Well despite Old Ken wanting…no pressurising me to do…something like what I am doing here, there WAS something that sparked it all off.

Yup, despite it sounding mad, fantastical and hard to believe it was a run-in with some Radicalised Muslims and their holding my daughter against her will using fear and the threat of murder, that was the catalyst that led to my various audio recordings and blogs!

As I listened to them in the background and titbits of information my daughter gave me about them with several weeks I realised the absolute horrific reality.

It was not just a case of who they were but more a worry of what they were planning! So it was here and with this I started my crusade of getting audio recordings of everything I then used against the public offices of the UK.

Yes the audio is all available here including that with the Police and correspondence with MI5 and GCHQ.

Note that long before they LAID CLAIM TO IT USING SNOOPING that I told them they needed to concentrate on…

1) Manchester
2) Birmingham
3) White Water Rapids Centre during the London Olympics

Nice to get recognition and acknowledgement instead of using OUR heroic acts to justify their illegal and immoral practices towards their own people!




The first time the USA tries to do something humane and the Republican’s behave like spoilt children and throw their toys out of their prams because they make money from sick, dying and people in horrific limb losing accidents!


Is this why the Republican Party are so keen on going to war? Lol. Maybe it’s a double edges sword as they get to treat people for OIL?!

You do have to wonder don’t you? It is rather disturbing and has been for me for years how they make their money. Do not like anyone else making money and soon throw their toys out again.

When it eventually comes out that it is several, or few, or a specific organisation in America that is RUNNING the UK I would be extremely interested to know how it originated?! I wonder what they would call it? Bound to have the word ‘GATE’ at the end of it?! Lol.

Obama Gate? Bush Gate? Britain Gate? Or maybe LIMEY GATE?! Lol. Or just BRIT GATE, that seems to have the best ring to it, lol. Hmm I myself might go for STEALTH INVASION GATE or revenge for the WAR OF INDEPENDENCE GATE, hehe.

Just having a bit of fun on the current non-reporting reporters obsession with words like ‘gate’ since the Watergate incident with President Nixon, lol.


Oh dear here we go again.

I have maintained two things on this matter and I heard this tonight and noted an omission! Remember it is supposed to be more TRANSPARENT!

First off the climate WILL GET WARMER no matter what happens. The best we can do is slow it down, at best, with current plans. Using satellites to deflect heat away could stop it but guess who will pay for it?! The planet will get warmer without our involvement and there are mountains of proof of that! But they do not mention these things at these events, or the news media decides not to to keep up shock tactics, or some other agenda?!

Among many other clues, some of which I have discovered myself, it has just been discovered that as the edges of glaciers have melted to reveal bare soil that plants have emerged. In the photo I saw it looked like a moss.

Now do you know what that means? Forgetting the fact that the plant was lying in a dormant state for WHEN the ice retreated but that in previous times the plant was PREVIOUSLY there meaning the ice was missing previously!

What mankind is in danger of doing is putting all its eggs, all it’s ideas, all it’s money and all its energy into just ONE proverbial basket which will cost mankind more than you can imagine.

I long for the day when they drop the use of their now not so new buzzword of ‘carbon’ along with its associated words of footprint, trading and any other lame brain quotes they have used in recent times. I saw the image of satellites deflecting heat and for the first time since ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’ became used by the idiot media on a daily basis.

All I see every day are time wasting and ever decreasing circles and never getting to the heart of the matter for the repeated insistence of laying blame on everyone when only a few could possibly be to blame. The same few who have caused the global crisis but want to lay both the blame and the cost at the feet of the public.

Now that I have stated that I wonder how many times groups have protested and/or warned of these things only to be ignored.

Indeed there you have it in a nutshell. The ignorant and the lazy time wasters, think civil servants and local councils, are the ones to blame.

I have nothing against the stopping of pumping crap into the atmosphere but I am not going to point fingers at people because I have some ‘issue’ with them.


Right now let me get this right?

George Osborne haste decided that slave labour, which will cost benefit claimants more money they are NOT paying out, a la NHS Recruitment I gathered evidence of, but also to put a best egg away in case the crisis happens again?

I have no idea whether it is all MPs or just conservatives but they have proved themselves unfamiliar with the word ‘perspective’. That is added to the words ‘reality’ along with ‘reciprocation’.

So let as first add perspective…

Before they can even hazard a wild GUESS as to when we will be out of the crisis they are planning for the next? This means that austerity measures will remain until the time we have not only in the red but to keep going until the UK has as much put by as we had owed?!

Right that means that if the hard times lasted TEN YEARS, we have NO IDEA PRESENTLY, then you can double that period now safely before screwing the British public comes to a halt?!

Now THAT is perspective! I can also give you a bit more…

After EVERYTHING they have learnt nothing at all and want to continue as they had done previously not caring if it happens again! After all he wants to save for next time it happens while stating he will make sure it never happens again!

Mr Idiot, sorry George, Osborne it is a sad state of affairs when I have to point out that it IS STILL HAPPENING NOW!!

My god and he received an applause, are they REALLY that naive, blind and incompetent?! Lol.

These facts came to my attention when I was still digesting the fact that protesting disabled people, over people that had DIED, yes DIED, over their unfair austerity measures! I am also completely shocked that the news media, especially TV, completely ignored all the bunches if white flowers for the dead on Parliament Square despite seemingly being camped out on it to interview MPs on an almost daily basis?! What did they fail to see them?!

If they can screw the disabled, sick and poor in such a way how can any other people believe the assurances politicians give you? Surely there are not that many idiots in the United Kingdom? Hmm maybe all the ones that emigrated or gave up citizenship we’re all the intelligent ones?!

So other than just screwing everyone the only thing they came up with to prevent it happening again is to leave the thumbscrews tightened for twice as long as it takes to CLEAR the national debt?! Despite the fact we have no fooking idea how long that will take?! At 45 years of age I doubt I will live long enough to see that?!

So the media is either taking bungs or promises on what they report on, none of those who work within the media actually give a shite unless they don’t get their rises then they all take action and STRIKE…nice!

So now we have some perspective and some reciprocation, pay taxes for twenty to forty years and work for free.

But wait?! I forgot about reality?!

Oh well you can choose to sign on everyday instead of the work?! Well as no one has had to sign on for years now that means HUGE changes and the inevitable need for MORE STAFF and very possibly BIGGER BUILDINGS to cater for the millions out of work!!

Which means it will actually COST MORE MONEY!!!

You bloody idiots, I tell you I am left head scratching at these morons and ask myself why no one picked up on the above even in the media?!

Also of course you still have the issue if the NHS lying and falsifying documents so that they do not treat, diagnosis or cure people!

So putting all the key words unfamiliar to Members of Parliament let me summarise?

If you work using tools inevitably on time the tools break. When they do you naturally go and fix them! You DO NOT continue to try to use them and stare at it like a demented idiot wondering why it is not WORKING for you?!

However the Members of Parliament seem to have been doing this to my astonishment for over ten years now. This has continued to the point that they are beating the tool against the wall in the hope that this will magically fix it and it will work again.

In reality of course the wall is a proverbial whip which ultimately means starvation, extreme poverty with benefit claimants working and looking like tramps and of course even more deaths than that shown on Parliament Square?!

So those applauding Mr Osborne are like that of Nazi fascists in a pre-war Germany?!

You have to have the correct system and infrastructure before you can talk as you have been doing you brain dead morons! Lol.



After thinking that the feature set of the new iPhone 5S was actually quite respectable and beginning to get an interest in finding out more about it, as I have been playing about with an iPhone 4S for a couple of weeks now, today I was bought down to Earth.

In much the modern tradition of lying and tricking of the public it seems that amidst all the fiasco of way over-priced and cheap and Fish Priced looking iPhone 5Cs and non existent iPhone 5Ss I stumble across this webpage…,24333.html

SO THEN these guys claim that this M7 Processor Apple claim is inside the iPhone 5S & C does not exist and is a lie. Also they mentioned the M7 CO-Processor, I was not previously aware of them mentioning is one, is ALSO MISSING?!

If this turns out to be true then for me it just about sums up in a nutshell just how distant, aloof and evil these companies have become to that of the rest of the human race?!


I just had word from a mother I know who has had her child taken away from her and given to the father.

Of course anyone who is British will know that courts do not take a child away from its mother.

Except when the father is a Police Officer and he had already acquired the family home also to share with a Moroccan wife or girlfriend. Nice to know rub each others backs to the point of ignoring the laws.

What I was informed of today by a distraught, upset and confused mother is that the wonderful CAFCASS, also involved in my daughter’s case who herself has been mysteriously quiet since they stepped in, turned up today.

They informed the mother that she will not get her child back despite there being no problem with her parenting skills nor maternal instincts?!

So the public are whipped beyond recognition for everything but now we and unfortunately for them I am discovering facts that there really are two sets of laws, one for us and one for them!!

However ‘they’ claim that the laws concerning children and everything they do is ‘in the child’s best interests’.

So they are lying or making decisions and flouting their own laws for children based on chummy civil servants.

This is exactly why I still did not trust the courts where my daughter is concerned and naturally hearing this gives me cause for concern!

I guess I will find out soon enough, fingers crossed, from my daughter as the umpteenth court appearance is this month, September! Also of concern is the fact that this mother and her child are only a few miles up the road from the Wirral!


No, no, NO!!

After a year and nine months of some Labour MPs visiting this very blog they get it wrong… or do they?!

I now wonder if I am starting to witness the very lying and misleading nature of politicians that worked for them at the last election?!

Everyone thinks the attack on the welfare state was initiated by the Tories but no it started before they were voted in. They just took the right royal piss.

In this article they state Atos gets assessments WRONG?!

Labour? Are you for real? They do not get it wrong it’s a big setup to rip innocent people off, including disabled people. You have had all access to the evidence for 8 months…

Unless of course your remark of keeping assessments is a pre-emptive strike because you will have no power over this once in power?!

Maybe you just want the Tories to get the blame and sacked over something that is not controlled by government?! Will you then just dress up the same thing but with a different name?! Why else would you do everything but call it for what it is?! If so then who IS pulling the strings in the UK?! Serco? The National Security Agency? President Obama? Is it the UK anymore? Is this the real reason why Wales and Scotland want out?!

Will this all be the same for all those I have disclosed evidence on?! The NHS lying, cheating, killing, falsifying documents and test results?!

Do all politicians really think that this is all OK because enough of the British public don’t care/are naive/stupid or just live like Ostriches that the rest are not enough in number to cause concern?

Are they right?!

Only time will tell in the end but tell it will I can promise you that. I still have no way of telling the length of the piece of string.


A BBC Hardtalk interview between Steven Sackur and Liam Byrne, Labour Party’s chief spokesman in work and pensions, took place recently.

Quite bizarrely for an interviewer possessing, or seeming to, intelligence he asked about figures while possessing just one?!

Let me explain…

I take it that Liam Byrne had claimed Labour intended to reverse the Bedroom Tax fiasco based on it being immoral and with no alternative help, as per usual, with seeking alternative housing!

Stephen Sackur pressed him on whether they WOULD reverse this and I guessed that he must have some figures to throw at him. Liam Byrne was hesitant to commit himself, typical, and Sackur eventually stated that the welfare state had ballooned from something like 8% GDP to 13% GDP?!

Problem? YES!

Err well that’s the welfare state as a whole mate and not just the extra bedrooms so why use it?!

Second of all everyone in the REAL WORLD knows damn well why it has ballooned and not to do with welfare state but influx of foreign and lying scroungers. This made your questioning way off the mark entirely.

Also and I have previously stated this several times in that there was a huge wastage going on at the DWP and I was in FAVOUR of an overhaul to be more efficient and save money. Not to make it worse, set up a huge conspiracy to trick and mistreat as well as mislead the public on a fraction of society not to blame and no rights to fight back and defend themselves!

No as long as the right questions are asked in the media if the opposing party then you are home free pretty much…

Ooh wait a minute?!


The news media is very good at asking all the right…wrong questions to get no answers for the public and hell bent for some reason on trying to catch out or force interviewees to slip up. Or shock value. It is never a genuine discussion and I grow tired of it. Pointless and meaningless.

An interviewer who is over confident in their abilities normally interviewing someone who everyone knows lies through their teeth anyway.

Funny how everything and everyone is largely religious!! I guess God’s warriors and subjects have been told to use lies and deceit on each other for everything?!


Seems like years of Hardtalk and we are still in the same shit for the umpteenth day! Well that has been productive then?! Helped the public see the truth? Nah not really. Helped educate them into the right decisions? You must be joking?! Years into this crap and with all the corruption I have covered have they exposed it and spoken to those trying to fight against it?! Well that is yet another no, lol.

Probably won lots of awards though?!


A little like these blogs I am currently attempting to get home but the destination appears to be getting ever further away!

After leaving a friends place not far from me my severely aching groin to which the ultrasound was lied about by the NHS, covered previously, suddenly become joined by another!

After about one hundred yards of medium limping a flash of pain along the outside of my left foot has reduced me to a very slow and painful pace.

It is these times when my normal limping increases due to a combination of physical pains that I become worried.

Among all my goals in life many have been hampered for the past dozen years by being deliberately lied to, refused diagnosis, given a whole list of wrong diagnosis openly ridiculed by the next Doctor or specialist to then give me yet another wrong diagnosis and so it continues on and on.

Only every now and then I am reminded that I am a hairs width away from complete immobility.

Despite all the organisations out there no one cares, no one understands and there is absolutely nothing in the way of help!

It is an eye widening thought of how there is such little humanity within Britain today and it only gets worse. All the time and for over four years they have attempted to chip away at me and therefore others in far greater difficulties than me!

Commuting anywhere busy in the UK I am sure is a nightmare and cannot be anywhere as bad as London?! Quite how anyone in my condition or worse is supposed to navigate a transport system that is way out of date, over loaded and damn right unreliable is a mystery only they are aware of the unrealistic answers to?!

Yet they still want to stand behind you with one empty hand and one wielding the proverbial whip and expect disabled like me or worse to snap our fingers and make the impossible, possible.

Odd that this would come from politicians who talk big but cannot make the simplest things possible!