When The Sparks Ignite

A very, very long time ago I started to notice things.

It got to the point where I started to feel ilk Neo in The Matrix films knowing something was not right with the world but could not put my finger on it.

Sadly two decades went by and no Morpheus and crew came to help.

Over a decade ago I started to tell people and friends that I thought something was coming and that the people filling up the public services including the health authority, the NHS seemed to be of a certain type.

They seemed to make a lot of noise, at least when they felt being hard done by, and make many claims about how humanitarian they were and wanted to help people.

Sadly despite begging for sympathy they would then be exposed as not doing very much and then seen on Tik-Tok dancing with dead bodies.

Despite realising I was right all along about everything those I know still went for the part line when the pandemic came long only having to apologise repeatedly yet again when I was right about Covid19 as well as right about vaccines.

During this time I only knew of two old people reported to have died form Covid and one actor that appeared in the film, Crocodile Dundee.

Then deaths started to come my way via other reasons and there were several that happened prior to Covid popping up.

I had not known much in the way of death and then my grandmother passed away followed by my father a few years later. Then this ..

Two friends that died ..

  • Ken Bunn
  • Eddie Perry

Just before Covid was supposed to get here

  • Karen Pritchard
  • Peter Curry – Scientist and Lecturer
  • Amanda Flynn (old girlfriend)

Before long after the vaccines when I told people that this would not go well ..

  • Daughter tells me of nine people in a village dying of clots
  • Several people I know had various issues from strokes to Bell’s Palsy and shingles
  • Several people online told me they knew people having all sorts of issues

The lab leak theory popped up.

I had to stop claiming I had predicted a pandemic that would mutate many times, based on cosmic ray graphs, because it became obvious this was not natural.

Then the vaccines came out and I thought this would be very bad. Before long it started to emerge that they had covered up the lab leak and was silencing anyone including Doctors that would even whisper such things.

Including Dr Robert Malone who invented the mRNA vaccine.

Then we were hearing they were listing people as dying of Covid19 when one case in particular that has a bullet in him.

Then there was the whole ‘died with Covid’ reporting.

Now I had seen early on a report that emerged that they checked blood samples in Italy going back and found Covid in people all over Italy in the earliest samples they tested, which was September 2019.

A few months ago after I left a few comments that Dr John Campbell looked into, he found it, covered it and asked how he was only hearing about this now and stated that it had to have been around for a lot longer to be found right across Italy.

He also covered the Elephant in the Room question in that how was it that this deadly virus was raging around Italy for an bare minimum of six months and no one knew about it?

How indeed.

Then Dr John Campbell and others, like Jimmy Dore and other Doctors, started to cover that there was more deaths than average being reported and no one knew why.

He also asked why the news media were not talking about it.

It was not Covid but no one seemed to know or was even asking about excess deaths from a mystery illness.

Remember that now there are deaths and no one is talking about it.

So then there was this build up of vaccine injuries and people on Twitter pushing the vaccines were claiming I was spreading misinformation and they stated that if nothing happened within a few days of taking the vaccine then you was fine and you were safe.

I informed them in no uncertain terms that they were lying their backsides off and I reported countless of these to Twitter who did absolutely nothing.

They have since shut the hell up up vaccines and eventually stopped calling me an anti-vaxxer.

But apparently they still think the world is catching for because of ‘evil’, projection I assure you, working class people using fossil fuels.

When shown all the cold and snow they blamed warm oceans, when shown the oceans were actually cold too they just switched to something else.

They passed themselves off as woke progressive leftists but were nothing of the kind I told people I am almost certain they are chess players in the WEF just pushing pieces around the proverbial board.

More and more injuries, more and more cover-ups and even videos of nurses speaking their minds and Doctors speaking very low almost as if they were conscious of being recorded or concerned they might be?

Week after week and month after month the reports on Excess Deaths kept coming as did the lack of any reports from the mainstream news.

Dr John Campbell and others become quite frustrated as at one point these deaths exceeded those from Covid, we know they were lying about anyway and they asked ..

‘When the number of deaths were from Covid and despite being lower than they are now, Covid was all we heard about. Now we have mystery deaths that are way higher and all you get is crickets from the mainstream media’.

Very often you would get George Orwell quotes.

Oddly enough the WEF Wombles would order everyone to listen to these Doctors in the early stages and them despite not having an form of education themselves, attacked all the same Doctors for saying things they do not like.

If someone told me these people belonged an an utterly evil Satanic Church or cult and sacrificed all kinds of things I would easily believe them.

When made angry enough they would happily post about their wishes for people to die and then blame it on others that they were so evil as I have shown many times.

They are saving the planet and the people they actually do not give a shit about and the animals they also do not give a shit about from the evil people they want dead.

Nobody but nobody can tell which is which.

They have repeatedly told people top do things that would cause them great harm and death.

During all this time I had heard from a nurse that within the NHS nurses were trying to get patients to sign ‘Do Not Resuscitate Order’ with no Doctors or witnesses present.

Now I had been saying for a long time that the public services were capable of some great evil and despite this coming from someone who six years ago did not believe me, even I doubted this.

Before long I would hear more.

The people saving you from you and if you did not let them and do as they ordered you to you was a right-wing nut-job Nazi and deserved to die carried on regardless of the reports, facts, science papers and experts. They are the experts now.

It made absolutely no difference at all to these people when they learned the following ..

  • A friend contacts me because his ex-wife, Lorraine and an old friend, had died, Karen Pritchard, his sister having died a couple years before
  • Then he contacts me again two days later and informs me that of the four in his family, David Pritchard had died leaving him the only survivor, the beer drinking, doner kebab and curry diet one oh and chip shop chips.
  • This was completely backwards and none of these four were even remotely close to even pension age

I was told by beer loving, curry and kebab easting Stuart who himself had refused vaccines and when I asked if Dave and Lorraine has been vaccinated? “Yes”.

A socialist I know personally that had argued with me constantly for three years sees me recently, stops me and then stops me in my tracks as they called other people names and said “You was right about everything, Covid and the vaccines” and you could see the pain in their face having to admit to this.

Other people that knew this person were speechless and nearly passed out having heard that this person, of all people, admitted they were wrong.

Even from someone that disagreed with me, a professional and a social worker who had ignored me and already stated I was right and they was wrong, had his mind blown to pieces hearing this.

Then there was this insane story from Tim Pool who was covering a story in the UK’s The Independent tabloid of a Paralympian in Canada who asked her authorities for a stairlift.

They asked if they would like euthanasia instead?!

Here is the link to the original story.


Now people have been up in arms about this for several reasons. Well its murder for a start but even suicide is frowned upon and a no-no for many religions, including Christians.

Now I suddenly remember this when a follower from Florida reacted in disbelief and anger over this report when I posted it and I replied ..

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Christian’s stance on this, how could I have forgotten?”

It also transpired that when people looked into this ass it is illegal it was reported that the laws were changed in this year of 2022?!

Why would you do that? Why in 2022?

Yeah how they did not realize that when they did this they were absolutely buttforked is beyond me but then I did state they were employing morons.

It did not take long for it to get way worse ..

I get told from within the NHS that they were giving automated pain relief to people but that where they would otherwise have the drugs on show there were locked away.

These ‘drugs’ were administered by a syringe which as some automated system, itself contained within a box and placed under the covers as if to hide it.

Each time this was seen people were told it was pain relief but the patient would have passed away within 24 to 48 hours.

That was not Canada but the UK.

Now there was a woman that got wind of this having become suspicious herself and a family member had passed away have the same exact contraption and was told the exact same thing.

Only she was a Police Detective and there had been previous conversations about the lying going on about Covid, vaccines and this talk building up of a depopulation agenda.

If they are doing what it seems to strongly appear now to more people that they are, why?

Now they have a bit of an issue and I cannot be the only one to have spotted this ..

.. the housing market and economies?

Yeah if you suddenly lose a load of people and you have a surplus of housing then the market crashes, supply and demand, right?

That is the capitalist system them have been abusing for years, right?

I mean I have stated economies are run like a pyramid scheme and I have stated it for two decades or more.

They wasted public’s money on themselves or like Mark Drakeford in Wales, sanitary towels for men and a trip to the Qatar World Cup.

So what do they do?

The system that has propped them up for years will collapse and is in the process of collapsing for a long time and everyone has seen something that makes no sense to them.

How about upping the retirement age?

Lying to people with health conditions that is a fate worse then death?

Lying to those with terminal conditions?

Abusing children?

OK so the apes want to stay on top branch, what do they do?

Well for one I have stated that I am absolutely convinced then have been stashing things away and I do not mean money as that wont be worth jack-shit in a couple of years.

And now what we have been repeatedly hearing is we will eat the bugs, own nothing and be happy but who do we get to these periods where the poor will be deliriously happy once they realize they have been lied to for years, manipulated for years and a plan has been in place to turn them into slaves while they thought they was going to get free money, TV’s along with Samsung and Apple Phones, Playstations and Xboxes?

Well here is how they take your house ..


Let me explain as I have asked myself this for a very long time.

During a period where the world has been dropping in global temperatures for years and record snow and cold that has not been seen in decades, check links below, and the UK might get it’s first white Christmas in 100 years ..

They intend to introduce something where you home has to be net-zero.

Now of course you will have to pay the government for this so they can send woke man tampons.

This will likely have a manufactured bill of 90 to 120 thousand euros.

If you cannot pay this, you pay in fines instead and repeatedly and consistently be that weekly, monthly or annually. Because giving a Nazi government money makes the temperatures go down in a period of record cold and snow after years of cooling.

So you pay one exorbitant price, or half the price.

#LifeTax for complete made up bullshit top keep apes on top branch. That is from Planet of the Apes, by the way that just keeps on nagging away at me throughout tall this.

Here is someone I have used videos of for while but sometimes they do not come up, he is in Sweden, thought could be Norway with my mad memory.

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen who was saying what I did about Covid and vaccines and spends most of his time in a god damn forest, ffs ..

This is Brit Reverend Simon Sideways and is conservative and I am sure knows or has worked with both Sargon and Nigel Farage and note that he dislikes the Conservative Party, now known as Consocialists.

Also note when he says ‘If you think this is not happening or wont affect you, go back to whatever it is that you enjoy doing and when it comes for you and you want to complain about it? Do not bother and I will only say “I told you so”’.

Mahyar Tousi of Iranian descent and Conservative voter who recently did a talk with Paul Joseph Watson, I think is Jewish?

He and all his followers along with Watson also despite the Consocialists and them stopping Brexit and here is he talking about Mark Drakeford of Wales and the sanitary towels for men and the Qatar World Cup.

This is the country where the authority of a liberal run area has been lying and left me to suffer and likely hopefully die, as is the NHS and socialist council here,

These are the idiots that think by birthright, blood, superiority .. WHATEVER, think that it was OK to lies to the population of the world for twenty years and that come up with this scheme so that they can stay in power.

As I stated long .. LONG AGO .. there has been a push to get either low IQ fecking idiots or evil, amoral prats into higher government positions.

Likely the same elite controlling the private sector.

“Its like there is a secret government within government” – Gail Walker stated to me at the Dragonfly Sanctuary in Waltham Abbey somewhere between 2013 and 2017.

She used to save the lives of Swans and I helped her a few times.

Yeah we are such bad people, me and Gail. Me that saved lives and did not ask who they were or what they were and a woman that may have done the same but used to save Swans and other animals.

How dare we speak out against these people that have been lying and scheming for years against the people. Did we not know that by talking about secret plans against ‘the people’ that we was acting against .. umm ..

Yeah you see where I am going.

Now I am sure this conversation was around 2015 and she had been noticing things for a long time and to me that was very refreshing.

Because no one else I know did.

Its odd that there was a use of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ to shut me down on social media when I had written several extensive articles on ‘conspiracy theories’ and why the term had a sudden surge along with the number of these theories.

I used to laugh when they called me a ‘flat-Earther’ and I never once bothered to tell them I had written pieces about why there had been a surge in this.

I did not require proof I could see it for myself and much later I ended up having two friends I would never have guessed would believe in this stuff, believe in it wholeheartedly.

Yeah sadly this was just another of the WEF’s traps and I had spotted it years ago along with a long list of other things.

Just that up until a couple of years ago I did not know who was behind it and how all these different things connected together.

Another thing people miss and they place far too much focus on the thing they are passionate about.

Movies, TV, gaming, various areas of science, politics, religion and the list goes on.

Think about it .. its like throwing mud in the stream and you start off seeing all the fish, then half of the fish, then only some of the fish and eventually none of the fish.

I have spent more than a decade trying to link these things, find out who it is, figure out their plan and then reverse it.


  • Everyone knows Woke in Movies is intentional
  • Everyone know Woke on TV is intentional
  • In the US and now starting in the UK everyone knows about the Uniparties
  • Everyone knows Covid was lies
  • Everyone knows Vaccines were lies
  • Everyone knows Fact-Checkers are liars
  • Everyone knows the News Media are liars
  • Everyone knows Climate Change is complete bullcrap
  • In the past two years and even as recent as a few days ago people I have not seen in years have been adding or watching what I do on social media, some not seen in 30 years
  • Friends, some professionals too are telling me I was right and now the last two months of 2022 everyone is talking about it all
  • Temps have gone down (included)
  • Record colds are increasing
  • Record snow is increasing
  • Oceans have cooled (they blamed on the snow)
  • A three year La Nina has occurred and now they are trying to convince everyone an EL Nino is coming
  • Fact-checker we all know lie are claiming that record covering of snow (early I might add) is not proof AGW is not real. Never had any evidence it was real
    • You cannot prove a vague theory wrong” – Richard Feynman
  • Winters are getting longer
  • Sunspots have crashed (included)
  • It snow right on top of summer to 16 inches in three states in Australia (included)
  • The graphs have been exposed as fake – watch Tony Heller on YouTube
  • Scientists have been exposed as frauds – Tony Heller again
  • The censorships have been exposed as real – Matt Taibbi and Jimmy Dore among others
  • The FBI had someone at Twitter even trying to prevent the leaks that he was censoring at Twitter because ex-FBI Jim Baker was still there – Matt Taibbi and surprisingly Bari Weiss
  • Klaus Schwab is panicking as are his lackeys and are doing interviews metaphorically hanging themselves on a World Stage
  • Even Socialists are realizing how wrong this is .. well the REAL ones and not the fake ones the WEF put on Twitter and Facebook

That is how they deal with the crashing housing market and yet they can charge what they like .. thought probably not as I doubt there will be an y currency, not physical at any rate.

Oh it must be global warming?

California starts December with many feet of snow


Mammoth Mountain and five feet of snow in five days


Western US Ski Resorts snowiest start to winter in decades

British Colombia in Canada gets battered with snow


Someone warns the cold and snow in the northern hemisphere is going to get bad

China gets hit with early snow and cold and the state heating has to be turned on early


Three states in Australia gets up two 16.5 inches of snow two days before summer


Siberia was completely covered early and early December has already seen -54C in the region and the most snow cover reported in 17 years was reported elsewhere as the highest on record


As far as trying to keep count, the US has had between eight and twelve snowstorms and as of today the 7th December 2022, several more are incoming

Like Australia, New Zealand had it too and the first few weeks of summer were forecast to be below average

Now lets look at what is coming before Christmas 2022 has even arrived and remember not only has the UK not seen a white Christmas in 100 years but I myself noticed going from a child to an adult that any snow was getting later and later and eventually only after January 1st, when I lived in Bristol.

But I later see the amphibians going up mountains is southern Italy and realised much of what they were stating about the warming and the industrial revolution was absolute nonsense.

My solving of a climate puzzle in the area that explained how a nocturnal salamander was diurnal that scientists and wondered about for 50 years, was SOLVED!

Fifty years we have wondered about that and all it took you is one trip?! THAT’S IT!!”

This puzzle was put to various climate change fanatics on Twitter that included climate scientists and professors of Biology.

Considering their links and themselves being in these groups spreading misinformation they never .. EVER .. come back to me with an alternative explanation.

Because there isn’t one and you cannot cheat biology.

I then waited and waited because I trusted scientists, for science to catch up and they never did.

That realization took place after a trip in 2001.

I recall when it hit me and my late father was sitting not far from me .. well laying down in fact when I uttered “Oh shit! I know why they are diurnal”. He sat bolt upright and said “What?!” and then I explained.

I stated at the time that there was obviously cycles going on and I was now convinced that at some point in time the process I spotted would reverse.

When people talk to me today about me seeing and realizing what I did and now it is reversing I always say “Look? I never thought in a million years I would actually live to see it!” and then laugh.

This area was Calabria in Southern Italy now lets look at a few snow forecast maps from Tropical Tidbits who are very good, I must say.

Now lets look at some snow maps form them for the the US and I can tell you that others can go further forward in time than I can and it only gets worse.

Now let me just tell you that the alarmists were back again doing what they did in April 2022 in that because of a few days of sunspots being in the 90’s and 150’s, they did it again.

They would fire a few days were, it was even lower .. LOL, spots where in the 120’s and once again insisted they were going up and kept tweeting ‘oops’ with an image.

They were just mimicking me which they have done for four years and when I went to explain their mistake, produce monthly numbers (not daily) from solar cycle 24 and the second cycle in the grand solar minimum known as the Dalton Minimum where they had many months well above 100 and this cycle had none, they muted me.

They would then post the muted messages and think that ignoring all my graphs and numbers were funny. The ‘Lol’ and ‘Beautiful’ he posted was to disguise the fact he knew their argument was dead but did not want to face it.

The following two with a little annotation from me, from the spaceweatherlive.com website

That one from the SILSO website with a little annotation from me

Pro-science climate fanatic dealing with graphs and data in science ..

The response after I posted a load of numbers from three solar cycles and a number of graphs from a climate change fanatic, fake woke wef womble, who thought it was funny, did this a few times, to ignore science.

This is what he presented to me and why he is all over the place now ..

I literally laughed at the time he presented it around 18 months ago. They was all about ‘consensus’ and accused others of ‘cherry-picking’ and chooses a paper that claimed the solar maximum of the current cycle was going to be well above 180.

One of them, who I got notified recently by Twitter they had upheld five violations from five for hate speech .. in a debate on science .. was also trying to continue the lie and was being blasted into orbit daily.

This is what I presented to him at the time ..

Notice how it states that the long deep solar minimums would continue until cycle 27 where the solar maximum would be due in the 2050’s?

This did not appear to be focused on very much but I thought they was on the money, mostly. But I had predicted that the current cycle would struggle to get around 80.

Well when you look at the numbers they do look to be about the closest and in a mere couple of months the scientific community will, or at least should, be talking only about this and what I said about submarine volcanoes in my last post.

Here is another pro-science climate fanatic ..

This is a pro-science, pro WEF climate change fanatic who got angry several times with me presenting science he did not want to hear.

They think science is about shutting down things they do not want and these are the people, who are a group and lie about it, that have acted together to suspend me from Twitter for several years. Over Covid, Vaccines and Climate. Even before I switched my position on Covid and they was claiming it was just the flu.

So when I thought it was going to be bad they were trying to suspend me and then when I thought it was not as bad as they were claiming they were also trying to suspend me.

Yeah .. work that one out. The answer should be obvious.

I was perceived as a major threat to something that was obviously a political push and a power grab and they knew I would figure it out.

The cycle has been rising for two years .. it does not rise forever until they get the numbers they want. It just does not work like that. A cycle, give or take, is eleven years and we spent three years in a solar minimum.

They insisted that solar minimum took place in December 2019 when they was trying to claim at the time we had not had a minimum of three years because of the numbers and it does not work like that either. You can still have minimums without long periods of zero spots and any historical solar cycle graph will show you that.

Not only do they have to constantly redefine words and terms, they have to constantly move the goal-posts.

So they was in a pickle when I was not claiming to them that the solar cycle had risen for two years and before they could lie again remind them that they themselves claimed solar minimum took place in December 2019. That it was now December 2022 and they cannot have it both ways.

The second cycle in the Dalton Minimum has several average monthly sunspots above 100 and the highest was 160.

The last solar cycle 24 and a record low since the Dalton Minimum had around 5 months above 100 and one at 146 odd. Remember this is a record low and this numbers can be checked, there is not getting away with it.

Now the current cycle has not had a single month in two years reaching 100 and the spots appeared at the equatorial regions somewhere between the end of 2021 to April 2022.

This suggested a solar maximum but we have had in the last three cycles this new phenomenon of double peaks. This would suggest we would likely get another but then again we might not.

So at the time I predicted that the numbers would fall away. I was attacked and called names by the pro-science crown treating the field like its a cult now. I said that it would fall away and then likely have sunspots rise and migrate to the equator again for another peak not that different from the last.

Well it fell away as I predicted and did this for eight months and as stated it then rose for a few days and the pro-science climate fanatics once again forgot about every single month between May and November and focused on those few days.

Despite the fact that even higher numbers reaching 153, maybe more and I missed it, in April did not give them a monthly figure they needed. Around 80.

Graphs from Silso, numbers from spaceweatherlive.com

The numbers on the right are from the current solar cycle 25.

As you can see no monthly averages in three figures, unlike the record low solar cycle 24 or the Dalton Minimum.

I have lost count of the number of times they have been so utterly desperate that they have tried to claim that lower numbers are more than bigger numbers.

Their desperation can be tasted in the air.

Then they got hit with with the snow reports and the forecasts and have been in a state of perpetual meltdown ever since.

It beggars belief and these people are supposed to be pro-science and adults?

Japan is down to -21C earlier than normal, dangerous cold warnings in Canada and how the fact-checkers have gone into over drive of the record snow cover of the northern hemisphere

Greenland ice increases at record pace, cold hits China and the sun being quiet

Cold in Russia, China, South Korea and Australia’s coldest Spring in decades

The global temperatures have had big drop to +0.17C and December has had a bad start even in Australia’s summer and forecasts in North America, Europe now too, South America in their summer, South Africa and Australia look to be below average.

But yeah they are going to steal from you because global warming.

We are about to enter what is likely to become, if it has not already, the worst period in human history with the greatest of evil and all they can do is attack me and prevent me from being near my healthcare worker daughter who has cried about all this and my grandchildren?

Yeah its been so obvious for the longest time that all their care about is our well-being, eh?


The End is Nigh On Nigh

There has been a bit of a delay since I last posted.

This is because for several months now I have had several things going on, have had a multi-faceted attack against me and have been intentionally ignored in an obvious way, have been in and out of hospital, collating more evidence and waiting for predictions to pan out.

Back in March and April of this year of 2020 I had two major things going on and was about to start a third.

I was about to move home which had already taken too long and had people asking questions.

The sunspot numbers had shot up and I was being attacked over this as a bunch of political fascists who had infected science were after their first win against me and desperate to prove me wrong and a group of six or more were throwing numbers at me.

Telling me this proves me wrong and I am a moron and that NASA and NOAA were correct, which they seem to think made their long list of errors are now forgiven because of my first major error.

Sadly for them I tried, using annotated graphs, to show they were using the numbers wrong and that they would have to wait a year for the number that proves me wrong to be published. It was published in October.

I also had to explain what was going on with the solar cycle and that the spots were migrating and they insisted this means nothing. I then taught them about Sporer’s Law and their next decision was to make excuses and this meant nothing.

So what I did was tell them that my prediction was that the sunspot numbers would fall away for the rest of 2022 and they called me a moron. Again. This is how science works for them.

Now keep in mind that the number I work with is used because it is the number that shows the effects of the sun and is time dependent. Its not the daily number and it is not the monthly number. It is the 13 month smoothed number or as I kept telling them for nearly four years “The red line. Not the yellow or the blue ones, the red one”.

Now pay attention ..

  • From around February to April the spot numbers went up to reach levels in the 90’s to the 150’s
  • I noticed this and noticed the spots migrating to the equator and realised I missed something
  • I found an graph on Encyclopedia Britannica on solar cycles that was very good and helped me realise that while I got the spiking right, I also missed something
  • Calling me a moron and being proven wrong on my prediction of a solar maximum of 48 to 70, they told me NASA and NOAA, who have predicted numbers from 25 to 160 and therefore could not possibly be wrong, was going to have their expectations beaten because they said so
  • According to graphs repeatedly posted at me hundreds of times the range was not being published as 80 to 145 by January 2023
  • Now remember daily numbers can swing wildly and its time dependent over many months as you might spot as I explain the numbers
  • In May the numbers dropped as I claimed
  • From May to November I did not pay much attention but each time I looked at the numbers a large portion were around 32 to 46, three in the 50’s and there were three days I noticed in the 80’s
  • This meant that by November the smoothed would have been dragged down to a lower number than it was back in April
  • In April the smoothed number was published at not over 100 like they claimed and I warned them about but 74
  • In late November it was in the 60’s and then dropped to 52 and now has had three of four groups disappear
  • Those that had attacked me went quiet from May onwards and had previously been attacking me every single day with numbers
  • Upon hearing this just a couple of the most obsessive tried to say that the average of 32 to 86 was higher than 80 to 153, no I kid you not, and that the 13 month smoothed number of 74 is up to date, which I could easily proved was bull with graphs

So as now as we are starting December after two or three months of rises that led to a smoothed number of 74, it spent the next eight months dropping away.

Not only is my estimation that the last 8 months have averaged around 45 to 55 but that 74 number was the first of two peaks and that in two to four months there will be another rise to a second peak, as has occurred in recent cycles, that wont be much different from 74. Could be higher or lower but only by around 10 or so at most.

Meaning the average smoothed could end up anywhere between 60 and 80 for solar maximum.

But 48 to 70 was proven wrong, they told me.

And remember and as shown in graphs, the last record low solar maximum which arrived several years later than NASA and NOAA predicted, was 115.

So my estimation is that if the numbers stay low for the next four weeks with no big rise in early 2023 the talk about solar cycles is going to start up again as its pointed out that NASA and NOAA are wrong yet again.

Also at the time I was being attacked some details were going around about my personal life and somehow they got hold of information about me and this is not the first time this has occurred.

It is the third by my recollection.

This strongly suggested that a group or groups were trying to prevent my relocation from taking place which was already a few months over time that had locals asking about this.

That was back in April and May.

It is now December.

I have still not moved and left in danger despite there being no excuses and proof of this.

One resident asked of me .. “Where the fuck is your Dad?!”.

My social worker friend who back in December 2021 did not believe it could happen in six to 12 weeks and I reminded him that I do not know and that this is what the locals and all authorities are telling me, has now been going insane for the last couple of months after telling me in May that “this is not acceptable”.

The belief of people around me now that eight years ago thought I was not lying, as I cannot lie due to my very bad memory, but going mad, is that I was right all along about everything and am being targeted politically.

I had a letter turn up at an address for a student loan they cannot chase me for, from 20 years ago I was told ten years ago that due to the time and my disability I will not hear from them again.

This address was only listed with one organisation and was listed as a ‘care of’ address and due to my health condition that causes memory issues, a large amount of pain and heart issues I have been in and out of hospitals for, I am listed as a vulnerable customer.

So an address that can only be obtained from one place where I was listed as vulnerable was handed over so I could be pursued for something they cannot pursue me for because of two reasons they told me ten years ago I would never hear of again?

“You are being targeted politically!” was the response I had from several people.

Do you know that I have contacted the big disability organisations and ten different solicitors and have told them clearly what is going on and that I have evidence as well as proof and not a single one has done anything and all said they cannot help?

Everyone I know of all races and skin colour and of different religions including Muslims and Christians are swearing their heads off at the way I am being treated and targeted as well as my human rights ignored.

Even by the groups that take money from people telling them they help people like me.

What is ludicrous to me is that these solicitors and so-called help groups are on a path to self-destruction because they cannot hide what they are doing.

If its political and they are making assumptions they are wrong and this is wrong anyway.

If they are acting under instructions, this is also wrong and this will inevitably explode in their faces when the wider public find out and they will find out.

What? They think they can do a better job then the US government and Big Pharma?

If so, delusions of grandeur much?

‘Just following orders’ never worked for the Nazis.

They are also hurting my daughter and grandchildren over all this and she is under threat of violence and health issues herself and been crying on the phone about this. A healthcare worker.

Another old friend I have not spoken to in over five years who thought I was going mad and wrong I have since been hearing is seeing for himself, is talking to me.

I broke the silence and simply said ..

Do not sound so mad any more, do I?”

To make light of things his answer to me was ..

You can still be right about everything and till be mad. Lol!”

He is another one with various links and contacts in various fields and I have scientists, experts and many others now.

I also had to tell him, he refused to be vaccinated, of three people he knew a long time ago .. and said that my old friend Jeff had a stroke, vaccinated, and was paralysed on one side of his body after being ignored by the NHS for years despite his begging and being vaccinated while having Covid ..

That a few weeks after this my old friend Stuart who he knew and I told him had refused the vaccine, contacted me to tell me his ex-wife, vaccinated, had died.

Two or three days later, I continue, Stuart contacts me again having already lost his sister to cancer only a few years ago to tell me that his brother in law, an old friend of mine and also had been vaccinated, had died.

This guy I knew who had the most unhealthy lifestyle, no exercise of any kind, drank a lot of beer, ate Doner Kebabs and Indian Curries all the time, was still alive. But three of his family who were far more health conscious and with better diets had all died.

These were not people in their 80’s. These were not people in their 70’s. No these were not people in their 60’s.

I had literally only just been posting in recent months about these ‘excess deaths’ that Dr John Campbell and others had been covering and then this.

My old friend I had got talking to also knows my social worker friend and he said “I thought I had got through to him on vaccines?” I said “Yeah me too and then he changed his mind because an ex-Doctor who broke the law said ‘conspiracy theories’ and he changed his mind. But a week later when I told him about Dave and Lorraine, he seriously regretted having it!”

The social worker is Type 1 Diabetic and we already had a scientist lecturer we all knew die just a couple of years back.

I then pointed out to my friend how it was odd that so many people I know had died in recent years, its just really weird.

  • Dave
  • Lorraine
  • Karen
  • Peter
  • Eddie
  • Ken
  • Mandy
  • Ahmet

There may well be others I do not know about and I know my daughter knows at least nine that had died in the last two years.

Now let us get onto why this is happening and why I am being targeted ..

Scientists from New Zealand and Japan investigate the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption site, realise its worse than they thought and in this short documentary on the ship they say they have underestimated submarine volcanoes, as I stated for several years.

They said they need to investigate them more and prepare and since then several appeared in a single week in the Pacific.

A shame they were hogging science for decades to get more money for a climate crisis that did not exist, no?

Greta Thunberg has to sue the Swedish government over climate change?

Well if you have to sue the Swedish government and then work you way around the world as no one else is doing anything, then you may as well give up, no?

Used a documentary three years ago on blogs about oncoming climate change and do not forget if you challenged it you was called a denier of science ..

Now used by Crowder only this was not about you denying global warming, this was about an ice-age televised in 1979 and narrated by none other than Leonard Nimoy. Yeeaah someone is watching my shit.

Dr John Campbell has been shocked at what has come out, apologized to millions of viewers because he has misinformed them on Covid and Vaccines and states that you can no longer trust journals, science papers nor the health authorities, news media or government.

Quote George Orwell a lot these days.

Someone that worked in China, knows China, on Chinese in China on Covid ..

Three volcanoes in the pacific, four in Russia and experts expect big eruptions coming.

After snow in Australia right on top of summer and up to 16.5 inches across three states, reporting highest snow cover in northern hemisphere in a very long time.

Good luck blaming warm seas ..

I completely forgot about the Cosmic Ray Graph as I pulled one moments ago to show an alarmist who refuses to acknowledge he was wrong and claims impossible things will happen and insists the date for solar max has not been reached. Good grief.

Cosmic rays so up during solar minimums and down during solar maximums. If you look at this graph another pattern emerges.

Cosmic rays went down very fast as the sunspot numbers shot up, shocking even me, in a very short space of time. You can see the first two boxes are wide and should be reminded that the last three solar maximums have had these two peaks going on. So previously they would have been shorter before the last three cycles.

The last blue box shows a rise again and a short fall and if the sunspots drop to low figures for a few days, the graph will show a rise again and, of course, vice-versa.

But it does show that it looks to be levelling out while the last maximum showed there was not much of a change until it headed back towards solar minimum.

Alsop note that it is higher than the last period of solar maximum, which suggests that if this continues for the next month the graph will also show that we are in a maximum period and weaker than the last.

Professor Happer on how the climate crisis people are a cult started by Al Gore

While China are protesting like never before they are getting their coldest wave of air in a very long time and its not even January yet

The Anthony Fauci emails were they had people pushing back and questioning that it came from nature and a Kristian Andersen seem to attempt to cover it up and used the term ‘conspiracy theory’ something that a social worker friend would testify I claimed years ago they used to shut people down.

Yeah looks like they knew it was a Lab Leak and was doing all they could to stop it,

As Dr Chris Martenson explains

The Katla Volcano in Iceland suddenly rose by 14cm which worried scientists and there was brief talk of evacuations.

An Icelander here explains how seven volcanoes are recharging and another system north of Reykjavik is ‘waking up’

Apparently there appears to be a court case over censorship the tech giants might lose and in a panic Google call Tim Pool for support and state that if they lose they might not be able to recommend his channel.

Pool was not impressed as they were already burying his channel and if they lose it would benefit him so they was technically asking for help form the guy they were fecking over so they could keep fecking him over?

So here they get a few things wrong about solar cycles and likely because they are being fed the wrong information and to which they will soon likely discover, but here is more proof of something I was attacked for linking as well as predicting.

Volcanic eruptions increased during solar minimum.

Now remember that volcanoes are not only the second biggest driver of climate but they can also be the biggest.

One eruption caused the ‘year without summer’ and that was far from the biggest possible eruption, Mount Tambora if memory serves and Mount Samalas likely caused issues.

Now consider that the volcanoes have increased in frequency the last few years and then consider that this now occurs when there is less solar activity.

Back in April the group that has attacked me on everything and yet have continued this for three years while getting every single thing wrong and then claiming I made no predictions came at me about one of the predictions I never made, or so they claimed.

Bearing in mind these are supposed to be people hugely keen on science ..

I had made the prediction that the last solar minimum would be considerably longer than the previous record one, which took place between early 2008 and late 2009.

This was NOT seen by NASA who had forecast a record high solar maximum to take place in 2010, something that NASA and climate change fanatics forget daily and ignore when reminded.

It ended up a record low that arrived in mid to late 2013.

As they started to realise there error, NASA started shifting the goal-posts and this is OK to the climate change people so it went from there predicted 180 ish down to 115 ish.

I then predicted a three year long solar minimum followed by some spiking in solar activity and a solar maximum of 70 I later thought might be 48. I even stated that I would not be surprised if this ended up as low as 30 and was attacked for that.

I also thought it would be a slow rise and solar maximum would arrive in 2027. I kinda made an error that I realised back in either March or April 2022 when I was being attacked.

This is the solar cycle at one point being forecast as 25 for solar maximum of cycle 25.

NASA has also had a forecast lately of a low of 80 and a high of 160 or more.

Now back in March or April the spot numbers I was not even looking at were hitting up into the 90’s and I even saw one day at 153. There might have been higher and I missed it.

The science geek climate alarmist fanatics who did not know the definition of a Grand Solar Minimum, despite ordering others believe them that there wont be one. Then ordering others to believe them when they thought there might be but it wont affect the climate .. was saying this proved my predictions wrong.

I was hit with wave after wave of my own graphs and tweets with bit pointing finger emoticons plastered everywhere.

The bizarre thing is that I only ever worked with the 13 month smoothed number as this is more time dependent and gives a better idea when it comes to the effect on the atmosphere and climate.

They had done this previously and I started to explain again what I had been telling them for over three years, that they were using different numbers and that my number was not published yet.

They were being disingenuous. And they knew it.

The numbers had me scratching my head and then I noticed something. The spots had been appearing at the equator.

According to Sporer’s Law as the cycle progresses the sunspots migrate towards the equator and then away again.

Now in recent cycles we have had this new phenomena of double peaks that goes with consecutive drops in solar maximums and increasing lengths of solar minimums and others as ‘new’. Unprecedented even.

I then found a good graph on Encyclopedia Britannica which showed me I had missed something about my spiking.

I was doing this while still being bombarded and then I started to explain that it looked very likely that solar maximum, or at least one peak, had or was about to arrive.

As NASA had stated the cycle was beating expectations and as it was already hitting 153 and according to NASA’s forecasts the highest level was 145 for January 2023, they were insisting, on an appeal to authority, that the average 13 month smoothed sunspots were going to hit over 150 by January 2023.

I told them and I am very confident at times and often warned them of my confidence, that the sunspots would drop away in the latter half of 2022 and they roared with laughter and I was called all the nasty names. From the pro-science group.

They also kept presenting butterfly diagrams of sunspots and claimed this was proof they were already correct about the rest of 2022.

Well its the 3rd of December 2022 and all their claims have not only died, they have died in a big ball of fire on a spaceship hurtling into Betelgeuse at the speed of light.

You see after April the spots dropped away and I was not even paying close attention ..

I see one at 32, two at 40, one at 46, five or six in the 50’s, two or three in the 60’s, three in the 80’s and then one at 25 recently and then that dropped to 12 and is now at 66 and looks as if it could drop by 11 in a day or two?

Also presently the number they claimed proved me wrong on my 48 to 70 when they are OK with NASA and all their money ad resources saying 25 to 170, is 73.

Yeaaah you might be confused and I would not blame you.

So as I said they were chuckling daily numbers at me back in March and April I kept telling them was the wrong number for two years and they ignored that to get a win which is just so scientific and I believe the number that claimed they had in April was posted in October.

That was two or three months where the numbers rose and was reaching in the 90’s up to the 150’s I know of and they may have been higher?

Except since that time and from the start of May, just a few weeks later, right up now into December the numbers were 32, 40, 40, 46, 52×4 (odd), 57, 59, 79, 81, 86, one other in the 80’s, 74, 77, 74, 55, 25, 12.

Here are some I collected off spaceweather.com and I oh so wish I had collected more and this was worse than I thought it would be.

Now even a child would know that the averages from those numbers is going to be around 50 range, 45 to 55. Today it is 66. Over more than eight months.

According to the pro-science climate geeks who did not know what a Grand Solar Minimum was now Sporer’s Law, these are higher numbers that the numbers from February to April 2022.

Yeaaaah .. work that one out!

Now here is the thing. The double peaks have been a recent thing only and only in the last three solar maximums that have consistently dropped suggesting something has been coming in the thirty years of claims of global warming they have taken trillions for and done nothing and achieved nothing.

So we have to assume that there will be a second peak, but this may not be the case.

Also it should be reminded that NASA claimed a solar maximum in 2025 or perhaps 2026, I actually thought 2027 before April 2022. But this may not be the case?

In this graph I pulled from spaceweatherlive who were on my in a flash when I noticed something odd about the movements, impossible, of spots which then happened again and then had sunspot numbers go from 52 to 25 on their site eight hours later.

You can see the double peaks and notice that there is ..

  • Not much difference between the two numbers
  • The first had a higher first peak, the last two a higher second
  • They are 18 months to 26 months apart

Now remember 8 months has just passed with the sunspot numbers dropping and the fact that the spots had migrated previously to the equator shows that it is now dropping.

Now if there is to be a second peak the length of time the sunspots have been dropping suggests that at some point between now and March they will start rising again towards this second peak.

The second peak could be higher or lower than April’s 73.

Now remember at this point things I had previously suggested and published ..

  • Everything is a distraction
  • If they go with Covid and Vaccines it will all fall apart by the end of 2022
  • Climate and Solar Cycles will all fall apart by the end of 2022
  • I cannot believe I am the only one to notice this
  • People are behaving like its the end of the world
  • I think they knew about this
  • Everything has been a distraction
  • They have tried covering things up ..

EDIT: I should add this from SILSO after I went back to them over the discrepancies .. it should help the viewer see a pattern

I called this one the smoking gun image.

Notice how they got things wrong with the Maunder Minimum? It also states a number of things I said and that the data is sketchy form that point on.

What is interesting here as that in recent years someone tried to say there was some sense of normality in the solar cycles, no changing of length of them and that it was a sudden drop.

While it states that this was shown not to be the case and there was a gradual decline into it?

You mean like the four consecutive drops we just had by 2014, two record solar minimums, migration of spots to the equator suggesting solar maximum just got reached and therefore an even lower one than last time?

With all the volcanoes increasing they lied about?

And the 16+ inches of snow across three states of Australia with two days to their meteorological summer no one is talking about?

Companies like Disney throwing away money as if it is now worthless in an effort lasting for years to keep fans angry?

Covid, vaccines, sweeteners, the WEF, socialist conservative governments, mass migrations, identity politics, pandering to amoral, selfish and self-obsessed groups that cannot see the wood for the trees or tell when they are being used as pawns?

The leader and nasty individual who has sent his group that are not a group, do not get me started, after me is in panic mode, I have been raining down on him and his dwindling followers, official numbers are bs, for months has suddenly done a flurry of debates.

His name is Gerald Kutney and here he is debating with Tony Heller and not only does he ignore every fundamental rule of science to go on a political attack he claims to be following the science.

No, he has been abusing it for years and when the host points out that as an engineer Michael Mann’s, blocked me on volcanoes, hockey stick makes no sense Kutney comes back with a condescending “Well it makes no sense to you” which was his way of calling the host ‘stupid’.

What caught my interest was that there was a point when Kutney ranted off about people talking science on Twitter, but its OK for him, and should be ignored on blogs, tell that to all the scientists who have blogs, many of which have backed me up.

This man is dangerous, nasty and dishonest. He instructs his attack hounds to go after others, antagonise and mass report them.

They will even go after your employment status to say you have no right to speak and this coming from someone that has admitted he has no degree and even his ‘real name’ is not real and his been caught in the past lying to Twitter with others in Kutney’s group to report people.

How do I know?

Because I was one of their top targets.

Disagree with him and you are not working and disabled he will happily let you die so I hope the Ukranians are aware?

One of those argued with him under another name, real or another fake one I know not, but they will wig out when they realize who that really was all this time.

Admitted he is not a scientist many times so no one knows why he is superior, him and their group of nasty Gerald Kutney followers were super-mad with Twitter (pre Elon Musk) for not upholding a lifetime suspension based on them lying.

Glenn Carr. one of Kutney’s hounds I already mentioned and I completely forgot this as everyone that Jason (probably also fake), the superior non-scientist that is a Brit living in France, likely near Switzerland, has managed to have most everyone he has ever agued with somehow get themselves suspend?

Now if you look at the attitudes and compare them with Gerald Kutney in the interview you can see this superiority complex and the parallels.

I can tell you that despite Gerald being called courteous, he was not and the only reason he was as calm as he was is he had at least one of his attack dogs ..

  • Aanthunuur (also AantK4)
  • Hakimi (two accounts with this name)
  • Richi (I kept chucking Feynman quotes at him)
  • TKT
  • The Kings Trigger (I am the King)
  • Emilio bye bye CCP
  • Noel John Turner
  • Daniel Kuhn

.. in the chat repeating bollx and attacking people.

Now would it interest you to know that Aanthunuur is in Switzerland where the World Economic forum are located?

It was odd that if you go through the chat he seems worried Kutney wont do a good job?

Would it also surprise you to know that as well as them all claiming they do not have more than one account, that Glenn Carr, also Jason Thomas, is a British guy living in France?

Would happen to be near the Swiss border, would it now?

Here is the very good and straight-talking and honest Bret Weinstein talking to someone I would not touch with a barge-pole as he obfuscates and deflects and uses ‘labels’ to defend the Biden Administration and what the military did with Covid mandates.

In a time when the world is slowly realizing they have been lied to in all sorts of ways?

And for the first time Blogger deletes a post, does not tell me what post it is nor what was violated and ‘telling the truth’ is not on the list.

Oh and WordPress want to to do a post about how I feel about eating meat?!

Whatever it was that Google, fascist liars, Blogger deleted it has not been deleted by WordPress nor Substack. So you work that one out.

Boy oh boy do I smell panic and oh what a shock these people have coming to them?

A little odd that as I post this about being targeted, in some ways for the first time, I discover I am being targeted in another way for the first time, no?

The Grand Plan Z

If there is one thing I do not like is loose ends.

Since 2010 I knew something was amiss and friends and family would testify that I had my odd suspicions many years earlier. You could say from around 1990.

There was various things that my government did that made absolutely no sense at all and in some cases they made changes where it was supposed to be for our benefit, like for health, when the fact of the matter it had the opposite effect.

Now in many, if not all cases, whereas I was sure it was something else but did not know what but had a few theories, others would agree and insist it was all about money. Taxes, to be precise.

With 100% of those I spoke to they thought it was like a nanny-state little by little but always thought in each case it was about money. Every time.

Despite how I enjoy speculating I really do hate claiming my speculation is the truth and I really either like to prove things or at the very least present things in such a way that people could not see how it could possibly be anything else.

Now I had thought that I was six months to a year away from something. Something that at first glance people would be forgiven for thinking was a recent thing.

But for those paying attention I have repeatedly stated that these plans, like the Great Reset, had been in the pipeline for decades.

I was very pleased to discover that I was not the only one pursuing the truth and have come into contact with some great and interesting people with my endeavours in recent years.

Now I have brushed upon it but I have something going on and I have mentioned that I am being screwed over by two British public services again.

To do with my health and am being messed around and it really does feel intentional.

I got asked to do another blood test and despite asking four people, no one could tell me why they wanted to do it again other than they have found something.

They watch me and maybe they realised where my daughter now works, how many people know her and are STILL awaiting my arrival and thought that my .. demise might cause more trouble then they bargained for?

On the fifth time of asking and the nurse taking my blood it turned out that my potassium was excessively low and my salt high, these things are connected.

This also has an effect on your heart, which is why I was having the tests, it was a prerequisite before a hospital, St Bartholemew’s in London, before a CT Scan.

Now there was one other thing I was already aware of. Linked to this.

There was another thing I had mentioned to Doctors and only got crickets on my theories, not all just this little one I have not revealed just yet.

Today I clicked on a Jimmy Dore video I nearly ignored, wondered what they was talking about, realised they was talking about the first thing I referred to.

That I had been telling a guy who .. lets just say ‘medic’ and told I had been unable to find using Google search lately.

Told my friend that this was weird .. fork me I know how to do research and find things and IT professional is one of my fortes and used to do this for a solicitors practice called JC Cleverdon.

Told several people I started to winder if I had imagined reading about it?

In the video they mentioned something and I did a little research to see what this was all about and suddenly found the thing that suddenly because impossible to find. Did not use Google this time.

Something else came up as an effect.

Jimmy Dore does not realise just how big a thing this is he covered.

These things all slot into place chronologically and there may well be a few other loose ends, I have already been told one thing does more than I found .. but it can be laid out.

I think they thought it would be lost among the noise and they threw in a few things that would both distract and make money while scaring the shit out of people at the same time.

I was already seeing through the noise,

I do not scare easily.

The noise has now all but gone bar maybe one or two loose ends likely insignificant.

They probably hope I would ‘succumb’ but that is not that easy either.

I have a resolve you do not want to test and had they done half as much to me as they have done I would still swear by all that is holy that I would bring their plans crashing down around their ears.

For the longest time I was a damn fool and could kick myself.

That being SAID

Now then lets get to work ..

If you have been paying attention on Tim Pool’s IRL podcast they have mentioned the word ‘culling’ in several episodes.

I do not like the term ‘conspiracy theory’ as to me it does not mean what it does to most people which today means its not true and some crackpot idea.

In the true essence of science and deduction all possibilities remain on the table until they have been ruled out and whatever is left is what it is.

Now any fool will know they did not come up with a plan to re-engineer the western world let alone the entire world within a year or two of Covid turning up.

But they were quick to use that.

Unknown to me while I suspected there was some sinister plan people ere banding around the terms ‘Agenda 2030’ and ‘Agenda 21’.

I still cannot really tell you all the details about these two things.

Now lets look at a possible culling of people in two parts.

The reasons why ..

  • Shortage of resources
    • Number 1: Food
    • Number 2: Oil or Energy

The reasons for the above ..

  • Volcano eruption of 6 or above? Yes.
  • Sudden Little Ice Age or deeper? Yes.
  • Asteroid Strike? Yes.
  • Continental Shift? Yes.
  • Lied to us about oil amounts? Possible.
  • Pandemic? No. Would be no reason to.
  • Rising CO2? No. Plants grow better.
  • Rising temps? No. Plants grow at lower latitudes.

The methods ..

  • Obviously execution is out, the next Hitlers would not want to be identified, they want to stay on their proverbial thrones
  • A man made virus would be good
    • But you would have to get as many people as you can into a confined space and come up for all sort of lame excuses for letting them in
    • This was it spreads better
    • Then you could come up with a magic wand and act as saviours when instead you were actually doing the opposite
    • With everyone confined to the same .. ‘spaces’ you can then force them to take the magic miracle cure
    • The question is is there more than one that thinks they are Thanos?
  • Those that force plans for the greater good are never party to it themselves

Now I have a nasty health condition that’s been ignored and I have had to spend fecking years nagging Doctors and they have refused things, they have insisted I go through certain things, NHS Podiatry, as it affected my feet, refused to see anyone between the ages of 18 and 65, a very nice NHS Rheumatologist at Whipps Cross Hospital said it was ridiculous that they refuse people.

That was back in 2005-6.

I did see a Kiwi Podiatrist sometime later and she was about to return home after five years working for the great NHS and she told me off the record, I am convincing and people do trust me, that it was shit. She went on to say that so many of her fellow students were jealous of her but they were going to get a series of shocks with the stories she had to tell.

Of course it got worse.

As for my condition it affects so many parts of my body, I only thought of this seeing Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, that it has been like someone has had possession of a Voodoo Doll of me.

Every now and then striking a new part of my body.

I can tell you know that out of hundreds of NHS staff I could likely would not require all the digits of a single hand to count how many gave a damn.

They also lie a lot and its why and those that know me would tell you, it was annoying to watch the circus seals with their pots and pans and I said to people “They are going to feel so fucking stupid in a couple of years time when this all comes out”.

So I had, had this condition from about 1987 .. ish. After a very bad car accident I only ever got x-rays on my legs for, that I recall.

Off a bike, across a bonnet (hood) of a car, up the wind-screen and along the roof of a Peugeot 504 Estate (stationwagon) before falling off one side onto the tarmac of the middle of a set of traffic lights (intersection).

Well that is what witnesses told me as from the moment the car hit my left side I do not recall anything until I was waking up on the tarmac in the middle of the road.

Realising where I was and concerned about other cars hitting me I got to my feet, tried to go get off the road, remember seeing my racing bike in an ‘S’ shape to my right before suddenly realizing as I reached the kerb there was a massive pain coming from my right thigh and was confused. As the car had hit my left side. Then I passed out.

When I awoke a second time there was ring of faces around me looking down at me and someone saws calling my name.

Turned out to be a Turkish girl I that used to me in my class some seven years earlier who saw the accident and recognised me.

What I did not know was that there had been other damage done that would gradually give me symptoms one by one for four decades.

Some would appear only once, thank God as Costochondritis is not nice.

Some would come for a few periods and then go.

So would come and go once arrived.

Some became permanent.

There was a point when I found a checklist of symptoms and two things shocked me about this.

The first that the number of symptoms amounted to 272 at the time.

The second was that some symptoms I had already been told were down to something else.

Now here is where it gets .. well weird.

One diagnosis was made in the late 80’s.

Around 2015 I had a conversation with one Doctor I liked who loved chatting to me and told me I was right about the NHS and she then quit telling staff she had, had enough of the NHS and Primary Care Trusts.

Her name was Dr Huq.

She stated that I was still on a drugs for my Hiatus Hernia and that it did not make sense and I said “Is this because I should have only needed it until the ulcer healed up and then stop and are you asking me because it has just come out that taking these over long period affect the kidneys?”

She asked how I knew.

I said I had been suspicious of my original diagnosis for a long time and then I saw Lansoprazole mentioned on the news.

Bearing in mind I was being ignored in 1988 on. Then I was ignored from 2003 on, different symptom entirely.

For a single symptom for my feet I was wrongly diagnosed more than six times and each time they did it they would then decide their guess (I referred to it as x-ray vision) was correct and discharge me.

So it would take me many months and a waste of taxpayers money revisiting Doctors to get referred only to get a wrong diagnosis I would work out a few months later was wrong.

Then the whole process would start over again.

Six times for a single symptom.

I then correctly diagnosed myself on just my second guess. The first being the rare Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. The second being Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Then there was the point I was given two unrelated drugs, one neurological and one a pain killer.

This was around 2011 ish and I was told that one would work on my back but not the other symptoms and two would work on my other symptoms.

I was half way home when it hit me.

Houston? We had a problem ..

You see when they gave me these drugs, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline and Tramadol, they did not have a diagnosis. On EITHER! So how did they fecking know?!

Then sometime later I found Charcot Marie Tooth, that was ruled out and then Fibromyalgia.

But it was not Dr Kirkham of Guy’s Hospital that told me I had Fibromyalgia. No, no .. his mind was blown after a few minutes when he realised I knew a lot about it and diagnosed myself. He even said “I know you have worked it out and you figured out cycling (which I CANNOT DO HERE) helps and had you not told me that I would have told you to start cycling”.

No it was a copy of Black’s Medical Dictionary that confirmed what I diagnosed and why I had to catch my GP out lying while recording them and force them to refer me to Dr Kirkham of Guy’s Hospital.

Because for Fibromyalgia they only listed two drugs and the two they had already prescribed.

Gabapentin and Amitriptyline.

Remember these were totally unrelated drugs given for many symptoms they had not diagnosed.

There was only one way they could do that. They already knew what I had.

So they had been lying for at least two years,

By 2016 I was having the odd and very rare heart issues. In fact at first I did not even know I was having them and something would come up on tests now and then.

Either by a paramedic or my own blood pressure monitor.

The Hypertension Stage 2 came first, you see and the monitor I had would pick up things with the heart and I did not notice at first. It just was not something on my radar.

Then one day I was looking at the blood pressure numbers and wondered why a bar lit up lined up with a red colour? There was also a tiny symbol of a heart with a line through it, a beat or electricity, I cannot recall. Now and then that would be lit up.

Nurse visiting my home picked up Tachycardia. Still have that scanned on my computer.

Then around 2014-15 the odd event would occur, mild and I would just pass it off.

Then in 2016-17 it was becoming noticeable and more of a problem and I ended up in hospital a few times and still nothing was sorted out.

Then I moved because the public services were doing as bad with my daughter and grandchildren as they were with me.

Then it was two or three times a week.

Still the NHS was fucking useless just like all other public services, stupid, lazy, liars, slow and unhelpful. Argumentative, tone deaf and thought they knew everything.

So here I am in London in a place that aggravates so many of my symptoms and attempts by this disabled person who feels often like he is going to drop dead on the street and worried about my daughter getting a phone-call of her father dying she never spent any of her life with and the public services doing everything they can to prevent her getting what she wants.

I was supposed to move to Wales back in June 2022 and now in September 2022 not only have I heard nothing I have been lied to. Asked stupid questions, kept in the dark told I was informed wrong which means they are saying the council here are wrong. My Doctor is wrong. My daughter is wrong and a woman she just gave a house to is also wrong.

Despite the fact that the very fact she gave this house to a local actually proved this woman at the council is lying, But to her everyone else is lying and she knows she is lying,

She also barefaced lied to me on the phone.

So the lady who was housed in half the time I was asked my daughter a very important question about a week ago ..

Where the FUCK .. is your Dad?!”

Well it turns out I also got told that the woman dealing with me has a hatred of men as one found out the name of the one dealing with me.

Oh that is great, hates men that much she is intentionally fecking over someone in pain and with a potentially fatal condition despite the fact my daughter is both a key-worker for the NHS .. hmm maybe I should wait for you to stop laughing? Oh and my daughter has been screwed over for years and now in a new place and a ‘protected’ resident and her own life is in danger.

But fuck all that, I am a man!!

I have emailed all the people either the government pays or naïve people do with donations and all supposed to be these big humanitarians and either get name dropped on TV or in movies or hit you with guilt tripping TV adverts telling you what humanitarians they are.

Hang on .. switching documents ..

Guess how many I have contacted? Twelve in two waves.

Guess how many have agreed to help?


Some of these are large corporations you are either paying for with your taxes or donations.

When I am on the highest banding you can be on, which is Band 2. I am told only migrants get on Band 1.

What humanitarians actually believe that some people are more equal then others depending on your sex or skin colour and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE?

If you do not know already I was telling people from 2011 onwards and told I was wrong that they were intentionally employing absolute morons within the DWP, NHS and Local Councils/

People thought me mad but I told them I suspected this had been a gradual process going on a very long time.

They had no doubt I just dealt with a moron. They just thought I had just got unlucky and spoke to one idiot and I said “No. It does not matter how many I speak to nor what organisation they are always morons”.


Affairs of the Heart (Part One) – Magnesium & Hypomagnesaemia (2017)

So one of the things they did on the NHS was miss my Hypomagnesaemia and forgot to tell me how important this was, that I need calcium with it, that it can affect your heart and cause Sudden Death Syndrome.

They also forgot to put it on my medical records and then asked me to get my own pills from Holland & Barrett despite the fact they knew I had just lost my disability again.

‘Yeah sorry your money went down 70% and we cannot back you up any more as its in the hands of government but fuck it, we are now going to make you buy your own crap!’

Affairs of the Heart (Part Two) – Everything’s Electrical (2021)

One of the things they have done in recent times on the NHS is ignore my theory, but not the one where I had Covid in November 2019, where what is going on in Earth Science has been making my condition worse.

I do not know where these people learn their ‘trade’ or WHAT they are taught but they are but they are utter kuffing shite when it comes to science.


Affairs of the Heart (Part Three) – Potassium & Hypokalaemia (2022)

Now as I stated my health condition got worse and with new symptoms being added for a number of years while at the exact same time I got treated worse and worse .. and worse.

I could never describe fully just how frustrating this was and from my perspective it seemed like the world I was living in was slowly descending into hell.

More and more often each time I spoke to someone within the public services two things started to stand out and as I have stated many times I have a knack for spotting patterns.

The intelligence level was dropping while the condescending and supremacist like attitude was going into orbit.

I recall one point when they took something away and I spoke to someone on the phone that descending into a row and I told them that their actions was basically telling me that I had been defrauding them for years and if that was true they would have taken me to court.

I then said “So take me to court!” and all I got in response was crickets.

After several seconds of silence I then said “No. You wont do that because you know damn well you would lose!”

Oddly enough and anyone British will know that if you look, you even get adverts on TV from some of them, the country seems to be full of bodies, government or donation funded that are supposed to act as regulators.

The fake mainstream news, I outed them as that finally in 2012, were good at telling you how good the country was on disabled people and human rights too.

Well I went through a very long list of these people because I knew what was coming for me and indeed, I got nothing, nada, zilch, zero.

Some of them outright lied, like the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and the odd thing is the rules state that you have to go through a procedure to get anywhere. With the PHSO, who are corrupt liars, they make you go through a lengthy complaints process with the actual corrupt organisation you want to complain about.

It is all designed this way and intentionally lengthy so that you either get bored and give up or you end up tripping up.

Guess what they do if you do neither of these things?

Well if I explained that after a long period of silence form the PHSO after yet another two years, because everyone knows that life is so long, I contacted the PHSO asking what is going on and they replied with ..

Who are you? We have no record of you?”

I asked ..

What are you talking about, I have been corresponding with someone called Jonathan White for two years?!”

They replied with ..

There is no one working at the PHSO known by that name”

I replied with a forwarded email as I never delete anything that not only was one of their email addresses but had his name before the ‘@’.

As I stated, the IQ point dropped like as rock where as the ‘holier than thou’ condescending attitude went into orbit.

Not only did I not get any kind of explanation of any kind from the PHSO I never got anything out of them ever again.

Only two possibilities were possible from this exchange, either the person was lying to me and got found out because they tell stupid lies when their own names are in the email addresses.

Or some ‘agency’ was somehow masquerading as them in some way.

There are literally man dozens of other things that were going on in parallel where those that knew half or most of it asked me how I had 1) Not gone insane? 2) Not left a trail of burning buildings and dead bodies in my wake?

But these amoral feckless idiots all that it was just another day at the offices of morons.

So they missed the magnesium deficiency for years and it all came down to an educated guess from a Dr Andrew Thievendra Dharma (not sure of the order of names) that turned out to be right.

But a load of important details were not told to me regarding this.

Kind of handy then that the British Government would only allow 6 or 7 minutes with each patient, no?

Also handy and likely little known was that Doctors were instructed to deal with one symptom at a time and I would sometimes actually be stopped talking about the next one.

I would ask in each case why and in each case I would explain to them that they cannot do this and that as Doctors they should be more than aware than a single ailment can have more than one symptom.

I also pointed out that this would therefore prevent of seriously delay a proper diagnosis in a very large number of people.

Then the government kept changing how they handled appointments and eventually there were different rules for different surgeries and each one thought everyone else was doing the same.

I find it fascinating that many leftists on social media moan about the way things are done and think it was solely down to the Conservative Party.

Under the Labour Party they kicked off everyone, at least in my area of Enfield, with mental health problems from disability benefits. Disgusting.

Oddly these people seem to think that living in a a socialist society where you own absolutely nothing even down to cutlery (except clothing .. possibly), but still have to work for the same people in power they hate is some kind of solution and utopia.

So I am running around the country trying to save the lives of women and children that the public services put in danger and then spent years lying and covering up where violence was involved and a prison sentence just after my grandfather died and a cousin stole £32,000 in inheritance that despite reporting the Probate Office did nothing about.

No I am not kidding and yes this was in parallel to many things going on.

To my mind everyone involved and every dishonest WEF and lying socialist should be thrown into a prison for the rest of their natural lives. For IDIOCY if nothing else.

So I got no support and lost absolutely everything yet again and found myself with both my known and missed deficiencies being refused a Doctor by the NHS.

I had friends telling me I was wrong and I cannot be refused and me yelling at them, after years of this idiotic bullshit, that they need to go into the three surgeries that refused me and have it out with them.

Eventually I found out there was a ‘special’ surgery for people like me that was miles away when I had one fifty yards from where I currently sit.

What I did not know was when I was sitting in their being treated as an idiot and a liar by a moron Doctor that looked like she was 22 years old, they were preparing for a pandemic that had not reached the country I already had while sitting there.

No, I am not joking. I had discussions with Doctors in hospitals two years later on this theory and they agreed with me.

So my heart was playing up more and more, after the Doctors were telling me I cannot have issues with my blood pressure and be Hypertension Stage 2, despite taking three very high readings, and then the GP locked down.

My attempts to get out of my torturous prison and find out what was going on with my heart stopped dead.

That was either December 2019 or January 2020. Around a year after I predicted a pandemic or two on my blogs leading up to 2025. Yes. Yes, I did. And a fair few other things in science you have seen in the news were predicted by me. Pattern recognition.

Oddly enough many of the predictions I made I would have made years ago as, as I recall, my life seemed to have intentionally been fecked each way but Sunday for years on end and I missed a large number of scientific data.

Was telling someone a few days back that I used to check science sections of the BBC and none of this crap I missed ever came up and they were obviously avoiding reporting on it.

Then almost a year ago things with my heart were getting bad.

I had also been getting these very off and very bad headaches that affected the back of my head and neck and once again I found out ON MY OWN that these were Hypertension Headaches.

So after being told there was no records of hypertension, YES AGAIN, in my medical records that I had been previously told they could not open because they were so large they crashed their computers, they panicked.

Because in the conversation I mentioned Ramipril, Amlodopine and Lisonopril and I was asked how I knew what these drugs were.

I explained that if she had actually looked through my records they would see that I had been prescribed blood pressure pills and that my Type 1 Diabetic social worker friend had got angry and asked me WTAF they was playing at. While another had given me several boxes of Lisonopril as they had not got their act together before a totally useless lock-down took place.

They then panicked when I sent them a readout and a blood pressure of 238/179 and ONCE AGAIN asked me why I had a blood pressure monitor.

Because I have been Hypertension Stage 2 while under The Town Surgery in Enfield back in 2017 where the staff of the surgery, I actually got on well with, were fascinated when I walked in one day with it. It was small.

They were then shocked yet again when I sent them a picture of an Omicron readout that was also high as I did not believe my first monitor and bought another.

Then it went nuts.

For about a month.

Then it went silent again.

I was supposed to have two emergency appointments by the end of 2021.

One did not take place for four months and I would hardly have called it an emergency appointment and eventually they put a 24 hour ECG on me which will not do anything and should be 7 days minimum.

They just do things like this so they can mark it down and it look on record like they are doing things the correct way.

Bearing in mind the whole time this is going on and I am being ignored, messed around and lied to I am still spending a lot of money on magnesium and other pills to keep myself alive not logged in my medical records so all their test results are in error.

I trust with a little thought that is obvious.

You take supplements. They take blood tests and tell you everything is normal. Which are then not if you stop taking supplements. It is not rocket science and nor is this how medical science should be done.

I do at blood test at the hospital.

Then they tell me I need to do a blood test at the GP Surgery.

Then 9 months after it all started, fork me pregnancies do not take this long, they call me and tell me I have to do another blood test and I ask why.

They cannot tell me. I then go in for something else .. oh yeah, I flipped my shit as another public service a woman had lied to me on the phone and started lying to me in emails and messing me around.

So I ask reception and several people there and they do not know.

I go in to see the Doctor and I rant off about the public services for 30 minutes and she agrees. I ask her about the blood test request and she does not know.

This was a blood test requested by the hospital for the CT Scan I was supposed to have in 2021 that on the 24th December a GP was shocked to here on the phone that I had not had it yet.

Yes it was the 7th of September and the follow up blood test no one told me about for a hospital appointment that was supposed to be an emergency and taken place in November or December 2021.

Bearing in mind my daughter is a senior healthcare worker for the NHS now too with some horror stories to tell and was sobbing on the phone about the NHS and her Local Council treating me like crap and lying to me.

My ‘protected’ daughter and 15,000 people were expecting me to arrive back between April and June 2022.

It has gone from ..

  • Is it rue your father is coming her to live?
  • We want to speak to him about a science role
  • We want so speak to him about an advisory role in health
  • Where is your Dad?
  • Why is this taking so long? And the last two weeks ago ..
  • Where the fuck is your Dad?!

Nearly two weeks ago I received an email to tell me that my GP had sent an email to these people who were supposed to house me back in June at the latest and that was already late according to the locals.

Yet the council have not contacted me to tell me they have been in receipt of that email and once again and like the PHSO it was an email address that was direct with her name in it.

So why the second blood test, which was actually the fourth I believe?

Oh your potassium was excessively low and your salt excessively high”

Once again despite me explaining who I am and what I know already no details were given to me and nor was it explained that if your potassium gets low your salt goes high.

I had already suspected that they was going to go with a situation and diet excuse to get themselves out of trouble if I died. I was right.

Guess what else they did not tell me about potassium levels?

Affairs of the Heart (Part Four) – Aspartame & Diet Drinks (2016-2022)

So then in very quick succession I had seen the paperwork regarding my suspicion about Earth Science data being unprecedented and affecting my condition and/or heart.

I already had the magnesium deficiency missed for years and then dealt with incompetently and left to my own devices and with my memory condition for supplements and refused an Occupational Therapist I had asked for, for years and have been told by private health companies I should have.

Then there was the constant bullying over people taking Covid19 vaccines to a pandemic I myself predicted that now everyone became instant experts on and gatekeepers for. Fucking idiots.

After all of that and I am not even divulging half of it and I could write a whole piece just as long about the lies over my feet and again over the lies about my back and AGAIN .. over the lies about my knee. Fibromyalgia alone would, and has, requires a hundred pages.

A week after the potassium issue and me spending more money at Holland & Barrett I see a Jimmy Dore video.

Now I very nearly did not watch this one.

I do like Jimmy Dore as he and his guests are honest and I very likely would disagree with him and his guests on things. But I do like people that are honest and willing to admit when they are wrong and not start lying about it.

Now the odd thing about this is actually an odd thing that in the UK I was going OFF about years ago and once again everyone disagreed with me.

Now I do not like diet drinks.

They taste effing awful and every advert that says they have a new great taste is lying their feckking arses off.

Now when these first appeared many years ago the only people that were fascinated by them and bought them were women. As a child I always recall my mother having some diet drink or other and she still has.

I can assure you that in her home there would, at any one time, be between five and six bottles of drink that at least two people in the home moaned to me about my attitude towards them and not liking or drinking them.

Have another friend that knows these two people and he gets quite annoyed, especially when idiots, argue with me on things.

Especially when one main reason I do not drink them now is that after finding out about my magnesium deficiency I discovered that artificial sweeteners lower your magnesium. This can cause Sudden Death Syndrome.

Another odd thing about this is that literally a few weeks ago I was speaking to someone whose career was ‘covert’ and has serious issues now and treated like crap by the NHS, that I had tried to find webpages about this thing with sweeteners using Google and could not find any.

He thought that was odd but we all know that all the big tech names have been screwing us over in all sorts of ways.

I told him that it has been so hard to find anything and what with my memory I had actually started to wonder if I had seen anything at all or even just read something wrong?

Over the years they did catch on with men and I had a friend who was always a little overweight despite being a vegan but used to like his beer.

His cars always had bottles of diet coke.

Then came the sugar tax and that’s when, or one of the times, I was at serious odds with everyone else.

I am a non-conformist and I do not succumb to bullying, coercion nor group-think.

It has been absolutely fascinating for me as well as scary now watching many people around the world that woke up and then, like I have done oh so many times, finding themselves falling out with people they thought were friends that turned out to be nothing more than fekking morons.

Jimmy Dore is always talking about that and I am always nodding and thinking ‘See? See?’

But they are doing this for our health, its for our benefit that all the drinks have less sugar sweeteners in them!”

Oh really? Its weird because at other times your whining like a bitch that the government do not care about us and now they are forcing companies to put sweeteners into almost all soft drinks that lowers your magnesium that can cause Sudden Death Syndrome in some people, you fucking think this is for our benefit?! You fecking moron!”

Well .. not all conversations got quite that bad but one or two did.

I will be honest and I have to include all possibilities, unlike governments and socialists and Marxists that have got it into their heads that feelings and guesses are the way to go. Then blame it on Trump or everyone else they now class as far-right when they cause death and suffering on others. No its you and I am living, breathing, walking proof of that.

Despite their best attempts I am still alive.

So I had to consider the possibility that this was intentional and part of some sort of plan?

Why would you force a substance into drinks linked to dropping magnesium which is linked to Sudden Death Syndrome? When magnesium drops the more active you are.

Oh yeah and there has been the push to get people to exercise, exercise some more often linked to diet drinks as its all about losing weight. Think about that.

Its a good job that like the fake-arse global warming they can scare you to death or drive you to death and make billions from it, eh?

Wait? Who dared to say Covid-19 and Vaccines?! Show yourself, DAMN YOU!!

So I thought it was about saccharin and magnesium only but apparently not, well I cannot know everything, yah know?!

Oh dear .. part four in ‘What has fucked up my heart lately?!’

Yeah and according to a report from a woman#s hospital in Boston, USA over the last couple of decades the cancer rates have ‘skyrocketed’.

Oesophageal, Kidney, Colon, breast, liver and pancreatic cancers have all increased.

Would it shock you to hear that I looked after a friend who died from Kidney Cancer that no one helped at all? His name was Kenneth Walter Bunn, used to be a projectionist many years ago and considered himself a socialist.

Buried at Chase Farm Cemetery in Enfield after dying in Chase Farm Hospital and one of six hospitals that lied to me. Or maybe it is seven now?


Are we there yet?

Are we thinking yet?

What are your options and what is more insane sounding?

Remember I cannot speak for other nations so if you are not form Britain you will have to look into this but is everyone in the health authorities, government and science a God damn moron?

Or was this planned and lost amidst all the noise?

I honestly thought I was still a year away from these last pieces to this particular puzzle.

They watch me.

Though I am not sure they know about every platform I am on but they know of five or six, of that I am certain by the platforms .. lets say ‘behaviours’.

If the local council’s sudden discrimination against me is not from outside influence or intervention then it is likely that they do what I know for a fact they all do as they have admitted it in the past ..

How do you know these details about me? It is not on my file”

I check the Facebook accounts of all my clients”

That was said to be in 2017 and it was not a surprise as I had known for years, only a surprise he admitted it. But then we had a connection and that was the Royal Air Force and AVRO.

My great grandfather was a test pilot that dies testing the Avro Manchester bomber and is named in books whereas his grandfather built engines for Avro.

Seemed he did not know everything.

Wondering about effects from the supplements?

Well hard to say, first few days things seemed less intense and dropped in frequency and I always say that and then always say this could be just coincidence.

Forgetting the things done for my benefit that had affects that worked towards a fatal outcome ..

My body and ignored by the NHS and public service vampires ..


  • Head: 0-11 (Hypertension Headaches)
  • Brain: Just a mention because as well as heightened pain signals also heightened brain waves and I have had bad short-term memory loss for over a decade
  • Nose: 0-7 (Allodynia)
  • Shoulders/Back: 0-11 (Collapsed Discs, have X-Rays NHS refused to look at)
  • Hands: 0-11 (Allodynia)
  • Calf Muscle: 0 or 12 (unable to speak, linked to a toe locking up)
  • Right Knee: 0-10 (cannot walk. rare, physical, NHS refused for decade)
  • Ankles: 0 or 12 (immediate fall. Achilles Tendinitis)
  • Heels: 0 to 8 (Reverse Plantar Fasciitis symptoms, Fibromyalgia)
  • Chest: 0 to 8 (Severe Heartburn, listed as Hiatus Hernia, think FMS)
  • Toe (Calf link): 0 or 12 (Reverse joint on toe that likes to lock up which locks up my calf on right leg where varicose veins reside)

These are the main things, these do not include the potentially fatal things and now does it include many other symptoms and no Costochondritis which was a 10 on the pain scale and was left off because it only ever happened once.

An 11 is walk in front of a truck unbearable and 12 is reserved for those where I have literally been able to speak. Having people ask me what is wrong and you open your mouth and then get confused because nothing comes out.

It is the most bizarre feeling but the feeling does not come on, obviously, until later when the pain is over or at least down to a level where you are trying to process what just happened.

The Achilles Tendinitis is at that level but the pain is a sudden snap and over so you would not even have time to say something.

Not a lot of point in including those that were mild, are mild or the very painful ones that only ever happened once and in the case of the Chest Wall Pain? I forking HOPE .. it never comes back!

The next few months will be .. interesting.

I will finish by telling a story where I have two others involved.

The year is around 2015-16 and I enter a Chemist in Enfield with a friend of mine who is Type 1 Diabetic and was a social worker for 20 years plus at Camden Council in London.

We also had a mutual friend who was a scientist I put him back in contact with.

I was friendly with the chemist and we had chatted.

When decent intelligent people meet me they like to talk, when they are amoral they just ignore everything I say and then throw their pacifiers out of their prams when I showed them I was smarter.

So we are in this chemist and the owner starts to chat and I say ..

This is my friend who was a social worker for decades and Type 1 Diabetic. Tell him what you told me about the NHS and supplies of drugs”

A little while back completely overnight the number of prescriptions coming in cut down by half without warning and it was not only me but speaking to others affecting pharmacists across the country ..”

My friend’s mouth opens and he looks confused.

.. after awhile we and others had to start throwing away tens of thousands of pounds of drugs because they passed the ‘use by’ dates and nearly put many out of business and may well have done in some places. They were already avoiding diagnosing people slowly over time but just nose-dived over night. This is a mistake.

This is a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off because what is going to happen is you are going to have more and more people walking about with conditions they have no idea they have and you already have a percentage like that already. In ten years time this will go off, the NHS wont be able to cope and will collapse and people will die”

Six years or so later we have a pandemic, vaccines that are not safe like they swore were and now all this is coming out I have listed her along with Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors’?

As we left the chemist Mario was silent and I said “You can close your jaw now”

He did not believe me and had not done for a few years I was warning him and he turned and looked at me and said “I don’t believe it!” and I said “I told you!”

Now Mario has all his own stories about being lied to. Intentionally fecked about and told that the reason his Lloyds Pharmacy never has all his drugs is down to an agreement between surgeries and the pharmacy.

After telling me several times that I was right about everything. He also did not believe there would be a pandemic that would prevent him going to Hong Kong for a holiday. Needless to say he never made it to Hong Kong.

Yes after years of that he still disagreed with me and thought the vaccines were magic, worked, were totally safe and everyone should be forced to have them.


If you shit your pantihose each time they scare you, they will find a way to control you or kill you.

If you wanted to cull populations then what you have here is a very crafty way of doing it over a long time, little change here, little change there and actually make mountains of money while murdering millions of people.

A number of dead dictators and turning in their graves not able to slep themselves silly for not thinking of doing this themselves.

Jimmy Dore on the rising cancer in a women’s hospital in Boston and aspartame.

If you thought that sounded nuts how about the story of what Illinois plan to do in January 2023 many are calling ‘The Purge’.

The fools actually call this the ‘Safe-T’ act.

Tim Pool, still naïve to a few key points, says ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ in response to a guest asking him if he has heard about the Safe-T act.

They are calling it a zombie apocalypse and tell stories about towns in the US where the shops are closed and no one is about and homeless people with drug addictions or mental health issues wandering the streets.

In one case going from two people in a nice town to several hundred people and you wonder how bad this is going to get?

‘People do not take much notice and wont change what they do’.

‘They only care about what is socially acceptable’.

No shit?

Rise of the Grim Reapers

I often find it quite bizarre how sometimes things completely turn around

It is just that I wish on some occasions they did not take so very, very long!

As I have a broad spectrum of knowledge in science and cover a lot of fields with many correct predictions in each and an ability to learn new things very quickly. Though getting others to see that which I do is a far greater and often impossible challenge.

I had predicted on blogs elsewhere looking into every facet of climate that a pandemic would come and possibly more than one and that they would mutate. A lot.

Now I could not really claim that I predicted the pandemic that everyone got banned from speaking about because we started to learn and now more or less know it was not quite so natural.

Though I still got the mutations right.

This was because of a sustained high level of cosmic rays and as Carl Sagan pointed out in his famous series called ‘Cosmos’ this causes DNA to mutate.

Predicted from a series of data that went against the narrative of man-made climate change as does a lot of data and failed predictions they are also now trying to stop people talking about.

Now I never said anything about people dying nor the numbers.

But then within around eight weeks things started to have a certain .. whiff about them.

When the vaccines first arrived I was never one to tell people what to do but I did tell many people, some who had even just apologised and stated that everything I said for a decade turned out to be true, that I do not trust them.

I actually predicted that the cures would turn out to be worse than the disease and they very people who had apologised to me and stating I had been right about everything went straight back into being negative. Oddly one was someone that did not believe that I stated that in 2020 he would not be going to Hong Kong in April.

Two weeks later “They cancelled my trip to Hong Kong just like you said!”

A month after the vaccines when he wanted everyone to be frog-marched down and forced to take the vaccines and I told him this was literal fascism “I was pressurising my son to have the jab as he did nto want it and now I find out his friend collapsed five minutes after having one?! I nearly killed my son!!”

He still would not accept I was right.

Despite now discovering that he and members of his family were being lied to by the NHS he still could not grasp health staff could be stupid, uncaring or lie. Not about this.

I was so sure of myself before long I made a couple of memes and was posting them on Twitter sending the hard-left, who uses to hate big pharma but now love them and hate censorship but now all for it, into complete and utter meltdowns.

They would rage about any suggestion about Covid-19 not being natural, despite claiming iun the beginning it was just the flu.

They raged about the vaccines when Trump was President and then hailed them as a proverbial gift from God when he was no longer President.

Any article or report about the effects, or not as the case my be, of vaccines would be attacked and mass reported.

Because thats how science works today, you have to agree with children raging about the way they want things to be or else suffer the consequences while I would tell them to shove their feelings up their tail-pipes.

I have been right on everything and as reports and scientific studies came out backing up what I claimed and proving me correct little by little one that was responsible for actually causing deaths tells me who has save hundreds of lives that the world would be better off without me.

Yeah him lying and ranting and bullying people into things that either scre them shitless or casue deaths is such a benefit to humanity while one that has been documented as saving lives and with 140 accurate predictions in science over 3 plus years, is not.

The minds of these self-righteous people are so fecking warped Mr Spock;s head would explode trying to work out their logic.

Now here is the interesting thing about my own case as I refused the vaccines but was asked so many times by the NHS to have one it would qualify as harrassment ..

  • Was telling the NHS from 2016 I was having chest and heart issues which were ignored year after year
  • Had a bunch of other things ignored like my right-knee, Fibromyalgia and each of its effects
  • Had been diagnosed BY A DOCTOR in Enfield as having Hypomagnesaemia, meaning low Magnesium levels that were THEN left off my Medical Records
    • Caused muscle pain
    • Did not tell me linked to Sudden Death Syndrome
    • Discovered that sweeteners the government forced everyone to put in their soft drinks was linked to dropping magnesium levels
  • Was having increased heart issues from very late 2019 to early 2020 around the time I had a weird illness and was trying to move to Wales before the virus arrived
  • Recently upon telling Doctors in a hospital I now think that illness from late 2019 was Covid-19 they nodded and agreed
  • Yet I was hounded by the NHS via text messages to have the vaccine and even had one a couple of months ago

Now if that starts to look suspicious to you ..

  • Told the friend that apologized to me for being right who himself is now lied to was not only a social worker for 25 years but also is Diabetes Type 1 that something was wrong years and years ago
  • Stated that a particular type of person was being emplyed in the public services that seemed uncaring, clueless, political or some combination of all three
  • That due to other things I am seeing and hearing something big was coming, around 2014
  • Someone that started to work for the NHS has been asked to work while being tested positive for Covid-19, has had it four times and has seen an NHS nurse speaking to someone about signing an ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order with no other witnesses from either side

Told this friend along with others that I had been among several different groups of people, patients for pains along with a group for my condition and being told the NHS were nglecting them and getting things wrong.

I myself, though thankfully not always, had been getting a feeling of supremacy and it was not only affecting Doctors but also GP Surgery receptionists also. People from all over Wales are now telling me this too and I had hoped that this affliction of the public services was not affecting Wales.

These days I get no end of people contact me either quite publicly or privately and now not even confined to the UK and tell me that it feels like we are being culled.

What do you say to something like that when you have seen what I have seen for twenty years?

It has been a slow and gradual process and so slow that it was designed in such a way that no one would notice. Like the boiling frog analogy.

I noticed and likely the point from which I was being buried and lied to by big tech.

Sadly the three that I refereed to as ‘The Evil Trinity’ are in deep shit. As is the British Government and their Puppeteers.

I have been opening up several ‘dialogues’ with people just as a number of things are all breaking and I already have job offers that they seemingly are trying to keep me from doing because of all this and what I predicted.

In fact I have often told people that had I been lving in the US I would be in a very highly paid job long ago.

Now I warned them about this for several years now but I am afraid that on a very large number of fronts their message is not only collapsing fast but serious questions are not being asked by more and more.

Even the channel Redacted are all over several things right now.

The west collapsing.

Previously believed climate was not an emergency and now realizing they lied about that too.

Lastly lying about vaccines.

I am so very careful about the people I chose to post or even watch. Very careful.

That being said no one is every right all of the time and I think more of those that do not lie and that can admit when they are wrong.

Natali, I think her name is, did that in Redacted and I was already impressed with them and you cannot progress unless you are able to admit to your mistakes.

Those that lie are regressive and a drag on humanity. Period!

Jimmy Dore on the American Heart Association, when I have been reporting that all UK organisations, help agencies and charities are shit, shills, lazy and liars, burying a lead story on Myocarditis affecting men under 40 and intentionally misleading people.

Mark Steyn on GB News and guests covering the same study from Germany on Covid-19 vaccines and Myocarditis in younger men and the one that Jimmy Dore covered.

The people that have been attacking me for several years long before I started this account, on Covid-19, vaccines and climate who actually go around mass reporting and bullying people have a head honcho.

We have been at it awhile now and he is now famous for vanishing when I turn up on a thread. In fact there was even a period that as soon as this happened people used to post a gif of Homer Simpson disappearing backwards into a hedge.

His name is Gerald Kutney and likely out of desperation as my prediction all their caused would fail across the board in 2022 now obvioulsy happening ..

He was interviewed on the British talk Radio by Mark Tice and listen to what he tries to do and he tries the bullying he gets thousands to do on Twitter and Tice rips him apart.

Now then while I saved David Dubyne from the KutneyKlownKult at one point and ended up chatting and us following each other, I sadly attracted attention to Jake and Mari of GSM News.

So Kutney and Co had been on his case starting from several months ago and I was unaware it was still going on. Censorship is a beyatch.

Now I posted a video where Jake does a great take on the Kutney interview but I have to gove those to a bit more ‘love’ and put it up on my ‘other’ accounts.

Its funny, but if you watch the whole thing forgive him for having mic issues.

Dr John Campbell on the excess deaths more and more people are speaking about that have continued for many months now.

In this video he makes two very important points with the second right aty the end.

  • What if this continues for several more months?
  • The fact is many of these deaths should have been people already dead from Covid-19 so these number should be BELOW average, not above average

On GB News ex BBC radio presenter, David Hamilton states that he has not even seen a GP in recent times and has never seen the NHS in such a mess as it is now in all his life.

Dan Wootton and Neil Oliver on GB News talking about the ‘covid cover-up’/

So Paxlovid is crap too?

Did you know that Pope Francis told people that we are in the first staged of World War 3 and he has ordered all money and other items back into the Vatican by the end of September and yes that is this year of 2022.

Now then I stated online that despite the heatwaves that were not and got redefined that the bottom half of the globe was below average. Again I was called stupid and a moron by the hard-left who like to claim things so you get scared and give them power over you.

Yeah except the global temperatures for August dropped and went from +0.36C to +0.28C and therefore a drop of 0.12C.

As if that was not bad enough as we now head into Autumn and I was expecting a big drop, bought two jackets and then heard of some cold fronts coming for Europe and the US ..

I then see a story about a massive cooling effect going on at the south pole which is not long after experts claimed that the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption would not cool but indeed warm. Baloney Sausages.


So just remember, the northern hemisphere is now entering its Autumn period with forecasts of some cold fronts coming while the southern hemisphere is heading into its Spring and if you look at the map of that cooling stratosphere it really is impressively and surprisingly large.

Nothing much in the way of ice-caps and glaciers up until 3,000 years ago?

Ocean oxygen levels doing the exact opposite as they did in last warming period, yeah it has happened before and no it was not Fred Flintstone’s car.


Food for thought.

To annoy Gerald Kutney and his followers along with others I used to stick it to them whjen telling them it would all be over by asking ‘Is it 2023 yet?’

Well, is it?

MEMES as I do like to finish on the brighter side and no I am not taking the .. [BLEEP]

The Principles of Pain

The Corruption of Fooling the Suffering

Fibromyalgia has so many symptoms and the last time I went through the most complete list I could find my tally was around 273.

Now two things to note from this, firstly and thank God, many of these are not permanent and some were just a one of like Costochondritis or Chest Wall Pain which is literally pain you get for breathing in. Now imagine that for a moment, every time you breath in you start get to get a pain at some point which increases the more your lungs expand.

It literally felt like you could not breath in more than 50% and trying to sleep was a nightmare and then some as in Fibromyalgia people sleeping is already a nightmare.

It is a non-restorative sleep problem anyway.

The second to note from this is that there have been more symptoms appear since that count up which may be solely down to Fibromyalgia or it might be due to Covid.

I have had chest pain and nearly collapsed a few times and had store owners wanting to call an ambulance a few times.

I also have developed Allodynia which is pain literally just touching things which a couple of years back was just now and then but in the last few weeks seems, at least currently, to appear permanent.

Now I thought that the Allodynia was something that occurred two years ago and I used to hear about this with a Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome sufferer I knew and it sounded unbelievably terrible. I had no idea that Fibromyalgia sufferers could get it.

The Allodynia affects a couple of other areas and one being the bridge of my nose. About a year after I started noticing a problem with my eyesight I never dreamed I would ever have.

As the Allodynia as got worse so has my eyesight and I cannot see and certainly not read anything within about 12 to 18 inches without glasses.

That being said ..

I had long had a theory that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was Fibromyalgia in a milder form and as I learned more about CRPS I told the sufferer that it seemed like CFS, FMS and now CRPS seemed to be different levels of the same thing. With CRPS being the worst.

At first she did not agree and I really did not have anything concrete on this, its just a pattern was starting to appear. But over time she would tell me that the more she heard about me and my ailments the more she become convinced I was right.

Now lets see if I can start to give an idea of where this is going to go while at the same time warning that much of the conclusions I got at myself ..

With Allodynia it suddenly dawned on me that some years ago I had to stop buying size 10 or size 10.5 because if my toes were to touch the end of my shoe, even lightly it used to be painful.

So for a number of years I just buy size 11 knowing I will have plenty of room and this pain will never occur.

I now think this was Allodynia.

Also the heartburn. That started back when I was around 19 and got so bad it was the very thing that made me register with a GP surgery at one point. I was then messed around for years given every drug and got annoyed and demanded I be referred to hospital.

Had an endoscopy and they told me I had a Hiatus Hernia and I spent years being given Gaviscone and then many years later asked for an operation repeatedly and got told ‘no’.

Now at around the 20 year part a Dr Huq, who admitted to me that the Primary Care Trusts and NHS were telling General Practitioners to lie to patients, asked to speak to me one day.

Once there I said “Is this about me taking Lansopazole?!

Shocked she said “How did you know that?”

I told her that I had seen something on the news about it causing damage if you took it a long time and she said that I should no longer need it.

I then asked of she was going to tell me that you are only supposed to take it until the ‘sores’ or ‘ulcers’ clear up and then not need it any more and she nodded.

She was shocked when I told her that ..

If I was to stop taking them I would get heartburn back within 24 to 48 hours guaranteed

Now figure this and bearing in mind we are talking about from around the year 1988 ..

  • 35 years later after repeated refusals for an operation a Dr Wright at Whipps Cross Hospital originally thought I needed I find out my confusing heartburn that does not follow the rules is a symptom of Fibromyalgia
  • The Fibromyalgia that was diagnosed by me after spending 13 years begging Doctors to tell me why my feet hurt so much
  • This was the NHS who then told me my legs hurt because hey thought my magnesium was low .. another time I did not believe them and one time they turned out to be right
  • But despite diagnosing Osteopenia .. or weak bones ..
  • They did not tell me that Fibromyalgia can cause Hypomagnesaemia
  • Or that it can lead to Sudden Death Syndrome
  • After telling me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett they also did not put it on my medical records
  • So each subsequent blood test was wrongly listed as normal

Now that is by no means all the key points but enough to make you think.

Now here is what will make you think harder and just in case you know someone that has had .. ‘ailments’ that has gotten a hard time, they exist as I have met them and one a son of a barrister asked me for help.

Not only do they lie and leave you and make mistake after mistake but they fail to realise that the public think they are wonderful, can diagnose everything and would not leave people as they left me.

So what happens is not only do you get left suffering and in pain you can end up with those around you thinking you have made it all up. This happened to me and when people found out one by one that I had not received a single penny over this they were shocked.

Now I am going to explain how I came about being diagnosed for something that I only thought I had, had for around 14 years, and begged the whole time, but later realized I had for 25 years plus.

  • At one point I was put on Gabapentin and Amitriptyline
  • Was told by a pain specialist “these wont work on your back pain”
  • I was half way home when it dawned on me that neither my back nor foot pain had been diagnosed
  • Well that is after I was told it was Tenosynvitis and later told no its Plantar Fasciitis and me disagreeing with them saying ‘no way’, then told it was Pes Cavus why an NHS Podiatrist who used to refuse seeing people of working age. This was then laughed at by someone else who said I did not have Pes Cavus and was then seen my a colleague who said my toes were weird and I had a neurological problem
  • I self diagnosed Charcot Marie tooth Disease which got a Doctor at Chase Farm Hospital excited by my self-diagnosis as it is rare
  • I then saw a Neurologist at Chase Farm who said it was not that
  • The next thing I stumbled across was Fibromyalgia
  • In a local library in Enfield, because the NHS are sad, amoral, lying ‘bar stewards’ who would not know what a Hippocratic Oath was today if it fell on them from ORBIT ..
  • In Black’s Medical Dictionary it lists just two medications for Fibromyalgia
    • Gabapentin (Neurological pain drugs)
    • Amitriptyline (not a pain drugs of any kind and nothing like GABA)
    • Have you guess what the deliberate mistake is that set all my alarm bells off at once?

Gabapentin along with Amitriptyline were BOTH prescribed at the same time for my pain and I was told that these would not work on my back pain.

I also mentioned that neither area of pain had been diagnosed at the time.

How did they know what drugs would work on which area of pain without a diagnosis?

Also how did they know that two totally unrelated drugs, one not even a pain killer, would work on one of my pains?

The same two drugs listed in Black’s Medical Dictionary for a condition I had stumbled across I was becoming convinced I suffered form.

Oh it gets way better ..

  • Now at my third surgery in Enfield because GP’s were idiots as well as being dishonest I ask to see a NHS Fibromyalgia specialist and was told “Good luck, there isn’t one”
  • Already seeing a raft of mistakes, a shed load of complete bullshit from so many so-called Doctors and Health Professionals supposedly sworn a Hippocratic Oath and having NHS Podiatry refusing to see anyone unless they were under 18 or over 65 ..
  • I emailed Fibromyalgia Association UK and told them what I was told ..
  • What are they talking about, here is a list”
  • I later rowed with that GP after someone high up in the NHS called them and told them I had been recording them and they made me turn off my MP3 player and my phone
  • They then got cocky as I sat there for an entire hour rowing with them while he was smiling
  • Sadly he was unaware that I did not use my MP3 player or my phone to record things and in the recording you will hear me say “Its not good smiling, I have been recording you all for seven years” and his face dropped
  • Well it must had dropped again two days later as he got informed that I recorded out entire row and placed it online
  • Tats the point when the GMC and PHSO also started lying
  • ANYWAY .. before that I was referred to Guy’s Hospital next to The Shard at Waterloo in London
  • Dr Kirkham rapidly realized I was fairly intelligent and instead of talking to his understudy all the time he was eventually talking to me and told his understudy I was very smart to work out what I did
  • Not only did he confirm my diagnosis he also said that I had suffered for so long I had worked out that light exercise, CYCLING, helps control it, something I have not done in over a year now
  • He also spotted something with my right knee, did a test that had me scream in pain and told me I had a physical problem with my right knee that was NOT my FMS
  • That would be the right-knee that has left me unable to walk at all and I begged the NHS to MRI for 7 years

That way better?

How about a social worker friend who said I got everything right but did not believe me on this who has Diabetes Type 1, has been lied to, had pills go missing he is told is the NHS arranging things to save money and have agreements with pharmacies.

Yeah not only did he catch them lying to him but his granddaughter and a child ended up in a lot of pain and turned out to be Fibromyalgia.

I knew the girl and her mother very well and used to see them often years ago.

Now I do not know if someone recognised the symptoms as being things I had and looked into it which is most likely because I was told they refused to diagnose it nor did anything about it and my social worker friend was furious.

Because the so called NHS staff laughed at his daughter.

This is a year or so after him asking one NHS staff about these stories about vaccines not working and side-effects and being told ‘that is conspiracy theorists spreading it’.

Today he now knows that not only did that person lie but that they were also a woke hard-left socialist and he hit the proverbial roof.

He really does not like socialists, you see. He now sees them as I do, or at least the ones I come across. Willing to lead people top their deaths, lie to people, abuse science for political reasons while looking you in the face and telling you how humanitarian they are.

Before he just did not like them while not believing me and thought they were just narcissistic people.

I could not possibly repeat here what he says about them today and is often posting things on Facebook I have to warn him about so he does not get banned.

Oh he was only a social worker for 25 years with Camden Council and often used to tell me that he would never go back and work for a council because they are greedy, lazy lying pieces of crap that do everything they can not to spend money helping disabled people.

Now he knows that the NHS are exactly the same.

His teacher girlfriend feels the same way now and she got a vaccine injury, pain in her left arm and left side of her chest.

I could imagine the conversations .. him looking at her after witnessing me get so many things right and predicting things over the years that came true.

He thought I was mad when around 8 or so years ago I told him .. ‘something is wrong, something is coming. Something bad. People that are either amoral or complete morons seem to be slowly filling positions n the pubic services’.

Some months back now while on the phone he said ‘You was right, you was right about everything and it must have been so frustrating for you, not getting help and left in pain year after year and people not believing you about anything? I tell people you predicted all this and its worse than what you said it would be’.

Oddly he simply does not see how the Great Reset and this ‘Own nothing and be happy’ will be implemented.

What those that think they will introduce it do not seem to realise is only a tiny fraction of people will accept this and when they realise how long its been planned, they will be big time angry.

Now do you think that, what with this lying to patients going on for many years and Doctors that spoke to me openly admitting there was crap going on .. do you think that ..

When people were standing outside with their pots and pans clanging them in celebration of the NHS and all the adverts on TV and news reports about how inundated they were stopped to think about the backlash when the public found out later it was all bullshit?

Let me go back to my social worker friend who would not have it when I told him hospitals were refusing to see people and were empty and lying to the public that they were full.

Would not have it.

One day gets called about a daughter and oddly at a very old hospital of mine, Whipps Cross Hospital.

Now not going to go into details but they wanted him, the Type 1 Diabetic, to drop whatever he was doing no matter where he was and drive miles to get his daughter.

He pointed out her ‘condition’ and said that they were not supposed to discharge her and was told they had no choice as they had no available beds over Covid.

Oh this gets real good ..

So he sits there for several hours as an area gradually empties of people and sits there another two hours on his own. NOBODY comes out.

A security guard asks him what he is doing there and he tells the guy that he was basically ODRERED to pick up his daughter as they were full of Covid and had no beds but no one had come out.

This guard then tells him to follow him and takes him into and through a ward that was supposed to be locked to the public.

This is what he then told me ..

I followed the guy in wondering why he was leading me thought a ward full of people with Covid and as I walked in I looked around and got an absolute shock. EVERY BED WAS FUCKING EMPTY?! They LIED TO ME!”


  • Fibrofog
  • Short-term Memory Loss
  • Heartburn
  • Reverse Plantar Fasciitis
  • Hypertension and Hypertensive Headaches
  • Allodynia

Long Covid ..

  • Headaches
  • Brainfog
  • Neurological Damage
  • Heart Issues
  • Anosmia (loss of smell)
  • Depression
  • Delerium (difficulty thinking)

Been advised after an initial Panic ..

  • No stress
  • No arguments
  • Get out of where I currently am, quick sharp
  • Was sent for advice and they wanted to take immediate action
  • Regretted turning this down due to being forked about and now being lied to

Now then and considering all the above, take a look at the typical treatment from government run public services and their modern take on serving the public.

After having disability removed for the same condition I have they had already got out of paying for perhaps a decade or arguably more and only after 3 years, was stopped for 7.

After I was then awarded the ‘new’ disability payments of Personal Independent Payments this was also stopped after only two or three years and for another 6 years. Two gaps adding up to 13 years and an argument for 23 years.

This is disability, do not forget and according to the DOCTORS I am not supposed to be stressed and remember ..

  • Heart
  • Feet, Back, Shoulders and Hands
  • Memory Loss
  • Going through a period of heat that I cannot handle, even right now cold outside but this little room seems to radiate heat like the central heating is on full blast
  • Insomnia and get one night sleep in three days
  • Hypertension Headaches going on for days on end, Dihydrocodeine used
  • Adding up to more stress I am not supposed to have ..
  • They previously pulled the rug from under me about starting my own business after I spent £10,000
  • Also I have been offered two jobs in Wales
  • Remember these things when it comes to government, benefits and jobs as you read what has happened over the last year alone ..

After claiming there was only going to be one department covering all, my friend gets DLA still, others get PIP still, some still get ESA and there is one for military I get awarded another. Sounding more like some divisive leftist group its called LWAC .. something.

How it previously worked ..

  • Get a Letter
  • Get Back-pay
  • Get Monthly Payments

Here is where it stands right now ..

  • Got shocking call from Job Centre saying I never had to go in any more which was a relief as I was getting drunk to get to them and the Doctors (like a pilgrimage with the distances now)
  • No letter
  • No Back-pay
  • No Money
  • Eventually the monthly payment comes though
  • Another monthly payment comes through
  • Two emails about this get no response
  • Two weeks from another monthly payment
  • Still no letter of explanation
  • Still no back-pay
  • Around a year since they asked me to do it
  • Depending on 52 weeks to 23 years owed £5,000 to over £100,000
  • Do not even get me started on what Google owes me over censorship, bullshit and lies

Now then after they wanted to get me out of this building as an emergency move last November and the NHS who had not answered my requests for help, like Allodynia, and taken eight months and counting for an emergency appointment after serious chest pains . Also remember my oldest friend had a stroke and went into a coma for ten days.

Friends all over having issues and a woman relative I have just been told has that issue all women dread to find out.

Added to that as you will discover my social worker friend, who failed to believe me about all this and now he has been lied to, his girlfriend with left chest and arm pain after the okee-pokee, has broken his ankle while in Crete.

Fork knows how he did that, still waiting to find out.

Remember he is a social worker and worked for Camden Council for 25 years so he knows how they work and he is going to compare London where there are very long waiting times, to a small country village with scattered empty homes.

He is going to blow every gasket he possesses when he hears all this and I bet he starts shouting.

Before he went to Crete four weeks ago he did here about the disability being awarded and him a Type 1 Diabetic and knowing me a long time he responded with “About .. fucking .. time!”

No so fast, Mario .. not so fast ..

  • Get pressured to register with housing in Wales to be near my daughter and grandchildren
  • The website is utter shite, I am trained to be able to say that (HCI), and wont let me fill it in
  • I go to my local council after giving up to see f they can act for me
  • They go a bit nuts at my situation and my pills and offer me immediate emergency housing, which took me completely by surprise
  • I say no because of my disability, pains, heart and that moving is the second most stressful thing after divorce and I did not want to move twice in 3 months
  • They say yes to handling it for me, they then say no, because I had already started an application and need to go back to Sheep Shagger Council?!
  • Turns out there is a way for filling it in for applicants like me, you put in some postcode that someone in London was never going to know
  • Told move would take 6 to 8 weeks, think this sounds to quick and it will be 12 to 16
  • Provide all tenancy and medical health details, they told me I had done all that I needed to, remember this as this will also become important
  • My council sends email to Sheep Shagger Council
  • November, turn down emergency housing because I am going to move in 3 months
  • I get registered with council in December
  • Find out couple get housed in 12 weeks during pandemic
  • Get sent a photo of a one bedroom bungalow being built
  • Social Worker friend Mario starts asking me why I have not been moved
    • He quite rightly does not understand how a council in central London can offer me immediate accommodation and a council with a few people, even more sheep and picture of empty for months bungalows takes 3+ months
    • He starts asking me to ring them
  • My council actually calls Sheep Shagger Council to find out what is going on
  • 12 weeks come and go and hear nothing
    • Start getting asked by three people what is going on in March
  • Get shown on video conference another bungalow
  • Lady who registered a month or more AFTER me on the same Band 3 gets a house
    • She, being a local that knows her council better than I do, does not understand why I am sill waiting
    • She and my daughter told me they was going to speak to Judith Morgan about why I had not moved when they picked up keys, but she was not there
    • I get told that she gets told that they ‘would house within 6 months’
  • Still get asked in May and get asked to ring them, which I do
  • I get told my name has been coming up for awhile
    • Later get told you only come up in the top ten
    • Coming up for a while suggests closer to 4 to 7 on list
  • They tell me there is a development of flats on river bank to be finished 15th to 23rd July and might get one of those or soon after
    • These are 12 apartments
    • If you you understand maths at a child level this means even without being offered one, everyone above you on the list is gone and you are TOP
  • State that there could be unforeseen last minute mishaps like electrical, plumbing etc
    • So could be anything up to July 8th or later
  • People start watching the building at night looking for lights to come on thinking I would then shortly arrive
  • July the 15th goes by, July the 23rd goes by and I hear nothing
  • Email Sheep Shagger Council in late May
  • Daughter speaks to bf who was the plasterer an asks him to find out what is going on
  • He says he is told its not done and people will be moving in within two weeks, mid-August at latest
  • Only Sheep Shagger Council emails me back and it all starts getting even more confusing ..
  • After a process that was supposed to take 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks (couple housed), 16 weeks (lady same category housed) and me with potentially fatal condition now at 32 weeks ..
    • Get told ‘September’
    • Despite asking what the delay was get no answer other than she does not get told which is utterly bizarre
    • Now despite giving all details from the BEGINNING and even having my local council contact HER ..
    • ‘What is this about where you are living?’?!
    • ‘What is your medical conditions?’?!
    • ‘Well I do not understand this and I do not understand that’
    • ‘Why has your income changed? Why have you not updated your application details? You have until the 1st of October to do this’
    • Yeah they are now making a big issue out of me sending them the fact that I have now been registered disabled again and getting pissy about it when I have not even had anything off the DWP and this is not the first time
    • DWP, so-called public service, punished me years ago because PROBATE, also a so-called public service, were dragging their feet doing a job then then failed completely costing me £32,000. Probate owes me £32,000 because they failed to act per my instructions.
    • Sends me form as attachment of application that actually states all the fucking information she is now quibbling about at the 14th hour
    • On one form I thought I was fucking imagining things when it stated that my registration date was listed as March 24th 2022 when it had previously been December 21st 2021
    • I also now get the standard bullshit I have had from corrupt councils in England for years ‘Its not the obligation of the council to house you’ which is what I got told each time I got fucked over in the decades I had my disability
    • Not its because I am FORKING MALE and WHITE .. no? Now WATCH ..
    • If this all was not confusing enough .. I get told I have been moved up to Band TWO
    • Bearing in mind a woman in Band 3 that registered a month or so after I did had been in her new house over a month by August and I am being intentionally DICKED AROUND at the 14th hour, so late not even close to the 11th hour. Gets better ..
    • I then get told by my daughter that this means you get housed in four weeks
    • I then get told that this is the highest you get on as Band ONE .. is just for migrants
  • During all of this the very scenario that the Doctors and my Local Council wanted to ignore, takes place, I get bullied again
  • While being .. DIFFICULT, I tell this woman what has happened
  • The attack that took place that Sheep Shagger Council are now solely responsible for down to discrimination, incompetence or BOTH .. has led to serious heart episodes
    • Massive increase in my hands especially left hand leaving me white with fear ..
    • Cannot ride bike that is used to keep Fibromyalgia symptoms down
    • Cannot hold professional camera which was to be used to make money after moving
    • Cannot use computer any more
    • Or wont be able to for much longer
  • Now for the best part of the total incompetence that really makes it look like I have been intentionally FORKED OVER
    • Private teachers fed up with what government teaches students and tell my daughter to tell me, after reading my blogs, that they want to talk to me about teaching, when I turn up
    • A private healthcare firm fed up and now distrusting of the NHS have made noises about an advisory role
    • For months I have often been on the phone when local people have asked ‘When is your dad, the blog writer turning up?’
    • Across the towns of ***** and *********
  • Showing the emails and a collage of paragraphs and form sections to two people in a group DM on Twitter with an lady from Georgia and they both say ‘WHAT THE ACTUAL FORKS?!’
  • They ask how this can possibly happen, what an absolute mess of the way to run things, this is totally evil and how can they treat me like this
  • My daughter goes into SILENT RUNNING
  • My Doctors Surgery went into overdrive, called me four times in two days to get me in .. lady Doctor sat there in shock as I ran through 25 years of hell and mistakes from the NHS, Local Councils, DWP and what a Council in Wales just did as her jaw dropped open
    • Still no emergency CT Scan I presume is to see if I have already had heart attacks and need heart surgery I have been waiting for since November 2021
    • Very recently had a blood test for this CT Scan
    • Just got told I have to have another one and was told ‘Please make sure you come in for it’ 7th September
    • Told her that I had disagreements with Doctors in the past and I always get proven right and that Russell Brand has just reported its been revealed that SRI drugs do not work and all a lie for years by Pfizer
    • She did not disagree with a single thing and just nodded the whole time
  • The Band 2 was changed on 3rd August meaning that I am supposed to be housed now by the 3rd September
  • Literally spent 6 days intoxicated and had no one to talk to until SAS-Man and Ash started telling each other in the private DM they were worried about me and wondering what happened to me
  • Then on the day of the appointment while flaked out on a park bench in London Fields I get a WhatsApp message from Mario who was asking ‘why are they taking so long’ back in April ..
  • ‘In Crete with a broken ankle. Have you moved yet?’
  • Oh shit.
  • If he gets back in two weeks and he hears all this and then sees all the screenshots from all the emails and info and the questions I have just been asked he is going to blow every gasket he possesses ..
  • ‘They are discriminating against you and we can see now that you have had this every time with every public service for years and now its Wales too?! Stay here’
  • Bearing in mind he gets back at the end of August which will be just three days before the new date I have had that I would get housed which is four weeks ending on the 3rd September after waiting 36 weeks for something that took 8 weeks with my daughter, 12 weeks for a couple, 16 weeks for another lady, supposed to happen in 26 weeks and according to my new Banding, four weeks?
  • Fork Off Sheep Shagger Council, NO you do not get to move the blasted goal-posts, its THIRTY-SIX WEEKS!!

If I was to find a solicitor and take you to court for intentionally discriminating against me and endangering my life in so doing exactly what chance do you think you would have?

Oh and I do posses all my medical records. So now they cannot be hidden by another public service to protect you.

All this for years for a number of reasons and if you do not know I have had involvements to the top and because of this .. they fail to realise I am major league pissed about that and a number of other major league things.

  • I tell the truth
  • I have short-term memory issues and cannot lie
  • If you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything” – Mark Twain
  • Despite liars and those that manipulate decent innocent people
  • I cover MANY science areas and can see the bigger picture
  • I have a pattern recognition skill
  • I have not only seen, documented and witnessed the corruption, I have RECORDED it too

Now I have tried for many years t stay under the radar, the early years way too much, as I did not want to be of celebrity status.

For those that do not know in two towns where I was .. supposed to be living thousands of people know me.

Across two towns.

As stated I get asked about a lot.

Now here is another short story ..

Going to the store late one night around two weeks back, maybe less, in a dark section of the road a couple are walking towards me.

Suddenly as I am upon them I look up and there is a first in front of my of my face just hanging there and I look at this black guy and he says ..

“You are LEGEND .. mate!”

I fist bump him, not really knowing what is going on here or who he is. I say “Thanks”

His girlfriend looks round at what is going on and looks at me from a few feet away and her eyes go very wide. As if she has just seen someone from TV. I have zero idea how I could possibly be recognised and the only thing really clear about me is my eyes.

Well if you have seen my blogs which have been around since 2012, you would know.

She does the same, raises her fist up and I fist bump her too, thanking her as I do.

I carry on my journey to my usual late night store wondering what in the world that was all about as I did not recognise either of them.

I do not talk to very many people.

Lets see .. I do not venture out a great deal, mores the pity, and there are six Turkish people in stores that all know me and what I do but never seen my blogs and I have never provided them and they have never asked.

There is a nice Indian married couple that own a nice little convenience store.

The same applies with them, they know who I am and what I do and can do but not seen the blogs, not been provided nor ask for the blogs. But they like to talk.

I have given two Turkish guys legal advice but that was only recently.

I have been dragged out of stores by customers that here me talk or give advice, one I saw the other day for the first time in awhile out with his dog. He was across the street and raised his fist as soon as he see me and I did in response,

They could have been customers in stores where the owners are talking to me and I have been explaining .. astrophysics, solar cycles, volcanoes and likely animals or climate as well as Covid and vaccines? Hard to say.

I do recall seeing a Turkish guy talking to a black guy working in a Tesco Express and I had seen him on the Turkish owned store where I do talk.

I could hear him saying “See that guy over there?” and I simply was not paying attention. When I looked around I noticed as I panned he was pointing at me and I the realised who he was. The guy behind the counter says “Yeah?”.

Some nights I go into Seref’s store two down and Seref likes talking to him. That guy is a scientist in different fields and really knows his shit! You want to hear him when he gets going, its fascinating and he really knows how to explain things”.

The fist bump night I was going into a different store owned by Turkish people and who I call ‘Babyface’ was in there. Denitz was having a night off and I was still looking confused and told him what happened and said “I think people are beginning to work out who I am?!” and he started laughing.

I also told him that as I was walking to the store I was actually thinking ‘Hang on? That is not the first time that has happened?’

Bad memory is a beyatch.

It is now 7.49am and thanks to my insomnia I have not been asleep for even a minute and I thought ‘If your gonna frikkin keep me up all night I might as well finish this shit?’

Decades. South Italy in 2001 and animals atop a mountain and I figured out a climate quirk no one knew about and realised the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming. Batrachologist, Ichthyologist, Herpetologist among others.

A number of years leading up to 2012 finding out, recording and exposing some gangs that were abusing children that had a little terror plot in that final year I warded off. A four hour recording all about it that everyone and his brother has been burying ever since in ‘Country of the Damned’.

Over the years between four and seven of each of Police Forces, Local Councils, Hospitals and GP Surgeries where at each I discovered many times the public was being lied to and things covered up. Recordings exist of social workers from councils lying to cover things up.

Google came to me about blogging and making money, was not my original intent and I spent years working on this and then around 2015 they started messing with my numbers and by 2017 I knew for sure they was burying me. People and I know thought I was mad but apologized to me in recent years realising they are. On both Blogger and YouTube.

On Twitter I have been told countless times by followers on DM for four years that hey never see my tweets, know I am shadow-banned and being hidden and likely keep a tab of my account open to make sure they do not miss any.

My daughter spent a couple of years telling me that my posts on Facebook never come up in my feed, a social worker who is an actual witness to 90% of things I ever posted and also did not believe me and also had to apologize in recent years said a few years back “Why don’t you post any of this to Facebook?”

Umm, I do, they do not put it up on people’s feeds. Likely because I have experts and scientists and they do not want them seeing them. Like you”

Around 2020 after bumping into someone in a Diabetic Clinic waiting room where he told a guy he was talking to that he also knew someone with a YouTube channel and that I have these crazy claims about being censored and hidden he told me they guy said ..

What does your friend talk about?”

Brexit. Donald Trump. Climate. Science”

The response he got he told me had his jaw slowly drop and his eyes go very wide and he has been telling everyone ever since.

Oh your mate is right, he is being censored in a big way. I do the same and I have lost £1,500 per month in revenue. I have a number of friends that are not as big as my channel and they have lost between £600 and £1,000 per month”

But on social media a group of people that declare themselves gatekeepers of facts and science and guardians of the world and people .. have failed thousands of times to prove me a liar and a fraud or wrong, each and every day over five years.

Witnesses instead watched me expose them as the liars and fraud each and every day over five years.

Each and everyone one either linked to the World Economic Forum or just doing their bidding like a good little sheep.

Only today they are mad, scared and desperate as one by one the dominoes of lies have fallen and little by little the people have realized.

When they have gone beyond the point where they realize that more than 50% of the messages have been lies they will start to question the rest of the narratives and the at some point will just decide to rule them all out.

Felt like and often used to blog for years I was in a limbo like period.

Now the masses have, for the most part, entered that limbo like period and are somewhere between the door, just inside the door or halfway across the realm.

A growing number are out the other side, just as I am.

All I ever wanted to do was use my skills and science prowess to help people. Do something for mankind. Be remembered for doing something good and help progress and not for make believe and emotionally driven things.

Someone .. somewhere decided at some point they did not want that.

Then at some pointed my goals changed and a new factor was added.

The one of revenge.


Yeah the problem with people, family, authorities and me is I have a terrible memory which my friend Mario has known about for years. He has seen my various shit happen, not all but most.

  • Sony Blu-Ray Player stopped working, second, same brand different model, to break down within a year when I have been worried about a contracting atmosphere, magnetic field playing up and a solar flare wiping out electronics with an EMP
  • Discovered one day person whose home this is was leaving trhe house all day while it is hot and leaving a 3ft x 3ft window wide open for all to see with a metal pipe network the local authority put in 20 years ago that gives thieves a climbing frame straight to the window
  • This is a person who years ago went into a school with a child’s pram that had their bag in the bottom tray that had their keys in it with their address on it .. THEY WAS ROBBED
  • Same person that has done nothing all their lives but thinks they should get all the attention and be in charge of everyone around them because of their socialism when they do not even understand what socialism is
  • Same person that keeps preparing foods bad for me in all sorts of ways I have asked them many times not to do
  • Who after 8 days of sulking after a row they had no chance of winning and the second night does a big fry up I asked them never to do again and they knew what they were doing ..
  • I know you said you do not want fry ups BUT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT”, I kid you not
  • Yeah sky high blood pressure .. heart condition .. being checked to see if I have not had any heart attacks THEY would have mostly caused .. does not fucking care
  • Too stupid to work out they will get blamed if I die here and I even told them this a few weeks prior as I was asked to do November 2021 and 9 months ago .. thick as treacle
  • Bought my 8th keyboard in three years I keep wearing out typing online, a Steel Series mechanical keyboard from CEX, turned out to be American, do not get me started, and with an issue with the RGB on the ‘W’ key
  • Had no one to talk to, daughter went quiet, mate in Crete with a broken ankle, oldest friend not long come out of a coma during what was the worst summer I have ever had
  • Even now I feel like death after another night with no sleep



How it started in August or September 2021 after lockdowns stopped everything
Information known in form sent, despite asking at same time
Date of email of last questions after registration, note date of January 2021
The building that was supped to be ready, I was not guaranteed one, by June 23rd at latest
August 2022 after being told on form by me, on phone by me, in email by local council here and email by same local council .. suddenly cannot read on files starts asking someone with memory issues 7 months later?
August 2021 email quibbling housing and containing a pdf that states my registration has magically moved from December 2021 to March 2022, remember I am now told ‘Band 2’ by Council while tod by others this means ‘four weeks’? At the 32nd week after a few months delay and badly done website.
One date of December 2021 becomes another date of March 2022 while on 3rd August 2022 go from Band 3 (inside 6 months) to Band 2 (inside 4 weeks) where Band 1 is only for Migrants.
So the poor Welsh also get the ‘We can take you money as its ours but we can do what we want with it and do not have to help you’ BS too?
End July told building done in 2 weeks, Council then say 4 to 8 weeks but tell me I have to do something by October 1st? Which I cannot do because another public service as not fekken sent me anything for 3 months and not answered two emails? Does not sound like housed in 40 weeks or 3rd September the four weeks I am told) to me?
The shifting of dates 3 months forward to a process that took 8 weeks for one, 12 for another (during pandemic), 16 for another (registration to housed on Band 3 from January to May 2022) on the same Banding and 32 and counting for me that is now supposed to take 4 weeks from the 3rd September. What excuse do they have on the 4th September 2022?

Another late edit and this time an image .. soo..

  • So was told that Band 2 means ‘inside four weeks’
  • Now told Band 2 was in effect in from March 24th 2022
  • Originally registered 21st December 2021
  • One couple, health unknown, housed in 12 weeks
  • One lady eager to meet me housed in 16 weeks, also on Band 3
  • Therefore since being placed on Band 2 by their own admission has now taken 20 weeks and counting
  • And they are confused as to why a disabled guy with a memory problem and a load of locals are confused?


Should have thought of doing this previously ..


Few videos on Fibromyalgia and in some, or all, mentions Allodynia

Another video regarding Fibromyalgia

And another one on Fibromyalgia

Russell Brand on Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Venlafaxine in particular not working, which I was screwed over by a Doctor over that led me to return to London.

Remember I have all my medical records now they were refusing to hand over for 14 months.

SRIs were all a lie by Pfizer to make money so how many Doctors were wrong on this and for how many decades? But some Doctors are declared correct on Covid Vaccines which has all fallen apart?

Doctor in talk and used him before, British sounding but in the US explaining how Google, YouTube and Facebook censored him and he came close to having his channel removed completely.

We know for a fact that both Twitter and LinkedIn do this to.

He cannot understand how Doctors are not up in arms, especially in the US.

Does not want to be part of any Physician Group. Not how science is conducted.

Said many agree with him but they wont speak out and people should realize the similarities to this and what happened in Germany pre-World War II.

Pay close attention to what is going on because some traps they lead the blind to you will not be able to escape from.

Dread to think what I owed just in loss of earnings but as the Anonymous Hackers former co-founder asked why I was not bigger than Tim Pool? It suggests a lot, more than a million?

This is without decades in damages for the harm, stress, anxiety and death it has all nearly caused and there is no end of evidence via documents to even audio recordings and the odd video going back a decade. More in some cases, like the NHS.


Bertrand Russell

Noam Chomsky

Albert Einstein

Karl Popper


So then after a hiatus concerning health .. and some other things I will get around to in a later post, it all went a bit insane.

Eventually in this post I will get to some links I am about to talk about that will have pretty big repercussions in the coming months.

As predicted the Covid19 pandemic and restrictions are over, or at least should be. Everyone is finding out they lied about its origin and lies have been told about the vaccines. I stated for a year this will be over come Spring 2022.

There has been some crazy attacks on those reporting the truth with the likes of Tim Pool, James O’Keefe and Andy Ngo along with two Swatting incidents and two cyber attacks.

This all taking place at the end of 2021 and start of 2022 and a year where the volcanic activity has been elevated as a stated it would and at 300% or more above the average all year.

The average number of simultaneous eruptions and any volcanologist will tell you this is 10 to 20 and therefore 15.

During 2021 its been at 40, 45, 46, 48, 49, 52, 50 and 49 again I recall being reported.

Not only has it done this again in January 2022 but this month also see another submarine volcano erupting which I predicted and thought would be near Vanuatu but instead was the Tonga Islands with the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano erupting.

Now when I saw this and the tsunami buoys registering a wave and the shockwave in the video I knew this was big.

So you can imagibe my confusion when they reported 52,000 feet?

On social media I posted the report but I stated I believed it was being under-reported and the numbers were way higher and the known crown of global warming alarmists attacked me and called me names. Once again stating I have the audacity to state I was right and the experts are wrong. It is bizarre to many as well as myself hwo they have done this so many times and proven to be wrong. Yet they constantly tell everyone they follow the science. No, they most certainly do not.

Within an hour it had been upped twice to 55,000 feet and then 65,000 feet and the alarmists that are clueless about how Earth Sciences work all went quiet.

Within a few days it was updated to 98,000 feet and eventually 128,000 feet and whether this gets raised again remains to be seen.

Then the next thing they did was then switch their argument to this being ‘nothing’ and would not cool the planet. Because they seem to have to keep global warming alive at all costs, I will get to this later. A bizarre claim considering I have stated for several years we will get record cold and snow across the globe, they said ‘no’ and it has happened anyway.

These self-proclaimed scientists do not seem to be deterred from their rigid narrative regardless of being shown to be wrong conspistently over three years and counting.

They were literally telling the majority on the thread that the great reset, they had previously claimed was a conspiracy theory, was coming and the majority would just have to get used to it.

Well no .. we don’t, actually.

So in light of all this and the people of the world realising that the politicians, media and such lie to us to scare us so that they can control us .. lets go over the global warming these people push as well as covid fear ..

  • No proof a warming world is catastrophic and it has been way warmer without man’s help
  • No proof CO2 caused global temps rising, and it has dropped as well as paused while CO2 keeps rising, how come?
  • No proof man has caused the CO2 rises
  • Top 3 drivers are the Sun (acting up, or rather DOWN), Volcanoes (acting UP) and Oceans all three of which we know little about
  • There is no control over CO2
  • There is no control over climate
  • Stoping the entire world using Fossil Fuels want stop the rise of CO2
  • Scientists recently discovered that rising magma burned thorugh a coal field the size of Australia and this caused the greatest Extinction Event known as The Great Dying, with volcanic activity rising it might be a good idea to continue removing coal?
  • See Links At End

Now think about it from your perspective of where you get your information ..

  • Mainstream News
  • Social Media Giants
    • Caught lying about Trump
    • Caught lying about election
    • Caught lying about Covid19
    • Caught lying about source of Covid19
    • Caught lying about vaccines
    • Caught lying for and protecting Joe Biden
    • Caught lying about numbers in countless things
    • Constantly caught not reporting on the people they claim to care about like any of the protests, people and animals dying in record cold and snow .. etcetera etcetera
    • Sponsored by Big Pharma
    • Wanted censorship
    • Broke the very rules they scorned others for breaking
    • Went after innocent people while telling you how caring they are about lives
    • What, you think after all that you can trust them on Global Warming?
    • After 40 years of failed predictions?

Two years for me, I have had no vaccines, proven that the NHS lie, missed my BP and heart issues and a vaccine would likely have killed me, have had no covid and therefore not passed it on to anyone.

Now know of 7 people that died because of vaccines and relative of my daughter, now a Senior Healthcare Worker herself with smilar numbers to me, has had someone else she knows die of heart failure. Did not even cross my mind about vaccines until people on social media asked if he had, had the jabs.

I do not know but as I know his partner all too well my guess would be that he has had them and if this turns out to be the case, which I should find out any day now, the proverbial is going to hit the fan.

If you had a neighbour or a family member willing to lie to you half the time on things as serious as this would you listen to them at all?

Well if your still watching the mainstream news, why are you?

Lost count of the number of people that have apologised to me because I told them a decade ago there were bad things happening, felt like there was a plan in place and something was coming.

Today they say things like “Its not just as bad as you predicted, its way worse!”

The powers that be just thought everyone would bend to their will and their lies but this is not the case. Not only is it collapsing but as I told the small fringe group of fascists on Twitter .. your support has gone, people are more worried about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

They called me all kinds of names and used all kinds of swear words and I stated it does not matter how many times you repeat yourself, how many times you report me, how many times you attack me and call me names. It will still happen anyway.

Now imagine it all happening and these followers of science are actually as mad as hell that I got amm my science right? Even the attitudes of the masses?

Well 2022 is going to be a very bad year for them because the next thing they have to worry about is not just that they are losing support for their precious AGW .. but that their vague theory will be proven wrong. So the public will realise they have been lied to for decades.

You see there are just some things you cannot get around.


Now here is another and very big reason why those so-called followers of science are going to have a very bad year.

For those that have been reading for awhile now you may well now that I predicted the record long solar minimum we just had?

Well since late 2019 and constantly I kept being told that ..

  • The Sunspots are about to shoot up while every now and then they also stated ..
  • No one can predict the solar cycles or sunspots

Now one in particular a little over a year ago presented me with a scientific paper that stated they thought that Solar Cycle 25 was about to shoot up. This was published in October 2020 and he used it as gospel and I stated it was ..

  • Absolute nonsense
  • Even they stated it would be unprecedented
  • Even they were only 67% confident

It was rather a bizarre paper and he was pushing this in around December 2020.

It never came.

Each month I was told it was about to shoot up and my prediction would prove to be wrong, except my prediction has already been proven correct and they were ignoring that my 2021 prediction would be that the sunspots would swing wildly and this is why I was sure there would be an increase in volcanic eruptions.

Yeah these followers of science and facts really do get that desperate that the re-write recent history to get a win, which is, of course, not a win.

So fast forward to November and December and he kept showing me daily numbers of sunspots along ith monthly numbers saying this proves me wrong. Neither number are the number I used in my prediction and you cannot use either of those he did to prove me wrong.

Also whereas NASA and NOAA had 20 numbers because they keep moving the goal-posts they failed to know and I kinda forget to tell them I had two numbers.

They then focused on one of these to change what the debate was about when it started to look like their claims was wrong. Now he is claiming he made no predictions.

Well yes you did, buttercup, because you kept appealing to authority that have consitently failed, insisting their prediction, which would be a first, was right and that my prediction would be wrong, also a first.

They see that fantasy future as a win.110 for me, none for them but as soon as they get one, or think they will, they start celebrating a win? That is why I call the game they play ‘Quidditch’.

But they follow the science.

So then what happened that going intot he start of this month the sunspot numbers seriously dropped off. Went to 57, then 53, then 25 odd, then 12 which it stayed at for two days before spending a few more days climbing to 36. It climbed slowly to 110 ish.

When I pointed out how low this had sunk and that it would rag the rate of rise down they was all over me like a rash telling me I did not understand averages, classic projection.

I had to draw diagrams as to how this works but they would not have it, not one bit. When it rose they started to say this proved them right and me wrong. I reminded them that they cannot do this and that they themselves stated you cannot predict spots anf there were none on the ‘horizon’. I also told them that for their claims to succeed they would need the second half of January up above 160 tor two weeks solid.

They simply would not have none of this and went through a daily routine of first posting each day as the numbers rose to 112, then kept posting that they had won .. as the numbers dropped to 110, then to 98, then to 60, 59 and then 57 .. while typing this out there were three spots about to disappear out of view, western limb, while just one small spot rolling into view on the eastern limb. Meaning that within a few hours after typing this out the numbers could well drop to 40 and maybe even 20?

The fool that has posted the numbers each day, because they want to convince people there is no Grand Solar Minimum to keep AGW alive, is still seeing this as a win.

I have no doubt that even if the numbers drop significamtly he was still claim a win. With the numbers at 57 and shown three spots are about to vanish he was quick to point out that the average for January 2020 was roughly 60.

I did not log each days numbers and as this guy is very often lying and twists everything around that he can its hard to say if he is right. It would not surprise me to discover its currently at 50 and he is inflating them.

Now two things ..

  • He was shown that three spots would disappear in 24 hours
  • He was reminded that he has done this every day for three weeks of January 2020
  • He was previously shown that you had two days of 12 and a few around 25 to 36
  • It was explained that its about rates of rise, not individual daily numbers, and this is dependent on time
  • It was explained that he needs the remaining days to be over 160 constantly to get the rate of rise back up
  • He was shown that in October 2020 the sunspot number average was 57

This last one is important because even if it holds at the 60 he wants, the curve in the rate of rise still flattens and already was.

The lower this number gets the more it flattens and for an increase in the rate of rise he needs the monthly number to be likely above 80.

He fails to see that the bright spots he can dig up on a Google search take time to come into view, 2 or 3 days, and fails to take into account that the rear most camera does not work.

With ten days left, if I manage to post this, he is literally a few days away form completely running out of time completely. Without something very spectacular happening which is extremely unlikey.

As finishing this and on the 22nd January, after sunspots seem to hang around in a bizarre fashion, the daily sunspot number was 23 and today has dropped to 22. Suggesting that one spot is shrinking and now the rate of rise is dropping. If the daily numbers continue to drop so to will the rate of rise to be factored in at some point n the next month or two. With 8 days of January remaining.

Now what this means is this .. despite them claiming that NASA stated that the rate of rise is beyond their prediction .. it is not.

In my last post a video of the BBC from 2014 states that scientists are shocked at how low the solar maximum for cycle 24 was. Not only was this way lower than they predicted it also arrived two years late.

That followed a record low solar minimum and was itself followed by an even longer solar minimum and here we are today. Except ..

On all solar cycle graphs by a really bad one he found, they have the rate of rise for solar cycle 25 as way below that needed to reach the same level of solar cycle 24.

And with a little more than a week remaining of January 2022 it looks like that rate will drop further.

Now here’s the thing ..

There is a second predicted rise which got updated while this alarmist follower of science was screaming his head of, spamming his numbers like mad .. and he got a shock and ran when I posted it.

I am the idiot for claiming 48 spots for cycle 25 when not only had I previously estimated 70 but NASA’s estimates have ranged from 25, yup, to 120 or more. Here it is ..

The predicted path that the trajectory is following and might fall below had a solar peak on it at 70, yeah SEVENTY, spots.

Now he says its nto a solar maximum peak and I am an idiot because its too early on the graph.

The solar maximum for cycle 25, supposed to have arrived in 2021-22, is too early on this graph for him? Seems he knows better than Zharkova, NASA, NOAA, Silso as well as myself?

This is what he and his friends will have to face .. in the next few months IF .. there is another monthly drop, whether this be February, March, April or May and provided there has not been some miracle humongous climb, it will look as if the cycle will struggle to reach 70 and most certainly will be significantly lower than cycle 24.

This could be clear by March or it could be late in the year or it might not be the case at all and even if not, the cycle will be lower than 24.

I cannot even begin to tell you the absolute storm and buzz this will cause, likely to have the public calling scientists, news media and world leaders liars, all over again.

Proving that I was right and that either they planned this all along and knew or feel like kings and queens on their thrones when they are the biggest morons on Earth?

On another note but still in among the lies we are told by the mainstream media ..

The Kyle Rittenhouse Case in America has really done something I did not expect.

Teenager defending himself against 3 evil, violent criminals, one of which you can add paedophile to the list, has caught many of the Corporate News lying, including in the UK with The Independent for one

Here is Viva Frei who has torn people to shreds on Twitter like Bill Di Blasio and even people he previously followed.

Among other things now proven to be the case I and my victim daughter was totally ignored by the evil News Media in the UK. I insisted that along with gov & public services that the news were all corrupt.

I have now finally been vindicated in the last thing.

Now then, lets get down to the nitty-gritty and the flurry of recent news events across the world I have been talking about for years now and look at some of them compared to some of the things I predicted.

I stated that things would get worse and that in this year of 2022 a number of narratives would collapse and like the proverbial House of Cards?

Well now it is happening and even a little earlier than I had anticipated.

The Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano has now erupted several times in recent days and had already erupted to roughly 50,000 feet previously.

First off here is one of many reports stating that the number of volcanoes erupting was at 52 in April 2020 and most of last year they were way up around 45 to at least 50.

GeologyHub or Earthmaster on YouTube are good at reporting what numbers they are at each month.

Volcano Discovery has either gone insane over the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano erupting or this particular eruption has just done something we have not seen in modern times.

Ash plume was talked down but two large splits with one covering a third of Australia before heading over the Indian Ocean and covering that


128,000 feet or 39.000 metres


60,000 feet, 18,300 metres


63,000 feet, 19,200 metres




63,000 feet, 19,200 metres


52,000 feet, 15,800 metres




55,000 feet, 16,800 metres


As far as I could tell there were just two eruptions but then I saw a video of people on an island filming with low rumbles but three extremely loud bangs are heard that had people running away.

As the communications with the islands has been cut off since its hard to find anything else out regarding this.

Also the tsunami also got different heights given out and despite their being aerial photos of devastated islands we do not know if this was the tsunami or the sheer amount of ash?

Added to this I have had two family members how the sunsets look red and explained this is the volcqanic activity. The famous paintint The Scream by Edward Monk was painted with a red sky known to be due to volcanic activity at the time from Krakatoa.

Was asked this prior to the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcano erupting.


How about scientists discovering that the worst extinction event called The Great Dying was caused by rising magma burning through a coal field the size of Australia far too quickly which wiped out 98%+ of life on Earth?


And this will come to light just as people like Neil Oliver is talking about a break down in trust between the people and the world leaders over the lies and censoring over the covid pandemic and vaccines?

Tim Pool gets Swatted twice, for for having Marjory Taylor-Green on and then for having James O’Keefe and Andy Ngo on?

Jimmy Dore does a great series on the lies and oppression and its all coming out, breaking down, protests building

FBI instigated the so-called ‘insurrection’? Jimmy Dore seems to think its looking that way?

Biden voter that did hot and run with car over Donald Trump is declared insane just as we all stated they were?

Now scientists are surprised as they now say that the Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum was preceded by a warm period which is what I was telling friends I fear is happening now a decade ago?


Now lets summarise what has gone in regards to what I stated ..

  • 2021 would be worse than 2020
  • 2022 would be worse than 2021
  • Data would emerge to make global warming look false
  • 2021 would see an up-tick in volcanic eruptions
  • There would be a number of large submarine eruptions
  • Was worried about ..
    • Fagradalsfjall
    • La Soufriere
    • Campli Flegrei (Etna erupted)
    • Vanuatu (Tonga erupted)
  • Vaccines would cause issues
  • Covid19 Pandemic would be over Spring 2022
  • No one would care about AGW by Spring 2022
  • From January 2019 said the weather would go nuts, systems and patterns shift
  • Record Cold and Snow would continue and increase

Did not bother going through them all but you get my drift?

How about a collection of reports I already covered?

Now then lets go over the situation with the animals where we have birds, fish, whales and all kinds and if not turning up dead turning up thousands of miles from where they are supposed to be.

  • Magnetosphere acting up messes with navigation
  • Weather patterns shifting wipes out food sources like insects, well what the wind turbines have not diced up
  • Geological Activity rises with 70 to 80% of volcanoes under the sea pumps all kinds into the seawater

Here is a short video about just some of these things occurring and I just told someone that found out they news media lied and answered with ‘well we had to do something’ and I replied with ‘doing something without the data can do more harm than good, but many people can make a lot of money out of that’.

Now for the waether .. or at least some of it ..

How about waterfalls in Canada frozen?


Same in China?

Nepal getting 3 metres of snow in a week that has mountain climbers fleeing?

Kashmir snow has occurred several times ..


Algeria ..


Much the the US taken a hit and still is and I am hearing more is coming ..


In Alaska too cold for vehicles designed to help when its too snowy and too cold to work?


Japan and Tokyo in particular are getting record snow yet again.


Here is a paper on solar cycles and Sunspots reconstruction one on of the authors very good and did follow me for awhile on a site that is now defunct. Dr Willie Soon ..


Of particular interest is this graph fro the above link that supports what I have been telling global warming alarmists but they have failed to acknowledge this like everything else and would have an angry rant had I told them it was Dr Willie Soon ..

According to Tokyo they have had no warming for many years .. but NASA got a hold of the data and told them they was doing it wrong ..

Dr John Campbell in the UK and his video where he realised that the news media have been lying about Covid. Retired Nurse Lesley Richards in the comments states that they felt ‘something was off’.

Lastly the brilliant Dan Wootton talking to the even more brilliant Neil Oliver on GB News about the number one tabloid in Denmark making an apology to its readers for not qestioning the government over Covid19.

‘Its too little, too late’.

Jimmy Dore finding out from Dr John Campbell on finding out from a freedom of information request and asking why the news media in the UK have not mentioned it that they were lying about deaths from Covid19.

Have watched the brilliant Sabine Hossenfelder for a few years and I had hope that her no nonsense attitude would have her realise and talk about certain things.

Now there is a funny story behind this as out of the following five videos I used the bottom two since there were posted in 2020 and 2021. Then a couple of months ago some alarmists established as liars got what they call ‘triggered’ by them.

One started tagging her ine, heavily misquoted her and lied and claied that she knew that climate change was real and had accepted it. He twisted everything around in her videos.

The person in question seemed to have very deep obsessions and he posts things as proof that made you wonder if he was tweeting from within an institution os some kind. Like when he took a screenshot of her video library as proof he has been subscribed to Sabine for years.

Except in the last two none of his group ever mentioned this and Sabine was even attacked.

So he kept tagging her and she came in and liked one of his tweets. Which is what I had hoped would happen for some time now.

Absolutely awful of me but then I posted two dozen screenshots of the things they claimed and her being called names by his group. How reaching -273.15C was absolutely easy and without CO2 Earth would get down to that temperature. Sabine being ‘classy’ because she swore about ‘do-gooder leftists’ and no one would pay attention to her.

Awful of me because all the alarmists were celebrating as they thought they had Ms Hossenfelder on their side and had won.

Unknown tro them I had managed to get someone I admire, who was a no nonsense scientist who had been rejected herself, had some alarm bells going off and was not tied down in anyway where she could be threatened or manipulated over her career.

To all intents and purposes and what I was as ‘perfect’.

Though I have made mistakes in the past.

But she sticks to the rules of science and does question herself and others and I have shown this with the very last video which bizarrely was posted at me to ‘prove you are wrong’.

Funnly enough for the first time in two years the one that not only tagged her in and so obsessed with me he called himself ‘The Kings Trigger’ but has has now been missing for two weeks.

For the last two years he has not been missing for more than two days .. well except for the times he receieved life suspensions showing no sympathy for dying turtles or abused girls.

Maybe he was suspended again?

MAYBE, as I did post those tweets, he got blocked by Sabine and was so embarrassed by it he decided to slink away back under the rovk from whence he came?

People have seen me carry out some genius plans and sometimes over a very long time and hence I get called things like ‘King’, ‘Grandmaster’, ‘Genius’ and other things which they get very angry about. This guy from Switzerland kept telling everyone he was better than me in every way and knoew more than I did.

He attacked me for two years constantly, got his arse kicked the entire time, went through four accounts I know of and still insisted he won every single day.

Well it would seem his latest plan also went awry?

It is almost as if while he thought he had a plan hel fell prey to a way better plan while carrying out his own plans?

I used two videos, one from over a year ago and one from several months back.

Here is a video I was using from September 2020 where Sabine, first time I noticed it, loses her temper with the news media and alarmists literally being condescending, they are in no position, to others over climate change.

Here Sabine is talking about a situation where she was asked to write an honest article on speculative physics which was then rejected for being too honest causing her to raise an eyebrow.

You can literally see the surprise was still on her face despite the time that would have passed by before she made the video. ‘People might get offended’ was the reason given.

Within a matter of days of her coming on the thread and suddenly realising, as I had hoped along with getting her attention on a few things, she posted a video about climate models and how unreliable they are.

Here she talks about some things I covered and how solar activity, along with sea tides. has been linked to earthquakes.

Here is why I like her and the video that the alarmists used to prove me wrong. Sadly for them I has seen this two years ago, something they claimed they had done despite only posting it at me two weeks ago?

She will QUESTION .. if they made a mistake in science and here questions back in November 2019 if they got climate change wrong?

It should be noted that this was followed by three winters of record and early/late snow and cold in different parts of the world, several drops in global temperatures, a shifting of the goal-posts several times, covid and vaccines being lied about by politicians, the media and therefore scientists too.

These poor fools .. I told them for two years that it all collapses for them by Spring 2022, kept telling them that timing was everything and just at the right moment .. I finally got what I wanted.

They are in a panic and collapse right across the board and if they think its bad now then they are not going to like what comes in part seven of this particular series.



Well it has gone proverbially ‘nuts’ since that last part was published and I put this work in progress on a hiatus, I will get into after the point it did later on.

As always its occurred earlier than I expected, worse then I expected and in ways I also did not expect and collectively calling it ‘a mess’ would be a grand understatement.

Believe me when this has caused the panic I have already seen from ‘the establishment’ to not only go into overdrive but will still be doing this for 6 to 8 weeks after this has been posted.

Literally a piece from the BBC I get into after the hiatus later on contradicted not only themselves and scientists thy had on back in 2014 but confirmed what the alarmist shills had stated I was wrong about for two years.

There already minority support has dropped of a cliff and belief in what I have been saying has gone, proverbially, through the roof.

Two level headed friends were demonetised by YouTube, a court case has destroyed what was left of support in the news media, an arctic blast to break records is coming in more than one area and the covid?

Well lets just say that other than the numbers failing them .. my senior healthcare worker daughter got covid ..

  • Healthcare worker unvaccinated
  • Gets covid from someone that was vaccinated who collapsed
  • That person caught it from their son who was visiting, had also not only been vaccinated but wore facemasks, lived in fear of the virus and complaining others do not
  • Had to self-isolate
  • Boyfriend not vaccinated also not allowed out
  • But three children allowed to school
  • But said children kept fro school
  • At end of self-isolation .. kids are tested negative and return to school
  • First day back school wants one child to go home because she coughed and do not care she tested negative
  • Which kinda sends out the message that workers in public services do not trust the tests, NHS or government? Reasonable assumption, no?
  • Healthcare firm go insane over this attitude from the school as they lose an senior healthcare worker again
  • The Healthcare firm was also asking how they had not come across any people testing positive for covid until two weeks ago and then had five in a single week?
  • All in a village in Wales

So then I was told I was wrong by a social worker friend and government employee in England and stated that the children would not be allowed to school.


I said “No, I am not wrong, please stop telling me that, Wales and Scotland have different rules and I am looking at them right now in front of me and this is correct”.

Then they complained, or one did, about how it was irresponsible of a mother to allow her children to go to school knowing they could carry covid? English government employee.

But its OK if government say so?

Yeah well what they, along with myself, did not know but I reminded everyone involved that there are FINES for keeping your children out of school, is that she did not allow them to go to school.

If there is one problem wrong with this world is that it is full of people that think they know because of their opinion and so much so that they will repeatedly argue with someone who is a scientist and moral.

Al;l because they are naïve enough to think that government are looking after them and the journalists are being honest with them.

No, they are not and I have been reporting on this and repeatedly proving it for a long time and they also forget, as government also does, not only the fundamental principles of science but also that one of my conditions causes short-term memory loss.

Here is something that are going to be told in a few public services ..

‘If you was to take me to court and accuse me of lying, you would not only lose that battle but would be forced to pay a substantial amount of damages’.

I should really put out posts to see if there are any solicitors among my tens of thousands of followers and see if they are interested in ‘pro bono’ and ’cause celebre’.

Yeah I worked in the legal industry.

Two confrontations are going to take place and likely more than twice between now and Christmas and had they been better at informing me these may well have been avoided? Well one of them at any rate.

Now then .. moving in with part five and a sixth part to come and I am sure if you have followed the previous parts, how that next part is going to look as its gotten worse with each part just as I stated it would.

Pennsylvania State University suspends 117 students for missing mandatory Covid 19 tests.

Tim Pool video on a Kaiser Chiefs, LOLz, video were people act like a cult worshipping Pfizer and Covid19 vaccines.

Project Veritas who have already shown secret video taken by a Federal employee of nurses saying the vaccines are full of shit and that they are burying VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Side Effect Reports, has a part 3.

In this one they speak to Johnson & Johnson staff, one a scientist who appear to have refused the vaccines themselves, stated people should not take it and that ‘Kids should not f*cking take it, they are kids’ and that its all about money and politics.

Many years ago I was told that Johnson & Johnson was owned or run by a Satanist and had forgotten all about that until this video.

Of course no one would abuse these stupid, blind and fascist laws and rules which is why they think that a Metropolitan Police Officer may now have used Covid19 laws to arrest a woman in Clapham South London he then murdered.


But do not worry as I am sure that this does not go on anywhere in the world or that decent and law abiding Police Officers leaving to be replaced by authoritarians lacking morals wont see these abuses of power go up, eh?

When I tried to tell people that were for these rules, laws, lockdowns and mandates that there were not thinking this through and that there were a whole lot of problems that could come from this and a load more I did not foresee .. I just got crickets.

So they are destroying livelihoods in all manner of ways. Education, financially, family, liberty, deterioration of health, injury and death from health, vaccines and now murders.

But its OK so that a bunch of pissy-pants feel safe and good about themselves?

Yeah that is not going to last and I think they are in for a shock when the backlash arrive and that is quite inevitable.

Here is Tim Pool and crew along with Jack Murphy talking about Nicky Minaj being suspended for literally tweeting out a fact about Covid19 and how it affected a friend of her cousin. Swelling in a man where you do not want it.

There were reports of what she said Tim just not many as he seem to think it was nonsense and did not think about the connections.

I did not believe it myself when I heard it and I had to check and there were indeed reports.

They also talked about how the mainstream news literally twisted what she said, lied, to make her look bad. I mean the news media are lying to people’s faces in an obvious way both sides of the Atlantic, how naïve or stupid do you have to be to not see this?

Yeah and it got worse and with the next few videos what your going to realise is a lot of people are going to die and it is not about health.

Tim Pool and guests here about 175 staff in s single hospital going to be fired for disobeying Covid19 mandates. They would be the people everyone was hailing as heroes for being on the front-line a year ago. The government who encouraged people to applaud them are not firing them.

I am afraid the insults after the months of lying over everything as in the state of New York they plan to fire over 70,000 healthcare staff for disobeying vaccine mandates.

Yeah you read that right, it is seventy thousand. They worked it out as 72,000. Just one state.

How many will this be across the entire country? Half a million? A million? In healthcare which is already understaffed and in the middle of a pandemic?

How many life-saving operations or treatments will they now not be able to perform? Even for those that have had the vaccine or those that have had Covid and have natural immunity?

Over the course of 6 months how many do you think this will be?

Jimmy Dore is a leftist and I think socialist or very close to that and I admire him for his honesty, other than one thing he did I did not agree with when I heard about it.

He calls it firkin insane!

The one thing you are hearing from everyone and it is going to build into a crescendo over the next 4 to 8 weeks, is that this is not about health.

If you think it is your a firkin moron and must enjoy it. Pool even says as much.

I had a friend that flip-flopped on this one a number of times and they now realise this is wrong, they also told me about a form they had to fill in for working as a teacher I will cover in upcoming post ‘The Creep’.

Was staying off the phone but now back on the phone a lot and they know that once again and over 8 years, I was right.

He is going to flip his pancakes when he hears about this.

I have known and felt that something was wrong in this world and not because capitalism but there has been something else. A sort of sickness .. a direction we was heading in. I was pointing out about how some people were getting jobs. Friends and family did not agree with me but I had a Doctor of mine say “all the money is going to all the wrong people”.

Do not ask I never did figure out what she meant. But she thought something was not right and that was back in 2009.

This development is not only completely shocking but also mind-numbingly stupid, I always said they were putting morons into higher positions and I thought it was deliberate, but this will finally make everyone realise.

When I say everyone I do mean right around the world too.

Project Veritas exposing what they have and then Tim Pool and Jimmy Dore saying what they are saying. This is going to run and run for weeks, this one.

I was called mad for my theories on what we was heading for and two years ago I was told not only was I spot-on yet again but it was way worse than I said it would be.

In the last 18 months it has just continued and gone into a nose-dive and has continued spiralling down and out of control.

It is the 30th September today, I have ‘The End Of Ways Part Four’ to post in two days, Part 5 to post a week later and this one a week after that.

Now my mind implodes at the thought of what will happen between now and then and will end up in this post?

I did predict something like this but thought it would be around December and maybe even February 2022? Stated many times that it so often happens the proverbial hits the fan earlier than I expected it to.

Now one wonders if this is going to follow in the UK and even across Europe?

Well saying that but we know that Norway has lifted restrictions and that resulted in the CDC putting them on the high risk list.

What will also be of interest is to see how each country reacts around the world, to this? Also if the CDC will keep adding nations to the high-risk list with Norway? Is this a kind of bullying or coercion or other nations?

Apparently they wont get unemployment either.

A year ago they were heroes and we were to all stand outside and cheer, clap and bang pots and pans to celebrate these front-line staff.

Now they are to have their own lives destroyed because they wont act as Guinea Pigs and do what they are ordered to do.

While other fascist leftist morons actually celebrated this on Twitter and the same one that told everyone last year they were heroes and had all been vaccinated. Lie .. after lie .. after lie.


During likely the worst period since world war 2 politicians and leaders are attacking their own people which cannot be seen as anything other than a plan to divide people.

Which is odd because of you consider all the world’s major problems both fake and real the only possible solution in actual fact, is to reduce the population by a large number of people.

Pandemics, vaccines, unrest, war, division and constantly being kicked while down and very obviously filling people with fear, anger or both seems to be doing the job of reducing it.

We even had people not wanting to start families over this or that.

You could argue that lots of little plans work rather like what people say about a certain .. election?


Even in North Carolina they had already fired 175 hospital staff.


I fully expected covid and vaccine numbers this Autumn and Winter from around the world that are already starting to appear.

If this continues for the next 12 weeks as it has already started then these fascistic actions by politicians are not only going to look very bad but are going to bring about a lot of anger from the public which will just grow in number.

First off you need a week or two for this to filter through to everyone and by then people will be looking, seeing more people fired, staff shortages going on. Which will lead to fears of no treatments and loved ones possibly dying.

Around the same time you are going to see more numbers of vaccines doing this along with covid not doing that.

It will be like watching a lit fuse go down and no way of knowing what the explosion will take place. But I suspect that come March 2022 it will look pretty bad if not completely collapsed already.

Once those first stories that people are dying not from covid or vaccines but actually from mandates the shit will hot the fan like nothing we have seen for many many decades.

The fact that this is inevitable and why I write about it, means that you either have complete morons as politicians who should be jailed for the rest of their natural lives, or this was their intention all along?

Its at the stage now where its ‘God help someone who tries to force me’ to ‘God I hope I get Covid and it kills me because I cannot stand watching the evil and fascism I see unfold’.

And after the Federal employee whistle-blower over the secret video of nurses running down Covid19 vaccines their employers said they would launch an investigation.

Then they put her on administrative leave.

Now I had a conversation with someone that knew their was corruption and complained about the NHS but then kept flip-flopping over covid and vaccines. He does not like socialists and Marxists at all but is centre-left and was a social worker for 25 odd years.

He was on the phone for long periods and to start with I reminded him that when I told everyone I was being suppressed several years ago everyone thought was wrong and even insane.

Little by little they started to realise I was not quite that insane.

Then two years ago in a diabetic clinic he gets talking to a YouTuber. My friends tells him about me and that I had claimed for several years that I was being suppressed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and others and laughed about it.

This guy, obviously suspecting something asks my friend what it is I talk about.

My social worker friend then explains its anti-socialist stuff, science, anti-AGW but based on science and the lies going on with fake news and even that I did not see what the problem was with Donald Trump and the lies said about him.

“Oh, I can assure you that they are suppressing your friend” this YouTuber says to my friend.

“What?!” was my friends reply.

The YouTubers then explains that he was earning on YouTube and one day over night he lost around £1,500 GBP in revenue and has several friends who lost three figure sums in revenue at the same time and that they knew this had happened to way more people. He then explained the different tricks they use to do this.

“I am SO SORRY!!” was what my friend said to me after he told me about this discussion he had with this guy he met. He said that as he sat there and listened to the various stories he could not believe that these companies could be that evil and must destroy people’s livelihoods they way that they have.

In a recent discussion I had told him that on YouTube many people were reporting that YouTube was about to wipe out whole channels, which they have done many times since my friend realised.

I asked if he recalled that conversation with the guy in the hospital and he said he did. I stated that if he was to ever bump into him again and ask him it I would bet a large sum of money that all their channels had been deleted.

So does not matter if it was £300 per month or £10,000 per month and all those years and all that work and effort .. POOPF! GONE!

“Shit” was all that he said when I told him and stated that they even go after very big channels now and do not care. So that he would realise that over the last few years many struggling people have just been wiped out.

Of course he not only realised that this was going on before and that lies were OK even when proven to be lies but that the truth and facts in science were not.

Now I haw to send this following video about how YouTube deleted not one but two Russia Today channels amongst would would no doubt be a very long list. Russia .. Today .. news channels!

I wonder what my friend will think when he realise that Vladmir Putin is pished and that Russia are now threatening to block not just YouTube part Google products in part and pointing out that this could be total.

Its believe that around 88% of the Russian market is Google and losing all that and advertising would damage them beyond belief in an action that actually make Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government actually look good, right now.

The reason given was ‘promoting vaccine hesitancy’. You could not make it up.

Will they start banning people from doing, saying or travelling because they have had the wrong vaccine?

How about children, along with others, ‘accidentally’ given the Covid19 vaccines instead of a flu shot in more than one country and children getting heart issues soon after?

On No Tricks Zone and written by Kenneth Richard, who I have argued alongside on many occasions, on the growing list of countries, I myself predicted would happen and how cases and deaths from Covid19 are growing in the fully vaccinated?

It is around a dozen countries and the UK, Russia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Laos and others are mentioned.

I had to delay this one and literally stopped working on it.

This was because that not only had the lying masters decided to start hammering people speaking about covid or vaccines, despite the fact they have been consistently wrong and/or lied in corporate news and allowed to, they were to censor people.

I also had this deep down feeling that not only was they going to censor covid and vaccine but this would quietly extend to AGW or global warming. And it did. This was to take place around November 5th (2021).

As the next piece was going to involve covid and vaccines I thought I would wait and as the date has now passed I can tell you a few things ..

  • People got censored or demonetized over covid
  • One channel I know I have had private talks to were in total shock when they got censored for reporting Earth Science, Spaceweather & weather reports as ‘hate-speech’
  • The adverts are not only still in place on my postings but I have not even had so much as a warning

The couple I know who were censored are in New York and one of the reasons I listen to them, because they have been hiding so much crap, is that they are not sensationalist, level headed and do not make any big or wild claims. They often state in videos that they are not experts but are very interested.

Bearing in mind that not only do the experts get things wrong and are not censored but in each field they would admit how precious little they know,

Richard Feynman stated that in science no government or body has the right to dictate how science works or should be reported. But the ones that want to stifle ‘science’ which literally means to question, they want to lie about it too.

In a conversation I reassured them that not only was this a sign of panic but that I did expect it.

Also what will be interesting to know is that during my battles on these large threads that involve covid and AGW is that once again everything I said that they insisted was wrong is still turning out to be the case.

Speaking of ‘case’ now we have had the lies of MSNBC, CNN and the likes of the New York Times vindicate yet another thing I stated back in 2012 and for years prior to this. The news everywhere lies and this includes here in the UK.

In the last few days several reports have come out about the support for vaccines and AGW waning, something I insisted for awhile now would occur at the end of 2021. Once again I was called all kinds with idiot, liar and moron among them.

Once again and as with each previous case I turned out to be right but this wont stop them calling me that the next half a dozen times.

Karl Popper once said that the “True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge but the refusal to acquire it”.

We live in a world where you are literally punished for seeking the truth and also punished for not accepting the lie.

The BBC ran a report shortly after another report of not just the waning support for covid, vaccines and AGW global warming but detailed this ‘conspiracy theory’ and that there has been a tenfold increase, its more, the the belief that a Grand Solar Minimum is about to occur.

Then after pushing something that has never happened before, AGW, when science is all about repeating experiments or concurrences they tried to run it down, no its an actual REAL thing, and claim it would have no effect. Yeah and they finish off with more pseudoscience.

BBC? You have been featured on here since the beginning and I warned you and I warned you what would happen. I warned all of you. My long pauses on here from posting was a result of your not so genius plans ..

  • Censoring since 2016
  • Seizure of numbers to avoid payments
  • Altering design so that I break rules when it was you
  • Focus was placed elsewhere using social media with tree-structure feeds to get the message out to as many as I could, across many corporate news threads, Extinction Rebellion Threads, Fridays For Future threads, covid threads, vaccine threads, volcano thread ..
  • AT the same time and across a longer period I stepped up comments left on influential YouTube videos
  • I watched as people I listened to that did not talk about these things started to and saying what I had stated .. admittedly sometimes after a wait of a year or two, like Tim Pool
  • Say it enough times. So that others would look. Then they would say it enough times. Then eventually it gets spotted.
  • You are unlikely to cure the stupidity of the person with whom you are debating but you never know who will be watching that will hear your truth” – Howell Woltz

So the BBC do pseudoscience on things?

They have no scientific foundation for their claim that Grand Solar Minimum will have no effect.

Here is an except from the BBC they have forgotten about from 2014 where they state, at the time, they had seen the Sun do things they had not before.

They stated that it was just like the run-up to the Maunder Minimum that happened from around 1648 to 1700.

They also tried to state that, after a record 20 month long solar minimum, there would be no harsh winters become and there have been many in many countries and records have been broken every year. South America and mainly Brazil has been below average almost consistently for 3 years.

That’s why it helps to have morons in government and journalism.

BBC – Why Has The Sun Gone To Sleep – 2014

On covid there are some worrying concerns from Doctors I am trying to keep an eye on about possible issues with DNA.

Now this is a bit of an eyebrow raiser because there were some claims early on but I had to ignore these. I am more than willing to go into the realms of speculation but I am not willing to risk being deleted because fascists are attacking freedom of speech so that they remain on their proverbial thrones.

Like Dr John Campbell here is another Doctor that seems to be level headed about these things talking about this and he seems to be keeping a close eye on the developments. As does Jimmy Dore.

Here is the scientific paper he is talking about but you have to bear in mind that when people claim something is fact using ‘peer-reviewed science paper’ they are lying.

The Replication Crisis states that if all science papers were retested half or more would be wrong and it is vitally important in science that you bear this in mind.

Like Carl Sagan said “I do not want to believe, I want to know”


Here is an article from May 2021 talking about the efficacy of vaccines and how they should be stored at very low temperatures.


One on fear of vaccines and their effects on DNA.

A long list of countries that had not had vaccine mandates have been fine including the likes of Sweden and as far out as Vietnam .. but also in Africa and instead of scientists just being up front, like with global warming, then spend months saying ‘we’re baffled’.

Yes because you have been acting and preaching like you know everything when you either know flock all or your lying and do not know how to cover it up.


I can also now show that the NHS and Doctors lied to me and gave me Gabapentin for a condition there has been no evidence it worked for and this was pushed by none other than Pfizer.

Here is a video about how the news media lied and believe me when I state that, in the following video, even the progressive left are asking questions .. you were duped .. if they tell you to not listen to someone that should be a sign that YOU SHOULD LISTEN ..

Here we go .. Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Michael Malice, Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski, Blair White, Ian Crossland with Lydia and others talking about how, with Rittenhouse case, no one believes the corporate news any longer and that vaccines have failed.

This is the full and roughly two and a half hour long video.

You have to realise if you do not know that these people combined have way more listeners than the western news combined and many of the viewers of the latter only watch to then go and expose their bullshit anyway.

Pool has millions of followers, Rogan likely tens of millions of followers and was paid $30 Million, if memory serves, to go from YouTube to Spotify.

Now when you have Jimmy Dore a progressive leftist but honest, defending Project Veritas, who he does not like though I do, over what the FBI just did and the New York Times getting their hands on documents between James O’Keefe and their lawyers you KNOW its over for them.

Now to me this is all things I was predicting many, many years ago to varying lengths of time and from as little as 3 to as much as 30. All of it. Predicted a pandemic and I predicted would would happen with the rushed vaccines. Showed in 2001 that the Industrial; Revolution started no warming. After seeing data and events between 2014 and 2019, early, I knew what was coming with the global temps.

Granted there were many things to still work out and link together and although I have many, like solar cycles to seismic activity and magnetic fields along volcanoes to climate and large cyclones and oceans, there is still more to go.

Both the speed of these effects and the longevity is also impossible to tell. But you can get the general direction and a time frame, or a minimum time-frame.

When it comes to cooling its a minimum of a decade. Because of the solar cycle lengths and if the next solar maximum is not enough to reverse the direct, three year lag needed too, than its going to be close to two decades.

What most forget is there is not one source of heat but two, the Sun and the Earth’s magma via Volcanoes which also act as cooling after, dependent on volume of materials and molecules in the atmosphere along with WHERE.

Yet they literally are arguing about warming currently as if CO2 can generates its own heat. That is not even classed as pseudoscience and instead complete madness. Period.

Scientific Study recently showed that 62 dynasties in China collapsed over climate change as a result of volcanoes.

People had argued with me that it needed a high level eruption only while I told them that my theory was that it did not. A previous part goes into this and that large cyclone could transfer materials up into the stratosphere to force cooling to speed up and last longer.

Bearing in mind Michael Mann produced a scientific paper that used the Dust Veil Index of Volcanoes to claim that the Little Ice Age, during the time of the Maunder Minimum, was localised.

Explaining to him how he used this wrong set off his ego and fears and he blocked me and the paper I had trouble finding again recently.

Well now we think we know of at least 62 times we went through climate change in the last 2,000 years but make sure you keep paying them for something they cannot prove.


Talked about here on Watts Up With That and I put this later because despite claims to ‘follow the science’, which is wrong by the way, some are programmed to ignore things they do not like, also wrong ..

There was a lengthy period when the climate used to change sharply which would make what is going on now appear as a gentle breeze.

Now they did not know why this was, changing sea currents by land closing up, like central America, would affect things. But recently they think that the sea-floor went through changes that made it hard or easier for Arctic Sea-Ice to form or melt.

Been telling everyone we know nothing about the sea-floor and it goes through wear via water or ice and geological changes. We just do not know anywhere near enough.


Her are snow forecasts for Europe for the 1st December 2021 and the 6th December 2021 and after you get over the shock of the UK .. then look at Spain.

They are talking temperatures down to -17C so due to the fact that January is the coldest month, should this occur its not just going to shock a lot of people but very likely break records.

Eastern Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania have all had several lots of Spring snow, even in very late Spring.

A friend who was a professional social worker for 25 years and worked when young for a scientist I know, whop sadly passed away, both of which disagreed with me and proven wrong over and over recently said ..

You are always right, why have you not been recognised and been rewarded for all the things you have done? It is criminal, you should be a millionaire!”

Forgetting for a moment that some have called me a modern day Robin Hood here is a website from Nottingham reporting temperatures could get down to -12C and heavy snowfall.


This got a bit of a delay before posting .. first I had a couple of other things I had put together and then a serious situation regarding my health.

Apparently I am lucky to be alive, my scale 10 headaches and few chest pains were down to on off the chart blood pressure that is listed as beyond Hypertensive Crisis.

To give an idea of how bad this was someone gave me the ‘qrisk3’ site the Doctors use and asked me to fill in my details including my Dystolic and Systolic readings. It would not let me enter either one.

This is because the readings were way higher than those it would allow and to give an idea the Dystolic reading limit was 210 while mine was 238. The systolic reading was 179.

This was so bad I spent more money, thanks NHS, on another blood pressure monitor by Omron because after a discussion and heavy pressure to to to hospital we decided that maybe my blood pressure monitor was faulty. Turns out it was not.

Not going to go into details but the Doctors Surgery disagreed with me, I was right yet again, also they wondered how I was familiar with the drugs they prescribed and why I already had a monitor and when I told them they said there was no record of my being Hypertension Stage 2 on my medical records.

Medical records that they have refused to give me for 8 months or more they have provided two reasons for, one of the files they cannot open, yet this contradicts what they said, without crashing the system. The other being that they need to retract names.

You can work out that last one for yourself, others already realised that they have something to hide and know full well I have caused the NHS damage. They even got someone out of retirement and put him in the practice to deal with me.

Well now they are panicking, they have put me on no less than three blood pressure pills, one beta-blocker for my heart and a spray to stop me having a stroke, angina or heart attack.

The Pharmacy section of my Superdrug store spoke to me at great lengths about the mount of medications I have been given. They have since called me three times and will a fourth.

Asked why I had not gone to hospital, I have many reasons, one I gave was that I had been to hospital many times and even different hospitals and Doctors about this and nothing was ever done. Now that me exerting myself is now dangerous they want me running around all over the place yet again?

The pharmacist answered that in recent times there has been a rapid rise in anger and distrust of the NHS. Aww and after people were standing out in the street banging pots and pans in celebration of them? Gee, I wonder why?

I also told a asocial worker friend of mine that being forced into where I am without help and that leaving me here will lead to my death, which I may well have mentioned on here? Well this now turns out to be the case and I have been asked who it is and where it is I reside.

I was told I was bullied. I am to be relocated to where my daughter lives in Wales, or so they tell me but I will believe this when it happens. They stated that I am being bullied and over utterly stupid things to and think they need to get me out. I was offered temporary accommodation locally .. twice and have said ‘no’.

Two things the authorities are about to realise .. other than the fact that I had serious issues getting to them recently and two young men were trying to steal my shoulder bag from me on the way home ..

  • The Amlodopine, Lisinopril, Ramipril, Bisoprolol, Glyceryl and statins being taken are still resulting in a BP of over 140 which is still Hypertension Stage 1 or 2
  • Despite being informed I am still being bickered at and bullied over BS reasons, one thinking that then catching covid is worse and another thinks their rhinovirus is also worse

As I write this section, 20/12/201, three organisations have had emails informing them of those above two things and that I am still getting the chest issues and headaches.

I am worried that this condition will now kill me before I get relocated to an idyllic village in Wales or that the move itself may kill me if these symptoms do not get sorted out, again, before the move.

That was the short version.

Back in the real world there has been an increase of ramming things in people’s faces with covid and omicron and this has gone just as I stated. As I also stated and was missed somehow by the NHS who seem to have removed more things than I thought from my records, a vaccine would likely have caused my death. Due to the shockingly incomplete medical records no one would have gotten any blame for this. Convenient?

Also the attack on anyone speaking out against AGW global warming, which goes against everything stands for, is ramping up.

Electroverse has had an email form the Washington Post who seem to work in conjunction with someone called ‘Center for Countering Digital Hate’, science is hate speech now, they removed adverts via Google and judging from what Watts Up With That and others are reporting, Google were bullied?

Here is Electroverse reporting it ..

Here is Watts Up With That reporting it ..

It has been noticed that not only have I had wave after wave of attack from a large and famous Twitter group that claim to be socialists but only seem interested in protecting money from vaccines an AGW but that I have also beaten them.

These people have insisted for two years that the consensus is 97%, it is light years from this, and that the support has risen.

Well here is Watts Up With That with an article about a report that this not only seems to be complete nonsense but asking how thy are claiming that the sceptics of 3% are disrupting the believers at 97%? Simply put, they are not at the figures they claim.

These people treat you as sheep .. or people that will just go along with the masses, its how they have controlled you, with help from the media, and stolen from you without you being aware of it.

Social Media Giants have also helped and I have insisted to everyone and now getting more praise for it, that by very early 2022 the masses will have realised many things.

Here is an article about the British Medical Journal calling Facebook and their fact-checkers ‘inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible’ because they even listed the BMJ as spreading misinformation.

If they are sneaking a peak over this I have told them for three years now that when it comes to scientists and doctors on covid, vaccines and global warming ..

‘No one wants to be left holding the baby’.

Chest pain after being screamed at in this building so I am going to end this one here and hope I get out of here before the resident moronic bullies cause my untimely death.

THE END OF WAYS (Part Three)

How things change.

How quickly they change and just how much they change.

As I was finishing this part off I was already working on part four and not expecting more than a page or two it has already grown to five.

I had anticipated that based on my predictions that a number of things would occur with both the cold weather and polar blasts as well as blasts from various volcanoes.

With three months left of this year of 2021 much has already been occurring and once again after experts claimed one thing it was later shown by nature, sometimes within 24 hours, that they are wrong.

So this part was about the madness of mankind, attitudes, bad behaviour, how the US has a government doing some inane things.

The idea was that as the parts went on I would swing back around to subjects as I knew there would be more developments but its happening earlier and more frequent than I thought it would

So first up this time around was that mess they call Afghanistan and that pulling out and the rumours I thought were baloney about all the weapons and aircraft left there.

Very long list of aircraft some of which was taken to Afghanistan not long before they left and far more than there are pilots?

Yeah sorry just like with AGW and Covid along with these supposed vaccines .. something stinks.

When I was shown this by a military veteran and after laughing at the Blackhawk Helicopter not even getting off the ground .. I saw the amount of equipment left there.

1 How?

2 Why?

Then something hit me .. hard!

Exactly how are things going to go in the area when the surrounding nations in these areas see these videos and read the reports about just how much equipment the Taliban now has?

208 Aircraft

76,000 vehicles

600,000 weapons

Bearing in mind these are all estimated.


I cannot help but ask myself if someone is now going to end up bombing Afghanistan once they have all the intelligence in?

Well in a changing world where the land suitable for farming might shift, if you wanted to clear people out of a given area, this would be a good way to do it.

War is not only possible but I am sure some would argue before long, if not already, that it is very likely? This could come from anywhere. Any nation close to them could get twitchy and not just Israel either.

Governments, public services, the media and the hard-left are still trying to push and instil fear over Covid19 and Vaccines. Covered in the last part.

After finishing the last part in this series the socialists, Marxist, climate alarmists on kept telling me I am wrong or lying on AGW, Covid19 and Vaccines only to have it blow up in their faces.

They also kept insisting that the majority agreed with them. This was extremely strange to me because hot only had I see evidence myself of what I claim, it is after all how I work, I had showed them. But they would simply not accept what was shown to them.

There is an old saying that there are people that ‘argue that black is white’ and these people are not only a prime example of that phrase but they do it each and every day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

I had warned them that at the end of 2021 the attitudes to Covid19 and the restrictions would change and had seen this for weeks in the UK already, which would be followed by a realisation about global warming.

In each and every case regardless of subject instead of a report they would show me a table of data on some webpage. Very literally and for nearly three years they would do this for everything. Insisting there were far more record heat temperatures than record cold.

It is a really stupid way to cheat because you can be caught out immediately or within a few months at most’

‘Show me all the weather reports of record heat?’

That argument went on for months and I had posted links to Several dozen and maybe even over 100 reports in that year. They never produced any so eventually I did it for them.

There were 7 and the global average temperature had dropped to the baseline.

They would not have it and suddenly averages work differently in their world as does physics.

Apparently I was wrong, an idiot and a liar for saying that attitudes towards Covid19 and the vaccines were changing in the UK. So people and store owners must be lying to me?

Oh and they you get the ‘some random stranger’ fallacy argument.

Yeah I believe his is a news media site in Canada reporting on how the attitudes towards things in the UK has changed and we still have a little under 4 months of the year left?


Another odd one is my keeping score of my accurate predictions. Sometimes these are relevant the the argument I am having on Twitter and sometimes they are not.

But would you believe that when I posted that my predictions were on 89 when I had previously stated it was 88 I was called a liar and reminded what I previously said though oddly they also accused me of saying 90. Yeah that never happened, unless I made a typo, and was likely thrown in because they were desperate to make it appear to others that I lied

Everything they do they cover by furiously projecting these guilty acts onto others and have done it for years. You really do not want to have anything to do with people like this, they are most distasteful and I do not view them as human.

That was literally yesterday.

Last night I saw a video by Tim Pool.

IN this video he talks about a Professor who has resigned from his post at a University for indoctrinating students to Wokeism. Just a cover word for Communism as many view it or something very close.

That is prediction number 90.

Pool states that he is surprised it has not happened sooner and in all honesty so am I. But it has been obvious for a long time and I was told by several scientists who had anonymous accounts on Twitter that they were threatened over their careers and therefore families and mortgages.

I always maintained to the leftists behind this and have said this on the blog that as far as scientists concerned and when too much data is staring them in the face along with the failures that ‘no one wants to be left holding the baby’.

Pool also goes into how this is going on for a long time.

I also stated this when I found out about The Great Reset was a worldwide plan put together in a few months because of Covid19 I could not stop laughing. Anything this group of hard-left tell you is a lie and certainly in my experience. Have friends I can produce that would admit that I said 8, 10, 15 years ago that it feels like we are heading towards .. something.

Also said the same thing when I felt an earthquake in London.

The Professor was accused, with no foundation, by a woke student of beating his wife and student and ended up under investigation.

Oddly I had this too on Twitter from the Woke mob. These people literally are evil and never been married and I have been single for a very .. very long time. They eventually worked that out so just moved to another one.

Its psychological programming and they are taught that if they repeat something enough it gets accepted as fact. Once people accept something as fact long enough and are then presented with the possibility they were fooled then the Dunning-Kruger Effect takes hold.

This happened at Portland State University.

rather interesting and genius is that the Professor sometimes used indoctrination books of old and switched out keywords for words of the woke and they seemed no different.

Would you believe that one of these was Adolf Hitler’s Meine Kampf?

I have stated as have many others, like Pool, Ken Wheeler and others that what these woke are doing is following the same path as Germany did in the 1920’s and 30’s.

But on social media they are calling everyone else ‘Nazis’ within the first post or two as soon as they realise that your going to disagree with them.

Recall me stating that they hide what they are by projecting?

Tim Pool and many others are now saying more often and in almost every video and post that people are acting insane.

A good thing to point out is that Pool even states that he even sees this in his closest friends and this I have no doubts. Because I do to and have mentioned it to people for awhile.

The trouble is I am mentioning this to people that fail to pick up that the are part of that ‘everyone’ and I am also asking myself if I have?

People are behaving out of character and its not because of coofie & the vax but I do believe its something else and something both plausible and scientific and the odd part about it is, is that this is connected to a story that Tim Pool ran well over a year ago. Maybe in 2019?

The Sun has gone to sleep.

Yeah the Sun is doing things we have not seen in modern times and its more than just sunspots but its magnetism too among other things.

I have lost count of the reports of animals dying on mass from insects to whales along with attacks on people by animals even among domesticated animals.

It is known in science that the human brain can detect the magnetic field in some people.

Oddly I have also been asking myself and having conversations with others if the symptoms to my dreaded health condition is affected by it?

When I first realised what I suffered with most people had never heard of it and it was one of those invisible illnesses the government that now claim they are saving your life, left to suffer so they could save money that is not theirs.

I now have a dreaded symptom return that affected me at seemingly the same part of the solar cycle in the last one. This is something I had for several years. Then it went away for several years literally overnight shocking everyone I know. It was confusing at the time. A relief, but confusing.

Several months ago it returned at the worst possible time and it was a month or two before I realised it seemed to be lining up with the solar cycles.

It could turn out that some are affected health wise while others are affected behaviourally?

Now with that in mind and remember what I said about these people being twisted, literally insane and projecting ..

How about a while leftist activist wearing a Gorilla mask who attacks a black conservative and throws eggs at him?

Even in the video above they talk about how the left love chaos and how everything is a mess.

But they have absolutely no concerns about how they are affecting your life, your family and your businesses.

Now then I want to talk in this part about the attitudes and behaviour in the people that I see online and all around me. It has been frustrating to watch and it has deteriorated over time. Oddly I have seen bizarre reports involving animals.

But before I do and trying to get this finished as I am already one third into the next part, I want to talk briefly about a particular attitude and censorship I have talked about for awhile.

Socialists, or people pretending to be socialists and Marxists, claim this is not going on and conservatives are not censored any more then left-wing. Well this is a lie and I am centre-left and I am censored.

Even on Blogger its loaded with ads that according to my design screen are not there. Oddly enough there are more than the limit and must be my my revenue has been frozen for four years.

Have also stated that they have been burying the blog too.

Now I am about to show this with two screenshots with someone from the Czech Republic, or all places.

I also want to show that this blog also talks about the links I have done between George Soros and Karl Popper, something I discovered after getting these socialist antifa types to drop clues.

Very recently he posted that he had received a warning from Blogger for posting an interview with the man that created mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone.

Which you will see further down has now been interviewed by very popular Jimmy Dore, also supposed to be a left progressive. Oddly enough the so-called socialists online despise Jimmy Dore and Tim Pool.

Now here is that interview with Dr Robert Malone and they show you all of the news that ran a fake story on Ivermectin.

They are literally lying to your face while performing some cosmic level hypocrisy and nothing ever happens.

I literally got told during a brief private conversation with an organisation involving scientists that ..

The world has truly gone mad”.

It is like I am in some sick dream or nightmare and I keep expecting to wake up at any moment.

While complete idiots, evil people and liars get paid large sums of money, have power they do not deserve and hold all the money of the people and act as if it is theirs by birthright.

As I was still working on this and pulling away from more grief as on yet another thread packs of liars were attacking me from all angles and swamping the thread .. this happened ..

Dr Robert Malone, creator of the mRNA Vaccines has started a petition to remind Doctors of the Hippocratic Oath and stop forcing needless death and suffering by governments

Against the discouragement of Doctors speaking out (like scientists on AGW)

Against barriers being put up by pharmaceutical companies and more ..

As expected and was inevitable those Doctors as well as scientists would start pushing back against what is going on.

Not the ones that got into their careers purely for the money to be made but those that genuinely wanted to help people, improve things for the benefit of mankind and respect the science.

Unlike those that want to abuse it for their own ends and power.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has come out with a statement, according to posts on Twitter, where has has accused this New World Order of having a plan of ‘depopulation’. A word that has been stated to me more and more often and every random person I speak to does not believe the news, government, the NHS (in the UK), Covid, vaccines or AGW.

According to reports Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology had plans to re-release engineered coronavirus strains back into the wild with Bats in caves.

An totally insane plan that even DARPA would not get involved with which could have not only had consequences top the wildlife but later to humans. But would have been handy as it would have looked like it came from Bats and not a lab.


Who appear to be progressives working for the FDA think they are superior to you and want to force you to have their vaccines. Your body belongs to them and even want to have a Nazi style registration for unvaccinated people in shocking under-cover video.

Now with that in mind are you aware that in India, cannot believe I am linking The Guardian here (SPIT!) ..

  • 67.7% of the population have Covid antibodies
  • But only 13% have been fully vaccinated
  • But we also know that after a few months the effectiveness drops off and nothing after 6
  • Plus they have had supply issues

Which means that the vast majority have natural immunity.


Meanwhile a federal employee speaks to Project Veritas and has a video of nurses saying that the Covid19 vaccines are ‘full of shit’ and that they are getting many people with adverse side-effects and the reports are being buried.

If I was to have predicted a scenario like this 5 years ago I would not have blamed them for having me committed.

This is certainly a very bizarre period of time where there are a great many instances where truth is stranger than fiction.

Even people I knew that were flip-flopping are finally realizing after resisting my theories that once again it as as I claimed it to be.

Even my daughter and some church people she knows locally believe its very close to a collapse here in the UK and they are certainly talking about it in the US.

Heaven only knows how many other nations are talking about this but Australia surprisingly seems further down the road than anyone else.

I said back in 2020 that 2021 will be worse and I am certain that 2022 will only go further into hell as to me it is inevitable that the masses will realise they were lied to.

Who knows what the backlash will be of years or being lectured, taxes, suffering, illness and including death over things that were not true.

Black Lives Matter are already calling the vaccine mandates as racist. Heaven only knows what will happen when they hear the other reports or burying reports, vaccines doing nothing, the natural immunity and what those FDA people said?

Laws, Courts and judges were created to get justice.

Without them there is only one other way this ends for many places.

There is a meme going around that the difference between conspiracy theories and facts is about 6 months.

Hilarious as well as being kinda scary and true in some instances.

This is what happens when you allow them to fill you with fear and anger and is the oldest trick in the book.

Someone called Nicki Minaj, a celebrity, rapper and with 123 million followers has been at war with lying journalists. Over speaking out about Covid19 vaccines and basically getting messages from ‘Guardian Media’ which sounded like threats.

Here is a good take on it from ol’ Sargon Of Akkad on his Lotus Eaters channel.

It seems this ‘majority of the public’ the hard-left and Antifa types kept screaming and lying about, as its way smaller than they claimed, is now splintering and fracturing right before out eyes.

This will continue until around February to April 2022 and the slow realisation that they were manipulated by a small group using lies will become a primary issue for those that attempted to mislead them.


As I started typing out this follow up I was expecting it to grow somewhat and it has.

That being said it has grown far quicker than I imagined as some things I expected to come to light have along with a few I did not.

I should have realised that this one will end up being the biggest or at least one of the biggest ones on a subject I deserted over a year ago when I realised what I was being told and the numbers I was getting stank to high heaven.

Antifa teachers and two pills on top of risky injections and backlashes from parents along with a very large survey of 1.4 million people to check for anti-bodies for covid.

Now then there is more to go and we are just a few days into Autumn. I knew that there would be a lot more over the next 3 months so this was going to have to be a minimum of three parts and I soon realised .. yeah four most likely?

Been trying to keep these posts as short and sweet but this one has already grown and likely will a bit more before posted.

Starts off with a few early tasters but as you go on you will see scientific evidence that more of my predictions have turned out to be the case along with that of more and more people doing an about face, realising and calling out the evil groups trying to manipulate others.

Yeah many already realise they have been lying but this is about to sky rocket and a few things have happened a month earlier than I thought they would.

Right at the end there is going to be a screenshot that is something of a surprise and though I do get this from time to time .. the names involved are ones I used to adore so much and shake my head as to what they have now become.

Out of 3,371 pregnant women in the whole if the UK infected with Covid19 only four have had the first dose of the vaccine and none have been fully vaccinated.


Now in New York they are persecuting children and disabled people who have been advised not to have the vaccine and Tim Pool points out that this is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany.

If you are not fit or worthy, have too many facts and too intelligent .. do not do as your told then you are for the chop.

The evil lying Marxists insisted to me they were not fascists and no one called them this.

Here is Tim Pool now calling them this and explaining why they are fascists and that when he asked many restaurants about disabled people that have been unvaccinated they all replied as the Nazis did ..

“We are only following orders”

Two Black Guys talking about why the Black Community are hesitant on Covid19 vaccines and talking about the hard-left ripping into them and calling them anti-vaxxers and how they are wrong, bullies and hypocrites. How celebrities so stupid shit because the virtue-signalling hard-left are liars and hypocrites. Like Philip De Franco and is mentioned.

They also talk about how they hard-left so socialists and Marxists are only interested in what blacks have to say when those black people say what the hard-left fascists want them to.

Told y’all.

Here are two videos featuring Tim Pool (centre-left but hard-left call far-right), Ian Crosslands (moderate left at a guess) and Steve Bannon (right-wing and not as he he described by the hard-left either).

In the first one they talk about Elon Musk’s cryptic ‘end of the world’ tweet that contains the word ‘Sun’. Collapsing empires. Food shortages in America. Working class too. The Fourth Turning.

Tim explains how he had to relocate many times as the trouble spread to places they never should have.

Here Tim Pool has guests on, one from Australia ad they talk and agree how the Hard-Left and Antifa are fascists. Now attacking people protesting against mask mandates and in all honesty at the worst possible time too.

Here is Fox News talking about the expose by Project Veritas of a teacher in a school in the US where he openly admits indoctrinating children to Antifa and literally telling children if they are not Antifa then they are pro-fascism.

Of course as is typical of nasty, narrow minded fascists who have claimed moral superiority to go after others and your children as they think they own them ..

Out comes the victim card as they are superior and crying because people are going after his job.

Remember these are the people that are the main pushers of

  • AGW or man-made global warming
  • Scaring people over Covid19 after claiming closing any borders was racist and encouraged everyone to be brought home with said virus
  • But now do not want you leaving your house
  • Want you to be forced to have vaccines that are untested and in my experience have been worse than the virus itself and more reports inevitable from what I am hearing of alerts to hospitals to expect an influx

You really could not make this stuff up.

These people are nasty and control freaks with low IQ’s and no morals whatsoever and I catch them out on a daily basis.

They insist I am conservative when I have proven I am not and currently trying childish and lame reverse psychology and have done a couple of weeks suggesting all conservatives should not be vaccinated.

So on the one hand saying they want conservative people to die while trying to use psychology to trick them into having vaccines which have been causing more deaths than the virus.

I have to deal with idiots still that do not agree with socialists and hard-left but want to pick and choose what they are right about because they are scared.

Oddly enough one was insisted on people being forced and did not agree with me that people were refusing vaccines because all the news said otherwise and they would not lie about this.

Pressurises his girlfriend to to to Crete where they usually spend 6 weeks every year and did not go last year.

Gets there ..

  • Curfew after 1am
  • Restaurants they love all closed .. and .. umm ..
  • Starts asking people about the state of things, remember he thinks people that refuse vaccines are evil and selfish ..
  • No one wants vaccines ..
  • Everyone seems to have had Covid19 ..
  • Gets told repeatedly for weeks 19 out of 20 barely knew they had it
  • Only one in twenty was bad
  • Not one person could tell him of anyone they knew that died from the virus

So I need to ask him if he ever plans to return to Crete as according to him for 8 months solid anyone that refuses to have vaccines are evil and selfish.

By that logic all of Crete is evil and selfish.

Also his girlfriend did not want to go because of the virus they believed was a threat so I cannot even begin to imagine the awkward conversation as once again they insisted I was wrong and I was right, never been wrong and they simply never learn, and she finds herself surrounded by people that could be carriers.

Bearing in mind these were people that agreed with people being locked in their own homes and seem to be now oblivious to the fact that the vaccines do not work that well and drop in effectiveness with each passing month.

Honestly have no idea if they had more shots or a booster before they went.

Also that they could have picked up another strain and brought it back to the UK and is totally possible and plausible.

Its been startling that those that claimed they hate socialists and fascists are quick to agree with them when it suits but then think that the rules only apply to others.

I have acted with far more responsibility over the virus that any single person promoting facemasks, vaccines and lockdowns.

Here is the original exposing of the Antifa teacher by Project Veritas where he admits to having an Antifa flag on the wall in his classroom and a student has since confirmed he has been at it awhile.

The teachers in the school are all far-left so socialists, Marxists and Antifa.

Here he is being confronted by Project Veritas and claims harassment and gets out his victim card while wearing his communist vest with a hammer and sickle on it.

He states “extreme times calls for extreme measures”?

Sooo .. that means lying and bullying people while the world is going to shit to get the society that they want?

No champ, that just sounds to me your a bunch of selfish c*nts that are nasty amoral fascists but have declared yourself morally superior and think that you can lie and instil fear into others to get what you want.

The Nazis did exactly that in the 1920’s and 1930’s and when they were called Nazis they were all for the working classes and no one knew what they were doing to the Jewish people.

Battle with these people online and they are worse than the Nazis, absolutely convinced they are not and do not seem to know their history very well. Or definitions.

I dare say the number of deaths are going to rise over the coming months and that when it does there will be no doubt that these hard-left fascist morons will be directly responsible for ..

  • Deaths from vaccines
  • Deaths from unrest and confrontation they are responsible for
  • Early deaths from Covid because they did not want to close borders
  • Theft of large sums of money over the AGW nonsense
  • Divisions within other countries and the deaths that may occur from these

Married couple I know who were forced to have vaccines have been very ill form them and this is in Yorkshire in the UK and many have gone back to the Doctors to complain and were told ..

‘Your problem, it was your choice to have it’.

So just in the UK and will build over the coming weeks right into 2022 the public are realising they was lied to and are now being blamed for something they was given no choice in.

Funny story as I know a woman teacher who told a health care worker that she had both jabs and tested later embarrassed Doctors told her she had no anti-bodies and did not know what to say.

Only after reports of vaccines amplifying covid symptoms in some cases and then being told by a health-care worker that the NHS put out an alert that hospitals may experience an influx of patients with reactions ..

I then get told that the teacher, not being told about any of this, returned to the Doctors to get another two vaccine injections where she was then told that she did have anti-bodies?

This could only mean that they are now lying so that they do not have to give her another one or they got it wrong last time and misinformed her?

Now considering the reports that the vaccines have ..

  • Not been working
  • Been worse than the virus
  • That have amplified symptoms
  • The NHS have put out THAT alert

It would be reasonable for anyone to think as well as plausible that they knew this was a major league flock up and did not want to give this woman two more injections only to have her hospitalised a few weeks later and maybe even die?

Could you imagine the headlines?

I mean she must have told people and she told her health-care worker, who was the one that told me about it, so if there was a fatality ..

‘Woman gets first two doses, gets side-effects but no anti-bodies, gets next two doses and dies’?

As she is a teacher she was likely forced by the government to have the vaccine too?

Yeah I will put money that they lied to stop her preventing having two more jabs as they do not want it being any harder than it may well be once we are well into Autumn.

Now then before the Autumn has barely had a few days a few reports turn up that raise an eyebrow and the first is one from the CDC suggesting that 80% of Americans have antibodies. No idea how many of those were unvaccinated.

A few days after that CDC Report a scientific study in Israel shows that effectiveness of vaccines is going within 6 months, effectiveness against the Delta variant differs from report to report.

Now then the Doctor that invented the mRNA vaccines is Dr Robert Malone and he started talking of his concerns about rushing this as did Dr Philip Mason, aka Thunderf00t.

Malone also talked of worrying results of tests concerning spike-proteins and was worried about long term effects like ovarian cancer and leukaemia.

Yeah they started to censor him.

Now I heard reports of the vaccines not protecting people from covid and in cases actually amplifying the symptoms though I know nothing about the numbers right now. Though I do expect to hear about them by December 2021.

Then I heard Dr Malone was talking about this and here is an interview with him I found and possibly others have been deleted. As if your Google, Twitter, YouTube et al then you can act as Doctors while Doctors that do not say what they are supposed to cannot.

Now out of the people I know, and I only state what I predict will happen and unlike a fascist group do not tell people what to do, 60% have not been vaccinated. Including two people working in health care.

Now one of those was very quick to decide what other people should do despite not speaking to any epidemiologists and also ignoring my success rate in science and politics. Not to mention the other things I have done.

Now they were under the impression they were protected and despite claiming others should be locked down in their houses .. went off to Crete for 6 weeks.

Considering that Covid19 has been in the UK ‘officially’ for 19 months and we have seen reports that suggest it could be 24 months and the vaccines have been around for .. ten months?

I have had no one tell me they have had either a booster shot or a second round of jabs.

Did the two I now have any jabs before they departed for Crete? I simply do not know.

As everyone they met had not been vaccinated and seem to have mostly had Covid19 and you can still contract it anyway it hardly seems relevant.

That being said if they travelled 4 months or more, they was there for a month, then they would have had next to no or no protection while there.

Now if that last one was the case and considering they were there for 6 weeks among people unvaccinated and many having had the virus .. would it not be reasonable to expect the to contract it? Considering how we are told how they are becoming more and more contagious over the last several months?

Ever since the virus had ‘officially’ been in the UK around 4 months every single thing I have looked at either does not make sense or after all this time they do not seem to know what is going on.

A socialist I know that thought she had some agree with her over covid and vaccines is somewhat confused as those that did have changed their minds. Been told that they do not want vaccines and do not trust the news media, NHS nor government on the subject.

Here is a video on how the hard-left socialists are not human at all. They are nasty, bossy low IQ people that just want to be in charge telling others what to do.

Now these boys right here? They iz not impressed, y’all.

Here is Tim Pool who is centre-left, who misses things but the hard-left call far-right because he does not agree with them. Yeah its a form of fascist bullying. Also talking about how these people are not human people at all and how the media make shit up.

Here is Luke Rudkowski on the same thing and a few others.

Intelligent black guy on a black lady with children who turns up to rip shit out of Antifa and call them names and explains that they are full of shit and that the media have ignored her.

These hard-left have been warned but despite claiming to be scientists have zero idea that winter is approaching and that the reports and data for Covid, Vaccines and AGW is about to get a whole lot worse.

A mother stripped of custody of her own child by a fascist Judge because she had not had the vaccine when her own Doctor advised her against it?

Where is his punishment for overruling Doctors and giving advice on vaccines? If it were me I would reintroduce ‘squads’. That fired people.

So the CDC published study that 83% of Americans have immunity that the hard-left are desperately trying to spin but also forgetting the vaccines only last 5 months or so ..

Tim Pool and guests saying that they must lift all restrictions now and if they do not then this is nothing to do with Covid19 and more sinister ..

Then Tim Pool hears that Pfizer now say you have to have three injections and on top of that take two pills every single day?

Yeah Pool loses it ..

So though I do get attention from scientists from both sides and many fields and I have no idea how many as I often do not check and many are anonymous because politics has destroyed science but ..

This author of a book called ‘Super-volcanoes’ and write for the National Geographic, New York Times, Scientific American and The Atlantic, liked one of my tweets.

It the alarmists that called me all the names under the sun ever found out there would be a mass meltdown as they have spent 2.5 years lying their backsides off and also claiming no one takes any notice of me.


Are those that have been following order and pushing narratives now realising that it is all about to end? Or have they realised it has already and now just a matter of time?

That would be the third author I am aware of to take notice of me in 3 years.

I am scientific, multi-disciplined with a weird pattern recognition skill and have made close to 90 predictions just in 2.5 years on Twitter that have almost all come to pass.

And for some reason many individuals and some very big names have thrown all including the kitchen sink at me and cost me financially just to try and stop me.

I am the wrong dude to do that to for a very long list of reasons.

All this because I am evil for providing the facts, reports, making predictions in science that later turned out to be true and telling people why I am not having the vaccines.

From people that hate others, want anyone that disagrees with them to die, lie about science, bully people, make up shit about others and push them as facts .. order people to have vaccines or they are evil murderers.

Then they do a switcheroo and for a few weeks were telling Conservatives, told them for two years and proved that I am not a Conservative, not to have them.

A stupid and childish reverse psychology that also comes across at the exact same time that they want everyone that disagrees with them to die.

That is everyone from centre-left to far-right.

Or more or less anyone that is not a socialist, Marxist, Trotskyist, Communist etcetera.

Where only the most naïve wont notice over the newt few months I predicted there would be many protests and they started earlier than I thought.

Thousands of cities across the world have had protests against government using the virus to bring about draconian and authoritarian measures against the people.

Now in Paris, France in the last few days there have been not one but many.

To give you an idea and make you question your mainstream news media there were no less than four on the same day in Paris.

Also there and what I have been waiting for were the Gilets Jaunes who I knew in time would start up again as more and more, well of the less naïve, realise they have been lied to, manipulated and that governments are following the path they did in 1930’s Germany.

Rather surprising was the ‘USA’ chants as well as the repeated calls for Macron to be impeached and go to jail.

At least Joe Biden will have someone to talk to when he is conscious, eh?

Water canons and tear gas were used.

Here is Ken Wheeler a guy I have watched for years on Fujiflim and Nikon cameras who himself got dragged into this.

Listen to him on what Australia are doing.

Neil Oliver from the ‘Coast’ series now on GB News and listen to what he says about the news media, government, NHS and Doctors regarding Covid and the Vaccines.

Here is Neil Oliver from TV series ‘Coast’ which I think was on the BBC and now on GB News talking about how covid is madness and no one trusts the vaccines, government, Doctors or the NHS.

Branching off this is Sabine Hossenfelder. Much admired by me I very much enjor watching her videos on science when I can get away from everything else.

Multi-published scientist she did a video on AGW where she got angry with the news media and ‘do-gooder leftists’ using the phrase ‘follow the science’ which is nonsense and explains why.

In another video show helped me prove something these ‘do-gooder leftists’ were wrong about in that she was askd to write an honest piece on speculative physics. We were told that neither Doctors nor scientists were shut down. They lied.

After writing the piece for the American Physical Society, remember they asked HER, she was then rejected for being too honest and that the piece would ‘offend people’.

Here she talks about the cosmological model, something I had long theorised they were wrong about .. and it is wrong. Prediction number 87 .. or is it 88?

Once again some ‘friends’ that have spent years questioning me on views and predictions and always end up being wrong are wrong yet again.

One wonders whether they will take into consideration how this has affected me over the years and whether or not people with a zero score and getting it right should stop telling someone that they have even admitted always gets it right and stop?

Would be nice but I doubt it.

It is why I would like to live on a deserted island until its over but doubt I will last 10 years anyway?

Now then just to repeat because the hard-left hate me and insist I am far-right but along with all the other labels they like to call me .. they cannot prove it. Because there is no proof and it is not true.

Now they are also well aware and have been for years of my political leaning and along with ignoring it and still calling me a ‘right-wing nut-job’ they do another of their many ‘switcheroos’ and run around telling my followers that I am left-wing and even the term ‘closet leftist’ strongly implying I am a socialist .. but they just laugh.

So for the exact same reason that all the hard-left hate me the centre-left to moderate-right adore me ..




Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Niccolo Machievelli
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote

Here is part of an all day battle that led to carnage and a deep state of denial on those lying about science tp push an agenda and this is common occurrence and included as a bit of fun as well as insight

They waited a few months to come back and lie abut a scientist whose video I posted
Except my side knows I know every thing they try to pull and had beren prepared for months and so let fly and followers were falling about laughing
Get retweeted and as we will get to in a minute my scientist quotes get a lot of likes now
Due to my knowledge and style along with reputation and being undefeated I often get standing ovations and even salutes
Put in a list of the top 7 people on AGW they think I am like Feynman and sometimes Tony Stark due to me Peacock like struting around with these liars and abusers of science
As a scientist I am unique as my skill extend to politics and humour in the form of extreme sarcasm and efter over a doen or two and with only two left I think I may have made the Antifa hoard angry when I posted this above meme?


Fore-note: there are not supposed to be any adverts on this blog and its come to my attention there are 7 and I am absolutely FURIOUS about this.

Obviously left there intentionally so they can punish me and the blog and I have tweeted at Google Adsense and got nothing while Blogger’s account is protected so you cannot do shit.

Could sue them for hundreds of thousands, f@cking fascist slave drivers.

So then they have announced further lockdowns and still pushing vaccines when everyone I know has long since been fed up with lockdowns, lost faith in vaccines with regrets of having them, refusing second dose, refusing any dose and now no longer pressurising loved ones and family to have them.

It has all stopped from what I am hearing.

Two people I know have been hospitalised, one with Bell’s Palsy and his sister with a heart attack while my health care worker daughter and her firm have yet to meet anyone tested positive. They do, however, know 5 that have had blood-clots and one of these died.

I know of two women in the 20’s who were in hospital bed’s next to each other who both had strokes. One woman that fell into a come and died.

Bearing in mind that its been emerging that the Coronavirus was combined with a fungus in a lab where videos of bats being in the lab along with 15,000 samples stated in interviews with staff.

This means that not only have the hard-left been lying to everyone so have the government and the fake news.

But it gets better. You see three fungi have been associated with the virus and killing people that started in India but reports of cases in Uruguay and Chile.

The fungus was combined with the coronavirus to make it ‘sticky’ while one Doctor in India believed the Black, White and Yellow Fungi were ‘sticking’ to masks?

The coronavirus that has never been associated with a fungus now has them oozing from every orifice?

It gets better still ..

Yeah they created vaccines that I said would not work and friends and family are realising are not working and dangerous .. but ..

We only just found out new information about this Covid19?

The WHO said they investigated and now turns out they did not even ask the CCP for the missing data that disappeared from their website and claimed it was a hack.

Also claimed that the CCP ordered a re-engineering of the virus to make it look natural so how did they come up with vaccines without all the necessary data?

More to the point why has no one mentioned this and why are they pushing these failed and dangerous vaccines harder than ever?

Now along with Bell’s Palsy, heart attacks, blood-clots, heart inflammation, ischaemic strokes we also have brain damage and someone on Twitter claimed his wife and mother of his children had lost her eyesight, 94 days at the time, was down to AstraZeneca and had got no help from the British Government or public services like the NHS.


Getting people actually say to me that now they are being told that “well the vaccines do not actually stop you getting it” in which case they say to me “well what is the point in forking having it?!”

I say “Well know some have a vaccine in them they have zero control over too” and there eyes go wide.

When I posted details online I will go into here I noticed two things while the hard-left defended vaccines and compared them to Aspirin, yes I kid you not they actually did that, came across like experts and spelt Aspirin as ‘Aspirine’ at the same time.

Reported ,many times that as well as using a fungus in creation of Covid19 to make it ‘sticky’ that their were experts in India that stated that they believed that fungal spores were sticking to facemasks.

Here is a report in India of a split between experts and whenever this happens the hard-left telling everyone they are about the science always go with one that supports their view as if it is fact.

This is pseudoscience.


World leader turning up at the G7 Summit did not seem to concerned about the Indian variant of Covid19 reportedly ravaging the UK?


So after being told one set of stories for over a year and while they were working on magic vaccines which, even if you DID create one, would take 4 to 7 years and another 4 to 6 of testing .. this came out showing Bats were indeed in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they had 15,000 samples, no safety training and other tidbits ..

So the question is this ..

Provided that data is needed in any science and we was told for a year these things were not possible and ‘conspiracy theory’ only to now discover it had a fungus combined with Coronavirus to make it ‘sticky’ .. how did they come up with these vaccines?

Now they either knew from day one and kept it silent .. or they did not and not only were the vaccines rushed but a complete gamble?

It is one or the other and as we know that the vaccines are doing more harm than good and no major effects on the virus it would rather suggest the latter.

It also does not help that as the masses are not switching to distrust with the media and the governments along with these health services that they are pushing the vaccines on people harder then ever.

The word ‘depopulation’ is being uttered more and more among people.

The hard-left Marxists I assure you are about to do the exact same thing with AGW or global warming. They will pick whatever they feel helps them.

Oddly still arguing with me after I predicted the solar minimum better than all their cherished authorities.

Worried about talk of a Grand Solar Minimum and Little Ice Age like in 1650 when we had one called the Maunder Minimum they have come up with a ‘new’ idea to talk it down.

A ‘terminator event’ is where a band of magnetism takes place on the Sun. Now they are saying one has just taken place, this is not the first time they came up with a theory of a big solar maximum and it failed, and will lead to a high solar maximum.

Back in 2006 and already covered by me they missed the longest solar minimum of 80 years, predicted a record high solar maximum that was a record low and by 2014 everyone was talking about how similar it was to a Maunder Minimum.

After that the missed yet another solar minimum even longer than the last one.

Then all the madness started to erupt and animals behaved bizarrely around the world. Then they started to die off and this has continued.

Now at the end of a solar minimum that has lasted longer than any since the Maunder Minimum something no one has heard of pops up and yet again they are predicting record high solar maximums.

Which can very literally be shown to be wrong in just a few months.

And then there will be some other bullshit.

Meanwhile no one talks about global warming outside the political hard-left in western nations and everyone is talking about the number of erupting volcanoes.

Which, I might add, is rubbished by the hard-left purely because they are losing their political vice-like grip with AGW. The ship has sailed.


Its like there is a consortium or group that’s been given the task of angering, scaring and confusing as many people as possible so that they cannot see the wood for the trees?

Here is a video that includes people linked to the IPCC where they go over claims my the Marxist Climate Alarmists and their deity Greta Thunberg and explain that they have been twisting things and that there is no date whereby we cannot turn things around.

So they lied about that and I find it odd that it has taken this long to state that these ‘deadlines’ are hogwash.

But then in all honesty its been my job to put people into a corner and force them to make statements against their masters.

One of my most used and favourite lines is that among scientists ‘no one wants to be left holding the baby’.

So after 6 months of drops we have a June that has had some cold spells and some more forecast meaning that we might get another month without a rise and maybe even another drop?

Will be the end of the road for the alarmists and their AGW as with winters starting earlier and ending later no one will expect much of a rise for July or August.

Stated that 2021 was going to be a key year for so many things and consider that if it drops again in June .. that it will likely continue faster and speed up with any more high level volcanic eruptions .. that by the time this year is over .. we could be at -0.2C to -0.6C?

As for these Marxists and their Puppet Masters .. I have called them fascists for the longest time now and have worked hard to get more and more people to not only see them for what they are but report them for what they are.

Still it is not like they would do anything utterly stupid like start branding people as the Nazis did leading up to World War 2, eh?


As state no matter what has come out from the Biden administration or China these Marxists have yet to condemn a single thing the CC has done.

Now consider these actions to force people to do something against their will, oppressing children to have these vaccines that are untested while I have talked about long-term effects are yet to be determined.

How about a video of three Doctors they tried to silence here talking about a Science Paper in Japan where they discovered the spike proteins from the Pfizer Vaccine has caused spike proteins to build up in the ovaries of women and in bone marrow.

This shocked them and is potentially a long term- effect for Leukaemia and Ovarian cancer as well as possibly making women infertile.


Right now only because Google and Blogger have been screwing up my blog for several years and with me having enough reason to sue them I noticed that the above video has vanished and I have no idea why this has happened. It was a science study.

Anyway I went looking to see what else I could find and I was down in the comments section of a video regarding vaccines and Pfizer in particular when I stumbled across two people NOT Japanese, both talking to each other about people they knew that both become afflicted with Leukaemia a short time after their second Pfizer dose. One sadly died and one being treated.

This time I thought a screenshot with the added address to the YouTube video would be better as once again things are disappearing.

This includes the report about Human-Animal hybrids or Chimeras ..

Also I have always maintained that I do not trust anyone though the hard-left have done very will to keep insisting and getting it wrong that I get my evidence from ‘conspiracy theorist’ blogs and ‘right-wing’ sources and believe everything I am told?

No. AS I keep telling them and have for years but they just wont have it .. I WORK OUT what is bull and what is not.

Case in point ..

Fox News staff called Ivory Heckler gets muzzled by them, turns out she was speaking to Project Veritas.

The Daily Mail, hated by the hard-left and called a right-wing nut-job rag, reports on this and for some reason and very early on in the report had already referred to Project Veritas as ‘right-wing’ and ‘right-wing activists’ twice.

Now why would you do that? It is odd how just about everyone including those that are supposed to be right-wing say it like you are a mass murderer?

Yeah well online and on Twitter especially the hard-left got as far as they did because what they did was make out to others that there were from a broad spectrum of political leanings.

Yeah not only was I well aware they were not but I have lost count of the number that claimed they were centre-left, centrists, centre-right or moderate right and every single time after a long period I would get them to explode and admit they was lying.

One even ranted at me when I said something wrong about socialism and Karl Marx and actually said “You are a moron, you know nothing about socialism or Marxism, I own Das Kapital by Karl Marx and other books”. Only people hard-left would even read these books, let alone own them.

My answer to this was “Yeah I do not care, it was just another ploy you always fall for and now I know that you are a Marxist and so does everyone else”.

That was a British Biologist who not only ran away, got torn up on his own subject but also acquired personal information on me from a friend of his who worked for Age-UK.

Never did get from them what they promised and in the end Age-UK ignored me without doing the investigation they promised nor asking me what evidence I have.

Yeah this is child’s play to me and I used similar tricks on all the British Media back in 2012 and by that I mean every single one of them. Give them a little evidence but not the major things, explain what I had and wait.



In the actual interview Ivory Heckler tells James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and has recordings that she was fired for standing up against censorship, steered away from some science reports and towards others in a condescending tone by a fucking moron who is neither a Doctor or a Scientist and cannot do that is she wanted to.

She also explained how the narrative was always push-push-push Covid19 vaccines while at the same time ignored every story of every adverse side-effect said vaccines caused. Even heard, might have out link in last post, that the CDC were deleting reports from VAERS. The Vaccine Adverse Side Effect Reporting System.

This all literally reads like something from a disaster movie where it turns out every at the top is evil and like that character that only thinks about himself in the movie ‘2012’ only way more selfish, sinister and evil.

They even spoke to a crew of staff from Fox News which they play in the video along with recordings of conversations and they all admit it.

This is one of only two UK tabloids I have used to post stories but I have ripped both a new arsehole when their facts are wrong, slanted or omit key information or data.

Like Black, White and Yellow Fungus ALWAYS omitted when they are talking about the Indian variant of Covid19 ravaging the UK not even the G7 leaders seemed bothered about.

People really need to face facts. If mankind is willing to pick and choose from known liars what is true and what is not then its not only stupid but, if there are intelligent life-forms out there, does not deserve its place in the cosmos and no intelligence would want anything to do with this.

Been ignored, laughed at and scorned for years regarding my claims of ‘fake news’ I started years before Donald Trump stated it. Some joke he got it from me.

Well in the UK it is Andrew Neil who is the most admired and he left the BBC, started his own channel with others called GB News. Here is an opening monologue where he says he is going to ignore the bullshit in Westminster, be focused on us while going after the hard-left woke and cancel culture.

His ratings have been reported to have been far superior to both the BBC and Sky News and as a result there has been a meltdown from the hard-left on Twitter.

Because the song they sing was that we were in the minority and things would go there way and we will just have to get used to it. And this shows that yet again they are lying their asses off.

I spoke to two people I know who were totally unaware of this news channel and both want to look it up.

Here is a section on GB News where they call it Woke Watch and as promised they have gone after the Police that they now call social workers in uniforms and this ‘bend the knee’ culture and as I know Harry Redknapp has been on the show he does not agree with it.

The Game is Afoot!

This now all confirms the very last of my claims and predictions from years ago. My friends and family have seen many things I stated they thought I was losing the plot over turn out to be true.

This was the most bizarre to them but was the only thing that fitted to me .. think about it this way .. for a worldwide pandemic and a worldwide vaccine .. how could you POSSIBLY hope to cover shit up in one country, putting your own people in danger, when its in a long list of countries?

Was they just hoping to wait until people in other countries were all dead and then say ‘oh sorry we got it wrong, we only did it to save you, how was we to know?’ whereby I will be right there to say ‘well you were warned, ignored the laws, protocols and human rights .. so YOU DID KNOW .. now GO TO PRISON’.

To me its staggering what is going on right now. The reports I see are staggering as to the side-effects and I know there are far more out there we are not hearing about.

Whether one say we get a load of reports from some other nation and realise, because mathematically this will reveal cover ups, remains to be seen.

Will be be a European country? India? South Africa? One of the nations in South America?

Its like I am in some kind of crazy dream and at any moment I am going to wake up to realise it has all been a nightmare.

I am not seeing all these sets of scientific data, the news media is not acting like a Nazi fascist propaganda team while pushing vaccines they know are untested, harmful and potentially deadly on their own people. Also the socialists are not behaving just like fascists, pretending to be for the gays, Muslims, people of colour just so they can get in power and destroy everyone’s rights to a say or even voting once in?

Did you know it snowed in Cordoba Argentina recently for only the 7th time in 100 years?


Currently in mid-June its dropped to 15C in London and a cold blast is due to hit North America in a few days.

EDIT: Scientific Prediction Number 69 since January 2019 and this one was that they would be looking a lot closer at the Earth’s Core and start discovering things ..

I also took some time out and thought I would make a few memes along these lines and have around 60 or 70 to post out every now and then throughout 2021 .. the year I believe will have everyone turn on these amoral Cultural Marxists and their fascist attitudes towards all others not like them ..