It states in the BBC report linked below that when asking if Europe is swinging to the far right over immigrants the reported argued it isn’t.


It is!

I think you got the word ‘swinging’ mixed up with ‘majority’?


Of course Europe is swinging to the far right. Whether or not this is fast or slow or will reach problematic levels is another matter entirely.


Oh dear. I couldn’t get a bloody career in several fields including writing?! Lol!

Funny too as I’ve stated for over three years now that this will happen and it will continue to happen.

The more that are let in the more Europeans and even British will have them living up the road or next door and the more people will swing to the right.

It’s pure common sense, realising the facts and simple maths, based on what has been going on for a fair old while. The migrant crisis and their attitudes to think they can do and go where they want is only exacerbating things.

Let certain groups do what they want and they will think they can act good they want which will be in conflict or just very different to those in the country they are running riot in. There no incentive not drive to get an integration period going on.

They are also given many, many things that the natives have been refused and in some cases refused several times over. Including the vulnerable, suffers of mental health, old people and disabled.

That last fact makes it ten times worse and serves to spread ill feeling and hatred.

I don’t know about other countries in Europe, or in general, but this is certainly true within the UK.

In fact for a long time I simply couldn’t believe they were doing this, British public services and government. Then I wondered how they simply did bit realise they were creating this feeling, heard evidence of that from others, but then stated to think …

.. Maybe they know exactly what they are doing?!

In other words forcing the ill feelings and fueling the hatred because when it’s bad enough they get the excuse to do that they wanted to all along? This way they don’t look like the racist ones as the term is loosely used for views that are either not racist and/or based on the truth.

I’m afraid I took a very much unwanted front row seat to this I don’t think I’ll ever get over?

Is Europe lurching to the far right? –



Deep Thought

Life is … strange.

I often wonder what it is all about. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? What lies in wait for us at the end of the universe?

These are the questions that have played making for a millennia.

So much is this so that we came up with our own ideas to put some sense into it all be coming up with various ideas and stories that still persist and are believed today. Unfortunately it is also one of the main things that actually have held us back from both venturing further afield and the answers.


I’m about all that you can see, all that you can touch, all that you can solve. Though admittedly I have difficulty solving issues a lot closer to the ground and should be a great deal easier.

I cannot go a day without asking questions about my own life and it’s path. Was it preordained? Is there anything in the way of continuation? After failure do you get to come back again and have another crack at it?

Would I want to have another crack at it?

Therein lies one of the most important questions if the modern world. In the most unlikely of places and in our own stress and efforts there exists the clues to state that we do return. I wonder if there is something just as mysterious as quantum mechanics that has a role in all this or indeed it is in fact quantum mechanics that plays a part?

Are their rules?

If you have had a difficult life but stayed good do you get rewarded with your next life? Do you come back to a rewarded life?

Would make perfect sense except for the fact that you don’t recall your old life, or only do so briefly when your a child.

Do you get to choose?

What if you come back as someone with physical faults? How about someone horrid? Someone driven by ancient animal instincts? A killer?

The very idea sends a shiver down my spine!

Hence why I wonder if you have a choice.

Scientists strive all their lives, will true scientists, to achieve something, to progress technology, to further advance mankind. Why would we have the strive to do that unless deep down we knew we were coming back?

I often think that way. I often wonder about the advanced of computing or astronomy. I ask myself if I will live long enough to see certain things or that if I come back would I get to see them in my own life?

Maybe even our phobias are some reminder of previous lives as something seeps through? I myself have two phobias with one being claustrophobia, but has to be a very confined space indeed. The other is a fear of heights but like claustrophobia this has to be beyond a certain height.

I wonder if I fell to my death in a previous life and redundant memory is awoken whenever I look down from a high enough height?

I cannot even stand to see other people, especially children, bear the edges of a cliff edge. I want to run over and drag them back and away from the danger.

Always that that was odd, even though it’s been like that since I was around 12 years old. But then back then I was always standing in for kids being beaten on and not able to protect themselves.

Is it always our animal genes that makes us behave in horrid ways to each other or something much deeper? Whenever I would watch programmes about ghosts being contacted, senses or contacted by clairvoyants they would pick up on happy souls, angry and even evil. So is it our basic animal instincts or is it our souls that possess these traits?

If it’s our souls I should come back as a similar person to that I am right now? A comforting thought especially if I can shed the things I don’t like about myself.

It’s it’s our genetics … this thought troubles me as I could come back as something I currently despise. That creates a strong shudder. SHUDDER!

I stated earlier about coming back to see scientific advancements that I might get to see and it might be nice to see a better run society with people treating each other a great deal better? The trouble is I am also aware that because of the lack of memory of a previous life I would not therefore appreciate seeing these advancements.

I am aware of this because I am probably doing this right at this very moment. As are you!

I’ve always know since a child that this planet has a limited lifespan and just like any young scientist, especially also interested in animals and wildlife, you wonder why life revolves?

Is it done race that starts to see if we can evolve which enough to survive the fate of our world and spread out among the stars? There are certainly plenty of films and TV series that leans to this kind of future. Once it comes will we be the only ones to leave or would we make sure we are accompanied by other forms of life?

Maybe in some way other species sense this and decide to learn to live around us, among us?

Animals, however, must see there would as infinite? Or do they? They themselves are not infinite but maybe they do see themselves as so?

Until they learn to speak we remain in the dark on that one.

Dogs and cats are the obvious ones to think of but we have many more pets that range beyond the domestic and into the exotic. A quick scan of my YouTube channel will show you that I am more of the latter than the former. Amphibians is my thing followed by reptiles, fish and orchids.

I always felt an affinity to flight, for some reason. I loved the Superman films and comics as a kid as well as fighter aircraft, both American, Russian and our own British jet fighters. As I got older I learned that my great grandfather was a test pilot for Avro and the RAF and died in a plane crash testing the fore runner to the infamous Lancaster bomber, called the Avro Manchester. I remember being told he veered away from houses and crashes into trees. So much sounding like that I would have done. There are even mentions in several books about the accident and my great grandfather’s name.

Again there are videos of the books and name on my YouTube channel. Asking with my other interests.

I have felt an incredible amount of underachieving in my life, despite my best efforts. As I become ever more hampered by one terrible health condition combined with a couple of others, everything I tried seem to fall flat on its face.

As the decades have now gone by I have felt someone cheated.

Being into technology and computers I’ve wondered about the creation of artificial intelligence along with the possibilities of uploading our own minds into a computer. Or perhaps better still a robot or cybernetic organism? A cyborg.

I became aware there are those that also think along these lines, though how many of them are scientific or just sci-fi fans I do not know. Not that it truly matters. They call themselves ‘Transhumanists’.

I cannot help but wonder if they have had similar lives and felt cheated as I have done?

My father said to someone once that I had “…never had a fair crack of the whip!” referring to the bad luck and things that had gone wrong. He also thought I would ultimately succeed in my endeavours. He has been dead 13 years or so, thanks in no small measure to the BBC, and probably good that he was not around to see the last thirteen years? But then maybe half the things would not have happened had he been around?

Who knows?

Maybe these things are why I became such a fan of the game series of Deus Ex? I loved the film Ex_Machina too but hated the ending beyond belief!

A writer that truly doesn’t understand computers.

Create something that behaves like an animal intentionally but a dog never kills it’s master. Or the person that just helps it, especially if it desires soo much to be seen as human, or a living being.

Maybe the human race is designed to have the technology that is like that of the Deus Ex games? Body parts that are lost are replaced by ones that are the same shape but are totally artificial and stronger than the body part list and can perform version things. Augmented limbs and such? The idea behind the games is how the world would react to people like this, stronger than your average person or with powers.

Not a lot different to tools someone might carry today about their person on their way to a job? They are hardly about to start shooting projectiles at high speed from various body parts. But people will naturally fear the possibilities decades or even hundreds of years before they happen.

Just look at global warming.

No one really knows why it is. No one knows if it can be reversed or even halted altogether. But worry about it everyone is and that’s an understatement in most cases. Because a majority of bad scientists wanting so bad to appear on TV jumped on the bandwagon that sensationalist journalists love do much, impending doom, the majority still believe it and panic.

In my experience almost everyone cannot see the wood fit the trees, even when individual trees are pointed out to them. I find that many refuse to see the trees and shake their heads and refuse to adjust their focus. Like there is some kind of invisible comfort in the woods but individual trees are too much reality for them to take?

Would this be the genes to blame for this or instead, the soul?

If these realities are ignored in some ignorance that brings about the bliss then why do we live or accept a world like this? What is so big a problem that to change the way that we live becomes impossible?

Even at the idol end of the spectrum, don’t get me started, why do overpaid actors think they should get ever higher and ludicrous paychecks while the series of TV programmes or films they star in are losing ratings and therefore money?

It seems ignorance exists everywhere while intelligence and even simple common sense does not?

A strange species we are. Yet we constantly perceive ourselves to be so much more than we are. While we let these ancient instincts of deadly sins to rule is which often means it’s others that suffer.

How often have we loved following relationships on TV and films only to be surprised at a later date that the two actually hated each other? Even to the extent of having things arranged so that the time spent together filming is only restricted to a couple of days each week?

It never ceases to amaze me each time this occurs. Badly acted soap operas not included in all that.

Then you wonder which one is the villain, if they are both as bad as each other or there had just been some stupid misunderstanding?

We are our own worst enemies a large majority of the time.

So where are we going?

I ask that because the answer may be completely different to the question … Where is it we want to be going?

Sometimes just simply asking two questions looking identical but asked ever so slightly differently that can stop us in our tracks and make us question our own answers. Question whether or not we indeed have the right answers. We still often don’t realise that we don’t.

I see this every single day.

Much more money, effort and resources are placed into things that are, for want of a better word, charades. Falsities. Lies. I am not speaking of the ones that I have recently and mostly blog about. I’ll let you decide that of which I refer to.

So the ultimate question is, how long.

More specifically how long before we realise what we are doing and change it?

Maybe a more important question is whether or not this wrong way has impaired of chances of survival, made them impossible or will do so at some point.

A very catastrophic meteorite strike, series of large earthquakes, comet or realising our yellow sun expanding into a red giant star in 100 years, if we are lucky to get a warning and predict it, would soon make everyone realise.

The question would then be is it a realisation too late.

Another one would be are we worthy of being saved. Are we add a species far too amoral individually and too linked back to our primate ways to make a life out among the stars?

These are questions I had hoped I would love long enough to see answered. Or at least have the obvious answer changed.

With my father and Uncle dying at ages 8 years from my own age and me showing far more symptoms of this hereditary illness than they did, it doesn’t look very likely.

But, who knows?

Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised in a number of levels and in a number of ways over the next 8 years?

I’ve certainly worked hard towards that.

I don’t currently possess all the tools to do everything I want to and have to make do with what I have and what I can afraid together. But this could change at any time. With a little luck, that is.

I wonder when those driven by avarice stop and instead of setting up loans companies with interest rates of over 1000% per annum are replaced by companies or organisations that actually do something good or worthwhile?

I wonder when organisations that advertise that they help people are displaced by ones that actually do that? I’ve wondered about doing something along these lines myself.

Yes, I had a vision. A vision to do something on a very large scale that did good and caught many people’s attention. I also hope that this would act as a kind of catalyst. That others would follow suit and there would be created a whole sea of similar organisations and companies?

Well we can all dream.

It’s a nice dream. Likely will only ever stay a dream, again who knows?

Instead I spend my time looking for helpful dolphins in a sea of sharks. Like some animals that are predatory and mimic their prey to be able to get close, some sharks appear like dolphins. But once you get closer enough and waste a lot of time and money getting there, they are seen for what they are.

I am a restless person. I don’t know why but lately it’s been changing and heading in the opposite direction. Oddly I spent many years not being able to sleep and never saw an end to it. Then out of the blue this changed and not only do I sleep something close to normal but I also tend to start nodding off in the day. Very recently and in the past few days I’ve felt like I’ve had a seizure or fit coming on as I’ve nodded off. I know the feeling as I’ve had it before and get something like it when my postural hypotension kicks in.


What I don’t know is whether or not my inability to sit down and actually read and enjoy a book, scientific of course.

I’ve spent years with this endless desire to get out the house and do things. I’ve never understood it. Now it’s changing and I don’t know how it why this is happening and it feels oddly uncomfortable. Once again I don’t know why.

I’m ruled by things I don’t understand and worse still I can’t control. Not being able to control it and feeling a slave to it if what drives me to distraction most of all. Drives me insane.

But I see a lot worse each and every day. In others locally, nationally as well as globally.

I control much of myself but it’s these few that get to me most of all.

A bit like when I hear in some documentary how perfect or bodies are, the things they do and a wonder of nature. Yeah? You want to try spending a few weeks in my body, pal!

I’m constantly amazed at the things that don’t work, don’t work properly or just breakdown from time to time.

My sinuses have a habit of blocking up just as I’m in bed and about to go to sleep. What’s up with that?

Parts of my body send pain messages to my brain when there is nothing wrong with them! This is a trait for Fibromyalgia where a link in your central nervous system that’s taken the right whack, started firing off signals ask over the place.

But today we move about quickly in moving vehicles from simple push-bikes, to motorbikes, cars, vans lorries and aircraft. These have only been about for a hundred years and when coming to an abrupt stop those links get kinked further. We have not had long enough to evolve to deal with these sudden changes in movement and speed.

I would hate to come back and suffer from Fibromyalgia all over again. But then maybe the drugs will be better and those that suffer from it will be treated better? One can only hope.

But I’m not naïve enough to think it’s only Fibromyalgia Syndrome that is treated, or indeed not treated, in this way.

But then that’s the thing is it not, the naivety of the majority send to be that which is exploited by those we choose to govern the things most important to us?

But how do we ever stop it?

Is it simply a question of making enough people aware of it taking place, as I’ve chosen to believe?

Or if that we have not evolved enough to take that much information on board and retain it?

I for one hour it’s the former and not the latter otherwise I might have to refuse coming back into another human being fit several hundred years?

If I ever want to come back at all, that is?

Certainly another life like this one and I would have to pass.

Our bodily functions also limit is. We have to eat so much and we are tied to being in close proximity to a toilet. If we lived to 200 years of age and only needed food and a toilet a third of the time that we do, putting men and women on Mars would be a cinch! But we don’t, we do and it isn’t.

I used to imagine manning a space station orbiting Pluto and even started writing a sci-fi novel with the main character doing that very thing.

Like many other things I started, several novels included, they never got finished. Some never got started fit several years either.

Society as we know it is just so messed up and inefficient it simply is not true. Tell that to those that govern and run and I’ll bet you will be told a thousand reasons why it is run correctly. Shame they don’t just answer the questions, admit it to themselves and others and work to do something about it.

God knows how many more years will pass before we do correct our ways?

Speaking of which, I often wonder at what period in the future we will realise what’s wrong with today and look back and frown upon this period?

The writing is simply on the wall for that one and it’s not a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Ten years? Twenty? Fifty? Perhaps as much as 100 years but think it will be way before that.

Lately I’ve been wondering about the even more immediate trouble with infections becoming immune to antibiotics. Come as a bolt from the blue that one. Did think it was some way off and a bit of scare mongering until I read about Super Gonnerhea, that is.

Maybe it’s nature’s way of telling us there are too many of us?

There had to be reasons and answers to everything. It is just the way I look at and approach everything. Unfortunately life is appearing to not be long enough to answer everything, but just half of everything would have been nice.


I was reading this report regarding the suspension of South Yorkshire’s Police Chief over things that weren’t on in this letters inquest.

It’s truly quite bizarre what went on. Apparently a continuation of a cover up went on including reusing statements that had been previously discredited?!

Chief of Police? Really? I take it he acquired the position based on something other than intelligence, common sense of wisdom?!

*sigh* I can’t say I’m too surprised to be honest. It’s funny I think I automatically react with ‘shock’ because I should and the things I read about are wrong? That’s so very sad.

However the urge to post about the outcome of this inquest was doubled when I spotted something that not only is equally shocking but ties in with something of a long running theme on my blogs.

In fact it’s a very current theme of this blog!

Now very recently I’ve been in contact with elements of one of my favourite industries. An industry I’ve long maintained is out of date and had been fit a very long time. Another industry where the people in it think themselves blessed with superior intelligence, calling or some other thing but when you get deeper into talks … sorry, I mean arguments that they show themselves up to be none of the things they think they are. What they are is aloof and over compensated with feelings of self importance and hypocrites.

I’ve lost count of the time they have been patronising and/or sarcastic about me not reading letters or emails when it was obvious from the first lines of the initial response that they did not read a fucking thing that I sent them.

It’s got to the stage now where your dealing with mealtime with a baby and your cutting the food up into manageable pieces and they still don’t eat it all and their half of it onto the floor.

So here is a tip, before your patronising and sarcastic make damn well sure your house ain’t made outta nothing but 4mm glass!

I am speaking, or course, is solicitors and those others involved in the legal industry.

What does this have to do with the Hillsborough disaster and inquest?

Maybe the line in the report..

“Lawyers for retired officers threw disgusting slurs”

..might have something to do with it?

If Police Officers, Members of Parliament or anyone in public office or other areas spoke like that, they themselves would be taken to court. So how is it that solicitors can get away with this inhuman and disgusting behaviour?

I’m saying that and I don’t even know what slurs were involved!

I might use much stronger words and go on a much longer rant if I knew what these slurs were?

Probably better I don’t know. The words ‘disgusting slurs’ is enough for me.

I’m also at a loss to understand how disgusting slurs are meant to sway a judge, panel or whoever presides over an inquest?

I’m at a greater loss to understand the level of intelligence of these solicitors that think disgusting slurs helps their case?

Is everyone I’ve contacted in the legal industry this amoral and brain dead?

No wonder no one seems to realise that having over 100GB of secretly recorded audio and documents is everything but an open and shut case!

Hmm … this method on reaching a conclusion could also apply to the news media in all formats. Because they were all contacted … all contacted, too.

Though admittedly they never received anything of that I have acquired since I started the blogs.

Why have I not sent anything to the news media since I started blogging and publishing my old evidence as well as that I have acquired as I went along?

Do you really need to ask?

Returning visitors that have been returning enough times and those that have dived into my archives or just noted one thing I started recently will say …

Well he stated from the beginning that everyone he ever contacts and everyone he ever asks for help will either not respond at all or say ‘NO’. Exactly as he predicted!

That and when you set out to do something like I do you have to …


Think about it. However do you show an entire industry as being corrupt or broken you have to show the entire industry as being corrupt and broken.

Doesn’t work if it’s just one of two as they are explainable with a couple of excuses. This is why I spent so long getting evidence on the NHS as I had to show it was rife and I was lied to about everything.

Now I get ‘ooh you left it too long’ even though I haven’t and have medical reasons as genuine excuses for the time taken.

If you think about it there was simply no other way.

Probably why that idiot accidentally replied to my email, and not forwarded it, and said ‘I don’t like this one’ referring to my case?

So really showing themselves up in the legal industry are they not?

Sometimes when I’m doing this they show themselves up before hand and other times it is afterwards but on this occasion it’s ‘during’!

Funny how it always comes together? Sometimes it happens very quickly and other times it takes a bit of time. Well in individual attempts at them that is.

So yeah, the legal industry?


South Yorkshire Police chief suspended over Hillsborough –


Someone sent a reply to me that was very bloody clearly meant to be forwarded.

It gets better as I am going to post at the very bottom a second email I had from this Duncan Gardiner. Remember I stated about professionalism?!


Maybe I could EMBARRASS them into taking the case on?!


I am dying to see what he says in his reply to my sarcastic response at the bottom, LMFAO!


EMAIL (No Dear Sirs or anything) ..

Don’t like the look of this one!


From: Martin Haswell
Sent: 26 April 2016 19:16
To: medneg
Subject: Medical Negligence



26th April 2016

Dear Sirs

Medical Negligence

First off, please do not ring me as a knee jerk reaction.

I have just been on the phone to half a dozen people that really do not know their trade.

I have been told by many that I have no case, or less than a 51% chance, Patient Claim Line without looking at the evidence.

When I ask how they can manage to do that I do not get an answer meaning they are just phoning numbers, making up numbers for greedy solicitors and know nothing about the law.

I, however, pride myself on my honesty as well as my professionalism and am a scientist in five fields or more, I do not keep count. I can also prove this.

I have secretly recorded audio of everything I state and the best of the evidence has now been sorted into two categories. In total there is over 100GB and I have sorted 1.25GB of it.

This is because I was called by a woman for Camps Solicitors in Birkenhead, of all places, and after chatting for an hour said that they think they could represent me. “Provided you have what you say you have and you send it to us” and I realised that my problem with finding legal representation might just be that I am not believed?

Well if that is the case it is incompetent as I have only to send it.

I sent a bunch of letters via email attachment and then sent a DVD first thing this very morning. I told people I knew I could not believe I finally had someone say they could take the case on and they were overjoyed.

So imagine my confusion when only 7 hours later, obviously they have not received my DVD, a different woman calls me up and in a very cold tone tells me that they cannot take on my case?

The funny thing is that I had already complained to both the Legal Ombudsman as well as The Law Society, yes I know who they are as I was a PA to a solicitor a while back.

So I have sent you a report added onto the end of this letter and everything I state I have recorded and please just accept that this is the case.

I cannot be on the phone for hours on end to people that just say ‘no’ without viewing or listening to the evidence of even worse, say ‘yes’ and then say ‘no’ without explanation that defies common sense.

Oddly I have a very low opinion of my own country and it is my view that no one has any legal rights in the UK and that everything is a farce.

Now I actually blog about this and I have had well over 110,000 readers in just over 3 years which is over a year ahead of schedule. I am BSc Applied Computing so I know these things.

I have 14 blogs in total, I did say I was a scientist in different fields, and along with my YouTube channel I have had well over 300,000 viewers.

I am amazed how no one has ever realised what a blog actually is and how it is used. My old legal employers did tell me that the law industry was clueless when it comes to IT.

So please just view what I have sent and work out whether or not you are capable of taking on my case.

Odd as I thought my case was so big that it would be snapped up.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you should you decide to reply, yes I get many that do not even reply either.

So courtesy as well as professionalism seems to have gone south for the winter a very long time ago in the UK.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc



  1. Hiatus Hernia (early 90’s)
  2. Oesophagitis (2006 ish)
  3. Fibromyalgia Syndrome (2014 diagnosed symptoms back to 2003(feet) early 90’s)
  4. Back & Neck Pain (1993 & 2008 ish) [Diagnosis on tape, not medical records]
  5. Right Knee Pain (2003-4) [Diagnosis on tape but not medical records]



  • Remember … this is their idea of saving money …
  • Forest Road Medical Centre (Drs Ivbijaro, Mahandras, Rhaman & Others)
  • Whipps Cross Hospital (Dr Tahir) (have documents) (& a physio)
  • Wanstead Hospital (Physio I then see again Whipps, above)
  • From 2007 …
  • Carlton House Surgery (Dr Dressler) (have documents)
  • Chase Farm Hospital (Dr Saksena & Dr Tai) (have documents) (3 Physios, Pain Consultant twice)
  • Dr Rooban’s Surgery (Dr Huq) 2009-ish [admitted NHS corruption details, saw x-ray retired immediately] (realise I will need evidence) (have good document, feet/knee/back/ankles)
  • Abernethy House Surgery (Dr Gubbay) [kicked for violence after mad does not work] ALL RECORDED
  • Barnet Hospital (Dr Ray (or Day) Julian Livingstone) Katherine Johnston tries to refuse, reason violence, does not work ALL RECORDED
  • Willow House Surgery Drs Kumar, Jnr & Snr [kicked after 7 months for recording] ALL RECORDED (NHS only realise after 7 months of being here)
  • St Michael’s Hospital (Dr Raj & another) ALL RECORDED
  • Guy’s Hospital (Dr Kirkham) RECORDED
  • Town Surgery 2014 ish to date [hand over x-ray again and again Doctor leaves, coincidence?]



  • Skin conditions back to 1991 – No Treatments Worked
  • Back Pain 1993
  • Foot Pain 2000-01
  • Insisted above was Plantar fasciitis
  • Foam Inserts from ..
  • Physiotherapist (Wanstead)
  • Rheumatologist (Whipps X) 2002-3
  • Ultrasound Treatment from
  • Physiotherapist (Whipps X, second one)
  • Podiatrist.. (Forest Road Medical Centre)
  • Orthotic Inserts (from above, Forest Road)
  • Physiotherapist (Chase Farm)
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon and Podiatrist (Barnet)
  • Vasyli Signature Orthopaedic Inserts (from above, Barnet)



  • Forest Road Medical Centre ..
  • Promised podiatrist if I had corticosteroid injections
  • Insisted I had Plantar fasciitis, I argued with more than three Doctors that I did not
  • Refused referrals by Carlton House, Enfield (2007-8)
  • Have MRI on the WRONG part of my back, find out in argument when surgeon then realises someone did something wrong and I KNEW it … for the umpteenth time. Dr Daksena (later on)
  • Pressurise for several years for Knee MRI.
  • Knee problem spotted by sight by Dr Saksena
  • I see private chiropractor, x-rays my back, collapsed discs in thoracic and neck problem
  • Finally get MRI, but appointment never arrives get discharged without letter, so two letters didn’t send. Now realise they are avoiding knee like the plague
  • Get sent to back pain specialist Chase Farm. She feels my back, confirms problem in neck and thoracic region, looks at privately done x-rays and matches up with her diagnosis
  • Sent for MRI but I realise it’s done wrong as I’m lying down
  • Get told nothing wrong and discharged?! But was diagnosed!
  • My GP, Dr Huq, tells me I am correct about NHS and that they force GP’s to lie to patients, not send them for treatment, expensive scans and don’t diagnose things with expensive treatments and/or drugs but can’t tell patients why. So patients get shouted at and abused by angry patients. Told I’m her favourite and only patient not to raise their voice at her
  • Dr Huq asks to see x-ray. Walks into surgery week later, tells five stunned staff she has had enough of NHS and announced immediate retirement, effective immediately takes x-ray and I never get to see her again, or x-ray back. I have copies.
  • Barnet Hospital I write angry letter after not hearing of appointment being made
  • Get a call from Katherine Johnston; asked in following day, midday, to speak of my concerns
  • During meeting with Katherine Johnston and a Mr White I accuse them of trying to claim I am violent to refuse me, they deny this..
  • But they had already posted a letter stating as much (have recording and letter)
  • Seen by Julian Livingstone and Dr Ray (could have been Day), claim I had tight plantar fascia and diagnosed Pes Cavus (wrong)
  • Barnet: Was X-Rayed by above, I asked why an x-ray. Mr Livingstone states to look for Bone Heel Spurs to prove Plantar fasciitis. I state there is no correlation between the two, he insists there is. I state scientific paperwork that the two have never been scientifically linked and that half people with bone heel spurs have no pain and half people with Plantar fasciitis have bone heel spurs. Disagreement over.
  • Pain Consultant prescribed Gabapentin stated it would work on feet but not on my back but neither were diagnosed … so he/they knew what I had, I prove much later on
  • Gabapentin makes me feel ill, common side effect. Ask for Pregabalin but get given Amitriptyline
  • Argue about Gabapentin and Pregabalin being totally different drugs, get told they are the same and all just pain killers. One neurological and one anti depressant.
  • Self Diagnosed Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  • Have Ultrasound on groin for pain in right side, Inguinal Hernia repair. Finds painful large black lump, don’t know what it is, plus another inguinal hernia in my left side
  • Second Inguinal Hernia was predicted 4 years previous by Martin Klein
  • But specialist tells me week later Ultrasound is clear
  • I challenge him and he admits there was an Inguinal Hernia and black lump, ergo he falsified test results, dictates new letter in front of me. Sends falsified test results to GP anyway
  • Argue with GP over test results. He accuses me of being insane. I offer him the recording as proof tests were falsified he says “What do I want to listen to that for?!”
  • Accuses me of violence, with help from GMC who I contacted to help me!!
  • Kicked off register, was leaving anyway as they are stupid, insulting and amoral
  • Discover the two unrelated drugs of Gabapentin and Amitriptyline are listed as only two drugs that work on Fibromyalgia in Black’s Medical Dictionary (Enfield Town Library)
  • Therefore they ALREADY knew it was Fibromyalgia
  • Next GP tells me no Fibromyalgia specialists anywhere in the UK
  • Manipulate them to send me to Fibromyalgia people at Guys Hospital
  • Lied to and told no drugs for over sweating, Fibromyalgia symptom as it turned out
  • Guys Hospital my Fibromyalgia is FINALLY diagnosed and he spots my right knee, performs test that causes me pain, states physical problem with right knee
  • Says he will prescribe Pregabalin, main reason I am there
  • GP gets call to inform him I’ve been recording us and hospital visits, three years too late
  • We argue, he loses on every front, letter from Guys Hospital does not mention test on knee, knee pain from test nor Pregabalin so I don’t get drugs I’m promised. Second time!
  • In 2016 I am sent for x-ray for collapsed discs, finally, but after having neck x-rayed while standing, I’m walked across room, laid on my side and placed in foetal position for collapsed discs?!
  • I challenge radiologist he answers NHS state to do all x-rays like this unless weight bearing is specified, I state x-ray waste of time as spine stretched out and collapsed discs won’t show up
  • It’s now absolutely certain they have been deliberately avoiding diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Back & Neck and right Knee
  • I prove Fibromyalgia and that they knew about condition before I self diagnosed it
  • I prove they are deliberately avoiding my back and knee
  • I have all recordings of the above along with many others, not just the NHS either
  • Get asked if I want to attend pain management and I accept … only it is not … it is, and get asked, to work for Chase Farm Hospital as a VOLUNTEER for £15 for five days a week each of the three months I attend. They must have figured out I was recorded as I did not got asked back a fourth month (Brick Lane Medical Centre, Lincoln Road, Enfield) ALL RECORDED
  • Get sent to physio at Chase Farm Hospital but its as group lecture and being sarcastically told they do not have titanium spines on the NHS and 100 minutes on how the human spine operates, one attendee walks out in disgust after 10 minutes RECORDED


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Duncan Gardiner would like to recall the message, “Medical Negligence”.

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Dear Duncan Gardiner


Thank you for your reply and I would like to remark on that.

Well you would be wrong!

But please, do tell? What is it that you did not like the look of?

So far I have had a lot of people that clearly know nothing about law and also cannot read…as a discussion with AvMA has enlightened me too and even they have admitted it.

A discussion I am no doubt going to have with The Law Society and the Legal Ombudsman when they reply to my emails.

But do please elaborate?


Martin Haswell BSc


For once I read a news report that had a very nice story.

I’ve never even heard of the condition that this little girl suffers from but the girl’s, who has only half a brain, don’t worry dear there are plenty of them out there, mother had just won the lottery?!

Now, how cool a story is that?

I am so pleased for them and now that little girl can get so much support and things she desires.

More of the same please and not the crap I normally post about.


Family of Whittlesey girl with half a brain wins Lottery –


I see that many decades down the line, can’t help thinking of paedophile BBC celebs like Jimmy Savile right now, after one of the worst disasters in British history they finally decided those deaths of those poor people was unlawful?!

Better late than never really doesn’t apply for the first time ever as this should have been found out twenty years ago!

Someone I know that loves to defend the Police and Doctors, despite everything I’ve witnessed, won’t be happy.

I pretty much knew the outcome of this but they were convinced of the opposite. They really won’t like this.

I dared not say at any point what I thought the outcome was going to be as I would have ended up in an argument.

Not just those I deal with in the digital world and public services cannot see the wood for the trees as some I know do to.

I am embarrassed that this Hillsborough fiasco had taken this long and if I was abroad and a foreigner brought the subject up I would hide my head in shame. In fact if probably say …

“Spacken Ze Deutsch?!” and walk away? Lmao!

I’m glad that those involved for what they wanted but very sorry they had to wait so very long to get the truth out of everyone.

I could not possibly imagine what it must be like to to have injustices done to you to the point it destroys your life and then spend another couple of … decades … trying … so very … hard … WAIT A MINUTE?!


Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludes –


Right scrap those last positive comments, I should just stick to my instincts as they do not let me down, unlike countless arse-wipes out there that think themselves greater than they are.

Yesterday I had a series of phone-calls from these personal injury go between wankers that know fuck all about law and just play a numbers game, despite how bloody caring they make themselves out to be on their TV adverts!

Well one of them at the end when they said ‘No’ I said “Why did you even call me?!”

I really, really hate it when they ring. I told each and every SINGLE one of them that part of my condition involves memory problems and not only do I find it an absolutely boring chore talking to these personality-less chumps but it grating to try and remember things.

What makes it worse that these people that think they are all Stephen Hawkins have all been given all the necessary information but seem incapable of reading.

SO they obviously know nothing about law in which case should not be doing what they are doing, phoning you up for a fecking hour reading out questions from a script!

Well one of these phone-calls from a nice woman who was a Claims Advisor for Camps Solicitors surprised me. She actually said “YES, I think we can do this” I could not believe it. She said as long as I had the evidence I said I had and I said “Lady, it will be in the first class post first thing in the morning!”

It went in the post box about 10am. This morning.

Except around 6pm I got a call from them from a real ice-maiden who said “Sorry, we wont be able to take this case on!”

I couldn’t even be bothered to have a go at her, despite her icicle like demeanour!

I doubt the DVD I sent them, with 1.25GB of my best evidence, did not even make it out of the London area?

So now I have compiled some digital documents with a letter and I state that I DO NOT LIKE BEING PHONED! They do not like emails it seems, even giving them out on their website so I do not bother with those idiots, so I am telling them NO PHONING! Read the fucking documents!!

Anyway I was not going to mention about this Camps Solicitors until something concrete took polace and … well something concrete took place a damned site sooner than I had been given the impression of on the phone yesterday.

I should stick to my original views that no one will ever do anything … E-VER!


Here is the email where she gave the address and wanted me to send some of the documents, the others going via DVD in the post. Complete waste of an envelope and a first class stamp!


I know solicitors are really, really shit at IT but you would think they know what a blog is?

Oddly enough the website ‘’ seems to have the exact same address as Camps Solicitors? So they go by two or more names now?!

I have now contacted well over a dozen of these, I just contacted … oh, 12, lol. There was still one that said that they ‘might’ be able to handle my case after initially saying ‘no’ but not heard from them. Should try asking the right questions.

This was for the following case against the NHS and some falsifying of test results …



Hi Mr Haswell, please respond to this email with the documents in relation to the clinical negligence you have recieved. Our correspondance adderes is 1 Europa House, Conway Street, Birkenhead, CH414FT.

Thank you,

Melissa Neale
Claims Advisor – FRT
Fax: 0151 201 8090
N° 1 Europa House, Conway Street,
Birkenhead, Merseyside. CH41 4FT.


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On this blog recently, like a couple weeks, the number of visitors tipped over the 100,000 mark.

It’s currently near the 101,000 mark.

It was a strange feeling. Kind of a good feeling that I’m getting out there to people, helping and advising people and the numbers are growing faster.

I would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone that has and are visiting this blog. Despite the fact I do it to help others. Oh and piss off a number … a big number of organisations.

Annoying them enough to change and hopefully see their own failures, weaknesses and what they are doing wrong.

I had been blogging about 3.6 years when it tipped over that particular milestone. I never knew whether I was doing good or bad, though that hardly mattered when you are helping others.

Today I happened upon a religious blog regarding the New Testament. I expect blogs based on main religions to grow very fast. Always, unless they are some obscure religion hardly anyone has heard of.

So when I realised through their own statements that they had reached the 100,000 mark in 4 years and 4 months I was surprised at my own numbers. Of course my number is only that of my Blogger blog and doesn’t include the numbers of my back up blog on WordPress.

The two perform very differently and the numbers have never made sense, other than to say they not many like Blogger/Google/Google Plus.

Because on WordPress I’ve had only around 5,500 visitors but dozens or hundreds of followers, cannot remember which, lol.

But on Blogger I’ve had a hundred thousand but only around 7 or so followers.

I don’t really concern myself with the numbers but could not help to notice the widening chasm between Blogger and WordPress.

I also cannot help but wonder how long it will take to get to 200,000?

Based on numbers I see but don’t focus on I know it will be a lot quicker but I’m actually going with less than a year? As the last time I looked some months ago I was achieving over 12,000 or more each month, but across all my webpages, blogs and YouTube channel.

Also it looked like I had reached 101,000 in about a week? Well once it tips over that figure. Sure it was less than a week ago but could be slightly more?

But this weekly and monthly figure should climb ever faster, in theory at least? So if it’s 15,000 per month now across ask pages it should be 20,000 or more each month in 6 months to a year?

So if my Blogger blog gets 10,000, give or take, now it could be getting 15,000 in 6 months to a year?

So in 6 months should have risen by at least 60,000 and as much as 90,000.

In a year this could be 130,000 to 280,000?

Depending on what I can blog about and content I am able to provide, though I can’t see that large figure actually happening. Lol!

Also there has been a couple of surprises, though I can’t go into them right now. There is something that had happened that may connect to something previous that happened which did not pan out the way I expected it to.

There is one single thing which is directly linked to me, my own actions and hopefully control but which had two surprises from the outset.

Possibly a very big surprise at the end?

If it gets going, that is and the jury is still out. Lol!

Hopefully I’ll have a busy summer with a new camera and decent weather at least half the time? Though it snowed in my town centre today. Yup, mid April and we had balls of snow coming down just outside London.


OK so I published a lot of recorded evidence and documents proving, to many more visiting readers, that the NHS lied about many things.

I have got to go out and do a few things but before I did I had to get a few more relevant files together. So as they are relevant I will publish them.

If you missed the first part with the lying, consecutive but different family of drugs prescribed that were the only things to work on my condition of Fibromyalgia and other things …

Now for some more damning stuff for other organisations all linked to the NHS …

Dr Gubbay… Abernethy House

Going from Gabapentin to unrelated Amitriptyline for a condition that I diagnosed AFTER they kicked me off their register for violence..!13125&authkey=!ANqNSf0TNMhMNY4&ithint=file%2cWAV

My last appointment where I was unaware a letter was on the way kicking me off citing violence … you might note that the one accusing me of this is alone and quite … well, CALM LOL …!13127&authkey=!ACfh-QAT3Vw0z8Y&ithint=file%2cmp3


Barnet Hospital’s Katherine (Catherine) Johnston…

Before an appointment with Dr Ray (or Day) and Julian Livingstone I was asked to attend a meeting with two people. Half way through I realised they were going to refuse to see me based on violence and put this to them. They denied this but the following day a letter arrived that stated that if I did turn up to the meeting, just prior to the appointment, they would not see me with violence being the reason.

Because I wrote an angry letter because I had waited over 6 months and thought they have conveniently forgotten about me and accused them of it too.


St Michael’s Hospital Enfield

This is an appointment with a bi-pedal mechanics department that then stated that the Pes Cavus diagnosis at Barnet Hospital was … WRONG!!13137&authkey=!ACKUDx896bCcy5w&ithint=file%2cmp3

Podiatry 0812 S


(3 visits then was not asked any more, guesses ast to why?! Lol)!13138&authkey=!AJoR2wqa4_EO4_g&ithint=file%2cmp3!13131&authkey=!AOvOfTJu5tHe4ME&ithint=file%2cmp3!13140&authkey=!AH1iE-aKoHG6kzU&ithint=file%2cmp3


NHS England (not all of it)

Some letters regarding my complaint…

NHS England 020414







PHSO.. (Not all of it)

EMAIL OMB PHSO 2 EMAIL OMB PHSO PHSO 050315 PHSO 190114 PHSO 240316 PHSO AGAIN 250316 PHSO Email 3 PHSO EMAIL 150913 PHSO Email 240316 PHSO Email 240316b PHSO Emails 1 PHSO Emails 2 PHSO Receipt 160314 PHSO Whte Email PHSO-FOI 170114J

 As I said that is not all of it.

I TOLD you I had a LOT!


What is this I spy on the BBC NEWS app?

The NHS is to pay GP Surgeries £2.4 billion, I think it was, to ‘get back on their feet’?

Now one of two things is going on here ..

First off these are incentives for GP’s to lie and not refer, add I’ve proved they are doing or..

Secondly they have realised they are beaten and manoeuvring into a damage limitation mode.

Which means … it might actually be over?

Or it might be a third thing and that is to throw me a curve-ball. Well there remains one thing they need to do, to achieve convincing me.

An interesting news report, nonetheless.

Added to this is another story regarding a claim by government that the BMA, British Medical Association, is ‘trying to topple government’? Hmm another bloody body to do with medicine that I’ve never heard of. Along with the Royal College of GP’s.

Funny that in the two years of complaining to the GMC, NHS England and the PHSO that they failed to mention these two bodies. Didn’t mention NICE either, though I was already aware of them.

I cannot help but wonder exactly how many of these bodies exist and what in the hell they have all been doing while the NHS has had its name tarnished for well over a decade?

Why all coming out of the woodwork … oooh, of course. Lol.

NHS in £2.4bn funding boost for GP services in England –

Junior doctors’ leaders ‘trying to topple the government’ –