By that I mean people .. please observe ..

Going to breakdown two separate groups into a number of sub-groups to explain to all and appeal to the less effing insane what is going on.

Thought about doing this after I ended up on another large thread, got accused of being a newbie and later discovered it was the same climate change thread I had been on many weeks or a few months earlier.

Same old crap with some .. new stuff. Soo ..

    • Predicted doomsdays based on man-made global warming due to CO2
    • Decades .. no predictions panned out many hilariously wrong
    • Still maintain it is real despite datasets to the contrary
    • Claim to be about the people, animals and environments .. but attack those that disagree
    • Insult, slander, twist your words and DOX YOU if you disagree
    • But they are all about the science
    • Cannot debate
    • Claim ‘Observational Evidence’ and Data, falsely despite claiming to be about the science, is not evidence or data
    • Now do not like any scientists that do not agree resulting in the HASHTAGS
      • #NotMyScientist
      • #NotMyScienceJournal
      • Yup they are that ridiculous
    • Give them ABSOLUTE EVIDENCE that shows it is not us causing things
      • Yet in thousands and thousands of people and posts I have made
      • Not one of this group claiming to be about the environment and animals has even CONSIDERED or even LOOKED at the data
      • Not one of this group has expressed any relief whatsoever that things are natural, not man-made and therefore the environment they bang on about is not in danger
      • Natural things go in cycles .. and cycles denotes they have occurred before
      • Ergo plants and animals have survived natural and reoccurring cycles
    • The absolute digging and reaching they do today to still prove AGW is truly a sight to behold
    • Have seen posts that are not even worth reporting to other than with sarcasm
    • They are digging into tiny fluctuations, changes and irrelevant processes to try and attach their evil CO2 to it
      • Mercury is colder than Venus they asked why
      • Of course the answer was going to be CO2
      • Despite the fact scientists have argued CO2 causes no warming on Venus despite their being a lot more of it
      • Oh and hottest part of Mercury is 465C and Venus 460C according to Universe Today
      • Git ripped up, claimed I was wrong and switched it to AVERAGES
      • They did not say ‘AVERAGES’ .. science YO!!
      • If asked to go to the hottest part of a planet on the solar system you would be a fucking idiot if you went to Venus
      • Let alone the fact that even if it was .. hotter .. and despite the fact I warned him and yet he asked again
      • Without even looking I knew that the dark side of Mercury, science YO!, would be likely well lower than -100C. Turned out it reaches -184C
      • Because there is zero atmosphere .. in which case it was totally and utterly disingenuous and clearly intentioamnall so if he knows science like he claimed for two days, to use Mercury and Venus to prove CO2 warms
      • So it was pointless
      • But they banged on for HOURS that they was right, well I did give them both barrels proverbially speaking
      • Yet despite the fact that I pointed out to these ‘SCIENTISTS’ that they did not say ‘hottest on average’, which I KNW was Venus because of the atmosphere, they still ..
      • Claimed they were right and I was stupid
    • Naive follower passionate because they think plants and/or animals or people will die
    • Have become narrow minded
    • Not objective and loss any sense of reality
    • Believe it is the personal mission to get involved
    • In reality doing more harm than good
    • Normally drawn in a latter date .. because politically driven ones lie to them about being about the environment or animals
    • Scientists, maybe in many fields like me, that knew from DAY ONE CO2 causing warming was nonsense
    • Utterly shocked that not only has it gone on this long but at the level it is today
    • Scratch their heads constantly
    • Normally they have seen this for themselves by either very good at ‘take a view’ and realise something is not right
    • Or that they just doubted it but their own discoveries caused them to realise they were right at a later date?
      • Top scientists came up with alternative theory
      • Which later proved my own long held theory I never thought I would ever see the evidence to support in my lifetime
      • Based on work and theories they made some predictions in around 2012, give or take a year or two
      • Predictions for several things that have not occurred for hundreds of years or before the Maunder Minimum
      • This is akin to saying ‘I am going to win the lottery in the next year’
      • Their predictions were not only accurate but are still proving to be accurate and still panning out around 7 years later
      • Group A have nothing after two decades
      • This subset of Group C have some truly amazing results
        • Despite these results being the EXACT OPPOSITE, Group A and C ..
        • That is Group A was HEAT and Group C was COLD
        • Group A rubbishes the things that they can
        • Group A also claims the ones they cannot rubbish are down to their predictions and theories which have still yet to be proved three decades on
        • Yeah its about the SCIENCE and FACTS YO!!
    • People that likely did not look into it too deeply
    • Well it is in the media, right. The media do not intentionally lie to us and for decades too, right?
    • Eventually they start seeing patterns or getting told things that do match up .. might even state ‘but global warming’ but over time realise something does not match up .. agriculture a good example
    • Start looking into things .. study charts, graphs, maps .. go from one area to another
    • Eventually realise that there is no CO2 global warming
    • Ask themselves why after all the evidence to the contrary it is talked about more than ever

So have we got that?

Did you guess who it is in each group? That is if I did not make it bloody obvious?

So .. and here is another thing that these people are really shit at .. shit at lying, shit at memes, shit at jokes, shit at facts they are also shit at mathematics. I mean really .. really .. shit.

I also came across my first one that might not have been completely politically driven and seem to have something to do with wildlife, well another claimed to but talked utter bollocks.

This other dude was linked to butterflies .. so after the roaches scattered and because I could see his heart was not totally in the fight, we chatted. Despite throwing some accusations at me and accusing me of lying about my extensive knowledge in many sciences and other things .. he did talk.

He was still a little accusatory .. I told him I had noted the butterflies and extended him a professional courtesy .. because I think in his heart .. he has doubts about what it is he got into?

A few links and some corrections of what I did and did not actually claim he admitted he made some mistakes and complemented me on my pictures .. OF BUTTRERFLIES!


By this stage I had been blocked by several and muted by one. Though one that blocked my accused me of being a liar and underhanded .. then proceeded to block and then unblock me several times to throw accusations I then could not answer .. to make it appear to others I was a bad person.

Oh dear, that is not underhanded at all, is it Scary Mary?

Real shame you can screen-shot things, eh? Yeah that one did not have her plans go as she would like. Eventually she just scattered altogether. It would appear that every one of these people I meet truly believe they are either THE smartest person on Earth or one of them?

Do you hear all those bumps?

But what truly astonished me is this ..

  • They claim they want the science .. so I gave them my blogs and links to the start of the series that has close to 30 parts ..
  • They claim all blogs are useless .. right? ALL BLOGS ARE USELESS .. and now?
    • Well first they claimed the blog was shite, these people about the facts and the science?
    • Yeah they never even looked at it .. easily proved
    • They then claimed but a blog is not science, YO!
      • This dude was the one that stated that 460C is higher than 465C
      • Later backed up someone else that accurate amount of CO2, PPM, result in 1.5 to 4 in changes and this was ‘Quite accurate comparatively’?
      • Oh yeah? Uses big words does not know what ‘ACCURATE’ means
      • Did not even give the comparison in his head
      • To the temperature ranges in a desert? DUMBASS!!
      • I mean lets forget the fact that BLOGS are a LOG hence the name .. or think of them like a diary .. but a LOG or a DIARY you can place ..
        • Images
        • Videos
        • Graphs
        • Links
        • Science Documents
        • Other Documents
        • Links to any of the above
        • Others
      • Yeah not real science YO!
      • Best of all he did this without even LOOKING
      • This from a self-proclaimed SCIENTIST
      • All about the science and facts
      • Refuses to even click on any links
      • So the hashtag #NotMyScienceJournal was created to get the message across they were politically driven hypocrite
      • But just how stupid and how much of a hypocrite can these people be?
      • What could I say to anyone who was listening to these people and unsure? Now ‘LET ME FINK?’
        • Sometime AFTER that hashtag and #NotMySceintist was created because they refused to look at scientists that countered their arguments AFTER claiming we had no scientists that disagreed they said the following .. now remember .. I have claimed that these people are both POLTICALLY driven .. and KNOWINGLY LIE and the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES
        • This is what they said and I was all OVER their arses for this one ..
        • But all governments agree AGW is real!”
  • BUT .. BEST OF ALL ..
    • ‘Yeah here is our theory .. its gonna be bad you evil people .. world is ending in all these ways from ten years to twenty .. no more SNOW!”
    • Think that started in the eighties? It was either 1996 something was supposed to occur in Europe that did not materialise? Anyway ..
    • Nothing occurs .. snow is deeper that it has ever been before and widespread cold temps than it has ever been before globally, they claim localised .. as US, Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea, Europe and China is localised .. soo
    • If you want to prove then wrong you have to have a thousand boats and sensors in the pacific ocean while being everywhere else at once?!
    • Except their sensor are not .. but they speak facts and they speak true ..
    • Now proved two very .. VERY DISINGENUOUS things and that was from two days of a long list of this shit .. point it out and do not even have the decency, this lot, to scatter like previous roaches .. just keep on going like little energizer bunnies!
    • No no .. what they do and is the very best one and too fecking stupid because they are so superior, to realise that other people can see it as its blatantly bloomin; obvious
    • The predictions that OTHERS made using their own theories which in all honesty were STAGGERINGLY IMPRESSIVE ..
    • They are and have been EFFECTIVELY stealing these accuate predictions and claiming it was down to .. THEIR OWN THEORIES.
  • Not had a prediction pan out to prove their theories in three decades
  • Opposing theorists have their extremely impressive predictions all come true and still are
  • Marxist Climate Alarmists now claiming correct theories not theirs are down to their theories
  • yeah except the predictions were at opposite ends of the extremes .. remember the white stuff?
  • We are all gonna die? From heat and boil like frogs?
  • Oh they now made a mistake as some of them try to say that what they meant was crazy weather, even I predicted accurately for the whole of 2019, was was going to freeze and drown
  • Yeah except ..
    • The predicted winds .. so much so that many countries spent how much money putting wind turbines in?
    • I have seen hundreds of these in the UK and have yet to see them spinning
    • I hear it is the same issue in Australia and the coal furnaces were shut down and efuel process gone through the roof?
    • Also see a report that stated that the majority of Australians now do not believe in Global Warming any more
    • Plus they just had to bouts of SNOW!

Now you have to agree, unless you have far too many Bats in your belfry, that this is calamitous for these people, yes or no?

Telling you know had the data reversed and AGW had either been proved or looked very likely I would be totally embarrassed to show my face on social media and would have shut down a couple of blogs. AFTER apologising for the error and admitting to it.

But these people? They have skin so thick they would make a Tortoise blush! A Hippopotamus even?

No .. they ran around on social media pretending to be things they are not, claiming to be about the science but showing astonishing levels of ignorance. Use terms where they do no aplpy. Use examples that are not related. Pick and choose what is true and refuse to click and links, insinuate that they have then without looking declare it is shite and not important?!

Marxists have a word that they love to use on others .. well many in fact. One of those is ‘prejudiced’ and its very meaning is to dislike something without knowing anything about it, or doing any research about something.

Now that I have basically explained this attitude and believe me more and more are seeing the lies and getting bullied, harassed and doxxed. Because they are so nice these people they do these things to if you disagree despite them having FECK all evidence and you having a mountain they refuse to look at cos .. well .. SCIENCE YO!!

I am going to give anyone with an ounce of sanity fair warning and you will get what I mean in the video below, if you watch all of it that is. Long, yes. They try to claim only yesterday, a new one and from a low IQ moron, that skeptics areon the level of those of Flat-Earthers.

No .. no .. no friends let me explain ..

In 12 to 24 months there are going to be so many events and so many facts out that being part of the AGW movement that is already being referred to as a CULT .. will wind up with anyone affiliated with it as a cultist to never be trusted.

What I also assure you is this ..

Anyone you lured into your fold or hive mind that are genuinely concerned for animals and passionate about them are going to flee. Sooner or later depending o their level of intelligence.

This is because .. if its going to go extremely cold as opposed to extremely hot you are not doing anything for the animals and are going to cause great harm or extinctions even.

And it wont be anthing like luring into your cult .. they just have to see the OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE for themselves .. or see the scientific facts, like solar cycle charts that show the consistently dropping sunspots, to show AGW is not happening.

An example of this is researching volcanoes, their increasing eruptions, oh God forgot about one idiot that tried to say volcanoes do not emit CO2 because SPIKES in sensors hundred or thousands of miles away did not happen and repeated the question dozens times ..

  • Yeah UPWARDS? Science YO!!
  • Yeah anything that goes into the stratosphere stays up there for years
  • This causes orange skies, purple sunsets and Notcilucent Clouds .. SCIENCE YO!
  • But given the all the countries I did earlier is not enough but sensors thousands miles away need to “SPIKE”
  • Except how much of the planet is covered in water?
  • So how many volcanoes are down there and unmonitored? Oh yeah ..
  • We do not know and 1 to 3 million and none of them
  • Oh and sensors are being made to place CLOSER to the volcanoes but he still asked 5o times where are the “SPIKES”
  • He was more or less intentionally insinuating CO2 does not come from volcanoes
  • Was a PRAT and an IDIOT
  • Well lookee here I go and watch 12 hours after his stammer on ‘SPIKES’
  • USGS ..
  • ‘We do NOT have enough SENSORS and are not MONITORING enough volcanoes’ and were concerned enough and shock a number of people to actually REPORT THAT PUBLICLY

Ah well GSM News talks about this an the early part of their video below and funny that the USGS did this as I was also called a liar when I told them I had a run in with the USGS on Twitter and I am afraid to say it did not go down well for them.

The climate alarmists accused me of lying when I said I tore the USGS a new one and laughed when I STATED they had been lying in reports. YEAH NUMBERS YO! It is not rocket science to count!

Sorry but do these people even KNOW how things like Twitter work?! TIMELINES YOU SCIENTISTS YO!!

Well what I told the USGS, actually called the USBS by some, is that I knew they were lying and that WHEN, not IF, a volcanoe goes off .. they had better leave the service and never admit their association with it in any way shape or form.

Because when the masses later realised you kept them in the dark and lost loved ones or homes over this well .. you have a large amounf oe people that will want to get their hands of you and the number would rather depend on the size and the extent of the catastrophe.


Amazing that scientific bodies need a reality check. What I do is plant seeds in heads and I really do not care whose heads they are. Think, man THINK!

Couple months later and suddenly USGS scientists making reports which seem to be a pre-emptive strike .. for excuses, maybe?

Or maybe they are concerned something might occur and that hey would be hunted down like rats in any aftermath

Personally I think a lot more of people who can admit they was wrong. Not everyone can be right all the time. Not even me. I do make mistakes but I just try very hard to not transfer mistakes I make to my blogs.

Unlike the Marxists that have clearly adopted the Climate Change debacle to achieve their political Dystopia I do NOT tell people how to think.

What I have done for over 8 years now and with no reward, much to the heart ache of my daughter, is simply provide a few ideas for people to look at .. and point them in the right direction.

Let them find out for themselves.

I already know and when you know .. you know. When you have seen the absolute evidence that disproves their theories across many sciences that include animals and evolution to astrophysics there is nothing left.

So I find it amusing when these alarmists keep throwing stuff at me .. and simply cannot comprehend that nothing they throw at me can disprove what I have seen. Nothing.

Can show that animals have evolved over thousands of years because of heat .. and not a few hundred. Can show that it is now going to get colder for many years. Ergo in a very short space of time of a year or two that temps and CO2 they claimed were correlated? Oh and this despite the fact that volcanic activity charts match up to temp charts WAY Better? Yeah the CO2 and temps are going t part ways in a big way.

This will be the end .. but rest assurred they will have BULSHIT excuses for you and at that point?

Believers of fantastical theories will breath a sigh of relief as they wont be viewed as the worse ones any longer as that trophy will be passed over to the climate cult.

I do ask then if they have a tropical island singled out for all of then to go live on for the rest of their lives to hide away?

Any extinctionf rrom cold and they had better start blowing up their dingys!

So it is all interestng as always from GSM News but the first 15 minutes should be taken notice of .. oh and they mention the purple sunsets which like Sundogs, blue lightning (even my daughter has seen now in Wales) and Noctilucent Clouds and increasingly seen at an alarming rate.

Yeah its looking increasingly like the Grand Solar Minimum, YO!

Technically solar cycle 25 should have started this year and a nice lady called Tamitha, I think it is, does a space weather news bulletin. A few times a sunspot appeared and she thought it might be starting. BUT those that predicted though this minimum will be long and quite and match the past one? Well cycle 25 has not officially start yet.

Now as I reported many times previous .. the peak will take 4.5 to 5.5 years to reach and needs to be 150 or more. So wont arrive to 2024 and counting. Should have arrived in 2022 or 2023 so will be late. Oh and that 150 number it needs to be to warm? Predicted to be less than 5o and the cycle 24 was 88!

Put in very simple terms and WITHOUT the volcanic eruptions between now and then .. cooling for 7 years without a doubt! If it is as they predicted .. remember time and numbers? Yeah cycles are 11 or so years long, next peak 2036 or so .. 3 years needed to warming to take effect. Might be lower again or might not arrive at all and that HAS HAPPENED.

The last time cycles stopped was ONLY back in 1645 and referred to as the mini ice-age, went on for fifty years. Officially known as the Maunder Minimum and there have been others.

But this cannot happen because Marxist Climate Alarmists tell you so?! One moron even stated that Zharkova and NASA were wrong wont arrive in the next ten years, despite the evidence of the past ten years and accurate predictions showing that it is.

But this Marxist, trying to make himself look smart but only succeeded in making himself look like a total idiot, then stated a GSM will arrive in 2060?! What a total GENIUS?!

Oh he also trolls and doxxes people and went after David Dubyne of the Adapt 2030 channel on YouTube!

Oh and despite trying to knock them down or slow them down I am close to 10,000 followers in just 8 months .. funny .. 8 years with Google and I am not even close to four figures and on my main blog not even into DOUBLE FIGURES on BLOGGER?! After 8 YEARS?!

Not forgetting they are punishing me by freezing my revenue for 3 years and counting and all those that thought I was mad in real life?

Totally different today .. all angry at the way they have treated me simply for theorising and showing data. My daughter is angry as hell .. wants me to return to her and have not been able to for getting close to two years while trapped in a living hell.

Oh yeah and like I said .. its not just Yellowstone .. you od not need that alone to go off and it may not do either?

As I stated before there are SEVEN supervolcanoes and you do not need a single one to go off to cause trouble. Thinking about it now that could mean a full on ice-age? Mechanics YO!!

No you just need a few, maybe two .. maybe ten, that eject enough material into the stratosphere so eruptions along the lines of 70,000 feet.

There was a little alarm recently when one was reported at this height in Russia. But then it was changed to 21,000 feet .. so not that far out then? Oh no wait, that is MILES out!

I diod not report on it but a few did. Now the situation is confusing as people wonder if it is a cover up to stop the panic? Maybe even deliberately reported as such to claim people like me could be called tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists and de-platformed?

Yeah did I mention I did not report it?

Did I mention that I have to go over and over and over everything?

Did I mention that I try very hard not to transfer my mistakes to my blogs?




For a long, long time now I have used the hashtag of #ProjectDistraction to link together stories that I thought were to distract people from discovering what is really going on.

It is my belief that narrow minded Marxists and Socialists have been let into positions of power because they are so driven, narrow minded and greedy for power that their shenanigans would serve to muddy the waters.

So during this, and I hope they would realise, their hive minds latched onto ..

  • Climate Change but do not give a crap about anyone but themselves
  • Brexit but once upon a time socialists, I know I am related to one, was all about leaving
  • Support Carbon taxes I believed were being syphoned off by the elites to save their own arses at everyone else’s expense?

Now consider the current scenario you find yourselves in?

  • Does it all seem crazy to you?
  • Has it ever been half way as crazy as this at any point in time since any of the wars?
  • Does it not seem to be also affecting large parts of the western world, if not all of it?
  • Would this not match up with pandemonium one would expect to see if some global catastrophic event had been predicted?
  • Or are you naïve enough to think that the governments would behave like they do in the movies? All caring about the little people?

I have argued for many years that man is not behind global warming .. and that ..

  • A long huge rise could be a precursor to a sharp fall?
  • If you put all your eggs in one basket and get it wrong .. there could be hell to pay and no money to pay that fee with?
  • That now it turns out there is a fall and can an d will happen in ten years where the rise took thirty years
  • That an army could be created to protect those in power
  • That now even the Chinese and many other scientists and predicting a sharp global cooling that large amounts of people will have to get moving .. SOUTH
  • Enough to make the sea of migrants look like a walk in the park ..
  • Russia would march south as they would not have anywhere to grow enough food ..
  • So there choices are .. Mongolia, China .. or Europe .. meaning the elites in Europe might need an army?
  • Or they could all be in this together?
  • But they would need to go to the equatorial regions that is overloaded with shite people ..
  • .. that have curiously all been marching north for years ..
  • While AID agencies have been setting up things like safe drinking water in many places again at our expense
  • Because desert regions will likely become land to produce food on .. though they wont be entirely sure where right now, I am guessing?

Sound like an insane tinfoil hat theory?

Well sorry to burst your bubble I am not into those types of theories, regardless of the claims of others and require those things I can easily prove to be the case.

Yeah sorry but here is the pin to the bubble ..

  • Many scientists, NASA included and in China have concluded that the Earth is going to cool until either 2037 though some say around 2060 and the Chinese? Well they say 500 years!!
  • This means that whole nations will have to migrate south as when it gets cold enough there will not be enough suitable land .. there really is no getting around that.
  • There are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it .. you cannot change all those scientific data-sets and ones I have been using against climate alarmists
  • This has all happened in the distant past
  • This would have been many generations back when we did not keep many records or understand very much .. arguably we still do not

The things we have seen the powers that be do and say have been ludicrous .. a seemingly deliberate attempt to incite war or unrest. Either that or a case of severe incompetence in which case they should all be removed from their positions of power.

Asked myself dozens of times if an attempt to get a culling underway was planned .. before the worst of the changes arrive? Because it very much looks that way, some things are sao ludicrously bad and obvious to me and always have been.

I imagine a large amount of sane and real scientists have looked at these things and wondered the exact same things? Its sheer madness and mad things require mad sounding theories. Plausible and entirely possible scientifically .. but mad sounding all the same.

So early on I decided that when I discovered the scientific data .. all the madness now suddenly mad sense. A deliberate attempt to anger and confuse the masses of the western world, set them against each other in the hope of keeping something a secret. Maybe this is the entire world?

Oddly none of these powers topped to think how evil they would appear at a later date and that should the truth eventually come out that the surviving people would group together, hunt them down for years and make them pay?

Helps if you have an army to protect you, no?

But .. what if money becomes .. umm .. worthless?!

Other than being made to pay for years and having two extreme political leanings go at each other the other thing will be asking themselves ..

‘Well where did all those trillions of dollars/pounds/euros go?’

What better way than to start a culling of the people that you will not be able to feed than to create an ever wider political division between to extremes that will become so obsessed that they would not see the wood for the trees?!

Yes and with that being said .. what IF someone was seeing these plans for what they are, pieced all the clues together, realising everyone was being played, has already had some socialists read some of his stuff and get back to him stating they had wondered the same thing?

What if this person had, had his own life and those he cared about utterly destroyed for so long by uncaring and evil bastards .. see their plans and make it his goal to take those plans and blow them into oblivion?

Yeah you see I do not see how anyone that can be that evil and that amoral see themselves as the people to continue on the human race?

This is not the film ‘2012’ where the President played by Danny Glover suddenly thinks about the people at the end and stays behind?

Politics everywhere have been going nuts too and its staggering where we are at .. how many countries in the western world have seen their main political parties fall away? Dropping to places they have never been?!

In the UK Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party just refused a snap election for the first time in history after spending years asking for one even after losing one?!

How did Jeremy Corbyn and Co end up leaders when they were quite obviously very bad choices and destined never to win?

Because they knew that the Marxists would never relinquished their grip on power after waiting for many decades for it and that they would alienate the people of the modern era who would never in a million years vote them into power?

We had Tony Blair who was such a con-man, everyone said was basically a Tory with a greed and obsession who started a war over lies who then got away with and and what do we get in his place?

Basically a weedling version of Stalin?! I mean .. fekking REALLY?! Backed up with a a man thats a liar and a man so angry that he calls for violence on everyone that disagrees with him? All this while telling the people he is all about them? But then in the blink of an eye they take away the people’s right to have a say on No Deal Brexit? When they have told us for two years we did not know we was voting for No Deal? Despite the fact that prior to the referendum there are countless videos of them warning us out is out and wont be any deals?!

I mean fekking REALLY?!

This is standard modern politics in the UK now? Bare-face lying while forgetting we can record everything and nothing on the Internet is ever really gone?

Dying to be PM but now refusing a General Election because he has dropped so low in the polls that he knows damn well he will lose and him and his Marxist friend’s dreams along with their traitorous arses be swept aside?

So rows about ..

  • Politics
  • Identity Politics
  • Agendas
  • That has infected everythign like a virus all our escapism to send us over the edge more like ..
  • Movies
  • TV
  • News Media
  • Radio
  • Tabloids
  • Social Media
  • Now just think about it .. when has ANYTHING like this ever happened in this or maybe even in your country ever before?
  • All at once?!
  • Now rows over ..
  • Armies, once non-existent then suddenly not
  • Tariffs
  • Trade Deals
  • Trading Blocks

Now despite everyone, in real life, calling me mad, as liar they know I am not, I KNEW that back in 2016 I was being screwed over at both WHAT I know and WHAT I was posting.

This was either down to Google but was more inclined to believe that someone was making them do this and I even posted as much back at the time. Yeah .. it can be found that I posted about this back in 2016 and even that I suspected shenanigans a year or two earlier?

Yeah I am good with numbers when it comes to patterns and have a history of shocking lecturers with coming up with answers in my head they absolutely insisted needed algebra to solve.

The number ’17’ is not one I will ever forget!

Later on I realised just how evil some of these social media companies are even happy with using slave labour, hindering people deliberately that were totally honest and professional while having the gall to all be crying at meeting and conferences and what snowflakes .. umm sorry how HUMAN they are. Yeah while fekking people where the un does not shine .. sure you all are you evil, lying, conniving and dishonest Devil’s in disguise.

Played like a string on a guitar like David Gilmour with a plectrum in his best years.

So more and more what seemed like lunacy and complete madness suddenly started making a great deal of sense.

Given something even slightly resembling a ‘Doomsday Scenario’ this is one of the many possibilities I would have come up with as regards the lunacy and keeping the masses in the dark.

I mean .. fro a genius point of view .. well guess an evil genius point of view, cough George Soros, this is the work or pure evil genius.

What it required was another genius that did not possess the same depths of evil.

Unfortunately this would take a great deal of time because we live in a world where people say they are going to help each other and do not and .. well crime and evil does indeed pay while trying to be the hero and save lives and exposing the truth does not.

Well unless your just extremely loud and visually disruptive, that is.

Funny I often think of posting out a simple question if the truth ever did become widely known ..

“Knowing that you had been lied to and manipulated would you want to serve those same people and risk your life to protect them by enrolling in their army?”

Though said army that was claimed did not exist and now does is recently reported to have mandatory service for anyone 16 to 35 .. so after being lied to all your lives .. your forced by these evil people to serve a purpose and that is in protecting them?


Damian most certainly rules the Earth right now and this is the sort of thing I would think took place after the trilogy of The Omen and the prince of darkness succeeded.

Think about it for a moment? I am no believer in religion but if you could just imagine for a moment that God did exist, unless your already a believer of course, does it not feel like the Devil is running the show, right now?

So .. to connect all the dots together and in a stealthy way I came up with the hashtag of ‘ProjectDistraction’ because it was self-explanatory and not immediately obvious.

Other hashtags were already being used and those people already being targeted .. for their videos on YouTube or their blogs.

Now at this point would it surprise you to learn that three of these people not only aare aware of me but also .. follow me? Shocked? But Who are they?

  • The Grand Solar Minimum News Channel
  • David Dubyne of Adapt 2030
  • David Montaigne, author of Pole Shift: The Evidence Will Not Be Silenced
  • There are close to 10,000 followers alone
  • How man other significant people follow me I know not

There will be one idiot I know with an ego problem who once said ‘Why would anyone want to be intrestested in you for’ who I have not spoken to for two years who would have to eat those words now. Because I proved I was right and proved my numbers have been manipulated with.

Yeah then for the first time since being one of the original people, certainly in the UK, on Facebook I got their attention some weeks back. A warning. Over a link to a news story. Did not care .. warned people I might get my account suspended. Did not happen.

Then an article regarding the EU now stating there might be a better deal and my attaching ‘ProjectDistraction’ to it with my usual breakdown and suddenly .. it wont post .. at least not on Facebook!

So here is how it went ..

  • Posted to Twitter
  • Posted to GAB
  • Posted to
    • Oh Lordy .. forgot Tim Pool said facebook bans posts with Minds in as they are an alternative
  • Posted to Parler
  • Posted to Facebook .. oops .. posted to Facebook .. oops ..
    • Seven or so attempts and it just wont go
    • Thought it was too much text and gradually chopped it down, post .. nope
    • Not a single warning or message coming up with the reason ..
    • Then I look at my ProjectDistraction hashtag and realise immediately ..
    • So confident am I, remember my confidence? Recall my 100% accuracy? So confident am I that I make a screen-shot stating that I KNOW that if I remove the hashtag .. it will post .. IMMEDITALELY!
    • Remove just that hashtag and it posts IMMEDIATELY!!
    • OOPS
    • Moral of the story?
    • Evil man and Social Media giants think they should control you because they know what works and what is better for you than you do?
    • Key point here is they think they are ‘smarter than me’?!
    • No .. just NO!
    • Case rested!!

Yeah so below and now for the second time in as many months, to which I have caught them out and posted about it, you can read it and weep.

So then what lies behind the #ProjectDistraction hashtag they DO NOT LIKE?!


Yeah .. so one of the things I would come across with every single pro-CO2 climate alarmists, that is 100% of the time, is that when you mention that things are because of the Sun acting up in ways, plural, never recorded before they claim it has no effect.

The Sun? Has no effect. But the 3% of the 0.04% of the CO2 in the atmosphere that is man-made and recently realized is far less, than the 3% long quoted, does. Which is course can only do what they claim it is doing because of .. what now? The Sun!

But it only affects that 98-99 percent of the atmosphere that also happens to be food for plants and not the evil gas they claim it to be. It affects only that tiny fraction and ignores all else?

Yeah that is how pathetic they are and how it become so blatantly obvious they were not about the planet and were Marxists using the doom and gloom scenarios to push their agenda. How utterly evil. Showing no signs of relief, anger instead, of the data and scientists around the world, photos and videos of snow and reports we are now cooling. Nope .. not relieved that people and animals might die as they insist will happen .. anger that their bashing sticks might be rendered .. well .. redundant.

But they are all about the science though .. only when it fits in with their bullshite claims to allow their agenda to e pushed upon others. Using people’s caring nature of the planet and animals to fold people into their bizarre cult that is all about the science and then jumps on any unproved theory while rejecting absolute facts.

I had predicted early on after my initial findings in January this year that the mechanisms that produce the world’s weather would change. This could be slowly, rapidly or some combination of the two?

From this and this is how it works for me and those on social media simply have NOT figured this out as yet .. when I am very confident of my theories the words I use will go from ‘possible’ and ‘I theorise’ to ‘ yeah this is what is going to happen’.

In January or early February I told several relatives and friends that the weather was going to go wild everywhere even here I the UK. I predicted we would have a great deal of wind, more rain at times than we have been recently used to. I predicted that over the coming few years the big heat-waves would get shorter and lower and in 2020 or 2021 would disappear altogether in the UK.

Of course when they did arrive the climate alarmists were all over it .. they sit on their arses all day looking for reports of some record being broken or some heatwave even though they only lasted a few days and posted it everywhere .. with GLEE I might add.

Yeah .. totally all about saving the planet. No these people want the destruction so that they will get power over you and despite the fact it is not CO2 it is plainly obvious they will twist absolutely everything around to still claim that the cooling is CO2, any mini ice-age is CO2 and is evil man and that they should take over to prevent it from ever happening again.

What will be bizarre is that by this time they will be solely responsible for countless extinctions of entire species of animals that could span much of the globe.

I often posted maps of the atmosphere at these people, who have now mostly blocked me, and asked them would they could deduce from said maps. Despite posting this, and I mean literall, two dozen times or more I never ONCE received a single reply to my question ..

.. but they are all about the science and not agendas.

One bizarre one was on something I had already reported .. and that was a Sudden Stratospheric Warming event. Now remember this are largely not understood. Remember we cannot even predict the common weather events that affect us and are very common. Remember these are common weather events that even today I got correct and those with the money and power and horrific predictions .. got wrong.

But you just know they are going to jump all over this one, right? After all it has warming in the name.

Yeah what I tried to tell them I had already predicted is that the atmosphere has certain mechanisms and barriers in place. I also told them they I had previously theorised and then predicted that these barriers, which keep certain things in place laterally and vertically, were changing and even breaking down. In layman’s terms I put it something like this ..


Up until this point in September I have been using a website that reports on natural events but does NOT report on things like mini-ages, called The Watchers. Earthquakes, Magnetic Pole positions, volcanos, farming news and .. weather are all reported. The more significant reports I post to social media and have done this for many months now.

Just this morning I heard someone say “Where is this hot weather? They said on TV it was going hot again? Why is it cold?” while internally I was shaking my head as I had wrned them about this back in January or February.

Oddly one other stated to me the other day it was supposed to be going hot because he was hoping for a warm September .. so that he could still get out and photograph butterflies and other insects. This one is an attitude problem and gets angry with you and bites your head off for the slightest thing and was nearly told to get out of someone’s car and ‘feck off’ a few days ago. So instead of incurring that wrath I just thought in my head “We will see, eh?” Telling you now this one would make a damn fine socialist. Mainly because he just has not so much of a toe in reality.

He requires serious help and has done for years and everyone knows it .. but they also know that he wont take offers of help, wont go anywhere and ask for help and we all know why this is.

Makes out they know things they often get wrong .. to make it seem like they know a lot more than they do when the fact is they know and understand very little. Now whereas some people, when you correct them, are grateful because from then on they understand things better .. this one? No .. you will get your head chewed off.

Just told a friend on the phone that used to know him and hang around with him what he said to a driver taking us to Sussex when he got in the car. A trip he was told about three days before and had wrongly assumed without being told the trip was not happening. Was not told because I was busy the day before with photography and ended up in pain, out of it and asleep. He also does not want to be told in front of a particular person. A real socialist and narcissistic and resident. So when I had the opportunity the day before I had to keep silent as I would have had my head chewed off for mentioning in front of her. Getting in the car with two people that knows his attitude and this secrecy he wants to keep up about what he is up to he said this .. in a very sarcastic stroppy attitude to someone taking him to Sussex 70 miles away ..

“Next time can I have a BIT MORE WARNING PLEASE!”

To which the one doing us this favour replied “Don’t have a go at me, I thought you knew?” to which he told me later he very nearly told him to ‘feck off out the car’

The entire journey which is a nightmare for me anyway was made a whole lot worse.

I state this little anecdote because this is the attitude I get with a lot of Marxists and these climate alarmists. You present them with facts and they get annoyed with you because you wont ignore said facts and believe there theories and predictions that over three decades have been consistently wrong.

Then facing someone that understands all the sciences involved beyond a base knowledge to varying degrees and who can literally work out an entire science in a night or two .. they tell them they are talking nonsense. Someone with accurate prediction to the weather even the weathermen got wrong. Maybe even globally the weathermen got it wrong.

No one sane or claiming to be all about the science can do that .. not without revealing that they are lying arse-wipes and not about the science at all and all about the politics.

Using bullying, name-calling and attempted shaming into silence using the usual labels is a Marxist tactic. And this is ONLY a Marxist tactic. Quite how they thought no one would work this out is beyond me.

Oddly many prominent YouTubers still have not worked out that global warming is now global cooling and these pushers of the CO2 theory are actually Marxists or Socialists. Still waiting for that day. One of those I can recall is Tim Pool .. only because he mentioned the word ‘carbon’ in a video I watched recently.

So yes they saw the Sudden Stratospheric Event over Antarctica and quickly posted it with ‘See? Global Warming is REAL’ lines.

Which was followed with links to me talking about and and ‘Ooops! This is not only at higher elevations but I also previously posted about it, therefore NOT cherry picking, and scientists state it is poorly understood. I have also told you and told you and effing told you .. I stated back in January that the entire atmosphere is changing in ways we have never witnessed and no one really knows what or why this is happening’

Yeah .. all about the science my fekking arse!

Here is something else too .. I had previously informed them of unusually cool weather in both Australia and New Zealand. A few of them were in Australia and they said I was talking absolute nonsense. But in the link to the SSW Event at the bottom guess what it states? Produces unsually cool and bad weather including frosts in Australia and New Zealand?!

So yeah .. in there very long list of hypocrisy and predictions that never played out they jumped on something that causes cool weather events that they had only recently claimed were not happening.


So in the report of the SSW .. this never happened ..

“Temperatures have been below average month-to-date in New Zealand’s South Island, NIWA said September 10” – NASA

Oh .. dear. These people try so very hard to come across that they are not only intelligent but that they understand the science involved. Unfortunately when you do this and among those of us that do understand it you might as well put a neon sign on your head in Marxist red that states .. ‘lying political agenda’ and possibly with ‘We will cause the deaths of many animals and people but we do not care as long as we get power over others’.

“Apart from warming the Antarctic region, the most notable effect will be a shift of the Southern Ocean westerly winds towards the Equator” -NASA

Oh dear. 2018 too and yet the so called climate alarmists all about the science using theur Hockey Stick OneGraphs seem to have missed this particular memo, eh?

Well this precisely proves what I have posted, written and told them about and they claimed I was talking absolute nonsense. Oh I might add that I predicted increasing snow in Australia that could occur this year but more likely to be 2020 to 2021 and beyond. A few weeks later, might have been mere days, it snowed.

Yup they still told me I was talking a Bull’s dangly bits.

Another bizarre thing they stated at me .. and this was after posting photos of record snow from the USA, Europe, Canada, Russia, China, Korea, Japan and many others countries, is that this was, are you ready for this?

“LOCALISED”?! Yeah three of the largest countries on Earth with a string of others and it means nothing and is localised?

Then in another post these so-called science enthusiasts then claimed that global warming was real because it was hot in their garden that day?!

Absolute fekking morons of a level that goes beyond anything that an SSW could possibly reach and then some! Highly dangerous, extremely damaging and will, in time, prove to cause the very things they claim they are all about stopping ..


They also stated that photographs and videos were not science or part of the scientific process? Well of course not as it damages there primary agenda that is hidden by their fake claims to be all about caring and nature. Yeah so I had to point out to them this ..

‘Hey .. you so called saviours of Earth and animals .. you that claim your all about the science .. sorry to have to break it to you but did you miss the memo on ‘observational data?’

At this point they had gone beyond ludicrous and having been blocked by several of them previous on a thread of well over 50 people .. several more started to block me.

Yes because that is what you do when your all about saving people, children, animals and plants .. you block yourself from hearing things that you do not want to hear and in so doing block yourself off from data.

Also and as I stated not one single time out of many thousands of people pushing this CO2 bullshite .. and NOT ONE ever responded with ‘Oh God, that is a relief .. looks like it is not us?!’

The upside to this? Well the fact is that it being natural would suggest its happened before, it has, and that nature will likely survive it as they have survived it before?

HOWEVER .. that being said .. we also know that extinction have taken place on Earth for millions of years and to varying degrees. From the odd species or two to mass extinctions.

It is very hard, nigh on impossible mostly, to know the reasons why this is and I am sure there are still debates about the comet that wiped out the Dinosaurs.

Now I will say that I have stated for years that these ice-ages may be periodic as a result of being struck by said comet in the first place. The Earth’s temperature must have been a lot more stable for such huge creatures to evolve .. but you could not imagine this happening now, right? Larger size requires more food and these long winters, mini ice-ages and events like the Younger Dryas would prevent such things. Reminds me of a joke someone put out recently regarding Greta Thunberg getting her data from her Ice Age 2 DVD.

Yeah so ‘observational data’ is not science apparently? Here is a image taken from The Watchers where scientists use observational data which is obviously a lie because Marxists masquerading as Friends of the Earth or Extinction Rebellion claim its not used ..

Oh dear!

So the next time a bullshitter climate alarmist is giving you their ‘facts’, a hockey stick OneGraph they played no part n the process of, remember these few simple facts ..

  • The Sun has gone to sleep .. it is NOT dead
  • The larger the volume, think fish aquarium, the longer it takes for the temperatures to be effected
  • Water takes far longer than air does to change its temperature
  • I worked on the basis at the start of the year that while unusual heat could be occurring in some places it would likely be flooding in other places that never see it
  • Badgering is not debating
  • Denying without producing evidence to back you u is not debating
  • Name-Calling is not debating
  • Blocking is not debating
  • Zero emotional response to observational evidence that we are not killing the planet means you do not possess the capacity to care as your not relieved

For many months I have been trying to get help .. for my daughter and me .. from somewhere. While at the same time working through a humongous amount of pain and anxiety and along with the memory issues to get a large portfolio of photographs together ..

On a bench on a cliff top with a brother to do some astrophotography my battery runs out as I am taking pictures of a series of chalk cliffs in Sussex in the golden hour. Using Neutral Density filters to do so I have been waiting to do for two years.

Remember that .. TWO YEARS I have owned my ND filters and turns out I am missing a strong one I need, called a ‘Ten Stop ND Filter’ too. Two years. Finally I take a few pictures ..

Only the battery runs out before we switch over to astrophotography and I realise I do not have my spare battery. I own four of them!

Walking back to the car .. I have to stop four or more times as by this stage I am struggling .. and all this because my daughter wants me to return to live with her in Wales. And because the DWP and British public services including the Judges, courts and British Legal System are a bunch of evil, lying, amoral c*nts that do not give flying crap about anyone.

Going to back to the car I am hoping that I can use the car to charge up the camera battey using the camera body? Yeah except despite every other camera I ever owned able to do this the micro-USB port is called a ‘Multi-Port’ and ‘charging’ turns out to be one of the things this port does not include .. so WHY ON EARTH they call it a ‘MULTI-PORT’ I have zero idea.

It does, however, have a DC port on my Sony A99II .. but it has a funny shape socket and I wonder whether or not this is a standard SLR port? Not having owned one for years and a Canon I cannot recall. The one I am with has a Canon 7D so I leave my camera in the car as my hip, back and shoulders are killing me, along with my legs, and head back.

Nope .. his does not have the same port .. oddly a double USB port like my Seagate external hard drive has?! So much for standardisation to stop shit like this happening and causing frustration and loss of time and money, eh?

Still it went cloudy and the Moon was a little over half full so the astrophotography did not take place anyway. But I still missed some great shots of the Moon reflecting across the surface of the sea with a ship lit up directly below the Moon!

A shot like that could have generated a lot of interest .. got me out of this living hell .. back with my daughter and my life getting easier ..

.. except with all that being said and though I digressed a little .. seeing the science data that I have I wonder and fear for what will happen over the next two or three years, I gave 2024 is the nightmare year, I wonder what I am doing this for?!

Those around me that contribute to my life and health being a living nightmare? I look at them and think to myself .. ‘with what we have coming your crying your eyes out over .. this?!’ These would be ..

  • Milk has run out they claim they never use anyway
  • Someone used Kitchen Towels despite there being rolls of it
  • Someone used the wrong cheese
  • One out of four toilet rolls on a pole is missing
  • A room is untidy
  • Milk they do not use has not been taken out of the freezer despite it being pointed out there is no need to do this, its NOT their milk .. there are more than four shops selling milk right across the road
  • These are the end of the world scenarios for a narcissistic socialist who claims to have had the worst life imaginable and competes with me over this ..
  • Which many laugh at including a social worker friend of mine and they roar with laughter over and state she needs serious psychiatric help
  • This is also people that stated I was talking rubbish but since realised my weather predictions for the whole year was spot on and ..
  • Now have noticed certain foods disappearing from supermarkets including many types of potatoes on one occasion

Guarantee you this has not only gone on for years .. over 15 years my predictions have been right ..

  • Financial Crisis
  • Austerity
  • Public Services lying and corruption
  • Donald Trump winning
  • Terror Attacks .. with recorded evidence
  • Fake News being fake news
  • Donald Trump winning
  • Jeremy Corbyn losing ..
  • .. and among many many others with 100% accuracy .. BREXIT!

.. and they will STILL ARGUE with me.

Of the three here one does not talk to me .. and what HE DOES is turn off my router in my room every single night around 8pm until midnight so when I should be at my most productive online I have to switch to Virgin Media’s utterly shite router downstairs and it drops the signal constantly. There is one single awkward position that it will hold the signal longer. But its .. awkward and causes my chest to hurt.

Everyone tells me to keep going, well other than the two morons here that seem to think I am wasting my time, that if I stop going online, they bloody would not do that, I stop getting targeted except ..

.. when they say these utterly stupid things I ask them what it IS that I should be doing then? All I get is crickets and the cry of an Eagle up on high. The lights are on but nobody is home.

Sanity is often a difficult thing to hold on to and hence why my daughter is constantly talking about me going back up there and yet I have no means to do this currently.

If I did I would be gone!

Knowing what I know I get heart issues over stuff that is insignificant. Some that speak to me are utterly astrunded of those living in this building. If each of them knew what the consensus of opinion was on each of them .. you would have a meltdown that would make Krakatoa erupting look like a pish poor fountain in our local park.

All I want to do is live my life in peace and contribute in a way without the usual obstacles actually means something.

After it was obvious Google were screwing with me I turned to social media to get the truth across and help build up my blogs and make a wider audience aware of not only my presence but what it is I know along with my abilities.

Do not want to appear on TV or in the news media mind you, especially in their current fake news type state, that is for sure.


So .. I have been busy on several fronts .. honestly thought several times I was about to buy the farm .. in one incident twice in a matter of seconds.

Several dumb arsed cyclists almost killed me .. causing me to swerve drastically as they second guessed a light change wrong. Then my heart while I was on a bike was going crazy. First time that has ever happened while riding a bike.

Due to the lack of help I pushed myself to get photographs with my one single possession I have left .. my professional camera. Only I thought I had a week of peace and quiet to do it with the resident narcissistic, amoral and resident socialist away for a week with the sad sack of shite that turns my router off every night going with them. Except it was a nightmare.

Someone that had not spoken the the bullying socialist decided while we were out together that he would come in the house. After two years of not speaking to them due to their ways and amoral, though she does not see it, ways.

He then sees damp in the bedroom and having done a fair bit of decorating decides he will do it and will only take a couple of days. Ten days later ..

This went on the whole week two others were supposed to get a break .. this included looking after children at the same time while also trying to get out to do some photography.

We ended up at Cuckmere Haven in Sussex and a place I was familiar with as a child.

That went wrong on every level and it was only spotting a patch where we saw Common Blue, Adonis Blue, Clouded Yellow and a single Bath White Butterfly along with Painted Lady Butterflies that it did not end up being a complete disaster. Giant Green Grasshopper of some kind too. Personally I missed getting a shot of that. Stonechats I could not get close to, Linnets and some off looking Wagtails what must have been some odd form of White Wagtails.

This place had a huge car park and was always very quiet and to get to the beach was close to a 2 mile walk. Half a mile to a mile across too. So over four miles to do the whole circuit. There are reportedly over 200 species of birds which includes the Kingfisher.

Only when we arrived the car park seems to have shrunk .. there was a building for boating I do not recall .. you now have to pay like everywhere else in nature to park and .. it was packed to the rafters with people.

Another odd thing was the amount or Orthodox Jewish families .. I used to live there and you never used to see Jewish people .. do not recall them at all years ago in fact. That day I must have seen over 20 families? Maybe they have been getting away from London for years? The threats that are building up with each passing year? Know some that went to Israel because of this. Wish I could get away .. again!

We did not do the circuit .. a series of little calamities took place .. nearly getting locked on one car park as was parked in the wrong one. Tailgate to new car hitting a height restriction in another car park later. Plus we only got around half-way to the beach .. so the white chalk cliffs remained annoyingly out of range of my camera.

The cliffs also had people walking up them and I had not visited the area since the 1990’s and despite that the place felt both familiar and bizarre. I just could not get used to the amount of people and it seemed like the so called Wildlife Trusts, which are not to be trusted these days, were trying to commercialise the place?

Despite not being familiar with the place .. even the two I was with now realising how far away the beach was could not get over just how many people were walking up and down that length to get to it. At one point a Spitfire flew over and we started to speculate whether or not there was some air show on in Eastbourne and people were heading to the beach or the cliffs to watch it? I also spotted a mast where there should not be one above the ridge to the beach .. so maybe there was something else going on? We never got down far enough to find out.

In between all this I was still trying to get out .. spent the entire week with several damn pains that had me almost praying for some off the shelf drug that would not only deal with it but give me energy to do what I needed to always have one in mind but not because I have ever taken it .. as I have not, but because of what I am always told it can do. Honestly sounds like heaven to me these days.

Despite that week being over the previous Sunday, today being Wednesday, I have still not fully recovered. Another thing about this damn health condition .. it has a nasty delayed reaction and seems to take longer and longer and longer to recover from overdoing it.

I am my own worst enemy as overdoing it is hard to judge and I tend to push myself further and further until I end up having no choice but to overdo it.

Was also supposed to try and sell something, difficult to do for several reason, in that week but that did not happen and now the effing socialist is back it makes it hard along with a couple other reasons.

Ended up cycling to the Banksy Tunnel at Leake Street, Waterloo though that was not the plan when I left the building. Spend my entire time panicking internally about things due to situation and lack of funds. ‘What if this breaks down?’ and ‘What if I run out of this or that’? That sort of thing which just adds to the damned anxiety which adds to my heart issues.

Yesterday I did nothing and yet so tired from a few days before not only was I suffering anxiety but my heart was playing up and I had not exerted myself in any way to cause it either yesterday or the day before.

Been trying to second guess and judge this disability for years and as people on social media know .. I am very good at second guessing. Pretty good predicting rate going back way before this blog even started 7.5 years ago now.

But this condition of Fibromyalgia? Impossible.

So on social media I have been a bit .. absent a day or two here and there. Seem to recall one being worried I had gone altogether. Stating he always enjoyed reading my posts.

Funny is it not? I am popular among people into various areas of wildlife, yes it does have various areas. Butterflies, Dragonflies, Fish, Reptiles and amphibians the list goes on. You would never believe this looking at my numbers on Blogger or YouTube. Ahem .. messed with numbers on those platforms, I mean.

Same applies for all the different areas too .. various sciences and politics. Everyone I ever met said I should go down a storm .. yeah still waiting for that. So help has not come .. and so I ended up contacting a famous .. help and advice agency .. and umm ..

Just prior to my horror week I met them and they told me that after a phone-call with me that they had put out an alert .. and someone was supposed to get in contact with me in 5 days. Not only was I shocked that they did this .. but three sitting there were shocked that no one had got in contact with me and they asked if I was sure.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why this was?

I was emailed yesterday morning, now around two weeks or more on, and asked if anyone had contacted me. The answer was ‘no’.

This was a famous, household name and nationwide agency whose name I will not divulge at this time. One chap seemed OK his mate set my alarm bells ringing when he said “.. the damn Tories!” and I answered “My friend .. I do NOT trusty any of them!” and thought to myself if he even so much as MENTIONS Jeremy Corbyn I will explode.

Oh yeah and I told them I did not trust anyone .. did not trust them and it became clear they were leftists and socialists in mere minutes of the 90 minutes I was there.

Never understood the agencies idea of telling you to do the obvious things you already know you have to do and the damn ‘talking cures’. Was told something a little different to that I was told on the phone .. and then I was told to lie. Go figure!

So photographs, being told the obvious and to lie, cannot find my medical records for them due to everything going on, painting and decorating, cycling too far .. heart issues, two pains in my back, weak knees and very tired legs and a pain in my arse .. literally! And then ..

Wars on social media to the point that a guy that set up a parody of David Dubyne of Adapt 2030 channel on YouTube decided I was now his number one target. Well one and two actually but we wont go there, eh?

Added to this Greta Thunberg kept coming up and this whole thing with that girl was simply ridiculous and it became clear that climate alarmists were not merely naïve fools .. they were actively ignoring and dismissing actual scientific facts while insisting they was all about the science. While they swore, hurled labels and insults at you. I realised they were Marxists masquerading as people caring about the animals and the planet. No .. what also become very clear is they do not care about the planet at all. When lives and even extinctions are at stake you DO NOT dismiss scientific data out to you as a knee-jerk reaction unless you clearly have an agenda. And there agenda does not include saving the lives of any people or animals. I had started to expose this and it was NOT going down well.

So this Marxist in Australia blocked me on his David Dubyne fake account .. he had now done this three times across different accounts. And then within an hour or two I get ..

A phishing email that was created in Australia that assumed I was American probably because I have a lot of MAGA people follow me and talk to them about Trump. The email pretending to be Facebook asked me to send copies of my driver’s licence and photo in as my account had been restricted.

Now this Marxist had his first name of Thomas found out and was mention by other on Twitter he flew into a rage and accused people of doxing and wanting them arrested. For his first name. Doxing? Laughable.

But this is the person sending out phishing emails to someone that has proved him wrong for a few months without fail where has has not succeeded once against me, like so many others.

This in the back of me harping on about little Greta foolishly posting a picture of herself with an Antifa tee-shirt on proving my point, News reports of members of Extinction Rebellion also leaving claiming to be disillusioned while whispering ‘Marxist agendas’.

Your agenda cannot be communism, anarchy and destroying the west while at the same time protecting the lives of people and animals.

Overthrowing the west and destroying democracy will cause anarchy and the protection afforded to children and animals fall away and they will suffer and die. You cannot have it both ways. Naive people need to wake up before they do more harm than good. Your being used.

They love to claim that most if not all scientists agree that global warming is man made and down to CO2 ..

No they do not and no it is not nor has it ever been. They are lying to you and I have put the facts to thousands and all the top people and all I get is silence. Now why would this be? Think about it.

They had already fired a large number of state climatologists in America by 2011 far speaking out about it being down to man and CO2.

A man I think invented the sensors to measure sediment for the Great Barrier Reef in Australia was fired for stating that the reef was actually growing and it is not down to CO2.

An atmospheric scientist based in the UK contacted me after I posted the video of the Australian scientist, below, stating that in the UK many knew it was not CO2 but scared for their jobs, mortgages and pensions. So the western world then?

Finally a video below shows Christopher Monckton, first time coming across him, talking about two scientists in Ireland who proved also that global warming is nothing to do with man or CO2 and were due to give lectures at a university when they were cancelled .. TWICE. Reasons given was threats from hard-left groups.

Why? Because they know its true and the only thing they have to try and control those below them they are treating as both stupid and naïve. Using your caring nature towards plants, animals and children to attain the power other others they so crave in their never-ending push for Dystopia.

Only I discovered one simple fact about these people .. those being used as pawns for this push towards Marxism .. are God damned low IQ morons! Every single time. Even one that goes around doing talks to audiences who can barely muster up followers of four figures on his Twitter account.

But they try ever so hard to come across that they know what they are talking about. Always having between 24 and a few hundred followers mostly they speak in threads trying to lure in others .. except after trying to hijack many of mine over a dozen times I laid waste to every thread he produced. Link after link, photo after photo, video after video and some history lessons on climate going back way, way .. WAY before the Industrial Revolution started. Like how Vikings used to produce grain and raise Sheep on Greenland and how it once had trees growing.

Think about that for a moment. 980AD in Greenland and t had trees so was warm enough, long enough for that tree to grow to full size. And its parent tree had enough time to grow to full size and produce seeds. But how was said trees pollinated? How many tree generations grew on Greenland prior to these trees?

If you was a believe in man-made global warming and was led to believe that we are at our hottest point right now on Earth .. well .. we clearly are not are we? So .. you was lied to was you not?

Now I will tell you what I have said for 15 to 20 years and I only found the scientific data to prove much of what I said this year of 2019. One I found myself atop a mountain in Calabria Italy in 2001.

Like many things in nature the temperatures wax and wane. There has been a warming period and I put this down to not ever really reaching a flat solar minimum in 33 years not allowing it to get too low .. along with three rising solar maximums. That is all gone which is why your seeing a lot of snow and its predicted to continue this downward trend until 2037. And WHAT I always said that before a big drop into a cooling or mini ice age period .. you might get a big rise.

These solar cycles last for around 11 years give or take so a series of rises or a series of drops could take 30 to 100 years or more?

Little did I know that long spoken theory would turn out to be correct.

Particular posts of note on this blog that would highlight just how evil the Marxists of modern day are and how they would turn against you or your children in a heartbeat .. you should look up the posts ..

  • The Magnetic Flip Side .. part one In over twenty parts
  • Country of the Damned
  • A Frightening Truth
  • The Socialist’s Dream
  • One Million Victims
  • The Solar Prediction
  • The Revealing Realities

Just a few among the 3,800 plus I think it now is that just about every public service and every social media giant has spent several years trying to bury. Oh and very literally.

I have been treated so badly I wish they had just shot me dead. I have been called right-wing, far-right, Nazi, Alt-right and all manner of things. I tend to let them carry on and even wind them up and encourage them to go further with the labels. This can continue for days or weeks on end and I have become well known for it.

Te truth is you do not get to re-label and redefine everything to suit your evil plans for world domination. Officially, and thinking these days I would come out more centre-right, I am centre-left and a hairs breadth from Gandhi. So to call me these things you have to label Mahatma Gandhi them also. That is how ridiculous stupid, absurd and how much of a liar these people are.

Very literally if your big on honesty .. yeah your going to find it very uncomfortable before long, if you are not already, being involved with these leftists .. the UK’s Labour Party .. the Democrats in the US or elsewhere. Hear of Australia and New Zealand having issues.

It is like Damien from the film The Omen is running the world .. but not from a public position .. from somewhere in the background and using children to play the heart strings of potential blind fools. Maybe .. George Soros?

So are you happy with Jeremy Corbyn? Oddly I have asked him, John McDonnell and other top Labour MP’s several times if they have explained to their naïve followers that they are redefining ‘democracy’ now, which apparently means a ‘coup’ while carrying out ‘coup’ is ‘democracy .. I have asked if he has explained that wrong-thought leads to wrong-vote and that if Prime Minister he would do away with a General Election?

I have asked this dozens of times and this has gone of for many weeks and curiously not a single politician has responded.

Also curious is how Corbyn was a laughing stock for years but now where he currently is and asked who put him there because its .. just too suspicious. A terrible and stubborn Marxist leader where everyone, even Margaret Beckett admitting she was a moron to nominate him, where he could cause the most amount of division.

If you look on the face of it .. he stubbornly refuses to step down but what have they achieved for anyone? Where are they now? Can you EVER see him being voted in? Do not like the way the country is being run? Well it has not changed and not likely to change while he is leader of the Labour party is it? Even if he did become Prime Minister it would only get a lot worse for British people and the some.

So .. is he doing good? Or will you, or indeed are you, realising that he is not only doing a lot of harm but now showing that he is self-serving?

After demanding a General Election in every other sentence they all now do not want one .. because they know they will lose and also fear that the British will vote to show they want a No Deal Brexit and the people are not allowed to decide for themselves. Marxists do not allow that!

Do you think they have a say in mainland China?

Have you seen how the Marxists have been in solidarity, good lord I hate that word, with people in Hong Kong? People who openly asking for Donald Trump to help them, Britain to rule them again and fighting against another controlling communist regime?

A socialist leftist idiot woman challenged Avi Yemini in a video recently and mentioned Hong Kong and when he stated what they were saying she called him a fascist liar. “No they are not, don’t lie” or words to that effect.

You have gone out of your way to protest and cause trouble .. travelling down to some city centre to falsely accuse others and you cannot even do your own research on the people your talking about?!

Woman was an effing moron!

Or maybe they are doing what hey usually do .. ‘Oh that leftist society like every other one that has filed in the past was the wrong type .. ours is finally the one after hundreds of years that will work and its all based on lies and burying the truth along with scientific facts, history, maths and ignoring evolution and psychology’?

No! Your all fekking idiots!

Oddly enough ex Conservative Party member Christopher Monckton correctly said that about the Conservative party and Michael Gove in particular. He went further too and it is in the video below ..

Take a listen to this video shot in Ireland and here about those scientists that were silenced .. twice and HOW they were silenced and more importantly .. WHY!

The question remains to be answered .. are we living in a democracy or is it now just the illusion of a democracy because of late I have shifted to the latter I have to admit.

Spent years working .. for the truth and doing the things I want to do and they have constantly refused help and taken things away from me.

It is akin to running towards the light at the end of a tunnel in pain and memory issues and its getting further and further away and spent years feeling like I am slowly dying and will finally keel over right at the mouth of the tunnel just as I am about to achieve something?

Truly is a bizarre and evil world ruled and run by people that are amoral liars hell bent on being drunk on overall power over others.

All the time with the science telling us, in unprecedented ways, that we are heading towards a big drop in temperatures that could result in a mini ice age that will make any warming period look like a walk in the park.

Marxists banging on about climate science when they not long ago discovered a star, Methuselah Star, that is older than the actual age of the universe and its only 200 light years away? Really?! Was never comfortable with their methods of applying ages to the entire universe. Never.

Remember .. video above ..

  • The Hard Left know they are wrong and therefore know they are lying
  • This is why they threaten violence and jobs to shut down science
  • They are lying to you and they KNOW IT
  • They call people Nazis because they are so scared they will be called it

Now study this picture .. VERY .. CAREFULLY .. the authoritarianism runs across the top .. from right all the way to the left.

And is someone once said below ‘There are two types of fascists, fascists and antifascists.

Both ends will punish and happy to maim, injure or even kill those that do not agree or they just do not like.

It has got to this because a large number of people have buried their heads in the sand, I refer to those as sandheads, or placed them in a bucket. This is what happens when the majority ignores shite.

I have not ignored this since 2010 to 2011 and arguably long before. Worked my backside off since 2012 and it would appear there is a lot of money to be made in being a fascist or lying.

Not quite so rewarding if your trying to be the honest level headed hero type trying to expose everything.

As for them .. looks like the perfect plan to create division, incite violence and start a civil war .. what better way to be the evil opportunists they are and take over?