Rise of the Grim Reapers

I often find it quite bizarre how sometimes things completely turn around

It is just that I wish on some occasions they did not take so very, very long!

As I have a broad spectrum of knowledge in science and cover a lot of fields with many correct predictions in each and an ability to learn new things very quickly. Though getting others to see that which I do is a far greater and often impossible challenge.

I had predicted on blogs elsewhere looking into every facet of climate that a pandemic would come and possibly more than one and that they would mutate. A lot.

Now I could not really claim that I predicted the pandemic that everyone got banned from speaking about because we started to learn and now more or less know it was not quite so natural.

Though I still got the mutations right.

This was because of a sustained high level of cosmic rays and as Carl Sagan pointed out in his famous series called ‘Cosmos’ this causes DNA to mutate.

Predicted from a series of data that went against the narrative of man-made climate change as does a lot of data and failed predictions they are also now trying to stop people talking about.

Now I never said anything about people dying nor the numbers.

But then within around eight weeks things started to have a certain .. whiff about them.

When the vaccines first arrived I was never one to tell people what to do but I did tell many people, some who had even just apologised and stated that everything I said for a decade turned out to be true, that I do not trust them.

I actually predicted that the cures would turn out to be worse than the disease and they very people who had apologised to me and stating I had been right about everything went straight back into being negative. Oddly one was someone that did not believe that I stated that in 2020 he would not be going to Hong Kong in April.

Two weeks later “They cancelled my trip to Hong Kong just like you said!”

A month after the vaccines when he wanted everyone to be frog-marched down and forced to take the vaccines and I told him this was literal fascism “I was pressurising my son to have the jab as he did nto want it and now I find out his friend collapsed five minutes after having one?! I nearly killed my son!!”

He still would not accept I was right.

Despite now discovering that he and members of his family were being lied to by the NHS he still could not grasp health staff could be stupid, uncaring or lie. Not about this.

I was so sure of myself before long I made a couple of memes and was posting them on Twitter sending the hard-left, who uses to hate big pharma but now love them and hate censorship but now all for it, into complete and utter meltdowns.

They would rage about any suggestion about Covid-19 not being natural, despite claiming iun the beginning it was just the flu.

They raged about the vaccines when Trump was President and then hailed them as a proverbial gift from God when he was no longer President.

Any article or report about the effects, or not as the case my be, of vaccines would be attacked and mass reported.

Because thats how science works today, you have to agree with children raging about the way they want things to be or else suffer the consequences while I would tell them to shove their feelings up their tail-pipes.

I have been right on everything and as reports and scientific studies came out backing up what I claimed and proving me correct little by little one that was responsible for actually causing deaths tells me who has save hundreds of lives that the world would be better off without me.

Yeah him lying and ranting and bullying people into things that either scre them shitless or casue deaths is such a benefit to humanity while one that has been documented as saving lives and with 140 accurate predictions in science over 3 plus years, is not.

The minds of these self-righteous people are so fecking warped Mr Spock;s head would explode trying to work out their logic.

Now here is the interesting thing about my own case as I refused the vaccines but was asked so many times by the NHS to have one it would qualify as harrassment ..

  • Was telling the NHS from 2016 I was having chest and heart issues which were ignored year after year
  • Had a bunch of other things ignored like my right-knee, Fibromyalgia and each of its effects
  • Had been diagnosed BY A DOCTOR in Enfield as having Hypomagnesaemia, meaning low Magnesium levels that were THEN left off my Medical Records
    • Caused muscle pain
    • Did not tell me linked to Sudden Death Syndrome
    • Discovered that sweeteners the government forced everyone to put in their soft drinks was linked to dropping magnesium levels
  • Was having increased heart issues from very late 2019 to early 2020 around the time I had a weird illness and was trying to move to Wales before the virus arrived
  • Recently upon telling Doctors in a hospital I now think that illness from late 2019 was Covid-19 they nodded and agreed
  • Yet I was hounded by the NHS via text messages to have the vaccine and even had one a couple of months ago

Now if that starts to look suspicious to you ..

  • Told the friend that apologized to me for being right who himself is now lied to was not only a social worker for 25 years but also is Diabetes Type 1 that something was wrong years and years ago
  • Stated that a particular type of person was being emplyed in the public services that seemed uncaring, clueless, political or some combination of all three
  • That due to other things I am seeing and hearing something big was coming, around 2014
  • Someone that started to work for the NHS has been asked to work while being tested positive for Covid-19, has had it four times and has seen an NHS nurse speaking to someone about signing an ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order with no other witnesses from either side

Told this friend along with others that I had been among several different groups of people, patients for pains along with a group for my condition and being told the NHS were nglecting them and getting things wrong.

I myself, though thankfully not always, had been getting a feeling of supremacy and it was not only affecting Doctors but also GP Surgery receptionists also. People from all over Wales are now telling me this too and I had hoped that this affliction of the public services was not affecting Wales.

These days I get no end of people contact me either quite publicly or privately and now not even confined to the UK and tell me that it feels like we are being culled.

What do you say to something like that when you have seen what I have seen for twenty years?

It has been a slow and gradual process and so slow that it was designed in such a way that no one would notice. Like the boiling frog analogy.

I noticed and likely the point from which I was being buried and lied to by big tech.

Sadly the three that I refereed to as ‘The Evil Trinity’ are in deep shit. As is the British Government and their Puppeteers.

I have been opening up several ‘dialogues’ with people just as a number of things are all breaking and I already have job offers that they seemingly are trying to keep me from doing because of all this and what I predicted.

In fact I have often told people that had I been lving in the US I would be in a very highly paid job long ago.

Now I warned them about this for several years now but I am afraid that on a very large number of fronts their message is not only collapsing fast but serious questions are not being asked by more and more.

Even the channel Redacted are all over several things right now.

The west collapsing.

Previously believed climate was not an emergency and now realizing they lied about that too.

Lastly lying about vaccines.

I am so very careful about the people I chose to post or even watch. Very careful.

That being said no one is every right all of the time and I think more of those that do not lie and that can admit when they are wrong.

Natali, I think her name is, did that in Redacted and I was already impressed with them and you cannot progress unless you are able to admit to your mistakes.

Those that lie are regressive and a drag on humanity. Period!

Jimmy Dore on the American Heart Association, when I have been reporting that all UK organisations, help agencies and charities are shit, shills, lazy and liars, burying a lead story on Myocarditis affecting men under 40 and intentionally misleading people.

Mark Steyn on GB News and guests covering the same study from Germany on Covid-19 vaccines and Myocarditis in younger men and the one that Jimmy Dore covered.

The people that have been attacking me for several years long before I started this account, on Covid-19, vaccines and climate who actually go around mass reporting and bullying people have a head honcho.

We have been at it awhile now and he is now famous for vanishing when I turn up on a thread. In fact there was even a period that as soon as this happened people used to post a gif of Homer Simpson disappearing backwards into a hedge.

His name is Gerald Kutney and likely out of desperation as my prediction all their caused would fail across the board in 2022 now obvioulsy happening ..

He was interviewed on the British talk Radio by Mark Tice and listen to what he tries to do and he tries the bullying he gets thousands to do on Twitter and Tice rips him apart.

Now then while I saved David Dubyne from the KutneyKlownKult at one point and ended up chatting and us following each other, I sadly attracted attention to Jake and Mari of GSM News.

So Kutney and Co had been on his case starting from several months ago and I was unaware it was still going on. Censorship is a beyatch.

Now I posted a video where Jake does a great take on the Kutney interview but I have to gove those to a bit more ‘love’ and put it up on my ‘other’ accounts.

Its funny, but if you watch the whole thing forgive him for having mic issues.

Dr John Campbell on the excess deaths more and more people are speaking about that have continued for many months now.

In this video he makes two very important points with the second right aty the end.

  • What if this continues for several more months?
  • The fact is many of these deaths should have been people already dead from Covid-19 so these number should be BELOW average, not above average

On GB News ex BBC radio presenter, David Hamilton states that he has not even seen a GP in recent times and has never seen the NHS in such a mess as it is now in all his life.

Dan Wootton and Neil Oliver on GB News talking about the ‘covid cover-up’/

So Paxlovid is crap too?

Did you know that Pope Francis told people that we are in the first staged of World War 3 and he has ordered all money and other items back into the Vatican by the end of September and yes that is this year of 2022.

Now then I stated online that despite the heatwaves that were not and got redefined that the bottom half of the globe was below average. Again I was called stupid and a moron by the hard-left who like to claim things so you get scared and give them power over you.

Yeah except the global temperatures for August dropped and went from +0.36C to +0.28C and therefore a drop of 0.12C.

As if that was not bad enough as we now head into Autumn and I was expecting a big drop, bought two jackets and then heard of some cold fronts coming for Europe and the US ..

I then see a story about a massive cooling effect going on at the south pole which is not long after experts claimed that the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption would not cool but indeed warm. Baloney Sausages.


So just remember, the northern hemisphere is now entering its Autumn period with forecasts of some cold fronts coming while the southern hemisphere is heading into its Spring and if you look at the map of that cooling stratosphere it really is impressively and surprisingly large.

Nothing much in the way of ice-caps and glaciers up until 3,000 years ago?

Ocean oxygen levels doing the exact opposite as they did in last warming period, yeah it has happened before and no it was not Fred Flintstone’s car.


Food for thought.

To annoy Gerald Kutney and his followers along with others I used to stick it to them whjen telling them it would all be over by asking ‘Is it 2023 yet?’

Well, is it?

MEMES as I do like to finish on the brighter side and no I am not taking the .. [BLEEP]

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