cases it may be the journey that is all important while at other times it is the destination. This blog actually switches between the two and for 18 months it is the journey as it wil be for the next 6 months. After that it will shift ever so slightly!

That left me with the last on the list for the day. Had he referred me off or had he changed his mind and gone back to what he orginally stated in that he will only refer me off once I had been tested for everything?! Would he alter it and state that he will not refer me until he had at least looked at my medical records?!

‘SO have you referred me of, Doc, or waiting for my records to turn up?’ was put to him and he replied with ‘No, no that is done. I referred you off to Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital.’

My insatiable hunger for data and information is beginning to roar into life once again and being pestered by a small fly squadron has had me raise an eyebrow for the next six months approaching.

Convergence is a wonderful thing!


HMM my BLOGGER seems to be having issues yet again?! SPOOKY!!

EDIT: By the way telling my two friends that my MEDICAL RECORDS had still not turned up from the 4th December was met with squnity eyes and mount and a…

‘Phhhhhhhwhaaaaaaat?!?!’ LOL!!


Well of course when you are evaluating the National Health Service it would be naturally preposterous to take into account the number of deaths and the numbers should be ignored?!

When you assess the Fire Brigade you ignite the building that have burnt to the ground?!

When your assessing an Airlines safety record you ignore the number of plains that have crashed?!

When sitting in judgement in a murder trial for a serial killer you ignore 90% of the people he had killed?!

When assessing a teacher you ignite the number if students that have failed?!

When judging the government you ignite the number of breaches of human rights that have been committed while throwing the proverbial book at someone stealing for his family?!

Like when I attempt to do so the things I do in pain and do it piece meal and without hero and kits of bloody rude and unhelpful people out there and being used abused and told the wrong health diagnosis and being lied to for over 13 years, yes you cannot even say you felt like breaking someone’s jaw?! Despite others attacking organisations and sending death threats for experiencing a great deal less than me?!

I have been getting it all wrong all these years?!?!


NHS death rates ‘should be ignored’


Are they actually serious?! Are they really going out with this story and what it states?!

What I find bloody hilarious is just how bloody naive and stupid some journalists can be and the BBC is no exception.

Well of course the NHS staff are going to say they are happy with the care and that they would recommend tangent to family and friends?! Because they will not get the shit treatment will they?!

My God how bloody stupid can you be?!

There is an old saying that some naive journalists need to learn, you do not crap on your own door step!

Now I know that this is a bunch of bull crap because what I have seen, been told and heard and of course not forgetting the mountain of documents and recordings that I have!

But they are hardly going to fish out the lies, tricks, cheats, shirt medication and falsified tests to their own staff or relatives of their staff now are they?! Of you still need that last line drawn to that last dot, will it will be far too risky!!

My bloody word!! How do these prior get their careers?!


Yes today is not day one of the use of my bike during 2014 but in fact day 2!!

There is another quite unexpected fact about today that is unique and… TYPICAL!! I GOT WET!!

I was not supposed to get wet! As one again I trusted the Met Office weather app that stated at some point between 12pm and 3pm it would stop raining and not rain again. So I left about 12.30pm and the sub was out. I left my friends store to go down the town centre around 2pm at least. Except it was raining and gradually got heavier over the next hour!! I ended up with a Big Tasty Burger in McDonalds just to get out if the rain! It did so raining but the floors were now soaked as was the bike and it’s seat!

The weather reports truly have became pointless of late and I chastise myself for relying on weather apps that are truly crap. In fact I won’t be getting the five day widget I have currently as it gives you yesterday’s weather?!


Still I have been on the bike two days in a row now and my thighs hurt a bit at one point, which is good. I do like to feel that strain while cycling locally. Another couple of days like and I think I an safely venture further afield to start getting some content on fauna and flora among with anything else I can track down or spot?!

I should also start heading to places a little further away and use public transport along with some careful planning.

Hopefully by the time I am up to speed with the cycling I may get some good news from elsewhere, though I doubt it!

I am of course referring to the DWP and PIP and that they should finally see the Erie of their ways and what I can now do to them?! But I am going to go with still over confident and naive to the position they are in!

Of course compliance would therefore allow me to do what I should have been able to do several years ago and that is able to give several of my boss the boost that they all need?!

But it will likely be delayed even longer no doubt.

Was reminded that two of my gears are a bit… IFFY, also my foam handlebar grips which should have been replaced last year had large amounts or mould growing out of them?! So I decided to use gloves and today while our getting wet I got a new, albeit cheap, pair of fingerless cycling gloves and a pack of black handlebar foams too.

Started watching Thor: The Dark World and then remembered I still had the bike outside and not out it away!! So I decided to bring it in the house and after the film I set about changing the handlebar grips.

All done now. Just need to get my hands on this receipt for the other tablet and then if to PC World. Which I was going to do today until I realised it was raining and I was missing a receipt!

Oh and a Doctors appointment, which I now hope will be the last one I need to have until AFTER I have attended Guy’s Hospital? In fact I will be asking if I have been referred off? After all he did tell me a couple of months ago he was going to refer me. Cannot remember if he said that before or after Christmas?!

Oh well as long as it happens I do not care!

Never got my solar panels so god knows what happened to them.

Still awaiting one gadget that can be of help, should be here later in the week?


I assure you that this link is NOT ME!


Thought I would have a look to see if others are having issues? I mean I have now had four out of four faulty ones and it remains to be seen if the fifth working one stays that way for at least two months?!

I myself cannot take the chances and will have to exchange this one. Due to the losing of documents and written texts and the primary reason for having this is to do what I am doing right now!!

The odd freeze up when playing a game is no big deal but still annoying but losing data I have written is simply not on! Had anyone in any review ever stated that certain devices could not be recommended for business users then I would have looked into why. I probably would have gone for a laptop, oops went a bit mad there for a minute! I inadvertently hit the palm detection button and it stated typing gibberish?! I thought I was back using the shite Motorola Atrix for a moment?! Lol! Seems you cannot use the swipe keyboard when the palm detection button is activated! Took me awhile to figure that one out I thought I had long pressed on a keyboard key and changed the input language?!

Anyway, I digress! Yes trouble with small laptops are two fold. First off it does not matter who the manufacturer is they are made like utter crap and look like they belong in Toys R Us?! Also and more often than not they use those totally atrocious Intel Atom processors which are totally inadequate and a complete rip off to consumers of one of the worst kinds in history!!

They deliberately made a slow and inadequate single core chip too sell, probably bribe, manufacturers into putting into portable laptops and were likely so expensive they had to use cheap nasty plastic to manufacture a portable PC!!

Now what I find a bit odd is I have seen smartphones and tablets advertised with Intel’s Atom processor and yet there is no mention of them being slow?!

Of course this could be down to Microsoft and their bloated and badly coded Windows OS but nevertheless the were two technologies that should NEVER have paired up?!

When I see second hand laptops of this size I simply cannot bring myself to but one no matter how cheap. In fact I have spent the last two years trying to fix some owned by members of a mates family and still have one here! I keep telling him I do not have a magic wand. These things always seem to be OK when you first but them, though not to me they don’t, but I’d you do not watch what you are doing and keep losing things on there it will call down regularly and become laboriously slow!! Dell make the laptops, might be a HP one, and they have been here over 6 times each laptop in the last 18 months!!

In fact that is why I went for a tablet PC!! I am more used to Windows but XP is too old and fisher pricey and Windows 8 is Windows H8 and crap no matter how many versions they do!! There also send to be the fact that they have neglected gaming with the DirectX probably trying to force people to purchase XBONES?! Sorry any of the X Boxes as since their launch the DirectX API has been neglected now that I think about it?!

Funny how all these companies perform these tricks until it blows up in their faces and they will then blame everyone else except themselves! They just cannot do it, it is so hilarious!! They completely forget those that out then where they are and start treating them as metre canon fodder?! Ask of them!!

Quite how it works that when they have a little bit of money and trying to build up there are all nice and all ears and giving you what you want and ask for.

But then they get to the top and have all the money and they turn into rabid animals in the fact that they behave the way an animal does when it is starving to death!!

It is the complete reverse of how it should go and there is only one factor that comes into play that makes any sense…

…a bunch of people who want to make money during on their arses on the basis of others who already have more cash than anyone could hope to spend, on anything actually tangible that is, who are so greedy they now want to increase the profit margins ten fold?! Because millions each year is not enough they want billions!!

Now I starred that those Atom processors were used in this houris little plastic laptops? A shockingly underpowered chip forced onto struggling manufacturers by Intel and how much are Intel worth?! Now how much do Intel make each year?!

If you do not know the answer to those last two questions then I strongly suggest you go and look it up! They got a shock recently when, guessing here but only out by a billion or two Lol, their $5 Billion each year became $3 Billion and laid off a load of staff?!

But on the Internet if you go to any tech forum and mention the letters AMD you will get shot down in flames by idiots that do not understand what they are taking about because being shown bigger numbers add the only visible difference makes son the difference?!

This is also true of several magazines that should know better too. One particular magazine is called Custom PC, which I bought from day one because it was about building PCs for gaming. I built an SLI PC as soon as the tech was available and with a RAIDED array of hard drives off the Western Digital Raptor variety, yes I know what I am doing desire what some day behind my back who have far too big EGOS, LOL!

Two months or more later Custom PC did an article on this and how tricky it was?! Was it? Hmm I did not think so, but still.

Now I won’t buy one because now they talk utter drivel in it and are biased. They also seem to have forgotten what they started out as…

A new chip that contains a graphics chip within it veer similar to that in the PS4 and XBone has been launched and made by the same company as the console chips. After running down every single chip that AMD had manufactured for the past two years they kind of did the same again, though not as bad. I was waiting to see what their reaction was to this as I had stated for sometime that they should be smarter than they have been. The trouble with making obviously biased statements is many can normally figure out why you said them?! They gave scores of 82% for the faster chip, if I remember correctly, and a much lower score for the other. But then mention another in the article they seem to prefer but have no score for?! It is a having chip for a budget which you can make faster by pairing the chip up with a cheap graphics card. Except the magazine fails to explore this feature which is primarily for gaming. Everyone says how amazing the chip is and what it can do and that it can only get better. Well except Custom PC magazine who claimed it was all pie in the sky and likely would not materialise?! Except that all the consoles use similar chips?! Meaning it was highly likely these things would come out! Meaning they also do not understand the gaming industry! Because gaming coders are airways looking for more power and more graphics features because they like to push the envelope! Of we would all still be using PS Ones and not XBox Ones!!

They then put the cherry on the BAKEWELL tart when they said if you still want to do CPU intensive tasks, like encoding mp3s, you should use an Intel chip costing a lot more money with a far inferior graphics chip?! Yeah I do not think people are going to spend upwards of £600 on a PC so the latest music album they just bought down the high road encodes 6 seconds faster than it would have done with an AMD processor?!

Instead they should have starred how promising it looks and how good it would be of they could bring out a more powerful one or one with two more CPU cores in it making six cores with that GPU and this would truly be a very nice chip?!

No it was all misery and doom!

Well if I was not convinced that Intel were lining their pockets or sending them free CPUs before I certainly think like this now!! As many have found out the hard way, my opinion is my opinion…. until such a time I can set about proving I am right or someone else kindly does it for me?! Lmao!

I cannot remember a time I last bought that magazine. Since the magazine was bought out our taken over by someone called Bit-Tech is when it all started leading to one side, or listing.

Also and I am sorry but you are not tech heads if you become biased. That is as simple as that! In fact you have advertised yourselves as not being tech heads. Because you failed to see that someone attempted to produce a new technology and give credit where credit is due. There simply was not an incidence whereby AMD APUs or CPUs rendered games unplayable. But it was most certainly implied. At the same time there was NEVER a mention of the benefits that could come if games coders decided to capitalise on this new technology. But you stated to the contrary and decided to go with blue.

I would like to have been a fly on the wall when the news broke that the CPUs to be used in the next gen consoles were not going to be blue but instead the green of the AMD APUs?!

Ohh that must have hurt, unless you did not realise what was coming that is?! But surely you did after ask the being you did?! I mean you came across as the authoritative voice on gaming tech and then the the biggest names completely disagreed with you and went with those that you were bashing!!

Hmm that makes me think of a question?! I would genuinely like to know the answer to!

Does anyone know if Custom PC is still a games oriented magazine?! I mean they do a gaming section now that suggests that they do! They did not do this when the first went into publication and it was obvious then what the magazine was, gaming oriented. Just that whenever I do pouch it up for a giggle at the bashing, curious to whether you have stopped sucking in Intel’s lollipop or just want to see if there is anything interesting to read I always get confused as to what it is you are these days?! Lol!

One day they might get back to that they were?!

Or maybe someone will go and do a new publication based on what they were in the beginning?!


In all honest my brother spent years buying HIFI magazines. He was right into his HIFIS and more often than not it was What Hifi Magazine. I myself featured skiing with my custom made mountain bike in What Mountain Bike Magazine.

I was into the Hifi stuff too but I remember one day after years there was a news report, cannot remember if it was a tabloid or TV, and it stated the magazines articles and reviews were all now in question as journalists had been taking sweeteners/money/gifts or whatever it was at the time to praise someone’s product over another!

My brother was gutted and myself and a mutual friend stated how it was talking the absolute piss to charge the money they do for the magazines and then lie to you and take a cut off the money your about to spend under a completely false or biased review!!

This tablet I have here was either completely IGNORED, like on Channel 5’s the gadget show giving the impression that only the three they covered were all that existed and WRONG, or was given absolutely glowing reviews.

But how have I managed to receive FOUR OUT OF FOUR FAULTY DEVICES and yet not a single one reviewed did the same thing?!

You just cannot trust anything anymore even opinions you pay money for and no one had an ounce of honour anymore or certainly agree bloody hard to find anyone with any honour or decency?!


Right, now then I think as I am having issues with my tablet PC, just spent ages looking for this particular file and that in Google’s QuickOffice, which they bought and ruined, could not find it I thought I would post this up a little early note that I have found it?! Especially as I may be without a tablet PC for a few days while they refund my money, notice how it is always the consumers that lose out?! Loss of data, loss of use of product you purchased and loss of all accessories, or use of, you purchased for the faulty, crappy and used products?!

Still I have managed to find the little second piece of the Architects Series and in case of losing it, forgetting it or waiting to long for it to be published I thought I would do it tonight.

So here is part two of the Architects Series…

For some time now I have been burrowing away at the foundations of the architects of doom and gloom in the UK. While they scurried around their offices and buildings deliberately sent on a wild goose chase time after time I continue with my two plan elsewhere. This would involve moving onto the next one or when the time came that this blog came into being then pudding something on here. Or indeed one of my many other blogs, or I cycled about our why somewhere with someone.

Over time those people gradually decreased in number. My social friends and family I could talk to either died or ran away. Well to be fair there was only one that ran away and they are not family, lol.

I had spent a long time shouting at the devils but this was now turning into screaming to keep them occupied. It was becoming more obvious that my plan was a little more intricate than I had let on it was going to be. One particular person was never going to handle that and he ran. Ran quite a bit earlier than I expected him to and I thought it would be another 6 months before he did that and I never, EVER expected him to just cut off either. Good job I am not vengeful as I could explain what I think he did before he went.

It involves a very large sum of money acquired on a suggestion I actually made to him!

Cheers mate!!

Plus I think that despite the hundreds of thousands he acquired that with a year or two I would actually exceed this sum of money and I just do not think he could handle that.
A good job that he does not look online then. Even if his son does! Lol!

No it had been becoming ever more a lonely place and there are be few reasons to stay here where I currently live and even these are slowly diminishing. Even some friends are going through a terrible upheaval and Good only knows if this will be recognisable or if they will still be around in a few months time. Funny that really, the timing.

In a few months time many things should start finally coming into play. I should be reaching the tipping points that so many unforeseen things have prevented me from reaching. What with the complete lack of support, or fecking laziness and evil nature despite all they claim in the media. Months upon months of frozen earnings. The weather too had set me back a few months which seen to come into play no sooner had I corrected the other issue. Of course and like everything else I could have worked around this issue but that takes help and support primarily financially. Something I have been unable to make stupid people see.

Even with someone fully fit you cannot get something from nothing. It is as simple as that and certainly not in the United Kingdom. Even the options there are too get something from nothing their exist legislation and laws that prevent you from doing this. Funny that a little while before typing this I heard that David Cameron stated that he was getting rid of a great deal of this ‘red tape’ when it comes to small businesses?! Also of interest is that this has been attempted several times before without success?! So what you are stating quite clearly then is that many others pitted it it was all a load of bollocks but the enforcers managed to get paid to prevent it while getting a bloody good salary and have since all fucked off with a good pension and not having to answer that the received the public’s taxes for getting it all wrong for years and slowly adding to the advance towards one of the biggest balls ups in government, the economy and banking since the dawn of civilisation that dies not include acts of God or fatal epidemic then? So fecking stupid then but highly rewarded?!
Now does that sound at all familiar?!

Now here is what I am planning to do is create something new and just a little bit different but based on the oldest of human traits. Right here and right now!

Now let me say that we live in an age of records. We have been keeping records for hundreds of years now but in the last twenty years we have advanced hugely in this. This is because of computers and because they have been able to store decent amount for a long time now while at the same time shrinking in size! I can buy a micro sd card that is half an inch by half an inch that had twenty times the capacity of the entire hard drive of my entire desktop computer I bought in the second year of my degree! That was 3.5GBs and my fellow student sucked me by asking what I wanted all that space for I wool never use it all. I turned and have then an are you series look I cannot believe you just said that! A little while later we heard Bill Gates said something even more ridiculous add he said the same thing about 606kb of memory. A little over half a megabyte. Yup where cameras today are taking a picture that is 40MB!! That is eighty tines the size of memory Bill Gates stated you would not need any more than as main memory on a PC. His other famous blunder is arguably better than this, though I do not think it is. But no doubt the other week get the vote due to it’s immediate and obvious fault! They did not bother coding a web browser as the Internet was never going to take off.
Now back then not many had the Internet and outside of computer science student there were previous few with a connection. Not even so students had a connection! Even so when we heard these two statements by the man the media portrays as a genius we were… godsmacked, no two ways about it. Simply unbelievable. Then you learn that he was a college drop out and just got lucky with his first operating system because IBM were desperate for one as IBM did not think that anyone would be interested in a home computer?! Enter stage right, Apple Computers!

What I find amusing as his everyone accuses everyone else of copying them and yet they are ALL copies of a system created by someone very famous but not the household name it once was. The Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers system, or WIMP, was actually invented by Rank Xerox. But you do not see them running around suing absolutely everyone add according the the judges of today they would have every right in doing.

So yes I have had my education in many shapes and an incredible amount of forms. I have spoken of all of these except for one single form. Well I say that but I think it is just one. It is s key one let us out it that way. It is a shocking one and one that I Ind of want to end on, so to speak. Not end completely but let us just say put many things to bed. Simplistic and elusive and yet right there in front of your face the while time. In fact it’s implications are too not only bring shock but that the big, or really small lol, reveal should have the simplicity as well as the obvious along with the why having readers and followers first gasp and GI wide eyed for a few moments before then roaring with laughter while then IMMEDIATELY wanting to know… no having to know what the reaction will be to this from the unholy trinity!
Now very recently I witnessed a religious man that I think I previously praised claiming that a certain MP by the name of Iain Duncan Smith was a bright and caring man?! I could not quite believe I heard him day what he said and thought I must have heard this wrong. But then I did also see a report that stated that people that attended church tended to be Tories?! Blimey just so Satanic Church, do not best around the bush and site a catholic church, or whatever church of Christianity it was, lol. If the statement about church goers and Tories is true it might make me winner as to this Jihad crap I have been hearing about for fecking years now boring me to tears. Add this would mean that two lots of Satanic people were killing and hurting people for recognition, money and pier and those native to this little war were taking being whipped alive over it.

So two evil groups and one of them a church?! Lol. Sorry but you simply have to be thick, native or utterly evil to believe and day the things that you do. It also might not be a great idea to stick with this line of statements. But go ahead, I mean it was nice to think that there might be humane people but what I have done here, have been doing and will continue to do is reveal all those that lie, cover up evil acts and act like some have the right to earn piles of cash while sitting on their arses while others provide hard labour to the bone and cannot feed their families. UH-UH-UH! I don’t think so somehow!!

Also and anyone that wants to kick and scream later on in 2014 well I am sorry but you should be FECKING SURE you know all the facts before you open your gate on national TV or radio. Even if it’s your opinion you still need to have a good idea and better reason than this was the side of the bed you got out of that morning!! Lol!

You see all this time I have been tunneling away at the foundations. Back and fourth I have gone getting a little here and a little there. My approach is as unique add my technique here and there is not just one or two and nor is it s few days here and few days there. Nor are we talking about a couple of people either.


1) I have been doing this for years

2) I have been don’t this with everyone

3) More than just being nationwide my blog is GLOBAL

4) I have likely over 70GB of data and it could be far more than that.

5) To compete the ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA was on a couple of DVDs that held 4.5GB data!!

6) I love this one… before I started this blog I sent 4DVDs full of data to ALL NEWS MEDIA GROUPS both tabloid based and TV. This was NOT all my data. That was over 2 years ago now! Months before I started the blog. In fact…

7) After handing over all DVDs I have them over 6 months and waited all that time for the London Olympics to finish before I started the blog. This was due to the fact I being responsible as information I was party to could have caused a blind panic at the Olympics. Needlessly I might add. So yes it is just coming up to two years ago now I sent the discs into them all

8) Repeating what I said in part 7 it has been two years since I sent this discs to the media but it was NOT the first time and in fact had sent them several things prior to this. Now the very best one and lieut the first one I sent then was to do with the bailiffs and what they did. So FOUR YEARS AGO. SDI this period of time as well as WHAT I sent to them, was resent again with THE FOUR DVDs and me and my endeavours were ignored, lol.

9) The whole time I was doing this I was furs pleased to see the News Media use my stuff but that they went out if their way to reshape the story into one that appeared… TO BE THEIRS?!?! I was simply ecstatic to see this happen over and over again but less serious a story on many occasions. But still they continued to do it, over and over again I would see my subjects appearing in the news long after I covered them on my blog?!

10) That this process would continue for over a year of me blogging and with over a thousand posts to work with would become obvious, yet is now running at 18 months by February 2014 and 2,000 posts! The intention being that if I stay quiet for long enough over this and even if no one spots the DELIBERATE MISTAKE people here might raise the uncanny parallelism between my endeavours and news reports?! If not I will point it out at some point… Oh I just did!! Now you see what I am getting at let us go back to the beginning with…

…I sent all these subjects to the News Media two years ago.

Sooo… how is it that the media would not be fascinated and interested in someone who unfortunately ran into all these things soo many times and got nothing and nowhere that I was able to see what was really going on, prepare and plan for it and then do it ALL OVER AGAIN while recording, scanning, printing, posting and taking screen shots among the way for several more years?!

All of this that I predicted would happen, or more correctly not happen, included the tabloid and TV News media. Although I did predict this with the media I was still surprised when it did not happen. But this was what always took place and the end result has never been any different.
I sometimes wondered how in the hell they ever got any stories at all?!

Also when they actually urge, understatement, people to send in pictures and movies of events and disasters and even including the weather. They make money while operating on the goodwill of others but I do not recall them being charities.

Oddly they get away with it because people send in their pictures thinking they might get their 30 seconds of fame?! Bragging rights for the pub I guess?

I have found the news so very funny, odd and peculiar for so very long it is not true. Like many things I start to realise that there may be more sinister things to all this? I have certainly found this to be the case 100% of the time previously to the point whereby I stated to assume that everything I have yet to get around investigating will most certainly have sinister things going on more widely than I anticipated?!

I have often stated that people have said to me both online and in real life, well except for one member of my family I never had down for being naive, that you cannot trust anyone and you cannot trust anything you are told anymore. Everywhere I go and everyone I meet anywhere and everywhere this is what they state and it is now just a given. I dare day that there are some native people left out there but I rarely meet them these days.

Now this is part two in the architect series and the task big reveals behind everything I have worked for since I started will be told on that last part.

Of you have not guesses what I will reveal already I can tell you that there will be two socks conning your way. How it makes sense while just how it had been staring you in the face and how many times I alluded to this fact. I have often joked and Bern a little cocky about it too. Just in the attempt to try and get it into the readers mind whether this be for good reasons or bad?!

Of course I also stated that there will be one more element to this and also something I have often referred to and yet again when I have been cocky with it!!

Now what I am hoping to achieve with all this is a number of things starting with a little bit of suspense. Added to this I hope to have people, especially if a number of people know each other to come here go diving into the archives trying to figure out what it is?! Would be dead funny too if there was a little competition in a forum somewhere?! Lol! Damn it had Google made good on their innuendos I might have even been able to offer a half decent prize?!?!


Still it is a bit of fun, wrapped up in suspense and engulfed in an enigma.

A bit like me then?! Lol!

Footnote: for the last several paragraphs and for some bizarre reason the italic and bold buttons in this Google Blogger App have vanished?!

It also won’t scroll up either as I type and just like my smartphone I refused to pay for this is slowly collecting issues?!?!

I think I will have to keep it’s replacement offline until certain times and tighten up security!! This is happening for to often and far took frequently for my liking! Oddly even if they stated I cannot exchange because someone is IN the tablet PC I will then state that security is past and parcel of any device and if gaining access is that easy, and they do it to everyone anyway, then all these products ate NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE SO THEREFORE NOT FIT TO BE OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE AMOUNTS OF MONEY THAT THEY ARE!!



After this tablet played up several times yet again I have finally given in and I have taken all my data of it!

I will take it back tomorrow for a refund as I have looked and there is only one other tablet I am prepared to have and PC World do not sell it!

This is the LG G PAD 8.3 I think it is called. It is quad cite though it had the older 600 Snap Dragon instead of the newer 800. I read in Techradar that one of the tablets had, like, 17 GPU cores and thought I had misread it?! Need to check up on that again and just paused trying to remember which tablet it was, think it was the Nexus 7, 2014 model?!

Just realised that unlike graphics chips for desktop PCs they do not list the graphics cores for tablets! Bit this should be a primary thing to advertise!!

Huh!! I just went to check if the other tablet has actually charged and as I picked it up it felt… odd?! I then went to hold down the volume down button while pressing the power button in the hour of booting into a recovery console mode when it felt odd again and… alien. I turned the device over and there are no bloody volume buttons!! There is a hole where the volume buttons are supposed to be but no buttons!! This device was charged up to go to New York only to find it did not charge. When the young girl returned to New York she gave it to her parents to give to me so that I could return it. This is the one I was given in exchange for one that failed to charge up?!

Now someone please explain how someone managed to place a Tablet PC into a box that was missing its volume buttons?!

Oooh I am dedicatedly going to have to remember to record my visit to PC World tomorrow?!?!

Now here is my email to nVIDIA, you can guess that I am going to now send them yet another one making around 8 or more! Lol!

It just really would need some believing!! Like the camera fiasco last year with Argos it would take some believing?! Oh actually it’s a bit like my condition and the fact that the NHS have either gone out of their way to diagnose me for 13 years plus or refuse to let me know what they already did?! THAT WOULD ALL TAKE SOME BELIEVING!!




Now what was it that I have consistently stated for the entire 18 month life of this blog?! Let me remind you…

… the LONGER that this blog exists the worse it appears for all those people and organisations I cover!

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that I was referring to the fact that more and more people visit this blog. Umm, well… no, not really!

That is a bonus of course but the longer I do this I switch backwards and forwards from each organisation and each target. The longer it is not dealt with the more corrupt everyone looks!!


Plus I still have the other two parts of the architects to post!! Hmm hang on a moment?! I will have to check that this bloody tablet has not corrupted the files!?!

Anyway here the the email…

Well after four devices failing, one currently being tested, another one to be repaired and mine with what appears to be memory accesses issues and being very slow I can only assume that we in the UK are being sold more American faulty crap like Argos are doing?!

This time around it is PC World whereas last year with cameras it was Argos!!

I have had five faulty devices in a row and last year I had five faulty cameras in a row!!

All on You Tube account!

So now I want the LG G PAD 8.3 and they do not sell it so may have to ask for a full refund?! There is the possibility of the Nexus 7 but in all honesty I am reluctant! Sorry bit I believe many reviewers were way over the top with this tablets reviews. It dues not look fantastically designed but I know the screen looks good. But it is a high definition screen and high definition content requires a lot of data.

So how is it that all Google’s latest hardware have all been missing an SD Card slot and bigger memory than models two years old?!

How is it that a piddly crappy little iPhone can have 64GB of memory but Google’s 7 inch tablet has 16GB and 32GB only? M

How is it that the two phones they produced are even worse than this?! The Moto G seeming to be the perfect phone, except the exact same with no SD Card slot and even worse memory with 16GB for the largest one and even more paltry 8GB on the other?!

Two years ago I had an Apple cuddling friend who would have killed to have an iPhone with 128GB of memory! He would still buy the next iPhone when it came out!

This is true all tech fanatics of which most prone are these days. But no greedy board members that are not happy unless they have everything have to find ever more infuriating ways to piss us off and mage is upgrade their over priced crap?!

Be over priced?! Moto G is perfect at everything except camera and memory. But five them their due it is a reasonable £110 to £150 for the 8GB and 16GB respectively. However as is airways the case no reviews have stated why the 8GB of extra memory commands an extra £40 or $70?! If I bought a Sandisk Ultra SDCard I would expect to pay around £5.00!! I could pick one up for less if I looked!

In fact herein lies one rather big reason that they do not include SD Card slots, because it’s another way to con you that the authorities, governing bodies, standardising bodies, ombudsman and every other organisation costing a cool £100 million a year each that do fuck all about!!

But no, those morons without an ounce of intelligence whatsoever actually thinks that the vast majority of the public must be thick or stupid because they think no one will notice at at the Betty least not enough people will notice to force those that are supposed to stop them pulling this shit from…. err pulling this shit! Lol!

Apple were there one to start this and as no one pulled them for doing it that are all now going to do the same!! This makes me want to go out of my way by a hundred miles to not buy a product like this with this shit being pulled.

Had the Moto G had a memory card slot I would have bought one the day they came out!

But they did not so I have not.

But I can tell you one other thing about all this…. or maybe more, lol…

1 This is not ecologically friendly

2 They do not care a feck that it is not ecologically friendly

3 Because when the time comes when some region or third world country is being poisoned with people and rate animals dying they will make excuses to their government not to penalise them financially for it because they are big and powerful and have taped videos of them with schoolgirls…. Sorry thinking out loud there I mean they employ ‘X’ amount of people who will ask lose their jobs and screw up the economy and the governments buy this crap because they’re is a fecking election coming up and they want to keep their jobs no matter how bad they are at it.

Wow?! Reason number three kind of ran away with itself there for a bit?! Lol!