While waiting for my prediction of the longest solar minimum to take place since the Maunder Minimum I have been trying to think of the best way that I can get across to people that what they tell you about global warming is utter nonsense.

While at the same time showing that the exact opposite of what they predict is going to take place.

I would also be great of I could not only reflect this with the use of history but also back this up with current events.

I am often involved in very high tech debates, some of which I am involved in and some I am not but pick up more information from others.

Like Kenneth Richard from No Tricks Zone or Ned Nikolov among others.

Back in January 2019 and here on this blog I made a prediction on the weather globally that we will see from that point up until 2023-24.

Within a few months I had friends ask me how I got it right as the weather in the UK was acting up and this has continued right up until today, mid 2021.

Along with the solar minimum I also predicted an up-tick in both seismic and volcanoes activity and I showed graphs that every 2 to 4 years records were broken.

I also expressed my concern that at some point in a solar cycle rise, 25 or 26, we might see a big eruption are get some chaos from a big solar flare as our atmosphere contracts and our magnetic field weakens.

For well over two years despite each of my predictions proving accurate I have been attacked, as have others, by people that are far-left claiming to be into science. Some even claiming to be scientists. These people keep appealing to authority by mentioning NASA or NOAA and do not seem to mind calling on them despite them being wrong?

I have also stated that they have known what I know and I cannot believe that they got it as wrong as they have been doing.

Oddly as the scientific data has been mounting up against their claims they seem to have stepped up the pushing of AGW in the media and even in advertisements, well on UK TV at any rate. Mostly by Amazon who are now not trusted by the public across the world.

So then have you been hearing a lot about wildfires, like the on on the Pacific North-West of the United States?

Well up until recently with these people they have all been about global averages while using many words or terms that I have proven consistently they do not know the definitions of. Or possibly do and are lying?

Well over a six month period the global temperatures dropped and on the UAH Global Temperature chart the global temps have dropped below the baseline several times, currently at -0.01C when Greta Thunberg and her hoards of alarmist Marxists were talking about how bad +1.5C would be. It was double +1.5C in Roman times.

So what is the situation now?

Well would you believe that for the first time in years now the alarmists have issues with the UAH temp graph and think the bassline, average of a recent 20 year period, is wrong.

Well if you have not worked it out they now want it to be lower .. which would obviously have the temps minus symbol replaced with a plus one.

Because they treat the masses as inferior idiots and need you to think that its still warm as realising its cold might make you question them.

Questioning leftist science is not permitted, despite the fact that science is all about questioning and now they have tried to turn it into a kind of faith.

The same person who told me in mid 2019 that I was right about the weather said the following twice in the last few weeks, June to July ..

“We have had a winter last until very late, no Spring and went straight to summer and now we have already gone to Autumn”

I have known there was heightened volcanic activity around the time of the last Grand Solar Minimum, called the Maunder Minimum, but it was difficult to be exact. The further back you go in time the harder data gets. Either unreliable or missing entirely.

Everything you do hear is based on guesses which are assumed are correct because the PhD involved thinks that having one of those makes them super-smart and all their guesses are correct.

Freeman Dyson pointed out this new level of snobbery himself and was quoted for it.

What I did not think to look at was the Dalton Minimum.

I have to be honest here and admit to two things ..

1 Despite the Dalton Minimum having two low solar cycle solar maximums like the one on 2014 or lower, I do not really consider this period to be a Grand Solar Minimum.

2 As a result I did not look at the period and have realised I should have done

That being said its good now that I am using this after looking onto the history of two volcanic eruptions.

Now it must be stressed that despite what you have seen the volcanic eruptions we have had have not been close to ones in history. Like Krakatoa or Tambora or even bigger ones.

Now lets explain a few things .. we have dropped in global temperatures a little, alarmists stated this would not happen, after the La Soufriere Volcano erupted. We had Taal over a year ago and activity is still very high around the world.

During the second of the two low solar cycles of 1800 to 1820 ish we had the Mount Tambora eruption which was so big it caused a year without summer that had frost and snow in the middle of summer in the UK.

The following years were cool too and this occurred in 1815.

Despite them telling you what volcanoes are and are not doing they have been lying about the rises and not telling you that just a few years back they discovered two things ..

1 Volcanoes emit CO2 prior to eruption

2 They missed the eruption of Mount Samalas in Indonesia in 1257

Now that second one might not sound like much and you may well be asking yourself, and forgiven for doing so, what is Mount Samalas?

Well it turned out to be something discovered from a path that started in the UK with a mass grave whereby they realised there must have been a very big eruption.

Now remember, how long have we known about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii and Herculaneum?

Now if I told you that Mount Samalas was five times larger than Vesuvius and if you can find a documentary about it the depth of the pumice was absolutely staggering. It was five times deeper than Vesuvius.

There was even a plant digging it up when they found it. No one noticed it. A French scientist discovered it.

Geological time-scales can be ridiculously long.

So I have mentioned two big eruptions leading up to the Maunder Minimum which really got going around 1650, Tambora and Samalas.

The ones we have noted in recent times are, using a similar time period, the following ..

1 Krakatoa 1883

2 St Helens 1980

3 Pinatubo 1991

4 Taal 2020

5 La Soufriere 2021

We have Mount Etna acting up, long past a record for eruptions and at around 50 and with Iceland have Fagradalsfjall erupting for a long period as well as some worrying seismic activity around Katla. Nyaragongo also erupted in 2021 and if that lava ever reached the depths of Lake Kivu the world will suddenly know about death and destruction.

In a video below you hear a scientist called Dr Don Easterbrook using NASA, NOAA and other data and says he works with solar physicists, atmospheric physicists and astronomers and they all agree with what is happening.

Senator Kevin ranker and a Democrat keeps interrupting mid section to ask stupid question to disrupt him. Talks about a 12 year period and paper from NASA and NOAA and gets told by Easterbrook he is using ‘original data’ and that its been adjusted.

Then gets attacked using the word ‘conspiracy’ which is what all Marxists use for absolutely everything they want to shut down. I have had this thousands of times.

“I am not into conspiracies” and then Dr Easterbrook talks about the coldest winters and deepest snow going on at the time. Remember that this was uploaded in 2015 and that the record low solar maximum of solar cycle 24 took place in 2014.

Dr Easterbrook made it abundantly clear he was not political in any way.

“Cold costs lives”

“We hear all the time that the polar ice-caps are melting at an accelerated rate.”

“The North Pole as no ice-cap, its sea so we do not have to worry about it”

“You get a lot more people die in the coldest winter than the hottest summer”

“The Antarctic ice-cap is not going to completely melt”

“The mount of CO2 in the atmosphere is nothing. If you double nothing you still get nothing. Its not at any amounts to affect anything”

“CO2 by itself cannot cause global warming, I say it again .. CO2 by itself cannot cause global warming”

If CO2 causes global warming why did we have 30 years of global cooling” and he did not mean recently though he does state it has gone down recently. Bearing in mind this was uploaded in 2015 and in July 2021 we have had 6 months or more of cooling. With July have record cold July temps in both hemispheres.

Video is listed below and even in the first 20 minutes or so he makes it abundantly clear.

Now three videos and one link show you that the mainstream media is called ‘fake news’ for a reason and that the social media giants just shut down things they do not like. Science and facts has absolutely nothing to do with this.

They have been shutting me down, hiding my posts and burying me for years and doing everything that can to stop my revenue.

Because telling the truth in science or anything else is not permitted by people that are fascists and unless the wider public start to realise this they will get away with it and you will become slaves. A number to a bunch of very evil and powerful people.

Despite what you are told the hottest period in the US is known as the Dust-bowl in the 1930’s ..

Here is a detailed video regarding the Mount Tambora volcanic eruption and how it affected climate for several years

Here is the video of details regarding the Mount Samalas eruption in Indonesia they missed, five times more powerful than Mount Vesuvius. Remembering the VEI scale is Logarithmic with each being ten times more powerful than the last.

Also remember that the Medieval Warm Period and Greenland being warmer around 980AD and Viking deserting it by a few hundred years later never happened.

But after Samalas went off you can be sure that it was most certainly warmer and it most certainly went a damn site colder.

I wonder if Michael Mann was familiar with the Mount Samalas eruption when he wrote his erroneous paper to rule out the Little Ice Age that took place in the Maunder Minimum between 1650 and 1700 as being localised and down to volcanoes?

I pulled him apart for his very bad use of the Dust Veil Index on that which was amateurishly bad and rather child like in all honesty. Yeah it only tells you about one volcano, many of the layers get eroded by other eruptions and 70% of earth is ocean. And they missed an eruption five times bigger than Vesuvius.

So not only did a science paper later show that the Little Ice Age was global a humongous eruption in 1257 did not cause what took place in 1648.

Titled as a Legendary Climate Change Senate Hearing this is Dr Don Easterbrook in a video uploaded in 2015 that runs through history and shows that there is no Anthropogenic Climate Change and shows that then what you are bing told is nonsense.

He shows various periods of warming and cooling and states that NASA and NOAA have tampered with the data.

Here is Google and YouTube destroying people’s lives, MxR Plays and very nice couple and breaking hearts but they are for the people and not evil.

You can clearly hear them state how they adhere to the rules and that they state that they demonetized many dozens of videos in the space of 20 minutes they could not have possibly watched and had already cleared the videos as being acceptable.

This is not the first time this has happened either and Google should be shut down and having the power to be behind most of your phones and information should be stripped away from them.

How about a list of scientific predictions going back to the 70’s from newspapers, scientists and celebrities that get involved?

The climate is cycles within cycles within cycles .. yo-yoing it can rise over time and then it will do the same dropping..

These drops I predicted to be faster and deeper and this now has reversed and my prediction was back in January 2019 that this will continue until at least 2028.

If I am right about solar cycle 25 then it will continue until 2039.

If Professor Valentina Zharkova and an image put out by NOAA is right about cycle 26 then it will continue until into the 2050’s.

At some point people are going to realise they were barefaced lie to while being preached, told off, bullied and robbed and my prediction on that is that by 2022 they are going to start to ask ..

1 Why? And ..

2 Who by?

I just want it to be absolutely clear to every decent person in every nation out there who deceived them for so long and why they did so.

What occurs after this out of my hands but if you look at history it does not work out for the lying fascists. History is littered with prison sentences, trials and wooden stakes being erected in the town squares by angry mobs.

Now imagine it turned out that there was a catastrophe coming or they at least thought there was and all that money taken was used to help with their own survival?

A bunch of lying, evil, sordid creeps in power deceived their own nations to steal from them and make plans for their own survival?

If I were them I would very very VERY wary about emerging from my bunker or underground city unless I was in a military tank.

But that’s just me and I do not have to worry about that.

If that were the case and in the unlikely event that I survived I would probably be riding in a helicopter with a sniper rifle in any end of the world scenario like that.

Make absolutely no mistake I have been attacked by a lot of people supposed to be ‘progressive’ hard-left who are alarmists and they claim to be about gay people, working classes and people of colour but I have also had then suspended for racism, bigotry, remarks about gay people and under-age girls being raped.

They are not about you, they are about getting what they want and as this great reset you do not own anything outside what you wear and what you eat .. I am guessing they hope to be, in effect, recipients of your belongings and property while they are also given power to control your life.

From my point of view it has all the making to not only become the worst period in history but also the most widespread horrific period in history that might just have a sting up in its tail with nature.

Despite AGW being obvious to all already being absolute shite before 2021 is over the majority will realise they were lied to and manipulated.

Two Turkish shop owners recently lost their temper and venting to me over this, one I had never met before who claimed all this was about depopulation.

This was in a very built up area of London alive with socialists walking around with their heads in the clouds assuming they have all the answers.

I was honestly quite shocked to hear this.

We are literally at the stage where the numbers in their grand plan to instil fear in the masses does not add up any longer.

My fear has been that those that orchestrated this appear to have intended to turn the people on each other.

Indeed I walked past a Black Lines Matter posted and for a few weeks it had the message written on it, stop dividing us.

The question remains do these leftist socialists and Marxists know what they are doing or just too dumb to realise they are pawns in someone else’s plan?

My main concern is will this Puppeteers get away with it or will the people realise and group together to stop it, be this sooner or later?

I for one would not want the orchestrator of such a plan to get away with it.

Many ‘innocent’ people dying and the evil ones surviving is like some sort of old Omen movie literally playing out in real life.

Lets hope if it does turn out as I fear the evil will not be allowed to ‘prosper’?

I got very ill while being messed around by two government organisations and trying very hard to get my full medical records but not getting any responses or them fulfilling their promises. The NHS.

Due to this, this post has been .. delayed.

During this time I have come across this video by Dr Christ Martenson the guy who I used above all others on Covid19 back when I thought it was going to be far, far worse than it actually has been.

Chris Martenson appeared on Tim Pool and Pool got a bit of a shock when he asked about his views on AGW, global warming, and was shocked when he replied ..

“Climate is hundreds of complex systems and we have no way of predicting it”

Saying the same things on Covid19 I originally was now and here he talks about how people are being manipulated and turned against each other. Says we are being played. Now here is the funny part as I sent one of his videos to a socialist I know a year ago. They looked him up and insisted he was a socialist.

Well I tried to tell them no nut as usual they wont have it and here he states he is neither left or right. He also points out, so the socialist wont like it, that leftists are running around calling others anti-vaxxers, which is not true, lying and the socialist has had a go at people in her family for refusing the vaccine.

He explains the science of how they are using fear and exactly like me he explains that even friends he knows have completely flipped on views during all this.

So he sees it now and make no mistake this has been a very long term plan and not something that has happened overnight nor the last year.

On hearing this I starred to wonder if he read this blog?

Would not be the first time I came into contact and talked with the author of something I have used or seen and heard things I have been saying for a long time get mentioned somewhere.

Some promotion would be nice.

Martenson correctly states we are being manipulated but when a bunch of woke people with obsessions and clearly have psychiatric issues and wont give in this all only ends one way.

Here is a video with Martenson talking about how, just as I predicted, the Delta Variant of Covid-19 is less deadly and like that of the flu at 0.2%. This video was attacked by leftists that proved they did not watch it and accused both myself and Martenson of being right-wing.

First it is not true and secondly it would mean flock all even if it was.

Here is Martenson in another video talking about how Dr Fauci has done nothing, lied about covid and acting like he is the Pope and that attacking him is to attack science which is complete bullshit. Martenson also explains it fully understandable that people do not trust the government, authorities, health services and the news media. Because they have LIED.

Yet another person I highly regard and she dot not beat around the bush, a very intelligent woman who got angry and swore over alarmists and the news media in another video.

Claimed this does not happen by the Marxist leftist alarmists here is proof once again that they have LIED ..

Asked to do an honest opinion piece by the American Physical Society, Sabine Hossenfelder writes a piece, it gets looked at she is is told they wont run it because its too honest and will .. OFFEND people.

So they thought she would lie? I knew she would not and one of many reasons why I like her.

For the last video that must surely now make people realise, here is left progressive, socialist I think, Jimmy Dore who I do not always agree with but respect his honesty, talking to someone about fascism.

As he talked to someone on their YouTube channel getting strikes and demonetized over an very old video. YouTube spouting bullshit, shows video of the Democrats planning to wipe you off all social media if you say something you do not like.

Now this happened with a movie review YouTube Channel I have watched for years called The Reel Rejects and in their case they received a strike AFTER they had deleted the video.

Leftists are focused on stupid things and being manipulated just as Dr Chris Martenson explains in an above video. One thing they are currently trying to do is getting rid of the Nielsens Ratings which they say is racist when it reality what they do not like and get triggered about is that after 5 years of trying no one wants their woke garbage and politics and so they want to delete it.

Lastly I have always said that animals in various ways can provide some insight into what is going on. Slow moving creatures migrating especially over altitudes. Lately I have posted many deaths in the oceans even a large number of whales of various species.

I have also pointed out odd animal behaviour like turning up thousands of miles from where they should be. On land and in the oceans.

How about Chimpanzees killing Gorillas which has never been witnessed before?