There are things in pipelines. Plural.

I have a had a strong feeling about 2015 being quite something in the way of revelations and that many were coming.

I also felt that much was going to change with me and with many of my blogs.

Stated thinking this in December 2014.

Many things already happened and most earlier than I expected. A few things presented themselves to me. What turned out to be fairly big then looked bloody huge but then… err shrunk a little.

Still, what turned out to be one thing turned into several…after shrinking back down from a dozen or more.

For a time I thought I had found a path I had been searching fur years to end everything in one fell swoop?!

Still, these things in their own pipelines may lead to the bodies I seek to put an abrupt end to the remaining battles?

Rest assured that it not only has a high potential to end done if the biggest revelations asking with the most fantastical sounding but it is highly likely to. Make no mistake on that!

The other enemies I made have got a stay of execution. How long for I do not know but I believe it will happen in 2015 nonetheless. It rather depends on what I get told next whether this be sooner or later.

But despite not publishing the details of what I speak of right now I will in about two months time. Just in time for what I publish to… sink in. So around mid April I will post a few things up but which could turn into a mountain by then?

I will also add that I have a health problem… AGAIN?! I visited my GP and I got told to stay for awhile and a double appointment ended up a triple appointment! I had high levels of cholesterol again and blood pressure weeks back now which I posted about at the time. Well there have been some… developments.

I was prescribed Ramipril and Astrostatin…or whatever the later is called. First I was on 2.5 mg of Ramipril and then put up to 5mg of the drug and assumed this had sorted out everything. Except at the end if my appointment I was told to look at a particular notice board for a support group and take my blood pressure on their machine. A very nice young lady and extremely attractive came up to me while I writing down details and handed me a sheet of paper with the details on?! I told them they need to stop because they are far too professional and putting all other GPs to shame! She laughed. I then knocked on my GPs door and handed him the blood pressure results. He took one look and came out of his surgery closing the door behind him. Looking serious he said I had to do it again but had to sit down in the waiting room for ten minutes relaxing and taking deep breaths?! Great! I did as he requested and knocked on the door again with the results and there was a pause as he finished off with the patient that was there. He came out and took one look at the results and said I had better come back into his surgery. Some ‘uming’ sounds were made as he contemplated what to do about it. He asked me and I said I trusted his judgement and he said I needed more drugs as my blood pressure was way too high. Oh God damn it I have to go get the box from downstairs now!

Amlodipine 5mg.


Hmm I wonder if poisons can raise your blood pressure? I have been feeling dreadful of late and it’s one thing after another. A long period or raised blood pressure would cause something looking like…. well natural causes with heart failure or heart attack or kidney failure. Those are just the ones I am aware of right now. Dying of one of these would not raise much suspicion. Maybe I have Poloniitis?! Lol. Sorry I just made that up as I thought it would be funny?! Lol!

I have to pop back early next week and this time I think I will check my own blood pressure while I am there as I would have been taking this new blood pressure pill for 5 or 6 days and I am interested to know if my blood pressure has changed?

I recently had not one barrage of tests as long as your arm but two! They found nothing but not only I but my GP one there was… something.

My uncle and my father both died in their mid fifties but knew nothing of the possibility we had Fibromyalgia and as far as exercising was concerned, never happened and my father’s diet at least was the worst imaginable and I always told him it would be the end of him!

My diet does not come close to that if my father’s and for many periods was on a different planet as I had a strict diet of meat and vegetables only and no potatoes in any form and no bread. This worked brilliantly for me and my conditions but came to a halt five years ago when I lost my disability money. Progressive ailments like Fibromyalgia do not help either as most evenings I am very stiff and in pain and many bodily contortions are painful too. In a tiny house that’s far too small and everything you do is contortions. Lips and hips?! You must be joking?! I am active… mainly because I hate sitting around and loathe boredom as things get depressing very quickly.

I also cycle. A lot, and though this slows down and stops in the winter I have been out for several hours at a time several times in the last couple of weeks.

As I stated previously I stopped smoking two years ago and my diet has improved the last month too.

I have done everything in the last two years that would send my cholesterol hurting towards the ground as well as my blood pressure. But it’s heading in the complete opposite direction to that which it should be. I have done everything I have been told to do as well as take a pill but it’s still way too high!

A similar reading next week and I think some phone calls are going to get made? Good God I hope I don’t get carted off to hospital or worst still told to get on a bus?! That would be typical but I just remembered the bus stop to the hospital…err one of them is right outside the surgery.



Anti UKIP protestors?

What the hell are anti UKIP protestors and more importantly, why?!

I never heard of these people before and I am somewhat shocked to be honest. Confused too.

Now I don’t know much about UKIP or its individual members and Nigel Farage always makes sense when I hear him in interviews but I don’t know about all his policies or beliefs. But then I don’t know about any of them.

For what seems like years members of parliament get caught out doing underhanded things. But it has taken a lot of time to catch these people out. A lot of training to keep things hidden for so long?

To me the old parties have wrecked this country and I do find it shocking that a protest group causes trouble to a party that has only had a few members she they are not as good at being secretive about their feelings or beliefs. A party that was not… well party to the state of the country.

So what exactly do these protest groups hope to achieve? Do think that they are all just going to say ‘OK we will disband?’ Do they think that they will improve the terrible state we are in?!

I have previously mentioned a local business who 6 months ago or so took his smallest amount of money on a Saturday. That was £56! No kidding. We had all been hearing how we are doing better but the customers locally in Enfield were telling us something else entirely. For awhile I asked about the Saturday takings to see if it was going up or down but apart from a few quid it remained on a level. I stopped asking after several months.

Today he informed me that he has only taken around £45 and that the previous Saturday he had taken £34?!?! My jaw simply and quite literally…dropped. He saw the shock on my face and said “I know!”

I spoke to others too in the last few days that stated it was dreadfully slow and quiet recently. To try and understand it and tell themselves it was only temporary they stated it was down to the fact that a general election was mere weeks away? But why? Because UKIP might end up in power? That is seriously unlikely and despite the protest group they are popular with many people. That in itself is saying something. It is also refreshing that a party that makes sense and cares about the country arrive when the main there have run is into the ground and kept us there.

So looking at it this way hopefully you can understand that I shake my head in disbelief at people putting so much effort into something that won’t achieve whatever it is they wanted towards people who have said a few stupid things. Wrong things at times, admittedly Gbit they are people not wanting to be embroiled in the spin, lies and secrets.

But it seems this group would much rather have parties that day what they want to hear and promised stuff that never arrives? How bizarre!

I certainly hope that they have a history of protesting over things that are far worse? I also how that they protest over some of the things that are currently being exposed and the rest of it throughout 2015?!?!

Do they know that children throughout the country have been beaten, raped and killed by two completely different groups of people? One home grown and of celebrity and power status and one of a group not born in the UK and only here to extort, rape and pillage and then hold their hands out and fraudulently take a fecking shed load of taxpayers money without the taxpayers being asked?! Are you aware of that? Children that were let down by Social Services in a long list of local councils and Police that ignored them and covered it up which was a series of actions so bad that it would destroy local government and police forces across the country?! So bad that the first one has been declared unfit for purpose and commissioners placed to run it which I how is not the only time this takes place because the media coverage will help convince the public that things are being done so that they avert their gaze elsewhere and then the other councils ignored?!

Where the feck were you in these situations?! But you turn up and fight in the street like common criminals or peeved people with no self control over things not that serious when compared to anything else exposed in recent times?!

My good God, I am glad I don’t live in a community of people like that! I would probably be chastised for having different colour Crocuses in my front garden to the rest of the street and get an ‘official’ warnings post? Lol!

If people like this are willing to look so… pretty on TV and in the tabloids they better be prepared to be judged. It always seems like a good idea to vent your anger publicly but you had better give it some forethought first. Like looking at other things going on at the same time, comparing your spat with them and then aging yourself how it would look to the rest of the public.

I might also add that making the same mistakes that government, public services and local government make asking with a large number of celebrities and powerful people in not realising how fast, far and wide the Internet is. Your not just going to be on the Internet fur the British people to see but the entire world.

So your cause had better be a worthy one!

I can also yell you that too much of the public being narrow minded and not seeing the bigger picture are just going to aid in keeping the country in the doldrums. Many, many factors can keep us down and some week be big with greater effects and some will be small.

Many small mistake make a very big one. Many small mistakes across a large enough percentage of the British public week be utterly catastrophic that could last for many years!

Maybe I could suggest a dose of perspective and a course in prioritizing?!

Gee whizz!

UKIP spring conference leads to clashes in Margate –


Oh dear. Of dear, oh dear, oh dear.

It is a shame really what is happening in Russia in recent times. Always wanted to visit and always found Russians to be nice people. Would not want to visit while Putin is still president I can tell you!

Ex deputy prime minister, I think he was, Boris Nemtov has been shot dead according to the BBC report in the link below. Worse and weirder still is the fact that he had previously stated that he thought President Putin was, or is, going to have him killed?!

I think this will price to be President Putin’s biggest and final mistake.

The trouble with Putin, and not the only one, is that he was an old school Russian and weirder still part of the KGB old school. These are made up of people against the rest of the world through genuine and outdated fears or those that want to just conquer the world!

That latter remark might sound off or even far fetched but I will never forget a Russian woman tell me something years ago when I asked if she learnt her exceptional use of English in school. “Oh no… they did not teach you foreign languages when I was at school… it was not allowed” when I asked why foreign languages were not allowed she then surprised me by saying “because we were taught that eventually, one day the while world would be speaking Russian”?! Oooh!

So I learnt a lot from the few Russians I had as friends as well as those I met briefly online over the years.

That sounds like an era in Russian history that Putin grew up with, for educated and trained in and belonged to that latter type of works domination dreaming Russians. Oops. This is what I have always thought of him.

I find it odd that people on a rise in power want to protect their beliefs by telling their pepper they want to protect them and then start milling their own when they do not agree with their views.

So, yes Putin… the way to protect mother Russia is to bully other countries, ignite what your people want by rigging the elections and then start shooting the ones that tell others why they don’t agree with you? Twat!

Now before I get into what I think will happen now I want to state that whenever foreign countries have sided with Russia over some spat, like at the UN over the middle East, they side with someone who refused to reach there inferior language because they would become their rulers eventually. Hi….larious!

The fact that such a high profile face could be killed like this is…worrying. In more ways than one. It is not going to send out a good message to the Russian people… not at all. Expert for the amoral ones with similar beliefs of dictatorship rule. The Russian people I am willing to bet are not going to take this lightly nor lying down. What worries me is that they might. Which will give out the won’t message to the rest of the world which I now realise could be one of two won’t messages.

I am not sure how they could possibly think anyone else would have Boris killed as President Putin was the only candidate on a short list of one as possible enemies. Not sure he thought this through?

Of late I have been hearing reports of President Putin being a bit bonkers, being a Vodka drinking drunk and wide beater and obsessed with being assassinated?! Well yes Vladimir…I can see that now, after all you have run Russia so well that groups or hired murderers can just drive up and fun you down in the centre of Moscow! Better get the tasters ready to try your food to see if it contains arsenic … or Polonium?! Lol!

I think there is going to be a load of problems in Russia and the funny thing is that if I’m wrong then a load of problems over the fact that there was not with the rest of the world. I mean I think many would ask if the majority of the Russian public were OK with the way things are run? Is the majority of the Russian people similar to President Putin?

I don’t think that they are.

But then I have to remind myself that the problem with America is many are over zealous bible thumpers that want to strongly force their beliefs on others. Yeah well there are many types in the world like that and look how each one turns out? In fact you would think that these types of idiots might realise that throughout human history this has never worked out well?! Maybe they just think they are so much smarter than everyone else that failed or are… special?! Lol!


Will what do you know?!

Putin is gong to admit to killing Boris Nemtsov!

Well he did just day he works so everything in his power to get justice? Lol.

I wrote a long post about this and for the umpteenth time and among with other scree ups by it, Google’s Blogger software froze upon posting and it refuses to let me in to copy text!!

I am soo going to kick Google’s arses over this with their shite Android and Blogger App you would not believe.

Putin pledge on Nemtsov murder


Well I have covered many times in the past how a very large percentage of electronic items are used and refurbished.

This is outside white goods like kitchen appliances because I quite simply do not know.

However something tells me that I will find out the latter in 6 to 8 months and revisit the subject again in the coming weeks?

After awhile the pattern was so widespread that I realised this has to be common knowledge… except among the little people.

Funny because the rich don’t pay retail prices for the proper brand new items while the rest of us and the poor pay rip off prices and sometimes rip off interest charges for faulty and used gear! Madness.

So you should understand that after awhile I realised this has to be arranged. It was so widespread, so ignored by everyone and this at it so blasé that it simply had to be arranged. By someone, somewhere.

Then I managed to recall hearing the term ‘overseas trade deal’ and remembered that it involved governments. Normally at a swanky do overseas.

Here is a trade deal in this link below that has Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and David Cameron in a picture. I cannot help but wonder if this photo was pre or post Merkel finding out the other two were spying on her and other German and European business people?

Huh, maybe we are held to ransom for buying their crap? Because of the things they have recorded? Lol.

Anyway I have covered this several times with the largest names in the UK bar one of two. This report on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may well be the meeting whereby the public get unknowingly screwed for their hard earned cash for the next five years? Or something just like it.

It took me awhile before I realised that a method like this could be used to bring down the value of money without anyone knowing it. Your £500 wages are not actually worth that if your buying a Nikon DSLR Camera for £500 that is used and faulty and not worth half the fee paid.

Now that is just one simple description and imagine the inventive ideas and ways these idiots you voted for could come to with? Well they can’t, they song have the intelligence, lol! No the fuckers making the money so that while the MPs and government turn a blind eye or even lie due the cause.

Something tells me that the hourglass of time is fast running out on this particular con. Fast it might seem as their are already protests outside the events?!

Imagine what would happen to the number in the protests if a scrap of proof was to be leaked about these cons?

Oh but wait? Like everyone else I have mountains of evidence that includes recorded conversations with head offices right here on this blog?!


Now if looks could kill they probably will.

EU-US trade deal text leaked to BBC



Apparently they have someone to replace Atos?

Well once one corrupt organization realises the game is finally up and they are about to be all thrown on a line of swords they will naturally get fidgety. Atos did. Oddly they tried to get out of their contact but remained. A Conservative MP told me in person that ‘they’, the Conservatives, ‘fit rid of them’ which is bullshit as first off I have been causing them sleepless nights for several years and….well they remained.

The trouble with corrupt organisations is they cannot rely on each other nor trust each other and this is their ‘Achilles heel’. One of them.

The problem is their are always others waiting in the wings that see dollar signs in their eyes like Disney characters in a cartoon while at the same time think they are super smart and smarter than the last guy. The reality is very different. You would think these people… all of them would realise there are only a finite number of lies and tricks in the world? But no. There is always one or a collective group of blind, naive and more importantly greedy morons waiting in the wings.

Now I stated for a long time that Atos were just patsies so that the DWP can get out of being accused or sued over human rights issues.

After many years there is a changing of the guard and now there does enter into the fray one Maximus organisation. I hope for their sake that their name was not chosen because they hoped it would sound… intimidating sounding like a Roman Centurian’s first name?

Hell if they are then it would be hilarious and not only would they not last five minutes but at the same time prove that all the staff at the DWP and the bosses are guilty of corruption and published names will start being arrested and charged with crimes at some point?!

Of course it’s always the pawns and unimportant people to start with while the task culprits leap aboard their private jets or limousines fully kitted out with fridges full of Krystal Champagne and shuffling asking to the next organization.

You see the dickheads fail to see that when the staff go through a number of major changes and the pattern remains then those that remain are the common and only remaining factor, oops!

Also and this will be all that I say right now but everyone fails to see what is to occur during this year of 2015.

I assure you that when they all do it will change everything. Their levels of fear, their attitudes and everyone that has ever been in these pages previously or in the future.

I can also assure you that the details will become clear over the next 3 to 4 months and rather strangely around the time of the General Election?! Honestly…I don’t plan these things…mostly, lol.

Some things present themselves out of the blue and the processes of many things take a period of time that the only fact of which I am aware of is it being a bloody long time! What should take a few days to a couple of weeks could take a few months and often over a year, sometimes two.

Of course there is one that is heading towards a whole three years with the biggest name in the world behind it running out of both time and excuses. Well that ran out long ago for me but with the public… and I mean globally the glass still contains sands. This will be published online shortly but not necessarily here, lol!

I have stated it to my enemies over and over again and I have stared it on here over and over again …

You need to watch both my hands!

A sudden direct attack on you and revealing details to make you cave in may not be all it appears.

This is certainly true of several events in the past and nothing could be more true if right now with current events. That includes my postings. Well it naturally would do, would it not? This is after all a very, very public place.

There are also a couple of other things that have been in the pipeline for several weeks and several more that will be set off in the next couple of weeks.

I need to send off letters of warnings and ultimatums, without the reason behind them, to the last of those that attacked me. I know I have sent them to the NHS, who are denying knowledge of previous complaints the morons, and the London Borough of Waltham Forest and bailiff outfit, JBW Group.

It will be the year of coming to a head.

As always and quite deliberately the clues are scattered about staring them, umm and you, in their faces. Quite literally and like others will look hilariously obvious when the curtain is raised.

Now being made aware of this will have them worrying.

Finding out the details about them will have them freeze and heavily poop their pants in living fear.

I am going to through a month… out there add to when this week cone to light… in part. April! Possibly May?

Old father time is tapping his fingers!

Work capability assessments: One million disability checks planned –


Just a very simple and quick statement…or question rather based on both Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind getting caught and getting suspended…

… this really is to the nation followed with a possible alternative…

How many of these wankers do you need to see get caught and then chastised by their colleagues before enough people realise they ate all doing it?!


Maybe everyone already realises they are all ‘at it’ in which case the news media are not only full of shite like I always knew or they are thick or just like patronizing the British public?!

I know that the Tories have lied, cut off from realty and are looking out for themselves and not the country… the ‘country’ being is people. Not it’s most wealthy or largest land owners. These things are not not ever will be the measure of a human being done grow some brain cells and gonads and deal with it.

Secondly the Labour Party when in power and primarily to do with Tony Blair were no different either.

Now I could never vote for people like this and sorry there are no excuses…the only people to vote for wankers like this are more wankers. In other words you have to be either amoral just like them or a complete brain dead idiot. Huh.. just like them again?! Lol!

If you can’t see these things by now then I’m afraid one of the two still applies, lol. I find moments like this funny because I wonder how many people will read these posts then this one up to a year or more after the election and feel… rather silly? Lol. Five long years… five more long years and one there it will still be shit but they will still day it’s been getting better and how wonderful they are and how things will be fantastic over the following five years should naive morons vote then in again?

Oh wait… are they not saying that right now?! Lol!

A miserable thought and a vision of my face palming myself come the result of the General Election and wondering if there is a country that has like minded, intellectual people I could desert my home for?

I hope not. I really do hope not. Nothing could be worse than after watching my country get destroyed by this in power over the years based on lies only for naive people to vote for the same dishonest political parties. Especially if it’s because… that’s what they have what’s done! Or that’s what their Dad or Mum airways did.

Make decisions based on the facts. Not accusations. Not any accusations, not even the plausible ones.

Oh and this morning that ‘bleeding’ finally stopped after slowing down the last two days, thank the stars.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have whip withdrawn over ‘sting’ –


I have had an issue for several days that become somewhat complicated yesterday morning and in a shocking way.

I was bleeding. A lot. In an awkward place.

It was one of those rare occasions when you wonder if it is going to stop. So I called ‘111’.

Now I must point out a couple of things. I currently feel very dizzy so I am swearing my head off at Google because I really do not want to deal with their shitty Android bit coping with simple English text and keyboard that 5 year olds could do a better job of coding.

Err the second thing. I forgot… still bleeding maybe? Oh I remember… I don’t panic easily and have not since this started.

When I explained to the lady in the phone after ringing ‘111’ she stated I have to be in hospital within the hour?! Great! Then I got a bit of a shock when the last mentioned about getting to hospital. She mentioned a bus. I said in both a sarcastic and a humorous tone “Lady, if you think that I’m walking for the best part of a mile and then waiting for a bus when I cannot stand without pain not sit down and then riding on a bus for half an hour then walking the last 500 yards to sit in a waiting room with many others?! Your dreaming… it’s just never going to happen!”

Now she ended up stating that someone else would have to speak to me and I was out on hold. Another lady who sounded more competent also sounded concerned at what I explained and said that if the bleeding was still happening after an hour I should be in hospital in 6 hours.

Now looking to see if I was still bleeding after an hour would be tricky but I did the best I could and I appeared to be OK.

I wanted to go out so I did but when I got home I discovered that I was still bleeding and that the blood had passed through some thick cotton wool padding and into some denim so that it showed. Now that was a surprise.

I thought a nights sleep would help and the bleeding would likely stop but I was still bleeding this morning and again tonight.

I have tried very hard to find anything I can on the Internet but once again the nets full of idiots wanting web pages on subjects and claiming to be medical experts but the data is incomplete. I have waded through dozens and dozens of pages but not one of them mentions anything about bleeding this heavily through a …. well a bursting. Effing typical.

So right now I’m not sure what to do and have been telling myself that the bleeding returns due to a… natural bodily function that cannot be stopped. Tearing the vein open until it heals in a way it cannot be torn open again?

Typical that I have been feeling dizzy to the point of feeling like I am going to be sick too?!

I cannot emphasize enough that this is something that no one wants to go to hospital for and any operation needed would definitely warrant a general anaesthetic. No local anaesthetic in any way shape or form! No way, no how!

You also do not want to be anywhere near a single person if this bleeding… got out of hand and very heavy while out.

Any of the two paragraphs above involve you dying… of embarrassment and you can forget about the other dangers.

So the point of this blog is two fold and first off it is to show just how badly the ambulance service is and the NHS bosses willing to go even further in every more inventive ways to save money while costing lives.

After all even I was surprised to be told twice to go to hospital and I only phoned because I wanted to know how long it would take for the bleeding to stop. That’s it and that’s all.

Secondly I am not entirely sure what will happen in the not too distant future. So just in case some bizarre set of events occur where I bleed to death I want it logged on here what was occurring.

I simply do not trust anyone or anything and in the event if my own demise… disappearance after revealing this would let everyone know what occurred. Our rather what did not occur!

Dying while being frustrated with Google’s amateurish operating system… my good God they would be funny. Well to me. Well maybe a few years after my death, lol!

My word what a miserable week it has been, lol.

As for clues to make the NHS, who claim they know nothing about my complaint so am going to send them their own letters, look extremely bad over their ambulances ..

A few keywords..

Vein. Rectum. Haemorrhoid. Black. Red. Lumps. Burst.

Now think again that they want someone with several bilateral foot pains, a buggered knee and the keywords above to walk a mile, stand at a bus stop, ride a bus for twenty minutes plus and another 500 yards.

Really?! Lol!

Nearly 48 hours now and I have not arrived at the hospital. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why?



I find the statements released in recent times regarding cannabis as… head scratchingly hilarious. Confusing while funny.

This BBC report I found tonight was sobering of a surprise.

After the recent reports starting that cannabis causes psychosis and I said rubbish I now read this report and raise they were playing both loose and fast with the truth.

I have stated for many more years than this blog has been live that I believed… no I was convinced that it causes problems in people that already have problems. If there is an underlying mental issue or even perhaps a family history of things then your at a high risk from smoking cannabis. However I can’t tell you how high that risk is. Because it may only be specific illnesses and may need certain doses but because cannabis was just totally ignored because of sometimes agenda we… basically don’t know.

This report now states this in detail and even separates the two chemicals within cannabis and discovers some surprising things about the stuff. Some of it  surprisingly good especially if you suffer from epilepsy. I know someone I would wager won’t like hearing this but more about that another time.

It now turns out… allegedly that the THC that everyone talks about can cause the problems with psychosis and memory issues…noo my memory has no connection whatsoever with me using cannabis in the past as that was… bloody ages ago and I was not a big smoker of it anyway. It had fantastic affects on my Fibromyalgia and then many years later on discovering my Fibromyalgia then discovered it had good effects from cannabis. I told several Doctors this too and still Fibromyalgia was never, ever mentioned as a possibility.

It also turns out that the other chemical, the one that sounds more like the chemical that gets you high, CBD, cannabinidol, helps improve memory as well as slow down, stop and even prevent epilepsy?! Mad! In this report it turns out that parents of children with bad seizures have used something called Charlotte’s Web which contains the CBD drug to amazing results. Trials are now ongoing, probably not the UK because of the corrupt NHS and powers that have large broom handles sticking out their arises and still in the mud laid down in medieval times, lol!

So when they said in the initial report that your for times more likely, or whatever figure it was, they were saying three quarters of the public are bonkers?! Lmao!

If they were aware of the fact that preexisting mental issues were why the numbers raised they were very, very stupid to word their report the way they did. Well either they are the stupid news media that reworded it to suit headlines, lol.

Either way the facts I stick to still remain the case.

Epilepsy suffered everywhere will have raised an eyebrow by now, then lowered, then raised it again, then lowered it before their legs and arms follow and the fall to the floor having another seizure.

Joking apart it’s not nice to have. Though I have met many that have got used to them I don’t know how. I had one many years ago, oddly aster getting stoned and everyone, including Doctors, blamed the cannabis.

Now what am I supposed to think? Lol!

I stopped taking Amitriptyline five days ago and went to my town to get a passport photo and a passport application form. Been trying to do that for two weeks. Got to a friend’s place for a cup of tea and showed him the odd bits I bought from Maplin, key ring scissors, blank DVDs, pouch for headphones. Sat down and said “Oh fuck!! Remember I said when I left here earlier that I needed something in the town? Well I just remembered what it is… passport photo and application form!”

He finally realized what a problem my memory is and looked shocked and asked if I was joking!

Son of a bitch!

Cannabis: Promise, risk and controversy –


Now that would be funny? That professionals miss anything and everything unless it’s too so with their salaries! Lol.

I thought the title would be appropriate as the report below is regarding Doctors missing signs for lung cancer.

Missing? Will I suppose it’s entirely possible and yes in my own experiences, along with lots of secretly recorded audio, they lie, cheat and avoid but… lung cancer? Not avoidable.

I stated before they will not lie over things that are obvious. Obscure or difficult to disgust conditions then yes.

However! I have for a very long time now wondered whether or not the lying on command would become so rife that certain.. things would start to occur.

One that over confidence would occur and true colours shown and eventually recorded by patients.

That time would start to work in my favour exponentially. That it became obvious that there were omissions within the media.

All things need addressing at the same time and simultaneously. Like curing a disease or operating on cancer you need to make sure you get all cancer cells or all of the virus. Otherwise the infectious rot will once again return and spread and we end up back where we started.

The phases mostly worked through, the signs have all been read and the obvious facts are now being rendered unavoidably clear to even those in the deepest denial.

I always think that at the end of the day all the shit and bullshit and lame excuses to allow those to remain warm and fuzzy have to be cast aside. Time to wake up, grow up, face facts and take responsibility for the denial. Because it had continued to go on for some time and it won’t stop until it’s been stopped.

When I decided a couple of decades ago that I had to and dearly wanted to put a stop to it I had no bloody idea how Is going to do this. Even with the necessary equipment back then I thought the illegal actions and oath breaking was at a minimum. A bare minimum and would never get them to trip up, let alone actually admit to anything.

A couple of decades later it becomes so easy and obvious that I am annoyed I did not do it years ago.

But despite this I cannot help but think that right at this very moment it is the best time to do this? A couple of decades of my life had been down the swany but at least many are more open to the fact that there is a rot in society?

Hmm sometimes takes me awhile to remember things I need to do to!

First off I was told by someone at the DWP two weeks ago that I would get a letter in the post in a couple of weeks time whether they find any health records for me or not. Well I think it was two weeks ago? Lol. Well it is all on here and time and date stamped, something else the patronising, holier than thou morons did not think of?!

Also I have remembered that due to the announcement and apologies over missing documents I then contacted the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and the Independent Case Examiners regarding this!

These are very serious breaches for both the NHS and the DWP/Atos. Someone I know that likes making excuses and stating that this is down to a sinking case of incompetence still does not get it. Three separate organisations that have all lost my medical documentation?! Yeah right! Not possible unless quite deliberate. I have a Police report that states they do not know who a Policeman is despite having his Police number. Yup IPCC involved there to if you have not seen it, do not worry it will be revisited and collected together very soon.

Also remember my last GP stated there was nothing odd about not getting my records after 7 months!

Yes I have to once again contact a number of organisations that take your taxes while doing fuck all for it and cannot even answer a simple correspondence. Only now they have been given details about a serious breach that none of them can escape from. Patient and Liaison Service, Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and the Independent Case Examiners. The former two regarding the NHS while the latter is to do with the Department of Work and Pensions. No doubt they still stick to my original guess of a single correspondence being easy to deny? Yeah except when it has a digital trace you half-wits! Still I never allow them any wiggle room and will send off a second wave tomorrow!

Notice how I have contacted three at the same time and yet the result is the same? No reply after a couple of weeks? Well up until this post that is! Lol.

Sooo…yeah, missing? Most likely in this instance but more probable that or is a small fraction over all?

GPs missing signs for lung cancer