…well it wont be just yet!

I have just had an interesting one!

I mentioned a few days back that I got hit with a text stating that the rent has risen by £50 per month.

Several days before that I let it known on here that I was a victim of an attempted burglary and believe me when I state now, though I have hinted to this before, I know exactly who tried to break into the house and more to the point, why!

I simply cannot explain this at this moment in time but as I stated it is a real doozy and to be honest not only do I suspect foul play against me and this blog in an attempt to discredit me over this situation I was already prepared for it. In fact I can go as far as telling you that it was demanded that I was not told any of the details of what took place. But rest asured that the right things are in place to counter act this action when the time comes and that is all that is important. I also know it is very relevant to something that hit the news headlines and it will be child’s play for me to link it all together and the revelations are astounding and extremely damning. Which is why it was demanded I be kept in the dark.


Not today I visited my local council offices and took a glance at the rents that are now paid and it has indeed risen but not quite the monthly figure it has gone up by but this is no big deal and I am not worried about that, however there has been something else on my mind that I can not only explain but that also shows just how you cannot honest in the UK anymore and oddly I was having this discussion with my shop running friend and he was in total agreement.

Now I shall explain.

When I received my text out of the blue about the rent rise this was not long after he completely gutted out a property near me where a pensioner couple live. When I joked about him doing that to my home he joked about putting the rent up. This needs to be remembered.

Over the burglary and on the phone he seemed preoccupied about the house being damaged due to the subjects covered in my blog, which I could not remember why but assured him that the house was under no threat from the blog as this would be stupid and unfair but that I am not going to stop posting on the blog as these blogs will eventually become my income. No I do not get cash from it but yes I will at some point but not from the readers or those I help, even if some people are unappreciative of it but that very statement helps me prove my point in the end. In August, at least mid August, it will all become clear and these things that have to wait will all become clear as to why.

Now since this rent rise text message I started to wonder if he did not want me here anymore? I have been here for exactly 7 years as of the end of this month, June 30th 2014.

Now I have since explained that there has been an issue with the street door as damp was getting in but that this was never done and when I remember I clean the door and the damp. Now I thought that the attempted burglary would be a result from his point of view because he gets a new door which stops the damp and is the first thing he has ever had to pay out for since I have been here.

It seems not.

Now I was looking forward to seeing him because I had not told him about the discovery of the identity of the burglar despite the Police dropping the case, which I have not only previously stated but also added how bloody bizarre this is. Well I have known for some time now why this was bizarre and why it was done. At least for their sakes I hope I am right because the alternative is that they have shown a level of incompetence that simply belies belief. This will become clear when I am in a position to explain, or in other words once the court case which has been going on for two getting on for two weeks is over, as this is what the reason they claimed they did not want me knowing. The real reason is something else entirely of course and I knew this immediately. So the Police have been lying yet again and all over the place to two different people too. From two completely different Police Forces!

In the time between the attempted burglary, still classed as a burglary, I have also remembered the important detail of why this house is not under any threat whatsoever.

So when the landlord was coming to pick up the rent I had a few things to inform him of as well as the latest with Guy’s Hospital and the GP kicking me off and that now the NHS are refusing me a Doctor and refusing me drugs! Damn, I forgot to tell him I have had to resort to drugs that are two years out of date!! Damn I forgot to tell him about the fact that they explained my medical records despite the latest GP, or EX GP, nnever having them and nor did Guy’s Hospital, which if you did not work it out means they wrote a letter based on everything the patient told them or the letter was intercepted by the very people who have my medical records. Which of these it the truth I am afraid your guess will be as good as mine, but I tend to lean with intercepted by those that have the records as I am still giving Doctor Kirkham the benefit of the doubt. Of course this leads to new revelations as I believe it is the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman that has them!

Oh and while we are on this subject of my absolutely massive and cunning plan just in case they tried the most elaborate setup of me they could think of, I have a letter here form the DWP regarding my Personal Independent Payments claim, you know the one I did months ago and am sure it was before Christmas?! Well it is on here at any rate and the time periods can be checked.

Well after receiving a response that quite wrongly stated that I had asked for the medical reasons given for Incapacity Benefit, which I did not and already know anyway, now I have one that correctly states Personal Independent Payments! Yeah well I still need to scan that one and post it but been preoccupied. It states the month of February and I cannot remember if they listed that as the date I claimed or the date I asked for this letter?

According to them it was handed over to the infamous Atos who were handling it and were supposed to write to my GP? The GP who never had my medical records at all and that states on tape that he believes I have Fibromylagia. Oh and if you have not worked that out either that is complete bullshit too when he states that as I never got to tell him about any of the conditions really, maybe the odd couple and no self respecting Doctor would go for the ‘F’ word after just a couple of meetings. This was to placate me in all honesty and if you doubt that I knew this already then you missed it as I also stated I am now waiting for ther letter from the GP that blows the whole thing wide open.

I did say there was a reason everyone was ignoring me and I did state for a very long time that it would take a very long time to get to the point whereby it is an absolute slam dunk where there are so many things that no one thing can use the excuse of being a one off.

If I am nothing else I am extremely thorough in my methods.

Now as I was going to attempt top explain this the landlords son went into a peeved lecture about telling people to not damage he property, to which I interjected and said I knew who it was, before he interjected like he was angry about all this and said that they would make people pay for the damage?!

I was a little taken aback if I am completely honest and was myself peeved at this, which is a first for my landlord or his family in all honesty. Then they hit me with yet another one which despite and I am admitting I do not know the laws on this and without hearing the facts of what happened, which is why I had to explain that I know what has gone on, they tell me if their is an excess (I fecking hate this term I really do as its more bullshit from another industry that wants money all the time while using all the excuses not to hand it back out, insurance) of £250 that will have to pay for it?!

I will repeat that and it came as a complete surprise to me that if their is an excess on the door over the insurance claim that I will have to pay the excess!

Well if I ain’t got it I wont be paying it!

See what I mean that if it is not one thing it is something else.

Now I then got to explain that …

The Police dropped the case in the same letter they put the crime number in, to which he rolled his eyes in disbelief.

I then explained that I know the identity of the burglar and that he had been in court for over a week and why he broke in, so it was nothing to do with me putting his property risk because of this blog.

I then explained that which I had forgotten before when he claimed it was the blog that I am not on the electoral register and have not been in years! To which he reacted with shock and asked how, their is a fine and he thought they would not do something, I was not really listening, pay the rent possibly? He then said when did you come off and I said I told you when I did, ot was after the bailiffs attacked me, forced there way in here and then defrauded me out of over £4,000 and lied to me about it and I am supposed to have been the one top have broken the law! I then told them that Enfield Council confronted me at the door about this and I told them they broke the law by handing out my address to Waltham Forest Council who then hired these thugs who seemingly have a license to do this granted by councils and courts and that they can shove their electoral register where the sun does not shine. Does no one ever stop and think that I do not have to disclose these things to them and be appreciative of the fact that I am upfront with them? Do they not think that by performing actions that would place both me and the property I am in in danger that this would be completely and utterly stupid and that I am anything but this?!

The answer is no, ladies and gentleman and for the same reason that those would want to argue with me about my theories despite me long since proving them and do not appreciate the time, effort and cost to me that I do this and do it for free! They are English and in England and most definately in London we have been taught and trained to look after Numero Uno and stab each other in the back every chance we get.

Now THAT is why we are being overrun in this country because we have been set at teach others throats while others lay in wait in secret waiting to grab for themselves that which is ours.

I cannot think of better examples of this than those I have typed about recently. I also revealed the complete saga behind the break-in and all of that which I have not divulged on here. Including the infamous news report that everyone heard about including me and I even posted about it previously!

A few days after the burglary and the news report I posted about and commented on I had a call and the story was then explained to me and that there was an impending court case whereby several people were going to prison. But I can guarantee you there are a whole bunch in government will not want it known what they did because it would be immediately linked to the news report.

Though how they can avoid this I do not know and am at a loss. Unless they think that the British public are so fickle and so self obssessed, by their design I have no doubt, that in a couple of months everyone would have forgotten all about it.

Well all, that is, for the one person they did not want knowing about it who does remember because he posts about the news! Someone they tried to suggest would be stupid enough to post all the details online and thereby hindering the case were the prison sentences will not be handed out!

Yes I think your getting my stupidity mixed up with your own or your lying in the hope that enough time would have passed that I would not have linked the two together?! Maybe this might have worked but I would have still p[osted about this when it was safe to do so and someone somewhere would have spotted the link on here! Of this I have no doubts but I just cannot give even an estimated time window to any of them happening.

Yes I did say any of them! You see there are a lot on here and even my friends have stated that now that they all know of the blogs existence and the realize that there is potentially far more damaging data on here than even they first realized, by MY design I might add, that there is just so much stuff that it would take them an absolute age to go through!

Now ladies and gentlemen, can you think of anything going on right at this moment that is taking an absolute age?! Anything?

Hmm how about the repeated emails for three weeks that I have not had any replies top thus far, other than the DWP one fobbing responsibility off the Atos who everyone has admitted is up to skullduggery and were supposed to have been heading for the hills? A letter but … not exactly a response!

Sooner or later they are going to have to realize something that I hope many have but may not but I am afraid to say that what actions I performed where so that you acted so … predictably because the trap is right here! THIS VERY BLOG!

It has been here the whole time! 

Because you have made all English people into self obsessed money mad stone throwers who live in greenhouses I knew that the job of reaching out to each of them was going to take a very long time.

In fact I had to think of ways to effectively hoover up people from different areas so I involved different areas and posted about stuff in the news so that people would find this blog. Then I had to post evidence little by little as it would take an eternity, oor fells like it, to acquire to show that, that which I stated was all true and that added to this it had been going on for a very long time too!

I had to find a way of taking my time to stop people thinking I was a mad conspiracy theorist and realise I was correct. I know I am correct but I could not simply expect everyone that visited to see me as honest immediately.

Which is why I revealed so much of myself and my life and personal issues as it was the only way I could conceivably convince people. The fact that someone without thought recently stated that there must have been thousands of other people before me do what I did so I will fail, which was both narrow sighted and insulting I might add, was neither here nor there, lol.

Some stated that I should try for a year and that if I got nowhere I should give up?! Just one year! I remember thinking ‘Yeah mate, a year! That is all it will take, just one year to convince everyone in Britain I was right?! Took me ten bloody years to get people I know in my personal life to realize I was right!’ LMAO!

So lately I have run out of one medication and I have been feeling really nauseous and light headed and lost count of the number of times I thought I was going to pass out while out?! This was a drug I had been on awhile and like so many wondered, was convinced it was not, was doing anything? This would be Sertraline and I can also tell you that I have been out of Omeprazole for a few weeks now and have resorted to some I have had in another cupboard, only just realized they are way over a year out of date, may have been more than two I cannot remember what it stated on the box. But I will take my chances as the heartburn I will get is very severe and extremely disruptive, especially at night because …. oh you know what? I get bored with saying things over and over again which I got into the habit of doing purely because people do not listen, over and over again!

So now you know that this blog was a trap all along and I stated a long time ago now that I have back up plans and that my back up plans have their own back up plans and so on and so forth. This works because they are unseen and everyone is too lazy to read, research and check their facts.

British people. Just standing around doing bugger all whinging they do not get enough for it, holding their hands out for cash while hoping its more than their neighbour gets while voting the same old hit in power over and over again who secretly work against them and have now halved the value of the wages they get by selling them shoddy, used and faulty goods sent of from the good old US of A?!


Hmm might seem like a good way to finish by saying ‘I rest my case!’ but I wont, not yet at any rate!

In fact I will end on something that a friend of mine said today. He told me he saw or heard somewhere that people in Britain, Brits, did not see how good they had it and have had it for several decades and this came from someone who witnessed World War 2. I have stated before and said this to my friend that it is a shame that it always seems to take very hard times like a war!

I said yes they were right.

In World War 2 yes many of the ideas may have been out of date and prejudices towards the colour of your skin may have been terrible but that help each other nature has gone. People huddled together and they helped each other out. That is what war does.

But why does it take a war?

What is it about the human psyche that has as turn on each other? Are we really a species governed by war? Do we feel lost and bored without one that we start turning on each other? Start playing games of one upmanship pr become that neighbour from hell?

Why is it that the ethnic minorities everyone wants to complain about so much seem to do a much better job of helping each other out? Well until with some races a family member shags a family member of a family, or should I say clan or tribe because this is how they behave, and they get buried in the back garden!

Sometimes I sigh long and hard at these thoughts really I do. I wonder if man is actually capable of greater things in the future or will self obsession and egos on one side and naivety and unwillingness to learn on the other will only spell doom in the long run?

In the last twenty years it does not look good and of late it is declining ever more rapidly and I fear that certainly with Britain if we do not wake up and smell the coffee it will be too far down that road?!

Yes you would be correct in thinking that this blog may also exist to try and stop it or even slow this rapid decline down!

Whatever people might think of my emotions that run free on here they do so to do a job and to achieve things. I did not want things looking polished and presentable as this would give out the wrong impressions overall and over time. So whatever I was feeling at the time I had to let it out on here and just run with it and to hell with the consequences. This would at least in part show my anger, passion or happiness of that I feel at that I post about and to show me as genuine and hopefully with sincerity.

This was never going to be a Harry Potter novel with love stories and magic because if the world was like that this blog would not exist nor would it need to exist.

In fact if the world is like that I would not exist! That would be A OK with me!

But I think everyone can agree that the world is broken and corrupted and I believe that this blog will eventually answer many people’s questions as to both how and why this is.

If this blog ever achieves this goal then maybe, just maybe they can agree to find the best way to progress forwards … TOGETHER.

Or at the very least just find a much better way forwards until the correct path is found.

The actions of governments that should, and very much like to claim to be, leading by example or actually doing the exact opposite. If nobody else has taught as that we have Edwared Snowdon to thank for showing us that, not that I needed any convincing mind you. I am just grateful to Edward Snowdon for many things and giving this blog some credibility I am eternally grateful for.

But then that is because I simply want so very much for the lies and the corruption to stop and I want so much for people to live better lives than those that they do and realise that cheating and lying gets you nowhere fast.

Hopefully one day and before too long this may show signs that it is indeed starting to happen?

If so then people may eventually work out what my main goal actually was all along and that I may have moved a giant step forward to achieving it? Even though you normally have to be very dead before being awarded it!

Old father time is the only one with the keys to those secrets from here on in.





Jingle jangle the bells do ring a sign to all men of the joy that such a time should bring. After the autumn leaves have turned and the ground grows in white will men ever know truth. The look of hate that many a man gives is forgotten for those brief periods that are all too short.

Once the white recedes one wonders if man will ever learn that being alone is no option that being with others means you need to learn to live with one another? But all to often one mans ego is all consuming and renders the man of suffering into total blindness or possesses tunnel vision at best.

In ones travels it is plain to see that those that speak true are not believed to exist. That is one truth that renders many a God in tears. If such a being were to exist he would surely be asking where he went wong while he watches while those that common titles of honour show nothing of deserving of said title.

One looks afar and under ones nose and still it be lost from view. Many fail to understand the picture before them and the plan one makes so very obvious to all who cometh. But the little remnants of data that strike a nerve or two must be left to lie dormant until such a time that the individual becomes directly affected. Once this is so the reality once ignored is brought to the fore like a Tsunami enveloped in emotions, anger and confusion. Suddenly there is a change in things and what was ignored before must suddenly be paid attention to.

By the one that was ignored so many times before which shows a naivety that scales beyond the other worldly while commanding things not realistic as reciprocation is much like trust and must be earned and not expected at one’s beck and call.

A journey long traveled and many horizons are gazed on this lengthy path and one that others fail to accept nor give credence to for wisdom is something that is not learned it is provided by birthright only. Or so many seem to think. You cannot expect of others what you yourself are not willing to give.

For those that fail to see this are exceptionally low level numbers of the grey that makes it all worthwhile. The world turns still for some while expecting a halt with others and the realities of life and what one can fairly expect are … just not aware of.

The eyes only seek out the white while disregarding the black and all shades of grey for the white is a scarcity that none care of. But the white is all important and must be sought out and then combined with. But where does one look for the white when all else appears grey or black?

Some also have expectations due to the levels that they have learned but do not extend this courtesy to others and many a time do actually underestimate. Time after time after time the blindness spreads and channels of communiques grow ever wider in girth and greater in number of individuals connected.

But still the underestimation persists and despite all given opportunities to not venture into the grey or the black venture in they consider to do so to the utter disappointment of the one. This one is all to aware that the efforts needed to drive their way home however achieved and normally once ones ego has again been caged.

One waits as patiently as ever for the education of ones enemies to to reach their peak before they then realize that the endeavours achieved were in fact far to great and complex to battle against. One must also learn to accept the consequences of ones own actions and not lay blame to others when the rope was merely handed over and it was others that made the leap of ill fate. Warnings were provided and the pitfalls laid bare but the decision taken to ignore was not of my own. Therein lies the decider who decided most … unwisely and I offered every hand of help only to have it burned in the worst way possible.

One wonders that when ones history finally turns up what those reactions might be? After all one professional is easy to manipulate if he is not aware of the entire history, despite that history being made available in many formats and close at hand. Or maybe it is the bearer of the hand of friendship who would be at fault? Not reading more that would only inflame your own egos to the point of over reactionary was not the way. Birds can sing their hearts out but it is no guarantee to gain an hen’s interest. This particular bird knew that singing alone was not nearly enough and doing this for a few brief moments would not nearly be enough also.

So once the data had been collected for several years one starts the digital book of a set of true stories to shake the system to its very core. But the reach the levels of shaking required to affect said system one must start in gentle shakes and progress to build upon gradually until the tension goes pop. This would inevitable take about two years to achieve, maybe three or more but the quick changes of subject and direction would keep it all building almost simultaneously to the point that once members from each one realize theirs is large enough to affect them then realism that the whole measures far beyond expectations and the herculean task at hand would be far too great even if it were illegal.

One chuckles long about this one for its a law that is forced that it be illegal to tell the truth. When one swears on oath with bible in hand to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth can one say that he cannot because all those on the other side, of which there are many, are here to prevent the truth from being told?

One wonders when he will not create conundrums for oneself to solve and will it coincide with the realization of mere mortal men that the acts of life and of knee must be dropped and learned to live with each other.

For if you cannot converse with one that is only interested in the truth and for the safety and well being of others then what chance is there? Maybe such churlish individuals that insist that law is there to prevent their own truths from being seen far and wide will drop the act and the law makers make it again law to settle ones disagreements like that of aristocracy of times gone by?

A duel? Or fists? Oh but no, only those of mental impairment result to such tactics, those of schooling, education and breeding hire lawyers to perform such tasks.

Come what may readers of this can be sure that regardless of events and no matter what transpires these eyes will only ever see and search for that which is purely white.


I have just had a call from my daughter who told me how to find that page she did and it was merely my Google Profile.

I have now seen it and it does not state that I have 493,000 followers, I knew it did not sound right as it is about two years or more too early!

What it does state however is that I have had 492,452 visitors, which is till a humbling number by any stretch of the imagination and as my daughter stated that if you look around at other peoples you do not get anything like that number! Unless your a celebrity of course, lol, with as large number of mindless followers, well depending on the celebrity that is, lol.

Still it is an incredible figure and one that I did not expect to see or reach anywhere near until December 2014 to around May 2014!

Like I stated it was bizarre sounding to me because many people do not follow and nor do I for that matter, unless your name is Carl Sagan, who is unfortunately dead, or Stephen Fry! Even then I do not get much time or have much patience to read what is said when it is posted and then forget all about it.

Odd how I always have a gut feeling for these things based on my understanding. I kept telling myself for days after that there was some mistake. People just do not act in this way.

Now as I told my daughter everyone I know and this includes professionals have stated to me that writing a book and attempting to publish it is just a waste of time and when I asked why the said, well your not a celebrity or famous. Another way of saying your a nobody really, lol. But then I knew people thought like that which is why everything is stagnated today and as I stated before J.K. Rowling was rejected a large number of times for Harry Potter. Until Harry Potter was wisely, or the story I was told was accidentally, accepted and published no one knew who J.K. Rowling was.

Writers are writers and scientists but here in the UK the society has had these daft images burned into their minds that you do not get anywhere unless your already popular?!

Now I can now fully see how this works and I have stated before that literary agents, as a good example, have destroyed literature for many years by being narrow minded and greedy. They want the next Harry Potter clone when the publishers keep telling them that this has been done and they want something new and something different. Not a bad copy of what has already been done.

I thought that the books I wrote were something rather different and coming form someone that had this knowledge and experience that has blown away many a professional and student that it would get a great deal of interest? I did think that possibly they may doubt the validity of thew work but I included that I had evidence to back it up, maybe they did not get that far before dismissing the works out of hand? After all that does seem to be the way things are today, certainly in Britain which I have long since thought needed a wake up call in all honesty as Britain appears to be sleepwalking while those with the responsibilities have been taking advantage without a single thought to the impression they give out to the public or even the youngsters within their own families?

There! While I was typing this I was, quite unsuccessfully with one, trying to retrieve two hard disks with one from a Lacie Hard Drive, who turned out to only manufacturer the fancy case they came in designed by Porsche at any rate, and one in a bay adapter in the optical drive space of my laptop.

Then while still doing that I had finally placed the original laptops optical drive back in its bay and installed Windows Home Premium on it as a clean and destructive install, being better and faster than the day I bought it! Would you believe. This has just finished and I have managed to lever the Western Digital 200GB drive from the Lacie Box while the 160GB laptop drive, also Western Digital , is still stuck in the bay adapter and I do not know why this is?! It is very, VERY stuck! Lol!

Anyway I have a normal size Hard Disk Drive I want to install into one of the many hard rive bays to store my documents folder and all my videos and music on it until I get the 2TB drives, two for a mirrored array, for the new PC. I still have a Mouse, Graphics Card, Speaker set, as I now realize mine have been faulty for sometime but still get damn good sound out of them and this despite being Acoustic Energy! The amplifier refuses to correctly output the sound to the correct channels and I have since read that this is a problem with some of these sets, though not restricted to Acoustic Energy I am sure. It is quite a bizarre fault to have for a sound system but then everything seems to be either made like shit these days or that we in the UK are just sold everyone else’s faulty shit?!

Still at least my laptop has now been freed up and returned to normal and now I can sell it for a couple of bits to finish off my Kaverian rig! At long last, I could have done this over a week ago but is just so hard trying to get around to doing anything intricate or which I know will be painful, even when money is involved.

Still I am getting there and I still need to sort of the house but at least with the new PC Gaming Rig close to being finished and the laptop back to its newly installed Windows 7 I may now get the extra boost to finish the house off?!

As for the 493,000 visitors the number is still a mystery and still does not match up to Google’s own figures they present to me! My total visitors are around 130,000 and might be a little less and some of that does not apply to Google! So around 125,000 thereabouts and this does include my YouTube visitors meaning that Googles own admission of being out by 2% on YouTube is not even close! A 300% higher figure that 125,000 is 375,000. So we are speaking of a difference of around around 370% without bothering to work out the exact figure! This is close enough to show the huge discrepancy.

As to the 493,000 visitors , why thank you I am still humbled as it is still an extremely impressive figure!

Right now I have to switch off so I can place this hard drive inside this computer!


Hmm maybe PC World have decided to customize all keyboard they acquire from all the top manufacturers and altered them so they can sell their own ergonomic line and claim exclusivity?!


This is a keyboard I purchased from PC World and when I got home I decoded to do an unboxing video.

Now this video is being posted prematurely and is to my surprise number twenty two in the building Project Zero … umm project! Lol! I have to spend the next week posting up the videos and linking them in here bit by bit and I still have not entirely finished the computer!

I still have two hard drives to get and install, another graphics card for dual graphics, that after running Crysis 3 is not at the forefront of my mind, lol. I also have to get a Logitech Laser Mouse too!

Plus there are a couple of little things for inside the case, a fan splitter cable will arrive here either tomorrow or Monday 30th June. Once installed the second of my front two intake fans with blue LED’s will start running for the first time.

Oh yes and that other monitor arm I had originally intended to get but tried to falsely economise in ways I am always nagging to others that just does not work, lol.

I digress.

IN the video you see and hear me all happy that I have the keyboard at long last and even speak a little about how I tried to find an alternate model that was cheaper. To no avail and after ending up sticking to my guns on the particular peripheral I then realise, as seen in the video, that I am supplied a damaged keyboard?!


Just above the volume scroll whell which can be found located at the upper most edge and furthest to the right you will see that there is a bend, or buckle. This is in the two millimetre thick metal, yes METAL base the keys are mounted onto.

That is damage that cannot be done while it is seated within its packaging and had to have been done out of the box! Which means someone previous to me!

So after being sold a refurbished product by Shops Direct Very Catalogue who were so blaise about it they even took me to court … and lost and then Argos selling me five refurbished cameras and then B&Q the very last electrical store on t


Well I have heard nothing back from PC World, which is convenient that they kept answering me when I said I wanted to buy a product but now I know I have a damaged and refurbished (why do I keep typing refurbished when they do not even bother performing that task?!) product the guns as usual fall silent.

Is it not hilarious, ladies and gentlemen, that they do not even recognise this silence as looking very bad towards them?

I should point out something here actually that reveals a little more in the way I do things in that I clearly stated that in certain areas there is no more I can do and nothing more I can find out or obtain than I have done already. Effectively stating that a particular chapter is over?

But despite my announcing this I simply knew that by their own actions, or more accurately in-actions, that they would keep themselves in the spotlight on here without any help from me This is true of all but most noticeably and most importantly and most alarmingly this involves the NHS and all its associated organisations all creaming money off the British taxpayer to dizzying and eye watering amounts no one has bothered to add up just yet!

A very good lesson I am sure you will agree to all these over confident and delusional idiots and their jobsworths that they are not the brightest people on the planet, in the country or the bloody room!

Unable to see that refusing in anyway to just bite the bullet and end it only serves to make themselves look ever more guilty all the time!

Now what you will see is exactly the same as what went on with Very Catalogue, whereby they will just ignore email after email after email thinking that later on if they just SAY they never received any that no one would be able to prove otherwise?!

Therefore I manage to make all others look just as incompetent and as stupid as I did Very Catalogue and need I remind you I also did that IN COURT! Without even being present!

Also I would rather any issues that arise these days to just be sorted out.

Oh yeah I forgot something! Lol, those Advent Vega Tegra Note Tablets now like absolutely certain to have all been refurbished too as I only bought three but returned FIVE.

Now think about that. I bought THREE but returned FIVE!

The poor workers in their that take all this flak for their crap also even have these wands waved over them when they leave work just to check that they are not stealing any crap?! And of cxourse I do mean CRAP!




Dear Wendy Doyle


You seem to have gone a bit quiet since my last email and its revelations which is quite obvious now that whoever set up this idea for all British Retailers to sell the British people a load od crap and refurbished goods as new, thereby actually devaluing both the pound and the wages of each member of the public, obviously thought British people were far too stupid to spot.
Now hat I find most interesting of all in all this is just how many naive and amoral British idiots there are that actually act against their fellow British citizens by actually backing up this kind of action, knowingly do it, and then actually try to defend it with lies.
Oddly you have not done this at the speed it is normally done which when started was a phone call to my mobile within thirty minutes with Argos and Sony to a day with B&Q to an email in a day or two with the others.
Lately I have decided that any email containing attempts to lie to me and defend this sordid practise by attempting to state it does not take place would be replied with an email that contains both the address of my blog, the numbers of people that I have attracted (being 130,000 I now find out Google has been missing a couple of ZEROS off the end meaning millions) along with the address of the blog and a link to the video in question, which is rather damaging for your company let me tell you!
Oh and if the silent treatment because there are ferocious conversations taking place with your legal departments then tell them not to bother! Trust me I am absolutely thorough when I do the things I do and make absolutely certain that whatever I think is going on, which is correct 90% of the time, I say it is only what I ‘think’. Unless of course I have documentation/emails/screenshots/secretly recorded audio/video to prove what I state is true. The interesting thing is that not only did none of the subjects on my blog stop to think how much I had on them they also failed to ask themselves how much there is in total, over 100GB. At a quite conservative estimate of that I assure you.
But now just as all of the guns have fallen silent so do those I catch out almost immediately.
To be convince people that I know what I am doing as well as what I am talking about I did state for quite some time that in the event I am right and that all that I claim are corrupt and performing grand scale fraudulent things I stated then when the proverbial cat is out of the bag, or my existence and the threat I pose has reached the deaf idiots high enough in government, that all would fall silent … together and simultaneously.
I must admit though that your own silence is a first as it was immediate to what I told you though this was surprisingly little other than that I know your selling refurbished stuff and not advertising it as such which is quite illegal.
Even the naive and the basic human reactions of all that I cover and being so predictable all serve to tell me a story I can then explain on my blog to extremely good effect. I had a friend here yesterday that laughed at what I told him but recently had a disagreement in a shop over being sold crap and stated this to the sales person. They suggested Argos where he stated he knew they were selling him crap and the sales person did not bat an eyelid at this claim and said ‘well yeah but as long as you advertise it’ to which he point out that they did not and he was talking about their new items.
It is because of first off Very Catalogue (so include Littlewoods and Isme in that), Argos and then B&Q doing this that I ended up going to your store which both and and many of these that follow me and my personal friends and family saw as the last bastion where electrical goods are involved. 
Now I cannot help but wonder if any new goods actually enter the UK directly from the manufacturers any more and I find it likely now this is not the case and that UK based HQ’s exist merely as a front in their attempts in their cloak and dagger attitudes towards the British public and likely do very little.
Or as an example Nikon UK lied to me about several issues, as well as their engineers getting it wrong, of both their cameras, supply and their authorised dealers which they have now proved are not worth a wet … Ice Cream Sunday!
So to recap then, I have a Corsair Vengeance K70 Professional Mechanical Keyboard that is made of solid aluminium but which has a large buckle in said aluminium that could only have happened while being completely out if its box and all its wrappings!
Therefore a substandard and inferior product being worth LESS than the value expected by your company for purchase is now sitting on my lap and becoming infamous along with all my other videos on my YouTube account and also within my blog posts! As is your stunned silence I might add as will any further silence that continues for the next week or more.
I am awaiting your company’s decision on what to do about this.
Believe me when I say that a great deal of professional people that the British public attach much more intellect to than they happen to possess have been laid bare by me and completely slain for all to see and hear on my blog. These contain a dozen GPs and Doctors along with paper work of embarrassment about three dozen in total spanning over fifteen years along with Police Officers, Paper Bag Police Officers and Police Detectives, Bailiffs, Courts, Local Councils and a fair few others.
With all that I simply do have to ask …
… are you seriously trying to think something up instead of just dealing with the problem swiftly?
If so do you really not see how this will end up looking quite bad for you if you continue?
Over confidence and delusions of grandeur are one of those things that I have actually taken from those I have opposed and turned it in on themselves to rather great as well as an extremely embarrassing (for them) effect.
I would much rather this was sorted out quickly as I have enough evidence and data on my blogs and I now find out I have half a million followers (read followers and not visitors). The fact that I have reached this number in a little over 18 months means that in another 18 months things in Britain are going to look very different, very different indeed.
Now I still look forward to hearing what your company has decided to do.
Martin Haswell BSc


I am still awake! Quite unfortunately and I knew when I was out today I would have trouble, I don’t know how.

I think I just think that automatically when I have not been on the bike for three days? I had intended to go out today … error yesterday but the weather was crap.

I went out on foot and I seriously regretted that too, in fact today … err yesterday was not a good day at all four varies reasons I do not fully understand on either count though I do have some ideas I how is not the case.

Anyway I have a Sunday to get through and I seriously need to clean my house though at this rate there will bit be anyone to have it tidy for in all honesty! Lol! Long story and not the time not the place just frustrating nature mindedness with a tendency to want to argue our act like I’ve pissed petiole off? But there is only one way that I can think that I have pissed people off and it had everything to do with this blog! If I am right and I hope I am wing on this occasion it will get a lot worse in the second half of 2014. This may mean that I have to perform a magic trick long before I was planning too?

It is odd as I am at that time when I am wondering if the government are experiment and putting something in the water as there seems to be a queue for pissed off people and one I know fur sure is down to the blog while the others I am just guessing are.

Still I have … made attempts to have some plans out in motion and a week from now I should have an idea, maybe two weeks. But I do feel like I am being hemmed into a corner though and some times these things need you to come out fighting and other times they require a … different trick. Just the trick I want is not quite on my list of capabilities just yet.

So I have been awake all night yet again and will have a shitty day … today that is for sure. Biking is lieut not a good idea so will have to try and stay awake but stay in! Not a good combination but it’s only readable to go out on my bike and in all honesty on a day were a person with an affliction where you do bit sleep properly when it appears that you are sleep and your duchess the next day but with no sleep at all your woozy and zombified then cycling is far more dangerous than it normally is and completely and utterly a stupid thing to do, unless you can be certain of starting away from roads.

The only places I can do that are local and will have to many people for what I would want to do while out!

So I will stagger, literally, through it and hopefully I will get out every day this week? I will have to alternate between farther away and local while capitalising on the quiet week days.

I certainly need to stay away from people, cycle and get it with my camera and get plenty of photos and videos as I am way behind this year this far!

Tonight I have done more work to that Fibromyalgia Syndrome Report I starred I was working on. I have added another section tonight based on an idea I got over a disagreement I had, largely because my memory dies but recall the things I need to when someone who decides to be annoying stresses me out and then adds insult to injury by telling me I cannot take it when I know I am correct, it’s on here enough times mate, but can’t recall the stiff I need to say.

When I do that, trying to explain myself and cannot find the stuff I want it need, I tend to blabber, which I bloody hate. So I tend to like being on my own at times like this when explaining things is hard work. I cone up with my best thoughts, philological statements, sayings and ideas as well as my poems and visions at these times. Also I reach many of my realisations and conclusions at these times and there have been previous few this year!

As for the Fibromyalgia report, week hopefully if I get another brainstorm this week at some point it should be ready to publish by the weekend coming?

I just have to make sure there are enough … enlightening things contained therein that I have either worked upon myself it have picked up from the one person I think the most knowledgeable person/Doctor/Author I have come across on this sorry subject of Fibromyalgia, Dr Ginevra Liptan M. D.

So I shall refer to this coming week, at least hopefully, The Ghost Week?!


Been paying only half attention to this defeat of David Cameron on a rather humiliating way over Europe.

It has made me think of a couple of theories I have had and one is old and one is new, in terms of me thinking up these theories of course.

Now let me think of an amusing way I could put these theories into an explanation?

A political party member tells his leader after having some money issues

“Hey Tony! I am good with numbers! I can tell you how to get more money from the people than you actually need!”

Whispers to friend “Oh here comes the village idiot, I will just entertain him for a bit so he does not cause trouble … Ooh doo yooou now Gordon? Well how do I do that?!”

Replies “Well you want £100 raise right?! Well I will leak something (or pay them, ahem) to the idiot press, because they are just so easy to bait, that we are going to raise it to £150!”

Asks “Well why the hell would you do that?! The public works go on a rampage!”

Answers “Ah well you see first off if I tell you will you key me sit in the captains chair one day?!”

Promises “Yeah, yeah sure. Well come on let us hear it!”

“Well just as the public are about to go on a rampage toy then come out and say that’s utter hogwash it is only going to be £110! They are so relieved it is £40 less than they had been hearing they ask sit up and accept it!”

“My bloody word, Gordon, that is … genius!!”

Another one I have thought about lately is this thing with the refurbished equipment sold as new, fit told it happened to a friend of mine tonight. After pointing out there deliberate mistakes the sure suggested he get what he wants from Argos? He then says “now why would I do that? I know for a fact that they seek you refurbished goods!” to which they do bit bay an eyelid and say something that sounds like they are confirming it by then stating “Yes but they have to tell you it’s refurbished when they do!” to which he then explains that they don’t and that many stores ate doing it and neither are they either!

David Cameron gets in power but has a problem with the Europe issue but at the same time does not want things to look as bad add they really are so confess up with a couple of plans. This he most certainly did because it was reported by every news media that George Osborne had a bit left for him by Alastair Darling stating “Sorry, no cash!”

But several European countries react in anger over their own issues and their are battles in the streets where the Police are not keeping the peace anymore and battling those they swore to protect and serve and bow never trusted again. After all when the majority of the people are fecking pissed then the Police are only serving the tint minority that are not pissed off and we all know what section of the society that is, don’t we?

So he wants Britain to look like it is doing better than it is to the rest of Europe so that he has some leverage? So he had to get the public spending money but they won’t. The other option available is being dishonest and conning the British public. America never lined the European union thing because they never wanted another section of the world bigger than they are, at least it was a Republican President that stated this. So David Cameron says

“We have no money, as pointed out by that infamous note, so give us all your crap, no matter what it is, refurbished, damaged or faulty I don’t care! We will give so our major retailers the crap and get then to sell them to our public. So we are selling them things with less than half of what they are paying! This way the pound looks mitre valuable than it actually is!! All our retailers who are broke from all the over the top taxes and business rates we charge then fur fuck all we forced on them to pay ourselves way over the top and our relatives now do not have to pay money they do not have direct to manufacturers anymore!! RESULT!!!”

They then set up one big supplier or a series of suppliers supposed to handle all this but do it so badly and incompetently that many of the British public start to realise!

Or at least I hope they have realised that something sinister had been going on with the retailers.


Now I stated when I received my first refurbished item that they company were so blaise about it that this could only mean that everyone was at it.

That was Very Catalogue when I stated this and have since had five faulty, used cameras from Argos, faulty Bionaire Fan from B&Q and now a damaged metal professional keyboard from PC World!

My friend tonight just stared in silence add I showed him the metal edge and explained how I had put a film of me opening the package and discovered it on my YouTube account, lol.

He said “Yeah I can see that! That’s bad! I would not like that! If I paid for a new item I fully expect a new item!”

I then explained that with this attitude they are not only devaluing the pound, though hidden from foreign eyes, they are telling you that what you ate currently being paid, or earning, is only worth half of what you think it does!

Or to put it another way if you earn £500 per week and fur argument sake you pay £100 peer week rent and you spend the rest on electrical items, no matter what electrical items. You are paying out £400 but getting £150! Think about it!

So with your £150, because that’s the value you received despite what you handed over, and your £100 per week rent which is probably like mine and is a vastly ridiculously over the top amount for rent, your getting £250 per week, not £500! With the overinflated rent your getting less than that even! It is all about values.

Your value as a worker is not about how many bits of paper you are given but what you are able to acquire with it.

If vegetable were £10 each and meat £20 while milk a fiver a pint then suddenly your £500 per week won’t seem like very much would it?!

It’s all relative, rudimentary and quite elementary … to me.


Cameron under fire after EU defeat http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-28070771


Do you know sometimes I just have to sigh in despair?

No matter what people never cease to amaze me and they do not do their research or check their facts before starting how things are.

Now maybe I have something very, very wrong here and if so and just as I always promise I will hold my hands up and say I am wrong. After all it had been six months, lol!

Now as I understood it all the benefits were being phased out, with the secret agenda being too remove the weird disability from the welfare state despite not having the property infrastructure or support in place to make this fair. Feck me they do not even want to cure you, treat you or give you the correct drugs and yet still stand behind you with that Cat O’ Nine Tails and people still don’t get it even when you spell it out.

When the benefits were all phased out they were to be replaced with just two, Universal Credit and Personal Independent Payments, UC and PIPS.

Now I either have this completely wrong, in which case someone previously reported it wrong but do not remember who, or this reporter at the BBC is reporting about something that everyone else had seen as defunct and useless for sometime now?

I mean this change to the welfare state had been an issue since the Tories got into power and a general election is due in less than a year, so it’s a fairly outdated!

My own argument over this reform was not over the fact there was a reform, I indeed thought it seriously needed it and could not remain how it was, no it was that they were going to make things worse by conning money from the poor instead of streamlining a seriously inefficient and wasteful Department of Work and Pensions. Also it should be chest to all by now that I am utterly stunned as the modern day attitudes that have spread to all public services that instead of doing things properly and efficiently to save money it is best to lie, cheat and manipulate everyone resulting in an almost zero service in each one that is paid for by the taxpayer that only hero’s those that have far too much money and do everything NOT to pay their taxes?!

If having a disability is black and being fully fit is white then where are the shades of grey?

They seem to view hate handing out taxpayers money to help support those that are disabled, jobless and poor but have no issues whatsoever with taking over ten times that much before considering the expenses when their sole purpose is to chest the poor out of money?

It absolutely makes me want to hang my head in utter disappointment when I meet or hear of people that do not see that! I just write simply do not understand it.

It is not about having opinions.

It is not about being right.

It is about the truth and being fair, that is it and that is all!

Now if strong willed and opinionated people seem to thinks it’s perfectly OK to force their options into others without an one of understanding for that which your arguing about you also should consider … THE AUDIENCE!

The Internet today is an absolutely massive window where you can both advertise your wares and stand on your soap box. When standing on your soap box you have a crowd of people paying attention. But as more and more people arrive your soap box gets inevitable higher. So the basic mathematics can be out into simple layman’s terms thus …

1 The more you speak ( or in my case add provide evidence, paper work, recorded audio and all others) …

2 The more people come

3 The more they discover about both me and what really goes on and …

4 The higher my soap box gets

In mathematics and in computing you have two types of data, one is known add CONSTANTS which speaks for itself really add it never changes.

The other is known as variables and these are dynamic meaning that they … CHANGE.

In the case of this blog, or any big that I write to I am the constant because I stick to the facts. This way the hope is that visitors over time start to see this and realise if I get it won’t I hold my hands up. That is, of course, provided I am speculating and if I am not you can take what I type to the bank!

The variables are the numbers that are produced from the blogs, now these can either stay dead level, a very tiny possibility that would require several years of no posting at all and this is my area, unfortunately for Google, so this is a given. The time might be different but I often find myself reading a website and then thinking this sounds old, look at the date and it is from 2009 or earlier which is 5 years ago.

Ergo people can be visiting the blog years from now while I might not have posted a damn thing?! SDI that is what it takes for visitors to drop off to nothing, bloody years!!

Right that should be chest enough and easy enough to take on board, lol!

But the whole time I post my blog posts climb ever higher up a search engines list, ergo mitre and more visitors see the link and subject and if it is of interest to them then they click on it. My numbers do not go up for appearing in a list, or search engine results, only if people are interested and click on said link! Got it?! Lol!

So I post and the numbers go up, not down but up. Add time goes on the amount it goes up gets higher and higher and I have explained this before. But some do not get it and I simply do bit know why and they just do not see their mistakes, lol.

Now a few nights back I was given some information that, and I mean this most sincerely, blew me away and left me completely humbled, but wondering if feeling humbled was correct.

I was told that I had 493,000 followers. I was simply stunned to hear this and immediately questioned it’s validity. I was assured of the figure and what it was for. But even so had it been only total visitors across the board I still would have disbelieved it and felt humbled.

I stated tonight to someone I know about this and some have not quite grasped it. After revealing the figure I them mentioned someone famous, in the UK and likely several other countries and someone I follow and admire and mentioned in here. I said to this guy “now do you think I would have as many followers as him?” to which he laughed and said “well no, I would not have thought so” to which I said “well actually I have double that amount despite not being at this for two years yet!” he was surprised to hear.

I then explained that this was why I had trouble believing it!

Of course I always knew I would get to these figures, unless I felt like people preferred to live in ignorance and I was wasting my time and stopped before hand. I just never thought it would be this quick to that figure! Even just visits alone I would not have expected this until very late 2014 at the earliest and up to a year after that.

When I say living in ignorance I will explain how I see this because there was a surprising scene in a film that explained this in a round about way. The film was The Avengers or Avengers Assemble if your in the UK like me, lol.

The scene is where Loki, God of Mischief in Norse Mythology and brother to Thor, the God of Thunder. He had just acquired the scan of someone’s eyeball so that Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, can get into a vault … umm to steal something I cannot recall, lol.

Loki dies this in a rather violent manner at an event whereby it seems that the rich and powerful are in attendance with all the pretentious stuff that cones with an event like that. Everything moves outside and Loki orders the group of hundred or so people to kneel. He then rants about how the kneeling and cowering is our natural state and we want to be ruled.

Of course any one watching with a heroic streak and do-gooder tore nature wants someone to kick his arse. So the soldiers, with a demi God our two, turn up to do what the cowering people are not prepared to. Kick his arse. Only just before this happens one man stands up and makes a stand to Loki starting that he had seen his ilk before.

I sometimes wonder if their was an intended statement in their? The man looks out of place with this crowd being old, ordinary and looking like he was walking home in a raincoat. Everyone else were replete with dinner jackets and evening dresses or similar attire.

I thought how similar this was to reality and that when it comes down to making a stand and being tough those with the lives of luxury ate the last ones to make a stand. It takes someone who looks like he was walking past outside to stand to where all else do not.

They’re are many films with similar scenes to this and one of the most famous is Die Hard.

Obviously the writers were thinking something when they wrote that scene?

So what sort of psychology occurs with the ones quick to kneel? Better to just accept the forceful nature of a being whose power and resources are greater than their own? Better to keep you head down or risk it being blown off?

The odd thing is I see this in people a great deal when the dangers could not even be classed add that. In fact I think those in this situation may refer to it as ‘stress’ or ‘aggro’ and claim they do not need it.

The of thing is just add America is the only country that had this gun problem of some murderous nutter shooting and killing innocent people, or even bit so innocent people, who fail to realise that no matter what this is wrong, British people are the only one that had this self protection thing going on over a bit of, in their own words, ‘stress’ and ‘aggro’! At the same time they have ideas that they utter that are so mad and of the mark that they have had drummed into them by idiot politicians for years that they actually believe their crap!

What is also unique about the British is that they switch like the wind depending on what they are going through. When the stress and agro gets to much they start talking about the things that the member if the public in other countries do on a semi regular basis. But that is ask they do, talk about it. As far as actively doing anything the feeling guess away and you ate back to the statements you hear the most whereby one is starting things that sounds like they are shagging George Osborne or the other one is also something the British government, sorry governments, love by saying “You can’t win, you won’t ever win!”

Suddenly your brain, oh OK my brain, is trying to deal with the switch which may be in a few weeks, a few days and on some occasion a few bloody minutes!! Lol!

So I see it that the powerful and the politicians see us like the kneeling people in that scene with Loki. When we are stressed enough we wave or fists in the air declaring our anger but before long revert into a submissive role. Of you stress out one person enough then any think he or she may do in retaliation or fun the flipping out is OK because no one week join he or she and they have lots of labels and punishments to stick all over the individual when they do act.

In essence this is the message that this blog was intending to attempt to convey, to make people think mitre clearly, get the facts (ergo the truth) right and stop flipping to and fro like your trying to watch several soap operas at once. You will never, and I do mean NEVER, get anywhere like this and nothing will change. If you do bit change then things do not change.

Now look at the world as it is. Look at what we have done and think about where we are going?

Now ask yourself one thing …

If nothing changes what future does the human race have?

Or maybe the question would be more accurate if it were …

If nothing changes what horrors does the human race face?!

I know.

Hell that is why I stated writing this blog!

Key sickness benefit ‘failing’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27927842



I just typed out several paragraphs and lost the lot, my bloody god people it is only text man!! Sort yourselves out ort a method to stop companies getting too rich too quick because they then provide shitty services will have to be put in place!

I lost all my tags too! Jesus Christ!!

Start again for the umpteenth time!

Now then here is a video of me unboxing a Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard I recieved from PC World. This is a professional keyboard make no mistake and one that costs £105 to buy and has keys sitting on Cherry MX Red switches, mechanical and professional, and light up keys that allow you to type in the dark and also do not rub off like so many others.

However when I get home and do the unboxing, or this video, you will see and hear me being a little excited and relieved about it up to a point. A point when I realise they keyboard is damaged!

Yes I said a damaged keyboard and it gets worse!

These keys sit atop a sheet of aluminium, or I think it is aluminum but certainly metal. To the top edge and the right most corner you will see a scroll wheel for adjusting volume. If you look to the top edge of the scroll wheel you should be able to make out a bent or buckled edge to the keyboard?

This is metal and around two millimetres think! This was not done inside the box and the keyboard had to be out of it for this to occur!

So yes after finding out that Shop Direct were up to this practise and so blaise about it they took me to court, and LOST, over it, after being sold no less then five cameras by Argos all of which were refurbished and faulty and then sold an item from B&Q that was the same here is the last outpost that is electrical high street retailers PC World stroke Currys, or Dixons, also up to the exact same thing!

It beggars belief, it realy does!


Well I just did some checking and according to Google I still have the same 7 followers I had when I had only had 2,000 visits over a year ago now?!

Now I am closing on on 60,000 visits, once again their figures, and in over 55,000 I have acquired no more followers. According to the blueprint based on WordPress figures I should have at a minimum 600 followers and I am speaking of just one of my dozen blogs on Blogger?!

 So after releasing the figures told to me over the phone from a shocked … daughter of 493,000 visitors and assured me this was followers and not visitors/hits I can once more post screenshots involving Google’s impossible numbers.

Now I dare say that possibly a get together of people and minds that have themselves been … victim to Google’s trickery and tactics for whatever reason may want to use my figures and I say … knock yourselves out. Anything you manage to find like my daughter did too is free to use.

The frustrating thing is that I spent days and days working on spreadsheets with figures that were purely complete and utter lies! What Google are completely unable to count the numbers of hits to a website? Even worse than cannot count up the much smaller number of visitors?! They have already admitted they have not been counting and calculating numbers properly in YouTube and they are still guessing at how much they are out?!

Only fecking Google can take glorified super-calculators and then state they have not been calculating this correctly?! Computers … machiones made up of billions upon billions of tiny transistors who sole job is to do trillions of instructions per second and Google cannot count up to half a million despite being given two years to achieve this?!



I am having real trouble with WordPress too lately. It refuses point blank to add media into the post and the layout and line spacing is terrible and along with that when I right click in the text box it refuses to offer me the paste option until the third or fourth attempt?!