So surprising me Professor Valentina Zharkova after have her peer reviewed paper on the mechanics of the Sun’s activity published in Nature has an interview with GSM News channel on YouTube.

Paraphrasing it is put to Zharkova ‘We have to prepare for the next few decades of cooling’ where she replies ‘You are absolutely right’.

Climate alarmist will have a while to wait before it starts warming again.

Provided the prediction for solar cycle 25 is right only solar cycle 26’s peak can start us on a warming trend again and that wont arrive until 2036. This is what climate alarmists that claim they are into the science really fail to grasp yet should see immediately.

Their argument is dead.

Not only that .. but provided that solar cycle 25 does indeed start and is lower then the previous solar maximum of 88 Sunspots .. let me tell you that four dropping peaks in a row is just not something that has been recorded in modern times. You would literally have to go back to pre Maunder Minimum times and even running into the Maunder Minimum I think that was three drops?

But then the difficulties are how long we have been keeping tabs on Sunspots and how reliable the observations of them are the further you go back in time.

I have blogged for around 7 years, almost, and long before I started blogging and for three decades I have always stated that we are on a rock in space floating around a star in a galaxy all of which are moving through space. We know very little about all of that.

When they started on the CO2 and lets bash man politics this was stupid and many saw it as an opportunity to gain fame or adoration or even jobs on TV.

I also always stated that you have no way of knowing that this warming could be a precursor to a drop before a cooling or even an ice-age.

Out of all my claims and predictions that have been proven right and from Trump and austerity to various sciences and animals .. this is something that I never .. EVER .. dreamed in my wildest dreams I would be proved correct on while I was still alive.

I never dreamed I would see the scientific data I have looked at and not just one but something like a dozen and not only did I link it together it also explained some odd occurrences going on with animals and wildlife.

The trouble with many scientists, well when they are not hacks, is they do not stand back and look at the bigger pictures and connect the dots. My knowledge and interest in so many different fields of science .. allows me to connect the dots and I am very good at seeing patterns.

In some professions they have this thing that they do when they are pushed for time .. first taught to me by solicitor friends I had and did some work for .. they call it ..

‘Take A View’

Idea being that you try to grasp a quick conclusion from something.

Well I suppose I do that but I always had this ability to see patterns and numbers. So it is like a super-charged version of that. I have a deeper theory behind the mechanics of it which I think comes form my health condition? But as that was always ignored and I was fobbed off, lied to and left in the gutter I never really could get to an answer.

Barycentres were mentioned in Professor Valentina Zharkova’s paper and I was interested in seeing if Milankovitch Cycles were mentioned and indeed they was.

I had previously had people mention these cycles and I did eventually go and watch a few videos and yes .. of course they made perfect sense.

The Sun is not stationary and neither are we ..

The Sun, like other starts, is pulled about by the motion of the other planets and when all are lined up that affect s greater. They use this very technique to discover planets around other stars.

Now the solar maximum is predicted to arrive no earlier than 2025 and its effects cannot take place until 2027.

As previously stated .. it will not only get cooler until 2027 but also volcanoes are erupting in increasing frequency. These add particulates to the atmosphere that will cool things more rapidly as will dust from increased meteor activity and cosmic rays. Because all will also seed more clouds.

Now taking into account how cold it has been in many countries now consider these effects from now until 2025 and then ..

Consider that in 2024 the Earth will be 13% further away fro the Sun which will also cool things further. Now this does not happen over night so this is likely to start having an affect in 2023?

But we have idiots in the world .. I have someone close to home into animals but not into climate change narratives .. he told me that a moth he likes, into insects, is becoming resident here due to the warmer winters. This is the Hummingbird Hawk Moth. When he told me that it was only ever a migrant in the past I pointed out than in just a few years it will be again.

He does not know very much outside of insects and is considered to be not very .. bright. But he has this annoying habit of telling you that you are wrong .. and then does not talk about that subject, assumes I have come to this conclusion because of scientists and says “scientists get it wrong” and does not give e the chance to explain that its not from the usual scientists and shuts a door in your face.

But I was trying to advise him about the subject he was passionate about using a subject he knows absolutely nothing about.

Those that know him have literally spent years facepalming over his reactions.

He runs down what they tell you on TV and the scientists on TV .. knows I have claimed for decades they are full of it .. then assumes I got my knowledge from these scientists on TV.

Despite the fact I have a BSc and stupidly turned down a PhD two decades ago.

Too many people that closed minded have the real potential to not only be a danger to those close to them but also from hundreds to even billions, in this instance, of lives.

Because if the collective of sand-heads, as I call them, make up the majority you will not prevent saving billions and billions and billions of lives if you add animals into the figures.

Another idiot and climate alarmist went round social media posting like crazy for months, maybe years that man-made global warming was real and that talk of global cooling and ice ages was stupid and the stuff of the right-wing. Except I am not. He also went on to claim that there is ..

‘No way Grand Solar Minimum is happening now but will happen in 2050’ which later changed to 2060.

Now thin about the idiocy here .. claims that its not happening now .. except Valentina Zharkova’s peer reviewed paper now says we are in it in 12 months if not already .. then claims it will occur in 30 years.

Yeah .. wait up? It is damn difficult to predict solar cycles even just a couple of years before they occur. But it has been done with great success in the last decade. But in your argument hat global warming is CO2 and man-made you have decided upon yourself, while posting your OneGraph, that they are wrong but claiming it will occur in over 30 years time, three solar cycles, which means your saying ti will cool in 30 years time?

Except has your argument not all been about it warming and has there not been a pause or two and now there has been a three year drop?

So there is going to be a global drop over the next 15 years or so and your arguing that Grand Solar Minimum wont occur until 2050 to 2060?

So a peak of 45 odd Sunspots for 2025 and maybe one of 20 in 2037 before it flat-lines dont you think that you should be talking about the cooling going on now and NOT bashing people over the head with man-made CO2 warming and wasting even more money?

Food for thought.



Yes there are some pro CO2 pundits that really do not like me.

Little by little they have laughed at each thing I have either then proven of quite conveniently and not by my design some body has come forward and announced.

When harping on about where the CO2 has come from I have told them over and over and over again they are claiming something to be fact that how not only never been proven but which we do not have all the data for. This is folly and would only serve to waste a lot of money all because of a small band of egotistical scientists and fools desperate for a cause.

Now I have also always maintained that it is from volcanoes and in recent times things that we did not know about CO2 have, for want of a better term, bubbled to the surface. I will show myself out.

So then lets recap something I recently discovered that scientists recently discovered in a documentary uploaded in 2017. So likely filmed one to three years prior to this and the very theory came up with some years before that. Reasonable?

  • CO2 seeps out of the ground weeks before a volcano erupts
  • Magma contains varying degrees of CO2 depending on its viscosity
  • Like opening a soda bottle CO2 release increases exponentially once an eruption occurs
  • They developed sensors to detect this and accurately predicted a volcanic eruption and evacuated a village successfully saving lives

There is simply no brushing this to one side and in the documentary it states that 70% of the volcanoes are under water. It is also well know that we do not know where they all are so that figure of 70% is going to be higher. I have stated this over and over again.

But they seem to ridicule proven facts while attacking you for not believing their unproven facts.

Unlike real scientists they also do not like observational data .. a video of record breaking snow 60 feet deep is not evidence in their eyes.
Yup if you believe in the CO2 crowd these are the loons you associate yourself with.

Well its about to get worse .. and I think I know where the idea of CO2 coming out of the ground comes from because I can go one better than Greta Thunberg doing a Sixth Science by telling you that I can not only see CO2 .. I can show it to you .. now before you turn away .. I did say .. 

So then that shows you .. VISUALLY and not coming from a teenager that sees CO2 walking around that gasses can be seen bubbling to the surface. This in a world with 70% of volcanoes or higher under water, an increasing amount of volcanoes becoming active which even includes extinct one not being quite so extinct after all.

We do not know every volcano that is submerged so the 70% is a guess .. but how many is there or could there be?

Well here is a video where just ten seconds into it, it states a figure which could either be a guess or maybe even the ones they know about?

Yeah the figure they gave even surprised me ..“one million submerged volcanoes”Lets say that the figure of 70% is accurate, happy to wager it is higher, and lets say that over a year 50 volcanic eruptions take place above sea-level? 

Surely this would mean that over 150 of them are going off? Though water and pressure may come into play here keeping some at bay so the percentages could be far lower? But then its closer to the core .. oooh you see the issues here. We just do not know and its difficult to work out. Impossible in fact.

No but pro CO2 political idiots know all the answers even more so than those they quote quite often.

The One Million Volcanoes Statement ..

Strange is it not the lengths to which leftists will go to, to keep a lie going for their cause and the stupid things that they do in the media to bring attention to something they have clearly not understood for a very long time now.

People like those idiots in Extinction Rebellion.

Some .. well me .. might say its almost like their obsessive searches and needs for causes was played upon to bring about disruption that served a purpose by the Puppeteers to cause disruption and conceal the truth.

Maybe what is really happening and where all those trillions of dollars went because not only can an on anywhere see where it went .. now the reality is the exact opposite to what they claimed we do not have the money to deal with it or prepare for any cooling.

Millions of farmers will be pointing these facts out to the climate cultist morons over the next 24 months and at some point they are going to have to face up to reality to the sheer extent of the damage they have caused.

Odd is it not that as of right now and very recently ..

  • CO2 percentage in the atmosphere can do nothing but increase
  • Temperature of the Earth can do nothing but go down and for 7 years


They called me mad and they called me crazy and on top of that they proved themselves incompetent and politically driven by calling us deniers.

They had nothing more than some graphs that likely went through several people before they got to see them and laughed at observational evidence. They claimed to be about the science.

Odd as scientists use observational evidence. They are the worst kind of politically driven cherry pickers that mankind has ever seen.

But now it is all over for them. NASA  has sated it will cool and I believe even NOAA has too and now another name they laughed at now has a peer reviewed paper on Nature’s website.

This is none other than Professor Valentina Zharkova who NASA first laughed at and then later started to quote without actually mentioning it.

We are dropping into a Grand Solar Minimum which means that solar cycle peaks are going to be very low or even non-existent for an extended period of time said to be officially in between 2019 and 2020. Well the next peak she now states to be 2025 when previously it was 2022 now looking to be very low then? Was recently predicted to be 35 to 45 but then they predicted solar cycle 24 to be the same as 23 at 120 .. but then it turned out to be only 88.

Another below 100 would be bad enough .. lower than 90 is not good at all but they are talking about it being over half of this?! So what if it ends up lower?

Is it reasonable to wonder that solar cycle peaks might match the numbers of some recent minimums?!

My argument of late with climate cultists is that no one ever talks about the solar minimums when there were still many Sunspots likely numbering well over 10 .. maybe even 15 or more?

If its as lower to their prediction as solar cycle 24 turned out to be from their prediction we could be talking lower than 20? And if not solar cycle 25 it could well be solar cycle 26 where this occurs?

So then this looks like a mini ice-age is alarmingly possible and I know from when I first stumbled across something back in January 2018 I could not quite believe each and every bit of data I came across. That had me kicking myself at signs I had seen and been asked about that I did not look into and find out about all this sooner!

I am still in shock .. I am not one to be convinced easily and it takes the data and not someone to convince me, though I have been accused, annoyingly, of being easily taken in by people.

Well now its just time to sit back and wait for it to sink in wit others and wait for the backlash about all of this CO2 global warming just being one giant con taking a lot of money for God knows how many decades. I am sure the people of each nation being bashed over the head over all this will be running spreadsheets to work out how much their government has frittered away on spectres?

Here is the GSM News Channel on YouTube who interviewed Professor Zharkova talking about the paper and interesting that the barycentre of the Sun was mentioned and interesting to see what is extrapolated from that study ..


Look at the picture above which if from a site in Peru .. the yellow pins represent the magnetic North Pole’s position with the year next to it.

Notice how the gaps have gotten bigger over time and this has been continuing while the direction has remained the same.

See that little orange triangle that it is heading towards looking like a little volcano? Yeah that is and though it is hard to read it appears to say ’46 Degrees’?

Well its predicted that when the north pole gets close to, not at, the 40 degree point things go haywire. That is an area short of the orange triangle. More changes will be noticed as it gets closer to it.

It is predicted to reach that point in or a little short of five years. But the speed has been increasing and its possible it could be reached in two or three years.

Could change direction, you may well be wondering? Well please take note .. to my own susprise even on this vector started at least when my 26 years old daughter was born. Just to put it in perspective. Possibly earlier?

Or in other words it has gone in the same direction for at least 26 years and it only needs to keep going as it has for two to three before things get really bizarre.

If you are not aware as well as a 21 part series on this links I have also posted at least 5 other parts and have talked about this a few times over the last 7 years. Just so you know.

But lets take a look at this as a whole on as short notes as I can with bullet points ..

What we do know have occurred but never understood the mechanics of ..

  • Ice Ages
  • Volcanic Winters
  • Comet Strikes
  • Continental Drift
  • Extinctions

What many have claimed but we have never had ever ..

  • No more snow
  • Boiling like frogs
  • Polar Bears becoming extinct

Activity Increase in scientific areas that show obvious links .. all being extremely rare .. not happening for thousands of years and all occurring together, despite authorities saying otherwise ..

  • Extended Solar Minimums
  • Reduced Solar Maximums
  • Heliosphere Weakening
  • Pole Shift
  • Magnetosphere Weakening
  • Noctilucent Clouds at record levels
  • Snow at Record Levels
  • Rare snow events like Corsica and Australia
  • Temperatures at Record Lows cannot do anything but drop for 5 years
  • Seismic Activity Increasing
  • Volcanic Activity Increasing
  • Meteors Increasing
  • Light Phenomena Increasing like Sundogs and Light Pillars
  • Orange Coloured Skies that ad people thinking it was the end of the world

The worst of those that still insist there is warming show you a two graphs of CO2 rising and temps rising except the latter has not always matched those rises and is not currently.

Showing them a graph of volcanic eruptions rising which matches CO2 rises way better and they laugh it off. Now as yourself how they can do that? Volcanoes produces vast quantities of gas and I would wager in different ratios too.

One thing I always recall is on the BBC News some 6 months or so ago they had an expert on and they as asked why there had been a global increase in activity of seismic tremors. He immediately abruptly and rudely, leaving the anchorwoman a little stunned by saying ..

“No, no there isn’t .. it just seems that way because of social media” yeah like social media had only been around for five minutes.

Did not know he was coming on and I was half way out of a room when I heard his response and I turned back and stared at the TV and all I could think was ..

‘You just .. LIED! Now WHY would you do that?!’

Not hard to tie other things into all this .. and that they knew something but the questions are what do they know and what are their actions ..

  • Sinister or Saviour?

Matters not what country in the west .. as far away as Australia, almost all if not all European countries and the USA and Canada ..

Everything has gone crazy as have the governments and you have all these mass migrations.

Do they think they are saving people or luring them to their deaths because what is to come cannot sustain everyone and there are far too many murdering ideologues in the world? Most likely both.

Whatever their reasons I know one thing for sure ..

They have done this incompetently and that is a fact.

It also feels like they are trying to back back not a few hundred years but a few thousand years in the way they want to deceive and control the masses.

Unfortunately for them too many are onto these facts even if most do not know the full story as of yet and it can only be one of two possibilities.

Remains to be seen who is behind it all though.

Now lets cover a few other facts .. against all the odds a few small groups predicted a number of things which somehow escaped my notice and trust me when I state that I check the science sections of what we now refer to as Fake News ..

These predictions were that the solar maximum of solar cycle 24 would be way low around 90 and it dipped below that for average Sunspots.

They predicted lower and longer solar minimum and we are currently at 31 days without Sunspots in 2019 which is 63% for the year. 2008 was at 71% which shocked scientists and currently its looking to go beyond that. That 2008 percentage was the largest in over a century an was followed by many cold winters from 2012 to 2013 onwards and may now be beaten?

Now here is another thing as those with interests in the magnetic field predicted a splitting and dragging of arctic air into North America and Canada. Looking at a map taking by the Swarm satellites I could see where they were going with it ..

Except when I previously posted about it and judging from the maps it should also play out that snow would hit Australia at some point. You can see how on the map above. If the two spots could drag arctic air into Russia and America then it must be dragging it towards Australia. This would be later as Australia is further away form the South Pole and there is nothing in the way of land that could report snow spreading north.

This map was first published in 2014 and I cannot find anything of an updated map for the last three years. Probably why I predicted snow in Australia for two years time .. I had not realised this map was 5 years old when I first saw it.

Makes you wonder does it not .. well they sent up the Swarm Satellite to grab images of the magnetic field so why would they suddenly spend a lot of money and time doing that?

Would it be fair to say that they knew something? Now ask yourself how long Swarm has been up there, how long did it go through the building process and how long did it go through the planning process?

Has to be prior to 2010 .. so was it because of the lack of Sunspots for 2008? Or was it planned even before this occurred? If it is the latter .. well there must have been something they discovered that prompted them to focus on this, no?

So why have we been hearing about global warming all of this time and just people on and on about carbon taxes and climate emergencies?

More to the point .. why do they still harp on about it with idiots gluing themselves to roads and large groups laying down like plebs in supermarkets?

Also why are they allowing mass migrations to go on and wreck their own countries in the process and as I stated is this them being saviours? I doubt it. Or more sinister?

Oddly enough despite my theory so to their plan I am afraid they have made an error because clearing out the regions near the equator means they think they know what is going to occur and every simply they do not.

I see this as nothing other than acts of self-preservation of the elite and everyone else be damned along with what is to come. So for me it is sinister but ultimately flawed.

The Forthcoming Events ..

  • Cannot see how you can predict how bad, how cold or when it will be right now
  • Does not take into account an axis shift
  • Nor does it take into account continental shift

My Endeavours ..

  • I like to stick to the facts
  • I can not tell you what is going to happen
  • I cannot tell you when it will happen
  • I can only say with certainty that its going to get colder for at least 5 years and maybe 15 years

The Public ..

  • Some people can be alarmists
  • Some can be science deniers while denying actual science and have feck all to back up there argument, being played by the powerful people they hate and do not even realise it
  • Those that do not want to know or talk about it like that makes it go away

I was lambasted .. well laughed at and ridiculed by a pro CO2 climate change cultist for suggesting that in the next year or two they may see snow in his native Australia. Literally several days though could have been a week or two later .. he went quiet and then I saw a report that it had indeed snowed.

Nope still ignores it and though he vanished for 7 whole days repeatedly he is now back again insisting there is no cooling, your a fool to believe in a Grand Solar Minimum and banging on about the planet warming.

Yeah there is a climate emergency alright but its not what they tell you and there is nothing you can do about it except or prepare for it. I have stated this for 7 years on these blogs and 15 years or more and as I have stated many times before ..

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be witness to the scientific data to show these things occurring in my lifetime! In fact I thought it was still hundreds of years away.

I knew it would cool down .. but I never expected this!


Watched a fascinating video on seismic activity and someone that has run into issues with the USGS.

Russia announced threat of a large blast that will affect the entire planet which is an ancient volcano and I guess another one they said was extinct for many years?

As long as the video I include at the bottom might be I dare you not to watch all of it ..

As an example inside of ten minutes you will discover they have been pumping acid below ground in Southern California. Where the La Brea Tar Pits are where very recently tar and gas have been seeping out of the ground shocking a lot of people and the locals.

Also interesting is that many decades ago they dug for oil but never found much but they did find a lot of gas and Gold but difficult to extract.

Now would it surprise you to hear that they use acid to release Gold in areas where it is difficult to extract? What a coincidence? They also have a quarry in the area .. maybe doing something with the Gold?

Answer me this ..

You have been hearing or taught about tectonic plates and them slowing moving since you was at school, right? But why do they move?

You see the spinning molten iron and magma has to have an effect but ..

What happens in a pole excursion or pole reversal when the movement of the core alters, stops or the density reverses which will cause the magnetic poles to flip?

In these instance and with an altering of the direction and therefore the pressure upon the tectonic plates what would then happen?

Well the poles are in an excursion and it does look highly likely like many believe that they will go through a flip. We will know for sure in as little as a year .. two at the very most.

Are you also aware that volcanoes we have been told for five or six decades or more are extinct are now active and more are appearing all the time?

Events are occuring that have happened before we have no records of and therefore no yardstick or sets of numbers we can compare them to. I believe I proved a list above.

All happening at once .. something of a coincidence, no?

You should be finding all this a very sobering thought at this point, I know I did.

We cannot say what is going to happen because we really do not know but its not going to be nothing and it wont return to normal. Not any time soon.

It can range from tough, to bad .. to catastrophic and we cannot put a time or even a length on it .. or in other words when it will start, though technically it already has, or how long or how bad it will get.

Though I believe the answers to this will be obvious in two years and if solar cycle 25 has not started by then it will be obvious I am afraid.

If the next solar cycle does start then .. we have to see what numbers ot reaches at its peak and they are estimating lower than the last which was already very, very low. Now that will be around 2025 but in all honesty it may have already gotten pretty bad by then?

The next five years sees winters colder and longer and with more snow if things continue as they have done for the past decade. So we could well have winters that last six months in the south of the UK?

Volcanoes increase or a big one goes off like Yellowstone or one that the Russians are worried about .. or one the Japanese are worried about or indeed anyone one of a number of others that the governments of its countries are worried about and we may have no summers at all in as little as a couple of years.

Or far, far worse depending on the volumes of materials and gas ejected from volcanoes over the next two or three years.

Summed up it can only gradually get colder and anything ejected from volcanoes will only serve to speed up that cooling process.

What is a surprising thing is the data has been constantly coming out in a stream for over a decade and many cold winter have occurred in this time and only now people are starting to get fed up with the alarmists.

In fact there is a backlash now against it and Canada, Australia, France and even Finland are in this list and its growing. I am pretty certain from a YouTube video I saw published by SWAPA, South West Asia Water and Power, that many other countries have too.

It begs the question how the politicians are going to look who have focused on this climate change nonsense for decades?

Many will also ask if they knew all along it was crap but pressed it for money and power .. and whether or not that they realised that the cooling was coming and in which case whee did all that money go?

From the Heartland Institute ..

So we live in an increasingly strange world with increasingly strange behaviour with ever greater lies and bizarre acts and laws with mass migrations in a time where there has been a constant stream of scientific data that seems to have alarmed scientists on countless occasions.

Now it would be completely and utterly naïve to eve think that there was not a connection to all of this and that had not been there for quite a number of years.

Yet another major question that will occur to everyone when it becomes obvious, if the global 30% crop losses and my daughter cannot even find red apples currently, does wake people up. Will be ..

If they have hid this from us all of this time .. what else are they hiding from us?

Meanwhile here is that long but fascinating video on the tectonic plates and earthquakes that hae been going on which includes details on the tar and gas coming out of the ground .. and remember many dinosaurs died in tar pits .. it even featured in the animated movie The Croods which when you think about it ..

There has been a lot of movies made in recent years featuring events that have occurred in the long distant past which have all seem to have been occurring that we wee told cannot happen for thousands of years ..

  • Earthquakes increasing
  • Volcanic eruptions increasing
  • Extinct Volcanoes no longer extinct
  • Poles heading towards a flip
  • Solar Cycles dropping
  • Magnetosphere weakening
  • Ice Age, severity unknown
  • Tar coming to the surface
  • Geysers more active than ever
  • Ground warming by a great deal
  • Ground rising by a great deal
  • Subzero Temperature Records Broken
  • Snowfalls records broken
  • Unprecedented floods and crop losses

That is not even including the bizarre coloured skies or the fact that after not bothering with the Moon for decades and planning for Mars going on for years .. suddenly they want to build a base on the Moon?

I digress. So that video ..


Read this ..

“All indications are that the upcoming solar minimum which is expected to begin later this year may be even quieter than the last one which was the deepest in nearly a century” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

This was 2008 .. and that year the Sun went without spots 71% of the time. This was long and alarmed scientists. 

“Solar cycle 24 has been the weakest sunspot cycle with the fewest sunspots since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906” – PerspectaWeather (Link Below)

Solar Cycle 25, if it gets going at all, is predicted to be lowers still. Bearing in mind 1960 was over 250 Sunspots and 1980 had over 200. Suddenly 88 seems pretty low, right? Ergo the winters continued to get colder. We are below 10 and dropping. Next peak wont be reached until 2024 at the earliest. 

Then realise winters started to get cold again around 2012 with plenty of snow in many places.

This was followed by a low peak of 88 Sunspots in 2014. Then we had three consecutive years or record breaking winters of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Now consider we are in another deep minimum and at the point of June the 16th the Sun has been spotless for 61% of the time .. without spots currently for 28 consecutive days with no signs of any spots building up at present. 

It is commonly believed and all signs show that the Sun is still heading down and that the remaining 6.5 months of 2019 will be considerably higher than 61% without Sunspots. It is predicted by some to be higher than the 71% of 2008.

Now consider the three winters we have just had. Then recall that it takes around three years to take effect on what the Sun is doing? So if we head into 2020 without many Sunspots what will the winters of 2021 to 2023 be like?

Now consider that due to the way that the plants align we will be pulled, it is reported, further away from the Sun by 13%. This will have an effect on the cooling and will be noticeable. How much is unknown.

We will not have reached a solar cycle peak by then which will take 3 years to take effect anyway.

Now consider that every volcano erupting between now and then also has a cooling effect.

Summers further north will get shorter and colder.

We already have had snow quite far south, like Las Vegas in America for instance. This is likely to get heavier and for longer.

Meanwhile snow will start t appear further south. Mexico? Panama?

In Europe we have had rare snow in Corsica. You think that might become more common and start to appear further south? Perhaps North Africa?

They had flurries in Australia recently .. will that become more common and appear further north?

Now quite how people do not see this and government still go on about climate emergencies is beyond me.

I argued for years that you have no way of knowing what will happen and that sudden warming period could be a precursor to a drop. It might always have done this over millions of years? Just never thought I would still be alive to see myself proved to be correct all along.

The increase in clouds comes from not just the water vapor but seeding .. which they now realise can come from cosmic rays which as I have stated many times are now building up ..

Now this gets a bit tricky because the Sun activity is dropping .. and its Heliosphere is as is our magnetosphere .. but the issue comes from sources for cosmic rays other than our Sun. Or other Suns at whatever stage, including supernovas, they are at.

Also to consider is that as our Sun weakens and our magnetosphere weakens there will be a point where the Sun might .. no WILL have sudden bursts of life and therefore cosmic rays. At which point with a weakened magnetic field more of these will get through. To see clouds and to life forms on Earth.

Also as I have stated its not just the peaks or maximums in the solar cycles but the minimums too. We have several cycles in the warming period where Sunspots were well above zero and even ten.

After all it is easier to get the atmosphere warmer when that which flings heat at it never quite switch off, right?


EDIT: Of interest is the trees they keep finding as glaciers melt and the fact that grazing took place with Vikings on Greenland in 980AD. What is interesting is that the planet did not even get to that point before we are looking at another cooling.

But then we are talking about our closest star which is billions of years old .. there are no rules.


Well I tried to tell the CO2, climate change, global warming cultists but just like with other things I got laughed at, told I was an idiot and wrong.

Now remember this is their idea of sensible debate .. without any reasons and no background ad not scientists they ..

  • Dismiss what you give them, often ignoring things or refusing to click links .. 
    • Yeah the morons fail to realise time is a factor in reading so easy to spot when they do not
  • Laugh at you
  • Call you an idiot
  • Swear

This is infuriating when you know that they are out of their league and have no place to argue their points. Learning the OneGraph to rule the all is not enough
Now they did this with several things with me that I know are factors in all this .. now lets run through a little list before I get to my latest one that shows their effing loons the lot of them ..

  • Insisting the oceans are still warm ..
    • Fail to acknowledge that water takes a lot longer than air to change temperature up or down
    • Failed to acknowledge also the only other heat source than the Sun, the core of the Earth and its moving magma
  • Insisted Observational Evidence was not science and did not count
    • Creators of Climate Models are concerned why Observational Evidence does not match their models
  • Insisted Noctilucent Clouds were not a factor or had any affect on atmospheric temperature of signs of cooling
    • Tamitha Skov disagrees as do a growing number of scientists ..

Sorry fruit-loops but it was damn obvious that even a child would understand it .. that’s just three strikes that I recall and if I thought long and hard about it I would probably come up with over a dozen.

Because I have seen over a dozen sets of scientific data that all links together and all shows you that your CO2 hypothesis was as wrong as I always knew it was.

But .. hey .. you still have your OneGraphs and your rising carbon which you claim matches the rising global temperatures, except not only has the latter dipped so no correlation they are effing currently dropping like a stone.

Funny then that you totally ignore the fact that the graph for an increase in frequency of volcanic eruptions matches it far better but you did not make a single remark about that.

The way that I see it and sticking my neck out here with another of my long list of predictions I expect these clouds to get far bigger over the next couple of years. As a result I also expect that the snow and hail will increase in amounts.
I cannot now really see how they cannot .. the Sun is unusually quite and these rare ice clouds have been increasing .. longer flatlining solar minimums and lower than average peaks. A number of record breaking cold snaps, snowfalls and hail going on right now.
The Sun is still getting quieter .. a rise likely not going to start for anywhere from 6 months to a year and will take a few more years for the Sunspots to build up to slow these ice-clouds.

  • Far colder
  • Far longer
  • Far more snow and ice
  • Ice Storms only occur in one place in the world in Canada but will these become more common?
  • We still have the not entirely understood factor of volcanoes in all this
    • How many will there be?
    • How big will they be?
    • How much in the way of particles will they pump into the atmosphere?
    • How high will they pump these particles?
    • How will this speed up the cooling?

You see why  I get so annoyed with CO2 idiots going on like parrots ‘ButlookathisGraph .. ButlookatthisGraph!’

So only one scientist has claimed the solar cycle 25 will be higher .. sorry arse-wipe but that’s merely nothing more than pure guess work and there is nothing previous you can use to back that one up.

Many scientists believe this will be a Dalton Minimum event.

Many others believe that this will be a Maunder Minimum event.

Most are secretly concerned it will be deeper than that .. more of a full on ice-age or Younger Dryas event.


Far too early to say a Younger Dryas but you cannot rule it out and using the odds to stake your claim is not something you can do.

I am thinking that it appears that it will be deeper than the Dalton Minimum .. that is my gut feeling and so I am going with a Maunder Minimum.


I have often remarked before about the extending solar cycles and how some are sill predicting what is to come and the time that they come based on what was an 11 year length to solar cycles.

Have stated myself that in something that is suddenly changing to everything recorded since we started observing that this has its pitfalls.

For example some have predicted that the next solar cycle, number 25, is not due to start until 2020 but this would mean a very long solar minimum. Based on what I had seen it should start during 2019 but I do not think it will.

Now I have found a website that thought that last August 2018 solar cycle 25 might be about to start ..

Are We Witnessing the Start of Solar Cycle 25? –

This was August 29th 2018 and as stated the minimums prior to 2008 have been relatively short and often without much in the way of consecutive spotless days.

Now consider today’s date of June 13th 2019 .. its still cool or cold in many places, just had another record breaking winter and third in a row and of course ..

The Sun is still dropping in activity and we have had a few stretches i days without spots and currently we are on 25 consecutive days. For 2019 we have had 99 days without spots and they think there will be relatively little for the rest of the year.

Also bear in mind two things .. one that, and as stated before, it takes 2 years or more for things to have an affect on the air and as stated before and to CO2 pundits harping on about sea temps .. it takes a hell of a lot longer for these to change.

Now look at this little fact remembering that 2008 to 2009 had a very long period without many Sunspots that alarmed scientists ..

The dramatic 50% increase in the “volume” of Arctic Ice from 2012 to 2013 revealed by the European Space Agency (ESA) CryoSat mission –

So then .. a vast increase, not an increase just a rapid one, four years after that prolonged solar minimum?

So do you think then it is reasonable to assume that if the current solar minimum continues to be quiet for say a year .. that in 2024, the year I had a gut feeling about, will see another rapid increase in ice?

Now factor in these points ..

  • Will continue to cool between now and any rapid ice growth in 2023 to 2024
  • Very possibly increase in volcanic eruptions will continue to increase in frequency
  • If Pole Shifts continue along with Magnetosphere weakening .. this will speed up cooling
  • By way of cosmic rays seeding atmosphere along with curious case of increased number of meteors

 How about something said to be form the National Geographic ..

Three independent studies of the sun’s insides, surface, and upper atmosphere all predict that the next solar cycle will be significantly delayed—if it happens at all 

‘If it happens at all’?

But a squawking Parakeet and pro CO2 runs around on social media claiming a cooing definitely is not happening now but will in 2060? Genius! 

Not many are saying that cycle 25 wont happen but they are saying it will be lower than solar cycle 24 which was very low. Not good.

Ah now here is something else I have seen before that did not make any sense .. someone stated that the peak of solar cycle 25 was due to be in 2022 and one of those turned out to be one I have linked in a great deal Professor Valentina Zharkova ..

Looking ahead to the next solar cycles, the model predicts that the pair of waves become increasingly offset during Cycle 25, which peaks in 2022 –

 Only if the Sun’s activity is still heading downwards .. and its looking well into 2020 .. well if we look at solar cycle 24 .. the Sunspot numbers started rising in 2009 (mid) and hit a peak in 2014. 2009 to 2014. Thats 4.5 years and for a low peak cycle .. higher peaks could probably be longer .. so over 5?

Its 2019 so if it started rising now your looking at 2024, right?

Yeah except the sun has been without a spot for 25 days .. and expected not to have many for the rest of 2019 as I stated as have others. So it is reasonable to say that the peak is not likely to hit until mid 2024 and that is provided the sunspots start rising very late 2019 or very early 2020. This means the cooling, proved its under 100, wont slow down for 3 or 4 years. So 2028? That is ‘slow down’ and not reverse.

This does not happen until late 2020 and your looking at around mid 2025 and another 3 to 4 years before any slowing down of cooling can occur.

You see how this works?

I do not know how I can make pro CO2 climate change people with a political agenda see that you cannot get around this? You simply cannot get around it and the fact that they laugh when their primary source of heat cannot heat things up for at least 6 years after 3 consecutive record breaking winters is staggering.

The Sun has never hit a peak in less than 4.5 years as far as I can tell and that figure is pretty rapid.

The two main predictions are that it will be lower than 88, and 88 is not enough, and it wont rise at all.

No one is predicting anything higher than 88 .. and the ignored this fact too .. still maintaining that there will be no cooling period for another 40 years, though I believe I now know where they obtained this from? Video in my last post and same idiot that said there will be no change and merely a redistribution of heat?! No pal .. just no!

Not only would I have ruled this as complete bullcrap, and did, the mere fact that Noctilucent Clouds have had two record breaking years .. proves he is forgetting about the fact that along with heat dissipating the upper atmosphere is also cooling things. He also never mentioned the increase in volcanoes.

How DO these people get paid?!

Of course the Sunspots may now have disappeared for a long period of time but lets not forget they are not a measure for temperature and there is nothing that could prevent the Sun from cooling further still.

Trust me when I state that it would not take much, likely just a watt or two?

This will also likely have a greater affect on our magnetosphere weakening it further and as it has looked of late .. an effect on seismic and volcanic activity?

At the end of the day you have a minimum of 6 years of continuous cooling with unknown variables that could occur, which cannot be predicted at all which my indeed speed up the process.

Quotes used including National Geographic taken from here ..


OK watched a video by some organisation called the South East Asia Water and Power Alliance .. so they are waking up to this which means the narrative they have insisted upon they will soon have to drop and thank God for that.

Now fire some imbeciles and employ me!!

Lucy Green on BBC recently pusher of CO2 Climate Change .. always a mistake.

‘Yeah its going to get colder but its hard because of CO2’ oh pish off for feck sake .. you was all wrong .. just own up to it! They are not sure to what extent because of CO2? No one knows this and it has feck all to do with bloody CO2 that they do not know .. Jesus H Christ these people. Either completely wrong and trying to not admit it or still stupid.

Some idiot says ‘no change just redistribution’ .. oh he talks like he knows .. yeah shame .. move forward 3 or 4 years you got that wrong imbecile. Even I could see that one was way off the mark .. where do they find these people?

‘Whatever measure you use its coming down’ yeah would have realised this myself had I been made aware of the data that I somehow missed.

‘Never seen anything quite like this’ is another line stated and you can tell he is surprised at the data .. oddly data laughed at by armchair scientists with no qualifications that are simply trying to hang on to a weapon they can use to gain power.

‘Mirrors the period leading up to the Maunder Minimum’

Think we will be in Maunder Minimum conditions by 2056? Yeah I would not have said that long and three years on I would bet a lot of money he has changed that terrible estimate?

My estimation was that we would be feeling it by 2024 and probably be without a summer or have very little of it by this time. Year round winters before 2030. NOT 2056.

In fact in a recent argument .. well not even that I was descended upon by those that took it upon themselves to decide that CO2 climate change was settled science and that anyone that opposes it was evil and deserving of personal attacks. Yeah that really did not go well for them.

In the six day argument .. there was a pause .. because one of them that had been hijacking my information tweets on global cooling as and when I found out about it and understood it. 

He was located in Australia and, despite later accusing me of doing this, stated no ice-age or cooling because it was hot where he was. I told him that looking at the mapped out data I had seen it would likely snow in South Australia within a year or two.

Now remember this chap in the first part of the video stated 2056?

Remember and easily checked that I stated that we will be feeling it by 2024?

I stated that it would snow, based on my theories, in one to two years?

Recall I said that in the six day argument there was a pause? Yeah at the time this confused me as it went very quiet .. that is until I checked a site called The Watchers and see a report that said it had just snowed in Australia.

Now provided the movement of the poles continues and that fact that it will get colder each year .. in one to two years I expect the snow to be somewhat more frequent in Australia.

Now to think that the BBC has run these pieces .. and I know of at least two .. and they know about the Sun going to sleep and it getting cooler sooo .. why have they told Nigel Farage he is a climate change denier at least twice?!

A cause that was never proved and data and developments that show it was bullshit all along so why are they still promoting CO2 and using it as a political weapon against those they do not approve of?

They do not know what goes on deep within the sun which has always made me question why they have stated things with such confidence. This is admitted in the second part of the video where they explain how they discovered more of the mechanics of the Sun which matches up with the lengths of solar cycles.

As they studied the Sun they came to some shocking conclusions after looking into this newly discovered rippling effect they call Torsional Oscillations.

There is a downward trend ..  strength by  by 50 gauss per year and by 2016 to 2020 the Sun will be too weak to produce Sunspots.

‘Might be the last Sunspot Cycle for several decades’?

This organisation obviously spliced these two pieces together .. the man in the first says redistribution of heat but no change .. yeah IDIOT! Three years later Canada, USA, Russia, China, Europe and Japan are all bloody cold even in June!

The next video states that might not by a rise in the cycle again after the peak of 2014  .. 

  • Three consecutive record breaking winters ..
  • High Chance of three more consecutive winters breaking records
  • If the cycle has not started to rise you could be looking at another 3 to 5 consecutive winters breaking records ..
  • If so .. try to imagine how things will look and feel by 2024

There has been a new storm on Saturn they have not seen before.
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is dissipating like they have never seen before.

Other bodies in the solar system have also all shown changes and the fact that these are all happening at the same time, never seen before and with changes on Earth going on just as this Sun goes into a huge sleep mode .. shows that there is a link between the Sun and weather.

Nobody knows what is causing the weather on Saturn and as he says in the video ‘Maybe the Sun has something to say about this?’

If it can do that as far out as Jupiter and Saturn and with their sizes then you have to understand that the Earth is a damn site closer than even Jupiter.

The storm that has appeared on Saturn is the width of the Earth and two dozen times longer and I will assume you know how big Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is? Affecting an area bigger than Earth that far out?

Not exactly rocket science when you look at it this way, is it now?


Make no mistake it has become obvious to me that this headline is an accurate description of what these people are.

The fact that they are doing this by sticking their fat noses into science is not only appalling but at the exact same time heart-breaking.

Climate Scientists as guests on the BBC back in 2013 and 19% of them, despit the 97% consensus claim, reject man-made climate change.

So much for the 97%

Now I posted an article from 2014 to climate change cultists leftists, trying to fashion a non existent climate change into a political weapon, and this effing IDIOT then claimed that the headline of ‘Record Maximum Ice Levels of Antarctica’ had gone to record lows in five years.

Think about that claim for a moment .. this was from people literally swearing their heads off at others for not agreeing with them. Me highly knowledgeable in well over six areas of science and can learn anything in a matter of days they called an ‘effing idiot’. Onlt they did not use ‘effing’. I was called a liar and far worse.

I simply replied that they had no idea how basic water works. Five years. Going from the record maximum and trying to rule out the thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of photos from around the world of record snow and ice this last winter .. he says that?!

So I posted this headline from 2018 ..

“Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Now At Historic HIGH Levels”

Well now that left his claim as actually taking only one single year to go from record high levels to record low levels right after global record breaking low temperatures and snowfall.

Or as those in the real word like to call it .. I proved he was LYING ..

This along with a few others .. maybe 80 to a dozen of the had spent days calling me a liar without proving it. Well .. he produced very bad graphs he claimed ruled out visual evidence from around the globe. First they stated it was localised .. then blamed the cold and snow on global warming.

Yeah I kid you not they are getting so desperate now that warm really means cold. Waiting for my opportunity to tell them that cold really means warm.

Quite bizarrely this was after he claimed that Antarctic ice had been disappearing rapidly for years and yes you can find articles that state this .. but .. now remember ..

This was a guy who was part of a group all self-proclaimed leftists also bashing Trump that stated we was idiots and did not our research and for not believing in something that had never been proven. 

Yup .. we have to believe something that has not been proven in three whole decades.

Remember we have not done our research ..

Except quite bizarrely this group of people and despite being a group and arguing on social media on a daily basis throwing insults and swear words around likt they were confetti actually did not do their own as ..

Zwally proved twice that this claim of disappearing ice in Antarctica was not only wrong but quite the opposite now try not to laugh as I explain that the scientists ..

Were measuring the reduction of ice on one edge of a very, very big piece of land and the whole time on the other side it was growing at an even faster rate than it was decreasing where they were measuring it.

Yeah when he also claimed that there were record losses in the Arctic I asked if the measurement were only taken on one side of the mass of ice?

I had better nit post the graph he did to show that the Sun had nothing to do with it as if you laugh as loud and as long as I did you could wind up having a coronary.

These climate loony leftists really are really fucking nasty and the biggest God damn liars I have ever had the misfortune to come across and like I told them when I was accused of wanting a Police state in shutting people up talking about it ..

‘You are NOT talking about it, you are claiming something as fact that has NEVER been proven and then hurling insults and bad language at anyone who disagrees .. worse than this your a bunch of idiots who are screaming your heads off because in effect you want all the keys to the largest Nuclear power-plant on the planet capable of wiping out untold numbers of people, animals and entire species’.

Oddly enough this thread of over 50 people fell silent for several hours after that.

This one from 2015 and from NASA themselves admitting that the sea ice was actually growing and not shrinking was liked by many and reposted with the line ‘Well that is awkward!’

Somebody else posted a report that stated that the ice was growing below too and no one had noticed before. It seems that I was right in mu suspicion that in the media like TV, News and science and for two decades they have quite deliberately employed idiots. And idiots that fail to think in three dimensions who do not even think inside the damn box .. let alone outside the box.

Talking to several people I said I think I know why I have never gained the interest form anyone as I think I am too smart and too intelligent?! They do not want us to know ..

A shame I could not give that answer the thousand times I was asked how I was not a millionaire with all the knowledge I possess, eh?

So here is another one from 2014 .. so that is  2014, 2015 and 2018 and yet this fecking IDIOT makes the bold claim, while accusing me of lying without actually proving it, that it went from record highs to record lows in 2019.

Now who does it sound like is lying to you?

Let me tell you this .. I have NOT come across a single believer of CO2 that has either been reasonable in their debate or even accept the facts, reports, articles, photos or reasons I have proved to them.

Did you believe in man-made CO2 climate change when you started reading this?

Do you still believe it now?

If you do may I ask does it surprise you to realise how many pushers of CO2 climate change are like those I describe here? Is it not somewhat ..embarrassing?

Well this is how it goes on a daily basis and ha done for around 5 days now ..

  • Comes online
  • Starts pushing CO2
  • Tells everyone they are idiots
  • Ignores all that was told to them before as if they did not even happen
  • Refuses to click links or just dismisses out of hand anything proved
  • Calls you an idiot for believing photos, videos, the temperature outside over his man-made graph
  • Calls you a liar, an idiot and a pyscho among others
  • Gets their arses handed to them
  • Get given a load of articles form the very people they love to quote
  • Prove I am not what they claim ..
  • Next day go back to step 1

That has been very single day for five days straight the exact same routine.
Now I was not the one to call them ‘cultists’ but now I fully see why that they do!

Oh yeah and I get called right-wing, Trumptard, alt-right, far-right and extreme-right and I let them do this for a number of days because I simply do not care.

I do this because in the case there is a group I wait for them all to join in before I then post my actual leaning taken on the Political Compass website and I am a hair’s breadth from Gandhi. 

I managed to scare the off after being accused of wanting a Police State without even having to post my political chart so that is five days I have not had to resort to using it.

What they are doing is using saving people and animals and the Earth to look like they have morals so that they can lure people in and brain-wash them so that they can get their numbers up to force their political agendas and systems.

And they see it as a way to hate on oil companies, billionaires and politicians.

What these morons fail to realise is that I do the same thing but I am NOT going to bloody well lie through my teeth and blame them for something they are not guilty of.

What annoys me is that there is plenty that they re guilty of but these loons so this as such a tool to lure people in like proverbial dogs with their proverbial bones they simply refuse to let it go and growl at anyone that tries to take it away.

There was a delay in posting this and it seems the cockroaches desperately trying to keep their cause a cause by lying have scattered. 

I got a very nice reply from someone that I had ‘valiantly defended the human race’ which was an unexpected and nice thing to say.

Meanwhile why don’t you take a look at someone reporting on the rare Noctilucent Clouds which have been building up for several years, yet another thing the pro CO2 cultists and others seem to have ignored. A sign of things to come as they are the highest clouds and made up of ice crystals ..

Another thing no one ever seems to talk about is the depths and the lengths of solar minimums in recent solar cycles which can also show you was it warmed for a couple of decades and why it has now gone cold .. I had to borrow a chart .. and took me a while to find the right one to show this ..

Now look at the points I have laid out .. oh WordPress is not letting me upload an image?!

You see some of the lows in the image above do not go all the way to the bottom? This means is not letting the Earth go to cool so when building back up to the highs it does not have too farr to go. This is often not talked about by anyone .. other thn when the minimums are really long or after the 2008 to 2009 period when there was a long time without Sunspots.

Well the times when Sunspots not not go far below 10 and you do not get spotless days for years also play a factor.

You can also go back further with this ..

Looking at the image above 1645 to round 1700 was the Little Ice Age or scientifically known as the Maunder Minimum and not on this chart and not necessary right now. What is that is sometime after the Maunder Minimum was a cool period not quite so severe .. going on what I previously pointed out do you thik you can tell when it occurred?

I have been amazed at the discussions and debates and outright brawls some turned it into that just go way deep ito the science trying to find something to win an argument.

Very often its staring you in the face and does not require ‘Rocket Science’ to solve. That is an ability I have always had.