Rise of the Grim Reapers

I often find it quite bizarre how sometimes things completely turn around

It is just that I wish on some occasions they did not take so very, very long!

As I have a broad spectrum of knowledge in science and cover a lot of fields with many correct predictions in each and an ability to learn new things very quickly. Though getting others to see that which I do is a far greater and often impossible challenge.

I had predicted on blogs elsewhere looking into every facet of climate that a pandemic would come and possibly more than one and that they would mutate. A lot.

Now I could not really claim that I predicted the pandemic that everyone got banned from speaking about because we started to learn and now more or less know it was not quite so natural.

Though I still got the mutations right.

This was because of a sustained high level of cosmic rays and as Carl Sagan pointed out in his famous series called ‘Cosmos’ this causes DNA to mutate.

Predicted from a series of data that went against the narrative of man-made climate change as does a lot of data and failed predictions they are also now trying to stop people talking about.

Now I never said anything about people dying nor the numbers.

But then within around eight weeks things started to have a certain .. whiff about them.

When the vaccines first arrived I was never one to tell people what to do but I did tell many people, some who had even just apologised and stated that everything I said for a decade turned out to be true, that I do not trust them.

I actually predicted that the cures would turn out to be worse than the disease and they very people who had apologised to me and stating I had been right about everything went straight back into being negative. Oddly one was someone that did not believe that I stated that in 2020 he would not be going to Hong Kong in April.

Two weeks later “They cancelled my trip to Hong Kong just like you said!”

A month after the vaccines when he wanted everyone to be frog-marched down and forced to take the vaccines and I told him this was literal fascism “I was pressurising my son to have the jab as he did nto want it and now I find out his friend collapsed five minutes after having one?! I nearly killed my son!!”

He still would not accept I was right.

Despite now discovering that he and members of his family were being lied to by the NHS he still could not grasp health staff could be stupid, uncaring or lie. Not about this.

I was so sure of myself before long I made a couple of memes and was posting them on Twitter sending the hard-left, who uses to hate big pharma but now love them and hate censorship but now all for it, into complete and utter meltdowns.

They would rage about any suggestion about Covid-19 not being natural, despite claiming iun the beginning it was just the flu.

They raged about the vaccines when Trump was President and then hailed them as a proverbial gift from God when he was no longer President.

Any article or report about the effects, or not as the case my be, of vaccines would be attacked and mass reported.

Because thats how science works today, you have to agree with children raging about the way they want things to be or else suffer the consequences while I would tell them to shove their feelings up their tail-pipes.

I have been right on everything and as reports and scientific studies came out backing up what I claimed and proving me correct little by little one that was responsible for actually causing deaths tells me who has save hundreds of lives that the world would be better off without me.

Yeah him lying and ranting and bullying people into things that either scre them shitless or casue deaths is such a benefit to humanity while one that has been documented as saving lives and with 140 accurate predictions in science over 3 plus years, is not.

The minds of these self-righteous people are so fecking warped Mr Spock;s head would explode trying to work out their logic.

Now here is the interesting thing about my own case as I refused the vaccines but was asked so many times by the NHS to have one it would qualify as harrassment ..

  • Was telling the NHS from 2016 I was having chest and heart issues which were ignored year after year
  • Had a bunch of other things ignored like my right-knee, Fibromyalgia and each of its effects
  • Had been diagnosed BY A DOCTOR in Enfield as having Hypomagnesaemia, meaning low Magnesium levels that were THEN left off my Medical Records
    • Caused muscle pain
    • Did not tell me linked to Sudden Death Syndrome
    • Discovered that sweeteners the government forced everyone to put in their soft drinks was linked to dropping magnesium levels
  • Was having increased heart issues from very late 2019 to early 2020 around the time I had a weird illness and was trying to move to Wales before the virus arrived
  • Recently upon telling Doctors in a hospital I now think that illness from late 2019 was Covid-19 they nodded and agreed
  • Yet I was hounded by the NHS via text messages to have the vaccine and even had one a couple of months ago

Now if that starts to look suspicious to you ..

  • Told the friend that apologized to me for being right who himself is now lied to was not only a social worker for 25 years but also is Diabetes Type 1 that something was wrong years and years ago
  • Stated that a particular type of person was being emplyed in the public services that seemed uncaring, clueless, political or some combination of all three
  • That due to other things I am seeing and hearing something big was coming, around 2014
  • Someone that started to work for the NHS has been asked to work while being tested positive for Covid-19, has had it four times and has seen an NHS nurse speaking to someone about signing an ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order with no other witnesses from either side

Told this friend along with others that I had been among several different groups of people, patients for pains along with a group for my condition and being told the NHS were nglecting them and getting things wrong.

I myself, though thankfully not always, had been getting a feeling of supremacy and it was not only affecting Doctors but also GP Surgery receptionists also. People from all over Wales are now telling me this too and I had hoped that this affliction of the public services was not affecting Wales.

These days I get no end of people contact me either quite publicly or privately and now not even confined to the UK and tell me that it feels like we are being culled.

What do you say to something like that when you have seen what I have seen for twenty years?

It has been a slow and gradual process and so slow that it was designed in such a way that no one would notice. Like the boiling frog analogy.

I noticed and likely the point from which I was being buried and lied to by big tech.

Sadly the three that I refereed to as ‘The Evil Trinity’ are in deep shit. As is the British Government and their Puppeteers.

I have been opening up several ‘dialogues’ with people just as a number of things are all breaking and I already have job offers that they seemingly are trying to keep me from doing because of all this and what I predicted.

In fact I have often told people that had I been lving in the US I would be in a very highly paid job long ago.

Now I warned them about this for several years now but I am afraid that on a very large number of fronts their message is not only collapsing fast but serious questions are not being asked by more and more.

Even the channel Redacted are all over several things right now.

The west collapsing.

Previously believed climate was not an emergency and now realizing they lied about that too.

Lastly lying about vaccines.

I am so very careful about the people I chose to post or even watch. Very careful.

That being said no one is every right all of the time and I think more of those that do not lie and that can admit when they are wrong.

Natali, I think her name is, did that in Redacted and I was already impressed with them and you cannot progress unless you are able to admit to your mistakes.

Those that lie are regressive and a drag on humanity. Period!

Jimmy Dore on the American Heart Association, when I have been reporting that all UK organisations, help agencies and charities are shit, shills, lazy and liars, burying a lead story on Myocarditis affecting men under 40 and intentionally misleading people.

Mark Steyn on GB News and guests covering the same study from Germany on Covid-19 vaccines and Myocarditis in younger men and the one that Jimmy Dore covered.

The people that have been attacking me for several years long before I started this account, on Covid-19, vaccines and climate who actually go around mass reporting and bullying people have a head honcho.

We have been at it awhile now and he is now famous for vanishing when I turn up on a thread. In fact there was even a period that as soon as this happened people used to post a gif of Homer Simpson disappearing backwards into a hedge.

His name is Gerald Kutney and likely out of desperation as my prediction all their caused would fail across the board in 2022 now obvioulsy happening ..

He was interviewed on the British talk Radio by Mark Tice and listen to what he tries to do and he tries the bullying he gets thousands to do on Twitter and Tice rips him apart.

Now then while I saved David Dubyne from the KutneyKlownKult at one point and ended up chatting and us following each other, I sadly attracted attention to Jake and Mari of GSM News.

So Kutney and Co had been on his case starting from several months ago and I was unaware it was still going on. Censorship is a beyatch.

Now I posted a video where Jake does a great take on the Kutney interview but I have to gove those to a bit more ‘love’ and put it up on my ‘other’ accounts.

Its funny, but if you watch the whole thing forgive him for having mic issues.

Dr John Campbell on the excess deaths more and more people are speaking about that have continued for many months now.

In this video he makes two very important points with the second right aty the end.

  • What if this continues for several more months?
  • The fact is many of these deaths should have been people already dead from Covid-19 so these number should be BELOW average, not above average

On GB News ex BBC radio presenter, David Hamilton states that he has not even seen a GP in recent times and has never seen the NHS in such a mess as it is now in all his life.

Dan Wootton and Neil Oliver on GB News talking about the ‘covid cover-up’/

So Paxlovid is crap too?

Did you know that Pope Francis told people that we are in the first staged of World War 3 and he has ordered all money and other items back into the Vatican by the end of September and yes that is this year of 2022.

Now then I stated online that despite the heatwaves that were not and got redefined that the bottom half of the globe was below average. Again I was called stupid and a moron by the hard-left who like to claim things so you get scared and give them power over you.

Yeah except the global temperatures for August dropped and went from +0.36C to +0.28C and therefore a drop of 0.12C.

As if that was not bad enough as we now head into Autumn and I was expecting a big drop, bought two jackets and then heard of some cold fronts coming for Europe and the US ..

I then see a story about a massive cooling effect going on at the south pole which is not long after experts claimed that the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption would not cool but indeed warm. Baloney Sausages.


So just remember, the northern hemisphere is now entering its Autumn period with forecasts of some cold fronts coming while the southern hemisphere is heading into its Spring and if you look at the map of that cooling stratosphere it really is impressively and surprisingly large.

Nothing much in the way of ice-caps and glaciers up until 3,000 years ago?

Ocean oxygen levels doing the exact opposite as they did in last warming period, yeah it has happened before and no it was not Fred Flintstone’s car.


Food for thought.

To annoy Gerald Kutney and his followers along with others I used to stick it to them whjen telling them it would all be over by asking ‘Is it 2023 yet?’

Well, is it?

MEMES as I do like to finish on the brighter side and no I am not taking the .. [BLEEP]



Before I start this I should point out that what is explained is a series of lies and failures stemming from bigoted, fascist leftists that have infected everything.

From every public service from the NHS to local councils and including Age UK and people like the Citizen’s Advice who can only be described as

  • Evil
  • Lazy
  • Incompetent


Just got off the phone and the murderer, domestic abuser, multiple rapist Muslim has just dolt Police, while on probation, that he wants to move to Bangor in North Wales. Which is where his victim fled to, to get away from him.

Turns out he is also now driving around in a Range Rover just like his bother involved in a stabbing incident I previously talked about. And he is said to be seeing an ex-girlfriend he met previously that would put her at 12 years old. Ergo a third victim.

And attempting to fish for information he told the authorities he has spent an evening with his previous victim and children to try and fish for details and locations. But as she is over 100 miles away, not likely. Nor would have have taken it will with the new partner his victim has and someone would have got seriously injured.

And he has told them he has £134,000 in a bank account and wants to buy a house in Bangor.

Annoying as if he DOES have money I can assure you he is funded by the evil, fascist leftists who hate me and its widely know I am linked to him.

While I get no support of any kind and Age UK passed personal details onto Antifa which was leaked online several times. Information NOT available online.

So not only do I not get help or any funding or disability as a disabled person these two drive around and get handed money and cars.

The Police are not getting nervous, well of course because if he hurts or rapes someone else with the knowledge I have on his history, it will cause the biggest unrest the UK has seen in decades.

Oh I also had a leg lock up and got froze to the spot in the bathroom.

Very painful but all I can think about is what if this happened to me down by the River Thames?

I have issues with motion and pubic transport has gradually become a problem and a fear and when this started happening on trains I could not believe it. Alcohol is the only thing I know that stops this but you cannot travel around half-drunk all the time.

That was 7 years ago and the NHS and DWP just fucking ignored it like everything else while whipping me like a slave and sticking the knife in my back along with other public authorities for years.

People literally ask me how I have not left a trail of dead bodies and burning buildings in my wake.

End Note.

Getting back on track .. so yeah I may have broken my had a few weeks back, or even re-broken it, as it still hurts. I cannot do the exercise required to deal with my condition. Also I have not been out on my bike because of the weather and currently not even sure I can ride if this had does not heal up.

Not only do I have trouble getting the bike out of the building but I am also having issues with my heart now too, likely because I have not done the exercising I am supposed to do which is cycling.

Now then .. a 4 bedroom house has been handed over, to the victim mentioned above and they remarked about wanting to keeping things off social media .. and now the home is fully furnished and occupied.

Now its time to get out my other guns. Yeah that .. authority will not get my attention but I am far from finished and other authorities need to be focused on.

Covered these for years but whether people are just blind and stupid or whether the powers that be were successful in suppressing me or a bit of both, I do not know. But my social media presence, which also grew like lightning before slowing to a crawl, allows me to get more of this out to more people.

In more places than the leftists are aware of.

Which they have never uncovered.

Funny thing is I was mentioning this to someone the other day .. three years of this and they have dived down everywhere, two platforms I am on and then there are the phishing emails and a profile I set up years ago I have not bothered. I get emails all the time fro them saying ‘You are being noticed’ whereas I went years without anyone batting an eyelid.

Now this is something else I have long covered and trust me when I stated that I have the letters, medical records, witnesses as well as recordings for the institution that had Seals ling streets up and down the country clapping their flippers together like a bunch of brain-dead morons.

The National Health Service.

The have lied about two special needs children that could have cost them their lives and lied about the entire family.

Recently I reported that they had refused to see one child that had very smelly fluid coming out of her ear. They asked the mother to take found swabs over a couple of months .. because they lost them all. There is STILL no diagnosis.

They previously refused to see another little girl who had a fit and seizure and that was 18 months or so ago.

This was a little girl who has had several ambulances called out for her over 3 to 4 years.

Both are special needs that even the various schools they attended know that the NHS have not only dragged their feet, refused to see but then LIED ABOUT. No ifs or buts about it, I am a professional and I was involved and they lied about it. No .. Covid was not the excuse.

So I had the mother crying on the phone as it turned out the daughter that had been rushed to hospital several times as now been recognised as having a heart murmur.

Who, I should add, should not have been made to do Physical Education and this has now had to stop.

They mother and her boyfriend was asked if the little girl’s lips had ever turned blue after stating that the rest of the children would need to be tested. The answer was no.

Sitting in a park later the two adults looked at each other when the father figure in this situation said ‘but the other ‘girl’s’ lips have turned blue a couple of time?!’

This is the older girl who has not been seen, treated been examined and refused appointments and had her disability lied about. The NHS Paediatrician lied about this two years ago. The ear issue has been going on for the best part of a year.

I am only getting back on this now because they public services were all over their rapist, murderer, domestic abuse of a father because the socialists in the NHS and Local Council are racist.

You want confirmation of this you only need speak to the mother. And when people try someone steps in each single time and warns them off.

No one ever comes across as genuinely helping and those that promised to never did and/or only in it for what they thought they could get out of it.

I myself have reported as being in a lot of pain and I am not seen by the NHS because they are lying, cheating, cold, callous self-serving bar stewards.

I am in pain and suffering every single say and for 3 years wondering if I will make it to the next week in one piece, if not dead then lost my marbles.

I have lost tens of thousands of pounds myself, 90% of my belongings, a home, a car and a business because of corrupt institutions likelihood

  • NHS
  • DWP
  • Local Councils

I used to refer to these three as the evil trinity and I stated that it was a ruse to save money and fuck anyone and their pain and suffering and if you get the NHS to lie then the other two also save a bundle.

Oddly it only affects British born people.

I also have a witness to this was was a social worker for over 20 years who is a Type 1 Diabetic who now has also been lied to himself and they keep giving away his medication.

I am trapped with three mental cases and one a narcissistic socialist whose own grandchildren wont have anything to do with because everything has to be about them.

The social worker calls her ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and says that despite having nothing in the way of medical conditions hers has to be worse then everyone else’s despite mine being in the top 20 of most painful.

A legal expert told me I am owed £250,000 in loses and I assure you its £100k more now and that’s without the suffering and pain.

  1. PAIN- in the muscle: often described as aching, burning, throbbing, gnawing, shooting, tingling. Almost always exacerbated by exercise and may or may not be present at rest. Can be migratory and differing from day to day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. FATIGUE- From feeling tired to exhausted and requiring rest periods during the day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. SLEEP DISTURBANCE- not being able to fall asleep and or able to stay asleep. Unrefreshing sleep patterns ” feels like I haven’t slept.”

Told NHS for years.

  1. PARESTHESIA- numbness or tingling. ( non dermatomal)

Told NHS for years.

  1. DEPRESSION- most often reactive as with chronic pain condition.

Told NHS for years

  1. ANXIETY- may include panic attacks.

Told NHS for years

  1. PERSONALITY CHANGES- usually a worsening of a previous tendency.

Told NHS for years


9. SUBJECTIVE SWELLING OF EXTREMITIES- i.e. feels swollen but no-one can find anything.

  1. HEADACHES- tension and or migraine.

Told NHS for years.

  1. COGNITIVE FUNCTION PROBLEMS: calculation difficulties, memory disturbances, spatial disorientation, difficulty with concentration, short

Told NHS for years.

term memory loss.

12. FREQUENT UNUSUAL NIGHTMARES- or being unable to dream.

13. DYSTONIA- stiff muscles due to involuntary contracture. Difficulty in moving tongue to speak.



  1. LIGHT HEADEDNESS- “Fibro Fog”, spaced out, cloudy.

Told NHS for years.



19. MILD BUTTERFLY RASH- (LUPUS TYPE) May be photo sensitive.

  1. NEUROGENIC INFLAMMATION- rashes, may be severe itching. NI causes the symptoms and signs of Dermatographia.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.

22. MUSCLE WEAKNESS- variable with no “objective” abnormality to formal testing.

  1. SCIATICA- like pain

Told NHS for years.

  1. PHOTOPHOBIA- Intolerance of bright lights.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.



Do not like noise.

28. TINNITUS- ringing in the ears.

29. OCCASIONAL EXAGGERATED NYSTAGMUS- involuntary rapid movement of the eye ball.

  1. CHANGES IN VISUAL ACUITY- impaired function of the smooth muscle used for focus as well as skeletal muscles for tracking.

Started happening three years ago.


Ah mentioned this too .. sometimes I get drunk way too quickly!!



Yes, Tramadol had this effect.

34. WEIGHT CHANGES- usually gained due to the lack of exercise through pain and or tricyclic antidepressants


Yes and I wonder if Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs is on the list? Given Mirapexin for this many years ago after two years of mentioning it.

36. HEIGHTENED AWARENESS- of symptoms of HYPOGLYCEMIA 9 when blood sugar falls)


Oh fuck .. been telling pepole I cannot eat potatoes and someone keeps giving them to me like they are trying to kill me. Oddly its a narcissistic leftist that thinks everything it about them.


Been telling the NHS about this for years.

  1. HEARTBURN- secondary to I.B.S.

Not only have they treated this and said it was a Hiatus Hernia for 4 years I have suspected they got this wrong and LIED. Because they spent 10 years refusing the operation.



Told them about this for years. Have issues with heat though other sufferers mostly cold. Have to wear shorts and vest in summer.


God, yes! Told them this for years.


Told them this for years.


  1. HEART MURMUR-Mitral Valve Prolapse appears to be more symptomatic in FM than normal.

Now find out my granddaughter has this. My father and grandmother died or heart issues and I have heart issues NOT looked at properly like everything else.

46. IMPOTENCE- reactive and occasionally.



  1. MUSCLE SPASM- twitching.

Told them this for years.

  1. NON-CARDIAC CHEST PAIN- which may simulate cardiac disorder.

Told them this .. Chest Wall Pain. Affected me in 2003.




54. TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DISORDER- usually due to abnormal muscle tone.

55. RAYNAUD’S- like symptoms.

56. CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME-possible related condition.

57. HAIR LOSS-secondary to psychological stress from FM.

58. VULVODYNIA- Vulvar discomfort or pain, burning, stinging and irritation.

  1. PLANTAR ARCH-or heel pain. Exacerbated in FM.

Had already had other symptoms a very long time. Started to ask about this one due to pain walking and especially standing, from around 2001-3. Was fobbed off and lied to by the NHS and diagnosed myself around 2016.

So some symptoms go back over 20 years the NHS were aware of but the key one is this one.

I found this because I had a crying daughter on the phone, herself having cervical cancer missed and her own Fibromyalgia missed.

Had been meaning to look up for awhile anyone having issues with eating potatoes as this has been going on a number of years and, to me, is just weird.

Typical I find it here.

The NHS were told about this in 2016.

This list of symptoms has been correlated by the Arthritis Foundation S.A.


Now lets get this straight.

I have battled all my life, been screwed over by my university, screwed over by the DWP, screwed over by local councils. I have been suicidal at times and they call this the suicide disease because it is just too much.

I have been ignored by authorities, treated like a criminal, had friends and family assume I was lying about this for years.

I have worked, I have asked for help to set up my own business twice, refused the first time, accepted the second time then they pulled the rug from under me and I lost my home, car .. very almost everything.

My daughter was taken away and not given any rights to see me as she grew up. She has a life worse than I told the courts who did not investigate.

She has been the victim of rape gangs, kept prisoner and had her own cervical cancer missed. The Police and Social Workers persecuted her for years on end. She has had two cars taken away from her. She had a child taken away from her and given to his paedophile father. We found out years later he had been beaten and we can only assume it was the father. No I am not kidding.

They deliberately went out of their way NOT to diagnose my special needs granddaughter and then a paediatrician LIED in the diagnosis contradicting all previous claims by professionals, schools, social workers. Two years on they have now reverse their original diagnosis.

Another granddaughter has fluid oozing from her ear. They have point blank refused to see her for months and in that time asked my daughter to take a swab. No less then four times because they kept losing them.

While IDIOT leftist reception staff sit around in the clinics talking utter bollox to one another when they are not doing their virtue signalling to appear human.

A Member of Parliament found out and started swearing over it and become involved.

In 2017 I diagnosed myself and then had a Doctor lie to my face that there is nothing in the NHS to cater for Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia Association UK were shocked that they told me this and gave me a list. After diagnosing myself, do not forget. They then lied and said I threatened them and they did this twice so as not to have to deal with me.

Apparently in modern day fascism you are not supposed to get angry with those that lie to you, treat you like shit and leave you with one of the worst conditions on Earth.

Often think I wish I had cancer as at least I would be given ACTUAL DRUGS to deal with the pain and it wont be long before it is over.

This just goes on and on and on and with every fucking public authority and evil, lying, fascist wanker working for them stabbing you with knives while you try to survive while surround by people that have their heads up their own arses.

While social media giants are all over your ass, using you as a slave to make billions after luring you to work for them before they then start censoring you because you might hurt someone’s feelings somewhere or vote for someone they do not approve of.

While I had to listen to the brain-dead seals standing outside clapping or banging pots and pans to thank the NHS which I do not know is just total and utter fucking blindness of they have heard stories and thought if they went outside and worshipped the New Gods that this wont happen to them if their health fails?

The absolute best one?

Everyone else forgets that I have a fucking memory problem.

All I have ever done is be as honest, genuine and factual as I can but it seems I .. WE .. have been screwed by bother sides. One for politics because they are hateful bigots and hate us but prefer animals over us, the other for money.

No way out and have learned that you just have no one you can turn to and these charities and help agencies are just a cesspool of fascists that fool the public into thinking they do things so they will have over their money.

But shit scared the wider public will discover they too are full or bigoted fascists pushing for power for their own evil desires.


My situation got better but only momentarily.

Found myself sitting in a park with someone that does not like talking abut disasters who refuses to watch the news who was talking about this Coronavirus, Covid-19, spread.

This was a shock and he kept saying he could not believe what was happening and it was like a movie.

I had explained that I simply could not believe that the virus was appearing close to my daughter who was in a fairly remote part of North Wales. He did not understand this and said ‘but you said it is spreading fast?’

I explained that there are patterns to these thing, That it spread around the built up metropolitan areas first to quite a degree before it even reaches places like that. And for this to happen it must be far worse in the cities and large towns then they are telling us.

I had just been through a scare where my daughter had a friend staying with her who woke up in the morning with three symptoms of the disease.

But the next day it turned out she was the type of person that makes things up to get attention.

So while we were sitting on this old wooden bench where we had been looking for a rare bird called a Firecrest I was relieved but I wondered and talked about how long this would last.

Around two days.

Right now I am in shock and I am quite scared now and at a loss. I had been taking out my frustrations on very nest, evil, lying leftists whose idiocy has caused this situation. I have also been posting links to do with the virus so that people could find out of the virus was getting close to them and not get a nasty surprise as I had done.

Its frustrating too as because of fuck ups by other people I was supposed to be in North Wales and if that had not been screwed up I would have prevented things.

Now I have had three siblings who think they know everything with partners that think they know everything who kept telling another worried member of my family crap that just was not true probably because of fake news ..

  • This virus is nothing
  • Nobody at work is talking about it
  • Its just lie the flu
  • Its impossible for a virus to last more than a few hours on a surface
  • It will burn itself out

One of those I spent two days with while trying to relocate to Wales and I told them this was going to be bad and why I was moving, which went wrong and a found myself back in hell. Though chatty about it there were two remarks they made that had me realise he thought this would not come to anything. I said it was and it was coming. Told him that sports events would get cancelled like the Tokyo Olympics and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

Had been warning them about the news for 15 years and bearing in mind my father died because of the BBC you would think they paid more attention.

Others had realised my predictions were correct, though still expressed doubts. But relatives never believed me no matter how many times I got it right.

Never predicted anything until recently that would change forever the world we live and this started when I saw the data that strongly suggested we would enter another Grand Solar Minimum like we did in 1648 for a period of 50 plus years we call the Maunder Minimum or Little Ice-Age.

In that data I also realised that leading up to it there would be several possibilities not helped one bit by the actions of humans and the mental decisions by politicians acting like loony hard-left.

  • Cool period being reached around 2024how cold yet to be determined
  • Solar Cycles are one thing but magnetic fields and volcanoes among others play a part
  • Cosmic Rays getting to record highs will cause all kinds of health problems cancer, mutations and cloud seeding are three of those
  • Mass Migration and Governments acting hugely irresponsibly also leading to issues ..
  • Stated that this would spread diseases and so it did here and there, prior to seeing cosmic ray data
  • Civil War
  • War
  • World War
  • Food Supply disruptions
  • Virus Outbreak that would result in a Pandemic

Yes those were the things I stated.

The Gilets Jaunes protests started and spread and continued on for over a year.

We had to period with many record cold temperatures in January to February 2019 and September onwards later in the year. I also predicted that the weather patterns would change dramatically and flip-flop, people seeing weather around the world that had they never had before or was extremely rare. Stated this would continue for two to three years and by the end it would be obvious where this was leading.

In 2024 after a continuous cooling and low or non existent solar maximum and due to gravity and barycentre the Earth would be 13% further away from the Sun.

The unknown factor was that we do not know what volcanic eruptions we were going to get. These increase cooling and the number and frequency has been increasing for decades.

It took me a couple of weeks to a couple of months to work all this out and I had been getting this feeling for about 5 years that something was .. coming.

So would it be food supply or disease?

Had expected smaller outbreaks of things but a real pandemic I thought was likely to occur around 2023 to 2024. Cosmic Rays cause mutations and this was on my mind a lot.

Had thought that maybe the rays needed to be higher than what they are now? Maybe not.

So then now a virus has spread around and though I knew where this was going it got there a damn site faster than I had anticipated.

For a moment I thought I had avoided the demise of my own world, not that it had been very good to begin with thanks to the lying and corrupt government, NHS, DWP, Police, Social Workers, Help Agencies that do not do anything than tell you the obvious and others.

So my daughter was in the clear. Or so I thought.

Get a call to tell me a second friend who was pregnant was in hospital due to a fuck up by the NHS again with a second your woman pregnant. This had resulted in some real complications and internal bleeding.

Her father is my daughter’s boyfriend who was at the hospital and my daughter was on the way there to be with them.

Seems my warning to stay away from hospital was not listened to by anyone and she got on a train too.

Next day I get a call. Daughter’s boyfriend, whose own daughter is in hospital from a screw up by the NHS, is ill. High fever, cough and cannot get out of bed.

Daughter is walking the streets from supermarket to supermarket looking for food as she has very little and cannot find any.

Get a call in the evening and she is crying.

She has gene down very ill as has one of my young grandchildren who has breathing problems anyway!

My daughter is crying and blaming herself.

Authorities have been informed in both cases.

So then .. this LOW RISK the authorities, government and fake news have been fucking lying about like they have everything else?

  • Daughter, granddaughter symptomatic North Wales
  • Grandson coughing in Birkenhead, Merseyside
  • Boyfriend asymptomatic South Wales
  • Sister’s boyfriend and niece coughing in Enfield
  • Very old grandmother coughing in Brighton Sussex
  • Seven people I know of fell ill

So yeah I have been taking chunks out of leftist AGW cult members as despite all that I predicted coming to pass they are sill on social media being protected by the likes of evil companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest trying to say a these predictions they never fucking made are all proof of AGW.

People so dishonest, amoral and evil that I think nature has decided to have a good clear out? Had a few comments like this put to me now from many followers.

Well now people have realised too late that the virus really is a threat. Not even sure if people I know have realised that there jobs are over yet?

My resident socialist ripped into two people from the middle-east in Sainsburys who were clearing an entire shelf and asked them what about old people who needed to buy food, while they just stood there staring at her.

She said she had spent decades trying to help these people as a socialist and that now she regretted being one.

I said that I had tried to tell her for years just like I tried to tell everyone about the public services and how bad they are,like the NHS and news media and that now unfortunately it is too late.

Stated that I just hoped that when it was over and when these people crawled back from under their rocks t take over where they left off or when the evil leftists who sound like Hitler in his early years try to get control that those who have survived let them ‘have it’?!

Spent years and years and years trying to warn of these things and as I have stated so many times they have tried to stop me every step of the way.

It may well sound crazy and insane but not just one or two actions but the actions of those in power for many, MANY years look as if they want this to happen?

If I could work all this out in a few weeks to a few months how could it be that they missed it for decades?!

I do not believe that they did and whatever it was that was coming I thought that all the shite and identity politics was intended solely to distract us.

So much so I called this #ProjectDistraction.

What I believed scared them and why I was suppressed for years is my high level knowledge across the board and my ability to crash course many things, though not everything, in a few days or weeks. Posting even about identity politics and the others would lead people to the bigger picture.

I went on social media platforms like Twitter, Parler, GAB and Minds to get around this suppression and needed the people to spread a number of my posts around to stop them.

Despite the increase in viewers going up ten fold it really needed to go up by a factor of about fifty and now its clear this idea also failed.

This post I did not want to write for a list of reasons.

But I am scared, fed up wit life and angry and the mere thought that these people will get away with that they have done makes me so angry that, that which I am more than capable of doing I could not possibly put here.

Massive failures by the lying leftist fake news helped bring about this by talking the threat DOWN and praising and believe the Chinese Communist Party and had lied so may times over 15 years or more that when they did tell the truth many still did not believe them.

No they were not over-blowing it to stop Donald Trump and trust me when I state this that going around saying that actually hurts Donald Trump.

The virus is real, focus on that. Do not focus on who caused it right now as this is irrelevant and when the time comes THEN you deal with those who are to blame.

So lastly to be left here is a bunch of screenshots of the news media getting it wrong and talking down this pandemic when I was screaming at people to take notice.

This can sit there while I spend the coming days and weeks going out of my mind wondering what will happen to those I care about anyhow I will survive if it is anything bad?

I will not survive this.

Some links about emissions dropping which now includes China and Italy and within the space of a single week will have a host of other countries included.

But the AGW people will still tell you its not making a difference. Oh but it is and is inevitable just as I have stated for two months now.

Hole of Europe locked down as are many states in the United States and will be all states within a week. Before long Russia will follow and there is no stopping it now.

Italy ..


Daily Mail article about London and the globe ..


Australia predicting drops in emissions of millions of tonnes


Even in the Lebanon ..


Planes. Trains & Auto-mobiles? And ships ..


In case I never got on here again..

The things the news said abut the virus ..


Predicted back in January or February in my series on climate change, the real reasons, and Grand Solar Minimum that one of the major threats to come to humanity was a virus.

This was because after I had predicted the flip-flopping temperatures it occurred to me that this is when influenza spreads around the most. I rarely get affected but nine times out of ten when I do its when the temperature has changed dramatically.

When this news of a virus first broke I also realised that along with all the other things that have been building up in frequency over the years so too has the number of outbreaks.

When action started to occur and I heard of a hospital they started to build within a week and the city of Wuhan and its 13 million people in lock-down with deaths at around 20 people alarm bells started ringing.

Watched videos from several countries of their news and they was all talking it down and praising China for being open about it and passing along information.

Only I have now heard from Doctors and one in particular whose wife is Chinese, they have worked in China and have family and friends some of which are Doctors and the official lines are totally bogus. The numbers are also bogus.

What I now know is that the virus is

  • Spreading quickly
  • Spreading through the eyes meaning
  • Masks are ineffective
  • Temperature screenings ate ineffective because ..
  • Has incubation period with n symptoms of five days
  • To play down the virus and prevent panic Chinese government arranged a big street party a couple of miles away
  • Chinese New Year and EVERYONE travels to be with family and public transport gets jammed everywhere
  • They announced that they was going to lock-down Wuhan many hours before they did and many fled
  • Idiots are also escaping and treating it like a joke and boasting on social media they have got to another city or country with pictures
  • FACT: One town alone the deaths are 30 yet China is saying 15 deaths
  • Several hospitals now being built in Wuhan
  • Other major cities in lock-down including Beijing
  • Many more people move around China and 130 million more actually leave China than they did when the SARS outbreak occurred

When it was at 20 to 26 deaths and I was hearing what I was I knew immediately it was worse than they were telling us.

I was hearing idiots reporting n the fake news about how China was being praised for being open and passing along information. My thought at the time was .. ‘Something tells me your all going to regret saying that?’ I also thought the temperature screening would prove to be inadequate and did not think that the masks would be of much help.

Literally within several hours I was hearing that the information was inaccurate and one by one those things listed in the bullet points started to pop up.

Pop up at a rate that surprised me just as it seem to go from 9 deaths to 26 in o time at all. I am hearing its gone above 50 deaths.

In fact I am going to include a link to The Watchers site where someone states n the comments though they stress they have no idea if its true or not, that 112,000 odd people had died?!

That is a little much if I am honest but had this been ‘people infected’ then that I could not only totally believe but would make the locking down of several major cities and banning trains, cars and travel by plane make much more sense.

What you have to pay attention to with anything is not only the little details but also the actions and in this instance the actions seemed way over board when comparing this with other outbreaks, including SARS.

This is one of those things that I predict, do not do so lightly and hope that I a wrong.

Unfortunately and as I stated I do not make any predictions lightly and have normally gone over the data I have seen a thousands time in my mind before I am confident enough to make a prediction.

I do not know if this will become massive yet. This is because this has occurred far earlier than I thought it would. Otherwise would have dedicated a lot more posts to it and kept a closer eye on outbreaks.

Had initially thought it would occur between around 2023 to 2029.

However and as I am discovering every now and the many of the things I have predicted are occurring way earlier than I initially thought.

Several things occurring I had thought would be a major issue by the time we get to 2030. Then more things started to occur and I moved this forward to 2028 .. and then moved it again to around 2026 ish before moving it again to 2024.

Then I started thinking it might happen 2021 to 2023 and one weather expert with his own weather models told me one of my predictions would happen about now. This was that the UK would break its coldest ever winter records. These were 1947 .. ish .. and 1963. As I stated I believe that record will be broken by 2024 .. and that some models stated this year.

Like a few other things I linked to a grand solar minimum .. it seemed a bit ‘out there’ but at the end of the day I was convinced the weather would flip-flop globally and as there had been in increase in new viruses emerging it just seemed like a recipe for disaster to me.

This outbreak might not be the one. But then it might. But the fact there has been an increase in outbreaks and new viruses the last two decades I am sure will be focused on and talked about if this Corona Virus ever fizzles out, like SARS did.

Pathologist in America telling you the information is not correct and their measures are ineffective ..

Doctor who has Chinese wife telling you what he is being told by friends in China some of which are Doctors ..

Oh now the comment about the 116,000 deaths seems to be missing? But here is a report from The Watchers from 2 days ago with the deaths at 26 yet in two days I am hearing it is 54 and as I stated above .. one city China states 15 dead and in the videos above Doctors in China said it was 30.


Myself personally, have never bought into any of these scare stories over the years and I am onethat contracted Swine Flu.

But trust me when I am telling you that the data and reports I have been looking at for the last 12 months and the things that have occurred at different times in the last decade? Like the orange skies, Tsunami in Thailand, the earthquake in the UK and others?

They were all possibilities and I never EVER .. thought I would ever see any of these things occurring in my lifetime. EVER!

During 2019 the reports and the data I have seen? Well the list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer and could not tell you of a time when I will ever get over the shock.

In fact the only thing more shocking than this is the sheer number of ignorant idiot people, hard-left every single time, that are ignoring all this and scream on social media fro the top of their lungs about about how everyone is going to die from global warming.

Blogged for a year that it will be something else entirely if large numbers of deaths or extinctions occur and warned the they will be solely to blame for getting everyone to focus on one thing so that they can push their agendas.

Could have been cold, many are now dying because of that, starvation through weather pattern changes and damages to crops. Could have been volcanoes and/or Tsunamis from a volcano or earthquake causing one. Could be earthquakes and indeed people have died from both this year.

Of course it could be a virus outbreak.

Then you have the feeling that many have and that a lot of countries are on the brinks and talking about civil war, all because of evil lying leftists. Also talk of world wars.

It is now impossible for me to imagine that the world will go through the next decade, or even five years, without a very serious upheaval.

And I for one cannot believe I have actually typed that and am going to post it.

Believe this outbreak is going to be reported as far worse in a week and if I think about a month’s time?

Think about this .. its highly contagious and has an incubation period of five days and lets look at the global picture.

  • People infected getting off aircraft in countries other than China
  • Walking through the airports passing people or coming into contact with people about to get on an aircraft to another country
  • One of those people then getting off an aircraft in yet another country and go to step 2

Now imagine a country where the health care system is not that great?

Or several people walking around with it for five days in a highly built up area?

I will start to get more concerned if you end up with a doze cases in each country and the number of countries is say more than three or four.

Also you might want to keep an eye on Africa!

Because the Chinese have been showing a lot of interest in Africa and building a lot of infrastructure and as I understand it China had either sent 300 million people there or were planning to.

Now if you get an outbreak in Africa .. how do you deal with that if you have already had outbreaks in Europe, the US and other countries? How will anyone be able to spare the medical professionals?

I might also add that due to Chinese flying to Africa this is the first place I would have thought cases would have been reported from?

So I have to wonder if this is spreading so fast that it has occurred in so many places that Africa has just been overlooked?

Or perhaps the Chinese government know it has reached there but the people they have sent are keeping a lid on it?

Even when the symptoms first appear it would not seem like much to the person that has been infected. As its a dry cough at first. So after the incubation period of 5 days you get a couple more days before the symptoms get worse.

Now I cannot speak for many countries but the idiot NHS in the UK has spent several years with adverts too telling people not to go to Doctors or a hospital over anything like a cold like virus.

Instead they have told people to go to pharmacies where you stand around with members of the public as well as staff.

Quite how I can see these tragedies occurring and those that get paid vast amounts of money do not is beyond me, it really is.

I recent years the world is run by greedy idiots who now seem to be manipulating massive changes in many countries the vast majority do not want and this seems to me an attempt to usher I changes that allow the to keep their power?

And many idiot hard-left are helping them to achieve this.

If anything at all this outbreak may prove that I have stated to these people for a very long time and that is LYING and suppressing the facts, over leftist ideology, will lead to catastrophe and death and I for one am worried about my own daughter and grandchildren who are still going through shit and have been for ten years.

Where do most contagious conditions spread? Like head-lice as an example? Schools!

Remember that in the UK they have had draconian punishments in place for parents if your child does not attend school without good reason.

This has become so bad that mothers have told each other that ‘it’s like your children are not yours any more and owned by the government’.

Draconian measures that could well brig down many communities, if not societies.

I have often, as so many other people have, talked about civil war over these idiot ideologists and when I am asked when it will occur I always say you need a pretty major catalyst.

This a very serious major potential catalyst.


Oh and now the South China Morning Post is reporting that scientists have stated that the outbreak did not start in Wuhan Food Market as the first person had no contact with the place?


Second Edit

Resident in Wuhan confirming some things I stated and that there is no transport, no fuel, government spreading virus in their mismanagement of it


Once you eliminate the impossible whatever remains, no matter how improbable, has to be the truth – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I have been screwed over by the public services in the UK by so very many and for so very long that for a number of years now I have thought it easier and way, way .. WAY more humane to make voluntary euthanasia much more appealing that continuing another day.

I was diagnosed 4 years ago with having low magnesium .. well it was more an educated guess on my GP’s part at the time. No pills .. just told to go buy them, which they have since also done with my daughter.

Your body regulates magnesium and needs it and it it is in too short a supply ..

When low body pulls it out of your cells, like bones or organs.


Note: Not a single one of these, post Hypomagnesemia diagnosis, was linked to low magnesium in any way .. despite a dozen GP visits and several hospital visits that included Ambulances.

Cardiac or other problems, which I have. There is not a good way to check this .. I was told about a device but was electronic, sounded expensive and had to basically be assembled yourself.

Arrhythmia is caused by low magnesium and hospitalised two or three times and been in to two tests for what the problem might be. Except they already knew for four years and failed to mention it at any point.

Tachycardia is an issue and magnesium makes it relax so you can end up with a high heart rate much higher then normal.

Low Energy which was down to lack of ATP which is the energy molecule in your body. With low levels of magnesium you can eventually lack the ATP and feel very tired. Which I have so many times I have lost count. It has been .. a trip to hell and back more times than I care to remember.

Nerves are affected in extremities like fingers and toes.

Osteoporosis or Osteopenia is another issues that ca arise from low magnesium.

High Blood Pressure.


Note: When it was diagnosed it was NEVER mentioned to me in four years that that these were linked to the Hypomagnesemia.

Bad enough on its own but add in that everything that ocurred later was ALSO not linked to Magnesium either and when I stumbled across it around 6 months ago, after having these things going back 15 years plus, I was simply astounded, felt betrayed, liked to and let down. My life has been destroyed and this has cost me EVERYTHING from £150,000 included my inheritance, home, car and business. Worse still is they have done similar to my daughter and worse, see post ‘Country Of The Damned’.

Insomnia. This has gone on for around 13 years plus.

Also causes constipation while at the same time too much can cause diarrhoea.

Muscular pain and cramp in calf muscles as well as my thighs .. which had mentioned to a GP for several years, several different GP’s across several surgeries.


I have also read that it could be down to the extreme anxiety too which may or may not be linked to the rapid Tachycardia and Arrhythmia?

Sudden Death Syndrome is yet another thing that low levels of magnesium can bring on which just occurs without warning signs.

So .. reasonable then to assume that if you are experiencing all of the others here, which I do, that this can be taken as a long list of warning signs, no?

So with all that being said .. what was it for 15 years and with all those misses?


Intentionally lied to and fobbed off?

It can only be one .. or the other.

Food for thought.

EDIT: CRAP!! Forgot the video! Yup short-term memory loss yet another issue.


Was just set upon by the resident leftist in the building and as always over something stupid .. trivial .. meaningless.

But they have a skill like no that has people running for cover when they see them coming.

Barged into the room, without knocking as usual because they think it is there automatic right to do so that drives everyone nuts. Including one other who was walked in on naked one day.

Stated she need to get to the radiator .. because there are issues with an airlock when I had already explained weeks ago it cannot be an airlock in my radiator because it is switched off. For it to be an airlock within this specific radiator the water needs to be flowing through it, which it is not nor ever has been.

But I don’t care check it if you want .. if it makes them happy, because they can ever .. ever accept that they are wrong.

No announcing .. no warning .. just barge in .. in the morning. No chance to get my shoes on or charge my phone just a bull in a china shop as usual.

So I decide to make a tea instead but I know it wont be a simple checking the radiator .. it is going to turn into something else like it always does. The very thing that has driven the rest of us nuts for years.

Bearing in mind that everyone knows about my health issues, my disabilities and namely my heart issues which cannot and are not affected by any arguing on Twitter, I might add. Nope but this person can set it off single handed.

I have warned them .. I have warned others .. but it matters not when she suddenly decides she wants to create wounds she can then go cray bout to others. Have a dig to force someone to attack them and they are by definition the centre of attention.

My room is untidy .. that was what it switched to. The some stern lecturing about me doing things that will set my heart off, which I do anyway and did some this pat Sunday. But it is not about tidiness as all that know her are well aware.

Yelling match ensues and like a true leftist she lies to make herself look correct .. telling me that a brother does not visit the house because of me. Well no .. it is because of her and I pointed that out .. sternly and told her in no uncertain terms she was a fucking liar and has driven us all nuts for years.

This brother does not answer the phone to her .. remember that for after I explain this ..

She fucks off downstairs .. I sit in my bed, bedroom turned upside down, all 6 feet by 8.5 feet of it, when suddenly I get this absolutely massive pain across my chest and back and I roll back screaming. It subsides for a few seconds but then comes rushing back again. This happens several times and eventually I roll off the bed and am wedged between a cupboard and the bed face-down.

At this point another brother comes in the room, wrongly assumes it is a back pain, yup I did state that I warned them about this, and tells me I am in the wrong position. Well no because after it occurring one more time it is now subsiding in intensity and I am frozen to the spot now. A sign that this intense pain is now subsiding I do not want to move so much as a muscle.

It stops.

Then the brother that refuses to answer the phone to her rings me after a few minutes ad I have not spoken to him for several weeks. Uh-oh!

She rang him .. he answered the phone to her and admitted he made a mistake.

He knew she was in the wrong as she always is, throws a hissy-fit about that on every occasion as we are supposed to agree with her even when she is wrong.

I tell him that I just had these pains, could have been a heart attack but I do not think so. Actually seemed too intense but I do not know .. maybe it was? He is shocked.

As he is telling me how this woman is completely batty and has been driving us nuts for years the door flies open. I think it is another brother .. but no .. it is her.

Listening outside the door .. realising I have been called and this is a sign that no one agrees with her she storms in with a stern look on her face and shouts “YOUR A LIAR!” to which I answer “No, YOUR the liar!” Tell her who I am on the phone to, she says she knows .. yeah she cannot stand that. Keeps on .. while on the phone to my brother who has now guessed she has walked in the room I say ..

“Will you leave?! I may have had a heart attack that you brought on and I did warn you about .. and I DO NOT want another one thank you! All because you have to be right and want all the attention!”

She fucks off!

My brother says “There has got to be some way of you getting out of there? She is losing it and this is like a fucking slow death, a slow and painful death for you!”

They have screwed everything up from the moment I got here by making a mountain out of a molehill for everything and then turning that drama into a crisis to draw attention to herself.

Two children born, one operation .. appendicitis and a death (not present) and someone dying of cancer (not family) and on every single occasion they have crated a massive problem in each case that had hospital staff shocked when they realised.

She is oppressive like you would not believe .. and .. family and friends and others run from her and I am constantly asked my my social worker friend, Mario “How have you not gone insane stuck there?!”

Along with his disbelief at no one offering to help me .. or us for that matter.

Heart condition that the NHS new about for two years and the decided to look into just before my life got turned upside down and now do not loo at, at all. Great.



  • Would not allow me my car outside so I lost £4,000 on it
  • Kept telling me I was doing everything wrong
  • Always told me I was right-wing
  • Alienated friends, family and even grandchildren who refuse to see her
  • Keeps telling me I do everything wrong
  • Everything is about her
  • Side Effects from low dosage epilepsy drugs for epilepsy she does not have is worse then two operations my daughter juts had, cervical cancer and strangulated hernia
  • Its our fault because of our father .. unless it is the whole world’s fault
  • Keeps telling me I am doing everything wrong
  • Tells me how the Internet works, used it on phone for 5 minutes I am BSc and was offered a PhD in Applied Computing back in 1999 
  • GCHQ were interested in me ..
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Insists she is right on politics because of things form 20 years ago and groups that have not existed for years
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Tell her video evidence exists on YouTube she laughs and shakes her head
  • Still tells me I am wrong
  • Sister tells her I know my shit ..
  • She repeats “No-no-no-n-no!”
  • Sends messages that are 1,500 words or more long
  • Runs out full battery on your phone in one phone-call
  • Tell you she is caring but has never asked me nor my brother about her grandchildren ..
  • But the tells everyone how hard things are for her because she has all these grandchildren to think about
  • Friend and one granddaughter and two sons think she needs serious psychiatric help
  • Lies when you prove her wrong
  • Bare-face lies and twists it when you tell her we all think the same “NO! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU!” Crap
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Roots round other people’s stuff and blows up being pulled about it, one of only two relatives fell out with her years ago for that one
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • You get to talk for 60 seconds only and never hears any news through to the end
  • Normally followed by changing the subject to be about her .. then talks for four hours .. you insist on talking to finish what your saying at the end and she tell others later “I was not allowed to get a word in!” and I am being literal
  • Mario says she is evil and there is something very, very seriously wrong with her
  • Does not knock on your door .. just waltzes in .. courtesy does not apply when it is her house
  • Did I mention she keeps telling me I am wrong?


Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

In this report by The Canary a GP, based in my old town of Brighton, has complained about the government, austerity and people dying.

Many problems were stated asking with mental health and alcoholism. Tell me about it! I constantly want to head towards the latter every single day. I constantly think about ending my own life in different ways but have never plucked to the courage to go all the way.

I honestly think I’ll never be normal again at any point in the future.

I honestly also don’t I’ll be here six months from now too.

I constantly fear too that my daughter won’t be and that scares me even more. Along with what will happen to my grandchildren, who they have been looking for excuses to take away .. from my daughter who has cancer.

So this is one seemingly very decent GP?

That’s encouraging and I always knew they would be out there but .. where are all the other GPs?! That’s .. the problem.

Not in it to save lives or their Hippocratic oath s, oh no. In it for the careers and the salaries not to mention the perks.

Many think this being a GP places them above the rest of society, that they are immune to basic human emotions and allows them to be patronising while lying to you or fobbing you off.

It’s funny if it not they are always talking about the overseas trading of the future. Especially when the spotlight is Brexit.

But ask yourself this .. what weight would or politicians words carry overseas when it’s finally out that they left their most vulnerable people to die?! Do you think it would carry much? I do not think so.

So why are we employing them?

Factor in that they are being exposed seemingly every five minutes for lying, cheating, obtaining monies illegally and even paedophilia.

Oh but they are soo need and soo deserving of all that money they waste.

Taking the people’s money and then allowing those same people to die while suffering.



I just wanted to get this out there quickly as something may happen to me ..

  • Heart Feels likes it is n a constant grinder
  • Anxiety is through the roof
  • I have to do stuff when ..
  • I have had zero offers of help
  • Got moaned at though
  • But that is how the British are these days it seems?

A couple of weeks ago I did not do a post on it but I noticed something .. with a toe nail.

On the large toe of my right foot I see these deep ridges running horizontally across my toe that just looked .. weird. I wondered whether or not this might be a sign of deficiency and might be a sign of how serious it had become? So I looked it up at the time and what I discovered was a bit of a surprise .. to say the least.

One of the possibilities was something called Coronary Occlusion which is an obstruction of the blood flow in a coronary artery. This can cause a heart attack. Mild pain, tightness and vague discomfort is what is listed on Wikipedia but the events, which I believe cause the two line .. yeah .. two, were somewhat stronger than these described. It also states that the muscle tissue of the heart may get damaged?

Now I .. have trouble believing it but I have been wondering now if I had a mild heart attack and this is why the symptoms were worse than that described?

Yes I have tried to get help, remember I have no GP right now and they wont register me? I was supposed to register at a GP that was a mile and a half away but I had an event .. or series of them and pretty horrifying, on my return. I was then supposed to go back just to register, yup .. SECOND visit, and I freaked out and got off the bus in three stops and then .. collapsed against a wall.
Yet I have emailed organisations like HealthWatch and all they say is get to that Doctors and register?!
Yeah .. an NHS Surgery where in my experience ..
  • They do nothing
  • They take forever when they actually do, do something .. normally for cancer
  • They fob off
  • They .. lie
I seem to have something in common with the subject of a documentary I saw years ago regarding Oetzi the Iceman..





Another one for that idiot that left a comment that suggests that conspiracies don’t exist.

No friend .. tinfoil hat conspiracies don’t exist .. well .. for the most part anyway.

But conspiracies exist .. suggestion .. buy a fucking dictionary! Lol.

So I can’t find the one I was going to look to buy on the BBC News At Ten they reported that crime had risen sharply and that this was because of people with mental health. One on three, or a third, of crimes were committed by people suffering with mental health issues.

You know .. those people who were previously freeloaders, according to this twat, and we the first group to be kicked off Disability Living Allowance.

Hmm I just remembered .. do you think I should have pointed out to that amoral selfish test, who made a big thing about me not meeting the .. criteria, that I was previously in receipt of it twice?!

So what I defrauded them, they were idiots and site be fired or that someone just moved the goalposts right to to the corner flags?!

Yes!! Got a footballing reference in during the World Cup!

No I couldn’t find that story on the BBC News app, despite it being on the BBC News?!

But I did come across this ..

That an ex minister stated that the NHS closed ranks over hospital deaths.

Now it sounds like this might have been from around 5 or even 6 years ago? Because I think it was a Lib-Dem ministry during the coalition?

Well, lol, of this is the case .. so you think the number of deaths decreased under the NHS or increased under the NHS over the past five years or more?!

I know that it appears to me that it has increased. The number of deaths in reading about seems to have increased to me.

That’s doesn’t even take into account those that have committed suicide!

Which reminds me of the two reports that Mr Fed Up With Freeloaders might want to check out ..

DWP reports that 120,000 people have died and it’s a lot more than that!

NHS reports, one punished in New Scientist, states that 120,000 deaths above the norm could be put down to the NHS?!

That amoral moron that popped out from the shadows after climbing out from under his rock won’t want to read that?!

If he does he night need to send of three emails ..

  • One to New Scientist telling them they are talking bollocks
  • One to The Canary and maybe a few more stating they are talking blocks
  • One to a magazine publisher and probably more later in the year saying that they are talking bollocks about our story

Or maybe he or she will just party after reading that a quarter of a million Freeloaders are now dead and rising?!

Or perhaps it’s someone with .. something to lose from our publications that just panicked and attempted a very lame endeavour to try and mislead people about my character?!

Meaning they think everyone’s thick and can’t come to their own conclusions or ..

They are thick and think they can do this with one false account, no proper name and on one single post?!

Jesus Christ, man. It’s just one post out of nearly four thousand! What the actual .. fuck did you think you was going to achieve?! Lol.

I find some people quite funny .. what was they ranting for?

What they wanted me to stop? To please them?

Not one but of consideration the 500,000 viewers I’ve had, yeah .. I’ve had, that I may have helped?

No .. just stop just to please them because every time they switch their computer and phone on they are forced to look at my page. Lmao!

What fucking dumb-arse arses people can be and they think themselves sooo intelligent .. open their cake holes and leave themselves wide open for criticism ..

Well if their account still existed that is, which it doesn’t seem to ..

Especially with the moronic name of Mr Fed Up With Freeloaders?! Lol.

Yeah no one is going to go around with a name like that for very long.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Ex minister: NHS closed ranks over hospital deaths – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-44542622



Two of these incoming. The other was exactly what I predicted.

This one states that the DWP policies are causing an extra burden on the NHS?

My God are they actually treating people?

Funny though that this these send to go against what I know to be fact..

Fobbed off with no diagnosis, no proper referral and checks as has happened to both me and my daughter .. NHS saves money, DWP saves money and Local Councils save money.

The following story is all in the DWP though.

This statement about the DWP costing the NHS money seems to have come from a charity?

Funny then that no one in the government, not the health secretary or any other members of parliament have picked up on this?

I knew this was going to happen. Doctors and nurses told me this was going to happen and intelligent people I spoke to knew this was going to happen. Hell, even a pharmacist said this was a ticking time bomb over two years ago!